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T H E EA S T H A M PT O N ST AR, F R ID A Y , JU N E 7. 1918 TRIBUTE PAID TO OURFARMERS Francis Lynde Stetson Declares That on Their Productions Rest Lives of Allies and America. AGRICULTURE FREQUENT CULTIVATION SHOULD COMMITTEES BEING FORMED. BE GIVEN GARDEN VEGETABLES Third Liberty Loan W ill Find Farmers Expending All Energy to Deal Crush­ ing Blow at Teuton Hordes— Names of Country Boys Already Figure In Casualty Lists. Knthuslnstic tribute to the Impor­ tant pnrt which the farmers of the i-ountry are playing In the great war :« paid by Francis Lynde Stetson, the lawyer of New York and life member of the New York State Agricultural •Society. In a statement Just made to ihe Liberty Loan Committee. Mr. Stet- aon said : “Love of country has dominated our people throughout more than a cen- ’ mry of unsurpassed efforts and sacri­ fices to establish here the home and ihe example of democratic liberty for ihe oppressed of every race. Espe­ cially has this been true of the most numerous and most Important element of our diversified population— our fanners. Upon their productive labor have depended not only our own peo­ ple but the very lives of our allied brethren beyond the seas. We and they alike are turning In gratitude and confident expectation to the tillers of our soil. \Since the fateful day at Lexington, when ‘the embattled farmers fired the shot heard round the world,’ they and their successors have stood and suf­ fered for freedom, the freedom which I d this dear land of ours means lib­ erty under law. Now, such freedom for us not less than for our allies Is ■challenged and threatened by a foe as formidable In m ilitary strength as In his malignant purpose of foreign con­ quest ; and, realizing the peril, our farmers are rallying with splendid de­ termination for the protection and the preservation of our hard won liberty. \Accepting the teachings of their great spokesman, Thomas Jefferson, they are pledging anew for the sake of precious liberty their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. \How their lives are given Is shown by our National Roll of Honor. Every casuullty list from our camps, whether here or In France, Is swelled with names of brave boys from farms in every state of the Union. Devoted la­ borers In our fields are feeding the armies and the peoples in Qritaiu and Belgium and France and Italy. The fortunes, large or small, of our farm ­ ers are being poured Into the na­ tion’s treasury to help win the war. \This Is the case in tills State of New York In particular and In a de­ gree not generally known. In every county of this Em pire State, farmers' committees are organizing to conduct campaigns In each rural district for the Liberty Loan, about to be offered for subscription. Our farmers have entered heurtlly Into this drive, deter­ mined to ‘go over the top’ of the quotas for each district. “All praise to them for tlieii splen­ did effort, and the most hopeful ex­ pectation for their success. Having put their hands to the plough they will not turn back. Such is not their wont W h ether on the field of fruit­ ful industry or on the field of battle for a righteous cause the farmers of New York have always followed their furrow to Its end, and now they will not falter or fall. \W hen Germany Is raising Its eighth ioan for tlio destruction of liberty, our New York farmers will spare no effort nor any sacrifice to do their bit for our own Third Liberty Loan, ‘the best Investment In the world.’ to be made even more valuuble by the vic­ tory which In due course Is certain to be ours. They are going forward, not with any song of hate in their hearts or mouths, but*shoutlng the battle cry of freedom, ‘Rally round the flag, boys; rally once ugnln !’ ” HUMUS OF MUCH IMPORTANCE Adds Plant Food and Makes It Avail­ able— It Supplies Media In W hich Bacteria Live. Humus adds plant food and makes plant food available. It supplies media In which the soli bacteria live and m u l­ tiply, causing chemical changes In the soil which mnke the plant food ele­ ments soluble and available to plant roots. It enlivens the soil, giving good tilth and a texture favorable to soli aeration and to the absorption and holding of soli moisture. Garden Peas Favorite Crop. Garden peas are a favorite crop in the home garden, and as they are not Injured easily by light frosts, they may be planted as soon as the soli can be put In order In the spring. By select­ ing a number of varieties It Is possible to have a continuous supply of peas throughout a large portion of the growing season. REMEMBER The hoe la m ightier than the word. Change notion to motion— turn patriotic impulse into real back yard service. Are YOUR garden tools re­ paired and ready for use7 These Boys Furnish Their Own Power for Their Home-Made Cultivator. The first step In the cultivation and care of the garden lies in proper plow­ ing, spading and preparation of the soil. The entire seedbed should be thoroughly pulverized as deep as the soil is plowed. The next step Is to mnke sure that the rows are laid out perfectly straight and far enough apart so that when horse cultivation Is em­ ployed there will be sufficient room for the horse to walk, and so that when hand cultivation Is to be employed there w ill be room for the wheel hoe. Straight rows enable the gardener to give the crops better cultivation than would be otherwise possible. Frequent shallow cultivation should be given garden crops. By keeping the surface of the soil stirred a dust mulch Is formed, which prevents the loss of moisture. In this way weeds are pre­ vented from getting a start. Cultivate After Rains. The soli should be cultivated as soon as dry enough after a rain, to break the crust and prevent baking. Sandy soils may be cultivated when quite wet, but clay soils should not be stirred when wet enough to cling together In a mass when lightly squeezed in the hand. Too much emphasis cannot be placed on the matter of thorough cul­ tivation. If the work Is. properly done at the right time, there will be little difficulty In controlling weeds. If the work Is to be done with horse- drawn tools, the five-shovel cultivator is an excellent tool, as It breaks the surface thoroughly, destroying weeds very effectively, and leaves the ground fairly level. The hand cultivator Is a good Imple­ ment, as It can be used for small growing vegetables and those plnnted too close for horse cultivation. Hand Work Essential. Some hand work Is always essential, no matter how thoroughly the horse cultivation Is done. It Is a good plan to go over the garden after finishing with the cultivator and. by means of the hoe or rake, pull clods and stones from around the plants, remove any weeds not destroyed by the cultivation, and uncover any plants accidentally covered by clods or earth during the cultivation. It Is an excellent plan to train to­ matoes, peas. etc.. on stakes or other supports, as this makes It possible to keep the garden In good condition with a minim u m of labor. Here Is the Platform of Every 100 P e r Cent. A m erican By SA M UEL W . RA Y B U R N . L as an Individual, do solemnly promise I w ill constantly support our boys by ever# means in my power. By my F a i t h ; by hard daily, thoughtful Work und T h rift that 1 may earn more, have more and give more; by Cheerfulness In the face of war news of any character; by Confidence In our Government, our Army, our Navy, our future. By taking upon myself a personal responsibility for the success of the Liberty Loans, the War-Savlngs Stamps, food and fuel conser­ vation, The American Red Cross and all other national service move­ ments, by helping others to know how to be T R U E AM E R ICA N S and by thinking of these Duties when I speak of Our Country and the war. \F IG H T F O R US T H E R E . W E A R E W O R K IN G AND PRA Y ING F O R YOU H E R E .\ TRY O U R W AN T COLUM N FO R RESULTS On and after June 1st our business will be conducted on strictly cash basis. We feel that this will be to your ad­ vantage as well as ours. We have just added to our line of Sporting Goods a complete line Fishing Tackle. Buy good Tackle at our low cash prices. Enjoy the sport and help win the war by saving meat. We have also just added to our repair equipment, an up-to-date Vulvanizer 'and are now ready to do first class Vulcanizing at our low cash price. V U L C A N IZ I N G C. H. THOMAS SPO R T IN G G O O D S A U T O A N D B IC Y C L E R E P A I R I N G L A W N M O W E R R E P A I R I N G A N D G R IN D I N G JAMES E. GAY & CO. Business W agons Pneum a tic Runabout* Steel Tire Runabouts M a n u facturer, of Jo p B u R8'*» CARRIAGES AND HARNESS I O p e n y.wo-Sea, Wagons Glens Falls Buckboards and dealers in Depot Wagons HORSE FU R N ISH IN G GOODS ^ViTt.^VAn'iGLV.1'' D°\bl' W e have a well appointed B lacksm ith Shop connected w ith our estab­ lishment, and are thoroughly equipped to do a ll kinds of Iron W o rk, Forging, R e p a iring and H O R S E S H O E IN G in the best possible m a nner. Expert horseshoers always in attendance East M ain Street, East Ham p ton, N. Y. Telephone 16-J gPR IN G £LO TH ES AT M E Y E R ’S STORE We are showing elegant selections of Men’s and Boys’ Clothing at reasonable prices. Visit our Store and look over our offerings. We are sure that the Prices and Styles will be to your satisfaction FOOTWEAR We are proud of our beautiful assortment of Men’s, Boys’, and Ladies’ Shoes. We have Pumps, Oxfords and High Cut Shoes in white buckskin and Cordora leathers in the very latest shapes. Drop in and Look Them Over I. MEYER NOTICE The H a m p ton Farm U n it will open Jun e 10, 1918. Please send your applications for Farm Help as soon as possible. Address— Hampton Farm Unit Bridgeham p ton, L. 1. Tel. 134-J. 25-4t If in need of a Good Piano w r it e ............ H. S. H OR N B E C K 288 No. Broad St Elizabeth, N. J. S. B U S B Y A L L E N . M. D. E Y E and E A R rsday Evenings and Fridays Southam pton R I C H A R D SM IT H P A IN T E R and D E C O R A T O R Automobiles, Signs and Furniture a Specialty Packing and Crating of Every Description— Fine China and Bric- a-brac a Specialty North M ain St. Tel. 60-T H IG H G R AD E PIANOS M A D E F O R T H IS C L IM A T E To Rent and for Summer 1918 CROW-ELKHART CARS M ULTI-POW E R E D Valve-in-Head Motor, Counter-balanced Crankshaft and Removable Head C— E 32 2-Passenger __________ $ 995 C— E 36 5-Passenger __________ 995 C— E 34 4-Passenger ______ 1055 C— E 36 5-Passenger DeLuxe T o u ring C a r _ - ------- __________ 1055 C— E 5-Passenger Sedan Convertible---- -------- __________ 1395 Prices F. O . B. E lkhart, Ind W ire wheels S100.00 extra JA M E S C. LAW R E N CE M a in Street, Sag Harbor, Tele 72-R MONTAUK GARAGE T E L . 42-M-l W . D. P a r s o n s & Sons, Prop. M O N T A U K , N. Y. Month of Roses, Weddings, Graduations and Anniversaries Y o u w ill find us prepared to meet a ll your requirem e n ts w ith suitable g ifts fo r these occasions, and with articles revealing the skill of the gold­ smiths and silversmiths. W e are still offering many patterns in Silver, W a tches, and Diamonds, much under the present m a rket prices O u r line of M ilitary W r ist W atches is very complete, ranging in price from $3.50 to $50. W e feature an exceptionally satisfactory one at $100 c. E. FRITTS * Expert W a tchm a k e r and Optician M a il and telephone orders solicited, Tel. 29-R, Sag H a rbor, N. Y. Rem e m b e r we sell W a tches and Diam o n d s cheaper than others. She OCTAGON’ DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING ALL PLATINUM s475.- This is the Place to Buy Your CROCKERY GLASSWARE LAMPS AND FURNISHINGS HENRY D. HEDGES N E W T O W N L A N E T E L . CON. H ARD S C R ABB L E FARM Dairy Delivery Agent A N N U A L E L E C T IO N ! A n n u a l m e e ting of the East H a m p ­ ton Police D istrict w ill be held on i Saturday, Ju n e 8th, 1918, a t C linton H a ll, fo r the election of one police commissioner, also to vote on an ap­ propriation of $3,000 fo r the use of the departm e n t, the polls of such election to be open between the hours o f one and five o’clock p. m. E. H. Dayton, • 27-2t Police Commissioner. Spring Furnishings The season is now at hand when you w ill need m a n y articles in the line o f House Furnishings to put your cottage in shape fo r the good old sum m e r time. Y o u w ill find our store heavily stocked w ith F U R N IT U R E of all kinds, F L O O R C O V E R IN G S , B E D S P R IN G S , M A T T R E S S E S , P O R C H F U R N IS IN G 8 , Etc. Call and inspect our stock. HEDGES & G R IM S H A W EA S T H A M P T O N . L. I.

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