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Broome Republican. (Binghamton, N.Y.) 1822-1862, January 02, 1850, Image 1

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h o u s e A L M A N A C f o * I t i S d . 1 £ s* ,>i ’g- \I 6 I* 50 ^ n< £•3 I J i*H 5? * 1 n® S - *£• -** . t o £ Es, 50 * *3 < W %*< 'O -K '<U te ?5 P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 5o 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 2S 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 r 9 10 11 12 IB 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 28 24 25 26 27 23 1 2 3 - '4 5 6 7. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18.19 20 21 22 2*3 24 25 26 2 7 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 *21 22 23 24 25 26 27 •28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 IS 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 2S 29 SO __________ es rs S § S -00 O ff H s H s- ci TS s*. a TS. «s m 1 2 3 - 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18* 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 29 30 31 1 ■ 2 3 4 5 6 .7 8 9 10 11 12 13.14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 2-2 23 24 25 26 27 23 29 30 31 between them, /T h e spaces betyreen the cross-ties ' are to; be filled with cobble­ stones .or flat-stones, w hich are again to be covered with gravel or broken stories, po that the centre ;shall rise a little abpve the wheel track. . R oads constructed in this way will cost less for building, and* m ay be upheld for much less than the roads built, in . the ordinary mariner. The ob­ jection to the present roads, that they stif­ fen the horses’ feet, will be obviated by this proposed new mode, and also, the unpleasant, jar w hich the evenness o f the track causes to loaded w agons— w liich ob­ jections, M r. C odding says, are fv‘ery g e­ neral, w here the plank roads .are/in use. Another consideration is the fact that the expense of plank must greatly increase by their extensive use for roads. O r i g i n a l S t u l t u s S u m , They hade me real, ’twas stultus suili — J am a fool, soon s tr u c k m e d u m b ; T r a n s late it, w a s th e n e x t I h e a r d , A n d to y o u rself a p p ly th e w o rd. A h e a r ty la u g h a t m y e x p e n se, A n d n o to n e w o rd in m y d e f e n c e ; F o r w h a t in reason could I say, .T h a t stultus sum w a s i n the wray. I r a c k ’d ea c h c o r n e r of m y b r a in , R a n s a c k ’d it o 'e r a n d o’er a g a in, B u t n o t a n o th e r w o rd w o u ld com e, . A ll 1 could th in k w a s stultus sum . T o m o ralizing th e n I w e n t— [How m u c h o f tim e an d pains a r e s p e n t, How many evil deeds are done, T o m a k e a stultus sum o f one. H o w m a n y to o , of t a l e n t s r a r e , A c k n o w ledged w o r th and fortune f a ir , B e loved a n d honored m ight becom e , D id n o t their w o rds s a y stultus sum. H a r p e r s v ille, Dec. 15,. 1849. A m e l i a . REPUBLICAN. S u p p o r t y o u r C o u n t y P a p e r . The following remarks from a speech of Hon. J. L . R obinson, a m ember of Con­ gress, contain truths, w hieh every Country printer can feel the force o f : - Sometimes I hear it said that two dollars as too much for a C ounty p a p er; that large •ones cau be had from a distance ( C incin- aiati or tlie Atlantic cities) much cheaper. W ell, lit Is very true that you ean.get p a­ pers cheaper— and it is equally true that Sf you are* determined to bring city or eas­ tern papers iinto competition as to size and price with yeur -county paper, the idea of coritmmmgsoouirtry papers had aswell at once be abandoned. Oar country papers cannot compete w itb fhemiriathis respect, and they do not pretend To tib it. If you _ want icounty papers, I f .you think they ave of jany consequence To you as the organ of your party a t h om e,cr for their local intel­ ligence and »ews, you. m ust expect to pay -a little for these considerations. I should -think it -a* awkward and -clumsy business In tliis eeuaaty cow , for ear party to enter a political contest w ithout ® paper to aid them to organize, through w hich to call public meetings, conventions, & c....to pub­ lish proceedings, to defend our candidates, publish-their names and print their tickets — in short to conduct a canvass. f Imagine we would fight under disad­ vantages and against odds, ih a t w ould then be felt and appreciated. We have presented similar considera­ tion^. The Bxoome Republican, by mail, is not two dollars, but only one dollar and fifty cents, and y e t we have constantly to struggle against sueh influences as are above 00 o described. W c trust a u good time is coming” for the C ountry Papers in their exemption from postage and in better views in relation to them. T H E U T IC A PL A N K ROADS. • Signal, a sweet little independent daily, recently started, m akes the following prac­ tical and sensible remarks on tbe value of plank roads. W e wish to keep this sub- jeetbefore our people until our capitalists ,and business men will “ plank down’’ ^something in earnest, towards construct­ ing these great m odem improvements on «e very avenue o f our village. *“ T h e value to Utiea ot its many plank roads, communicating with toe surround­ ing country, at all times apparent stri­ kingly so at a time like this, w hen o:'d;°a- ry roads are impassable. W ith them a muddy season makes-scarcely any percep­ tible diminution in the trade of the citv, whereas, on such a day as w as yesterday, two years ago, there would have been scarcely a country customer in town. U ti­ ca owes m uch to its plank roads, though very little of the m oney expended in build­ ing them has been contributed by its Capi­ talists. They have imputed to it life, •energy, activity, and a bustling business air, in all o f w bicb, for many y ea rs, it has been sadly deficient.” Au various propositions are under agita- tio* for the construction of P lank roads, It way not fee uninteresting to notiee the plan proposed by Ml*. C odding o f Roches- iter, which we deem an improvement upon •these most in use. . It is as follows : •After grading the track properly, lay cress ties qf plank, eight inches wide and a half inches thick, six and a half r-rt* ** - .fqet- m length across the fraelty. at a djs- of from four inches. ,tq fflur Jbet , » the natiue o f the .sqil m^y re­ quire-^—one piece in every t e n or fifteen Tefet is to be long enough to reach to the jfjfr ■**.f •vTp-' • \ft >* •* ; . j a flrain for the water, cross-tie* are to ,be placed, ise/ with ’ the road, planks one inch .and a half thick, and eighteen inches wide. Upon these lav planks fourteen inches * A ,.XL * - | uif ijMpfcTn frsi fhrii four feet apart, so as to give room for the horses fotrafel C H R I S T M A S . W e are again on the eve of the anniversary of the birth of C hrist, the great festival in the English and R oman Churches, and indeed in the hearts o f the w hole Christian w orld. It m atters not w hether the 25th day o f D e ­ cember, according to the new style o f com- mtation, is or is not the precise day- on which the “ babe o f B ethlehem ” w as borri, as is variously contended. The illustrious event is the subject o f the celebration and the cause o f the universal jo y and rejoicing. It cannot fail to be observed that those d e­ nominations w ho do not celebrate the day as a body of C hristians, are paying increased attention to it. It is 'a day, to w hich the happy child looks forward w ith hopeful an­ ticipations, w hen its stockings shall be filled with good things by the benevolent Santa Claus;— it is a day, to w hich those of riper years look forward w itli a pleasant m emory aud a lighter heart,— as one which w akes up from the sleep o f the past the innocence, the hopes, and the pleasures o f childhood, and w ith the balm o f earlier associations and its own festivities, heals at least w ith a temporary healing, the wounds w hieh time hath brought upon the heart. W e trust the day w ill be enjoyed in a cheerful, but rational m anner. Let the churches be filled, and tlie event be thus religiously honored. Let festivity and pleasure hold their golden reign, not in licentiousness but liberty.— “ C hrist is risen ” was the joyous salutation of tbe primitive Christians, on the sacred morning o f his resurrection. “ A merry Christmas,” is the happy greeting with which the C hristian of the present day sa­ utes his brother on the anniversary o f the Saviour’s birth. Though no yulelog m ay blaze, or w assail bowl sparkle as tbey were wont to do “ long time ago ” in “ merry England,” yet the T urkey c a n b e roasted, and good ebeer be bad, w ith a healthy ap­ petite and a thankful spirit. Such good fortune do we wish each and all ofour subscribers, as we salute them with a “ M erry Christmas !” C t t r U U i i n P a r l o r M a g a z i n e . Pratt has alreadyJaid on our table fee January N o . o f tbis excellent Magazine.—?? It is embellished w ith a beautiful engraving of “ Tasso and Leonora”1—-with a sketch of Tasso. One representing “ T h e Her­ m it,’’ and one the head o f T horvalsden, the celebrated Sculptor, with an interesting sketch. Among its literary contents, are “ R eligious character o f Lord B acon,?’ by Rev. A lb ert B arnes— the subject arid the writer both distinguished. “ T h e Immortal in L iterature,” b y Rev. A. P. Peabody. “ T h e W orld a wilderness w ithout love.” t£ T h e thing that money cannot b u y .” — ‘£ S eq uel to the Balizo Pilot,” by R ev . Henry T . C heever, and some lines entitled “ Gopd A ngels ” by J . R. Orton o f this village. N E W Y ORK AN D E R I E R A IL R O A D . It is probably ’known\ to most\ o f our readers that Mitjor T hompson S . Brown, who lias for several years been . C h ief Engineer o f the N ew York and E rie R ail Road, and discharged all the duties of that office witb distinguished ability, lias recently received from the Emperor of Russia the appointment of. E ngineer to F r o m W a s h i n g t o n . A Telegraphic despatch to the N . Y . Express, dated. F riday, D ec. 2 1 st, at 10 1-2 P . M ., states that the proposition to elect a Speaker b y a plurality first agreed on by tbe Caucuses o f both parties, was finally rejected by tbe L oco Foeo Caucus; and Mr. Cobb is again to be taken up ! S l e i g h i n g . —-The w ants of our citizens have b?en bountifully supplied in the article of sleighing for the Holidays. The snow storm on Saturday w as just in time. It left m ore than a foot’s depth o f snow upon the ground— m ore than w e had at any one time last w in te r -a n d now the bells are jingling merrily over a fine snowy founda­ tion. D o c t o r o f L a w s . — T h e honorary -de­ gree o f L . L . D . was conferred upon Air. Charles King, President o f Columbia C ol­ lege, N . Y ., at the meeting on T uesday of the Board o f Trustees o f the C ollege of New Jersey at P rinceton. A r r e s t o f a n A u t h o r f o r F o r g e r y . Thomas Powell, an English author, was taken into custody, charged by Mr. M c­ Laughlin, o f the firm of M cLaughlin & Bell, bankers, o f 43 W all-st. N . Y . with presenting to them to cash, a draft, pur­ porting to have been given by John A llen, of 2 Leadenball-st. L ondon, for 100 ster­ ling. Powell, at the time, stated that the o 7 . . . . . u« h - 7 - — draft w as genuine, but the firm doubting it, sent to a branch o f tbe house in C anada, who sent it to E ngland, w here it was pro­ nounced by Mr. A llen to be a forgery. H e was held for examination. fi®* W e see that our editorial brethren of O w ego [not Oswego as the New York papers will have it] are m aking m erry over their “ very polite invitation” to attend the opening of the C ayuga & Susquehanna Rail R oad, and mention a very few edi­ tors that they saw at Ithaca from other places. Our humble self received no in­ vitation, and yre believe Binghamton was not honored much in that way. B u t ne­ vertheless we last week noticed the pro­ ceedings, just as if we had been invited ! W e should have attended had it been con­ venient. W e are as well as could be ex­ pected under tbe circumstances ; and are glad to learn that the celebration w ent off © so finely, and that the few members of the press who w ere present enjoyed themselves so much. A M E R IC A N A R T UNION. The annual drawing o f this prosperous institution took place at N ib lo ’s Saloon on Friday evening last. Thc number o f sub­ scribers this year was 1 8 ,9 6 0 , about 2 ,5 0 0 more than ir* any previous year. The ag­ gregate number o f the institution has been about $ 1 0 3 ,0 0 0 . Of tbe 4 6 0 pictures d is­ tributed, only two appear to have fallen to Binghamton— a fair ratio perhaps. Tho­ mas JR.. JBriggs of B inghamton drew 3 8 5 , a Mountain Stream by W . M . Oddie. Albert W est of this village drew 4 2 8 , Sun­ set after R ain, by V . M . Griswold. ■ ■ ■< > —— T h e M a r r i a g e o f G r a c e G r e e n - w o o d . — M rs. Jane G. Swisshelm, tbe widely known editress o f the Pittsburgh Visiter, learns that M r. W illis gave rise to the report, w hich she denies in toto, and adds: Any man w ho indulges in such small talk should wear a check apron, a night­ cap with a crimped border, and smoke a short pipe w hile seated in the corner at his knitting. . . . . W hy is tiie last day o f February like one ofShakspenre’s p ia ys4 Because it is w in­ ter’s tail. a I V t h D i s t r i c t o f M a s s a c h u s e t t s . Gov. B riggs has appointed the 21 st of Jan­ uary for the seventh trial to elect a Con­ gressman from the D istrict lately represens ted by Hon. John G. P alfrey. The old’ nominees are up for election : M essrs. P a l­ frey, Thompson and Robinson. Official vote at sixth trial: Benjamin T hompson, 5,511 ; John G. P alfrey, 4 ,9 4 7 ; F reder­ ick Robinson, 3 ,3 3 0 . --------- 4 • • • » ------- OO” T h e N . Y . T ribune o f Thursday, jsays: The Chemung Road has n ot yet he ci? officially opened, the termini not be­ ing f u ll/ completed, but it is being run by the E rie C ompany under a temporary ar­ rangement w ith the contractors. The bus- © iness o f tbe road is favorable, and this route to N ew York takes about one-half tbe W estern passengers. A u engine w ent over the N ewburgh branch to-day for the first lime. A considerable amount o f flour, whiskey, dead hogs, cheese, & c., & c.? have already come through h y this route, and when freight, 'arrangements are fully com ­ plete, and the new boat is p u t upon tho Lake, the’ business by this route will be 7 f * ■r f * , largely increased. After the H udson R iver is thoroughly closed/arid the knowledge of the opening o f the C hemung connection is' spread at the W est, this road w ill m onopo­ lize the W estern business. :— -— . .■ v t - ' < : • \ \ ‘ fl®* T h e following pictures only w ere drawn at the A rt Union Distributro11, iri this region o f country, besides tbe two in Binghamton. “ R ivers in the low Coun­ try,” C ulverhouse— F . -Rogers, G reene, N . Y . “ An old M aster’s S tu d io ,” K ohler—* C. S. Trueman, O w ego. “ M odnlig’btj” Richards—-A. A . Johnston, Ithaca, N . Y . * r-~ - — t m:mm i , » . j . t j® 7 .T h e Eastern cars did n ot arrive yestferdsy ( Sunday J morning, till n early npon. t. 1 [fee^' fwerfe detained ^y the snow, W d i n U w cjw 'g o in * l ] r t . / ' ; C a l i f o r n i a I t e m s . A letter in tbe B oston Tim es furnishes the following n arrative: The only w hite w oman that I have seen in the mines is the w ife of a F renchman, who came here from Calcutta. She dresses in trowsers and wears a thin h at and red shirt) as m ost of the miners do, and, her hair being cut short, is n ot suspected of being a w oman, probably, by one-tenth of the persons who see h er .1 The first time I saw her I was digigng in a hole on the M okelamy, w here she and her husband were working a rocker. I noticed her feminine look and thoughtful expression o f counte­ nance, and m entioned it to a man w ho was working near me. H e informed me that what I Supposed to be a remarkable hand­ some young man was a w oman, that she was the w ife o f the man who worked w ith her, that her husbm d was formerly a wealthy m erchant in C alcutta, and that the wife had been accustomed to ease and lux­ ury. Failing in business and becoming poor, he determined to dig a fortune out of the earth in California, rind the w ife, true to her companion, only consented when lie promised fee should accompany him. I have seen her at w ork w ith the p ick and the spade, early and late ; there is ever a thoughtful expression on her countenance, but, she never seems discouraged, and yet the Unfortunate pair have h ad the worst of luck, not having dug gold enough to pay their living. This is one o f the m any ro­ mantic incidents, that a life in the gold.dig- gings o f C ahforniaftfrom time to time, de- velopes. The freshmen tit old Dartmouth made thefeseiyes quite, mejrry by the ’following conundrum /£* W hy is the sophmore plaSs, studying trigonometry, like the scribes arid pha risees o f ' o ld .' Beca use it ia a ' Wicked generation seeking after u sine, dzc.’? The sophs retort by the following 1 “ W h y is the freshmen recitation rooiri like that re* markable tree, w hose leaves quiver in the lightest breeze Because it is an ass-pen — (aspen-) ... v ' ' UgLTherc is now rio* excute for thope wbo owe or wish\fo pay in W o o d . f j t ; » <g| 0 ® i , — ® Wm; D . .Covoil has been appointed Mail Agent otf foefN. Y. kr- JEria' Rail IB’ i n fon and Sknini? cis 3tmi. T\i f take-charge of th e ; construction of the great R a il Road froth S t. P etersburgh. to M oscow. Major Brlown sailed in tbe C a­ nada . on fee, 12 th ipst. W e have been ' t furnished witb tbe following correspon­ d e n c e b e t w e e n M a j o r B r o w n and-the P r e ­ s i d e n t ' of the E rie Rail' R oad Company. Major B rown has oeeri connected with , ■ * ( y .the E rie Rail R oad about nine years and dttring that time has( served the interests of the company w ith a fidelity and ability which h as w on for him the entire satisfac­ tion o f his employers and the hearty ap­ proval o f the public. H e has left the Erie Rail Road, in a most prosperous condition and in the train of an early com­ pletion to the L akes.— [Express. ( C o p y .) Office o f N ew York & E. R. R . C o. ) New Y ork. N o v . 20 , 1849. ) Major T . S . Brown, Dear S ir ;— A t a meeting of the B oard of D irectors held this day at the office o f 1 the company, your letter o f the 14th inst. tendering your resignation of the office of C hief Engineer (laid before the Boarc at a former m eeting) was called up for con­ sideration, when the following resolutions were unanimously adopted. Resolved, That the Board of Direc­ tors, in being called on to take formal action upon .the letter of Major Brown, tendering his resignation of the office of Chief E ngineer o f this Company* feel con strained to accept his resignation, to take effect upon his departure for E urope, al­ though w ith deep regret, at parting w ith so valued an officer. That while the D irec­ tors are pleased with .the flattering offer with w hieh he has heen honored from th Government of Russia, it is mingled with deep regret tliat it is not in tlieir power to o f f e r h i m s u f f i c i e n t i n d u c e m e n t s to c o n t i n u e t h e c o n n e c t i o n s o lo n g h e l d w i t h h o n o r to himself and satisfaction to the Board. Resolved, That the Board in all the difficulties and embarrassments w ith which they have had to contend in resuscitating and carrying forward a w ork o f such mag­ nitude, have found in Major Brown more, much more, than mere professional atten­ tion to the interests o f the company. Resolved, T hat Major Brown in retir­ ing from the. honorable position w hich he has held .for so many years, and in enter­ ing upon a foreign field of labor and of duty, carries with him the warmest sympa­ thy o f the Board and their best w ishes for his success and prosperity. . B y order of the Board o f D irectors. B E N J .-E O D E R Presd’t. ( C o p y .) Engineer’s O ffice, N . Y . & E rie. Co. \ New York, D ec. 12 , 1849. \ Benjamin L oder, E sq .,Presd’t of N .Y . and Erie R . R. Co : Sir— I have received the communica­ tion you havo done m e the honor to send me containing a copy of the resolutions passed b y the Board o f D irectors on ac­ cepting my resignation as Chief Engi­ neer, to take effect on my departure from this country. If any thing could have in­ creased the sense of obligation I already felt towards the. D irectors for thc numerous favors they have before shown m e, it would have been the bestowal upon me of so dis­ tinguished a compliment. Though I am well aware that it is far .beyond my merits, I shall cherish the recollection of it as among the most honorable and pleasing events o f ray life. I w ill take it as an additional favor if you w ill communicate to the B oard of D i­ rectors niy acknowledgements, and at the same time tender to the m embers my best wishes that thoir great enterprizo may at­ tain, while in their hands, ihe prominence and distinction to which it is inevitably destined, as one o f thc most beneficial and successful works o f the age. I look to see the E rie R a il Road- attain before long a m uch more prominent position in public estimation than it now enjoys, though even now tbe promise w bicb it holds out, and its rapidly advancing importance, are such as should satisfy its most ardent friends. I am your friend and ob’t servant, T , S . B R O W N , C hief E n g. fo o / ^ upied by M r. Lewi 8 , as an. iron sriiit]i shop, beloriged to Mr. Markham. W e fbave since learned, that the'building was owned by Mr. L ewis, arid \that instead of his loosing only two hundred and fifty dollars, he has suffered' to the amount of about eight hundred dollars. M r. M ark­ ham’s‘loss is less than lb . 21 St.. we supposed.- M A I L r o b b e r y . New York, Dec. 21 , The mail robbery, which was perpe­ trated- on-steamboat Hendrik Hudson, on lief last run down, has been investigated by lhe United States District Attorney. Before the boat left A lbany, tbe Ticket Collector noticed two young men on board the boat o f a'suspicious character, and af­ ter a few moments’ conversation with them walked them ashore. They managed, however, to get on board again, but were not seen by him until the tickets were bes ing collected. They had no money, and were passed at the request o f some o f the deck hands, who stated that they had as sisted in loading the boat. Before the boat reached this city, the robbery was dis­ covered, and these persons w ere suspected of having committed it. The youngest one was first searched but nothing wasi found on him. Upon being questioned he said that he was born in E n g la n d ; that ie had been in this country but a short time, and was an orphan. On searching the other, drafts to the amount o f between eleven thousand and clve thousand 'dollars were found upon him. On being questioned, h e said that his name w as Wil-lianl H arris, and that he had been recently in the employ o f E d ­ ward B ulger, o f A lbany, as a bar-tender. W hen he was asked what he had in the pocket iri w hich the drafts were found, he replied that it was a letter for his sister, and that it was given to him by his com­ panion. As soon as the boat reached this city he w as placed in charge o f an oflicer and immediately put in confinement, but tbe other was permitted to go free. Upon being interrogated by the U n ited States District A ttorney, H arris said tbat he w as only fifteen years o f age ; that he did not commit the robbery, and that tbe draft found on him was given him by his companion, who said that it was a letter for his sister. Although he stoutly de­ nies having any hand in cutting the bags, yet from his cunning m anner and the as­ sertion he made soon after he was taken to to his directions ori a route, where' w ater and grass w ere found ih abundancev v W hen Gray arrived a t San D iego, C ol. W eller and. others commenced running, him about his route, &.C., declaring Ihis r e ­ turn unnecessary, as the route w as an old one, and w ell known. Gray said that waa not true. W eller then jumped.np and said to Gray, (who is quite a small-sized man compared w ith W eller,) if you say what I state 1 is false, I w ill, w hip you. Gray re­ plied, that if W eller said the route Was an old traveled, tail, he said w hat w as false. W eller then struck him several blows with, his fist, and clinched h im , w hen G ray shot him w ith a p istol, the ball passing through the fleshy part- Of W eller’s leg. near- the groin. The wound is nofdangerous. The affair, says our letter, w as foolisli,and W el­ ler is .'considered ri's m ost in fault. t i t t e r f r o m P m M t u t ' t o V T J tu a l. ~. , B efore leaving Europe, Goy> tJjh a n ad­ dressed a tetter fo Gen. Taylotf, uforauag him o f the d esire,Of the H ufqpirisa to find a refuge: in the United' Since their arrival here, the follcrwiag reply haa been received : * r y . T . i • / Washington, Thursday, Dee.- , Sir---I have duly received ybUr letfor c# Nov. 2 .from London, announcing the de­ termination of yourself and - comrades t 0 sOek an- asylum m'America The people o f this R epublic have deeply sympathized w ith the Hungarians in their recent struggle for constitutional freedom^ and in the calamities w hich have bcfallew their unhappy land, and I am rare that I but speak the- universal ' sentiment pf-MX countrymen in bidding -yon a n d y o n r !UKt6* ciates a cordial w elcome to our. so il] fee Audubon, w ith Browning and Sitnpson, | natural asylum o f the oppressed from e fe r y t t ^TC^ na^ ’ 'were at San D iego, and w ell, clime. W e offer you protection and a fire# They left N ew Orleans in February last. I participation iri the benefits o f OUrinstitV- Collier’s party met them at the P in o V il- tions and our laws,'.and trust that yon may lages, on the-Gila. They g o hy land. — I find in A m erican second home. I am, with Capt. H u nt o f C incinnati,tis. at San D iego, high respect,-y^u*-om«cx^7rien(l: — : waiting for a vessel for San Francisco.— I / ft ft' Z. T A Y L O R r He left N ew Orleans in January, and Pa> L a d is la u s F jh a z t, nama the. 21 st A pril. j late Governor b f C omorn, in Hungary. The Debts of the States. T h e follow ing ta b l e ex h ib its th e debts Of . t h e S t a t e s . I t m a y n o t be stric tly a c c u r a t e , b u t i t i s a s n e a r l y so as possible. I t w ill be seen t h a t P e n n s y l­ v a n i a e x h i b its a v e r y p r o m in e n t a t t i t u d e i n tb is ta ­ b le, th e g r o s s a m o u n t o f h e r in d e b ted n e s s beins o v e r $40,000,000: T o t a l D e b t. $979,000 N o n e N o n e 6,091,047 prison, that he was “ but 15 years o f age and that they could only send him to thc House o f R efuge,” leads many to believe tbat he bad more to do with the robbery than he is w illing to acknowledge, and is a greater knave than fool. There w ere three hags cut—‘the Albany Pouch, containing the A lbany sealed can­ vass hags, and one from Rochester for this office, the W hitehall mail and a leather pouch containing empty canvass bags. freight from off the O n removing the boat, a quantity o f letters and envelopes were found hid away between two boxes, which are now in the possession o f the post m aster. A thorough investigation was instituted b y M r. B rady as soon as intelligence of the robbery reached him ,-and Burdett, the assistant p ost-master, has since been ac­ tively engaged in ascertaining the extent of the robbery, and informing parties interest­ ed o f the theft. The drafts found in the possession of tiarris w ere from the Cashier o f the R o ­ chester C ity Bank, and made payable to he A m erican Exchange B ank in this city. K draft o f three thousand eight hundred dollars from Albany, and m ade payable to the order o f C . Yan Duzen of this city, is still m issing. The letters which were broken open will be resealed and forwarded according to direction ; from these it appears that be­ tween forty and fifty dollars is m issing, and this is probably the extent of tbe robbery, other than the before stated draft, which is in fact w orthless. Harris will be tried at tbe U . S . C ircuit Court n ext m onth. Yours, & c. J. d e s t r u c t i v e f i r e . A serious fire occurred in this city this morning, on North street near the corner of M arket street. Three frame buildings belonging to M r. Markham, two on N orth • *1 * 1 street and one in tlie rear, w ere enureiy consumed ; and a large three story frame building, standing partly over the river, the property of Mr. C harles E . Beards­ ley, was very badly burned and nearly destroyed. Thc building nearest Genesee street in which the fire is supposed* to have origi­ nated, w as occupied by Mr. D u d ley E verts and brother, as a carpenter’s shop and steam planing shop. The planing n i’i chine in this building was destroyed and tlie engines greatly damaged. The loss to M r. E verts is about seven hundred dol­ lars. - T h e n ext building was occupied in part by M r. Kennedy as a paint shop ; and also by M r. L ewis as an iron smith shop. The small building in the rear of this, which w as burned, wag, -u sed a s-a store bouse fox lumber ‘and other m aterials. M r. K en edy’s loss is estimated a t seven hundred dollars. Mr. Lewis’ loss is pro­ bably two hundred and fifty dollars. The value o f these buitefogs was about six hundred ddllars,' arid fee lose q f these falls upoji !Mr? Markham. ’ M r. .Beardsley’s building was occupied by a number o f fo- milies as* a -dwelling,: a n d th e lower portion of it w as used for grocery stores.] The ac­ tual loss- to the occupant® o f this building could not have been great, but a number of families-were .driven out into the street by t h e ‘fierce intruder. The damage to this building is supposed lo b e sOftfo eight hundred dollars.; .tfHkis. la st > inentioned bttildiog w ss irisured*wnu is the tion ofi Ither entire loss that Was insur (Auburn^iteilyAdverfewr j^Defe. M a ^ if r t h e a s c b im t ! w e F r o m SanD lcgo—Gren. C o lllcr—Col. W e ller’s F l g l i t w l t h A. B .G r » y . T h e C incinnati G a z e tte has the following interesting intel igcnce, gleaned from a let­ ter just, received from San D iego. It was w ritten by one of the party that w e n t out to C a lifornia via S a n ta F e and the G ila under G e n . C o llier, U . S. C o llector at San F r a n c isco ; G e n . C o llier’s party arrived a t San Diego on the 29th of O c tober, and all except two or three left in a brig the next day for San F rancisco...all w ell. A few rem a ined bes hind to organize the C u s tom -H o u s e at San D iego. Soitife dissatisfaction was m a n ifes­ ted at (his, and com p laints, of course, for there w e re som e turbulent m e n in the party. D r. R a n d a ll, o f th is c i t y / w a s am o n g those left behind, and was insiructedto turn over som e governm e n t property to the D e p u ties. H e will proceed by land to San F r a n c isco , which will enable him to indulge in his penchant for m ineralogy, & c . A b o u t half-w ay betw een S a n ta F e and the G ila r i v e r , . G e n . C o llier’s party was attack e d by th e A p a c h e Indians, who con­ tinued to annoy them five days, firing into the cam p , & e . w h e n e v e r they could do so w^th s a fety to them selves. T h e balls whis*. tied past, but none of the party w as hurt, except one d rig o o n . who had both bones o f bis arm broken by a ball. Several o f the. Indians m u s t have been killed. N o o th e r {•eriou® difficulty was encountered by the party, except the loss o f about half their m u les, and thetinconye.nience o f being u it'n- out anim a l food f o r the la s t two w eeks-— T h e y had a plenty of bread. T h e last hundred m iles th e l a r g e r p a r t o f the party w e re ori foot w ith the baggage on th e ir r id ­ ing m u les. *, The pnrty crossed,the Colorado on the itith October. Capt. T h orn; fee cotrirnan- der of the escort/ a,dragoon, and two M exi- pans, w ere in: a .boqt yfeiejy. unfortunately ppset, and they ;w.er.e droifeqd, it being fdo dark to affprd_efficientAjLd: ,:This_ ferety : n gloom over the c ommand, as C&pt.' T horne was m uch beloved, and had* m any friends around him. He had taken every precau­ tion ;to secure the\ safety of the party*. There w ere hineteeri in the boat when it upset. Lieut. B eckwith] of the Artillery, who w as w ith Chpt. T horne, travelling) (ar health, assumed the ’ commander , after Thorn’s death, and the advance jqftlie party was exped ited b$ his eriergy fe d skill.. T h e p/arty m et A 1 B . (jSray, o f fe e /Bouridary Su/vey borps, intine desert, irid hri returned witn them'after milCh p ersuaaion/to guide th«in fee w ay he came, and they owe m uch - .-'K -i r M a in e , N e w H a m p s h ir e , V e r m o n t, M a s s a c h u s e tts, R h o d e Isla n d , C o n n e c ticut, N e w Y o r k , N e w Je r s e y , P e n n s y lv a n ia , D e law a r e , . M a r y la n d , V irg in ia , North Carolina, S o u th C a r o l in a , G e o r g ia, Florida, A lab a m a , M ississippi, L o u isia n a , Texas,1 A r k a n s a s , T e n n e s s e e , IC entucy, Ohio, M ichigan, Indiana, Illinois, M issouri, Iowa, W isco n s in , • T o ta l, 33,212 23,937,249 62,596 40,424,737 N o n e 15,900,000 14,400,507' 977.000 3,622,039' 1,903,472 - 10,385,938 7,271,707 16,238,131 11,050,201 3,862,172 3,337,856 4,531,913 19,173,223 2 ,8 4 9 ,9 3 9 6,556,437 16,612,765 , 956,261 55.000 N o n e $211,252,432 S u p p o s e d M u r d e r .— Peter Q.uackenbusE» a resident of the town o f W arwick, and living near T hompson’s Pond within Lwb miles o f F lorida, w as \murdered onM onday night of this ‘week; H e w as a t a raverntili Florida /o n that evening, and therc gin^ jn fe a quarrel with a man by the name of] Johit Roe and a black fellow called Hiratrri Sith* mons. It is said that these m en threatened Quackenbuss, saying that he should ndt g et home alive.' H e left the tavern about -10 o’clock. . On T uesday morning -his body was found in W oodruff’s Pond, .having marks o f violence on the' h ead]' H is cap, bundle and one ofhis shoes w ere found'ia a hog pen belonging to the black mans W e have not heard the result o f - fee Coroner’S jury, and w e give the .above statement'from the reports that have reached us. [G o shen Derri, I N T E R E S T I N G F R O M C A L I F O R N I A * TW O W E E KS LATER. T l i e D e l » t o f t l i e U n i t e d S t a t e s . O n t h e 1st o f O c tober, 1848, t h e d e b t o f t h e U n i ­ te d S tate s w a s th u s e s t i m a t e d : S tatem e n t o f th e D e b ts o f th e U n ite d S tate s on th e 1 s t .of O c tober, 1848. T r e a s u r y n o tes o f 1812. $130,926 06 O f t h e p r in c ip a l a n d in t e r e s t o f tho old fun d e d a n d unfu n d e d tlebt, an d M ississippi sto c k , ' 127,824 68 | D e b t on th e co r p o r a te cities o f tho D istric t o f C o lum b ia, 1,020,000 00 O u tsta n d in g T r e a s u r y notes o f tb e issue o f 1837 an d 1843, 167,389 3 1 1 O u tstan d in g T r e a s u r y n o te s o f t l i e » issue o f 1837 a n d 1843, f u n d e d , 128,728 00- L o a n o f 1842 a t 6 p e r c e n t , 8,279,386 03 L o a n o f 1843 a t 5 p e r cen t, 6.604,231 35 L o a n o f 1846 a t 6 j c r c pnt. — ------------ L o a n o f 1847 a t 6 p e r c e n t, ( I n c lu d in g ’ ' o u tstan d in g T r e a s u r y n o te s a n d notes to b e issu e d u n d e r t h a t act., a n d exclusive o f the a m o u n t o f s tock issued u n d e r t h a t a c t fo r n o tic e s issued before 1846, 28,000,850 55 F iv e p e r cent stock issu e d in p a y m e n t o f M e x ic a n in d e m n ity , M ilita r y b o u n ty scrip , a t 6 p e r ce n t, p e r act o f F e b r u a r y 11.1847, 147,500 CO L o a n o f M a rch 31,1848, in c lu d in g the am o u n t to b e p a i d in afte r O c tober -1, 1848, ' 16,000,000 00 Total, $65,778,450 41 JSSST’ T h e circulation of the Susquehan­ na County B ank, P a ., at the time of its failure, has been already stated at over $ 200 , 000 . M r. B enjamin T . C ase, w rit­ ing from P ennsylvania, says that from au examination o f the books and papers o fthe hank, it appears that large, amounts* o f its bills were loaned to parties in Ohio, and other places, nnder a stipulation that the borrowers should obtain for them such cir­ culation as w ould prevent their return to the hank for redemption. ’ A nother stipu­ lation in the contract so made between the president o f fee bank and these, parties, was that the latter should provide for the redemption o f the notes so loaned in the city o f N ew York. Under this arrange­ ment, the bank appears to bave loaned $70,000 o f its notes tp S eth C . M ann, Cashier of the C ana!Bank o f Cleveland, Ohio, 5 $65,000 to E gbert A . Thompson of C incinnati, O hio, and $ 2 0 )0 0 0 to T hos. P. St. John and A neel S t. J o h n ; of the residence - o f these latter individuals we know nothing. B y the terms o f the con­ tract entered into between tbe President of the Susquehanna' Coutity Bank and tbe parties above named, it appears they are responsible for fee redemption u f fee amounts respectively loaned tp them . The aggregate sum feus loaned is $ 1 5 5 ,0 0 0 , the larger portion o f w hich, it is b elieved,. was put in circulation in fe e W estern States. The notes loaned to Mr, Mann, w e re made payable to Henry C lay or W illiam W irt, and were filled up w ife red in k . The notes loaned to T hompson may be identified b y the letter 1 C’ inserted on fee face of each over the letter £ Q , ’ in fee word £ Susque­ hanna.’ The notes loaned to fee M essrs. St. John are all dated September 5 , 1 8 4 9 , and m ade payable to D avid B ates. [N., Y . E xpress. . — r .'J-■---?• - ') D e struction o f the, C a p itol o f A la ­ bam a....The Capitol o f the State o f Ala­ bama at Montgomery, was destroyed by f i r e o n the 14th inst. -The archives o f fee Legislature and o f the State in the. offices of the G overnor, Secretary of, State, T reas surer and Cojoptroller; w ere saved; ti .Mr. W illiam' P reston, second-band m a­ ker at M r. T qbias’s, w atchmaker, L iver­ pool, has succeeded? in-drilling a hole thro’ a sixpence*:eBgeways.'; T H eBkill afldtinge- nuity displayed. 5tr Jhis extcaqrdmary tiask may be conceived when we. state that the diameter *>f th e b ole iri. the coin is fee four thorisandfe -part o fari iricK in size,'antisuf- ficient f o Z admit a fine hair. ..The instru­ ment w ife w hich the h o le !Was fine as %/small bristle arid -qmtc a s : • . ’ V'-':’1\1: -I L-> v i . * ©3T A g e p t t e j f i i m iti i C a l i f o r j u a , who c a n n o t s p a r e t i m e t o r e t u r n , and g e t ,him a w i f e , a n d u n w i l l i n g f o t a k e . & ..S i> a n i« h ite n o r - i t e , h a s q e r i h u . c c q r i g j S q j & r i A f r i e n d , f o a e q d h i m A y o t i r i i ^ * W ife ^ H e r e q u i r e s .j i i r m h e i g h t , bji»© s u c h a d a m s e l , - j t f / j-v-. . f t / - 1 \ ^ is as Arrival of the Steamship Panama at Pa­ nama, and the Empire ,City« at N ew York, w ith over H a lf a Million in - Gold Dust— T h e Election in California-*-— Adoption o f fee Constitution—rlntelli- genee from the M in es-— N o. Californty Mails, etc. etc. etc. , , The Steamship. E m pire City, C aptain W ilson, arrived a t.N ew York on T uesday morning , from Chagres, Via .Kingston, Ja­ maica, with, two weeks later intelligence from all parts o f C alifornia. ' 1 . ' The C alifornia news w as.brought fo Pa­ nama b y fee steamship PariamaftCaptaiii Bailey,, on fee 4th instant, at 4 o’cfock p'. She left Sari F rancisco Ori the 16th m ruttimoy passage, and no death or accident occurred except that o f a gentleman * from N d # York, who d ied as the ship entered fee bay, and was buried in Panama. The Panama brought two hundred and fifty passengers, arid h alf a million in gold dust.. These passengers and fee h alf million of gold dust were brought-to N ew York in the E m pire C ity.- > . . The Empire C ity, w e regret to learn, did n ot bring the California m a ils..r * An election was held in California on the 10 th o f November, to ratify'or reject fee' new constitution framed . for feat State, and also to elect a G overnor]LieuL Governor, two representatives to C ongress, arid m embers Of -the S en ate arid Itibuse o f Representatives of. fe e S tate o f Californuu From the returns received,* it is < certani that the C onstitution has been .adopted b y an almost unanimous vote. ft - For' G overnor, fee general impression was, that Peter f l. Burnett would be elec­ ted, and John McDougall' (formerly o f In-- dianopohs, Ia.,) would b e chosen Lietlt. Governor. . \ The vote in San F rancisco and else­ where, indicates the election o f Rodmati M. Price and G eorge W . W right as rep-' resenfative's to C ongress.' ‘ The whole democratic ticket succeeded in San Francisco, b y majorities ranging from 600 to 1 , 000 ., ft . ] 1 Col. Sutter w as the w hig candidate for\ Governor. H e run on the “ Peripte’s ticket.” • . , • ,• */ , -j . It is now clear that Thomas Butler King w ill riot be elected tip the U . SV Seri­ ate, as it is m anifest that the Legislature will contain a large democratic m ajority/ The chance* are now strong in favor Of the election o f W in , M cKendrec jGrwiil arid Charles John F rem ont,.as t f. S . Sena­ tors. ' • '. ft ' The friends o f C o ! W eller] C ol. S te - vensrin,.-W infield Scott' Sherwood and others, are urging their claim s, but .with no great hopes o f success* . . A large arid splendid building is in course of completion at San F rancisco, b y M essrs, Chittenderi & Conner, designed as a mer­ chants’ '. news room arid, exchange, upon the plan of; the N e t* York and. B oston e x - clianges. ti - . - The overland, trains w hich left fe e U n i­ ted State* last spring arid summer, aCrosS? thp m ouritaihs, had all arrived safetin Calf-- forriia.: They w ere'subjected to maoy p e t' vations arid hardships, but-’met tbefr f^te* witii .heroic .fortitude.' C o ! Rsteseft, o f jjdipsduri, who headed 4 fee r a * ^ ^ d ,tifefi Independence on the 2 4 th o f ApiriF^ Snd arrived a t Sutter’s F o rt o n 'fee S fe e f ; A u ­ gust; . His company broke up before'. h e reached California. ^ T t e galterit Cblti is now in P u eb la, .practising Jaw; f t ( J E dwin' B ryant, formerly editor rif tbe Lexington (K y .) IntelligeaccrhasTcSliifed fee snug sum q f r$ ^ soirio Sari FranqisCq lqts, which he m uMhased'a’ few year^agp fpptf^ifOQOft. Afr. B . vriH yejtypm foftfee!,tjriited -Sfoteai frt. J'teie/ [ ti. 4 ; GrCSt activity preyaiied tin Sari.FraWfiis- rib] Arid ' bjtrildrags ' wefo geing up irife M tremendous rush. Carpent#rf# mgetf # 1 # per day.'*\ .-'‘\'r'fttift\]!.] ' - * Sari Fraricisco afid Sacramenfo city w ere rapidly ’filling Up’frpm fee m in es]arid-liv­ ing- was getting fotifo m ote ?costly ,daUy« The i fotf roads fo the mfnes are almfot iHKMMBable^ ?Yubs\ ijyer there Will be great suffferiflg* fefee riiiti— .

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