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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, August 11, 1875, Image 2

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T H E W E D N E S D A Y , A C G E S T J.1, IS'^5. i@* Senator McDonald, of Indiana, has been looking over the field in O b io, an d la co n f id e n t t h a t th e D e m o ­ crats will win. Hon. Geo. B. Dusenbeii:y ac­ cepts the nomination for Secretary of State and indorses the platform of the late State Convention of Profaibi- tionists. D e p u t y S t a t e T r e a s u r e r A p g a r h a s m a d e a form a l d e m a n d Up6n D e n iso n , B e ld e n & Company for the ret'jrn to th e T r e a s u r y o f 0 4 1 7 ,5 7 1 , unlawfully obtained through canal contracts. i ^ “ Suspicious—the Republican press of the State are just now unitedT- ly praising Mr. Penton, and if the Governor has notan idea of returning to th e R a d ica l f o ld h e sh o u ld su e t h e G r a n t press for dam a g e s . 1©=* Gov. Tilden has instructed the attorney general to bring suits against contractors Denison and Belden to recover moneys they have fraudulent­ ly obtained from the State. M a t t. C a r p e n ter asserts b is be­ lie f t h a t G r a n t w ill be th e can d id a t e o f th e rep u b lican p a r t y n e x t y e a r on a hard m o n e y platform . j ^ H e w Y o r k P r e s id e n t i a l ca n d i­ d a tes are g e t t in g v e r y p len ty . E x - G o v e r n o r E D . M o r g a n is p u t o u t as P e n n Y a n JR m r n a lf and S e n a t o r C o n k - lin g appears to th e H o r s e h e a d s Jour­ nal as th e o n ly m a n w h o is en t irely equal to the same position. In Mississippi the Democrats have nominated their ticket, headed by Hon. W. C. Hemingway, for State Treasurer. The platform adopted is mainly confined to state matters, recognizes to the fullest extent the civil and political equality of all men, and asks the aid and assistance of the voters of all parties o f both races, in the establishment of good government. The color line is wholly ignored. TRUE AS GOSPER l a a recen t sp e e c h a t R o m e , IT. Y ., that heroic champioa of Eeform, Walter B. Pierce, E s q , of TJtica, re* ferred to G o v e r n o r T ild e n ’s crusade a g a in s t t h e c a n a l th iev e s as fo llo w s ; '‘His fidelity to Official Accountabil­ ity, to th e esta b lish m e n t o f h o n e s ty, is no longer a matter of faith, but of sight. There is his work in the Stat­ utes o f the State, and in his vetoes,— He said he would go for the thieves, and he has done it. That this is true, one fact alone establishes; Every Bing Thief in the State is Governor TlMen’s enemy I These men are not fools; they see that i f the Gpvernor is allowed to go on in this way, the husinesa of stealing will not be worth “ Continental!” IMPORTAHT INTIMATION. The Utica Observer announces with all the.lores of italics and editorial prominence that “ JFe feel authorized “ to say that i f the Canal B ing derive “ any comfort from the repeated asser- ^‘tions of the RepvMican ^ress that “ Governor Tilden^s warfare is a fail­ ure, they would, better enjoy that com- *'foH while they can. The lightning w i l l s trik e i n a f e w days.” T w o im p o r tan t c o n c u r r e n t r e s o ­ lutions proposing amendments to the state constitution are to be submitted to the legislature to be elected this fa ll, and i f th e y sh o u ld be concurred in by a majority of all the members elected to house and senate, will be sub­ mitted to the popular vote in 1876. The first is an amendment to section three o f article five, creating the office of Inspector of Public Works, which officer shall be appointed by the Gov­ ernor and confirmed by the senate. His duties will be to execute all laws in relation to the repair, navigation, construction and improvement of the canals, except such as shall be confid­ ed to the State Engineer and Survey­ or. When this amendment is adopt­ ed, and the Superintendent of Public . Wurks shai Lh^e-i6fiU.^naintfidjandL quaimed, the omce of TjiffialTTommis- sioner will ba abolished. The second resolution proposes an amendment to section four of article five of the con­ stitution, and creates the office of Su­ perintendent of State Prisons, for the term o f five years, who shall have all the powers and perform ail the duties o f I n s p e c t o r o f S t a t e P r iso n s ; an d w h en such Superintendent shall be appoint­ ed and qualified, the office o f Inspec­ tor shall be abolished. HON. UIEDRICE WILLERS, JR. H« “Positively Beelines a Renomina- tion.” ' the Poughkeepsie Daily News. W e p u b lish the^ d e c lin a t io n o f th e present S e c r e ta r y o f S t a t e w ith sin c e r e regret. His letter w ill b e read w ith a sorrow w h ich w ill reach b e y o n d th e boundaries of the Democratic Liberal party, w h o se efficien t serv a n t h e h a s been. Men of his class who are pre­ pared to accept the burdens of office are few, and none will be found who will discharge its duties with a higher degree of efficiency and conscientious­ ness. He has never obtruded his per­ sonality upon the public, but has de­ voted himself with entire self-forget- fuluGSs, to the interests of the State. Attentive, honest, conciliatory, intel­ ligent, approachable and unostenta­ tious, he is marked with peculiar em. phasis for the conspicuous and respons­ ible office which he has held, and more especially at a time when there has grown up a national distrust of men in prominent places. No man has ever questioned the integrity of his purpose or of his action. T h e r e w a s n e v e r a tim e w h e n W i l - lers, and men like him were more needed in | l 11 the offices of the State. Of the cogency of his reasons for de­ c lin in g to be a can d id a te th is fa ll, when neither himself or any. of Ilia partisans can doubt his re-election, fio one can j udge so well as himself. The public has no right to inslat upon the services of an officer to the peril and sacrifice o f his health, or of his indi­ vidual in terests, but i f th e s e might permit, we can h a v e no, doubt that the p a r t y i n th is portion of th e S t a t e would most cheerfully, and with the utmost unanimity, give him their suffrages in th e com in g S t a t e co n v e n tio n , a n d a t th e polls. B u t , as a ca n d id a te for office, an officer, or a private citizen, Mr. Willers may be assured of a share of the public confidence and respect, which might justly be a source of pride to the most eminent man in the com­ monwealth, heartily thanking the Democracy and Liberals, and many friends, who, re­ gardless o f p a r ty affiliations, h a v e g iv - ea me their support,) respectfully but p o s it iv e ly d e c lin e a re-n o m in a tion for Secretary o f State. Again thanking yon for your very kind personal and political endorse­ ment, I am yours, very truly, D i e d e i c h W i e i - e e s , J e . MOHAWK V a S e Y NOTES. From the Albany Artrus. - The Prohibitionists of Montgom- |g r Pennsylvania democratic con­ gressmen, who have been .actively supporting the candidacy of the Hon. Samuel J. Randall for the speakership of the house of representatives, confirm the statement recently made by the Philadelphia correspondent of the ITew York Tribune as to his strength. They say that they regard the contest as -yirtually decided already, and that Mr. Randall can count on very near­ ly one hundred votes on the first bal­ lo t in cau c u s . A s th e w h o le number of democratic votes is one hundred and seventy-five, this would give him a. c lea r majority an d nearly a dozen votes to spare. T h e D e m o c r a t s o f O r e g o n h a v e n o m in a t e d L a P a y e t t e L a n e , a y o u n g law y e r , and son of Gen. Joseph Xiane, for Congresi They adopted an ex­ cellent platform, one ihat has a good old Democratic ring. It contains provisions in favor of State rights, the payment of the public debt, re­ sumption of specie payments, and leg­ islative control of railroad fares and freights, demands reform in all de­ partments, opposes a protective tariff, paper currency, National Banks, Chinese immigration, fraud and cor­ ruption in office. We believe the Democracy of that state must succeed] with such a popular platform. We publish this week the elec­ tio n n o t ice. T h e r e are to be elected this year a secretary of state, comp­ troller, state treasurer, attorney gen. eral, state engineer and surveyor, canal commissioner in place of Stroud, in­ spector of state prisons in place of Graves, a justice of the supreme court in the place o f Hon. LeRoy Morgan, & state senator, member of assembly, two school commissioners, a county treasurer in p la c e o f A . D . M a r s h a ll, two justices of sessions in place of Lam- berson and Snell. The election takes place on the 2d of November. T h e new census ©f N e w Y o r k city is y et incomplete, but enough is known to make safe the estimate that the population is about a million and a quarter, and that of Brooklyn bait a million. Add to these figarea the population of Jersey City, Hobo­ ken, Newark, and many other towns whose populations have their day res­ idence in New York, and a city o f two millions of souls straggles for exist- an.ee on Manhatan Island, The pop- nlaiion Of London by the census .of 1870 was 3,214,707 persons; that of Paris by the census of 1S67, 1,879,- 462 persons; Constantinople, 1,075,- 000 .by tbe census of 1 3 6 i . New Y o r k p r o p e r w ill th e r e fore rank n e x t after Fans, and leaving out the cities^ o f C h in a , i s now f-h® th ird c i t y in th e world in population. U tioa P aek R aces .—‘The fourth annual meeting of the Utica Park Association will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of n e x t w e e k . T h e prem ium s a g g r e g a t e 035,000. The entries are very num­ erous, and include some of the finest favorite and field horses in the country. The numbers of the. various classes are as folldves: 2r38, 15; 2:24, 12; 2:29, 14; 2:18,4; 2:22, 7; 2:31, 9; -2:27,10; free for. all, 3;. 2:34, 1 2 - total 86. A glance at the list will satisfy turfmen that the contest will be warm. The track is in excellent order, a new free s tand.has been e rect­ ed and many other improveraeute are being made for the meeting. I f the Weather is pleasant the attendence will be large. And now they have got to rob­ bing mails In Canada. How fast had fashions are learned! Postmaster King’s evil influsnee on his short vis­ it to <^uebec is now b e a r in g fr u i t ! j^'.JBIing’s e v i l ” i s a g o o d n a m e for it. A B aetimoee F eting M achine .— The Baltimore American says: A young gentleman of this city, unmind­ ful of th,6 fate of Icarus, has invented a flying machine, in which he pro­ poses ■ to cross the ocean during the present snmmer. The machine pears to be a combination of the 1 loon, the windmill and the steam- launch. The voyager rides in a boat containing' a small steam engine, w h ich i s u s e d for m o v in g th e “ w in g s ” of the balloon and steering it through the air. ®he boat is attached to the flying machine with a rope, and thus is drawn through the water. . A mer­ chant'of this city will furnish the in­ ventor, Mr. Schroeder, with the mon­ ey to build one of these dying ma­ chines, and the contract for the same has already been given out. IS r A correspondent o f the Boston Globe paid a visit to Thomas Carlyle, and gives the following description of how the distinguished Scotch thinker looks and talks: \ He was dressed in a long, gray, monkish-looking morn­ in g gow n , a n d w a s e v id e n t ly en g a g e d in reading, and I noticed that the t f o volumes befere him were Motley’s United Netherlands. Ho did not look so' old as I supposed, and thef ravages of time were principally no­ ticeable in the feeble shaking of his hands. JJis face, though/furrowed, Was fresh and rosy, his gray eye pierc­ ing and full of luster, and big head was covered with a strong crop of thick iron-gray hajr.” During the conversation American a^aira were touched upon, and Mr. Carlyle seem­ ed intensely amused and disgusted at all the men and brother agitation which had been going on in the United^ i^tates, about what he called the ■“ niggers.” f* A gentkmaa who had a cofiver- sktion with Andrew Johnson at his bouse in Teune^ee, s day or two be­ fore his death, represents Mr. John­ son as saying: “ I am winding up my personal affairs. J wish to be my own‘ executor. I have ha.d a had feeling in my head which makes me tear apoplexy, and' a man liable to that never knows how suddenly he may be cut off,” the entirs assurance that we have net over estimated either the character, the services, o f one of our best, most attentive, and reliable public men. O ffice of the S ec ’ y op S tate , } A l b a n y , N . Y., July 81,1875. J Edfitor o f the Poughkeepsie News: ■ D e a r S i b : In th e issu e o f you r p a ­ p e r o f th e 2 0 t h in s t ., y o u sp e a k of. m y discharge o f official duty in very kind­ ly terms, and advocate my re-nomina­ tion fer I Secretary of State by the Democratic party, in the ensuing po­ litical canvass, for which friendly es pression you have my sincere thanks. Of the success of the Democratic State ticket, by a large majority, at the, e lectio n to be h e ld th is fa ll, ( w ith a Democratic Legislature) I entertain no doubt. Not only the masses of the Democratic ident vote] irty, but many inde­ pendent voters, will, I believe, hearti­ ly endorse the present State adminis­ tration, and warmly sustain Governor Tilden in the work of reform which he has inaugurated. W hile I believe it to be the right, under our form of government, of any citizen to engage in an honorable can­ vass fo r ren o m in a tion to a p u b lic office, the duties of which he may be* lieve. himself competent to perform, and frankly avow ms candidacy, and use all honorable exertions to secure a. nomination---so, too, I believe it to be right and proper for any citizen in public or private station, to decline a nomination when he believes it to be his duty to do so. T h e d u ties o f m y office during^ m y term have been exceedingly laborious. The Secretary o f State (ia addition to the immediate dail}^ routine duties of b>s office, which are increasing from year to year, with the growth of the State in population and wealth, and the imposition of new duties by the Legislature), is a member of the Ca­ nal Board, of the Commissioners of the Land Office, a Commissioner of the Canal Fqnd, of the State Board of Equalization, of the State Board of Cfharjities,. of the Regents o f the Ijni- versity^and a number o f minor Boards. During the first year o f my term, the Bxecutive and Legislative depart- snts o f the government, were in the h a n d s o f th e p o litica l o p p o s ition — ^and the State officers chosen in 1873, by the Democrats and Liberals, had a bare majority in the Canal Board, which rendered very constant attend­ ance at Albany necessary. Besides, the submission and passage of the Constitutional Amendments, added quite tfiaterially to the many questions co.nstkntly submitted for e x ­ amination. Under the provisions o f our Consti­ tution and Laws, a State Census is tak­ en during the~present year—and the preparation of forms and blanks, the appointment of a larg'e number of. enumerators (about 2,700), with the. general oversight of so importaht a work, has devolved upon me arduous duties, which wUl continue during and beyond this year. With the close o f the present year I shall have terminated fourteen years of almost continuous employment in the service o f the ^tate, in the various gradations from clerk to the head of a department. I am admonished by physicians, that I .need rept and relaxation from the cares o f official duties so pressii ■ is,, tff jregtoreregtore myy whichhich hass becomeecome impaire.dpaire.d by con- and arduous tp j m w ha b im tinuoua apjplicfttion to business, I have recently suffered the loss, by death, o f my only brother, upon whom I was accustomed to greatly rely as an asristant and adviser. H k death devolves upon me addi. tional respoBslbilities and care for my aged parents, now verging upon fonr- seore years of age—which I cannot not been for the urgent solicitation o f friends, that I should a t least fill out the term Ibr which I had been elected, I would have resigii.ed my office several months ago. ery county propose to hold a nomin­ ating convention at Fonda on the 21st, during which meeting a district temperance ticket will be nominated and possibly receive a hundred votes at the election November 2. These temperance men are at least perse­ vering, but then temperance and pol­ ities too often fail to affiliate. It appears that Jim” A. Fink, of Johnstown, has got into some tem­ porary difficulty. H e was recently an inmate of a State prison, and after serving hk term, he voted at an elec­ tion without having first been restored to citizenship. He is now being pros­ ecuted before United States Commis­ sioner Hess, of'Canajoharie, for the offense. I t is authentically reported th a t James Bates, of \St. Johnsville, lab proprietor o f t h e S k a n e a teles J u n c tio i iron foundry and several farms near the former village, has failed for 896,- 000, with assets aggregating less than 850,000. Mr. Bates became involved while relieving others from pecuniary embarrassment, and is now carried down by the tide of stringent times. — An article is going the rounds of th e local n ew spapers over th e letters of ” F. G.,” in which it is stated that the broom corn acreage in the Mo­ hawk Valley is about 400 acres less than it was in 1874. Such is an er­ ror, growers claim, for the acreage is acknowledged to be at least .500 acres larger than it was last year. Articles on agridUitare Written by persons who have no practical knowledge of- their subjects, work more injury than they do g o o d . — Root, in the county o f Montgom­ ery, bas wbat is termed an ‘‘Anti-horse Thief Society,” with quite a respecta­ ble membership. An admission of $1 is required to become a member, and fiue of 25 cents is levied upon a members who fail to attend the meet- ALL SORTS. — Squirrels are again devastating the grain fields o f Galifornia, A la b a m a h a s v o t e d , b y 15 ,0 0 0 majority to call a coastitntional con­ vention. — \Wniiam T. Pelton bas been ap­ pointed Military Secretary by Gov. Tilden, with the rank of Golonel. — Children are dying in New York at the rate o f 100 a day from cholera infantum. . —-There are thirty-two denomina­ tions* of Methodists in the United p r a c t iced th e r e sin c e t h e organ izatio of this body, no member o f the socie­ ty has lost a horse, hence, the treasu­ ry must be qmte replete. The annu­ al meeting will, occur on the 28th — Several weeks ago mention was made in this correspondence eoneern- ing- the dkappearance of William L in k , o f th e to w n o f C h a r leston , Montgomery county, after he having been accused of attempting an inde­ cent act upon the person o f a child six years o f age that was living in hk family, since which time the press quite generally has mentioned the cir­ cumstance and severely censured Link. It appears that he was a farmer and a man of fine possessions, a very earnest member of the church and had always been regarded a man of unquestiona­ bly good character. But, unfortu­ nately, as it now seems, he lived in the anti-rent district where crime of a revolting character has been rampant during the past two years. He was not in accord with the anti-renters nor did he in any way manifest any an­ tagonism toward them. H e was a friend of Clark, the land owner, and no peraonoan be a friend of Clark and live with any degree o f safety in that district. It now seems from all that can be naiH ed upoD t h e sa b ject feom a reliable,quarter that the report of his attempting to commit the act up­ on the pempn of the . child was un­ founded : that the child was advised and commanded to verify the report to injure the ,good name and reputa­ tion of Link. The story of the crime was related wIUi such a measure of plausibility that eveuLiDk’B friends thought it. was. possibly true. No le­ gal action was taken against him and' in danger,of hk iife« which bad been tbreatensU, ,b© left the neighborhood and has not yet returned. It was cer­ tainly a desperate game, on the part of the incendiari^, etc., o f that district, to.ruin a good, man, and a correction of the report is deserved by Link and a few who dare to he hjs friends in that crimeTbeaieged locality. ■99* A wild boy was captured near Marcos, Tex., recently, who is an ex­ tremely in teregtifig piece o f humanity. The Austin Statesman reports that “ h e w a s d iscovered w a llo w in g in a pond of shallow watef, and when ap­ proached. be ■ broke like a quarter- horse, running about a mile before he luld be- overtaken by men on ponies. Riding up near the boy was lassoed, when &. fierce contest ensued, the strange being' striking, kicking and lunging about in the most fearful manner, and apparently being fright­ ened almost to death* Finally he was overpowej;ed, tipd, and taken to the house of the man who first discov­ ered him. Hij] . body was covered with hair i^boofc four inches long, and from size and fppeij,irance he is sup­ posed fo he about twelve years old.—- H e 'is -unable to talk, but possesses reasoning power, and now fi>Hows his captor about like'a dog.” Now who wHl yenture assertion that this youth may not yet develop into a great Republican statesman ? '9 S t Here is a dreadful warning to inflationista: \M. T. Bowden, a school-teacher at'St. James, La., filled a pocket wiiih advertising ioiitationj of greenbacks, and when somebody at the village store offered to bet on, something,,:he drew out a handful, saying, “ |500 and f l l take yon.” Most; of the bystan^pra «aw the character o f the suppo and laugbed at the Joke ,* ]Karl Ablberg, an %norE„. who. regarded theijiH lw genuine and the amount/as a fortune- -He there­ fore eqtf0ed,'BQwd9u‘ a stable, where Ke marqecpd him with a shovel, secured the wortbJes.s roll of paper, buried the body,^ and fled.” I®* The Central New York Pair at Utica} is to Open Sept. 22d, and close Oct. 2d. A pamphlet has been issued containing m e rules and regulations yor ihesp reasons I must (whilelof the Association, list of prices, etCi stolen from the United States Treas­ ury some months since. ‘Halleck is strongly suspected. ■ States. Brooklyn, while drunk, Sunday, cidentally smothered a seven-moi Annie Jones, of William , whi] iy sm old d a u g h ter. •The returns of the Kentucky election show large Democratic gains, an d i t is th o u g h t th a t M c C r e a r y h a s a majority of 40,000 for Governor. The army worm is committing |es on the crops in Suffolk coun­ ty, Long Maud. Corn and oats par­ ticularly suffer. A C h in a m a n w h o b a s espoused Christianity, hss recently been preach­ ing to his countrymen in the streets of Santa Barbara, California. John W . Veeder, o f Schenectady, is a candidate for nomination by re- growers I H o t e l, A cooyefltioii of the hop gi is called' to meet at Allen’s j Oneida, on the 21st of the month/at 11 o’clock, A. M. of leading importance to hop growers are to be discussed, and a large attend­ ance is to be hoped for. This is a Qove for organization among hop [rowers. The need of organization las been felt for a long time. — The apple crop, which looked so favorable for a large yield in this section earlier in the season, will be short. There bas been a continued dropping off, and many trees that appeared healthy a year ago, are afflicted with the black blight—fruit shrivels, leaves dry up, and bark turns black. notice similar reports in more favorable fruit growing sections of this State.' — The officers of the Albany Sav­ ings Bank, state that money is abund­ ant with them, and in small demand. It is difficult to make good invest­ ments, and it is proposed to reduce the rate per cent, paid to depositors. This > o f thioj - - - - SPEC IA L N O T IO B S ■ A Fortune for S I . The Wyoming SinglcNumber Lottery Craws on \■ 15th of each month, and $200,000 In cash is Nwniher) I month. Cai 1 on the 3 000, Second drawn numbers^smt mail to ticket holders as xau parn B hour of drawing. ALLEN & CO., 79 N assau 3 ■ assav ’S t ..-N bw Y ork . ^IM P O R T A N T TO UONSTJMPTIVES, A Gentleman having been so fortu­ nate as to cure Ms son of Consumption in its worst stages, after being given^«p_ to die by the stages, after being celebrated pUysici n tbe cure Cw-hicL n state o f things is looked upon as the result of the hard times and of the legislative restrictions on their busi­ ness. “ The bounty system is working publicans for the office of Inspector of admirably in clearing out the grass- S t a t e P r iso n s . hoppers in M in n e s o ta. I t is estin “ The jury in the trial of John J). L e e , ch a r g e d w ith th e M o u n tain Meadow massacre, has been discharg­ ed f it c o u ld n o t agree. — Helmbold, the druggist, has re­ turned from Europe. He says that his health is fully restored and that he is about to resume business, “ The literary world will regret th e in t e llig e n c e o f th e d e a th o f H a n s Christian Anderson, the charming Danish poet and author. He was born April 2 ,1805. — Judge Morris says that the second trial of Mr. Beecher will be for adultery, and of brief duration.— He claims that evidence will be intro­ duced establishing the pastor’s guilt. — The next national exposition of fine arts, productions of agriculture and horticulture, mechanism, miner­ als, latest inventions, &c., will com­ mence at Rome, in Georgia, October 4, and continue until October 9, next. — A n old I n d ia n ch ief d e c lares that John D. Lee was the moving spirit in the Mountain Meadow. maaaa^ ihwt ho ,rtt(rni' commana, He L e e is a g r e a t cow a r d , a n d w a n ts to shift the blame on to some one else’s shoulders. — The floods now prevailing in Ohio have done an unprecedented, amount o f damage to the crops, thous­ ands o f acres o f which are apparently irretrievably ruined. The deluge is believed to have done its worst. — A free eye and ear infirmary is to be estab lish e d in th e T im e s b u ild ­ ing, Troy. Dr. G. A. Robertson, of Albany, has been appointed surgeon by the association. It is contemplated to add other departments to the dis­ pensary. — The Saratoga Rowing Associa­ tion will hold its annual international amateur regatta, the 31st inst, pro­ vided the requisite funds are obtain­ ed. The races will be the same hoppe r s in M in n e s o ta . I t is estim a t ­ ed that eight hundred millions have a lrea d y been d e stroyed a s the' first re­ sult of this system. The pests are b e in g b r o u g h t in by th e w a g o n lo a d , the boys reaping quite a harvest from th e b u siness o f g a t h e r in g them up, ' — A waiter at one of the leading hotels ia Saratoga, not colored, but born b la c k , h a s fa l le n d e s p e r a tely in love with a fashionable belle who Id­ eates meal time at his table. He is p e r fectly gon e , ad to sp e a k , and ca n ­ n o t do t o o m u c h for h is fa i r D e s d e - mona. She encourages him in his little flirtations and apparently gives little thought to the fact that she is treating with a dark subject. — A P e n n s y l v a n ia m a g istrate h a s d e c id e d th a t railroad com p a n ies can- not exact penalties over the regulai who have not tb e ca s e in TIE MALI FIBNyiBIfnirl A l l sp e c ies o f 'W orm s are q u ick ­ ly destroyed and expelled by Dr. 0. Dhelps Brown’s M ale Fern Vermifuge. I t is the only mifage in t t e world that w ill MU every v a - 7 of worms, and none of them can possibly t i n the \bowels i f the Vermifuge is taken, ile SO deadly to worms, it is nevertheless ____nleas to the human subject, c ausing not the slightest irritation of the b owels. I t is t h e only known remedy that will effectually expel tape­ worms. I t is as pleasant to take as aromatic syrup, does not produce any nausea o r griping, and is the only r emedy that can be given with perfect safety to children. BmcB-50 C ents pbk B o ttie . W. H. PEOWSB, of Herkimer, N. Y„ is agent for a ll m y H erbal Remedies. H e keeps constantly on hand a f a ll supply o f Herbal Oint- mens, Eenovating P ills, Acacian Balsam, and Restorative Assimilaut for Epilepsy. If the reader would like to see a copy of Dr. Brown’s Shaksperian Alm anac, or his groat Treatise on Herbal R em edies, h e has only to a p p ly t o the above firm to g e t a copy free. deoSOyl - tare irom pagseugers wl purchased tickets. In point the regular fare was eighteen cents, with an additional charge of five cents for those who had not pur­ chased tickets. The railroads of x»y mSKnig\ a“3iJcount of five cents from tho “ regular fare” for those who buy tickets. “ The banking bouse of tbe East Albany Banking Company, in tbe village of Greenbush, was entered by burglars, Wednesday night, and S2,- 000 iu currency obtained from the vault, which was reached by digging away about seven feet o f solid mason­ ry and prying up the fiag-atone floor­ ing with a jack. The banking house is under the management of William P. Irwin, who was absent in New York. Great excitement prevails over the robbery, which was only made known this evening. in >fa races wiJ ear, with the exception of 1 al ll race, w h ich is om itted . am e a s o f the sin g le se a It has been discovered that Belle Pierce, who was found drowned at Buffalo, Friday, had been murder­ ed and thrown into the canal by her paramour, John F. Freeburg, who ” still at large. — Judge Wallace has granted an order authorizing the assignees o f the People’s Savings Bank of Utica to co m m e n c e ' a su it a g a in s t th e stock ­ holders to obtain the unpaid balances due the depositors, aggregating about 8130,000. — The shortest will in the United States is recorded \With the surrogate of Kings county. It is as follows: I give all to my children, and after they d ie It w ill g o to m y h u s b a n d S usan G opf . “ A meeting of the Republican S t a t e C o m m ittee is called,' to be held at the Fifth Avenue hotel. In New York, on Wednesday next, Au- -nta-teiF ~1 An gust 11th, for the purpose of fixing the time and place for holding the Republican State convention. ling about in the garl monks and nuns, collecting mo; for imaginable, purposes. H that no clergymen or other are authorized to On Sunday a Utica priest warn­ ed his people against strange impos­ ters traveling about in the garb of '.e stated persons make appeals for any purpose within tbe diocese o f Cen­ tral New York, unless they have writ­ ten certificates from tbe Bishop, — They are getting pretty sensitive in Scranton, Pa. An editor recently published the experience o f a gentle­ man, who believed himself to be be­ witched by a sorcer&s, and the gen­ tleman brought a suit for libel against the editor. The latter, however, was discharged after a brief hearing. — Thirty-one mills are closed at Dundee, Scotland, and twelve thou­ sand persons are out o f employment. Both the employers and operatives have held-meetings and resolved not to yield. If the strike should extend to all the mills in that district, thirty thousand persons would be out o f em­ p loym e n t. Tbe newest object of interest at Niagara is a steep hill and cliff qalled the Ragged Edge.\ It is a fevor- ite place tor gentlemen to take their toriei’c If dangerous, jged E d g e f ” shouts tbe guide. Then the people on the hotel piazza “ Step down and out.” T h e r e ii of “ mnsctrlaa ton Falls, N. H ., that we evei ofi Recently a preacher there dis- migged tb§ gabbath echool, took off big coat and helped to gather a field of grain which was in danger o f being ipoiled by an approaching storm. , “ There are over 2,700 varieties of ipples known by over 1,800 names, 2,200 o f pears, 200 of chetries, 150, o f plums, SOO of our native grapes, 50 o f currants, 80 of blackberries, Recording a counting up o f somebody, ^uite Interestin'^ b'il o f sta t is iiee, auraly- “ Three men-f-Qne of them being Benj. B. Halleck, a clerST in the treas­ ury cash room—have been arrested, charged with implication in the dis# appearance of the 147,000 which wat THE HERKIMER MARKET. IWHOI.BSAI.K PBIOES.) H ekkimee , A u z a stlO . 1875. COBN-S85(s?bu8li. ■ OATS-60O IS bush. BHANS-81 75®S2 50 bush. CHEESE—Farniiots. 10/®3 11^0. BDTTER-25@27o. EGOS—Scarce at 20o ^ HAT-$12@14s baled BE E S W A ^ 2 8 @ 3 0 c lb. UOJ^o. Factory, 11® ATOE D B IB B A P F E E S -7i§ POTATOBS-35®40cI SMOKED MBATS j lie. ^ ft. B i bush. )S—Hams, 14l^o; Shoulders. THE'DAIEYHAEKBT. L ittle A uk . 9.1875. The market took o n e -ef its singnlar turns to­ day. In the forenoon everything was as usual. D airies sold atSM to 10, for poor t o good; 10 to 11, M r to fine. Early in 'the afternoon a few factories ware, offered U5£ a n i 12 cents. One man know onough to accept, sold at 12 cents and dosed out.the polumhia Center. Others declin­ ed UU and 12 and waited for sometliing to turn up. Something did turn up. Telegrams came from N ew York, announcing: f h e suspension of an extensive shipper, Archibald Baxter and its deprssslnz influ ers who had b hauled off. ^ Cb« think a few got 11^. but most salesmen having finexrades w ent home w ithout sellins:. A t least 11.000, b o x e s, were offered, and net o ver five or six tbonsand sold. The day was very hot and everything unfavorable. 1 look for a good day next Monday, and largo sales. J.D .H . Obstacles to Marriage- H apfy R elief fob Y oung M en from the effects o f Errors and Ahnses in early life. Manhood restored. Im pedim ents to Mar­ riage removed. New method of treatment.— N ew and remarkabler rem edies. Books and Cir­ culars sent free, in sealed envelopes. Address, HOWARD ASSOCIATION, 419 N. Ninth St.. Philadelphia, Pa.—an Institution having ahigh reputation for honorable conduct and profof sional sk ill. may26yl The Most Wonderful Discovery of the 19tli Gentnry. i> K . s . i> . i i : o w : E i ’s ARABIAN iVIlLK'CURE FOR CONSUMPTION And Diseases o f tbe throat , chest , and LUNGS. The only M edicine o f the K ind in the World. A Suhatitulefor CodZiver Oil, Per­ m anently cures Asthma, Bronchitis, Incipient ConsumptioEu N ight Sweats.Doss o f Voice, Short­ ness of Breath, Catarrh,_CroflPjL Coughs. Colds. ^ 5 & - ^ S ; ’D £ ’s?kSoiirE/\™ ARABIAN TONIC BLOOD PURIFIER. Which DIFFERS from all other preparations in the IMMEDIATE ACTION upOU the LIVES. XIDNETS AND BLOOD. It is pureiv v egetable, cleanses the system o f a ll im purities, builds i t right sqnar e u p . and makes Pure, Rich Blood. I t cures Scrofu­ lous Diseases o f all kinds, r em oves Constipation and regulates the bowels. For “ nketotjs de - BILITV.” \ e OST VITALXTV,” “ EKINAEV DISEAS­ ES,” and BROKEN DOWN CONSTITUrlONS,” I challenge th e 19th century” to produce its equal. Every Bottle ts Worthits Weight in Qold. Price Si per B o ttle. Also. D R . S . D . HOWE'S Arabian Liver Pills. They c leanse the Diver and Stomach thoronghly, remove Oongtipatlon; contain no calom el nor any other injurious ingredient, and act quickly upon these organs, without producing pain or weakness. Price 25 cents per h o x . COHSHMPTIYES should use a ll three o f the above medicines. _ Sold by W. H. PROWSE, Sole Agent for Her­ kimer, N, Y. DR. S . D. HOWH, ,'181 Chambers j oct28yl , I OFFER THIS WEEK 10 n n HEAVY ALL LINEN T V M i T O V E L L i O . At 12 1-2 Cts. Per Yard. BEST EOB THE MONEY EYER OEEERED IN THIS COUNTY. C. L. AVERY, HERKIMER, N. Y. THE TEMPLE PASHION, No. 15 Baben’s Block, ILIOW, K. Y. A NEW Proprietor, St„ New York. X J s e ISieiixiAj’s I*AAAiA-ISlijLlixig* M A C i C O I L . “ It Works Like a Charm.” Morbus! Renne's P a in-K illing M agic Oil cures Rheum a- Some folks seem to b e proud of telling how • lam e their shoulders are —o f “ my crick in the back''—or, *' 1 have got the Sciatica”—and de- lish t in braggin&r thnt ** n o thing can c a re me I”— hnt'wlien we g e t 8”^^^ ** aw^ivi -fftiirow ^ ^ ^ ^ S o ld by a ll D m ggists.M e rchants and Qro- Call-for R eene’s M agic Oil, where you usually trade. It is put up in three sizes, and called “ Trial 1go.”^“ 5fedium Size.” and “ Large Family M. KENNB --------- ^ Sole Proprietors and Manutaol Maes. KENNB SONS Manutaoturors. Pittsfield ^Sold by C. W. P almeb . J e , and W. H. P eowsb , Herkimer. : anKl9ylalt4w NEW YORK MARKET. New York, August 10,1875. H AY—F irm , 75<S80b. foif shipping, HOBSx%aiot.^l8@33; new east ,dQ,N;y d western ■Firm, 75<S80b. foif shippin g, rQuioLlS®??; new eastern and 30@ 25o.,dQ,N;T. . BUTTER—I s anohanged at 14@23o for west- ern ; 2203Oo.fi)f State. CHEESE—Is heavy at 5'®il0 for common to prime. EGGtS—Are firm at 22(S2?J^ for state and Pennslylvania; 20K®21Mo for western. 3Sa:AJEt~E&X EiX>,. INCBR-VINOENT-At ___ jido’s father, on the evening c July 29th. by R e v . O. F . A . Bioll Speneer to Amelia Vincent, ^isfoma le residence-of it Frankfort, J u l y este l.B . Sm ith, PENNY-FISSBBOE-At the residehce^'of -AO bride’s father. Pahktine. Cpok County; 111-, inois. By the Rev. A. H. Miaeq Ueorge A, Pen­ ny, o f iH on, and M iss Frank Fishbeok. daughl o f J o h n ifishbeck, formerly of M ohawk. JOHNSON—B A R a E R .-A t Richfield Sprini M ohaw k , August I s t . 1875. Edwin AJE.VORD—In Gedarville. August ith. Mr. Cy- ru* AlvOrd, j«ed74ynaT3, RARRIS‘<^Ih Newport; Augait 4,1875, aft( long a n d painful iUness.M rB.M , Louisa Har F A I R F I E L B S E M I N A R Y , -IT u e sda,,, 3 ' , • S r S . f s i £ l e c t i o n I N o t l c e , HERKIMER COUNTY. 1 SHEBEB-r'S O epick . / G E N E R A L ELEC T IO N T o f c STATE OF NEW TORK. 1 OyncB OP THE' S kceetaht op S tate . J Notioo is hereby ,gi^ ? j;hat'^ ^ ^ the* G ^ e r a l Election t o be b old in this S tate o n the Tuesday CNhvemh b^ftoted WmMiI^7.;'aUompterfTer!^&^i^ Thomas RMnes^’a n ^ t t ^ w - ^ Q e n e r ^ .^ ia ^ h e place o f D a n iel P ratt; a State Rntuneer and Surveyor, in the place of SylvannsIi,Sffeet; a i&y.oiDeoemDor n e x t- ®““ d I e W i OH tfliHEHS. , ; ■ Secretary of State To t h e above nam ed defendants: Y ou are here-: by Buminoaed and repaired to answer the com­ plaint of the plaintift in this action, which will he filed w ith t h e Clerk o f the County of Oneida, at Utica, and to serve a copy of your answer on the subsoribers at their 0 ^ 00 . N o : 66 Genesee Street, in Utica, Oneida Uonnty, N. T., within twenty days after the service o f this suinmons upon y o u , exclusive o f the d a y o f -Buch servloe, and \iryon iaU 10 : ^ w.^—.. 1 1 ed, tfc _..l8rs and twe¥ty' ___ ftom t h e 2d d ay o f August, 1875. Dated ^ ADAMS. Plaintiff’s Attorneys. HUoa. N . Y - lotico thattho complaint mentioned in QUPREM E GOU1B.T-—HjERKdiER U ConsTV.—Emma Mann, as executrix, and Charles A . M ann and J a m e s F . M ann, a s e x e e u - : tors o f the last will and testament of Charles A. Mann, dsecosed. against Martin Wegtontt, Mary e t M urtangh, ! defendants; CTOTOM TAILORING, READY MADE CEDTHlNa m s ’ mwmim roods ESTABLISHMENT. Everjiitt Nai ift Stjlisli! PRICES THE LOWEST! l o w L i MARXj Itanagerr ju l y a t f ” _______ - - _____________ C A N C E R S Removed without pain, or theuse of eithercaus- ties or the knife, and radical^, cured.. If pain- \ ' and an open ulcer formed, medicines will bef „--t by Express to give prompt relief. Consul­ tation by letter. One Dollar. Send 50 cbnts for Book with descriptive Cases, References an® Testim onials. _ -- - _ __________ __ aiiglwfi East j S S .N e w York. LUMBEK! LUMBEEjl fPHE undersigiied takes this method -L o f in form ingthe o jtiienB p f t h is and a ^ o m - m a y b e fou n d AU Kiiidsi df lium lier, In c lu d ing Boors, Sasb, Blinds, B raoketS| letition. . .—. 5 . .j-v-s.*--J.-— um b erforBuild- in g s .bn tw illtakecon tractstodotheen tirew o r k . G ive m e a c a llbeforepu r c h a sin g e lsew h e r e . AARON SN E R I .. DatedHerkiiner.4Cngn&tia 1873, “ ” ECONOMY LEADS TO WEALIW. JO H N W . BROW N UIJOULD re^ectfolly inform, hhe * \ Dadicf and ‘ Gentlemen .o f Herkimer aseiSt 'ncmity.that fifty per cent can be saved bypat- rom z ingh is Steam Dyeing and Gleaning ESTABLISHMENT. LadieiSilkAhd W bolili DreiSef.Shawllt.Eid Glaves, £eaAers, an& \'lored Without ripping, la a man* inapetition. K SROWNtlTo. 9 J<*n St. Utica. N . Y.. near tbe Decot. Iron and Steel, Iprinp, Mobs, ffitii^ gpides, &o. JUST a d d b l to m t st o c k ;. A N f f O O L ii A t B o t t o f u P r i c e s ! ! ’ laoleW - C.-4S. RA&KSERax. - WSS?,.STREET HOTEJ,,' Nos. 41, 42, WMt ««„ ' . nsHETW s r e x E i ^ ^ A Temperftnee House, JOOMS 50 and 75 cento per day. ____ m X sBABVm T , Fwprfetnr. J A C O B H . W E B E B , T i A i W . S-th^ that ^n®b«?ad?/?e“ , 'A, Sriitif, Amw

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