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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, Herkimer County, N.Y.) 1861-1869, December 30, 1868, Image 5

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V J a t w -attg \ I C - l R - 1 1 ^ - ^ - ^ S --------- ---- Bi». Bttvtmi’fi *tnn i Mnwmw cM b*«iuie i?y ' . \ T T / w V v m F 1 3 . “ &BAiy-3a i a E P ’» h o s s e s . ^ m e years ago a man lived in this staWes tadelphia, and lie owned one o f the poorest grass ferms you would tm h to see, but well watered. H e would buy horses in those cities from gentlemen that kept but one boxse,—horses that had had a good deal of work on the road as fam- fly horses, and were fed ver 3 r highly of grain, and had been in the city some four, six or more ;^ears, and were what horsemen calls grain-killed. H e would bring them up geueraUy in the spring, and let them run at pasture, .and I have seen from six to ten horses in a field for weeks together, where could not see a green thing, nr some weed, or b r i e r that the horses would noteat. H e would keep.them just alive for eight, twelve or more months, as the case might be, butn,t least eight months, and put them In the stable about Peb- 15, or March 1st, having let them run in ttie barn­ yard after snow camejTjut housed from storms. H e would begin feeding a few carrots a t first, and then add grain — V..:— >—‘•\'d but never — in a few w ; full, with coats and well filled between the ribs, and in May oir June he would take them back to the city andsellthem as horses j u ^ from the «anntry,-Hihe old owners often l^ing the horse they sold, because the horse ooxdd m i eat grain enough to look as fine and soft coated as he did whmi he returned to the city, when at pasture or in the yard. A t this farm the:home was kep' alive, hut had little or no woi tried it on one or more horses I hav< owned, and found it very beneficial, especially to horses that were over ten years of age. I think that eight quarts of grain given to a horse, after some six montm of this treatment, will have a better effect on the looks o f the hair, and feelingss or Itfepf the horse, than twelve or fouiteal^'q.uarts did before r remember, I speak from facts. You look at coach horses, in your city, . which you know have been there six or eight years, with a good deal of work, and the coachman allowed to feed all the grain he chooses^ and also rs little hay, and see i f I am not sus­ tained in what I write. Grain-killed horses are always gaunt betwween the ribs; the hair stares and looks dead, and the fieslt feels hard and dry; the horse is dull and stupid —^not playful, and looks sleepy about the eyes. Treat him as I say, and my word for it, in a few months he will be his own self, playful at the.haltar, prompt to the bit and look sleek. To give less grain, more damp hay or green food, carrots, potatoes or some­ thing of that kind in moderation is my advice and practice .—^James Thcmpsm, Bose Hill, in Country Gen­ tleman. number. H e took great chaps, ; it. Som e years, perhaps, X O S A C O O A m X l O O X E . T ^ A R R A J T T E D to r e m o v e a l l d e s ir e for r«t«cco,. I t i t entirely Tefetablo »n4 hnnnlegs. JtJ*ui-{jtc*vndenrichegthi:Sloi>d,Jxt-. vigorittes thesystem, ponewes great sourtimtig and iil an excellent Apse- Sioo A K O N T H sa.'-A i; Agenta, ,W« l u r e nothing for cariosity-iefkeri. UADIS 8 ‘ IN POOR H E A t m A N E o f the best medicines, prohafily ” the very best ev 6 rpresoribed, for the numer- o o s a n d distressing:aUments]cno'nm as£'£!M AIi£ COMPLAINTS, is Dodd’s Nervina and Inrigor- n to r . H e a d aobe, p a i n iA th e B a c k at»d/Lim bs, ilpitatioQ o f the HeartrPaintness, Loos of Ap-' stite, BeAring-down Pain, Prostration of ^ i s t s nature in thisimpoitant period, mamtain- Im p o irta f c iit C e r t i f i c a t e . — n oeiraa marked by ooiMkaait vaginal dis­ charge, sometintM of a. watery consistfoey, and Sometimes creamy a n d mncQ-purnlent« She had been under other treatment for some time, but tion, palpitation of the h^art, ^ h t-sv e a ts, my first visits. I commenced, of course, by such active local treatment as the ulceration demand­ ed, and then applied myself to a recuperation of the general hemth. I t was inconvenient to see _________ idedly soon told. The pi Nervine.^and longer, when m y l-- ________--------- 2S iS V .‘S ± ' , t e S ' i ; a : - H s r i ® . ™ restored health is naturally enough most enthu­ siastic. She never before h a d -a medicine give her such comfort—and such appetite—and such sloei)—^and such conrage™,ana.- 6 uch strength.— She wouldn’t try to keep house again without it, and so forth, and so forth. I t is my own opinion that the Nervine is the best tonic and corrective of the .female organization that has evercoino under^my observation I shall not fail t o con­ tinue its use in all similar cases, and the profes­ sion know they are nnmorous enough. _ P o r sale by a ll D ruggists. Price. One D o ll _ — general __ _ _____ .. -lat remains .is latient eontinued thduse of the I other medicine! for some weeks - tendance wassnd r^-t i re- a_ h er but BOSTON DOLLAR STORE! ^ H E immense success attending our past bnsiness has induced ns to make great preparations for the fall and winter tn ’ Oar checks and exchange listS^ cd every article desired for family use, and Fancy Goods. Boots and Sh and Plated Ware. Cutlery, See., &o. Presents worth from 83 to MOO Make your orders as large as possible, anc. send your money by postal order or registered letter. 'I. AGENTS WANTED-ISotfASS to Agriculture and the Meohanio Arts, Edited by G*o. E . WasixhvEsQ.. the distinguished Au­ thor u k d A iricnltnral Eugineer o f the New York Central P a S :. Nothing uke It ever p ublished; 200 N n g rayings./ SeUs: a t sm b t to Parm e r s . M e- chaftiot and w o fM st M»n o f »U o lu m . Aotire men and women are coining money. Send for Circulars. B .B . TBBATACO.,Pnblishera,e64. Broadway, N.-Y- . deo9w4 M I* 4 WMH,T Agrioftltural paid Fireside Jofiruali ooXTAnnito DONALD G. sMITOEEXX I M P O R T A N T T O E o u s e k e e p e ] t P a n d M a n n f a e t u r d r s . For Feds, Fillow s , Oashiona, &o. J S l i A S V I O S P O N O E . torlal N .Y . Daily 2 W W . ' ------- enddrsemena by emineat Ph ----- ttirers, Tft>hohrl*fert. <fee.. Incl P f o t OSPEN DOEEMTJS, N. Y. CHAS. T. JACKSON, Boston. State Assayer and . Consulting Chemist. Chm i.try.in Col. E. S. OOBVES, M. D., Surgeon E . S-TTavy. SQBAOE GEBELY. BBOADWAY AND FIFTH AVENUE STAGE ■ liiN E .faftertw o years contianons use in oush- NBW JEBSEY STATE INSANE ASYLUM. SAM’L N. P IKE, (after use in Cushions in Pike Opera Souae.) NEWYOEK BALESBOOM OF THE ■ „ ^ ELASTIC SPONGE CO., doc9m3 . ^ Howard St. A WATCH FOR S2. O A L : ^ iMM E iNSEl How could it b e otherwise! A time-keeper and Compmw combined, handsome case, glass crystal, white enameled dial, steel and metal works, usual e a b b u t i h o h E b ! ^ w s >. ajfsisledby * corps V f able editors and eofitribu* tors in each department. I t iadevoted to the interests of the NAHntBB, FZ.AN«S£^'. ... ClABDXNSBi - SmUAT-GKOWJSHi aadth«iFi.01tX 4 3 !« FLANS OF COUB leir attractiveness, will be ilTuslraled as alto Cemeteries; Parkf^ M A R K E T S * Beport of the Market! ii New &.&d%om^^^^ tiffl! TO aSd^lWlO file Fam ily Circlip O cm ? l A l M nOBB G . W . C O N D E , s t r e e t ^ H e r k i m e r , ”^ e r , e you wiU find a full stock uf DRY. GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS AND SHOES. P E trijS & ‘M E piOIHES,JPAjPEE HANG ING S , W INDOW SH A D E S OIIi CI j OTHS, & c ., at a s low prices as any House west o£- Aibany, ; ; ,r3?IOyjHETOBOE.THE h i t a r ' b l e m i l a r S a l o b n , US. a t any tim ^ iu ,p a r t payment for a higher priced watch. Send for one, and be no longer without a time-keeper. Address, dec9m3 ' 12 Furman StTBrooklyn.*^. Y. ESTABLISHED 1832. 4 5 X O D A R X - NEW SCALE, OVERSTEUNO, FFLL JBON yRAWS S t o ^ i ^ & Morris, M anuftetorm of brand, Square and Upright A O R n e w s c a l e P i a n o - F o r t e s , i n a d - V dition to their peculiar merit* contain eye really valuable modern improvement, renderii.o them the most complete a n d perfect instrument ever offered to tho publio, and for P hrity on T one , D emoact of Tonon, D ukatsilitt , and al- n n n v a led- “ Pia nUj^ort^buicio «MD ni.iiucrtj' TWENTT-EivE THOUSAND fam ilies ----------- - them in use in nearly every p a rt o f the civilized world, A lllett«8^w iU ^ b e ^ ,«^^^ ^ » \ G ^ I a t J o n e s . N . r . MBS. STOWE. GEAOE GBBEKWOOD, and MBS. MABY S . DODGE’ will contribute to each number. .A. 2 ^ B - w s x o 3 a - s r 3C B . J . T . S B O W H D X D G E , SNTrttgP « * x i s r x H n a x c s , = ^ , written expressly for the HBABTH a N d 'HOSC commences in first (December 2€tb) Bomber. THB BOTS A m GjUJUS SA T I Y O U R MOSEY! I a O o e : .A.T? Quod Japitti Tea, $lj0O Crood T ouna fij^non Tea, $1,00 Friine dde do. 1^20 Tery fine do. do. dp. f,S*f • \ FRESH, COFFEE GKOraU BAH. 1 T. Sugarbj as Olieap ^ the Oheapefit^ aed Oood as the. Best. Alao, HOUSE BTJILHEBS’ HAEBW ARE, H A T IN G TOOLS, HUBS, FELLOES, FA IN T S & OILS, FLOUE A N D SALT, FE U IT GANS, FU E E DEtJGS, and all the Popular Potent Medicines , ' o£ the day. Call and see, at the store of ' C. W . P A L M E R , Jr. CASPIE fiiOO’S BOOT AND’ SHOE STORE Has been removed to ' T S l fffiW S f O B i l i t F o k * s N e w ^ i G c k , Where may be found an endlesjB yaricty_of S o o t ^ saxkd: iS I lo e s , o+ ei-G.- ..^ 5 ]^ article, Desoriptivo cheolm , ’A ^ 5 “ ;-* everywhere,maleandfemale to U or ten for SI. Agenta war ' \ ” “ - Circulars sent free. CUSHMAN & CO.. 19 Arch St.. Boato: BO S T O N ^ o n s A L u ? * o o .® ' from fqr< . stiob : to one th in h . There are many farmers who do not stick to one thing long enough to make it pay, and consequently they loose in everything. A t one time the under headway in this, they their minds and go hack to raii^g grain. Some again make a speciality for a time of a certain crop—^wheat, * 0 ^ for instance. W hile _______ * „ v in ir th i s suGnia' !Ops may be and they turn to miss what they have The best farmers we have observed are those who first find out what their soil is best adapted to produce. They then turn their energies in that direc-^ tion and go straight forward in that line. A poor crop-does not discour­ age them. They go on, and are sure to be finally successful. T o illu s tr a te ou r id e a : W e once knew a farmer whu always made it a point to fatten from twenty-five to 1 -------------- year. Let the price low, he every year doll AES f a lOO^Plctura Photograph Album\: of about theuimal ----- -- — : j - i_ n — “kirt:lFaney^Dfe83 Pa^tcruj^l^L^ifes’ Large Teiribie BiSclosures. ■A rfulPublicatiflW. A lorctt r ------- • a COPY free. .. - . Aypeoiihen copy of the first number lent free. No traveling agents employed. Address ” communiCRttons to PETTENGILL, BATES & OC., deo23w2 ________ 3T P ark B ov , N ew Kour » E 0 « F . H O W E L L € 0 ’S AMERICAN lHewspaiier H irecfor|r, COKTXIXlNCf ACCUEATE LISTS OF ALL THE NEWSPA­ PERS AND PERIOfilOALS PUBLISHED nr Tax UNITED STATES and TEKBI- TOBIBS. AND TH* DOMINION or CANADA, AND B B ITISH COLO­ NIES o r NORTH AMERICA; * TOMTHg* WITH A DESCRIPTION OF ‘THE TOWNS AND OITISS I N WHICH THEY ARE PUBLISHED. N E W YO E K : GEO. y . SO W E L L Oc CO., PUBtlSHSM &N*TBPAP*K AUTgRTmiNU A g S* 4 0 F w r k S « v r . ■ 1809. A HANDSOME OCTAVO VOLUME OP 300 PAGES BOUND XN CLOTH. M C E - - F I V E E O E C A R S * FURNITUREiyURNITURE! ensiT itm T io K m pbi « i A T m e R M F & COCHRUE’S W b o l e s a l e a n d R e t a i l FURNITURE W A R E H O U S E , No. 4®8 Canal Street, F x t e n d x n i g r l l i i * o H § r b t o i i f o . 1 © T e s f r y S i t r e e t , 3 S T E W Y O R K . Eosewbod, Mahogany and Walnut FUUmTURl, SPEIMG BEDS, MATTEESSES, &o., Constantly on hand, and at prices that defy competition. Give n^a call* ”^ 6 ^ rs^cfe^onrisft^i^m ttetofoire of every d x ’ qt > mrTV M l T t T o w . an oes^ o., c ..jn a n o n Dr. H unter’sV ai ____ rtiBlea fcErpses- o^^FunotionS^and'Sexual’lilS o r ^ ^ Our commiasiong to agenta hte much more lib- hind, ^ith n e v e r - f a il in g '^ m f ^ W - f c r ^then;- eral than any other house in the business, as may speedy cure. The practice o f D r. Hsmterbaaloag beseen by the lists below. been and still is unbounded; b a t a t:tho eam w t Every itttioie is sold at the uniform price of smicitation of numerous perji^n«<io-hai been in-, 10 cents each, o r SIO per hundred; and any arti- securely eaTeroy^ifbrwaided to any ^ r t of th^o cle named on these checks pan be exchanged for a Silver Plated 5 Bottle Castor, a Woolen Shirt. 3 Divi!ion-S< or any other of the. nhmerdds article! mentioned on our exchange J is t. Any goods broken or damaged in transportation replaced free of charge. TERMS TO AGENTS. A work . 6 ] and others, lation tbi it pride in hsv- i n e ig h h o r h o o .d.—r le years, perhaps, he might have done better b y selling his corn instead ; the best in. i >0me years, perha] . W A N i X R R ; , Our Agents are making 85 for every hour’s 8 ervic«r,’apa ^'Pm 860 ^ to- 812 Q per day. *>TILLXAlit& C b .^ ■ 0 ’F n rraaB .S t,, he might have-done better, by turning his whole attention to some other spe­ cialty in farming. But we always noticed this, that, taking one year with a n o t h e r for a lo n g time, s a y ' years, he made the hogs pay. H e ’ a successful farmer. laaSt,, Brooklyn, N^Y^- L li Yai Engrai y fine BOF f i f t : ravad Siive S ' 3 ? j B : E t 3 S F e S c 0 0 « 75 LAiru? , k b w y o b k . i S ^ A ^ S a n e \ liO Y D ’S K E N T T C ^ B ^ B ^ ^ d; 1 P oint I ‘ Apd importer! o f sr's.'i!.''® ,’-} ,, ' ^ \ i ^ D 'F I V E D( A n o th e r farm e r n e a r b y , p lanted po- >*1 itoes every year. Sometimes his crop 3 would faO, andsometimes when he had i . l a « S « £ r ± . r ’ _____ ! ! f ! l a good crop the price would he iow.- But he kept straight forward. Every spring he planted potatoes. The re­ sult in that case was the same as that in the other. Taking one year with another frr a considerable number o f • y^ r s , he made the potato crop pay. He, too was a successful farmer. The former who would make his ^ business pay, must have a policy, and must adhere to Farm- , ers\ Magazine. h b a l t Z op * p S m b e s . There are seven reasons why form­ ers are healthier than professional men, viz;- 1. They work more, and develop all the leading muscles o f the body. % They take their exercise in the open air, and breathe a greater amount o f oxygen. '3. Their food and drinks are com­ monly less adulterated, and formgre simple. 4. Th< : FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE. JlfD^nJesin Kaatof s gsod Sert- ................ th »..w VSSSUfS: iMAKINGFOUBDIFFERENT STITCHES. Lock. H m E, Do«bte L qc I c . wnd-DonblarKnot. . T h « F iorm m l*Id«w w ^ w l o u b t i 5 0 ^ aor»! of which fri^H aaberJand. Said P am 18 in good condition, and on said farm ii a now onolce Cawa, DatidD««.16.1^. jtWhitoorColoroi ------------ ipkinafo match; 22 yards f l a p H a l ft«« to .11 sppliototoh- . return mail- ■ . % ;^ lb V a w ien tl O T s a u i i A i i r * C O ., . 10 iioll St., Boston, Mass. ■ , < deefiwi 6. They take theirsleep, commonly during the hours o f darkness, and do not try to turn night Into day,' 6- They are not .so ambitious, and do not wear themselves out so rapidly in the fierce contest o f rivalry, 7, Their pleasures are simple and lei^ exhausting, I X > ^ H S \T O X il'V 'IB, A H B LIVE TO B l % Stesm fiyeiof &€eaBiug EitiMiihiskf, jr a , 9 jtmhn SLf JOtim, JT, ■PIRST CLASS A.RTISTS A R E i ENGAGED DrBHCTPHDMEnEOPB. _ / ^ ^ r i c d o » * T O Lattly Much ImprOTid ? otAss. IJBSERAI i M R i i l AGESen if groat value to Advertiser!, Puhlishcra ithers, who desire information in rc- ition tb'the Newepapers and Pe- riodloils o f North Ameri ea, ' THE EDITION W ILL BULIMITBD. AND PEBSONS DESIBING COPIES WILL ■ DO WELL TO SEND TH E iR ORDERS IMMEDIATELY TO © E l O . P . I t O W P E i l i € c C O . , P U B L ISH E R S A A E V E R m i N G AGENTS. 4 0 Pzkric. S t o w , dco23w4' Ngw Y o n r. I N S U R E Y d U R U P E IN THE E q u i t a b l e E i i b A s s u r a n c e S o c i e t y OF NEW YORE. ALL POLICIES NON-POEFBITABLE. p ASH Dividends to Policy Holders U Annually. Annual Income over F our M itt- lOMDottAIW, .P i a t f y A W A B S E D A IKT V A B M ! P 0 3 i GmSMITH&SON, (Successor! to SMITH. ABEL & CO.,) U 1 X X L .E F A U L . S , N . Y . , ABB DAILY RECEIVING NEW SPEING STYLES - O F - DRY GOODS. CONSISTINfi IN PART OP m ^ e & S P H t t D R E S S GOODS, ALPACAS, ' IR ISH POPLINS, ' • D R E S S SILKS,; G L O V E S A N D H O S I E R Y . in eVory variety. 4 well selected assortment of O a s s i m e r e s , C l o t h s & S a o M u g s , ‘ and new style! Lakes’ & Seats’ FuraishiBg GOODS. M ^ ^ r t i c t t l a r attention paid to the Depart- BetUen G6od» » JBomestics w h i ^ wo W ILL BELL at the lowest possible '\ \ “ g BO. s m i t h & S Q H ., LHARTEB ;iecl6tni MESSRS. LAZARUS & MORRIS, OPTICIANS & OCULISTS, S A S T F o s s , coiasr., O A V E , vdth a view to meet the in- X iL inereased demand for their ' CELEBRATED FBliFEFlTO SPECTACLES APPOINTED M r , M - O , F K I P r O E , WATGH H & l E B a n d JEW B IiEB, ' , MOHAWK, N , Y„ A* their sole Agent for this vicinity, They have taken oar* to give all needful ifietruotions, and have oonfidence in the ability o f thpir agent to meet the requirements of a ll customers. An unihf will bo thus afforded to procure, a t '' S P E O T A C I L B I ^ * * Unequaled b y any fqr their Strength ____ _ _ ening and Preserving Qualities. ■ ----- ----- _ j{onti«»iertnn,twxeert«naf iAe «tpA<,'t£*88ia«»«,‘or other unpleasant sensation, b u t on the contrary, ' mth* Serfect.oonitrnotioa6f the Lensefe they i aa^hxng andpleditatU, causiM a f e e l i ^ ^ r e - WAT WARDROBE. J o l k i i M l.’atcta K fer’ii- S T O V E X > : E 3 P 0 T , HAS S*n» SMtUVXD YO YHK STOBS O m Ih T f i v m th* <kni*r*f Medttand Green Sit. H E R K I M E B . N , Y . T H A m Uuaaantly w Hand below.them. Bveiy nwietyi H i , lltMt Iif#i tmi Wffk, anMaiCT; J d r a , law ? -^^’ W. SrTAYIOB & CO.’S Utica Jewelry Emporium. . HEAD UUABTEBS FOR ^ M B U J C a J ir WeXTGmBS* Of al^& e Manufacturers, In gold and SilveriCa*- MORtOB’B OBLRBBATPP GOLD PEHS, QOME A N D SE E THE Overcoats, H eavy W inter Olothing, Elegant Business S uits, Fine Dresa Suits, Boys’ Clothing, and Furnishing Goods, OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. AT THE G E H A T W A E D R O B E , T H E O N R F R Z C E CLOX'HINCI S T O R E , n o Sc It:* Cleneaee S tr e e t, U tica. IP YOU WANT TO BUY CHEAP, DON’T MISS THH'GRBAT WARDROBE.. There yon can select from an ENORMOUS STOCK OF ENTIRELY NEW GOODS. The stylei are varied, faultless and aniauo, the m a n uf^turo^Bxc^entand unexceptiohable, the The PRICES LOW EKthan a t ahyothb * stoeb , GO WITH THE CROWD TO THE O R E A x W A R D R O & E . I t i the heat way to save money, T. Xi. KINGSLEY & SON. THE GREAT M^ABDROBE IS A F B I E N D 'T O W O B K I N G M E N , because i t gives them more and better goods for the aanie Amonnkof m onejrthan stay other Cloth­ ing Store in Utica. C A L L A M D E X A M I N E THE IMMENSESTUGK OF BOYS’ CHiOTHINQ all neajt and tasty Styles, a t tho ™ GREAT WARDROBE-, BOYS’ OY^COATS, • BOYS'SUITS. BOYS’ WRAPPERS & DRAWERS. BOYS'SHIRTS. A t K I N a S L E V 8s SON»S.N B R I D A L . W r W b N X S ^ call a t thii establishment. i sent W mail for t B.JD. A L L E N ,,, , Augusta, Midne. ATNA FIReiNSURANCE COMPANY n-c>TTiTn<wnTrn, ' .8!lT»,Jt71.Xl!t,i868, 3 9 . J^G O ^ N W ^ y .^ L. J-Y^ND^^M i I T A liC J B r 3*^^ ® • 7 TH AT ihe Undoudgned, ♦“ whe^hemayb«eoh«flted on Monday'of each I ' . ....... fflU, infi^ari the’onlySpeotaele! , JFMJEBBMVE ' tGlS- W M B B tStS ^ ja m s x g h ^ i w i S p i o r a u e m m s m . “ “ \»G B S A T W A 8 D ,10B E . VOEBISe GREAT WARDEOBB. PINE WHITE WARDROBE. ^ ^ ^ ^ ihieatwardor ^^^^ All Eiads of FiHoishmg Goods AT T EE GREAT-WARDROBEr ;■ THE-POPUMB CLOTIUTG STOBEt-—. ter, on tha fourteenth day of January, A D . - ! ^ , dec23w2 U.S, Deputy Marshal a nd Mesiengor. Satisfaction guarante; . Herkimer, April 13.1867. H E B K I M E R .Marble Works! WlLLIAAi BECKWITH, (LATE BECKWITH & TRUAX.) T ^ O U L D thank the public for the 1 * yery liberal patronage bestowedupon hii he established , his Mq,role Workt, an _____ inform them that he is StiU prepared t manufacture every variety o f .. OEM B T E R Y WORK:, such as MONUMENTS, HEAD STONES, POSTS, &c. F R O M A M E R I C A N ' AND ITALIAN MARBLE Marble Works nearthe N. Y. Central R. ■’ a villnve of Herkimer, at lower HEREimER L O M E R YfiBB H. A. DEIMEL, TTAVING bought out the Lumber L L Yard of GEO. P. FOLTS, and merged both- establishments into one, at the old stand of FOLTS A DEIMEL. Caraer Albany and Washingloa Streets. P3;SEl.KI3yABPl, KT, will continue to carry on t h s . LUIVIBER B U S I N E S S in all its various branches. He will furnish all kinds of , , LUMBEB AND SHINGLES, DOORS, SASH, BLIMDS, M O U L B I N G S , &o at Utica prices, WHOL at 11 o’clock A., M- Dated Utica, D e c .J Iti, A. D.,186S. • j^ 3 j2 S C . DONALDSON, dec23w2 U. S. Deputy Marshal and Messenger. : iTEortgage s a l e . ■^H E R E A B , default has been made • > in the payment of the money secured by mortgago. dated the 14th d a y ^ r December^ i 86 G, executed by Charlotte Finster, of the Town of Schuyler, in the county oT H'erkimer. *and State of 27ew y©ri:;to Fanny Chrlsm&n. of the village o/Uion, in said county, and which said mort­ gage was recorded in the Clerk’s .Office pf said county, in 3 ook No. T. T. of 1 /lortgages, on page ^ 4 , onthiel 2 th day of An'gttstg 18&t, atS h o u ri and 30 minnlies A. And whereas, the , said mortgage has been duly assigned to Peter B.^ Seebet, of the town of Columbia, in the said county, and the same is now owned bv him, tho said Peter B- Seeber, and whereas, the amount claimed to be due upon the said mortgage a t the time ofthe first publication of this notice is the sum of Two Hundred and twenty-two dollars and ninety-four ^ n ts, viz: Two Hundred dollar.s the door o fthe Court House in Herkimer, in said county of Herkimer, on the 14th. day of Novem- her, 1868, a t eleven o'clock in t h e forenoo.n of that day. The said premises are described in said mortgage substantially as follows: “A llthat certain piece or parcel o f landsiluate in the town of Schuyler aforesaid, and described as beginning at the south line of the highway a t the n o rth­ easterly corper oflot number forty-two in Cosby'^s manor, and runs thence southerly on the line o f said lot twenfyffpur., rods; thence westerly on a line parallel witli the north line of said lot twen­ ty rods; thence northerly on a line p arallel to the east line of said lot twenty-four rods to the highway^ • and thence along th e . «aid, .highway twenty-rod^ tothe place of beginning, containing three acres of land be tke same more or less.-^ D .« d A . „ . . 5. ^ H. Cniv H ai . 1 ., Atfc’y. H. G lat H ai .] oe. Ihited N ovem b eriM , 1868. PETEK B. SEEBER, Assignee. l .T, j Att’y. P ostponement .—The above sule is hereby fnrtber postponed u n til the 15th day of January, A. D„ IM . a t the place and time of day men­ tioned in tab ai^v^n^foe^^^D^^^Decemberated 15, ^*H.’ C lat H a E l ,^ above n o tice. D D ecem b er 1‘ PETER B SEEBER, Assignee. jL, Att’y. Motice. pU E .SU A N 't'to an order o f Amos -1- H. Prescott, Surrogate of Herkimer County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against the estate of John R. Brown, late of the town of Little Falls, in said county, de­ ceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to Robert E arl. thesnbscriher. Eyeentor of the last will and testament of tl ed, at the office of S. & K. Earl, i Herkimer, in said county, on or 1 day of May n e x t. Dated Herkimi Of November. 186S. town of the 15ih 9th day R . E A R L , Executor. Ac. he lacking on my part to merit a continuance ofthe patronage of both former Yards, and an extended patronage is a ^ d M m EL Herkimer, August 19,1868, ootltP OLD ESTABMSHEB HOSPITAL ON THE FRENCH SYSTEM. Quieh Cures and Low Friees. Twenty Thousand Patients Cured Annually. \nB TELLEB continues to be confi- -L^dentially and successfully -consuited on-all forms of private disease,, at_-hia old -fstablist Hospital, No. 5-Beaver Street, Albany, N. Y; Twenty yearadevoted to this particular branch of practice, enables him to perform cures suoh as no other Physican can, and his facilities a re such • (being in correspondence with the most eminbnt^ Physicians Of the Old Worldk for obtaining the safest as well as the latest remedies for these dis- eases, offer inducements to the unfortunate, of & quick a n d r a g i ^ u te , to be obtained a t no other 45S* Yoiing men, who by indulging .in Sfcret Uabitsi have contracted'thatsbul-snbdning-mind \’estroying vioe, one which.fills is, and crowds to repletion the ;als, should apply to the Doe- NOTICE. 11 others whom it may concern: Take noHoa that, p ursuant to an -order of the Supremo Court, the undersigned will' attend a t the Herkimer Bank, in tho village of Herkimer, on the 6 th day of January, 1859, to pay the final dividend of the assets of the Agricultu a l Bank of Herkimer, H. D. TALCOTT, Adm’r of E, B. Talcott, .Receiver o f the _________ Ag’l Bank. _________ dec23w2 Notice. HERKIMER COUNTY.) . , C lerk ’ s O ffice , ; TUOTICE IS hereby given that a ■tl Grand and Petit Jury, to serve al a County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held in and for the county qf Herkimer, a t the Court House, in fordi it a distance can be cured at __ , ag a letter to Dr. J , Teller, en- Qg a remittance. Medicines seeureTy packed ____ observation, s e n t to a n y p a r t o f th e w o rlA All eases warranted. No chhrge for advice.— N. B,—No students or boys employed. .Notice this, address ail letters to - / . T E L L E R . M , A . . . No. 5, Beaver Street.Albany,. apllOyl BAIL ROAD .flOFBEi' fUHE' undersigned has taken the Ha- telon Albany St., Herkimer, measures, i n ^ e i r relation to eq.ual government. ”*By strict attentionto'thc wintsof g^wts.^Tiopt Herkimer, May 1.1867- . m as^tf rJijL v^atsAuJE x* F,atJRM ly-an advocate of Sound Opinions^ but arelia- Iklt^Sand mosT7a& I f o - fo. i l e thei. X VALUABE'DAIRY FARM, known as the of Finance and Taxation render it indisponsiblq PE A K FA R M , situated near Caswell’s Corners, to business m e n , T h e w idenm g r n flnencbbf P 6 1 - i in the town o n farrpn, d o n |a im n | Ofle Hundre-’ ♦— - —-i and. .|lv o . Acres of ^ h e ^ ^ S t land ii^tbq tom D a tksaptem U er 16.18 LUMBER! LUMBER!! fUHE undersigned takes this method JL n f inforaaing-the -citixens-of this and a<Boin- I S S ^ ‘“sSi: iered ; tw o , good g j lUropean.the discussions ofthe e and Congress, I h e M a r k e f iR e - iK all the principal Grain, Bum Leather. Dry Goods, and Gro- i this country an d in E u rope.) i|, Intelligence for/arm ers, Cor- ‘ “fHFsBMi-WEEK^ARiuS®1j^te^^ ^tbe^sam e matter, and is issued Monday aftd AH jlindsi of* JLniiailbery inelnding Boors, Sasbi Blinds, Brackets, Hojaimngs, SLiogl^s, &e., “t K s s a s x s s ^ ^ Dated Herkimer, August 19. II W . a H A L L , . , , I ^ l c e n s e f i n PAINS’8 S « t io iri Hto Y,to McKdwn <Sf Coi ■ ’ D E A L E R S .IN , L O O K I N O PORTRAIT, PHOTOGRAPH AND ' K e w a i ' f j a m , No. n W Jiilfi^o Stieet, Gor. DitMofl, tJ'iiEO.A.,’' B'OiRY DESGRIPTIDN opJRAfilUS R E-GILT W-J-M o EO-WN. ■ JOHNMoKENNAH^ - , may20tf- • - ATTORNEY^ AND ,<?OUNSELLORS A T LAW *j, »>*.»»-j . ■ DAILY ARGUS. * . Ten copies (to one address).,..,.,;.,...; __ 80 »» - SEMI-WHSKHSLARGUS. T oo c o p t e n u e y ^ r ’ to‘one''n3SrMsTZ' ^ ^ An eStraJeopy to th e ’x e tter-up o f even* -Oiab*' ^ A Tiixrt'ci'' ‘ ” , ‘ - S s 3 v __ ■ -deegwA i : . . > ■; -.yj I; ,,, 'j . K a t e a b t e ^ D a ^ j r a r t o ; Ol igi liVUll'VBtMO V' F t •»/•,/»O “ feblStF - -• B ? « d © i n 0 . - N . f . ^ '1 ^ -• jr 'q: I

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