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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, November 09, 1852, Image 2

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and why we Exult in lt. l'roeeedmgs of the Board of Snpel'VlSOrs. :' • ._a::::; :..1.tt'Ll:tt•lJ• h·\t-ed t•,;;- 'll'\tninco Am<'TP full aud perfect on-.-- l•f tht:: fiscal ilfi~1.~r ~ Ot the cOunty mav Lees.pected from t11'-> cowll.l.i.ttee ·'' tU.: nt>:l.t &t>sston ('t the l:lr•.t.rd cmbracin~ all ofth~ sub(N't .. 111. tht\'- cQrmexiClo NEW EAGLE-STR}ET THEATF:' hkely that the molit surpnsed Fmvu:. uct ::9---~ .or. --- . l Ai fllEll! A!<Nt' AI. :.IJEETL\iG FOR THE YI!All Hi22. C'ARR & WARHE~ • • . ZIL<\~At,l.:l\ natwu. at th~'J'eStrlt of the recent ]Ir t~aarle s .&Clarke submtttcd the !o.lowm;, f u•. It lt.opt., ~t.ud dP..t !\ t'€'1Utl'Ji' ('~ t..., t 1 T(\\' ~ OfeE c.a' r.'-t be li .. l:t.rl4•l<n1nt~dt>r t~utr'-t.:\\.\!'r.l lst.·ad,.,. ut'll' 1 Je Trt'l\· (;J:Ul~l.}~ p~ fl: •. ~,.~I\ 1. )j \\ \0,<!. ts -Geo \\ l.:\Fl ELD :3-COTT.. It ~a::, P_.e<l-olvert T!tn.t the aum ~,r $78 Le allo\M.t.d lJr' Hill. :a.te Ph)\l\l~l.;:laD lO £rl., t.on.t. .. y l ~ Ult~ I l!ur;;: I •• • ' n I•• t 10' fa ell'} llxe<lli) tlw l)o ml (lf :5up~rvtsvr• l!t llo l\\ awual sess1on .. maktng the wbole amour.t .ot t.ucu ('Jllll !JCL=-iLUOn -ror the -year encti.n~ (J(.\t... h.t.. 1 f\52. tbe su:u of $14.3 • 'I r , ' •s m.-! 10 <i •11 I...,. fr.> 11 •'l••.. ·,n.,., f\ • t.u.rdo'- w~ ll ~\~~ e a .. (\~rt int\d tc:e l•a.l.~ouce \\ ·rn.i~ E~t·:ui:ug:t~e~uhc·r!} l ... p y ,rform nee 1\ill t:~ ntnenr' ,., ·t.~ i·,m;:;:, bei1ef shared tn to a constderabe ex· roost actt.,ein securing hi.<~ no- 1 0:: ~ .... atot .• ktObJ t l 1lL.~suter~a,€LtlL.JXa:ntn- e-U • o ~•<~..rt. d anfl C<iJ.1(\~~::-Ili>d l1 t t r • ~·~mates for t4e C'QrT• nt '\(>aJ\ the l'\OffiYDltit\e- 5 -ad>s<:f the HYI'OChrl'I:. . 'l'hl8 addlllOUal nUvW.J\.llC(\ t~ HWlU~ t~) Ul .. ID.Cr~.u~ed h- If he could once get b~fore borB ortna l'hsslcian durlrlgtbe ~·liSt ~~.,r U) !CI~IJll l•l fif,lllllt t:.,• f••ll\IWiDt' SUiliS will IJO ni:c• li~8f\' fvr the (!Uf· ~ir J hn Lts·~~tt n •••• \... . . '\r \\ l trt' E\'W The bustness orfice of the 'Etun:ing Pc:Jt is !It t'lo j \Y tSf ;:)~IIECA. ::lTR2ET 1 OQ the third floor, \here all ur•ler& may be Jtft. by the endorsement of a success would be certain and em- t.b.e prevaJhog ep1-demic m the CltY of Buffalo Mr Hns(·al1 otft\red as an amendmPnt,. f\O\'PS ~pt:cified ,. • • f'ol. Lumbert. ................ t '. U dill Dr. t; ut\e.l ..... -......... .. • • ).tr R)er: r;::w\' S~l:tgle eoptes or thO\ Evening Poat can .be ob· tnmed aHile office. A liberal discount mnde to News men. ~ See first page for reading matter. ~ See Telegraph on third page: W The CoNCERT this ETElmw.-The Couce1 t fm the benefit of the Orphan Asy- lum at Tow:lfSENil HA.LL takes place this el'e· nmg All the services in getting up the con· cert, the adverti8iog, use pf the room, &c.,hav~e bceu graimtouslyrendered,and therefore every cent received from the safe of tickets goes d1· rectly to feed, clothe, and educate the chil· dten in the Asylum to wMm the whole com· munity stand in the stead of parents. We carne::;lly hope that tile attendan'ce may he large and the receipts ample to provide for all the neces.stttes of these unfortunates in the inclement season now fast approaching Fr1enJ.s of the father1ess, bear in mind that your presence at the concert will not only g1ve you an opportunitJ to please your taste by listening to good music, but will gladden the hearts of the orphaas and bring their, blessmgs upon you. • Qt;if' LAKE DisAsT:&ns.- The Barque Roch- ester, Capt. Myers which left Cleveland Sat- ur~ay afternoon for this port laden wtth 600 (;E.~EP-.L--L Ft.::l'iD. SL~'iW ~- Ereand his particular friends reason- ed this manuer: Gen. Jackson wassuc- Resolved. '!'bat tbe tUm ot Sl21.l be tlll'JIHU to Ilr !I 1:, wtncb.uto bepa..)_ment.ulfua forhts S\'T\lCl.t..at t~l• Jo'n .. county P~mtenttu.ry dunJ.Jg th~ paot ye.u a.nd th~l.t tbP Clerk of t!Jlij Board draw an order outLr 'frt•tw•r~r vf Ene count1 for the aforesaid sum, payubh out of the tax· es of LS:.2 when collected. foP··~ a<COUlllb audtlC . \·' '··· llu.ml sr; 7(i.' ;:!'.1 fu u ... t:el. :-~({ tic olf>J ro; ·•allf r !\ 3.t\ ... ~ :.;, Tv f;Owpe--l.l5MJOnof Boar J of ~upen1 $Or5 and nerk . . .. . . . MOO 00 cessfu so 'IV as Gen. Harrison, and also Gen. Taylo,and wberefore not Gen Winfield Scott. Suppjng this result a matter of course, the Gene,, was gratified with a nomination wluch\e, in a bul)gling letter, accepted with the 'pi orm annexed,' and deemed himself certai f becoming an occupant of the White Rouse s the .result o:( the presentation of his name abe presidential office. To pritoelpal nnd iutcre•t on Luuds 4.!l-.;!62J l .. t~uo ou fi~lttH• tK) 1 -Q,!f, ~{.\-\ l.3uo on Mr Welch moved to am!!ud the amendment by 1Usenmg $100. J,ost, ayes 8, Does 17. • Qn~suon being on Mr Ha.scalrs amendmPnt it wa& lost. He got, and so.dtd the more pre~sing of his fri ~Is, that there was a vast difference betwee\ General Andrew Jackson and Gen. Winfie~ Scott. The former had the attro- butes rf1uisite to attach to his cause the po- pular J¥rt. Gen. Scott bad nothing of this His tn!ljner repelled. whil~ the convictton could n1t fail t<1 settle down upon the hearts of thoeebruught 10 contact w1th him, that he was deic1ent 1n all the charactm it;tics ne- cessary !or a proper discharge of the duties of the pesidPutia1 office. In tb 1 case of Gen. HatTison, the cil'cum- stances were dtffercnt. He succeeded, not because~e was a great General, nor yet for the rea'S\11 that:he was a mao of brilliant eo- dowmelt~. B.is succesl!! was owing to a le- vulsiOo ln busines::;-a calamity charged to the adm')listration of his competitor for the presiderty. This won the election. With ;1en Taylor the case was somewhat dtfferen~ He possessed many trait'! well cal~ culaterl to attract the popular heart,-was fresh fro~ brilliant and gory fields, and waF successfljl; yet it is doubtful; to say tbe least of it, whither he could have succeeded, with .all theser.dv:antages, had the party opposed to him bee~ united. aves 1. noes 19. ·QuestiOn rccurnng ononginal rcsoluuou, tile &limo was adopted. Ayes 16, noes 9. Mr Warren sui.Jwltted the followlug Resolved, Th.<t tbe \ot;: t<>ken ur•on the ru:count of John Dtckey, o.Uow:1ug Si 94 for exce~ uf t::u. be reconsider<-\d AdQpted Recommitted to committee on,jown nrcounts Mr J Clark from tbe committee to whom was referred tbe petitions of Edward nnd l'i1cholas Brttton to be up· poin[{'d oy thiS Board, County tie;\ler of \\·er;:ht' arod Measures. r<!loned lavorably ou the petition vf ?\ Britton. and subnutt.ed the follow mg RPsolved. That Nicholas Bntton bE' nnd be hE\rl\b¥ 1s n.('- pmut...-d l oUJJtJ Sealtrof '\Y l i,.;L's tr.d )1PU..'Hlrf's 'Adopt· ed. Mr I) Allen offerpd the followht:; ReHolved, That the Clerk be r.nd ho io her~by anthoriz· ed a&d dtrected to draw an order U!JOU the Treru;ur•r ul tbt• county of 'Frit\ in fa9or of C .Metz. Jr for the ~um vf $3U1n tull for hLS sen tees and expenses in going to Alba- c.) to tnms.u t bu~oluts<O with th.• ComptrollE-r tn pun-nan!\f' of a resoluhon of this Board, and that the amount. be u..J.· dcd to and be pmd out of the taxes to be turned tor 1852.- Adopted Mr Clark from committee on mi~ccllaneous acc~>unts report<'d suudr~ accounts Audited tmd passed ~I r Hams fr\m comllllttec on Pour Department the fol· lowing report The committe<> on the Poo• Department, would further report, that tl:!ey find by e x.ammmg tlle reports of the com- mtUPe on Poor dl\pllrtment ofla.~t y(>ai. that the ~uperin­ tendentll of the Poor had drawn from the connty 'J'rea&nry ttle sum oftnrco hundred slxty·•ix doiJqr• and ninen·. thr<'<' cents, for wl:tll!h they had not charged themselves in thetr reportot tlilltyeur, and tbntthey have no\ chars.;'< •l t.b.erus~t•he.s wlth t.J.at- auwn ut m th(·ir rf port of tbi~ ~Par The Clerk of the Board of SnpPnnt.Pndc-nts hn....c; bPPn called upon by your committee, and o!Iern the folloWin.r explanation, v1z The approprtu\i•)us tor tl>Q last thre•· vcars have been so limited iu amount tha.t tbl\i have tJ, en compelled in order t<> furnish supplie~ for the'Poor bou•e to draw orders in antieipation of' the comm:r tn.\< which has b..u.d a. tenda.ncy to blend the orde-rs of fhffert-nt :v~arc;; Your commt-ttee find from the books of the county TreusurQI tb!ltthu Superii~ttnd~nts ha•~ chnrf!ed them· selves in the report of this year~ ith tht> sum of one• hun· dred nmety-seven dollars and thirt~ ·sl!< cents more than has bee\ drawn from tbat ~ourre for thP pnst y nr, for which, however. there may be otttstnndmg orders. J.l•l\' t'b)P • .,. • To Trt\w>Urcr's fePS • __ • To cotlUto.,:tnctes .. - .. -·--~ . 1 o ID•It'bt.c:-dr.ess to Comptroller To Judges salary ............. -· •. Io Pl.tJ•!O:lau to the Jml ......... . 5\) U<) ---$37,lli642 COt:RTS A <D Jl:RORS. Compensntion of .T nrors . . . . . . . . • $9,000 00 ·• Con:!Otnble-1 • 3,000 00 •• A5soctate Justi.ce.s aud Court orders . • • . . . 2 000 00 --$14.000 00 POOR FI:'ND Fer nr-t\ounts nuiHtPd hv thP Superin- tendellts ol the Pour p. • F r ... ta•t> 1 unutH Aq lnm For principal and wterest on bond and mortgogt' to Isaac Stale'V . . For rtlmLurNn,.; C'ommi~swnrr~\ fvr a- ruount ad,nuced tot~ards t urhl11w Co•wt~ 1 re~unr authonzed to1, ~­ ron. ud 1uten:.n For fum:tc((S nnd b•am PENITENTUJ\l' Outstanding linbiJ1ties ............ . i'::\.jJCil~rs oftht: curn·nt 't-ar Er.:ctwn of stonE' walh, &e.. . p • Pn&.adpnl and mt-t>Tt\\'t on bond to Buf~ 1alo ~a\ 1ogs Bauk School tux State tux \:.i mill RESOURCES Balance m the hands of the Treaourer uu the ht Ot to'bt\r 1 \if!! appen~ from his Lookfi SuliJt:>('t to ~draft on tbP 1!'\t Nov. lt\52, to pay instalment ul wtereot then due on IJond null mortgugo to I&uac btulcy ........................... . Other available rPsonrces of the Cuuutv for the currebt .)car may be esti mnted as i'ollowo To become due aud payable on bond aud rnortg:lf!'\EI .. • ... ... County Clerk • fees nett.. . .. ... . $51.156 42 49288 oi 111~100 4,700 00 1.1157 21 1.300 {!() --- 57,445 52 6,547 80 24 U26 ;u t;;;at 'ib $160.903 20 6,Ql9 92 700 00 5.l19 92 2.550 19 2 uoo 00 9870 11 l ha• lett t> •••••• , • ,. • ••• )1tl 1' 1 •t•ret B<'.hey •••.••...••••••. Mt- P'orl,q· lluuce •••••••••• , •• byu .•• , •• s ~lis!J Pr·1~ To ccuclude mtb 1he I'n•ce d tln' TWO GREGUR!ES. .M.r.Gre-gory ............... __ l\1r B·tn\Ul·. t•anrhette, v.iLh ~ongs •••. 1\lt\s. Dono,sn [jr Wednesday ;;\erung, ilenefit of Mr. C. Do tou tlil. ~ Entrance to 11te lliess f\i~ele and 1'arqueu rorner of M. 'IU and t: j!le sts. '1 u } nnJly l irc.t u 2d 'lier, cor~>e ot \\'a~l.tit,~ton nnd J:.a~Je. .'\1.).~!1\\ lU!<i-I•ItS• Lire e and P .rquettP, n! c:e,,t, Lp,crBv.\es2 cents P.n·.t~l.o·esS5' !JOO s open G!--2 o•c ock , l,t.J.rlo;n uses at 71~. .1HE :NEW M.ETROPOLIT.A THEA'l'IiE. :!dn. C. T. ::,;\llT.~ ••••••• LEssEE A:!ilJ :IlANA<.> IJ:¥' TI:Vlb ALTt:REIJ-ll•.wr ''l'en at t l'ast l urtain lh=e~ nt ~ }Jnst 7 o\clnc-1 ;;.cond mght lf tl.e c mineut Tr ~.;diar., Mr. G.\\ BROOid·:, ::'ecood appearance of the P''pular nc.ress, Mrs. \\'JI.KL'.;:,ON. This Evening, November 9, 1852, l'erfo.mance will c. mmcnc e I\ ith the l'Ja.r ol th BUNCIIBACK !ll»,ter Walter •••••••••••••• :\lr Ilrwl.e blf Thomas C.:liiioru •••••••••••• ;llr. llamr ;Yl0l1US ••••••••••• , •••••• , •• Mr. G :<•e. Julia .••••...••..... !\1r8. '\'ilkinson. Helen ..................... Bartoo. Grand Dance .............. M.1ss .J. TurnLu 1 To conclude with tho Fttrco of LOLA MONT, S, Katharins-1' nh n dance ••••. Miss Your.coml\!'ittee simply TP.pol't the factsnbove stated. in t:\onnexlon WJtb. explannuon .rnven by the Snperintendt.mts lea\lllfllho uutter for su< C. furthn 111·ticn .as t'l\ Ronrd may determine. ilu.:arH, e tJ l • prn\''r! r,..,,.l,v tfl\f $141.03~ tJ9 TUE CORt-IC'AN BROTHEES undtecuw· IHllshor.l,} Le l'rt.tluccd IH,h Ul•lJt<l~ddcdr tons of coal for MesSl'S. Mabie & ChampHn sprang a leak when off G1·and River on Sun- day morning and was run asbore near Wal- nut Creek, Cauada. 'l'heJJAptain and a boy swam ashore aud the ~est of the crew were probably drowned. The U. S. Steamer Michigan going to look for the wreck w:a unable to find it acd it has probably gone to pieces. In the~se of Gen. Scott the1·e was no de- ficiency tf battle fields worthily won, while the ruos,t 1 wat> made of them, still with all these ad~flnt11ges be had less hold upon the affactionS\of the massts than any General ever preslnted, and the consequence is that be ls moEt overwhelmingly defeated. · It is ti>t our purpose to exult over this blight of :bxtravagantly elated hopes, and we only refer to tbe matter now to show bow g-reatly :be General was o'l'erestimated by btmself, ~nd those the most active in h1s no- tnination, W1th him aud with them a nomi- nation wq,s an election, yet the result is a de- feat without a parallel in our annals. All of which is respectfullv submitted. L E 11\-ttB.lfl I Sf'ARY AflA,Ifl, Buffalo, Oct. 30, 1&;2. LEVI BALLOr .Jr ,C'om. EDWARD LO:Sti ) ·Therefore. we offer the lullowmg resolution rut>nd. It\ nilopthln lwsnh·~d. 'I hat the several sums spec;fied in the foreg-o· 1ng estlmnte~. aftt~r deducuug the n\ailahle resourrt-.of the <>ounty aM &.bovo e::.thun.red btl levwd nnd ('011oC't.Pd up- un the tJroperLJ t:.lJt'\; lfh:d 111 tb• \'\TE' raJ wnrd llfl~ tnwn as. ce~::;uttnt rolls, for tbt\ purposP5 mPntloned iu the forego- PRICE oF A DMISslo:<.-1 rivate Box $5 0 ~eats, ~:; ce.,ts; _Llless t i cle and P. ;queue, cents~ Fuuu1y ~ uc·le, 25 cettts; Tllli'u 1 1e 1\ ~5 J._J' l rlliL:l(Jal Eu 1aue· ou ,\In a :s r~ct. 1\[r Woolson moved a reconsideration of the vote by winch the account or Leotcr Brace wns audtted on tho 29th to Tllird l1cr ou Wn !Jingt..n :<trtet. Door:' open at oA,o'clo, k. Perfurmanl'e wi 1 lui' report On Saturday mgbt the Schooner M• DouFemnn loaded with coal sunk in Erie Rarbor. ln~mnt. :n~nce at 7t u'cln<::k: ______ _ All of wh1ch 1s respectfully submitted. OR!,AN!Hl ALLEN, l ,JOIJN t:LARK, \\Com. H D BING :FlAM, EAGLE STREET '.i'H:EA lfll.IE. Schooner R. C. Smead has gone to pieces Mr Brace wa• heard in ref,•renr<' to ,croP <ll'rrrp:mry between his account ana the Treasun-r\s Book~. when on mo·uon of Mr Allen the sn.1d m:cuuut wus lmd ou tht· ta· ble Adjourned. Bonrd met. Mr Hascall ~ffercd tho following: Butralo, Oct :9, 1'~,;2 Adopt<•rl Frum sam'' committt'e. 11pnn thr mrmorial of H-obPrt Cod d. Pre:,ident ot the Exchange Hank of Huffa.lo, ns foJ .. lowb \ Arcor<lml! to the rule r~talllt,lwd by the Board of Su· pervJsflr'. th•• eommmee are pre< ludNI !rom n•portin~-: in favor of art-riut uon iu tht' ..,o.lu ttl on n ... asked Tht>y thPrr .. ton• ask to bu d,,cbnrj!;t·d from the further ronsioernuon of the- ::.UbJC'Ct Report adnptf'd ~lr. C llAHTO\l BILL hf'!!o.! t<l .1nnounrf' lu\ llen~~it w;,l Lahe p a<e un \'VI:ll:\ESI>AY ~ lOth, lboJ:l. OU WhiCh liCC\aSlO!l \\111 IJL' J.llt:'\CIIteJ LAUY Of LYO~S TLl be lu lowed IJ\· A ' r1::--;n: or rm: THEATRE, tn 'lr f' B Hd •• dtlll t.~~ rnu• Ut 1 t With (:?d anrlht\'' tnnr ) J :--IILPPARD. ~ll>. Cit rrle- Hill as JMk s·;,. 1 at Barcelona. The account ofT & :\1 Butler was tak('D from the table l::iPURIOl:1S GoLD Con•.-It is said that much spurious gold com is in circulation m Cincin- nati. It is thickly coated with the precious mL t.d. auJ has to Le filed deeply to reach the baoe, which makes it absolutely neces~aYy that persons who handle much of this coin should have scales wtth which to detect the cheat. We have seen soma of this coin here, particularly two and a half.! dollar pi~ces, wbtcb have the full weight and cannot be de- tecwl]by applying acids to the surface, beil!lg so thickly coated with pure metal, ' T}le oniy mode of telLing them from the true eo,in is by having a pair of sc~les which we have seen in l)Ome of our counting; rooms with holes In this result we rejoice becau~e 1t goes to show the strength and pre<:,\emmance of thl· dem<>Clatic sentiment in tlie nation, wbile conveying the asaurance that, howE>ver su~· oeptibla to military glory the American peo~ ple may he, they are not indifferent to the civil ability which should mark the character of one to whom they entrust the delicate and responsible dutie~ of the Presidential office. Th1s defeat will probably release the nation· al councils for many years to come of au in- fluence which bad, for its aim, the fomenta· tion of sectional jealousies for the ignoble purp9ste of making them subserve theepds of a faction whiCh looked alone to the appropria~ Resolver!, 'l'l:tnt tile Clerk of th1• Hoard be alio\ ed the sum of$30 for preparmg and fnrnl&hmg tbis Board a cor· rcct ht>t ofthe quantities of land lll the seYcl\al towns m tbe county Adapted. ~[r A<lnrM offer~d thP fnllnwinl!· ~nd aurlitf>d Mr \\ un·n from cowmlttt\ .. on tll'( onnts np.dn .. • tn\\ 1 .. Rc•olved, That the Clerk ot thts Board be and be ber•I.J) IS amhonz~d and directed to ndu to ,:,c obarc of rom' I' tn'< to be levied upon tht' ~evPrul towns nnd wa• <ls In tbi' <.·ounty tbe tuuuuut ut Ullh:Lt.t:dtn I'!~ uf t-Ull• hl\\tl\ 1111~ wards respectively to t.ht' Couut.) Trea~un· ruo 5how by tht~ list of town balances furnisht-d thi\' Board hv thf' rountl' Trt>\a.sUrPr. and that he be crPd1ted tothf' sev(>ial towns and wards the amount ot tndebtednes!:J ot the cl•unt.y Tre~un tu Slltd towns ancl wards respectiwlj, ns obown by •urb rt }Jurt\ d upou tlu net onnt ofThrnnns \1urrav whu•h wa~ r.>~~•rred bnrk to the committee.\ That the rlmm IN not nl· llJ\ttl t!u r' .L .. , 11 !' nt t 1 ''\ Hnnrtl navP no authvrJtv to dtl tiO ·• R(\port adoptt<d • returns Adopt~d. : Mr J Clark offerud the followUJg tioa of the spotls of office. With the defeat of Gen,eral Scott this mischievous clnll. of pohticmus is prostrated-an event of great importance to the harmony of the States and onward progress of the Amencan people.- RochesKIJr ,American. which just fit the different denominations of true coin as to circumferences and, thickness. Tbe Gradation of' the Anluut.l Ktn~- The base coin we saw tried had the 'full dom. we1gllt, but. on being tried m the guage would On Saturday evening Prof. Agassiz deliv- nat fit in the hole. The variation was enough ered a lectme on the above subject at the to malte up the fu:ll weight but not enough to Broadway Tabernacle. He sa1d that the ab- be detected. by the eye. ' ject, of the naturalist had been to fiud out the d•vers11ty in the ddft!rent species of animal ~CANAL Totr.s.-A. GOOD DAYS wonx:. hfe and an-ange tbem mto system. To thts -The Courier is informed by Collector Pka:tt end they had devoted the most searching in· vestigatwu, and ]Je should attempt this e\- that there was more money received for tolls enmg, without going into details, to give at the Oolle<ltor's o:fficp on Saturday tbao some of the gen<'tal outlmes of that system there has been in auy one day for the last uf classification which had been adopted.- This would show the gradation exist1Dg 10 four years. The amount as l'eported in the this departml:lat of nuture's works and the comme1·cinl reports in tlie Saturday morning vast difference in fo1·m, habits and cornplica- pape1s was $9,750 90, lmt that was the tion of stucture of the various spectel'. The amot:nt recei-ved to a certain hour-the ac.: A.nirnrul Kwgd.om was divided into four leading classes. These are the' radiata mol- tual amount was $10,168 43. lusca artwulata vertebrata. The radiata pre· ---- sentsthe roost imperfect specimens of anitnal ~\We yesterday saw the carriage of one organization. The structure, which shows of our \uobtlity'' stop upon a cross-walk on no traces of a nervou.; system, proceeds from .Mam-st. a lady descended therefrom, entered a cent~al point, and radiates as- it were t{) a common periphery. Hence the name.- a dry gouds establishment, made several Types, of this order are found in the polypa, purchases, and finally, after fifteen minutes tbe star fish, and the jelly fish. The molh1s· hJ.J. elapsed:; sailed majestically ont, re~:umed ca form a gradation of a higher character.- her seat iu the carriage, and drove away. No They have a partial circulation of the blood, they breathe through gills, and exhibit the less than twenty ladies and scores of .gentle- outlines of a nervous system. Tho three men were compelled to go around the car- c'assoa' into which molluscuous ammals are riaJe whtle it stood there.'' So says this mor• divided, may be represented by the clam, tho snail and the cuttle-fish. The .ru:ticulata nLUg~ Rouyh ~'~utcs and tlie case it men tiona ara ::mcalled from the body and limbs br.ing is not au 1solateJ one-every body knows it composed of separate pmts, or joints. and as a ptactice. Those who make our J?u.ffalo are also .subd1v1ded int<l three classes- fa,\.tluns ;;hould bear in mind that the -custom worms, crustacea, and insects. The verte- i:< more hullUl'eLl in tho breach than in the nl:>• brata compose the highest order of animal structure. They are dtstinguisbed by tht: servance, and make it fashionable tct lea>!eihe possessiOn of a vertebral column, • 'per-caded crus, walks dear -instead of obstructing them by a nervous issue, which commuuicates with their equipages. with the bram. This order 1s divided into --- ------ _ fishes, birds. reptiles, and mammalia. It ~ Cv::uL·A!''i D, I:s-nEPExr>r::-rT Gumns compll'ises about 211/)00 varieties. of which ual F 10,000 are fillhf'S, 2.000 reptiles, 6,000 birds, xviU gi'>'e their ann estival at AMERICAit' aud 2,000 rnammalia. But althl)ugh there 1 s HALL on the 16th December next. It is in- an ascendwg _gradation in these oi·ders, con- tendcJ to make it a very brilliant affair. !!!dared m the1r general functwns and struc- -- --- --- -·--- ture, it is a mistake to f'uppose that they PRI;.\''f~ RS FF.STIVAL.-The Printer's Uoion form a contmuoue series. Tile chain is often have resolved to celebr~te the bir.,b.-da.,. of llltermpted by imperfect unequal links. As ~ \' a whole each order is <:uperior to the next be- BE:<JKMIN Fa.u.\XtJN the l1th of Janu.arJ .• low it in tbe classificatwn, but is also true with appropriate fe&tinties and to spare no, that there are indtvidual classes in a bigber vams to make it attractive to their guests, 'aS 'l.'lrder.-.N. Y. J)ay Book. ----- well as credittble to themselves-They will do it. There's no such word as 'fail' in their G • .P. R. James, :Esq., has consented to deliver .:the funeral oration on tbe life, char- acter, and Jpublic services of the late Duke of Wellrngtou, 'be!ore the British residents of Boston and theiduvited guests at the :Melo· deon, on Wednesday ·\'~g. the lOth inst. vocabulary. - -~--- Hesolved, That nil accounts for blank• nnd stationeTV furnlt:~hcd the couuty Mt.luried offict. rs hP pmd by the said offi<\t:-rs. nnle~s otht?'r'WISt' ordered Ly thl~ Board r.ost. aves 8 noes 8 Mr ·' ('lnrk from rommittPP on rni•rfllnneous accounts. reported upnu thtl' otCl ount::. ofT al.ld M Butl .. r fur station- ery furnished tbe Sheriff La1d on th< table. • 'fhe report cf Committee on ac~ount of LPStPr B1 are was taken up when l\lr Allen mo'\ecl to amend rrport of committee l.o~ stnklu~t out $10110 and w•ertno;; Sl~UO. Lost. nyes 5. noes lq ~{r Allen moved to strike out $1000 nnd rnsert SliGO. ltlr Hascall movPd to amend Ly moert1up S9UU Carried. nyes 13, noes 10. ~ Report ns ameuded adopted Mr \'Telch moved to reconsider the vote by which the ac· count ol Ezra l halfer w:rs audned I.ost Mr Woolson suhmltted the following Resolved. That the Clerk of this Board he directed to drn.w n.n ordPr in favnr of LP<~tt\r RrnrP ou th(' Treasurt-r of the county for $533 o~. pay.,ble out of the'\\'\\ vf !35;! .• md to apply on hts salar •• fix\d thlt< <Ia; at S'lt(J, for rlH' vrnr cndmg on the fin;.t d.u.,)' of Oct 1~2. n.t1d that upoh the .. SPt- tlt:rnPnt ofthen('<\')UiltB oftbt'~ald Brn.C't-> the ba1Ril\'f' br- Ing $366 93. uu amount fouud iu b.s hands ln•l yt•ar h' the committee upon the Ponr llep~rtment nnd not \'~t nrrount- ed for.l t:::n.id C\}Prk ts nntbonzPd to deliverto.Mr Brace a like order for, if the amount onall be found tno due. Lost-ayes 10. noes 14 1\IrWoolson from rommitti\e on nrconnts of the BoarU oJ Health. r~.:POrtt'd 011 tt.Je. aCCl.oUUt t•f lut: lluarll ( f n .. aJ·l ' f Bnffalo R• port claimed at $~.140 71-aUowcd by the com· mmeu at $2.472 81 agnin•t county ·• The committee are or opinion thR.t therP are mans items in the said arrount not t'hnrgPable to the t\nnnty- amounling to S2.267 911. and whtcb the committee dtsallow• Question being on tb~ adoptton ot tbt! n•port of t.lld cum· mlttee, the same was lost lt!r Allen moved a reconsulerntion ('nrried 17 tn7 Question beiug on t*'c uJ• I•tlun of tho report. the same wn• ndopted Ayes 2.~. noes 1 From same commlttP~~ acr,-,nnt nf Pb1llip RndE-rs for timP furni;hed the Board of Health ofTonawanda-clauu· ed $'175-allowed as claimed against county Report adopted Mr Woolson offered the follomng Resolved, That the Supennteudent• of the Poor of the county b,, and th~y are hereby r•sprctfully reque•ted to advert1SP for proposals for thf:' ddivery to th(\m ot snPh nP· cessary prov ts1ons and mat{>rin.ls n.s may hf' DC\edt.~d tor the supply oftbe poor of the conn tv for tbe commg yo'nr &per· if}iDI\ the qnantttv and quahty of each. whPn and\ bert' to be dt>h\t'>red. and lD wbut quar.tllH s at~.: ~c'1 Unw nnrl stating that they will pay for th~ same m ordf.\rs on the ~ounty Treasurer, and this Board nd,·ise •ncb f'upennten· dents to accept the lowest proposrtion made for the ddtv· ery of snch necessaries Adopted Also. by tbe same. Rasolved, Tbnt the f:heriffhe and i• herebv reque•ted to adverttRe m the month of M·1y nf>xt. for r.ho deh\t>TY of sncb quantity of wood. and also sueb quantltv of roaJ a.s may be nece<snry for the n<e ofth<• C uri House. Jatl and Count}'\ Clerk's offi[\P~. spE\eifymg the qua.ntlt} anrl qnality of each. and the t1we and placf\ of del1very~ a.nd ~tating­ thatthe same will (te paid for on h1s certtficate by orders on the CountY Tr<>asurer by the next BMrd of Snpervtsors and snch ~beriff is het\f'b authorizPd to make £\ontrart.'\ Wltb the pt:'Tsoua w:a.kmg tllulv\-..t::;:,t.{JlOJ,HJt-i:lUU.S AdOJpt~ <i Adjourned S.iTC'RDAY, Oct 30-9 AM Bonrd met ACCOUNTS ~Jr IIascalt, from c-ommittPP on f'onstnhJr,q• ncrounts repo~d snndry nccounts-auditt>d' nnd paS~Pd 3lr J (lark. from 4'orumtttet~ on :\Jl .. rt:-llant\oUS accnuntB repnrte11 sundry 8C\<\Onnts-audttf.>d and passed ~lr AdftBls ntfPre-d the folJowJnf!' Re•olved, Tbal when uus Board adJvurn 1t do n~Jcum to meet ~~n.\n on We founh .llvLJa.> uf :\'vH\ubt r I.t>xt nt 2 P :.r-adopted Tbe reporr..oftbe committee on Misc~llnneous nrrounts. upon the 1\Cconnt•.of ~c.bool Distnct Clerks in reg1stenug R1rth,. ttnri MRrri~E'-q ~ nr tqke>n from ibe tnble. \'W'ben Mr Hascall moved that all uf s_a.id accvnnts be r• Jt l :.t ~1 - carried • ThP eommnnicontion from toe t,ratt B&nk tl:l bavP aesE'!1.S w~nt roll (\OrrPC't.Pd wa.~ takPu from thf' ;t.'tLJe lllr Wonlson mo\\ed tnat us consideration be tnJ.efln,tely po•tponed Cnrried T'lec ba.lance oftbE\ report of committee on Poor Depart- mpnt was taken from thE' table. wheg .Mr \' oolsou m•JVt'd t~1atr t~t' romm1tt1Pe b~vP l~avr to aiQ.eDd report, by strikina- out all thA.t part Tt lntm~ t.-. th('l salary of the ~npenot<>ntJPnfs fo-r t.hP N\ao;on that sasd !'u- pennte&!ents have presented acl·ounta for salary wh1cb hnve been.a.ndlted 1'be comm;ttee rcpor~d back the report amPud•d ac· cordinl!: to the abo.~-'> rnt.ltlOn 1tlr Allen moved to Am~ll!l thP m;nutesofthc 2itb in<t. 1D reference to th~ repOl't o1 comrmttt•e on Poor flf'pazt- ment;. sn- A.Q to show ntl approt.•natlthlS foor the> rttriPDt e'l!:· p£~-nses oft:heCOIDlDg yea.r,~t!'lCk.en QU.thf t:...~ .n!p0rt r.tr· riN] The t\E'port ns n.mFnd.-~1 \\as thf'n adopted Mr (,ovc off~red th<' followm:r P..esoh·E'd. That lh\'o vote be t:tken on the arcount pf Tho• Mnrray for est e~s of ta.xf4lr St5 35. bP r..-ron'!;.idered and rt>-· ~ommittrd to Cr>mmittee on To\vn Ar<'onnt.-. )Jr Allen, from t.:ornmutee 011 flocal ulftW'o, repol'tl d e.s follnws'\ The commn.u-e on TrPll.O'OUTlf !- accvuo.ts ar.J. FlbC.2.~ A'\ faus.subiUltted tb~ followm:: report Minutto'\ rPnd a.nrl approved. Adjourned. Every State in the t\nion bas now sent ou It:; bock uf otonc or marble for the monument to the memory of W ASII!NG\fO!'f. Gentlemen's Furnishmg Goods, A I.AH.GE anrl romplele as.~o1Lrmmt cunstaully uu ha1 ol al [nn9) IJARRis·, 1~9 1\latn -t. II J)J_;LA \V ARE STREET -A fit P re•J,!f·.,c~ II• llc 'd w 11 c ~ r\•t nPar ('old Spr!n!! IR offer· e1l 1 1r ~o,a 1 ( The ground~ C'<•hSJ<::t ot ne:u lv 3 anc~ guod $'aate,t laud, 01~ wh11 h t~ a !:reat \'alit\') \' cho1ce I!UllllCe\ an<l FhrubiJery. TIIP whole can l;e had !11\V auJ on very ea'\y t~rm~ of paymet1t Af•p;j tu B. A M'\\'C'lH. no~ Land & Tax Agent. WIDOW lliAC~.REE WALTZ. llY TU.~Ao; COOli. A T the t>0 1 1CJiatJnn1if many amateUr\~ anrl nthPl\Q we lHne JU'l J•UUll-loc<llhlti ll~tlt ;em, a- p'ay' nl L) tl>e Qu..tollll e B \''' 111 11>1- rll>. !1 h\\ \lreadv bccuJne a geueral lavurue, and lHtleis havl' bt\f'U r;. ceived !Jy Ud Irom Bo\ton !'iew ).\ot k;Phtladelphla, anJ elee\hc1e Ill aohaure ot liS putJlJcatlOu. Thf• •t,'l.t.: 1•\' l•.tt..l1LLt.:' ~·~ tht ~~Bd11r \\.t't7/\ 1~ rlr.:.t111• f tc IJeculllt:! ~..ht.:,(uz:untf nf t.he ll1;:n\1ng R••om a ... WP!I a> lJ,uoCU>,5 fi,tll, a< 11< 'illrl tlme and Fllllf''lrllv reruJcrB lL uuc of the bcs.t wallzes e, .. er wntten. lt is uow redtly lor\\'\ dliU Utoi~ IJe h<1J a: all lh•· JH 1ur1 pa1 :\lu\• S \\\in 1he l1.11eJ State~ an.J Car ada•. \\\c .H,,rx lteiow \f\PY or a leller rece1veJ by Mr. c .. ok, J:>r~'wu'. to 11• pub'Jcauon, signed by anum- LJel vl !dille.:~ o! Ca.!tJn! ta Calcdm1ta, SPpfPmhrr 27 ~ ] ~.\'2 TuoMAS CooK, E•q., My lJear St1 :-1 appeal to you m beha f of the ladte\ ul Wes,crn New Ynrk, for the publiCation of d \\u.Lt. )ou hd\·e u.H~u~cd Iroin fhe song H 'VJJow ~lachrec \ h~ l'ui ulan•y is a 1 ready Jn<;uretl.- 1 th1nk I hr:ud ~lr. ht~og~ldud ol Gt'~oe•a say, he would tak\ one huuJto:J < U(••es }l·cr,ture 108ay f10m 1he beauty ol .. Ht.: \\\ .J.1 •• , .h ... re '\ t'l hr manv hund1 eds taken :Uay I lu;~ cnn~Itlerauun, Y•mr>~ re•pectfully, (SigLeJ by Ecvern.l lnd1e• ) We ha~e a[,o JUst pub !shed n beautiful Snmr, Duet. Tno and Choru.,, euut'ed •· FrtP11doh1ps 01 leruig,' tusc.nbed :.u the Hon. JESS~f. KI .. rCHPM oi Lh!s <tty. J SAGE & so:-;S,' no9lw 209 !lfam SLrect, Bu!ld!o. Supreme Court. J OHN C SlEJ>'l< rll:t'!. P~aintitl, ag•!nst ROSIN 4 hi ~::xFI.RT. Defenda11t. l o .• osnta f'1effert Yuu are h~reby s 'mmoned to answer tbe complmm m rhts a\tion .illd serve a copy of your ans\\t:r on me nt my office in tJJ.e Clt) Qf 81,1/fa o, El'ie county, N.Y .. w1tUin twenty do.ys afwr thP ser,ice hereof, ~\C U~t-e of U.e da} vi tsl.l,.(;h ~etVlCI , anjf if \OU aillu ~~~-\ er ttle rorupl int a• :,foresQ. d, the pliun· ttjf wtll npplv t() the ou•t for 1he rt\llefdemtWJeJ 111 ·he sJ. tl compl int: \\b ch c~mplaint .,as file in Lbe oflice of Lh\ ner~>. of Ill<' Coun yo Ere afore- said o,;n lhe!l.h Jay of Uc uoe!,lll Lbe)C>r ,!'.32. lJated Occo9th, !lS52. JA \lE:O: !11. i?MITH, ot Hulfalo, Plnitl'iff's Attorney. '\.T BW (,;o,..; A .I\ D S:llUK.t:: Bl R!>IEli COAL l 'II i\TtlYE8-SU1table for Sto e•, Oflices, Halls, Hotels. &<-, &,• ThlSI:ltou· w:J..• go: out 1 If> last foil ud had a;p r.tdid un It pro,etl it<elf the he\i and most erouomtcnl Stove e\Cl' inve.tted. We warrant rhe~c S o\e~ to ta•l•ate more h at fr·•m the same ftiel han any uthfT. For sa•e up town only at th • Honse KePpers Lmpori.um, 211 \'an autl3 East swan sts no6 .,JE~:.·p-tT & HkOT11bR. TH~ .BL.&CKDIAMOND. t ')!:; T E imite Lhe att n on of those v. i'<h 'llll' a \1\- CO'\ L COOl{ ~TUVE to this new and beau 'tful p'ltre•n. An E>xnminahon of this justly cele· br ted ~ to\f'e wifl WP r.f\ confidN1t convince any one ol it· dec.ded supericrity O'er any nther <'nat Cook st~r<' mthe market. Alway. on tmndatihe Hou-e Ke<'pe .s E;nporiuw, 2lo !\-13i•· and 3 ~ast \~=•tJJ no6 J~WlTT & B'ROTHE'R WAl\TED! \l'41.\'J'f:DZ TWO GIIOD G '1.8 FITTERS pJn find s•endy ~mplovment 1 y applying to • 'l:HOxL::>ON & '\o!cPARL~NE, 68 Lloyd Street. ~11. Ch.t.rlt'::. BJII a:s ll!ue ... ldn ' ----------- buffalo & f\:ew York City Ra1l C ll A .N li £ 0 r T 1 ll i: Eatnward. FIRSTTRAIN-Le ~e\ .'\ttJcn at 0,15 A. JIJ. arnvesll.L Hornelloville ~t12,4;J ('. M ' hJ::CUl«D '1 RAIN-Le .• ,es Amca at 6 ~o p and oruve::~ Dt l.turnehsv lle at 9,4U 1•. M.~ con: lllg' Wltll thP lllght hxpr 6S If dill 0\Cr th<! N E. J:(. R ,\\hicl> arrtH'\ nNe\\ ork at 11 30. liC'Ii.W ;rd. F!R::iT TRAI~-LJnle~ Hou.ellsville at 8 o.1nd arr1vt sat Atu~n n1 10.50 A- li. 1:>hCVl\ lJ T.l:t •ll:'i-L• ave• Jluruell•\ilJe at P.M., andnrr.11es ll i<uut IO .... u P. !ll. , 1.....1 PtlS .. e ugers haVIng be llekE''to at tl'Je N .. E. Ratlruad. 1rum Jluulurll to 1\cw \or\ <';U a~ auy dfi, e W•bt or ::;., .. 111, Lr on auy t:itc..truer, v.hen uu lJle to lo.wJ at IJuuhuh., en cllauge them al lh s ollie\ v~>ly, for ncl,ct~ them n railroad pn.·aal!e ail tile \\ny, nod by the route fr• m !lui nell·V!IIe, .1- ARE $7 .>U lld\een :-i'e~> \uri, rwd !lt auJ twv cen s p r mi!e Let.' een itHPrmrchatl l' l'1Chel-S ohould liP Ohio.iiue.t at ll1• otlh cot tlle .\'<J &. L. R R. fu .. t nf IJua.ne ~ r(~, t, N Y ., and at otlice ot 1h~ B & N.Y. C. R. k. r<u. !Iii Excll street, two duur\ frum Eas:un railroad 1 eput, lalv. h. :-.J:.Y >1\Jt:n, J::ug.aud JoHN HoLL!ImSHEAD, Agent. o 25 --------- - ~- TU CAl ITALIST:l.- I rm imtrueted to the fullow ug luls ot lau I clteapfor cr.slz. 2 o ted ou the wutlmest ~u.Her ol Clinton Prnttslr\' ts. '/.7 eet vn the nor. h side of Clint\n street, 25 we•r uf l'ru.tt st eet. 1 t5 f et on the west side of Ftftb street 2.5 ft of Garolinn street. ' · • 0 fed un the •' est .ide of S xtli s!r('Ct, 1 ~5 ft of Cctro iua stre t Apply at .24u Jolalll st., un•ler the Palc!.iu G U 1' U. ::;A LI::H; I Real Ls •<•te Ladi~s and Gcul.lcmeu nead A Y0l)'\b ~lAN wlP>ha~had greut Jn na1t1ng on ~uCl ll'art t!l', 1uJ d'ler~ hi:! wn1ces to tl1e L.nllu's and u-t~.:nu~:me lHtfr.,rb and VI i ily, al•ol ·lw uCl~hburin<> Cu. uda~ 1 t: h. t..:uHtideut he t.: 1 h'\~' l l ratl ~ two. I'<' 'l'ltll snhpty a.! Waltets len,·~' r<le•s st my res de ce, 11le c 'rJ.er ~r N ago.ra oLr< ets, up stai s, or 111 the Luck F.JC the ~r ouud floor. oc30lw H£R! l'l.l S J. ANI R B. T. H A RR I tl, Merchant Tailo 199 .Mazn-st. ( 3 doors Soutlt of :Sherman BvFFALo. GE.NTLEMEN'b CLU r.J!Il\H MADE ORDER EX LIJ::!lv t::LY, .t.\>LJ W..t1RRANTBD TU SUI Has con~t ... nt y o hand ' l'hOic•' French, and Ellgl1sh Cloths, meres alta Vestna;s OF THR LA1'B.\J1' 8JiYLA'S i3elrctKde!l•res· 1 ~ fur the< 1'\''0 THA• Geutleutet• Ln.1i t;l.t.rCI q·, vjlJh tethe1r consulted and eomp Jed \JIF; as all ,. or)< Is :rnd'er ~be supeJY isl\ll of Jnr. G. W. J<·oL'l'~ GENTLE~£~';:) FL\H.~ltiHING G 1 f nl} L mtl const nfly on hand yo:·TH:'. nd ,. II.Dl{, :-.•~ t'f.i>\lii!NG t~rde~ 1_11 ~he twa ~! m_:r~n:r ani! Ia e•t ,ty A V E !S I R A Jl: L F: 1-· .li H !U.- f\ARM of W' acres, be\u ful' I rm .ank-Gf tl.~ :-<i ;.;nr1 r\<', e r l.f'lli<tot•, unprove-d .. 't\Ith rw dne i'ltl~bou~<:'~., .g,,or] lu.ag-e occL.u.rJ... h 1 lvU!)l..t ( 1! 1.1.e f fthe Ul.Ltj.O ll f-;r !!< f;Pl,l]PJuati\o 1 r,dcL(I\ iJ, this p •lle comltry. ' Apply at 246 Mam Strer·t. Jnolerthr to ~ GCYI1.f'Al\!:.t oe30 R e:1.l r ~c.a: <· $25 REWARD· THE llou€:e oJ PtrJJ I:.:i•gtne Clr No ter<:J bl'tiHen tbe ereuin<~ ofth: !,:; • ud the 3d inst I and L !a nero Ill rJud .. Eng.ne N ••<.I a l:Ulll~;pr<•kic;; trum,w• -w!.cu A q C\Ol r vr Stl-''\o ttr j 'r r:;:. t L e ;-Hd ra\'r-fid rewar<l < f t\ll:en•y-:!h·e dol ars wi lll• plnd f.Jr re t.~ or for ~ud' ,J{ lll!.L ou ils t-h l 1 v.d to tecuon a no cnn\tetlon of tb ·b J -;- ars. :A. census of Cleveland, Ohio, which bas just been com'pleted, shows a. :population of 25,670, being an increase of 4,5\30 since the fall of the year 185!. Ohio city~ one of its suburbs, has 7 1 464, thus gtvittg 1!-. total popu- lation in the tv o cities of 33,134 mhab~ta.nta: _ The new\Oatbed~l ip Clev.e~ud, was consecrat?d on Sunda-y last •Q.Y ~rchpishop PUrcell. It is a handsome buildmg. ' Owing to the state Clf accounts between ths Tr.asor~r of thts c-ounty aod-the State Comptroller thP fotnw-r hn11 nn1 been able to fW'llish to the Board b1s Annual Report The ~~~miJ;tee !111f therefore eompelled to brin~ forward thts pil.ttial.iey9r,tm prder that th~ Board DlliY determhle upon G RF.AT Bargain.> g1ven IDSec.lnd hanJ Watched. j;}3biaJn-st. -.22 D. B. CASTLE. By or!!er of 1he c ,!PJII!..'l;f, J. !11. B:rofD.'\LL, Buffalo, Nov. 5, 18-52.

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