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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, June 30, 1875, Image 1

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F03£I3HMD £Y l!R 7 W ll>SS3B itT . C. q . W lT ilB R S T IS ® 4 ^ SON, SOSIXOKS ANI> p a oFJsuatxo»s. T E R , M S I Xh® T>xxocMi.t xxo G a *** t *. iritlt Chrome. Will b i ient t^^ »ny p«N«i& for out y«*r fbr fS OQ la sd?A a e e ; o r , t h e D kcoc * at * n » G a z k i s , m t h o a t C h rom o. 'w ill b e s e n t to th o s e Sivlqu? m th e C o a n ty f o r i l ^ in n d r e a e e , a a 4 to those - iivinaroitl; of zhe eSoanty $1 6Qn i sdvnaso, post- »fb r « d , No pM*r »** *f* ro e r e f i^ a r e p a ia . « s o e y t * t th e Option of, th e publ/ahers^ OY A W ER -m iW * * ^ E l l r.\T.™ 7 w ___ 12 « laare. on* 7 *ar«. ••a'A 'Ub«r»l diwouati orha adrertias by the y< amonnt than a. souare. f«ar* for any «reatpr V A L U A B L E f I L L i C E I B T S I T o r S a l e A T t t l f i K t H E R r N . V - The tradersigrned haTO oonelnded to pni upon thomarkBt. wfpr&at* taU, for the period hf three months foom date, a limited nnmber o f the& DESUU8LE y i L U I E LOTS, (onylaally foxty-twoia snmherj carred ont o f a valuabla plat of land which they pnrehased. last ye^r,at*reaL ^ppiise.in order to afford addi tionsilhnUdinK fooilitlesin thOTillace o f iBtsrki- L o c a t l o n o f L o t $ « Tho westerly terminas o f “ Eastern Ayeane.” g , n . S t * ybn 8. E s ^?**'' 0 called, apoa which the lots are located, is J^earSirYlhayehewdfromjrerym^ ... ---- J, apoL ^ about ten rods southerly of :i A . 3 ! « - 3 0 3 t i . 3 E*Ot?‘* X ‘ 3 E:a 3 BB 3 F » j f t i . 3 Eai 3 £ a g f c C ^ , d g k 3 g S 3 S » g t ? '* g P 3 S i . [GAZETTE ESTABLISHED 1863 P U B U C E E P A R T P O I . I C E M A N , I haye not enjoyed good health for seyeral withtt to tlwJW?™ f f are many of my acquaintances who hare taken it, and all unite iu $raiBeoi its satisfactory ef* ■ iSspeoially amons the aged class of people, ^it imparts to then! the one thing most needful tn o l d a g e - n ig h is of calm , sw e e t r-eocse. thereby atr«m * thoniiucthem iijda8w e lls«th»bQ d y . One ased lady, who has, b«B suffeoM though Jtffr from scrofula, and hat bscpmft toad from its ef* F jcsj ^ i . Afsertatongji iewbottlss.ihs oh* for h erm l^^^M she miahf*bo^i^to loefc’np- ou thi mas vhQ KSULhoe tdeh a blswutg, O. He O^erj^S^iion 6. BoSW»Mas8., M sjT d ^ t, HEULBTFOSaLT PKA.1TER, S*. PiOi.. Aug. 22,1861. ^ i b S t r ^ r —?2»oa1Si bo w a u tiog i n gratitu d e , i f I ta ile d to a cknow ledge W h at th e VKoarrsK has doneform e . X w a sattaokedabouteleyenm o n th a race may attend yoti. U ths bsart ’our admiring, humble servant. ^ , BiSNdAMlN BEm KGILL. 2 . S.—Mine !* but one among the many cures your medicine has effected in this place. £ , F M A K E l i ~ P 0 B L I d . Yorlc Cen­ tral and Hndsott Mver Eaif Road, and about' eight tods easterly o f the Hcrliimer Hydrawlio Cadat. and dhttadt but a few rods &om the Hei fcimer Depot. The lots are snffioieutly far irom th o S a i l SoaU t o a v o id t h e noise a n d b u s tl e o i S I Z E O F L O T S . Tho lots are each fifty feet wide .*ont and rear, and naa hundred aud tweatr-oue and tmo-hah feet deep, and Itid outfit rtfhtifflgles io “ East- •m Avenue,*’’ which is fifty feet wide and run- nidginAJ ' ' o x j m p 3 P i 3 &aT 0 3 sr. Wo ooafidontly assert that theselotaarocom- paratively dry and well adapted.- to Baildint Purposas,-audare-not*i*biect to spring and fall iaundlUdur.'bfirryrAf# iots-ftt tilt eitremti eaeterly terminai«»r'fha’'*^A-vewub.J’*«d that the loU I i o f t i Aa«l«nSlty»totl Ut iwdeniut S2X^ f i T S B y 1 tite *J!kZoliaYrK TsUey. PRIOES OP L o t s AND TlSiMU o f s a l C offer these lots at prices runninr from Dear Sir—i have heard from very i of the great sucoessof VAOpTifiX int fttla, iiheumatum. Kidney Compla. and other disease- no hesitation in i s i - , take VlUSTigBi! -1 oouldsee thatet ;oring on tho second bottim S h e ------------- .-.lung the VgOETiNS until she had used trom twelve to filtdeu.bottieg. I ant pow happy in anfotmiOgyou and tho pubho iif you shoos o to tmikc it pabiio). that «h« is fintirfilyearfid. find :iN® aocomolisbed the cure after nothing. DUId. HenoB I feel justified in sariag that. . -w—'notisthe hiostreiiabioreiardy and would advise aUsnfferingiihmxnity to4Uy it, ffr 1-be- tieru it to W fi good, hOQb$t,y«9eiftb(bm«dicin9, and X shall not hesitate to xecoinmend it. ’ l a m . ^crcpcotfutiy. \'^toroiSl Broadway. C u r ^ A M e . . _ S o | i o x , 0 9 t o B « , m . W a w ill o ffer these l - , n in e ty dolUarS t o tw o h u n d r e d a n d seven d o llars e a c k acoording to looB tioa. O u r tering o f sale w ill b« o n e e tn a r ter o f pnichaao price dow n , a n d balance p a y a b le i u J&reB e q u a l p a r ts. ia Qfif .two aa4 toee wUU interwt upbu - ally, secured eilher by approved notesxir mort- gag* upoa lot 6X lots told. lE A P A S r o &£ZE£SLAZiXBrSP2€!TZ02a' Sold by fill Bruggiitt « 4 Addition has w o r . a n d e a n fkimer Ikm e r a t, A Map of this Taluab’.o Yillag« been inadQhyTy’.S*F*rfcer. SnrV. bo seen asitho office o f th» Herkimer Ih m e r tti. whero any further informatioa oh theauJuect ot those lot# can be obtaiped. leneral iaspeetioh o f theso lots Ja Cordial ided to those ift searek o f Avaluable lOtU] to build. on which I>lfted.E JACOB H,W RSBB. D U T ymir t i c k e t s via tHCmcA- . > ooANoaes-W*3Mn}rSjJ:t.-Wxyfer . S A K w m A M o m c a , H I P , W P , H U S R A H l OUE 0 IXE&imi5SAYEf0Xf^»01IT TEA^ Keepa^o IrAKOEST and BEKSHEST ftoekoi A lso.* eoinplete stock o f P o c k e t S ( ) o k s y P lB 3 ? it t g fn m e r Y s O ilt L e E d B e i i c i l g i . Skto PoneiJ*» f e w k g . PO D c ilsp P e u s a n S ■■ 32 : sr 3 i s , And the largest aud bee^awortmeiit of B o ; ? : E A T O P waStaaOyonWaBA % h v n fi lM f# »a4oe»fdctfi stock of dC H O O t ROOK* ANO 8 U T E 8 , « e . , a e o . . - « 0 ‘ Zko«p>»uid»a#ojr V h e E T A B l E S Jjotheitjieaaoa. H e H e W I T l i r i l B T l I l E , m V f o o t m a l l w VO 0 « i « ® Hwyktffiwi^v fit T« E m M O M T lM O ^ I ^ ^ T * riclaii^,tiiiai Sfiuiliuihll e Staam D p s iig bb A CxeaiiBg B S T A B l 4 l S K M B K * P . f i - « £ « S S r J = S = serlkeyead^ ‘ ‘ d«r oologedwintonamppsas. *u _ _______ BofScro- implaint; (^larrh, CALIFORNIA take, xne or tun uos'- r-nh- SiS3.aaaii5» emBaawayioaTeCHiOAOOaafoUowfj gri© th is g r e a t W ^ J e h o v a t atari Fer CeuaeU l l B * , Oai*h», Md tJfifi&PiiISj €QunoU Bluffs, r U GItOWING OLD. BT JOfllt O. SAUB. My days pass pUasontly away, . ^ , M y n i ^ t s a r e blessed wub. sw e e test sleep. I feel no symp tons o f decay, 1 have no cause to mourn or weep. M y foes e re im p o ten t e n d shy. My ftiefids areheither false nor eold. And yet of late I often •««h, , I'm growing old! My growing talk of olden times. '. My growing thirst for early news, livgrowiDg apathy for rhymes, 1 ,.,My*roipiorloveforoaiyshoes. . , My growing Eate-of crowds and noise. My growing fear of (!atohiu?ooid. All tell me in the plainest voice— I'm growing Old t - : I’m growing fonder Of tiiy staf, X’m irrowrin? d lm m o r ua Pm f rowing faiiMr in oif iM f Ow - I'm rowing fru^al-ofrar Kold, I feel it in my ohanging taste, 1 see it in myenowingXiair; A. honsandAiuts proclaim,the truth. As Plain «s truth was ever told, That eVadin my taunted yputh I'm growing old I - All tael lay vary Ifiurelsbmthft Th^ tiilodn any ?»w; A n i every bpoQ tbebeurB bequeatny B o t XD8^«# m e debLoTtD thD y e A t e . sH’es Flattery'a hdtmr^d wor^ declare; ; I'm growing oidl Thanks to the years whose rapid flight „Mysombr« muse too sadly sings: Thanks for the gleams of gClden light That tint the darkness of their wings— The light that beams from out tho sky Those heaventy mansions to unfold, Whereali art L IO T L E ELPGET. BT QEOHOK COOBBE. If there’s mUohiefsbe i# initi Why she’s never still a^mioute I On th e go from m o r n till night, ' And she looks a perfect fright. ^ AVfaat she's like. I cannot xugu l i i Iiike an eel 7—that >mn’t express i t 1 Mother chides the littlemid^tr* Calls her “^uoh> ffdgetv\ , 'teJivisfflli® * '” Soon, however, oomesbprbedtmes Y^ou should see her then, at said time, Marhlr^Mp6r*swMt'‘^^^^ Mark her pretty, sad oonfessions ^ ■ A i m T K A loyer^gt and Savioar qf tha ’^orW, is doabtei h j soineupdf by otbera. «” at.. 5.^ * I .K a 1L.^A *^0221^ of nAl iTay God from msj A b cause, hwye bcOa a b le tQ eflfer W * thing that is competent to take nia pjsce; No atomic tbeory, no nebular hypcthesig, iio docl^riuo p f evoi'afion or develoDmeat, n e d o g m a o f aecesaity thU great world M mailer and of thought and theory* bow much mote is it so in the every-day world Of DraClicffl lifht Tkia iS more tLad a mere fipecalative doeslion to me, «!hetbfir tbia word Jehovali baa any taftAtaing^ X li.ve in. the lActhat nature,, wboad care. I enjoy, wbosQ providence watches my’ path, who [“^jirpvidence watches my patn, who les. feels ajiintoriwiiblmCr,.and: .^aR make aiUbioga .lorkitogeiberfer. wy.good ? The*'w%ri<i around me suggests such a me repeats iu s tiu c tivp _ _ _____________ ^ne sugges Ejeingx the worid within n th e suggestipi t l^ie suggestion | ifae idea ia r*iis from thw East or I find it in all literature, in all i ■ * ■ ’ ’ to Etje in the face. I accept »t as t — ‘■iSfac^ry answer to the instir live inqoiri«» of my inleileet, the jig^^css^lsssa F .r O t e r a '» ,T M i Ij)MI S w ' l w , Twf ' For the Damoorat and Qaiotta, THE BEADTIEDL^ \We cannot bat admire the beantiful In nature and art which is scattered with lavish hand over the earth. The gorgeous train of the seasons are constantly paaaing before u$—seed time and harvest. Summer and win­ ter stay not their course, but ever with magic fingers are tracing^ scenes of beatttYfor our eyes, and weaving a robe o | verdure over the brown earth. A landscape glowing in the full radiance of June loveliness, brings to Us visions of the beautiful which no jjainter can hope to rival. And what inimitable tints and ab«dovv3 of coloriag does AntaDan’s pencil throw broadcast over the land I Whether it paints the evening clouds, or the distant monntains, rear­ ing their sammita until they are lost in heaven*8 own blue, or the changfag foliage of the majestic old forest—the toKchei &f tho samo master hand are seen throughout. In countless places, where the pale moon-light ray glitters with many gems, where the brook throws back the sunbeam—where the laughing water leaps from rock to rock—where the tall grass swings to the music nf the summer breeze, or the evening zephyrs moan in melody among the laadets of the tree-tops, .the beautiful has set the seal of her hu­ manity upon it, making all nature beauty to the eye and music to the. ear. Q dill . HfEEYXHG A8FAMSH HEIRESS. Showhiig how Mir. Themistooles Megin- Bis Tomkins Wooed and Won Made- moiiello Donna Eifino Teresa Maria; Qomasr, The Hon. Bragg Tomkins, of—well let’s say Wampum Rapids—did not f go into society and politics until late in life. Society had not quite got to Wftmpam Rapids at the time, we speak of, and it was not until the Son. Brasg, wbo. was pretty mocli the.lbunderuf Wampum Rapids, went to Congress its representative that dy owned the pigs, them. As be gtew up be learned to drive bargains well as pigs, and taking M A (ireeleyV * a d vice, went W e s t tillill hoe camam e too Wampumam Rap- W e s t t h c e t W p u i- - . id*, where hp settled, married, built up lard factory, a pork packing es­ tablishment, a town, and one o f the handsomest fortunes ever Accumulfi- tfld in the West, I t was aft^r these achievements i n political life th a t the H o norable lie Bragg rfentinto poiitTw and had pi himself return^ to pongress. “ Soci- ety^* a s h e ^ w i^ m 1?&hington ^ the first tinie, .struck the Honorable Bragg with a.^enexons awe—:R was so strange to hiraVsodi^erent from pork. A t one tbe.first parties to which he »invited the Honorable Bi tla W '^ d f s c ip l if d ^ U f v i^ V to know i f J am to^do m y work,' Bl&med i f l don't make a diplo­ matist n f my Misty, then I\ cried the Honorable Bragg, and the compli­ ment so pleased the diplomat when he beard it that he invited him to dine with' him at the Wclcker's of the day, and fanght Mid hoW to dridk Bar- giihdy, Misty” was the familiar abbrevia­ tion Of Themistocles Meginnla Tom­ kins, only i^ont and hejvdf the Honor­ able .Brsggl at that time a youth of e^hteeri, parsuiog -his'college bourse —ptnlliafds and\ wliskey-pdnch, chief­ ly—at ' neaMy frightened Paris into hysterics by firing Roman candies for signal rockits from the windows, after turn­ ing ^ t h e gas. One night as Misty was returning from tt questionable ball, at a ques- tionabmboar, along an unfrequented street, he saw a drunken Tureo, craved with anlothe, pursuing a little girl, who in lain tried to escape from Mm. Just as me brute caugbt the shrink­ ing childby the hair. Misty i his cab, jvraped quickly out, k the. felloff down and kicked him in­ to the giilter, at the sam&time trying to compose the terrified child. The cab drivw drove hurriedly away, aud the Turco, rising, drew his bayon­ et and Mtailed Misty with vindictive fury. The child screamed loudly, the police cAme, and the upshot was the arrest of all three. When Misty was released next morning he called the little girl to him. She was ragged and tear-soiled, but a very pretty creature, about ten years of age, with deep’ olive skin, and large, ^ brown eyes, full of entreaty and pathos.-- “ What is your name, little girl?” he asked. \Teresa Gomez;” she an­ swered; but ever body calls me Pi- fioe—except ray mother.” \ Will she not be uneasy about you, Pifine ?” The child’s eyes filled with tears. Oh, very !” she cried, “ and she is so sick, too.” Then she told her little story. ' She lived' Nu- 601 Rue de Bac, m dtet and they were very poor. Her moth­ er was too ill to go olit, or work, and irl supported both by sell-s^e^- ighterS about the cafes and .» and doors of the theatres. Last even­ ing she was later out than usual and had lost her Way when the Turco pur­ sued her. Her father was a gambler, seldom came home, and did nothf— for her mother’s support, only abui her. Our young diplomatist called a carriage and took Fifine to her home, sixth sio^ of No. 601 Rue de Bac.— He was introduced to a scene of dis­ tress and destitution siuch as fairly ap­ palled his aniaebustomed eyes. In a bare gai^ret, strip jied of •every comfort and convenience o f life, he fb iin d 'k young Woman in the last stage of con­ sumption,' lying uhattended upon a pallet. This unhappy creature wel- co'med Fifine’s return with a painful­ ly convulsive j ly and those maternal cries of relief from agony whicn ho one can listen to Unmoved. A few syllables told her all, and then; her gratitude to M isty drew tears from that young fellow’s ey6g such as' he had never expect^ to shed. The wo- tbe little girl supported botl ing cigar ‘ • the doors lean, and gave filni'to understand that she was the victim o f an ubforto-'\' nate marriage,' but.'abstained from tellin g him more Or acc'using a n y per­ son besldeS herself. Misty could eeC for himself that she was dying, nhd was extremely destitute.' He W6hi out andJirssontly M urned With a him hurriedly. ^‘She wants to see you,” said he;'\ she will nd* live more than two’or three days.' Misty'went With him to the ohamber of death with that feeling o f '‘--' of • death with that feeling of awe which Always overcomes yOung, hastf naturesitt such presence. The dying mmatt * held out both hands to him ind gazdd a t him earnestly with her larger wistful Cyito. kissed hifia and nestled into his arms. ThO dear little girl was sober and silent, but Misty telt a strango yearning toward her as he stroked her hair and sat only satisfactory answer to the live inquiriwi of my intolW , only adequate solUtiou of th^' problem of my moral'cbnBciousnesB, the only comforting ministration to the wants of my heart, the oMy.,Bqttrcp.of peac- to the temptest of my soul—Jehoval Qod, the Maker, Ruler, Saviour, i the wojcld.^ffri - S eek H im : the Saviour’s todfl , Very early in the F«r take UcBeTB, Fam* trsics daily. For RocRford, Storling, Konosha, I s n e s v i i t o , *od other point*. yAtt o»fi haye ffSiHttrots-teBimwtdwlr. ---- - -------------- PU L L M A N p a I a c e c a r s - isD. ChiciMEQ sa4 St. Paul- * AroSatia oarSleewerycoi AUf Ickst A*#fits*8e|l tiekets by this route, MASVii HVifliTt. UsaentlSuiterlotcadeftt. l* e k l^ ^ i« r Afest* apT7m» near Ml, y e t Beeking. Very early in t morning, in which to inquire for Jesus., Try the kfiAreh in the hoor At lOrfAW* hopeieMhew'and gloom. Be eartj»-- Wait not for the morning. Start out and meet the dawn. -WMle Mary a^k«- tho proatate ‘ Hkiaten^; Aha wfould hav9 been content with the .aight-of His body ia the tomb,' 10*1 He is beside her, risen, glnriow, the Con­ queror of death t* He - ia infinitely more than fier hopea. H e sees her, and comes near to her before she knows H ihl : TboogbiTOlblei 1® w always near to those who seek Him early aud sincerely! Alid - ihrough her n«me He xcve^Is Himself. Hnr baptismal \ naines'‘~ t h 4 se TibuSehold Ryliabki of reiumeiion words-'—J/^lSodisf MecDT-dtTt f l . € U f S A L L , A n o k a s r av . » C oo *8 kixor at L aw , ^ S w >9 k ,£ itp ' s s - a s l f e l . ” \ ie r * W e m a y see, i f w e d o n o t lo o k . was a good fello’ p^ted, withho g reat amount o f brains, btit.plenty of life, and very popular. Hifi college career was nipped in the bud soon after by some rather obstrep- erdufi skylarking, and \ tho old man'' cillad Misty to Washington to pre- -ire himself for a diplomatic career. ,[i»fcy took a French and a Spanisb tflscher and went into Washington fH«E life with an unsurpassed vim.— Aftor a couple o f years the old man” procured him a position as Secretary of Liegation a tan European court* and i|iaty sailed for Paris in gleeful an- Aietpation He bad a pocketful of shekels, a letter of credit which made blinkers’ clerks bow to him till they ’ sWwed their back hair, and he was not quite twenty-one y ^ ra old. There was^no nsceafiky to report At the pkde of%is destination immediately, and Misty was determined to have a good .-time* ■ ' ' ■ ' ' ' He sneceeded wonderfully well.-— Soiiao of bi* escapades are yet surviv­ ing among tW legends which fiuat around the \ American colony” in Paris—fiavoroua tales which are told to new'ooraers over the second bottle in the student restanranta of the Ltat- iu Quarter* I t waa Misty whp tied the iSergeant de \ViUe to a lamp-post wii^ Mile* Atjtoinne’s coraet laces.— It was lie Who (saptured the magnifi­ cent helmet of a . Cen* Gluard, as he was marchiui ou paradfl with a, fiali* hook Biid line# and lorever di?graced the warrior by overwhelm iog him lotto Gomez, “ and I, who have tax­ ed its generosity soi lavishly, am now going to appeal to i t again. 1 am dy-; ihg. and 1 do not want my imsbind to have my child; He Is a bruteand he will <li«p03« <lf hfir: his instineW. Promise me he '*■ abt have my child ” Misty promised, fervently.^ « My father, Jose Rtnoon, ia.a very rich man, a proprietor 6f mines and a fromhim. , ^ sh« becomes tbp only ,hei? of the .rich Jo^e Riopon, who ought to he made to repent his ti*eatmeM o f us.” Carlotta Voae in bed,' but Misty turned suddenly on GoacR ' ” I f yoD don’t let go the child, and throw thai ciga^away. I ’ll pitch you.oat.of the The two men glared at ekeh otheir a moment, When Dr. £{licott|put his baud on Gomez’s shoulder. A friend of mine lost his parse at the Gafe- Olympic—yon were present. Do you want me to call the police ’?” \Gomez slunk away and left the A s he closed the door the child sprang from Misty’s arms with a sharp cry. The two men turned, too late* Carlotta Gomez w « dead 1 ^ ifc V Six years pass rapidly when one is absorbed in the cares and burdens of '^’’'•^'’macy. Themistocles -Megfnr’\ do3 has grown - a great crop :ers, and he has been promot from his vicinage to the Court SchlosiTol-Auderspackt to the more regpons**'**' ----- rt*. High i Rhine, ing a Charge somei Honorable Bragg had lately edme in­ to the Senate, and, dealing into poli­ tics as he used to deal in pork, has become a niah of inflaenc^ and im­ portance. Misty, WhoiS just packing his trunk for a visit to Paris, is Swear­ ing about three letters which haye come to hii ' none of last, thanks to this good doctor.”— Then he saw Fifine tremble all over, aod held out hia arras. ” Image o my murdered Carlotta, embrace me!’ ■ Itwks RrCbn himSell^'who all the time had been paying money to Gomez for the support Of fcb^e child, .and had finally been persuaded to come Paris to adopt her. Goinez, seeing himself foiled the moment of the consuramatipi his hopes, was desperate. “ I ’ll the girl anyhow,” said he ; you can keep her from me.” ” Yeu lie! you scoundrel 1” said Ricon. “ You have no authority over her. She is my daughter’s child.— You were not married, to her* though She thought you were, because you had another wife living at the time. I am her natural guardian, and will b e h e r p e r p e t u a l one.” Oora6z stole away. Hold on, old gentleman,” said Misty.” “ I object to^ that clause. Perpetual guardian­ ships are like perpetual treaties, al­ ways terminable at the pleasure of the high contracting Janies. Fifine, Fra itting dissipated and seedy—going in for lack of a wife.’ Will yon le to him that morning, upsetting completely his diplomatic aplomb, and -gmnjg bitternese to the glass of seltzer on hia dressing-toble and the Havana cigar in hie mouth. The first letter is from the Honorable engagement made for Miis With ' the daughter o f H o h .* B raxton Cabelt B larnton-Boteidiirt^a Vefl^mbrtgag- written from' Ohantiliy, la the weekly epistle which his little peosloaEiie ^d*. dresses to \ moo papa.” . H a a g it 1” said. M isty, sitting on hi8 trunk to lock jt:-“ J ’ra uoae of the us© of studying dtplopat^ if oa? cannot get on^s self out-of a,, .scrape like ffiis?” ^ He'raBg .fprWi,«tv#pt,. “ G e t ™ ™ i— ~ -*• .i-~ i ble dispatch received- Put bn your 1)ib and tucker, old hoy, and have ' ’ ' a bit. 1 ide, Donna iz, daughter of Don Sancho Gomez, and grand­ daughter of Don Manuel Ignacio Jose Rincon de Palubras, of Santo Palacie, Blue blood of Spaiii) upseedatch gran­ dee, and rich as cream.” T h e s e tcem e n d o n s nam e s q u it e rec­ onciled the Honorable Bragg for the slight put upon Miss A. B. G. B, Bot­ etourt, and when he heard of the Pe­ ruvian mines and saw Don Jose’s vel- NO LORGER DNRROWH. The Identity o f Henrietta Robinson, the Veiled Hnrderess Established. tor, who was walking tho hoB- tnd corresponding wit&, tb4 iwspapers at home.' Dr, Elllcqibt __8iJy saw that Mme. Gomez’s life wife to be a very short ODO, and told Tom­ kins so. Our diplbmatiss dOtormined that the child should not beg any more, add ‘ should remain ’ with the mother during thO rest of her iife,~ He took care to ptovide everything that was needful for the invalid’s comfori^ and the. child's welT-beihg, gave the case in charge o f D r . E llicott and then avoided the plaCe, 10 escape , , . , , .... .. the gratitude of h is beuefidiaries. Ellicott’s guest for some davs- \ Mon Five or six weeks later Dr. Ellicott papa’^ waf dropped _ By mutnal. Cpn- hnrriedly. She wants seat—^it was a case of love at first andthewatebe Ukevlsa. J>i S ^ F S o f l f p ^ ^ ■Rnifint.l*/« fariinvW ft dAYB. \ M o n g r ^ t merchant in Peru. He discard­ ed me fof marrying Saucho Gomez, biit I thick he'will adopt my child when I am dead. Apply to him; butifhe/ft still implacable, promise me at le^t that Bancho Gomez shall hot hav/my child.” Again Misty-promised. The woman,, tifli'lfclireat sob, kiss­ ed Topkin’s hands and put the child ipto i k arms, As she M so ahothef aetorjapP®*'*’®*^ upon, ihe scene, a low­ browed Bpaniard.-with a vicious'^^ee* f l a s h f i y attired,'and smoking a cigar which made big wile cough. It wag Gomez. He bowed low. \ You have impaoy, I see,” he said, with an at- mpt a t sarcasm, “ I trust I do not who have of love a t first sight, and was developed with greater rapidity Ibandipipmatisto are usua»J accustomed to conduct libmi? negotia­ tions. ■; O ao eveniheDr, Ellicott was sent tor to see a hew jW ient at the Hotel de Ebavre, Mm. Ellicott was engag- he, “ I have coma me you. You are fh ali T o m k m h e rc,i»loffm m o r*afpiS. matist not to know the ^ignifieanca of these dpeameots” And ha haaded Misty papers which fehowfid that • ho had takfen all the preliminary necessary to regain the cuatody o f h it child. “ I have two ifolico wai ting belo w,” he added, ;* sl Misty looked fehreateniogly toWaedhim. i: - “ T his.is a.qus8aoa of money, I suppose,” said Misty r \ what:do you arry m e P ’ And Fifine said she would. Two or three days later Misty re­ ceived a cable dispatch from Mr. Bragg, telling him never to darken the parental door again. M isty wrote back as follows : Ca- e dispatch received- P ut or yet skuil-cap he swore that diploi cy, next to pork, was the big; thing on earth. raa- (iggest 1 Beautifid Gii-eua Rider and Mer Bin^idar Career^M&oelaUon. Thai ' Ukom U g U Vpon a Fmzling mfsiery. Clohe throws some light bn the mys­ tery connected with the celebrated “ v e il^” ihufderess, Henrietta Robhi- 80 U* Thb party from whom he ob­ tained hWi information is aiDoctre-- Alexander* a lady who has quite ----- a* T Tl miDgliw DBCki IiapgM bt'of Bill atrM fs. Alexander Isas M m hb end ofbiackicaU, He ©hall '>‘■1 know all about her/? said the >lfc have Fifine.’^ '* . dedtress. “ I-know who her father tlie bp%rding»8chpoI. where hp , had tre ^. , “ I-know who her fath WHS p d why he diseardgd her, I ktiow’-when aud where and whom she 4 hmed- 1 of the trouble that cadliea h er father to drive her away, ahd finhlly H-S to tbs murder of the man whom I believe to have been her hnsban^* My husband saw hermar- rijed, auAT h ^ « a4aughter, a married Wbibah,' hnd “living in this city, who was namedafter Henrietta Eobiason, a i l b e i-cquestof Henrietta Herself.” , HiLfing enee started o« the right traci^ t o e doctress did not need any ehconragement, but proceeded to tell the story in her bwa way. 1 la the year' 1851 Mrs. Alexander, .who was then Mrs. Dr. Ross, resided in the village of-Fayettevill^ Georgia, about twenty-five miles from Atlanta. he was then young, newly married POEOLAK OIECUS, The. %ith llpt^by a Mbther-tn-law of thedoc- t i ^ j aiid the rest of the company at Holliday^ Hotel. With the yircus mau referred .to were, bis wife and daughter) aud the daughter’s name was Henrietta. ' I t .was Henrietta with Whom Mra.Djr; Ross became kcquaint- aird she supposes her to have been then About fourteen years of age.-* Although the finSTt'eaiy t b ^ into raptmfes over thogface ahd befluty and* the sweet aUd amikbto disposttiou c f the girh who was a. favorite with all who knew heir, Tho public found her very at­ tractive, as as well her immadiate ac- ______ - . people ded to witness bee performaneea She was .. them she proved to have been too mneh of a favorite, and that one wa» tbe ring-master of tbs troupe. Our doctress does not remember the name of the man, if, indeed, she ever knew it; but describes him as having been tall and slim, a blonde, and at that time probably twenty-one or twenty- two years of age. Henrietta had loved this ring-master \ NOT WBELY, BET TOO WEIX,’' and the fact that she had so loved liita w as H.l30ut to becoxHQ apparoBt.*— As at least a partial reparation of the wrong he had done or permitted, he consented to marry her, and they were secretly wedded in Fayetteville, the ceremony being witnessed by the husband o f Mrs. Dr. Ross. This marriage took placeduring tho absence of Henrietta’s father, who had gone to Uew York on business.—— On’his return he discovered the con­ dition of bis daughter, and his anger ■ was excited to such a degree that he drove faer—not from his bouse, for be was a nomad, but—-from his hotel and. [gain or have anything whatever to do with her. The ring-master went to Kew York, and Henrietta followed him, and her acquaintance with Mrs. Dr. Ross came to an end. Nothing more was heard of her in Fayetteville for the space of three years or thereabout, when it wa« reported that she had been arrested in the State of New York for poisoning a man, whom the doctress, as alreadv stated, does not doubt to have been ib'e husband she married in Fayetteville. About the same time there was a port of her death, which was probably put in circulation shortly after her sentence. Shortly after Henrietta was dis- carded_ by her father, her mother was seized with sickness, believed to have been brought on by grief and heart­ break. Her disease was hasty con- olatiun of the family was about com­ plete. “ I f Henrietta,” said the corres­ pondent, \ was only fourteen when you became acquainted with her—” ' She may have been fifteen sixteen,” suggested the doctress.— \ She was .*o small that it was easy to be mistaken in her age.” wif she was sixteen in 1851, she cannot be more than forty now ; whereas accounta say that she is forty- “ They only guess at her age, and of course she is broken down, and looks older than she is. Her lack of education and her general style prove her^ to be the woman I knew. The hiding of her face at the trial is ex­ plained by the fact that she was afraid of being recognized by some of tbe thousands who had seen her in the ring.” Such is the story told by the D o c ­ tress Alexander. We must close the account, leaving our readers to draw ilusions. their own concl A FRENCH SOLOMlS TO HIS SON. \Women love bat once—shun that oncfi. W omen hate in proportion to their ----- ----------------------------- ---- —= U.IXH 1 virine, but many like to risk it. Not all women lie, but no woman 'er tells the whole trnth. Hatred is at the bottom of love, as death is at the bottom of life. One always thinks he is in love when going upstairs ; coming down ho ’ \ 0 of it. Xet-Jose Rincon, then decide wh< la to ber* guardian ” ' on trade.” ‘<0(W impany, yes; friends who! to aee me diel” said the man, fixing ker have left my child to this kind friend,” she continued^ “ I wish Mr. Tomkins to be Teresa’s gnardiao.— Froniiseineyoa will 1101 intorfere wiih A ysBY ebeeey gibi . at this time, altbongh quite diminu­ tive in caused her 'to be considered younger ig not go sure of it. You cannot impede u women in her love; you cannot recall the arrow shot into space. iman is a fortress which can always be taken—by bim who knows How to make the assault. 'Man’s vanity U irritated by defeat and consoled with a rupture. Wo­ man’s vanity acts in an inverse sense. Ask not a woman’s hea’t ; she has but one and may give it. Of all Yatai presents a woman’s heart is tb© most deadly. D o not love a romatic womkn.— Sb© will make an ideal of you which you cannot realize, and which it will grieve you to destroy.—-Pam Chiavari. D on ’ t H uery .—^Believe in travel­ ing step by step; do not expect to get rich in a jump. Slow and sure is better than fast and fiimsey. Per­ severance by its daily gain enriches a man more than fits and starts p f for­ tune and speculation. Every day a thread, makes a skein in a year. Brick by brick houses are built. We should creep before we walk, walk before we run, and run before we ride. In getting rich tbe^ more haste the less speed. Haste trips up its own heels. Don’t give up a. small business till you see that a large one will pay you better. Even ernmbs are bread;— Better a little furniture than an empty bouse. In these hard times, ' he who can sit on a stone and feed himself had better not move. Prom, bad to worse is poor improvement. A crust is hard fare, but none a t all is harder. Don’t jump out of the fry- tvjg-^roro Jrai-wv Azv?* XWI.H£al^7lU^roX men have done weU in very small shops. A little trade with profit is better than a large fire that barns you, A great deal of water may be got from a small pipe, if the bucket is always there to catch it. Largo bears my be caught in small woods.—^ A sheep may get fat in a small meadow, and starve in a great desert. He who undertakes too much, sne- cseds but little. « He has already decided i t ’Vjiaid Gomez; “ hero isbi&lettef, begging me to bring her to him,” Fifine clung passlnnately to MistjV passionately refased to go with h er fit* ther, .and the sitaation-Wim gjowmg very painfni when De. Ellicotl and*- denly retuentd, acoompanifld by itt old genUowsu, wftii Rdark sklo>» bald head ahd a black velvet skuU crap on. This «cutiema» no sooner saw Gomez than he peunced «pha ci.ua.0 w danondanfc iiftftit the ohirltv of strau-1 bioi bJ the throat and add %ith ey«a that were black or dark brgwh. Her hair, by the way, which was fully a yard long, was her erown- jag glory, and the admiration of the moltitude.- * Henrietta took a great fancy to thesix-montbs-old baby-girl of Mra. Dr* Rosa, and, as the* ebUd bore a e'ertaia resemblance to her, in- silted that. it should be named after bflr. Afe the mothef tms sfcrbagly at- toOhed to toe fairy of tho^ ring,* she cdtttpiied with the request, and tbe iatlmtejr betweeiube young mafried ■woman and the s « l was atrengthened by tbktia. A i bafe been remarfeca, Henrietta ■ wa* a general fitvorite, not only with e -4 - ¥ i*taan, ' th«Tttblie, bnl^'Witb tbA ^ m b e ra of ?Iea, ^TbavA fo«»d tofibttt *6 tba uiKui compaay. With «nq nf G enuine F ooes .—He who wipes bis nose on a nutmeg grater, and picks bis teeth with a razor. She who says *‘no” to ageDtieman when i ’ie has reached the ag© o f thirty. H e who gets BO drunk a t night, that he pats bis clothes to bed, and hangs him self on the back of a chair. She who rubs in order to her cheeks witb brickbats i give them color. He v/bo puts on bis hat and takes his cane and starts ont in porauit of an honest and disinter-* ested politician. Bhe who pinches and slaps a child to make it quit bawling. Tell me ye winged •winds that tound“iny pathway roar, do yo know ot where women fret no mor© [^ant deli, som© wber© habits never y e ll, and cradles a re not found! T h e loud wind blew th e snow into m y laca aud calmly answered .•-'-‘There U m »«ch pluisc.*

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