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THE E A S T H AM P T ON STA R , FRID AY, JUNE 21, 1918 THE STAR Published Every Friday M orning Entered at the Po.-t Office at East ' Hampton, N. Y ., as Second-class matter B. E. Boughton W elby E. Boughton Proprietor Editor Subscription P r ice: $2.00 per year in advance - - - • This paper has enlisted with the government in the cause o f A m e rica for the period o f the w a r .............. The next eclipse will be the eclipse o f the Kaiser. And it will be total throughout the w orld.— Patchogue Advance. Congressman Hicks has sent to all the public schools in the district a large poster flag upon which is de­ picted the flag in color and quotations from his address on the flag delivered in Congress. He will mail copies to anyone upon request. W h at will be the effect o f the pro­ posed Federal tax on dogs? If the plan o f assessing $2.50 Federal tax on every dog in the United States is carried out, we think it is safe to say that the saying, “ e v e ry dog has his day,” will com e true, in a great many (eases, at least. W e congratulate Brother Kahler editor o f The' G reenport Times, on his progressiveness. He has de­ cided^ to install a new Linotype in his already up-to-date printing estab­ lishment. W e are positive that Broth­ er Kahler will n o t 'r e g r e t this step, a step which we consider to be in the right direction. Have you noticed waste paper cans about the street? They have just been repainted. This is another one o f the public improvem ents to be credited to the Ladies Village Im­ provem ent Society. These cans are regularly emptied and the waste dis­ posed of, by a hired man. W e are sure that these cans are responsible fo r the cleanliness o f our thorough­ fares. ___________________ A recovery o f $303.70 was made last month from the violators o f the conservation laws. There were twen­ ty-tw o cases reported, and the same num b er o f convictions — One f o r tak­ ing trout in closed season, seven for taking fish illegally, two fo r taking black bass in closed season, three for attem p ting to take wild geese, one fo r hunting law violation, one for possessing deer in closed season, two fo r fishing on posted lands, fo u r fo r angling, non resident w ithout license. The people o f East Hampton must begin to make preparations fo r the Fourth Liberty Loan, which, it is un­ derstood, will be floated this O c to­ ber. This was indicated in an an­ nouncem ent by Secretary M cAdoo, published this week, that in prepar­ ation fo r the Fourth Liberty Loan about $6,000,000,000 in certificates o f indebtedness will be issued within the next fou r months. The certifi­ cates will bear 4 % per cent, and will have varying maturity periods, none exceeding fo u r months. N EIGHBORHOOD NOTES The N e ighborhood Association has engaged Miss Eleanor M u lford, a graduate o f the Sargent school, to supervise the activities on the playground for a part o f each day during the summer. Miss M u lford will be on the playground every m orn­ ing from nine to twelve, and on Tues­ day and Thursday evenings from sev­ en to nine. The evening arrange­ ment is an effort to make provision for tennis and other sports during hours which can be utilized by the young people who are at work during the day. A n y o n e who is disposed to add to the depleted tennis equipm ent o f the playground by contributing racquettes, or balls, may send them to the playground during the hours when Miss M u lford is on duty, or they may be left with Paul Reuter- 1 shan. It is hoped that such contribu­ tions will be made prom ptly, as they J w ill relieve the association’s expen- ] diture. The directors wish to express their appreciation o f the excellent services , o f Mrs. A lfred Brown, who was en­ gaged to take charge on the play ground till the close o f school. An association com m ittee is ar­ ranging for a girls patriotic rally on I the playground at 7 :30 on Tuesday, July 2. Music and an address by Miss Clarke, one o f the National Y. W. C. A. Secretaries, will be the main features o f the rally, which is called to adopt a program for a summer continuation o f Red Cross activities in com bination with recreation. The rally is fo r all girls o f the com m u n ­ ity from the age o f twelve years up. Will those reading this notice kindly circulate the invitation so that tne gathering may include every girl and young woman in the village? — Buy W . S. S.— Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Rowland and children, o f Philadelphia, arc visiting with Mrs. Row land’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Sherrill. Miss Maria Parsons has passed the civil service exam ination fo r clerk in the local post office and is now employed there. A son, W e lby Edward, was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Boughton, June 14th. A son, Bruce Howland, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward M cVitty, June 9th. A son, Daniel Easer, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lester, June 19th. D on’t forg e t the graduation exer­ cises at Clinton Hall tonight. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McMahon this week. Gilmartin Bros, have purchased a j.ew Ford delivery car. Calvin Hauder spent last week-end visiting friends in town. — Buy W . S. S.— NEW SU G AR REGU L A T ION S F o r the inform a tion o f the public, in regard to posting lost and found notices in the post office, we publish the follow ing postal regulation— Sec. 281. Advertisem ents, circulars, pla­ cards, handbills, cards or notices re­ lating to any private business, and pictures, cartoons or other documents o f a political character, or concern­ ing any election, or designed to in­ fluence an election in favor o f any candidate, shall not be placed upon the walls or elsewhere, for public ex­ hibition, within post offices or the lobbies thereof, or any portion o f the post office premises. The proposal to extend the draft age so as to include all men between the ages o f eighteen and forty-five is the result o f Provost Marshal Gen­ eral Crouder’s “ work or fight” order. There seems to be a grow ing senti­ ment in favor o f it. In extending the draft age it^vill not only increase the number from which the boards can draw, but it will also increase the num ber available fo r the G overn­ ment’s use. There will be a large number o f these men over the age o f thirty who will be unfit fo r active service but who will be able to help in other ways where there is a call fo r them. This will give the govern­ ment control o f practically all man power. If this order to work or fight is enforced there will be several East Hampton men either obliged to change their positions or enlist in the service. As yet we are unable to tell just what the logical definition as General Growder calls it, o f work is. W e understand that any position now occupied by a man that could ju s t as well be filled by a girl or woman will com p el these men to seek other posi­ tions. E AST HAM P T ON FREE LIBRARY Library Hours Beginning June 10th 10 to 12, and 2 to 6 daily, except Sunday, and from 7 :30 to 9 on Tues­ day, Thursday and Saturday. A n y store keeper can sell five pounds o f sugar to one fam ily per week in cities and villages. In rural districts w h ere the custom er has to g o five miles or more the store keeper can sell as high as ten pounds— this fo r fam ily use only. Each fam ily needing sugar fo r canning or pre­ serving purposes can get it by filling out a blank order at the store and getting not to exceed twenty-five pounds at each order. These orders are to be filed each week with the Federal Food Board, 220 W est 57th street, N. Y ., by the store keeper. These orders can be repeated until the Federal Food Board notifies the store keeper not to fill any m ore to certain fam ilies, they having receiv­ ed the am ount o f sugar due them. A n y m anufacturer using sugar in making ice cream, candy, soft drinks or fo r any other purpose can get Sugar fo r such purposes only by ap­ plying to the county adm inistrator or to any o f his assistants throughout the county and getting blanks for that purpose. Filling out blanks and filing same with the Federal Food Board, 220 W est 57th street, N. Y., and receiving in return a certificate fo r the am ount needed. He can then present the certificate to any store keeper or wholesaler and get the re­ quired amount. — Buy W . S. S.— SU P E R V ISORS IN POORHOUSE In accordance with the custom set by a form e r keepers o f the Suffolk County Almshouse, the Supervisors from Suffolk county enjoyed a reg­ ular strawberry festival yesterday. This has been the custom fo r several year.; and usually most o f these town fathers make the most o f this oppor­ t u n e A t this time they make a regular inspection o f the almshouse, out I>u* dings and farm . Under the guiding hand o f Jonathan Baker, the keeper for many years, the institu­ tion lias becom e practically self sup­ porting. A large tract o f land was purr-based and is now kept under cul­ tivation by the inmates. — Buy W . S. S.— Do not forg e t that W ar Savings Stamps are not fo r children only. Most o f the squandering is done by the grownups. — Buy W . S. S.— Our Nation, not our A rm y and Navy only, is at war. And that means that all o f us not actually fighting must do our part. POPU L A R O RG AN IST RESIGNS Hugh M cKinnon, organist at S t Luke’s Episcopal chruch fo r the past year, has tendered his resignation and leaves M onday fo r Ithaca, N. Y., where ha has accepted a similar posi­ tion at Grace church, o f that city. Mr. M cKinnon has m ade many friends in tow n and it is with regret that they hear o f his intention. Dur­ ing his stay in this village the resi­ dents have enjoyed several musical recitals which he was instrumental in producing. He w ill also be missed by the Boy Scouts, o f which organ­ ization he has been scoutm aster dur­ ing the past year. It was through his efforts and kindness in giving his valuable tim e that these patrols were kept intact. During his reign as scoutm a ster the boys have enjoyed several interesting m eetings and long hikes. The position which Mr. M cKinnon leaves will be filled by M iles Martin, o f St. Edward, the M a rtyr’s church, o f New Y o r k City. Mr. Martin is also secretary o f the Am erican Guild of Organists. W e are told by Rev. E. Russell Bourne, rector o f St. Luke’s, that the residents o f the town will have the opportunity to hear some o f the best music ever heard in East Hampton. M iles Martin has also kindly accepted the position as scout­ master. Stfrong Bros, have rented Mrs. E. J. Vaughan’s Lee avenue cottage to A. H. C leaver; Phineas Dickinson’s cottage, to Edward P r e s ton ; Charles R. Smith’s cottage, Sherrill road, to^ John H. M cCullough; H. L. H o b a r t’s cottage, Main street, to Edith P. M or­ gan, and have sublet, fo r Dr. J. S. Doubleday, the M u lford cottage on Main street, to G e o rge S. Schanck. Teunis Barns received word this week from his son, Thomas, that he was expecting to go over at any time, so on M onday he went to Camp Mills to bid him good bye. He has not sailed, however, and now expects to run hom e fo r a day before leaving. Charles L. Hackstaff and daughter, Mrs. Howard O. W o o d , have arrived at their cottage on Lee avenue. 1 Thev also serve w h o buy W a r Sav­ ings Stamps— i f they save and buy to the utmost o f their ability, and buy in time. f o r s a l e , w a n t e d , l o s t FOR S A L E — Large Safe, at a bar­ gain price. East Ham p ton N ation­ al Bank. 2 5 - t f W A N T E D — By com p e tent waitress position serving luncheons and din­ ners at accom o d a tion, during the summer. City and country re fe r ­ ences. Call or w rite Mrs. Charles H. Bennett, Springs road, East Hampton, B o x 665. 29-2m LAU N D RY— C o lored, in Freetown. First class laundering. Fine work a specialty. Prices reason­ able. R e ferences on request. Lizzie Quick, colored hand laundry, right hand side o f Springs road, Tel. 223-M . 22-6m W A N T E D F O R H IR E — Tents fo r w o ­ man’s land arm y f o r summer. C o m ­ m u nicate B o x 604. FOR S A L E — Three buildings stand­ ing on leased land. Davidow building opposite Lum b er yard, A m a g a n s ett; two buildings at N apeague, Teaneys H ole.— W m. M. T e r ry, agt. 13-tf TO R EN T — T w o large room s with electric lights and use o f bath. P. 0 . B o x 713. 30-4 W A N T E D — B y com p etent girl, po­ sition as w aitress, cham berm aid or parlormaid. Best references. In­ quire o f S. Spivak, or at Star o f ­ fice. 31-1 FOR SALE— Or to rent, piano in good condition. Inquire o f Miss F. Smith, c|o Dom iny & Son. 31-2 W A N T E D — Graduate Dietitian with practical house-keeping and hos­ pital experience, desires position o f trust in home or as invalid child’s nurse. New Y o r k City re f ­ erences. Address No. 4, this o f ­ fice. The recreation room s at the Air Station and Naval Base, at Montauk, are in need o f som e popular sheet music. If you have any you wish to spare fo r the enjoym e n t o f the boys in their idle moments leave same at the Star office fo r collection. R. D. Talmage, Y. M. C. A. Extension W a r W ork. POSITION W A N T E D — Governess with M ontessori training, skilled in handling difficult children. New Y o r k City references. A v a ilable July 1st to Oct. 1st. Address G o v ­ erness, Star Office. W A N T E D — By reliable wom an, priv­ ate fam ily washing. A p p ly P. O. Box 253, village. IN M EM ORIAM DIM ON— In loving m em ory o f Theo­ dore Dwight Dim on, who, in June, 1904, entered into life eternal “ And this is the will o f Him who sent me, that every one which seeketh the Son, and believeth in Him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.” John 6:40. I 1918 BUICK Valve-in-Head ! E-4-34— Roadster E-4-36—Touring E-6-44—Roadster E-6-45—Touring E -6-46-C o u p e . 4 passenger E-6-49—Touring, 7 passenger E-6-50—Closed Car, 7 passenger E-4 — L ight Delivery SERVICE E A S T H A M P T O N $ 795 f. o. b. 795' f . o. b- 1265 f. o. b. 1265 f. o. b. 1695 f. o. b. 1495 f. o. b. 2175 f. o. b. 790 f. o. b. PARTS G A R A G E F. J. H e d g e s & S o n , P r e p . » \ Tel. 317 E. H. East Hampton, N. Y. « « » EACH CELL in y o u r sto r a g e b a t t e r y must lie in i/ood co n 'litio n in order th a t y o u r flow o f electricity m a y be u n ifo r m an d s t r o D g . W e h a v e e v e r y f e i l i l y for re­ p a i r i n g s t o r a g e batteries I’rin g y o u r s in and let us look it. over. H a l s e y ’ s G a r a g e G RE A T SA C R IF IC E — A m ost at­ tractive L o n g Island Property o f about 11 acres, 5 woodland, Dutch Colonial H ouse, built and occupied by owner, 9 room y, 2 baths, 3 open fireplaces, vapor heating, electric lights, water, telephone, etc. Built 1910, 400 ft. Lake fron t with large trees. Garage, stable, workshop, j wagon shed, 4 chicken houses, | house fo r help. Everything in A - l condition and o f the best. Sacrifice I price $12,000. Particulars and ; photos. G. L. Zell, Bridgeham p ton. j Phone 113. Capital $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 Officers Charles W. Osbornr President Nelson C. Osborne Vice President Nathan N. Tiffany Cashier OSBORNE BANK E A S T H A M P T O N . N Y. Surplus $ 2 5 ,0 0 0 Directors Charles W. Osborne Nelson C. Osborne Samuel A. Gregory John D Stokes Austin H. Culver Nathan N. Tiffany Herbert N. Edwardi James H. Mulford An Item of interest to Depositors 4 per cent, on Time Deposits, 2 per cent on avera Monthly Balances in excess of $1,000.00 There are no charges for collection on our checks through the N e w Y o r k C learin g H o u se. The ‘Bank of ‘Personal Service GREGORY COMPANY When we adopted the “ CASH AND C A R R Y ” plan, prices were reduced and by comparison will be found to be as L O W as the LO W EST. Where the accommodation of credit and delivery is desired a slight additional charge is made for this service. DRY GOODS DRESS GOODS Dame Fashion says plaids. A large variety of the newest fabrics at 26c to 98c per yard. DRAPERIES A wonderful display of cretonnes and lacey effects in net and figured window drapery. COM F ORTABLES AND BLANKETS Buy your bed covering now, as prices will be higher. Special values at $3.29, $3.98 and $4.98. JUST RECEIVED A large variety of Bungalow Aprons. The Styles are neat and give comfort and neat ap­ pearance. Prices range $1.59 to $2.39. BED SPREADS AND TOW ELS Splendid values in spreads, full sizes, close­ ly woven, at $1.98, $2.25 and $2.79. Bath towels, good size and well woven, at 29c, 49c, and 59c. GROCERIES Campbell Soups _____________________ _____ 10c Evap. M i l k __ _ ___________ ___________ [ ____ 12c Oatmeal, lb _____ J ............ ................... ............ 7c Mixed Tea, lb __________ ’ _________________ 35c Corn Meal, lb_____________________________ 6c Heinz Baked Beans _______________ ______ _22c Magic Yeast _______ _____ _________________ 4c White Beans , ! b _______ _____ _ _____ ______ 15c Lard, t b __________________________________ 29c Com Flakes ..... ................. .. .............. ................ 11c Clover M ilk __ _____ _ ______ ______________ 15c COFFEE Blue Ribbon, Sunbeam, Yuban, Hotel Astor, 35c lb. We have a special blend which is big value for the money. Try a pound— 19c. SPECIAL POULTRY NETTING— We have several brok­ en rolls, which will be sold at cost.

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