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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, November 15, 1852, Image 2

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.tj 'I. H..t. :,~ EVENING POST. 1,s published EVERY EY EN.LNG, (Sundays ex- ited,) at the office Nu. 1, We•t ::leueca l::itrect, Ly i CALV.lN J • .o.U..fLLS 4'ERlfi!.-Delivered to subscribers in the city, a& ... t CENT::l per week, or $3 per !UlllUID, wheu ptrld (.dvs.Rce. .Mui.l ~ubscribers invariah.ty in. advance. ..,.ms of .Advertisinuper Square in the Daily. 1 (Fourteen lines or less make a square.) ~quare, 50 cents first insertion, and 25 cents for i t h subsequent insertion, less than Onfl week. , •'i\'re f'or l week, $1 50 ( Square for 3 mo'ths $8 00 •, ,\'fiH ''\ 2 \ 2 50 H '\ 6 \ 12 00 '\ \ 3 \ 3 00 \ \ 7 \ 15 00 ·. i\ \ 1 m'nth 3 50 \ \ 1 year 20 00 :'he terms of yearly ad vertisiug, and of ad¥e rtise· , )llts placed before the marriages II.Ild deaths, will _jmn.de known at the office. au6 HUEFALO, MO,.\ DAY EVENlNft, NOVEMBER 15. 1852. PRICE ONE CEN'f. E.JIIGRA~l'I.O~· ,. F1re, .Maune and Life Insurance. TH::; oN LX Tn.L:E PoRTRAIT oF wasHINGToN. tion without, tbts answer,tt~~~-th~r- wlth her Thuhl: who de,ire to procure Certi- --- unfeigned distress, naturally ::X cited consider- .\\ ficate> t.>r Pas,;age., for their friends FR;\SKLI:-.i MARI!'E & F.!REINSUR.AN• 'E CO JUST PUBLISHED, bl · orlllmfts on &he Rov .. : ... .Vatitma II Ron. C''lrly tt-.nister. Pre-t.-lVrr· L .. ~very, Fe~y T.·. B. u·z.·L''H,...: .J'\ _, 1 ~ .\']L''JGEi'. \T . a e~~rpns 1 e; h . Ba.nk6 uj Irelat~d. Natwnal Banko . CAPITAL :r300!000. rt .J.1i v \\ ot.av- J.' -'' \ \uo tu u you t at he was dead ?\ they -'JCultatL<I. ... ,..uh.e !Ja!Lk of :lltms Ulymt, HaliJa.:r- REr ERE\(:£:::-< -Hon. B G. :-paulding, P.enj. PORTRAIT OF \VASHINGTON inquired. Df•lls ~Co. /,a,.don. ant!. Guion 4' Co., Li'Derpaot I H. ~·olger, E•q, \leesrs. R. Hulliste>' & Co., Hon. ' •• Nobody.\ will do well &u rewembertllllt the ;o;tepheu C•ark, .-\.!bony; Hon E. C. Delevan, Balls- Engrm:ed (by permi.sston)frum ::.•tuaTt's fJ'!Ii.!J origi- h h OLD E'l.IIH.RATJO:'i A.ll'l'.D .FOREIGN t?n• N.Y.; Jam~s P. Lee, Cashier Farmers Bank, naiparlnut,m the Atheneum, Buswn. \T en ow can you know it?'' E' J{(Jfl4 VGE OFFJOE l:'aratoga Co. N. \.; J. Ca•iy, Esq. Pres • .Bani!. fJl This suptlrb picture, Eogravt:d u[ 1 der the su- \I saw him kiUed.\ • ·• • • :3chP.nectady,Schenecta.Jy l'o. N.Y. yerinLer.Juoc.: ot 1 HU.\-1A.::) ::;ULLY, Eoq., the \But you have never been out of prison.\ No.5 Sidwall Block, Commercial Street, crniueut and hi,.. hi:; gifted artist, is thQ (•Oiy cor· \But I saw it nevertheless?\ B [j •• ., .A L O, HUD~ON .RIVER INSITIIANf'E (10, rt.'cL hk~r.~~s ut'\\ asbir.~wo ever published J, \But how was that posst'bie ?. Ex.plat'n At.ijah Pee!<, Pr.,•t.-.'\lfr<'d Noxon, Vice Pres't. \ ' · · Is the Oldest and 'Best, hn.,·ing been established for CAPITAL, $JUO,OOO. has been charac · er1zed as the greatest work <>f what you mean,\ TEN years dudug whkh time st\\'eral thor.,anda af Rt:FER'·'Nt~l·.\\.-\lessrs. Pr~•t .. Co-,llon. Or· art ~'l'er {JrO...tUt't'd ir. this country As to its fi \I c t .All I · · I h' dollars lmve pU>Jsed in ptLSsa 0 !re orMrs and drafts, safe- -\' · ~ - ~ .,. · 1 h d d anno • can say IS, saw tm 'an 1 'Hen H I' G ld' El. ''V ,, £ udity, we ro:fer to tbe e ters o• 1 e. a opte sun kill ·' , Iy through the haodH.Of the UU1l!'a-gigrll'd~ and hPPTI ' ' 0 \' • ' on. ... • :>pal 10 ~' lll:l ' eeu, sq. f w b' \'J-u ':tG E w A ~HI i\t' ru:-; eu. duly forwarded to the destination we•!Uired, and duly Geutral '\barf, William Jt. Millt r, Eoq., .Mcs~rs, · ao u.glf>[,, v ~ • · ~ ' 7 • \ Wben was he killed, and how ?\ ·d · 1 1 · 1 1 d h Cutter& D~Forest. f'Al:K CU::.-TI::;, who says, \lt is a faithful re· pa1 on presentation tot 1e nsh ~llll t,an ave no~ \ \It was the night I was arrested.\ tobesentto, iverpoolto be paid, asothE'rsnre. pteBenur. ion of tllecdebratcdorigiiJa!, ar.d to Th To those who des1re to have their fnends .brough Rochester Fil·c Insnrancc Company • L HlLF J (.; ;:-T 1C.I:. '1 AX•:. :f ot lhe Sup rem~ \ at cannot be · he was aJ.ive when you to thiscoumry from any pan of . urope/'the BUb· &ocnEsn:n, N.Y. Court of tbe l.'uited :::>w.tes, who says. \As a were seized.\ ' scr,ber would da.y, tiMt 11e •• the ;:mbon.o~J .\gem of ri.on ft. Chamberl\{~~~Pr~~E'd~~t~ · P. Mlllincr, Esq., wurk uf art H> e~cellencc aud beaut;· must strike '' Yt·s, he was ; he was killed one hour after tbat tJOpular auJ 11nerring .Line of r~cket ::'hips· .H.EfEi:tENt.:Eto.-1-'rl'~man Clm·k, E·q.,.Presid~nt 0.:\eiJ v1.e wLo •cc:> it: a~d i• is • n le~ehappy ir. that; they stabbed him with a knife.\ called RocJJe•ter llanlt ; l-Ion. H. >:ltillwell. Mayor of .koch· i e hk~I·e~s to the I< ather of his couiJtry. lt was \ Where were you then ?\ '.i'HE ••.LD BLACK ST A.R J,INE, c•L~r; Jus. ::3. Wadsworth, £6q., Genc>eu; lion. J tny i;·.ud furllllte t .. ha\·.; Se(!n him in the days ot \I can't teil, but 1 t;aW it.\ ' :, WM. CARLA...\'[D of Liverpool, a few of whose ship:s it will be suffi Delafield, GeneHL. my boyhood, ar.d bts whole appearance is yet The coufid .... I . h h . 1 ' '-;sron One Price Ulothes ~-o.reli.:'us:•_ ~o~!_lic H<:l~. ient to name, gtronl!IY impteest>d on my memory. The por· · ence Wlw W llC t e gll' asser• \ Xew England Mutual Life IusuTance Co. t · h · d t t b ted w.hat _seemed to her hearers impoBsrble '] THOMSON & MoFARLAN.E The Washington, The lilobertKelly, raiL yolr dVe lssu~ appears o me o e an EX· d b d d- d h 1 · L ' 'I'he Guy 'vlanuering, The Wia~tara. CAPITAL, $·150,000. ACT LIK' NfS', reprc~clltllig perfectly the expres an a sur • Ispose t em to imagine that . j&Ctical Plumbers. • tl. f'..as ~'itt<'r<, ll4 l'lv 1 stl'• Pt 'l'ne JJ. w. Glmton, l'tte .\llarnuon. lluu. \Vtl:ard Phillit••· Prco .. :: F ·-te,·ens. Esq. !\<·t. \'u\ as wdl as tL~ f,., m ,..,,<.! ft,ature> of the .ace.\ f'be wag really insane, or pretended to be so I AL.IJt;RT ti . ..YlER.ltlLL, fhe J. A. Westervelt. v·e L'mverse, Lt:rJN.'\RD \VII.RO!'<, Agem. At.d says ::)1:.:::\A'l Ult C.-\.:-:::-, il is ~life lik~ re· ~0 leaving Michael asiJe, they ·proceeded t~ 1 • t h p tH 1' -.. t · Tl ·Eut rpr 1 · n 1 e r~ 10 rapt. Jono; N. G•RD'~•:R, Marine lnspectc•r. · f · · 1 Pl'E '( ] b 1. .suce o 1 e eace-u ee .. ~ .i•alu st. up> arrs, 1e · e s~, 1 'nuce rt, l•rc>,•~otallo!J o the great ongt~oa '· ·::; · Interrogate ter a out tue roLLt:ry '\king her f -------- -- - --- -- TheTtconderoga, '11te Shannon. Olfke No. •t, l'IP<VLDJ\'O< KX<'!tA\Ot' 7·njyl4 DE~ 1. Fll LMORE \Th k .f h ' ..., ~ ·r DR. W ~ L LCfGTO :'/' J. L~AK E These rnagnificentships are from t,nuo toi!,OOOtons '' · 1 says, e war appear\ 1 !:S e was guilty. ', ·,qjdence anrl OfficP in the Mart Ohio street. bunhen, nml fitted up wiLb eYcry comfort, com- North~cu Nt.''\V l. or!>. L•i~ IStoclL .I,J.usu- t\ m.: tu hav~ bt:c~.J aJmil ubly ~xecuted aod emi· \Oh uo !\ ohe answered. '• . MAu..:: u AL J. BACON, mnnucd by expertetlce!.l Cnptaln.s, whose uniform ~a nco ('Omtmny , cu!ly worthy uf he putrur.age of the publia ,, \Then how came the property to be found n.v.D.A ~ k1mhtess 1 stondly spoken of. PLATTSBURG, NBW YORK. :-ays MA.KCHA1.., l the eminent portrait Jiaiut- b t ')H B tou\;}:Yioan<l Uoun•ellor, N'urnbcr !9U , MmJ·ny·ls7treet, ii7 Let it be disunctly underst,ood, that the ships CAPlniTco\rpL.or'a'te'ct' b.y. t·h·e· ·l:e;,..·sl.nt·u·r·e· o' • t'h'e\~5ta0t er, and the pupil of :,:.tuart, \your print Lo my a ~ul dyou • k I h' b . · of the Black Star Lme sail from Ltverpool w•tlwut · \' ~ mi\d IS wore remarkable th>tu ally other 1 ha\·~ ''Dt ~now; saw not mg · ut the 1 W.M. L. JAMES, fail, on !heir appointed days-1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, New York, July l::;i;I, seeu, fur preseutiog the WHOLE' illdividnality of murder.\ J&ler in 1111 kinds of .li'tmcy Dry Goods, French Mil· :list nnd '21ith of l'~Ch month Horses, Cattle, and all kinds of Life :'!Jlck IasureJ :he uri~i!Jal pur· rair,togcth~r wilh the lluble aut! \ But there iR no ground for ~upposing Mi· Jiuery, &c., No. 21:10 Main dtreet, Buiflllo. Thrre 1 ' no ·ler~v c 1 •laPrl to thr f'mhrr~nl, 08 the · ·' ·\ b 1 b' ·' · ' f\.. ,,. 1· ·fi d f · d h' h II cl1aeli·s dead 1 ' h1's body has not yet been Pns~age Certificate is plainly for [Om Convenience agawsLueaw ·,y t ll! i:llm I!Jeu ns\5 o ..: Ire, 'ater, • l!(IH ~ · rei-Me '-' a1r at. mall' er • \' IC a .t J AMES-H--:<JLARK alone. Diseases, &c. who ever saw him considered a marked charM found.\ :S. ALER IN CHOICE WINES, !.IQUORS, c lJRAJ.o'T::l are'' · lstantly foraal;e on thb f<Jllowing Stock transportPd hy \Vater, Rail Road, or driven 'eri:llic of thtl illustrious UJ.an iL comweruurates \ \1 t is in the aqueduct.\ on foot tomarketinsuredat fair rates. L' b . (:igars Wholesale & Retail at 3~3 Main street Banks: -\or t c great merits o! this pic Lure we wuuld \And do you know who slew him '?\ --- Tbe Ro.vat 11nok td ~nticnal Bank of Ireland. r fer e~ery lo,·er of Wash1'r gtoo to rh·e Port ·, i HOYT&; PERRY, National Bank or dltland. The ::;ubcriberhaving been appointed Agent ofthe ,. ' ' · · rai · \Yes; It ww; a woman. ::11ichacl was I · L b E l M' l . bv 1 e reliable !lel'fectlv so1 1 cut Cu., is \repared to is· it~elf, to be eeen at. tbe <•fiice of this paper, and lk' l l f I k f ' ea ers m u1n ~r, age street, aear 1c ugan, nanks of :\lessrs. Jyun, IlaHJax, i\ltlls &. Co. • \ h 1 f h f l A · • wa wg very s ow y, a ter was ta en • rum tlal N Y 26 6 .._ ue policies, ut as low rate ofp emium as any res· to L e etters o t e v lowwg tl!Slti, :States· h \u o, . . ruy • m. London, and Guion\\ Co, LJVelliOOJ. \ im. A woman came behind him with a H. A. Hon, _ _ J. A. PERRY. JOHN WAL,:;H, Ailt>nt. ponsibie L'ompnny, in tne United Stmes. meo, Jurists and •. :cholars accvmpo.n}ing it large ki'tchen kni'\e ·, but he heard her and . - -·- - He respectfully imit .. s the atte' tiou. of Carmen, A H.Tl::il ti.-l\olarchant uud .Elliott, of New i' ' urLLU'\IJTO'r '- BROTllER I:a.cha.nge BrockPr·, S ~i·~way Bloj~'lt, rr'ITiaruPrr\1.1 ~t., c L L' ''il' TJ 1 ' .. ,. th ,. t d 1 .1 1 1 t .aL.L .L.'C ..... , Ul.o ' .... a lHeL, .I_\.U.rlllt'r!:> J1o.nl'..'h, a..· \'llll u a.uu tU..l 0- erb J. urk; .2\t:a._~lt:, l_~ f,.. Lt:!llh;l aLJ LarubJill, o1 ~Tfl{' arouut ; anu t lell t lC ·wuru~n flung a mhrell .. audP,.rasul Mauufactucers, and Dealers in N . d N T!•lffaln, N · V. int<'r~ste•l Alllosse< prnmptTl).· Jpn• ~.~'i'nl•~lh·~! 1 s,C>ty. l'hilao.i lj,hia : Ch.:s. cr Ihruil•\• of Busto•• ,· J•itlCe of ure v stuff o\·cr his h<>ad, Bltd Ltruck l Sbirts,Cravats, Collars, &c•, 259Mainstreet,op· .B.-l:'lpectean fln·nll: otesotPveryrlescrtplion ~· , . \' b' ~ Jdl ' ~ posite the Churches. , bought, sold <lnd excfiallgcd at close rates. 20tf. 2:!3 :vtain Str<>l't Corner of Swan. Cbarl~s Fraser. of Cbarle~tun, ::3. C:· uod to tb~ Jill repeate y witu a kmfe. Tbe grey ~:~tuff . -- Butfalo, Atlri19,l\'.J2. np10 Over • 'oleman's Drug Store. ado(Jte!l son of Washiligton, Hon Geo. W, P. wm: much stained with blood. ~ltchael fell ~ • T S HAWKS -------- Custis, himself an artist. STATESMEN.- t h · h h bl d h d d ;.terary Depot fo; th.e sale of I;'erlomcnls, Newspa· AMERICAN EXPR.ESS COMPANY A· & .J • n:: F. 0 G H, Hi~ Exc~ller.cy Millard Fillruore,Major Oeneral a t e etg t ow, an t e woman. ragge ·,pers, :&ooks,.Maps, etc., Post Office Buildings, cor· ~ PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS, Widield ::::cott, Hon. George M Dallas, Hoo the body to the aqueduct, and It fell in, with- ,ner Seneca and Washington sts. ~~~~· 1 ~52. ~ie cortter of Pearl ant!. Seueca Street$, William R. King, lion. Daniel Webster, Boo uut ever l1ftingthestuffthat stuck to his face.\ ~-~~-,,BRADLEY BROTHERS, Capita} ••• ~200,0QQ. ~ THE subscribers keep con· Linn 13uyd, lion. lewis Cass, Hon, William A. As !twas veryd easy to verify these latter ·..anufacturers of all kinds of Printing, Writing and BETWEE~ \T .L''tl' IP''OR\'' uc·p 'LO, stnnrly •. n ham) a cbUI~e a-S••[IIIIeDl of Gmbatn, Hou Johu p Kerm~dy, Bon. H.. c. assertions, they lSpatcbed people to the spot, 1 I.etter Papers, Warehouse.!!:!!:! Main Htrcet,ano.l. - ~';r;,\ L .10.. .a. l'tano f'unes i l'le\\'nt Roe\o\dl Wu,_.hrvp..L.L D Jl'l{I:::\T=:;-Hon. R••ger and there the body wa~>found,withthepieco tNo. 5 West 8ene~ street. DU 1iKlltK, CIS GIS SA 1' 1, ClllC..lliO, C ,,.,, \llldt' ~} \.r n·•llobe P'l • I ·n \\' \· •onrh B 1 \''\}, lluu John Duer lion. Johr, :\JcLca.,, of stuff over his heat!, t:xaclh a!S sbe had des- V!ELE & CHAMBERLAIN, tiT. LUU 1:::> & LNTKH.MEIJJ\ATE 1' LACE;:,. \\ 1 tinhh 0 nny ruar.uf:tctu ed in •hP ~ounr Y P r· II.,,., Hufus Choate :-'CllOLAR::; -Charles criLeu. But wheu tbt>v abked her huw she , f''\ '·'\ ·•·a. . ll 1 . 1 111 . sons de iron· •·fo•-t:•intn- n ~u1 erionnstrumeut,an• Fol•nm, Esq, the well known LlbrarJ'an of th~ k J ;ttorneys and Counsollqrs at Law, Bernheim.er \, .,..,.,.,!wu.., ;:; now rc .. ve wf\ 0 alit ullklrK, res1\rt ull} invited to give tltl'rn a cal!. • ' new all this, she could only answer, \I ,Block, next to the American _a:otel. , 'V Un.ily. ::lun,lays t.l'cepted, t111r N'l w Yo• ami ~Dealers supplied on 1 ,beral terms. Bo~ton Athepeum, who says, \I would rather don't know.\ · :&NRY II: TIELl!: 1 .\' Cli.LMBE.RLA.tN intermeuia1e tJlnce~,ou the A•bJ!UY and llu.ffdlonn<l J'y:!::l ,\, _& J. KEOCH, own. it thJJ.n any pa. inted copy I have ever s~en,·\ B k r' • ' -- .. _ ' :__ ____ · N Y. and Erie RaHroad, dt•d fur Erk ar.d Ill. er, e- _ 'T' p 1 \ ut you now who killed him.\ · ·· K E. . Whipple, Richard iildreth, Hon Edw ,·1 A, VAN SLYC , diate pl'lces, by .Butfa•o and ::'tale Line fl n.ilrond; DISSOLU\l'ION Everett. L. L. lJ, Jared. S••ar ks, L.L D., Wil- \Not exactly ; it is the sam<l· woman that 'Tholesalean.I retail' D~aler iu Tobacco, Snuff nr.d ll'\O ~y •he >everol Jinpe or i'ltt''l:ll'E>r• on ths> l.nh• ll ... t t h' } b b 'll 11 fSeg 1 rs,No.25 •:ommercial 5 reet, second door above from Ruff<~~ and Jl•m\r~ t.o 1 :tt·:v· Jn.od. ,:an u~\ v. I · llE::l :'bR !lRADL• Y hav~ug sold his entir.. i1am . Pt es.:uLL, L. L. [) , \\' aohiogtuo lrviug, pn on lB eyes; •ut per aps e w1 te me .'Merchants' Hotel, Buffalo. jy20 Toledo, Mooroe,DetTOJt; from tll·~nce to, ·olumbus, t imerest in &he business of liR.Aut.~;y BnoTt• Ens, IC.IJ>h \\'. Emerson, Esq., Prof T. C C J.iham, her name to-night, and if he does, I will ··- ·-· - . mci•.nati, uoUisville, Cllica~o,Gi<J.Iena, :viii waukee. the firm is here .Y dissolved by mutual coment. J. T. Headley, FitzGreen Halleck, H. 'A tell you.\ -~· _J DR. N. WALSH, and St Louts, by the several Jines -f m1lrottds The Paper \Jnnufartnrlng and Commission Busi· L•mgfelluw Wru.Gillmore ::-;imms; anu FROM \Wbat do yon mean by he.2\ HYSICIAN AND APOTHECARY,-OFFWE steamboal.!l, &c ness will iJe continued as heretofore, by H. BRADLEY E'IJI'UPE L d T · d T B M ..cr T · · k R id · t •· \<>. •re authorized to settle un theat\'•'rs of ·, c • or 8 l'Jour • · · acanley, f3ir \Why Mt'chael to be oure\ i. .. o. 5 errace,opposttecrtymar et. es ence u t::ach ~.xpres•Is~entin chnr!!e o tru•ty Mt·•· \\v • ~ v '\'-' • • \ • • Med' ·· the firm. Archibald Ali ·on. .ord Mayor of London, &c D th 1 I f h fi 11 · · bt ,brnerof Exchange and Ollicago streets. 1clne, sengers provl{led .-t[/J iron che-t> fur the saf•t.Y of & & l E pRE Urtl:lg · e w 10 e o t e o owmg mg , -~Vtce,visitsand attendance at all hours je:;tt valunbte packa~\\ e' tm•teoi toth!l'ircarP. BENJ. BRADLI·:Y. e · c. ''Li · ·' ::'::-', thronghunt tbe en•ire w_ ithuut allowing heT to suspect thetr in.ten- . EN~. BROTHE.R t\t\ht'We\t the line ha• ht.,ly been exlemte<l Buffnlo,Mayi5,I!l52. CHI·;STERBRAIH.EY, Vntou,huve\irholot:.voiceproclaimedthemer· 1 th h d.h d. b d 'l W ARR Ob 1 • ·over ~ever .• lnrw ruu<c~. an•' Is tOW pre 1 ,orec t•• re UOU!o!E'~ PRINTING-TELEGRAPH. ItS ol this >'Uperb er•grft.ving. · 1 h 00 - · ey watc e er, an lt was 0 serve ·, 1 tnnufacturers of Warren'slmprovcd fire and Wa- ceipt ano.ilorward pnchdges \il.h gre .. t clesp:>tdl a 11 d Tlus 1110 ,, ret. .. ble Line .s .,(Hv eo 11 Pl•te.d, and I• Tn e~onble all to po•s~ss this valuable treasure. 8 e ne'l'er lay dowu, but Sat upon her bed in .• 'ter p oO• Roof~, and dealers tn Roofing Materials. sa 1 e•y to mos• of rlle.'.•Jri;;cipal nla~us iu the We:.teru y ,·t ,·, sold ·•t the low prl·.. ol \\5 pur C<'PY a sr1rt of lethargie slumber. Her bc•dv was 'I tli 2·' \' , \' u ' • • ' ~ ~ w lu•l operation to the elL}' ol r<ew ork, .Messnrres • ~ . ,.. \' • · , 0 ~e' :o •• A~in-at. corner o, ow an, P tstatrs. and Suuthwcstern :::t..tcs \ t> · bl. h d b l' ''Lll 1 1 ~E· \V L' LlLLlJ\ nut\t motJ'onl\.~s· ex\ept when t·lllS .repe;. e was· • · 1· 1 can be wrwarde>~ ai all •Hue<, alui Jel>veret!, Prznt- U I$ -· Y 1 L .1.v. • ,- ~, ·1 ~ '\ ' \ . ~ Je PR.Ol'RtETORS: '-T \\ • 1\ h d A · d b ~d z.11. Plau1. ll.umau. Ca.puats,eu~urin\ e11cre oJCcura.- ... ~. -w- • curuer of •1ft ao reb streets, Jnterruptu v ner~ous shocks which perva · PHINNEY & CO., WELJ,::.;, BUTl'BR~'tEILD & Co., \ - • • , _ 10 W II d 8 .,. l \I N y k cy Fatrons are assure•t tllat no efforrs will be Philadelphia.. ded her whole frame. :lublisbersand BookSellers, wholesale&.retnildeal- a • an i!of e • aee, ew or • .-anting on the (J.IrL of tiJO•e counrcted wltb WJLLIAM TER.RY, 1 ers in Blank. Books and Stationery, (Breed's old LIVINGS !'OM, FARGt • & Co., he L111e 1o mst. ,., prompt delivery of all despatche' Sole Agent for the Sta e ut :-.ew York, On the ensuing day, the moment she was 1 stand,) No. 188 Main fltreet, Granite Block, Buffa, ju3·52 /iii :\lnin-,tr.et, Buffalo. utrustetl tv w~m llutfnlo, Mnv 14. Tbis Portrait call uoly be obtai net.! fr(lm MR brought before the jurige she declared that she ; lo. RUFFALO&: ROCHESTM.R R. ROAD KE:lloVA.L. TEH.l:{ Y, or from his duly o.uthor>zed ag-eDts. was uow able tn toll the Pame of the a!lsassin. j DAN B. CASTLE, ·~- N tlRI.fTON \ll-' remove 1 his stock of Wares Arrangerueuts have beeu made with the Pu>t \But stay,\ Raid the mugi;;trate; \did be 1leneral dealer in Gold and Stiver Watehes, Gold - .L • and .\la .. t.f.lct;;ry tu the roner uf UJyt: nod llfik~ D~)JlltL!lleut, bj v. h.ch copies ol the Pur never tell you when he was alive bow he lost : chains, Rings, Pms, Ear Riugs,Keys, Lockets. Pen- \'U .\ll\ll:'~K A [{ KA::'>< till:.. ~:-;;;•rr. .._·a .. at.->l.!l. 2nd B.oel<. 'cJo.v the M,rchnnts' Hotel, trait cau be sent to any puiut, per mail, in per· his sight ?\ i cils, etc., laii Main l:lt. BuffalO. Gash pa14 lor old ..., \her• h< ts prepared tu u.nnu·acture every d• seri.p- feet order. \ N b t t1 · b 1i I silver. , JY2t 7 trains daily, ex.cept:ilng Sund&Yb· tiun of l'opper. 'I' n ,•nrl Sh<>et Iro .. \Varl', at nsnal 1 . · 0 i u · .Je mormng e ore was arres· rat•s. 1 in,Ja[Jnnn a~od Brtta.tnin. Ware cousm.tly Ulr 'ersnos by remiu.ing FlvF. Dn!.!.ARS t\ ted be promised rue to do su; aud that caus• · 1 PHOENIX HOTE~BY C. HICKS. On and after Ylouctay, April lltith, 1852, the Cars on h.wd. 17·3m w: LLlA:Vl TERRY, 113 i'lassau Street, N.:w ed his death.\ ; :MAIN-B'r.ABOVECoURT,BUFFALO,N.Y. willleaveunffuro for A.lb.1ny, .:!>e., York, BostOn, Y··rk, willhav<> a cupy of the Pvrtrait sent tu .. H ld b b ~, rHE HUU;:!~ ~~ fi•ted up and fUJ.•,,ished ill the best aml; lotermediatc places, as lollows; BVFI!'.ilLO ;nt71'17AL INSUUAN{}E them FkfE OF Pon.\GE 'Low ~ 0 ~ Mt' aht e) I d style,audcxtensiv.e stablesattaclledtotheestab Trntn No 1-.Ncw Yorlr l~:~:pres<',545A. M. bCRll*:' lVA'>TJ::D, ll(r :\lag!Jificent(riltFrames,gotupt>xpress ' astmg t lC ae cametome,an pom· ll 'shment. atoppll. g, at A.ttio '• H yron \nd B.ergen. 1,H C ~ubscr' uer wl'l pay t e toli<H\ ing prices for 1 · 11 ted to the man bidden behtud the sc.a~old ·r \ b Ex \ .• • A M \\! o o ., uu 1 · h t ~ · · Y fo>r I he~e onraits, furnished at the low pnce J.J' ra1n ,,o 2- ::<team oat prPss, 1 .. ~ • r. •. stop• <> • ' or<>- 1 ol t e a •ove .,e rip. VIZ.: \\5 h on which he and 1 had been sitting. He ping at A1tlca, By.on and Bergen, \\ l::'cnp of 84\4 !:S3 cts. Scrip of li:'Sl. liS cl.!l. ot ,; eac · Train No. 1-~'rtight, 9 A ''· No passengers \ •• 1~49 7 \ \ \ 11:1.;2 60\ showed me the man listening to us when he taken on this train. , \ '' 1860 73 \ JUST ISSUED, said, \I'll tell all about that to-night;\ and Tram .No. 4-M.ait, 10 A. :'11., suopping at all the B, A. MANCHESTER, A MAGNIFICENT PORTRAIT OF the man- stations, . ~ept. 11. Bill and Stuclt Broker. , \D k h f h o, Train No. :>-Emigrant 12M. Stopping at all the _____ . G E N £ R A L J A C K S 0 N. o you now t e name o t e man 1 • . W .. ata:ion. • • . . _ . UL_l:O.~I'O~, il~ON RAI.U~G 'VORKS. Eng;avet!. by T. B. WELCH, Esq .. afrertlteor'tgi- \It is Luck; he went afterwarcls to a broad !lolesalc an~ Re~~l_Furlllture and A ~n 1 1; ra!u ~'~'!·6-Even,..g Cxvre~s,, J P ::0.1. at<-P!!ll•g I Cu.:.rv:s i::II., Ui'l'u;:;U 1:. ru~:.Cotll.I lluL:;:;E. I nat Pu 1 /.raztpamted b!f T. ~ L'LLI', .!,oq_ !\treet that-leads down to the harhor, and he No. 243Mmn~treet, Buffalo. ne~enswe at Atuca, .BataVIa and Hergen. R ~J t'l JJ\: &. ·o 1 • k th • · • · . • t d tb th' d h 1 · ht\ uoonment of tbe most desirable and fa~hionable · Train 'lo. 7-Acc<llumodation, 6 P. !\1 , stopping I :, · -~' L ·• .• avmg tn en. eaaoH~ prdm 1 Tb1s l'ortrmt w ul b~ t1 match fur che \\ a~h- en ere e Ir ouse on t te ng · Furniture.cGnstantly on lm_nd. at all the stations. I rece~:~e~rc~rr: i~:~l~~~ }F~~~esareB~lc~u~~~p~:ra~~ in~ ton, and is io ew:; re~pect as well got up. \What is the name uf the Btreet ?\ WM. J. LAVERY. .rJ\ 01:1yone train ~on8undays, the Evening Ex- dahs, Stairs, Railing, Grates, 1 ~ 011 . oors, Shutters, Pnr $5 per cupy. Addre\s a• ab•,1·e \!don't know ; but the house is oue story . · . d P 1 . 0 . 1 p . ts press tram leaves at a P. M. &.c - . . ·· · · · · lower than the adJ'uining ones. Lnck told m Groct:rtes an rov srons, 1 s, arn ' .....,.1'h T . ., ffi I b .;: • Putt Rrnshes Powder .Shot, and sa.fety 1 ...... · t; ~:un• w: •tU-''\ l:S!U a •· Y · yrn<'•r-• 1 We are also prcJ1nred w foirnl.'lh-lght casting8, fi'rh tC.:: • p f Cathanue what he hall heard, and she pro- Fuse, Fru!t;, Segars, 'oye-stlllf~,l'il. Is, Tubs, &.c. T~e,wh!Ch I~ ~uou.t 15 \olmutec faster than ButTalc •a:.fi --~·ghLo, feuc~ nnJ ra~ling LASLiu ·-.&c. .\.11 0 ·. .;!:.1 ,r ~u etllll g 1 05 • pu>:>etl tv 21.bbllbeir.ate M!Chat:l, Lut 1t: rcfubed No. 36() Mai..n street. Country Produce ~.>ought Tune. ders fo. anythtng :.n our line, h t£ at the works on l b h b and sold HENRY M ART.lN, ~nflerintendent Cimton wect, or at tbe Furnace on Jackson street, Haying, \that It was hal enoug- to ave mn- • . ... _ . Buffalo nn.t' Roc b. ~ailroadci will be promptly attl'nded to. A Strauge Story. ed out his eyes fifteen years ago, while he McMILLEN'S .BOAT YARD. ::! •permtendent's Offi, e, Bulfo.lo, Apdl 21th L41 Uaviu~ lJUtchW>ed tht: lltucl!. in •r~de .,nd l·llLtern' was asleep at your door, and to ha>e kidnap- On Hamburg!•· st. Canal, nea.r Ea~tern Vepo~.. ap24 ------- __ 1 _f_ <.fthe late Levi IL LarkJn. and •cnited with the J?·<l·l A remarkable cin·urnstance is related by 1 ,ed him into the country.\ Theu I went to . Snbacr1ber i~ p•epared to do a'llnnds of Build· 1 i:3UM:Mt;R ARRANGK\!ENT. j t('rns ownPrl. hy R. '\1. 1-.fld, ,_we haY!' a large ,·nr•E'I.Y :\in;. Catherine Crowe, in the \~i£\ht side of ask charity, Lut CatLariue 11ut a piece of mg !Uld Reprurmg Canal bnats, on tbeshortest no- • B(;FF ALO & :-; 1 • GA\'\ • ~· ~LI !>.. R K •. and are ronfidPnt \'\ c.an san~ly all. hoth as to pr.ce I :'\ t . , . I ,· , , t n I .• · . 1 \-!'> r tice, and ou reasonable terms. • . I _ ' \\' ;n...,. - •· _ • · 1 =d style. Call and see for yoursr,lves.. • 1 • a u: e, ~b 13 ~ wg occ urreu ll . 1 C\iRa - .~ plate Ill ruy pocket, that I lliig!.t Le arre,ted; jyl 2 .y . HUGH. M~MILL,E~~ _ 1 ~ -~~~.\?\' ·~ .· R. '\1.. J;l~GHAM, 1 An o,d hlmd Tnan narnctl :\ftchael, h!ld ~·.•r tbeu oLe h 1 J hers~lf Lehiod the aqueduct to HERSEE & TIMMERMAN, ! ilil:iit:xi!:~--;--;-~~ M4ll __ augll·lm _______ R~ :lL LnDY. ~uauy year~ bee~ accustomed to get. his hv- wait fvr Michael and she killed hitn. and Chair :Manufactory, Ware Rooms, 309\ THREE TR.df...Y/::j J?AILY, . GENERAL AGENCY. 1 wg Ly ~eatwg hJnlself every mm·ntng on a \But since JUU say all this, why did you Main street (opposite the .American Hot~I,J Buff:~.- 1 (sUHIA YS EXt EPTED.) FOR t11e !Jurcbase of cit) property and farm~. for 1 teatn, Ill one of the timber yard~. w1th a keep the plate ? Why didn't you;give infur- lo. Every ~rticle of Furniture on nand, and ~de Cars will leave Buffalo at !I o'clock A. ~7. n.-gociating Lusint>ss pnpt·r, bo11ds and mort. wuodcu bowl at his feet, into ~ hicb the pa~- IIJatiuu ?\ ~~~:der. Fifrniture elll'efully packed for Ship- :: :: ,'; '.', :: 1~ .:· P. Jf: gages and otbe\~~''t~r~TU!JIFtlRD, jl:icugers cast their alf?ll. This long continued \But I did not see it then. Michael show- T p A RSO N Cars will leave the Falls at ;j; ta.7 o'c[ock. A. M At Uill',; Exch=ge office. under 0. •Lee &. Co.'s I practice had made ht m well known to tbe In- ed it t<> me last Dight,\ • .o. ~ , • \ .. \ •• \ ~~ P. :1-1. Bam,, wi I \1. end t .. the purchasing and <elling of habitants, and as he wa'l believed to have \Bat what could induce Catherine to do Ma~n Street, Kremlin Blvck Manuf~eturer of \ • \ •· \ 6 P, 111. Real Esta•e, Reuting Houses, negociat!og Hond and been a s•Jld 1 er his blindness was attributed thts ?,' Rega\Ul, Banners, Costumei, Jewels Seals, &c., {D\One Tram only on ~undays. !\fort~age. au::;IU-ly. d' 1 t1 · d · b 1 F for Masons, Odd Fellows, tlons of Temperance. Leaves BuftnlonttH~ o'c!trck A.M. ---. • -- .. -~~.- -.-1 to the woun s HJ ha r~cetve tn att e. or \Michael was her husband, and sbe had •rempte of Houor, Cadets, &c., &.e A:~o M_ason· .. Niagara l<'illlsat5 o'clock P.M.. I Uulfai~£.J~~1 ~ 0 ~~ 1 J'~~{.wactot Y 1 , Lt~ own part he spoke httle, and ne\'er con- forsaken him to come to Odessa to marry ie;Carpets.an¢ cnarts. Jy\2B 'INM. A. Bl-RD, Supt • T ' ' tradicted the opinion. One night Michael, agaill. One night, fifteen years ago, she saw ALEXANDER SLO.A..L~ I Buffalo, May 15 • !:\ 52 · my 25 {stTCEssoP~\ TO n. BENSON d: co.,) 1 bv sume accident fell in with a gtrl named ~l1cbael ·who had come to see her·. She si·I·p- . ' ~ · - --- '1 -- d U · - RESI'El'Tf'ULLY anno•.nce to thnt they have • ' . . 1 . and ProvlSlons, CuunLry Pro .. u~e, •alt. 1 Gold, S1ver an, nc1q.rrent B.ills 1 t«ken we p•enuses ;s 0 • 191 \Vuslllugtons reet, 1 Pawleska, wh~ was .fr:renriiP\-~ and on t H' pet! hastily into the bouse, and Michael who .11 ~sb., flour and Wbtskey bv the ~~1-. \~me; and .Bu~uuT A!ID :-~LI' o~ ttn )l·~n ~ • \• I! •.B · • I F ~~ 'ts, 1 !Of!flelly 0 ,ciJ,t>iLJ hy ~leo~rs. T>. Dt'ilovn & Co., 1 t:r;;e of pc~:Bhlllg Wlth rnfri anrl h•mzP~.- tlluught she had uut l:>t:ell Lim, lay dowu at Ltq·tors Pure as [m,IJrted, S'o. • ~n111, treet. Bl' HOR.Ai.l, HII.I.S, • , ?.h~re !.he;. .. ut cu t!nue the mo.nuf1~t r<> of P•uno I Tht! o!J mau touk her home and ad.,pted h r. 1 J b r 11 • J Corner of Canal rend Hanover Sts, BUFFALO. Exchnnge Brokt>I, { nder 0~ Lee &; Co s.l fortes f··Tery dPscr•p ion ThPy arP nowfimshmg! , f ... . . . d f ··t · I •d our tu Wah:h ; UL Le Je ae,eep, a1o myl4.-y _ g,,.,,.__ ''' • · I and w1!1 keep canst ntly on ban•! nn nssortm• n• of! auu rora w.tat ume tu,;tea 0 Sl tlllg 1 ! 1 t 1 ~ then Luck burned out his eyes, and carried AGE & SONS. f$..,.. Business p tJoer,, and Bunds and l\Io~aa.~e. I 6, t;~. 6-4 and 7 octaTe Ptano 1-'orws. iu R,~·ewooJa\.d f umber yard, ~e went about the streetR tn ht>r him to a d!~ance.\ Wh I _, d R 1 . 1 0 _, . p· 0 Portes and negutJated on reasvcoab.e terms._ augJ· I 31a .. vgnn}, which the~ ofer a• as low IHIC· s \~ s m1·! ,;.,m pauy, a~kuw alms at the OAOI\l nf hon~e\. ''.A.uJ It b Mi..:bael who told •·ou tLis ?\ o es.ue nn e a1 eruers m Jan -- -- - - -~~ --· 1 · h bt d · 't in tl e d\h £ 1 d th \ Mu.'lica.l :\'Iercha.ntlise. No.209,1ain-Sb:eet, Buffulo. LIFE INSURANCE. I ~r 1 tnstruments can e 0 ame 10 ally Cl Y 1 t The duld calle 1rn at ler, an ey were \Yes; he came very pale, ar.d covered S?le Dealers in. Boardman &: r;ray's celebrated The lUutnal Life lusnrauce Company 1 ~-~cir inR ruruents combin<> all thP latest mprove· t extremely happy together. . with blnod, and be tNik me hy the hand and P 1 =d o Fortes, BlShOpf!.lld C'hild s Improved. '!e- 0 ~ N.--.v York, No 3.:io v;..a!l.,;t. jw~nts indud 1 na the c.t bri>.t.·d arch butu•\ iron, But when they had pnr•mecl tbts mode of \bowed rue all WI.th h·lS·\ .finger~.\ o eons. ;n- ~I 600 000 ' M ti · ' · h f h · h o o CASH CAPITAL •••••• • • • • · • • • • • • ·\ • , I brace, &.c.; and the w•·ml ers fthe r • • h<'m;r P ae- I hfe fur five years, a t e I anng een com· \L pun this Luck ami Catharine were ar- LEWIS & JACKSON. Dealers in Grocer:es a.nd Provisions, Flou•. S •It a.nd Fib, Oils Camphene a.nd Bu ni u Fluid, Fruits. Nuts. Ptckles, Bird :;eed. &e~ V'lholesa'e and Re- tail, No. -:!83 Mam-st. Buffulo,oppo~Ite the Krern- lm. jyi6 ~AllED LEWIS. NRy II • .JACKSO:O. GOOD BU8INESS PAPER, llONOS and Mortgages negotitltl'if \t ntltimes. D W. V STUDDTF• •RD, ~g10-ly Under Olive>: Lee lie Co's Ba.nk. TIUILDING SOCIETY STOCK.-For Sale a. fe.w ll shares of Stoekin the .. Buffalo Bulding So ciety 1 ' Alro a few sh-.res in tbe\ We>-tern Loan Co.\ Appl;r at the Erie Land Office. . B. A. MANCH.ESTE!R, Bm Mortaa~ .k Stock Broker. JO'S. R. CO!.Ll'i'l, Pre-'t 1 tical workm•\ r'lr f', oSl·tt l!avingb d ovprtw•·n · mltted in a bouse where they had visited 11 rested, and It was ascertaiued tbat she .had I•AAC A RRAlfT, ~ec•y. T. J ;,!WEET. gt. ty·fivp yPtU$ e;q>erience in •hP prmcipal citiPS of tbe l b p wl k w· d rl• 22:1 \'lain s•., nv • ., CniP\' n·, llr••!! ~•ore. Union,) •hey 1 el ronlideuce m u:arrasltlnlf their m·1 t e rnormng, a e~ 11 a'! su<~perte an a~tually bt.<f'll rnarned to Michael tO the year __ '\_R_M_ 1 .., r.R, Nn 1 .. 1 ._ -sn -For sal ~· strument• to purchn.sl'rs. 1 arrested, lll!d the bl_md ruan was 1£->ft once 1810, at Kuersoo. They at first denier! the F F RM 'r 40 • c·e- 011 G; n;l Is! md-IS ae:r.,;: Ptanu 'on~s UWI'd and repa'ir•·d. Old lnstru- 1 mure alone. Bot. tustead of re\!lroifl£!' hi>- accu..atiou, but .Pawle-,ka iubi!Stetl, and they A o a \ • • f ments takPn m exch~n\e fjr new. All ord•'Td \ h b ts be now d ed It h de:tred, bnlante WJH nv..r~ all to ti1 1 c ~r· so w~d j p·omptlv .ttended to. tfealers de:llt l\ith on 1 berallt••rrner a. 1 ' u;appear _a oget er, sub<>equeutly confea<>ed the crime. to. •he ac•e. Good log, ~~.us<' an·· )o.,_b'~;p Pn·~ 1 terms. • au@ laud the c3rcu~star:c.e C<l.uswg susp1Cii>n to ex.- When they communicated the circnm- S2t1 per ncr~. Apply II.• .,6 :\I n r.r .. t 11 r~P't I -- --- 8 - · 1 --,;--L·- b . ' tend tu btm tm• gtrl was broug;ht be'ure the StallCe of t\e P•Ju\e:..~wn tu Pawlt•ska, sbe chin Bank to . Gl!Y H 81\U-BURY, . 1 em ocn. um l\r· I . . ' b . d . . . u v• 1 ' 0 , 7 .. ' Real 1 smte \\eut l }{)0 000· Fe<?t thee in,:.lllemlockPI~u~k.l· magtstrate to e Interrogate With Jegard to saiJ, ''I was tDld it last ni~ht.\ The affair -¥· - 1 . s Sui•aHe for :\rab'e Flnors, Bnd- · his probable place ~·f concealment naturally created great interest, ar:d people · • P S. § 'ii' E V E N S • ges, Si!ewt.•ks, or Dcckinlit. 1 ,orsa 1 ch\~· by \Do vou know where M.icba~l is?\ in- around the ueiu-hborhood haiitened into the 'Wholessle a.nd Retail De9olf'r in • A. PERR.Y, • ed th · n 'ChOl.C\' Win\l'- Lt~uors,.,nd-,,Citm., rs, seplf't.f Ohio,.t.near theCan:ll. qn.tr e magt-trate. 'etty to learn the !'leutence. \' \' <\ c·- --------------· - u He .IS dead '·\ ·repll'ed et.e, chedding a ALL lM.l!OE.1· W llllt \ N II~. l.L \ Mansion Block. :Vo. 1, Excinngc. St., .Buffc.lo, ;v_ Y. Real E\>tate J.if'e, Fire and l\Iartne In• torrent of tears. On hand 11nd Daily R• c ivmg Congress Water snran<>e omce. A.q the gtrl had been shut up for three days, Direct\- ., to Sprin\\ 17\ Under Oliver Lee&. (Jr.'s Rank. • h - uur~va ga ., •• allgl3-J' auglO-ly w. V.:-TUDDIFORD. Wit out any means of obtaining any informa- Fmf!IT.-To see a milkman looking {)Ter the \pris:e curreut\ to see huw cLalk is g.ving.

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