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The Geneva gazette, and mercantile advertiser. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1829-1833, September 05, 1832, Image 1

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/ •''.'I fl THE. ^lEMlEVA GAZETTE •zfwVD MERCANTILE *1DV*ERTISER. 9 NO. 44 VOL,. XXIV. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1832* WHOLE JVO. 1212. PUBLISHED ON WEDNESDAYS—BY J A VIES 3GG3RT, AT HIS POINTING OFFICE, BOOKSTORE & BINDEBV, Main-Street, nearly opposite ihe Hotel, GENEVA, ONTARIO COUNTY. NEW-YORK- FRESH AND CHEAP, .\'w ^ring ana Summer &R0CEBJLBS. fjl HE subscriber, having just returned from GOODS. T f\ 1 R. YXS» To village subscribers, $2 50'cents a year. To those living out of the village .who call at the Bookstore, and to those who .receive the paper by m Tp Companies of not less than ten, $1 50 cents, payable when the papers are taken. Single papers,\six pence. (ET J^o papers discontinued without payment of arrearages. ADVERTISEMENTS. Inserted at the usual rates. A liberal deduction | to those who advertise by the year. O* Handbills, Cards, Blanks, and all kinds of PRINTING, executed at the shortest notice and lowest prices. KiU)=lTorfe JSauu Wote aist. Corrected from Day's List August 25. NEW-YORK. United States! Bank and branches & N. York City Banks par Bk. of Poughkeepsie do Duchess County Lansingburgh Long Island Albany Banks All others Bank of Geneva yommg ank of Reading Erie Bank Miners' Pottsville York Bank N. H, Bridge Co. All others U H New-York, is now opening a general and wjell selected assortment of GROCERIES, which the public are invited to call and examine. Hav- ing bestowed 'considerable attention to the selec- tion of Articles suitable to the season and the wants of the village and vicinity, he flatters himself that those who favor him with their patronage, will purchase goods of him as cheap, arid of as good a. quality, as at anysother establishment in the coun- try. Annexed is a list of choice GROCERIES, including WINES, TEAS, &c. TEAS. • 2 Chests Old Hyson Ten, imported in 1832. 2 half chests do. do. do. 2 quarter do. do. do, 3 do. Young Hyson, do. 2 half do. do. do. | 1 do. Black, do. 5. do. Skin, do. 2 do. To okay, do. SUGARS, MOLASSES, &c. 3 Hogsheads New-Orleans uncertain OHIO. Commercial Bank of L.Erie at Cleaveland • Bank of Chilicothe Was. & Warren no sale. Bank of Murietta 9 \'Mount Pleasant Commercial, Sciota Dayton Mann. Com Barker's N. JERSEY. Farm. <&.Wee. over5 par Newark B. & Ins \ par Orange Bank \ pa State Bank \ par State B. Newark \ par State B. N. Brns. \ par Other solvent banks ga^ Farm. & Mechan. Franklin Lancas. Ohio bank Western Reserve Belmont bank Farmers, Canton 1 5 do do do do do do do do do do Sugar. 1 do. N Iberia do. 1 do. St.* Croix do. 2 Barrels do. do. 1 Box Philadelphia Loaf do. 3 do. do. Lump do. 1 do. Canton White do. 3 Hogsheads New-Orleans Molasses. 2 do « N. Iberia do 2 do St. Croix do 1 Barrel Honey. COFFEE, &c. H. SEEJL¥\E ''as just opened a superior assortment of fancy and Staple DKY GOODS—consisting of every variety of seasonable Articles, purchased on the most favora- ble terms. Among them are many Goods purcha- sed at Auction for cash, which will be sold at a bargain to tho-e who ma/ call soon. A few arti- cles only can be enumerated, viz : Rich Gros de Nap and Gros de Berlin SILKS ; Zepharine, ( a new and \elegant article for Summer Dress; Mandarine and Indienns ; Merino & Thi- bet Wool Shawls; Fancy Handkerchiefs of every variety ; Fashionable silk Vestings ; Random silk and cotton Hose and i Hose ; a splendid lot of SUMMER GOODS for Gentlemen ; Straw and Leghorn BONNETS', and Straw Gi mps, with every other article in the MILLINLUY line; au entire new lot of Kidderminster and Scotch super- fine and fine CARPETING ; together with a gen- eral assorment of DRY GROCERIES, CROCK- ERY. &c. &c. &c. Geneva, May 15, 1832. 05 CHOICE ANI> CHEAP GROCERIES. T Bags Java Coffee, COO pounds. 5 do Laguira' do 800 do 2 do St. Domingo do 280 do 2 do Havana do 300' do 2 Tierces Rice, 1114 lbs; 2 bxs. Chocolate 100 &c. ; 6 half boxes do do All others uncertain|AH others (26) uncertain MASSACHUSETTS. All the Banks A Except Sutton bank 5 Berkshire • broke Farmers'at Belch. 90a94 CONNECTICUT. All the Banks par & \ Except Derby broke Eagle broke VERMONT. All the Banks PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia Banks £ Chester County \ Delaware County do (Sermantown do Montgomery County do Easton Bank do Farmers, Bucks co. do Farmers', Lancaster do Harrisburgh bank do Bank of Lancaster do R. ISLAND. All the Banks £ Exct. Farm. Exc. broke MAINE. All the Banks £ Except Bath bank closed Castine broke Hallowell & Aug. broke Kennebec broke Passamaquody broke Wiscasset broke Delaware Banks Maryland Banks Michigan Dist. Columbia\ Georgia Notes Upper Canada Lower Canada 4al 1 1 5 bks 3 3 FRUITS, 18 boxes Bunch Raisins and 12 quarter boxes do do; 1 keg do. 18 drums Figs, 1 box Citron. 1 box Anchovies 2 drums Sultana Raisins, 1 keg Zante Currants 4 boxes Prunes, 1 barrel Paper Shell Almonds 1 barrel Common Almonds, 2 barrels Filberts I do Madeira Nuts, 1 do Pea Nuts 300 Cocoa Nuts 1 case Canton Preserved Ginger 1 do Preserves, assorted, 8 doz Lemon Syrup , 3 boxes fresh Poland Starch. WINES, &c. Old Madeira, Port, Lisbon, Canary, Malaga, Sicily Madeira, Marseilles Madeira, and Muscat WINES ; 1 barrel SHRUB, No. A; 1 bbl Shrub, No. B; 4 boxes Claret Wine; 6 cases Cham- paign ; London Porter, in quart and pint bottles; Seignet Otard and Bordeau Brandy; old Holland Gin ; St. Croix and Jamaica Rum. FISH, CHEESE, OIL, &c. WILLIAM HUSTON, EN'DERS his best thanks to his customers and the public, for the very liberal patronage he has received, and pledges himself that his best exertions shall not be wanting to merit its continu- ance,'and the confidence of his customers. In ad- dition to his former stock, he is now receiving, and offers for sale, a very general, seasonable, and (he flatters himself,) welt selected, and VERY CHEAP assortment of DRY GOODS. GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASS-Ware, Hard-Ware, Hollow-Ware, Bar Iron, Steel, Nails, Nail Rods, asmall and usefulassortmentof DWC/G-5 and MEDICINES, Saddlery, Eastern Inspected SOLE LEATHER, Lamp Oil, Shovels and Spades, Men's. Women's and Children's BOOTS and\ SHOES, from the large coarse'Boot and Bro- gan. to the finest Morocco Shoes and Prmrelle gaiter heeled Boots ; .Men's and Boy's Wool and Far HATS, &c. &c. &c. and which he is dispo- sed to offer on such terms as he hopes will induce,, those wanting Goods to purchase of him. 03° Cash paid for WHEAT and RYE. HIDES, &c. &c.,and most kinds of PRODUCE received at liberal prices in exchange for Goods. Bcllona, November, 1831. 72 * HE subscriber lias just received at his well known and liberally supported Stand (in addition to Ins former stock) the following articles, which he will sell at the usual low prices : TEAS, (tc. g^ chests Young Hyson Tea /& 1.\ Tonltay 1 \ Hyson Skin 2\ 13 11) each, Gunpowder 2 \ Imperial 2 boxes fresh Poland S larch 2 M very best Spanish Segars. TABLE SAUCES, CORDIALS, 'tf 1 case assorted Cordials 2 boxes Anchovies I ease (12 bottle-) Mushroom Catsup 1-\ do. Walnut do. 1632. do. dn. do. do. .1 \ 1 \ 1 \ 1 \ 1 \ dC); do dn do do JKELL.Y & H4LL, Ho. 12, Seneca-Street, H AVE just received and offer for sale a gen- eral assortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES * PERFUMERY; PATENT MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS; GROCERIES CROCKERY. Window Glass; Common St Apothecaries' GLASS-WARE; LOOKING GLASSES. BRUSHES. ctc.cfc. which they offer for cash ot approved credit, a low as can be purchased elsewhere. Although they do not profess the admirable secret of making a profit in selling Goods at cost, yet they will en- gige to sell at a small advance from purchase price. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to call and examine for themselves. HOUSE & SIGN PAINTING done as Usual, in every variety of Style. 53° Paints of all colors ground in Oil. Geneva, May 18, 1831. 44_ liotter^ & Yv&.c\iai\ge Office No. 30, Sencca-strcct, Geneva. T ICKETS and SHARES in the New-York Consolidated Lotteries, authorized by the Legislature, Yates & Mclntyre, Managers, will be kept for sale as they are issued from the Mana- ger's Office, at the Licensed Lottery Office of ° R. M. BAYLY. UNCURRENT MONEY Bought and Sold.— A Premium paid for GOLD, particularly SOV- EREIGNS. [pr CASH advanced for Prizes as soon as the Drawing is received. Geneva, July, 1831. tf53 21 barrels 12 do 4 do 31 half barrels 27 do 12 do 18 quarter barrels 12 do 12 kitts 1 bbl No. 1 Salmon OOO lb * dr.od Cudfist,, No. 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 1 , 2 bbls 11G lbs MACKEREL do do do do • do do do do PioUlod Codfish smoked Salmon DYE WOODS. T HE subscriber has just received from N. Y. a fresh supply of the following articles: Logwood, \) S3 Curcuma, • Fustic, £• Crem Tartar, Nicaragua, } <*\ Red Tartar, Coro Wood, \? Extract Logwood, Hatchwood. j g- Grain Tin, Camwood, Cochineal, Madder, Aq. Fortis, Copperas, Spt. Sea Salt, Alum, Olive Oil, Blue Vitriol. Jacks, Quercitron Bark, Press Papers, Span. Fl, Indigo, Tentre Hooks, Manilla do. Brushes, Bengal - do. Plates, Verdigris, Cranks, Oil Vitriol, Screws, Nutgalls, SHEARING MACHINES. Together with every other articlo required by Clothiers, now received and for sale by the sub- scriber; together with a large Stock of DRUGS and MEDICINES, PAINTS, LIO.UORS and GROCERIES, which will be sold very low for cash. H. H. MERRELL, No. 12, Seneca-Streets. Geneva, Sept. 19, 1831. 62 REMOVAL. H H. MERRELL has Removed his Stock • of Goods to the Store lately occupied as an Auction Store, No. 12, Seneca-Street, and three doors above his former Stand, where he will be happy to serve his friends with Goods lower than ever. Desirous of reducing his Stock of DRUGS and MEDICINE and PAINTS, he will dispose of them at about cost. Dealers will do well to call. __Geneva, April 17, 1832. ^_ «OTICET~7 hHE Subscribers offer their services as COM- ,J MISSION MERCHANTS, under tne firm of Rice it Kilbourn, at No. <55, Front-Street, (be- tween Coenties and Old Slips,) New-York. Pro- perty consigned to them for sale will receive their closest attention. They are constantly supplied with Sperm, Lin- seed, Olive, Whale, Refined Whale and Tanner s OIL, Sperm CANDLES. &c. &c. .which will be sold to dealers and manufacturers at the lowest market prices. WILLIAM RICE, (late of Geneva,) D. W. KILBOURN. •New-York, March, 1832. 69 2 bbls Connecticut Mess Shad; 4 half bbls do h bbl Sounds & Tongues, 6 bxs Digby Herring 2800 lbs Cheshire Cheese 500 lbs Dried Beef, (city enred) 100 lbs Beef Tongues, do do 56 lbs Bellona Sausages, do do 200 gallons Lamp Oil 2 baskets Salad Oil, in bottles 25 barrels heavy retailing Mess Pork. MISCELLANEOUS. Sperm Candles, Tallow do. Cayenne Pepper Pepper Sauce, Catsup, Congress Water Mace, Cloves, Nutmegs, Cassia ^ Italian Maccaroni, Seidlitz Powders Do Vermecille, Congress do Rose Water, Soda do Cologne and Lavender, Ginger Beer do Antiqua Oil, Ext. Roses, Groats, Barley Arrow Root, Pocket Lights, Liquorice Jujube Paste, Confectionaries London Mustard, half lb and quarter lb bottles French do in jars, prepared Pickled Oysters. Sal'aretus Castile Soap, Shaving do. Bar do • Tooth Wash, Tooth Brushes Spice, Pepper, Ginger, Lemons, Oranges Powder, Shot, Lead Lee & Thomson's Blacking Tobacco and Snuff of all kinds CROCKERY and STONE-WARE Brushes of all kinds, Brooms and Mops With a great variety of other articles in the line, not enumerated in this list. The subscriber is well aware that he has receiv- ed a very liberal share of custom on account of his misfortunes; for which he returns his sincere thanks, and hopes, by strict attention to business and selling first rate Goods, at a small advance, he will continue to receive the same liberal and very generous share of custom, and assures his friends and the public, that nothing shall be want- ing on his part to satisfy and please those that may favor him with theii puironage. 0° While the doicn-hill mania prevails, the sub- scriber would beg leave to make a slrong appeal fg his up-hill friends, and solicit their efforts to sustain a respectable establishment among them ; in doing which, their own convenience must obviously be promoted. To his down-hill friends, he would say, that they shall not be excluded from the advantages of purchasing of him, while at the same time their health will be promoted by snuffing the salubrious air of the hill. Let those buy now, who never bought before, And thoso who've always bought, now buy the more, from Geneva, May 23, JOHN BACKENSTOSE. 1832. 97 FAMILY FLOUR, Fresh Flour from Beach's Mills, At No. 1, Franklin Stores. J UST received and for Sale, a quantity of Beach's Extra Superfine FLOUR, (red brand ;) also, Superfine and Fine Flour. So great a preference has been given in New-York and other Eastern Markets to \ Beach's redbrand\ over other Flour, that it gives me great pleasure to offer it in this market. It will be sold low, and a constant supply kept on hand. Also, BRAN by the bushel. -N. AYRAULT. Geneva, 2t)(A July, 1831. 53 YamWy, YIOYYC. BARRELS Fine, Superfine, and Extra _ brand. Just received, a constant supply of Flour, manufactured crpressly for Family use, and at all times mnv be returned if not found good. II. II. MERRELL No. 12, Geneva, March 21. 1831. Seneca-St. o V' & SALT. NE HUNDRED \barrels SALT, in good order, for Sale by H. H. MERRELL, N\. 12, Senega-street, vatab-r ??, lz\l \\> H. H. MERRELL, STORAGE, FORWARDING, AND COM- MISSION MERCHANT. WARE-HOUSE ON FRANKXIN-STREET WHARF— STORE, No. 12, Seneca-Street. Geneva 1830. 'i, 11 POTASH KETTLES. HE subscriber keeps constancy foi-Sale, a «,' supply of Taberg ninety galton FOIAbH KETTLES, treble bottoms, being the best kind manufactured.^ ^^ L DQX Oneva, April 25,1832. ™f JULY 11, 1832. T HE subscribers have just received an ad- ditional supply of 333A302tfi3i3I.E G-OOBS, which have been carefully selected. The follow- ing may be enumerated: French printed MUSLINS, latest style; CALICOES, at from Is. to 2s. 6d per yd. Plain, plaid, and striped GINGHAMS; Ladies' random cotton HOSE; Do. open-work and stamped do. Gent's random cotton £ Hose; 8-4 Irish Linen; 9-4 and 10-4 Linen Sheeting; 6-4, 8-4, and 10-4 Heavy Diaper ; Molcsldn, Beaverteen, and Fustian; Ladies&Misses' open-work Straw BONNETS, 1 cii3o Leghorn HA TS, at from 7s. (id. to $6. Also, MACKKK.EL., No. 1 and a, in barrels £ barrels, ,| barrels, and kits. On hand, in prime order, 3000 lbs. HAMS; 2000 \ SHOULDERS; 1000 \ JOLES. [84] MERRILL, MILFORD, & Co. GENEVA~RE q JE3 S S. No. 7j Seneca-Street. T HE subscriber is now receiving, and will keep constantly on hand, a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, as follows (in part:) Hyson, Young Hyson and Skin TEA; Brown, Lump and Loaf SUGARS; Box and Keg Raisins; Cloves, Cassia, Nutmegs, Mace, Pepper, Alspice, Ginger, Salaretus, Figs, Prunes, Lemons & Oranges; Nuts—a great variety; Plug Tobacco assorted paper do; Cheshire Cheese; Shad, Mackerel & Codfish ; Brandy, Rum, Gin, Wines, Cordials, & Whis- key. Tavern keepers and others will find it to thei-r advantage to give him a call.- On hand, and constantly manufacturing, an ele- gant and extensive assortment of CONFEC- TIONARIES, such as Large and small Plums; Lem*ii, Hoarhound. Pepnerm. & Rock Candy; Lozenges; smooth and burnt Almonds; Sticks and Drops on paper; Large and small Kisses; < i Caraway, citron, and cinnamon Comfits; j Mould and hollow Toys; | Barley and Cocoa-nut Cakes; j Sugar, Sand, Nonpateits. &r. &.C &e. t He flatters himielf that he can manufacture as good work as can be done at any other establish- ment, and is determined to sell as low as can be purchased in the United States, either wholesale or retail. PAsmir. ^ . D . Orders fur Macaronies, Jumbles, Fruit, Pound and Sponge Cake, will receive prompt attention, and warranted to give satisfaction. UQ° Parties Ji.hn f Jill's Sauce. Reading do. Soy do. Cavoico do. Capers and Olives % 12 jars Pickled OYSTERS, in fine order. FRCIT. 7 boxes Lemons—3 boxes Oranges, 250 PINE AI'PLES-n drums Figs <®keg Tamarinds—4 doz Lemon Syrup SUGARS St COFFEE. 1 hhdi N. Iberia Sugar 1 do. N Orleans do.—2 boxes Phil. Lump 3 bags Cuba Coffee-500 lbs. 2 \ Rio •• 300 lbs. /J7.YC.S'. 1 qr. cask Old Madeira—1 do. Sicily do. 1 do. Miirs'ls -do. 2 do. Malaga—1 do. do. Claret FISH. G barrels New-Conn. Mess Shad, 1830. 8 half bbls. do. do. do. 12'bbls. No. 2 Mackerel 18 boxes assorted Herring 400 smoked Alewtvcs. 700 lbs. Codfish 340 lbs. Dried Beef, (city cured) 130 lbs. Venison Hams do. SPERM CANDLES, ftr. 1 3 boxes Sperm Candles—4s 3 \ do. do. 5s 3 \. do. do. (is 1 box fire Crackers—1G0 packs C casks ball Mountain Lime 27 doz. assarted sizes Jelly Cups 1 doz. China Butter Tuba , 1 doz. Common do. 480 lbs. Candy, from Stewart's, N. York 4 coils Rope, assorted sizes 4d, tid and lOd cut Nails. POWDER, SHOT St LEAD. 2 kegs English Powder 4 do. Philadelphia Powder 8 bags Shot, assorted Nos. 250 lbs. bar Lead. JOHN BACKENSTOSE. Geneva, June 27, 1832. 03_ WHITE jLOIE. S IX Barrels Superior and warranted—for sale bv II. H. MERRELL. April 16,1832. No. 12. Seneca-St. ^olien's YaYnish. F OR transferring plain and colored Prints up- on white wood—a dos'miblo an'icAo, as novx- ililes any one to transfer pictures which they may wish to preserve upon wood. For sale at the Bookstore of J. BOGERT. Soldiers of tlie Involution T HE Congress of the United States having by an amendment to the Pension Laws, gralited Pensions to all those who served in (he Revolutionary War, for six months or upwards, either in the Militia, Volunteers, State Troops or in the Continental Army, the Subscriber ofivrs his services to procure pensions, for all those that are entitled to it.- R. M. BAYLY, June 20. [01] ' Scnrca-St., (Jtnrr.a. FOR SALE, S LIP No. 29, eligibly situated on the South side of the Episcopal Church. Terms reason- able Enquire at this Office. Geneva. May 30. 1832. ffctf WATER-STREET ' Leather tip Shoe Store., LETTKK NO. III. PROM PR. I, C. BKCK. Ogdensburgh, July 24, 1833. To his Excellency Oovi-nmr THR.OOP. SIR—I left Pittsburgh o.n the 20th instant, and following the stage route tlirougfi ihe counties of Clinton, Franklin, and St. Lawrence, reached this place on tho evening of the 'Jlst. At the dif- ferent villages on my way, I employed the few | moments which I could obtain in making inqui- ries, concerning tho cholera, and in collecting the publications of the several. Boards of Health.— From* these I .should infer that, the panic 1ms been much more general m this region, than m any oth- er which I ha\oyet visited. . In some places', the approach of emigrants.was stopped by an armed force—in others, houses were burred up by their owners ur their occupants to prevent the entrance of any persons from the infected district. But this excitement appears to have entirely subsided, and more correct, as well as more humane views, aro now very genially entertained. On the routL' j'ist mentioned, but t'vvr rises at all approaching to spasmodic cholera have occur- red, and perhaps none, possessing its genuine marks. Still, however, in mffst of the villages a general tendency to cholera complaints has been noticed as peculiar to tho present season. At this place, the first case of cholera occurred on the Ib'th of June ; sinco which time thero havo been 8 deaths from the disease ; C of these persons were, as 1 am informed by Dr. Sherman, of in- terapera'o habits. The whole number of cases in this village it N difficult to ascertain, as some of the physicians have not reported to the Board of Health. From tho information which I have re- ceived, I should suppose that there had been not less than 50. The disease lias now assumed a milder form, and yields readily to prompt medical treatment and careful nursing. This fact has had the effect of quieting tho Blinds of the inhabitants. With regard to the cause of cholera at this place, some dnersity of opinion prevails. By some it is said that the first persons attacked had been in habits of intercourse with emigrants from Montre- al. Others, however, deny this .assertion. The only fact whichvuppeurs to he admitted on all bauds is, that the disease had for several days pre- viously prevailed at Prescolt, between which place nnd Ogdensburgh, tho .communication was unin- terrupted. But the disease daring its course docs not appear to have been confined to any part of the village, nor to any class of persons ; although the filthy, the intemperate and the irregular, have been the greatest sufferers. The quarantine regulations adopted at this place, so far as it regards emigrants, are much more rigid than on Lake Champlain. No emigrants havo been allowed to land here unless they had some fixed point of destination. Those whom they have permitted to land, have been subjected to a qnarantine of from 5 to 12 days, depending on circumstances. And as nono have been admitted who had not the means of supporting themselves, the number has been quite small. From tho 12th to tho 19th July inclusive, forty-five persons have been quarantined. Among these only ono case of the cholera has occurred. A great proportion of the emigrants of tho present season are destined for the settlewents in Upper Canada. The boats at Proscott a,re constantly transporting large num- bers to their placos of destination. In consequence of the state of alarm at Oswe- go, and other places on Lake Ontario, the Board\ of Health of this place, think it proper that they should adhere to thoir present system of quaran- tine dining the prevalence of the diseaso in Can- ada. 'I'lm they have adopted and still wish to continue, not for the purpose of keeping out the cholera, which is aYvwulj among them, but of keeping out those who must, if they sicken here, become a town or county charge. With the exception of a few cases daily repor- ted here, nnd one or two in the vicinity of W-ad- dington, I cannot Jenrn that any severe cases of cholera at present exist in this county. Certainly there is little Or no alarm with regard to it. I expect to leave this place this afternoon in tho steam boat United States, which touches at till the important placos on Lake Ontario, and will afford mo the opportunity of uniting the Boards of Health on that portion of our frontier. With sentiments of the highest respect I Have the honor to he vouroh'i sprv't. LEWIS C BECK. BANK RqBBEnv.—We are ingjr/Ked that tho Yates County Bank, in this village, was entered on the afternoon of the 15th ultimo, while the of- ficers of the Bank were at tea, through the rear window, and between three and four hundred dollars taken from a drawer.— Pcnn-Ydn Star. Tlieologipal Seminary. —The anniversary exer- cises of this institution took place in the 2d Pres- byterian Church on the 15th ult., They were in many respects highly creditable to- the Young Gentlemen and the Institution.— Auburn paper. The Cherokee Indians, says a southern paper, have determined upon calling a council of their chiefs and head men, to determine upon the pro- priety of exchanging their lands on this side tho Missisippi to the general government, for oth- ers on tho waters of the Arkansas, and adjacent to thoso of tho Creeks and Choctaws. Counterfeit American Half Dollars are in cir- culation in Baltimore. They are smooth to this touch, of light weight, do not ring when struck, and may be readily detected if examined. Gov. Throop has arrived at his residence in Owasco. Admiral WHITE, of the British navy, has arri- ved at tho city.of New-York, on a visit to his mother residing in that city.' An action was lately brought by the city of Buf- falo, w. v. to recover a penalty of a physician for neglecting to report a case of cholera under his care. The city charter imposes a penalty for neg- lect to report any case of infectious ur pestilential disease. It was contended by the defendant, that the cholera was neither infections nor pentilen- tial. On this point the jury were iftable to agree. Folly and Death—The last Norfolk Herald re- ports a case of cholera in the person of James Baily, a morocco dresser. After being warned against the pernicious effects of all fruit, he went home, ate a musk-melon, and. was buried in 24 hours after. ' Accident. —We are pained to learn that yester- day, while Samuel Hamilton, Esq. (of this village) and his wife were riding in their gig, some acci- dent occurred which broke Xho bit and the horso ran. Both were thrown out, and Mrs. II. was so badly injured, that she died in a few hours.— Roch- ester Gem. Sir James Mackintosh completed the manu- script of the third volume of his History of Eng- land: halfof it was printed at the time of his death. Mr. Gait, the novelist, has had an attack of paralysis, which confines him to his room. Strong hopes aro entertained that he will recover the uso of his lowor limbs. Thomas Moote is henceforth to bo associated with Thomas Campbell, in editing the Metropo- litan Magazine. Siamese Cats. —A friend of ours showed us, while on a visit to a neighboring town last week, one of the most singular and natural curiosities that we have ever met with. It was a cat, or cats —we don't know which to call it, having ono head and neck, connected together halfway down the body, then branching out and forming two distinct, so far as they go, perfect bodies. Thin strange animal has eight legs, four\ ears, two mouths, and but one throat.. ..Soutldiridgc Coar. Natural Curiosity. —The Wythe, Va. Argus says—there is now in this place a negjo boy, who is turning entirely white. His body is nearly whito, and his face entirely so, with tho excep- tion of a few spotB, iho size of a dollar—and what is more remarkable, his skin presents the appear- ance of a white child, the rose and lily beautiful- ly combined. He presents altogether a curious ap- pearance, and the beholder is struck with nwe on the first view. His paronts are remarkably ftfticfr. Tho Baltimore Gazette gives an account of a number of hogs, which have recently died of chol- era from eating wator-melons. and offers may be served at short notice. HENRY A. NAGLEE. Genera, May 30, 1832^ 98 DRUGS, CHEMICALS AND IW2DICIN3ES. W W. CARTER, lias on hand, and is now • receiving, a generafas?ortment of Drugs. Chemicals and Medicines of every description. A supply of all the new and popular Medicines, such as uie Oil of Cantharidin, Acetate and Sulphate of Morphia, Denarcotized Laudanum, Solidified Bals. Copaiva, Compound Extract of Sarsapanl- la, Saratoga Powders, and every other article in the Drug line, of the choicest quality. PAINTS, Flax-Seed OIL, LAMP OIL, DYE- STUFFS, &c. Good Medicines cannot be obtained at any other place cheaper, or on more favorable terms, Geneva, May 16, 1832. 95 Vlats, Hatter 'B Stock, &c. T HE subscriber has just received at his Store, corner of Seneca and Bayly-streets, a large and elegant assortment of Fashionable Hats, Ratter's Stock amrFrmmtrfg»^mid READY MADE CLOTHING, \ which he offers for sale at Nan- York prices. His Stock and Trimmings in the Hat lino being very extensive, and embracing every article used by the trade, aro richly deserving the attention ol Manufacturers. ^^ NIC / 0LS . Genera, JuncK.A^ °\\' CASS FOB. HIDES. A priDY continnes to pay cash and the high- est price for BEEF HIDES and CALF INS,at his Leather & Shoe Store in Water- SKIN J. stree near the foot of beneca-strcet, May 25, 1831. . Geneva. 4.5 Jouxiutf men Cla^wmakwea ATTENTION. W ANTED IMMEDIATELY, two or three bands at the Chair Making Business— none but men of steady andI industrious habits need apply. Inquire at the Water-Street Chair Factory, at the north end of Waterst. Geneva. -> Genera, JM/I/23, 1832 n 0 HE subscriber is now receiving for sale, an extensive supply of SOLE LEATHER: Grained & Waxed UPPER do. CALF SKINS, &e. &r. which are of superior quality, and were manufac- tured expressly for this market. Al.to. a quantity of Morocco, Seal and Binding SKINS for sale on reasonable terms. •» He has now rmhand an estesWive assortment of fashionable and durable BOOTS & SHOES, of all sorts and sizes, which were maniifietvred in his Slwp, of the best materials and in tin? first «ty le. e A. EDDY. Geneva, May 23, I»31. 45^ Thrashing $ Clover Machines. BUILT IN THE VERY BEST STYLE. [T. D. Burrali'a Patent, Oncva, N. Y.] A T his Factory, & mile north of the village.— Also. Burrall and Axtell's PORTABLE. HORSEPOWERS, which may be used in the field, or removed from barn to burn without in- convenience. They are beautifully simple and compact p and are recommended by those who use them to be \ as complete as any in the state.\ KT HORSEPOWERS of every kind built to order. Geneva, April 2, 1832. _!K> NOTICE. AVING some time since disposed of my ___\ Stock of Goods, and being now anxious to 'bring my business Jlo a close, I have this day pla- ced in the hands of B, WHITISO, Esq. all my notes and accounts, for collection t and unless set- tled immediately, they will be prosecuted. N. AYRAULT. Genera, July 14,1832^ 0-> r latest ?s\ loxk YaslVions. H E Subscribers, have Removed their MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT to the north side of Sen- eca-street, nearly oppo- site the Mansion House, where they would he happy to see their old Customers, nnd some new ones. They have just received their Spring Fashions, together with an elegant assortment of \Leghorn. Split-Straw, Ital- ian Braid, Open Work, and Silk BONNETS, of elegant patterns, and latest fashions. Also, a large and splendid assortment of RIBBONS, ARTI- FICIAL FLOWERS, and LADIES* CAPS, all of which will be sold as low as can be purcha- sed in the country. HATS made to order, or re- paired on short notice. DRESS AND HABIT MAKING . done as usual, according to the latest fashions.. Orders from a distance thankfully received. A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited. v ® MARY ALLEN, ANN GARRISON, Geneva, May 16, 1832. tf 96 T St Piter's Churth. Auburn —It is with nn ordi- nary feelings of gratification that wo state the cir- cumstances attending the. loving of tho Corner Stone of an edifice on tin; site of the one destroyed by fire in February last, by tho. Rector, assisted by [ the Rev. George 1'iske. Tho ceremony took place on Friday the 10th August. Tho afternoon was remarkably fine, and a Ijrgo concourse of people gavo convincing evidenre of their deep and lively interest in the transaction. The admi- rable scrvire pn-scribed by the Bishop of the Di- ocese was sustained by the res-ponws of the audi- enee in nn animating manner. The Psalm and Hymn selected for the occasion were sung w-ith much emotion, and every heart seemed to feel their appropriateness. Several members of the Auburn Band kindly offered their assistance and gave fine effect and great soleniaity to the occa- sion.— Gospel Messenger. COI.OTL SAMI'EI. WARD—Unrisr the obitaary bend this morning will be found announced the death of Col. Samuel Ward, a veteran of the Rev- olution, one of the most venerable survivors of the patriots who fought for our independence. He had scarcely attained the age of eighteen, when ho was appointed Captain of a company raised in Rhode-Island, and served under the command .of Gen. Green at the siege of Boston. Lie was sub- sequently appointed Captain in the Continental Line, in which capacity he accompanied the expe- dition of Arnold to Quebec, where he was taken prisoner on the 31sl December, 1775. Ho was exchanged in the fall of the ensuing year; and soon after was raised to the rank of a Major. He was at life battle of Red Bank in October 1777; h«d command of a regiment in the retreat of Sul- livan ; and served as Lieut. Colonel from 1779 un- til the conclusion of the war. Col. Ward was a native of Rhode-Island; in which state his family and that of the Greens, to whom they are nearly allied,' have always been distinguished for their influence and respectability. After' the revolution he settled in tins state, as an eminent merchant. On returning to his native state, his clear sense, general knowledge and sound patriotism were ofteu invoked by his fellow-citi- zens; and particularly on some most trifling oc- casion-', when ho did not refuse to step forward in what he believed to be the line of duty. -For many years after he resided on his farm near Jamaica, Long Island ; and latterly in this city, ^vhere, re- taining all hiK faculties, nnd his equal and agreea- ble temperament lo the last, he has now died, full of years and full of honors.— N. York paper. CHARCOAL.—Pnlverized charcoal has become a leading article in the Materia Medica. It has been used the present season frequently, and to much good purpose. A table spoonful taken in water has in many instances arrested the violent vomit- ings of the cholera. Charcoal is recommended as a Serviceable arti- cle to dyspeptics—to be taken early in the morn- ing. There is economy as well as utility in the prescription. It serven the two-fold purpose of a tonie and tooth-powder.— Troy Budget. A belter way still, ia to take a table spoonful of the coal, in about a wine glass full of water, cold tea, or coffee, made pleasant by the addition ofa very little sugar, [loaf h best] to be drank at go- ing to bed : It effectually removes nansea and on- easiness'of the stomach, and thereby tenda lo keep off an attack of sickness during the night. Ma- ple or birch coal which has been recently burnt is test. If it has been much exposed to the weath- er, or a damp atmosphere, it should b e thrown in the fire and burned ten or fifteen minutes before it is pulverized.— Schenectady Wig. ,. Cholera in Russia. —By the i-tntement of the Cholera in Russia, it appears to have visited 29 cities or towns, nnd that iJs average duration in oach was 37 days. Sling of the Bee—U may not be generally known that common whitening proves an effectu- al remedy against the efFecr of the sting of a be; or wasp The whiiening is to be moistened with cold wafer, and immediately'applied. It may !H> washed off in a few minutes, when neither pain nor swelling will ensue. ~~ A tremendous Gale. —Joel Gale, now residing in Trenton, s. J. is said to be seven feet and threo inches high, and to weigh three hundred and fifty pounds. A London paper in speaking of the va«t quan- tity of trash, pouring in in the shape of.congrnln- iations fur the f-afcly of the King against the stone which \ hit'' his sacred Majesty's bead, says, \ If there had been a particle of brains behind tho place where the stone struck, there would have been no occasion for these addresses! [What a loyal subject.\] The greatest inceMioiis wore produced m times of ignorance....the use of tho Compass, Printing, and gun-Powder—by the Germans. The time of holding Stale Elections in the sev- eral States is as follows : Maine—Second Monday in September. New-Hampshire—Second Tuesday in March. Massachusetts—Second Monday in November. Rhode-Island—Governor and Senator ia April: Representative in April and August. Connecticut—First Mouday in April. Vermont—First Tuesday in- September. New-York—First Monday in ?-?ovemher. New-Jersey—Second Tuesday in October. Pennsylvania—Second Tuesday in October. Delaware—First Tuesday in October. The E- lectors are appointed by the Legislature. Maryland—First Monday in October. Virginia—In the month of April. North-Carolina—Commonly in August. South-Carolina—Second Monday in October — The Electors are appointed by the Legislature Georgia—First Monday in October. Ohio—Second Tuesday in October. Kentucky-T-First Monday in August. Tennessee—First Tuesday in August Alabama—First Monday in Angust. Missisippi—First Monday in August. „ Louisiana—First Mpnday in July. Indiana—First Monday in August Illinois—First Monday in August. Missouri.—First Monday in August. Visit of Don Miguel lo the Umtal States Ship Boston. —Extract of a letter From an American gentleman, dated Lisbon, June 20th, 1832: \ His Majesty, Don Miguel, visited yesterday the U. S. Ship Boston, Capt. Storer, now lying here. He wasTeeeived on board at Jl o'clock, A. H. (attended only by the Marquis of Bellas,) with all the usual honors. Tlie yards were pianned, and threo cheers given by the crew, on his coming alongside. When he reached the quarter deck, a salute of 21 guns was fired, the Portuguese flags were hoisted at the fore and mizen mast heads, and the Royal standard of Portugal at the.maih, alongside of the American pennant. HJsIjajGsty- visitedthe ship throughout, examining evervthipg and making many enquiries. He partooK of u collation both ift the cabin and wardroorrr, .and frequently expressed himself highly gratiged.\<ritU every thing, and particularly with the attention, paid him. He remained on board more than an hoar, and when ho was about tp leave the slii^ to re-enter bis barge, turned round and \pbje^ed \ Hits day I shall always remenwcr ivithplieasuire.\ The ship's yards were again manned, three cheers given, and another salute of 31 gnu,s^Sp{: TAe cheers were returned from the KingVbftfge^ni* Admiral hoisted the American flag at.his niain mast head, and saluted it with 21 guns. The Bos- ton will depart to-morrow.\ hi /_:. «?• 1/ ^

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