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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, January 06, 1869, Image 1

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H V - ....... a . osirW-x#B:‘^ ^ ± ^ : E j . EDIIOiritl^ t^EOPMETOE. ' Siii?S:!'i->fIi' - (urstTS itsfES Jtils!E A S!JI? a ES.) . ■■'.•> ill w w a ? # ;;fn.^:;.!I s r : / ’Cf av.T If: : ^ » | f e ! 9 n ; 4 g j hj ;..;=, o - i . , hTi:t T Dr;J. a.a<>NE^ s p i E c i i A f i ^ j c m d m m ^ , - .• F OP tlrar Prefa|atioii ,t)£ mssn E bmeb !^ Curg» »lsoaS«j4 sirm . aver pa X a e m a h U , G o n s i^ p lzpnr^jScrdfuh, €a(arrh, ^ h i t f ' Disease&i <0c., .t£o, . In.coiuieotion vriOi thfrlToetof’s aeknowledicd skill aa ajjf<f<itoa/.prpetitioner, he possesses the POVfBrtpheal disease, h y '^ la u in g o n o fttunds/'' andlshythatwoptd-renoTTftswi ‘'H ealar,\l}r. J- ' f w j 3 i S ; r oas-x^iA B A a d .-- 2fewton, premat 5«t in t! rd-renoTTSeti “ H ealar,\ _ ----------, - ------aneed ES powerfai a healer as himself, p p t ia this ase of “ Kumbuff,” ani3 ol Intelligence, the worldjasks for Facts, theri «f tha man?' cores accomplished bs* D r., daring his short stay in Utica, he deein^ it expe­ dient to offer the following Iter appneatiotr -woula nna lue able ) receive you?’ , Sv?i7th:^ug,seeme!^ to'awim hefore Laet|:e’s eye3,, He scareely.jknew lxow ■to refieh, the floor. Hi? • knees tre'm- \down into -th^ street. ‘ T was almost ■ roWr~mn'*he could bear. Yet he summoned courage and started-Ofi?-- ■ - , •- • . Just 'as'1 more hea the disease ral form; Car, Fajretteantd Fariefc Streets, teciivcHrs/ prodaoing a change in my appear^ anee so marked that it is noticed and spoken ol by all my acnuaintances. . B. 5T. LOWEJOb, ■5S Washington Street. . M p . John Xillinghsst, (Editor Ueneral Adrer- fawminutes’^° headache for two ditys, cated in a Mr, B. Burton, £3 I/ibefty Street, layer, with sarere neadaohe, and soreness thronshout the body ‘ CMi^elir cured isJfog-jatttjrfes. .............. - •<S?' Patients at a c treated at their hp the Doctor. stance can be saccesifnilv i?8, by c-jrrespondiug with •iSStST i\\\ ioow y ea BY HOSATHIS BONAE. i Above the dissonance of Time, ^ And discord: of its hngfy words, , Xhear.the-everlaatiBEOhijnOi ^ . The music of unjarring chords. ' O song of light, and dawn of bliss, ■ SoUndxrver earth, and fill these skies, 1 Aor sver; ever, ever cease Thy soul ontrandng.melodies- ■ • 1 TOM :<v'f _ ........................ Ii&fe me* fell ^ y o u ' kiafetlliflEg’-ahotlt' 9 ne o f tlie^chool teaCherTOfSan-Fran-' ^ H M i l |A few day.^ since '^^^stable in s Praise awi - ui catj And glory to C - — ^ ^ r .... - SgS.EAgX. Another little private Tl^ r .m^^9ftejaptation Lord,, our Utile darling - S 6 a j 1 S » Z S 1 I & not fear to treat with the nstanees are always con- -cashi£_. . . —lied Perrogaus to the Senate e— lelled Mm to commit his busi Argely to the hands of some ri co-laborer. He took Lafitte in as Ms >artner, and-as. the sphere of the lat- r i o S i i B M A B i T B Y . A S , pelled him to commit his business iome reliable ishif ______ __ by myowu mdustryandperseymnoe? _more^ op- These words weTe spokeH by a youiiff pof to. exhibit his business, tact an of respectable appearance, y e t sp s fgy- - . really in want, as one au- 1789 , L i & i e s i S v ? \ 1£3 Genes SECOND SCREAtVJ From the Eagle 1 0 f o o k e r i^ C lr9C k e r y ,€rd p k 9 ^ p ^ O W S E ; % 0 - b a t ' s : ■^ ' EOBXOUk- ' a JEL o o a s s : r ? 2 “ 1 ■^E^have just r-eceiyed un. immense * “\‘ c B O O l K E a Y - l ' M S y s i s i s s s . ■ • S C S S i B S S S i S I g * * - AND HARTF,OBl^iy||M(^.lNSD wfhStf ; ■ ; -- - Herkimer, I?: Y._- hbme?’’- A x j B o T u a s T O VOUNO MEN. J k s t - P ^ i m t d tn a S e d l ^ E m tlope. Price sia; ^to^^^ngeroM ^ a n r g m a l^w a U p ^ mode of euro n t onoe certain and efieotttal, by whieh«very-3iiffsrer,no matter wb4t his eondi- Sent aadersoal. to-any address.iaa plain aeal- ^ 8 reesiptof sis cents, or two r. Also. Br. Culyorwell's “ Mar- , . • •127iJ}OWBBr. KEW Y oek , jglylyl Post OSoo BOs 4.6S6, S a v e T i m e a n d U a b o r . \ y . W . W I L S O N , ^ G E N T for the celebrated Singer s t w ^ N G M A G H I N J H , Drugs, l l s d i o i ^ s uud' Graceries. ' iinltf n W g o , ’ ______ ed mother, f‘go, and if. asharai man stuck .. doat, the bank Men who hav£ actions g o _____ ______ of character. So he said The man who will not lefuse td pick Up a pin must certainly have sot habits fchal it will be of great use i f he in opportunity to employ iperted' the window and ‘ever had an opportu them.: ■ ' ; *• Teii^sir-^'Michsel is -thb inam” I !f.Ahd did he pay the costs, Mistier ;C|onstab]e?” r, , . slure?” .Gertainly.y lem a n d i-paiS for yer work, He quickly opened't called young-Jacques. - The young ipau quickly returned, astenedstened upstairs,stairs, and wasas soonon- again ha up and w so in the preSericb of the bahker. • “ Ho you have the goodness,” aaid s,to comply nvith-my reque-st?” decided ?” re- th eg Jf-cques,to comply nvith What makes-you'so Jei plied the banker. ■ ‘ “ From therfact that you have re- of y called me,”-\Was the answer. “ I be- witfi g lievo you would not have done it if high i you had not wished! to accept my ap­ plication.” -------- Quick, powers of observation, love of order and economy, replied hir. ■ Perregaux, in a friendly way,- will, make a good business manj Go into! my counting-house I will descend as soon as possible and give you a little business to attend £ q . industry and hdelity, helped every respect. Hisi punctuality him the confidence o f his employers. His zeal and-progress increased from day to.4day- So that he soon excited the attention and-admiration of his she must necessarily endure, and lirg-'^ ed upon her to remain with her pri' rents unl\ he:i^ But ---------- ... w* or to return-from followii companion?. Tnafew years he be-* whither ihoa gbeSt I will gc > bodkrkeaper,,. ;and .afterwards'\where thou lodgest’I will lodgi people shall-be—m/-'^^>eopler-a: energy. - , ., . , 1809, he was appointed Directo oana. rxo eounseieft witn ms who , ' and she, like a true -woman, declared, . her intention of accoinpanying -him. He showed her the hardships wiimh -, TT'^v^, '•’“'B must necessarily endure, and upon her to remain with her pal' “P^ *««*- ’S £ n g u % 8 W E M i i<^a^ge^ and the aedessary mia;siMplo ISIctres'h^OT'ue to try S k S ' l when he was ----- sry, who Asked - --------- --- what he wanted. ; ,7 wish to speak t&Mr. Perregaux,” positions. He acquired the eonfidene rephod the’ young iaan, «‘Is -he at of the entire city, and, indeed, of the ' . . , entire Country, ir ? w* cAAWAAs ziuuf Jiiaeca', oi- i n e — ... . entire Country, m consequence of his The answer- was affirmative, and wise and- judicious counsel for the C, porter led him up to the broad, government; of the city. His .deai aifbie stairwav to the rinnAV stnrv i hn.renta In- ■Ro-mnnn - a MI 1 hardly the courage to-face the great Many yeuagipen of talent owed their. men .who went in and out of the greAt prosperity to him, as he started! them banker’s room. He thought of his' in business, Be supported a great fapme'in the country, of his departure many at their studies at his own ex- 3 Wn keeping the propt rals to the French throne, After Paris was captured, in the year 1815 . he advanced two millions of francs to the State, which was com­ part- W-O that much to the allied, sac- hundred thousand “ ' ' to return to appropria^- - - - ue. Tour father’s house and the arms or tfae Pank.o_ Mr. Per regaux was reading a letter . Hearly the whole time of restora- when the youog man was -admitted to ^ member of the Chamber .his presence,\and hardly noticed the oi\. Deputies, and one of the most una^uming stranger. ^ ' ' worthy of the, number. His parlii '! “ Ho you wish to speak with me young man ? If so, tell me in what respect I can serve you!” “ Mr. Pprrp.o-fl,ivV.” snirl -tfig yoUDg ----- j- camly in the getteraligooi - . , ___________ Aame,' nor pleasuree in whiiich rank,, noi fortune,- but imiustry, strong will to work. - - — ~ *”i your great- prmce of Mot ----- most insig- ^ He reached the climax of his polit­ ical pfomi\T'.-'I-. ---- l-.i.’-.- Without _ ___ ______ _ IX, who could not keep his neVer have ascendled the f .lionswere y s. -p —rr— ----- -™— ....... ..w-..wJnot~approveoAsome-.ux- eleax eye discretion and fidelity.' them, we certainly §anfiOt help admir- ^eguea Hafitte,” was the answer, ing-his-honor and integrity. He w^. “ Mghteepyearsr 1 replied, the young map.' - '‘’■J.xii’a# born on the 29 th of Oetbher,iy;yi. '\Axe you- ■% Parisian?” inquired i help 1 d be tha: was ^ n it?—some of the school directors opposed Her appoicitixi^t ^ecaiise; lier ---- dead-husband was a seci^sipijist.' Tfiey structlon. jaisbed by 1 , nobility o f char- He j,— spitef o the dis- jsuj in wh the family of Mar- rmitted his cmly ley's son, the I t h e l t a k S A u . . “Ho, sir. lam fi-om Bayonne.— My father is a carpenter, and has ten children to care; for. My object is to find aplacb w£^e I shall - bq able to ...V, resignation and i.cwicu wiw digni^ as'a simple citizen Of tbe ; Dafitte died on ^Easter day, 1844 . , ainid -univerSa! Regret, 'I'he French 'ed in the public school department of does i thd city, teaching a primary class.— knell A* sad ohangu-in the-fortunes of one who started -in life-with such bril­ liant prpspecte. She is a true and no- said of the ei ___ ;in this city. Lag ostly.nor 1 American, , . _ ------- .ecaying tent ments We inhabit. The seeds of disease are planted in our constitutions byna- ftirP T'llO A _ - ---------- - earth and atmosphere, 3,-and-—would you her whence we draw the breath o f of the school directors* life,-are impregnated with earth; ’th is made-to operate its O.WU de- The food that: nourishes and neighbors die, blit how seldom 3 i t occur to our thoughts that-our -—i public'school department of does it occur to ___ ^ ____ ^ ____ _ ity, teaching a primary class.— ^“eil ™ay give the next warning, to • ■ o„„A -------- r — the world! T h e O h io ^ H isa s t e r — ^Au I e c i - dne d e n t ,— T h e C incinnati E n g u trer g ives utterance to the following incident connected with the recent disaster on ^ers on . — — ---- . ,+i-idict, oictuuci- umieu oiates, at T h e B i b l e — ^Itisthe book of Laws,' time- of its collision with the to show the fight and wrong. It is America, were a gentleman and lady TXT. , . the ''''bose-names appeared upon the books -. ...ath, the clerk’s-ofificQ as a man and .wife, which detects all human ^errors. It it wns the old story of elopeinent. is the book of life, which ifiiows how to avoid everlasting death. It con- — ----- .j — ____ _ ___ tain^he most authentic'and interest- Yine street, who had always borne a A P uzzle ,-?-When w girl 16 , years. of age marries a man of 45 year§.he, of course is-three times as old as she. After having lived together for 15 years, she will be SO And he will be 60 ezame — Said, a feeble anfi aged mother of about S2,600—^her sole dependence, except th‘ 0 ' duty and affection which she might 'naturally expect from her son hi her declining; years. -Among names in the list o f “lost” by the wreck of the ill-feted .steamer is to be found that of the young German mer­ chant. The woman was amon^ the ^^cned, and xetinmed' again to Gin (finnati to liyeas a strahj family. linger t o her own ^1^5 UUV-tijai- A'-«?XtU y e a r s oldAvhgfl tliejfiyodi.d' w a ters was upon t h e e a r t h . A--hJ -600 years, Lis age, to 1056,giv,, - t h ...i::te oV lheflood 16-o6. Vv e l e a r n fruni t! b lijth verse, 5 t h ehaptei* o f Gcuesi-;. iliat “ a l l th e d a y s o f M a tluiseiali w e re 609 veaws, ih th e 001,4.0 wiucn aaa, ills age, 006, and ■we have 1656, the date of fhe lioud, which proves to a raathefnaticai cer­ tainty that ilathuselah was drowned for his vdekednes?. ^ A M atrimonial T angle .—Some time ip October a eertain gentleman hdrei } to A - D b a t h - s D eath . - attending the late boats on the Ohio JGGLB lir THE jaws '! stoue iiQor under .her Qong the incidents “ ^^^r^be^able garments of the be-. -------- B collision o f Steani- eister,fhe pale face turned ug- ________ ae Ohio river, the-following and the white hand pointing is-related: • q heayenwardi - What a tableau of A g e n tlem a n with h is sister, a love- despair, Ipye and r^jeoge. ■ and aecomplisbed young lady,-were . - — —~~ , 1 the United States. At | C harge ^ to a J ury -^A O lear defendant paid for the laintiff a. cow, t bfea(;hy;'anr J8^ Whew is ail old eheme liko i -dollar? W iohit isiiihmite|y.; not know' that he had previously issUed ■ a pair nf liceuees” to the same lady; and applicant number two- went away rejoicing with the “paper.” The attention of the Judge ■svas called to this singular complication, and up­ on inquiring into the matter, it was- found that the fifet'gentlemah, in the pursuit of happiness, had obtained, license to marry the lady in q u e s tion the fellbwh.^ zled- -but-—Miss——-didnh \know- anj thing ahoutit.”-?-A16fen(fom) Unw AbvANTAtJES OF A PuRB LlFE.-X- Ifyou loqk into the early'years of truly hopeful meu; those ■wh'o - make- to those who come life easier or'jiobler t after them, find, that tl ^ of ^heir youth. In early li though abounding in vigor,* is seusi-' tive and verv susceptible to iniur — J.I, JO uiiB .BimpRj icutn Bachard's Montlil^. ■; ... ----- ..ertaih ' poniieal speaker closed an audress iii behhif of his par- i the felloWing' florid perora­ tion;: i “ JBuiid.awarm' fehce.ardund L'k.: _______n audress'iii be! ty with the felloWing tion': i “ JBuiid.a warm' a winter’s supply of summer weather; skira the clouds from the shy with - -------------------- - derjjojt in • a :ane to har­ ness; ground sluice an earthquake; bake h-~-1 in an ice-house; Ias?o ah avalanche-;-pin a diaper on the,crater pf an active volcano •, hive all tliestars in a nail k e g ; hang the ocean ou a grapevine to diy; put the sky tc soak 111 a gourd ; unbuckle the- beny-baud bf eternity, uud paste ‘To let’ on the sun and mpolb Iml never, sir^never for a moment, sir, delude yourself with t’ne idea.^at anyticket.ofparty can beat our capdidates?’, ,r:. ' The Multan of Turkey hasIB'do Wives. ■ Poor fellcw I . «

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