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•:/ h .(' i. •<•! 1\§ K fe ' !•& ••* .,1 .•* L »» I -\ AND FOR SALfe,- A¥ THE GgN£VA BOOKSTORE, :?-.* /•ijSurtMuir.,- A : .->-'.' ( :: r mJBLIC LAWS,. ; P<$&^Mthe*l!asi Setim qf/ihe^ Lis- \'•' ' gklatureof t^h State* ,. y'Price-75 Cenrs, '' .-,•\'_ J UST,recei^ei!,, jndtor falea* (beG^(i« ( i Apothecary St6/e, fl \' '' 5 Barrel Linseed Oil; 4 cw£. Red Lead, MasiMh. - •• (ftg) * : „, FOR SALE, •1550 Acres -of' LAND, N ^ovynraips No. 6 and 7, Firft Rmge, I Dt&Tjo W. fiff^nrt* day of Jj#r <>\« thoujand eight hundred and two, Mortgage ,zai^^eji0dlf^n^rMJUe, of the city' *f London* in the' Kingdom oL0reat-Bn- merchant* deccafed—ALL thofe cer- adjoining the - CrooktKi^Lvke, lard or into* tats f *f one and two hundred acres. LoCNo, 19, in .Tt»wn'aiSi» Nw'^,' i'< Range, containing 2.5tr acres. \ Let, sl-?<>. 42, in. town&ip. $>. 7,' lft rahge, edntain- 'ing 276 acres. li'iJ) Mo. 49, in \towpfb-tp Md.- 7,' tft range, containing 176 acres, '. Lot No.^o,- in tQ«kn(hio -No. 7/ itt. fat*ge> • cohtajtjing 176 acres.\ Loi >N<>. 54, ir> _ iownftlip No. 7, lit rang^, containing 276 acres. Lot No. 31, in i,own(inpNo,^o, ift range,.containing 2ocf acres. Lot No.\' '5, ia townfhip N f >. 5, 2<i range,; contain- ing 176 acres. Part or Lot N'\ 59, ii> townfhip No. .9, 2d range, containing 17 5j acVcs. ' Fart of Lot No. 60, in townfhip No. g, id range, containing 591 acre*. Part of Lot Mo, j6j« in townfhip No. 9, \' lit rapge^, containing 46 f aeres„ The abpie lands are liuiated in the conn- lies 6f Syenpen and Ontario, and will h^ \\ft>!d 00 reaJbnabie terms and a^ang credit. Apply to II. H. BOGERT. Gert'vrtt January t f.. (9} Ninety-one thousand Shingles received this day, and tor fide by the Punic.-i ber. 4Iff, a few Barrels oi- Mtmtezumu SALT, cheap for Cafb or Produce.. •• E, H. GORDON. Ge*ew<t, Jan. 27. (*) .^AVINGT\\ TH£ fuhfcribeis have erected LOOMS • of the belt kind, and arc now carrying on thts branch,nf\ bufinefi. :—theyjuve an abU srift from Ireland, whufeconftynt ai»en<io? iviH be paid to th>fe who tavnr thera wish their cu'tom, and fuch maiy dt:pe®*? on hav iug their work handfumely executed os^hort notice. BLUE DYE. Thofe Who wilh Linen.or Cotton Yarn colored, can beaccooiaiudated by applvtne at their doihier's works, near the village of Geneva. , WQOD'XRD & SPELMAU. Geneva* April 19. (23J -ASHES & SALTS.- THE fnhfcrihpr will osv Ca(h for goor- ASHES & SALTS OF 'ME, deliverer! a- his Pot and Pearl AJb Works, at the OJ.I Ciflle, near Geneva, (1.) SAMUEL WARNER. Old Cam*, Oft. 28, 1S07. Boai*ds and Shiagies. 150 THOUSAND g£od Mn&n. 100 THOUSAND feet Inch Pice BOARDS, for Sale bv E. H. GORDON. ft Geneva, June 29th. {?S) For Sale, the foi&wiSg La'iids, S ITUATE in the counties of Ontario and Steuben, viz. -About 6000 acres in Town (hip No. 1— 6th Range. Lots No. 47,\1 54. VintownfhipNo. 6, ift range weft f of 65, j Lots No. 7,'Tin townfhip No. 7—ift 53'/ . ranee. Lot No. 3*,\ in townfbip No. 9—2'd & part of 36,/ range. The above LANDS will be fold on rea- sonable terms and on a credit of 6 years. H. H. BOGERT. Geneva, March 2d. (16) F Q r SALE o^to LEASE, T HE STORE C md DWELLING- HOUSE of the fubfcfiher: alfo, thre'e Houfes, vyell adapted for Mechanic?s, fituated in the town of Phelps; alfo, up. Harris of 80 acres »>f good Land, 50 of] which is under improvement,'with'-'-a frnej Orchard of good Fruit: alfo, agond Bam>' Sitloke-Houfc!, &c. 1 ne whole of the a- bove land Is well watered* with n&ver failing fprings, ami the fta^rfs for bufinefs i«s not Receded in the county. It will be fuld or tvifetii together, or the ft ore and houfe fepa- *tat«, ati<J a long credit will be given. For ^^f!<^^il^tca)arsi!fii}aiK of the fubferiber, H J0HN R. GREEN. Pbelfi% Nov. %$, 1808- f 3 ) .' JACOB, L. DR.AKE : Boot and Shoe Maker 9 . N FOR MS the Udies and gentlemen of JL this village and its vicinity-,- that he has taken a room in the Houfe of Jeueb Hdli, where .he-car-UG&^n the above bufinefe ?n all i's branches. AH thofe who pleafe to favor him vibh thetf cultGm rnay depend en havjnjf •heir -w.dikdime In the bed ^aaoer,, an4 vew low. for, prompt'PJS7. CierfVTt March ?,th.. ^ (it) ~~~~ \F.OR bALE, > ' .,../•\. A FARM ©f the dt^ Quality. \I^W'O Hundred and Twentv fix acres of i LANDi'io Tcwnfhip' No. 8, Firft range. Lot No. ih, with about 40 acres •:leared, and a hewed log-ftouTe thereon, will be fold on^reafon'able terms. For ftirther jjarttculars apply to TREUMAN SPENCSX, *'ho lives near the rwrernifes, or to the fub- fcr/ibe r at Lyen's Mills . . r HENRY TO WAR!. Navmher 18/A, 1807. < (t) —.... •-,— • —.. . ... .—1',.' 1 ••• -—t.-jcer Upwards of 60,000 Acres of • LAND. \' QITUATE in the county of Genefee, I^afe 1 tain, ,_„ , tain two pieces of parcels of Lanti, hj^» Jytng and ; Being'inIhe county of On- itario and ttateof New-lfork,diftipgMtfhed as lofs Number Thjrty--mne & Forty, in'town- s ^ip Number Seven, Firft Range, containing two hundred md feventy-fijc acres each', and whereas ih^-faid Alexander Ellicedict, by his;laft Willlfnd teftament, appoint Thom- as $otfytb anfl Edward Ellic^ ^xectatprs thereof, and'default'having been made to the payment of the Paid fumand intereft—- NOTICE is therefore hereby given, that by virtue of. a power contained in the faid mortgage, and in purfaarice of the ftatutes in fuch £afe made and provided, the above defcribed pre^ifeS will be,exposed for faie at public-vehduc>on Thurtlay the firft day of FebK&ry nest, aKM o'clock forenoon, at Lewis* Citv Tavern^the city of Albany —Dated 26th July, 1 EDWARO IE^CE, by - -• Barest Bleetitr & John IC^eecker, Their Attorn HEREAXdefault has been made the payment of the principal and interefl of the monies fecured oy a rhoH- gage given by John Colbrfahy of Geneva, in the county of Ontario, to Nathaniel Merrill, of the fame place, on the eighteenth da.yof May, in the year of bur'LcrJ one thoufand eight huodred and feven, of ALL rhat certain traft piece or parcel of land, fhuate in the town of Seneca, in Ihe coun- ty of 'Ontario and date of New-York, be ing put lot .Number Forty- fsx, north from Geneva, in .'the gore adjottung the Lake, containing eigh' acres, be the fame more or l e f s ,___ P -KOTIC<E is therefore hereby giv- of New-York, Iving i^«ss^i4«s weft otjen, that by virtue'of ihe povi^r contained ( tenefee river, $t u m<le.«. eaft of the Courts' in the faid mortgage, and of the feveral aclls Koufe, irv thcvjll^eof Batayia. The main ' \ ' ' '' ' **---'- --- «*ad leading from the city of Albany to r^ew-Cenneclicuf, Pfefque-Ifl-% Fort-Nia- gara, and the province i)f Upper-Canada, natl'ts through a part of this tradi, from ^vh'ch ano'her roarl leads to Lake Or.-sr:^ tear the mouth of 3i?t?dy Creek, (vvhkh place is an e:;csl!«rnt harbor for boats,) kt fuch cafe made and provided, the above defcribed ppemifes will be fold at'public ve^dtfe, at Fowelfs Hotel, in Geneva, on the twentv-ninth day of January next, at eseven o'clock ia the forenoon of the fame &y.—D^;d 26'h July, 1809. , NATHANIEL MERRILL. vvncr.ee f.jcdt'ce mav bz (er.i by watef toa^yj ** p^rt of Eiirooe. This Vrafl' 'A* coust.v h?.*\ •' * l » • ^ 3 O tl he en fntvsyed into convenient FaiHiS for ,^„ ferrlers, and i?. ofte.ed for Sal--on the rnoft re^ionatle terms of an» Lad la the weftertv co«;i -y. Tnere v/ill be but a fmall pjrt or the ptirchafe fnooey '•equireti in hand, aud a long credit given for tlie tefidue* From »4ie fertility of ths foil, and advsnt- ages of the wacer, there is no part of this country can excel, and but litile equal it. There is already a Saw & Griit-mil! erect- ed on :he trai>. .For the price and terms enquire of the •ubfcriber, on 'fie premifes, who is duly iuthorifed to fell for tne Proprietors. . RICHARD M. STODDARD. Ncz<. JQ, 1806. fl) • I ~'~ PORTAGE. ' Porter, Barton & Co. AVINP tak^n.a leafs from the ftafe of .Mew-York of the carrying place at the Falls of Niagara, and been at great pains and expenfe in forming and cornple'ing an sftabhihment not • ^, ! y fortheportage of goods around the falls, bur for the tranfportatinn ot prcprrty acrofs Lakes Ontario, Erie, St, Chir, Htironand P4ichigan, and th« navi- gable waters communicating with them, uow • ifFir ;beir (ervices in the above line to Mer- chants and Traders in the Weftern country. They have ereeled fafe and commodious Jfore houfes and wharves at Black-Rock, Fort Schloiler; and Lewifiown, and provided themfelv<s with* (launch, well built veffels on the ]Lakcs,apd boats on the Niagara river,, and will receive property at anv point on the above wafers and engage to deliver it at any other, on the mnfl reafonable terms. They particularly invite the attention of lealers in-Salt, who have heretofore fnffererl great delays, and been put to much trouble, (line to the place of beginning, containing HErtfc^rtS de'auh has isen u.ade in the payment of the principal a«d erefi', fecuredto b€ pzhd by a certain in- Venture of relcafe by way of Mortgage, da- ted the twentieth day of April, one thou find eight Jyjndred snd three, executed by Afa Smith, of Romulus, ~in the county ot Cayuga, and Hannah his wife, to Elkanah Watfon, of ths city of Albany, of ALL rhofe certain traces or lots of land, fimate lving and being in ihi townfhip of Rctnu- Us, in.the county of Cayuga, knowis and dtftinguilhed on a map of faid townfhip, by h»t Number Seventy-nine and lot Number Eighty fix, being all that part of % the two aforementioned lots following, that is 'to fay, commencing act a ftake near-'a large fpring on lot 'feventy-nine, lying eaft of the old orchard, thence north to the north line of faid lot feventy-nine; thence weft alonp «he north line of faid lot feventy-nine; thence fouth to a ftake near the north bounds of the town of Plymouth; thence well to the Seneca lake ; thence foutherly along the fhore of faid lake to the north-weft bound? of the town plot 1 of the town of Ply mouth, formerly laid \put by Bazilla Seely,, Efquire ; thence eaft to the north-eaft cor- ner of faid town plot ; thence fouth along the eaft line of faid'town plot to the north line of lot number eighty-fix ; thence eaft along faid laft mentioned lot to a creek; thence through the middle of faid creek to the place of beginning, containing one bun dred acres, being the Tame premifes now in the occupation and improvement of the par- ties of the firft parr—Alfo, ALL that part of lot Number Eighty-fix aforefaid, now or late in the occupation of Jofeph Fenton, ermmencing at a ftake on*the f«mh line of faid lot, marked A. S. thence north to Jo- nas Seely% land to a ftake ; thence welt to a ftake on the eaft fide of theLgreat north and (ruth road ; thence fouth to the fouth line pf |<aid lot eighty-fix, and thence eaft along faid ted the-famf day 9p4 ^r^aforefaht :$J\ convey by indentufe of Mortgage, n ^l Oney T. Rice, and to bis heirs and a% s *f hll, thai<?ettain ••.p'«^'».^«»l-- : '0f% l fi fstustc in number Nine» in t^t,Fi»t, (w j*J 4 of townfnips in the copnty 4f Ontario, 4 in.g apart pf Lot n»m»-forry^wp^3 iownfhip^um|3ef,>ltn^, ID ^\..f ir|««to^ of towns, cqmmqnjyca|ejd %felp§!a#0(j c ,t| hamVP urc ^^-^^ e ^S'^ ® l $4]$Wh*' { weft corner of the aforefaid jlQt num^| PrA ty-two, and runs Ihchcc- foilt'h^i^rjeg^ I weft, ejtgbty-two'perchesj.thepc^l^^l degree fouthy one* hundred| and;''.^««h^ti j perches ; thence north one degree,ea^eigft.; tv-two perches v lllflMi.weft pqe deg tee north, one hundred and 1 %v^e ; e^.n|rcb ?s> i to the place of be^inffipg, contaming S|j pine acres and one hundred and fifty;||j, r . l | perches of land, l?e|ie fame, more OK lels, | ^-And V/hereasthe laid OneyT. Rice, qn the tenth day~of Anguft, in the yearolour Lord one thpufahd eight hundred a,nd fe% n , Hid tratrsferltfaffign ail tiis r||hf,; title, claim and demand to the faid iflcfrjgagei 4d the p.\emifes therein defcribed,, uiitoThom- as kice, and to his heirs and afT!gns-/|nd r ! Whereas default haa,4ecfl (/ taad^*$B--iKe^.- ineo't of the faid fum.'of;^t^/fi'nd:'t^''iii.i tereft thereon—^-NOT ICE is Ihe'Wfore ereby given, that by virtue of a pp.wer conr tarned rn the faid .trrangajge^sAd'tp'^tiito* ance of thc^atute in fucli cafe made |nd provided, the faid mortgaged premifes will j be fold at public Vendue, at Ppwell'V Hofel, in ihe village of Geneva, inlhe eoafttyof Ontario, on the 23d day of .September! neitt, at two o'clock in the afternopnof that|^y. -»- Dated the 15th day of March, 1800. ;•* .(18) THQMAS RICE, By his Att'y, ROBERT W. STOBBiARi> r i_ ^, , _: »-_ \_ t ,.,,- ;,j.f, TX^FAULT having been made in.the JL^paymeot of the monies, fecit red to bb paid by- a certain indenture of Mortgage, dated the feventh d&v of June» in the year of our Lord one thou fa nd eight htiiidredand five, and executed by Sheffield Luther* oi the towp of Vemorr, in tne cr^ntjruf^n- tario, \o Gilbert Hathaway, of the fame place, of ALL that certain traci or parcel of Land, fituate in the town and county a* forefaid, and is part of a tra^pf la|3id;for which William Potter, James fkr^fitfrni Thomas Hathaway have a patent .for from the people of this ftate, and is part pf lot number feventecn in faid purcbafe, ift the Gore, reference being h^dlto,furvey and map of fi^id land, 'made by Jabejz French, the fame may more fully appear-, being eigh- ty acres in the fouth-eaft corner of Paid, lot number feventeen ; faid eighty ariresof jahd lving in common& undivided vprith on^W* dred and fixty acres; faid lot isadjoining William Potter on the fouiji and eaft, Silas Hunt on the weft, and Jonathan MaKard on the north NOTICE is therefore hereby given that by virtue of a power conuipcfJ in the faid mortgage, and iapurfuaric* of the ftatute in fuch cafe oiitde-aridpr^VfrJed, the above defcribed premifes will be fold at public vendue, at Powell's Hotel, in the vil- lage of Gene-va,'\'in <he county of Optario, an Saturday, the fecond day of Septerribtir next, at two o'clock in the afternoon of that day—Dated the 23d day of Februarv, 1809, (15 6m) GILBERT HATHAWA^ By hi? Att*y, ROBERT W. STODDA'RJD* D EFAULT\ having p,een made ip tR e payment of a part of the monies\ i*W :y V.i'i»iai»''»\ V' *CilSE : Wiyr^AGb at itu* Oiii.e. »* : ^ expenfe and lofs, on account <4 the variety f hands 0 through which this article has ne- Ceffarily palfed on its way to market. They will receive fait at Ofwego, Sod us or Lew- iftown, and deliver it at Prefqoe-lfle^ on Lake Erie, or (by particular contrail) at Pitifburgh, on the .Ohio, and receive the Tame article in payment. They alfo engage that Salt lhall be ftored on its ptffage in their ffo»e houfes at Lewiftowp, SchlofTer, and Black-Rock, without any additional expenfe !—it having alwavs been cuflomary with car- iriers as well on the Briiifh as the American [fide of *he river, at tbefe places, to leave (alt expofed to the weather, by which it has fuf- fertd great damage. Orders directed-to, or contracts made with Jofeph Annin at Cayuga Bridge, Peter B. Porter at Canandaigua, Benjamin Barton at Lewifton, or Augurtus Porter at Fort SchlofTer will be punctually attended to. -\ f24-tf) - » Sales by Mortgage. HERE AS William Hall, other- wife called 'William Wall,,of Hud- fon, in the ftate of New-Yoik, merchant, fitty acres.-—Alfo, 'forty-eight and one half acres of land, comprehended in feventy- two village lots m.thej-own of Plymouth afore- faid, being partly on lots number feventy- nine and eighty fix : the three feveral parcels or pieces of land heteby intended to be con- veyed, contain one hundred and ninety.eight acres and one half of an acreH land, beiny the fame lots as were heretofore referred by the parry of .the fecond part jn his deed to William Seely —NOTICE is there- fore hereby given, that by virtue of a power contained in faid Mortgage, and in purfu- ance of the ftatute in fuch eaJe made and provided, the above defcribed premifes will be fold at public vendue, at the houfe of Lewis Birdfall, Jnn-keeper, in the town of Junius, in the coiipty of Seneca, on the eighteenth day of Oaober next, at ten o- clock ih the forenoon—Dated ift April, 1809. (jfM ELKANTAH WATSON. W HEREAS M'Jes finchTm~t^'xxh day of January, in the y^ r ot cur Lofd one ihonlantl eight 'liuodrrii and fix '• Tr i f, t one for fecurtng the payment of the hundred aud eighty dolUs wiih i\ llS U^\\ * red to be paid by a certain indenture of Mortgage, dated the firft day of May;,.in the year of our Lord one thoufand tight hundred and fix, and executed by -joftp^ Hart of the town of Seneca, county of 0h* tarioand ftate of New- York/ and titfrtah his wife to,Caleb Cowing of the fameptfcS» <>f ALL that certain piece or parcel of ,land» fituate in townfhip No, Teu*.m#|rft range of townships inVOntatio , county* being % part of Lots $&. JSix»j?en }^ Twenty-five^ bounded 3s follows* (tp W«t?) on the eaft by land fold to David Johj ninety-eight perches and four lii,ks to Jfohnfon's north-weft corner; thence? laid Johnfon's north line eight Gbams..Jto,|a!P«l fold to Richard Squiers ; thencenpjtfV|W (aid Squiers' weft.line twenty th|ee r .cSairtp *° Paid Squiers' north weft corner; thence Weft fixreen chains and feyenly ^ve links to 'W owned by Nahum Benjamtn • foencje fouth on a line parallel with the eaft lfne,bf Caid lots forty-(even chains'and fifty-four Units, to a ft?ke and ftpnes ; thence eaft tight #a*ns and feventy five links to the place of begin* ing, containing or to contain, \(nety acres* NOTICE is therefore hrseby giveh, lh|t by virtue of a power contained in faid lVf^jN 6 and in purfuance of the ftatute In fucfi cafe made and provided, «he fdtd mftrtgage^tt prern> ifes will be fold at public vendue at 'fpntlYi Hotel in the v-Jlage of Geneva, in thecourf'- ty of Ontario, cm Saturday the fecopH day of September next, at two o'clock in the after- noon of rhat day.—Dated the 22d day^ of Februarv, in the year of our Lord one thcJt*.* fandeij*ht hundred and nine. ? (13:6m) CALEB COWIHGL By Ms /ftt'y ROBERT W. STOODAiib. •''• ' .•'•••. ' \ - ';' \ - ; _ Til • GENEVA 1 (ONTARIO COUNTY, NfcVMrtfRIC,) PRINTED AND PUBLISHED UtBh RY WEDNESDAY, BY JAMBS fiOGmT. ' Price TWO nr>* LAK.S pot Ann'u:m» Wh^ : M t o^ of f fjl togeth^Yf 'irnc'n^ »W'k even CA^I 1 •Milfe. »fi a regpl»F* the'f«.b!%Ji ^lerchaM? Char;^| h Lake mill. %w Lakes;#,n4 ' jfotji'-V 7 ^ ,riot,eXCe,e • ,^v!aggon« ^.ereM ; Whead liorthtP^ $ r - „ ft , .' -'^Pilln* , T JllBi. .^i|h#^ '-'^vfll -*-«>' iBy -afcn ••mj*mte*r-*

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