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V O L . X X X I I I BUY YOUR BONDS Subscribe Now and Do Y o u r B it P A Y FR O M F U T U R E S A V IN G S Every In d ividual Should Take as M any Bonds as Possible of This Loan It cannot be too m u c h or too often insisted upon th a t it is the duty of individual buyers of the Third Lib­ erty Loan bonds to hasten and com­ plete the subscription. M en o f m u c h , wealth, the banks, the great corpora­ tions have either already made sub­ scriptions in m illions and tens of m illions, or they are, properly and wisely husbanding their resources fo r yse at the last m o m e n t in -assuring the success of the loan. It is not the wish of the U n ited States Treasury, it is not well fo r the G o v e rnm e n t or fo r the cause, th a t these bonds should be taken by great institutions or by the very rich. M r. M cAdoo has expressed the hope that there be 20,- 000,000 subscribers. It is the peo­ ple’s loan, f o r i t is the people’s cause. There is n o t a m a n or a w o m a n in the U n ited States, above all there is not a child, fo r the happiness of the com­ in g generations is deeply involved in the issue o f the w a r, who has n o t a direct and personal interest in see­ ing to it th a t the Governm e n t is pro­ vided w ith funds to make victory sure. The tak ing of the entire loan in sm a ll sums by a great m u ltitude of individual A m e ricans would be the best possible evidence th a t the peo­ ple understand w h a t our soldiers are fighting for. Subscribe, subscribe now. Every person who is in a position to take a bond at all can take it as well today as he can next week, and there are urgent reasons why subscriptions should come in m o re rapidly, far more rapidly than they have up to this tim e . The banks and large buyers w ill do their share, there need be no fear about that. B u t th a t is not the question. The interests of the Governm e n t and o f the cause are best served, not by leaving the last h a lf o f the loan to be paid for out of lurge accum m u lations of money, but by getting as m a n y as possible of the bonds into the hands o f the peo­ ple. It cannot be too strongly instilled in the m inds of you people of East H a m p ton th a t the G o v e rnm e n t wants you to rather buy your Liberty Bonds w ith your fu tu r e savings rath­ er than w ith past savings. It wants us to become more o f a saving n a ­ tion. It is tim e that a ll of us ac­ quired m o re o f a saving habit. This is the reason w h y the G o v e rnm e n t instituted the p a r tial paym e n t plan fo r purchasing these bonds. By m a k ing a sm a ll paym e n t down it i3 made possible for nearly every indiv idual to save enough to meet the fu tu r e paym e n ts. W h e n buying a bond it is necessary to pay five per cent, down, tw e n ty per cent M a y 28, thirty-five per cent. Ju l y 18, f o r ty per cent. A u g u s t 15. Then you have the bond and the habit. Both are w o r th while. LE T T E R F R O M C A M P U P TON C a m p U p ton, A r p il 13. Dear M o ther: Received your package and letter. Believe me the crulls tasted good, ate them all up the first day. How do you like this weather. We had rain, snow and hail for the last three days. I was sorry I could not come hom e last week and this, but it seems as if they like our com­ pany up here or else they have fo r ­ gotten w h a t a pass is. They gave us a good dinn e r today. W e had French frien d potatoes steak cod and bread and butter. I am - w riting this letter down in the mess hall and be­ lieve me you w o u ld not th ink there was any need to quarantin e us fo r the racket th a t ’s going on up stairs boys are boxing and you can’t hear yourself think. Send me Claire's new address. Did you hear from M arvin yet? Send his address. D id Claire come Sunday? Tell all the folks I was asking for them . D o n 't w orry about me going aw ay, because when I do go, 1 am go ing to grab m y in ­ strum e n ts and go like a' m a n . I still have m y same jo b . It is g e t tin g bet­ ter than ever. W e ll, I m u s t close, hoping to see you soon, w ith lots o f love. S tanley M. Bennett. P A T C H O G U E U N D E R B AN By an order issued by M a jor G e n ­ eral J. F r a n k lin Bell, com m a n d e r of the 77th D ivision at C a m p U p ton, he forbids the men from entering a tone w hich includes Patchoguc, East Patchoguc, Blue P o int and Say- ville and the territory w ithin two miles thereof, under the penalty of arrest and court m a r tial, and has policed the same w ith sixty men. N'o reason is given fo r the action, but jt is well understood. L E T T E R F R O M P A R IS C lifford Edw a rds W rites of Life in The M uch Bombed City Paris, France, March 22d, 1918. D e a r— Have ju s t received your letter of Feb. 3d, which seems to have been unaccountably delayed in the mail. Nevertheless, it was good reading. I am ju s t stealing a few m o m e nts from work now to write to you, for I never seem to get tim e enough in the eve­ ning. A lm o s t everybody is away today excepting m y self, and I only have one stenographer, a transportation clerk, and an orderly to help me hold down the office. Ju s t now there hap­ pens to be a lull, so here goes. The Boches have missed a n u m ­ ber of excellent nights fo r raids late­ ly, and people are breathing easier again. Perhaps they are getting used to the idea. Really, it is surprising how easy it is fo r a whole city fu ll o f people (and there are about twice as m a n y people in Paris now as be­ fore the w a r) to fa ll into a habit of thinking. F o r a couple of days a f te r the big explosion o f a week ago the whole northern section o f the city lived in m o m e n tary expectation of being blown to a powder, but now they have grown tired of w a iting fo r an­ other explosion and seem to feel per­ fectly safe again. Last F r iday, when the explosion occurred in the hand grenade factory ju s t outside the city, I was in the of­ fice. t It was about a quarter to two in the afternoon, when there was a muffled explosion, follow e d by a ter­ rific-crash, then a third shock a bit less violent. A t once I thoug h t there m u s t have been a raid, and the Ger­ mans were dropping bombs close by, in broad daylight. The second'shock sounded as if a large bomb had dropped w ithin a stone’s throw of the office. As a m a tter of fact the explosion was outside the w a ll, a t the further end of the city. W indow s were broken through h a lf the city, and the work of rescue in the bu r n ­ ing ruins about the factory was greatly hindered by the continued ex­ plosion of grenades and shells, set off by tJie hca/ ut the fire. Im m e d iate­ ly jn te r the setond explosion, a col­ um n o f white smoke rose directly up in the air to a trem e n d o u s height, then slowly spread out u n t il it seem­ ed to cover the whole city like a gi­ gantic m u shroom . The Navy sent a com p a ny of m a ­ rines and a few doctors down to give w h a t first aid was possible and the A r m y m e n and am b u lance men on the job, getting w o u n ded out o f the wreckage in spite o f the exploding bombs. Thus even Paris is tasting the bitterness o f war. Speaking of the bitterness of war, o f course it is as evident to you a t home, as it is to us over here, th a t G e rm a n y is still o u t fo r conquest, and m u s t be thor­ oughly w h ipped before we can hope for peace, and that is n o t going to be a short job. It is m o st em p h a tically up to A m e rica now, and she is not going to fa ll down on the task. A cable came through this, m o rning ask­ ing every m a n in the service to help in assuring the success o f the Third Liberty Loan, by asking the folks a t home to get behind it and get oth­ ers to subscribe. I am sure there is no need to elaborate on the im p o r t­ ance of that. ^ Last Sunday m o rning I played hookey, and w e n t to the A m e rican church here. The speaker was Dr. R o b e rt Freem a n , o f the Y . M . C. A., and he preached a m ighty good ser­ mon and I was very glad I went. I th ink I w ill run aw a y fro m th e o f ­ fice more often on Sunday m o rnings. The preacher compared a m a n to a violin, whose fo u r strings are work, play, friendship, and worship, a ll of which m u s t be in tune before the in ­ strum e n t is fit to be played upon by God. The idea was very cleverly worked out in relation to present conditions o f life. F o r am u s e m e n t, I have been to a couple of parties lately, the last one a t the Em bassy, last W e d nesday. M ostly we danced, and you can im ­ agine that was not a b it distasteful to me. I am couped up in this office rather too m u c h to suit me, but then, after all, I am very well satisfied w ith m y jo b , and am going to try to hold it down to the best o f m y ability , get as much experience as I can out of it, and so be ready fo r w hatever the uncertain fu tu r e has in store for me. Love to all, Clifford. A civil service exam ination fo r G am e Protector w ill be held in Riv- erhead a t some date in the latter p a r t o f A p r il. The salary is $900. A p p licants m u s t be at least twenty- ] oars o f age, at least 5 feet 8 inches in height, m a le citizens of the U n ited States, and for at least three months resident o f the county fo r which exam ined. Candidates should file their applications in the office o f the C ivil Service Com m is­ sion, before A p r il 30, 1918. J B u y Bonds fo r Peace and Victory. THIRD LIBERTY LOAN HONOR ROLL These Are the People of East H a m p ton W h o are H e lping to W in The W a r by Investing in Governm e n t Bonds of the T h ird Liberty Loan Sam u e l A . Gregory E . S. Davis Ida M . Gregory H. C. Filer M innie M ahler M ary D. F a n n ing K a therine G. M ahler K. E. Davis S. L e w s H a m H e n r y James A u s tin H . Culver C lara M c L a n a h a n W m . A . Lockwood Frances Dobson M a rguerite G. Osborne E. T. Dayton Lena W e rner D o m iny M arv T. Dayton M a ry A. Schellinger E. B. T u thill Ju l ia S. Osborne Helen Osborne N. N. Tiffany Geo. A . Eldredge Nellie L. Tiffany. C lara B. Eldredge N e wton Tiffany Frank Eldredge D a v id Helier Jo h n F. G ilm a r tin J. Custis Lawrence Chas. S. Parsons Phoebe A. Lawrence Jan e t McCord M a rion B. Lawrence Dorothy Lippincott M a ttie C. Lawrence F a n n y McCord Ja n e t Sinclair D. W . M cCord N a t. T almage Edwards Clara L. N o rthrop E d n a M cLean Nash O. H. Northrop Isabel A. Culver N ina B. Jenny W . Sterling Peters Dorothy James Jo h n H. Iselin M a ry This Joseph S. Epstein Sam u e l Nelson Thos. Jam e s M cM ahon M a r tha G. Flannery M a u d e M. Seidel J . J. Flannery M a u rice C. Lester M a ry E: Eldredge D a v id H. H a m ilton Edith Eldredge A . C. Mosbach Ellen G. Stratton Jean W . Stokes N o r m a n R. M iller Jo h n D. Stokes Rev. Jo h n F. Geary M a rgaret M u ller Richard W e lling Bessie M. Osborne J. Greenleaf Thorp Joseph S. Osborne M . A. Stimpson Nelson C. Osborne B a r t Hadell Chas. W . Osborne E. A . Coffin Geni Loris Jam e s Stew a rt M a ry H o y t W iborg Chas. W . Stuart Sara W iborg M u r p h y M a r ia D. Parsons O lga W iborg Fish W illiam V incent Asa L. M iller Carrie V incent D a n iel T. M iller S. C. M. Talmage A rchie Rackett H e rbert T. Barnes Jo h n II. Morice H e rbert F. Barnes Louis A . Easer F r a n k M. M iller N. W . Harkness J . L. Banister A n n a R. Harkness Peter Kopplem a n F r a n k B. Sm ith Geo. S. Schellenger N . R. Livingston M a ry E . Cartw right M a x Scholz W illiam L. Cartw r ight Florence N. Edwards iV Sam u e l M . Lester Grace H . M iller A n n ie Gordon Talmage. ■ - Sam u e l B. Loper W illiam L. C a rtw r ight M a x Ollswang Mrs. M. Jam e s J . M. Schellenger M aude E. Rackett M aude S. Edwards Mrs. C. W . Rackett W illiam M. Jones Ira D. Baker E. J . Edw a rds C. W . Rackett, Jr. Clifford Edwards H e len M. G allager N e ttie O. H u n t tin g Jam e s A. Gallager Jerem iah H u n t tin g N a than F. M iller Geo. A. M iller Jos. Zenger Jam e s Douglas Catherine Terry B a r tlett Bennett M a rion Terry A. L. W o rthington Sarah Lester Theodore E. Sm ith H a rry T. Conklin L. M. W o rthington B. H. Barnes Geo. L. M c A lpin Frank M errall A m y Jam e s Newton K a therine I. Edwards Francis Newton Carrie M. Edw a rds M a ry Benton Richard L. Edwards A r th u r H. Ollswang D a v id Edwards D o rothy Ollsw a n g Jam e s N. Edwards Miss Constance Haines M a r g a r e t M. Edwards This list was compiled by Star. the advertising com m ittee, especially for The A D V E R T IS IN G D R IV E N. N. Tiffany Appoints a Committee of Thirty Members INKLINGS G A T H E R E D H E R E A N D T H E R E ON LO N G IS L A N D The store and apartm e n t building The M ineola fa i r is to be sriV-jn up o f the Bedell Grocery Com p a n y in durin g the w a r and a governm e n t Church street, lower Baldw in, a two- hospital established there, story fram e structure, was entirely | The explosion o f a gasoline torch destroyed by fire a t 4:30 last Wed- a t p a u i Kopper’s garage at Sayville nesday m o rning. The loss is estimat- ]ast F r iday n ig h t caused the death ed at $8,t)00, protected by insurance. 0f o tto an(j Leopold Golclce, tw in W o m e n in Suffolk county who brothers, and employees of tha gar- w a n t to vote at the prim a ries next age. The men were at work in the fa ll w ill be privileged to enroll any • shop. tim e between M ay 15 and Ju n e 15. j The plans to open a soldiers’ club The enrollm e n t blanks m a y be ob- jn Rjverhead seem to be m a turing tained from the local district com- ! s a tisfactorily, and it is expected now m itteem e n or the election commis- j t f,a t a club w ill be opened in the store b u ilding opposite the post office about the first o f M ay. The greatest advertising drive in history is now being pushed to the lim it. The advertising managers are using every means available to in ­ form and persuade patriotic persons to purchase bonds of this Third Lib­ erty Loan. The publicity dep.artment has so arranged its campaign that it w ill be impossible f o r a single read­ er or gazing soul to escape seeing ad­ vertisements in their papers, m a g a ­ zines, posters, etc. One cannot walk, ride, look right or left, w ithout his eyes m e e ting a bond buying rem ind­ er. In num b e r the different form s o f advertising appeals up to date are twenty-seven. The m a in divisional form s of attracting attention arc a d ­ vertisements, arm bands auto m a rk­ ers, bill boards, cards, folders, ru b ­ ber stamps, pasters, m o v ing pictures, window displays and others too num ­ erous too m e n tion. Franked cards »o the num b e r of 1,000,U0) or more are being sent out on special n.a !.i*t< O n e variety bearing an to mothers. The “ C o llar the Kaiser” novelty w ill be distributed through laundries and w ill carry a circulation punch estimated at nearly 1,000,000. Pay envelopes are also being used as advertising m e d iums. The candy box circulation w ill reach 300,000. Childs restaurant cashiers w ill liave appeals handy at their desks. To dis­ tribute all this advertising appeal m a tter twelve headquarters have been established. It is an intention of the advertising managers that not a single person w ill lack inform a tion as to how and4 w here to buy a bond. In East H a m p ton a com m ittee of thirty members HSS been appointed by N. N. Tiffany, chairm a n of the committee. Every effort is being made to inform persons in regard to bond buying. The two local-banks are w o rking enthusiastically, the W o ­ m a n ’s Com m ittee and . Boy Scouts are m a k ing a house to house can­ vass, in fa c t every possible means is being used to sell to the people of East H a m p ton the alloted am o u n t of bonds. M E S S A G E TO A U T O D R IV E R S N o tw ithstanding' a i r the precau­ tions we have taken to protect auto- m o bilists against accident a t grade crossings— artd I can conscientiously say the Long Island Railroad has probably done as m u c h in this di­ rection as any other railroad in the country— i t is, indeed, appalling to say the least, to discover that there still lurks on the highways o f Long Island a certain class o f drivers to whom w a rning signs, danger signals and lowered crossing gates, have no m e a n ing whatever. These persons m a y be classified as thoughtless, reckless and inexperienced drivers. A lthough every grade crossing along our lines is protected either by signpost, autom a tic bell, w a tchm a n or crossing gate, yet hardly a day passes durin g which some careless, speed-mad or irresponsible autom o ­ bile driver doesn’t jeopardize his own life, those ridin g w ith him , and a t the same tim e endangering the lives of thousands of troops on trains, the regular traveling public and tra in ­ men. Surely, w ith hundreds of trains to run daily, we could not be expect­ ed to halt trains so th a t autom obiles m ight pass safely over grade cross­ ings. Y e t, there are scores of drivers who would either have us make stops a t crossings, or else stop runnin g trains altogether. A t least their con- AID FOR FARMERS W a r Departm e n t Plans Fur­ loughs to Help O N L Y FO R SH O R T P E R IO D S urloughs Granted for Farm W o rk W ill Be W ithout Pay and Allowances For the purpose of augum e n ting agricultural production it is the in ­ tention of the W a r D e p a r tm e n t to grant furloughs to enlisted m e n to enable them to engage in farm in g d u ring the present season. Com ­ m a n d ing officers m a y grant such fu r ­ loughs w ithin prescribed rules w hen­ ever it appears they w ill contribute to increased farm production. Furloughs may be given by com­ m a n d ing officers of posts, camps, can­ tonm e n ts, divisions and departments. They w ill be fo r short periods, large­ ly for seeding and harvesting time. They will not be granted to enlisted men of or above the grade of first sergeant, nor in an organization that has been ordered to move or is in transit from points of m o b ilization or training to a port of em b a rkation. A ll furloughs granted for farm work w ill be w ithout pay and allowances, except th a t enough pay w ill be re­ tained in each case to meet allo t­ ments in force on the day of the or­ der, war-risk insurance, and pledges on Liberty bonds. F o r specially qualified experts in agriculture furloughs m a y be grant­ ed by the Secretary of W a r upon ap­ plication by the Secretary of A g r i­ culture, providing such furloughs are voluntarily accepted by the persons for whom application is made. In d ividual applications for fu r ­ loughs subm itted by relatives w ill be on a form to be furnished by local d r a f t boards. Two sections are to be made out and presented to the local board, which w ill complete the form . I f the furloug h is granted the ap­ plication w ill be filed by the com­ m a n d ing officer and a certificate fu r ­ nished the soldier. I f not granted, the application w ill be returned with reasons for disapproval. I f the soldier initiated the appli­ cation he w ill give the nam e o f the person fo r whom he desires to work, fro m whom w ill be ascertained the need for farm service. Furloughs m a y be granted en bloc to men who are w illing to accept them upon requests of farm e rs, when tim e consumed ih traveling from the post to the place of labor w ill not exceed 24 hours. In m a k ing these applications farm e rs w ill use a form o f the Provost M arshal General's of­ fice, also going to the local board. W illis G. Corw in, a prom inent bus­ iness man of Southam p ton, was struck by an autom o b ile Saturday n ig h t while ridin g a bicycle and is in the Southam p ton H o s p ital in a critical condition. He sustained a fracture of the skull besides other injuries. He was return ing to his home when an autom o b ile owned by C. R. F itz, and driven by Stanley Duffee dashed into him . I t was snow­ ing at the tim e , which prevented the driver of the autom o b ile seeing Mr. Corw in in tim e to avert the accident. sioners in Riverhead. F ifteen salaried employees of Freeport village received an increase in salary fro m the Board o f Trustees by action taken a t their last meeting. Besides these increases, the officials increased the allow ance fo r a team and m a n on road work fro m $6.50 to $7 a day and helpers fro m $2.50 to $2.75 e day. The big boarding house of Henry C. Jeffries on W e st M a in street, Riv­ erhead, was partly ruined by fire and w a ter in a lively blaze early Sunday m o rning. T h a t a ll o f the people in the house, nearly a dozen, escaped u n h u r t is claim e d to be due to the calmness and presence o f m ind of one o f the boarders, Mrs. Jediz, w id­ ow o f an A r m y captain. A c c o r d ing to a ll indications there w ill be no service between Green- port, Shelter Island, O r ient, Sag H a r ­ bor and New Y o r k the com ing season by the M o n tauk Steam b o a t Co. W h ile the service w ill be greatly missed by m e rchants and the public in general, I the greatest hardship falls on the | farm e rs of Shelter Island and Orient, who m u s t find other means to get their produce to New Y o r k market*. One o f the handsomest homes on Long Island is b u ilding on the out­ skirts of Glen Cove. It is for Frank W . W o o lw o rth, whose first horhe was burned in 1916. The house, to cost $2,000,000, is of Italian architecture, b u ilt o f steel and white m a rblo. It is 196 feet long, 65 feet w ide and 45 feet high. R e p o r t has it that some 430 acres o f shorefront land on W e s t Neck has passed to a M a n h a ttan syndicate, and that the big holding w ill be cut into high-class developments. A c ­ cording to this rum o r the sale in ­ cludes the form e r Charles E. Brush farm o f 100 acres, later owned by Louis Meyers; the Reuben and W a r ­ ren Brush farm o f 220 acres, held by Roland R. C o n k lin; the S. Brush es­ tate piece o f 50 acres, recently sold under p a r tition sale, and p a r t o f the 160 acres of Roland R. Conklin, up­ on which are his large residence, as well as th r t o f his brother, Stanley C o n k lin, and a large num b e r of out­ buildings. The Conklins retain 100 acres upon which these structures are situated.— H u n t ington Long Islander disregard of the s f o r safety creates tinued apparent commonsense rule that impression. A c c o rding to our records, no less than 109 gates, which had been low­ ered because of approaching trains, were broken off last year by autom o ­ bile drivers on L o n g Island. F o r ­ tunately, only seven lives were lost as the result o f collisions between au­ tomobiles and trains on grade cross­ ings. To be sure, that was seven too m a n y fatalities, but ju s t think how m a n y more precious lives and limbs m ig h t have been sacrificed if the au­ tomobiles which broke through 109 crossing gates had a ll been struck by passing trains. As i t was, sixteen of these recklessly driven autom o b ­ iles did get hit, and besides those who were killed, eighteen persons were more or less seriously injured. N o w , there was no need fo r the occurrence o f any one o f these acci­ dents. It was a crim inal offense that every one o f those 109 auto drivers com m itted, in deliberately disobey­ ing the m a n d a te to Stop, Look, and Listen at railroad crossings. There is but one means o f discouraging and elim in a ting such dangerous practices, and th a t is to revoke the license of every driver who is foun d guilty of r u n n in g his m a c h ine through a low ­ ered railroad crossing gate. Fre­ quently we have foun d the same au­ tom o b ile driver breaking off crossing gates at different places. His first offense should be his la s t The oil burners on the steamer W y a n d o tte of the 3Iontauk Steam ­ boat Co. have been removed a n d n h e boat is once m o re burn ing coal. L O C A L M A S O N S AT M E E T IN G M o rton Lodge was crowded to its lim it Tuesday n ig h t when the hund­ reds of friends of the Rev. Oscar F. R. Treder, D. D. G. M., who is a m e m ­ ber of Star o f the East Lodge, of East H a m p ton, had his official home­ com ing in the lodge of his adoption and was given an ovation such as no other deputy has ever been in re­ ceipt of in the First District. Delegations came from every lodge on Long Island and m a n y came from Brooklyn and M a n h a ttan The W or. Master, A r thur Phillips, presided. S u ­ preme C o u r t Justice Townsend Scud- der, past grand master, was present and delivered an address that dwelt on the European situation and the duty of members of the craft in the emergency. Before the deputy waB escorted in ­ to the room there was a very im ­ pressive scene enacted. A delegation came into the room headed by a sail­ or who bore the color. O n each side his guard consisted o f two marines, and there followed over fifty soldier members of Cam p M ills and the avia­ tion camps. The address of the district deputy was one o f the most impressive th r t haa ever been heard in the lodge. A f te r he had finished his rem a rk/ he wa.H presented w ith a handsome bou- | q u e t from the members of his «-wn lodge, Star o f the East, o f £a * t | H a m p ton, o f which lodge thirty-five members were present W o r. Brother i I. Y. Hasey, from the home lodg.*, I gave the form a l welcome. ! This makes the homecoming of the , second term o f the deputy find hi* , popularity was well attest*? 1 by the groups of distinguished craftsmen th a t were present at his official re­ ception. S T A R NO. 22 E A S T H A M P T O N , N. N„ A P R IL 19, 1918

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