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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1877-1904, January 03, 1877, Image 4

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Mrs Pope and tlia Bear* “ You must lo o t out for th e sheep, wife. These warm da^s w ill bting tha spoke o u t bears out o f their decs. T h e y w ill he ^ “ W e ll, ravenous, aod lik e as not they will break into the yard and carry oflF om e o f t h e sheep. I saw bear track s up t h e m o u n tain this m o rning.” “ W e ll,” said M rs. 'P o p e , “ they need t h e sheep too m u ch to have them carried off b y bears ” “ I wish you understood using the gun, wife. W h e n I am gone, I worry ab o u t leaving you and th e baby all d a y alone. T h e woods a r e so n e a r, I can’t h e lp th in k in g some wild anim a l maY come down from the mountains an d attac k you.” “ You needn’t fear about that,” an­ swered M rs. Pope. “ To be sure it is lonesom e w ith n e ither m a n n o r dog about. I presume I should feel safer i f I understood h a n d ling a gun, but I d o n ’t b e l ie v e a n y t h i n g w ill near in the day-time. So don’t about us, only be sure to get home th e baby in b e r a r m s , m e t b i m a t the door a s though no tb iu g ufiusual h a d occurred, A's h e cam e up to th e door leading his horse w ith one hand, and holding on t h e bag of flour with th e other. W e ll, wife. I am th a n k f u l noth­ ing h a s happened to you w h ile I was New AflTerilsaMtehts.~ needn’t expect to g et a n y o f our sheep, bring the bag in. I want to talk with I f they come p row ling round here, P i r yo“j ’^ d riv e Ihem off in sem e way. W e * * f.| h OFFICIAL HISTORY O F T H E ly “ i EXHlBmOll Ife fioUs fa«t«r than any other book. Ono Ashnt sold 34 copies in ona day. This is the only au- lihentio and cbmelete higtQry published. Hend A 1 *^ U F o n ' < 3 r o i x i ^ t o I ^ a i n t ^ Then BUT iMJJLJLJBaEi. ib : k o s . S lf f i'ffiftS .O H E M I C A l,; P A I N T ta |S » S - u ia tv6\ce <ti ?€>«flr a s « y other pfeiuta Is i>repared ready fot nee in -fiv -ar/y .coZor 4e3ircd. Is pn •<?rthe union. ^^ntplecarAi^colora.eeM free, AUdrfesg, JnneTyl C h am b ers S t . H . Y. >w ae it wa? foolish, husband. B u t bitch th e horse, an d m M AM M OTH ST O R E . 1875. rry be­ fore dusk.’' “ D o n ’t expose th e b a b y or yourself to a n y danger, and I ’l l be back before n ig h t.” ♦ So Baying, M r. Pope, w ith a b a g of g rain on his horse, s tarted off to m ill, leaving his wife and baby alone in th e ir s o litary log cabin in ’ the wilder- T h is conversation occurred in the tow n o f K irb y , V e rm o n t, in the s p ring o f th e year 1811, when th a t region 3 b u t little settled, an d when even were in eon- It p e r il from wild beasts. Jesse >e’s cabin stood women understood they i ata n t p e r il fro m wild b< I*ope’s cab in stoo d close to th e fro n t of K irb y m o u n tains, in whose rocky fastness bears, catam o u n ts and wolves h a d th e ir inaccessible dens. B ears, ecially, w e re so th ick as to be a rce o f c o n s tant dread to those who •ed ■ o heavi especially , w e re so th ic k a s to b e a sourc e o f o< h a d flocks, or were c o m p e ll to i th e ir homes unprotected, while they w e n t to t h e larger s e ttlem e n ts on nee- essary business. Mrjj. Pope fully understood the peril that surrounded her during hcr husband’s absence. H e r cheerful talk w ith h e r husband was not m e re b rav ­ ado. She said w h a t s h e did , a s m u ch to keep h e r own s p irits op a s to dispel h e r h u s b a n d ’s an x iety . She knew th a t he m u st go to theTnill, and there was no way for h e r b u t to stay a t hom e and be as brave as possible S h e wag a brave woman. N a tu r e had endowed h e r w ith courage, an d the surroundings o f h e r early life had all tended to foster and strengthen i t — S h e fu lly understood h e r situation, an d when her husband passed o u t of sig h t s h e knew she and her baby were alone in the g r e a t wilderness, b.eyond th e reach o f h e lp , s h o u ld a n y th in g s e ­ rious occur. B u t she had alw a y s lived in the wilderness. The howl of th e w o lf a n d th e growl o f the bear were fam iliar sounds to her, an d she h a d become accustom ed to a lonely life in the woods. So, instead of shutting* herself in th e house, she went on with her work as usual. A f te r th e breakfast dishes were waehed a n d p u t aw ay, s h e brought o u t h e r “ linen wheel” and went to spin­ nin g flax. T h e y m u st have clothes fo r sum m e r w e ar, an d th a t was the season to spin and wea%e, before th e sum m e r fully set in. I can remem* h e r I ----------- — M rs. P o p e looked,' sitting with foot on the treadle. I can hear the buzz o f t h e weeel a s i t flew round ; I can see j u s t l»ow often s h e dipped h e r fingers in the little cu p o f water, as she drew o u t the fibres o f flax, and dexterou.-dy shaped th e s trong, sym ­ m e trical thread, iu a m a n n e r th a t would astonish m o d ern house-wives. A ll tbe long forenoon h e r m u sical wheel k e p t lium m ing its pleasant * tune, stopping only now and then as its m istress eith e r crowed to the baby in the cradle, or looked out to see th a t no wild anim a ls w e re prow ling about. N o o n cam e and went, and nothing disturbed them . T h e baby in the cradle went to sleep, a she kept on with h e r work. Aftei When the bag was deposited in the bouse, M rs. P o p e s a i d : “ So y o u were nervous About US. theft?” . “ Yea. I don’t rem e m b e r e v e r be­ ing so a e rvoua before i n m y life.” “ W e ll, husband, I was nervous, too. I couldn’t h e l p 't b i u k i n g w h a t Could I do, i f a b e a r should come down from the mouqtain after sheep. “ W h y , colnm o n sense would tell you w h a t to do % sh u t th e door, tak e care o f y o u rself a n d bab y , an d l e t th e sheep go ?” “ D o you th in k SO, h u s b a n d ?” ” O f course I do. W h a t else could you h a v e d o n e ? ” ” Y o u will see i f you go o u t behind tb e b a r n an d look.” B e h ind t h e b a r n ? W h a t do you m ean ?” “ I m ean w h a t I say. G o and look behind th e barn.” id o u t in th e g reat­ est wonder, w h ile t h e wife b u r ied h e r face in* th e baby’s ap r o f t,to sm o ther the wom anly tears she could no lon­ ger restrain. To his u tter astonishm e n t M r. P o p e found tb e dead b e a r behind the barn, w ith the pitchfork s tick in g iu its side. W h e n he went in an d h e a rd th e story from his wife, h e f u lly realized th a t som e thing Aad happened d u ring h is absence, an d t h a t be h a d m o re reasou thaa ever to be thankful. 1 am indebted to tb e Wife o f J a m e s H a rris, Esq., o f S t. J o h n s b u ry , V t , for this histoiy o f M rs. P o p e ’s encoun­ te r w ith th e bear. M rs. H a r r i s ’ fa­ th e r —Kev. T im o thy B o s k e — lived n e t far from M r. P o p e ’s bouse a t th e time. M rs. JBEarris s till distin c tly rem e m b ers seeing tbe bearskin nailed on the out­ side of tb e barn, w h ere i t rem a ined all sOmiWer, white M rs. P o p e becam e fatuous thro u g h o u t t h e region for her heroism . whatisvegetime H om bar] H E A D A C H E . - r>3re. o . w . B E M S O N ’S CEbEBY AND OBAIftQIlIlliE r i b S S £ Headache. che.Neural- JtlSX REOEIV] ED, A LAEGE SSOOK OP 1 8 7 7 . S U N .- NEW YORK. 7 7 . has jast passed. The daily .edition will 41 ;yeotdays iieashoe£offourj>.a^fes»ja 4 a on s5nb days a sheec o f «!ght t>ases, or £6 broad columns 1 wilflii t M €4ttioh ^ ill a jheat oi eight pases of the same dimenslpns and character that are already iamiliar to our frieiids. i T h ® &TO will oontinu^ to be tbe strenuous ad­ vocate of refof m and retrenobment, and of the substitutioB of statesmanship* wisdom^ and in­ tegrity for hollow pretencoi imbecility I ^nd fraud in the administratidii o f public affairs. It will contend for thegovernment ot the people b / the people and for the people, as opposed to govern- SaltimMe J I d f °^'^'*'deo20w4 ’ 5000 A G E N T S C H A R L E Y R 0 8 6 tiona. DuMells on other isooics* Ono agent took 5 0 orders in. ongday. Termsliberal. Also «3npei’t» Bindings. JoBM E.EarTBS & Co.. 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Second Monday of October........ ............ Merwin. Special Term in Lewis County for 1877. Second Tuesday of July ............ . ............... Hardin, Special Terms will al.se be held in connection - with the CirCaits, but no motion contrary to THE HEW EMPIEE C O O K ST O V E . 1 ^*Main Street. Herkimer. N. Y. M L o r f s a ^ e S a l e . \^y^H E R E A S , d e fault has b een m ade „ _ . jten, of the town c Norway, county o f Herkimer and State of New York, to William H. Smalley, formerly of the same place, for purchase money, and which mortgage was recorded in the Clerk’s office of said coxmty, in Book Y. of LIo rt^^ees. at page 536, on the 5th day of April, 1851, at 1 o’clock, r. e y e ” w a s h . J^eservatlon of aieht. X’uis wasn^ sn^uiu ne in eyesmlTtroTgaudhealthy^^^^^^ elipeclal; Price $1.00. 2 Oz. Trial Bottles. 50 Cents. 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T h is tim e sh e saw an 'astonishing sig h t I earn in g down- the. inquQtaiB; side from the woods, she b ^ e ld a fall-grown hear, not a hundred yards; distant. H e was on bisw 4 y ^ to the y a r d 'w h e r e the sheep were in fold, p^iecciycureu. 7 i:~“ir \ t --------- --------------- - ---------------------- av a il anything, lor she h a d never learned to ase it, 3 h e h a d an axe, b a t she knew an ax e to be a poor weapon to fight a bear with. T h e n e x t thing she thought o f was a pitch- fork. T h e ir few sheep were a treas- yankCe, or Chicago and Winona. At Omaha our bleepers ccnnectwUh the Over­ land Sleepers on the Union -Pacifio Railroad for all points >Yest of the Missouri Riv— On the arrival of tho trains froi South, the trains of the Ghioago & ern Railway leave CHJ CA60 as follows: For iodttcii Blafik, ftmahs, and CSllfurBla, Two through trains daily, with Pullman Palace Drawing Room and Sleeping Cars through to Oouncil Bluffs, For St. Prini and Bliuneapoiis. Two throngh trains daily,with PullmanPalace Cars attached on both trains. For Green Bay and Lake Superior, Two trains daily, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, and running through to Marquette. For Slilwankee, Four tltroMgh^rsiup diity. Pullman Cars on night trains. ParlSrChkir Cars ““ jp'o^r^Sparta and W inona and points in Minnesota. One Through Train daily, with Puft-. man Sleepers to Winona. town, with whom libeiral this Sarsaparilla ov'jr every other alterulive letter. othTO^medi^^^k***’^*'^^ ^ its^superiOTity t o '^ y ■ than to assure the -aSdio th ^ the besbqnalitL It has ever possessi id are strictly maintained. PEEPAllED BY D r J . C . AYER & C O ., I.O W B I . L . , M A S S . . ^Practical and Annlytica Chemists. SOLD BY JILL DEUGGISTS BVF.ETWHERB. janSylalt Ii: THE ARGUS FOR 1877 . ______ o takinar medii Xr* 'G« RJEfSX* ••staceX w o r li beg^^^ f f i c o f e n e ^ a i lf r l e Two through l^ in s daily with Puftmui, m aimrant of General Ij^orrmtion and Insjruc- elty tud* -Y ^ktOR T daily- Pullman Cars to Misscw^’vaul u r e to th e fam ily. A ll th e ir w inter clo th in g was to come from th e sheep, an d now they were in p e r i l ; she was aroused to instant ac t io n .' T h e Prepared by H . R . S T E V E N S , Boston, Mass. OBTAINED AT A LABBE OUTLAY ith a,ofert srert deal o f diMcultv. ains daUv. with Pullman Cars on night tsaia.' For Dnhnqne and La Crosse, t I k CUfiten. yo through trains daily, with Pullmun Cars on ght train to McGregor, Iowa. For Slonx elty and YanktoB, Two trains dly. Pullman Oars to Missouri Valley Jnne- For Luke Geneva, Your trains dally. In s tead o f s h u ttin g herself irp iu bouse she d a rted out and closed the door after her, lest, an y thing should m o lest th e baby. Then ru n n ing into tb e log barn, she snatched o p . the pitchfork, ra n around th e barn, and p lan ted herself d irectly ia th e bear’s p a t h , B randfshing h e r p itch to rk a n d scream ing Ot him , she attem p ted to scare him back to tb e woods. B u t th e b e a r was ravenous w ith h a n g e r, *raight down tb e h ill a t udr grow ling lacbed Rtid V E a E T I S T E ' i s so l d b y All Briggistsand Dealers and he came straigl her, show ing bis teeth andT fiercely. A s he approi ’ ’ , M rs I sprang toward her, Mrs Fope dodged and dealt him a blow, the iron rung o f the fork striking him exactly oa the end o f tbe nose. T h e shock stunued the bear for an instant, and during that o ne \instant with almost snpeiljunm ii stren g th , M rs. F o p e plunged both tines of th e fork into th e bear’s side w h e re she supposed th e h e a r t to be. E i t h e r good fortune, o r th e h a n d o f P rovidence, directed, th e weapon, fo r o n e o f the tines passed cle a r th ro u g h th e b e a r’s h e a rt, hud he feU over dead, leaving h e r fiot only victorions, b a t an h s r m e d , A fter-the excitem e n t o f tb e contest w a s over, Mrs. Pope went back to tbe house, sh u d d e r in g a t th e ex trem ity o f peril sh e had been in. B u t after a time h e r narvousaese passed ofl^ and she w e n t o a with her Work againj and so th e afternoon wore a w a y . A t length, when tbe sun was a b o u t an h o u r h ig h , she saw h e r husband em e rge £rom th e woods n e a r the house. § h f tleft h e r spinning-w h e e l, aad* w ith SerUier Og. Mrice ipey, A T M O H A W K *’'N . Y . C o m p a n i e s R e p r e s e n t e d H a v in s S I O O .Q Q Q.QQO M T N k „ ......... 86,827,127 IN S . GO. o f NOitTJH AMBR- l O A , , . . . , . ............................. 5,167,547 PENNfirVLVA.NIA P IR E . 1,557,968 SPRINGFIELD FIRE AND M A R IN E .............................. 1,390,965 C O N T IN E N T A L .. ; ............. 2.845,166 N I A G A R A .............. . 1,473,241 G E R M A N IA ............................ 1,710,151 O A N O V E E .............................. I,592,77i GLENS F A L L S ................... 747,063 LIYERPOOL, LONDON and GJuOBE .................... 24,325,984 R O Y A L . . . . . . .................. 17.426,811 [UiTABLB .......... ............... 29,039,0§9 . . . . . a,7< ------- and with n VALUABLE TRADE SECRETS heretofore unpublished are now printed for first time, and many of them will bo found o Erea4 service. THIS IS THE F A S T E S T S E L L I N O B D O K EVF5.R FUBLISHEl?- Agents can Donhle their Honey by Celling U. SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. Special territory will be given to, Agents. P r i c e $ 2 . 0 0 O d I ^ . Single copies w ill bosent by mail,post-paid, up­ on recent o f the price. For particulars find Odfafidential Circular THE EMPIRE STATETOSUSHINB BO.. .^any P. O.^B«^p50. 713 Broadway, New York. laattei r, K e n o s h a , 3, you can have For rSe8^r'information*nt4 from your home ticket agents, apply to KARViN HUUHITT. Gen, Sup’t, Ohioatro. W. H. STIMHETT, Gen. Pass. Ag’t. Chicago^ ^ ElAVELERS. a,701,361 $97,805,248 eoupy te-enor. itbin 16 or serious mous amonti n|ontta.and__„., .................................... .. Forlnsurasceia any g 't^ab^ w .^pp ly to lagnuudo of its business o 7 d 7 c « h i 5 e f r i 2 j ^ . i i r '^ \ ----------- - Insur ance in any of the ab( S . E . < COBHES o y M aik akd C tseoo STBZET3, Ujaygin IT * T , H. R . DAVIS Domestio Bread, Oake and Pie B A . K E K Y T , Also Manufacturer of C O N F E O T I O N E B Y . Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Kuts, Cigars and Tobacco, Toys, Books,' Newspa­ pers, Periodicals, Magazimes, Sta­ tionery, A ll kinds O a n n e d F rm ts a n d VegetaBles, DRIED FRUITS. PICKLES, OYSTERS, a c o - , a n o - LOAN LIBRARY, OystersKorved up raw or cooked. Dr PAKKS AMD MAQAZINES. fourth Door North Poat Omco, MAIN STREET, 2 T S B ,S 2 I3 V a :B K , 3STv .emomber the place, and remember that I ai 0 to soli {jood goods, cheap as tho cheapest. VIS* T A M fil NT O 'A' X O m . *^^rfN 8 ^ T H A T th e UadersigHed a practical Optician from Ger­ many. who has been in the United States for the last ten years.kaeps constantly or handand for sale a valuable assortment o f Brasilian P e bble- Stones.EineEronoh Crystal Glasses o f the best duality; and readily determines from an eiam' nation o f the eye the exact number requiredp thesight. Hetendershisprofessionalservicesi allwhomaysolicithisassistanoe. HiS offieeisc M a in Street, lA ttle F a lls, wberehemay beoonsulted Monday o f eaeh ________________ H O T J S J t U d f c B O T E - O K . S . A . I . 3 E 5 1 Enquire of J. H . S T E W A R T , M A I N S i m B B r , CLOTHING 1 IT A V I N G - ipurchased a fine aeaort- -LL m entof R E A Q Y -M 'A D E C L O T H ING We aro now ready to .offer GREAT BARGAINS FALL AND WIIITED CLCTHING I O . A I s r B - T J Y READY-NTADE CLOTRING O H IE ? A .I»3E J S J ', 0 3 P X T S than any otherlplace in this vicinity. W. P. & C. F. MUNSON. septSm^ HrR.OA’ Ffinlim Presses f t ® | i to 1350. > SEND 39 CENTS SPO W, I . EDWARDS, 36 Chnwh St., pr. Y. au«9ir24 J M e a t M ^ a r l x e t . - P . l i . Y 3 L A . I . L , M ain S tree t, H e rkim e r. laoMtf Q. H . PB IER Y IR A W E E K S Ha-pswr leased the BLACKiSillTH SHOP o f JOHN D. WXffiHEBSTfNE, have formed- co-partnership, Paid will hereaftCi' carry on tho Blooksmithing a-pd Horsesheeiiw; Imsmess attao oias^Qd. oil Wasktngtoii Stfxeet. nearly opposite the brick sehoct! house, and for-, mesrly occupied TSy GAYLORD SXBELiE. O a rxeputatitm for l»loBfJiaiiCarraselwli Sune< 5 ual«d, iandve, Criiax •sm .tee O n r WEEKLY-Oneyear. ............................ 2 00 Five copies, one year. ............................... J7 50 'fen copies, one year... ............................. 12 50 Twenty copies, one year .......................... 22 00 Thirty copies, one year. ........................... 30 00 Jach Dorson procuring a club of ten or more subscribers is entitled to oneoxtra WBBKLy, and ol fifty or more to a S emi -\V bekly . To clergym e n th e W eek l y T eibun e w ill be sent oniB year for 5Q; T he S emi -W eekly for 4 2 ^ a n d T be D aiky for $9. . Specimen copies Agents and Cam ivasserS wanted in every s arrangements will be Address simplj dec20w3 THE TRIBUNE, NEW-YORK, OOUG-H SYEUF. Coughs LUO xht0d>t| I up will be IX 50 Cents and E A R REM E D Y . “ loharges from tho Ear, arising 3hoid, or other FeveiB. Measles ofthelnnerBar. Also, aftem- 3es ip the Head and Slight Deaft — from any cause. Price per Set, Two Large I tless, $1.50. CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY, AUerativo for purifying the-Blood and Benefi­ cial action upon the Biv€r^^^^^^aneps»^ For sale may24yl. istrator, &c., of Bensselaer BraHon. decei— , late of the town of Newport, county and State aforesaid, and the same is now owned and held by him as such administrator; and, whereas, the amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage at the time o f the first publication of this notice. is the sum of two thousand eight hundred dol­ lars. to wit: $2,500.00 principal, and $300.00 of interest, and the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage is the sum five fhou- sand four hundred and tUjri;.v-one dollars and twenty-three cents. Now. therefore, notice is Herfimel^and bm^ part of lS*'Jo.^ 1 and 125,in the third allotment of the Royal Grant, bounded as follows, namely: Beginning on the .south line of said lot No. 125 onehundred ''rods from the south-east corner thereof; from thence west three hundred and twenty-six rods to a beach tree at the north-west corner of larids owned bv Elias B. Pullman; thence north eighty rods to a stake and stone: thence east one hun­ dred rods to the centre of the Jerseyfield road j thence north along* the centre of said road eighty rods to the south-east corner of lands owned by the heirs of Isaac Crosby, deceased; thence east alorifrlhe north line o f said lot No. 1 and 125. to a stake and stone one hnndred rods from the north-east corner of said lot No. 125; thence south one hundred and sixty rods to the place \f beginning, containing two hundred ^nd s'pv- WARREN A. BllAYTON,A4ininstoatDr, &o., M ilton H owe , Attorney, ia o r t $ ; : a £ ’e S a l e * M O R T G A G O R , F r e d e r ick W ill: Thompson, Mortgagee Elizabeth Fitzsim­ mons. Mortgage dated March 20th, 1871. record­ ed in Herkimer County Clerk’s Office, May 19th. 1874. at 31 o’clock. A. M.. in Bopk A. I- of Mort­ gages, on page 12, &o. The amount claimed dnn on said mortgage at the date of the first publica­ tion of this notice is five hundred dollars prinei- UNDERTAEING A S F B O I A M T Y - ” w m :_ k o w a B Z j X * MAIN STREET, HERKIIKIER, TS prepared to furnish everything J- appertaining to the burying of the dead; G O F F I NT 8 , C A S K E T S , R O B E S , U N I N G , AND OUTSIDE TRIMMINGS, Of any desirable style or material. Particular attention paid to the PRESERVING OF THE DEAD, and in conducting funerals in accord­ ance with the wishes o f the friends of deceased, persons. Agent for J . C. S h e e l e r ’s M e t a i l c B u r i a l Cases, or Caskets. ___I ooBtains fifty acres ot land, be t h -------------- _ or lessl No action at law or suit in equity hay­ ing be.en commenced to enforce payment of said mortgage, notice Is hereby given that by virtue of the power-ofsale contained in said m o rtg^e, and duly recorded as aforesaid, and in pursu­ ance of the statute in such case mode and pro- \aid mp|tgage wifi be foreclosed by a jr^emis^ therein described at public thefrontdoor oftHe bonsg pecapied uy,muBca jLiUrdy, in the town of Wllmurf, uounv ty of Herkimer* N. Y., on the 5th day of Janu­ ary, 1877, at 2 O’clock ia the afternoon of that day. ELIZABETH FITZSIMMONS. \W al T eb BAMiOn. Att'v- Mortgagpe, it as essential to make T he A ugus one of the best Newspapers. At a time .when great social and political changes, inven-- tions, discoveries arid revolutions affect the na­ tions and peoples o f the Old World and the New, the office and responsibility of Journalism be­ come of the greatest importance. T he A sgu S will be in the future-, as in the past, honest, im­ partial and fearless in the discharge o f this duty to the public. T H E S E M I - W E E K I i X A R G U S . (Issued Mondays and Thursday) contains most of& e matter x>f the Daily, and Is rarnished at a very lok price* 1 . T H E W E E K I i T Jk K O T S . Is » quarto o f 48 columns,, of handsome f o ^ and type, and one o f the cheapest papers in the Country'. P O S T A G E F B E E , We will pay postage on all oar papers goinglo „jaU subscribers J and tbuiTHu Auflus will he tho cheapest newspaper of ifssize and character published in the State. X E I 6 j k s . • g ^ r | S ^ ^ r n e i a d r e s s ) . . : „ | SEMI-WEEKLY. EXCELSIOR PRINTIH6 IttK Co B e s t a n d C h e a p e s t , PR IN T IN G I N K IN TH E M-ARKE'L IS B a r c l a y S t . , N E W YORK. mg9w43 Fiv« copies, tfo (to one address),. i ^ W d o i s ......... . M ginning at tbe North-westcorner of saidlot.num- Ber forty-feur » t » be^h tree or stump, cornered afonglhewwlflnedSio^^^^^^ chains and fifty-sevmi links to the center of the 7ifty; or %he Daily, one year for every Club )ne Hundred at $1 each, dec20tf pectus, repretanting' i 1 S O M S T I N O T :p O O J 5 : ^ 1 8 r T - - 3 P Q S T F A l l > — ^ 1 . 6 0 . THE HUHSEfiY A UZontbly iftaKUziue fori Youngest Headers. SuPKEBLY InritrSTEATED. ' . ^ “ SonS ten cents for a Sample Number and Premium, List. . Now is the time to subscribe. jrOJEi35T X». STEaCORB-Sr, dec27w8 SttBpomfieM StreetiHueton. T T N I T E D S T A T E S D I S T R I C T U COURT-NORTHERN DISTRICT OP NEW YORK.—In Bankruply.—In the matter of thC^ Central Cite Savings Institution, a Bankru|iit.— No.^22.—Notice is hereby g-iven.that the un- dersjgneu. Assignees of thfrsmd h antoupt. wi.U 6th day of January. 1877.,at eleven ^lofiYA.M ... all the rights, title aisd ihtereat wMeh the said \ Institution had jn the fol- promises: AU that tract or ^te ill the. town, ot Ohio, in the jeginmng, contan fericeiD ettive thtottgh the.the Bond.; thus leavinir a. watering place open to the pigh- Je-2uwA . JOHN A: AQ0DALE.i^^^ffl^^’ raons. exoiusive o f - i.-,. . plailntiff will apply to the < demanded m . th® ^ r e i u e C o u r t —Herkimer County. iNoticeofForeclosure ROfiEETCHEISTlIAIt. e tal.j * TJS pursuance a n d by v i r t u e o f a ju d g - A-ment o#foreclosure and sale granted herein, on the 20th day of November. 1876, at th® Otepg® adjburried Bpecial term of this Court, and duly entered in the office of the Clerk o f the connte of Herkimer oa tho 21st day of November, 1S76.1. the subscriber, referee in and by said judgment duly appointed, will seHatpublicanetion to the highest Didder, at the hotel kept by Leonard Ed­ wards in the village of Little Lakes. HCrkimer ite.N. Y„ on. the 10th day of January. 1877, i o’clock. A, ii.. all that Certain piece or parr staid, and described in the complaint in this .....oil’ as fallows: “ All that certain piece os parcel o f land lyirig and being in tho town and county aforesaid. And hounded as~follows, via: Beginning in the centre of the highwtur running from the Turnpike Bridge at the village of Lit- highway to the place of beginning. \Dated November 27th. 3876, - BBADNER N. BRAINARl otsaid A R D . R eferee. of Herkimer. I to a n s w e r a this action, if the county he 37th day. of November. 1876. - 0v22w7 EDWIN J . BROWN, Flff »s AtVy. >£>TS. E x e c u trix. If b t i e e t f t Ur^-dieoics. 5 U B S U A H T to an o rd e r o f Am o a

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