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Inside Information Its Use and Abuse BY E D W I N L E F E V R E What sometimes goes over the wires from the directors’room. When the members o f the Board have to telephone to their sick brothers. Something about Mr. Morgan’s lost opportunities. See tHis weeR’s n-umber of TH E SE T U I^pJiT E V E N IN G P O S T A n illustrated weekly magazine, s e ll^ g m o re than y ^0,000 copies a week. J centshe • t copy, or §ent to any address every week for four monthrs on receipt of only- cents. T H E CURTIS PU B L ISH IN G COMPANY, PH ILA D E L P H IA , PA. PAINFULLY SEDATE. E “It w as ciiStcTJlt to imagmo that I ’ was the b«art of Paris, among peyple | Drefl and born in the capital,” says a j w riter telling of th e section of th e Lat- » ia auarter in wMeli tiie professors of the University of Paris have tbeir homes. “These men, these luminaries Of science, bow aifferent tliey looked among their womankind! Since then I hare visited many professors’ homes have found them ail curiously like. No m atter whether the apart- paent be on n second, third or fourth floor, vrhether i t be an espensive o r cheap one, the iim a tes are all alike, talk alike, dress alike. If you have seen one j^ome, you have seen them all, Follow me to a fourth floor in tb e Uue Uay-IiUssae, We are ashered into the drawing room. The furnittire is ma­ hogany, always mahogany, and of a bad period. There are no flowers, but a dusty fem in a majolica poti on the mantelpiece a elock a n d a candela­ bra, With framed photographs in the spaces betweenj over the cottage pi­ ano the poirtrait of M. le Professenr in llie green embroidered uniform of a member of the Academy of Science, with his dress sword, over which he generally stumbles. B u t do not think that the professorr families are hlina to beauty. They will admire and ap­ preciate a work of a r t *as well as yow or I, but in their homes they consider beauty a negligible quantity. They also give very little’attention to their bodies—to the iimer or outer man. I have often wondered whether the same tailor supplies them all' w ith their old fashioned coats. “Nor does the inner man fare much better. The cooks in their- establish­ ments seem to be altogether different creatures from those w e meet else­ where, They eschew slang, their gram­ m ar Is better, but their cooking is Worse—very mueb worse—tbrni. irt tbe homes of th ^ less-kitelleetual members S fiftin ^ ALeopard J k . ' W a y & r f e r f i H a '£ > e o j - in^ W ild *Beasfs. i i F'emaie W ith V o ting Wcu S to n e d U p In s ide H e r L,atr, I n a cincL . coded b y SmoKp. t had been fishing for a long time without snccess whei^ a group'of na« tives some distance upstream on the opposite bank attracted my attention, Writes a Calcutta coiTespondent o f the M .Mnii They were crouch­ in g a t th e bottom of a steep bank gaz­ ing a t a spot some tw enty feet higher up. I had seen two of them the day before leading a little leopard cub by a ebain. I had asked them what they were going to do with the little clumsy, furry creature, no larger than an ordi* nary cat, for I ^ s h e d to purchase it •and keep i t as a pet. B u t my highest ofler failefl to tem pt them, and. I could not dkeovor what they wanted with the cub. W ith these men were four others, all sturdy fellows of the cultivator class, clad only in w a ist cloth and puggaree, and each of them w a s armed w ith a lathi, a heavy bamboo staff about five fieet long; tipped w ith a massive' brass knob. On the ground was a great heap of the cakes used for fuel. As I looked a t these I began to have an Inkling of w h a t was to happen. The bank of the stream where we were standing w a s thirty or f o rty feet high and ran steeply down to the wa­ ter’s edge, A number of whitened bones and a few ettinkara bo m s were strewed about the ground, and from a hole halfway up the bank, at which the natives were staring intently, came an overpowering stench, like that of Hon house in the zoological gar­ dens, but many times worse. One of the men, in answer to my question, tpid me that the hole was the entrance to a cave in which a leopard which had fOr lopg haunted the neigh­ borhood had her lair. Recently a pair of eubs bad been bom, and these men, having watched the mother leave her cave i n search of prey, had carried off the cubs to be used as a bait to lure het to destruction. They kept the cubs for three days, and then, when the mother m u st have been desperate at the loss of her offspring, they had watched her go out again and in her absence had tied up one o f the cute at* iesaary proceed undisturbed with their opera­ tions, for they knew that the leopard would, never leave th e cave while her «ub remained bound w ithin it. soon as the man whom they left to watch the entrance to the cave report­ ed that the leopard had returned they set out, armed, as I have described, with the intention e f smoking h e r out. They then proceeded to build iip the entyoRco With paying no Heed to the continuous low growling from within. In a short time they had quite closed i t up, with the exception of oue hole a few inches across, a n d the stones Were so firmly wedged as to be quite immovable. They next brought stiff wet clay from the bed of the stream, with which they proceeded to stop up the chinks and crannies between the stones. A fter this had been done the dried fuel cakes were brought up. They set fire to them one by pu», and, after blowing upon t|em until they were well alight, they threw them into the cave through the small hole they had left. These cakes of fuel will go on smoldering for hours, and they give out & great deal of pungent smoke. ' Alter naif an hour or so i suggested that the smoke roust have done its work. But the natives^would not hear of opening the cave so quickly- Their sporting instincts were not suflaciently developed to allow them to give the leopard the smallest chance of escape. : W ith true oriental patience they squart- ' ted on thel? hams, passing aroima aa earthenware pipe, from the smell of the back of the cave. It w a s neees; to do this in order th a t they ’xuighi which I judged th a t their tobacco was largely composed of th a t same material which they were using to smoke out the leopard. It w as fully three hours before they could make up their minds that it would be safe to open the cave, atzdt even tlsen I tibdnk: titey only so in. deference io me. When they pulled down the stones with which they had filled up the hole great volumes of smoke came pour- 'ing out, rank and acrid. It seemed quite certain that nothing could have lived more than a few minutes In such an atmosphere. None of the natives seemed very' anxious to go into the cave, so I volunteered to go in myself. I crawled w ith difficulty through the narrow entrance, carrying a rope to haul out the leopard a n d her cub. The stench w ithin w a s overpowering, and I attached the rope to the two limp bodies as quickly as I could and hur­ ried out again, gasping for fresh air, , With cries of triumph the natives laid hold on the rope and hauled the leopard and her cub out into the ,sun- ghiUG. She was a flue, handsome beast. H e r yellow skin, w ith its deep hlaCk markings, was sleek and in splendid condition, but the nattyes lost no tim e in admiriug her appeatance. As soon a s she appeared they fell upon her with excited cries and belabored her Inanimate body unmercifully with their staves. Finally her paw s were bound, and she was slung to a pole. With her cub dangling beside her, and her destroyers marched off with her to triumph to seek the collector and claim ffoifl him the reward paid for the fls- stractlon of dafigeroiis beasts. C 3 - A , i e i 'a p e > » t . 3 : , __ _ Btm 09 Yoit Have AlwaysBa^ SuijHOribe fox The I>emoorat. eiety. The women type. They seem to belong to a past generation, and their dress is in keep­ ing with the style, of their hair. Liv­ ing among themselves, they appear to have no notion of w h a t is occurring in the worldly part of Paris. Their dress­ makers are 'of the quarter,' and their milliners make their h a ts w ith the odds and ‘ends brought to them. Such a thing as a fashion paper never crosses their path. I am certain these ladles, are much more interested in the latest microbe than in the latest hat. They have little notion of com fort “An evening party a t one of their houses IS a never to be forgotten en­ tertainm ent for the outsider. They still dance the schottish, b u t the greater p a r t of the evening is devoted to w h a t are called ‘society games,' a gaping trap to the butterfiy from across the Seine. I have forgotten the name of the fiendish game, but I re- call tnat we were all seated in a ring- about thirty of us-old and young, and we had to answer questions and find out some antediluvian fact. To them it w a s child's play, but If i t had not been for the six-year-old child of toe house who prompted me I should have cut a poor figure. Imagine coming from th e electric lights o f th e boule­ vards'to the oil lamps of the profess­ ors’ salon and being suddenly called upon to know that Dalmatia was coh- qilered by Metelliis in 118 B. 0.1 De­ lightful evening!” ^ ^ e t e l l t n s r A Jolce. A w e s t'^ d e man heard a joke, new to Mm, the other day., and the first tiling H 0 did neon reacning Home Tor dinner w as to telJ it to his wife, “Maty,” he said, “here’s a new joke that’s mighty good. One m an says, ‘Tbe theater caught fire last night’ ‘Did they save anything?’ the second m an asks. ‘Yes/ says the first, ‘they carried out the programme-’ Isn’t th a t a good one?’\ His wife said it was, and next day she tried it on her grocer. “Mr.- Blafik,” she said, “here’s a new joke for you. • One m an says, ‘The the- ^ ater caught fire last nig h t' Another asks, ‘Did they save anything?’ ‘Yes,’ replies toe,first, ‘they went on with toe programme and finished i t ’ isn’t that a fine ioke'l\ The grocer‘said i t w as dscellent but noulldontially be ao- knowledges tha*t he hasn’t y et seen toe point—Kansas City Times. A B lind Blan’s Blunder. ,A blind man named Green made a curious defense a t Birmingham, Eng­ land; |:o a charge of smashing a plate glass wrUdow worth £15. H e had been blind, he said, for seven years. On the night in question he cried for assist­ ance to ero-ss the road, but no one came. Then he heard some one a t a distance and stimek a t w h a t used, when he could see, to be boards surrounding waste ground. He was astounded w&m he heard , th e sound ef broken gi*s3. The ju r y acquitted him, and he w aa discharged. |HOUbAY iNfiOUfiCElEIT.I M J. PriDce, Jeifiler, Heiteer, M. Y. | ^Wj8i,Ct*CBE3^S in a ll Grades and sizes any-price you Wish fiPOEDL ^ 1 » 0 0 - t o ^ 1 0 0 * If you are interestod in a watch ' d o n o t f a i l to inspeol; th i s stock. in ail sizes set as you want them at Ifiglit PriCfig, Gome iu and let 'us show them to yon. g t e a * H s i g ‘ S i l ' v e v GooUs of a i i description* [(|J S i l v e r P l a t ^ d W ^ r e C iook8>”speoial prices. iTewelry, Gut C r l a s s s © p e s ? ^ D U N l ^ € r l a . s s © s . UmRpellas.and X'oim ta.Iix P e n s . I Special Agent for tii6 Dunlap Percolator, | tbe pot tbat pumps. Come 1 in and let ns show it to ( jQTf, tfm the tbin^ for] a I^ew Tear Gfift. A. J. PURVIS. Bookseller aS- Stationer, UTICA, N. Y Holiday Presents Our Specialty. including Books, Albums, Diaries, Foun= tain Pens, Christmas and New Year’s Cards, Toys, etc., and in fact a large assortment of goods suitable for Xmas Gifts. fiO TO Laeked th e liaw y e r’s F a c ility. Lawyer (to witness)—Never mind w h a t you think. VVe w a n t facts her^. Tell us where yon first met tiiis man. Woman Witnesa—Can’t answer i t If th e court doesn't care to hear w h a t I think there’s no use questioning me, for 1 fim not a lawyer and. can’t ta lk w ithout thiuklus-—Boston CJomuiercial Bulletin. _______________ _ F vacticc \Versus Preuchinar* “You kin help de cause of honesty a heap,” s=ato IJnrie Ebeu, “by preacMn’ about it, but you kin help it a heap mo* by n o t danglin’ roas' cbieken u nder a hungry man’s nose.”—W ashington Star. k - A man is not going to get a crown of rightcousneBs jnst because he gives 8ome pool' fdlow his old straw hat along about November.—CMcago Trlb- imt. •SNELL’S MUSIC STOREi in Little F a l l s . —' ; fo r t h e h olidays ; •f Let Santa Claus bring j jMusic with bim tMsOhrist- ^ mas, ^ The Sweet Strains I of Music from a fine Piano tviE Soothe the the weary nerves, and aching heads- And a Piano would he a I gift/ to every one m the ^ house. 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