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S T A R j> Established 1885 % lO c | £ Published Thursday | [ 1 Year $3.50; 8 Mot. tt \ EAST HAMPTON, N. Y„ THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 29. 1955 Fall Flower Show Oi Eastern Gale At Session House Miss Eleanor Tingley Wins Tri-Color Award For Notable Arrangement The Eastern Gale Garden Club's] fall flower show with the theme held at the Session House on Sep­ tember 23rd proved highly success­ ful. Miss Edna McLean Nash was chairman, assisted by Mrs. E. Arth­ ur Hall and Mrs. James McGuirk. Judges for the show—Mrs. Charles Potts of Westhampton, Mrs. Joseph Ramee of East Hampton and Mrs. ~ George Hamilton Davis of Cutch- ogue, felt that one of the arrange­ ments, a ruby composition by Miss Eleanor Tingley, was so outstanding that it should be given the tri-color imiixU. Miss Tingley’s composition which featured an oriental vase with scarf and fan, also won the blue ribbon in the 40th, or ruby class. First award in the Fifth Anniver­ sary or wood class, went to Mrs. James McGuirk for flame zinnias in a cedar box. Miss Nash received second for bronze chrysanthemums in a wooden canister and Mrs. Dan­ iel Lester for an original design using Bells of Ireland and caladium leaves with green grapes. For the tenth anniversary, tin, Mrs. N. N. Tiffany received top R. Hopkinson Heads Maidstone Club Get One Prisoner v * “V , ... r Other at Large, jtees appointed for the Maidstone Wainwri*ht, and includes nlso 3 aub. following m , i «* In Jail Break Board of Directors on Sept. 10. The Joh„ Fogartyi Mrs. Ann Gram, Mrs. officers are as follows: Russell Hop- Victor S. Harris, Miss Marion Tuohy, 0nc of ,hc lwo pnsonels in Suf- kinson, President; Dudley Roberts Mrs. Philip Moore, and Mrs. Alfred folk County jail at Riverhead who ' Jr., Vice President; Henry R. Sut- de Liagre. James C. Edwards is escaped on Tuesday night, Sept. 20, phen Jr., Treasurer, and Alexander chairman of the Beach Committee by sawing their way out is back in M Laughlin, Secretary and Washington Dodge the Vice iail \Kain. The prisoner, Johnnie Committees appointed include: Chairman; Bayard Walker, Albert Moore, 27. of Riverhead, who was Finance — Henry R. Sutphcn Jr., Bianchi, W. H. Phipps. Mrs. William awaiting trial for manslaughter, was Chairman; A. Neil Lilley, James C. L. Hutton and Mrs. Howard B, Dean captured Sept. 23 without resistance Edwards, Juan T. Trippc, and arc also on that committee. Clinton 'n a hideout in Port Jefferson. He Lawrence A. Baker. Admissions— S. Lutkins heads the House Com- bas been arraigned for his own cs- Dudley Roberts Jr.. Chairman; Mai- mittee with Jay Holmes. Albert caPc and for aiding the other man colm P. Aldrich. Vice Chairman; Bianchi. Mrs. Alan Macdougall. Mr.1 >\ breaking out of the jail, which Alexander M. Laughlin, Secretary; and Mrs. Maynard Womer as other' 's a felony. The other man, John Phillip W. Brown. William K. Beck- members. ! William Branton, 43. of Huntington, ers, H. J. Robertson. Neil A. Me- Plans are now made for the fall j a\ ex-convict, charged with bur- onnell, Knight Woolley, and Albert season at the club. Vincent Mar- j elary, is still at large. E. Thiele. Phillip W. Brown is Golf chetti has returned as Club Steward | District Attorney H. C. Brenner Committee hail man and Robert S. 1 and' resumed his duties there on I a,>d the Grand Jury had scheduled Bole its Vice Chairman; aided by Sept. 26. Luncheons are being | an investigation of the jail break W. Stanton Barbour, Stuyvesant served daily in the clubhouse. Be- for Monday of this week, but it was Wainwright, Richard S. Stark, Leon-! ginning on Saturday, Oct. 1, buffet postponed until this morning at ten ard D. Henry, and John L. Putnam, dinners will be served on Saturdays j o'clock, Five waivers of immunity The Tennis Committee is headed by from 7:30 to 9 through Oct. 20. j were signed by Sheriff William C. -------- '!-------- -— ......... ....... Mcollom, and by four jail employ­ ees. They are the Warden, Myron C. Hance who had held that post j for 10 years but has now been dis­ charged by the Sheriff; and three guards on duty at the time of the BOULDER FOUND IN DR. JOYNER'S DRIVEWAY s for st d leaves The Coast Guard Station At Siar Island Opens Country Dance Club Resumes Tomorrow a shallow rectangular cake tin. Mrs. Gilbert Smith received the red ribbon for a high beach material arrangement with Miss Ruth Stark­ ey third with a painted tin pitcher beachplum and grasses. The China, or twentieth anniver­ sary, blue ribbon went to Mrs. Hall for an arrangement of white dahlias in a gold-banded soup tureen. Miss Starkey received second for yellow zinnias, ilex and arborritae, with Mrs. P. C. Schcnck third and Mrs. Joseph Zenger receiving honorable For the silver anniversary Miss Tingley took top honors with a white arrangement in a tall silver vase with a plate of grapes and silver snippers and lovebirds as ac­ cessories. Second went to Miss Ruth Starkey for white dahlias and datura leaves, while third went to Mrs. Hall for a composition using pale tinted dahlias and arborvitae. For the 40th-ruby-anniversary, second went to Mrs. Norman Dahl . for a low composition featuring roses, begonia leaves and heliotrope with fall crocus and tiny wedding figures. Mrs. Frank Johnson re­ ceived the yellow ribbon for white j cosmos and pink dahlias and phlo> while honorable mention went t< Miss Elizabeth Ford for a ruby jai with white pompom dahlias, wit! single pompom floating in a pair ol ruby fingerbowls. Winner of the blue ribbon in the I golden anniversary was Miss Nash i who used shaded gold to bronze \ chrysanthemums and gladioli in a Continued on Page 12 The new lifeboat station at Star: Now is the time for everyone Island, Montauk, is to be opened terested in square dancing to lea...- . . with a luncheon on Saturday, and the fundamentals from experts. To-1 escape-Reynold Va.1 and Anthony an “open house\ all day. Warrant | morrow (Friday, Sept. 30) the Guild ! ? ° n° . ° r East Hampton, and John Officer Paul Woodard, who com-1 Hall Country Dance Club will mands the district from Moriches to off its fall-winter season wi- Montauk for the U. S. Coast Guard,, period of instruction for begil and the new Commander at Star from 8 to 8:30 p. m., followed Island, Leslie Furst, expect Admiral full evening of dancing led by Louis Olson, U. S. . G., and Captain j president Walter Sheades. J. F. Jacot of the Third Naval Dis- Mr. Sheades ss trict to arrive in East Hampton by planned for ev plane on Saturday at 11 a. m. fortnight and that a luncheon at 1 p. m. The Super- i always begin wil the Mayor, and others are lion period. Members of Guild Hall .lnB ‘■'\“‘ ts1 sttnnri frn» nf rhsmg no nnn r,t blade? Under Dave Edwardes Photo fluontial minister, dauntless in pur­ suing what he believed to be the right course. His church grew. It was enlarged in 1673, again in 1682; in 1685 there were Indian troubles and a stout fence was built round the little church and the graveyard. But, largely due to Minister James' and Lion Gardiner's friendly rela­ tions with the Montauk tribe, the Indians never molested the East THOMAS JAMES DWELT HERE Hampton settlers. 1652 - 1696 I Minister James had ten children but none of his sons settled here; ten the boulder was placed on, daughters married Into East Hamp- | that property is uncertain; perhaps | ton families. When he died on June n was | some Star reader can tell? The! 16, 1676, he had already arranged inces are 1 -v ■ hours i property, sold to Dr. Joyner by the ! for the sale of his property to John ■ Friday 1 af,cr lhcy had le,t‘ Carlos Maura of | Gardiner family, was once the ' Gardiner, and for himself ... I Rnv Shnri*., 17 nndnd a fnrmpr in. , . . . , n. Last week when the J. J. Hagger­ ty Company of Westhampton Beach were working on a new driveway from James Lane to the newly built home of Dr. and Mrs. James C. Joyner overlooking Hook Pond, they were obliged to remove a tree; and under it they unearthed a boulder with an interesting inscrip- Pisano of Smithtown, t j whom were discharged. R. Ford i . | Hughes. Republican County leader, I i demanded that the Sheriff resign,, but he refused. t The escape of the two men was | s ■ j Bay Shore 17, a ; o of the The | may attend free of charge as one ui , . . . Other during an exercise period. The o.krf » p„y . nominalnominal ,dmdmis- !\ « \ • * » » * » * in the beds of the prisoners. The captured prisoner, Moore, is a negro. The one still at large. Bran- eyes and ruddy complexion. He weighs 155 lbs., is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and is described as a “walking gallery\ with tattoos on public is invited to the “open a The newly located station will' sion fee. have a staff of 17 men and two life-1 The Club has interesting plans for boats; a third, an 83-footer, is there the season, emphasizing new origi- in the summer and it is hoped n.ay , nal dances, guest callers, and several be there permanently some day. I special-event evenings. Officers for The building, formerly on Na- the year are: Walter Sheades, peague Beach and fairly new, was dent; Harry E. Parsons, vice presi- moved to Star Island by water last dent; Mrs. Frank Wilson, secretary, March 14. The moving operations and Mss. Ferdinand DeAmario, attracted wide publicity. Work on ________________ ' the move from llapeague to thb island in Lake Montaul a year ago. | Christmas Plans Made By Community Council New Type Sea Jacket Is Tried Out at Montauk Deputy Sheriffs Otis Barnes and Bernard Salisbury of East Hampton have signified their willingness to testify at today's investigation. Their duties include the supervision of cise yard or at work on the grounds of county buildings. The Community Council of Eas Hampton held its regular monthl] meeting in the Presbyterian Sessior House on September 12th. Th« At Capt. Frank Tuma's dock in | Council plans, as in previous years Lake Montauk, on Sept. 21. an in- | to distribute food, clothing, and toy: teresting experiment was tried out where needed for Christmas. Mrs i—a new type of life jacket devel- C. C. Edwards, chairman of the A clipping from the London Eve- oped by a Montauk visitor—Gun- Council, appointed Mrs. Daniel ning Standard of Sept. 2 concerns Germany, Tucker chairman of the Christmas East Hampton, since Mrs. Edna sw days at | committee. The committee would Kelly is a native of this village. The welcome any donations of good clipping was sent the Star by Mrs. ' Mrs. Edna Kelly at Embassy Party. London Bebler f itaying for a few Ruschmeyer's Lake View Quite a crowd gathered to man jump off the dock clothed, wearing his buoya bination windbreaker an preserver. It worked very ;. It is m; id blue fi Winter Dancing Classes Begin at Guild Hall Registration for classes in dancing both for children and adults, to be offered by Dionne Farrelle Smith under the auspices of Guild Hall, will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 4, from 1 to 5 p. m. Classes will begin on Wednesday. Time of the classes will be announced at registration. Mrs. Smith will again have the Lollypop group (ages 2 to 6 years), beginners' and advanced ballet and tap, the slim gym group (women's exercise class), and junior and adult ballroom. The year will be divided into sessions of 10 weeks each. In addition to teaching at Guild Hall this year. Mrs. Smith has classes at Maycroft School and the Sacred Heart Convent in Sag Har­ bor, at the Hampton Bays School, and gives private lessons in her stu­ dio in Sag Harbor. This past sum­ mer she taught at St. Regis Camp and conducted a mam bo evening once a week at Herb McCarthy's Bowden Square in Southampton. Last spring she took additional in­ struction in teaching at the Donald Sawyer Studio in New York. will be repaired | Harry L. Hai fully i and painted by volunteers. Carl j ing in London tonight is Mrs. Edna t com-. Dordelman is in charge of the toy 1 Kelly, 49 years old and described to life- j collection, and any contributions j me as one of the most attractive of ell. may be made by calling him at the America's Congresswomen, have a ■ Railway Express Office, or by lcav- I Mrs. Kelly, from Brooklyn, heads t only j ing some at St. Luke's Rectory. | a special study mission of the Hhuse ■ of Representatives Foreign Affairs I ommittee. There are five men, and j Committee. There are five men, and i Leonora Sullivan from Missouri—in „f | the group. Both women are Demo- of crats. And both are widows, th | When she wrfs elected six years' a ago, Mrs. Kelly was the youngest ,j_ Congresswoman. Her husband was illy Benson, based on I a ci,y court judge in Broklyn. of F. Scott Fitzgerald. | whal wil1 Mrs- Kel*y and of Rev. Thomas James, East Hampton's first minister. Thom­ as James came first to Gardiner's Island as chaplain for the first Lion Gardiner: and was later engaged as pastor of the earliest church in East Hampton, begun in the fall of 1651, which stood on the east side of the old South End Burying Ground on what is now called James Lane. Mr. James was to be paid 50 English pounds per yea rent free \ He w buried \so as to rise facing his peo­ ple on the resurrection morn.\ His gravestone can be seen today, just across the lane from his former dwelling place. It faces rows of Daytons, Gardiners, and Mulfords. The property remained entirely in Gardiner hands until the sale of this part of it, this year, to the Joy­ ners; Winthrop Gardiner Jr. and his sister, Mrs. Olney B. Mairs, still thejL. A. Baker Jr. Presents b ^ Z Z V ™ . h ™ “ k«b pmtpoS|N« w Play “ N e w Y° ' k balls set in webbing. Mr. Bolber, | Lawrence A. Baker Jr., so: who told Capt. Tuma that he had Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bake been an officer in the German Navy East Hampton, is associated during World War II and had seen ; Robert B. Radnitz in prcsentii so many drownings that he studied new play: 'The Youne and Be and pondered for five years finally came up with this & . ____ _____ _ ___ jacket. He is now waiting for his The play has had a successful try-! colleague patent and hopes to go into pro- out cf tw0 weeks in Boston, and!can Embassy official: duction soon. He left some jackcts , opens at the Longacre Theatre, New at Tuma's Tackle Shop in Montauk. York on Saturday night. October 1. He will call the jacket the \Mon- The cast will include Lois Smith, tauk Sea Jacket\ and says the name | Douglas Watson, Margot Stevenson, was \chosen as a symbol of relia- j ay Barney, and Peter Brandon. bility\ and that his \product will __________________ th America's fore- FIRE COORDINATORS Pastors Meet Here At Methodist Church The Minister or a representative and their wives from nine churches of this area met Monday night for a supper and a planning meeting at the First Methodist Church of East Hampton. This group met to make plans for another United Christian nces I Youth Conference, which will be told | held at the Methodist Church of in unpublished | East Quogue on Columbus Day, Oc- 1S Irish ghost tober 12th, at 3 p.m. Youth, 12-19 d in Atlantic years of age, from 16 churches of Monthly. This summer he also vis- various denominations will meet for itcd England, Ireland. Italy. Ba- a giant Youth Rally. The program varia, and Switzerland. In Persia,. for the afternoon will include recre- he was the guest of the Persian' ation. Bible study, box supper, and government, and lectured on Tam-; a special Rally in the evening. The erlane at the University of Teheran.. speaker for this Rally will be the In Rome, he had an audience with 1 Rev. Win Ruelke from Belrose, L. I. the Pope. Mr. Reynolds was given I Rev. Ruelke is known to a large the gold medal for literature by | radio audience as \Uncle Win\. Italy, because of his recent beauti- Other such rallies have been held ful book on that country. He is the j at the Sag Harbor Presbyterian i-Italian to receive it. j Church and at the St. Luke’s Epis- James Revnolds Here Speaks on Travels Mrs. John Adams Mayer gave a buffet supper on Tuesday evening for her house guest, James Rey­ nolds the author and artist,' who months' absence abroad. Following the supper, Mr. Reynolds told en­ trancing talcs about his expei in Austria and Persi an Irish ghost story, one — several of 1 Mr. ortly Reynolds is going to Ohio paint a series of murals, tten two books to be pub- t fisher s paradise.'1 j ask wi they want to do. It is unlikely t they will have any official cont with your Foreign Office.\ Mr. Aldrich, the American A bassador, will give a reception Friday for the Congress group. \Ghosts :opal Chi Representatives Planning meeting Mrs. Robert Wir Presbyterian Church; Rei Samuel Davis, d Mrs. • and Berkeley ;n to represent s Fire Coor- j : Hagedorn . STEWART TOPPING DEMOCRATS ACTIVE There will be a meeting of the i Democratic Club members at the j Neighborhood House on Wednes­ day, October 5, at 8:30 p.m. The | rumors that have been circulating that the Club is about to fold up, I are completely false. It is the pur­ pose of the Club to build up a strong Democratic Party in the Town of East Hampton. Some folks live so fast that it's impossible for happiness to ever- take them. Guest lrom Italy Here at Hagedorn: Mr. and Mrs. Charle entertained Peter Carl past Sunday. Mr. Carbonelli was the Good Will Ambassador for Achille Lavro, Mayor of Naples, Italy, who arrived this week as a guest of the United States. Mr. Car- j bonelli, a journalist, is Chief Editor of the Naples Courier and the Mi­ lano Patriot. In the near future he plans to retire and make his pei - manent residence in the vicinity of East Hampton with his wife and two sons. The family visited East Hampton some years ago and mad their home for a while at Patcho;ju< NEW STAR SUBSCRIBERS The Star takes pleasure in wel coming the following new sut scribers this week. Miss Patti Lope Henry W. Tremaine, Miss Sarah | Jane Leddy, Stephen Marley Jr . Mrs. Frank Bambach, F. E. Neagle Jr, Miss Lillian Day, Capt. John1 E. Hutcheson. Mrs. Walter Fried. Democratic - Independent Nomil Miss Cynthia Palabay, G. E. Bro- f„r Superrisor. East Hampton Tov gren, Kenneth Edwards Jr. ship. and present incumbent. WRITER ON RADIO or Gravina, Director of the |1 on Mondav by the Board I Program \For the Ladies\ over the j of Supervisors in Riverhead. They! \ 1uniciPal broadcasting system of are in a group of 30 deputy fire co- I*le City of New York—WNYC—will ordinators in the ten townships of interview over the radio on that Suffolk County. program at 2:30 on Monday, October 3rd. the East Hampton Star’s editor, 1 Jeannette Edwards Rattray. Mr. | Gravina, who visited East Hampton this past summer. wiU discuss with Mrs. Rattray her new book. “Ship Houses\—third in a trilogy which Samuel Davis, Rector. St. Luk includes Irish ghost stories and | Episcopal Church; Rev. and Mrs. \Gallery of Ghosts\—this will be Philip Birchall, East Moriches Meth- publishcd by Farrar, Straus, and' odist Church; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cudahy: and \Sovereign Britain\ ' Stivers, Lay Chaplain at County Jail third in a series of travel books, to > Riverhead; Rev. and Mrs. Oliver be published by Putnam. Dongcll, East Quogue Methodist ---------------------------- I Church; Mr. and Mrs. Azraham Hal- DISASTER FUND MEETING ^ sey. Bridgehampton Presbyterian A final meeting of the Connecti-1 Church; Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Nv- cut disaster fund from East Hamp- j gren. Bridgehampton Methodist ton has been set for tomorrow night Mr. and Mrs. William Stock, Di- at 8 o'clock in the Town offices over! rector. Family Bible Hour, North Nominations Made; Cook and Topping Head Tickets Several New Names Seen On Three Town Tickets Tomorrow Last Filing Day Three tickets have been filed in the Board of Elections office in Riverhead, for the coming campaign in East Hampton Township; Repub­ licans. Democrats, and Independents have declared their intentions. Some changes will have to be made before tomorrow night, since some of the candidates nominated have declined: today is the last day for declinations to be filed. Next week's Star will give the complete tickets as they will stand on the ballot, Election Day. The East Hampton Town Repub­ lican Committee met on Friday night and made its nominations for Town offices, heading the ticket with Edward F. Cook for Super­ visor. Other nominee* are: Mrs. Willie Mae Moore Yardley (incum­ bent- for Town Clerk; Superintend­ ent of Highways, Charles T. Shaw incumbent); Justice of the Peace. William H. Stafford (incumbent); Councilman, Edward Ecker of Mon­ tauk; Assessor, long term—Kenneth Hedges (incumbent); Assessor, 2 years—Phineas Dickinson; Bay Con­ stables—John L. Conklin and Elmer H. Daniels, both incumbents. Due to the fact that East Hamp­ ton elects 12 Town Trustees and 9 Cemetery Trustees, this township has the longest ballot in Suffolk County. Republican Town Trustees nominated are: George Sears. Harry . Parsons, Carl Dordelman, Charles Talmage, Edward O. Mott. Gordon Bennett, Peter Rana, Gilbert M. Lester, Edwin L. Sherrill, Le Roy B. Miller, Albert C. Hand, and Der­ ing Sleight. Cemetery Trustees nominated are: North End Cemetery —Maurice Lester, Ernest Mansir, and Floyd Lester; South End Ceme­ tery—James H. Mulford, Nelson C. | Osborne, and George B. Hand; Ama- ! gansett Cemetery—E. J. Gardell Sr.. Nathaniel Raynor Sr.. and Mrs. Vernon Kelsey. The Democrats did come up with a ticket, early predictions to the contrary. It follows: Supervisor—H. Stewart Topping (incumbent); Town Clerk Mrs. Willie Mae Moore Yardley (incum­ bent; but according to Republican rules Mrs. Yardley must decline); Superintendent of Highways—Jed H. Browne; Assessors—long term, Kenneth Hedges (incumbent; but as a Republican he will decline); Au­ gust Reiter, short term; A. J. Sari for Justice of the Peace, and Fer­ ris G. Talmage for Councilman. Bay Constables—S. G. Lester and Harvey W. Field; Town Trustees—Charles Talmage, Edwin L. Sherrill, Harry Parsons, Kenneth S. Edwards, An­ thony Cangiolosi, Elisha Amman Jr., Kenneth S. Miller. F. H. Tilling- hast, Albert Niggles, Daniel Tucker, Henry E. Miller, and William Crom- metL No Cemetery Trustees are mentioned. The Independent party has made up a ticket as follows: H. Stewart Topping, Supervisor; Mrs. Yardley, Town Clerk; Superintendent of Highways, S. G. Lester; Assessors —Kenneth Hedges and August Reiter; Justice of the Peace—A. J. Sari; Councilman—Ronald Rioux; Bay Constables—Elmer Daniels and Harvey W. Field; the Town Trustees are the same as the Democrats' and the Cemetery Trustees are not mentioned. . j Thompson h i Mrs. Alfred C. EDWARD F. COOK it 2:30 p MRS. J. ELBERT WHITE Mrs. Lulu Mae White, widow of J. Elbert White, died suddenly on Saturday, Sept. 7, at her home in Southampton. She is survived by a son, Charles W. Fanning, and by two grandchildren' Charles F. Fanning .-nrt Delores Gocdale, also four grcat-grindchildren. 1 he fune al service was conducted on Tuesday afternoon by Rev. Rich­ ard Thomberg of the Southampton Methodist Church at the Brockett MRS. THOMAS HILDRETH Funeral services for Mrs. Thomas H. Hildreth of Sagaponack, who died at her home on Sept. 22, were held at the Bfockctt Funeral Home in Southampton on Saturday after­ noon, Sept. 24, Rev. H. E. Moyer of the Bridgehampton Presbyterian j Church officiating. Burial was in ■ Edgewood Cemetery, Bridgchamp- Mrs. Hildreth was bom Harriet C. King in East Hampton Township 77 years ago, the daughter of Isaac V. and Jane Kirk King. She is sur­ vived by her husband, and by two daughters, Mrs. Otis Conklin of Bridgehampton and Mrs. H. Stewart Topping of Wainscott. Pall bearers at the funeral service were W. Leland Hildreth, John Hildreth, Thomas Conklin, Merrall Hildreth, Charlton Halsey, and Wal­ lace Hildreth. ' Republican Nominee for Supervisor of Eait Hampton Township. Mr. Cook, real estate and insurance man. U a newcomer to E. H. politics. Many a rich man acquires : ho develops a mania for bn wife Tourists, 86 Strong. Visit Home Sweet Home “Home, Sweet Home\ was visited, on Sunday afternoon, by a party of 86 members of the New York Chap­ ter of the Railway and Locomotive Society, who arrived in three bus loads. Many of the visitors also saw the Old Mulford Homestead, which was opened for the last time this season on that day. The party left here tor Montauk Lighthouse. The tour was a 300-mile \Around Long Island\ excursion. The pas­ sengers were taken to Grccnport by Long Island Rail Road, leaving Jamaica'at 9:07 a.m., and returning to Jamaica from Montauk by the evening train leaving Montauk at 6:04 p.m., arriving at Jamaica at 8:52. They lunched at Grecnport, then rode in chartered buses aeros* Shelter Island, then to Sag Harbor where they visited the Whaling Mu­ seum, and thence to East Hampton and Montauk. SILVER ANNIVERSARY Harold DuFrane, Mayor of South­ ampton, and Mrs. Du Frane cele­ brated th e ir 25th wedding anniversary at Frank Law's Fourth Estate on September 20th. They were accompanied by their son, Harold DuFrane, Jr.

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