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T H E EA S T H A M P T O N ST AR, F R ID A Y , O C T O B E R 11. 1918 THE STAR Published Every Friday M o rning Entered at the Post Office a t East Hampton, N. Y., as Second-class matter B. E. Boughton Welby E. Boughton Proprietor Editor Subscription Price: $2.00 per year in advance The Fourth Liberty Loan is be­ hind its schedule in East Hampton. In order that it shall not continue so and become all the more difficult to catch up and carry over the top as m u s t be done next week, everyone should redouble their efforts and buy. D o n ’t put it off until tomorrow, such procrastination goes as wine to the Kaiser’s head. If you have already bought, do it again. The pain in your pocketbook can be as nothing to the pain in a splintered leg or arm. A bond will help take it out of our boy’s and put it into the Germans! Does patriotism, like charity, begin at home? Provost M arshal General Crowdqr evidently thinks it does, since he is openly appealing to reg­ istrants in the new draft to ask for exemption or deferred classification whenever they are entitled to it, even though their patriotism inclines them to waive any such claims. It is evi­ dently fe lt by the m ilitary authori- tives that the number of able-bodied men of draft age w ithout dependents is ample for the m ilitary needs of the country, and that it is just as unpa­ triotic for a man whose fam ily needs his support to neglect his home duties because of excessive patriotism as it is fo r a physically eligible registrant w ithout dependents to evade the draft. President W ilson’s reply to the German peace feeler is backed up by practically all of the Press in the country and what is more to the point, by the chiefs of the Allied Governments. It is more of an u lt i­ m a tum than a reply if one w ill but take the pains to read between the lines. You can bet the Kaiser will read between those lines. It is not m e a n t for “home consum p tion,” but for the German people as well as for the gang at Potsdam. W e think the editorial from one of our leading papers quoted below, worth reading. T H E P R E S I D E N T D E M A N D S It m a y be hard for a newspaper— it m a y be hard for even Senator Lodge— to adm it it, but the fact is that the President of the United States has a great deal ation befor# him than they have. He has the diplomatic reports to draw upon. He has the secret service, not only of this county but of all the A l­ lies, to give him knowledge. Con­ fidential military documents are his to read. Above all, he has the ad­ vantage of exchange of views with the governments of England, France •and Italy. Washington despatches le f t it in little doubt that.the Presi­ dent was for two days in cable com­ m u n ication with Lloyd George, Clem- enceau, and Orlando, before send­ ing his answer to the note of the Ger­ man Government. W e m e ntion these things merely as reminders that Mr. W ilson is in an incomparably better position to penetrate German designs and to take measures against them, than can be any hasty commentator in the press or in Congress. O f course, the President may be misled; he may make a wrong use of his unequalled sources of inform a tion; but i t is cer­ tain that the presumptions are all in his favor as against the casual critic in the street. W hen he speaks, after consultation with the best heads in the Governments of the Allies, it is a t least reasonable to suppose that he is nearer right than the impetuous citizen who looks up from his morning headlines to exclaim: “ He ought to have told them to go to blazes!” It must be borne in m ind that the President’s real reply to Germany has not yet been made. He is simply clear­ ing preliminaries out of the way; seeking to ascertain whether the Ger­ man offer is sincere; but all the while retaining the purpose to make his fin­ al answer “ candid and straightfor­ ward.” Those words, in Mr. W ilson’s mouth, mean no compromise and no budging. Men reckon ill with the President who see in his note of yes­ terday the slighest relaxing of deter­ m ination. It is not mere diplomatic fencing that he is doing. He is simp­ ly serving notice on the adversary that he w ill not strike if an honest surrender is intended, but otherwise ---- ! If the Germans thought that they m ight find W oodrow W ilson more lenient than Lloyd George or Clemenceau, they made another ter­ rible mistake. This they are in a way speedily to find out. W illiam Conklin had the misfor­ tune to receive another severe cut on his hand Wednesday while operating the variety machine at the East Ham pton Lum ber & Coal Co. m ill at Bridgehampton. This is the second tim e he has cut this same finger in this machine. S O L D IE R S A D D R E S S ST AM P S — The easy and most legible way to address an envelope to your soldier or sailor boy over here or over there. Makes plainer address than writinjJ, easier work for postal clerks, and materially assists in the delivery of the letter or package. Cost 7 Be. Send cash with order. The Ham pton Press, Bridgehamp­ ton. 47 L E C T U R E C O U R S E S I G N E D U P (Continued from First Page) than any other individual in the Do­ m inion. Sergt. K n ight is a forceful, intense speaker. He speaks with the direct­ ness and earnestness that can come only from vivid experience with the horrors of war and H u n atrocities. The other num b e r w ill be the Bos­ ton Opera Singers, a splendid group o f well known operatic singers which comprises first rank soloists and beau­ tifu l ensemble. The entertainm e n t course commit­ tee that handled the courses in years back has disbanded and now the Neighborhood Association will m a n ­ age the course this year and if the public shows its appreciation of the course offered, a large course will be put on next winter. W e are told that if sufficient tickets are sold to the public, that possibly another num b e r may be added to these three. It all lies with the peo­ ple of East Hampton. I f you w a n t to hear some real good talent this w in­ ter, back up the Neighborhood Asso­ ciation w ith their new undertaking. The other visitor to address the di­ rectors was Mr. W a lton, one of the eight men in charge of com m u n ity or­ ganization on Long Island. He told the members present of the work of the W a r Council, and at the con­ clusion of his remarks asked that the president be empowered to appoint a committee to confer with and co­ operate with the W a r Council in carrying out plans for war service. Another im p o rtant m a tter settled was that of employing Mrs. Jane Brown as settlement worker a t the Neighborhood House in Freetown. Mrs. Brown w ill move into the house and assume her duties Oct. 15th. G A S O L I N E A N D P A T R I O T I S M If any one were inclined to ques­ tion the patriotism of the American people, it would only be necessary for him to spend a few minutes on the streets o f New York or any other eastern city on one of these gasless Sunday m o rnings to be convinced as to the utter groundlessness o f his skepticism, for there is absolutely nothing to be seen in the shape of conveyances, except baby carrieges, street cars and a few antiquated ve­ hicles drawn by quadrupeds of an al­ most forgotten species. This is true, notw ithstanding the millions of auto­ mobiles for which our people have paid billions of dollars, having in mind prim a rily the fact that their possession would enable them to spend the one weekly holiday health­ fu lly and pleasantly in the open air of the country. W h ile there is no federal statute covering the matter, the observance of the government’s request has been so complete that more than 21,000,000 gallons of gas­ oline have already been saved in this ner for the war requirem ents of the government. A N A P P R E C I A T I O N The follow ing letter accompanied a check for $100 donated to the Neighborhood Association by the Boys’ club in acknowledgement of the benefit derived by them from the use of the H a rriet F. Herrick play­ ground this summer: New York, Oct. 3, 1918. J. M. Strong, Esq., East Ham p ton, N. Y. Last spring when the possibility establishing a boys’ club a t East H a m p ton was being discussed, Mr. D C. Adams explained to you that East H a m p ton had as great an interest 5n it as the parents of the bays partici­ pating, because, if a success, desir­ able summer residents would be at­ tracted to the town. Through your good offices the use of the town playground was obtain­ ed for the club w ithout charge. The operation of the club this summer has proved it asuccess— nrar parents believe the work done at the club last summer has benefitted their sons, and, based up­ on the theory that it w ill be in opera­ tion next year, several fam ilies pro­ pose to spend next summer at East Hampton. The club was planned to be operat­ ed for the benefit of the com m u n ­ ity and there is no intention to make money therefrom. A t the close of the season the club has a small cred­ it balance from which we are pleased to be able to enclose herewith a check to your order for $100 to be devoted to the cost of upkeep and improvement of the grounds. Please endorse this check to the proper au­ thorities and state that the same is sent as an acknowledgement and in appreciation of the assistance rend ered by the trustees of the play­ ground. W ith the support already promised, Mr. Adams, M r. Van B runt, and the writer see no reason why the club should not be successfully continued, and it w ill materially assist us if we receive the co-operation of the men charged with the government of East Ham pton and interested in the tow n ’s growth and development. Yours truly, W m . D. Judson. A D D I T I O N A L D R A F T N U M B E R S The follow ing are additional names of men who were in the registration of September 12th, printed in the order in which their names were draw n : Call Serial No. No. 57— Rosolino Bigate, E. Ham p ’n 124 59— H a rry L. Udell, E. H a m p ’n_3676 60— Jas. A. Scott, E. H a m p ton 143 64— Howard E. Q u inn, Springs. 178 67— A m a ta Deliapolla, Amagan- sett ______________________ 1098 To The Individual: Y o u are given an opportunity, which is a privilege, of being of ser­ vice to your country and at the same tim e of m a k ing the safest investment in the world. Looking back from the future, can we afford to have been “weighed in the balance and found w a n ting” ? Now in our Allies’ land, breasting w a r’s tide, O u r sons march hand in hand, God is their guide. Once more we hear the call, “ Keep the world free!” Rise! Rise! A n d give your all, for Liberty. See that your name is on the H o n ­ or Rail. Yours for the Fourth Liberty Loan, N. N. Tiffany. N O T I C E On and after October 1st all local barber shops w ill open at 8 a. m. and close at 8 p. m. On Saturdays, shops will close at 11 p. m. On Saturdays children’s hair cuts 50 cents. (Signed) East Ham pton Barbers. M. L M ALON E Y FOR SALE, WANTED, LOST M I L L I N E R A N D IM P O R T E R TO RE N T — One hundred camp chairs and twelve tables. Price reason- I able. Phone or write David Darby, i is showing a very complete East H a mpton. i F O R RE N T — Cottage for winter, line of Winter Hats and all! B u chanan, care of F. B . W iborg. 1 kinds of millinery goods. M c A U L I F F B L O C K , M A I N ST . NOTICE A t a special term of the County C o u rt held in and for the County of Suffolk at the Chambers of the County Judge in the village of Patchogue, Suffolk County, New York, on the 4th day of October, 1918. Present: Hon. John R. V u n k , Justice. In the m a tter of the application of Lawrence Price W e therill to change his name to Giles Price W e therill: Upon reading and filing the peti­ tion of Lawrence Price W e therill, by Edith B. W e therill, General G u a rd­ ian, verified September 30th, 1918, praying for leave to assume the name of Giles Price W e therill in place of his present name, and the court being satisfied by said petition that there is no reasonable objection to the petitioner assuming the name proposed, it is now, on m o tion of Raym o nd A. Sm ith, Attorney fo r petitioner, O r d e r e d that the said Lawrence Price W e therill be and hereby is au­ thorized to assume the name of Giles Price W e therill in place of his present name, on the 11th day of November, 1918, upon his complying with the provisions of Sections 2414 and 2415 of the Code of Civil Pro­ cedure, viz: T h a t this order shall be entered and the papers on which it was granted shall be filed w ithin ten days from the date hereof, in the office of the Clerk of Suffolk County and u t e p f o V & i i r at least once w ithin the ten days after the entry hereof. Enter. Jo h n R. V unk County Judge. T o T h e V o ter* o f S u f f o l k C o u n t y : If my service as County Clerk dur­ ing the past commends itself to you, your favorable consideration of my candidacy for re-election is respect­ fu lly solicited. I f elected, I pledge you that the same high standard of efficiency w ill be m a intained in the County Clerk’s office. Very G ratefully yours, Jam e s F. Richardson. Tomorrow is registration day. Be sure and see that your nam e appears on the registration roll. ELECT SUPREM E COURT JUSTICE LEANDER B. FABER to the SUPREME COURT for the Second Judicial De­ partment, comprising Kings, Queens, Richmond, Nassau and Suffolk Counties A ll the men from the two naval bases have been restricted liberty since the influenza scare. Capital $100,000 Officers Charles W. Oiborne President Nelson C. Osborne Samuel A. Gregory Vice Presidents Nathan N. Tiffany Cashier OSBORNh BANK E A S T H A M P T O N . N Y . Surplus $25,000 Directors Charles W. Osborne Nelson C. Osborne Samuel A. Gregory John 0 Stokes Austin H. Culver Nathan N. Tiffany Herbert N. Edwards James H. Mulford W HEN YO U BUY A LIBERTY BOND Y O U DO NOT GIV E A SINGLE D O L L A R OF Y O U R MONEY. YO U SIM P L Y LEND IT TO THE R IC H ­ EST NATION ON EARTH. You provide for yourself a safe and sure income. ---- u ---- u — 1 - .- : i _, ----- 1 ] — I-1- J — — safe keeping in our burglar and fire proof vault free of charge The cBank of ‘Personal St ruice F O R SA L E — A few pianos of stand­ ard make, can be had at bargain prices from $75 and up. Com m u n i­ cate at once w ith H . S. Hornbeck. Phone 334-W., P. O. Box 42, East H a m p ton. 46-tf L A U N D R Y — Colored, in Freetown. First class laundering. Fine work a specialty. Prices reason­ able. References on request. Lizzie Quick, colored hand laundry, right hand side of Springs road, Tel. 223-M. 22-6m LOST— Strayed from the Cam p , a white angora cat. Liberal reward. Return or no tify Tel. 181 47-1 French Liberal F O R S A L E — I young Jersey cow, 3 heifer calves. W y a n d a n c h Farm, Tel. 15-J. 47-1 F O R RE N T — A five-room house and out-buildings. House in good con­ dition. Apply for particulars at this office. 47-4t F O R SALfc— Two-cylinder Indian motorcycle. Little used. Good con­ dition. W ill sell for reasonable price. Inquire Frank M. Miller, Am a g ansett. 47 W A N T E D — W o rk by day. A p p ly Mrs. Bennett, Pantigo. 47 W A N T E D — Position as caretaker, by young married man. Address P. O. Box 132, Am a g ansett. 47-3 clerk in 47-1 W A N T E D — A lady to act £ Meyer’s store. R E W A R D There w ill be a reward of $25 given to the persons who w ill give the in­ form a tion which will lead to the ar­ rest and conviction of anyone shoot­ ing at or k illing quail before Novem­ ber 1st, 1918. Such inform a tion may be left at the Star office. 47-4 Interested Sportsmen. AUCTION I will sell a t public auction at my residence, in Jericho, on Oct. 16, at 1 o’clock p. m ., the follow ing goods: Household furn iture consisting of bureaus, tables, book-case or china closet, lot of chairs, kitchen cabinet, 5 feather beds, 1 cook stove, 1 good Jieater. 1 mowine machine. 1 tooth narrow, 1 cultivator, 1 sulky rake, 1 2-horse rake, 1 old-fashioned horse rake, 1 set of double harness, 1 run­ about, 1 surry, 2 sleighs, 1 set single harness, 1 barn 26 x 28 feet, w ith or without the lean-to; 2 horses 9 and 10 years old; 1 seed drill. The above goods are in good order. I f stormy the next fa ir day. George J. Hedges. T. M. Stratton, Auctioneer. GREGORY COMPANY When we adopted the ‘CASH AND C A R R Y ” plan, prices were reduced and by comparison will be found to be as LO W as the .OWEST. Where the accommodation of credit and delivery is desired a slight additional charge is male for this service. OUTING GOWNS AN) SLEEPERS W ith Stripes and ligures WARM UNDERVEAR For Women and Children—iood Values in Wool and Cottn NEW FALL OUTING FLANNEL For Women and Childrei of All Ages We are receiving new gods in the various departments which will be sold at figures consistent with the higher cos of merchandise We are now allowed by the food admiufs- tration to sell a bairel of flour to a customer with 49 pounds of substitutes consisting of barley flour, rice flour, corn flour, potato flour, and corn meal. Rye fl„ur sold 2 pounds to 3 wheat flour. HECKER’S S U P E R L /TIVE Barrels _________________________-- : 512.95 B m t s , 2 4 y 2 t b ____________________________________________ - I- 7 0 Delivery 25c ner barrel o l e o m a r g e r i n e With the price of butter advancing rapidly the sale of this article is increasing daily. W \ have Wilson’s Certified, made froir grade of vegetable oils and wlttl m • Also Nucoa NutJW\rSaT'ne- Certified. P e r ® - - - ------------------------- , Nut Margarine, per l b ------------- S A V E Y O U R P E A C H PIT S Bring your peach pits to our store. Put them in the Red, White and Blue Barrel and we will have them shipped. All pits should be washed clean and dried.

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