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The Geneva gazette, and mercantile advertiser. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1829-1833, October 03, 1832, Image 1

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•WIDTH? it JHIJUJ « vz •£jm JHERCAJVTIltE •HBVERTI8ER. n& NO. 18.—VOL. XXIV. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1832. PUBLISHED ON WEDNESDAYS—BY JAMES BOGERT, AT HIS PRJNTISG OFFICE, BOOKSTORE & BINDER*, Main-^Street, nearly opposite the Hotel, GENEVA, ONTARIO COUNTV. NEW-YQRK. TERMS. n To village subscribers, $2 50 cents a year. To those living out of the village who call at the Bookstore, and to those who receive the paper by mail, $2, . To Companies of not less than ten, $150 cents, payable when the papers are taken. Single papers, six pence. tJ? No papers-discontinued, without payment of arrearages. 4 ADVERTISEMENTS. Inserted at the usual rates. A liberal deduction to those ypho advertise by the year. ICF Handbills, Cards, Blanks, and all kinds of PRINTING, executed at the shortest notice and lowest prices. •xm*wov& smut-wrote acst Corrected from Day's List....Sept. 25. NEW=¥ORK. United States' Bank and branches - - - - - • N, York City Banks par Bk. of Poughkeepsie do Duchess County do Lansingburgh do Long Island do Albany Banks \ All others 1 Bank of Geneva 1 Was. & Warren no sale Barker's 90 1 N. JERSEY. Farm. &Mec. over5 par Newark B. & Ins \ par Orange Bunk * \• par State Bank \ par State B. Newark \ par State B. N. Brns.\\ par Other solvent banks fa£ Wyoming Bank of Reading Erie Bank Miners'' Pottsville York Bank N. H. Bridge Co. All dfc do U n uncertain OHIO. Commercial Bank of L. Erie at Cleaveland 1 BankofCbilicothe 5 Bank of Marietta do Mount Pleasant do Commercial, Sciota do Dayton Manu. Com. do Farm .\&'Median. ' do Franklin do Lancas. Ohio bank do Western Reserve do Belmont bank do Farmers, Canton ' do All others uncertain I All others (26) uncertain ^S'e^w Spring and Summer GOODS. H H. SEEL YE, has just, opened a • superior assortment of Fancy ana Staple DRY GOODS—consisting' of every variety of seasonable Articles, purchased on the most favora- ble terms. Among them are many Goods purcha- sed at Auction for cash, which will be sold at a bargain to those who may call soon. A few arti- cles only can be. enumerated, viz: Rich Gros de^ap and Gros de Berlin SILKS; Zepbarine, a new and elegant article for Summer Dress; Mandarine and Indienns; Merino &, Thi- bet Wool Shawls; Fancy Handkerchiefs o\f every variety ; Fashionable silk Vestings; Random silk and cotton Hose and £ Hose ; a splendid lot of SUMMER GOODS for Gentlemen-;- Straw and Leghorn BONNETS, and Straw Gimps, with every other article in the MILLINERY line; an entire new lot of Kidderminster and Scotch super- fine and fine CARPETING ; together with a gen- eral assofment of DRY GROCERIES, CROCK- ERY, &c. &c. &c. Geneva, May 15, 1832. t 95 MASSACHUSETTS. AH the Banks - £ Except Sutton bank 5 Berkshire broke Farmers'at Belch. 9Qa94 CONNECTICUT. All the Banks par & £ Except Derby broke Eagle broke PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia Banks A ?v Chester County | • Delaware County do Germantown do Montgomery County do Easton Bank do Farmers, Bucks co. do Farmers', Lancaster do Harrisburgh bank do Bank of Lancaster do VERMONT. All the Banks R. ISLAND. All the Banks £ Exct. Farm. Exc. broke . MAINE. All the Banks- £ Except Bath bank closed Castine broke Hallowed & Aug. broke Kennebec hroke Passajnaquody broke Wiscasset broke Delaware Banks Maryland Banks Michigan Dist. Columbia Gfeorgia Notes Upper Canada Lower Canada; bks . 3 4*1 l l 5 a 3 RELL1 & HALL, No. 12, Seneca-Street, H AVE j»3t MOO«**l.*« J '**Mr''''«\ •...-Ih.?., . anv ,_ eral assortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES St PERFUMERY; PATKJVT MKMCMES, PAINTS, QILS; GROCERIES CROCKERY, Window Glass; Common,Sf ApoUtecaries' GLASS-WARE; LOOKING GLASSES, BRUSHES, Sfc. Sfc. which they offer for cash ot approved credi t, a low.ais can be purchased elsewhere. Although they do. not profess the, admirable secret of making a profit in selling'Gobrds'W cost, yet they will en- gage to sell at a small advance from purchase price, Persons wishing to purchase are invited to call and examine for themselves. HOVSE & SIGN PAINTING done as usual, in every variety of Style, rjj' Paints of all colors ground in Oil. Geneva, May IS, 1831. \ 44 \Lottery & \Et^cldange Office No. 30, Seneca-street, Geneva. T ICKETS and SHARES in the New-York Consolidated Lotteries, authorized by the Legislature, Yates & Mclntyre, Managers, will be kept for sale as they are issued from the Mana- ger's Office, at the Licensed Lottery Office of b - - R, M. BAYLY. TJNCURRENT MONEY\ Bought and SoW.*- A Premium paid for GOLD, particularly SOV- EREIGNS,. OX CASHT advanced for Prizes as soon as the Drawing is received. Geneva, July* 1831. , tf53 I1ATE8T ATkUlVAlu JULY 11, 1832. T HE subscribers have just received an ad- ditional supply of SEASONABLE GOODS, which have been carefully selected. The follow- ing may be enumerated: French printed MUSLINS, latest style; CALICOES, at from Is. to 2s. 6d. per yd- Plain, plaid, and striped GINGHAMS; Ladies' random cotton HOSE; Do. open-work and stamped do. Gent's random cotton J, Hose ; 8-4 Irish Linen ; ^_ 9-4 and 10-4 Linen Sneetmfr} 6-4, 8-4, and 10-4 Heavy Diaper; Moleskin, Bcav'erteen, and Fustian; Ladies& M isses' open-work Straw B ONNE TS, I case Leghorn HA TS, at from 7s. 6d. to $6. Also, MACKEREL, No. 1 and 2, in barrels, £ barrels, £ barrels, and kits. On hand, in prime order, 3000 lbs. HAMS j 2000 \ SHOULDERS; 1000 \ JOLES. • [84] MERRILL, MHLFORD, & Co. CHOICE AND CHEAP GROCERIES. T DYE WOODS. HE subscriber has just received from N. Y. a fresh supply of the following articles: Logwood, ^ C5 Curcuma, Fustic, £ Crem Tartar, Nicaragua, > «? Red Tartar, Coro Wood, ~ Extract Logwood, Hatchwood. J g. Grain Tin. Camwood, Cochineal, Madder, Aq. Fortis, Copperas, • ' &pt. Sea Salt, Alum,' Oliye Oil, Blue Vitriol. Jacks, Quercitron Bark, Press Papers, JSjan. Fl. Indigo, Tentre Hooks, Manilla . do. Brushes, Bengal do. Plates, Verdigris, Cranks, Oil Vitriol, Screws, Nutgatls, SHEARING MACHINES. Together with every other article required by CfotAjcrs, now received and Mr sale by the sub- scriber; together with a large Stock of DRUGS and MEDICINES, PAINTS, LIQUORS and GROCERIES, which will be sold very low for cash. H. H. MERRELL, No.-12, Seneca-Streets. Geneva, Sept. 19, 183L 62 .GENEVA RECESS. No. T, Seneca-Street. T HE subscriber is now receiving, and will keep constantly on hand, a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, as follows (in part:) Hyson, Young Hyson and Skin TEA; Brown, Lump and Loaf SUGARS; Box and Keg Raisins;-Cloves, Cassia, Nutmegs, Mace, Pepper, Alspice, Ginger, Salaretus, Figs, Prunes, Lemons & Oranges; Nuts—a great variety; Plug Tobacco, assorted paper do; Cheshire Cheese; Shad, Mackerel & Codfish; Brandy, Rum, Gin, Wines, Cordials, & Whis- key. • ' Tavern keepers and others will find it to their advantage to give him a call. On hand, and constantly manufacturing; an ele- gant and extensive assortment of CONFEC- TION ARIES, such as Large and small Plum tt *\„^JT xl n^.i/r^.,.1.,. . »=^S~, *». j »^-^-,v. Pepperm. ia Hock C audy; Lozenges; smooth and burnt Almonds;, Sticks and Drops on paper; Large and small Kisses; Caraway, citron, and cinnamon Comfits; Mould and hollow Toys; Barley and Cocoa-nut Cakes; |5) Sugar, Sand, Nonpareils, &c. &c. &c. ^* He flatters himself that lie can manufacture as good work as can be done at any other establish- -ra_ent^and is determined to sell as low as can be purchaseo* in the Upj.ted„States, either wholesale or retail.. ~\ PASTIL'S-. Orders for Macaronies, Jumbles, Fruit, Pound and Sponge Cake, will receive prompt attention, and warranted to give satisfaction, •iCF Parties may be served at short notice. HENRY A. NAGLEE. Geneva, May 30.1832- _98 D^UGS, CHEMICALS AND '- MEDICINES. W W. CARTER, has on hand, and is now • receiving, a general assortment:of Drugs, CItemicals and Medicines of every description. A supply of all the new and popular Medicines, such as the Oil of Cantharidin, Acetate and Sulphate of Morphia, Denarcotized Laudanum, Solidified Bajs. Copaiva, Compound Extract of Sarsaparil- la, Saratoga Powders, and every other article in the Drug line, of the choicest quality. ' PAINTS, Flax-Seed OIL, LAMP OIL, DYE- STUFFS, &c. Good Medicines cannot be obtained at any other place cheaper, or on more favorable terms. Geneva, May 16, 1832. 95 Hats, Hatter's Stock, &c. T HE subscriber has just received at his Store, corner of Seneca and Bayly-streets, a large and elegant assortment of Fashionable Hats, Hatter's Stock and Trimmings, and READY MADE CLOTHING, which he offers for sale at New- York prices. His Stock and Trimmings in the Hat line tieiog very extensive, and embracing every article used by the trade, are richly deserving the attention of Manufacturers. GEORGE NICHOLS. Geneva, June 12, 1832. OOtf GASH FOR HIDES. A EDDY continues to pay cask and the high- est price for BEEF HIDES and CALF SKINS,at his Leather & Shoe Store, in Water- stree near the foot of Soneca-street, Geneva.. gayZ^ 1831. 45 REMOVAL, H H. MERRELL has Removed his §tock • of Goods to the Store lately occupied as an Auction StorcfNo. 12, Seneca-Street, aad three doors above his former Stand, where he will be happy to serve his. friends with Goods lower than, ever. Desirous of reducing his Stock of DRUGS and ME&ieiNE and PAINTS, he wilt dispose of them at about cost. Dealers will 'do well to call. Geneva, April 17,1832. 93 NOTICE* kHE Subscribers offef their services as COM- _ MISSION MERCHANTS, under, the firm of Rice if &bourh, at No. 65, FroiM>Street, (be- tvSeerCoenties and Old Slips,) New-York. Pro- perty consigned to them for sale will receive theit closest attention. They are constantly supplied with Sperm, Lin- seed, Olive, WKale, Refined Whale and Tanner's OIL, Sperin 0ANDjLjESV#e. <S&c. which will besold'to dealers and manufacturers at the lowest market prices. • \ WILLIAM. RICE, (late of Geneva,) b. VV. KIL&OURN. New-York, Mardt,, 1B32. 89 iom'ne^men C\\a\«makeies ATTENTION. W ANTED IMMEDIATELY, two or three hands at the Chair Making Business— none but men of staady and industrious habits need apply. .Inquire at the Water-Street Chair Factory, at the north end of Water at. Geneva. Geneva, July 23,1832. 00 NEW PUBLICATIONS. J UST received and for Sale a t the Bookstore of the subscriber— Cobb's Explanatory ARITHMETIC, No. 1— containing mental; theoretical; and practical ex- ercises. Also, No. 2, containing the Compound Rules, and all thit is necessary of every other role in A- rithirietic,fer practical purposes aiid the transac- tion of business; in which the principles of each rule are fully and familiarly expressed, and the rea- sons for every operation clearly and minutely ex- plained, and adapted to the use of Schools and Academies: to which is annexed a practical sys- tem of BOOK-KEEPING. „ , _ m •Jaij/24. J. BOGERT. T HE subscriber lias just received at his we'll known and liberally supported Stand (in addition to his former stock) the to)lowing articles, which he will sell at the usual low prices: TEAS, Stc, 3 chests Young Hyson Tea \> 1832. - 1\ Tonkay do. 1\ Hyson Skin -, do. 2 \ 13 lb< each, Gunpowder do. 2 \ Imperiat do. 2.hoxes fresh Poland Starch 2 M very best Spanish Segars. TABLE SAUCES, COMDIALS, Sfc, - \ 1 case assorted Cordials 2 boxes Anchovies 1 case (12 bottles) Mushroom Catsup 1 \ do. Walnut 1 \ do. I-\' do. John Bull's Sauce. 1 \ do. i Reading do. 1 \ do. Soy do. 1 \ do. Cavoice do. 1 \ do. Capers and Olives 12 jars Pickled OYSTERS, in fine order. FRUIT. 7 boxes Lemons—3 Boxes Oranges, 200 PINE APPLES—6 drums Figs 1 keg Tamarinds—4 doz. Lemon Syrup SUGARS Sf COFFEE. 1 hhd. N. Iberia Sugar 1 do. N. Orleans do.—2 boxes Phil. Lump 3 bags Cuba Coff*B—500 lbs. 2 \ Rio \ 300 lbs. WINES. 1 qr. cask Old Madeira—1 do. Sicily do. 1 do. Mars'ls do. 5 do. Malaga—1 do. do. Claret • G barrels New-Gonn. Me% Shad, 1832. 8halfbbls. do. %. do. 12 bbls. No. 2 Mackerel 18 boxes assorted Herring 400 smoked Ale wives.. 700 lbs. Codfish 340 lbs. Dried Beef, (city cured) 130 lbs. Venison Hams do. SPERM CANDLES, Sfc. 3 boxes Sperm Candles—4s 3 '< do. do. 5s 3 \ do. do. Cs 1 box fire Crackers—160 packs . 6 casks ball Mountain Lime , 27 doz. assorted sizes Jelly Cups ' 1 doz. China Butter Tubs 1 doz. Common do. 460 lbs. Candy, from Stewart's, N. York 4 coils Rope, assorted sizes 4d, 8d and lOd cut Nails. - POWDER, SHOTS? LEAD. 2 kegs English Powder 4 do. Philadelphia Powder 8 bogs Shot, assorted Nos. 250 lbs. bar Lead. JOHN BACKENSTOSE. Geneva, June 27, 1832. ' 02 Cohen's VaYnisli. F OR transferring plain and colored Prints up- on white wood—a desirable article, as it en- ables any one to transfer pictures which they may wish to preserve upon wood. For sale at the Bookstore of J. BOGERT. *TEW ESTABLISHMENT. , JAWIES GILLESPIE, H A | JUSt I? ceiverf . and is now opening in the -btore North of James -Bogert's Bookstore, on the public Square, a largo and very carefully selected assortment of GROCERIES, comprising almost every article iu the lino-, to- ;, . „ gether with choice Fruits, Prcservps, Porter, limes, Fish; Cheese,. Dried Beef, p or lt Hams WHOLE\ mkJMm I ,, , „, ,, , , boap ; bpermand 1 allow Candlef, Brushes, Brooms; Linseed & Lamp 011$, V [, )m & Cor „ Mea |. Common and Table Salt, Messrs, Miller's, nn ,?,S\ a P ,nan ' s and Sargent's celebrated SNUFF and TOBACCO. Also- HAItD-W ARE, CROCKERY, GLASS, EARTHEN Sf STONE- WARE ,• Furnaces, Cordage, Manilla Door Mats, French Fancy Baskets, Willow Market and Clothes Bas- kets, Wagons and Cradles, Toy Cradles, Wooden, Butter Prints, Ladles, Spoons and Bowls. Also, an *&prtment of Children's TOYS, and Mantle Qrnopre»!s, &c. &c. The,subscriber in thus offering his Stock of Goods to his friends and the public generally, would respectfully elicit a s/<«re of their patro'u- ' ageby assuring them that no pains have been spar- ed in selecting first rate articles, and nono will bo wanting on Ins part to give everv satisfaction to those Who may favor him with their custom. Geneva, May 30, 1832. 98 JOHN BACKENSTOSE, I s s . til1 «P and doing a. small business on the Hill. He has just received in addition to his former Stock of GOODS, the following Articles, which he offers to his friends and the public at a very small advance from cost:— 2 hhds. St. Croix # SUGAR, fts2800 1 do. P. Rico do. U33, 1 do. New Iberia 2 do. New-Orleans 4 boxes Philadelphia Lump 1 do. do. Loaf .1 do. 3d Refined do. 3 do. common Lump 4 chests Young Hyson Hvion SUGAR, do. do. do. do. do. do. do. at si p.lb TEA. do. do. do. ' MOLASSES, do. (pure i) 1 tierce Rice WINE 1140 2749 947 240 27 '42 m>mm SNUFF AND TOBACCO AT FACTORY PRICES. T HE subscriber having been appointed Agent in this village, for the sale of Tobacco nml Snuff, Manufactured by A. CAMPBELL, Scbe- neotady—informs the public that he has just recei- ved a Consignment of the various sizes Paper TOBACCO, for Chewing and Smoking: and also, a full supply of SNUFF—all£i)f which are of the best quality, and will be soId*Wholesale,.at the Manufacturer's prices, free of transportation. Also, a few boxes prime Spnnish SEGARS, are offered very low. THOMAS WICKHAM, At Dox's old stand. Geneva, Aug. 17, 1832. ' 3m: 10 ;;' .NOTICE^ A Lt.\persons indebted to the late firm of A. EDDY & Co. or tlje subscriber, by note or book account, are hereby requosted to settle the sgme without delay. Those especially whose Ac- counts have been standing for a longor time than one year, will find it to their interest to make im- mediate payment, as he designs to leavo the ac- counts of those who do not soon comply with this request, at the Magistrate's Office for collection. ltea,tt\er, lSootsan&.S\\ocs, Manufactured and for\~Sale at his Leatiier and Shoe Store, in Water-Street, as usual. !* A. EDDY Geneva, August 29, 1832. 11 do. 4 half chests Hyson 3 chests Skin . 1 hhd. New-Orleans 2 hhds. P. llico 1 hhd. LAMP OIL, 3 qunrter casks Port 1 do. do. Madeira do. 3 kegs Ginger; 1 do. do. pure 12 half, quarter, and whole boxes Raisins <) drums Figs; 2 kegs Malaga Raisins 2 kegs Zante Currants H bags assortpd COFFEE, 1G89 ' i> boxes sperm. Candles, 4's, 5's and 6's 12 dozen Corn Brooms, (Shakers) 2 Upgs very best Plug Tobacco 1 do, do. Cavendish do. 3000 bust Segars, (none better) 75 lb. Arrow Root, in lb. 4 lb. and ,[ lb. papers !.\> do. Patent Burley, J lb. papers 15 do. do. Groats, lb. and i lb. papers 40 do. Oat Meal; 12 dozen Magic Matches H barrels No. 1 Boston MACKEREL 12 do. 2 -do. do. 7 half barrels 1 \^io. do. C> do. 2 do. do: I C> qr. barrels 1- do. do. | (i do. 2 do. do. 4 barrel* Connecticut mess SHAD,'No. 1 12halfbrl*. do. do. do. 1&2 12 boxes smoked Herring; 1 barrel pickled do. £ barrel Alum ; \ barrel Sal Nitre k do. Epsom Salts; | do. iMadder 25 pounds best Indigo. Ho returns his sincere thanks to his friends in the village and country, not forgetting No. 9, for the very liberal support ho has received, and hopes, by offering the first rate Goods at a price that will not fail to suit, that he may (no mistuke in JOHN) continue to receive tho same liberal support. No- thing shall be wanting on his part to please those that will look in upon him: and should any article be wanting that he has not on hand, it shall be had iu a few days, if ordered. GYiirrn, Scptcmlcr 12, 1832. 13 AUGUST 6, 1832. T HE sobscriber has. for the last two weeks, been receiving additional supplies of Fan- cy and Sluple r>Om\©rS OXXU© IMSVOraXlOn Were\purc'BSiea%f the present depressed state of w DE G-B.AFF 6L TOWNSE18» AVE on band a largo supply of IRON NAILS, STEEL, and SHELF making their assortment perfect in every article of [Tie trade. \W BLACKSMITHS, and others, wanting a- ny description of TirgC Band, and Hoop IRON, are invited to call, as they can be served to all si- zes a,nd kinds of Iron, Steel, Axletree Arms, Crow Bars, itc. • Also, just received, an assortment of Heert- mon'sCOOK STOVES. Genrva, Mag 23, 1832. T HE Congress of the United States having . by an amendment to the Pension Laws, granted Pensions to all those who served in the Revolutionary War, for six months or upwards, either in the Militia, Volunteers, Stato Troops or in the Continental Army, the Subscriber offers his services tiS- procure pensions, for all those that are entitled to it. R.M. BAYLY, June 20. [01] Seneca-St., Geneva. purcHasea'at tbe present depi the market in Albany and Troy, for Cash. He will therefore be able to sell many articles lower than were ever before offered in this village. [08 j - ir.-rrrsKirm-rr.-\- FOR SALE, S LIP No. 29, eligibly situated on the South side oftho Episcopal Church. Terms reason- able. Enquire at this Office. Geneva, May 30, 1832. 9Stf WATER-STREET Leather fy Shoe Store. T HE subscriber is now receiving and offers for sale, an extensive supply of SOLE LEATHER; Grained & Waxed UPPER do. CALF SKINS, &c. &c. which are of'superior quality, and were manufac- tured expressly for this market. Also, a quantity of Morocco, Seal and Binding SKINS for sole oh reasonable terms. He has now on hand a n extonsive assortment of fashionable and durable BOOTS 6L SHOES. of all sorts and sizes, which were manufactured in his Simp, of the bpst materials and in the first stylo. . A. EDDY. Geneva, May 25, 1831. 45 Thrashing $ Clover Machines. BUILT IN THE. VERY BEST STYLE. [T. D. Bureau's Potent, Cr.nev,a, N. Y.J A T his Factory, h mile north of the village.— Also, Burrall and Axtoll's PORTABLE HORSEPOWERS, which may be used in the field, or removed from ham to Wn .without in- convenience. They are beautifully simple and compact; and are recommended by those who usethem to be \ as complete as any in the slate,\ O 3 HO SEPOWERS of every kind built to order. Geneva, April 2, 1832. _90 NOTICE. ~ TWAVING some time since^disposcfl of niy- JUL Stock of Goods, and being now anxious to bring my business to a close, I have this day pla- ced in the hands of B. WIUTING, Esq. all my notes anjl accounts, for collection; and unless set- tled immediutoly, they will be prosecuted. N. AYlvAU Jj 1. Geneva, July 14,1832. 05 FAMILY FLOUR, Fresh Flour from BeacVs Mills, At No. 1, Franklin Stores. •KITST received and for Sale, a quantity of tP/Beach's Extra Superfine FLOUR, (fed brand;) \also Superfine and Fine Flour. So groat a preferehce lias been given in New-York and other Eastern Markets to \BcuclMredbrahd\ over other Flour, that it gives me great plqasiire to offer it in this market. It will be sold low, and I a constant supply kept ° n l 111 \^- Also, UK AN I by the bushel. Gewam 20<A Jnly, 1831 N. AYRAULT. &- SALT. O NE HUNDRED barrels SALT, m good order, for Sale by • II. H. MERRELL, No. 12, Seneca-street, Noveaber83, IS3I ~1 J UST RECEIVED and for Sale at the Book- store of J. BOGERT, Main-street, Celebrated Female Sovereigns, by Mrs. Jameson, 2 vols, Nos. 3 3 and 34 of Family Library, just published. Parley's Tapes atioui South America. Do. da. about Great Britain, including Eng- land, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland— illustrated with Maps and numerous engravings. Elements of History, ancient and modern, with Historical, Mythological, Chronological, and Bi- ographical Charts, by J. E. Worcester. North American Arithmetic; 2d part^by Emerson^ just published. July, l p '<5'' 53 BARRELS Fine, Superfine, and Extra <wv brand. Just received, a constant supply at Flour, manufactured expressly for Family use, and at all times may be returnedhifinot found good. II. H. MERRELL No. i% Geneva, March 21, 1831. Seneca-St. J?OR SALE, adjoining the north aisle in the PSSSAL£«\$£?- Enquire of the printer. A SLIP, EnswrAt Geneva April 16, 1832,,. ENSION BLANKS, for Revolutionary apd _ Invalid Soidiers-ibr Sale at the Bookstore of th^cribcr, iaMain-strcot.^ ^^ C ASH FOR WOOL. C ASH will be paid for any quantity of WOOL, at a (air market price, delivered at our Sfore- House, foot of Castle-street. ALSO, WANTED, 5,000 bushels OATS, for which Cash and the highest price will be paid bv DAKIN & WOOLSEY. Geneva, May 29, 1832, 03 GENEVA POST-OFFICE. v ' SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. T HE several Mails at this Office will be closed as follows;— EAST. Tlie Trlcgraph for the East, at 12 at noon. Way-Mail \ \ J 2 Pifot \' *< 5 p. v. . WEST. Way-Mail for the West, at fl \ A. SI. Pilot \ \ \ \- 4 P. M. Telegraph \ \ 0 p. M. For Penn-Yan, Bath, Harrisburgh and Wash- ington City, every day except Sunday, at 9 p. M. For Ovid, Ithaca & Owego, every day, at9 p. si. For tlie Head of Seneca Lake and Elmira, every day, at 9 p. M. For Lyons, Palmyra, Sodus, Williamson, and all the Middle and Western Section* of Wayne County, every day except Sunday, at 1 p. M. For Galen, Clyde and Woicott, and the Eastern section of Wayne County, on Mondays, Wednes- days and Fridays, qt lj o'clock p. M. For Flint Creek and Hopewell, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 9 4. M. For Castlcton and Larned's Corners;' every Thursday, at 12 at noon. The above arrangement will be strictly adhered to until fdrthor notice. Hereafter, and during the Summer, the Gene- va PostrOftlce will lie open from sunrise in the morning till 9 o'clock in the evening, 011 every day except Sunday, when it will be open from 8 to 9 o'clock in the morning and cue hour from ] and after sunset in the evening. , G. J. GROSVENOR, P. M. Geneva, Mayl, 1832. 05 T mm WOODS. smJacHSye <# gam^r •—.•..... HE Stock of From the Genesee Farmed'jt%« • \• * \ CIDER MAKING. '.. S ,;Y'\' The manufacturing of apples into cider, js'stntil* ly speaking, a chemical process; and yet few who practice it, govern themselves in their operations by chemical principles. In making, ciderj^e same care is necessary that worild, berequircd ift making wine from gcapeB, where it is deriwbio to produce a fine article, na cider when well made, * might with propriety be called a wine from ap- ples, and with proper care may be mado Equally as palatablo, and more conducive to health, than, most 0/ the 'wines retailed in the country at the • present day.'.. . ' In our first volume we gl*e directions for tpa-\ king cider; but as many of our present readers were not subscribers for that volume; we will re- peat them, hoping that many may be induced to follow them, at least so far as to save themselves the mortification often manifested by indolent far- mers, when proffering a glass of sour, musty ci- der to their neighbor, attempting at the same time to save their reputation by saying '\their ci- der is rather hards as the cask is almost out,\ when, in fact, it had the same disagreeable flavor when the cask was first broached. In tho first place, we take'it for granted that most of the northern states produce apples which are capable of being manufactured into the finest quality of cider. VVe would not be understood, when speaking of fine cider, as preferring it ac- cording to the quanity of alcohol contained in ir, but, on tho contrary, we think that most desirably which hus the least, provided there is sufficient tp> make it generous, \and prevent its running into the acetous fermentation. Tho produce of every or- chard in Western New-York is sufficiently rich, when properly prepared, to insure it against this evil, without any addition of saccharine matter, or increasing its strength by reducing its quantity, by boiling, freezing, or any other process whatever. One very important thing to be remembered by fanners is, that goou cider cannot be drawn, from foul casks. Unless casks are carefully . cleansed as soon as the cider is drawn from them, or made so perfectly tight that they cannot'dry cr become musty, it is almost impossible to cleanse them so as to be fit to os'o a second time, without injuring their contents. The most effectual way of cleansing casks that have through neglect become foul, is by taking out one head, when they may be scoured and, scalded as occasion may require. Having clean casks in which to put cidejr when made, cure should be taken that all the utensils used in the making should be clean, and destitute of any disagreeable taste or smell. Much has been said as to particular varieties of' apples for making fine cider, from which many have drawn the conclusion, that it Was impossible to make fine cid,er from common apples, as prodjt- ced by most of '-the^rchards: this is a ujistake.— With proper care, a liquor may be made from the apples as collected from orchards, whether grafted or not, equal in flavor to much that is sold mtvine, by our second rate dealers, and at the same time more conducive to health, being destitute of many noxious articles made use of by our wine dealers and wine manufacturers. . J We know it is a common thing with.some farm- ers, when gathering apples, to pickup-all such as are what tliey call \red rotten,\ which they say do not injure the flavor of the cider; but thissbould not be allowed; all apples which are unsound, should bo rejected; neither should any lea.v.es.;bo allowed to enter the mill with the apples. Different opinions prevail with rpgar||,.Vp tuo canjotniBjioji of 'the mifr^^JjteS.atail^m^'kpples • Xh/e Woods, and Dj/e Stuffs; comprising every article in that I/no—a few of| which are enumerated: Campeachy LOGWOOD, stiefcand chip'd ; Cuba FUSTIC* do. do. Coro NIC. WOOD, do. do. Bonair-'do. do. do. do. Ilache do. do. do. do. Copperas, Alum, Bine Vitriol, Madder, Verdi- gris, OiJ Vitriol, Spanish Float Indigo, Bengal Indigo, Woad, Nutgalls, Curciima, Cream Tar- tar, Red Tartar, Press Papers, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Brushes, Teazles, Plates, Screws, Cranks, Bars, &c. Also, Parson's, Swift's, and Mason's SHEAR- ING MACHINES; all of which he offers very low for Cash. II. II. MERRELL, No. 10, Seneca-street. Genera, Sept. 5, 1332. 12 JOHP* N. BOGERT, fNorth side ofScncca-Slrcct, rtcar P. Proutifs Hard- ware Store,) HAS lately received large additions to his as- sortment of BOOKS, cohsisliug of School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books ami New Pub- lications, and a genera) assortment'of Fine and Common STATIONARY and FANCY ARTI- CLES, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, &c. &c. &c all which wil!-b& ssW as cheap es in the country, Geneva, July A, 1832. •C ^rtirat-aT«y*c»nstructioi) vyjjlanswer the purpose if in repair, although somearelingro convenient than others, and a/e capable of inching a era NOTICE. T HE Notes and unpaid Accounts of tho late Firm of STAFFORD^ BEpDOE r ilaxd- waro Merchants, are left in tho Imffdir'of N. B. RiDUi.K, Esq, for collection; Alt persons interes- ted are advised to call and make payment before suits are commenced. • G;. GOU N D RY, Assignee of the tale firm of Stafford Sf Bcddoc, Geneva, June 25, 1*532. 02 ^; WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HAT STORE. THE subscribers continue to keop for sale, Wholesale or Retail, at their Hat Store in Seneca-St opposite Pronty's Hard- ware Store, a general assortment of HATS, A continuance of public patmnage is respectfully so- licited. WIGHT A> CLARK. Gmem. JuncW. 1*30. _^ 9 J.L CASH FOR WHEAT. T HE subscriber will pay tho bfglicst price iu cash for 20,000 bushels of good morchanta- dclnored at his ware-house, Gc- N. AYRAULT, TjfUST received and for Sale at the Bookstore QP of the subscriber— I Tho Domestic Manners of the Americans, by J Mrs. Trollops. ' • Lander's Jburnal of an expedition to explore tbe course and termination of the NIGER; with a nar- rative of a voyage down that fiver to its -termina- tion ; illustrated with engravings aud maps, iii two vols., being 35 and 3Gof the Family Library. The Life of Sir Isaac Ncicton~No 20, of Fam- ily Library. 'Saturday Evening, by tho author of Natural Iviithusiaism. Practical Observations on Cholera Asphyxia b!e\ WHEAT, nevauy 2d Aug.1831. greater quantity jftonj tSm^meJwlefi^jsutati^ »; •fsuvia #linWveK aiill ttip i^pleSrijrd-'grouiidt they should be so bruisedas entirely, to change the color. ' t , ','' .;[* ,. ! o After the apples aro ground they should, iC cw\-. cumstancos will'permit, be allowed lot remain In tho vat from twelve to twenty-four hours, during \ which time the pomace should be frequently\Stir- red, that tho color may be more uniform. . After the cider runs from the press, it is mostly ptitjrilo barrels and carried into the collar for fermentation. Some prefer largo tubs or casks' forfermenting ip, others allow tho cider to remain in the casks in which it was brought from the, nfijl.. Tula inaiter should bo decided upon before the cider is put into tho casks, and the operation conducted according- ly. If the fermentation is to ba in tubs, it is not so important that it should be finely strained, as whatevor'of the pomace remained in the liquor, would be brought to the top in the form of scum, and in all cases tho. clear liquor should be drawn off before this descends to the bottom. If, on tho contrary, tho cider is to remain in the barrels to. ' ferment, too much pains cannot be taken in strain- ing, to prevent the pomace from entering the bar- rel, as it would rise to the top, nnd. much of ft ad- ' here to tho top of the barrel, and must either : de- scend through the cider or remain upon tho staves, giving, a bad flavor to tho contents of the cask.-— When cider is to remain in the cask, it should bo strained through flannt-1, the same as when drawn from the tubs. After the first of the fermentation is over, the bung hole should be covered with a cloth, on which should be placed a weight to keep tho air from entering, while it allowed the gas frota within to escape. When cider is to be racked twice, the v fir«<tshould, take place a s soon as the fermentation has subsi- ded ; but when it is.not intended to be racked but once, it may remain until the liquor has becomo ,qujto still. After the lastr itking, about two quarts of skim milk siwuld be added to each barret, and well iflCorporajted\ aftor Which the cask .should bo bunged pOrfectly tight*. Those who prefer sweet cider, should chqclc tho fermentation by fining with milk -before aft i l e saccharine inatttr is de- stroy ed ; but tjipsc w(io prefer n dry liqfuor, should, leave more time for the icrmen!atn>n~ , 4 A most pernicious prictice prcijjlg with soma farmers, of putting mtothc barrels at the mill straw bungs, and allowing them to remain in until tho cider is drawn. T^'hia-is not only a li/y but slov- enly practice, and should be-carefull) avoided. THE MALAYS-T^VVC leirn from tho Salem Register, that the Nie'p, tnno from P (dang, brings the following report :~f he barque Matilda, of Ba* tavia, belonging to Fit? Willijin Payne, Esq, ar- rived nt PadfCfi£\2to from 'frouinond\ Suirin- i tra, vVhOrq sne' US(t boon for a'cargo of pepper* bat tyns 0011)66111310 leave the coa>t, and was i\e- turniilg to Batavja with only 1 seven piculs of pep- [Ml Footpf Scncca-Sl. T GENEVA FINDING STORE. At No. 4, Scneca-Sircfi. •BE subscriber offers for Bale, LASTS. Boot apd Shoe TREES, Boot CRAMPS, THREAD of all descriptions,. Pegs, Knives, Hammers, Pincers, Tacks, Brushes, and many other Articles, too numerous to mention. Also, LIVER OIL, by the barrel dr quirt. Genevv, June 4, 1P32. -*-- 00 NOTICE. T HE subscriber having, discontinued the Mer- cantile bosiness, requests all indebted to him to niake immediate payment. -\ \Vm. S. DE ZENG. Geneva, Juncm, 1&32. ' 01 . POTASH KETTLES. HE subscriber keeps constantly /of Sale, a stipply of Taberg ninety gallon .POTASH KETTLES treble bottoms, being tlio* best kind mauufueiured. J0 HN t-POX. Geneva, Afriftfe. «W. . * W communicated in a Report to tho Greenoelt Board j per, on account df\the; piratical prows or tjio Sla Of Health, us. the roult of a mission to the infect-; lays. . She ifyas attacked, by one of thorn, «jd afi^r od district; bv James B. Kirk, M. D. I an actiottof.baifan jjh,o;iir succeeded in beating J« t Genecd, August 1, 1832- J. BOGF/RT. off. The MatildA Was well ininjiedi-nnd »H»cl8 £uns;. she received several shot in per; hull, and considerable otherdqimaj!^ ,. M>m/ Of the rntite-* were killed-Mh&yJ'imewrcdiniich skill and tact^and fought desperately. The next monnng*tiio Sect Consisting of J-^prows, hore down to renew flia attack, which compelled bt-r i» leave the, coast — The attack onwessefs is urged on by tbo Rajuli Boojahv whpis attempting to wrest the £overn- mont.from-the reigning I>nig, $lpetpiculi» ex- acted - by him on the .pepper taken from tjip poast, and all wjio do not comply with those to/w* SW& attacked. > ^_ * > There were livftfjfin. thp United Statosj accor- i ding to the .Census of June, 1830, WOt persons* mote than 100 yOarsIttf'agc IMli OLD BOOT DOCTOR. . DR. WETaSORE, Botaniial Root or Indian Doctor. \WMTQULD'inform hi* friends and the public in ylV general, that ho Iras removed from Y&x- F.TTC to the village of GESBVA, and has taken a house'in Seneca'Street, next door Eai^ of the Geitcbfi Museum, it being No. 5. in said street; where fie will ! bo happy to wairpn thosO who «taod iti neediof nssisiafjee in his line^of. practice. As the irntiltipljeity of calls from various parts oftho country are sp jgrpat, arid people have so often been disa.ppolrtied itf.notniiding mo at home, I have appointcfl Hifccififys. in ;cach week; that I shall calculate to lie aj home, mimelyi Eridap, Saturdays and Sundays:, of each week, unless called iway by n case, of great emergency. . As my method of Practice'lias been, tested in this section of tli0^6n s «try for more than ten years past, J deem ii? useless to make aiiy cotntiietits ilpGft tlio same';.,btft folding the djffieajtjtjoCiOo>' lecting sm'MitiWd^th various parts of'ttiro^n? try, Iwoutd&foli'tftliOpnblic, that in fotai% all Medicine to\ tlffcniiibnnt of one doWitt Of leMianst be fcaifLfor^XueHvery; ... it- ':•,. '4*jfe': • Qcnm,'-S^mVor%. JS32. -'-'•' • ,^M2' ~ H Ifateey Bi*eb.±*&mbtig the applic«nts for^pen- sions under, tho IoW passed at tho I.ast>ses5iqn / of congt'«»s,»is Antlfony Glen, theisupposod.-hcro of the-Spy/whoisnow^yearsVof <ige»v» *» «.» ' • A>|av,erri has jrecgndy boeii built oil ttt$>Wigmt* bf.*#(int J?o«Ih:6Wf # SwitaorJnncL J/Wfc/tl- •»mio%'H>tBlMtmt^»ye tlie lejiel eftth^toa. %hd'i8»thorefo.r,c#i?j*ej6n: nvo and si^hMOnd feet iiiglioCthatf the.fjjttjft^ofthe Greirf Sj;?B«fi»Md Tvvo, HfiamfMM^S «f ihct< wl*eYoitu » faty- idfv^frSafl firtP'lafd^cliJ&lsuid!, o*torf.9&

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