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THE VOL. XXXIII. S T A R EAST HAMPTON, N. Y., SEPTEMBER 20, 1918 NO. 44 LIBERTY LOAN COMM. APPOINTED Supervisor Tiffany Named Chairman OUR Q U O TA NOT Y E T A S S IG N E D Organization Ha* Been Completed and Its Personnel Assures Success The East H a m p ton organization for the Fourth Liberty Loan has been completed, and its personnel is suf­ ficient to assure our going “ over the top” very shortly a fter the sale be­ gins, and very m u c h over in buying the allotm e n t of bonds that w ill be assigned to our town. The exact quota for East H a m p ton, or for that matter any town, has not yet been fully decided but ju s t as soon as this fact is made known it w ill appear in The Star. A t the head of the organization, as the East H a m p ton chairm a n , is S u ­ pervisor N. N. T iffany, who success­ fully managed the previous loan. He will have as his assistants Mrs. N o r ­ man Barns, who has been appointed chairman of the W o m e n ’s committee. These two leaders w ill be assisted by a small arm y of workers serving on several im p o r tant committees, cov­ ering various cam p a ign activities, and different sections of the com m u n ity. The readers of The Star w ill be es­ pecially interested in know ing the names of those who w ill assist in the work of puttin g East H a m p ton “ over the top” on the F o u r th Liberty loan. The committees that have been ap­ pointed are composed of the follow ­ ing men and w o m e n : Nathan N. T iffany, C h a irm a n ; Mrs. Norman Barns, C h a irm a n of W o ­ man’s com m ittee; Sam u e l C. Hedges, Vice C h a irm a n ; Edw a rd T. Dayton, Rec. Sec.; Alice Collins, Correspond­ ing Sec.; Kenneth Davis, Edw a rd M. Gay, J. Edw a rds H u n t tin g , W e lby Boughton, Frank Sm ith, David Ed­ wards, M. D., S. G a r d n e r Osborn, Austin Culver, ltaym o n d Sm ith, Jas. _ E. Gay, Geo. A. Eldredge, S. A . Greg- ■y ory, W illiam M. W o o d , Rev. N. W . Harlcness, Chas. W . Steuart, I. Y. Halsey, D. W . McCord, Ralph Dayton, and C. 0 . Gould. This is the com m it­ tee for East H a m p ton. The com m it­ tee for A m a g a n sett is, Ira Baker, W . D. Conklin, Herbert Barnes, Chas. S. Hand, John W . M u lford and Chas. R. Horton. The com m ittee fo r Springs is, Geo. A . M iller and F r a n k M. M il­ ler; for W a inscott, M organ Topping and Leroy Osborn; for M o n tauk, Capt. E. B. T u thill. TANKER LEADS A BUSY LIFE Life P rivate T o p p ing W r ite* Letter Star, T e lling of T a n k e r ', in Camp The Star received the follow ing letter from Private Eldorus Topping who is a member of the 307th Com- pany T a n k Corps, stationed as Cam p Colt. As our readers w ill notice by Private T o p p ing’s letter, the life of a tanker is a busy one, beginning at daybreak and ending a t dark. Fol­ low ing are extracts taken from this letter: “ I w ill endeavor to give you a few interesting facts concerning a sol­ dier’s life in the Tank Corps, and the way we are treated when we visit nearby cities. As to the -life and service, we hear reveille a t 5:45 a. m., then we get ten m inutes to dress, in­ cluding belts, guns, already to fall in line fo r roll call. A t 6:30 a. m. we get mess call, at 7:05 a. m. we get fatigue call, fro m then u n t il 7:30 we have to clean up the barracks and grounds and then we fa ll in for physical drill fo r thirty m inutes. Then the real work starts. Some days we have in f a n t r y drill, and others we hike till 11:30 a .m. A t twelve o’clock we have mess call, at 1:05 p. m. 'fa ­ tigue call, a t 1 :30 p. m. drill call. A t 5:00 p. m. retreat, a t 5:30 mess call and from then on we are at liberty to go where we please until 10:30, when every m a n m u s t be in bed fo r the night. W e have movies twice a week and religious services twice a week in the Y. M. C. A. tent. W e also have home talen t entertain­ ments from some of the nearhy vil­ lages about twice a week. The Y. M. C. A. tries to have some kind of entertainm e n t fo r us nearly every night and between times our “ Co. O .” furnishes an arm y truck to take the boys that wish to go to the dances at Y o r k and other villages. “ O n Sept. 14th we had a special train to take eight hundred o f us to New York City, to see the tank show playing at the C e n tury theatre, our carfare costing us fo u r dollars and eighty cents a piece fo r the round trip, or one cent a mile. On arrivin g in New Y o r k we were m a rch­ ed to the Sixty-ninth arm o ry, there the Red Cross m e t us and passed out plenty of cigars and cigarettes. We were all given a ticket th a t was good for fou r m e als in the best hotels and restaurants in the city, some of the boys dined a t the Astor, and we w ill never stop telling how we ordered meals that would alm o st break J. D. W e were then given tickets to dances and Coney Island and a num b e r of other places, and to make our trip one long to be remembered we were marched to the tank show where we saw and heard some o f the greatest players and singers on the stage, such as A1 Johnson and Caruso, who sang two Italia n w a r songs arid “ Over There.” “ A t three o’clock a. m. we le f t the city that had treated us so finely for Cam p Colt. W h e n about one mile o u t of the city o f H a rrisburgh we had a narrow escape, our train just stopping in tim e to avoid runnin g down a gondola loaded w ith coal that had jum p e d the tracks, tearing up considerable o f the track and land­ ing nearly crosswise o f the track we were on. E ig h t fellow s and m y s e lf tarted to visit the city, stopping at i sm a ll grocery store, we tried to buy som e thing to eat, but ju s t could not. They forced cakes, m e a t and bread and m ilk by the wholesale upon us and refused any money. A n u m ­ ber o f autom o b iles came along and took us fo r a ride around the city, and to complete the end of tw o per­ fect days the Red Cross came to the train w ith a truck loaded w ith sand­ wiches and coffee. O n arrivin g at cam p our com­ m a n d ing officer read us some papers that had come fro m headquarters, flattering us on our good behavior and dress.” R E V O L V E R S E E M E D H A R M L E S S Private Venus Lynch, age twenty- one, son o f E. M . Lynch, received a ------ I severe w o u n d in his knee on Sun- Acosta Nicholas, o f Spencer. Trask day last while h a n d ling w h a t he 4 Co., chairm a n o f Sub-District No. ( thought to be an em p ty revolver. 6, covering Long Island and Staten i Venus was one o f the boys from here Island, discussing plans fo r the ' who was inducted into the N a tional Fourth Liberty Loan cam p a ign in his ’ A r m y recently and has been sta- . SAW BUY U.S. GOV’T BONDS FOURTH LIBERTY KH ardenbcrgk - RE P O R T O N W . S. S. George B. Fee, C o u n ty C h a irm a n , War Savings Stam p s , reports the per capita purchases of W a r Savings and Thrift Stamps, by the principal vil­ lages of Suffolk county up to and in ­ cluding A u g u s t 31st, as follow s : Place Sales Per Capita East Marion $ 7,088.25 $20.36 Westhampton Beach 11,387.75 18.63 Riverhead _______ 44,506.50 17.80 East Quogue -. 8,233.30 16.46 Southold _ _ ____ 21,632.50 16.37 Sag Harbor 51,958.00 16.01 Huntington ____ 66,829.95 13.16 Greenport ____ 47,779.50 12.70 Southampton _ - 32,397.00 12.73 Good Ground . - 10,122.50 12.26 Orient ____ 8,895.75 11.76 Babylon ............. 35,320.75 11.39 Port Jefferson. - 23,824.75 10.82 Amityville ____ 29,468.75 10.60 Quogue ___ 5,944.25 9.90 Sayville ____ 21,667.25 9.80 Amagansett ____ 8,368.75 9.77 Shelter Islan d , _ 3,194.75 9.12 East Hampton 17,348.26 8.67 Patchogue 23,82 i 76 8.25 Bridgehampton 10,300.00 7.36 M attituck 7,328.75 5.77 Centre M oriches 4,921.75 4.47 Sagaponack l . 198.50 3.09 Wainscott 159.75 1.59 R E A D Y F O R L O A N district, said: “ W h e n the cam p a ign starts, we are prepared for a sharp, intensive drive Personal influence w ill be the keynote of the cam p a ign, com b ined w ith close organization and education. W ith these elements outstanding, we look to a highly successful conclusion. Much enthusiasm has been m a n ifest­ ed at meetings held throughout our district to form u late plans, and every­ one is eager fo r the start. The pre­ lim inary work is mostly completed, and we are about ready to begin work. A n initial subscription of $500.- Letter From a Sailor in Uncle Sam's Service The follow ing interesting letter long tables down each side w ith a has been received fro m M ayne Wil- small one at the head. The officers liams, a form e r East H a m p ton boy, a ll (stood around the sm a ll table, whose fam ily moved to Bay Shore The m a y o r and one of his staff made several years ago, but who still has welcome speeches and then the boys m a n y friends in town who, we are all had a glass o f champagne to the sure w ill be glad to read this letter health of the mayor, President Wil- •hich tells of the reception given our SOn, and all the Allied arm ies and navies. I never use the stuff so I ••».s<*d mine over to the fellow next to me who was more than glad to get it. A f te r that we w e n t out by the bridge and took a special train that little was w a iting fo r us. It took us through several very pretty little boys by the French U. S. S. Carola Aug. 14 1918. Dear Sister: I w ill try and tell you a about the tim e I had Sunday: M ---- is a little tow n of about villages. O u r band w o u ld start to 18,000, sixty miles fro m here. It is play as we would come into the rather out of the way so the Garbs towns and by the tim e we got to the never w e n t up there. Last week the stations they were all down to see m a y o r of the place sent word to the us. O f course they were just as A d m iral of this base and asked him crazy to see us as the people in the to send a party of a hundred boys first town were. up there to represent the U. S. N avy. . A t the last town we got off and They did not know w h a t a Garb came back by boat. W h e n we got looked like except from seeing them back we went up to a swell hotel in pictures. and had a fine course dinner that The adm iral sent two base ball they had ready fo r us. O f course teams and our best band fro m here, everything was ju s t fine. They had T h a t did not m a ke enough so they lots of dishes and wines. I w ill picked out a few more. I wa% one of send you a m e n u so you can see what the lucky lads picked out. W e got we had. A f te r that they had sev- up a t four and had a good breakfast eral toasts and then went out to of beans and toast. We were then play the game of ball. They h ad no well prepared fo r the day. W e were idea o f the game so the place they taken to the station in our trucks picked out for our team to play on from here. W e landed in the town was not half large enough. They at eight o’clock. W h e n the train started the game and the ball h it sev- pulled in they had a band there to eral people in the crowd so they had m e e t us. I th ink everyone in the to stop. tow n was there also. W e marched in A f te r th a t our band played to them a colum n o f fours down to the C o u r t and went wherever we w a nted to. House.. Their band led and ours for a w h ile and then we all split up came next, then the ball players and A t 6:30 we went to the same hotel we fellows next. W e got down there and had another swell meal. A fter and our band played a few French that we were led to the train by the pieces and the two N a tional anthems bands. The crowd was worse than fo r them. They nearly w e n t crazy ever there, trying to say good-bye over us and the music. They said to us. Perhaps I should have said they had not heard a band since the w a r broke out. Their band had been called out then and had never come back. The one they had Sunday trying to say “ A u Revoir.” It seemed as though every one of them had to shake hands w ith each of us. The train had to w a it quite a few was one they got fo r the special oc- j minutes before we could all get casion. I never saw such a mad rush aboard. As she pulled out the peo- of people trying to shake hands with anyone before. They kept giving us fr u it and flowers all day. As soon as one bunch would get a little wilted they would make us throw it away and would give us another one. They surely were a happy bunch all day as •ell as ourselves. There was noth­ in g too good for any o f us. Then we w e n t inside the Court House and in a long room were two Q U E S T I O N N A IR E S M A IL E D pie were lined up on both sides for h a lf a m ile w a v ing good-bye. The officers we had w ith us said that it was the biggest tim e that the French had ever given any of our sailors. The best part o f it was not any of our boys got drunk. W e arrived here a t 11 o'clock. The m a y o r gave us all a little book w ith views of the town. Mayne. B A C K F R O M C A M P tioned at C a m p U p ton. He was g r a n t­ ed a short leave and has been visiting his father and brothers at his home here. O n Sunday business took him to the W y a n d a n c h farm , on the Sag H a rbor road. W h ile talk in g w ith a friend, he picked up an old rusty re- i volver which he saw ly in g on a beam j Thursday, in the barn and began toying w ith '* it and h a n d ling it rather careless­ ly when suddenly the old gun , which he had every reason to believe was out o f commission, w e n t off. the b u l­ let passing through his knee. His father was notified and obtain ing an autom o b ile he hurried his son to the Local d r a f t boards at the direction , The officers of the New York State o f Provost M arshal G e n e rtl Crowder j G u a r d who spent last week at the began m a ilin g out questionnaires to | Officers’ T raining Cam p at Cam p the approxim a tely 6,400,000 m e n be- j W h itm a n , returned to their respec- tween the ages o f ninteen and thirty- tive homes last Saturday. A ll of these six years of age, who registered un- men report a moBt pleasant week der the Selective Service A c t last I spent a t the camp. It proved both B ritish and Canadian sub- j instructive and entertaining to them, jec ts w ithin the ninteen and thirty- j The m e n ’s sleeping quarters were in six age lim its, who have thirty days 1 p o rtable houses with light cot beds, in which to enlist in the B ritish and They were awakened in the m o rning C a n a d ian armies, w ill not be sent at daybreak and kept busy u n t il dusk, questionnaires. I Instead o f taking their accustomed ------ : ------ places in the ranks they were all B. M. Osborne has rented Mrs. R- j made either privates or corporals. In BIG CROWDS ATTEND COUNTY FAIR Over Five Thousand Exhibits Keep One Busy; Great Display of Fireworks N o thing like the usual crowds from East H a m p ton, who yearly attend the C o u n ty F a ir at Riverhead attended this year, although the fa ir is bigger and better this year. It is thought that the reason for this is the fact that the price of a round trip ticket to Riverhead this year am o u n ted to $2.20 which in form e r years cost n inty cents. This year there is an exceptionally large exhibit of agri­ cultural productions fro m all over the county. Secretary Lee says that there are over 5,000 separate exhib­ its— everything from wee jfigs to huge farm tractors. A whole tent is filled w ith these tractors and new farm machinery. There is also the auto tent taking up pearly three hun­ dred feet of space, in this tent nearly every known m a ke o f autom o b ile may be found. The m idway seems to be as pop­ u lar as ever, w ith its street on both sides lined w ith its exhibits, barkers, fake shows, etc. It seems to one that the whole ground, every inch is cov­ ered w ith some attraction. In the line o f sports the usual big horse races prove to be one of the m a in features. O n the opening day o f the fa ir M a ttituck and Riverhead played a game of ball. O n Tuesday a game between the arm y and navy teams was played. These sports along w ith the several other stunts and ac­ robatic features keep the interested eyes busy every m inute. The nig h t display of fireworks, vaudeville, dancing and entertainm e n ts are big­ ger and better than ever this year. Several parties fro m here are attend­ ing these nightly performances regu­ larly, going by autos. The fair w ill end to n ig h t w ith the usual grand wind-up ball, which everyon throughout the county a t ­ tends. LO N G IS L A N D N OT E S 000 to the F o u r th Liberty Loan. M r. base hospital at C a m p U p ton, where Nichols stated, was received at a he was operated on. Mr. Lynch tells . . . . . . . ~ . o f the Long b la n d C ity com- the S tar that it w ill be several m o n ths the bathing beach to Mrs. D . M a lony, cam p the men met A d ju t a n t General ist week. before the in ju r y is healed. o f New Y o r k . „ Sherrill. N e sbitt's cottage on D u n e m e re this way toeir instructors were able lane to J. H. W h iting , of New Y o r k , i to give them better instruction in and A u s tin C u lver’s apartem e n ts a t drill and guard m o u n t. W h ile a t the m itt re last week. A num b e r o f persistent autoists were out at W e s tham p ton Beach last Sunday, w ith their cars pleasure bent. These were jeered and if the cars stopped a sign reading, “ W e Are Gasoline Slackers” was pasted on the cars. It was apparent as m a n y cars were out Sunday as the week before, but generally the request was obeyed. Jo h n W e inegel’s East Lake Inn, Patchogue, was raided last week by Provost M arshal M a jor W a lker, of Cam p Upton, accompanied by several of his m e n and Officer Frank Norton, of Patchogue, who arrested Weine- gel on charge of selling liquor to soldiers and also took into custody as witnesses two women employed at the place. Mrs. L illian Henderson, forty-eight years of age, school teacher of H u n t­ ington Station, was killed, and Miss M ildred W illia m s , twenty-five years of age, her niece, was injured when struck by a jitn e y bus on New York avenue, H u n tington , Sunday even­ ing. Mrs. Henderson died in a few moments and Miss W illiam s was cut about the face and arms, and after being attended by Dr. Gibson, of H u n tington , was taken to her home. H a rry Cozeto, of H u n t ington , driver of the jitney , was locked up. In the T h ird D istrict of Suffolk c o u n ty 3,970 men registered fo r the draft. The totals by towns are: Riv­ erhead, 648; Southold, 1,059; South­ am p ton, 1,439; Shelter Island, 111; East H a m p ton, 604, a t D r a f t Board, 109; The Governm e n t’s estimate was very close to the to tal, 3,936. The largest individual district was the T h ird of Riverhead, 230, and the next, the Sixth, of Southam p ton, 207. No other went over 200. Eugene F. Price, o f Greenport, anti F r a n k Douglass, of Orient, who jo in tly planted a piece of beans on the Price farm , com p rising five and three-eighths acres, are having a good yield. From the first picking there was 1,045 bushels. The first day 400 bushels were shipped. It has been learned that Andrew Ckmielewski, one o f Glen Cove’s Pol­ ish boys, was killed in action on Ju ly 14. He w e n t from Clen Cove as a volunteer to the Polish arm y with the first transport th a t sailed last year. He had been a resident of Glen Cove fo r the past fifteen years. George B. Kahle, form e rly of Bridgeham p ton, now liv in g in Osaka, Jap a n , has been form a lly placed in Class 1 by the local board fo r the Third Division, Suffolk county. Just when he w ill be form a lly inducted into the A r m y the local board is u n ­ able to say, but in view o f the fact that the Governm e n t has made speci­ al provision fo r induction o f m e n in foreign lands by sending them direct­ ly to the Am e rican Expeditionary Forces in France, or a t other places where designated, it is thought that orders fo r his inductio n m a y soon be received. TROPHY TRAIN ON LONG ISLAND Relics Gathered by Ameri­ can Soldiers TO H E L P 4TH L IB E R T Y LO AN Men W h o Have Served Oversea W ill Accompany The Curio Exhibition Genuine w a r relics gathered by Am e rican soldiers on the European battlefields w ill be shown before the population of New Y o r k , New Jer­ sey and part of C o n n e cticut during the next few weeks by veterans of Pershing’s arm y who have returned from the fro n t w ith these “Yankee Trophies.” The relics are ju s t a few of the trophies that were won by the m e n who w ill show them. They come directly from the fields where the Am e rican soldier has been engaged and were fo r the most p a r t obtained at a great sacrifice of American blood. The display of these objects by the veterans themselves is expected by the adm inistration thoroughly to arouse the fighting spirit of all who see them. So that the people of this country who have, by force of circum ­ stances, been detained from partici­ pation in the active fighting, may more readily appreciate the American fighter’s mode of living abroad oth­ er articles w ill be placed on exhibit. These w ill include outfits of the sol­ dier, the sailor and the marine. The representatives of the various branches will describe for the visit­ ing crowds each article of equipm e n t and the use to which it is put. This part of the display is to enable the people who see it to gather a com­ prehensive idea of w h a t the w a r costs the Governm e n t in dollars and cents. The men accom p anying the relics w ill, it is thought, prove of as great interest to the people as the relics themselves. These men who have seen the brunt of the battle and carry first-hand news of w h a t the fight is like w ill be accompanied by a group of officers of the A llied armies. The entire outfit w ill be carried on two special trains.. Each one will comprise a baggage car, a sleeper, a diner and two flat cars. Heavy Ger­ man field guns and other large a r ­ ticles of w a rfare w ill be placed on the flat cars. Besides these there will also be such articles as gas masks, hand grenades, shells, helmets and machine guns left behind by the re­ treating Germans. In the closed cars w ill be arranged the smaller samples of the “ Yankee Trophies.” The cars w ill be arranged so that persons en­ tering them on the one end w ill be able to walk through all and sec everything in a thoroughly systemat­ ic manner. O w ing to heavy traffic of troops and w a r shipments on the railroads of this part of the country the task of routin g the train of relics has met m a n y obstacles. There have been fifteen traffic experts of the railroads over which the train w ill travel en­ gaged in the routing of the cars. A c ­ cording to the Liberty Loan Com ­ mittee, under whose auspices the relics are being shown, a stop of not more than two hours w ill be made in each of the one hundred and sev­ enty odd towns in thte district. It is estimated that twenty days will be required by each of the two trains to cover the prescribed district. The form a l opening of the exhibit w ill be at the first to w n ’s stop at nine o’clock in the m o rning. A specially prepared program w ill be carried out at each o f the towns. This w ill be in charge each tim e of the chairm a n of the local Liberty Loan campaign committee. Extensive plans for the protection of the throngs of sight-seers at each o f the stops are being made by the police of the respective towns. The Boy Scouts o f Am e rica have already signified their willingness to help in the planB o f the m a in committee. Pa­ triotic airs w ill be played by the band, w h ich the town visited is expected to provide and follow ing this the people w ill be invited to view the relics. Speakers w ill then tell o f the Fourth Liberty Ix>an cam paign. Follow ing are the stops to be made by the train in this section, on F r i­ day, October 18th: Patchogue, South­ am p ton, Riverhead, Greenport. The Riverhead News contained the follow ing article in last week’s issue: A newcomer in Riverhead’s busi­ ness circles is George J. Hockstein, who succeeds Jo h n P. Lutz as man-

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