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■■ / j a i E j t > i a a a i e > o i t , A T , • W J t a u r s r E w i J A y , j t j I ^ y i i > m o A . € l^erttinticr Ipletnoe^^t E I G H T H A . G E S . H . P . S F IT H E B S T IN E , EDITOR AlfD PROPRIETOB. , — T i s n - j a i j S s — / \ PKICE B£DtrC£d> 3 P E ^ 3K paid s®BiCTr.Y in advanok , otderwise # 1 . ^ 0 ^ N O DETIATlOir. 3f p&trtins desire to take advantage of our eduction, they Sirast comply -with our terms. W e iaaketheoffer,.aDiditisforyou to accept. ,^iv. Papers sent out of ^te County must he paid J ot jn advance^ and 10 cents additional m u st toe Wided to the above price for postage, which is paid, hy u s a t this post-office, ■SFOpaper w in he discontinued until all ar- xaaxages are paid, excephat th e option of the IMffiiffiers. Oar term s for one y ear or one month are in l^ s a m e ratio fBffl Mils in Miaiicc (My' 25 Gits. iSoney can he sent ns by PostalNote, Postage Money'Order, Checks or Be^sistered Letter. B>.ign A!T XHB POSE OlHOB, B u BBKRIBB, W. r . AS' ibbcond - oiass matxbb . B a teg e t A^Yertiglng* jEfa»&ieh,cn6v#eek ........ . $ 160 weeks., ................ . 2 00 800 ........... 400 . ........... 5 00 ?00 . ......... 9 00 ........ 1500 Dsteinch, two weeks 0E»1nch,three weeks... ^Sae lneh« one m o n th..., USMinch,two m onths... 'O m inch, three months. jBeeisch^ s ix m o n ths.,.. ■OMinch, one y e a r ,,,.... IV lll l>o H o n o r to O u r Conn* ' j Slo Janeiro, July 9- — The cehier- istone of the Monroe momiment will he IMd Septeinher 5. A hill has been pre- jBented to Congiseifts ^ e a ^ n g an jDEilonal d ^ t of ^5,000,000 to eo treasury deficit An Increase iSifipoitont duties is proposed to m itihetihe newew ohligatitm;hligatitm; Brasilianrasilian insisnr- i n o B in iwmts a re inyading Bio' < ^ n d e Do Sal Srom ail jfides, . WtlUans Near Tonaltkeepsie, lE^oaghkeepeie, N. Y., July. 9. *— Near H^iaebeck a tramp comffiitted an as- «a«0lt on Mrs. Jacob Bang, while her ihasband was a t work in the field, Mrs, Bong is in a delicate condition, A i ^ r t distance from the scene of this 30ntrage another tramp atteifipted an jasttanlt on a y^onng lady, hut the at- ~:tempt was not successful. The as- wadlters created groat excitement and officers are in pursiiit ^ Eva Ray CUvea Up. Kew York, July 9.—Eva h. Mann, ■wrlio figured as the wife of Robert Ray Hamilton, has giren a quit claim deed *o'Edmund It. Baylies and Gilbert M. representing the Hamilton es­ tate, yielding all her rights to the es­ tate for the sum of $10,000. The deed ctmtains^ a clause .by 'which Eva B. Mann agrees not to prosecute any ap­ peal or assert any claim as the widohr, A>t ihe late Robert Ray Hamilton. -^X!rana«r Minneapolis’s KActo Agajinst Tln>«. Philadelphia, July 9, — The cruiser aiinneapolis will leave Cramps’ ship­ yard tb-day for, her official, t r i p , ar- iM n g in Boston Bay. Wednesday. Thursday the cruiser will he given a p relim in a r y run over the course be­ tween Cape Ann and Cape Porpoise. T h e great race a g a in s t tim e as to take place Saturday. The Cramps say the Minneai)olis is nearer completion than any ship that has hitherto made a trial trip/ Tbfl RrofieedlngK Bepoened. Trenton, hf, J., July 9,—The proceed­ ings against ex-Gov. Rodman M. Bryce, of New Jersey, to. recover $17,- 900 alleged to be due to Mri^. Anna M. Eorest, of Charleston, Ya., which were ’Suddenly terminated recently by the ex<5(yvernor’s death, have he*en pgainst Ms estate. >e revived itlery ex­ its to America for the last quarter Iy< amount to $38'000, as compared ith $140,000 for the same period 1® vdth $140,000 for the same peri year. The decrease is due to an ex­ pected reduction of the American tar- B Tliankn Italy for Her Syi Sympatby, Boiue, July 9,—A message from M. Burdeay, President of the Prei Oiamber of Deputies, was read in Italian Senate and Chamber of Depi ties, th a n k in g tlH>se bodies fo r the: ospressions of condolence on the death P r e s i d e n t C a rnot. Ahdncfed F rom a Convent. i lawyer he affair caused a great sensation. M u rderer’s Snietde. - S t PanI, July 9.—Ehle Allen; who a few w'eeks ago killed John H. Ciapp in a TOW over a woman, and who was Indicted for manslaughter in the first degree, committed suicide at Lake Minnetonka. ' __ ___ - THE EAILROAB STRIKE. THE SOLDIERS AND THE MOB ARB MEETING FREQUENTLY. Capltid And l a b o r ’s ’B a ttln-C h tcfteo and Its Environment# th e Scene of a Bloody Convest lo r Supremacy—TPlewe of th e Situation. > Chicago, July 9,—tJnless the preSeht strike is, settled by arbitration by 4 o’clock to-morrow afternoon most of lis city will quit Itt is estimated th e waj i workers in this ; that hour. I : wS-- Will not go out. At a meeting resolu­ tions were adopted demanding. Presi­ dent Cleveland to withdraw the Fed­ eral troops and asking the Governor to take proceedings to have them with­ drawn. E v e r y th in g is quiet in th e stock yards this morning. The strike situation here is unchang­ ed to-day, and in all probaMlily blood will be shed before night, 'Mobs are gathering in different parts of the '’ity to prevent the running of trains. lent’s proclamation has an- jrs more than ever, a is now certain that harsh means will have to be forthcoming to pre- yent a scene of horror. , T h e city is p r a c tically u n d e r m ilitary law a t noon to-day.lay. There are no ■>wed id to crowds of any kind allowed to congre police will not be indulged in by the iOldiers. Their orders now are to shoot to wound severely or to Mil. or tne oiei.uure uoae Company came to Scottdale yesterday afternoon. ' As soon as their presence became know n strikers attacked and drove them over in t o Payette County. Shots were ex­ changed, hut no one was injured. The negroes went back to the coke works, where phins w’ere made to raid the town. The l.oO negroes a t the Faynter ■works armed themselves -with revol­ vers, razors and dlubs, and a t 8 o’clock marched to town. Burgess John Rob­ ertson appeared on the scene and com­ manded the,mob to disperse. A negro fired three shots at Mm ^nd another struck him with a stone. This was a signal for a' battle, and a crowd of a t •least 500 citizens rushed at the ne­ groes. The negroes retreated, shoot­ ing hack into the crowd, and at least 500 shots were fired. The citizens se­ cured'revolvers and guns and chased the negroes up through Pastime Park, keeping up a hot fire. The negroes escaped through the woods to the works. David Munday, a coMred man from Pittsburg, was left behind prob­ ably fatally wounded, being shot in the head. It is reported that at least a dozen other negroes were woundeL ■Several of the leaders Vere arrested. to couL gate, especially in the viclruity of tho railroad yards. ThC low firing.of the It is ibelieyed there will be no more oting. The President’s ] as had a salutary effect. re sendjittg out trains, mostly Chicago, J u l y 9.—G e n e ral ' “overeignovereign ‘ s: “Th< 3 proclamation let All roads are sendjing out trains, mo on time. Chicag o , J u l y 9.—G e n e ra l M a s ter Workmanorkman S says:ays: “Thehe work-ork­ W S s “T w ing people of the (fity have reached a point where fliey are determined to call the attention of the -whole popula­ tion to the present labor difficulties, and .for the corporations to arbitrate. The laboring men have not desired to avenge themselves on the industries of the city, but they do want justice. If the industries are paraylzed and street cars tJed u p th e citizens w ill h a v e nothing to do but see that the working­ m e n have a fa i r show . I th i n k th e President’s proclamation had much in­ fluence in bringing about decisive ac­ tion.” Gen. Miles issued orders this morn­ ing to allow no civilian to enter the lines of the militia on the lake front. This excludes reporters. Many troop which arrive from -the Northwest will be taken to port Sheridan, where they cauj[)e handy for trouble. The deter­ mination of local and military author­ ities is having a good effect. There has been absolutely no acts of vipr ience reported this morning. Many roads are sending out traiqs, botii P0S-' eonger 4nd freSj^t. A t noon the Mayor Pent a telegwim lA the Governor asking for another regiment of militia. This was done because the •Sheriff in need of troops ont^de. the city in the county. At 19 o’clock a committee appointed by different trade organ!*ationa called on the Mayor to. devise means of Set­ tling the great strike. No eonclnsion was ari-iv^ at. Another conference will be held twe afternoon, but wiir avail nothing, it la thought. fVmidMit’# Yrdclsmaatlpn. WasMngton, D. 0., July 9.—President Gleveland last uight lesned a proclam­ ation in which he says: “All good citi­ zens and all pei^ons who may be or may come within the city and State aforesaid against aiding, countenanc­ ing, encouraging or taking any part in such unlawful obstructions, comblna- tioDs and assemblages; and I hereby warn all persons e n g a ^ d In, or in any way connected with sneh unlawful ob- structk>ns, combinations and as^m- blages to disperee and retire peaceably to th ^ r respective abodes on or before 12 o’clock nodh on the 9th day of July iastajut.” ----- ------ --- ------- --------- „ „ „ two sea­ men, William M ^ n and Theodore Wflnough, of the Gloucester schooner Bhenandoah. The men were picked Friday. They had been .drlft- ■ Gi ■ ■s and tell a 'dreadful story of their suf­ ferings. They chewed the leather of their boots, pieces, of canvas and every­ thing that might* stimulate and nour- CimnllmU Stltl in Eijl> Anckland, July 19:—A vessel wMch arrived here from the Fiji Islands yes- THE BRITANNIA WINS- Sfie Ramned Pamt the T tsllsnt Though tho Wind 'Wa# Poor. t again to-day for a purse of jjj Hunter’s Quay, July 9.—The Vigi­ lant and Britannia met over Saturday’s course for a purse a h u n d red poupds. The Vigilant got off first and maintained the lead until near Ascog, when she was becalmed and the Britannia, romped past An anusually large crowd is o u t The ex­ perts have fully decided that th e Yigilant will surely win, os she is still considered the fastest boat Bater—The Britannia won. It was a slow race. T h e V a lkyrie w ill be raised to-m o r- row. It Is believed that her lead and other fixtures available will be used : in the construction of a new yacht which the Earl of Dunmven has decided to bui'ld for next season’s racing. A CLOUD BURST. A Tov» .Almosi: Wiped Oat By the iSpokane, July 9.—News reached here to-day that Oonconnully, the principal he G’Kanagan mining dis- visitedisited byy a cloudburstloudburst onn trict was v b a c o the night of July . 5. Nearly every bucldlng left Standing after the oloud- buirst may be washed away. \Since the disaster in May many people have, hwn hving in tents. These were car- rieJ away by the gale wMch accom­ panied the last cloudburst The water in the House was moved from, its founda­ tion and 'badly wrecked. There is scarcely a b u ild in g le f t in rate tow n to shelter the Inhabitimts. Particulars cannot be had now. No loss of life is reported. He Was 3BCungr on HooJes. f New York, July 0. —* To escape a roasting ~^death tMs morning Joseph itcher shop 1 Street tenement was on fire. For half hung there suspended by •ms, until the flesh gave way. Then, with arms torn open from tho a m3 hSs Then, with arms torn open from tho \jicep.s to the finger tips, he sank faint­ ing tO’ the sidewalk. Twenty-three other inmates escaped to the roof, where the firemen rescued them. K illed Hi# Wife. Ghiengo, July 9.—Bernard Eigen shot and kaied his wife this morning. They had had freqas«t quarrels. , DASTARDLY WORK, Regroe# Attempt to R^lU » Town and s Namtoer Shot. FROM THE DEAD. A Supposed Corpse Comes to 3Life in tho Coffin. 'Sprakers, N. Y., July 10.—Eleanor Markham, aged twenty-two, apparent­ ly died Saturday at her home near Gurry town. WMle the supposed corpse was being bosne from the house tracted. ing raised Mass Markham was found to be alive. She was removed to her home and is re­ covering. Miss Markham .said that she had knowledge of all that passed wMle the preparations were making for her burial, but she was unable to give sign until the, fear of burial arous­ ed her to action. ADRIFT a V SEA. W ater for seven B a ji, ■St. Jo h n ’s , N. P ., J u l y 10.—T h e ig in a dory off Grand Bank for seven days, without food or wate: taxes, clubbed all and ate several of them- Bir John Thurston, Govern!^ of the islands, led the-troops against the insurgents and, after killing aevefi of them te e fight, forced them to siffr m it / KiUed in H freigh t Wreck. Binghamton, July 19.—A freight train the Erie road in charge of Con- ictor fMUnn, of Hornellsville, broke and came together mpvllle and again with a great crash, piling up a lanmber 4f oars. M3 ------- ' —der killed. He la survived by a widow iunn was thrown un •ecked cars and inst^tly and three children. OCcductor the pile of Mint Settlem/nt Delayed. WasMugton, July 10.—Director Pres- m has directed the _erintendent ' thehe Mintint a t Sanan Franciscorancisco too resumeesu Sup of t M a t S F t r opemtious and defer settlement of accounts ^until later. It is customaiy to settle on June 30, but the two clerks sent from Washington for that pur- »ose, -Messrs. Butler and Braddock, lave been tie4 up dt Ogden, Utohj for ten days by the strike. A g a in ^ Sugar IrtiitK. Boston, July Yo.—The Supreme Court has under consideration an application j Attorney-General for ah made by the Attorney-G< mpiylng with the Massachusetts law requiring it injunction to stop Sng&r * Trust for not coi business of the r file in March each year a certificate of its financial condition. The failure is admitted and justified under the in­ terstate commerce law. ' Barer# B u rned Up. Boston, July 10.—Eighty horse stalls a t the Mystic Park track dn MMford were burned last night, and fiv^ horses perished in the flames. So rapidly did the flames lick up the structures that it was only by the Hveliei?t sort of •work that, the larger part of the horses that were quarter^ there in readiness for the trotting meeting WMch opeus to-day were saved. Will It ho the E rie? Washingtoo, July 10.—Mr. Baldwin (Dem., Minn.) has introduced in the House a bill, appropriating $109,000 to enable\the Secretary of War to make surveys and estimates of the most feasible route from the great lalces to the Atlantic Ocean. Thu proposed canal, if built, is to be owned, con­ structed and operated by the Govem- anent. • B alance. .0.—The heavy re- revenue, caused %'^th© Increased tax on whiskey in the new tariff selves felt in o f t h e T r e a s u r y stated halanoe, to-day stands at $121,503,000, less $7,- 900,000 paid on interest. Of this bal­ ance $64,241,000 is in gold. ‘ The Trfasury W ashington, July K feipts from in t e r n a l A 3a«w Bzllroad. Tribes Hill, N. Y., July lO.-A com • in Johnstown ■ d ttmey enough pledged to build ml. Work on the new line will pany has been organized in J to build a steam railroad from A m - sterdam to Johnstown and Glover-s- ville via Akin and Tribes ..Hlll. was appofnted and idged to build tho i i-v«nnieTjw>d, ACCIDENT ON THE CENTRAL. A XooomutlTe 3>«yuU«a snd Overtumed Neat Yonkerti ’ New York, July 9.—A serious acci­ dent, with great loss of life, was/nar- rowly averted last evening on the N. Y. 0. R. R. at Yonkers. The Albany limited express, fine there at 4:59 o’clock, s tru c k a freig h t c a r door w h ich »m S train across the north-bound tracks thb en- the ties •for a distan c e o f 100 y a r d s , com ing in contact with an ir«>n watering tank across the north-bound the curve, and derailed thb en- le. The locomotive ran. on the ties o’clock, s tru c k a fre ig h t c a r do o r w m eh had fallen from a south-bound freight train across the n near the curve, an( gine. The locomoti' a dlsta tact wJ and finally toppling over on its side on the trestle crossing the Nepperham River. Fortunately all the cars kept the rails. When the engine jumped the track all the passengers were thrown from their seats, but none sus­ tained serious injury. The engiaieer and firemaii jumped before the engine struck the watering tank and escaped with slight injuries. The train was attached to another engine about an hour after the accident and proceeded to Albany. THE PARIS FUNDS. TXie Intent!ons^of Justin BJcCartliy In I Kegard to Them. I London, Ju l y 9. — J u s t i n M c C a rthy said last night that the party urgent­ ly needed the Paris fund, but that it i Tor A fioRseliold Treasure. D. W , Fuller, of Canajoharie, H. T., says th a t he always keeps Dr. King’s N4w Discovery in the house and Ms family has always found the very best results follow its use; that he -w o u ld n o t be w i t h o u t it, if p r o ­ curable. Gr. A. Dykeman Druggist, Oatskiil, N. Y., says that Dr. King’s New Discovery is undoubtedly^ the best Cough le m e d y ; that he has used it in his famtiy for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. W h y n o t try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at L. H. Holion’s Drug Store. Eeguiar size 50c. and $1,00. .3 The InteraationalFum iture Work-, ers will hold their annual convention in New York S^eptember 24th. would not be liberated for use until the end of October. He proposes to use a* sum equal to $150,900 in secur­ ing homesteads for evicted tenants in Ireland. The balance will be used in furthering the general political inter­ ests of the Emerald Isle. Contrary to public rumor, McCarthy has the ut­ most confidence in the promises of the Government to pas^ the evicted ten­ ants’ bill and other measures of relief this year. He believes -Secretary Mor- ley is in earnest when he says the Irish legislation will go through all right Morley is now in Ireland try­ ing to molify the big landlords who have fought the evicted tenants’ bill, and aspects to secure a satisfactory compromise. Attempt to -Wreck t( Tr&}n. Canajoharie, N. Y., July 9.—^An un­ successful attempt was made to wreck I place i piece of bridge timber nine feet long and seven inches square had been plac­ ed udon the roils and securely tied to tile track by a long rope about an inch in diameter. Fortunately when the engine struck the timber the log was torn into spllntere and the rope snap­ ped in a d<^en pla-ces. The engine was not injured and the train contin­ ued on its journey. There is no qlu& Nearly n Tf«ht in tbe Chnrtofa. Reading, Pa,, July 9.—WMle Mary’s Polit going on ish Catbclolic Church idrtorced open the door in their ef­ forts to gain admlseion to the edifice. Father Januakiewitez aseaped by Jump­ ing o u t of a window. The arrival of eighty of the oppofi'^ts of Rev. Fi Janusklewitffic, the pastor, tore < the gate leading to the churchy! the part three years. A ShOBktjig Dsaeh. Coming, N. Y., July 9.—M»- W. P. Baron, of Addison, aged ^xty-five yeais, met a shockii^ death. In com- :ht- ran away. She attempted to jump, but her dress caught in ofio of the and she was dragged quite a distance over the jrough ground. Her clothes were torn from her body, an^ when her daughter reached her side she was dwid. Mrs. Baron was the mothOT of Dr. W. E. Baron, of Addi­ son. and the Wife of Judge McBennon. of-Syracuse. K a tie Ktipp’s M arderer. Jersey City, N. J., July 9.—The trial of Bernhard Altenberger for the mur­ der of Katie Rupp, of Rome, N. Y,. whom he lured to this city and shot at Snake Hill on May .39, began before Judge Lippincott, In The Hudson Coun-, ty Oyer and Terminer CourL at 10 - - >1- ^fiSOnCriS heredi- o’clock this mornipg. The pr|s( counsel will set up a plea of h tary insanity. Konjtfht A fter Many Days. >n, July duel between Ai York, an d S e n o r M a n u e l del P i l a r do Bondon, July 9.—The long-talked of iudlnet Gibert, of New York, a n d S e n o r M a n u e l d e l P i l a r do Santa Maria, of South America, a geu- tlem a n concerned i n t h e f a m o u s G ibert divorce suit, has at last -been fought, and Senor Baaita Maria has been se­ verely, perhaps fatally, wounded. ' Xhe Mwlne I^r®ke. Paterson, July 9.-~Miss Jane Reilly, of No. 85 Spruce street, was mortally injured -on Garret Mountain yesterday afternoon. She was one of a Sunday picnic party, and was swinging in k ‘high ecup between two large pine trees, when the sfiup broke and she was thrown down a steep declivity, ianding in a mass of jagged rocks. Santo Hts Nery«. Rome, July 9. ~ The^^Cyons corre­ spondent of '■ the ' Measagero says of Caserio Santo, the murderer of Presi­ dent Carnoti “His spirit is completely broken. H e lies on his cot, and groans continually that he Is only twei years old and does not wish to i toie guards watch him most careiuliy -to prevent Ms suicide.’’ CIi»txt»tigua Admits Stdaday Papers. Chautauqua, N. Y., July 9.—The in­ terest in strike has been so great tihat a few S n n d a v n a n e r s h a r e been stltution. Bt The Trouble Over. A prominent man in town exclaim­ ed the Other ^ y : “My wife has been wearing out ffaer life from the effects of Dyspepsia, Diver Com­ plaint and Indigestion. ’ Her case baffled the skill of our best physic­ ians. After using three packages of Bacon’s Celery King for the nerves she is almost entirely well.” Keep your blood in a healthy condition by the use of this great vegetable com­ pound. Call a t Browse & Thomson’s sole agents, and ^et a trial package free. Large sizes 50c and 25c. For sale by B. C. Bowman, Dolgeviile. . - 8 Some of the big ocean steamship companies employ more men than are enlisted in the second-class navies of Europe. Their Name Is Legioii, Header, there are many blood purifying medicines. There is but one Etood’s Sarsapa- D g not allow high-sounding adver­ tisements or other devices to turn you from your purpose to take Hood’s Sarsaparilla, because in tMs purpose youarerightand will not be disap­ pointed in the result. Hood’s Sarsaparilla is an honest medicine, honestly advertised, effects honest cures, and gives eveiy patron a fair equivalent for his money, “What more Can you reasonably ask? A fair trial guarantees a complete cure. ----- A bright, - blooming, complex­ ion comes of the good blood made by- using Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. '^ H E best investment -i- in xeal estate is to keep build­ ings well painted. _Paint protects the house and saves repaks. You sometimes want to sell—many a good house has remained unsold for want o f paint The rule should be, though, \ the best pmat or none.’* That means Strictly Pure W h ite Lead You cannot afford to use cheap paints. To be sure bfgetting Strict­ ly Pure White Lead, look at. the brand j any o f these are safe; \Atlantic/ \Jewett \Brooklyn/' F or C olors .—National Lead Co.’s Pure Wl* ■ ' CM ^ o f StrjeUy no sense ready-mixed jaints, but a combination ofperfectlypure colors in the toandi^t .form to tint Strictly Pure White Lead. A good many thousand dollars have been say®Cproperty-owners by haying our book on painting a n d color-card. Send ns a postal card NATIONAL LEAD CO., New York. Comfort with boots and shoes, harness, and lall kinds o f black leather comes from the use of Vacuum Leather Oil. ajo. worth is a Air trial---and your money back you -want it—a swob with each can. F o r pamphlet, free, “ H o W To T a k e C a r s o e L eather ,” send to ^ , VACITOM OIL CO.. Roche^iter. Jf. V- Eaueh damage. July Id w m Be Celebrated. London, ■ July 9.—The Paris corro- ttt off thehe Dailyaily News,ews, saysays the t c ttiversar. itile, has been resciaJed, sp o n to o t D N s rdiet of the feces on July 14. the anniversary of the taking t-f the Bds- y i R K l U - Mrs. Alexander wote \FRIIIG 0 8 THE FEnERS,” If you -would like to R e a d It send one wrapper of Adains^ Pepsin Tutti- Frutti (AIDS DIGESTION.) GOLDEN GEM LIBRARY. 3^of PinmondB. ByCfeo.M.: u. Grace. By Mrs. Henry Wood. e. Sctmre’sDarlme. Byanthor“DoraThome.n 7. ShadoiT of a Sin. By Charlotte M. Braeme. S. Bevenes of a Bachelor. By Ik. Marvel. 9. Tho Dnohess, By‘‘The Duchess.” lOe Sioglo JSeart ca iDotibla Bytce. Obas. Heado* > OH SA M E T E R M S , HARD TUSKS’ 1 Quart Large.Oysters. ........ . ................. . 25e 2 Cans New P ack Red Salmon ..................... 23c 4 Cans Sardines.... ........ . .......... i.. ......... . 25c 3 Cans Corii. . . ................................ 25o 2Cafis Peas.......... ..................................... 24e 3 Packages New Cleaned Currants ......... . . 25c 1 lb. New Citron. . ........................................... 25e 3 Ihs. New California Raisins... ........ . ......... 25e lib . Seedless R aisins... .......................... 15c lib .N e w Pigs,,..............................................12e 3qts. New Beans..................................... 25o 1-lb. Can Snow Flake Baking Powder ....... 19c lib . Bird Seed ........... .................................... 8c 3 Bottles H. H. Ammonia. . ............... . ....... . 25c 1 Large Bottle Blueing ........... . ......................lOe 1-lb Package N. E. Pie Preparation., ........ Ifc 4 lbs. Baking S o d a ....... .......... 25e iC a n Condyised M ilk ....... 15c 2Bottles Fancy Catsup. ........... . ............. 25e 3doz. P ic k les.,....,.., ................ 25c 41-lb. Packages Royal Starch. . .................. -Z5cr 6 Bars Soap ....................................... 55c Mot, Sit, SpR iolas, Hook Sottom Frioos. A PATENT RECLINING C H A IR R R E E with Groceries or A m CBATOH POBMT 1 ^ \ Call and start your card on the Chair or Portrait. F. TBEIIBETH k C„ 0 Comer ISm aM fa^'itoii & I^^ESCSrTTXjuA-TXC^JSff ElecWt TBlopliones For Sate at |4.50 per Pmr. hasex’iired. Bolginano's - Little fiiant” WATER M OTOR! Cau be connected to any Faucet without the aid of a Plumber. No. 1 compete, ^ m c ^ W h e r i . . ..$5.00> Gives J4 Horsepbwer with 80 lbs. Pressure. - Speaking Tubes, Electric Bells, Electric F ans and House Furnishings. TPLiiS. F. iVIGHTINOALE, 230 Genesee St., Utica, K. X. T B E T H * Filled or Extracted a new process at R O W L A N D ’S D E N T I S T , 180 (xenesee St*, U t ica , N. Y . Beautiful Artificial Sets at Reduced Prices. Have yotir i«npn;ssi>>n taken ings and get your teeth the ^ame-dsy- AJl work warranted.

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