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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, January 06, 1869, Image 3

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T O W N A C C O t J N T S . :t of as pMsent Visors pf the jftvtHil Towns, aad Abstract of *ro.wft A aaits as presented b j tfee Sup( ■ ■*■ ’ for Which or- v'”x'~ iT « r ------ qjha several sama were ordered * Ahwm F m *1«,Poor Account. > .... -i. • > • Adam ^xta*tOT, Erroneous A si«»ia^V .' ders were OsaV lhalSosttlet by thalSosttl e t Shperflsors, to beasseesedupon collected to W e r a l towns. G. H . BATOHELDEB, qiei COLOMBIA. ector of Elections p g ............. . : ..........:: W F S p o M , ............................... H O elm an. “ .. . . . . A V D F i n ^ , ;; - ........................... » a s = £ = ; ; Commissioner... S » t m s n . G v e r T « - . : ........... cbiV tobie::::::..:........ ISpe ® i ? ^ t o I w OveiMer' ofipoo'r ^ lary J j ^ S a ' S ^ c S s S / o f Hfehwiys. Sett M iferC M h ^w ConDMl F esa.!'.. . . . S i S S S & S E B S ^ I f e s j ........... f S S l S ^ : : : : : : : : : : : : : - : ; : : . 1 | 00 SnporvUot, fot liealiteF Boolc... C 00 T0t>lt.tlM>»M(IM«»«l«»«»■»'-»» i; E ilif 29 t | S ^ r z b M B <i0 Alanson Bif, .£, Wltliam T ^ a S S n . Oerlc of Election “ . - 6 00 W U namHetaar C H Batcheiaer, Inspector of Elections... | » ^ ”Haiaey. \ - “ ’ - i i i f e - i . ....... e ;;: 1 1 s i l l S t “ i i l i “l l i \ Total ............... . ............................— •• LITCHFIELD. Bad T a s .. - ---------------- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £ ^ ”S . » ° b S ? . ; ; : ; : ' . : : : : . - : ................ FAJCRPIEijo! J S | J 5 ^ l « S ; v ; . v r ; ; - v r r . ■'”r;:;::;;;T;r;:::; A E T « m j , “ ................................. » - S & i g ' g i : s s i K S k 4 * w ; | p £ ® s ~ ...................... , . .. ■> ........... & ' S S s « \ o f s 5 ai-* f s S s S ? E ; : E E : ; ; fi* f l e C I s S t s ^ E ' Total...................................................... |S,497 7r o \ FKA21KFORT. K C cooto C le-ltof Election .......... .. B Cook, iDSjoector of BlectioDs ........... CCM arsb, “ “ ............. ASToulin, “ “ . .......... Lewis F Weaver, Clerk of Elections..., Xames Enshmore, Assessor.. . . . . . r .. . . Elisha Wetmore, Town House .............. James 0 Day, Poor Account ........... .. ... J Tiilmehast, Inspector of Elections.. ABHuTser, F Harrison, Clerk o f E lections... J Parker & Sons, P oor Account.., y ^ O t o e b y , Poor Account................ . . . laom a s Wickham, Boor Account ............ L F ^ ^ n ' l s o n . » “ r.\E.‘.“ PoorA iiiskt.^ I B S | S » ? . ^ o r s t A S \ h : i S f j “Bridm?&kL^SonOTus*TaiJi^'' ‘ D jlBHdenScker,^’ “ E.I f s E i r i-: :■■ f e S S S S S r i S S ' i U i i i i : : : J . ilS S r ''sr;;r:v ..;.;-.r. ........................ > ' | i Supervisor to pay Overseer Poor Salary,.. La^na Chapman, Poor Account. .^. Edward Clarlt, Poor Master, 188T... Caleb J Re.vnolda, Constable... . . . < Town Bonda * Interest ............ — - I I t e , o o m . . Orrin Brown, G S ? H H ? t e p o S * A t ^ n n S . \ ‘: : : : g S S | t e : - : E : S I S S S : m m ^ = ' l l r i i i w S » “ = ! I t . . . 00 GL LB l l f T o i i ^ H o M e ....... \ v . : : : : : : : . \ : ® o o o f f e r a l i m i t e d ' a m o e h t o f t h e i r 00 G eli, Town H o u se .............................. ;*» «( 80 Adam Grim, Assessor.. ............................. « « • t I S I S S S ^ E ! ! ; : ; \\ WGDevoe, Glerkof BlecUonalSOT ......... .1 C.8boeaiKber, Supervisor.. M W e S S i , Casper <^loa, John 3> Witherstine S : ; ; ss | | s 5 . t ' b 5 ^ to pay Town Bonds and ini.» to pay Overseer Poor Salary,. Oo Supervisor, to pi 00 BadT as ............ 60 KeJectedTax ............. ................ ■ ■ \ ipervlaor, for E eglstfr Book.. 6 ^ ^ Total., AW A lbertA b e y .Justice...... . 100 00 JamesMBrown, Justice--. 2 60 J I Sbnfelt, Town Clerk. . . . . . . . IS .50 Wallace Moon, Poor Account... 13 50 Albert Abcel, . “ - liSESS'EiiEir:;': } | t t w T S i l ' a f f i i i - . I J CO A Day, Overseer of poor 1 00 ADay, PoorAcr.oiint... 24©) A Day, 3a 00 James LBi I I i i m e . 1? 50 W VVMoo'n, Town Clerk.. I 59 Jefferson Modn, Justice... - ? & & , “ - 6 00 1 i Q nn AlbertAbeel...••.. q ^ S H Andrews, Ast - - - Jo h n sC Clark. ------ an Caruttf l i so ^ ^ H G o o ’dlarVisoT and isCS... 0 00 B YW W a shbuni.... B V at 13 so E T Washbi £3 SO Winiam Jones. jr«uj I8 60 Davis Brothers, ' 6 25 L H Caswell, 5 J Batcher, ‘ BC Van Hasan ....... 5 25 J c Warren, Juitice. 4 50 ]BQ Y an^oBsn..... 5 00 'eremlah K lnnle.... lo o t g e y ^ r l m i t h S.051 85 Supervisor to pay O' tr r S S . ' S X ^ r a s t s i i ; : : : Allen Smith, “ J G^oonradt, Overseer of Poor.. I.. Harcns Hemstrcetr ConstdblQ.. . 4 .... • William C Baker, Inspector of Elections. Milo Moore. “ ----- leB Ferris lections Total... “ i l E l S k . . . p . - . r * II ............. 2,W oil 100 00 S H An Jer«( 2iO i Williameal B — Irving Eaton W T LooTiit, OMcCready... N A Bradford. ......... u r n s FALLS. S p ^ r t A r o ’6 S i » i » i K - » » K - r f I I ........... r ” «n0 william Si 10 50 H R o o f ... a t r . 9V .V \ S | 0 00 P C easier ........ : i | 4 o S s . iv,;;: 2«0 01 George Warenp. A cine©--.* .......................................... 01 AKBelltager ............................. « s s s t ' s s « r & i « v » « l i l i i i i i I I I E i S . S “K \ S S » : : i i s s s i s i r : ; ; ; ; ...... GEintflisr e l a i Cu0ns^**t** ' H Olay irali; Cfonns^ F e e s ;- ...-.— — . Isaac Ghrisman, constable.....................- lS ? e ? .l ® p 5 ^ T d 1 g '^ e S » e ”c tiJn;:::; A m ^ sH P restottS isS Wilcox, Counsel Fees,., is Gate a Constable ......... .. • ■ P ^ g g s •|d s m . D e l s n o |c o ., P o o r A ^ \ S t ': ; - - : : i S « = ; 1? 0? 0_ rL,uu*e «.«{.=. f e o V jlistice .............. Total ....................... . MANHEIM, 1 # : i ^ 5 3 so j p n r y Rockefeller B 1 ^ ^ ............................... “ .................. l i I2 M ■ ’B troi 1 lili II r Sfup^^rt ......... ort fii Com’B'r of HlghwayA by ReaotoHoa ....... S S §“S l A = » s W f . ? . . “ ??* 3 o i Finks* Bridge L o a n ............................ ... 3 00 Jacob Stacy, Cartage.. ........ 13 sa Luce & Oilmord, Printing..., 3?5 Watts TLoomlAAltomej’B I ^ s t t g , M .............................................. II ■IS “si 'll mstebiev..., 120 00 — — - --------------------- -----TOO C.SbweniKber, S a p e r v l s o r . ........ 97 SO TO Shoemaker, Inspector of Bleotlons.,. 8 , ^ Cd James W Blattjcy, ^ ^^O ll l i ' * g i o 5 5 liB « s a is ;= « 21 67 $4,760 Oi f li 1 li' 11 SSSisK;; iS laA . taV d '^S s ’a W 1 ii D E M te te|5 ^ e A Of E lectionsISO e'ir.' ^^'21 \ « o X ^ t ^ r : r c l a ? m i r 7 V '' i i l l 5 ^ r ^ ii -3-00 • I I Androw J Fonda, Poor Account.......... II !! JEW E tR Y ^raufuM E M T l F I R S T M 0 R T 6 A G E B O N D S A . T F A 3 ^ . H IN E EHHDEED ARB SIXTE MILES ^ Ofhe f line-West &oia..Omaba. are now eompleied, and the work is jo in ? on m rough tlie TTinter. As tli.eLdistasxccr|>«tvr«eut^lie^ixislxed of the Uaioii a n d CentrAlPicific Railroads is now less tha^4(Xy miles, and hoUi' companies are pushing: :fofcl6^ -idiwdrlti^Uli ereai eaerST. eaiployiiif over '^ ,000 m en, tksrsY * tt b«-nodop.bttbfttt] G r a n d ^ L i n e t o t h e P a c M c w i l t b e Open fo r B a s in e s e in tb e Snm m o r The regaU r Government Gommiasioners have pronounced the Union Pacific B a ilroad to be JIE3T 01.433 Ift every reapeot, and the Special Commission appointed by the President says:' “ Taken as a whole, TnErTHlOS paoifc s.»ll.- EOAU HAS :B*SN WEM, COHSTKOOTED, AHD THE QES- EEAI. BOCTK FOE THE LISE EXCEEDINOLT WEll, 3E- LEOTSD, The eneri^f and perseverance w ith which the work’lias b een urged forward, a n d th rapidity with Which it has been executed ar w ithout p a rallel i n history, a n d in g randeur an magnitude o f undertaltinB i t has BOTW he® equalled.” The Report states th a t any defleier cies th a t exist a re only those incident to a ll n e' roads, a n d th a t could not ha-vo.beeu avolde w ithout m a terially retarding the progress’of ih great Tvork. Bueb dendencies are supplied by.nll railroad companies after thecom p letionof the and whe '^6 00 U,0I6 07 self t h a t thin, g r e a t w o rkof. nationaLimportanee ; is So r a p idly apprOachink completion u n d e r such t t t l . M S ' a ™ . - . ; ; : ; ; ; : ; ; 26 w fA M $ S lf b o n 8 > a h ie. ......... | S f 2 SS= Besides a donation from the Government of 12.800 acres of lan d per mile, the Company is en- ^ titled to a sub^dy in U . S. Bonds on its line as 3 oi) completed and accepted, a t the average r a ta o f 20 00 about S29,000 dollars per mile, according to the 1® ^ difficulties encountered, for w h ich theG o v e rn- m ent takes 8 second lien as seonrity. The Com­ pany have a lready received §22.158,000 o f this sub­ sidy, o f Which §1,280,000 was p a id Dec. 6th, and §640,000 Dee. 14th. GOYerDHient' Aid—Security of tlie Bonds- JH STOFOR S P E C I A L N O T I C E S . Up ii ii 10 00 I -N ew Y ork , A ugust 15th, 1867. 103 01 ALLOW me to call your attention J;? -to. to my P ebpabation op C oaipouitd E xtract L u B uch U s The component parts are B uchu , J4 qp ^ 2 50 Iseaf, CcBEBs, JjaNiPBB B erries - . M ode op PRBPARATiON---Buchu, in Tacuo. J u ­ niper Berries, by d istillation, to form a hne gin. Cubebs e x tracted b y displacement by,liquo liquor ob- S3,09S 15 ^20 ^ M ^ H a le . Inspector of E tections- IS 60 S L Biles, Com. of Highways ......... J8D0 Commissioner of Highways............. '« S : .................................................. 1 ^ a S S g S SOHTJELER. II Daniel Baldwin, TowJ 1 fiO PWlo Sweet, J ub U c 4 ......... j. \ f p \ 'in l e ^ “’“ “ ° ’ 2 |W M A Jackson, David Ellis WUliamPhUl!. .JlenGoolA - WlMamVBuOl ... WUliatn V Budlong^ ■foooo sr of Poor H L JobnaSn. ** , V Peter Tallman. Clerk of ElectionB & S Robbins. Poor Si 505 03 D & s K u B ,V o l u n 1 =92?? AH-PrescottA tt W p ilo r iV .v .v .* . 11 §21,160.68 11 cSfSasure? for SnpUf'Connty House, \ 8S 9?im i3< 1 ^ 4 8 i * i OTASK. « i £ S 7 s s s r : t S 5 S . \ ' 7ot>Al}.- - I^EWBORT- of s W i a i ; : : : [ectlon,.,. i I S ® k % t W n i : : : : : : 40 W. Ar*aNcwiaaftAMWW», ---------------- 19*0 Jyiv*st«r ** I J! f ........... 11 ^ . • J l s s S £ » i 3 s ' “ \ \ I 'i ............. wae ^ £ ......... $1,276 V3 12,693 18 . J| i l a i l w 11 fSlnW o rt..-.\ German Flatts Hs’^kimec ................ •’^. is s E v - ............. Norway ........... . S e e W8rr6n<^,.<..i<M,*(.»* 'll lii i f i i r 1818 30 can reduce the r a te o f interest. I t 1646 07 for thirty jm s ~ m p e r cent, p en Al.o VO now equal to between eight and nil _______________ „ . itb y ^ ^ n e d 'f r o m Janip'er Berries, contoioing-'very little sugar, a small proportion of spirit, and more palatable than any now inuso. The act­ ive properties a re by this mode e xtracted. _ Buohn, as p repared by Druggists generally, is of a d a rk color. I t is a plant th a t emits i^ts fra­ grance ; the action o f a flame destroys this (its active principle,) leaving a dark and glutinous decoction. M ine is the color of ingredients. The Buchu in toy preparation predominates; the smallest quantity of the other ingredients are added, to p revent ferm e n tation; u pon inspection it -will be found n p t to be a T inotnre, as made in Pharmacopoea. n o r is it a Syjnp—and therefore can bo used in oases where fever or inflammation exists. I n th is you have the knowledge o f the ingredients and the niode o f p reperation. ■ Hoping th a t you will favor it with a trial, a n d th a t upon inspection i t w ill m e et w ith your a p ­ probation, ‘ , ' W ith a feeling o f confidence. Chemist and Druggist o f 16 Y e a r^ Experience in Philadeldhia,and now located ^ his Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 594 Broadway, New York. [From th e largest^MMnfacturiiijg Chemists ia th e W o rlttl ^ ^ . ;pre opposite my rest- _________ __________ ... in POndJJPting the busi­ ness where o thers had not b een equally so before him, 1 h a v e been favorably impressed w ith his eharaoter a n d enterjirisi Firm of P o’ ing'Chem Hr.tMBonn’s F luid E xtract B uchu , f o r weak- less a rising from indiscretion. The exhausted towers o f N ature which a re accompanied by so aany alarming symptoms-, among ■■wbioh -will b e .bund, Indisposition to Exertion, Doss ^ M to o - ry. W akefulness. Horror o f Disease, or Forebod­ ings o f E v il, in fact, H niversal L assitude, Pros­ tration, and. inability to enter into the enjoy- *'*The ^ n s titu ^ o n . oneo affected w ith Organic ’------- requ ir e s -the aid of. Medicine yto no Inconvonietice or exposure t completely su- 'if |r?iSSSSIi^iS ____ ____ jw long standing. I t m p leasant I a n d odor; “ imm ediate” in a o tion.andanore „„jg thening th a n .any of the preparations of Those suffering from hrokenVdown or delicate onstitutions, p rocure the remedy a t once. The reader must be aware'that, howpvpralisht lay be th e a ttack o f the above diseases, i t is cer- lifl to affect th e bodUy h e a lth a n d m e n tal poyr- AU the above diseases reouiro the aid of a Diu­ retic. HBLMBOLD’S EXTRACT BUCHU is the * * ^ d r e s s H. T . HBEMBOLD. D rug a n d Chemi- _ . . oal W arehouse, 594 Broadway, N. Y. 1 1 ■ ' S t f e ' ” '\ * ' \ “ • I t . h e i m b o l p . ViffimEIIClUAN H A I R ^usim w E R , DISEASES OF THE SCALP PRODHCB GRAY H A IR AND BALDNESS! T h e use of H A X r L ’S Y f E G E T A B L E S I C I L I A N H A I R R E N E W E R promote apprOachink completion u n d e r si •prable a uspices,\ The Company now hav« use 137 locomotives and nearly^ 2.090 oars of a ll de^oriptions, A large additional equipment is ordered to bo ready in the Spring. The grading is nearly completed, and ties distributed for 120 ; m iles in advance of tlie-western end of the track. Fully 120 miles o f iron for now track a re now de- 'ostofllio Missouri Hirer, and 90 miles more are en route. The total expenditure for construction purposes in advance of the eom- portionortio of the rood is not less thi pleted p m illion dolli 'By its c harter, the Company is perm itted to is- iue its own FIR S T MORTGAGE ^■ernmeat its equipmei mortgage upon what, for a longtim e, will bo the only railroad connecting the Atlantic andPaciflo States, takes the highest r a n k as a safe ssourity. The earnings from th e way o r local business for the y e ar ending J u n e SO. 1868. on an average of 472 miles, were over FOUR MILLION DOL­ LARS, which, after paying all expenses wi :muoh more than sufficient to cover all inter bat distance, and the e arnings: m ths h ave been S2,SS6.870. T1 uld have been greater, i f the road had 1 been taxed to its u tmost c apacity to transport its own materials for construction. The incomefrom the great passenger travel, the China freights, and the supplies for the new Rocky M ountain States and T erritories m o st b e ample for a il in­ terest a n d Other liabilities. No politiitioal idace the rate of interest. It action m u st remain annum in goU, to between e i^lit a n d n ine p e r cent, in irrency. The primipai is (hen pagahk in goia, I f a b ond w ith such g u a rantees were issued by the Government, its market price would not bo less than from 20 to 25 per cent, premium. As these b onds are issued under Government au­ thority and sapervislon, upon w h at is v erylarge- londg are made *0 36 The price for theI pi atioHal Bank, • 1 o v ernm ent prices. IJo other oorpoi fiflOure, p resent is FA R , u n d accrued intertst a t 6 p e r cent, from July 1, 1868, in eur- Subseriptions will !^e received in H E R K IM M , B $ J o H n W . T r o o m a n , and in L ITTLE FALLS by HerMmer Go. !N^a1 and in NEW YORK At m e Compaaj’9 offiiw, No, 30 K a sian St„ JohuJJJ. Cisco $0 Son, Bankers, No; 59 W all St many’s advertised agents thronghr out the U nited States. . Bonds sent free, htU parties subscrihino through local agents, v iill look to them fo r their safedeliv- iontaining a report of the progress jmpleto given in a n advertisement, which will be sent free on application a t the uompany’g offices, oy to any of the advertised Just received, a Large Stock o£ u m m S o lid G o ld J e w e lr y , g o l d P H lsr S A N D P E N C I L S , GOLD AND aiLVER WATCHER of tlie E . Howardr E lgin and TP'rAtham mannfaetare. Also, a variety ol Swiss. Good. WaltLam Watches, in Coin Silver Cam, for $22 and np-^ wards, French and American Clocks, Pocket and Table Cutlery, Rogers Brothers’ Spoons and Porks. u ’- A i i s r o x a o o D s , Musical Instruments, Sheet Music, and a variety o f TanEee Hotions, con­ sisting in part of Beads, Pocket Books, Combs, Brushes, Paper Collars, Stationery:, Genuine Meerschaum and Briar Wood Pipes, &c., &c. Grover & Raker’s celebrated Sewing Machines, Chandler’s celebrated Lancashire Lens Spectacles’, and all kinds of goods usually kept.in a first class Jewelry Store—which have been bought for cash, and will be sold at prices that Competition! Call and see a good stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere, and buy where you can do the best. One price to all. Goods marked in plain figures, and warranted as represented. Thankful for past favors and patronage, I hope by fair and honorable dealings to merit a continuance of the same. All kinds of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired. ^ ^ Jril. .A .. M i h - L b O K R E S . Herkimer, Dec. 15, 1868. / m c h lltf ■ BOOFLANO’S GEBMAW BITTPS, H 0 eFLAM *gl 5 ERMAMTilM The Great Semedies for all Biseases of the S A v e r , S to n s a c i i , o v S P ig e s ttve O r g a n s . Hoofland’s flemau Bitters HOOP^APTB^g GERMAK TOUIC. EAIL & WINTHR GOODS THE VERY LOWEST PBICES. HUYCK & FOX, 111 F ox Block, Main Street, Herkimer, A^re selling Goods at the very lowest prices. Their stock of Fail and Winter Dress Goods Comprising EMPEESSES MERINOES, French Prints, Mohairs, Colored Alpacas, Black Alpacas, Shawls, Choice Styles of Cassimeres, and a Pali stock of Domestic Goods. .Also, Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. They have also, a large stock of Boots and Shoes, which they are selling at extremely low prices. Also, Gents” Farnwhing Goods- Their stock of - G I K O C E R I E S is complete, and they are selling them at the lowest prices. maylStf issued October Hrogress of the lupoos o f the F irst Mortgage Bonds of tbe Uiiicm Raoifio RaU roui Company, d ue J a n ­ uary 1st, 1869, will b e paid on a n d a fter tl^at date, ni COLD com, free of G overnment tax, a t the Company’s office. No. 20 N assau street. New York. JO H U J . CISCO, Dxo..l5th, 1868. Treasurer, New Y o rk. deo23m3 ROSADALIS, T a a n a G b x t:E L A .rv Blood Purifier. “ C t T B E B Scrofotlet,‘ioM.itB PVtt^oxos ,Pe>a*»nS SUCH AS Consumption tn- ils earlier stages, En larg^ent and Ulcet^diion of the Uteru&f Chronic Rheumatism, Eruptionsruptions o f the SHn,Hn, E o f the S Chronic Sore Eyes, &C., &C., &C, - . ALSO - s \ ^ : ^ : E 3 : j : x . . x s 33ST j L x . t . io c ! s : p o N t i M : s _ DISEASES OF WOMEM, Loss o f Appetite, S ickBeadache, Lveer Complaint, P a in in the Back, Imprudence m . lAfe, Gravel, GENERAL BAD HEALTH, And a ll diseases o f the B L . Q Q O , u i y e r ; k i d n e y s &, B L A D D E R , I t la a Feiteot Benovatoi. I ’ ebp I ctly Hi-EtiLESS, never produo- '5 ^ i , ‘& K f f l H W S . « . d , . T h ..r- tielesof which i t i s made are published around each bottle. Recommended hy the Medioal Faculty and many Thousands o f our best CUisens. . For Testim oniaisuf rem a rkable cures, see \Rosadalis Almanac” for th ii year. .{ - TEsrABan okut bt Dl^ J. J. LAWEEHOE & G0.j » 4 4 f J B a iH n e o r r B tre f i,. B A l i T I M O K E - M D . F o t ^&le h y D r a g g l i t i E v e r y w h e r e . w o ^ r icJiR . • OTICE ia hereby given that an ap- IT DlicationTfillbemadptotbe Legislature of th(^ State of New York, it its next sesiion, for .the passage of alaw altMinKand amendiugthe Charter Of tbi Tillaxo of Horkimer. L I V E L Y T I M E S TAYLOR BROS’. SIBW YORK STORE! NEW GOODS! LO W P B IC B S ! AND QUICK SALES! P K E S S G O O D S , In new and Splendid styl^, comprising BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, IRISH POPLINS, ALPACAS, ARM UEES, M O H AIRS A N D PO P L INS. WHITE GOODS, Tcmomng-YiQiiESrBWISS, JACONET, STRIPED AND CHECKED MUSLINS. ■ H O S I E R Y A .S T I 3 G L O V E S , of the very best and most desirable makes. SF»J^I3N T C 3 ' S i a : . A . - W L S , In. the most beautiful styles of Paisley and Grenadine. A splendid stock of SACQUES, SACKINGS, CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES, A large assortment of P A R A S O L S A N D S U N U iV IB R E L L A S . Carpets, Oil Cloths, and Mattings. Window Shades and Lace Curtains. Marseilles and Lancaster Quilts. In fact, our stock, selected from the first. New York and Boston Houses, is complete in assortment in every department of the D R Y G - O O D S T R A D E . Give us a call, and you will be sure to. buy without going elsewdiere. Herkimer, May 13th, 1868. mayl3 L tae puresc qua E m it Grange, m a k ing on&of plen^- public. Those preferring a Medicine tree from j AI co ** holic admixture, will use HOOFLAND’S GERfdAN BITTERS. Those who have no objection to the eombinaS tion of the Bitters a s stated, w ill use ^.... Hooflaad’g German LTonic. They are both equally good, a n d contain the same medicinal virtues, the choice between the two b e in g s merfi'm atter o f taste, th e Tonie be­ ing the most palatable. The stomaen, from a variety of causes, such as Indigestion, Dyspepsia,- Nervous Debility, etc., ernes affeeted,ther f the ttUowiSe*^dis eases i bnstipation, Flatulence, Inw a rd Piles, Fulness o f Blood to the H ead, Acidity of the Stom­ ach. Nausea. H eartburn, Disgust for Food, F ulnesss or W eightin the Stomach. Sour E ructations, Sinking o r F luttering a t the P it _ of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, H u rried or Difficult Breathing, F lu t- jring a t the H eart, Choking or Suffocating Sen- sations-vrlim ina Dyias Uostnre, Dimness! of 1 m e n , L o ts o r Webs before the Sight, Hull jPain in the Head. Befi- ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skimnd a Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, etc.. Sudden Blushes o f H eat. Burning a th e Elesh, Constant Imaginings o mrio_im^^mm-edienffi,i!^^^a.nd has established these diseases. In this connection we would submit those well-known remedies— M o o U m i d ’s G e r m a n M i U e r s t AND Hoofiand’s German Tonic, Prepared by I $ r . € . «W. PH ILA D E L P H IA , PA. Thirty-five years since they were first intro- duced into this country from Germany, during which tim e they have undoubtedly perform ed more cures, and benefitted suffering h umanity to a greater extent, than any other remedies knoYrn to the public. These, remedies will effectually Cure Liver Complaint.Jaundice.anoHn Dyspepsia. Chronic D E B I L I T Y , Bc5Ultisg from any t'aute whatever; FBOS- TEATION OF THE SYSTEM, in­ duced by Severe labor, Haid- ships, Exposure, Fevers, Swi. B B B S O B S A B T A B C B B I B LIF E . R E A D ! R E A D ! ! R E A D ! ! ! OPENING OF THE GREAT WESTERN iB M T X i O I M E N T A G E N C Y . To the Young and Old o f All Classes : T T A V I N Q o p e n e d c o m m u n i c a t i o n Ifith h usinesshouse? o f &11 Muds throughout tho great west, .we a te ptepared to a tions to p.er9onsof every, trpfio^ and S h e r i f f ’s P r o c l a m a ’' i o i i . ___ ie County o f H erkimer, on the firs t ----------- - (the 1st day) o f February, 1869. Proclam ation is therefore h ereby made.ineonfonntty to api-ecept to-medirectedund-delivered by -the-Distriet-At­ torney o f H erkim e r County, .to a ll persons bound to u pper a t the said. County Court and Court of Sessions by recognizance or otherwise, to ap­ pear thereat, and all Justices of the Peace, Goro- n^rs. a n d Other officers who have taken any r e ­ cognizance for the appearance of any person a t such Court, OT who nave taken any inquisition or examination of any prisoner or witness.^ are required to return such recogmzance,anquisition anu examination to the said Court at the open- ing thereof^m. -Herkimer, December 30* 1865, f i l A I K Y F A K J I 1 ? O R S A L E j o^' 2 3 4 a c r e s , o n e m i l e 1: south from HerM mer village and 14 mile from Mohawk village. A bout 120 acres a re cleared for tillage, m ead­ ow, pasture and orchard of ohoice grafted aPbleS, 30 acres iu fiMbBred land a n d the rem a inder in thrifty young forest of- fifteen to ^wenty^years — and*titlo quire e£ MptSOtf F O B S A L E . HOUSE A ND LOT, A N Prospect St., Herkimer, N. Y. v / S i r e o f lo t 60 feet front by 200 feet deep. On said lo t is a v a riety o f P e a rsand Apples, a ll bear­ ing trees. Also. Orapes and a new Strawberry Bed. T h e boase is sfiaded by M onntam Ash, and lorpartiO ttU w enquire of tire subscriber on ‘^ H e r ^ 'e r . Deo. 10,1868. ' COAL! TF you Wjant the beet kinds u f CSiest- 3 D O B 0 B : E 3 S r S = ’ i B L E O T R I O BOOT POLISH MAKES A USTING SHINE. JOSE, who : ' — Saturday n ight w have much shine on j off; but the shine of D O B B I N S ’ B L A C K I N G L a s ts S t t a r d a y N ig lit & a l l day S n iid a y . FOR SALE- /^Q 1 . 9 ACRES OP .LAND FOR w SALE,, situated 7 miles from Bolvi- ta x e l°ti^ best: V A miles from tho village: a grand dairy farm,, capable ofsustamins 60 cows. -For farther particulars, address deo2m2* ^^B^faFtfA ltolans P A B M S A L E . ^ H E subscribers offer for sale their Farm o f 160 acres lying in Ibe town of D eer­ field, Oneida County, N . Y., six miles from Utica on tbe N ew port road, well watered, a thrfty orchard just begining to bear. Tho bnildings consist of two dwellings, wood shed, cheese bouse, fonr barns, a n d o ther ontboildings. A ll in good repair. There a re two first class Cheese Facto­ ries Within fine milfiOf the place. This place is SO situated th a t t t can be sold in two separate /u— -J of nearly equal size, w ith buildings on each, lairy w ill be sold w ith th e place if desired. ”l -the above very cheap. Inquire o f the >rs dn the premises, or o f J . Bolger, ^Corners, o r of J . C .^ owot , farms _ ____ „ The d a iry w ill _ ___ Will sel -the above subsersbers On the Deerfield Cc nov4m3* AGENTS WA^TTED EOR NIGHT SCENES m TEE BIBLE, B y R e v . D a n i e l M a r c l i , D . D , •DOR full, free, flowing, clear Spark- J - ling, p u r u a u d g r a o e M style j for poetic geni- ’Stea™8.\D:K: Geo~San iaan. DJ).. I . W. WUey, D.D., Sam u e l______ er, D,D., liL-D., and leading Clergymen M tb e Press^ofall Denominations. Send for- cironlars containing th e s&me. Agents a*e .everywhere Pbiladelp ur.Sl loreyonth- is, and give N O T I C E . ^Itis^a w ell established faoi th a t fully one-half are seldom in t h e e n T T ioym ent ^of'^^^ood health, or. to use B - t h e i r own expres- WEAK AND DELICATE CHILDREN A re made strong by tbe use o f either o f these remedies.^ The^ will cure every case of MAKAS- Thousands of certificates have accumulated in the h ands of the proprietor, b u t space will a l­ low o f the publication of but a few. Those, i t will be observed, are men of note, and of such Standing th a t they m ust be b elieved. TESTIM ONIALS. Hon. G eo. W . W o o d w ard, Court of P a„\frites: rla, Mareh.16,1867. Chief Just ice o f the Supn Ehilaa “ I find Hoofland’s gcod f;oriic„ useful digestive o r g s lu cases of d^i vous action in — -------- QEO. lY fw o b p iV A B D .” Hon. Jam e s T h o m p so n , Judge o f the,Supreme Court o f P ennsylvania, < Philadelphia, A p ril 28, J86S. **X cousider *oofiaud’a H German Bitters' a«a>aZ- able medicine in case o f attacks o f Indigestion o r yspoDsia. lean-certify this from m y e x p e ri- j a 5 S I % ! o m p s o s ,» From Eev. Joseph H . Eennard, D. D. F r o m R e v . E . D . F e n d a lL Assistant Editor, Christian Chronicle, P h il a d a f I have d erived decided benefit from tbe nse of floofland’s German Bitters, and feci it m y p r ivi­ lege to recommendthoviaa a most v a luable tonic, to all who a re suffering from g eneral debility, or from diseases arieiong from derangement o f th e ’’ \ \ ■ “ ' t p . r E N B A l I , . C A U T I O N . Hoofland’s German Bemedies a re countefeitcd. See th a t the sig n a g a p i ^ tu r e o f C. M. JAGK- is on tho wrap ■ a per of each bottle-, I J a n O I a n n f a c to r y a t th e German M e d i* * * ^ ^ cine Store, No. 631 ABCE Street, PhUa delphia. P a . ^ C M s A U L E S M . E V s ,l J r S , P kopeietoe , Form erly C, M. JACKSON & CO. R R I C E S : Hoofiand’s German B itters.^er bottle ........... $ | Og flooSand’s German Tonic, p u t up in q u irt b o t­ tles, s i 50 p o r b ottle, or a half dozen for S7 50 JKP’Do n o t forget to e xamine well tho artiolo yon buy, in order to g e t th e genuine. FOB SALE BY A L L DRUGG ISTS k S T O R H E B P I E S B V E R T W ;H E IR E . : . a u g lS y l'

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