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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, July 14, 1875, Image 3

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I . O C A L M A - T T l S n S . I f , T . C. T I M E T A B L E . W ! i ill ill 111 i l l Hi ;» I ; t ;;;;;;; i iim M niritiii i l i l U d - i li s i I liii i y i l l i i — Br. D. M. Beyendorf received & seyere sprain in h ii right knee Friday nighti He inw en'hia w to Adam Harter’s, a horse back, and in going over the newly graded part of Main street, the horse stumbled and fell on him. The Ladies o f the Reformed Chnreb will hold a strawberry andice creamfeshval fit Fox 0p6ra House, Thursday eyening:, July lOth. I b connection will he given a n e n te r tain m e n t conaistiag o f m u sic a n d tableaux. — Old Mrs. Fredenburgh has rooms in the second story o f the jail, and has no communication with any one unless by the sheriff’s consent. Albert Freden­ burgh and young Bavls occupy separate celts on the lower floor. — Sheriff Eaton received a telegram Tuesday o f last week that an Italian sup­ posed to be Seigrelle, had been arrested at Salamanca, Cattaraugus county. The H i o n , — Frank Baker hf» a mew iron fence in front o f his residenc& ^ — Bon’l fail to attend the concert this (Wednesday) evening, given by Mies A. \M. Sykes and her pupils. — J . Beaver and ff- Tallman, have 're­ ceived a patent ou a shuttle. J . Thomas has received » patent en fastening wheels to shafts.' ’ * — JSxcavations are taking place o n 2d street, lehdiDi:, up W^est ffilh A stone wall is being built along the right side to prevent the sand from sliding. — Last week our attention was attract­ ed by the beautiful soda fountain in L. L. Mefiry’s Son & Co.’s store. W e went in and had a glass o f the coda, which was elegant. I f you pass by the Store, just step in and try it. - M r . S: W . Skinner, p s s Skinner and Mr. James Whitfield, started for /~1 —It £* _ _ — _ 1 —X. m _ - J3 _ finL. ....... 4- M oliowjk:. — Oar Bank Las declared its nsnal semi-annual dividend o f fire per cent. — Cen. F. j E. Spinner Is expected home to spend a portion u f the smmupf' — T he Union School closed Friday. Seven weeks vacation. ■BiBPEPgA.—Atnesicans are particp. -larly subject to tbis-disease and i ts e f fects; such as Sour Stomach, Sick Headache. Habitual Oosti-fenessr Heart-bum, Water- hrash, coming up of the food, coated tongue, disagreeable taste in the mouth, Palpitation o f the H eart and all diseases sheriff went to Oattaraugas county, but California last Friday. They are to visit ■ ■ ■ several places on their way. Miss Skin­ ner is going to the Sandwich Islands from California. Mr. Skinner and Mr. Whit­ field will retnrn in the course of five or six weeks. Contractor Jennings was robbed Sun­ day night o f a new suit o f clothes, a gold watch and $8 in money. When he re­ tired he left his clothes containing the watch and money on a chair near a win­ dow. When he arose in the morning the i l i « lifsHUiMl I l i i i l i i t e i S I g TO BUSINESS MEN. I f you want Circulars, I f you Want hand-bills, I f you want envelopes, I f you want business cards, I f yon want neat bill-heads, I f you want tasty letter-heads, , I f you want nice visiting cards, I f you want the best o f bail works. I f you want any kind o f job printing. Leave your orders at^HE B bsiooeat and G azeetb . office, and you can secure them on short norice, at low rates, and in the best style. b e found the prisoner w as too ,taU to be Seigrelle. The sheriff is having, a good time traveling round the country on that warrant. The divorce case Wentworth vs. Wentworth, which was referred to 0 . A. Moon to hear and determine, was on trial last week at the Couf t House in this vil­ lage, The qtuestion o f the regularity o f the order o f reference was discussed and I decided in favor o f its validity, where­ upon the defendant withdrew, and intends to appeal. -A. H . I*rescotfc for plaintiff i S. S. Morgan for defendant. — Friday morning a person appeared on the streets at W est Winfield apparently with an unsound mind. H e had in his possession a gun w h ich h e said was load- e ed, and expressed bis desire to shootxome j one, With much difficulty deputy sheriff P Morgan succeeded in arresting Mm, and ~ secured the gun, which was loaded six ? Inches deep.' H is name is John Jones, and has worked for R o b e r t J - Owens. He will probably be sent to the Asylum at Utica. Baring the past week we have had occasion to visit some few of the cheese factories in this and adjoining towns, and should judge th a t th e patrons o f the Small’s Bash factory have made a very happy choice in the selection of their cheese maker—our old friend Mr. Adam Caster—who has for assistants two young ladies from thefamily o f one o f'the most, successful dairymen in the county—the Misses Tan Slyke of German Flatts, - The original Georgia Minstrels play* of tho Stomach and Liver. Tm doses of •d in Tarley Hall, Monday night, to a good house. — The Messrs. Brown Brothers have- effected a settlement m th William Kfley, o f North Albany, one o f the three mep injured by the falling o f the Island Fark canal bridge the 13th o f May last. The Brothers paid Kiley 5475. AU damages incurred by the injured men have now been satisfactorily adjusted. — About three o’clock Monday morn­ ing our county treasurer, whose office is located in this village, was aroused from his sleep fey hearing some person on the roof-of the building. H e arose immedi- chair,. clothes, watch and money were m issing. I t is supposed that som e th ief Stole thorn from the window, — Friday afternoon, the Hew Haven Base Ball Club played the Clipper Base Ball Club on tl)e River grounds. The New jHaven dub is a pcoiessional club. and has some splendid players. The Bion or Clipper club has been recently- organized and has practiced but little. This was their first game this season.- Considering, they done well and held their opponents b etter than was expected. Below we give the score .* NEW HATBN. . 1 2 -3 4 5 8 7 ......... • * * 3 .......I 3 1 3 ^ * McG’infey, 0 ™!^’.*.\\.’.^\’.*\^ 2 ^ 1 -1 1 Somerville. 2d b ............ f 3 2 Gerr, a. a™ .......... . ............. 1 * 3 2 * Tipper. 0 . f........................... * I 3 R y a u . 1. f. ......................... * 1 ■ * S 2 Kichols.p ...................... 2 2 2 . * ~2 o ' s ' o ’i ’i'e.'o hastily left the premises. The treasurer’s office is on the second floor of the build­ ing, a two-story structure. A t the -time the fellow was on “the roof the night watchman of the place was on the street in front o f the building and was shadow­ ing his movements and waiting to have him gain access to the building. After the hasty departure of\ the would-be burglar, the treasurer and the night watch discovered'where the fellow had commenced cutting the tin roof with an aim to get into (he treasurer’s room'^by making a hole in the roof. This is the second time attempts have been made to rob the Herkimer county treasury. HaisBN’s A ugust F lower .will relieve yon at onee,^ and there positively is not a ease in the United States it will not cure. If you doubt ihiSj go to your Bruggiat, W . H . Prowse, and g e t a sam p le bottle for 10 cents and try it. .Kegular size 75 cents. . julyI5 1 S ^ - N h family shouia ne -witnout a bottle of Prqwse's Syrup of 2ar, Wild Cherry, Money, Sorehomd, <&c., in their house,'as it may save hundreds o f dofiars and your lives by the cure of Oonsnmp- roof-ot' the building. H e arose immedi- tion. Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough,- ately and the fellow oa the roof very Throat, Paia in the Side fijiafifvr To-fV. flio TWAvnicAfl ]Breas6. nn<2 all diseases o£ the Throat ?“-Ice r Cream r* A t Witherstine’s, B r e v i t i e s . — Hews items are scarce. — Picnic Wednesday, at the Lake. — The population o f W est Winfield is 546. — T h e com croj) i n th i s secrion will he lig h t t h i s season. —The Herkimer & Mohawk Street Sail Road have issued new time tables. — A Temperance Society has been organized in Salisbury Center. — Jasper Ausman is preparing to build a dwelling on Washington street. — Many persons are out o f town visit­ ing, and many more expect to go soon. — Potato bugs are g e ttingnum erous in this section. — Mrs. J . B . Morrison’s mother is vei^ low, and it is feared she cannot recover. — The persons now under arrest for the murder o f Orlo Bavis will not get a trial till October next. — The contract for the erection o f the express office building has b^en let to Mnnson & Patrick-for $2,950. — .Tames Avery, of Salisbury, has a copy o f the Montgomery BepuUican dat­ ed ApriU9,181T. — A cow belonging to S. S. Morgan, o f West Winfield, was struck by lightning Monday afternoon o f last week. — Pennyroyal leaves, rubbed and spread out In It room, or the uncorking o f a bot­ tle o f the essence, will drive out mosq.ui- tos, it is said. — Yisitors are fast flocking to Richfield Springs. Sir. Rroetor’s Spring House has at present over ono hundred register­ ed guests. — A list o f the premiums to he given ' a t the Herkimer County Agrieultural Fair, which will be held September 14, 15 and 16, will be found on first page. — Mrs. Passage o f Winfield; a woman about sixty-fivd'years old, committed sui­ cide at her hoipe Thursday. .Coroner Jjaxidt fll'Mohawk, held jffieinauest. — Tsreuty-eight thousand copies o f-the New York Sunday M erald wore sold last Sunday *, this being 10,000 more than the Sunday previous. — A match game o f Base Ball was played between the Yalley Club and the Independent Club, both o f Danube, afeW days ago, the score resulting as follows: V a U ^ Club, I t j Independents, 1- — The new Catholic ChuEck a t We§t Winfield, will be dedieated some time ih August or September. The Church will be opened for services for the first time next Sunda^ — Gov. Tilden has restored to citizeu- «lup-John A . Walrath, convicted in 1872. a t Ingham^s Mills, in this county, o f man- olaughter, and sentoiced W Auburn prifr- on for tw o years. — Oa the 2d insfc., the Union Free Scheol o f Middleville was closed by pnb^ lie exereisas in the factory grove. T l« Cold Brook Cornet Band Was present, and the largo audiesee in attendance were greatly delighted with the exerciaes. L i t t l e FalL s. — Platform dance at Markell’s Grove this evening, — Geo. W . Bertram is in town visiting friends. — Annual picnic o f Emmanuel Church to-day ■ ( Wednesday). — No evening service at St. Paul’s Church during the months of July and August. — Miss I , E. Stebbins, of Little Falls, has been engaged as teacher o f Painting and Brewing in Hungerford Collegiate Institute, at Adams, N. Y. — We are informed that Albert Fergn- son» the young man who was found on the rail road track, last week, is doing finely but has not sufficiently recovered to give any details as -to how the accident occurred. It is thought that by careful nursing he will recover from his uncon- BGloua^sa ere 1 od £) and tlifiii m f I ioq I CLIPPERS. 123456789 truth m a y be known. — Tuesday morning of last week at about six o’clock, Hannah Buckley, aged about 20 years, died very suddenly. She had been complaining of headache for three or four days, and had been given calomel. Instead of relieving, the calo­ mel distressed her. To eaSeRer pain she was given a solution o f morphine and water, with directiops t.o administer a tea- spoonfttl every hour. After the first two doses had been administered she fell asleep, Monday morning at about five o’clock. She was given one more dose, it is reported, after she fell asleep. A i all events she could not be awakened, but remained in the stupor until Tuesdi m orning, w h e n she died. — The M o w ing are the census returns of the town of Little Falls; 1st Bist. In village. ................. .. ........... 3,846 Outside ................... .. ................ ..— 387 2d Bist. L i village ......... .. ............. 1,089 Outside.. J . . 486 Total in t o w n . * . 5,808 do 1870 ......... .. 5,612 Increase in five years ................ 196 19 number o f dwellings in the town is 1. VnnAGE OS' L ixieb F ali . s . Bist. No. X .................. 3,846 Bist, No. 2 ................ 1,080 In town o f Manheim ........... .. 1,123 In town o f Banuhe, (est). . .... .......... 15 . 6,078 . 6,387 2- T o tals,.,. ..................... ..0 00101 200 'm i r Haven .......... 1 2 0 3 0 1 2 6 0—15 Clippers ................. 0 0 010120 0-4 The New Havens, played the Uticas Sat­ urday. The score stood 38 to 10 in favor o f the New Havenk LitcMem. — No sale was made at Norton’s fac­ tory last week, as sale day came upon the day celebrated as the ” Fourth.” • Rev. Mr. Becker, of Columbia, preached at Crain’s Corners, a week ago last Sunday, in the absence of Rev. 0. T . : Moss, pastor. and Sreast, and all diseases o f th e Throat and Lungs. Try onC bottle and be con­ vinced ©fits merits. Wild Cherry, Honey, Horehound, soothes and scatters aU irri­ tations and inflammations, and the Tar cleanses and, heals. the^Tfaroat and air passages leading to the Lungs. Trial bottles, lOe.; large sizes, 50 and 75e. We also keep Prowse's Piarrhoea Cordial, which is warranted to -cure every case. Sold by Myers & Bellinger, Little Falls; Yost & Co., Little Fails; W. H. Prowse, H e rkim e r; Steele B r o s., M o h a w k ; H . J . Fagan, U ion; 0. E. M. Vinton, Frank­ fort, and sold in every town in the County. . apl29tf Jimelhil^C^tranki?E.*HShawftf,“^ed^5 years a n d 28 d a ys. to r o f ’WiUiac and U da^. G jysm srs;,—rii lA tt le Rails F r id a y Jj air. Jas. 0, Qreene. aged 24 years, 6 nn SN E L h ,—3Cn M inden, J u n e 29th M r. Ahri oueJl, ased 80 years, 6 months and 16 days. P o ^ s S I S d M ^ y e a r L ^ ”* ^ le . M a rvin a . SHOEMAKER,—la this town Inly 4, 1875, D a n i e l fahoemaker, a g ed 64years. JVC Et,XSX>_ V A L U A B L E ? i u i g i m: i f o r ^ a l e At HERKIMEB, N. ¥. DESIRABLE ViLLASE LO T S , I ^ I have received the agency for the ‘’ K irby M owing and R e a p ing M achines” for the following towns: Herkimer, New- port, Norway, Russia, Fairfield and Sal­ isbury. One o f these machines may he seen on the steps of C. W . Palmers’s Store. All orders will he promptly at­ tended to. Any information wOl be free- — The fourth of July comes not with- i by addressing me. out bringing with it at least a few mis­ haps and casualties. A couple from this ■Vicinity got capsized on their way to the picnic, July 3, but no injuries were re­ ceived. — Mr. Seymour Tillinghast, residing near Crain’s Corners, had a horse and buggy taken from Palmer’s Grove, outhe evening of July 3d. I t was taken up near Utica the next morning, and on the day following restored to its owner. It is 1 supposed to have been driven off by some 2 boys who went to the picnic oa foot, but preferred to ride home. O h a s . H . B e l l i n g e r , mayl9m2 Herkimer, N v Y . L o c a tion of LotSn T h e w e sterly term inus of “ E a s tern A v e n u e .” ) called, upon which, th e lots are located, is bout ton rods southerly of th e New Y o rk Cen­ tral and H u d son R iver R a il Road, and about eight rods easterly o f the H e r k im e r H y d raulic Canal, a n d d istan t b u t a few rods from th e H e r ­ kim e r D epot. T k e lots a r e sufficiently f a r Irom tho Rail Road to avoid the noise and bustle ol the cars, SIZE OF LOTS. Total in village., r - ..,* .. do 1 8 7 b ... a five InCTcasfemfi F a irR e ld . Eev. 0. W . Parsonshas been absent several days for rest. — Prof. Bufiy and family, of Pulaski, are in town visiting fri«nds and relatives. Mra. Isaac Burrell h d family have removed to their former home in Salis- « No preaching here laat Sunday even- Farmers are haying this week in good earnest. The grass crop is much better than was expected b y many. Hain every day last week. Foland.^ — Farmetra h a v e commeDCed haying. __ The heavy shower on Monday, put an end to dancing in Stillman’s Grove, although the attendance a t the hall was large. — T he ladies of this village gave .a ^ strawberry and ice cream festival in Mil- — Mrs, A . H . Prescott,,Charlie, and, Ungten’s ^rove. on Friday evenmg, for F r a n k f o r t . — Potato bugs are becoming quite nu­ merous throughout this section. The condemned bridges between the village and the depot are being repaired. — A few fond devotees of piscatorial pursuits started northward on an excur­ sion, Monday. Success to them. — The funeral of the little child of Mr. John Petrie, who was so terribly burned not long since, was held at the house, Friday, the 9th. Rev.» Br. ^Humphrey yffisiatfidj ana in inras 9f ««naw ana lur­ ing sym p a tliy conveyed a L ealing com fort to the bereaved parents. — The census enumerators have suffi­ ciently completed their work in this town so as to give a correct statement. The population is 3402 in the whole town. The village population is 1333. The pop­ ulation ,pf District No. 1 is H31. The population o f Bistriet No. 2 is 938. The whole population in ’65 was 8087, making an increase since then of 315, The pop­ ulation of District No. 2 in -*65 was 9'OS, making an increase o f 30, “ Gems of India; or Sketches o f Bistinguished Hindoo and Mahoraedan Women,” by Mrs. E. J. Humphrey, of this place, lies before us, a present from tfie author. A sojourn o f fourteen years in India has given affiple opportunities for research, of which the author has availed herself, and now presents us in a charm­ ing book the results o f her in^uesfsand ob* servatiohs. The book is truly Oriental in every respect, and the treatment o f the subjects at the hands o f Mrs. Humphrey is in perfect keeping with their pecu­ liar characteristics. The book touches on the most notable personages, ancient and comparatively modern, in Indian history, giving admirable sketches o f those events which distinguished their lives, and upon the wopaen of ludfa in general. The author has dedicated her work “ To American women, ofw b a tever reli^ous denomination or creed, with the prayer and hope that from perusing it the inter­ est they already takaj;he women o f heathen lands may be greatly increased. and also says in her preface, “ I hope. , how8ve}», that the g lii^ s e s of tfie coun­ try, from the beginning of the Mahome- interesting to the reader, bnt will awaken a desire to become better acquainted with the strange and thrilling history of-thac rich and brilliant, but most unhappy and unfortunate land, which has so long been suffered to remain enshrouded in the thick darkness of heathen superstition, but is now, in God’s o wn good time, vis­ ited by the light o f the glorious Gospel o f Christ.” ' The book is published by Nel­ son & FLillips, New York, and, we are sure, will fully meet the ultimate object for which it Was written. Besides this merit, it has many lessor, t h p | h ej|ua!Iy obvious ones, and the hook will come k welcome guest to every lover o f true Oriental beauty. her youngest daughter have gone east to spend a few weeks. They will visit Long Branch, Brooklyn, Jersey and Saratoga, before returning. •—The picnic and dauoe given by the Ladies’ Literary Club was an ei joyahla ^ a lr. Br. Brmnerd, o fLittle Falls, Miss JeniHO Noithrap, ofU ticsi and Miss D e JPbUlj o f Albany, were among th e guests pxmmf* the benefit o f the Methodist Church. The attendance was large. - -—Work has been suspended on the Methodist Church, o f this place. G w s s m h tho best Starch Fob ish made. I t prevents th^ l&rQU from gtickiof ’and gives $ beiutiful gloss to iho shirt fronts, istdtars., cuffs, Ac., which eve­ ry |eari«maiLO 0 V(bi. julyTtf H o p s . The Gooperstown Journal says: The yipe ip this State has ha^^ rapid growth, and now looking v.ejy w # —h u t it i^ tp& early to venture any j^ediction as to the probable yield o f hops. There is a small increase in the acreage, compared with last year. A letter from a grower I p Sauk county, W is., says; “ The vine looks rather slim io this county. fardQ which gave the largest yield of hops lapt year are the least promising, while those which bore lightly 'then leok ua though they would sdeld more abundantly.” Ask yoap G r w for GhffSSiNE— jtStttohlohBh. N e w p o r t , — The old Welch (M. E.) church Newport H ill is being repaired. Rev. F. K . Pierce will preach in the church next Sunday evening. — The old original Georgia Minstrels give an entertainment at Jackson’s Hall this ( W ednesday} evening. They gave an entertainment at Herkimer Friday o f last week, one at Ilion Saturday, one at Mo­ hawk Monday evening,~and again at Her­ kimer Tuefiday, This is the best minstrel troupe^ traveling, and has given general satisfactiDH. Don’t fail to see them and enjoy a hearty laugh. E ds . M r s ..C r u ff« r ’E F s ifa te. T h e N e w X o r k correspondent o f th e TJtica, J S e r a U h a s th e follow ing Among tho former members o f one of fchese^ opulent churches, w a s th e late Mrs. Harriet Cruger, whose will has recently been rejected by the Surrogate, on the score o f insanity. She was the heir o f a large, estate both in the city and the country. A portion p f iie r lands Jay in the south part of Herkiiner county, and she contributed annually to the support of the jchurch in XIolumbia. She was a woman of much eccentricity, and one\ of her peculiarities was the keeping o f a cow. This wa# a costly luxury, since the ani­ mal occupied a lot adjoining the Grug mansion, -and the interest on the value the land, with taxes, equaled $1,200 a year i add to this the fodder and care of the animal, and you would have about $1,500 as the price paid by Mrs. Cruger for fresh milk. She bequeathed her es- benevolentenevolent uses,ses, butut thehe heirs-afeirs-at- -— to b u b t h law have made out that the queer old \ ■ This is not lOSt a d e ^ e that after her death her property Suoula be working fox tlie welfare o f man- kind, and the change wrought by legal ingenuity adds one more to many perver­ sions o f the kind noticed. OhAiRvoYANi E xaminations F ree . ■No subject requires so much thorough Study an‘d investigatiou as how to treat chrome The ppgc jatelleetuai and learned physioiaas are often \at fault and groping in the dark for cause to the train of symptoms that present them­ selves. Their skill is baffled,' and thou­ sands go down to an untimely grave for want o f a proper understanding of their case. Dr. Butterfield-mot only has the §ift o f elairvoyapce, bqt the ej^perience o f treating aU classes o f chronio diseases, been already formed. Dyspepsia, Chron ic Diarrhoea, all female diseases,^ can be permanently cured even after having been given up-by others. Let all consult B r. Butterfield who are suffering frqm any form of diseasa, at the Nelson House, Little Falls, Tuesday, July 20; Dudley House, Utica, the bal-anee o f the Week. JunedOwP Is Y our L iee wouth 10 O m t s ? - Slckness prevails e v e r y w h e r e * and every- *body»i:amplains o f some disease during C. W . PALMER, J r ., h e a d QUARTERS ' FOR H A m G TOOLS! Forks, Scythes, Snaths, Horse and Hand Rakes, Scythe Stones, Grind Stones and G. S. Hangings, Grain Cradles, &c. Hay Rope, all .sizes, Pulleys and Rings. MOWING MACHINE K N IY E S , Comp. Sections, Guards, Rivets, Keys, Oil, &c. Agent for celebrated Wisner “ Ohio” W heel Rake. PRICES REDUCED TO M E E T THE TIM E S ! A t the Mammoth Store, Main Street, Herkimer, N. .Y. july7w6 Severe sore throat and diphtheria is quickly cured by using Renne’s Magic Oil freely. Swathe the neck with three or four thicknesses of flannel and keep it wet with the Magic O il; gargle the throat, mixed with water, or take a little clear, and*swallow slowly. Follow up this until cured.- Sold by W. H . Ppw se. Jfirixoursion tiotets, at about balf faref- to the Thousand Island Camp Ground, can he had o f W ard P._ M unson, at the E x p r e ss office, H erkim er. A lso, Excursion Tickets, at reduced, rates, to Alexandria Bay and Clayton. fliORSNA i FLY CHPET Wllff, Tho lots’are each fifty feet wide, front anIreai, and one hundred and twenty-one and one-half feet deep, and laid out at right angles to “ E a s t­ ern A v e n u e ,” w h ich is fifty feet w ide and ru n ­ ning in a l i g h t lin e its e n tire l e n g th ; or in other words,\ as straight as a gunharrel.\ O T J i t O F X l S I T O r f T . W e confidently a s s e r t th a t these lots a re c om­ paratively dry an d w ell adapted to building ' ■sot to Spring d ry a n d t purposes, a n d are n o t inuadaH on n s, b a rr inj 4 ^ Millinery Goods can be bought at a Great Rsduction from former prices, of Mas. ,C ..E. Bunt., juneSQtf Herkimer, N. Y. j|@”For Sale, a Mowing Machine, some used. Enquire o f 0 . Yf. Bronson, Mg- July 12, 1875,' julyl4w2 M illinery .-—N ow is the time to buy Millinery Goods cheap. juneSOtf M rs . 0. E. Btri,!,. THE DAIRY MARKET. Im t E T h o m a r t e t was salesm en w e re quit m a n ifested little desl pALts. Jnlyl2.l8?5. d u l l ' arid ‘depressed.; sppndent. a n d buyers . g a t cheese. T h e r e p - ' resentatives o f factories w ere large, th e re being a b o u t 125 salesm en in th e m a rh e t. Offerings m u st h a v e r eached. 12 or 13,000 bdxes, a n d fully 10,000 boxes cheese ohanged han ^ s . som e a s o n t and out sales at fixed figures, others at ma . p rice, commission, o r o th e r p r iv a te a rrarigeni Sales o f 500 Box^s d a i r y w e r s m a d e a t 8 to 11 acoordixi'fic to Quality.,' Pa.ctory ranged from to 32)1^32 p tfi Ti?oiJig JlJ© ru2j23jjt pno o for S b .® grades, ab o u t 35 lots Bellini disposed t o t h in k t h a t season h a v e y e t he(en it Will go m u c h lowi igatthatj& g u ri bottom prices for the is reach e d , b u t do n o t th i n k Mr. Stevens, the English th e m a rk e t several ~*hite Creek 11%, ipper, w ho d also bought M iddleviUsi at same figures, to-day 12J4 was the highest ho -woulffpay. ‘ s h a ^ b e e n on £ eks, paid last Friday for Whi i a lso bought M iddleviU si a t sai “ffp a y . ________ ________ J. D. I THE HERKIMER MARKET. (WHOnSSJUOX I-JBICBS.). their lifeT ^ i^ e a rick, , the object is to get well I Dotf we jplsiDly that no per­ son in this wqrid that is suffering with Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint and its ef­ fects, snob 'as Indigestion, Gostivenass, Sick Headache, f^our Stomach, Beatt- bum , Palpation o f th e H eart, D epressed i i i & r E h o n iders. j b w ^ m m W e t . * New York, July 13,1875. “pUCTE13®24o*for w s t e r n j 20 heaty at for ijpirimon to and cure. yen aouDc xpis, go iq yon Druggist—d W. Palmer, J r., smJ get Sample Bottle for 10 cents and try b Regular sixo 7ff eems, relieve you. p ] Two doses will janlhylalt l i j r J ames A . S ititer S on have on hand and for sale a splendid stock of Lap Bobesj S'aonaeif Dusters, Dog Collars and Muzzles. They have also jast received ft gtQok o f the now Gelluoid and Rubber Harness TrimmingSi ^ive them a call* HwJdmcr, N. Y , - |unc30w4* wizm z T J t i c a A d T e r t i S B i t t e i i t r . llinjfigw.Cloaks'and Suits O fth o O I d E stablished Cleafc H o u se. N o . *57 F r a n i ^ i i n S q u A r e , M a r k e d d o w n . faH jf SS-iper C e n t . PRIClE U S T ! ............ - ....... ■ ■ r S S g ’ilf: 4‘lQ4ncsf« Street! doira towa, A n d * »i» «b>aesee S t iec t. u p tow n . O K L Y 30 Cents Poundi, WORSTED FRiNOES, O N L Y 1 2 1 - 2 C e n t s Y a r d . i > o m ; e s x i c Paper Patterns, P u ll A ssurtm ent. s and fall inu a d a lio s , b a rr in g a few lots a t th e extrem e oarierly terminus of the \Avenue.” and that the soil is o f th e finest quality , both for gardening and f r u i t r a is ing, i n th e M o h a w k valley. PR IC E S OF LOTS AND T E R M S OF SALE. ”W o w ill offer these lots a t prices r u n n in g frsi n in e ty dollars to tw o h u n d r e d and seventy-fiv dollars each, according to location. O u r t e r a o f sale w ill be one q u a r te r o f purchase price down, a n d balance payable in three equal parts, in one. two a n d th r e e years, w ith in te r e s t a n n u ­ ally, geoured e ither by approved notes or mort. gage u p o n lo t o r lots sold. ‘ MAP AND GENERAL INSPECTION. A M a p of th is V a luab 'o V illage A d d ition has been m a d e by W . S. P a r k e r , Surveyor, and can be seen a s ith e office of th e H e r k im e r dem o c rat, w here any f u r t h e r inform a tion on th e subject of these lots o a n he obtained. A general inspection o f these lots is c o rdially extended to those i n search of a valuable l o t n p - on w hich to build. H a ted H e r k im e r . F e b r u a r y 24th, 1875. 0. 0. WITHBRSTINE, JACOB H . W E B E R . HERR? DOLOiiii, THE PMCTIGAL GDTTEli, IN F O R M S the public that his old ■ l e s r r t e b y TO W E R B L OC K an d he has opened his lerclit Morii fiilistafit In AHains’ Blocfe, on A E b a i a y s t r e e t , (Two D ooes W est op the P ost O pfich .) H e is supplied w ith a r^ew a n d Choice s tock o f SFRiNO AND SUWr^ER eOODS. Also, a Hno liiae o f RENTS’ FURNISHIl^G GOODS. P E R F E C T F i T in any ot the LATEST STYLES. Herkimer. April, 1875. apl21m3 lA U I O I M J A P P L E T O N ' S ’ AMEBICM CYCLOPMi, NEW REVISED EDITIOW.^ E N T IR E L Y R E W R IT T E N B Y T H E A B L E S T W R IT E R S ON E V E R Y SU B JECT. ted from New Tvpe. c eral Thousand Engt rrarjines a n d Maps. ' ^ S § S M i THE AMERICAN GYCiap^DIA. indiO'tri... .j.rgo GEOGSAPa£CAL BLs'OWLEOGE ?fA?ri’’c i r na.de by tbe iadefatigable explor O. L. A v e r y ’s H E F ^ K n V l E R , N . Y . B Y J a N oets --' .■ F K r A P f C X S C O s Sacramento, Ogden. Salt Lake City. Cheyenne. Denver, Omaha, Lincoln, Connoil Bluffs,Tank- ton. Sioux ----- ....... ’ D u luth, M Bay.4)shk( wautee. p u f f l in i GEO.H.GBAY, fflAm\ STREET, HERKIMER, IT A Y I N G purchaeod the stock in S T O C K O F C O O D S . OONSISIINO OF CBOieE FAMILY gfiOGEHIES AND FilOYISiQNSi CHINA, CROCKERY, GLASS&STONEWARE, Choice cigars & TolJacco, Two thro Drawing Room Council Bjuffs. For Green Bay and Lake Snpcrlor, Two ^^ns^aily.'m thPjR lm M Palace Cars attached. For jfiilwaakec, Four through trains daily. P u llm a n Cars on n ig h t train s . Fof Winona, and points J n Minnesota, One through train daily. . » F o r D u b u q u e , via F r e e p o r t, T w o th r o u g h trains daily, with Pnilman Cars on night train. For Bnhuque and La Crosse, via Clinton, ! wq th r o u g h train s daily, w ith P u llm a n Cars on ig h t tra i n . For Sioux City and Yankton, Two trains daily. Pullman Cars to Missouri Valley Junc. F o r la k e G eneva, F o u r trains daily. His stock tie oustomo- _ . . _ n the Gtrooery a n d Provision lin e m i i i s a . • 0 “ Farmera are invited to bring in their pro­ duce. and he assures them that he will deal with tbem in tlie most UberaJ maag'-\ ianltf F Q R S A L E! A B E A T O P U L m a r e , fit foi* ■li- ra lr in g h a y a n d w o rk ab o u t f a r m ; M n d 'a p d g e n tle; supposed to b e w i t h |- ^ L _ M O B a A N . E e r k im e r .- J u l y le t . 1875. ' july7w2 J A C O B H , W E B E B s A . T X O K B i f l ^ ' S r A f P U A . ’W<i Special atteotiO D s lv o n t o CoitvisTAScgia. Cojr- tsa c t in o a n d LEASisa, A ll pa p e r s d r a w n m a-plain. legible h a n d , t h a t can. be rea d by peo- pie now on earth . QiQce corner otChaveh and Prospect Ktrecst , N. A D . H C T D g R S O N , Attorn^y^ ^ CBnasettor at taw , f se DFPtCBs S a m e E tall wiEb D e n i o r x a t ^ e a z e t t o O S Ice, WANTEB iMMSfllAmV. A GOOD MAN aS Agent for filOS’ SIMS. tLt' Iseat St3f<?b P o lisli who ‘II canvass ^ u n t y thoroughly, P U L L M A N P A L A C E C A S ^ S . T h e s e celebrated cars a r e run. on a ll n ig h t train s on a ll th e lines.of tbia^o a d . T h e y a r e r u n botuteen— * Chiesgo and Omaha. Chicago and Cedar Ba^- id s . Chicago a n d D u b u q u e , v ia C linton. Chi­ cago and, Freepo r t. Chicago and M arcjuette. Chicago a n d G reen Bay. Chicago and M ilw a u - h.ee. Ohieagpand St-PauL This is tho CnlyLine running these cars be­ tw e e n Chicago a n d St. H aul o r Chicago a n d M il- wau&eer At Omaha our Sleeper^ eannget t?ith the Over­ land Sleepers on the Union Bfcifio Railroad, for all p o in ts w est o f th e M issouri RivOr. A-H Ticket AEOnts sb B iJohets hy t^his routes W, H, STlHfiETT, ^ Gen’l Passenger Agent. MARVIN HUSHITL .G eneral S u p o r iiiteaden t. . aplTmO W - A - h s T T E I D . A GENTS, niafe asd female, to sell uA Pictures, everyw h e re. P o u r teea tbD q sana retailed by one. What agenfs say; ” I oan make moro JHfihey i» this business tips Jean on app,- COOfarm,all stocked.” '‘ Y o u r Pictures please everybody.” “ I r e e e iv e d th e S S you sen t, and .sold §1 tb e n e x t day.” *• p icltu-es reeeived. a n d taom than half sold the first day, Seal 300 more,” 'Hllad to lina an honesfcpieture dealer.” Jeven y e a r s e stabB shed. NOTICE; Ip H E - u n d e r s ig n e d having sold o u t I bi'i Boot and Shoo c stabtishm o n t t<\ B e llin - scr & ffeiman, hereby give.'inotice to all persons in d e b ted t o him. to-caQtio im m eSiato settlem ent* as it ifi necessary t h a t tho hnsm e sa should bo Reriyffler, J ueq % 1875, jnuf j itf PESMASEST AhD AtXHEMiC fllSTOSi. ft the IdltorlTo b m g down th e intorm a tion to th e late'st pcssi- pje dates., and to fiirmsh an a.’ourate account of p e m o st recen t discoveries in science, o f e very literature, a n d of th e new e st inventions in th e p ractical a rts, as well a.i to give a succinct a n d original record o f t h e progress o f PO L ITICAL ANB H iS T O m c iL EVSSXS. sea beg — Jfi resources So mination. N o n e o f th e original stereotype plates h a v e been u sed, bu t e v ery page h a s been PSISIED OxV a w O'lPE, T H E IL L I S IE A T IO S S .nd d e p ict t l ares o f seer th e v a rious ittres. AltH - --- been spared to insure their A R T I S T I O ion is e n o rm o u s, a n d i t is ilcome reosptiuQ Prfc© anri. S ty le o f sm d ins^» assia, per v TWELVE VOLUMES NOW EEADI, Succeeding v o lum e s, u n t i l e o m idetion, r tiU 'b q issued once i n two m o n ths. , FSRST-StlLSS OAKViiSSma A3ECITS VSfAHYED- Copies s e n t o n r e c e ip t o f p r ice. jnneSOtf J.H.8TEWART&8O1M MiNUEACItREES OF eARRIfiBESAMB ILEISHS, Kqasr C o u r t H o a s e . 3Xa$n S t r e e t * v . ex - , II'IH E sufescribers are p r s p a r e J io i . MANUFACTURE IrfS^Skt: Eias,<a w f t o o M s , m m A O E s a h a f= r r TO ORDERS a n d as th e y usq th e B E S T M A T E - R I A L S , a n d em p loy IT IiS T -C L A S S W u R T i- MEN, all work will bo wurraated. 'Ilicy iuva ali.o a larg e s to c k o f B E A D T - m A D S W O B S : on hand, for ralo or oxchanso for Ec:oE'i-h-;nJ work, D a in tm g , T m n m iiis: a a d Eepftii?in^ Uoao ot tho chortat notiee* Cali and Sao.

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