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Mohawk Valley register. (Fort Plain [N.Y.]) 1854-1866, March 23, 1854, Image 3

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I CREASED IN PRINTINGI IVIU I I C l - / O I AM 1 ^ 1 i \ i MOHAWK VALLEY BEOI&TEB. ^PKCinliini Tql|»sc 0 » ineii of J :ato -Agrimiltiiral Society and n d|ploin|i iVom tlio Ainorican Institute, Kew Yorlt, tlioy carried off tlu) palm at the Oryatal Pal- ■ ace, -\vboro tlioy inofc with competiti tha oldest and licst rnanufacturera '1 Oity and Brooklyn, . V are informed tlmt the Tnisinpss has in- M Very largely during the jaist year,. .i.,u wo would advise those ivho wisli W Imy or sell a really good article of Tohacco, to try tijo o IJoney I)ew” of J . B. Hotfrnaii i t Oo, A poor artielo Can ho had almost any w h -”'- for aim o r price—a good article command good price and the man who supplies his c toiners with it, Ayillincrease his trade, I T E M S O F N ^ W S . ------- Jacoh Albert, a respectalilo citizen of Baltimore, aged 70 years, tiled un Sunday iiiglit. lie leaves a^jiropurty estimated at two rnilhons of dollars. ------- Howland A, Stnitli was tried in the II, S. Circuit Court, at ISTew Haven, last ■week for robbing tlie mail, Ife jiloaded guilty and ivas sentenced to the State Ih-js- L»n for 8 1 years. -— —It is Btatecl that the daily reeeijits on the Great W estern (Canada) railroad aic over$5,pQ0. More freight is offered than tlio Company is able to trans])ort. —— Mrs, Eljzabetli Rtillwngun, ofConnells- ville, Ba. aged 115 years, ivas burnt to dcatli on Monday, the fitli inst., by ber i-.lothes taking lire while lighting Jier pipe. ------- According to tbe Kucliestev Jdoert'mr lliere are now one lumdred jmd ten canal boats building a t tbat city, worth $ ‘27d,OUO. ------- Corn is very scarce at Ah-xniidria,— 'Fhe Republican, of the 4tb inst,, says, the last that was ottered for sale, readily brought $1 a barrel, but for some time jiast tlio’e has been none, at all offering, and the ci,i- zens are suttering for the waul of if. ------- A t W indham Centre, on flie Ud inst., !Mr. Abijnb Htone, aged 78, was killed al- mo.st instantly ])V a saw-log, Mliich rollial npfl striu-k him atjrogs the lu’east, arnl shtasbed his head to atoms. H e lived but n tew moments. — r—Nine men, the cve-w of tbe bark Jas- ]»ev, have been released at Ibivaim on the solicitation of Mr. Ilobeitssfii, otir Consul. ------- In coiiseijiience of tbe con.solidation of hrstAveek, Pliihideljiliia M'ill take rank am o n g the half dozen largest citi;ams of till\ W(jrh]. — —Mr. ('orwin says be got but iiaiooo for bis services in tlie Gardiiiei-siiit. lii.s eou.s- iii, Robert ('orwin, got |;(i, 0 U 0 more. , ------- Two vliite men, Motley and RLaek- liaige, werelmng, last wc;ek, at Wateihoio, R. C., for the nuirdt'r of a negro. ------- 'There is a Western boy, l a years of ■ age, at Chic,ago, who staiuKs six fi-cf eigiif inches in his socks. .His name is bmig. .It sliould be Longest. g ---- In Enghiiul, the Lord Chamberlain ‘has had the good sense to tell Mr. Ihiehan- ;ah lie ^pyapitem* at Court in any (■o.stiiiue ‘he plea^i^ —— thendges b built by tbe Nie- ;aragua Transit ( 'ompany, on tlie roail leiul- in^-from Lake l^icaragila to Sau .Iiiau del ‘Knu, is m’ade v^iitlreH o f malioganj'. - Live inmdivd niilliotis of people or ■-fialf of the popiilatimi of tlie tvliohi .<fid, aro bibbers of tea— the beverage tlia f cheers but not inebriates. —.^ T h e examination of Mr. l^ l c r .and 'others, for tlie murdm' of Mrs. Fvler, has ■been postponed, in order that the subject 'm ay go beture the Grand Jury iu May [From .Oalifornlft tPapem toFohrimryTfid n p iie B ic U e i t s t /i u n i ^ t m m gRii/^rnift, The Stockton dftmrml contains a letter from Angel’s Camp, d ated Feb. Stb, which gives an account of the (|iscovery of a new gold field, which is said to bo the ifcbest yet opened in Oalitbmia. The wtiter Times arobilskingup considmnbly thro’ thc'f'ft parts, W a ter is more plenty, and the miners me doing well. Itich strikes d ' and I ’ilkington I the road g reat ox- citeinunt e.xists, are liocldng in great numbers to these places, Hm secret is a t last Old concerning the rich claim on Gheritkee Flat. This claim is, without doubt, the Jishest ever discovered in Cali- fornis. Its history is th i s : About two months ago a party of men, French nnd Indians, were seen ’m aking their way tlo'o’ t|ie dark, each carrying a small .sack. Tins fact created a susjiiiunn am o n g some of the miiKTs, and followinghight tlicy were close­ ly 'svatched, and it Mas iuscertaiued that they p„(;nd 4h n o n *2a cts. per 'pound ; best were carrying dirt froin a bole about a bmicr, $1 per p o u n d ; second (piality quarter or a mile distant, and secreting it putter, ^'O • tVi.sh r.vY laf .vJovAiVLjji. Some women of Alliaime, S tark County, *Obio, b.ave ingeniously sowed tliirty three- ‘ceUt pieces between two sheets of gauze, ■forming a transparent m at o f tlivec or tour iucllos scjuaro, and have S 0 j|||^ b e m to Seii- ;,atpr Douglas with the folfflR |g letter.— The letter is signed by so ii^ ^ m g over one •Imndred n ames To^Mr-^Roughs, of llUnois^ilmhcT II. S. ‘Rmate. * 8111 : W e, the undersigned, » ives, moth- ■'brs and daughter,s of Stark Comity, Ohio, Tdeling grateful that o u r boasted “ Land of Htic f i m and home o f (lie bravd' ja yet so ^ffee that TP7aVe liusbaiids, sons and brotlj.- ^Ts can enjoy their own liberty, bog to prea- ,.ont to you the inclosed thirty pieces of lisilver\ as a testimony of tbe sentiments ‘ we .onterfain for your labom in the Npbras- *ka Bill. If Judas was worthy of his r« - 'w a rd for b etraying one whom he knew baa the power to extricate himself from the bands of bis crucifiers, tlmn m uch more worthy are yon of this reward, (should no' .nfhcfl of oroobmient bo proffered yon,) -tor fjii§, beti’ftyal of liberty; foi; thiy*ettptt to ■past fp.to hands, more brutarf than Jewish criicitiefs, thousands of %m0encUng, weah -and helplese fathers and liiothers, husbands and'tvives, sons apd ^au^bters, accused of no infractiSih o f religious or civil law, and •whose bl-noffis cklled for by no maddpmng poptthvce, but b y cold-blqoded avarieo apd th e foulest passions. W ithoiit dwelling upon this horrid pic- fiirg/fnrtber, m ay you receive thirty piedfs o f silver'^ herewith sent as an evi- deijpe of the consideration in which we hofekyou, and ere. you follow the Igst act of d^gfbis, m a y you repent in deepest sackcloth this mU8t nefarious betrayal of Liberty,— Oom o f Hi T. Tnbune. • 1 (Tjtm BnmuM G icts .-^A regular meot- m g of thO Berham <Tiffc Cofpmittee was SecFctaryjr Mr. Eobert %|itfcyy ffunis.! our reporter with the iumher of gifts so Lr delivered: Gold Bens, 5 gold pen­ cils, 8|0 5 gold pens wit|i pi#s, 21; $100 gold Watjmes, l30 gdld^ ivatohes, Id; Gehin’s h&tSjlO; |S00 pianos, 2. Ticket Jfbi 15,639, held by Franklin J. May, won the h m in Ke# uersey: No, 8S,08!. held ■ by BenJ. Haekledge; bnildep, No, 1-2 X the EnpornmA; No. 1i#J14by B.S. Maeecker, Manchepter, Basr «|ic tretting' horse Tek-^ mpb. S: is. girapoe^ that the Gommitfee M jpuye‘ to dktrfftulo uhout |N5,00& mgm F , Trimne,' under tlie beds in llieir tent. In tho day time tlify worked sinlring tlieir shaft, .and in answer tp (jiiestimis askei], replied tliat tlwy ‘ luidii’t got down yet,’ and no one bad an oppurtunit) of seeing the dirt th a t was canied away, Tlie discoverers lieing for­ eigners, tjiey were tearful of letting the Amerieans know their siUieess. However, at bust, a Jew were p'eriuitled to examine this rich claim. It ynoves to lie u vein of tle- coinposed ipiarl.^*, tlie lichesl (as far as ]iros- pi'Cted) certairily tluit Inis ever been discov- I'l-cd. The i i'in is found about three feet below tbe surfuce, luul is about two inches wiile, and widens a.s it goes down. It has iK'cn prospeeted to the dejith of twenty- one feet, and is found six iuehes wide at that de]»th— w ater ],reveJitiiig going dceji- er. k’l 1)111 one jiaii of clay anil ijiiartz ta­ ken out at the to]), six ounces of line dust A-»>« ublaincd. Siihsequeiitly forty-seven omiu's wci'e. waslied from iinollicr jian.— Gold a to be yihiiiily si eri with the. naked eye, mixed w itli llieelay and quartz througli- out the iiole vein, a dejitli of seventeen or eiglift-fiv feet. From 200 Ib.s. of tlie clay and rotten quavtz^ wliich couqio.^ie the. leiii, tweply-eiglit Jiuuiids i f June gold wii.s taken, after being worked tliT,/jgb .a ifexi- caii ihill of ‘ arasta’— a very hiyierfect mode of sfuiiig the gold— making an ex- traimliiiarv yield of more tluiii 1^2,60 to tlie jiouiiil of quarlz. The, best average, yield of the great Hear Valley minu was 00 cts. to the ])ouiid.. d'liis vein as yet is tiiily j)ros])eeted. It has the a))]tearauce of niU- iiijig through a long range of quartz hills, and will doubtless lie sti'llek UJ idii ill ditl’eV- eiitpliuvs, miles di.slaut from tlic lirst dis- (•ovei'v. There are tliotisands of ditferent .storie.-' I'oiieeiniiig this vein. Suirie (hat ^']u,0t)O was taken out in one day ; otlien, that tS?50,000 was refused for tlie elana, ele., liut tins statement i.i sidistantiad) correct. As to .-celling the claim, ^iitUH' was oftked and refused for oiie-eiglitli. ani'l cigli (h'l'at excitement to give np his money or let h is house h e searched. After gleaning k'hat valuably they could find, th e y eaclt in .turn commit­ ted the Hurtrage upon M k . Lelbng. Tlio names of the leadem wereSenUte pud F u r- g 08 , tw o notorious fobbors pud murderers, Faur American bo^s were with tlie Mexi­ cans, having been invited to a daiUie, and on aniving at the house and finding all was still, refused to cuter, but were threat­ ened witli dentil if they attompf*^*^^ leave or'give alarm. The voljbors and mvlBhem tlien went away, careftdly guarding the boys, xvbom they tbrentoned to kill. TJio boys being |eft In charge of tlio two lead- ors, SentUe and I'lirgos, managed to kill them, to Hie joy of the whole inbabitnnfa of Los Aiigeies and its vicinity, Tlie bod­ ies of the two bandits were brought to Los' Angeles and delivered up to the Blieriffj who ordered them buried. One of them bad boasted of being the genuine Joaquin, E xpenses on Ilomm-IvEEpiNa jn S an F uanoisoo .— F eimilo servants, $1)0 to $15 per month ; wood 6H5 per c o n i; coalgbun- dred-poiilid sack, S3; pr, ton, doUvered SftO, at market, best cuts beef, pork, and mu tton, iJ7| c.ts. ]ier ])('nmd; veftisoii, d i e t s , per litter, BO f.ts.; IVesb eggs, $1,25 per dozen ; Boston eggs, 75 ek, ]ier dozen ; turkeys, ^0 to 8 IO e a c h ; geese or ducks, $1 eacli; cliickens, $2,50 to $3 eacli; quails, $0 per dozen; ]jotatoes, 4 cts. ]u;r ])uuiid; cabbages, 25 cia, jier Imad cimlitluwers, 37 to 50 cts,; turnips, pars­ nips, and Ix'cts, $1 per dozen; luilk, 2 5 cts. ])cr quart, itc. There 1 eight share.s in the eliiim, aul ciglit 111 died feet are claimecl and recorded for quartz-mining jiurpo.se.s jitevails. Tlic fuieigners have tlieir g'lms loaded and ready for action—keeping guard all night. N ew 1 ifijumori.— It i.s rejiurted flat very exielisive vicli diggings liaxe been discov­ ered in the neighborliouil of Brown’s Val­ ley, alioiit twelve miles ftom the city of Marysville. So far, they liaie ]>aid from $8 to $12 jicrday to the baud, and two men had taken out v50 in one day. Two liuiRlrcd men are a]rca<l^‘ at work. A H eavv G iiau .— S ome fellow at Mud Springs, K1 Dorado ( 'oudty, entered a Ubi- nese gambling liousk, nud made a grab of $1200 from a tab iy w ith which he tied. H ad a kViFE.— The Marysville Herald says that a 1 )r. .Smith, of Rhu-orvillc— at wdiieli j^lace lie was lately residing with a wife whom he llad taken to. liis bosom in Galiforni^ huGy received an unexpected visit from*a n i k ami child whom ho bad left a Cmqilj}' of years ago, in one of tlio Atlantic. SCatps. A muss was kicked up by flic tw b 'w ives; the Blacorvillian.s turn­ ed out, enfiiusse to h ang tho doctor, nnd he, not likind tlie aspect Of affairs, left his heart’s treasures” and the town, in hot baste, aiitl bps not been board from since. . S ieuha C ounty — The Reho is filled with glowing paragraphs concernig the mining pi’pspqcts in Sierra>, Everybody busy and everybody expecting a large return tpr their .labbif, in which we trust they will not be ditiappointed. A company .of eight men last week washing in the W ayne Tunnel, took o u t $4000, Honatnias.-r-The fast Mariposa Chronicle gives th e following account of tlie devour­ ing of a young m an by tbe grizzlies: ■ ‘‘^Bortions of the skClpton of a yi m an .npi^fk Robert Coleman, French Ci ” ’atter \ ' yonng xiuMUii' . t 'K o lett th e l p art of last Decem­ ber, was discovered on Tuesday, Feb. 7th, by some Indians in the lair of gome grizzly bears. Information of the circumstances was given to Mr, J . L. Hunk of the Fresno, who immediately repaired to the spot, and bad th.e rlinpins deceptly interred, The gun of the unfortunato yotlng m affivas found liepr by, gnaw e d ,and hroken. ' ■ Mr, Oolomto earn® ft'orn; A labam a to this country tw’o years ago, ami was a'pm’son genemily liked and esteemed by a ll whd knew Jiim, iSis untimely deraisb wag • ev­ idently Hie resulj; o f an unex|)e‘cte4 apeonn- ter with one' 01 * nipro grizzlies,’* ' ’ ' L ola M ourm .A^ ttaokep by ’ a '^pjzzLYa-yf T|re Sacram p th Gmbn says that lAlp Mpn- tes h a d been a^tnekeft hy hep pet j^|«ply beam 'Wliile ffpdipg’ him wjth fiftgar ffpm h e r hand, he caight i t in h i s , m o n th and wounded it badly; he .struck' gt h er with bis paw, hutforumately. did hqt reach, her, saved the life of [he Oountess. •F koj * L os AmJBLks-r-QnTBiciJP D jeato Of HmPkimKTMTdBSz-^Affibli^py was p erpetrated dpon Mb Marti© Lelong, m I m Angelesi, o n die Iftth bf by sire Mesdeans, after which they ravMWWMi h k wife* Tii&y R o c k e d ^ h w d d o r o’clock in the mchni w, aim *** he|u|t opoHOd pre^ihtw, |iaml« M- h i i h « w , wwnu mb «»’w and'instant W i t a n e d J f 'hoTtfused .States* miBviihty D e STIU CTHiN OK TIIK B o I'E’S Ol-’FElUNd IflE WAhlllNUTON kloNUMENT.— 'At abonf 12 o’clock last night, the simtinci Hear Hie Muniiinaiit became conscious of Hic rubbing of .sojiictliiiig agaiimt tlio side of lilh watcb-l)OX, wliicli be at first thought was his faitlifiil dog; Imt, on attempting to o]H‘ii the door, lie found it secured by a ro]u', which bail been drawn tightly round the box. Immeiliatcly after, be ])erceiveil that some jiersons w ere]mstiug Jiajjer over the wiuilows. He called to them, and asked xvlial was meant,ami was toldto liusb. He a.ski'd if they iiiitemlcd I0 injure him, ami received the same rejJy, as bo did to all other qiiestioms. He tlieii heated ail iron poker in his sline, ami, pressiug it through the dour, burned tliiorope iiii two, and made his way out j le soon found that his dog had been noisoiied, ami wasi dead ; and on examiii- iig till) giouiiil carefully, bedi.^covereil that tlie beaiililiil ] ieeeof marble that had been ]iresentc(l to the Hoiiumeiit Association by the J’ojie luul hei:ii brqkeu into a thousiiTRl fragments. W e have no infonmUion as to whom sitsjiieiim r«uts upon in comiectioii with this (Iced- W'e are iulbrined that largoTiumher of jteisons visited the moiiuoK-nl ve.sterday, and that not oiie- Hiird of them legistcied their names. Wk luive iu> doiii.it a large rewaid will he ol- foivd for Hie ajipreliciision and cujivicliou of die liijxli-liauded diqiredators.— IVt/A'a- inylon Ifra, iilh. A W ild W oman — S i - sceoteo I nm -’ANT i - OTUE.— ’I’hert* was much excitement at the Railroad Depot 00 Satui;day afteiTioon, by the sudden apjiearancc of a fimiale of soiite 35 years of age, iia a state of entire nudity. She’ran through tjie Imildiug from room to room, perfectly frantic. Several ]inrsoiis atteiiipted to seize and confine her, b u t she resi.sted them witli jan’lect despeiaiioU, ra- sorting to her teeth when hands w-ere not axailaUe. She was, however, iiiudly se­ cured. Slio had denuded herself in the wateii-closet, where h er eloHiiiig was found. J'lie railroad men state that she was seen about, the Depot in the early jiart of the day, with an iutimt in her arnus. As Hie infant has not been found, it is feared th.at she lias destroyed it. Tho vaults abontthe ] lejiot luive been searched without success. It is quite jirobable that the crazy mother has oast her oflspifng into the liver fi’om tho bridge hack of the' Depot, and the swmlloii stream has caiTied it over the Falls. AVheii ofticers Bowen and Hosmer were ta­ ken this crazy woman to the County House, she said her mime was Mary, ami that she had left a child with Mortimei' Hyde, at Ilydesvilie. ' This is all the cine that has been obtained to her identity, and i t is by- no means certain th a t her statement in this particular is correct.— liochesiei' Vnion. — A serious riot occim’ed at NoV irayen on Frjday night lust, between tliU Vale College and a portion of t)|o citizens of Hpit city, One Irisbraan stnclents of Vale College and a t)|o citizens of Hpit city, One Wiia killed and oHier*persons w^ere injured. It .appears that some of the students who were present nt t]ie Athamum, arose to ad­ just their shawls,, a l wliich gome of H’lo audience took offence, and pelted them with papov wads. Lhe pyening however passed off' wiflioufc n]ncIi‘4isturbi]ncQ. ‘ The liexi evening fthogt fifty sfndents attondoq the same place in a body, but kept y'ery quiet, an^ on'-their return while walking in a procession towards th e College were |ittacked W 'th e tpwn 'hoys, and assailed witli brick batp, tind oHier missilep-J-seYer- al of tbem bplti^' k n o cked d^wn. , During the afft’ay sevorat 'piMols were disebargeej, a u d q n e m ], ^i]n Iri Jim a p , was stqbb|.d so !Q died soon after,\ This caused gtiH ef excitement, ahd'lVwas vy|ih' g rea| „....,:dty tljaO b o policejlind magistrate's prevented an 'aftaclc ppop the College wldf cannons' vybioh thoi enraged erowd h ad pro­ cured, loaded with stones,' grayph d'o-j and plgqed in. ’ ft'otit of !tl]p ‘ College, , QnioL h o w e v e r‘^as restdrep,' and the mtitter will prob/ihly ulidergo, p legal .itiyesrigiitioii, \ ' , t ' ----- r \ . l ' ' jftw Ifc-may b e consnlation to the stQckhoIdors of the' Opystgl P n la ce to know th a t theirs is’nofc t lw only ooneem of this kjnd Whioh | i ^ F'pved k 4efl4 lpss, W o see it stated i n tho Fnglish papers, th a t Mr« Dargan, of Dnblinj.'who »»me forward witW M ^ i m h Tnblie and assnmod. the whole mspon»|biJ}ty,;apd,a4Yain?0dialI |h o pjonoy for hnilding the. C rystal Palace ii*. thatC ftyris a loner to th e am o u n t of ^ 3 0 ,- 000, B p tLIrM and and N e w .Tosk, i t seemi, were d litthr. to p fast in »nppp«flg that they ceftld fuooaaiftilly iwwtw i n n few months, wh*t alltS lm # Prim in w e - eeadad in accomphshing eife- imd enepgatio ajferrioir. f|i npife of Ohariaa Mathewa them m som* thipga wW ch . ^ t M ^ ho doPSf 05 i n th a U m * ^ ConwpoiulenccQfllieBt, Louis (Missouri) ncjiiiblicap, fl’Iie ( B i t im i r o o f Hf r«* W iisow -H T P ifi IlftyH IFopiiia* F crt W apuita , Dlioctinv Jlniion,) UiiicTtflsaw UismctiEeh. Jl, ispt. \ 1 read in yonr paper of 24th ult., (repei- ved h ere last mail,) a thrillijng and inter­ esting naiTHtive of the capture and escape Mrs, Jane .Adeline Wilson, by tbe Ca- summer, by wl iHiors-in-law (be The facts anil tbe jiavticularfi of Mrs. tn uu 'o oysr b n hantom Hill,” Texas, aro cor- ot nils, jane.Acieim e vviison, by tb e Ca- manclm Indikns, last summer, by whom she and h e r two broHiors-in-law (boys) wore taken off prisoneis, and W ilson’s t'npliire, mid t)m Fort, “ JHumtom jiu i, jexas, are roborated l y Hie snnm farts related to here, b y a diseliargml soldier allmhid to by her in her nairatfve, (the soldiej’ having passed this way to A rkansas;) also, in reja- .lioTi to the Mexican driver being scalped and slrot, ns Mrs. AV. relates, TJio soldier stated bore, on his arrival, tbat lie was nna- ble to koej) up to tbe wagon, with Mr.s. AVilson and the two bojs, the Mexican dn'ving, and as Ins liomc was worn down, a m i in coming np to it lie tbnnd the wo­ m an and both boys gone, Hie wagon i-ob- bed of all its contents, mules gone al.so, and the Mexican driver lying near the wa- gon, ibHmifelblo, h aving heon allot ami scal­ ped. Tlie soldier earned liim to a .small Stream near by, wasliod Ids wonmls, and afterward eaiTied liim for several days on Ills liack, Tliey went dcstitnlo of food, tlie Indians liaGng stolen all from (lie xvag- Tlioy lived for some days on tlie car­ cass of a dead ox, found liy the roadsiile, using an old razor for a kiiifc, being (he only instrum ent the soldier had to cut.— After several days slow travelling, they ar­ rived .at “ I ’haniom Hall ” ]iost,’wliere the soldier left Hie Mexican, recovering. No- Hiiiig has been lieard on this frontier of Hie two boys alluded to in Mrs. Wilson’s narrative, until ten ilays since, wlien one about twelve years o’lil, calling Idniself (Jeorgo. AVasliingion Wilson, was brought in near liero, by Aaron Bnmri, an intelli­ gent, educated Cliiektaw' ludiaii, xvlio lives iicav this ]iost. ife. bad been out with somu Sliawiiees for tho last four months, trading fur mules with tlie Ganianches.— They found this wliito boy with the (ki- maiiclios, in a very destilutu eumlilion I'es- pecting uloHiing, having but few j-ags dn AYc republish by request tho annexed Obit­ uary and insert also h y request tho fpllow- ing clu’oiinlogical statumbnt, gathered from In Clierry Valley, on tliq 30 of,March In/t., JACOB AVBkOEIiL, Senior, in the 77tli yetr of liU age. Witli 010'exception of a few years, tile deceased * was a resident of this town for more than iialf a cen- y H y D a* ■» tiiry, and for many years an .upright and con»istoiit ------ - ------------ —— -------- chrialnin. Tho last few ------- J > r ------- ----- = actciistio Tiohleriess of heart jieeuliar to his Irihe, seeing tlio while, boy in eapfivify, and badly ii.sed, ]iro]iused trading some goods for liim. A tow days ]ias.sed before After givii tJio trade was eonclude.ii. Alter giving -eral hundred dollui-s worth of gooils tin- >, boy, Hie. ( 'airiancbes wanted to draw bargain, lliiiikirig Hiey could extort more, lliey jiereeivoil Brown mauilosted a de- tlie boy, Hie. ('airiancbes wanted to draw :aiii,llii ■ ■ ■ ley ]ier sire lo bav'e Hie. lad. A few' days .siriee I cklii, situated sixt}' Hint a white hoy heard from Fort Aibiickli miles west of this jiost, luul been lirougbt lliere by some frieud- ]y Iiiiliaii.s, will) luul bought him iVom the Gainaiielit'S lately. 31ii.s buy ])rove.s lo bo tlic oilier liruflier-in-law of Mis, AVilson, .\how-iiig Hint all llie. ea])tives are now safe. Sfcjis will betaken to le.store tliem to (heir fiionds. Ab*ry rc.sppel fully, S amuel (k Ifu.MES, Rutler* IT, S. A, lion, Greene (.'. Bronson, has wiit- ten a letler to Hon. F. B. Gutting, M. G., taking gioiind in’favor of Hie Nebraska bill. He says “ it is mumlly eertain that fliero* Mill be no slavery in Nebraska, where neith­ er soil nor climate is adapted to that kindj of labor. And, beside.^, most of Hie cmi- grtmts to the Territory will be from tbe free States. If, however, (bo people slionld deeiile for )Slavery, it is their own mafler, and they sliould be allowed to have tlieir ow'u way.” The result o|^ the recent eleelion in New-Hnni]).sliire, is regai'dod hy the anti- Neliraska pa])ers as a decided venlict agiiinst th a t scheme, and against the Ad­ ministration of (Jen, Bierce for tavbring it. Baker,-Hie democratic eamlidote for Gover- nar, is elected hy a largely reduced major­ ity, and it is eoncoded that in the Legisla- tnre the opposition— that is the AVJiigsand Ift'i'o Soilers— have a decided majoiity.— Tho Statesman' {ihnand) says, “ it is a niattev of ahsolnto certaintjq th a t no inaii certainty, whoso gam ienls is even tlie smell of fa­ voring tho Nebrask.a bill, can bo ebosuu Senator in Oongross from Now llam p sliirc by the Legislature elect.” There w-as a rum or current a few days since,, at Quebec, that in consequence of advices ft'om England, the Provincial lost-oflice miHioi-ities h ad seized a letter in- undecl for Hie Russian Govonimont, and containing tbe piogi-.-unmc of an intended invasion of Ganada by Russian solilicrs via tho United States. i The rumoi* however, w'as regarded as a Im ax; and tnongh tho writer of the letter was arrested, no proof of treason ivas found, in conseqnonco of Ids having had tim e to destroy his letters.— 10,000 m ilitia were to ho called out. JCSG A destructive fire; oecniTed at New Orleans on Hie 17th'inst., by which prop­ erty to the amoimt pf, $5QQ,0QQ was des­ troyed, and it is feared that some lives have ’pst, 'Bpine of tho finest buildings in ;y,, .containing tt. large stock of goods ... cpusnirted. A cpusiderable portion of the loss is qoyered h y insiwance, , gfefit-grmid-rtiildreii, burvivc jilai. Tlireo lirotlicrs, Joliii, Jiiei))) and Hubert Wendell, m-oe.vid to have migrated al)Out the year I (WO, landing at New Anuiterdam, (now Jluilion’d river, from tho Dcleiviive to the (’oimeetlciit, lie year New A'ork city.) The country Jluilion’d river, from tho Deleiviu being at tlrnttimo claimed, ami nominally in pax-e ion of Ttollamlew, ami wiw hnnwn tiie “ Ni Netlierlands,” of wliich tlie famoii.s Pe)er Htiiyvetjant iva.s Ui)vermir, In liltil, the ICngliali bai ing cmiriuer. cd tire country, aiyl nested New Amsterdam, from file Dutcli, Jolmis said to have migrated to Fort Umir\ (now city of Albany,) Jacob to Biircwbhury, New sey, and Kobert to Hu.'iton. From n Patent giant of 12000 acres of land, ad­ joining tlie Molinwlc river, mul the pepeyater qiul Vanslyck Patent, on the north we.st, (tbe onginal maimsriipt of which grant, can lie been iu t)io Law office of Jacol)\\'enilell, Rsq., of tliis village, bearing date, Aiigiu't htli, 1723,) it appeum tliut namimpiH Wendell, Al)ialiam Wendell, William Unmet, lOsig, (fiiptain, (iencral and Governor of the Jhovinee of New York, Miilip Hclmyler nnd otliem, were joint own­ ers anil jiroprietors. Tlie.se (Ilarmanns and Alirabiim) po-seil to be the de.scendants of Jolm (he til'd ill Albany, And we preanipe, tliat tlie Hon. Garret Wendell, Jiulgo Ac., of Wii.^liiiigtim eoiin- ly, and fiitlier-in-Iaw of Hon. Martin Lee—as idsii Hon. Juliii T.. Wendell, late Htate Kejinrter, ami the late Doct. Peter Wemleli and Harnmims W endell and otli- ei's, of Allmiiy, ore ileseeinlmits o f ,Tulin tlie liint. Of the descendiints of Itobert—if lie bad any—we know comparatively iiotliing, except liy inleieiire.— There is a town ot 'Wendell in Ma.ss., Hie origimil ]iro. Iirietorebip of wliieli may be claimed hy liis desceitd- jUits, ^ml tlkli we have the Poet, IJliver Wemleli from Holland to ttiis country. I either s who feettled in Albany, And we presinpe,ipe, tliat.lai tli t lulling Iirietorebip of wliieli may be claimed by liis Holmes, and tlie Ldenled, but radical W'cndcU Pliilips, wlin may claim affinity or l■mlsllllglljnity. 'J’lic deceased is said to be tbe lineal deseemlant of .laeiil) tlie lirM, wiiDsetllud in tlie “ Jar.iies,” iih the Jliiteh Ubiially called New .Teisey. Jolm the seemii], being tlie son of.Taeoh, was horn in Hlirewehiiry, alioiit the j-enr lObll. .laeob tlie second, being Hie si .lolin tlie second, was liiim in New York city, about tlio yeai'1720, and was married in 1712 to Hannab He Hart, also born in New York, an accoinplislied uiiil es. timalile lady of Giiglisli parentage. ]''ur many' years lie followed tile aea, iw Ma.ster of Mercliinit ve.i.scls, trading witli Holland. After retiring from sea, be is said lo bavii settled in tlie now tow ii of Lansinglairgli or Hcliiiticuke, N> Y. In 17}i2 lie migrated to tliat part 1)1 tlie town of Warren, Heikiiner eounty, loiown “ Old Anderatown,” where lie. died about tlie IHIO. Tlieir is-siiu was one wm, Joliii the third; fatlierof tlie dec;ea.sed, nnd two daugb’teis, Margaret IS tliey were lamiliarly called, Peggy the year and lilizabetli, or as tliey were lamiliarly called, Peggy L'1; was married to ------- Hegar- mo, will) lived and died in tlio city of All)any ; Ins wiresiirviving liim, was snb.'^eiiue.ntly niarrieil to .lohn Uo.s.si)f Llenmin l•^'traltil)n, wlm also with ids family inigniteil to, anil bittled in “ Old .VniliT.Jown,’’ mid luive ilotli siiiee pitssed away-. JilizabeUi w as man ied to Aaron Wiinl, also of Oernian ikseent, wlm with liis family, inigmted U>, anil for many yeais lived and IL nally (lied in \ Old AnderHowii,” leaving a largo uiid respeelable, family, siime of wlmm, witli many of their dcxseendaiits still sinvive and reside in tliat vicinity. Jolm the third, being the father of tbe deceased, was born in 8 chaticoke, aiamt tlie year 17.)7, and at ids country’s call, at the age of la yearn, be joined tliat ever memorable, brave, Imt nnfia limate detatch- m entof tbe Ilcvolutionary army, wliieli in the Au- rmary army, \ tninn of mr>, marelied liy way of Lako Cliainplaiii &c., lo tlie siege of (jnebee, wliere outlie lll.stof He- ceml)er,()f tbat year, the Imiveand lamented General ■Montgomery fell, fighting at Urn head of his little baml. After encountering and suireriiig untold Imrd- hliip.s and privations, anil after having served imt the term of Jus enlistment, lie returned to his home, where in 1777, he vvasmarrieil to Miss Haiimdi Van Henlierg, of Claverack.of Huteli parentage. In 1771), lioariiig of till) atrocities mul ijarlairities committed by tlie iiidimis and lories, at IVyumiiig, Penn., mid hcvenil seltlemeids in tlie interior of New York, lie again of. fered his .services to Ids country, and joining the. iiiem- oialile expialition, under commiiiul of (Jen, Hullivan, marelied with one of its Divisions, by vvay of Hie Mu- iinvvk river, crussing by vvay of ( 'anajuliarie, to ('uo|i- ul'ter nnit- diaii coiiii- ry, iu western New YTirlc, talving vengeiince on Hie eavnge.saml liarbaiians, in severalBharp slHrmislies, and l)y destroying tlieir vv igwmns, crops Ac. In 17!l2, lie migrated nlUi ids, and bis fulher’s fam­ ily, to old Amsterdam, and flom thence to the vicinity Ilf fticlillelil springs, where, on tlie slmre of tlie heau- tifid and rommitiii Lake, formerly knoWp asL'anesera- ga Lak'o, he departed tliis life in tlioyem- 1H2.1, aged 117 years ; his wife surviving him till iHl 1, ivliep she (lied aged »l yeans. Their bssuevvas live children— tliree sous Jacob, Ciornelins and Jolm ; and tw-o d.augh- tera, Maria and .Ipainia, commonly called polly, ai Ihinnah. Jiicol) the deceased was Hie lirat horn- ei>t()wii, down the Hnsipielimiu, and Hience, ult ing w itli Hie Wyoming Division, into Hie India try, iu western New YTirlc, taking vengeiince leyearD one son John U., who has since died. Jolm tho young­ est brother of deceased, died ahoiif the year 1 k I5, jii Indiana, leaving a widow and three children. Maria was married to Klisba Olmdwick, at Peterhoro, N* Y. ilred dollmk, to rat He enlisted ns a yolmiteer during tlie war ol' 1812 and sohscriber. DAATD E 0 \SLE11 1815, became sick, obtained leave of absence, return-, Po;t Plain, March 21 , 1851 . ^ ed home and soon after died, leaving ld.s wife and four dirnghtevs, surviving Jiiin- His widow subsequently migrated to the west, and was there married to Joah- ^A cCO WW BAfW IT,.,,...',....as 4.©. t ACJJiMtollifWI.. ... 1 . . .. M . I . . . . M. g I ’ J ' Jtient, then of Richdeld, Otsego county, a youth- ■'[’’\‘’j ig| [ 1' ' fnhvddow, having two childi en, vvho wore reavefl Ip Bpeei red J rst aily. Site died at Little Falls, Herkimeu county, oepiemher 1850, leaving 10 phiidvenj 8 pf whom were the iasiig of hpr last fnai'«|vgo, and nil of whom stij entvjve. , • * 0f tin's ntaperous family,of 22 children, 10 sons TO d^n,^)]tei'a are etill ijving. 7llCoi;ee’*< JntlgnvntHig Cortllnl, i Aitotto pH herhq applied in rnedicid pfacHce, th*t which forms the main ingredient inthiaprenaratii|ii stands enjireme. I| la IJature’s piitiwlocwi. Rad tlic travels or Dr, Moraq, which has jldded so much to ence in' ito various hrsnehes, resulted ih the- disco remedy.X' yonyhe.tot fenymiin ims spirits; dfibiiitoted, worn hssjt l» Harp jg your rcm — paprli effhctlw thanaipohei; pern and harmie^ to the systom qa fd k ,, „. , pp these thi«|^<,yontn[it are sick and (wffenngj Idd year ot her age. _ Mm. .Smith was one vtlw vva.s esteempd hy a k tgo nrcle of friends; yet lier society was iiime liiglily ririscu hy her intimate a«si)ciates, liy lier Parents m her Hiisbmal, hy whom jier sudden dentil, i.s deep himenteil. Hut too short years have passed away, since the fair rnormiig of her Bridal Hour; her new Iiome was laj- tl'ie hlp^inp anu iieauiv .........u i.u. j,iiun,uj. j i-., n, uiu miusi. i Iile, tbe Voice came! and, in great snddennes.s, an sulenimty, tlio silver cliord was loosed, and tlie goldt bowl vvas b roken! As wo stood around the mortal remains we could not lait he reminded of llm vvorijs, “ Dcnlli, lies pn liqr liko an iipliinely frosi, 1 ppi) Ilia BHoetest Flower of all pie fiolU. or Bamanranc, And mournful l uur i»er fringi A lU^j inyi'itij n\ in chtj l uur i»er fringet! head, thyme and myi'lfij Rimd |ierfnmo Evergreen, V^iahade imr tomb.” Tmwville, Feb. 27, im , Jfdrt]laiit | pailitt. Heportud weeklj b y J . W iktinu , Denier in Groceries, J'riivi.siuiis, Ac. i FOET PDA IN, M AJIOH 23,1 SSI. JpeatBhiish. - - - $l 7.5 (Wl, “ • - . - 75 |sW | ■ W S ' , ' '-.'‘s®’* Beans, PUOX'ISIOlVsJ. Flour, B'lhl lliilter, f t lb - IS; WJ J 3 Hlumideis. Dried Beef, lUicche, ‘ Honey, “ Box', “ '■ ^trained, Potiitoe.s, Tfllm. Applos, Dried Apples, ^nt) - Lggs, iloz. ■Wood, iJO cord, lU v , ■jUl.on, - K:,l,'s; N E W Y O R K M A R K E T . New 'Vork, Mim-h 21 , Js, 5 .|. leionram l lUcnl.—Tliere i.st iiuTeased lirnmiT in tlu. iimiket for Weslern and Hlnte Flour. 'J'be ar- riviils are moderate and Hie better grade.- liniiei-. (’it- 8 @ll) fil! \ ' i f ■ II , -u-, XX lausTisin,,' DniggisI, General Agent (or Hie most tmimlar be.st .\Itilieiiie.s ol the .lay, dealer in Boukb, HtuHoi .Le. I 'anal St. (ibio. Dora, Meal is better; .sales of 2 U(J bbl.-i.Jer.sej Griiiii—A fair demahil fiirWheid nndlioldera an firm, esjieeiully for prime wliite ; Hu? .siles are aoiio biksli. [irmie. wbilo Gene.see a t t.2, and 11)00 h ush, m i -tile latter iii'iee ab'.ve the mar- minil 111tofte.i'icror . for .Jci> lieeline; sales of ^O im S a t ‘SilVviTBi kir'HoimilMt. mixed, and 7Uc for yoiitlirrii ivbite and yellow ; 7.708 7Sc. for round Nortlieni and Jersey yellow ; VVehterii ]ni,\'ed is iiiiictivo lit 77(i/i78c. JProYf'Iops.—A I'iiir demai d for PorL, Iml will, increased arrivals prices are rather lowci ; .s,ilca 700 liind at f 1 3,)--tl)e latter iirice ab\Ve the mar- fl OH. (Jilts are ill fairdeiminil nt Ftute ' ,.l7i! for Jemey. (lorn o|)eiied I; $urteBl 51) for cimniry me.ss, aiiil$ii({fi$H for ami city Prime; Prime 140.4)1 is in liclter de­ nies of 5.00 (,cs. Oliiii at about previous jiriees. ns are lidter mid in fair deimind ; .siili-s of :i(i Ml.llfolY. Out Meats arehmvy; sale.s of ls5 mand ; sal Beef lliini? Iilil.s. at \(Ml _ casks at lifpilije. for Hiioii ......... . ....... , .............. for do Ham.s. Lard i.s lieiivy ; salgs of 2,000 iibls. at OiifLlJi-; included in tlie sales are 1 ,.'i 0 () bl)l.s. for June and .liilj dcliiuiy at iiJja, Butler is steady and quiet. t'liceM' is in tiiir m|in*.st at 10 W l 2 c. iici,).. are iiiiiut; sales 20 Imlus Eastern andWest- ■rii at 3.)to i(li'., aceiirdinj ' ling 111 quality. L . irE S L l Y H ’S T a i l o i 'i i i f ; X J i n p o i 'i ii i n ! 1 ' J le s lc r , iiaving rcceiitly retiinu-il from New f'o I J 4 Vork witli 11 good assorted slsu k of Broa(lciotlis_ hi/ {’a-ssimeres, Yestiiiga, Bpring 'I’ie.s, &(*., o ltte ihfiu for siUn toi Ids forlnet' eustornors arid tbe pidi- liii generally, at iirices tbat can not lielii being satisfactory. Tile clotli will 1)0 sold by tlie yard to suit pur- FABIHONH, are And lienee be is _ ---- --------------------- make up cJotlies, al wn/s ip tlie latest style. ac- fliilling dime at sliiirt notice, and vvari'anted to ro„i.f C«n«i e i S' ..... will beautifully polish.and at Hie same time oil try. Tim nssortnieut ombriices the vaiious sityles ad mnde^he l e a t h e r ^ Ware, emmuonly |vept in a Crqi;^^^^^^ NP. 6 E 1 ua, Gustiiii ip Ytorji township, 151khnrt Go., Indiann Joanna is plsn a widow having three children, who with tlie moth(jr reside in the pity of Tovtland, iu the BtateofMaiup. * . Jacob, fho deoea.sed, ivos horn in Scliaticoke, Deo. 12,17'?8, migrated with his father’s faniily in 1792, was ipai'i’icd in tliis fo'vn, in 1801, to Mita Magdalenk Bnyder, of German extraction, hy Beto JoliUn Wietipg. Shp died in Prey’s Bush, Augi l7 ,1822, heing the mother of 12 ohildren,10 of whom survived her.' In liecfelyed first Premium at Albany Co, Pair, Bethlc 1824, lie married Mra. Nancy *F.Go'n!, formerly of ^ 1 - u cim t?- o * ipty,ay dcouoV , 0 t e e g o 1^1 P, r e m i u m a t t h e Stote F m r , B a i - a t o g a dren, wlio wore reared ip Beceired first Premimn at the Ameriean Institute, his family, Slie died at Little Falls, Herkimen county, _ ? ® * September 1850, leaving 10 Children, 8 Pf whom were h Premh pilSMlVlH 'PQ»4P0Q A.NW SEGAIlls. 1 , HOPPMAI O , nanufa ‘ ium at thOlTorlds pair.Ne'w York (fe'JPir,!., A-NOTIUBIJ, Kt.Lopi.s,Mp, AIR, J3 d ? t 3 u ; Ag a matter of great Impqftajuce to the alllicted, I wisli toimifke the following gtatemefit; my wife was attacked wftb w M r , J3 dt ? 3 ti ; Ag a matter 10 alllictod, I wish toni \ About six yearn ago, n slight atrojee of dumb palsy. The whole of her right aide and Jimhs were partialiy paralysed. A doctor whs called, wiio hied her very copiously jn llie right arm, wldcli relieved her, and she had no more symp- tons of jiaralsis, initil last fall, when the nghfarnf gfadiially hecUrne weak and imwerlesje. Bbfli limba. and the fhole of herj-iglit side booh heciimc perfectly hennmed, ami all volunlai'y motion wa« entirely bus - pended. 81ie was hied again, hut withoutany lellef, L’vmi Iter (ungiie liecamo jiaralysed, go Higt sho could nut, at times, speak so as to ),e iimlemtood, Bl,c had a hrotlier, Timnias Hlley, a hoy M yearn old, wiio l|iiil some time imeii'm.sly been eureil of a vej-y severe at­ tack of the same dis';aso, i.y the irtu of titrea Iwttles of the MDHTANGLfNJMj-:.NT,and we ileteiminoil to try it in her ca.se, as she had hi-en under the ireaf meat of doctors for hcveral rriontlis, without any ajs- pareiit henciu. I oiitained one holtfoaqd commenced bathing tlie wliole afibded .side and JiEilis. The elfect wn.s truly usioni.sliing. fn less than a montli, eveiy srirtptou of Hie disea.se had di.sappimred. Biie fcan uso her limbs as freely as over, and m mpedimeni wimi. ever exists iu her mlimilation. In fact, she is perfect, ly cured ; nnd we bless Hie day we were fmhici use this invaluable Linimont,. IsnWAEP DPME'irEB, lerfect. firettorjr. er in^BoX' Peijodteifti^^^sLte)^^ Grncorics, Ac., Gamil HI. S g g a \■'‘‘■'“’’'■'’- ’\'a Dealer in Bendy Afudu{’iolhingof everydescriptioiL li)t]iiiig iiiiule til Ol lier, (!amil .st. Dealer in .Tewelry, Fancy ArtiiLs', Bonks, Peril cals, iliisio, &c,, mid “gent tor all the poj.ulur Mu ALLS', rticles, B ^iodk - Hie day, Si'HOKON D|.;.vr(ST. ODicx;s.--ovcr IVebater’s Dnig 'tore, un(nir.4 door West of ,J. W. Fnapeis; f’anul sS Dealer in ami repaii Fancy Arl.iclus LiilW liU&N, ■r i|f Gloc]v.s,Watches, Wii Dnqier and Tailor, ami g of every description. FOX,' I'ailor, ami dealer in Rei Jewelry, laml. (.imnil .St I Ready Made Gloth- of Moliiiwk & Canal ' FravKimis, Hardware, &c.— “ “ ssYatiiioiv ic,' ' ■ Dealerin Dry Good.',, Crockerj, Groceries, ami Prt>. ‘ aDirtLMLNYLKi.LlaR; IH-aier^iil Dry Goods, Grucerics, Provisions, Grocko- 11 . K. XVILlrt.'tM sr' er in Himlwan- of every description, and mah- ■cr of Till ami Hhi ct In.u War!'. Gnmil Bt. O. o f VDsTlX, ' ■' Dealer iu GroceiicH, I'rm Kiwis, Fumy Articles, Ac, .L F’i VK J 1101 Dealers in (■ruclcerv,{’liimi ami (;ia,-,s ware, Looking llu.-hcs, \\ iiid.iw iBliiulf.s, Ac. Fui.t of Cauij Bt. xv; s. PAllLteY, Jfiivdwarc Merc.lmul. lieulw iu, mid mmuifaclurer Till mid Bliect Iron Ware. .Main Bt. l.’orl Plulii Seiiiliuij-j’, FiaarAiii!: PoLLKoiA'rK iM si'i'ru'rii:, l.’ovJ Pliiln, rv. V. BE\L JOHIBHI E. KING, A. M., I’ iumupai ,. VAl.JC.VJJAn, I.s, 51 . . Siiriiig Term of l.'nu'cks begins • - ■ March Tlli l’*iU Iciju ut I.j 'V ggv I , ........... , ............ 'ruHIon, |H:i-Tt.rm c»f i3 Uh. undsfaficlLt^iLq^f.n-Priite. ^Been!'^^^ .... 0 () r a S ' ' S K I ' K ^ ^ ■■ .................................. ' udcntal E.\|i.Ti 111 ()willnoii, im ami KiigBsh, - - fi (II) - ‘ 3*4 tfca\ Ornamental Brancheg.liyaecumplislied Instruo- I's, ut reiisoiiublc riitis. Bo.ut|), inchiding I'urnyied room, fuel and wiushing. Lev.., O-j. .j.y c.misisf.s()f se.venteeu Piorc.-vSi.r.-, mul Teacliera, jnein- dinga Native'i'eaclier of ilwleni Lauguagt-.s uiui mi imoiiid Uinlkman PianiA. For Jioui'il, or fur otlief iiirol'inalkiii, mldreBs tho dain.N . Y.,Fel). 25 , 1 h , 51 . . ge, ciui he iiiid hy a good Barber. Oiii; wlm will get his Bill)]) open at (ii o’clock in Hie. inuniiug, and keep itiiiien iill day, until 11 i/.Iutli at iiigld, mid wlm is temperate, li.iucst., iitdiitfi.ius, uiid .^at iug ; to sucli a mmi J will warrant a guild husim-s,s it he will cmj ■e rules. NunC other need iqiplj. ^!;i;t L.FOY. 'I'he snliscriluT will let Ids Salooiii and will sell tliO stock anil I'lifnitura ut c.ust. Any imliviil- Hill having a capital of $.i0l), ciiq do a good and prufi- talilc hiisinass at this staml. F’or fm tlmr pnrticuluiU; iiquire of the stihscrilier on the iiiTmi.scs: Port Plain, Jlurch 9, 1 h 5I. Fort Plain, Marcli 9,18,H. sarae being a bargain to any one wlio desires to pur- ^ GA, l ie will also sell out ids Lease, Furniture, Ac., in his Eatiuj Saloon and Bowling Alley—alfording a fine gpiioitmiity; for a person with a capital of two imn- dreil dollam, to make 4 profitable investment. Inquire Fort Plain, March 9, iH.sL NA, «LASB AM) At CUJssrt HiU las an extensive mid carefully seiecled blick of d Eartlieii-w are, whidi they riefeivtil ...... “ ’'\i; at very low ipposition will be oll'en'il not to be fomul el.-ewhere h uiih Gomw .... . .. . ..... -’sr\\ ui-Wiil-a lSi;TOIKU01J'l.j T ' s “ ; ' £ r r c „ ” t . ’, s iissaiaii^ .erciintilc Ollier ger ■e, b seen at their oficto gicnland Antomica) . .. .............. ichamcispvmventoraai d of thb irivisU'to support loflatteml oh ituve ,of the spine, for Ihh hure pf eluTw Jurgicnlaiui Antomici ,int/eeve«Uigi i ^ s s s ’ d s I S ® '

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