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m m •mm 1 DONE TO WOMEN, »■ CwnM» ®»ve Fotlow- OClaironas;:^ Eb.« •Im P* AItgeld ia a book . “Thfe Coat of gomething states ia the 'chapter to Women”; ■»ns necessary to reach *elopnoent in this world 1 er woman w e iaae- ahsointe equality of < tne essence of Justice, t civilization is Impossi- 3 conditions do not e x ist iot woman can become hiie the other .Is kept nd the different peoples I: on the scale o£ prog- co the treatcDient their 'n Is the IcFwest among d barbarians, where slled to do all the -wait on their lords slaves, and it is the aitea States of Amerl- ijt^sess the greatest de­ fen c e and equality of >rded women^ xadually discoTerins that deprive-women of equal jiout suffering theaiselves. tbe pencliy of occnpylns a .ade of civilization. The man ja t s a -woman as an inferior and s to accord her justice cannot ittain tile highest estate in this life. He stands on too low a plane, I ^‘There is no man living who holds a commission which authorizes Mm to sit In judgment on the rights of worn-, pIL ■ “Woman has precisely the same title iand right to independence and equality before the law that man has. Both hold title from the same source. She hhs jnst as much right to sit in judg­ ment on man and lixoit Uia sphere and- his actions as - he has to limit h^a. Therefore any attempt by man to deny woman indepmidence or equality of rights Is simply the assertton of brute “Brute force d^rades those who sue- cessfxtily use it. Every time it is re­ sorted to there is a reacfion toward the brute creation. ^ “The story of the wrongs done to woman is as old as time, and the blight and curse o f it have followed man through the centuries.*' N O T INFERIOR TO M E N , STosnen Sbould SU-ve Owovtizsdttv of Denio&stratiiig Thete Eanalfty. W'e talk about the inferiority of the .woman's mind as compared with Jinan's; ttmt she is not capable of think- Ing and reasoning and reaching logical : conclusions. If she is not, then she ia just what the present system and the systcm» o f the past tutv« mud# bar. i hm «o ^ I 6emM not tm H bow mn we ^ I p&ct strength of mind? It is only through the use of the mind that It becomes strong, and the more women learn to use their minds the greater their mental strength wlU be. Parents should therefore see to it that evei^ girl in the family has abundant oppo- taaity to aerelop her own latent pow­ er, to give it practical expression in the world, so that she can feel that she is a r ^ l necessity In the'world, that she is\n o more dependent on others than others are dependent on her. She must bring to life the spirit of inde­ pendence and self reliance wherein she J9 not afraid to think and to act foe herself. There will be fewer false marriages, fewer broken hearts, fewer ruined lives, when the same self reli­ ance enters into the woman's life that is now to be found in the life of man. She will follow the dictates of- her ' heart rather than the dictates of con­ venience, as too often occurs when en* terlng into tho merriage etate» Some may think it will take away )m the chivalry of life. Better that ^ should do BO than that men should lose respect for women. In the most -flowery dai’s of chivalry there was not the same degree, of respect for women as there is at the present time, when She is showing herself to be the equal Of man in many aTonnea of Hfo. Idle seh«wcnt that brings no good witb it ; is of little use to any one.—Charles : Brodie Batterson, Editor Mind. AN OBJECTIONABLE LAW. I>jr E'x’.enai* J o* -VVoiiie-n. A leading Denver' dally quotes the paragraph of the proposed statehood bill to wMch women object ^ d says, “The best way to defeat this section Is to. elect only members of congress who are opposed to i t ” It proudly adds that the nominees of its party “have stated* absolutely that they wiiJ oppose this section and speak against it on the floor of the house. They are men who do not pillory their women constituenta between convicts and. In- sati<3. Their frank' and manly stend en title them to'the vote of every seif respecting woman voter in their i spective districts- and in the state.” What a difference there is between the consideration accorded , to women In the states where- they have votes and in those where they have none! In the four equal suffrage states prob­ ably almost all the nominees for con­ gress,- upon -OT-batever ticket, would readiiv pledge themselves to speak and vote against this discreditable section in the pending bill. In the .other states, so far as we have seen, the at­ titude of candidates on this subject has not been considered worth putting upon record by either their friends or their enemies.—Woman’s Journal. Y \ \ . read •Street A street iamous in London as the birthplace of John Milton, the poet, who was horn there Dec* 9th, 1600* Bread Street was so named from the market in which bread was sold, the bakers of London being forbid­ den to sell bread anywhere except in this market. If this queer old idea were in force to-day the great demand for Uneeda Biscuit, the world’s most famous food, would make it necessary to name every street in every city— Uneeda NATIONAL felSCUIT COMPANY . I # THE BIG F U R N IT U R e ST 0 Re-t^ W. U. HOWELL, - - HERKIMER, N. Y. We Will Start Our Annual Low Price HOLIDAY SALE Thursday, December 15, 1904 SPECIAh PRICES wiU begin on aU the GOODS in our Store. We have followed this Custom for years and this Sale will be no Exeeption. Our Stock was never more Complete and the Prices we quote are BIG BARGAINS. HERE ARE SOME OF THEM Couches U W e Lave a fin© Line o i Book Oases, UombiDation Cases and U Desks Avith Prices to suit. ^ Book Cases, $18 t6 $40. Ordinary- Book Oases, $6 to $25 We have a large Display of Couclies. They are the product of the Wagner CoTicli Co., of H e rkim e r- They are the best m a d e a n d the-Hriees a re Low They consist of adjustable couches, plair and tufted, adjustable Bead­ ing Couches, Box and Imperial Edge Conches. Prices range from 15.J5 to a Iron Bedsteadg A fine lot of therh.|it Prices rang­ ing from V' $2.75 to $140.00 A fine line of C H A M B E R SH IT S , ffor instance, A Three-Piece, Bevel Glass, 18x23, Woven* Wire Spring and Soft Mattrass, ’ f Waa SAOO. Now $t0.50. T Chiffoniers. ' W h a t wonld be a m o re acceptable P resent. W e have them at Prices ranging liom $5.75 to 25.00 You would be more than pleased to have some one select from our large assortment a fancy chair, Morris Chair, Sewing Kocker, Heed or Rattan Chair, W e show them in all flntehes. ^ j A

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