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TH E E A S T H AM P T O N S T A R , FR ID A Y. JUNE 28, 1918 BRIEF NOTES FROM AMAGANSETT A N N U A L RED CRO S S RE P O R T A. B. T e r r y is w o r k ing as phar­ macist in H u n tington. -------- : --------- F o llow in g is the report o f the fi- The Sunday school picnic was held nances o f the Am a g a n s e tt Red Cross this week, the 27th, at M a idstone A u x iliary from June 1, 1917, to June Park. 1, 1918: -------- : --------- Raised by donations, dances Committees are canvassing in the fees, e t c . _____________ _ $ 7 7 7 96 village this w e e k fo r W . S. S., w ith Paid out fo r gauze, mus- good returns. ; lin, supplies, Red Cross -------- : --------- ! fe e s _____________________ 600.98 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B o u g h ton, o f F o r w o o l _____________ 1 7 3 P o s tage ------------------------------- 7.96 Brooklyn, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J. W . Baker. We understand that H oward Brown has been honorably discharged from On hand, June 1, 1918__ the U. S. coast guard service. The Misses T e r r y , o f the Sea View, gave an afternoon tea last Tuesday, • to a large circle o f their friends. Mrs. W illiam Sherry with her son 1 Billy, is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Loper, on Oak lane. Total ------------------------------------- 782.30 777.96 $ 4.34 O u r m em b ership, m en and wom en, is 2 1 9 ; average attendance, 25. R e s p e c tfu lly subm itted, Ethel M arion Baker. F o llow in g is the w o r k done b y the auxiliary during the year: K n itted Goods Sw e a ters _______________________ 58 M u f f le r s _________________________ 24 -------- : --------- I W ristlets, pairs _________ _ ____ 24 Mrs. S. S. E d w a rds and Mrs. E g - 1 H e lm ets -------------------------------------- 21 bert King, o f this village, visited a Socks, p a i r s --------------------------------- 56 couple o f days last w e ek at Mrs. C. I T r e n ch c a p s ------------------------------- 6 B. Edwards’ , M optauk. Total T 8 9 -------- : -------- ' Hanks o f w o o l u s e d _________ 304 Mr. and Mrs. N e w ton Edw a rds, o f I G auze Surgical Dressings Southampton, form e r ly o f this place, 1 L a r g e com p resses -------------------- 439 recently received a new little daugh- Sm a ll co m p r e s s e s ---------------------- 5468 ter in their fam ily circle. Large w i p e s ------------------------------- 555 -------- : --------- I Sm all w ipes ___________________ 360 The dance given by the B o y Scouts j L a p a r o tom y p a d s ----------------------- 30 G a u ze r o l l s _____________________ 18 G auze d r a i n s __________________ 24 Oakum pads __________________ 30 G auze strips __________________ 550 K n itted sponges ______________ 22 K n itted wash c l o t h s __________ 24 F r a c ture pillow s ______________ 6 T r iangle b a n d a g e s _____________ 491 R o lled bandages ______________ 168 ___ ___ _________ _ ___ __________ Four-tailed head b a n d a g e s ___ 1098 stood the operation w e ll and are con - | T bandages ---------------- ------------- 302 valescing rapidly. A b d o m inal b a n d a g e s ---------------- 300 _____ . _____ Pajam a s , p a i r s _________________ 38 Our service flac now floats w ith ^ 11-8 fifty stars, representing the youths L , uletus b„ ^ P 170 who registered from A m a g a n s e tt, and , BeJ sock ________________ our com m u n ity honor roll has also „ ■ , , • , > nn . , . i Bandage socks, ( s i n g l e ) _____ 37 had the names o f the last men called ~ , _ to service inscribed by the skillful I WP„ , „ T i L ? ! ® ! \ ! 1,’.,!!?1 „o pen o f the Rev. W . G. Clark-Duff. last Thursday fo r the benefit o f the Red Cross and the boys ow n organi­ zation, netted each society over six dollars. The tw o children o f Ensign and Mrs. W . A . B e n jam in w e r e taken to the Southam p ton Hospital last T u e s ­ day and operated upon fo r adenoids and diseased tonsils. Both children T h e leader o f the Red C ross au x ­ iliary received a m o s t pleasant call from Mr. and Mrs. H a r ry L. John­ son last w e e k , w h o patriotically left a substantial check to help alon g the Red Cross w o r k in our circle. Mrs. Johnson has also offered the circle the use o f her knitting m a chine. The ju n ior ch o ir w ill have charge of the program under Mrs. Geo. S. Baker, director, n e x t Sunday evening. Only ju n iors w ill sing. The senior The supper given last Saturday evening upon the grounds and in the hom e o f Mrs. H a r r y V a il, w a s a*very successful and social affair. T h e grounds w e re very prettily decorated with Japanese lanterns and the national colors and Red Cross m e m b e rs in costum e s w a ited on the ice cream , cake and candy tables choir wn'i have ch a r g e 'o f th e 'm u s /c'in i u P on the lawn. In the house places the m orning. F o r the evening Miss | w e re set f o r ^ Pe0P 'e’ w h ich w e re Louise M u lford w ill assist, accom p - occupied by a jo lly crow d who allying the organist, Mrs. W ilson highly praised the .m e n u , which G riffing i c o n s ,ste(* °* escalloped clam s, potato W a ter bottle covers Surgical bed shirts . Gun wipes, packages . RED CROSS SU P P E R salad, brow n and w h ite bread, pickles, W o r d has been received from Cam p s‘ r a » b \ ' - , v short cake w ith w h ipped _ prpjlm 1 i-ti pruarn KiKcian too anH Sherman, Ohio, that Dr. H o well cock, son o f E. W . B a b c o c k , o f A m ­ agansett, has been prom o ted once more. Dr. B a b c o c k , w h o was called to the service last O c tober, 1917, as private, soon obtained his com m is­ sion as lieutenant, and from that time his advancem e n t has been rapid and now he has been m ade a captain and has received w o r d that he is to be transferred. John Forsyth, o f New a rk, N. J., and Miss Clara Card, o f A m a g a n s e tt, were m a rried in the church o f the Transfiguration, N e w Y o r k , on June 18. T h e attendants w e r e Mr. and Mrs. H. W . S tortz, o f Mt. C laire, N. J. Mrs. Forsyth is a graduate nurse cream , ice cream , Russian tea and coffee. The receipts o f the evening w e r e over sixty-five dollars, o f which fifty dollars was net. K I N G ’ S D A U G H T E R S ’ O U T IN G SU N D A Y SCH O O L H APS The A m a g a n s e tt K in g ’ s D a u g h ters w ill hold their Ju ly m e e ting, July 2d, at M o n tauk, as they have done fo r several years past. This year the invitation com e s from Mrs. Frank Parsons, w h o lives at her com m o d ious bungalow each sum m er. It is hoped that there will be a large attendance on Tuesday, Ju ly the second. Each mfember is requested to bring one ar­ ticle o f fo o d . If in doubt w h a t to bring, co n f e r w ith one o f the officers, o f the E s sex C o u n t -T H o m e o p a thic : T h ^ t r a in leaves A m a g a n s e tt at 9 :45 Hospital. A t present Mr. F o r s y th is stationed at Cam p Dix. A f t e r lunch­ eon ut the M c A lpin H o tel, N e w Y o r k , the cou p le le f t on a short w e d d ing trip to B oston and C o n n e c ticut. The cottages are opening this sea­ son a little later than usual. One each o f Dr. Johnson’s and the G il­ christ cottages are occupied. The Martins are also occu p y in g th e ir cot­ tage on Indian W e ll highw a y . The Van H outen cotta g e has been o c c u ­ pied fo r som e tim e , and the W a r ­ rens and W a rds are. as usual, in their summer hom es. Mrs. H a n d y has been if our annual picnic was to be the at her cotta g e on Further lane fo r best ever, providing the w eather man some tim e, and the Davis cotta g e w a s is prepared to do his part, one o f the first to be opened. The Mrs. W illiam Griffing and her class Dixon cottage on A tlantic street has o f you n g ladies took the m issionary been occupied fo r a cou p le o f w e e k s program last Sunday. These short by m e m b ers o f the D ixon fam ily, exercises are alw a y s very interesting Dr. and Mrs. Duffield are at their and instructive. W e hope Mrs. Mul- summer hom e and Mrs. T. D. D im o n ’s fo r d can arrange to have them on the cottage on Main street was opened this week. The Sunday school room building fu n d is grow in g nicely, ow in g to the fa c t that so m a n y o f the classes are doing their bit tow a rds it. T h e H o m e D epartm ent is contem p lating putting ou t Rainy D a y bags, asking each m e m b e r to put in a penny on every rainy day. Thes£ bags are to be co l­ lected in the fa ll and the total am o u n t will be added to the building fund. A t the present w r iting, it look s as first Sunday in every month. Miss A n n ie Gosm a n has taken up the S c o u t class and w ill act as lead­ er. Miss Glaser, form e r leader, hav- ________ ing returnd to her home. Lost Friday evening a large au t o - W ith Mr. C o o n . M iss Hall and Miss m obile from East H a m p ton, driven GI m m aw a y fo r the sum m e r vaca- A U T O M O B I L E A C C I D E N T DR. D U F F IELD RESIGNS by a wom a n , accom p a n ied by her husband ran into and com p letely over Russell M iller, Jr., w h o was playing ball with his playm a tes on the D evon road. W h ile seriously cut and bruised, the child did not loose consciousness and stood the shock o f the blow with rem arkable fortitu d e . M e d ical at­ tention was procured as qu ick ly as possible, the ow n e r o f the car doing all in his pow e r to aid the little su f ­ ferer. W h ile not dangerously hurt, picnic day. the lad sustained severe in ju r ies and pressions now ' was badly cut and bled p r o fu s e ly. them w ith a yard stick. tion, or longer, it becom e s necessary to fill their place w ith new teachers. A m a g a n s e tt will miss this trio o f in­ stru c t o r s in m a n y w a y s . W e cannot recall when three teachers have com e to the village and done so m u c h fo r the general good o f ou r com m u n ity. It reflects m u ch credit on our school trustees, C. S. H and, A . B. T e r r y and H. L. M u lford. T h e B o y S c o u t s expect to trim the m a rried m en o f the Sunday school. But look at their ex- C o u ldn’t measure The New Y o r k Tim es publishes the follow in g letter o f appreciation o f the services rendered by Dr. Duffield. pastor em eritus o f the Old First Church o f Fifth A v e. and Tw e lfth street, New Y o r k , o f which he has been the pastor fo r sereval years. A t the conclusion o f the evening service o f the Old First Presbyterian Church, F ifth Avenue and Tw e lfth street, Sunday, June 2, the Rev. H ow­ ard Duffield, D. D., ceased to be its pastor. The severing o f the pastoral relation was precipitated by the re­ cent consolidation with the Madison Square and U n iversity Place Presby­ terian churches, o f N e w York. It is not the w riter’s desire to dis­ cuss in any w a y this consolidation, which has long been public inform a ­ tion through press statem ents, but rather from the point o f view o f a personal friendship o f three or fou r decades, to m a g n ify Dr. Duffield’s connection with the Old First, whose corporate title will never be destroy­ ed, but perpetuated to m em orialize a history which is influential, even as that o f the city. Its record is known to all w h o are fam iliar with it, since its establish­ m ent in W a ll Street, but the people at large are not acquainted w ith the achievem e n ts o f Dr. Duffield, whose wise leadership m ade the consolida­ tion a possibility, which was sug­ gested by others. M ore than tw e n ty-five years ago it was my privilege to visit Dr. Duffield, w h o was then pastor o f the W e stm in­ ster Presbyterian Church in Detroit, M ich., and, as a representative o f the Old First, to solicit and secure his a c ceptance o f a call to the pastorate o f the N ew Y o r k church. W ith a fu ll realization o f the pos­ sibilities as w ell as the responsibil­ ities and difficulties involved in that acceptance, but nothing daunted, he cam e to N e w Y o r k and applied his rare g i f t s as an organizer and leader to develop an institution (even down­ tow n ) which has since proved a pow­ er in the m etropolis. M aterial im p rovem e n ts have been made t6 beau tify the interior o f this p e r fect G o thic edifice. M em orial stained glass w indow s have been in­ stalled throughout. A lamp o f rare beauty has been suspended from the ceiling over the pulpit, and an im p os­ in g artistic reredos was only recent­ ly dedicated as the g i f t o f the mem ­ bers o f the congregation. M osaic flooring has been substituted fo r car­ pet covered, and electric lighting fo r som b re gas jets. Single handed, a f t e r years o f earn­ est effort, Dr. Duffield obtained from prom inent citizens an endow m e n t fu n d o f $500,000 perm a n e n tly to maintain the activities o f the church. In addition to these, and other evi­ dences o f a devoted zeal, societies and organizations w e re created to atm o sphere the church with spiritual energy, which has radiated through­ out the' neighborhood. The m u sic o f the Old First has al­ w a y s appealed to the people, and fo r this Dr. Duffield’s w isdom was also responsible, fo r in the early days o f his pastorate he selected as the organ­ ist and choirm a s ter W illiam C. Carl, who has since been awarded the de­ gree o f D o c t o r o f M usic, and whose reputation as a skilled artist is w o rld­ wide. Dr. C a r l’s consistent devotion and loyalty to Dr. Duffield has made the organ an invaluable ally o f the pulpit. Dr. Duffield’s vigorous mental ability as a clear, logical and convinc­ ing preacher never was greater. As an eloquent speaker out o f the pul­ pit, his present influence w a s never m o re far-reaching. A s his frien d , not a m e m b e r o f the Old F irst, (be­ cause o f m any years’ change o f resi­ d e n c e ) , I salute him and bid him god­ speed. Charles M. Jessup, W h ite Plains; N. Y ., June 8, 1918. The hydroplane that fe ll last week M o n d a y evening in F o r t Pond Bay resem b les a com p lete w reck. The two occupants, fortu n a tely, escaped with­ out injury, a f t e r the m a chine had turned a som ersault in mid air. Spring Furnishings T h e season is now at hand when you w ill need m a n y articles in the line o f H o u s e Furnishings to put y o u r cottage in shape fo r the good old sum m er tim e. Y o u w ill find ou r store heavily stocked with F U R N IT U R E o f all kinds, F L O O R C O V E R I N G S , BED SPR IN G S , M A T T R E S S E S , PORCH F U R N ISIN G S , E tc. Call and inspect ou r stock. HEDGES & GRIMSHAW E A S T H A M P T O N . L. I. JA M E S O B R I E N H o llow T ile C onstruction M u o n Builder and C o n tractor T ilin g , Plain and Ornam ental Plas­ terin g , Cem e n t Stru c c o a Specialty Estim a tes Furnished A m ig a m r t l. N. Y. Much excitem ent was experienced last week on M eeting H o u se lane when John D. Edwards’ bees swarm ­ ed. As this is their first venture in apiary much anxiety was experienc­ ed in m aneuvering to get them back into the hive. Finally every thing progressed in good shape, including one o f Mr. Edw a rds’ eyes! U P R o e o n o R O R o n o R o n o R o iioR o ifo o 3 > o a n -*o*naoatcat< j*o»o»o*o«o« LOST— Between E. B. Tuthill’s store and H eather Plains L ife Saving station, an open fa c e , gold W a l­ tham watch with the initials “ W . G.” engraved on the back. Suit­ able reward. N o t ify W a lter Gaffga G reenport, L. I. 30-3 B.M. OSBORNE R E A L E S T A T E D EA L E R Fine Cottages with all Modern Conveniences To Rent for the Sum­ mer. :: :: :: Conklin Company The Co-operative Store c^lmagansett Long Island Telephone 19 Large and Small Coun­ try Houses and Build­ ing Sites For Sale. Acreage in all Parte of the Town. :: :: If you want to Buy, or have Property to Sell, sew the A g e n t B. M. OSBORNE East Ham p ton, N. Y. R ICH ARD SM ITH P A I N T E R and D E C O R A T O R Autom obiles, Signs and Furniture a Specialty Packing and C rating o f E v ery D escription— F ine China and B ric- a-brac a Specialty North Main St. Tel. 60-T HIGH GRADE PIANOS M AD E FO R TH IS C L IM A T E T o Rent and for Sum m er JAMES C. LAWRENCE M ain Street, Sag H a rbor, T e le 72-R EAST HAMPTON LUMBER & COAL CO. SCREENED (Lim ited) Anthracite, Bitu­ minous and Cannel COAL O F F IC E AN D Y A R D S N E A R R. R. S T A T IO N T E L E P H O N E 5, E A S T H AM P T O N F o r F ire-places and Ranges in summer, try our C A N N EL CO AL, Quick, E conom ical, burns like w ood J. E D W A R D H U N T T IN G , Mgr. OUR ONLY TERMS ARE CASH This enables us to give low prices on standard goods W atch for o u r Saturday Specials ONLY Saturday, June 29th, 1918 ONLY Four to a Customer Ford Champion X Spark Plugs ________________53c each Ford Rex Mica Spark Plugs______________________64c each Rex Mica Spark Plugs for all other cars__________74c each Tires, Tubes, Tire Gauges, Lights, Pumps, Jacks, Speed­ ometers, Tool Boxes, 5-minute Vulcanizers, Blow-out patches, Valve Insides, Cut-outs, Fan Belts, Brake Lining, Tire Holders, Sponges, Oils, Greases and Gasoline Bicycles, Bicycle Tires, Saddles, Pedals, Handle Bars, ■ Grips, Lights, Horns, Bells, Spokes and Rims, Mud Guards, Etc. This is the Place to Huy Your CROCKERY GLASSWARE LAMPS AND FURNISHINGS HENRY D. HEDGES Base Ball Goods and Complete Line of Fishing Tackle Bring in this advertisement; it is worth 10 cents on any sale amounting to 75c or over on Saturday, June 29th, only S P O RTIN G GOODS C.H. THOMAS BICYCLES A U T O AN D BICYCLE REPA IR IN G V U L C A N IZIN G E A S T H AM PTO N T E L . 11-M SAVE FUEL USE ELECTRICITY FOR DOMESTIC PURPOSES SAFE, CONVENIENT, AND CLEAN EAST HAMPTON ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY W . M. TERRY A m a g a n sett Real Estate. Insurance, Notary Furnished and unfurnished cottages fo r rent and sale. Building sites overlooking ocean, with beach rights; w o o land and farm acreage fo r sale. T e lephone 20 SCHOLZ’S BREAD—IT’S BEST Every m aterial is most carefully selected; m ixtures are made by electric machines, and the finished bread goes directly into a sealed parchm ent wrapping, reaching your table the same day it is baked, ill kinds o f Bread and Rolls. Cakes and Pastry fo r special occasions H O M E-M AD E ICE CREAM E A S T H AM P T ON B A K E R Y M AX SCH OLZ, Prop. Telephone 66-W East Hampton, L. I. T R Y O U R W A N T C O L U M N F O R R E S U L T S

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