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Buffalo daily republic. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1848-1857, May 10, 1848, Image 3

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WEDNESDAY EVENING MAY 10 U The foreijtn news excludes almost eveey \hmg ~~~to d!I.J ):13 gre~~~ JUteifi~ 1 lwwewr 1 Will JUStifv;; the: space \We devote to i±- De8trltc11VCI Fire iR Detroit. l\<Ion.E THA....'II{\\ Fon.TY Dun:.'DIN s IN ..A.sln.:s AND 300 F AMIL'ttS REl<l>ERED HotrsEL:i:SS -A most destructive fire occurred yesterday at Detroit, and up to 10 o clock last rught seventy bmldings were destroyed; The 1063 l3 stated At f.-WO 000 J:lalf nsure<L The Telegraph of last evemng (bv H B ELY of Detroit,) furnishes the followmg wh ch we copy from the Express of~ mommg The fire broke out on the Dock n the large :vel low warehouse fo;r;merl);. OO<'Up ed by J CHEsn:R supposed to have caught from a spark from a Pro p~I!Pr A strong breezA from the south was blow n(T at the time The flames spread vel\'¥ rap dh Evervthmg from the Adveruser hu ld ngs on Jrf fmson Avenue to Con~rregatlonal Chnrch gone andddwn 0 theR ver At least 300 fam 1 es b rn d out. Wales Hotel former!) Amenc~ and Ba nev's Temj>erance Ho JSe burned tn the grouhd Ad'l':'erliSC'I' office burned out-bu ld ngs grea damaged-type &c. near!) aU saved MoN'flY R'EGI:l'Vl!RED -Twenty seven ibollllllnd dollars of the mo.lley stolen from the PreSide!lt of the Newark Ilnnkmg Assoctatmn und lJJSUrauce Cvm:pa11-v: -wh le cross ng: m the Ferry Beat from Jersf.<y Ctty to New Yor1t on Wednesday lnst was recovered on Saturdav and restored to the Bank It w~s found m a Coal lJask.ilt, m the po8 scs. o!l of a colored woman named SAnAH STE v ART who made free use of the mone'\ RE'r,I! s B.4.!<J< -The Er e Pa. Obsoroor of Mav D:? B~ALO TRoTTING CoURSE -FIRST DAY -The beautiful weather ofyeste?da_L drew togeth er a great conco~ !11 Witness t~sport The match was for a putse of $100 fre6 for .ill horses best three m five to su!kieq ., Gen. Durham s Smoke St. Lawrence f om Montreirl and Chaulau<J.ne Chief.\ appeared at the Smoke n the hands of A H Den:uck Lawrence ' m Charles 9 Ellis and \Chie~f\ lll Goo Metzgw s 'l\FmsT HEAT -Won by Ch ef' m 2 mm <So SEcOND HEAT -A dead heat Smoke d s tanced T roe 2 rmn 37 sec THIRD flEA r- Wo1t by St Lawrence m 2 mm 3v sec FouRTH HEAT -The most closely conlested heat of all-a dead heat T me 2 mm 3., sec FIFTH HEAT -Chief won b) half a JPug;th m 2 II1m 38 sec SiXTH HuT -St Lawrence withdrawn and as a consequence Ch cf won the money fhe wh.ole raco elCitcd the most lively mterest, and ;vas close-ly contested. The season open.o;- well lt?THE LosT Fou~D -\We a e pleased to learn tha thQ yom g lady of .tlamburgh .IH s JA E JoNES to whom we alluded J esterda) as havmg ~)stenoil.Sl) diSappeare<Lwas found on 1\tlond.n.y at her father s residence hav ng m a fit of nnental hallncmat on secreted herself She ' as as well IIi! usu<~l, ec;;;ept for the fust ng she had t~nder The Ocean St;ca.Dl.ers Tile followmg table of the t me of depart\rre of the Cu nard Steamen,. we copy from the L1ver:pool Cbton c e- 1'!10M LIVERPOOL for llo•ton Saturtlay -11{ew York. ' -Bos.on .. Apnl 8 lo \\\ ~n -.New York, ..--Boston -:}!llevr Yo k May G -J3o5ton FR031 AMERICA - Boston Wcdncsdn) NeW'Yo k - Boston -New York - Buston NeN'Y,O~ -Boston COMMERCIAL UFTICE nP\ TIIE: lt.£PU1J C Buffu o May 10 3 p \' \\ There s nn ncreascd net v ty n the produce market at tl s po nt. The attendance on Change tb 1 morn ng was qu t.e nuu e OU!I and mo e d spos on w~ev need to ope rate than has been appa cnt for som me S e ou Mt we have heard of ll e sale ;J 100 bl!l~ JH cb gan ~~ $1 1-~ 6000 Fa =-o e..u.ra m at 5 2.3 500 [bb s the same tigu e Jn '\VllE&.T be e bas beel) a .,e sales..- So e 3000 bush pr me Ob o n store oold at 111e 3500 Lu 1 m ar qua ty at l13e 4000 bus! Clev.land anill\lass lion to a vea 112 c 12.;000 hush W ons !l and Chicago terns not made 1 ubi c 6000 do nL 100c Th • montwg there was a furtl cr sale of vOOO busl Chicago at ter s not mo.de pub c OA-rs a e n request bcS]des what we gave yes crday tl e e \ete •ales of 6000 bus! afloat at 34~c 5000 oa.rr ve at .95e lbe dema. d fo CoR.N s o d •uP p yJ m ted ~at'S w th n tJ e a.st 4 1 oun 41){}{) bu!h afton! ot :Jilc and an lnvo ee or 5000 in storo at 40c a fi ure beyond the o arket quo at on Cheese n fn r de and Q De Me-sapo rc: n eque at $Q 50a9 00 lJ cobw nes sell C cely at 18e 1 e ..,h s cannot Ile q oted at over 56a58c on flour on wheat I2al3c on corn to Alb ny C 'u.'llAL EXIUR'lS \'he fo tow ng .are the expo ts pe C'annl from 8h says- The. only top c of..conversa.tion here JUst now ~ the stoppage of the Er e Bank and the op mons e:tpressed m regt~n.t to the 1\ltlmate redempt on of Its notes are contrad ct ng and various One thmg 1 pretty u:rlam eveey thmcr s m a state of glon ous u:ncerla:irdy Shou d t not resume t Wlll be wenretloiiOU I MaY v~ n seriOUS blow to tlu~ COllllty So grent hns been tho£On6.de ce of he commlllllty n ts t;:olvell('y that the farDiers n sell ng thE-11\ prod ce have 1:.11 vafl\lbh selected 1\S notes m p eferenee to eastem fur Ia h 1!: p Tlm. ha~db one that h'ls had J ru duce.fo!'lthe last. year or t :vo bu what has t on hand, m 5\Im5 from $100 to ~1,000 n::? A ..notice of the 1\Ir HuGH YA!f DuztN and 1\lrss S.!.RAU Esru appeared m our paper yesterday We are requested b, one of tl!e.I?11Fne• 1 to oay that no ouch n arn11g~ hao tuk en place LOCAL MAT l'EUS. It? RECORDERS COURT -His Hon G MAoTEN a the openmg of the Court 011 Mou da) morn ng pronounced thA follo ;vmg deCis ons C•n 'd.;::'c;E'~:;~ezer Tonie Cam~en m causes argued before h m nt the last term of ~'·'-\'\ '\ Jol n w .Mckie the Court f!. I ~l~ley Jolon C•ny Jlff ,,. error v• James Daly dif t Jc .. e ><m Lh .. \Vm N JeiTe\ ln f!TTor -M1' Lova for plffm enor, Mr 1\{ncom W R OGDEN Pres lenl bor for def t -Certwran to J 1<1 cc s Court - t_~~~~~~~~~~==;~=_;_d~eo~2~4t:!f:_ Judgment reversed upon so ne que tion of fo n R~cQrder expressed regrets that the demswns thn Supreme Cottrf compelled lnm to reverse th s Jldgmenr upon a mere fo.rmal question Earle drf t m error, ads Ha llcg <T Pannlcc p~a:::.Macomber and Cook for def t Thompson an4 Verplnnk for pilE -Mohon to q ru<h certiora r1 bee\ ISO tl e judge allow ug certiorari omttt~d to mgn the Jurnt to tl e ffido. t pon \hich II was nllowed It nppeanng that affidavit \as m fact ~Sworn to motion was dewed Ro[!y ct al vs 1 r ,. -:'tlr Houghton moved to oet aside JUdgment because t sl ould have been enwred up m Supreme Court l\'lot!on domed f an Wee plff, vs Brvu·n tlr.J t -Houghton for pllf. Ford oppoe~d -ludgme t of Ju•t ce re ve~111ed beca se parol ev de nee of taxatJOn and amount of b 11 \ere a I tLed m e v dance Instead of the tnxed b ll Manly D llm bTl Jljf, v d'lf t -Mac01 uer for J!ti L aniero I for def t - Judgment of J ti e affi n ed Crooker 'Vs Wl rdcr -Parker for plfl Cool & Daniels for def t.-Mot on to •ot as~de report of referee den ed Lyman vs B LCl -Cook for ]Iff. Love for def t Motio 1 for leave to eme Judgn oi t granted o I terms EmC1S n v~ TVJ.celc -Cool & Daniels for plff. W ll ams fo dcf -:\lo on to set as de re po t of referee clewed Rrlm; vs Bragg -Sa\\ 11 & Haven fot pltf. Austin for def t -i'rlotlon to ~etas de re1 ort of referec derued H r1Hrr'1' and Ol nstetl vs Ru1 •r.y -Stc\ ens fo plffs Ford &. Hanes for def t -.Mot on for leave to 'acute JUdgment de 1 ed K11otckS vs L tle -i\1 G eene for plft. Mr Cameron for def t -JJidgment of Jusuce affirm ed Tfl7ut>Qell vs JJ'at.cs -Gross fox plff f. Fobes for d~!t.-Jndg111e11t of Jn\l ce aHiimcd :g,bn Sm w\'z. vs J03ep.fr. Fellows W.!I Gamson for plroutlff Mr Haven for def t-Demurer to docla rabon The declaration alledged that u certrun tre'aty was peudmg between tho Seneca nation of Indi ans and the B ruted States ta whiCh treaty annexed a certru:n schedule h;,; '\\:hlch the platn tifF was to be pmd a cortam clmin made by hun for services that said traaty w~ subm tted to U S Senate for confirmation by whom omd sched ttlo was stncken out and tho treat; thus !lmended was se t bn.ck to the Se ca nation for ratification that defendant was wterested lll the treat) and promised plamtliF tf Its would llonsent to the trea· t)1 thus runended he- w-ould pa.J his clru.m. for ser Ytces Th~ Court hClhl that the promise was vo d for want of consideration that It~ not avem d that the plruntiff W\l' abo~t to ~ecruve h s clwm llnd ~at he wmv.ed the rece1pt of 1t upon the strength of defe1 daut s promiSe bnt on the con tr&l) 1t appeared thnt he was not 1n the way of recQtvmg 1t because the per!lllSSIOn was strwkeu out by the U fl Senate and h<> therefore waived nothmg Nor was it averred tl1at the serv1ces weze rendered upon request and a prom se to pay for services voluntar1h rendered or rendered w1thont reques~ wna: ;a, nudum pactum N o.r: was 1t aver Nd thai the c 0 nseliti of the plff wa~; or could be of anv •mpor!ance m the ratification of the treaty and thus benefiCial to def t Judgment wa.s giV on fo• ~ef t, w1th leave to plff to qJ.end IE;r RECORDER'S COURT:-Hon. G ~!ITE!f Pre&ding -May Tenn. Virfi( ;lliltyer vs W m 0 Br~~Wn. G lY. Ro~ C<n IUld Soloinon Parmdu -'Case adverted ~y Action of Troyer Yl!rdict fqt ~t BlOwn and Parmel~e of ~ 86 ..lil\!e6 W-~otc vs N~ S!,cfft -No. 13 • ~ ealendv Tbi.s • an actioa of trovorfor • yob o( .n 'l'lle defoudaDt and baih cl.um ti!Je to the •-e The trial \' no'l\ m ~- Tho Grand J\\' O&Uoe 11\tQ Court 1hla mornmg c~ 10' 1'JUATRE -A goodly llnmw of enr The aiR pm congregated lal!~ evettlllg to WIU... the fino aettng of lli1111 C \V.QYIS. Th. hilt•nce ......C well p~-' her pkJung Tlu11 avea ms ·~ ~ u llif;1K4, Ill ibo It4Jli4• JY'Iff 11 oG3 Lard lbs li 0 Cheese .. 4f3 Wool 216 Seeds cloY ~43 .. 'Bacon tl7:l.l S i\Vt:S tl2lt Lumh~r feet e Ls .J. {)'.., 0 sbuwb No of c caranccs- <J.i Amou t of Toll:r $- OF BUFFALO ARRIVED-l\Iay 10 Stenu er M cl gan Stewart ~Ito t 300 brls fiour S ~for gan 7 b s rugs 1 csks ru!!hes K mbc y Pense and co 3csk:w sd Bee her 1 hrJ po k Meed Ha. 1 anc. co Steamer Oh o N cke-1son San usky 1 br hn. ns J H Hoo kcr 2 do eggs 1 do fl x sd Fleeharty nnu \~ arren 6 do eggs 2 kg_11 bu ter Ha vk ns a d Au1t 11 du c.l::Ogs T- 1 Fos e ::s can c 'Canada, Van A en DeLro t su d es o :vner on board Steon er Den F rankll Ed q tis Monroe cargo to nor Buffalo Republic :Book and .Job PRINTING OFFICE, W'ashin_gl;on Street, firs-t door north o£ the Ji'ost Office, 4\ 48 uS !Ui e requ red h n Print ng Of. .. Dr Branne s Sarsapanlla and Ye:llb~ Dock Put up m large Bottle•, at FIfty cts per llottle. This powerfu ned c ne a:; he-en extens •ely u.sed 10. p vate V act \\ effect ng n nnny cMe.Seurcs of tbemOO

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