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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, December 01, 1875, Image 4

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T h e B e s t a n d C h e a p e s t iithe W o r l d I S T H E iiiiiiF i i i i i f l i i itii. A Smoothing, Glossing] EuffiO] F ining and Crimping Iron, A - L L o o M i B i i s r E D i i s : o N : m . l l d A N U F A C T U R E l i E 2 * T H E HOME IRON com p a n y ! OFFICE AHD FACTORY 166 PEHH AVE-, PITTSBURGH, PA. only Iron manufactured, that has all these Qualities, and is indispensi- y low price o f this -eojmhittatioii, places it within ___ _ ________ „ _ , . agents to sell at almost ev«jy 1ouse, will be without it who has once se< in laundry work. NEW BOOK FO R TH E 1 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 . nU R WESTERN BORDER /agents to sell at almost ev% h as no one sen it, and knows the various uses it is adapted to New AdTertisenieiiis. C* A rn«I«ciieadrNew3««ksoBBCni.1>XNa 1854 . M A M M O T H S T O R E . * & C u ^ C a ^ n i ^ ^ Oames^f A|aerios.n Hi*^ 0 W S h o r t O u tjS3;'5f.K P J fc T o W e a l t h .fa . formation: and free aamjolea with Order. P, a Box 5369. HlhTOiC & W„ m G O U G H S , C o S s r H O A R S E N E S S . ANB AIL THROAT BISEARCt. t J S H WELLS* CARBOLIC TABLETS. PXII UP ONLY IN BLUE BOXES. A Tried and Sure Remedy. For sale by druggists generally, and •Wffi. F . KIIIBER fc eo .. New YORK, nov24w<l ‘ : K 3 3 : & e ^ I ' • V I Indian war-paths, ’Oamp life, and Sportif. A >oolcfor Old ana. YoanK- liot a dnil page. iSo competition. Enormous sales, ff« n ts wanted everywhere, Oiroulars free. Address, J . C. dcCuRDTA: Go.. ^ S. Seventh St.. PhUadriphm., T h e c u t a b o v e r hce an d th e glossii ) gathei s the Iron 1 its s id e ; show ing its conve: funded pom fcfor ironing frills,, Iraordinary offer r We will ill tend a. complete o n ^ t splendid illustrations costing * 1 0 OOO, and the entire press pronounce i t the iett Mew booh out.” Ift ioMunce i t i ! (is book for thetim o l, and Agents easily soil JS to iO a day. Wo'want : s m o o thing s u r- , ! h a n d s or f u n - co: ^'^ ^ b o v e 'th e t o n is show n t h e d a t in g an d c r r a p l n ^ attuchm e n ts, wlucK ^ flutlUg u a e ^ S ^ c o n n e c t i o n w ith co rrugated fluting Qr c rim p ing base boafds, (nOt shoWD lU th e cu t) , w h ich are fu r n ish e d w ith each I r o n . IS A SMOOTHING IRON, I t -is one o f t h e finest m a n u f a c tu r e d ; h a v in g a convex t u r n e d face, w n ich p r e v e n ts th e w r inkling and b listering o f linen, as is som e tim e s th e case, w h e n the. edm m o n FLAT moN is used. A S £ l o i a o s s m a i r o n , I t is t h e m o s t com p lete, jeriformanceeraorm too thh ee s aa mm ee syi p a n c e t t s s in m e . ^ S e s ^ S f aa ttig i g u e th e operator, ha av v ing no b i d s e isily handled ” aeoomps m o s t experienced laundi in u s e , u is m u c h rectioi b f u e th e operato r, h m o re easily ha n an d o p e r a tes . w h ich aeoom p a n y e a c h ■ I r o n , enable an y due idryman. th o f t h e L*on, w h ich, w h e n to m a r k o r gloss in s tiip s , i t a n d , w ith th e ex p licit di- gloss a s beautifn liy as t h e fe | Cl '3 •S U ® ffi s ^ ^ 5 . . A / W W C R I M P i N Q , PLUTIilO. '\f\f\r f f g I This out represents the Iron when used AS A FLUTING OB CRIMPING IRON. in a n y th in g t h a t w d r u m 2 \ h S t i V t o S f ^ is hiways t h e m o s t ted iousproees3.of]aim - d i y w o rk. T h is m e r i t alone m a k e r i t fa r m o r e valuable th a n any o th e r BO-cailed crim p ing m a c h ine, w h ich is u s e l e s s fo r t h i s k i n d o f w o rk. _ ; T h i s Juron e n a b les a n y fem ily to do t h e i r own, o r n a m e n tal ironing, a n d do i t b e tter t.h;m th e y h a v e e v e r been able to g e t i t done a t a laundry, th e r e & r e saving ex trav a - cant prices which they have been obliged to pay. At it$ cheap cost, what family can do w i th o u t i t ? D o n 't fail to see th is I r o n : it h a s been um s h e d tO plfiaSQ, aUl a l l w o n d e r a t t h e beauty, u tility a n d oheapuess, o f t h e HOME GLOSSINQ, SMOOTHINB, RilFFUNS, FLUTINe AND GRIMPINfi IRON, _ w h ich, w e c a n s a f e ly say, is t h e finest finished Iron, i n fih e 'm a r k e t a t a n y price, an d sells c o m p lete f o r only $ 3 . 5 0 , - _ , . , a - a • W e w a n t a c tive, reliable agents to place te r n to r y f o r us thro n g h o n c th e different sections o f t h e country. T o s u c h w e offer S p e c ia l in d u c e r ileh ts . A n d i n o r d e r t h a t y o u m a y se t the Iro n , t r y iU a n d j u d g e o f i ts m e riti gualitU s, w e w iU s e n d s a m p le {w h ere w e have n o ag e n t) e o m p lefe, w& l G r m v m g attachm e n ts, a lt dnely N M c d p l a t e d , to g ^ h e r directdoni^, s U i r ^ re- cezpis, ctraidars a n d erd&e hooh om r e c e ipt o f $ 2 . o O j ‘w M eh amOUUt WUl bfl UllOWed you, an d w ill be d e d n e jed f ro m t h e jirice o f y o u r first ord e r for goods, on w ith o u r lib e r a l term s.- T h u s y o u Will g e t sam p m I r b n , o r d e r bOOC, &C., D\ O K ]Sr O T H 1 Gr . S e n d for s a m p le a t once, an d secure a n agency. -, lOTJ WILL lO T BE M S A B P O ip E D . sy y o n w ill a t le a s th a v n a heaufaful sudL u s e f u l I r o n retail price» w h ich w e will allow y o n t i let the public know there is such e are pi , :e fbr 5 0 , t h a t y o u m a y s e e * an d tip it. W e g u a r a n tee every I r o n to be f u lly e q u a l to t h e s a m p le, w h ich statem e n t w e p lace on t h e head o f every ord e r book. I f y o u do n o t s e n d for sam p le, a n d w o u ld h k ^ f u r t h e r in fo r m a tio n le g a r o in g t h i s NEW, VALUABLE AND SALEABLE ARTICLE, pleiUSe rem e m b e r t h a t i t wiU only \cost o n e c e n t & r a p o s tal card to se n d u s y o u r a d ­ d ress an d r e q u e s tf o r c irculars, w h ich w ill be cheerfully forw a rded. P lease p r e ^ r v e t h i s p a p e r fo r f u tu r e r e ference, a n d i t y o u a r e n o t in a position to ta k e ho ld o f t h e business y o u r s e lf , y p u m a y hav e som e Irie n d yo u w o u ld lik e t o see m a k e som e m o n e y , to w h o m you. c o u ld show it. A d d ress, HOME IRON C O M P A N Y , Box 900, HTTSBUROH, PA. F lease sta t e in w h a t p a p e r y o u s a w t h i s advertisem e n t. $ f « M 9 ? I GREAT OFFER TO BOOK AGENTS. their addrevg and. .test the great popularity of Thoa. W. Knox’g new book £ackaheesh,pr Life and Adventaret in. the OrientJ’ we make this 6x- Iraordinary offer r We w tend a. complete outfit AftENTS for the bestselling NEW JERSEY . STEAMBOAT CO.j PEOPLE^S LiNE FOU N E W N O M E r > j a . x x i i s * i A t 8 o’clockIP. M. T l i E S 'D E A M K H . S ST. JOHN, Capt. OHKISXOPHEK. MONDAYS. WEDITESBAYS, and FBIDAYS. At & o ’clock P . W!„ o r o n a rr ival o f Hudson H iver It. B . Tickets Good for yaS S a g e , laelndlng State Boom Berth, SHEW, ■ Os.pE> S* O'* ROJS b TUESDAYS. xaim s D A Y S . nd SATUKDAYS. ALL o h e o k e : AESFEBREE JUST EECSrVEU, A LARGE STOCK OF ■ ' CHII'lf/IB JTAlPA'l', A1V1» OOX.OMO T E A S , To be m M a t PriCM to S u it Bayers, ao n ’t faU to call before bnylng. A new stock of N e w O r le a n s a n d P o r to R ic o M o ­ lasses a n d S y r u p s . New FRENOH PRUNES. RAISINS, CURRANTS, CITRON and CANNED FRUITS, &c, Steinciar^ A> Cut Loaf, Pow d ered and Granulated Sus:ar5, a t Loweit M arket Prige?. FRESH CO F F E E , GROUND DAILY. BREAKFAST C O F F E E , only 2 5 cen ts per pound. Flour, Salt, later Lifflo, Bali Momtai Lie, PWer Paris ani I d C a r l y l e T 5 J L . T E W T S ’I j O T J R . DRUGS and PATENT MBDIOINBS; Pure Wines a nd Liquors, for M?diolnal ase ; all thepop- tiiar and beet P atent Medicine? of the 4ay Bold; Jhyaiclans’ Presoriptious carefiilly compoundod X X . A 3 a . 7 ^ ' K X r j A . 3 e t 3 E ! » A large stock of S&elf and Heavy Hardware, Locks, KnoLs, Butts, BKnge Screws, &e., &c. caf ^ p e n t e r s a n d b u i l d e r s * t o o l s . Q A R R I A O E M A K E R S ’ G O O D S , H u b s , S p o k e s , F e llo e s , S h a f t s , P o l e s an d C u t t e r Stuff. B I n c k s m iths’ G o o d s , Iron and Steel Ware, Shoes, Horse Nail* Axles. Sprinsa, and aU o tter soods in this line- All soods will be sold a t Bottom P r ices, and Guaranteed a s Sold. € . W . P A l i i U J B I S , J r . , Alain St., UerldmcT^ N. V. ID BAGGAGE TEA FEES, AS USUAL, FREIGHT TAKEN AT MODERATE RATES. ’ For Partieularg, apply at the DfSoe, 283 and 285 Broadway, Albany. m lsu f ’ HAEOOTOI. A ss.t, Q E O . H . G R A Y ; HAIN STREET, HERKIMER, jlJ A T I N G r parchjaseU _ t h e s t o c k in d a PecemTssr 6 t li, 1875. A Tenth •whieb. costs only can dratf any of the fbllowing, and will bs roaeived^ by the Company a t any time in 6 juDHths, as So la the purchase of a S20 Btmd- ^ This is a ebanee for gain and no chance for lOPromiums o f §3 SSO each.\ 10 I' 1000 \ 10 “ 3M. \ FaidinCasb. 10 “ w fO “ ’ and IflO “ 20 “ 290 “ 10 “ deduction. 444 ” I •; 39000 “ , 2.U'‘ T lxC JliG w 'est P r e m i u m i s $ 2 . 1 0 . o chance M o r t g a g e S a T e * - ' 'W H I J B E A S . U e f u u l t . h a s Ueen m a d e in thepaymeift of^thfemoney seenred by a mortgage dated theK lh day of April, 1866, exe­ cuted by Vincent Robeok. and Jane, his wife, of the town of Salisbury, County of Herkimer, and S tate of New York, to William J . Thomp­ son, o f the same place, and which mortgage was recorded in the Clerk’s office of said county, in Book 0 . 0 . of mortcages. On page €65. on the 17lh day of May, 1S65, a t 8:15 A. M- Axad wboreaj^, the amount, claimed to bo flue upon saifl laort- ea^eatlhetim e o f the first puhiicatioa ■-ot this Bond partioipat lUil it has drai ■ drawings eaeli if the Ibllowing prenlittms. # 3 l O O . O O O , S21,$50.S100. S200 S300, g500. « $10,000, r $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 . examination Di his mt -o j r • . . P ^ i <1 § ^ & taini^o sheets En’^ l o 5 e|. Golden P*m DOTlOPi U S T AMR r O A M I OTXJt 2Q<i ORrCM]rA.£> £3NaBA.'nKtaS. j&r/yli. «i«v. eniiri&mHO'^tU molt attractive book out. Jt pave Apenta eplendidlv. W rite at once to COLUMBIAN BOOK 00., J ^ m p o s d . II A MAN OF A THOUSAND, i i o i i •H X a H -S i 2 f | . L ^ . 4 h p W IlSlIPgSH a H o ' l i , l i | ^ ■ O g l 5 j § | « % <S I I {{j I I i s all »!i| P 3 i H i I a f Is- •“ I 'f ® N IP a n d T U C K . , CChromo.) la n t i c t d t P f f l j i f i c T e u G i r . eadanturters SS a n d Yeaey S t., N« ¥ . AN organization FOR I M P O R T I N G T E A S and sellinc direct to eonatimers for one smAll pro^^ Sixty B r a ^ h Retail Stores, ^^ttatifnl U t i c a , ti T H E TEMPLE o^ FASHION, No. 15 Eaben’s Block, ILIQNN.T. A N E W CUSTOM TAILORING, r e a d y m a d e . CLOTHING .A : N r i > BENTS’ FURNI8HIN6 600DS ESTABLISHMENT. Irerjtlij Hei ni Stjlislt! . . f N i CES THE LOWEST I JOBS b. MAHI) Stsnageri U I D E E T I X I N G A S P E O I A L I T Y . •W A A . B . I C O W E L L BAIH STREET, HERKIMER, TS prepared to farnisb eveiything -L appertamiag to tholmrying o f the dead? O O ]B^ I IsT S C A S E E T S , SO B E R , L I N I N G , AND OUTSIDE TRIHMINCS, Ofanydecliable style or materiel. ParUeul M tentionpaidtothe PRESERVING OF TH^s DBAD,»ndiB coDdnetiar faneirts in^uccord- axtea with the w&hesof the Mend* oi deceased liersons. Agent for J. Cl Sheeler’s Metalio Burial Cases, or Caskets, WreAtbs.(k«i«i.»nd Cut 71owe» fUmlihed whan deidrwL, jsn22tf A P P L E T O N S ’ . AMIRICAU CYCLOMDIA. N E W R E V I S E D E D I T I O N - U N T IR E b l REWRITTEN BY THE ABLEST WRITERS ON EVERT SXTBJECT- Printedfrom New Type, and lUvetrated mith sev­ eral Thousand Enaraqinas and Maps . H E IET GOLDBERG, TBE PRACTICAt CUTTER. T N F O R M S T H E P U B L I C T H A T A he » sapplied with a •Large and Choice Stock of FALL AND WINTER G O O D S , And a Large and Complete Slook of m S ’ IIIRHISIIN& BOOBS. Ho Guarantees to' C ^ I V J l S A T I S S ^ A C X I O I ^ To each and evenr one of h!i eostomers. A F IR S T w O L A S S F I T Is also guaranteed in any of the L A T E S T S T Y L E S . .(tall and examine his STOCK and PRICED, next door to the Bakery; A » A I M [ S » B IL i O C B l , m t m y street, Herkimer, N. y , SEPTEMBER. 1875. aeptlm3 THE AMERICAN GYGLOP/EDIA. W ithin the last ten years the progress ofdis- covwy in every flepartment of Knowleflge has ro ^ e a new work of reference an Imperatiye UG9 convemenoe ana rennemen&ot social mi Qmt wars and eonse^tneat revolutions Save o( ourredt inTolvin-g n ational changes of pecalia. ihomesli. The om l war of our own country, which wa^ a t its beight when the last rolunje of the old work appeared, has happily been ended, and a n ew course of commercial and industrial activity has been commenced. Largo accessions GEOeSAPBldAL ElfOWDEDGE Have been made by the indefatigable explorers i The great political revoIutionB of the last de- {• cade, with the n atural result of the lapse of time, have brought into public view a multitude of new men, whose names are in every one’s month, and of whoso liyes every one is curious to know the particulars. Great battles have been fought and important sieges maintained, of which the details are as yet preserved only in the newspa lers or in the transient publications of the day UE&HiNM'r AND ADTHENTIC HISTORY. In preparing the present editicn for thd PT6SS. it has accordingly been the aim of the editors to bring down the information to the latest possi­ ble dates* and to furnish an accurate account of T T O T I O B . GREAT REDUCTION IN PARES BY THE P E O P L E ’S L I N E STEAMERS. Bn End sRer Oot. 1st. 1875. Firat-dlasa F are to 2Jew y o r k , ONE DOLLAJR, BEOKFASSA&E a 3 B 3 ^ g r T s - StftXe % m m Warmed B f Steam. Leave M o a t M i l Daily I Sxoept8sBd»7. wt 8 • ’elBok, F . MC. o«tdw4 J.W.HlBCJOUaT, Agent. S T O C K O F G O O D S , ' COlfSlSTIKG OP CHOICE rANULV GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS, CHINA, CROCKERY, GLASS &STONEWARE, W O O D ENWARE,&c.,&c. Choice Cigars & Tobacco. His stock will be kept full and complete, and his customera can rely upon getting everything in the Grocery and Provision line FRESH. , MS“ Farmers are invited to bring in their pro- dnee, and he assures them thathew ill deal with them iu the most libera) ma-PF''-- ianltf rOLmCdt AND HISTORICAL EVENTS. The work has been begun a fter long and oare- il preliminary labor, and with tham o st ample ssourceS for carrying i t on to a successful ter- None o*f the original stereotype plates have’ been used, b u t every page has been PRINTED ON NEIF TYPE, beensuesested by longer ed knowledge. THE ILLUSrEATIONS Whioh .are introduoed for the first time in the -------- It edition, h a rebeen added n o t for the_S“’‘\ history, and depict the most famous and remark­ ably featuree. o f scenery, arehiteoture, and art. as well as the various processesof mechanics and maanfkotures. Although intr --’-\' - tion rather than ombellishnu been spared to insure their A R T I S T I O EX.OJSIL,I.E 3 SrOE. The cost of their execution is enormous, and it is believed they will find h welcome reception » | 8.U admirable feature of the Cyclopmdia, aud worthy ofit8,iiigh ^haraptei*. , ' work is Hold to subscribers only, payable m delivery of each rolume. I t will be coiuplete DR. FL IN T ’S QUAKER BITTERS, COMPOSED OF ROOTS, BARKS AND HERBS. -THE GREAT 8L609 P U R IFilRSoftk BA¥,-t aESTGRIHG VITALITY ANO ENERGY. To the Aged.^ they are a blessing,—removiDff tne lul^rmities o f aee, strenstb.ezxlns and. Stimulatiag tliebody and obeenug the mind, Mothers and Maidens will find the Q u a k e r B i t t e r s yere attaol often find -R .W , A s H t l S I l l Stake standing on the north line of said lot num- 7; thence southi 3o“ ' i S w t e \ s » r M d porlheasfc corner of a certain one and one-fourth P r i c e a i u l S t y l e o f B i n d i n g . I b extr% Clotht per v o l u m e , ^ In liibrary lieathef, p e r Volume ......... ....... 6 00 Xn Half Turkey Hoiocco, p er volume, In Half Bussla extra gilt» per volume....... In Full Moroeoo, andque* gilt edges. prvoL 1 In Full Busslas per volume,., . ............ . 1 TWisLVB VOLLMES ROW SRADY. Bucceeding Tolames, u n til completion, will be issued once i n two months, **“Speclm«n pages of T H E AMERICAN CY- CLOHSDIA. sbowinr typo, illustrations, etc.. Tfill be *e{}t i j ^ i s on application, FIRST-CLASS CANYASSIMa ACENTS WANTEB. 1876.\-Postpaicl.“'$1.60. T H E ' N U R S E R Y A M o nthb MMatrne for Youngest Reeders. the remaining numbers o f this y ear PJHEE ! ^ • o s i i s r H i. s J i O R S T r , nOTlTir4 3S Bromfield Street. BoBton filVEN AWAY To every reader o f T h © PaSTtlly .loU IrnaU CBHTEOTIAL AMERICA, A ;piO Tinted MomrsyvfaLg, Sl*e %SxS8. Qur large and Beautiful Tinted Engraving containing o ver 200 Historioal Views and Por­ traits o f all loading events and personages from « M d * large ai , S w t four moi W A N T E D ! A H experienced W#gon M a k e r , ae* iiottstom ed to W ood W obx , is wanted immed- by taking one bottle of QUAKER BITTERS. No one can remain long nnwell (if curable) after taking a few bottles, PREPARED BY Dr. H. S. FLINT&CO., I t their Great Medical Depot, PROVIDENCE, R. I. The Bonds are a safe investment. P E O P L E O F ^ M A L L M E A . ¥ S Can find no better or safer investment. No chance of loss. A fortune may be ficciuircd. ' OnBsceffllerSili-OB jaani’f M 3E»XTS?OJaJASE NTO W . H o w to F u r o h a s a - In person, or by certified Cheek, or Express, or Postal Order, or Draft, or enclose Greenback’s in a registered letter, to, a.nd .made payable to the Industrial Exhibition Oo The funds raised by sale of these Bonds, Trill ►e applied to the erection of a . OEISTAt PALACE. ■ , Which ©vei*y AwerlcEm MU he x>roud of. REOplLEGT, ?he Industrial Exhibition is a legitimate entor- irise, chartered by theState ofNew York. Its Directors are the best citizens of Now i t hashadseven drawingssinee July, 187A and paid Out in principal and interest. ' Any one obtaining a premium, the company pledges itself not to make public,. This enforprise is simply a new form of b o n d : in no sense is it to be reooanized as a lottery. 'Xhere a re no blanks. Be sure and purchase a t ° § 5 ' will buy a Fraction for December 6th, 1875. Iio “ !. Qu^l^jUofldfor Jan,3rd, I 20 \ “ WhoS°Bond^ • All Bonds are exchangeble into oity lots, in the suburbs o f N“ew y o rk Qity- iiach Bond-holder is regarded as an honorary imber ot the.Industrial Exhibition Co., and is Journal will be published, v izi Thalndustrial Exhibition mustrated]^ ln . ^ u s t r i © i E x h i b i t i o n l i l u s t m t e d , 12 East 17th Street, New York City. $60 Will pTirchase 13 Fractions. novStljan. S S S S & i r S ' s t t ss ESaVthfrtyrhinephafnSYrghtFsl^^^^^ Stake on the East line of said lot; thence along the Bast Hne of number 104,103, South three de­ crees East twenty-fiye chains ninety-six links to a stake; thence South eighty'SeveU degrees West twelve chains sixty links to a stake; thence a t right angles north three degrees West eight chains sixty-three links to a Birch tree cornered; thence South eighty-seven degrees West along a lih e oi marked trees, to a Hemlock cornered standing o n the Hast bank o f the atbre- said orcok} thence up along said w o k to the place of beginning, containing, eigaty-six Ucres ! ! ! ! ! ! ? TAKE NOTICE! JOBN M. METZ 9 ER Is stm the P roprietorof the And keeps conslanlly on h and T i n , S h e e t I r i m , C o p p e r » W a r e , Lead Pipe, Cislem Pumps,* flo n o ^ w a re, And everything in Tinner’s line. He is ready TIN ROOFING! S'Q [?‘O X r 3 SS Barter N B ^ GOODS for Sags, o idlron.L e a a ; PewtAr, Gopper orB)cn83. He is lust now selling a great many G raphic Raa€!<^s, ■ 'AND ■ HrapMc Parlor Stoves, .jgtUdisfho ONLir MAN Jn Herkfruer-sfho sells THE NEW BMP IE E • C O O K S T O V E . 4 a ^ a l l OP Street. Herkimer. N. T . Iron a n d S te e l, Sprip, Felloes, flilis,SpoI[fis,k JU S T ADDEL TO MY STOCK, AND SOLD AT B o ttom P r i c e s ! 1 fan8l6m6 fi. TV. PALMESt J t . f J H E B o i l d i o g o H A l b a n y S t . , k n o w n ““ a DAMS BLOCK. y Martin W. Hale. “ o'; s i i i i i i r M o r tgage S a le. W HEEEAS, default has beea made »V in the payment of the money secured hy a mortgage, dated the 13th day of January, 1368, executedi by Oeorge Monroe and Hebecca H. Monroe, his wife, of the town of Newpcrt.'Boun- $ 5 to ^ 2 0 f e - land. M a ine.: ■ ' jan27yl S u p r e m e C o u r t . — Wesftfiestep Connty. MARTA M. COMINGS. Plaintiff, 1 against ' ' i Newport, County of Herkimer and State of Ne\7 Yorki and being part of Bot Ko.\24 In Walton’s P a tent and bounded as follows: On the south by subdivision No. 2 in said lot owned by Marcus May ; on the west by 6age’,s P a tent; on the no by the north line o f said lot No. 24; and on east by the line between’No. 23 and Ijfm 24, taining one hundred acres, be the same'more or less,- with thesftme reservation as to coal mines as contained in the deed by Jacob Walton to Charles A. Mann of the abeve land, dated Octo­ ber 1st, 1831, and recorded in. the Herkimer Coun­ ty Clerk’s office in Book No. 25 of deeds, at page 436# vdlsth one other piece of land eituate in the town of Newport aforesaid, and bounded ns fol­ lows : Being- in the westerly h a lf of GrCaf ltofe No. 23, Walton’s Patent, beginning at thu north­ erly comer of said lot; thence south62®eastalonj aud 57 links to the place of heginmn three acres and twenty-six perches or lana, ne the same more or less; excepting and reserving one aere owned by Reubun Rounds, one aero owned hy-Neoma Rounds, three acres owned by Roxanna M. Eceft. and twenty-eight j:®ds of land owned by Lucinda Stow, leaving about ninety-eight acres of land, and being tbs same land heretofore deeded to the said Albert W. \ ■ Amos Beebe. ■13th. 1875. IT W. DRAYTON. Mortgagee. 3, Attorney. • ilUC Ui UlailnCU UiCco, 1>UU OUUWu iiUU UA XVrJiaiUtSiUl Cumings’ lot forty chains and seventy-three links to a Hemlock tree standing fin the last bank of the West Canada Creek; -thence down the bank of said creek seven chains .and fifty links to the place o f beginning, containing thirty acres of land, be the same more o r less, except­ ing from the above described premises, a small strip of land adjoining the W est Canada Creek HEBEUEE STOVE DEPOT! - * ■ Abrahata Cuminga to one Mo.oTe. Being 'tae - Yonkers N .Y . X o t i c e ' t o C r e d i t o r s . p O R 6 t J A i r r tp Ril o r d e r o f A n i( JL'H ,Prescott,Surrogate o f H-erkimer doant n o t i c e t o C r e d i t o r s . - ’p X J B S I J A J ^ 'r to a i i order o f A m o s X H.Presooti Surrogate e f Herkimer county, notice is hereby given according to law.-to all persons having claims or demands against the estate of Jeremiah K'. Matteson, late of the town (»fLitchfield, innaid county, deceased, to pre­ sent the same with the vouchers in. support ther- of, to Jeremiah Kiane, the subsoribor, Admini trator of the estate of the said deceased, a t h residence in tbs tOwn ofLltohSeld, in said com ty. on or before the 23d day o f December n e s t. ’’““ “ ‘“ ‘ “‘ \ ’’ j l R f M t K I H M , Administrator. 4 3 T J F I I E M E C O U R T - - C 0 TJNTX OF D MoHTeojfEsv.—Uriah Christman, plaintiff, against Alfred3. < Shepard and Elizabeth Shepard, his wife. Alonzo Lingenfelter, Abrain Lingonfel- ter, XiaFayette- Sardnor. -Horace B. Shepard, as admiHiStratfirwiththewili^nnexedof ttiees* of La-wton Benson, deceased, Peter D. Wood Augusta F . W ood, defend ante. lotheabove jiamed dofenaants: Ton are here­ by reauired to answer the eompkint of the plain­ tiff in this aotion, which will be filed -with the clerk o f the county at Montgomery, and to serve a copy o f your answer on the subscriber, a t Ms efimniaint therein was filed ip said Cifirk’s Office on tSe m b day o f J My oct20w7, Plaintiff’s Attorney. 60-GGneseo SfreetrUl H K N O X . S ii p r e m e Court.--Berfelmer County. T A M E S A . M U R P f l Y . i ____ M J Q R P H X . X - foreolosute and si IDNKLIN. et. al. ] itoffo) tne center 01 w esc tjanaaa uxeoK: inencB uaca to the place of beginning; thence N. 75? B. along the northerly boundary o f said g reat lot a dis- tance of. 15 chains, to a stake; thence S. 15*^ B* parallel with the bounfl^ry o f eaid g reat lot, a distance of 71 chains, th the center of said creek ; J Y l o r t g - a i ^ e S a l e . REEAUbT lias been made |n tbe payment o f the snm o f $1,353.70. seonred by. and olaimed to he due at tho time of tbh first Dublication of this notice, on a certain mort­ gage,^ bearing^date the_ second^day; of N d ^ m - S A u . __ ing a t the end- — >fmaroad,ab<mt:6i|ht ----------- mer and^'tate of New York, knov^_. the saif miilTfit foM€riYTSwnea''ga'd occupied by DavidCiark,boundfidasfoUoffs: Beginnine at a hemloeketuinp Standing in the road leading to Newport village, about five rods w£st of the ■WhiteUreek bridge at4he corner o f the Harvey Willoughby loti thence southerly to the center of the Newport road; thenCe easterly^loflia^ho a po-wer oi aaie t __________ _ _____________ _____ said m o rtage, jm d staSuts^in s u d l|g ^ e forMrcsfil, a»^he*afoMsaM premise^ftescrihed therein. yrUi ho sold a t pnblic auctioni a t tho Court House, in the v i l l ^ e e f Herkimer, irfthe County of Herkimer, N- Y., on the, Sd- d a y o f February,1876, a t ten o’clock in tbe forenOdu of that day. ^ , Dated the 90i di W H E R E A S , ^ e ^ u H h a g U e e h - iaad e in the paym entofthem o n e y seenred J>y a --------- jnt o ttho Royal Grant, fionta ____ _ ______ Sixty acres situatP-in said town of Norway,, Al­ go, tho north one-half df lot No. 127,' r a 4 a id allotmentdeede-d by Didymug ihoffittstoOharles B., Jcthi)scm and Amos Ives, aud by ChatiLi/ E. Johnson to Joseph Siehete, «ontainihg, afbnut S i r . : STEPM _____ iooir,- Arttffney. - Russia. N .Y ,

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