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THE E A S T H AM P T ON STA R , F R I D A Y , N O VEM BER 15, 1918 THE STAR Published Every Friday M orning Entered at the Post Office at East Hampton, N. Y ., as Second-class matter B. E. Boughton W elby E. Boughton Proprietor Editor Subscription P r ice: $2.00 per year in advance SUBSCRIBE NOW The Star will be sent to all New subscribers from now until January 1, 1920, fo r $2.00 in advance. The Kaiser is in Dutch now for sure. Ralph Hallock, form e r ly o f River- head, a well known newspaper man, has lately taken the editorial man­ agem ent o f the Glen Cove Times. Bro. and Mrs. L. B. Green, o f Patchogue, left fo r their winter home in St. Petersburg, Fla., last week. Mr. Green leaves the m a n a gem ent of his paper, the Argus, in the capable hands o f his son, Alden W . Green. Do you know that an editor or a reporter fo r a newspaper can in his rounds stop and ask a hundred per­ sons “ W h a t is the N e w s ? ” and ninety out o f the hundred w ill reply, “ nothing special.\ And yet fifty out o f that number know som ething that if not found in the next paper will astonish them greatly and disappoint them m ore, and perhaps make them madder than hornets. D o n ’t be afriad to let the newspaper man know it.— Riverhead Review. One o f the matters that the board o f supervisors should consider at their next m eeting is the raising o f the pay o f the inspectors o f election and other officials whose duties at the polls have multiplied to a large degree, both through the many yards o f red tape surrounding the election machinery and by the doubling of the vote in the granting o f the fran­ chise to women. Six dollars fo r the tim e and atteneion given to the work is altogether too small, and not less than ten dollars should be paid. There are so many argum ents in fa ­ vor o f increasing the pay o f these election officials that we cannot see how the supervisors can do otherwise than raise hte rate. It is unfortun­ ate the increase could not have been fixed before election day, so that the election officials could have benefit­ ed thereby fo r their services o f last Tuesday.— Ex. Evidently some o f the other towns on the island experienced the same predicam ent as did East Hampton on Election day. In tw o o f the dis­ tricts here it was necessary to call in inexperienced assistants in order to fill the vacancies on the election board caused by the resignation o f the old members o f the board. Either new districts must be form e d or the com p ensation fo r this w o rk in­ creased. UN ITED W A R W O RK CAM P A IGN The therm om eter registering our local contributions stands at $3000 as we go to press. W e have three and a half days left to meet our quota o f $7,500. This means $4,500 still to come. East Hampton can not afford to fail in this drive. W e must com e across and shoulder our share o f the burden, fo r this m oney is needed by the w a r work societies and our men abroad need what that m oney can “ p u rchase” fo r them, now, m ore than ever before. The local com m ittee appeals to all and everyone who can give liberally w ithout actually crippling themselves to do so forthw ith and w ithout fu r ­ ther hesitation. Peace can not be used as an excuse fo r refraining to give, nor can L iberty Bond pur­ chases. W ill we individuals having lived in com p a rative com fort during nineteen months o f w a r be able to look our East Hampton fighters in the fa c e upon their return and con­ scientiously say \W e have backed you to our lim it?” This is a matter well worth pondering over fo r many o f us. Those am o n g us who can ill afford to give at all, the local com ­ mittee reports, are responding gen­ erously and out o f all proportion to their means. They deserve unstinted praise, and they are the ones whom our sailors and soldiers will grasp by the hand. Do we not all desire to experience that hand clasp? Those who prove to be slackers, how will they feel? DIED KING— In East Hampton, Nov. 1st, Chauncey King, aged seventeen years,. Burial at East Hampton. CH ORLEY— At Garrison, N. Y ., N o ­ vem ber 2nd, o f pneumonia, Miss W inifred Ford Chorley. BABCO CK — A t Sag Harbor, Sunday, N ovem b er 6, Stanley Babcock, aged thirty-six years. Burial at Sag Harbor. COOPER— In N e w York, Friday, N o ­ vem ber 4, Mrs. Beatrice M. C o op­ er, w ife o f A. Gardiner Cooper. BR O W N — At G reenport, Nov. 4, in her 100th year, Mrs. Laura R. Brown. Burial at Greenport. FORCE— At Southold, Nov. 2, Han­ nah M. Force, in her eighty-eighth year. Burial at Southold. M ITCHELL— In East Hampton, N o­ vem ber 8, Annie E. M itchell. Bur­ ial at Chelsea, Mass. B A K ER— At Am ityville, Novem b e r 8, Mrs. W illiam Baker, aged twenty-seven. Burial in East Hampton. HIGH SCHOOL NOTES Culver Dayton, who form e r ly at­ tended High school, visited us last week. On Friday afternoon Rockwell Tal- mage spoke to the “ V ictory Boys” concerning the United W ar W o rk Campaign. E v e ry boy over fourteen years o f age* pledged five dollars toward this drive. The pupils enjoyed a holiday on Monday. At nine o ’clock it was not certain that this would be granted but when two o f the members o f the board, T. R. Barns and Geo. A . El- dredge, came to school and witnessed the patriotism and enthusiasm dis­ played, they granted the holiday. On Monday afternoon all the pu­ pils o f the school took part in a pa­ rade headed by Mr. W o o d , who car­ ried a flag o f each o f the Allies. A f ­ ter marching through the village and around Town pond, the students came to a halt in fron t o f the post office, where they were addressed by Mr. Tiffany. The National anthem was sung follow e d by a salute to the flag. The exam inations fo r the quarter will be given on next Thursday and Friday. There will be no Thanksgiving ex­ ercises this year as so much time has already been lost due to the in­ fluenza quarantine. The facu lty feels that the tim e given in preparation fo r these exercises 'Should be spent in trying to catch up the w o rk in which we are behind. Miss Gordon-Sm ith gave a very interesting talk to the girls o f the High school and o f the eighth grade on W ednesday afternoon. She spoke in behalf o f the United W a r W o rk Campaign. Mrs. Pansy Baker, w ife o f William Baker, o f this village, died at the Brunswick Home last Friday after- non. Mrs. Baker was taken to the Brunswick Home about tw o years ago, and lived there up to the time o f her death.The body was brought to East Hampton and burial was in the North End cem e tery. Mrs. Baker was tw enty- seven years o f age. Strong Bros, have rented Mrs. Ruger D onoho’s cottage, “ W illow Bend,” on E g y p t lane, to H enry H. A b b ott, o f New York city ; Austin Culver’s cottage on Dunem ere lane to W. Sterling Peters, and Thomas Nash’s cottage on Lee avenue, to Henry Parish, o f New Y o r k City. Pledge o f M embership in the U n con­ ditional Surrender Club A National O rganization Founded in Flint, Mich., and Approved by President W ilson As a mem ber o f the Unconditional Surrender Club o f the United States o f Am erica, I pledge my undying fealty to the United States governm e n t; I pledge my unfailing support to our soldier boys who are fighting the com m on enem y ; I pledge m y s e lf and all that I pos­ sess to the cause o f w inning the war against Germ any and her allies, if that be necessary; I pledge m y s e lf to make any and w h atever sacrifices I may be called upon to make, to the end that the Central Powers may be brought to realize that only an U n conditional Surrender will be acceptable to me and my country, the United States o f Am e r­ ica. (S ign e d ) --------------------------------------------- A d d r e s s ________________________________ D a t e ________ A d u lt ( ) M inor ( ) There are no dues, n o initiation fees, no duties except good citizen­ ship and loyalty and patriotism. The rush o f patriotic N ew Y o rkers to enroll in the U n conditional Sur­ render Club has astounded even the m ost enthusiastic o f the founders o f that organization. A t the clu b ’s headquarters, 19 W e st F o r ty-fourth street, there was a p e r fect avalapche o f telegram s, special delivery letters and telephone calls from men and women w h o desired to place their names on the m embership rolls. The U n conditional Surrender Club was started at Flint, Mich. The idea has spread across the country like wildfire. In New Y o r k it was esti­ mated that several thousand mem­ bers had been enrolled in the first two days the club was open. AUCTION W ill sell at public A u ction at “ Ocean V iew ,” my farm in Bridgeham p ton, Tuesday November 26, 1918 at 10 O’clock A . M. the follow ing goods, being only a partial list o f the goods offered for sale: Farm wagons, one and two seated -abouts, road cart, top carriage, several sets farm harness, light dou­ ble harness, 4 sets single harness, riding saddle, horse blankets, Steu- art clipping machine, H oover potato digger, potato planter, fertilizer drill, d potato cutters, Red Jacket sprayer, fanning mill, grain binder, m owing machine, hay rake, side de­ livery rake, K eystone hay loader, ted­ der, weeder, riding and hand culti­ vators, harrows, plows, one John Deering gang plow, woven wire fence machine, broom machine, hand plat- | form truck, a quantity o f small farm tools, etc., and if not previously sold, ! three good work horses. -I f storm y , le will be held next fair day. W M . D. H ALSEY R I C H ARD N EW TO N , JR., TO W ED Mrs. W illiam Low eRice announces the engagem ent o f her daughter. Miss Mildred G autier R ice, to Rich­ ard N ew ton, jr., a son o f the late Rev. Dr. R. H eber N ewton, fo r thirty years rector o f A ll A n g e ls’ P rotes­ tant Episcopal church, New York. Miss Rice is a daughter o f the late William Lowe R ice, a prom inent law y e r o f Cleveland, O. She has three sisters, the Misses Elsie, V ir­ ginia and Helen Rice, and is a mem­ ber o f the Junior League and o f the C o lony Club. Mr. Newton is a Colum bia man and studied at O x ford and later studied painting in Paris underJean Paul Laurens and Fornand Corm o n , and also in M o r o c c o under R. V. V. Sew­ ell. Mr. N ew ton’s brothers are Fran­ cis Newton and F. M aurice Newton, o f New Y ork, and Mrs. W e lles Bos- worth is his sister. He is the Master o f the Suffolk Hounds at Southam p ­ ton, a mem b er o f the Brook and Riding Clubs, o f New Y o rk, and o f the National Steeplechase Associa­ tion o f Am erica. Mr. N ewton was fo r m any years a summer resident o f East Hampton and is well known here. E A S T H AM P T ON FREE LIB R A R Y Library Hours, Beginning O c t. 1 E v ery afternoon from 2 to 5 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 M AIL SCHEDULE Annie E. Mitchell, colored, for several years cook fo r Mrs. J. T. Baker, died at the Baker cottage Friday, N o v em b er 8th, o f apoplexy. The remains w e r e taken to her f o r m ­ er hom e in Chelsea, Mass., fo r bur­ ial. \*■ M ails Close M ails A rrive F o r For From From W est East W est East A. M. 7 :45 10:30 10:55 8:15 P. M. 2 :00 8:10 1:25 2:34 5:30 7:20 8:35 Sundays 3:15 p. ni. 1:10 p. m. Post Office opens 7:30 a. m. Post Office closes 8:45 p. m. Lobby closes 9:30 p. m. A l l M illin e r y ~ NEWEST STYLES Wonderful values of Trimmed Hats for $1.95 each, trim u e d wilh feathers, ribbons or flowers. Also in'rirr.med hats for $1 each on SATURDAY, NOVEM B E R 16 MRS. MATTHEWS, East Hampton I W ANTED CAPTAINS AND ENGINEERS ------------To Operate ------------ GASOLINE M OTOR LAUNCHES Only men familiar with the waters of Gardiner’s and Noyack Hays need apply Good Wages E. W . BLISS CO. Torpedo Testing Station Sag Harbor EAST H AM PTO N ’S HONOR ROLL An honor roll o f all men and w om en o f East H am p ton who are in the service is being com p iled by the Star. It is desired that n o nam e be omitted from the list. Persons having relatives in the service are requested to send their names, addresses and branch o f service, com p a n y or regim ent, as well as rank or title, and w h ere stationed, to this office, using the follow in g blank: Name and R a n k ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------— I Branch o f S e r v i c e --------------------------------------- - ------------------------------------------------------------- --- W h ere S t a t i o n e d ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- — Hom e Address --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ ♦ <*» * * I THE POPULAR MARKET \ % j J F R E D M c C A N N , P R O P . s ; DEALER IN M EATS AND FISH 5 * • 5 i f j r v t % * Fresh Fish and Lobsters * * * Received Daily From Montauk s * * O RD ERS C A L L E D FO R AN D D E L IV E R E D * f * W anted GOOD W AG ES Apply to E. W BLISS CO. Sag Harbor, N. Y. Capital $100,000 Officers Charles W. Osborne President Nelson C. Osborne Samuel A. Gregory Vice Presidents Nathan N. Tiffany Cashier OSBORNE BANK E A S T H A M P T O N . N Y. Surplus $25,000 Directors ( harles W. Osborne Nelson C. Osborne Samuel A. Gregory John D Stokes Austin H. Culver Nathan N. Tiffany Herbert N. Edwards James H. Mulford W e are proud o f and we stand back o f every man serving in the uniform of Our Countiy W e have loaned more than double our quota to Our Government. Let us now give in proportion; make the United W a r W ork Campaign both a thank of­ fering and a celebration o f Victory. The cBank o f cFersonal Service GREGORY COMPANY When we adopted the “ CASH AND CA R R Y ” plan, prices were reduced and by comparison will be found to be as L O W as the LO W EST. Where the accommodation of credit and delivery is desired a slight additional charge is made for this service. / Just beyond the clouds we can see a gleam of brightness, and the dawning of happier days. W e have anticipated your winter needs and offer our merchandise below the present pre­ vailing prices and advise buying now. Below are a few o f the many good values W omen’s fleeced vests and pants, value $ 1 .25 ____________________________ 98c W omen’s wool union suits ______ $2.47 & $2.98 Boy’s and girl’s union suits, 2 to 16 years _______________ ______ ___ 98c to $1.29 Boy’s and girl’s shirts and drawers, white and g r a y ....... ............. ...........49c to 87c 10 pieces curtain drapery, value 3 7 c ____ 29c 4 special values in towels19c, 29c, 32c, 39c All linen table damask, 72 inches wide, value $ 2 .5 0 _________ __________ $1.98 Mercerized napkins, 18x20 inches, per d o z e n ___________________ $1.98 & $2.49 W om en’s outing night gowns, made w e l l , ______________$2.19, extra large, $2.29 All wool serge dress-goods, 36 inch, borwn and g r e e n _____________________ $1.29 Hosiery, pure thread silk, seamless, black, white, gray and tan, value $1.25 _____________ _________ _ ______ ___ 98c Children’s hosiery, good wearing quality, black, tan, brown and white . .......................... ........ 29c, 35c, and 39c Small lots of goods, specially priced to close out on our tables. W e are now allowed by the food adminis­ tration to sell a barrel of flour to a customer with 49 pounds of substitutes consisting of barley flour, rice flour, corn flour, 'potato flour, and corn meal. Rye flour sold 2 pounds to 3 wheat flour. HECKER’S SUPERLATIVE Barrels _______________________________ $13.25 Bags, 24*4 t b ____ l ________ _________ 1.70 Delivery 25c per barrel OLEOMARGERINE With the price o f butter advancing rapidly the sale of this article is increasing daily. W e have W ilson’s Certified, made from the best grade of vegetable oils and churned with milk. Also Nucoa Nut Margarine. Certified, per tb __________________________37c Nut Margarine, per tb _________________ 35c Karo S y r u p _______________________________ 13c Samp, tb __________________________________ 7 V 2 C Old Homestead (large) _________________ 30c Teco, p k g . ________________________________ 13c Clover M i l k _______________________________ 17c Quaker Oats (large) ____________________ 27c Campbell’s S o u p __________________________ 10c

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