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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, December 01, 1875, Image 2

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T H E TnmTg.TCYTMJ a J E t . 3?f. WEDNESDAY, i>ECE3roEE-1, 1875. W H O WOWiiD B E P B E 8 ID E H T ? In th e case o f th e death o f Presi* ;ent G r a a t , th e q a » t i o n ia a sked, wh~ ?OUld b e P r e a i d e h t ? S e a a tor P e rrj f M ichigan, h a v in g been chose jL^re^ident o f the ^ n a t e pro tsinpot last M a r c h , becomes, ex officio, Vio< P resid e n t o f th e U n ited Sdtates, an Ti7onld o f couige succeed to t h e Presi­ dency in th e contingency suggested. A t th e tinje M r. P e r r y was elected th e contest for th e honor was quite sh a r p between him an d M r. A n th o n y , o f R h o d e Islan d . T h e vote was very close. T h e question o f th e succession is s e ttled fo r t h e preseut. W h e n M r. Linooln was assassinated M r. P o s ter was P resident pro tem p o re, an d when his term expired S e n a tor W a d e was ABOUT OURSBIiVES. F o r sam e tim e p a s t we h a v e been o v e r run with advertisem ents. A l­ th o u g h week after week we have re« fused new ads., and om itted others, th e Democrat and Gazette has been filled to an excess w ith them . O u r friends have fo u n d th e value o f this p a p e r as an a d v e rtising m edium , a n d feel g reatly disappointed when we r e ­ fuse to insert thei r a d v e rtisem ents. A l- though our readers have not com p lain­ ed about our c a ttin g s h o rt t h e reading m a tter, we feel a s though w e ow e them an apology. In order th a t we m ay accom m o d ate the business m en who ad­ vertise and give satisfaction to our readers by inserting th e requisite am o u n t of reading m a tter, we have h a v e decided to enlarge o u r p aper.- T h is will tak e place about th e first of J a n u a r y , i t being as soon a s we would be able to g e t ready. P ro m now, th rough the holidays, we h a v e n o d o u b t b u t t h a t we will be com p elled to cu t short our reading m a tter m o re t h a n ever, a n d hope o u r k in d patrons and readers will be satisfied with th e am o u n t we will be able to give them for a few weeks to com e.' B e in g to a g reat and increased ex­ pense in enlarging th e Democrat and Gazette, for th e benefit o f o u r patrons, we hope they w ill appreciate o u r en­ terprise, and h e lp us in extending its circulation. j ^ ^ T h e H e w Y o r k th e re­ publican m e tropolitan organ, is out in favor o f Jhe repeal o f th e usury laws. T h is was w h a t G o v e rnor D ix recom m ended, and th e people rem em ­ bered him for it the n e x t tim e he asked for th e ir support. B u t it ap ­ pears t h a t th e rebuke to G o v . D i x has n o t s e ttled th e question, and now t h a t both branches o f th e legislature are republican, th e Tim es leads off in the line o f th e recom m endation o f G o v e r­ nor D ix . T h e question has been p retty thoroughly discussed o f late years, a n d th e people, are som ewhat fam iliar with its bearings. T h e y will n o t consent to give up the s afeguards now upon our s tatu te books. j a g r i n th e death o f H e n r y W il­ son, a strong opponent of G r a n t’s p e t schem e is d isposed of.- T h e Vice^Pres- ident was ooenlv o«d Washington Ghroniek, Grant's per- Bonal organ, and by o ther Admlbig- tratio n m outh-pieces. H e was cor­ d ially h a ted by t h a t wing o f b is p a r ­ ty, as i t was know n th a t h e was active prom o ter of th e anti-third-term sentim ent. H e was i a favor o f h a v ­ in g th e R e p u b lican p a r ty tak e ground against^ the heresy w h ich is now m a k ing snch rap id progress in th e R e p u b lican p a r ty . “ I t m a y hapjp&n m the fu t u r e history o f the country that to change an Exeavdive because he has been eight years i n office will'prove unfortunate i f not disastrous.” D o R e p u b licans k n o w who it was th a t gave utterance to th a t opinion? A l l know how d i­ rectly opposed i t is in s p irit a n d senti­ m e n t to th e views an d opinions o ft;h e founders o f this governm e n t— G e n e ral W a s h ington included. expjtei chosen, an d would have succeeded to th e Presidency in th e event o f the conviction o f A n d rew J o h n s o n when he waa im p eached. S e n a tor F e r r y is Yice-jFresident o f the U n ited States. ■Albany A r g u s . ITEM S OF H E W S . — C h a rles O ’Conner is d angerously 1. — Col. F o r n e y hears th a t th e Prince o f W a les is com ing to th e cem tennial. T h e ceronet’s v e r d ict in th e case of th e Pacific disaster censores the offi­ cers o f both vessels. - S ix vessels o f th e M a g d a len Is­ land fleet h a v e been lost, an d only seventeen m en o u t o f sixty-tw o were saved. T h e p u rchase o f s h a r e s o f th e Su­ ez c a n a l by th e G o v e rnm e n t ish e a r tily approved by th e R n g lish press and public. — W m . B . A s to r o f H e w Y o r k died W e d n e sday m o rning o f last week. H e was reputed to be worth $100,000>- 000, and was, therefore, the richest m an in A m e rica. • G o v e rnor In g e rsoll has appoint- En ng glish, ed ex-G o v e rnor Jam e s E . E D e m o c rat, to be U n ited S tates Sena­ tor from C o n n ecticut in place c f H o n . 0 . S . F e f r y , deceased. -— T h e s k e leton o f th e fam o u s h o rse th a t carried Sheridan over th e 20 m ile ride to W inchester, is in th e han d s of Professor W a r d , o f R o chester, I t will probably be e x h ibited a t th e c e n ­ tennial. —•S e y m o u r T racy , treasurer^ o f Y a tes county, acknowledges h is iaS,- b ility to pay into th e county treasury 15^000, belonging to th e county. I t is said he owes farm e rs of th e county about $-10,000 for w h e at. -— M r. B eecher, in h is T h a n k s g iv­ ing sermon, took for his t e x t th e com ­ m o n schools of th e country, and an ­ nounced him self squarely opposed to the use n f the bible iu schools an d in favor of c o m p u lsory education. .— J a m e s C o v ert, aged indicted ib r feloniods assault upon a g ir l aged nine years, on the I5 t h o f October, pleaded g u ilty a t B ingham ton, W e d ­ nesday, an d was sentenced to 2 0 years im p risonm e n t in A u b u r n S tate Pris- — Congressm en and strangers are daily arriv in g in W a s h ington in l a r \ \ num b e rs. A D e m o c ratic caucus v p r o b a % be held S a tu rd a y n ig h t to settle upon the selection fo r speaker an d o th e r prom inent officers o f th e House. iSf* C h a n d ler com m enced w o rk In bis departm e n ts by discharging ab o u t 20 persons from th e P a t e n t and P e n ­ sion offices. A l l b a t one o f thfi p ersons discharged h a d refused to contribute to t h e funds o f th e N a tio n a l R e p n b li- can Congressional E lection Uanrpaigu Com m ittee, T w eejd .— ^Tfae cases tak e n to tb e C o n rt of A p p e a ls in b e h a lf o f “ Boss” Tweed, an d recently argued there, have been decided ag a in s t h im . A n d now his law y e rs h a v e com m enced a n e w in the C o u rts o f H . Y . C ity, Secretary W illers h a s called a. m eeting o f th e B o a rd o f S tate Can-, vassers a t hia office, in A lb a n y , next F r i d a y m o rning. This iadicates t h a t th e official retu r n s are all i n an d th a t th e footings will bo ready f o r inspec­ tion on t h a t day. J o h n W il k e s B oo t h .— C e lia L o g ­ an, in a dew Y o r k letter t o th e H a r t ­ ford Courant, is responsible fo r tbe fo llo w in g : \ T h e r e is a lady in this city who w a s once engaged to be m a rried to Jo h n W ilk e s Booth, b u t broke off the m a tch and requested the retu r n o f her leiters, which he refused. H e r story goes on th a t she never heard directly from him ag a in until 55T . Winner’s average, 1 2 | • lo s e r ’s U 39-18, — Seth G reen,'\the H e w Y o r k fish G u itarist, h a s transferred Irom Cape V in c e n t ’to the S tate h a tch in g house a t C a ledonia, three m illions o f eggs Of the salm o n tro u t, an d one m illion o f eggs o f th e brook trout. T h e spawn will be hatched soon an d th e Iry dis­ tributed in th e spring through the different tro u t stream s o f tbe S tate. — T h e m o st recent financial failure a t G loversville is t h a t o f M essrs; H u l l & M c I n ty r e , who were com p e lled to subm it to th e s tringent exigencies o f the time. B u t l ik e moat suspended firm s, this one a g rees to p a y a l l o f its credit­ ors seveuty-five p e r cent, o f its liab ili­ ties w ith g ood indorsed p a p e r p a y a b le in n in e a n d tw elve m o n ths. C h a rles H e a ld , clerk o f Coch­ rane, M c L e a n & Co., H e w Y o r k , was d e f e c te d W e d n e s d a y 'i n t h e a c t o f c a r - fy in g off g o o d s belonging to his em­ ployers. H is arrest was followed by confession, a n d a larg e am o u n t o f v a l­ uable p roperty was restored. H e confesses t h a t the thefts continued a long tim e an d p robably am o u n t to $36,000. T h e re w a s a ru n on th e P e o p le’s Savings B a n k , H e w Y o r k , the^ o ther day, b u t t h e officers closed th e doors a d v a n t a g e o f t h e s i x t y d a y s story got directly two years after his reported death, wheu a man .-aiied at her house a t d i s a p p e a i co v e r e d 1 dusk She opt* -r-d the door herself j he banded her a sealed package and seared Oti opeutng it she dis- I her own love letters to Booth,, and a line nuraistakably in his hand. it was; ‘ I return yoor letters.’ In side th e letter was s piece o f a C u b an new spaper. She is a firm disbeliever in his d e a th .” an d took a ______ __ notice. T h e r e was also a slig h t run on, th e S e c u rity S a y ings B a n k , but not so l a r g e as in the case o f th e P e o ­ ple’s B a n k . T h a officials say t h a t the ban k , w h ich w a s' affected b y th e ru n on the T h ird 'A v e n u e 8avings B a n k a sh o rt tim e ago, w ill be ab le to p a y now eeventy-five cents on th e d o llar. — A big council was h e ld a t S tan d ­ ing K o c k , on th e 21st i n s t , between the In d ian s of t h a t A g e n c y and the H i lls being the .tioQ. I t was issouri R iv e r Indians should offer to dispose o f t h e ir rig h ts in th e B la c k H i l l s region re ­ gardless o f tb e o th e r tribes; These In d ian s e m b race ab o u t 7 o p e r cent, of th o le o rig in a lly j o in in g in th e treaty . T h e y are satisfied t h a t th e w h ites will ta k e th e H ills an d they are w illing to surrender, — A m o v em ent is o n foot to assem­ ble a iar^ e n u m b e r o f soldiers o f th e late^ w a r i n P h ilad e lp h ia a t s o m e tim e du rin g the ceotennial year. I t is proposed to hav e both th e H o r th e rn an d S o u thern arm ies represented by — C o n d u c tor M c E e n n e y , o f the Hew Y o rk, H e w H a v e n H a rtfo rd R o a d , has received a letter in which claim is m a d e to th e bill tb k t was tendered him by m istake on a n ig h t train between H a r tf o r d and H e w H a v e n n e a rly tw o years an d left in hia hands, tho m a n wpo h a d tendered i t, an d who was p e rhaps one o f the B o y ls ton b a n k robbers, tak i n g alarm an d denying th a t he bad givdE i t when tb e conductor re­ turned to h im after a fruitleia search for c h a n g e .. Since th a t tim e i t has lK*en on deposit in a H a r t f o r d bank. T h e conductor has received a le t t e r from an ap p a ren tly i l li t e r a t e w o m an in P e n n s y lvania, th e w riter o f w h ich claim s th a t the m a n who gave th e ley to th e conductor was h e r n*ho**” Hj...ao-iTo ^ h a th o w u s “ on id ; t h a t h e be- S P E C I A L I S r a T I O E ^ S . R e n n e ’ S M a c 1 g g i L . XTs«d oatirard or inward it never doeabarm. A b sure as ^on'rs “ I t works Uko » : . t a n s i f e . & - IlMRBflNE'SMAUIOOIhforGoliofcadhratnps, *U825ylalt , ______ Pittsfield. M m « She say s t h a t h e w as ‘ way west to o buy lan d ; t h a t h e cam e intoxicated w h ile on the way, 'eached hom e declared jro th e r ,’ his way west t an d when he reache d hom e de th a t he had been “ robbed.” H e r brother, she oontinues, is now d e a d ; and, while she says th a t she cannot prove h e r identity, h e r request o f the conductor is t h a t “ as m u ch o f tbe m o n ey as he th in k s p roper” be re­ turned to her. T h e claim is regarded SIS a frau d u len t one. *’ market n resent. THE BAIBY KABEET. .nng. N ot . 29.3 Very few «al(lesmen !ant that lOOC box« L ittm Eini Botly flat. Y e trade.- Weatli- er sostomyand unplesant that no Dairy offered. Sales oCaboi cents, bat no takers, Erobably 15,000 left at the faotonel, nmeh oi wMoh wi tered over. This is the last day I shall th* itory t 250 sued a t 12 'ill be win- sh report market. Butter ranged from 25 to 30o. ________ J . D. B . TH E H E R K IM E R M ARKET. PBXOBS.) H kbkimbr , NOYombeT 30, 187e. CORN—t75o'*! O A T S -40Cf J :UEANS-$14C BUTTEI IQGS— Are scarce a t 25o. :AY~#11@12; baled #13? ;EE3WAX-28@30c ? fi>. >TATOES-SO.®35 o , ? bui BS 0 N i w S - T 5 f bush. . DRIED APPLES—9®12o. ih. A P P IilS—Pie apples 60o.? bush. $2 75@3 00 ? bbl. for grafted. SMOKED MEATS-Hams. 14^9; Shoulders. H e .? BU( rOKWHEAT—70o NE'Vir YORK MARKET. New York. Nov. 30.1875. HAT-*Ia firm at 70@75o for shipping. ^ H0P3—Are .unchanged. Sales at 10(S)l6c fo istern and western: 12(S17o for New Tori tate: 17to20cfor CahfbrniahB, B u t t e r —Prime is firm; other Hnds ar eavy. Sales at I6(®25o for western ; -23(S32c fo CHEESE—Is quiet. Sales a t 6©123^o for com ion to prime. iswacAjaTaiHSjD. IM P O R T A N T T O C O N S U M P T i y i l S . A G e n tlem a n h a v in g beeVso fortu­ nate as to cure his son ofOousnmptioWin Us worst stages, after hoini; given np, to die by the most celebrated physicians, desires to make known the etira (which proves sncoessfal in ev­ ery case) to those afflicted with Asthma, Bron- oMtis. Coughs, Colds, Consumption, and all Af­ fections of the Throat and Lunw, and will send the Recipe, free of charge to all who desire U. if they will forward their address to DANIEL ADEE. 32 Liberty St.. New York. . ______ ____________ jnne2m6 Obstacles to Marriage. H a p p y R e l i e f f o r Y o d e g M en from the effects of Errors and Abuses in early life. Manhood restored. Impediments to Jdar- riago -removed. New method of treatment.— New and remarkabler remedies. Books and Cir­ culars sent free, in sealed envelopes. AddrMS, HOWARD.ASSOCIATION, 419 N. Ninth SU GREAT V A R D R O B E . T H E M A L i m y E R I f U l i I All species of Worms are quick­ ly destroyed and expelled by Dr. O. Phelps Brown’s Male F ern Vermifuge. It.i* tbo only Vermifuge in the world that will kill every va­ riety of-worms, and none of them can possibiy exist iu the bowels if the Vermifuge is taken. 'lUo so deadly to worms, il ‘ ' ;“o = t i T o r h r /d ^ T u ‘u“‘s»^^^^^ mens* Kenovatlng\ Fills, Acaciau Balsam. _ _ B^oVn'I Shaksperian Almanac, or his great Treatise on Herbal Remedies, ho has pnly to apply to the above firm, to get a copy free, deoSOyl LUMBER! LUMBER!! rp H E undersigned takes this method X ofinfoim ingthaoiilsw s o fthis andadjoin- ingConntieSithftthe has enlarged his hitherto extensive Inniber baainegg, and bag openedan office on the corner of Albany and Millstreets, adjoining th e Now York Central Bailcoad.in thh VILLAGE OE H E R KIM E R . A thiayard may be found A ll K in d s o f ].< u m b e r , Including Doors, Sasb, Blinds, Brackets^ Mouldings, Shingles, &o.,&c ■ .. AtprioeBthatdofyoompetUion. Jgar- H e will notonlyfurnishLumber for Build­ ings, b u t w illtakeoontraotsto do the entire work. Give me a o a ll beforepurohM^in^eU where^. DatedHerkimer.Augnstld. 1873. auglgyl J I H E OVERCQATS— Elegant Dress Sult», H e a v y \W inter C lothing, Stout'Working Suita. Kingsley’s Great W ardrobe. YOUTHJS HDITS, BOYS*- SCHOOL SUITE, CHILDREN’S CLOTHINH, Kingfsiey’s G reat W ardrobe. AN IMMENSE STOCK OP ’ WRAPPERS AHD.DRAWERS, CARDIOAir JACKETS, an d ftll k in d s o f P im iish in g Goods, H O M I f A Y T R A H E I M U T I C A J GREAT IKDUCEHERTS TO PURCHASERS! L a r g e A s s o r t m e n t s ! R e a s o n a b le P r i c e s !! The Merchants of Htica, offer for the inspection of the people of Central New York, large Stocks of Goods in all lines of trade. In no City In the State are there g reater indnsements offered to rpaidents o f the surrounding country, in tlie way o f large and elegant assortments, reason­ able prices, and convenience for transportgtion. The ^ a l l S t o c k now on Exhibition in the numerousStores of U tica, is well worth a trip to that City to see, and careful buyers will find i t great­ ly to their advantage-to go there for F a ll and W inter Supplies. The following enterprising Firms are particularly recommended to tbe Fnblic: l^moifths aiid 4 di ■pNEAL--Ia Ilion, Nov. 20th, William Howard b e ttk ^ illness, of Dia- BOSS STOBE. McKdwn & Co DEALERS IN L O O K I N O PORTRAIT. P h o t o g r a p h a n d m m m m m u , GILT AND ROSE WOOD MOULDINfl, BACK STUPE. Ac. JV o t 0 W f y i t e s i b o r o S t r e e t s XTTIO-I& ., 3sr> -S-- BVERYDESORIPTIONopPRAMEgRE-GILT W.J.MoKOWN. JOHNMoKBNNAN. may20tf W . H . P R O W S E , H E R K I M E R , N Y„ DRUGS AND MEDICINES, PURE WINES AND UOUORS, OEOOEEBT, G L A S S W A B E , WINDOW 0LASS, WOODEN WABE, STONEWARE, aBOCEBfES &. PROVISIONS. th r i f leading geuersls an d by th e thousands o f th e ir r a n k and file fron every S tate i a th e U n ion, the purpose being to«how t o tbe world, by a grai and im p reisive. dem o n stration, th e fact th a t th e m eo who were in arm s against e a c h o th e r a few years ago a r e now united ir* celebrating th e one hu n d red th b irth d a y o f t h e ir couatry MEd a r e inapired by th e s p i r i t o f pat- rfotlscn an d a feeling*''of com m on n a tiooality. L E d w in D u d ley, 8ecre- iry o f the V e teran s ’ N a tio n a l Com- littee, is a t the head o t th e m ove­ m ent. H, R . D A V I S ’ Bomestio Bread, Oaks and Pie B .A . K ; E JB Y , ^AUo Manufacturer of <? o P V ^ ^ H J C X X O W E I H I Y , and Dealer in Foreign and Domestic FruitSi Nuts, Cigars and TobaccOi Tdys, Books, Newspa­ pers, Periodicals. Magazines, sta­ tionery, A ll kinds Camefl Wfg asi Feptalk DRIED F R U H ^ MCKLES, OYSTERS. ontamus all th e popnl»r works of the day, LUNCH COUNTER. Oysters served up raw or cooked. Drop in. I f I do n o t have what you want on hand, leavayour order. Anything that money can procure will he furnished on short notice. PAPERS AND MABAZIHE8. Fourth Door North Post Office, MAIN STREET. OEaCBStlKILdrBR, aVv \Y\- , Remember the place, andyemember that I am here to sell good goods, cheap as the cheapest. H. R. DAVIS. v a l u a b l e miABiiffi ^ a , l e A t HerMmer, N. T. S H E P A R D ’S BOSTON STOBE. The Cheapest place in Onoiffa. County to buy < 3 r O O < i l S . We conduct our business in the only sauare. honest way to transact business known to the business world..and the only way in which first class retail houses in large cities transact their business, namely: OFR F R I C E TO .&LLI Kemembsi- all nre m: rked -it the lowt-.-t t.ri<?»- ooil' (-an -afforl'o-le so!d. a-u ' »e hive ;io bantering. OUR DEPASTfflENTS. Hew Store! Few Goods!! A LARGE AND ELEGANT STOCK OF H O L I D A Y B O O K S ! Photograph and Autograph Albums, Bibles, P lain and Fancy Stationery, Children’s Books, Games, A l l K i n d s o f W r i t i n g D e s k s , X > X A .H X jE3S P ’O H 1 8 7 6 , 61 an Endless Variety of Holiday Presents. STOCK ALL NEW! KO OLD fiOQDS 1 T H E 4 K C A D E B O O K S T O R E , U T ’I O A . N . Y . ALFRED HOLLISTER & C0„ Agents. Kingsley’s Croat Wardrobe, D r e s s G o o d s I D r e s s G o o d s ! laksi Cloaks I Bl Cloths and Cloakings 1 SILKS! -ILK S ! SILKS! SILKS! JUjoarahig Goods! Mourning Goods! Shawls! Shawls! Shawls! Shs Cloahs ! Cloaks I CiOl Cloths and Cloahlags! Cloths and Cloakii F lannels! Flannels! Flatnels! Flannels! Blankets! Blankets! Blankets 1 Blankets!, Domestics o f E v ery K in d ! Domestics o f Ev W h ite Goods and Linens! W hite Goods and Linens I Hosiery! Hosiery 1 Hosiery! Hosiery! Gloves! Gloves I Gloves! Gloves! Underwear! Underwear i Undere dies. Gents and Children! S T O P ' Calicoes, Calicoes, a t 4 Cents a Yard, AT ttO B E R T ^, HOAG & I l FFT’S, 5 5 P r a n k l i n S q u a r e . All W(x l Red Flannels in Largt Quantities at 16 ceni.s r-e yard. At antic SlieoUnj erwearl forL a- eautitul line of Alpacas i n ______ _ ____ and all the leading shades, at 20 cents per yard Also a Black Alpaca reduced from 7o cents dowi to 50 cents, and it is a-bargain. An elegant line of Beavers and Fancy Cloak­ ings to be found at 55 Franklin Square, Rich and Beautiful Shawls just received at ROBERTS, HO AG & TEFFT’S. SILKS, SILKS. SILKS, SILKS, FSR THE HOLIDAYS, AT ROBERTS, HOAG & TBFFI’S. If you wanta nice dress for your wife, daugh­ ter-erf child, the place to buy it is at ROBERTS. HOAG & TEPFT’S. Black Caabmeres—A great reduction from former prices. Don’t pass 55 Franklin Square lYithout availing yourself of the opportunity ol looking at them. PAISLEY SHAWLS 1 PAISLEY SHAWLS I G R E A T B A R G A I N S IN Cloaks and Millinery Goods x.oxsr<a-soE3:<3>:Et,E=’s , 5 7 F r a n l z l i n . S q u a r e , X J T I C A , IV . Y , M i l l i n e r y Goods, C k e a p I Good Hats for 85 Cents. Beautiful F e lt Hats for 40 Cents, lovely Soft F e lt Hats & r 75 Cents. Fine F r ^ c h Felt Hats for SL85. Beal Ostrich Tips for 25 Cents. Our Stock comprises a full and complete line of Trimmed Hats a n d Bonnets. Ladies, do not fail to call and examine our S took and prices.' KLOUK As RINDGE. (Opposite Golden & Co.’s) SO Genesee Street. G O T O II iSOAD STREEt. UTICA, N. Y„ P H O T O G R A P H S i n aU S ty l e s , P o r traits in Crayon. Xndla. I n h , Are. Good Assortment of Picture Frames and Photo­ graph Album s, Tie Orl£iiial Bi Price Store! indkerchiefs 1 Handker- Y r i n o O o o d » saL Y iO w P x - i c e s EQUAL TO CUSTOM WORK, AT ONE-HALF THE GOST. FRIGES MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. OlfE PRICE TO ALL, Kingsley’s G reat W ardrobe, 110 a n d 112 Oe&esee S treet, U tica, N. Y . We carry a n immense line of the following named Goods-: T ibs I Tiesl Ties! Ties! HANnxBBCHlEPS 1 Handl chiefii I L aces ! Laces! Laces! Laces I F einges I F ringes! Fringes! Fringes! D ebss T kimmings 1 Dress Trimmings 1 iBOKs! Ribbons! Ribbons! Ribbons! tSETsi Corsets 1 Corsets 1 Corsets 1 B ustlbs I Bustles! Bustles! Bustles! !i> J ackets 1 W orsted J aokets 1 lESTBD SOABFS! Worsted Scarfe I WoESTED L bggins ! Worstted CALIFORNIA! it upon jfthree DESIRABLE VILIARE LOTS, origdnally forty-two■ty-two inn number,)umber,) carved out of a lities in the village of S erki- i n valuable p lat of land which they purehnsed, li year, a t great expense, in di-der to afford addi tional building facilities in SAK\ 3B^J£AIVOJCSCO, Wors Leggins! ptrnt. PIKE, OP . ks. in Cloth and half uF c Z iri Location of Lots, The Westerly terminus of \ Eastern Avenue,’ so called, upon which the tots are located, ia about ten rods southerly of lutherly of the New YorkCej tral and Hudson River Bail Road, and ahm af ik e H erkim er Hyc ten rods southerly of the New YorkCen- Yor .i’onncH BI b AT, s Omaha,,^nd and California, nd Hudson River Bail Road, and about thrubyh trains daily, with Fullman Palace eight rods easterly o f ik e H erkim er HydrauKc Sleeping Oars through to Canal, and distant bufcs few rods from tho Her-* - ]F„p g t. P 4 ai aod fillBBeapolls, Two throngh tf&icifl dftily, w ltll P ullm an Pa.laQQ Cars attaclied on o o tn traiiui. Green Bay and Lake Ssperlor, Two traiBUS daily, with P ullman Palace Cara attached, and arunmng through to Marquette. F o r Milwtakee, Four throagh tralag daily. PaUman Cars on night trains. F o r WiBGoa, a ad points in Minnesota, One tbrougk train daily. lot DDlugHe, Yli Fre«po?t, Two tkeongh ttins d a ilv.w ith Fnilm an Cars o n n ight train. For pahBqnp ib 4 La Crosse, T il Clintoa, Two m r o ^ h trains daily, with Pullman Cars on SlOBX City and Tnakten, Tw o ' tr< Pallm an Cam to MiRsonii Valley Jui Foe L ike Geneva, Fonr trains dally. * FOP Roctcforei, s te r li n g , K e n o s h a , I 4 * m e g ^ l ! ^ ^ ^ ^ o |^ ^ p o i h t s , you can have PULLM AN PALACE CARS. , between— . Chicago and Omaha., Chicago and Cedar R ap­ ids. Chicago and Dubuque, via Clinton. Chi- . This is the Only Line running these cars bo- ;^'M r^htoago and S t. P a u l or Chicago and MH- A t Omaha our Sleepers oonnoot-with th e Oyei [f poinM WMUf the * AU Ticket Agents sell tickets by this route. W. H. STilWETT, HABUHMHIIT. General Superintendent. apl7mS kimer Depot. The lots are snffioiently far ft the E ^ l Road to avoid the noise and hnsti, the cars. 8 I 2 E O F L O T S . The lots are each fifty feet wide, front andrear, and one hundred and twenty-one and one-half feet deep, and laid o n tat right angles to “'East­ ern Avenue,« which U fifty ftot Wide Rlld run­ ning in a right line its entire lonitiu or in othei words, “ as straight as a gun barrel.’’ Wo confidently assert that these lots are com- PSMtively dry and well adapted to bnildins purposes, and a re n o t 8Uhi( inundations, barring easterly termiuj ot Buhioot to spring and fall E a few lots at t h e extrem e easterly terminus o f the \ A y enno,” and thatth o soil is o f the finest quality, both for gardening and fruit raising, in the Mohawk yalley. 3 N F O 'G P X € 3 3 H . TO THE rEOni OF HEIIWn M( TltMin ! X X , I 3 A V V I S patrom zel me for the past seven years. I would return m any thanks, k n owing that m y .past suo- 'H .B , DAVIS. mer and Bruit Deale PRICES OF lOTS AND TERM8 OF SALE. We will offer these lots a t prices rpnning from ninety dollara to two hundred and seventy-five dollars eabh. according to location. Onrierma of sale will he one quarter of pnrohuo pri< dowmand balanoepayable in three equal parts, in one. two and three years, with interest annu- Siliyf sflourod diUiQt by approved, a o tw o r s a o r t- gage upon lot or lots sold. KAP AND GENERAL INSPECTION. A Map o f this Valuable Village Additnon has been made hy W. S- P arker, Sijrvoyor, a n d can be seen as«the office o f the Herkimer l^eiinocfaft where any further information on the auTsject of these lots can beobtained. A general inspection o f these lots is cordially extended to those in search of a valuable lo t u p ­ on which to build. Dated Herkimer. J u ly 1,1875. C. 0 , WITHERSTINE, ___________ JACOB H. WEBER. N o t i c e t o O r e d i to T s . ■ p U R S U A N T to a n order o f A m o s H . A. SUITER. Administrator and. the most elegant and-‘comfortable eqt m e-ntofanyroad m the West, and h as no Ci p e titor in the country. On the arrival o f the trains from the East or DOuth.the trains of the Chicago & North-West­ ern Railway leave Cfll OAGO as follO\- • cH BlBfiTs, I Lrains t dail m ah fl i'alifor For daily. « 3 , 0 0 0 worth Of Eamily, Desk'ahdTmall Bi- L C atholi „ Stationery, Stationery, all stvl< _ Fens and Pencils, Russia, Seal, Goat & Calf Wallets, LADIES’ AKD 6EHTS’ TRAVELINB BAGS. Photograph and Autograph Albums, (James, Playing and Visiting Oards, Writing Desks, from 9 S e , to Dressing Cases, Backgammon Boards, SCHOOL. B O O K S . All the Misoelianeous Books of the Day. Webster’s Dictionaries, D IA R IES F O R 1876, Phinney's, Bast's, Billings’, The Church, Metho­ dist, London, Trihune and Evening Journal Almanacs, And a Thousand other Nevelt lowest possible prices. ,jove named goods. Bock^Sot __ and see them, a t 55 F ranklin Square. We have lust received a large s tock _______ Silk Velvets for Cloaks and Mantillas, and offer the same for sale a t ?2 per yard less than any house in Central Now York will furnish you the same goods. Please oempare prices, AU kinds of Cotton Yarns, also Dutton’s Carpet Warp- Never was there ’ \ ' ‘ ’ “ \ Utica Oome one, come a ll / K ,E I A L I> Y : A k L T J E A .I> Y I I 6 E A I > Y I S O s o o i s r i FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADE! G e t Y o u r P r e s e n ts N o w ! BETTER CHANCE for SELECTIONS A N D L O W E R P R I C E S ! Sunday S g R oo I s and C M s tm a s Trees SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERM S. J. B. WELLS & CO., '7'S^ O - e n e s e o S - t r e e t , Desire to call attention to the Large Stock of DRYGOODS Iu every Department of their Store, which will be found inviting, and at THE LOWEST MARKET RATES. Combs! Brushes! Buttons! Machine Twist! Spool Cotton! Braids! and Notions generally. A L L A T b o t t o m BBICES. Remember, the place where the lowest prices are to be found, is a t S H E P A R D ’S BOSTON STORE, T7 fienesee Street. ceiyers. Tables. ___ jance t« I everyday prices LIST OF HOLIDAY GOODS AT ROFFEE’S VARIETY STORE, 113 Genesee Street. Utica. ceiyers. Tables. Dressing Cases, Bedsteads. Cra- ------ ^ Bureaus. Rustic frames._______ _ ______ , Aisi.n— Uv*'.\ * fcJi'iui-cra; CITDia Rg- Walnut Slipper Gases,”: olders, Blaok W alnut Si C h i« J o y j I l f f a x p o I l F . Rubber Dolls. Sets, la Slit and Lava. Tobaeeo Ja“ L G u H il 1 Basts. Vases aiid ( Back Garni ^FU E S - OhUdri • \ elties,-and all a t the ■. HOLLISTER, [ESEB S r .. UriOA. K tile business. Kemembep Ik© Stores^ JLSY Genesee fetr., up tSwS; down VIcCALL. & AffAHER. LQfiD’isPATIITfiQCIl' THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT KNOWN. New Style Foot Bests, G ilt Tableg, P lo w e r Stands, S L I P P E R . d ’ A S B j S . And a s gnflloBS variety of ■ . H O I ilU A Y GOODS. We compete with any one in PriceB. X.O&D 4s CO-, ; ______ _ ____________ 31 Genesee S t. ___ren’s F u r Caps clipper Patterns^ - \ f 2 00 .4Yoo’ ^ A ^ u U L in o ^ f HOLBEOOK A LUDLOW’S w i a s r s s i s o m e . u a r o u ) » G tiin iM S , U i e t s m t s o H i . NOTICES JO H N D. SPINNER will have BUILDOrS LOTS FOR SALE, 1 3 P ' 3 r o u Want a Watch and Chain, Want a Set of Jewelry. Want a Bair of Bracelets, Want a Diamond Ring, W ant a Seal or Cameo Bing, W ant a Gold Neck Chain o r Loo Want a . W ant anything in the ueweiry Line, you will find ^L a rg e Stock and Hndiess Variety a t Prices to gait the times, at J . 4S6fnegee g t„ Utica,?!, Y. ^ ewelry, YinePIated Jew­ elry, Bings, Bracelets and Sets, Gsnts’ Watch STEE] SI.00@«2. S g f f e s f e a s >auauciOg V/UAlumj flail 1 Sets Tea ICnives and Bork_ JFortejiMi ONE PRICE TO ALL! SILKS ANOfiRESS GOODS A . S P I E C I ^ I A T Y r . Ladies in search of nice Silks and Dregs Qoodg should not f a il to esraznine our Stock. HENRI MARTIN, Practical Purrier, 159 & 161 Genesee Street, T T T X O A ., (Awarded First Premium at Central N. Y. Tails, 7 3 and ’74, Best Exhibition of Furs,) has re.idg ------ nov3m2 C e n t s » a n d C h i l d r e n ’s F I N E FURS! Mink, Beali Beareri Ottefi Lynr» ^rebe, Brcaime, .AJaaka. Sable, Alaska Mink,SqiuirreI and Astracan, I N M T J F j F S A JV I> B O A S . Ladies’Seal Sacq[aes.GioTes and Caps. Children’s Cony Sacques, Caps and Hoods. }’ Seal and Beaver Caps. Gloves and Collars, Wfllyerine, Hudson Bay Wolf. Prairie Wolf, Coon, Brussia Hare and Lap R O B E S . F u r s A ltered a n d R e p a ired . A F ine Stock of HATS, CAPS, U9IBKELLAS & CANES. Satisfaction Uuaranteed. “Xf“ * JSF'Theaboyc GABDBNj ' planted thu proper shape. I March 15.1875. Do y o u w m t tolm o w w h e re t o B o y y o u r BOOKS FOR THE HOUDAYS Q h e a p e r t h a a a t a n y otiher P lace ? C i L f i j E R T Se S A L I S B U R Y , 177 G e n e s e e Str., U tica , N, Y. Have the Largest Stock at.SmaUest Prices. S U N 3 3 A T S O H O a i s B O O K S At largo-aiseountB. All thereauisites for Christ­ mas Trees, such as - T rajosparm t L a a tem s , tEtanapareat Bags, Glieap OmaiaeBtfi, &c„ &e. Stiver Napkin* ffing^'” \ \ : Chromos. Stereoscopes. M otto Prames Eftseig.inVel Weather Hou;.™, Wall Pockets, Poet ^K id Gloves, Col] Boxes, in Leather. liar. Cuff .and Handkerchief V Mirror. Garmau _ Ji^Americai lA Plate, for $1. iCan Glass. 7Se.^; m U ity Table. Spoon, in Morocco a t one h a lf soonntmade to the trade. JiLLMIR &ETM| a W ILD SELL ■ BOOTS AND SHOES,, Ureatly Redaced Prices! I' 3 K T 3 E I 3 C T S O ^ l D : A . \ 3 r S - . Come and get prices and he oonvlneed that they Ghea^er than any Store in Town, OJsr MAJOs- S T jaE iE f r , fo u r Doors above the PoBt DjEce. a s 6 A G E K T S W A K T E X I . A J In One Book T '^^beyiseRt^ud mostbriUmnt literary irema of: ffiYestnotisanas/eay^, selected £ro!n more tban so o Authors, Foots, Reformers,; T h e o l o s i a n s . S t a t e s m e n , FhHosopfters A Wits, C hrist in L. iterature . are given in o a r oirettiar. ThU bopk is edited by ED W a H D b g g i . e « t o n , » - JO„ is handsoh

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