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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, December 29, 1852, Image 2

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• .. _......., ---:;:.. - ~-\~ .. ~·-,. ........ -----,--~ -- ~--. BUFJ~ALO, WEDNESDAY EVENING) DECEMBER 29. 1852. I .. NO. 82. } -THE ~----. -~ . ~:EVENING POS.T. ' lolished EVERY EVEN.ING, •.(Sund&ya ex. · l'!ilt the offic~ l'{o. 7, West Seneca Street,. by ~ . VALVIN J, .lUILLS· , '1.-Delivered to subscribers in the city,_ at !iTS per week,. or $3 per ttnnum, w.b.en paid ·Jce. Mail ~uhscribe-rs invnriablv in ndvar.ee. , { 't-Jj Adverl_i$ingper Square in· the ])aily. . · ..fburteen (met or less make a square.) ! la, iO-cent• first .imertion, and 25 cents for ' IJ!Ie<lt>ent insertion,. less than one week. . lf<tt 1 week, $1 5{11 l!q1.11!.refor 3.mo'ths $8 00 l\ 2\ .25(1 H •• 6\ 1200 J \ 3 .. ' 3 00 \ .. 7 ,, 15 00 :u 1 m'nth 3 50! \ \ I yeta 20 00 ~nns of yearly advertising, and ufad,·ertise· before the mu.rriages and deaths, will at the office. PRICE ONE.CENT EiliiGHA'.ri~. ~- Fire, Marine and Life Insurance. I THE olfLY TBU:& po.aT~Al,T oF WASElliG'Iolf.1 ij!h Qi , • til .. Thot:,;;~s~=~fo'?~~~:f-nC:~ FRANKLI:i MABINrnmEINSURA.NCEC0.1 JUST PUBLISHED, . IJt tlttttng -tl\.O'Sf. on the Rt~flllor Nati.ona~ Hon. Cady dollister,l're>t..-\\\m .. 1 · .. 1\ve.ry, Seey. T. B. WELCH'S M.AGNI_FICENT , 1 --- lreland, NationAl. Bn.k o CAPITAL $300,000. From-the Jhr.erican Union. of Iii_eurs U~ynn, Ho.lif- _RE.FERENCES.-Hon. E. G. e-paulding, Benj. p· OB.TRilTm OF n>ra:*\'ID... R 11 • f w· ~ • . .· and. G11:on II- Cv., Lu:crpvui 1 H. l'olger, Esq., Messrs. R. Hollister & Co., Hon. · 4.1.\- ~ AO \-' -'-'· ~ eco :.eCtlOni-Q .· lllQW-W&.y· will well to rcmt:mLer thnt the . scephen cuu·k, Albany; Hon. B. c. Delevan, IbJll· Engrared (by permission)from Stuart's ;,r.l!f ur.gi- 1 OLD E,'I'IIGH.ATION AND FOH.EI~.N I ton, N.Y. • James P. Lee, Caahler Farmers Bank. nal prmrait, in the Atl~eneum, B~s!or.. · EXOHAN(}E OFFIOJ!J. S&ratoga Co. N.Y.; J. Cady, Esq. Pres. Bank ot This superb-picture, Eogrlli'ed under the su· ' Schenectndy,Scheneet&dy eo. N.Y. perintendence of 'l\HOMAS SULLY. , E~q., the No. ii Sjdu:ay Bloclc, Cut~~,....cill!l Stf'ut, - HUFF A. L 0 , HUDSON RIVER INSURANCE co. eminent !iod highly gi[ted artist, is th': only cor· My aunt had beet. in delicate Leahli for ll! tb& Oldest and Best, baNing been estr.blithed·!or Abijah Peck, Pre..'t.-Alfred Nvxon, Vice Pte1't .. rect likenel!s of \V a~htdgwn hever published k It_ some years, and two years <Jfter. Ell eo Grey TE..lll_years during which. time seveJ\&U tltw•a•tb 0 .- C.uf'r.u, $300,000. hai been characte:u;e .as t e greatest 'ti'O! ot I had been laid in the churchy111'd I ful!owed d ll h d . d ddraft :r .,EFEREN\E!'I \\ p - t ... c Hon or art e,ver produced 10 th1seountry. As to Tis fi n 1 J oul . l t\ l ·_.. ,.. _, , _ o an ave passe m~sage or e:rsan e,ufe· ., . • \ ... -; .. essrs .. rat .... o., • • delity, we refer to the letters 0 • the adopted 5110 I J re a_1op tum<, tee.mg, ~rur:n .t.t'D• Jythroughthehandsofthe tm&l'lli!JI'e<l, r.nd been lnndoAllen, Hvn.&.G.S~ulding,EiiasWeed,E•q. tered tile kn] h h t tb dn!yiorwardedt<!thedes-tina~onrequJired, andduly Central Whnr(, William R. Millt:r, Esq., Meur•, of Washiogtofl, GEORGE WASHI:\l~fU.K · . ' ey DUlle aq;.am, t a ;l.,vW ere BY MISs CHARLOTTE l.l.~LlL • p&Idonpreser:tatif6:to.thelnshBank,and hr.venot Cutler&: Del?vrut. · !'ARK CUST!:S, who Bays, , .. lt is a faithful re·l w;~s no one to care much for me. to besenHo LtverJ.'l'3ol to he paid, uol:her11are. I - . . · prerentation of the celebr.ated.origioal,\ aDd t.!J. The preperty, which consisted only of a NESS r1ARD~ To those whodetire to have·their f:riends brough Roeb.ester Fire lns-.u-anre Co.-~y, CHIEF JUSTlCE TANI:.Y 11f the Sup~elli~ j house abd. fine garder.,. was tulDI:', l:iut my _ . · li ._,. to thiacountry from any pan of l::urope, the aub- I n_ocn~:~~R, 111 • Y. Co rt ~f tb.e Uuited States who £ays ··As a aunt had lived p ]'-\ '' h' b f r.t::===-=·::::-:::--== · --- acnber.would say, that he· is the eutbon:r.ed /\gent of tlon R. Chamberlain, PrcSldent, J:P. Milliner, Elq., . u · ' · . · · IJ on a lJe annu .. y, w IC , o F. M. COFFIN, that popular and anerri:ng Line. of Packet Ships RE\ERENCESVlcFel'reslde!! E Pr ·a • we:voer!uofnaerwtibto!?'eeeesl!l;~eaenll;.,Dl~tbt.!an~~uh~t~sptryl~l·tte cu~~sE]cea!edatfher_dtal'ath, • \'· I , aut> called r • .- •reeman \\\ , ·q., · et1 en, •J • ,\\ '+ .~ V\fl1U. \' -\\a!'y ouers o ass1s pee came, uut pre- a.nd Designer,No.l3'Granite Illo<lk. Roche~ter Bank; Hon. H. Stillwell. MayorofRoch· iu: liken~s ~v the rather ofb1s eoun~ry. twa& fel'M lnd~rl'endence;_.a_nd in a_ fewweeks op·_ en- WM. OARLkND THE 'JLD BLACK STAR LINE, ester; Jas. S. Wadsworth, Esq., Geneweo; Hon. J. my good fortune to h_al\e seen him in the d~ys of d d b. 1 l1 '-'-- Price Clotbes Ware!Aou;e, Gothic Hall. ?f L1verp<Jol, a few ol whose sh1ps it will be 11ufli De Infield, Gene1a. l my boyh.ood, and b1s :whole appearan~e 1s yet e a ay sc 00 > 111:1 · ..,.!;*pmg pcssessl!:ln of 1ent to name, -- . slronR;l;y 1m pressed on my memory. 1 be por- the ol\f house ~nd the old: ll~usekeeper.. ~ & MoFARLANE. Tke Washington, The RohenKelly, New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. trait you bare issued appears to me to be an U· M~ry nrgeo my malnng her r-, ''s:t, ~f . ~~~~~~~Ga~s~F~it;~t~er~s~ •• - ~6-4 Llov•l stn eLI The Guy Ma??ering, ~he Niagara. 1 • C~X:IT AL, $450,000. I A_CT LlltFN£S>, representing perfectly the exprt~·, noth1ng mor€, and\I had l-een taTk_!IJg. of it ~. ~ -- ·- Then. W; ( J.nton, I he !\fa.rmfon, 1 Hon. V'i 1!lard Phillip•, Pres., B. F. f'te~eus, Esq. Eee, , 810 u as well as Lhe form a11d feaLur\s of the lace. long, but sc-me how or other; puttu;c- .lt. of! . I The J ·A. ·V~stervelt.. The Un?ve:rse, LEONARD Y\IL::;ON Agent. I And says SENATOR CASS, it is !ilife·like re· fro.m time to time, when one dav, Fred bum ~~~;;~~~~=~ l4S Mam·st. up $~mrs, The Enterpnse, ~lle Pnnceton, Capt. JoBN N, GARD!IER, Mann.e Inspector. f)re<eutation of the great original p RESl· . into IDJ llchoolroom, and told m.\e to \ei}d the '; 1 \rr r r I ~T r• \'•) ~-r- J r !;' _, K E The Ticonderoga, '1 he Shannon. : Office No.4, SPAt'LDINGS ExciUNGE. 7ruJyl4 1 E\·''f FlLL;I.iQu E \Th k o ,.. ' ~ ~ ~ ·' .;c l ·' · ~ ~ ·• · I Tbe•e m\guJficentsh.jJ~ are frum 1 OtlO'o :l,OU!hons 1 -- - -- --- ------~ ·' • ·\' says, e woi appears the cblldrEu h(Jme, fvr an iJ:,defiuitll varlttiun, ,}ce s.nd Office in the Mart Ohio •trt\t't. burtheR, and fittt;d up wiLh eveey eomfon,eoru-~ Northern New York Life Stock In•n· to me to have been admirably executed and ~m!; a ad pack up my clolLeii, fGr he was t(• lnart , :t MARSHAL J B-ACON manded bf expeneneed Captains, whose uniform sance Company. • oently worthy IJf the patronage of the pub he j) W b · t th d ,. 1 4, andCounsello• N~mber 190,; ~lain-street k\ij~el!llllliOmlly spok-en of. PL.A.TTSBU:S.G, NEW YORK. I Says MARCHANT the eminent portrait palat- or .a!! mg on e 'Jlext ay, anb ' m\1St go fY ·• \'' . 17 • Let ltbe disHnctly understood. that the ahlps Curuz. • • • • • • • • • • • • • : • • • • • • • • • • .Jl;O,OOO, er an!i the pupil of Stuart \your print to mv ·to New Yor-k, and make that visit. ·.Flo. • JY of~he Black. Star L~ne sail from Liverpool 1Dithout I Incorporated JY t!y Lef-slature 0 the State of 1 mlnd is more ·remarkable than any other 1 ha·v·e \ But Frederick.\ 't WM. L. JAMES, • fatl, on theu appomted dnys-lst, 6th, lltb, 16th, ew ork, uly 1851, seen for presenting the WBOLF individuality of \Thero are no but's in the case,\ said he; ··~n.a.UkindsofFancyDry Goods,FrenchMil- 2lstand26thoreachmonth. · -.-,- • '. • 1 · h · b bl · 'b d b tb , 1 . ;.f. &c., No. 280 Main streeh Ruffit.lo. There I.i no delay causeJ to t.he emigrant, 31 the ~orses, Cattle, and all~nds o~L1fe ~~ck Imured 1 t~e D!lgtna porlrlut,t~gct er w I\b t e tl{J. e and e rea y w en · e stage Etarts .o--m~¥r(JW.\ .-. --- - • . --- - -- Pn.,.age Certificate;., plal'nly for LDt:lr C<onvenie.nce agamstdeath by the eombmed nsks ofFtre, Water, d1gll1fied repose of a1r and m:.t:.f'er, wh1cb all I had n:othh;g to ,do, but go; :.1,d after 'a ·; JAMES H. CLARK alone. Diseases, &c. ' I who.ever saw him considered a marked cbara'}· pleasant journey, we arri;oed at New York, ,ER J.:ti 'CHOICE WINES, r,JQUOR~. c. DRAFTS are-• 'ilstantJy fouale on the f~llowing Stock transported by Wntl'r •. Rail Road, or driTen terisLic of the illustrious lltan it commemNates.\ Fred leavinoo me at Mr. Simpson'~ uoor., .a_ nd : .~s Wholesale & Retail at 383 l\fuil!- street Banks: , on foot to marketlnsmed at frur rates. For the great merits of this picture we would \\ · HOYT .t. Pti'RRY.. The Rovai Bank 1d National Bank oiireland. · t 1 f w b\ t 1 th p 1 · going off without calling. . f . L . Ul> ~ ·, Mi b\ National Bailkof ~.cctland. ' TheSubcriberbaving beenappOil;ltedAgentoftht ,:~ elre:el?' over 0 th as ffing ~nth~ e or ratJ I received a Wai'ID welcome, and was at , ; m . umber, Eagle street, :aear c tgr.n, Banks of :Messrs ••. ,lynn, Halljax, Mills & co. bovereliableperfectly solventCo.,.u;prei>ared to Ia, -1 ~e , o e seen at eo ce_ o lS:pap~r. an home at oilce. with Mary, whom 1 found . t (,1'1. Y. - _ my26·6m. London, and Guion&:. co., Liverpool. ue policies, at as low rate ofp eminm as any -res·_ to the l~tters of the followmg Artls.ts, ~ta(.e.s- ., • H,ono, J. A. PERRY. JOHN WAILSH Allent. ponsibie Company, in tile United States. men, J unsts and Scholars accompany 10g It the eame gentle lovel_y being s)le bad always 'JldiLLlNGTON & BROTH:E:R Exchange Broeker SSidwayBlock eonuz:ercalst Here~~pectfullyinvi!e-s the attention of Carmen, · ARTISTS.-!Vlarcba.nt urid Elliott, of Xew been, though wonde-rfully i!I)p~ov·ed iu mind 'llaandPii.?asolManufuoturers .:mdD~alersin ' 'llulfalo N. y,\ ·Cabmen, Farmers, Mill>roen,H:LC~~nand~other• York; Nea~le, RoJbermel and Lambdin, ot and manners. :;-,Cravats,· Collars, &c., 259 Main street, op- N. B.-Specie and Bank Notes of every d~ption interesterl. All Jossespromp~ ~~:~.J~~Oity. , Phila.ddJ?.bia: Chester Har<li~g, of Boston ; She was li ri~g in tha m1~st' o~ w~alth~ ll!ld . fJ· the Churches. bought, 110ld a~d exchanglld at close rates. 20 tf. 223 Main Street Corner of Swr.n. Cl!arles Fraser, of Ch~rleston, ~. C: · und to the flattery, but neitht:r proRpfonty . nor adversity j . T. S. RA. WKS, Buffalo, April9,1852. aplO Over Coleman's DrugSt!>re. adop~;d S_?n_ o~ Wa~hlD_gton, H_on Gt~· W. P. could spoil her. . . . !Y Depot f.pr the sale of PeriodiCAls, Newsp&• AMERICAN EXPRESS COM:P ANY lie J • K EO G H 1 CH?-stEI~, h 1 1 m 1 ,.:_el. ,alf!ll arduFs~-11 S'I A,T1 ~;:,MGEN ·- 1 I WaR charmed, and so was .F1;ed, wh1:0n ha ''BookS,Ma.ps_,etc.,PostOfficeBuiidiugs,cor· . A· . ~~ xce ~cy.Lv 1 ar 1 more,L> 8Jor enera a]} d h' I ., le:uecaind Washington sts. Jii• }852 _c;...,J!j= P. PIANOFORTE MANUFACTURERS, ~~n~e)d Sco~~. Hon. Geo'rg~ l\1 lJallas, Hon. c e on IS returu. · read It in his eye~, 'i · · . . ~ · -~ · • , ___ • Cur'll.er of Pearl and Se11eca Street•. Wtlham R. Ktng, Hoo. Darnel Webster, Hon. though his ~ongue said. u_o~ing. Strangely ·,·! BR.A.pirEY BRO~H~RS. . . Capital-$200,000· rPit! THE subseriLers keep con- Linn Boyd, Hon.l.ewis Casa,Hon. William A. enough, bt<smes111 called hnn t(l N~:ow Yori, l .cturersorall ki. nd• c·fPrinnn![,Wnting~~ B_ETWEE.i-l' NEW/YORK_ Bl:FrALO _ s~ntlyoQhand.achoicea.~vrLmfintof,Gr!'bam, Hon l.obn P. Ke~o\~.Y· Hon.R. r;. before amoptb !JAtlelap.,;jlll,aD.J:thenlJe de· ;r Papers, Warehouse l'SS Mam atreet, DUNKIRK. . '!·. a·· ' . I Pmno Fortes In elegant R_ O>ewood Winthrop, L. L.D JrRI~T~ -Hen. Rvgcr ·lded to stay \Dd h II .f: f J l West Seneca street. . , C N INN ATI, CHI_CAGO..; tJases,~hich theywarrantfobel!llual,tn tones,rolieh I B. Taney • Hon John Duer.Hon. John McLean, c ·. .., e r a •ne cour:,e v ec· , VIELE & CHAMBERLAIN, ST. LOU~S -~ l~TERMEDIATE PLACES .andfiru~ to any manu~acturedm !be.country. Per- Hon. Rufus Choate. SCHOLARS -..Charles turee, calJing every morning, {to ~e ruo:1, <>f 1 d Counsellor_ 3 at Law Bernbeimer M ESS_ENGER:> nvw leave Hutfaloat&d Dunkirk, sons de>Il'OU~ o~obtaim.ng ~~;_superiOrln!trument,r.re J Folsom Esq the well known Librarian of the. course,) and £'ontn>ing to be our esco:·t on ,f'if&&n Hotel' l. .Ually,8un.laystxcepted,forNew YorAnnd respecti_UIIYmVltedtogivethemacaJI. t B · '· ·• · \I· rnostoccasionlii. , · · · f. ne_ xt to the Amerlcr.n •. • ClU>DEli.LAn< intermediale pl_accs, on tbe AI ban_. t.Y _a;nd Buffalo and ldl\\ Dealers supplied on l1beral terms. ·1 ost~n AtheneUPl. •. who says, . · w.ou_ Ia rath·e·~. Be w~s desperate]..,. in love, and despetilte- fE- TD:I.It, • l!l. · • ~ •. Y _and Erie Ra1~road, and !or Erie and im erme- jy2S A. & J. KEOGH. o~n It tha? any pa~nted c~p;y1 have ever seen;· l l .; . 1 .A. VAN SLYOK dlateplrtces,IJy Bulfaloand ::;tate Line Railroad; . E,.P, Whipple, R1chard Hildreth, Hou. Edw. Y jea ous, tQo, of a. very :llanoso!ll(l map, ';~ale and retail Dealer in Tob~cco, Snuff and alsq by the ~everal lln~s of Steamers on tile Lake AMERICAN' HOUSE. ~\\~re(t. L L. D., Jared. l::pa.rks, !-<-L D, Wii- wh? came often to !he house, and SEeu:~d to rs,N\o.25Comroereialsr~:eet seoonddo?ra!Jove 1 from Bu1fale and Dun~1rk to Cleveland, SanJqsky, HANOVER STREET, BOSTON. . . ham H. Pr~scott, L. L. D, Wasb10gton Irving, Le 10 great fawr WJtb Mary. l,lha:uts' Hotel, Buffalo. Jy20 'Ji~l~go, M~nro.e, D~tro.It; from I hence to Columb_us,l BY LEWIS RICE : Ralph W. Emerson_ Esq. Prof. 'I'. C. Upham I wouldn't , tell him that 'the person m ( ll~clnnlltl,LOW8Vllle, Chlcago,G,.lena, Mllwaukee, • J- T H dl F\t G ·' H 1J ck H W' · · . . l . D:&. N. WALSH, aud 81>. LoniB,. by tb& 4everal_ lines c.f railroads l<EBl'lLT, ENLARGED AND ELEGANTLY FURNlSHED, L . -~ 11 ea J/• cH reens· a : .• d FR. 0'. questlo,~ wa~ (<Jlgllgcl_to a fnend of.l!ary~:s, • lslCIAN AN-D ~o:rHEtJARY,-o:Jry\ICE eteamboats, &c. . . · \ , • ong:'e ow m.. 1 mor~ Imms • a.n ·~1 that the far01ly were dtspleaeed all xomid, the . I. ~Terrace, opposlte~ 1 ty market. Rw~enee r:r Each Expre!l~ 1~ ~ent m chnr~e ohruitY Mes- Possessing all the modern Improvements and Conve- EUR;OPE, ~ord Talfourd, T. B. Macauley, Str lady very .hard to r.]e-ese and that Mary was . · ·of Exchange. and- Ch1cago street!!. Medicine, ~~Bngers, provided wnh rron che•ts fov the 5afety of nienccs. for t1'ie AccommodatioT) or the ~Travelling ;'trchrbaid Ahfon, !.p~t;l Mayor of London; &c. . ll d . · II 1:\. • ' ·t · k · . \-viiitund atUmdance arall hours je~tl valuabte.packages entru:1ted totheircnre. PuLl! c. . &;e &c. Th!.E PRE6~. thf9Ugh!>n~ the entire .. ca -~ hm-£ on.~ . 0 ldasJonsh 0 h~a c ma~ters W .ARREN & BROTHER . At theWnt. the line has .lately !been extended Boston, Nov.1 6 ,l85Q. no20ly Union. have with one voice-t>Toclaimed the mer- stralg _t, opt ~01.! not urt. Im to be JE>al· > . . . . fi· • d W over several new routes, an<lls now \!repared tore . . :itt of this superb engr&.-ring. ous a 11 ttle, I tl:ioug'ht.~ , · , · ·,acturers!)!Wauen's!mproved re an . a- ceipt andforward-packageil with greatdespateband HOUSE'S PRINTING TELEGRA.PIL T bl II h' 1 bl t But I was 'lin t · f\ ,., j 1. d ,, :rool Roofs, and dealers in Roofing I\Utenals. satety to moat oft.be principal places in the Western This mosuellable Line is now cOillJIIeted, and.il • • o en11 e a to poss.ess I rs.va ua e rea~qre, . ~- . os sorry_ . '!!!:.u .,a r:ot, e 221 Main-it. cor.ner or Swan, Up Sta:rs. and southwestern states. · in full operation to the.cityofNew York, Meiln&(\i 1t 15 sold at the lol'l' prwe of $5 per copy. when one mght at a Qoncer.t, M11ry, had ,, pell PROPRIE'rORa: ean be forwarded at alltilll#ls, aud i;lelivered, Pn•t- P~blished by GEO~GE W • CHILDS, confe!l\ed ae1de. with _Mr. Whitne11,' and '., PHINNEY 4- CO., WEL 10 L~WI'l, BUT'l'ESREE'I.E~D ik £o., y cdy i• faltral 0 ·nn 1 Riintre\\ Ca 8 u.Pr'e·t~Z't'heautsunr 0 ingffientltre\e 1 c 1 u 1 r~ ,_:ll, W. corner of F1fth &!ld Apr\h~ls~:e 1 eth~'. promised to dnve out early with him the . '-e~ and Book Sellers,.-wholesale \\ .. retail d.--'· all,. and rie .~-laee,..~.,ew ou:. ·c . a ae e or • w . ..., uiae p la. xt . , :I '\ - \\ .,... · wanting on the pan of those connected wltlt WIT·LIA-~\ TERRY, ne mornm~. , . ·· '.'m Bla.nlfBooks and Stationery, (Breed'!! old LIVINGSTON,. FARGO&: Co., L' • · -Ill en Old>..- 8 d b tt b 1, '~') Nn. 188 Main street, Granite Bloek,..Bulfa. ju3-52 157 !llain-stre~t. Bulfalo. he me to msure prompt dehvery ofall despatche. Sole Agent for the_ State of New York, . ..u.r.. Impson rna e' e ma. ~r W<;lrse Y '•.':f v us rusted to them. Buft&Io. Mav 14. This Portrait can only be obtained from MR. turnmg Wl~ a smlle, and, very WISe look,, ~o NEW YORK, BO!l'I'ON AND A.I.B&NY. KEJUOV AI:... TERRY, or from bis duly authorized a~tents. us, ancJ. makmg some remarks about folks ~n :: D:AN B. CASTLE, · G:.. j 11 • N BRITTON hr.sremoved his stock of Ware• ·ArrAngements have been made with the .Post love. 'll dealer in Gold and Silver Watches, Gold .. \' ~ • and Manufactory tothe corner of Lloyd and. Office Department by which copies of the Por· Fred said nothing for the rest of the el'en• •ns,Rings,.Pins,EarRing~~,Keys,.L_oeketsrPen~.UUFFA.Lf)&KOCHES.TE.Cil·ROAll• Vanal·sts.2odBiocktelowt~eMerchants'Hotel, t \t' b tt' .t . 1 .. ·. lft h .· d d • '-.etc. 135 Main.~t. Buffalo. Cash paid. toroid WINTER A.RRANGEMENT. where he is prepa 1 ·edto manufacture.every .descrip-, ra~ ca.n e se~ o aDy pom ··per ma1 , tn per· IDg- e us. a~ t e caruage qor, !'ID. r.alled \:r., ' jy22 tion of e~pper, Tin, and S~eet I!on Ware, .at u.ual feet order. • • . ~ext morn1~g-, whe~ Ma:ry and I w~re sitting . [oE.r,ux l{.OTEL-BY c. HICKS~ 6 trains dailv, excepting Sundlyr. rntehs. d'fm,.Iapaan and Britannia Wr.re elo7~3mta~tly W{](rlLLPlAerMsonTs:EbyRRreymilttll3Dj!'N.FlVE :Pt:ILLtA!lN9 to lll t:vo rockliJ£:-Chal!,B before the parlor fue, \ on •m • · : · • ' assau \'tree • ew •~ linn over our Yll.rJO s l d· , · • , lllA!ll'-sT. ABOVE counT, BOFJ'J.LO,.lf. T. On and after Mvnday,.November !l9th, 1!352, the . · \ . . . 'York, will have a. copy of the Portra~t sent to .... . g . . _ u . pans- an, arrange· · ~OUl'lE ts fitt!;d·up and furnished in thebes~ Cars willleave Bntfalo for Aiban;r,New York, Bos· BUJ?l'A.L~ DUTUAL J:NSUH.AN(lE them FlllE OF Po~TA.GE. · . meots, lookmg as though he hadn t slept for f·ai!.dextensi:vel!tablesattaebedtothees\ab· ton,aildintermediatep)aclla,asfollowa; , . ~(JKIPWANTED~ . nr-M \fi Gil F . afortmght. , . ~ent. · · jy8 Train No 1-----\New York Ex:prese, 6 A. M. stop- THE subscriber will pa_y t .e followmg pnees for :N\' agm cent t rames,_ got. up e4press I . \' . · 1 ping, at Batavia and Bergen, through to New Y01\k · 8l,OOO or .12,000 of the ~bov~ Scrij 1 • viz~: , ly for t~e_se Por~re.iLE, fUrnished a~ the lvw price . · tr1eu to e~rry on a c.oEveraatJOII, Put they I MRS. P. STAATS, in 16/; hours. · Scrip of 1848 83 ct$. Scrip of ISM ml etl. of $5 each. · both seemed lll 11t ease~ and at last Fred rose .rn·,,..,,_.,-,,...,.., of Fashionable Rose Wood a1 1849 7 b 1 k\ ~~~~tJJb~;~~~~~;;,an~~~e~~v~~~Vso!~!: th'!'~~!~~:.~-;E~~;;~~afi~!;.¥~·:1oE!!~fat I :: :: lS~ 7~ :·. \ ,, 1852 60\ rosT .t:;suED, :o:lf;J~.a:slll~s~~:!J ~:~ t~:~~cfnm:a~e~ ·-~ jyl2c Train No. '1-~'reignt, 8 3Q A. ••I. • B, .'\ • MANCHESTER, . A lCAGIHF.ICFl(T l'ORTRAlT OF hours. · # · Train No. 4-Emigrant and Freight, 12 M., stop· Sept. 11. Bill-a11d Stock Broker. GENERAL J A 0 X S 0 N T & , ping at all tbeatations. . M . 1lj IRON R 1 .,..1N,. . ·,.xnr\v:~ by T B WELC1l .... sg af.le.rt'i·o·. . '''yvhy I'' exclaimed I, \J~15terday you . :.a~·e and ·Retai'l· Fur· ru'ture ~nd Chair Ware Train No.a-Even!ng ExpreSI, 5 P . • ltonpmg OLI:r.'l'OJ., A ..., T u WORKS. ~~< ~ ... ,. • • · 'J!o, ·• ~ 1 ' • .MJ!!• meant to' sta-t• with us so_ me ti rue, .and vou ' ~ B · dB Tbr h Alb 'I' 14 C - . S 0 C H . na.i Portrait painted ~ T. SULLY, Esq. J w ns;N<>.243Main·street.Bu1falo. Anenen~~iv!' .at at&vta&n ergen. oug to __ any >n Lm:rolf T., :PPOSITE THE ou:&T 9UI;!.E. U!J. haTe -qt>t heard a'll the lectures yot; ~ent of'the most desirable and fashionable hours. R M. EUD.Y &. co., ha.vingtaken theabove prew.·· T.hi;i Fortrai~ -wilt be a match for ~be Wash· h · h k · f 'titure. constantly on hand.. Trnin No. 6 -Accommodati.on,and Jirei2bt,8 P.l\~ • ises fOr a term of yeara, are 110w p;rei>ared to iogton, and is in every respec& as well got up. w at. oew n.otwn as ·ta en possesBJOD 0 Onlyooe tr:ain on~undays, the 5 lP, M .. Expre!£:!1- reettive or!lere.for Jron Fence~, Balconie11, Veran· · _ ~ri~e $5 per~opy: A_?_dress as abo~_e_ ___ ;you ?,\ · · - · , WM. J. LA VERY· a::TThe 1'rai.n.s will leav..: lfUffal!l by Syracu'\ da!u, Stairs, Railing,. Grr.tei, Iron uoora, Shutters, - - - He glaocet:r at Mary, who was f•lr.ylLg with ! in Groc~:ries .. and Provisions, Oils, Paints, Time, wbie1i i.ttt1Joutl$.}1!nutes fasterthw_Buffalo &e. POCKET COJUP ANION. the tassel of her apron, and 1ookiBg on the iS, Plltty, Sru«'tes, Powder, Shot. a.nd Ss.fety Time. We ares.lso prepued to fllrnish-lght cuti~~ga, o· R information relating to the generative o•gars · · b ~. Fr.ut.<, Seg:trs, Dye-:~tutf~, Pa.I~, Tv.bs, &.;. HE:SR.Y II! A.RTIN, ·Snperinte:~dent sasb weights, fence andrailingcastin'l,w,&.c. All or- -il• h.Wtll or di10ease, from in laney wthe to:; b.· floor. and muttered som~th mg a out unfore- 360 Mllin street. Country l'.rotluca bought :::s 1perintendent'1 O:tlice, Buii\alo l!Sov i9tb·l852. ders fot anyt~ing in our line, ltft at tbe wortJ vn ID\NEVER 1Hl:FORE PlYBt..lSH·ED.,a seen circumstance~ . . ·sold, Clinton 8\'leet, or!lt.the FtUnace on 1ac!u;on aue~ 'iJeing a eomplete l opuh•:rtreatiae, wi~h \· descrip- .Sh!! ruse and cawe fLrWaJtl with a h~:olght· · , w' are Roo'ms, 3~ \ Amerier.n. Hotel,) Bnffa- on hand, and made ll'll:ril3ltulre carefalli' packed tor Ship- ALEXANDER SLOAN, aud Provifliom,_Country Pro,:uce, ~alt, •our aim Whiskey by the bbl •• \Vioes and· Pure :1.s [run >rted, Sc. \':! .Main street, of ~r.oal and Hanover Sts, Hl'FFAl..O. ,yl-1-y I J.SAGE & SONS, ~and Retail Dealers in Piano Fortes and lical Merchandise, No. ~09 Main.·Street, Bufmlo. • DeaJen in Boardtrum & Gray;•s celebrated ,Orlefl, Bishop and Child's ImproTed Me- ja2 11.- BRADLEY lie (]o, £iiiCCleiii!Or8 to Bradley Brothers,] &¥\NUJ'A.CTURERS•nd PAPEROEAL~ S, (l'r~tou of the Niagara Falls Pape~ ll,) 111Mlilfaet11ltl to srder and keep const,.ntJi J&l;lcf. a generalll,!llllrtment of Paper •. Oftloe IS. We.t !ene2 at. Buffalo. C&sb.paid for Rags. B!l.l.DLU, ds8tf SUMMERARRANG~MENT. willbepromptJwnttendedto. tioaoftheeause:!,~yinptoms,apdmostcertainmode .1 ] b t b l k d h f 'l · ·th Dl;JFFA.LO. &NIA.GAH.AFALLS R. R· Hr.vingpurcli.sed the stock in trade and patterns o( cure of all the diteases. to-which tht'y a-re lia.ble' e!J'eu co or, u 8 e 00 e lm. .Ul ln. e · · of the late Levi 1:1. Larkin, and united with the p.tt• -fro;m _the S(!cret infi;mitie~.o: ;you;h and mature face. . · _· ·· ... -~~~ terna owned by R. M. EudJ, we have a la.rge Tariety ag~-~r,sing ft;<m stemt\1 ClSfases 1n both sexe;;.- \And is \there anything lb those circum- . . :Lad are confident we can satisfy all, both aa to pr;c• 1 Wltb·lllu.drahve cues; cerufieatell of tlle.~ost un- s_tances, tha• forb1d~ yvur hie~J~:~ Jwowing TH.RHJ!J TRAINS DAILY, andr.tyle. Cllllandseeforyourselns. paralelledcur!lsevtr performed. teltllDOnULis from them?\ (Bii!fDolYS;II:XCUTJ:D.) · R. M. BINGHAM physicl:\ns,and editorial acknowledgments. Both · • . au .,11-lm R. u. EDD\. ' married and sin ... Je, should :re,ad this invaluable There Was no rehlsting the truth in her Car• will leave Bulfalo at IJ o'eloek A. M. <> = ~ \ d \ H k b 1 d ,. \ \ ... •• 12 •• M. - .rrE.uE-=- .... \''GENC-.... work. No oneabould ~et.marne !Je.ore eonsult-. ,eyes. e too. er an . v .., ....- n -~...., 1 mgit. Th011ewhohave•oeen addicted to self.'abuse, \It· beca se M rv I · t '' \ \ \ \ 4,.,. \ ..- • M. FOR the purchase of city property and farm!, for o:r otlwr !!~cesEes, c;m there lind a certain cul'e with. 18 u ; a . .; • · cannc stay to see Cars wiD l'ea:ve tbe Falls.at t 'o 7 o•eJoek A. M negociatinu bnsiness paper, bonds and mort. out mercury. Persons requirln!! .. medieal atd, be- the only woman 1 ever io,·ed posseS&ed by •••• \ , ... U•2.LP .. M.. d th\ .....,, th\ ., \ ., \ lP.M. gagesan o erp_rope,._,. fore•adoptinganytreatment,ouj!ht to know from ano er • ..-..one \\--•- only \D sun· _._, 1 • w. V. STUDIF0.l?,D, ita pages, the superiority of .hill · ·•You may stay then, Fred\ sa\id she soft· \-' 1ram ~ ..... A-t Hill's Exehange office, under 0. Lee & . Co.'• PARIS AND LONDON, 1 1 • b tb h d ' Leaves.Buft'aloatS~ o'cl..ek A. M · Bank, will .attend. to the purchaain~ and •ellinc of trer.tment of Private diseases; by 80 rloi.ng they ean Y; RJl og · er 0 ~r an on his arrn' \for no \ Niagara Falls,at~ o'clock P.!M. . Real Estate, Renting Houaea, negoe1atiog Bond an4 avoid the impollition of quackery, existing in cities. otber'will ever possess her. · ' Buff'alo, May 15 , 1852 _ WM. A. BIR.D, ~j'~ Mortgage.. auglu-Jy. M. Larmont, is a regular educated EuropetLil pby- .. _I slipped out, and told the servants :!.hat Du1flillo .Plano Forte IYian1IfaC&Ol'J' 1 1icianand rorgeon,andhu for years-and a now, Miss SlUlpson was not at horne that morning Gold, 'Silver a.nd Uncurrent Bills 'KEN AGA & _POINSETT, ) ~~reotinmgenhillti\ontiedme. to the treatment o! the dlsea~es and undertook to cbat with her u 11 cle wheu BooGI!'i\ A liD SoLD OlfTHE Mos1: F.a.vmu .. BLlt: 'l'ERMS, ~ · \ \\\ h '- d · · ' BY HORACE HIL~ SUCCESSOR.<; TO D. ll£.,S011' & oo., AJty person ~ending25cents, lfi!Ireeeive a cop_y e came .aome to·· inner. Excban•~ Broker, {Tnder o. Lee & Co'•• RES ECTFULL ~ announce to tliat they han free vf postage. or five copies for one dollar. Ad· We waited till the uld man was ~ired, and .,_ Bank,Bull'l.'\'· tuken the prenu~e1-No. Ul4 Wub!ngtonltreet. diettl Dr. Larmont ·42- Re&d·sC .• rorner' of Broad th h b foTmerly oee!Wied by Messra. D. Benson &. eo., way,or Bvx 71 8 ;oadwa.y Post Office. New York. en e nrst into the room, getting up quite ~Business paper, r.nd Bond!! and Mortgages where they wlll continue the manufacture or P1ano ~!~old by' GIU'rert' & Co., 22 Ann street-E=tringer & a e:ene With the lovers, kiss,ing, L1eBSing and negotiated on rerurollable terms. augs-· 11 ' Porte& of every deserip•ion. They are now fiuiabing Townsend :222 Broadway, and J. ('. Hariott, 4'l2l cryiD.go, and finally compelling Fred to stay ----LIFE· JNStJRANCE. llnd will )reap con1t-ntly..pn h_and an a1j10rtment of Broadway' sep4-y for dmner. The Dlutual Llf'e i:nsura..)lee Company II, 61, 6f and'7 octavePialO'\Fort~s,inllo•ewOOiland Th ad Il f I d\ i!tak . of' Ne-w York. No. a a W'all St. Mahogany, which they offer a1 ulow prieea u Jimi· '11. ·T. B A :a. B. I s' t bely m d eFa dllOrtsdedo b u Icrodu.s rn ea 'I \\\000 lu inatrumenta can be obtained in an,. Cit;y' in the II e r chant Tal··l 0 r· ,. a ta . e, .an re ep . y trea tng on my C.UH C.u>J%.u. • • • • • • • • • • • ' ~ • • • • ' '\\\' UnlQn. ' dress, to the great detriment of the _ptherB, ,... JO'S. TB. 1 -C0 8 '#EINET8,l'regta't. Their iJis rumentl combine alhhelateat impiOYe- and hn- .. ing Mr.- 81 -~- n•s T~R.•dAn r_or 1 -t. I~AAC ABBAT ~, sec•y. · · • ~ · mentl, iricluding the· eeltobrated arch bottorn. iron 199 ~ ... (3 doors South. oifSher • ) U<OJ;,.. r-•· ~ \ · m Maln at., overColema~• DrugStore. brace, .tee.; and thememberadthe.tirtu,belnrprae· .... am.-~. man'· We bad a thee w ding in due time, and tical worltinen, (Mr Ponlett having had onr twen- Blfn'.Ato. Fred took his wife home. T'ARJI. OM G:RANP. lS.LAIID.-For aale, a X JI',Utlt[ of 40 ac•ea .on G;n~nd· J;allmd-15 aerq cleared, balance wlllaYerage 50 to 60eord1of11rood to the acre. Good lo& houae ~d lor bam. Priee •20 per aere. AppJ:r at ·246 lllam atreet under PAt· ehin Bank, to GU'fR, eAJ.I::,\BU.RY . o.:.7 B.eal £state A,.nt. tY·finyearaexperienee in the principal cities Of the GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING MADE TO · ... It is not neceilsary for me to' tell how well =e~:.~~~~eein-rrasti•.-theb-ta- W 1JlW}EJ¥1!JVEJ:'f.J AlfnT. ' ~bey both, ,played their parts, or how birth Piano FortH tuned and :repaired. Old lu&nl· Hu eonlll&Dtly 0 ,.. band a choice auorunent or 1 and death, joy and sorrow, sueceBSiTe!,1 tan• m.ents l&ken ln excbanp for new. AU~ J'.teDCh:, and :Jn~tilh tll.OtbJ, Calli• tered their hoUlle. .All Qlat, yori ~- ima· ptomptlr attended lo. Dealer~ detlhrith oalillel'aJ v~- aine. . . 1 _:;J termJ:. . . au~ meres an . ..,.WJia'l. ... \\'--- ~'-- th th ~-t.t p.s. ST.E V_ENS.., ...... J ...... L .......... . OF THE L.ATEST St'YXES, . .Sa.u....,., it toaay,·..-t ey o'!tli\ _.a b~e &nd Jtetail Dealer fn -~- oe- u_,.,..,r.- · !elee~ ~xpru•l'.! for lhe CUSTOM TRADE. neceBBafy fixture HI their bopse, . thai thil! Choie& Wme.· Lia:uon an! Cigan, } 00,000 :::~ ~~~tt=!._~ a..u.men 'lmillltaeb:cm!era wiDbal'etheirwiabea mekerin~ light dances on the walls of tDe ·,.WALL IMPOILW.D 6llAl'fD8, PJ,.Sidettfi.!ia,•J>oekbla.foualfd*J'W . : .. ~le«fud eoi'J!ied'lfith,aa all :wgrk ill done eomer4:lhamber .• which I h~:~re QCCU/ied for ~·::'t!':l:f'l.~,'a~~=('~;:f:l:!r r: 16 piStt o~1i.~!!~·eaaat. ' ..aer the tu~ • .:. 0 ~.;rro.z.rrs . years, a~td that that li~e golden bee on the Diieet!tomSuaupSpriJm.s, · aeal E.tate, Llilt, J.l'l8 an:K.rlae ._.. QENTLEJIEN'B FURNISHING GCODS, pillow. belo.ngs tQ · etr youngest dar®£', . · :r 11ngl&-1 ....._ •• om-. QfaU l:lluh ecmata~!l' -,band . aunt Aane's ~~-~ke, andGs~ial :pej. d G J.tE.A.:r BarplnaJinn1nSeeciadlitaDd.Watcbea ~U~OifTvLee &Co'• Baal\'. YOt1TB811ud CHILD:&EN'.BCLOTHING,made There l.the,...... lB .oui. . iNu Dig1lt, an . l3ol Ha!11 st -.~ D. Iii. CA.BTLK. loU(lQ-11 w. V. KTlJDDIFOID. to ordet ill tlie -1eatmum••· ~\ J:r~ t*7lel.jeU pleaaut ~ t.o \fliG 1 ·aar J't~~Mier; 1' ' , :. :} \ I •

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