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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, March 22, 1876, Image 2

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Y . WEDNESDAY, aiARCS 22, 1876, jSTational dem o cratic Conren- Tho if atlonil Demooratic Committee, to ^Tiiom is delegated the power of fixing the time and place of holding the National Democratic Con­ vention. oTIS^.bave appointed TtJESI>A'2',TSE TiTE^rTT-SETENTH D*\Y OF JUNE NEXT, NOON, and selected ST. LOUIS as the place of folding said Convention. Each State will be entitled to a representation rado, wh 11 give it a Iso invited mission in July as _ the next Elo *toral C.ollege. is also invited, to ser delc^a'cs to the Convention. Democratic, Goi .servative an l other citizens of the*United State associations, desi: >emoeratie party in its present e vitedto join ',iva of past ;o-operate ; political as •ith the Dei •t 3 and objects, are cordially in- icndins delesates to the National Convention. Co-operation is desired from all ersuns nuo would chanse an administration ibUo credit tt less favored natioi 3 he taken away hy Stifled trade by unjust and in, has imposed unusual tax- most burdensome, has irity to widespread sufier- becomeand t h a t has suffered the pub] remain inferior to otter and less has permil foreign pernicioas legist ution and rendered it changed growing prospei ing and want, has squandered the publiemoneys recklessly and defiantly, and shamelessly used the power that should have been swift to punish crime to protect i t. For these and other reasons the National Dem­ ocratic p arty deem the public danger imminent, and earnestly desirous of securing to our country the blessing of an economical, pure and free gov­ ernment, cordially invite the co-operation of fellow-citizens in the effort to attain this ‘obS.! ir r S c h S t \ \ - BEtf&SB'\' C h . irles E. D yke , I saac B.'^E atoi s i i & p S i ' M. U. B. E dgeepy , F. S. S tockdalb , ). K nott , M . W. B ansom . J ohn G oope . J b ., J ohn G. T hojipson . , J ohn B pa ik H o s e . J ames K. X e p p t , G eorge H . J ambs P. B ark , T homas M. BATTERnoN, AUaUSl'Uii SCHELL. Ch’n of the National Democratic Committee. O. P rince , beeretary. Washington, February 22,18ib. D E M O C R A T IC R S P U B E I C A M STATE COITVENTIO^. The Democratic-Espublican electors, and all who are willing to unite with them in the coming Presidential campaign for the restoration of honest, economical and constitutional govern­ ment are reciuested to elect three delegates from each Assembly District to a Convention to be held in UTICA, ON WEDNESDAY. THE TWENTX-SIXXH DAT OP APRIL, at noon. for the purpose of electing delegates to the Na­ tional Democratic Convention, called for the 2?7th day of June, at St. Louis. By order of the State Committee. D. MAQONE, ,T r „ Chairman. iDOiE K. A poae , Secretary. The friends of “ honest, economical and constitutional government”— which includes all Democrats and m a n y In d e p e n d e n t R e p u b lica n s —will respond heartily to this call. They recognize the fact that the people mast look exclusively to the Democracy for the attainment of this purpose. Four years ago, Belknap’s rascali­ ties were fully exposed ; and prompt­ ly hushed up. Four years have fol­ lowed, full of revelations of similar and sickening transactions. The Re­ publican party has taken no steps to purify i'seif; and has not even pre­ tended t‘> -ulfill its pledges of reform. Ho one trusts it. Even in HewHamp- - shire it is repudiated on nainonal questions. The time and place for holding the State convention were determined upon with entire unanimity. There is no dissension in the Democratic ranks. Personal selections will be made in entire harmony, the - repre­ sentative men will be carefully and wisely chosen ; the voice of the people will be respected; the principles of Democracy will be enforced, and Hew York will cast her vote for a Demo­ cratic President. HEETIHG OF THE COUNTY CEN­ T E N N I A L C O M M IT T E E . The adjourned meeting of the tenntal eouaty committee was held at the Girvan House, in Little Falls, Monday afternoon. Gen. J. E. Cur­ tiss was elected chairman pro tm ,, a n d E . M . B u r n s , B e c r e tary, read communications from Gen. F, E. Spinner and Assemblyman McKee, a p p r o v in g th e efforts being made for the coming event. Hon. S, M, Rich­ m o n d w a s elected as m e m b e r o f th e G e n e r a l H e r k im e r m o n u m e n t com­ m ittee in p la c e o f H o n . W . T. S k i n ­ ner, who declined the position. A press committee composed of J. R. S teb b in s , L i t t l e F a l l s , O. C . W ith e r - stine, H e r k im e r , O. T. Moss, Ilion, w a s ap p o in ted . T h e co u n t y com m it­ tee w as w a ited upon b y a com m ittee of five appointed by the citizens of Little Falls to confer with it to have a portion of the celebration' held in Little Palls. After many suggestions and some argument, a resolution was p a s s e d te h o ld a celeb r a t io n o f three daye’ duration, the last day’s exercis­ es to be held m Little Falls. The p r o g r a m m e for t h e first d a y is to con­ sist o f t h e h istorical exercises, an ora­ tion by ex-Governor Seymour and a poem by George W. Bungay, former­ l y o f X lion. O n a c c o u n t o f m a n y o f the members being obliged to leave at 4 p . M-, th e meeting was adjourned to meet in T&erkimer hereafter, when the programme for the remaining two days will be laid out. *©“ Belknap and Babcock were busy B ’s who improved each shining hoar and golden opportunity. THE BEARDSLEE GADETSHIF. An investigation of the case of the Beardslee Cadetship is being had be­ fore the Jndieary Committee of the House at Washington. Prof. Charlier, Principal of the so- called West Point Preparatory School in Hew York city, testifies that he re­ ceived three thousand dollars where­ with to purchase the Beardslee cadet­ ship, and paid it all over to a claim agent at Washington, who appears to have done a regular business in buy­ ing cadetships. The Professor thought there was no barm in such transac. tions. The most refreshingly inno­ cent part o f the story is the Professor’s expression of his belief that Congress­ man Hayes, who appointed the lad, did not get a cent o f the money. Claim Agent L i lly swears positive­ ly that he did not pay Alabama Hayes a cent for the Beardslee cadetship. Lil­ ly is perfectly willing to acknowledge, and does acknowledge, that he receiv­ ed three thousand dollars of young Beardslee’s mother, through Prof. Charlier, but that is as far as he can go.. Mrs. Beardslee, the mother of young Beardslee, appeared before the Com­ mittee and testified with the greatest freedom. Her son, she said, longed for a military life, and she determin­ ed to gratily his desire. She once ap­ plied to Judge Lord, Chairman of the Sub-Comraitiee, conducting the inves­ tigation, and-he informed her that her son must secure the place if possible by competitive examination. Mrs. Beardslee did not like this plan and looked about for some others. She saw by an advertisement in a newspa­ per that Lilly had a cadetship for dis­ posal, and opened a correspondence with him. Three thousand dollars w a s t h e price ch a r g e d , an d sh e agreed to give that amount, believing that Lilly acted as broker for some Mem­ ber of Congress who wanted to dis­ pose of the cadetship. By Lilly’s in­ struction her son was sent to Alaba- , and the boy wrote to hia mother that Congressman Hays was the per­ son who was to obtain his commission. This commission was delivered lo Mrs. Beardslee at the residence of Profess­ or Charlier in Hew York, who ppid Lilly, and to whom Mrs. Beardslee gave a draft for $3,000. The lady testified that she bought the cadet­ ship, and looked upon the whole mat­ ter purely as a business trausaetion, said she thought that the disposal of iadetsbips was one o f a Congressman’e perquisites, and it was nobody’s busi­ ness how much he charged or she paid for the same. Young Beardslee testified that after his appointment he was informed that it would be necessary to go to Alaba­ ma and spend a few weeks there. On h i s w a y S o u t h h e stop p e d a t W a s h ­ ington and called on the cadetship broker Lilly, who made an appoint­ ment to see him the next morning.— When he called on the succeeding day, he saw Representative Hays, and waa introduced to him as the young man whom he bad appointed. Mr. Hays simply remarked that ho hoped be would secure admission, as several others whom he had appointed had failed. Mr. Hays did not ask him any questions about hia absence from home, or question him on any other subject.. The young man also testifi­ ed that he had signed the letter ac­ c e p t in g th e ap p o in t m e n t, l a w h ich his residence is stated'to be in Choctaw county, Alabama, in blank, and that the statements contained in it on these points were inserted after- A n A gency fob the S ale of C adetship .—The examination before the House Judiciary Committee, of Elie Charlier, proprietor of a private school in Hew York, and through whom the payment was made to Con­ gressman Hays for the Beardslee cadetship appointment, has developed the fact that there exists in Washing­ ton, as has been suspected, an agency for the sale of cadetships. A Hew York lawyer named Lilly was the in-’ termediary in the Beardslee case, and it does not appear that any direct communication between Congressmen and their appointees ever took, place in such cases, or that it was even necessary for them to meet. Here it is according to the Hew York /Sun: “ Grantism is com- “ pounded of low greed, obtuse moral “ sentiment, shoddy display, the us© “ of public office for private gain, the “ rewarding of those who make you “ presents by places of honor or trust, “ the enriching o f all your relatives at “ the expense of the government, the “ ignoring of all the better publiq ** opinion, the conception that high “ office is a reward and not an obliga- “ tion imposed—in fine that the Gov- “ ernment is to he administered in the “ selfish interests of the governors and “ for th e ir aggran d izem e n t. I t is “ innovation which does not seem to “ provoke admiration at home ‘ abroad.” The people of these Uoit- ed States know only too well what this odious system is in effect, but the above graphic definition may prove of service to the lexicographer of the future, and we therefore place it on record. The Democratic Congressional Caucus has agreed upon a financial policy. It is time that the members of the House agreed upon some plan of action. The Democrats have agreed upon the Payne bill by a vote of 69 to 46. This bill provides for the gradual resumption of specie pay­ ments, by making it the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury annually to retain com to an amount equal to 8 per cent, o f the legal tender notes out­ standing, to constitute a resumption fund,- and also requiring national banks to set aside an amount of coin equal to three per cent of their circula­ tion of notes. The bill in addition proposes the repeal of so much of the specie resumption act of Jan. 14th, 1875, as designates the first of Janu­ ary, 1879, as the date of resumption, 1®* When James K . Polk was President an applicant for office sent him a present. Mr. Polk immediate­ ly returned it with a message that be had not ordered the article, and forth­ with erased the name of the sender from the list of applicants for office. They have been doing things differ­ ently at the White House daring the last 8 years. It is not surprising that *wltk the system established at the White House, Sec’y Belknap adopted the practice of dispensing favoirs those who paid the most for them.— He was but imitating his superior. ITEMS O^NEWS. — Marsh is expected to return to Washington soon. The wife of Hon. Carl Schurz died on the 15th inst. The Black Hills are 120 miles long and 80 miles wide. --T h e Senate has passed the bill fixmg the President’s salary at $25,- — Ten lives have already been lost in the construction of the Centennial buildings, — Daniel Drew has failed, His liabilities are said to be over one and a half million dollars. — A new trial will be granted in the case o f Piper, the alleged perpe­ trator of the Boston belfry murder. — The Central-Hudson River Rail­ road has declared a dividend of two per cent, on its stock, payable April — Bishop Haven’s mothef cooked a turkey on her eighty-eighlh birth­ day, and served it to guests on plates fifty years old — The Standard says that a rifle team will shortly be organized in Syracuse which will have no connec­ tion with the military, — An Indiana workman claims 1 be the fastest cigarmaker in the TJnioi He has made 18,000 cigars in a month, and says he can make 80,000. — Another revolution has occurred in Hayti. The city of Jacmel has gone over to the rebel party, for which there is much sympathy and enthusi­ asm. — T h e ju r y iu th e ease o f B . B . Halleck, charged with being implica* ted in the $47,000 Treasury larceny at Washington, returned a verdict of guilty. — A scientific paper calls attention to the fact that astronomers are never wealthy. This is strange wh« consider that their business is always “ looking up.” — A little girl in Hew York, on hearing the account of the “ quivering flesh” shower in Kentucky, asked: “ Do you think there has been w in heaven, mamma ?” — Seldom has Europe been so de­ vastated by inundations as now.- France, Germany, Belgium and Hol­ land are filled with suffferers, while the loss of property is great. — The editor of the New York Sun asserts that Henry W ard Beech( is a liar, a peijurer aud an adulterer, and defies the Reverend gentleman or his friend to bring on a libel suit. — The papers say that there is to be a Sunday school parliament on the camp ground of Thousand Island Park tl 26th. — Immense quantities of pigeons put in an appearance near Bingham- ton recently. The air was liter- ground July and closing on'\ the Park next summer, commencing he 19th of July and closiuj was the first man for the past thirty years to pay his taxes to the sheriff Though a blacksmith and ploi aker by trade, he cuts and ma' bis own clothing, and when engaged at this work if there is a call at the shop his wife goes to the anvil and will shoe a horse, brace a plough, upset au axe, of perform any other job in the line with as much skill as her husband. — The bank of tho state of Hew York has suspended. The failure is attributed to the fact that the bank has been loaning on warehouse re­ ceipts for several year^, which has re­ sulted in over drafts to the extent of some $800,000. The loss on this, to­ gether with protested paper, has, in tho opinion of the bank examiners and clearing house committee,' im­ paired its capital, and consequently it has been dropped from the cler-’— house. Some of the directors ^ t ^ th a t the depositors will be paid in I'ull. The baok has resumed with a new set of directors. — The “ King of the Beggars” was recently arrested in England, He had gained this title among the fra­ ternity by his success as a begging im­ postor. A t one time he professed to be a Quaker, and thus obtained the confidence o f members of the Society o f F r ien d s , on e o f w h o m set h im up in business with his son in Liverpool. He next appeared as a Baptist, then as a member of the Wesleyan body. He also connected himself with the Moody and Sankey and other revival movements. Through his-career, in­ deed, ho has been connected with al­ most every religious denomination in E n g la n d . TBE SLAGS SILLS. For the information of those-affliet- ed with the Black Hills fever we pub­ lish the following from a Cheyenne paper: The distance from Cheyenne to Custar City, on French creek, in the Black Hills, is as follows, by the route taken by Gen. Crook last Sum­ mer, which is as short as yet made: Cheyenne to Fort Laramie ............................... 93 Fort Laramie to Eawhide........... .................... 18 Rawhide to Running W ater ............................. 24 Running Water to Old Woman’s Fork..... ...... 12 Down Old Woman’s Fork to Sage Creek...... . 24 Thence by right road to Cheyenne river ___ _ 25 Cheyenne river to Custar City .......................... 49 Total........................................ 236 Custar Cits to Spring Creek............. Spring Creek to Standoff Bar ......... . L. AVERT, I1 J B I 8 ,K X M ;E 2 R , IST. Y - ' I in v ite attention to m y sto c k o f C a r p e ts, O il C loth s , <fec., j u s t re­ ceived , co n s istin g o f H e m p , C o tton C h a in, ’IVool F i ll in g , and a ll-w o o l C a r p e t s ; S tair C a r p e t s , S t a ir O il C loth, C a r p e t L in in g , H a s s o c k s , M a ts, dbc. A lso, a la r g e lin e o f H a m b u r g F m b r o U e r i e s a t l o w pri- ices; Oashmere T ies and Ijaces ; a large line o f b e s t quality P r i n t s , at 6 cts. per yard; N o ttingh a m L a c e s at very lo w p r ices; H lea c h e d and B r o w n C o t t o n s in g r e a t variety, as ch e a p a s t h e ch e a p e s t . I am c lo s ­ in g out a la r g e lot o f B r e s s G o o d s at I S cts. per yard. T h e s e good s are w^orth from to S O c per y a r d . C . I L . , : 10 gol( Big Horne country is from Cheyenne to Ports Laramine and Fetterman, to which latter post and distance is 165 A^d miles, with good ranches all the way. T h e d ista n c e from F o r t F e t t e r m a n to old F o r t R e n o is 1 0 4 m i l e s ; froi a l l y b lu e w ith th e m . T h e scen e as described by an eye witness was very ex c it in g . — George E. Crozier, convicted at Penn Yan, Yates sounty, of the. mur­ der of his wife, has been sentenced to be hanged on the fifth of May. His counsel will take measures to obtain a new trial. — Among those who are ster poormaater are families owning houses and loi thence to Kerney 65 miles, and thence to Fort C. F. Smith 99 miles. ALn ancient chronicler says the credit of introducing the game of bil­ liards belongs to a pawnbroker. In louses and lots partly or whol- iK^The election in Hew Hamp­ shire resulted in favor o f the Repub­ licans. The Republicans elected their State officers by about 3,000 majority. They also elected 9 out o f the 12 Sen­ ators, and have a majority of about 25 in the House. W e suppose that this indicates that the people of that 6tate endorse that stealing and bribery of Belknap and other Republican leaders. The Republicans worked w ith desperation, to carry th e S t a t e and have succeeded. Money was lav­ ishly expended. The proposition to abolish the county of Hamilton is assuming a practical shape. Qen. Sherman in* trod need a bill providing for the abol­ ishing that county and for annexing the towns to contiguous territory, as follows: The town of Morehouso to the county of Herkimer; the town of Long Lake to the ^county o f E s s e x ; the town of Indian Lake to the coun­ ty o f Warren; the towns of Arietta, Benson, Hope, Lake Pleasant and Wells to the county of Fulton. The bill provides in full for the manner in which the county is to be dissolved and its records disposed of. !© • A bill for the admission of Hew Mexico, as a State, passed the United States Senate, notwithstanding the population is less than the constitu­ tion requires. Matters have come to a pretty pass, if a territory like Hew Mexico with less than 100,000 citi­ zens, a small proportion only of whom speak English, and the majority of whom are deplorably ignorant are to have the same representation in the Senate as Pennsylvania with her 4,- 000,000, and Hew York with her 4,- 500,000. I@*Th 0 Sunday Mercury says; “ Grant, the President; Belknap, the Secretary o f W ar; Robeson, thei Sec­ retary of the Havy; Williams, the Attorney General; Delano, the Sec­ retary of the Interior, were all poor men when they took office, and none of them except the President had a larger salary than sufficient to main­ tain a respectable household. Yet th e y h a v e sp e n t w h ile in office, m a n y times their yearly pay, aad amassed fortunes besides.” •ity on their propei A bill before the California leg­ islature would, i f passed, prohibit the lale of intoxicating liquors within four miles-of the State university ; aqd the San Francisco Chronicle says the title should be “ An act to promote pedes- trianism among students.” Mrs. F itch, the daughter of Gen­ eral Sherman, has never yet been in possession o f the $200,000 diamonds sent her on her marriage by the Khe­ dive o f Egypt. They are still in the sub-treasury waiting, for Oongress to decide if she may take them without paying the duty, which amounts to $35,000. - — Over one-half of all the confirm­ ed drunkards who take refuge in the Inebriate Asylum at Binghamton, are permanently cured of their morb’d ap­ petite. The official statistics on the subject, which have been published, cover seven years, and a very large number of cases. This is encourag­ ing news for the slaves of drunkeu- — Late accounts from Hebrasks ind Dakota state that parties, with GcQigo H. Fcndlctou was W fore th e .C o m m ittee on E x p e n d itu r e s in th e W a r D e p a r tm e n t to ^ x p l a l n his connection with the- claim paid by tho United States to the Kentucky Central Railroad. He testified with em p h a s is th a t h e n e v e r p a id a ce n t to any one to secure its payment. IjsiPEACjBtED.— ^The Senate of Miss­ issippi, by a vote of 32 to 4, found Lieut. Governor Davis guilty, as charged in the articles of impeach­ ment ; one colored and five white Re­ publican Senators voting in the affirm­ ative, and four colored in the negative. The effort of Ananias Hays, of Alabama, to escape expulsion by letting his broker to swear that he Cthe brokerj k'epL all tfie m5ney~t'b'at was paid for the Beardslee cadetship will not succeed. A. note signed by Hays for $1,600 has been traced to the hands of Lilly, the broker, who bou g h t i t a f ter i t b a d g o n e to p r o t e s t . A n a n ia s m u s t b e w a r e , or th e fa t e of his great p r o totyp e w ill overtakoi h im . l e r Grant has appointed to the place of Belknap, as Secretary of War, Alphonso Taft, o f Ohio, and the Senate has confirmed the nomina- Hew evidence against Belknap and evidence showing the venal cality of ex-Atfeqrney-General Will- iama has been diBcovered. Wouldn’t it be well for Presi­ dent Grant to lock the doors and fas­ ten tbe windows o f the VVbite EEonse, go that no guilty mau can esoaps?— Sartford Times. I, o f Stillwate: belongs to a pawi ieenth century there was one William Kew, a pawnbroker^ who during wet weather, was in the habit of taking down the three halls and with the yard measure pushing them, billiards fashion, from the counter in­ to the stalls. In time the idea o f a board with side pockets suggested it- -A v -J a I ao I c __ make one board whereby a game is played with three balls, and all the young men ire greatly recreated thereat, chiefly the young clergymen from St. Pawles hence o n e o f y e strok e s w a s n a m e d a canon, having been by one o f ye said clergym e n in v e n ted . T h e g a m e is now known by Bill-yard, because William or Bill Kew did first play with a yard measure. The stick is now called a kew or kue.” It is easy to comprehend how “ Bill-yard” has been modernized into billiard, and tbe transformation of “ kew” or “ kue” into cue is equally apparent. trains of from two to twenty-five wa­ gons, are daily passing for th< Hills. The exeitemeat is increasing, aud small parties on foot, hauling han d c a r ts, can b e seen w e n d in g th e ir way towards tbe anriferous JBLills.— From present indications that country w i l l soon b e fu l l o f a d v e n t u r o u s g o ld se e k e r s . — Mrs. Hough, a lady who died a few days ago in Alexandria, Pa., at th e a g e o f n in e ty - s e v e n y e a r s , w a s one of thoTbw-Jwomea of the country Wlro h a v e c a s t a v o te f o r a P r e s i d e n t . S h e grew u p to w o m a n h o o d i n th e S t a t e o f lew J e r s e y , w h e r e sh e w a s born, ai -w h en o f a g e sh e e a s t a v o te fo r T h o i * \ ■ ■ roper- inen* Jefferson for President, as a pr< ty qualification in that State tbei 1 a woman to vote. -George F. Yon Maltzan, a regu* rly c o n s e c r a ted m in ister o f th e L u t h - an. C h u r c h , w a s arrested in B u ffa lo , He Is said to be a' drunkard and dead-beat. His wife seemed to be overjoyed at his arrest, saying that now she would not be beaten fblr being unsuccessful in begging money for him- Buffalo is aheadj and Brooklyn must look to her laurels. — Jefferson eonnty has recsntly been thrilled by a startling deed of blood—-the murder o f Simon -Hoover by Francis Garpotte, and the attempt* ed suicide of the latter. This ghastly, tragedy was the result of a frenzied mind op the part o f the murderer, in- iced by a money difficulty etim. Hoover died within Frank Williams, o f Stillwater, Saratoga county, i» the owner of a bafficoebin pullet that lived 3& days without food or drink. When first missed it weighed eight pounds. At . present it weighs but three-fourths H .G , fifty-four years of ago, who nev- of a pound. Thi from the Tro;; duced by a money difficulty with bis victim. Hoover died within an hour after the fatal knife-thrust, and Gar­ p o tte h i m s e lf lin g e r s in d o u b tfa l a g o ­ ny with a fractured skull. The par­ ties were both respectable farmers. There is a man living in Wilson, lis chicken story isi er owed a cent to a living soul in his ►yJPr«», jlife, and; as tbe records will show, PAPER HANGINGS! K E W S P R IK G ST Y L E S NOW OPENING AT Barnard’s Sons> 3 3 C e n e s e e S tree t, XX •gt* X o jflk » . we would like to h ave every person who is anfc of, or desirous of looking at Net, DeslraWeaiUiiipe Patterns in the above goods, call at our store and in­ spect our varied stock. At present low prices every one can adorn and beautify their dwellings at very reasonable rates, and every Lady knows how much a beautiful and artistio paper on the walls does toward making a house H o m e - l i k e a n d C l i e e r f a l , as well as how trifling tho expense, compared with Other beautiful belongings, Our friends from out the City. will, in every instance, be enabled to SAVE MORE THAN EXPENSES, beside having tho advantage of selecting from ^e^LARGEST AND BEST STOCK; out of N. Merchants will b e supplied a t less than- N , Y obbing Prices, and save freight beside, BARNARD’S SONS. mcnlSmS NEW YORK MARKET. NpwT(lEE,MarQli21.1876. HAY—Is ; unchanged. Sales at 76@80c for - - ZAju li^r v£viiiuriixuu». ' —Is firm. Sales ern: 20®36e for State. CHEESE—Is unchanged, common to prime. Sales at 6©13o for DRUM—SUITS—March 5th, a t the M. B. p ar- ^a^6|^St.^ohnsviUe, Simpson, PARSHALL—WHITER—At tho residence of the bride’s father, at Little Lakes, March 8.1876. by Rev. W. C. Bmpey.Mr. Henry C.Parshall, o f CoopfirstoiFQi {kHd SIII qi Xi* of ELY—WILCOX—At the M. E. parsonage,in Norway. March 8th. 1876, by Rev. \V. S. Chase, Daniel W. Rly. of Gray, N. Y. ’ \ \ \ Wilcox, -of Milford, Del. GERT—LAKI 47th year of her age. HAYES—In Oppenheim, March 5th. Mr, Levi Hayes, aged 60 years and 2 months. MILLS-In Columbia. March 5th. Eve Mills, aged 77 years. HOTJSE—In Warxfen. Maroli 2d, Mary House, aged 71 ^ears and 9 months. FILKINS-In Stark, March 6th. Mr. Corneli­ us Filkias, aged 64 years. HABTM-At Columbia Center, March oth, Peter P . Harter, in the 90th year o f his age. HBLM E R -Iu Little Falls. March 12, 1876, o f dropsy, Mrs. Elizabeth Helmer, widow of the late-Frederiok P , Helmer, aged 67 years and 10 months. _ ■ ' W E IG H T -In Stark, March 8,1876, of cancer. Mrs. Christina Wright, relict of Jacob Wright, Bsq.,' aged S» years. BURTON-At Frankfort. Thursday 16th Inst-. after a long and p a tie n t s a S e n n g , o f consum p ­ tion, Rffga fl., eldest ^aukhter of fiavia Burton, Esq., in the SVth year of her age. WESX-In Exeter, Otsego County, Jf. T« on W ednesd^. March 8th. 1876. Mrs. M ana West. ry J. OleveUnd, aged 16 days. WRIGHT—At SmitVs Corners, March 9,1876, Charity Wright, motherof Suuire Wright, in her 87th year. ’ GUERIN—In Litchfield, Herkimer county, March. ISth. 1876. Patrick Guerin, aged S4 years. 0 montbB and 14 days. WESGOTT—In Gravesville. Herkimer county, N. Y., February 22.1S76. with diptheria. ftmaeda E., daughter of Edward -ndEuimaWescest aged 4 years. February 26. Almon E aged 13 j ears. March 3, Mary J ,. sister of Edward Wescoit, aged VALUABLE I G o r ® a , l e At Herkimer, N. Y. The undersigned have concluded to put upon the market at private sale, tor the period of three months from date, a limited number of their DESIRABLE VILLAGE LOTS, (originally fofty-two in number,) carved out of a valuable plat o f land which they two years ago at great expense, in ford additional building facilities in the vilinge of Herkimer. y purchased order to af- L .O O A T IO N O F L O T S . 1876. 1876. CALlFMMia! THE CHICAGO AND NOETH-WESTEEN EAIWAT Embraces under one management tho Great Trunk Railway Lines o f the W e st and North- w e st, and, with its numerous branches and con­ nections, forms the shortest and uuiekest route between C hicago and all points in I l l i n o is , W isconsin . N oethern M ichioan . M innesota . lo-WA, N e BKASKA, OALIFOBNIAandtheWBSTEBH T erritories . Its Omaha a n d California Line Is the shortest and best route for all points in N orthbeh I llih o is , I owa , D akota , N bbbaska , W yoming , C olorado . U tah , N evada . C alifoe - KIA, O kegoh , C hiha , J apan and A ustbalia . Its APOLIS, D u I i TTH blorthwest. Its Winona and St. P e ter Line Green Bay and M arquette Line Is the only lin e for J anesville , W atebtown , F ond D h L ao . O shkosh , A fflrton , G reen B ay , E soanaba , N egahnbe , M arquette . H ohgf H ancock and tho L ake S uperior C ountry Freeport and Dulraqiie Line Is tho only route for B egin , RooKiTOBn, B be S- PORT, and all points via Freeport. Its Chicago and lOlwaiLkee Line l3 the old Lake Shore Route, and is the only one passing tbrongh E vanston , j!,AKE B okest . dand P ark , W aukegan . R acine , K enosha M ilwaukee . Pullm an Palace Cars are run on all Ihrongh trains o f this road. This is the ONLY LINE running these ears ha- tweeen Chicago and St. P aul, Chicago and Mil­ waukee, or Chicago and Winoua. A t Omaha our Sleepers connect with tho Over­ land Sleepers on the Union Pacific Railroad for all points West of the Missouri Riv On the arrival of the trains froi Sonth. th e t r a i n s o f t h e C lft^ g o & ern Railway leave CHICAGO as fo— - - - For Conneil Binffs, Omaha, aud lialifornla. Two through trains daily, with Pullman Palace Drawing Room and Sleeping Cars through to Council Bluffs. Tor St. Pan! juid Mfoneapolls, Two through trains daily, with Pullman Palace Cars attached on both f rains. For Green Bay and Lake Superior, Two For Milwaukee, Four through trajni ’Kllmap Cars on night trains, Park and \Wii Hnona and points in inesota, One Through T rain daily, with PuU- an Sleepers tq Winona. For finbaquot ylh Freoport) Iwe tbrongb trains dailv, with Pullman Cass .on night train. F op Duhncine and L a ' Two through trains dai night train to McGregoi For Sioux city apfl daily. PnUman Cars t For L a te Geneva, Four trains dally^ For Rockford, S terling, Kenostia, J a n e s v i l i o , and other points, you can have ^‘^N^w'York1)ffiee“ ^^^^^ B r o a ^ a y ; Bostc •Office, No. 5 S tate Street; Omaha Office. 253 Fari s a s s s s f “ F o rrSes^nnfStifnotattato “your heme ticket agents, apply to • m s V lN RUBHITT, Cen. SuD^t. GJueago.. W. H. 8TIHHITT, Gen. Pass,-Ag’t, ghica^^^^^ . IS daily, lor Chair Cars Clinton. lanOarson )UC[ue and La Crosse, via h trains daily^with Pullma; ■ Taaktonf Two train s to Missouri VaUey Jane ,,d .b..p t o 016886 &Jon6S,Jaiittn6r & Co. .. , .... . UTICA, H. Y., REPORT OF THE CONDITION RBSOUBCES. Loans and Discounts,... Overdrafts........................ . i s §? 13.SS S Current expenses and taxes paid ......... 773 49 J s S s K T i S ™ , - (5 per cent, of ciroulation).... 2,250 00 T otal ................................................. S187.431 80 LIABILITIES. )ital stock paid in. ....................8 50,000 00 r i l i g S S p i i : g i Due to Other National Banks .............. 1.699 55 T otad ..............................................0187,431 80 do solemnly swear th;tt Subscribed and sworn t lay of March, 1876^., r. WOOSTER, Cashier, n to before me this 18th \CLINTON A. MOON. Notary Public. Correct.—^Attest, ■WM. S. BE H C H L E T . ■> E I iIS H A THORNTON, H The westerly terminus of \ Eastern Avenue.” so called, upon which the lots are located, is about ten rods southerly of the New York Cen\ traland Hudson River Rail Road, and about eight rods easterly of the Herkimer Hydraulic Canal, and distant b u t a few rods from the Her­ kimer Depot. The lots are sufficiently far from tlie Hail Hoad to avoid tlie noise and l^ustle of the cars. S I Z E O E L O T S . The lots are each fifty feet wide, front and rear, and one hundred and- twenty-ome and one-half feet deep, and laid out at right angles to “ East­ ern Avenue.” which is fifty feet wide and fun­ ning in a right line its entire length; or in other words, *■ as straight as a gun barrel.” “Eastern Avenne” ani BnMnp. The undersigned have already been a t consid­ erable expense In grading the Street and inset­ ting out ornamental trees its entire length on either side, a nd contemplate making farther and additional improvements. Four dwellings sre now in process of erection, and we confi­ dently expect to see ten dwellings completed and ready for oconpation before the close of tho coming season. O T J K . a : p x N x o j s r , We oonfldentlj paratively dry s purposes, and are not subject to spring and fall inundations, barring a few lots at the extreme ;erly terminus of the “ Avenue,” and that the is of the finest quality, both for gardening n the Mohawk Valley. PRICES OF LOTS AND TERMS OF SALE. We will offer these lots a t prices running from liuety dollars to two hundred and seventy-five dollars each, according to location. Our terms of sale will be one-quarter of purchase price down, and balance payable iu three equal parts in one, two and three years, with interest annu­ ally, secured eithe gage upon lot or Ic MAP AND GENERAL INSPECTION. A Map of this Valuable Village Addition has 7or, and can bi D emocrat . EO. H. THOMAS. J Suprem e Court,—County of Herfilmer. C atharine R ic e , ' 1 against j E ve P utman , E liza J ane P utman . A l - I MIRA A. W ilbur . C harles M. W il - BUR, M argaret N esbitt , N athan G. I N esbitt , D avid , A. J; P utman and I H elen P utman . J 2b the above named Defendants : ■ y o u are h e r e b y sum m o n e d to an- X swertheec - • - • - - of said County, _____ kimer, and State of of March, 1876, and tc ty, in the town and village of Hei jo f ^ e w York, on the 17th da plaint^M t required, the |)IaintttF^ill ap- complaint. EDWARD A. BROWN, Plaintiff’s Attorney. Herkimer, N. X. STATE OF NEW YORE. S u p r e m e C o u r t —County of Herkimer. CoKNELiA K enyon , PTfi,\) against r Summons fo r Belief, f! ii.viN E.^K bnyon , Def’t.) named Defendant. \YOU are hereby eummoned and re- JL quired to answer the complaint of tbe plain­ tiff in this action, which will be filed in the office of the Clerk of the county of Herkimer, in tbe village of Herkimer, in the State of New York, and to serve a copy of your answer on the sub- seriher, at his office, iu the village of Herki­ mer. withm tw e n ^ _days _aftM. the service oj rail “to aneif i, the plainti _______ jlief demand* W. S. PARKER, Plaintiff’s Attome s filed in the It ^Herkimer, i ’s Att'y. QUPREM E COURT.— C o u n t y ( U O neida ,’ T heodore P. B allou , P l’ff, 1 against 'i E dwahd C larke and G eorge E eib - f bie . Def’t. J To the above named Defendants: Y o u axe lierobj’^ sum m o n e d a n d requ ir e d to ans\rer the complaint of the plaintiff in this aotion, which will be filed with the clerk of the county of Oneida, at Utica, N. Y„ and to serve a aopy of your answer on the subscribers a t their office No. 66, Genesee Street, in Utica, Oneida l^interett &om HARDSON & ADAMS, Plaintiff’s Attorneys. Well ftier ail GaFlei Seels. STRAW BEESIES and EEAGHES, NEW SORTS BY MAIL. Rlauts of the Dewest aad finest iraproT- ed sorts, carefully packed and prepaid by mail. My collection of Strawberries took the first premium for the best Collection, at the great show of the itassachusetta H o rticu ltu ral Society, in B o s ton, l a s t s s a - Bon. I grow nearly ICO v a rieties,the m o s t complete colleotioa in the Country* includ- ing all the new, large Am e rican and im ­ ported kinds. Priced descriptive Cata­ logue, ^atis, by mall. Also,Bulbs, Fruit Trees, Roses; Everar&ens.- 25 packets Flow e r or G arden Seeds, S1.QO by m ail. Q 0 Tils Tfiia Gape God Gran \bercyi best sort for Upland, Lowland,, or Garden, by mail, prepaid. S I p e r l 0 0 ,§ 5 perl.dOO. W h o le­ sale Catalogue, to the Trade. Agents- VVanted - - - , - - • m. W ^TSOM, Old Cqlony X u iverirs and S e e d -W a rehouse, P lyiuouth, M ass. Established 1842, ■ , feh23m3 . Map of n made! leby W. S. Parker. Surveyor, and can be sen at the office of the Herkimer ] A general inspection of these loi stenfied to those in search of a upon which to build. Dated Herkimer, March 8th. 1876. -0. 0. WITHERSTINE. JACOB H. WEBER. 1776. CENTEMIAL. Where Do You Buy Your Cigars? MIT, COPICTMERT TOBACCO STORE! Main St., Herkimer, N. Y., Sign of the “Big Injun.” what^w CENTENNIA. m u m . TB.IXJMI'O. BAGADAD. S i e s p II n o l a . SIMON PURE, H ABANA FAVORITE. THE B | | t . NE PL u |'ULTRA. BUSISESS IS BUSINESS ! M f e lean Busin in Iflat feSaj! ®ST OF EVE] BADE, and we SOLD BY ANY Wa keep thebutatook o f TOBAOOO in town. I f you don’t b elieve It, TRT US. S Y ^ .^ r PaiSb^ ^f*W0®iJaKe*contai^ lists of 3000 newspapa cost of advertising. ’ if 100 pages, containing <nd esUmates fihowine mebSyl y a t home. \ erma free, T ts wanted. Outfit 3c OO.. Augusta, mcbSyl

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