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T H E E A S T H A M P T O N S T A R , F R I D A Y , J U L Y 12, 19 1 8 W E E K L Y W A R N E W S D I G E S T N avy D e p a r tm e n t T e ll* o f F ighting N e a r the Clouds Ensign Stephen P o tter, United States Naval R e s e r v e F o r c e , killed in action with G erm an planes A p r il 25 last, was the first A m e r ican naval aviatbr to shoot down and destroy a German seaplane, accord in g to a Navy Departm e n t statem ent. The report states that on M a rch 19, 1918, a long-distance reconoaissance of the Germ an coast was m ade by large A m erican flying boats operating from a British R o y a l A ir F o r c e sta­ tion. Ensign P o t ter was one o f tw o American naval aviators accom p a n y ­ ing this expedition, and P o tter was Buccessful in shooting dow n a G e r­ man seaplane which attacked the the reconnaissance form a tion . A sec­ ond enem y seaplane fou n d sa fety in running away. Potter’s death reflects credit on his courage. He was f i l l e d in a fight with seven eneipy single-seaters. He was second pilot to a British A ir Force captain, w h o was with him when he shot down the G erm an plane in March. T w o British planes had flown to a point six m iles from H inder Light, when tw o enem y planes head­ ed toward them. The British planes closed on the nearest Germ a n and opened fire. T w o m o re hostile planes then appeared overhead and attacked vigorously, w h ile three other enem y planes passed astern. The tw o Brit­ ish planes dived and speeded w e st­ ward under continuous volleys from the rear. One o f the Germans dis­ appeared. O f the seven Germ a n s in action, four w ere attacking P o tter ,who fell behind his com p a n ions and began to zigzag. P o tter dodged, but was broad­ side to ajl the enem y m a chines and under their fire on ly fifty fe e t from the water. His com p a n ion, 250 feet above, saw P o tter’s m a chine burst into flame, com e dow n part o f the way under con t r o l ,then crash on the port w ing tip. P o tter was seen last on the su r fa c e o f the w a ter amid flames, which turned suddenly to a huge cloud o f sm o k e . W h e n the pall had cleared n o t even w r e c k a g e was visible and the circlin g enem y dis­ appeared. N a t io n -W i d e Search fo r L a b o r e rs E v e r y com m u n ity w ill be com b e d fo r w a r w orkers. W a r industries are short nearly 400,000 com m o n labor­ ers, and lack o f w o r k e r s in the coal­ m ining industry is im p e r illing all war production. There is also a serious o f skilled labor. O n e o f the m u n ition plants, turning out heavy caliber guns, is abou t 2,000 achinists short. T h e w a r plants o f o n n e c ticut and M a ryland are un­ 35,000 m achinists. M o b ile A p p a r a t u . lo P rovide F r . . h C o n .c i .n l i o u . O b j e c t o r . In Fighting W a t e r Branches The Am e r ican soldier in F rance 1 C o n s cientious objectors to m ilitary gets pure drinking w a ter from m o b ile service m a y be brushed aside by w a ter trains. The trains are under frien d ly argum e n t and reason the the jurisdiction o f the A r m y M e d ical W a r Departm ent learns through re- Departm ent. T h e y are m inature w a - P ° rts from M a j. Richard C. Stoddard, ter w o rks, which chem ically treat, i J u d g e Julian W . M ack, Chicago, and j filter, and sterilize w a ter, m aking it ^ ean Harlan F. Stone, Colum b ia Uui- I fit f o r consum p tion. W h a t m u n icipal ! v ®rsity Law School, a board designed | w a ter w o rks do to insure healthful j by Secretary o f W a r Baker to con - J w a ter to the people o f ,a city these fer personally with such objectors P H O T O S T O B E K E P T trains do fo r the soldiers. A num b e r o f purification units with attached m otor-tank constitute a train. Each unit is a com p lete filtration plant including laboratory. A r r iv in g at a stream it sets lose into a stream and pumps the w a ter through a pressure tank. B e fore the w a ter passed through a sand filter it is treated chem ically to rid it o f disease germ s. The pure w a ter is pum p e d into tanks m ounted on tracks which carry the w a ter to the soldiers. Each m o b ile w a ter unit carries an expert chem ist, bacteriologist, and pum p man. There is a com p lete lab­ oratory in the fron t o f the m achine fo r the testing o f the water. Tests are m a d e every tw o hours or m o re o f ­ ten when it is thought necessary. The w a ter is lifted into the filter by a gasoline pump engine, and a com ­ plete supply o f extra pipes and tools at the training camps. A t Camp G o r d o n , A tlanta, there was an unusually large num b er o f men segregated as objectors. K indly logic used by the special board re­ sulted in seventy-tw o o f the number accepting noncom b a tant service, and tw e lve w ithdrew objection or an­ nounced they had m isunderstood the o r ig in a l. questions. The board accepted as sincere the convictions o f tw e n ty-three members o f religious denom inations opposed to any form o f m ilitary service and recom m e n d e d them fo r fu r lou g h at a private’s pay. There was doubt in fo u r cases and the board recom m end­ ed the men be sent to F o r t Leaven­ w o r th fo r fu r th e r exam ination. F ifty - fo u r m en failed to convince the board o f their inability to take up m ilitary service w ithout violation o f their consciences and must accept are carried so that all repairs, either'*-serv*c.e specified fo r them b y the com - from accident or shell fire, can be m ade on the spot. The trucks are equipped with electric lights so that the w o r k can be carried on at night. M a n y o f the chem ists and bacteriol­ ogists assigned to the m o b ile labor­ atories w e r e form e r ly connected with m u n icipal w a ter w o rks and filtra­ tion plants. The U n ited States Em p loym ent Service w ill begin an intensive re ­ cruiting o f w o rkers fo r w a r w ork from the non-essential industries. E m p loym e n t offices will be increased and the fo r c e o f local agents and traveling exam iners will be enlarged and sent into every com m u n ity that re li e f m a y be given b e fore the ban against private labor recruiting goes into effect on A u g u s t 1. N e a r ly 2,000,000 girls and boys have volunteered fo r the U n ited States Garden A rm y in the D e p a rt­ m e n t o f the Interior. Their service flag bears a crossed rake and hoe with the letters U. S. S. G. in blue on a field o f white with a red border. The enlistm ent entails a pledge on the part o f the child to use efforts to increase fo o d production b y culti­ vating one or m o re crops under a garden supervisor or teacher chosen fo r this w ork and to m ake such re­ ports as m a y be required. m a n d ing officer or stand court-m ar- tial. E ight claim ed to be citizens o f enem y countries but had no w a y o f substantiating their claim s and it was held should n o t be so classed. The board failed to exam ine fo u r others w h o w e re in hospital. The departm e n t o f labor reports adjustm e n t o f thirty industrial dis­ putes during a recent week. This is a record. E leven strikes and two threatened strikes w e re adjusted. In­ cluded in the strikes settled Was that o f m achinists at the Curtiss A e r o ­ plane Co. plant, B u ffalo, w h ere 300 m en quit and 15,000 w e r e affected indirectly. U n cle Sam ’ s t r a ining cam p theatres w ill do a $3,500,000 business in the first year o f operation under the Com ­ mission on T raining Camp A ctivities if the people back hom e w ill provide the soldiers w ith t h e ir tickets b y send­ ing them Sm ileage Books, says the Sniileage D ivision o f the com m ission. Sm ileage coupons to the am ount o f $355,000 have been redeem ed to date. The Secretary o f the N a v y has is­ sued a request that photographs o f the men o f the navy w h o have lost their lives in service against the ene­ m y be sent to the recruiting division, Bureau o f N a v igation, fo r preserva­ tion as a part o f the navy records. “ T o perpetuate the m em ory o f the enlisted men o f the navy lost during the w a r ,” says the N a v y De­ partm ent statem e n t, “ photographs are now being carefu lly collected. A s rapidly as these pictures are received copies are m ade and the originals re­ turned to the owners. “ A photograph o f each man is then forw a r d e d to the training Station w h ere he began his career in the ser­ vice. There a m em orial gallery o f honor or a heroes’ corner is form e d , so that fo r all tim e the faces o f the men o f the navy w h o have m ade the supreme sacrifice m a y be honored by the youths o f the fu tu r e sent to the station fo r training. “ Relatives o f men who have been lost in the present w a r w h o have not received requests fo r pictures are asked to mail them to the depart­ m ent fo r this m em orial. W h en cop­ ied each photograph will be returned to the sender w ith one o f the copies.” The W a r Industries Board has put a limit o f eight inches on the height o f w o m en’s shoes. Nature has fixed the distance o f a w om a n ’s waistline from the pavem ent. I f the W a r In­ dustries Board puts a lim it on the length o f w o m e n ’s skirts— why, there you are, so to speak.— lAmityville R ecord. SCHOLZ’S BREAD—IT’S BEST E v e ry material is most carefu lly selected; m ixtures are made by electric m a chines, and the finished bread goes directly into a sealed parchm e n t wrapping, reaching your table the sam e day it is baked. A ll kinds o f Bread and Rolls. Cakes and Pastry for special occasions H O M E-M AD E ICE CREAM E A S T H A M P T O N B A K E R Y M A X S C H O L Z , Prop. Telephone 6 6 - W East H a m p ton, L . I. JAMES E. GAY & CO. M a n u facturers o f CARRIAGES AND HARNESS and dealers in Business W a g o n s P n eum a tic Runabouts Steel T ire Runabouts Top Buggies Surreys O p e n tw o -Seat W a g o n s G lens Falls Buckboards D e p o t W a g o n s Farm W a g o n s , Single, Double Sleighs o f A l l Kinds HORSE FURNISHING GOODS W e have a well appointed Blacksm ith Shop connected with our estab­ lishment, and are thoroughly equipped to do all kinds o f Iron W o rk, Forging, Repairing and H O R S E S H O E I N G in the best possible m anner. E x p e rt horseshoers alw a y s in attendance East M a in Street, East H a m p ton, N . Y . Telephone 16-J A G R I G R A P H S Thom a s Jefferson said: “ C u ltivat­ ors o f the ,earth are the m o s t valu­ able citizens. They are the m ost vigorous, the m o s t independent, the m ost virtu o u s ; and they are tied to their cou n t r y and w edded to its lib­ erty and interest by the m o s t lasting bonds.” The country needs all its strength and vitality. W e e d s sap the strength and vitality o f plants w h ich are need­ ed by our soldiers and allies. W a tch the weeds as you w o u ld a German spy. The clock shelf, the cupboard, thp calendar are all right in their place but are poor substitutes fo r neces­ sary files and books fo r keeping rec­ ords on the farm . Business m ethods pay in farm ing. W ith the increased interest in. sheep raising, it m ight be a good plan to send to the state college o f agri­ culture at Ithaca fo r a cop y o f R. C. F. 115 “ K e e p ing Sheep fo r P r o fit.” A postal card request \frill bring it. N othing w ill cause indigestion and general disorder in chickens quicker than fo o d w h ich is rusty or m oldy. L o o k out fo r b e e f scrap particularly. It can be quickly tested by pouring a little boiling w a ter on a small am ount. Y o u r nose w ill tell you i f the scrap is not good. Save Fuel Wisely Saving fuel is working hand in hand with the Government these days. And one way to save wisely and well is to use So-CO-NY — the quality gasoline. It means minimum consumption and maximum power. Inferior, low-grade mixtures mean waste in the form o f increased consumption, lost power and excessive carbon deposits. There’s power in every drop of SO-C(b-NY. It’s clean, quick starting; reliable; obtainable everywhere. Look for the Red, IVMtz and Blue SO-CO-NY Sign. It's the wise way to save fuel Fuel-saving Here Means Life-saving There S T A N D A R D O IL C O M P A N Y OF N E W YO R K BEST Q U A L IT Y STATIO N ERY J W e have ready for your inspection a s assortm e n t o f fine qual- 2 ity W r i t in g Paper in attractive boxes— in pads, corresponding cards j, and leaflets, o r by the pounds— | S H E T L A N D L I N E N , IR IS H L I N E N , W H I T I N G ’ S C L O T H F I N I S H , * V I C T O R Y L A W N , O L D F L A X S T A T I O N E R Y , * P A T R I O T I C S T A T I O N E R Y | B E S T S T Y L E S IN E N V E L O P E S A N D P A P E R I E. J. EDWARDS’ EAST HAMPTON PHARMACY * +<r1rii1r<r1rXTli<:1rtr+^r+-Crtr<rirCrir(r+<T-k-S ANNOUNCEMENT N e have opened our Tailoring Establishm e n t on N e w tow n 1 J. GOLDSTEIN L A D I E S ’ T A I L O R A N D F U R R I E R Cleaning and Pressing D y ing N e w tow n Lane 1918 CROW-ELKHART CARS MULTI-POWERED Valve-in-Head Motor, Counter-balanced Crankshaft and Removable Head C — E 32 2-P a s s e n g e r $ 9 9 5 C — E 36 5-Passenger _ _ _ _ _ _ 99 5 C— E 3 4 1055 C— E 36 5-P a s s e n g e r D e L u x e Touring C a r . . --------------- ________ - 1055 C— E 5-P a s s e n g e r _____ 1395 Prices F . O . B . E lkhart, Ind W i r e wheels $ 1 0 0 .0 0 extra S & „n' L X M O N T A U K G A R A G E T E L . 4 2 - M - l W . D. Parsons & Sons, Prop. M O N T A U K , N . Y . y n - — V M O T V Month of Roses, Weddings, Graduations and Anniversaries y//t OCTAGON\ DIAM O N D LrtGAGLMENTRlNG ALL PLATINUM s4 7 5 .- Y o u w ill find us prepared to meet all you r requirem e n ts with suitable g i f t s fo r these occasions, and with articles revealing the skill o f the gold­ sm iths and silversm iths. W e are still offerin g m any patterns* in Silver, W a tches, and Diam onds, m u ch under the present m arket prices O u r line o f M ilitary WriBt W atches is very com p lete, ranging in price from $3.50 to $50. W e featu r e an exceptionally satisfactory one at $100 C. El FRITTS E x p e r t W a tch m a k e r and O p tician Mail and telephone orders solicited, T e l. 29-R , S a g H a rbor, N. Y. R e m e m b e r we sell W atches and D iam o n d s cheaper than others. SO-CO-N'T MOTOR GASOLINE TRY OUR W A N T COLUM N FOR RESULTS

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