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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, Herkimer County, N.Y.) 1861-1869, October 30, 1861, Image 3

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Itrliiratr ® 0 «ttt 2 gtinoraat 5 ^ < 3 S C ^ 3 i I L S : 3 ‘C ^ ' N 3 ^ S S a A g e n t f o r t h e d e m o c r a t a t IflohaTck. The patrons of the D emocrat , in Mohawk, can pay their suhsoriptions to, and leave their orders for job w o rk with F. S.'Wiicox, Esq., who is authorized to re eiiit bills for u s. AX THE O O X T X I . T K O X J S E , IJ T HJEJRM IMJEJR, Hon. GEO. W. SHITU, of Oneida, and Hon. JOHN 11. WOOSTER, of Newport, Win. address toe Teople as above, in behalf of the ■Unioa, and on the topics of present Public interest.— I.-t tha pairiotic aud independent People rally on this occasion to hear truths important tu be spoken. R e c r c it s -— Lieut. Shoemoker, left for his Regimjut in Maryland, .on Monday, with five or six Yoluutoers. S o l d ie r in g .— P ro f. H a n n a h s , o f th e F a i r - flow Seminary, has rcNigned his position, a n dis r ^ r u it- ing a company of volunteers. T h e E llsw o r t h s .— ^Th e E llsw o r t h R e g i­ m ent has alreatly been ordered Into service, to form a p a rt of Gen. Banks division, and,jth will be near that of th-? 34tb. vice. They ai i d ^ positic S e n d t h e B eto r n s .— W e h o p e m e a s u r e s will bo taken in the several towns to send the result to this place at the earliest moment after the votes are counted. A ppo i n t m e n t .— W e u n d e r s t a n d C h a r les Gray, a son of Gen. Gray, of thi^i village, has been ap- ^ pointed third master on one or the gan boats now in the course of oonstruction for the government a t St. Louis. K il l e d . —Among the killed at ifie seige igbiing ui Col. Mulligan, was Israel Putnam, snppiised to be a son Of L\xragton while fighting under tUo lead of the brave uliigan. was Israel Putnam , snppi Of Rev. William Putium , of this village. The fmnily await w ith interest furth.-r information whiuh shall determiuf the qaestiou of identity. I n v S e r t ig b .— u n d e r s t a n d th a t O liver I.i Du^, of Little FaPr:, l.Uoiy appoiuied an Assistant i i the Cwnmissary department «i tbe.-rm y , has been (lef.iiit.l r.s a Quaiter Master, to accomp.iuy the great naval expcdil.-ou .alre.a-ly, wo trust, f;triking a tremen­ dous blow cn til*' Kiiiesed c n astsof the *ncmy. F ir s t A ssem b l y D iETKicr.— The Demo­ cratic di'ie.2atcs tiia Ass'm bly i;,a.rict Convention for th-' Urit di-trict, h:*M a t tin* Court House, on the 24th in-t., i r. s ’lUMjn smuinr to that adoi'.ted by the Coun­ ty ( o n voctioa w-B p;i35cd. Alter nppanitiag as a Dis. trk-t f.*r til? cr.:uu,t: vv.ar, the Ibllcwing person.^, via ; CiiarKs Spiiire.-r, Jaia-.s I'o.ly, Amos BmienbecUer, tl;e Coiiventleii ui'j .. r ird. S eco n d A k ^ e . v b l y D ist iu c t .— T h e D e m o ­ cratic o As*ierul-.!y I'lstrirt Convention, for tlio so.-ond d istrk t,h e ! d ;.t th? Court House, oa tho 24:li inst., it was re? ilv?.!, under present circum.stances. it was iic ospedi nt to int);e aiiv uoniinatiou- The following per_ sons wor-' tppomted the Iii?tri.;t Committee for the eu. EUing y e a r, v iz: tV. H. H. parkiinrst, Kzeuiel Spencer and J . JT. Tredway, .onl the Coii\ e .tion adjourned. A C h a l l e n g e .— T h e fo llow ing a r e , t h e term s of eh.ollonae wlm’h has been received and ac­ cepted y Engine Cirnpiny, No. 17. of Albany, from Eilsw •.' h Engine No. 2, of Mo'aaw!:. The .sum played j^Tor f) b ; S_o0 a ie ; Nos. 2 ami 11 to each choose a judge, ,tcil tho t-.vo chosen jadges to choose a third one ; the trial to bi- made iii two weeks from the time of the notioo of acceptance of tlia challenge; the playing to be upon a graduated perp.?ndicular pole. $ 2 5 E M P L O Y M E N T . A g e n ts tV n n teiL -W o will pay from $*25 to S7.5 pt 'numtli and aiie.NpenaPs, to active Agents, or give a com mclifOyl Mihiii, Ohio. T h e y w e r e T h e r e .— Oar 34th boys were at Edward’s Ferry a t the time of the b.ittle, but on the Maryland side. We t'link they subsequently pasted ov.'r into Virginia, as a p i.'t of (ion, Gorman’s brigaile b a t retunied wli.-n the entire body did to their origUia* p-Sititm on tie* North side, of the river, after having boon up .'lUiiigUt, and in linn of battle for twolvo or foiirtreu tours. \Vt? H.iy we thii .t 'ht* accords with the w et, b u t up to this date have h id no \”c a rrive a t our opinion froAi <jv- eral cii'C'ini^t'iucA- pvem tol»e conclusive. 'T n L D . ’ d IB G abb .— ^'r h i s fam o u s c a s e — cr that f.)>rtio;» of it i ivolving the charge of lib»!—is now OA _tri.d. hi tbi? vilIagc,bcforcJudgcM ritAK.— The caso was opaued i«i Tuesday moraiag by Hou. C. M. Doolittle) for plaiuuft. Rev. Mr. Budge, and by Judge Brown, of Lowis coi i.ty. for Caleb Lycn. Associatdi w ith Mr. Deolittle for the plaintiff of Hon. Rescue Conkhng, ami Hon. Francis Eem an. For the defend­ ant, and assoriatod w Uh Judge Brown, are Hon. Lyman Trcmain. o f -Albany, and Hou. Robert JEarl of this vil. lagj. A naniber Ilf witnesses have been sworn ; and the impr.'.ssio- i.< ililft several days will bo con^ sumed in fakiag testiutiiy. Democratic County Couvention. At & C'iavt::t:o-i of Deiuiicratie delegates from tho iA the villi’ge 01 lleiknw-'i 1»01. Gen- Gaer-r i, i.’aiiq flit to the Chiir. jvera! taw ts i'l (hi.- couaty, ’u*?;d at tho Court House, Hp.*r, on the £4th of October, u'plie!! off Frankfurt,rankfurt, w.tss call- the £4th of Octol o F w.t ( J sn.-s PuUy, of R*j.?sia, and J. JI. People’s Unioi^tate Tioketi FOR secr e t a r y OF STLITE, HORATIO BALLARD, Of Cortland. FOR CO.MPTROIXIM, LDCIUS ROBINSON, Of Chemung. FOR ATTORN'EY GEXF.RAL, DANIEL. S. DICKINSON, Of Broome. FOE STATE TREASCRER, WILLIAM! B. LEWIS, Of Kings. FOR STATE ENGISEER AND SURVEYOR, W ILLIA M B. T A Y L O R , Of Oneida. FOR C.1NAL COMMISSIONER, Long Term—F. A. ALBERGER, Of Eiie. Short Term—P. A. TALLMADGE, or New A'crk. FOR ST.ATE PRISON INSPECIOR, A. B. TAPP AN, Of Winchester. FOR SENATOR-20th District. JOHN H. WOOSTER, Of Herkimer. People’s Comity Ticket. FOR SHERIFF, SAMUEL C. FRANKLIN. FOE COUNTY CLERK, JO S E P H N . W IG H T M A N . FOR DBTRICT ATTORNEY, HIRAM NORTON. ' . ’ FOR SESSIONS, ROBERT aASLER. FOR CORONERS, JO H N W . BELLIN G E R , E. P. HADCOCK. *' FOR MEMBERS OF A2SSE.MBLY', i^EORGE. W. FINE, 1st District, W. BRIDENBEOEER, 2d District; and relieving, .as La I nut been dune since tho day tho Good Sam.irit-in annc'int*?t! the weary pilgrim. T S r This Oil m.iv be relied on for dealnes.?. To be liad of the agents h ere, see advertisement in another column. _________ • ^ __________ A C A K K ? T O T I i S i 2 . A » a i S S S . DVPOITCO’S G OLBEIf P I L L s PO E PEStA L E S . rnfaUUk in Coiiectins-, Resuiatins and Remoims all Ohistn clions.Jrnm ■whamer enuce. and always successful as (s Freceniict. The crn-.l'inatiun of ir.grvdient.s iu D'. Duponco’s Goiden i'ilis l*u- F.*maies are per.eetiy Ji.u miess. They hare been use*l in the pi iv.atv j.r.autiee of old Dr. Du- pouco lor over tlfirtv years, an l ihouca.ids ot ladies can testitv to their great au*l n-.-ver taili.ig success in al- ■Stfilat every case, in correetuig irregiiiarities, relieving J^amful iiii.1 distressing nienslrualimi, particularly at the Chang.* of lilo. From Bve to ten i>ill.s will cure that coiiun* 11 yet dreadful complaint, the Whites Nearly evorv-fenial * in the laud suffers Iroiu this complaint Til** above pill has perraunentiy cured thousand?, aud Will curt) vou if you use tlii m. They eamiot harm you; on the contrary they remove alt obstruction.?, restore mature to ic.s proper chauutd, and invigorate the whole system. I/i'!ies \vlio.se health will not pei init the iu- croase <>f r.i-mily, will find these pills a successful pre- ' Pregnant females, or those supposing them.selves so, arc eautiohedaiJtiiiost using tliesn pills during tho flret ^tkfee months, as tliey are certain to producs iniscar- ^ a g c . And tho Proprietor as.sumcs no responsibility after this admonition, -although their mildne.?s will pre- ' W l f w • Solo Agent for Herkimer, N. Y. Ladies’ By seniliug him $1 to the Herkimer Post Office can have the Fills .?ciit (contiaentiany) to any Golden Pills of anv kind, uak-.s.s the lio.v is signed S. I*. liowo. aug2S - EEBKIMEE LIVERY STARLE. C S A I i f a K E s S J I I T S l ^ rfip I B T l J wouttl liU'oriH the public Huvins? pHrdTt;-'>'*a the Horsce, Car- ■iagf« au».l Stodc ol' A. Cuppernoll, voultl iiU'ona the public that ho will I . I V B R Y B U S I N E S S : ar,i! biv.iig lurmerly been iu the b'lsine.?? a t the same plac*.*, lie n.;*!*.reti> a-ls perfectly \vh.it is wauted, and I tooli sacit- UI th ■ < o.tv'iit'.ou, C1IAR1. es SMITH. I'tunb*.— iumel BeLiiiger, Julm Wr-’ratli, .Vlex-in.lcr j Herkimer, Sepu ■ d ev 1 0-ISCl. seplS ^^Fraaki'irt—'.Vm. B.’i lenbec’.cer. DavM’SV. Folts, Gay- ~ ~ ~ Gerii.au Piatti—J.i. rs E. >Cui*y, No.ab Eeh'.ei*, Rich- ScU ijliT —G v rgo ■'■•’iirig. !j. Jl Jackson, Wm. Erl* denbc.-K ?r. WarrMi—laito-- M .-**'i,.T. W. Hoover. J. M.Tredvv.iy. ?I;T1'V-Iin—Le*. i B-* linger. .V. i5?ard.?li.e. B. F. Jl-ucsm iiff.'re i the foUo-.v’.ng, which, a fter some diS’f'iS'iba, ’.v.ts a 'opted : TFServe;. It nppe.ii-.. that tw a complete tickets for Couuiy utiL-ers arc ku * y before the people, and .as an- e tto r unu.-v th-.* pre-scat cirourastancBS. would only tend til m I'.pliviti! the p ililical action of the people of tln>- U-imty. Th-r*i >rc. Th.it this I’nnventipn de.*m it ii \ ’ toRominati* c.m lidati's for O 'J n ty oL .ers. T a k e M o t i c c . T^HB subscriber, having had a Pocket X iar<k taken iroin her ho-.'se, in an unknown man­ ner, which contained .1 note Of $222, dated Il.trch isdl, and tit, IT v.Lnablo p.ipers. Ihi.i is to notify persons agaii.rt piirubar-ing said note, .\.s th*'pajmi of the t-ime b.\ the maker nas hecii Jorbi.lden me. OLIVER MINOTT Schi y icr. Ort. 9, ISGl. motio'd S. Earl.H . G. Croacli, lYm. I. .Skinner, I-W o zo Carry!, Wm. H. ilorgan, J . Slather, Elias Pal- M 5 r ,J M v rcappoir.tj,l County CojumiUse f o rlhoen- «u!ng year. Da m*)tioi Convention be publis-hed m the H?rkimer County Hem. Tlie Onvantinn then adjourn.?.! die. D a m*?tion it ww rf*.s)Tved thattha'proeecdings of the G.VYi (-ED CAMFBELL, U i’d. mW ADVERTISEMENTS. ^ l o o l a o T j i s r a : * ^ 1 w a i v t e ® €&l. Gr££U^s M e s i m e n l * low Encamped at Oamp Campbell, P O R T L A N D CO UNTY.-Tbis Reg. ineiit uo\r ha.-i ai-out loo meii, .uid a few more are wautC‘1 compl»rtQ tns req^mr.Hl uumb?r, Thu Coiouel lA'-maiaRfUiik'V a g ruluato u \S\ai Eoint, ami a tlior- T l i « F a y I s p e r M o n t l a . And Ciot’Jind mid Ration,- ; besides $100 Bounty a t the cii*si* Ilf t!‘c t fhi \f eu!L?tm?i(t, (llirta yeats,) and '' ■’t S S - i i „ ..u ? iS iS S S k . H ci’iciiiYr. O 't . ’JO. I » il. , Sasli, Doors, Blinas & Lumber ^ AttheFacl,)ry ia Herkimer. rpHPI PROPRIETORS of the abov ^ 3 . manuf,t(*iury s.>!ii*it the p.itronage of the publi nil I won’ll annij'juce that they can supply every thin n their line , A Y L O W E R R A X E S •Herkimer .M iroh PG. ism . .U. & W , O I 1 3 5 C , GENESEE elTREET, UTICA., N. F. --- DEALERS IN ---- W A X C H E S , J E W E L R Y , Plated Wai nanufactured uu' ,uted equal to (3c * i r ifine ’^Ye.tches a n d Jow e y E e p a i r e d and for all ages je22y ' THE HREAT ’WAR.DROBF. V E E C 0 A T S . HEAVY WINTER CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, 111 S n d l e s s V a r i e t y , BITTEli & PRICES E 91 E 8 X H A N E V E R B E F O R E ! !o .stock in the c ity can oompare with o Quality, Quantity, Style and Price. I t costs nothing to examine this Splendid Assortment UTIOA. s : p b o i . a x i 3 s r o x a ; o s - 1 P \ f\ O A S E S OP F all and W lnter Dry Goods received this week at 50 FranHin Sqruare. Utica, IST. Y» Goods, now on exhibition, and would say tfa*4t a t noi period since they commenced business were they In a better position to offer inducements^to purchasers; their stock amounting to over »i00,000, embracing ffli the Novelties of the ucason.aud purchasel lor cash . Their buyer having been in the Bastern m a rgetfor the largo auction sales of the season. Nothing that money, experience and taste could accomplish bus been omit- EOHcRnneaHytS^^^^^^ m’'tM s B to ^ ,- J n 'd hoW out particular iuduiiements in oar I'rcsa Goods, Cloak, F i f t e e n C a s e s D r e s s G o o d s , Hamilton a na Manchester Delams, Bombazine, Alpaca, Canton cloth, plain Merino, &c.. &o. T e n O a s e s o f S h a w l s a n d C l o a k s . .shawls, Gent’s and Boy’s aravolling i-hawlB, twenty- • *ven different styles of Cloaks iu great variety of n u- torlai. Cloaks made to order on short notice. T h r e e O a s e s o f S i l k s . Plain Gro de Rhine Silk, all shades. Ill Italian, French and English, S e v e n t y - F i v e C a s e s D o a i e s t i c s . “ S l i M i i i l i r Hi ninis,su*ipy Shirtings. Jlerriniacf.Co. piece or bale. T w e l v e C ases H osiery & G loves . F ifteen O ases B R O A D C L O T H S A H D C A S S I I S E B S , In the iie\ve,stFaU Patern. Five cases of illlU iaeiT G o a d s that will be sold a New York prices F if t e e x N C a s e s M i s c e l l a n e o u s G o o d s Including Blanket?. T.ible Linens, &c., &e., whii.ii we Thousand Bozen Linen H.inkercliiefs, a t I I shil­ lings a doz., by the dozen on!}—W'orth $2. C’a r p c t K o o m r.aval Wiltcri? .Cre:-lcy's Velvets. Bigelow Brusscls,Eng liaii Drus—1-, Crosloy’s Tape^ry. Superfine, Three Ply. extra lino Hemp a id Paig Cariwts, Stair ii New A r r a n g e m e n t ! 0 - 0 0 I D 3 1 JBMlf J.'^our Crood.8 t o r C a s lt — AND SAVE— Prom Ten to Twenty per Cent. r \ N AND ATER this date the sub- scriber will adopt the. READY PAY SYSTE.M, -vvith- bUtigny deviation whatever. From a long experience in the Retail Business, 1 have learned th€ fact that Ca.sb buyers liave been obliged to pay not only for their own Goods, but also lor h’s-ses sustained by the credit system; -and I cannot fail to see the injustice thereby ociasioned, andenorioHS duty imposed upon the cash buying p a rt of the conmiuuity. I am fully persuanded this can he avoided b y B U Y I N F O R C A S H SELLING FOR READY PAY, SO that those who nso tlicir money in the purchase o <ioods may huy them a t the lowest rates, without paying the losst»s' unavoidably a ttending the time trade. With this view i have determined to relinquish the credit business and to direct my energies to tho heady Pay D R Y O O O D S , Drugs a n d IVIedicine , a n o c j E R i E S c n o c u i s M i i \ BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, GAPS, ic i u v s o f a t o 'S ^ ( r S ^ ^ l L “ a i ^ i ^ * u [ . t e s e r v i i c s o UI f . a . g . x x c j e , Aco-npptentDRUGGtor, whowill take charge of t’na*, llcpartnu-iit. Pliysiciaiis aiui others can roiy on havjiig their pre-'-KTiptiou’s and family receipts crrcfully com- G.tV.CONX«C/ N o tic e .—All tliose, i.idebu-a to the nn.lersigned by OU* or account, will iilcuse c.-ill and settle imnu*<liateiy my*2yl - G. IV. CUNDE. ■ ' a i S E S i F Gilt Carriice and Curtain ?ntreainl i?i.le. Ta?-?els, &.*., &c . &e. ’ ■ ;vcry width, very heavy. I pa.st ten years employed al ... . S.—Having for the pa.st ten years employed all our rgics and Busin*-'ss Knowledge iu carrying out a suc­ cessful enterprise, and the labor of years to establish a 03N T DS 3 P S - X C S X ’H J . n S T O I X ’Xi’S , The. good citizens of Oneida and adjoining eountics ly carried out. ivTlI ho supiiorted, iu ])rclcrtnce to the unprincipled secoud price system under which the uu- expericiiced purchaser has no protection. To avoid errors, no salesman ill our ffflliloymCUt IS ^ & CD. o . a . s s x i d ^ PROPRIETOR OF T M a r b l e F i l l a r S a l o c n , {OPrO?ITH B.tGGS’ SQUARE,) T T T X C u f i t . , TST - A L L h i n d s o f K e f r e s h r a e n t s s e r v e d Z L up a t all hours, such as OYSlElt?, V.TLD G.AMB, &c. Vl.-=it«irs to r t i c a will Had this an agreeable t)laco tociill. Utica July, 18C0.' jo22yl L T J M B E I I I IP YOU WANT LDJIBER GO TO MOHAWK mh EEREIMEl lYhero you will Qnd i t dt greatly R E D U C E ® P R I C E S . fT^HE Subscriber has by the assist- X Mcc (If fi’iPffilfi once more Leemno able to fiirnifiii his old customer.? w ith w hat they may want in the line of LUitBER, SHINGLES, &o. Having; obtained a water-iHdVor ii» Herkimer,uDd (‘rPCtciJ d P L A N I N G M A C H I N E ‘ m a c h i n e s h o d m coancetion w ith bis I’lanii.g Mill, whero all kinds of Mill Filing, aud general repairing can be done on short notice. He has nl?o accepted an agency for a valuable O L O T H i n S ' G TO ALL A X D N O D E V I A T I O N ! T. L. KINGSLEY & SON, 112 GESESEB SIEBET, a^jcncy f o ra cap, ta very iitt-av ili fiuni piirdii ISJOTICE is hereby 'given lhat the * SNT2X & PATRICK. 1 T that the Pint JIaster at Pam's Hollow ha* ro- cpivcila quantity of the new .style postage .stamps, bp rcci'lvf’d ill tujTufhl of i(o.4ag« t l this offlto after tho expiration of the six days. As.i C. EicOTjfhTEn, post Maatcr. let. 23,1801, I t . fX’HE Tr'astces of the several Scholl X Districts of fnis town who have not handed in Palac'3SoUow,O ct.23,18C l, ■S'® A v s s a s ; 'S ’® A v m s I ONWARD i ONWARD ! ONWARD ! IS THE OEDEB, GPaEAT NORTHERN ARMY p on with sure and irresistible read. Great Central Headquarters J O J E W J S Si C O . e i ISO Geaeaee S tr e e t, Dtica, W. \Y. •Who havo just received their Mammoth stock of SPUING AND SDMJIEK. GOODS, and arc now prepared to furnish this Great Army with BOOTS & SHOES, a t prices never heard of beforo. OU- nnmer-ius cuetoraers with Boom and bhoes for tho coming season a t priee.-i which defy ccmpetitnm, FO B CASH. JiiHt Look at tho P r ices! 10io pairs ■Wum.'u’F Gaiters . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • 5!^ H'OU ‘* CongrifsHeel Gaiters,HomeILdlo . . . . 1 .... : .......^ ..... \ 4 a: “ : ’SSS “ 'S All Ollier goods to bo sold a t the same reduced price CASH, AND CASH ONLY I AH who arc desirous of obtaining a good bargain will do well to call a t LF.-V7IS BEO T H E E S &< CO., HEEKIMEE. H a rdw a r e | G roceries I! 1> S £ « J « S M E B lC l-J S J E S , JV e ti!? s t o r e Jft’e a e G o o d s , AT THE OLD STAND! BELA P A L M E R , M a i n » I 2 E R K 1 M E R . T T A V I N G e n l a r g e d a n d r e b u i l t bis, X X store, and replenished liis usually larg.a stock ol ids. respectfully inloims tho puroliiisnig public that isprcpiU'Od to sell them Brwifs & I f l c d i c i a e s GROCERIES, HARDWARE, P E O r j R A N D S A L T , A N D W A T E E L F M E , & C ., at roil'iccd price.*^, v itli the further assuTtmeo that no wlierc eLa in the cuauty can goods equal iu qiia’.ity and kind be obUinod cheaper than he will s-iil them. Hi.s Tho imblic will also iinil a t hi.? ast itiiblislimeiit evory va ricty Ol imro Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, Paints, Oils and Va\'’ishes DyeStuJfs, Camjihene, Spirits Turpentine, and BUKNJKG sonian and ;KNB-G s FLOD. Aiso,Thomp- I S o t a s & i c M e d i c i n e s , SUPERIOR FRENCH, E.NGLISH AXD GER5LVX P E K, F U M Fa E, Y . P U R E IVIN E S A N D LIQUORS, R E C X I F I E D A L . C O H O L , ami all the most popiiwr, oest, aud thoroughly aaested JR a t e n t J fl e el i, c i n e s . HARDWARE. have aV.vays on hand a largo aud well selected as* lent of ILUUWARE, consisting of III .sliort, hi* would f-av to tho puhlic that he has on band and iut-mis to keep a general aswrtm eni of arti- clc.s to supiiiv til ir wants, and as it is imiRissiblo to euu- MISCELLAlvrEQlIS -LITTLE FALLS. H E W F I R M - N 'ln y r G O O D S . Selling at War Prices! Time Has Como when every X mam can acbru to d r e s s w e l l , l i v e w e l l , and L O O S WELL. We have just returned from New York c ity, and la view of tho embarrassmeuts of the season, wo Uav. purchased AN EM 0 RMSUS STOCK A QOL.D A N D S I L V E R MINE ■ I H . M O H i l W K I TWO DOORS EAST OF TEEBA^K “ T I M E I S B l O J f E Y ” A ND tbe plaee to buy a fine waich L r 'l ? . <S b S . E . C O E , n the village ol Mohawk, where will bo found,fine Gold and Silver Watches. 3very description. Gold Chains of all kinds; Jowc y of the latest, best, and most fasltlonabie styles. G old , S ilver and S teel S pectacles , with the Periscopic glass, the best glas.s for the eyiis made. Gold and silver thimbles, fold pens, bracelets and lockets; in short, all kinds of Jewelry. A large C o i n Silver,,^ W earet Manufactured Es^cssly for us, both plain and orn.araontal. The h S p l a te d goods made, Tea Setts, Castors GaTce and Card Baskets, Plate OB genuine iilbata. Tho ladies can also be accommoauted by a choice stock or Fancy Goods for their especial use and benefit such as Satchels, Combs, Brushes, Needles, t&c. wiiich ’.vili Uo ?? ok 1 at mnr’ti \C 7 < tliau tUo usuni priuce*-- particuLirattention given to M A 8 0 N l O J K W E D Y , a fine stock ot which, will.ai.vays be kept on hai rurnished to the CruU at a. innall advai.co iron \\ p i a n o f o b t e s • fore piirclia-shig,and get value rcii,*ivi*d^l’o^y_f.*irmoney, whii h the prices and q* ' - .. ef uiir sto-k v.i.l i,,t fuLy N. B.—All kinds of walo’a and jewelry repidring dune by a competent anJ experienced workman, and war- rM,nU.d.r»ivft { r pnoii oriifi pay. apmtf USD® JS E S - IS S \ S!ES- M S .tg a : and all kinds of FUEJSTSHTKG GOODS, which we are now offering at C K ; p r € C € d s 7 i t c s n s j S . Q i i s S u r t e e s . L ! P E a, ABEL,’ Corner r / Main and Stednd Sis., Liuk F d ’ n , X. F F A L L RRJCg^ IIPSDELL, nm m & bd ., 4 1 Jk'O M T M W*Me.lM]L S T M E E T , (O P P O S I T E FJEIHALE A C A D E D IT,) tlT O U L D call attention to their as- V ? sortment of DRlirid OOUili?, suit-ablo for the preset season,iu 3 3 S X i - ( ? k x i s r 3 , ENGLISH. FRENCH, BND DOMESTIC ■hick the prices and q* ' • .. ef uiir sto-k v.i,l i,Lit ful.y ■suiy. Iu support Wiiirreoi-.70 oiVei tua i *.;: i oa - LIST OF P B I C E S : 1000 yards ' . \ I're.’*.s Gr.od.s - t IS\ .1 is f c s a s a s e r s 5 000 jian.ur.go gc*(,u. at -nliOO ‘* Fills U’hiie BriUuiuts fit Ladies Wliiu* C-itton Ki • Ladies Wliite C-ittun K.ise Midia Shawls hii-dia Iti. iioi* Brown Sheeting yard wi* u M O U l l . N D R E S S G O © D S TN G R E .l'’' VARIETY. C l o m l ^ s , .^ r s tz 2 e ? s e s s i e t J f S s s s ^ i,i.lM § . Our Olu di t d Mamiil 1 Dep.utuient will he I'oniUirt* oii as Ue.oti I’o. *. uml.-i* mu* .-ul i- ii -idin.an'iln.ii.i- to merit that ••-I'roii .go from '\ir li-i.-nes '.viiich have beeii .‘••o liheraii, ’-u*st<nvid o.i ii.-i in (lie pii.*-t. v - O H N M . N I E X Z G E R ' S STOVE DEPOT, DESX KEJIOVSD TO TiU: SXOHK One Door from the Corner of Kain and Green Sts* HERKIMER, X. Y. !lfoliwak F a lls J B rewery T HAA^E constantly on haml, a large .J , 31 YE ess Sz L a-<-'>rtmeiit of IhVLL, FAKIAJR, STOKi*;. b’HOV and FURNITURE! FUEMTimS! A T WIIOLFSALF <& DETAIL, A t L ow hr I ’ b ic e s th a x e v e r h e a r d o f , DB GBAAF & TATLOB, At either of our throe SUires, 67 B O W E R Y , V / li < ■/1. i . R t 141 BOYYER.Y, tai ml 1 0 3 C H A T a v i S£i’£, I l t i I S T E - W - Y T O S b E : O X X - I T - fornuT iwice.s. ManoG.iSY ami IV.u-vuT r ' K I T I T U I I E , Also, Cane *11111 IVoud Peat Fnniitnre, a great variety. M t A T T l d E S S J E S a s i d 1 5 U J D B - 1 S ® , All (iiulitie.i. \Veals*i ro.aiuUacfjj-e a new ariiolo of J R a i C t z t S t r l t a s C r e e ^ t e , Bolter than .ahy in ladvket, a t Inna -0 to SIO caih. Also K> o <-* k -D ow > KciiXiTuKiifor tho WIiolcs Trade s S i l i l i H i S i i B ' i i C Sheet Iron and Copper Work, made cheap, ami to order. .TAr.*..NXBi>, G lwa . , and Hoi.- LOW IV.tBC, Stovo Pip.*, Boilers, Tea Kettle.?, ice., always ^ \ je^bld Iron, Br.ass, Lead, Pewter, Copper, Rag?, India Rubber, to ., Ukim in e-xobango for which tlie highest each pvee* will be paid. MKr/.GER.^__ E S . S ’W E I E I S <Sw 3 : * . ( i : . A . X . S X S S t S , Herkimer. ,Tnly*271.S59. J B t t . m z : : 3 3 ssl i s s r W IL LI AM A. PALMER, (.\T TIIBSTt'KE KOIUIBRI.Y OCCCldElJ JW FKIJIIKRICK FOX.) \7 ? 7 0 U L D announce to the p ublic that V V lie lUH on Uaii'J iargestock of clioice Groceries, salt Fish, Hams P o rk, t'lgeiiiee .vitu I’rnit and Vcgeuihles in their season.— He toatinue hi.s OY S T E P S A X D CD AM S, IV t E A T M A R K E T . S ILIOK, HERKIMEK ODNTY, N* Y* HAVING completeii |tlii*ii* e.\ri*>i*iiv.' Brewery, tl.e un-ler- a -igiied are now maiiufacuirins a supor- ior article of X X A N D X X X A L E . whii'h shall he equal if not siipi i*kir to tie nmst favorite 3rand.s in JIark-t. Their I’eeilities tor th- iu.inul’acture Of Ale are tqii.il to the .--uptily uriiUl orders tiiut may he given,ami they re.^;.:*i*tluily invito the custom ui all dcalcr.s and others who u.-e the a rtide. Their e.stalUi.shed r-•piitaiioii as Mai.stc*r? i.s a.g'iaranty that the quality vf tho Ale will •.ompare I'lvvoruiily u'iUi.! any ut'*v before tlio itublie. Prompt attention will be • given to orders addres.scd to j J. MYLP.3 Si CO., Brewer-s and Malsters, Ilion, Herkimer C< Ilion. 2-1, ISCO. C8 DOimaCK STREET, 103 GEXESEB STREET, 223 STATE STREET, ROME, Y KEW HAVEN, CONN,^ 1 8 S O - 1 8 © 0 F U R N I T U a B . A Whole Block, full of F U B N I T U B E, 'H^'I^^^'^’MATTRESSES, bl'lUXG BEP3. f e a t h e r s , &C») &c» T . J L c u i n e l i j a c s c ^ i * & C © . , . [Sling -TU clitiro HEIV' i »i om the OHEAPM' KITCHEN FUENITOBE to the most E l e g a n t B o s e u 'o o d P a r l o r Setts, and rc-spectfiiUy solicits an eximinatioa of Good* .and Prices. IVc liiauufficturc tvery known kind of M A T R E 3 S E S , S P R I N G B E D S •and keep always on hand the best PU K E LIV E G E E S E F E A T H E R S , in tho market. An cudlcra variety of Enameled and Painted Chamber Setts a t all prices. Conis! and see us Herkimer April 23,1801 WM. A. pa l m e r . X l m e r i c a n W a t o l i e s . 4 1 I f ' . « . M T J L O H ^ S e 72 CSeiiesee S t r e e t , - - - U t ica . THOSE who are in want of a I strong Durable dVateli, and a t the same time ket for tho price, a t W S. T aylob ’ s , (late Maynard Taylor,) 7*2Gom!scc Street, Utica, dealer in RICH U e W E L R V the bant iu market. je2*2yl__________________________~W. S. T^vnitR. Q E t t r t e i r l y R e p o r t f^ F THE BANK OF ILION, on V X Saturday, tho 21st day o£ September, 18U1. 1. Loans and Discounts, ........ 2. O v e r d r a f ts ....... , 3. Due from Banks, i . Due from Directo: 7 . iJjpccio.... . ............. . ........ . ............... 8. CiXfcU Items, viz : CUeebtS on otUtu- Banks pai’-i,............................................. 11 Bills of Solvent Banks........................ 351 00 -- 12. Bills of !>uiipen<l<-d Banks,... 10. Loss and Expense Account,.. Liabfiitlei. 2;ciSion'iifgii«.V .V .-.\p,m do r» :>t Registered, ___ Total ...................... ?4S,7D7 Less Notes on b a n d ............ 3,*2^8 237,613 28 .$ 100,000 00 THE GREAT IIABDROBE’ October 5 ISOl* A i»i c JL . e a 1 1 , d y e r a n d s c c u r e r , 35 lib e r t y Street, Vtlca, X . Y. A L L K IN DS of Good-3 Dyed and T S S t i w * W I S l ---------------- --- leppsitors, !; sssips.riraSX:';” r?; 7 ,.m » 8. Amount due, not included •indes ' th e r of tbe above heads, ----- - doing Uusuie^^s i»t Iliou, iu said county, bcLv: duly aud scviTdilv sworiL each J’or UimsFir, cait' tliat auvbufmcM mi the m'trnmg fithat«rdoy, the of \iJepti-mber. Idle thousi id eight limidral and one, in respect to each and every of the itemsand par- tioalars above spocified, mxordiig to the best of hi.** knowledge and belief; and tliut the biisiuess of the said Bank lias been and ie tran.^acted a t tlia location 'h; , u lligyurd wi* o VTe ! ubfeh this list wh’itho np-:.riT;.*.* tl.t ■■■■% arlic.e ui..*i>tiO!n..| tiierei:. i-.v. he ..i niine , . f ■ <; r, i '-’. P n ’re nani.*.*! itbi. .;i t tlnu •'i<-i*>* K t ,7 , • . I 'l '* Y H E B E S T S T O C K I N T O W N , And by reason r.f o*jr l.vtc Purel-vse^ f*,r r . :*,, ?cdd CLoaufi* Ly 10 per cent, than ntimr .'.lerch.o.ti, ■■ as Don't Forget the place. a F S S : ^ 3 f . Corner of 2Ialn & Second Sir eels, L i t f l e F a l l s , X. Y . © a d d l e , I S a n ' a a c s i s MANUF. 1 CT 0 RY *^pi’lE subsuniier respeetfully announ- 4- res t'l liis friemis and the [rUdi,* grnrraPy, ttra Le will ciiiitimie th-* above hu-i’.cy-; iu ail jj.; various Lram hot at his old .-Uiu l *;iU the ci riwr m Main uu-l A'*;, street.?, o}ii.o.v!te the BentonH..a.-.*,LiUk. Fati-*, V., w hereheiscousl.m tlym .m u taa;ir’i.g.ihd has .or .-.u- a superior quality 01 liae H O R S E C L O T H I N G . K i i g ' l a t S l i a g l e M a a . ’ s a e s y a of ilii&rciit Styles; also fl DOCBLE H a RSE G exilumev - ’ s SH.*.i.-ii;.Es Dr.M'T H-inxE*;?, .ml Lvu-iiis’ B u'.ii.a, .and HAi.Tnr..s T i H-MUS, V.-.MtT.H Bp-mix?, M.»ET1X<1.'.U ogether with all =urh artieh.s as* are tudiHLVjmi.rm'a &iddler’s sho)). The s>al.i.-eriber f.-els coiPMcnt in-iu ,i practical end thorough a-iiiiaintaiioL* oi'*aS y.*are with tlie Iv.u-in:*.?-!. tlmt he wih bo ; hi., to oxomte all <..* l.*is rikuisliii), 1 atiie-^.s of iini.d. an 1 duralnlity. t*i ilo* 1„ >t ovorm.adc. Ho ;iiso )dodges himself h. soil as cri.-ipiv as the same quality of woik- cm. ho b m n u Pi Tins ;.*r ,,7. Aiiyof tlieal)ovoarti.''le.sm*i.k* to oftlor or roi.aire.l n .short notice. Pai ti ular pains taken jn making Hame Collars and Gis Saddles. N B— Tlio <:nh.«cribor is ^ratoful for hlpi-rai i>at tronagi'r;i’ Ills iVieuds, and liDpef; fifr a t^*utiiiuaiiCL* of bheir lUvors.—i.ttic Fall?,I»ycamt>t-r GKODGF U. CXliViX?. nPHE LARGEST ASSOKTMEFT X and the NrAV’Etf 1' STYLE OF HATS is _____________ AT LEES. T l a e Laa*g-e§t aead S e s I , ASSOimiEXX OF BOOTS i.s .at LEES. Are Selling Clothing Cheaper than you can POSSIBLY IMAGINE. J U S T R E C E I V E D ! The Latest Style of H-ITS a t LEES. ■ ;TH 3 CH B & piix ESaCS XO BUY ' BOrii’ .3fVD CHILDRENS (^O T llING OLD SAOK e F b V t ERS, IT 3S T H E F I N E S T A N D B E S T S P a i N Q IVIEDICINE KNOWN. IT IS AN UNEQUALLED Parifler & Rrgulatorol the Blood i t IS a D e i l g l i t l u l T e n i c . Frlncipai Depot, 1L5 Water S t., New U n i t c c L s t a t e s 'S'l.’v a s a a ' y lY o x e s . PUKSTJANT to instructioDS from tbe X Secretory of tho Treasury, a took will he opened OU the luth day of Ootoher, at Mohawk, for siih-scrip- will b*i issued in sums of fifty dolbirfi, one hundred dollars, five hundrea aoUarg, one thousand dollars, and fl.ve thousand dollars each, dated I'Jth August, 1861, dav on OVCl V Inmdied dollars. For the couvenieiicc of whicii coupons may be dtiaciied and presented forpay- ™SiibscnpMto^ hir?uclrT” e S u ry Notes will bo receiv­ ed ou’ered fifteen days from the day of opening tlie book aforesaidj No subscription for less than iitty B U Y Y O U I C 'S H O E S AT LEES. To be in-id b :lo*.v any other ertab!i=um.;ut a t LFXS. HISSES AND CHILBSEN’S- SEOES, TU.-1 Varitly i^i .at LF.^S. L . A D 1 H S P U E A S H C A L .L. And SCO our SiUL'H OF GAUERS. LEE 4- SONS. M ais S treet . L ittle F a U- t . I T h e B e * i l S £ « € k (Df s i r ^ s f i g I'»r litii auu Winter La.li-\S We«r ifL tu j uatl cbi'iiptiSt. Ai' Li..'. UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS! A Lu.g- Assortment. AT LEE & FOSS. Our Stock of Meu’8 Calf and Kip Boots OF OUR OWN JLYKE Is very Extensive, and tho PRICE TO AGREE WITH THE TUIESl IE E ij* SONS. IF Y-OU W A N T A G O O D H A T Olieaiicr thin you can g. t one anj wU*-*re c.s.* CALL .IT lAlEa, Main Street, Little Fails aq-25 m o w a r d A s s o c ia ia o M . PH ILA D E L P H IA .— A Benevolent Virulent and Chronic Diseases, a ad especially » r the cui’e of Di?e*is<*s of tho 8i-xii.il Oraans. ssooiation. 28tu 0th street. PUiladclpli BOOT i l B SHOE SHOP. C A S U A B a u o o , OL'LD announce to tho peoiilo of iouabk* and sub.-.tantial style, aud of the very be,*.t of stock. Long experience ju tho b e st e laqs h.is pirepaved him to maku F I N E B O O T S F O B G E N 2 L E A I E J J , . ’■“H e S e V . M-iy 1,1801. 3 X O - l s r ^ C a ,3 .I£ S £ I „ 1 G d i a r i e s . K o l p e , pKSPECFULItT anoounces that I sg LY 18 prepared tn du all kinds of Hmlce, Sign, and C-r

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