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THE E AST H AM P T ON STA R . FR ID A Y . N O VEM BER 15. 1918 BRIEF NOTES FROM AMAGANSETT A M A G A N S E T T RED CROSS ^ ^ ^ X “ X - X - X \ X - X “ X - K - X \ X \ X “ W Miss M ary Bergen has gone to the city to spend the winter, as she usu­ ally does. Martin Bennett has so fa r recov­ ered from his recent illness as to take short walks out o f doors. Harry Lester’s safe arrival over­ seas has been announced to his par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lester. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilchrist and maids closed their Cliff cottage last week and went back to New England. Charles R. Horton was subpoenaed as witness to appear at the county seat this week Tuesday and W e d n e s­ day. Hazel Bennett, who has been ill at the home o f her grandm other, Mrs. John Bennett, has entirely re­ covered. Charlie Jacobs, o f the U. S. Navy, who has been very ill with influenza and pneumonia, is recuperating in our our village fo r two or three weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Edwards and fam ily have moved from M on­ tauk, where they have been residing fo r the past year, and are now set­ tled in their home at the M u lford homestead. A p p rentice Seaman Wm. C. Conk­ lin, o f the A rm y Training school, at New Haven Conn., surprised his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dimon Conk­ lin, last Saturday noon with a forty- eight hours furlough. Howard Brown has arrived safe­ ly over seas, so w o rd has been re ­ ceived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown. This boy was mark­ ed up fo r Siberia with Harry Lester, and they were both at Camp Lee, Va. Jesse Scott, o f the 305th Infantry, A. E. F., has been over the top nine times. The last time he was slightly w ounded but is getting w e ll fast and is anxious to be back chasing the Huns with his corporal. In their last engagem ent these two men captured eighteen German prisoners and took them back to the Am e rican lines. This boy has seen hard fighting and plenty o f it, and seems to bear a charmed life. As the sick in our village are all on the road to recovery school was opened M onday m orning, but excite­ m ent ran so high am ong the pupils over the good news o f the armistice that the principal thought it wise to let out the school fo r the afternoon session, but before going hom e the teachers organized a peace parade from the different grades, and with horns blow ing and drums beating and banners floating, a very attractive little line was form e d . W m . H. A b o r n , o f Am a gansett and East Orange, was elected last week from the second ward o f East Orange as councilm an to fill a vacancy in the city council caused by the death o f one o f its members. O f the two names proposed Mr. A b o rn received fifteen votes to his oponent’s three. The election was then declared unan­ imous. Mr. A b o rn has been well known in the civic life o f the Or­ anges fo r many years, as a man o f strong character and p e r fect integ­ rity. UN ITED W A R W O RK CAM P A IGN A fine service was held last Tues­ day evening at the Amagansett Presbyterian church, to usher in the W a r Service campaign o f the seven organizations tht have the stamp of approval o f our governm ent. Dr. Howard Duffield was the speaker o f the evening and gave a w o n d e rful discourse on this, aur united and pa­ triotic work. Mr. Brooks, o f the Y M. C. A ., who is stationed at South­ am p ton, was present and gave a most interesting talk on the w o rk o f that organization, its past and future, Captain Duffield also presented the Boy Scouts with their bars and med­ als fo r their work in the Third Lib­ erty Loan— not the Fourth as some thought. These will probably be re­ ceived in the Spring. Medals were received by Kenneth M u lford and Carl Erickson, and bars were pre­ sented to J. D. Coon (w h o is in camp and was the Scout m aster,) Kenneth W eir, John M cCarter and George Conklin, jr. This was one o f our most interesting services and more should have been out to listen to the fine discourses. A collection ’ taken fo r this object at the end of the service. W IN IFRED FORD CH ORLEY W inifred Ford Chorley, daughter o f Rev. E. Clowes Chorley, D. D. rector o f St. Philip’s church, Garri­ son, N. Y ., died o f pneumonia on Sat­ urday evening, Nov. 2nd at Garrison. She volunteered fo r nOrsing ser­ vice in Cold Spring Hospital, near Garrison, and there contracted in­ fluenza which developed into pneu­ monia. The funeral services were conducted at Garrison by the Bishop o f New York on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. Miss Chorley spent this summer in Am agansett, where in future years she will be greatly missed. A M A G A N S E T T HONOR ROLL F o llow ing is a list o f our men, perm anent residents, w h o are in the U. S. Arm y or U. S. N a v y : With the Am erican Expeditionary F o r c e in France Am m on, Royce, Co. C. 57th Eng. Davidow, Edward, 21st, A e r o Sqd. Clint, John ., 308th Inf. Case, Louis, Am. Miss. M. T. D. M. R. H. Convars autos Par. B. C. M. Babcock, Capt. H owell, Base Hospital Hammond, Edward, 307th Inf. Griffing, W ilson, Co. I 3rd Batt. 308th Inf. Eichhorn, George, 308th Inf. Mach. Gun Co. LaPort, Joseph. 306th Inf. Loper, Harry, Co. E 102nd Am. Tr., 27th Div. M u rrav, Bdward, Co. C 55th Eng R. R. O. Scott, Jesse, Co. M 305th Inf. M artin, Sandy, 307th Inf. Sweeting, John, Co. B 302nd Eng. Duryea, Perry B., Engineers’ D etach­ ment, 302 Eng. c]o Od Co. Thayer, Louis, 21st Eng., Co. H. Edwards, H. N-, A ir tation, M ontauk Benjam in, Ens. W . A ., Bath Beach Base No. 6. Edward, N. N., A ir Station, Montauk. Parsons, P r o f. Ralph, Columbia Uni- Bennett, Nathan, Base No. 4, M on­ tauk. Clark-Duff, W m. G., Y . M. C. A.. Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pa. •In Training Camps in U. S. Bingle, Leslie, Kelly Field, San A n - toino, Texas. Brown, H oward, Co. 1st V e t. Train­ ing School, Camp Lee, Va. Edwards, M adison, Co. A , 19th Inf. Camp Travis, Texas. Hamilton, G e orge, Post Field, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Coon, J. D., Co. 11, 3rd Batt., Camp Dix, N. J. Johns, Marshal, F o r t Benjam in, Ind. Lester, Charles, Co. C. 301st Inf. Re­ m o u n t Depot, Camp Devens, Mass. Lester, Harry, Co. 3 V e t. Training School, Camp Lee, Va. Topping, Eldorus, 307th Co. Tank Corps, Camp Colt, Va. Bennett, Louis M., Co. H, 156th Dep- Brig. 2 P. R. O. V . Reg., Camp Sevier, Greenville, S. C. Payne, FYed, Co. K, 80th Inf., Camp Logan, Texas. On Board U. S. S. in Foreign W aters Barns, H e rbert F., S. C. No. 53 Con­ voys. Chichotti, Joseph, 1st Class Elec., U. S. S. Leviathan. Edwards, Ens. Frank H., S. P. 51 Foreign Service. K elsey, V e rnon, 1st Class Yoem a n , U. S. S. Martha W ashington. Pardi, D om inic, U. S. S. Ryjndam H e ltw o od, Sigward, U. S. S. W issai- ckon, Mine Sweeper. Addresses Unknown Syvetson, Siguard. Jacobs, Charles. Rhodes, Edward. Livingston, William. A ll letters f o r men w ith the A m e ri­ can Expeditionary F o r c e s or in the Navy in foreign waters, should be ad­ dressed care o f New York City post­ master. Died in Service Barns, Charles Blanchard, Oct. 19th, W illard Parker Hospital, N. Y ., o f grippe and pneumonia. Spicer, P ercy, Vet. Hospital, No. 8, Sept. 23rd, in French hospital, pneumonia. CURE FOil BLUES NEAR THE CAMPS The Am agansett Red Cross will m ove into the upper floor o f the house o f James E. Gay on Main street, as John Bell has rented the low er floor and will m ove in, with his qonvin-law. Byron Barnes and fam ily. The Am a gansett Red Cross fully recognizes and appreciates the many kindnesses o f James E. Gay since its organization. Rev. Edward W inters, supply preacher o f Sag H arbor, will preach in the Am a g a n sett Presbyterian church next Sunday and also Sun­ day, Decem b er 1st. His subjects for Sunday are “ The Church o f G od,” and at the evening service, “ The Palace B e a u tiful.” Ask fo r R. C. F. if yo.i would like a copy o f \F e e d in g and Care o f the H o r s e ,” which he state college o f agriculture at Ithaca will gladly send you. Community Service Takes Place of Mother, Friends and Home for Soldiers. Ten young officers o f the Student Array Training Corps o f the Universi­ ty of Detroit recently applied for a furnished house and a housekeeper who would not be a servant, but, as one young officer expressed It. \the sort of woman to whom the boys can call out ‘Hello, mother I' when tlu*y come In the front door.\ Homesickness is the malady for which War Camp Community Service supplies innumerable cures. “ W e've got your number,\ says the W. C. C. S. to the homesick boy from camp with leisure to spend in any one of the three hundred towns scattered over the country. While lie's wonder­ ing what on earth he’ll do with him­ self when he gets there, not knowing a soul In town and with a limited pep. centage o f his “ thirty per\ In his pock­ et, along comes a friendly printed card from the local branch of his own lodge announcing a reception that night es­ pecially for soldier members. By the same mall the Methodist church sends an announcement o f all Its meetings, addressed to him, with Thl6 Meant You printed at the bottom. How did they know he was a Methodist? He had forgotten about the little “ Personal Card\ he made out at the adjutant's request during his first day In camp when It was only one of the endless details In the round o f dentists and doctors and general confusion. The W. C. C. S. had not only his num­ ber, but his name and address, his home town, the name of the school he’d gone to and a good bit about the things he was fondest o f doing— each fact written into a little blank on the card especially for It. “ No American May Reluse,\ Cardinal Gibbons Says James Cardinal Gihhons, the leading Catholic churchman In America, has Issued a strong ap­ peal in support of the United War Work Campaign. “ It is an American campaign,\ he said. “ Its appeal Is one that no American may refuse. America's answer will be another triumphant announcement that we are in this war as one people and as one na­ tion to see It through fo victory. Into tlie splendid work of sustain­ ing the morale o f our fighting men the great social organizations of America have thrown themselves. The American people will raise the sum they ask— generously and gladly.\ CATHOLIC BOYS JOIN Girls, Too, Will Stand With Them Behind Every Fighter at the Front. T o put behind every Catholic fighter In France the support o f one boy or girl In every parish throughout the United States is the plan o f the Na­ tional Catholic Wnr Council for back­ ing the Victory Hoys' and Victory Girls’ \Earn and G ive\ Division o f the United Work War Campaign to raise $170,500,000 “ for the boys over there\ during the week o f November 11-18. Through diocesan, county and parish organizations, the rallying o f one youngster for every man who has gone to war In every community is already under way. By theii* own earnings, and not by contributions, it is expect­ ed that these sturdy little sponsors for the boys abroad will each raise at least five dollars for the Joint wel­ fare work of the Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., National Catholic W ar Coun­ cil, Including the Knights of Colum­ bus, W ar Camp Community Service, Jewish W elfare Board, American Li­ brary Association and Salvation Array. Boys and girls in every Catholic parish throughout the United States are already being picked to represent each fighting man who has left their church for the front. In every home that flies a service flag little brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, are eagerly volunteering to look out for the share of their family fighter In the huge joint w elfare campaign for all the boys abroad. This furnace w a stes no heat In lon g pipes, gives you all the fuel yields right into your living room s— and heats every room in the house through on e register. The G M E V* Original Patented Plpelcasflimace saves at least a third o f your fu e l and has gjiven per­ fect satisfaction in m a n y thouiands of homes all over tha country—soma of them right In thta neighborhood- We have abundant K yot of it* reliability, lta clean- e»n and its economy—and wo guarantee It f % Very likely It t» ]uet what you hav* bean looking lor. Par os a vtatt and lee. JOHN W . HAND E A S T H AM P T O N , N. Y. M*4e Vy THE MONITOR ffTOVKOO. CtoolnmU. O. ABSENCE OF HEAT PIPES K E E P S T H E CELLAR C O O L NOTICE Suprem e Court, Suffolk County. Daniel S. Edwards Plaintiff, against Jennie T. Edwards, John . D. Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, j his w ife, Carrie H. Gardell, Em il j J. Gardell, her husband, M ary R. Miller, Nat S. Miller, her j husband, Arnold B. M u lford, Lida M u lford, his w ife, and E d - j gar B. M u lford, Defendants. In pursuance o f a judgm e n t in the above entitled action o f partition en­ tered in the office o f the Clerk o f j the County o f Suffolk on the 16th day o f O c tober. 1918, I the under­ signed referee in and by said ju d g ­ ment fo r that purpose appointed will sell at public auction at and in fron t o f the East Ham p ton N a tional Bank in the Tow n o f East H am p ton, S u f­ folk County, New Y o rk, on Satur­ day, the thirtieth day o f Novem b er, 1018, at 1:30 p. m., the lands and premises in said judgm e n t described to be sold and therein described as follow s : All that tract or parcel o f land situated in the tow n o f East Ham p ton, known as the Gann L o t and bounded northerly by land o f J. S. H u ssey .easterly by land o f the heirs o f Isaac M iller and Samuel H. E d ­ wards, southerly by a highway, and w esterly by Three M ile H a rbor, con ­ taining three acres, m ore or less. All that tract or parcel o f land situate in the said tow n o f East H am p ton, known as the Samuel H. Edwards hom estead, bounded north­ erly by a highway, easterly by Three M iie H a rbor Road, southerly b y a line running from a stake set on the w esterly side o f the Three M ile H a r­ bor Road across Duck Creek and thence along center o f dreen leading from Duck Creek to Three M ile H a r­ bor, w e s terly by Three M ile H a rbor, excepting the fam ily burying ground and containing 70 acres m ore o r less. A ll that tract or parcel o f land situate in the said Town o f East Hampton, bounded northerly by W ill- curl H ighway, easterly by the Three Mile H a r b o r Road, southerly by land o f Selah Lester, and w e s terly by Three M ile H a r b o r , containing ten acres, m o r e or less. A ll that tract or parcel o f land situate in the said Town o f East Ham p ton, bounded northerly by land o f G. B. Edwards and James E. Gay, easterly by land o f John Quinn, James E. Gay and Frederick A. K ing Estate, southerly by land o f James E. Gay, containing 60 acres, m ore or less. A ll that tract or parcel o f land situate in the said Town o f East Ham p ton, M eadow at Sam m y’s beach bounded northrly easterly and west­ erly by land o f David J. Gardiner, and southerly by Three M ille H a rbor, containing two acres m ore or less. An undivided one-half interest in all that tract or parcel o f land situate in the said town o f East Ham p ton, bounded northerly by land o f J. F. H ussey, easterly by Three M ile H a r­ bor Road, southerly b y a highway, and w e s terly by Parcel No. 1, (Gann L o t) containing one and one-half acres, m o re or less. Dated Oct. 16, 1918. H a rry G. Stephens, Referee. Raym ond A. Smith, A ttorney fo r Plaintiff, East H am p ton, N. Y. Notice to Creditors In pursuance o f an order o f Selah B. Strong, Surrogate o f the County o f Suffolk: notice is hereby given, a c ­ cordin g to law , to all persons having claims against J. Clarence Hand, late o f the tow n o f East H am p ton, Long Island, deceased, that they are re­ quired to exhibit the same, w ith the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber at the office o f Joseph S. Osborne, M ain street, at East H am p ton, New Y ork, in the said town, on or before the 14th day o f D ecem b e r, 1918. Dated June 8th, 1918. N elson C. O sborne, E x e cutor. T H E H U N T T IN G C H A S . S . P / l f f S O / V S ( >DL-ns A prj| |<f Closes 1 lccember c',O O H R ^ O O M S G O O D R F .D S G O O D T A h L E I* f I'TTlin '«•' M r /I* H . 11 ,^ \ A reward o f $10 will be paid fo r inform a tion leading to the arrest and con v 'c tion o f the person or per­ sons guilty o f breaking windows, or destroying property at the M aidstone Bath Houses, in any manner. A. H. Culver. W . M. TERRY Am agansett Real Estate, Insurance, Notary Furnished and unfurnished cottages fo r rent and sale. Building sites overlooking ocean, with beach rights; w ooland and farm acreage fo r sale. Telephone 20 PRECAUTION Take one teaspoonful o f common salt, disolve in 1 pint o f water, and gargle throat and spray nose at least twice daily as a precaution against influenza JAM ES O'BRIEN H ollow Tile Construction Mason Builder and C o n tractor Tiling, Plain and Ornam ental Plas­ tering, Cem ent S trucco a Specialty Estimates Furnished Am agansett, N. Y. Conklin Company The Co-operative Store | cy4magansett Long Island | T elephone 19 C-*<> 1 9 1 8 BUICK Valve-in-Head i T | » V E-4-34— Roadster E-4 35—Touring E-6-44—Roadster E-6-45—Touring E -6-46-C o u p e . 4 passenger E-6-49—Touring, 7 passenger E-6-50 —Closed Car, 7 passenger E-4 — L ight Delivery SERVICE E A S T H A M P T O N $ 795 f. o. b. 795 f. o. fa- 1265 f. o. b. 1265 f. o. b. 1695 f . o. b. 1495 f. o. b. 2175 f. o. b. \90 f. o. b. PARTS GARAGE j F. J. H edg es & Son , Prep. * a Tel. 317 E. II. East Hampton, N.Y. ■ * * * * * * * * * * * C. E. F R I T T S Our Government requests that all persons do their Christmas buying early to avoid congesting mail and express. In complying with this request we have arrang­ ed and are prepared to offer a most attractive line of articles suitable for Christmas Gifts of which we have kept in mind quality and prices. W a tches fo r every one, from $1.50 to $225 Exceptional values in Diam onds and D iam ond Jewelry, Silverware, C u t Glass For the boys in Service we have suitable articles K indly rem em b e r that all Xm as packages sent to our boys over seas must be mailed not later than N ovem b e r 15th C. E. E X P E R T W A T C H M A K E R AN D O P T IC IA N Telephone 29-R Sag H a rbor, N. Y. Mail Orders tSolicited M ilitary watches m ade in A m e rica, and selected foreign makes in 7-jew e l m ovem ents, from $10. to $35. W aterm a n Fountain Pens J East Hampton ■ICE ■ J C o m p a n y D. E. Osborn, Manager EACH CELL in your storage battery must be in g ood condition in order that your flow of electricity ■ may be uniform and strong. We have everything for re­ pairing storage batteries. I Bring yours in and let us look it over. Are You a Star Subscriber LOUIS V ETAU LT O T T O SIMMONS FLO RIST PLUM BI NG Potted Plants, Trees, and Steam and Hot Water Heating Shrubs, Vines and Hardy Stoves and Ranges Perennials Main Street East Hampton Cooper Lane TELEPHONE 106

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