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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, July 07, 1875, Image 4

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H a w TO MAK^ A BEE-HIVE. Take an ineli plank (let it be Bmooib) 28xlS inches square for the bottom ; saw oati o f the center a piece.six inches square; coTer this with wire clpth. Make a slide length.ength, pieces be the same l twelve inches wide, and set these on the bottom. Nail from the under side, letting one be one inch from the edge. (This is for the bees to have a place to light on.) Make at entrance under this for the bees to go in. Take strips, two inelies wide, and nail on the outside a t top on side board, extend­ ing above one inch. Hang \■ side o f this on top o f sid« the frames in- this on top o f side board. For mes take strips | x l i wide, ten inches long; for the end pieces, for ^ttom and top, one inch wide; bottom piece, fifteen inches long^; top piece, two inches longer, extending one inch, over each end piece when nailed together. Nail through the top into the end and through the end into the bottom piece. For a guide take a triangular piece, tack it on the under side o f the top piece. Out out end boards I 2 | wide, and hang on just like the' fr ^ e s . this on with hinges, on the tronfc and fasten on the other with a laton, or a weighs on top will do. When complete, frames should be t of an inch smaller than the hive Inside, giving room for the put a swarm in this hive, raise the board or cloth on top of one end board three empty the bees as close to this When they all lid, put one end board in placft, then seven frames, and then the other end board. Put a be frame, raise up inches, empty th< onening as you can. When they^all go in, let down end board, take board or cloth off o f frames, let down the lid and you have them. As they fill up put in more frames. You can make frames larger or smaller, according to your fancy. The principle is th3 same as Mr. Qum- by’s, but differently coastructed.— C/or. Prairie Farmer. DSPEEDATIOKS OF THE G E U B ~ HOW TO P E E VENT IT. The grub is working mischief with the corn. Some fields are almost entirely desolated. This is rather unexpected, following so severe a winter. In Salis­ bury, north of the Mohawk, where the snow prevents the ground from freezing much, there is considerable depredation o f the worm. I was told, while there, o f a cure that touches the_ point, and is reliable. A farmer in Michigan started to plow bis corn land late in the fall. He had proceeded for. a space round the lot broad enough for some six or seven rows, when winter set in. The rest o f the plowing was done in the spring. My in­ formant told me when he saw the fii'' to f t h e field, G E O . H . G B A T , M A I N ST R E E T , H E R K I M E R , T T A V I J r Q p u r c h a s e d th e s to c k J J , tra d e o f S M L I . * BSOLTS, iuT itoaih* p a - »»ny fnsRdi to an STOCK OF GOODS. qOHSISTIKO OP CHOICE FAMILY BROGERIES AND PROVISIONS, C H I N A , C R O C K E R Y , GLASS&STONEWARE, W O O D E N W A R E , & c . , & c . Choice cigars & Tobacco His stock will be kept lull and complete, an< his customers <jan rely upon yettintr evewthim in the Grocery and Provision line FRESH. 49“ Farmers are invited to bring in their pro­ duce, and he assures them that he wiU deal with them in the most Ubera.t maar— ianltf III S i S - 3 2 6 | g corn, not a hill missing, rest was a total failure. The' explan- thathat exposingxposing thehe groundoi to atioD was, t e t gr the frost it killed the insects. I f this is the case—and it seems lik e ly - it would be an advantage to treat corn ground , 1 1 . . .u: ------- jj, jg generally in this way. I gr.'iin. I remember plowing the greater ■t o f a field, years ago, in January. I t ! up mellow, and in the spring was mellow.ellow, Itt wasas sownwn too oatsats andnd a very m i w so t o a a superior crop was grown, Clean and bright. Late fall plowing would be almost equiva­ lent. It would be less packed than early plowing in the full, and no grass growingi The difficnlty in late fell plowing is on account o f the wet. The frost will in a measure remedy this, but only in a meas­ ure ; this especially with dryamL T he OURRAira-WoiLM.~Dr. Worces- s thehe currant-worm,ant-worm, soo d«estructive ter says t curr s d to a favorite fruit, may be fully and almost immediately destroyed by the use o f carbonate of lime. The doctor tried the powder in many instances during the past summer, and found that while it was fully as efiective as hellebore, i t was less disagreeable, less costly and perfectly safe. The method of using i t is to sprinkle it over the vine as soon as the worm makes its appearance, bringing it well in contact with the leaves, and soon the insect is destroyed. It will need but two or three applicationr, and the work is done. In this way, for a few cents, large quantities o f currant bushes might be saved and the fruit allowed to mature, and no danger whatever incurred. Neither the foli ge nor the fruit is in any way injured by the carbonate o f lime. ulp i n ^ a t e ^ carefully dry th e m 'in t h e folds o f a COttQU r blottlP* r,anar> A ----- JJ too watOi. When the plants come up, thin them so as to allow the roota o f those remaining plenty of room. Water them --inally as they may require, and \»anety from seed; “ Take the sst berries to be found, and when fully ripe, reduce them to a pulp in water, drain off the water, \ ’ carefully dry them ii cloth . die o f _ ____ _ _____ _ _______ _ „ a deep, light rich soil, and eovt _____ about an eighth of an inch deep. Can should be taken that the bed be not kept When th ^ plants ainiug j occasionally as they may require, about the middle o f August they will be large and strong enough to transplant Set in good rich, earth, and on the ap- ITToaoh o f winter mulch them with straw. iiAUGE F arms tn ^ ansas . —The largest farm in the world is, according to a f Louis papejj that o f Mr. .George Grai , 5,900 acres. Mr. Grant devotes himself principally to stock rais­ ing, and has accomplished a great deal by the introdaction of the best blooded stock and exhibiting the best methods of reav­ ing, feeding and improving tne foreign and domestic breeds o f horses^ cattle and MfJEBSEY STEAMBOAT C PEOPLE’S U X E FOE ltl?d o c k P. M. JREW. T H E S T E A M E R S ST. JJIIUL. Capt. GHRISIOPH. b r . WEDHES1>A.'V&, ‘ TUTTRSBAYS. and FRIDAXSi and SATHKDATS, A t 8 o ’c l o c k O'* arrival o f Hudson R iver R. R. Tickets Good for Passage, iBcliding state goom Bertb, '49* OnteseBoatawill caiuaect with the XTa ^ V. K. Jt., A. t& M. iC. a ., M# a . ALL OflEOKBD BAGGAGB TBAarSFERBEP FREE, AS H8HAL. FREIGHT TAKEN AT MODERATB RATES. **j; r. W. HABCOUBT. ARcnt. mestic breeds o f horses, cattle a Sheep. He has just wintered 7,000 shei with a loss of less than one per centt secret of his success lying in pro’ id shelter. He is die owner of the leep, n , the roviding good shelter. H e is the owner o f the thor.''Oghbl'6d stallion FhSden, valued at $35,Quo, tfae^ father o f which won the Rerby race in 3860. He has jast pur­ chased for his farm thirty odd brood mares in Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky. B unches in the backs op C attle .— A correspondent o f the Maine F a rm e r says: “ Bunches in the hacks o f cattle are .caused by the hot o f gad-fly, aestrus bovis- They may be prevented by pro­ curing three ounces o f pure carbolic acid, which can be obtained at any apothe­ cary’s, and diluted with one gallon o f pure soft water; shake well and place iu a jug, keeping it closely stopped, and apply daily with a swab to the backs and side o f the youni TJIDEETAKING A SFBCIALITV. ■ W A A . B . l E O W E X j X . MAIN STREET, HERKIMER, TS prepared to furnisb overything J- appertam lnc to theburyinr oiFtho dettds O O F F I N T S O A K S E T S , r o b e s , M i r a r a , and outside trihminos , person?. Aeent for J- C. Shsslsr’s Metslio Rurlsl Cases, or Caskets. N O T IC E ! JOHN D. SPINNER will have ^ BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE, wmjproereM; also, an exteasi-e PUBLIC GAR- p o | p D . M d S . 3 y ^ ^ SOD, to beautify these Rrouuds. that there trill ba friere tvill also ba donated a site for.a th e young stock. Apply after the first o f July, as it is about that time that the gad-fly appears.” i“The way to get the most from tlfcs, i m a c h ine, i f you can, w ith th e scythe, S ’ } on m u s t, an d leave i t on t h e ground. T chink y o u w ill find w h e n th e feed gets short in J u ly and August, the cows will eat with a relish, bo th w h a t was cut first and 'wMt grew s J b v it was cut, and & d intik-making material in both. W O O D ’S W o r l d [ s » XaU^ylaesit I»*d3B© fioproTM Im Fraiei Iwers. 2 1 0 , 6 1 3 Of ihese Kaehin'M have been made and fold. 2 0 , 4 S O W o re m a d a a s d sold i » 18T4. Awarded 48 First Prizes i n E n » n . . 105 FIESX PKIZES ever all atBer SOWEK8. ** Mower in the LfttIeFalls,Ai>riI, 1875. aA K IU d m M k U f A g ’t , aym taaal Hum,* F ai - w , K. Y. New AdTertlseiB^Bts. G E O . L m s m & CO. m m ABB MELOBMS. The Oldest, liarteit, and M ostTerleet Manolee- tory in tho U aitsd States. s s . o o o NOW IN USB. No other Muaieal Tnitrament ever ohtalneil the same popularity, Send for Price Lists. Addrew. B D F F ILO , N. V . Weannounoe thai(antil farther notice) we will ’ sell to applicants In any city o r town srhere vre bare no agent on the same term and at the earn dUeotmi* as to lar^e d e a ler who porchaae iirom ISO 000 to ISO,000 value annually. The fact of ours beiog the oldest and largeri mannfsotory in the United ^ t e s , with SS.OOO in ­ is a suIDeientgaarantea of le merits o f our GEO. A.PRINCE AGO. struments now in use, is a suIDeientgaaran our reeponsibility and th e merits o f our instru- A O T ffiC T a v r^ rv f'lSg: B rie. P a . jane23w.4 BOOK AQENTS W^o^^nfS’o'II-e^n's-e- Mediesi Adviser,” by R. Y, Pieroei M. P. The most ready sellins book out. Exelnslve terri­ tory and Jiboral terms. Address tbo Author at Eufialo.N.Y, iune23w4 HOPE EVER. AxcBte Wtated s for Beet riellinw “ 8tere«ee< ic Vietve,’^ Cliromos, Alaps, Charts, and Fa ily Bible*. U'ak.e no aoreUcy till yen see 41 — Circular. Addiws, 1>. JU. Claeriuey, t-nb., C'aneoril, N. U . juue23w4 ’ AGENTS WANTEDI Eisr O R WOMEN. $ 3 4 a w e e i:. iu- Proof furoiihed. Buiiaeis pleasant am irable with no risk. -A8 1 pace circular and ■ ■■' ' free. 4W Send your address honorable Valuable on postal eardf Don’t deUy b ut write a t onee to june2Sw4 F.M ,REED.8TiaT„jiBW T 0aK. WMaEVEI IT HAS lEM TRIED J U R U B E B A as established itself ee a perfect regulator and crac SRifEPT ior disorders o fthesystem arising ■ora improper aotion ofthe Liver and Bowels. IT IS NOP A PHYSIO, but by stimulating the secretive organs, gei>tl.v and gradually removes • t e l M x r t e I VEGETABLE TOfHG sMoh assists cHgeetion. and tbns stimulates th ippetite for food neoeesary to invigorate th reekeaed or ioictiTe orgi&i, t n i idrea itnngtb c a e m b s T ts ow n rbcobimenda . TXON. a s t h e larg e a n d rap id l y in c reasin g s a les CO„BfewTork, WbolesalaAsents. junef'*-'' H . R . D A V I S MANUFACTURER OF C O N F E C T I O N E R Y , and dealer in Oysters, fruits aud YeptaMes, T O J B A C O O . a n d aU th e choicest a n d finest b r a n d s o f C I O - A l t s . STATIONERY. Fancy Box Papers. Bill, Gap. Envel- ftnd b e tter Paper in large variet Fine an^ 1 . 0 A N Y , C o n fining all the N e w ^ n d Popnlar Books of 1 ¥ £ W S A J B P O V . LUNCH COUNTEB. l o E o o r . * > s o x . A . , F f a m S t r e e t Sadiemey- « o id F r u i t S t o r e , Thwe doow north of Jna*« Gm ee^ o lee. mayestf H o r K i m o r , N . Y. m i l fiOMMISllOMS AMD DAlH MEMflMS: EOa SXLLIXU A LIBRARY OF FAMOUS FICTIONj coicpMSiKa SB* saw J e w e l s o f M a ^ a t i v e lite y a t i i r e i puf rim»a pyeiTgn, g f wak 0 Belil, KeMomia Croaee. Vmxa mmO. Vir^aUt, PlocWa, T a les from A raM o B lflg h ta , ef over 1.000pages. is the w o B i.i>ns STORYBOOK, and w a n t to r e a d i t . A g e n t's O n tf itfree t o a l l mean buiinwff and will faithfully canTto. J . B . F O R D A C O . , PlM-k P l a c e . id all P l a c e , N e w Y o r k . WEST STREET HOTEL, Hoi.U,« 2 . 43 *«W a tg t. asrasvjr - s - q f k b :. A Temperance House, O N T j a j E E t r » 0 > B A N p l a n ^ LARSE LOT, WITH A HOUSE AND BARN, Situated on Bollinger S treet. Bnqni Enquire of !ID, H erkim . T A K J B N O V I C E . T H A T i b e Hadera^ipaed M eiin M reel, L ittle W herehew»ybee»M iilted e» ICeaday e t e w A m M A M M O T H S T O B H . 15 dU e X R B P S r rS P , A B A R 6 » BX0qK,0F - C H O I d l l J ’A P A M , A M A 0 0 £ .< » I V € ^ T E I L f S , ^9 be iold at PiioM te Suit Buyen. Don’t fri! tdeadl before baying. A new «te«k of N e w O r l e a n s a n d P o r t o R ic o M o ­ la s s e s a n d S y r u p s . New FRENCH PRUNES, RAISINS, CURBAN!K, CITRON a n d CANNED FRUITS, &p. ' S t a n d a r d A , C u t L o a f , P o w d a r a d a n d C r a n u l a t a d S u a r a r a , itldw a t Matkfii Pri««. FRESH COFFEE, GROUND DAILY. BREAKFAST COFFEE, oiily cents per pound. Floiir, Salt, Water Liie, ialS Memtain Idle, Plaster Paris anS D£a»r'k>le jDvtisib. B : e o ‘W 3 s r = ’3 i=»jbw’r E 3 s r ' X ' DRUHS and PATENT MEDICINES j P u re Wines and Liquors, for Medicinal u s e ; a ll the pop­ nlar and best P a tent Medicines Of the day sold; Physicians’ Prescriptlonacacofully oomponnded 3 « j a ( .X l . X > ' W j £ k » L l E S . A largaetook of S l i e l f a n d H e a v y H a r d w a r e , ZiOck:s, K n o b s , B u t t s , H i n g e Serewfi, &c., &c. CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS’ TOOLS. CARRIAGE NIAKERS* GOODS. Hubs, Spokes, Felloes, Shafts, Foies and Cutter Stuff. « B l a e k s m i t h s ’ C o o d s , Iron and Steel Ware. Shoea, H one Neila^ AxIu.^Springs, and all other goods in this line. AU Bottdm P rices, a n d G u aranteed as Sold. C . W . P A l i t i e t t , A r . , S l a i n S t . , a e r l t l i n e r , K . > , HOLD YOUR HORSES! WmA, STOri HOLO ON! D o n ’t y o u k n o w t h a t JOHi M. METZGER a u n s t h e C r o a t ^BEIMER STOVE DEPOT! f f l w S k s i r o S s l u L ^ ° ® MOST BERFECT AND SUO- W a s M n ^ W slc M h q meet can tell yon how T I N K O O F I N a i AND DOES PLUMBING ANOGASFlTTmO! Try him if you want anything of that kind done. T R U S S E S . Supporters- and Pile OPRING OVERCOATS! Pipes. •'Seeley's Hard Rubber Trusses kJ Cool, oleanly. light, perfeetly lafe and comlort- pfus- w variety, ftom fT to |2Q, oatning. endoraed ^ ^ t h e ^rof«Mion.Jong^teBt«^ FINE CLOTHING! Of all kinds, eutial to Onstom work at ene-half the price. Children’s Clothing I Boys’ Clothing! Youths’ Clothing! Ofallgrudegaadpricei. Stout Workin/j Saits from SIO to Sl6 Busiaeai “ “ $15 to S25 I'ineHresa “ “ $20 to' $30 L liifiUtd itOftk of lilt yokr'g ilylu ai eosfc and om« b elow c o st, to c lean th e m o u t. Purnishingr Coods! A large Stock at very Bow Prices. Prices marked In P lain Figures, so that every- body inay read them* O I K E P R I C £ T O A ldW i t K I N G S L E Y ’S GREAT WARDROHEy W. H. PROW S E , H E R K I M E E s N .Y ., DEALER I N DRUGS AND MEDICINES, PURE WIRES AND LIQUORS, OSOGKEET, G L A S S W A B E , W I N D O W G L A S S , W 0 0 D E 2 T W A E E , STO N E W A R E , GROCERIES & PROVISIONS, n o A N U S12 G E N E S B B SXKEBT. UTICA- 94 GENESEE STREET, AUBURN. N .Y .. 63 DOMINICK STREET. SOME, N. T . 227 AND 229 STATE ST., NEW HAVEN, C». CHARLES Ce KIHflSLlYg THE FOPUIiAR CLOTHIER. HsrUierCo. Iiiiriceiiencf, A T M O H A W K . N . V . C o m p a n i e s R ^ r e s e n t a d H a y i n m S 6 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 ■ V lZ s LIVERPOOL, LONDON AND G lo b e ....... ..520,000 oooanid ROYAL, of Liver pool... JO,000,0«0 Do. iETNA, of Hartford, Es- tablishedi819, ........... 6,000,000 NORTH AMERICA, of P h iladelphia, 1 7 9 4 , .. . 3,000,000 PE N N . MRBiOf Phila­ d e lp h ia, 1 8 2 5 ................... 1,000,000’ HANOVBR,orN.York, 886,000 For reliahility and. itwngth, nromptnet For^IpMianooi* apply to s . e. COE, ComniX ov Mxnr aw ® O tbxoo S txm t s , 3 ^ y _ M Q Z E A . W K . 3>qr_ -S '. L U M B I H I L U M B E E I ! rpHE undersigned takes this method . i of informing the citizens o f this and adjoin- ----- --------- - ------ itra i R a r irO a d .ln O E H E R K I M E R . A t h is y a r d oSoeon th e o o r n e r o f Albany; m a y b e fouad J i l l H I a d s « < I s a m b e i * , Including Doors, Sash, Blinds, Brackets, M ouldtngs, SbinglaS) &C-, &c A tprieesthatdefy competition. H e will n otonlyfurnisb Lumber for Build- iufs. b u tw iiltakecontraotstodo tb e e n tire work. Give me a e a ll beforepurohasingelsewhi— AARON SNI DatedHorhiraer.AugjiBtlg 1873. aa« METZQ] houBe tiib . M ’ .... ‘ and give you the worth o f: ever you want, money, a t Xho Old on Mm Strootj HERKIiER, H. Y. THE HEW EMPIRE . COOK STOVE. W I T H A I R C H A M B E R AND LOW COPPER TANK. The Calcium Base Burner P a r l o r S t o v e ! THE BEST COOK AND PARLOR IN THE WORLO! ©OXiXI BYT JOHN M, METZGER, Herkimer, N. Y. i&* I f people come so th a t they cannot h e ae- eommodated.XwlU enlarge my store. A O H N WI, M E T Z G E R . Iron and Steel, Springs,Felloes, Inns, Spoles, &c. J U S T A D D E D T O M Y S T O C K , A N D S O L D A T Bottom P r ices!! O. Vf, p a l m e r J r . ff l o r t f ^ a ^ e S a l e . of July,*1875. at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the hotel now kept by Orange Voung. in the town Of Starb uiOTcsaidi Ihv prewiee? m dcBcribcd in said mortgage as loliows: All that eertain piece o r parcel o t land sitn-tte, lying and being m the Bald town of Stark, bounded and describ ed a s follows, to w it: B e g inning a t th a n o r th - west corner of a lot owned by Wellington Tunni- ciiff. o n th online o f D a v id S h a v e r, a n d th r a c ^ i n PosTPOKEsnsKT.— The above sale is herobj postponednntilThursday. J u ly 15, 1875, at the place and. time of day mentioned in the above J o a n A . PiTOHEB, A ttorney. T a n JttornesviUe. N. Y. OTEK f 90 ,« 00 , 000 ! HERKIMER INSURANCE AGENCY. HENDiRSON & UWTON, O F H E R K I M E R , Represent th* following O l t f a n d R o l i a * a b l a I n s u r a n c e C o . ’a : 2BTNA o f arnttfalrd. C te a . RdYAL.^TUivirp5Si',“^ . “ ‘„\ NOUTHjyfERlCl,... _____ _ PBVTSii!Hr».VAIrtAZ. r m m e x . — BM O K J U ffitt ___ _ ____ AffTCrUaX. XJtKB ______ _ _______ aoaX K . a f Me — J.D . HINDI m m ‘sM l iHRSONv L. A. LAWIOH, LIFE DEPARTMENT. Th« Mutuil Life ln$. C o . o f II. X . ---------- SGS^OOO.Obo Travelers' Life a n d A e . c l d o n t .... . ................ . — 2 , 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 D.A.DAWTOlr. Ageiat. ^ ^ ^ ^ S e s b C o s i l Q S d } j . a c . C B x u 3 S < e c o . ] 2 & 2 R 7 a i l » S t . , U & s , U . X C. MALLERY, IJfDD lA IliUEIir W M e e n d A m e r tea n M tO e o faU Cators. I LATE furniglied amd Laid at Be- dneed Friee*. Qoed^waSity e f T o r m o n t S l a t e fluablied and laid me «&«ap ag filhiaglee. »mt or igfvaiuibg eiv g|r»» wtmne. H d r ! d i i w , ] f . Y . M w a tf ^ LORO & TAYLOR, DBAllRS Iir ifslp M l) 9 H i Brj Giioils, Are elfering a !«««• and elegant aw9rtmtst of BLADK AND COLORED S E I i K S UniqnalieHbt «yl* i finut in qualify w i loweg inpriM . Thaaenttm entcontam ethem oetfarii- iouable tint! and eolonto baurom diriug the eomliwsaason. * SFB 2 N& DBESS Q 00 S 8 , k m * . I i I H B N S . B iN tawagrim i I T im tiatk Sir$«t) T C E s w T rooaaB c;. J.H.STEW A fiT&SOK M&irUFAGIUBBBS OF carriace ; and sleighs . Near Coart Honae, Main Street, H e x ' l i i m e r , IN . Y . T*HE subacribera are prepared to ■L , MANUFACTURE X^tfgJa-fc apadt WAGONS, CARRIAGES AND BE,.»a«f ■ — - . . . . . ■ s i r j i l s ' i Oarargeeiockof H E A D Y - ^ M A D E W O H K band, for Mle or exchange for second-hand Bamting, Trimmine and Eepamng ^D^ne^t the shortest notice. Calland Bee. DR. F L I N T S (UAKER BITTEIIS, COMPOSED OF .. lO iy A B E A lB S eB S . -TKi tSDT U6BB PflfliFIBS oftha lAY,- BESTSSIIB YltALiTV AMD HEMiir. [0 the Aged. t W are a hltMing.-removioi iid inffrm iU o t o f ^trenittheDifigr « c Motliers and Maidsna will find the Quaker B itters aiafi and reliablf reiaiidy.lii alluaMsof 111- n^.incident to the sex.—pntitying the Mooa.-^jproduei6gU{iumif a vigoroaacirca- ia u o n .h n t a beantiJnl a n d h e a lth y e o m p lex- ion. Ohildren ctifieriog frota sadden or se- v^^at^ks of illness jiecaiiar to early life. B E A D Y B E L I E F - by taking one bottle of QUAKER BITTERS. ^om»j^jremain^lonr unwell Hf curable) FEBPAEBD BY P r . H . S . At iheir-Grsat Ifedicsl Depot, F R D V f D E N D E y i t . l . W O M S A X .S S T X R Y W U M M S . •pi^yl M cK o w n & C o . DEALXBfi I N la O O K I I S l G k < 3 ^ X . A S S B S » FOlflAIt.FHOirO&JftAFEAirD p t e m s mm$> a n a Axs> & o s » w o o d m o u d d x n e i . BACK S T U F F . 4fc«. Jl*b. « S t r m t , t m o j L ^ \ a s r - *sr* lYi&7518(;RfF7lOKorfAAX18FS.eiI^T M o r t i ^ a ^ e S a l e . luv VA vuu uivurjr pc>uu jrtgaice, dated January 21st, 1857, exeeu ____ son, of the city of Sew Brunswick. State of New Jersey, for purobase money, and which said mortgage was recorded in the Clerk’s Office of Herkimor County, on the 27th day of February. 1861. a t 12 hours. M.. in Book No. L Ii, of mort- ■ ------ * ■ and whereas, the said Mldjjftown of RusifalManty offlwklmi aforesaid, a n d th e said Thom a s A rnold is novr th e ow n e r a n d ho .d e r thereoti and 'n^hereas. the amount claimed to be due oneaid mortgage at tne time of the first publication of this notice is the sum of Five Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Dollars and Eighty-three Cents, t i S76 26 tbereot being principal, and 3444 57 interest thereon. tTow, therefore, notice is hereby given, that by v ir tue oi the power of aale eontained in said morfc ea«e an<l d u ly xecorded a s a foresaid, a n d in pur- sunhoeof the Statute iu such casemade and pro­ vided. the said mortgage will he foreclosed by a sale o f th e premises therein described, a t p u b lic auction, a t th e Hotel k e p t by E rederiok W ebster in the town ot Rnsaia. Herkimer County, N. Y.. on th e 23d d a y o f J u n e . 1875. a t 10 o 'c lock, A . M . The said premises are described in said mort­ gage as follow s: “ A ll th e following d e scribed land and prem ises s itu a te in th e tow n of F r a n ^ fort, in the county of Herkimer, and State o f New York, viz., all that part of Lots No. 55 and 56. o f Cosby’s Manor, bounded as follows: Be ginning on the e-ut line otsaid lot Ho.'55 in the center of Davis’ gulf (so called), and running thence along *up the center of said gulf to the west line wfaaid lot No. 56; thence north S8®45 east along said last mentioned line sixty obains and one link: thence south 5l°15'easttwenty- nine chains and eighty links to the east line ot lot No 55: thence south 38° 4 5 'west along the last mentioned line sixty chains and fifty links t* the place of begioniug, containing ene *'— dred and seventy-eight acres oneqnrter ' ’it r o d s o f l a n d .b e t h e samf ------- :ing therefrom eighty-four he south side of the hii ccaokfort village.\ This mertg to secure the p avmentof a part money for the land mortgaged. Dated March 3Gth. 1875. THOM AS ARN O L D , A ssignee. PosTPONBMGNT.—Notice is hereby given that the above foreolnsare sale is nostpoaed to the 7th day of July, 1875, a t 12 o'clock, noon, of tbap day, a t thesam e place. J u n e 23d, 187-5. THOM A S ARN O L D . A ssignee. STU P K E M E COTTJBT. Niw Y ork LiFBlirsusAMcs C oupxhy . JoHir P adi , G bupp . J akb M. G bopp . ikis wlre.~Bs2rjjk.AfiK B . K osssok . J r ., --------- \ ---------- lUOKK* SJflTfi, D .W im s - Court-HerlilM cr C otb I f . y A H N U M F H I L I r iP ^ , EDWARD^?C0F®I2 'F I N , C A T H A R IN E C O F F I N lollowsy V12; BegiDQingr a t theinost westerly cor­ ner ot tne lot a t a stake and stOBe* being th^ southerly corner of the farm of Eaton ilason; thence north SS® 15 minutes; east aloQSr the lands of laid Maionand Hopeslill Bradford 65 cnains Ana 85 links to some stones a.t the corner ofAbellJeJsoD's land; thence south 61^45 min- utes.^east 14 o h s lns a n d o3 links ttlons th e l*nds V*rvifeguUAUftt e WUWUAU®WttVitQ I U1«UU. t AWU southerly corner of said Nelson’s land; thence north 15' east along said Nelson’s land J2 ohaiDS and 23 links to the northerly corner of the Munn farm; thence south 61° SO' east along said Muna 8 farm 6 chains a n d 5 i links; thence par­ allel with said Nehon’s last mentioned Im e 12 chains and 23 links; thence north 61°3(/ west6 eh, ins and 54 links to the place ot beginning, containing 8 acres of land, according toasurvey made by bmith Bra.vton. Oct. 14.1848. Also all ihat tract or parcel of land situated in the town ot Newport aforesaid, and is p a r tot l<tNo vN a! ton s Patent. befflnniniE H.t the most souther­ ly coriiar of said lot, being ihoconier o fland be- iongtns: to the party e f the second p a rt ; thence north &i° ana 20 mmutcs, vim 15 chain? and hO nks to a stake in the southerly line of said lot; lenoc north S8® and 40 mlnatoa. eaet alons the opundanes o f a piece of land deeded by Eaton Mason lo Hopestill Bradford, AprU 1st, 1853. 30 cba.ins and 59 links to a s ttk e i tnence south 3 ^ east p a rallel w ith th© soarherly Jin© o f said loti i ehalns a u d 43 lin k s to a stak e a few lin k s wes­ ter iy of a corn c r ib ; th e n c e no r th an d 40 minutes, east 2 chains .89 Jinks to the easterly part of the gate of the farm roadway; thence south 51^ and 20 minutes east along the south­ erly margin of the Newport road fence. 9 chains ana 7 links to a stake iu t*i© westerly corner of a . uuo 2 . BARRY, Referee. M o r tg a g e iSale. w h e r e a s , default has been made • V i,, the u&ymezi£ oFbo t xnonrar Mcured by n. certain mortgage bearing date the first day of ApnL 1870. made and executed by Henry S h alt and WiUiam E. Shaft, both o fthe town of Ohio. county o f Herkimer and State of New Yerk, as mpngagors.^ to William H, Emery, of the town 01 Russia, in same county and State, for pur- chase money, which said mortgage was recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the County of Herkimer. m book of mortgages. No. T . IT.. atnagelSO. Ac., on the 28th day o f April. 1870, a t 2 hours P. M. And whereas, the said mortgage with the power of sale therein contained, was afterwards for a raluable consideration, duly assigned a i d trans­ ferred to the sufaseriber, -Alvah Kellogg, which, said mortgage is sow owned by him. and where­ as, the amount claimed to be d u e on said mort­ gage a t the time of the first publication of this notice, is the sum of thirteen hundred eighty dollars and oigbty-fonr cents, namely. $1200.00 .principal, and $180.84 interest thereon. Now, therefore, noticete hereby given, according to the statute in such case made a n d provided, that by virtue of the power ot sale contained in said mortgage, duly recorded therewith as aforesaid, the said mortgage will bo foreclosed by a sale o f the premises therein desoribed by the subscriber. the assignee aforesaid, a t pnblio anction, a t the ning thence a lone th e w e st bounds o f said Bnell’a land north S2 degrees, east 40 chains and 14 links; thence north 58 denees, west 34 chains thence soatb 5S degrees.' east 10 chains and ItfikB to tbe plaoe of beri&ni&e. eontainine o h u n d r e d a cres o f lan d , m o r e o r less. D a ted M ay 2 6th. 1876. „ AtVAH KBLLOGGl. IsslgnCe. Mioxos H ow B i Attorney. M o rtgage F o reclosure anti Sale. WHEREAS, default has been made • • in the payment of the monw secured by a mortgage dated the 17th day o f July, 1863. made and Executed by Isaac Hughes,mortgagor, then of Trenton. Oneida County, to Edward D. Hughes, mortgagee, then of the City ol Utica, but now deceased, and which mortgage was r e ­ corded in the Clerk’s Office, in UerkimerUonnty. - the 18th day ot July, 1868, in bookU. U . of osr 1,1874; and no suit or pro- stiuity has been commenced o r rareeiuB^ auu too mori^ageu premiSM be sold a t public auction s t the front door of the Court House, in the Tillage of Herkimer, in the County of Herkimer, on Thnrsday. th«2d d ay o f of September A, D,. 1875. a t 20 o’clock in th* forenoon of that day. The mortgaged premises are dncrlfacd in 8»ld mortgage Aisiollow*; “ A il t h a t c e r tain piece o f l a n d i n t h e to w n .of Russia, Herkimer Connly, b eing p art of Lot No. eigl^fr-one ^(81) in R e m senburgn A d e n t . , u i l TN puisuauce of a judgm ent o f the Supreme Court o f the State of Now York, nade in the above ehtitleduclion. on-the 1st day if J u n e , 1875,1 will sell a t public auction, a t the in the norm line of the lot; thenc* S. 75° w t fourteen chains sixty links to the beginuing, oontaining-sixty-eightacre* m o raorless.as enb- divided by James Popple, Purveyor, in Deeem- D k e d May 27,1875. ro,T n o f Frlik3&“ ™ siity - B li 165) sad siiiy - s e y c a (67), in Cosby's manor, bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning at phewhtrceon thegouthwlf banfi: of too jMo- haw k lU v e r. b e ing th e n o rthw e sterly c o rner ol th e said lo t im m b e r sixty-seven, a n d ru n s tn e n c e south th ir ty - s ix degrees (36°J a n d thirty-five m ioates (850 w est fifty-tw o (52) c h a ins a n d f o rty- three (43) links on the westerly line of said lot - -itablished by Charles A.Brodhead. in ’ 1820, -to a stake eight links from a sn lock tree in a course of south twenty ,.-j(2(N)ea8t! theaeosouth fifty-four dep... (54°1«ast f o u rtee n (14) chains an d ninety-five ... (95>link* t o a BtakoAhirty-three{^> links from 1 W . p u rSU a n c e o f 8 0 QT^tGf o f t b e SlI* m m m m being a stone in the banlc of the aforesaid river; thence np tbe game US it winds and turns to the place ot beguming. containing eighty-one (8U acres a n d thfee-<ia4rter« i n l a n d n in e (9) r o d s o f la n d , be t h e sam e m ore o r less. E x c e p tin g from ' th e a b o v e p r e p iise a o n e ( l ) a o r e o f la n d hereto­ fore lOld sutheoBveyed bytTond Hulser »Dd irito to Oscar JIulser. The aboyadeseribed b eingtho same premises conveyed by Jerome N Hulsor to J o h n Paul Orupp by deed daLd October 2*2d. 873. and recorded in the office of the Clerk of derkimfr County on the 13th day of November. ^ D a ^ .^ x ^ ^ ^ 8 7 5 ^ Heeds, ,on page 230, &o, * YOLNBY EATON, Sheriff, „ By ^ B tE T M iE E S . Deputy Sheriff. -■ R iohaxpbok A A pamb . FiaIntiS’a Attorneys. Utica, N , Y. Swprcinc Gonrt-^acrMlBcr Cfutji J aves K. Yxw. 1 B oxasta S akdxrs , EmcKXHcnr Binuk. I H a * iow . D B to * e . A bbt J ak * P ut - j U o t i e e t o €2x<ed£to3rs. T 5 G R S G A N T to a n border o f A m o s ■A Presoo^ Surrogate o f HerldmerCooniy. notice» hereby givenwoording to law. to ail penoagaavinfoU im s or demands against the ) istate.of NioSolas Smith, late of the town of . lerk im e r .in s ^ d eonntv. deceased to presenC th* same with the vouebersic support thereof, to Marcus W . Raahaeh. the subsotiber. Executor of the last JVill and Twtem entof tbeaaidda- om e d . a t ,th e Herkimer Bank, in the town o f Herkimer, in said eottnty, on or before the ^ t b a w of October next. IT o tice t » OredltoEis^ I orffer o f Am os Koixee ^ €i*editoF$. 'p T J B B U A S 'T to *n o r d e r o f A m o s DGESGANT to an older of Ainot , . — ifligiai

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