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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, November 02, 1852, Image 2

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~~---~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~ ~.~. ~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~F;;e='lf~E~:u~I~. 0 ~.,~lfuz.~W~'I=B=ST:E:R.~~~~ lr. W .E.BST.EB.'s Remark• or Gene1·nl Pierce on the Char- !::nterprlie an~ Phllanth: opy\.Great ; NEW EAGLE-STREET TREATRl Y ~h ~ 1 · b 1 t aeter of Mr Webster D.Ien, Little Men, and Xobody. f> t ·C'»·tnf\' .ntt..-. fwuiral,. on Friday, was attended y aGt ea~al· I • • CARR & W .:A.RREN ..... MA!'i\.AG ER .\.- I . .\-.U- · :2') . ·~ j ten thousand per.soos, among th< 'm, ener n Concord, N.H., on Monday, Oct. 25, at. How ruany ask forbreaJ only to Leteader· G.w&GE RYER ..... .:l:r.aGE hlA;sAGEa.. ~ · ' l F:aaXLnl\ :Pu:&CE, Gov. MARCY,of N.Y., Hon• ten Q'clock, mo'>t of the stores and offices ed a stone. The graspmg, groveling, seJfish- Bl)lT ALO. . , , _.,. 0 ,., .. L ·w~\'C\\ •. CE, Hon. EDWARD' ETEREtT, w~re closed, and bu~iness was Rnspended; ness of the imperfect creatures of this earth is &>C•;ol;ld ni~t of the eug&g!lment of thll (t':t b .. :~ ' AJS ... n: .. \' becoming a virtue in the mouths of too many. ROUSSET TROVP.E TUEf'IOAY EVENfNG; NOVEMBER 2 · _ Ron.· ·CrrAS. ·As!I'Mt:l'm, GoTel'DOr j3o-cTWELL, and soon after, the Representatives Hall was Xot a day transpires that we do not read, 10 f?'Ttle husinessotli.ce of tbe E 11 eninl{ Po•t E:lc-\Cba~eellor Ju:!<ES, of !'\. ).'., .Tudge crowded full <'f citizen~ . .a large unmber of tbe puhl~<• pnnts. of some man ·of wonderful 11 t No.7 w~~T SE1WJ ... S:rREET, on the tllird flo SI'RAG.UE and many other dlstingui. shed mer:. ladies being JJre~ent. enterprise aud increasin~ wealth. And then where all orders' maybe left. · · 1 R M. we fiod long ac_counts of the rise and .progress ,..,. s·ln\le copies of the Ettenin\ Post can be o . The serv 1 'ces were conducted by the ev. mr. A series <'f resolutions wr~c r>f!'P:I'IJ and f 1 al •- \ \ ad toN m u t e eulerpruswg gent, with tbe v uable This Evening, November 2. JS.S:?. \'\i·l be nresented the -Grand Rt~mantic Ccllr-!. t·l liti~..l • 11.:< !HAUL!:; A ~,ti.; A l H.t, l'r-The Basket maker And his Wife. h1 1\WCil Lh~ \Lole troupe will apJ,o~;u, iuLroducu a ,·adety of their most pleasing l!ances. :!~at the office. A liberal discountm e e lALDEN, the pa::ish Orthu~o~ c1er, ~man- read ; after which the chairman cal!ed upon 11.1formatiou a;; to what his grandfather did, \they were very S;Ullple, c..:>n:stsling of a o:;hn~ General .Pierce :v a<.lJ:css tbc: IL~t.:~;<..;. The n:id \lw:. h;s f3tloe~ <1>b't, l\CC~sic:.a!ly in- ·! ... :urw\\u\\ \\W conclude \\lL!J ll.ic tl•w..uu ol ~ Soofit~t-page for reading matter. W See Telegraph on third page. 1 1 address and prayer J.Ylr. WEBSTER w; lS bun- crowded hall became :Jtill as death ru; Gener- terspersed with a sentence or two about his liNCLE TOll'S CABIN. f, u mother, her ancient family and good old Uncle> Tom, (with Election Returns,) •. Mr.Wom rd on his own grounds with his wi e an al Pierce rose to comply ; and with deep stock. But take away the romance of the hild en emotion, which at times almobt o1 ercame stvr.)-, and vour enterJJrisinrr mau too often The Electlo.n. p . 1: • J ,. r him, and in a calm and impressive manuer becvmes a Tery tainted, whitened sepukhrl'1., ..8.8 we write the votes aro being cast and: Recently a man in St. Thoma!', F:ank 10 the rump uf meanness and the tail Qf illrbe. h . :.., ty P ma-'e a death bed coufesolOn de- SUited to the occaston, he spoke a>< follows : rabty. The enterprise consists in holding the both parties seem so fully alive to t fO un· voun ~ a., ... ' M Ch · H d 1 b ll h t l?The Grand Modern Roma11ce, entitleJ tLe CORSICAN BROTHERS; In \\hieh !\ir.Char!es Hill; the well kuowo Comediu antl1lu• enJ.ir<• Rousset. troupe• will n.ppc·ar, \ill I proum•ed soon. • th t h 'th t tbers murdered a · · r. alrman- ow eep J ave a ears noses of working people to the stone, and porta nee of the result that there need be no anng a e, 1\Vl wo 0 ' been i 1 pressed by the fervent appeal tu that paying thcru half price for the annihilation uf lkii'n Entrauce to the Di:ess Circle and Parquett fear but a large vote will be polled. Our an about four years since-and added that Power in which our fnthe \put thPi:· tn:'lt in l.hat urgau. Twcuty or thirty opt;~raLiH~:; an:: cor:'\' of lhin anu I:ogle s1s. Tu Fmu1ly Urc1eu1 b .1 t J · the '.T:ll'e of the the hur of their weakne~'l and their tria.ls.- • J · L ~ · J ·u 2d TiPr, enrnPr of \\'a>hington and Ea!!Ie. friends at all the polls we have VIsited areac- e ouy was ~;ec.c e m . g . E:IIlJ.HoJt: lll t e manuLactunug way,au pal All.\ll::l:HON-Dres~ Circle nnd Pclrquette, ~ .• t' ' h h J 1 d A.od how has dmt solemn impre-ssion bee-n t fl k,.. t\ d t f 1 ·' 1 tive, vicrilant and confident of our !Inc- ife ·of one of t1~e murderers w o a ( le a a n e per wee. wr '-'C wear an . ear o uouy cent• L·p,er Boxes 2.; cents. Private Ho>:es $.:>. ,.,- . h u enhanced by the last words of the truly great and soul, and the sacnfice of the most ordina- lloo·s open 6},; o'c;ock; cur.tain ·rises at I }f., Ce ~s on the Pr·est'dentt.al and St~te nomt'- days previo!Us! T e grave wa.s opene · t ~d by tl1e R v D Bout n 'fh hil 'db ~ .. man, JUS re .. · e · r. o · ry comforts. e p anthropy wout • e to - -- - - - ~ ----- - · nations, and not without hope for !lome d ilie body found. Hi !'I at't'nmphres were But a few we~ks have pas-;ed since a Jeep pay the<>~> !Jevple t:iumethiug like a li\·iug re- 1' HE !~ E W MET R 0 P 0 LIT Ji ~ We are confidently assured by some who bsequently arrest~d.___ gloom was cast over our country by the death muneration-not barely enough to keep life T H EAT R E. ·----- fi 1 f of the great stategman of the West.· It had in bemg, but sufficient to afford comfortable have good opportunity for judging th:a.!; our d\'\LAGBR. BEER BALL--A ne Pace ? long been undcrstovd tb.J.t this light was accurnrnodaLIUllO, aw.l reserve bvmething for a MR. 1'. T. ~'TIT.!, •••... LEssEE AZ<v MAl\>auhl candidates for Sheriff and County Judge are 1 reation has b~en lately opened on i.'lfam fla:lcriug in itll socket, and must sonn go <•ut. ·wet daJ.' This would be philanthropy receiving as they deserve many Whig votes, 6~et, at the foot of LaFayette street, hy the Stlll, the announcement when it came, was worthy uf the name, this would be a legill- Three Brilliant Stai'!l• . · h d ,, K h. h f t s d beal 1 ty laden wrth sadness: and we have all since mate fruit of euterprise-enterprise worthv of The popular Tragedian, and ·they will give the1r opponents a llof -\~sari. LING, w tc or nea nes an b d\ .1 1 k 'th r ,. l f then een tsposeu to ?O • iTt· warmer a•· commendation. But where in the length and Mr. c. w. COULDOCK, run. The Assembly nominations are faith· C'\not be surpas1!ed in the city. lt is ur- fectiou and more glowing gratitude to his breadth of this great couutry Jo yuu find ltb· TI..Le eminenL Comedian, fully supported, and we hope to be able to- n\led 'ITith two magnificent Billiard tables great compeer and associ:n:, the i~tdligenre ~raliLy iu ~uJJeuly a.:<..Jnird w~::alth? It MR. c. llURK..b:, ' f 1 · t e of w.hn<>e sudden rlt>rea~e w11l fall ltke a fu- d · t 1 · b · , , '··. · morrew evening to give the figures electing fr~ \Vienna o a sty c snpcrwr o any w grow~ up an as~UillCS au ans orra IC eanng Auu tue w.,;cmallu~ Amerit:a11 D ... u,~w,e, Ml •• HATe .... and Dr. l:IAM .• We sh. all.probably h~~ seen in tlne country, and other con>eni· neral pnll upon the public mind throughout ~corning the bone~>t and the humble, and 1\'IISS Jl'LIA Tl'RNBULL, will appeur. \\ \\ that Union to which he gave his best affec- worshiping the great I, beyond all other be able in our next to settle the question al!l to en~s for the comfort of guests, in a cotns- uvu:; and noblest cff.:.trts. tluug,, whether aLu~e the earl.h ur Lelow it. N0w Yvrk, aud her vote will we expect cal;- po)ing slyle of beauty. Sm:c~ss tc Me!'Qr~. I LaJ lll£.:t ::lfr. \\~~bstt•rr<'p':tt..rlly prinr.tn TL,::..i::. Lhe gclH.nal.i.:.ouevf tov mauy \u\\\ti\- ry the unfon for FRANKLIN PIERCE, the Kljm. 1833, but my personal :tcquaintance with ~rm ful enterprises. -- - - --- --- may b~ said to have commenced wtth my tirst Here we have the origin of great ruen, the Young Hickory of the Granite Hills. ~The weather, as becomes election day, winter at Washington. Hts attarhme~t _to cause of little rueD, aud the source of that 'l'his ~vening, November 2, 18J2, P('t\(• manc-e will ctrnmt•nce \\ ith l1u. I·~\\ l'l~\ o. TilE ADVOCATE. • Au tome .................. :\Ir. Coui•lock. Grn.nd Dance ••••••••••• Miss J. Turnhul:. !\' h lb ]1 d d 'd dl 1 our· State WitS sinn-ularly strong, a_nd th1s c_u·- l ss nm nly known as no·b <Jy Th -EAGLE STREET 'rnEATRE.-The Rous- is !hat .mig t e ca e eel e Y a uppy. \ c a cot o ou · e ~ 1 . _ _ _ cumstance, per hap~>, lerl to a sencs '?f kmd puoJr artist may dcsigu .marvellous pieces of To be followed hy the Yanl.ee Farce vf set troupe which dre:w such large houses at FC:n.EDliABLE ·ro Bt:FFALo.-So far as acts aud evurtcsies toward me, tlunng tb<' ruachin~ry fur the production uf the must OLE RULL. th ,._.- .... l\t 1 f ,_ · 'F Msol\•·•n nf 1>~33-3• nnrl nfterwanlc:; the rtrent- 1 b t 1 ' t h k 11· ., r:• ,. 1 r .. ·n e :.ueLt~Opo 1 an a coupe 0 ;reeKS smce, are we).ave Leeu. tiO-JaJ .. we haTe 1.\vt ~:~een a Colf:re -· 0 t - e.a ora \ wor >, anu ye w 0 \J.;O\WS liD .- ueneur ... u '• \u.r. urb.~-nLv n.ll sin.- •• Jnu.· h E l ful re.:ollccliuu of which w1l1 never he eff.'lrt>d. u· 1 y fii rs t·'· • pr d cU ns f tht' penueuc·e Dn.Y,·· nntl piny a solo ou ili~ Hol)~. P laying a short eno>agement at t e age.- of ltox'tcatl'on.. rs cmp o cr o c ue ·u u u u s h 1 I mourn for him, as for a friend for whose 1 · t tl blic d t b bb b ~-- They appear this ev-ening in a Ballet called ---------- mac Hnery 0 Je pu ' an a grea u u To conclude with the Drama of Gold In canada. personal regard my own heart has given back is raised. Mr. A. or Mr. B. becomes a great • \The Basket Make!.' and his Wife,\ one Qf a true and fullrespoil~e. man; the papers say so; and the money re- FRIGHTENED TO DEATH; b ~ ' d · · f · 1 \ Or-Married and Burneu. their best perfor.mances. \Uncle Tom's Ca • . have r11cently publ!shc o_ne or twu Amu1w eru1neut Citizens o commanum~ .:ci\t;iU from the salu of t1t: artkle pwuuceJ, h I h d f h 1 . fl l\l I wao In the fi th .. Tb d f Bowhi!l •••••••.•.•.••.•• Mr. C. Burke. m will follow and Uncle l'om (Mr. WoR- str!lj paragrap: !l re atmg to t e tscoVtHT o P'>Wcr aJH m uence, w 11 e • ' · cuu rms · e Lact. ousan s o great men ) . 11 · d h h · I goU in Canada. We have been watching ~cnate, he Rt_(](,rJ. rerliap!'l . P.reeminent. In are tlm;; neateJ every y•. ar, and ofteu iu a IP\ \'11r. Triw!Jlc\s .Benefit is fueL! fur Tue•day eve' RELL Wl mtro uce t e most aut entlc e ec• the~anadian ]papers m vain fur fuller infor- his nch combtuattou of quahtws as an orator· less houorable way. The creators of this ning. !\1r G.\'. llrool•e 11ill shurLy a wear. tion returns. The house will of COllt\Se be ma non a subiect of so much iruportauce. lawvcr,and statesman, It rn_ay safely be said u-reatn\\\ auJ renown remain in obscuritv- ~ \ I H f bl d dl \ J PRICE up An:r.tzssznN.-t\rivate Box $5; o 1 r-hcstr:- fi lled, Ou~olonr\al \leighbours are not su ea;.,ily he had no riva. ow urc1 Y au sa Y arc they are the little men, the noorly patrunizcJ, \ t -~ v , · ' h h I ,.. • ea ~. '\ ceuts; .. res~ .... 11cle and r .. rquctte, ;; 1 wa up, and yet one would S\lppose that we r~rnindcd nf tho great lllCil wrt W om w the Lraiu, thu VItality, iu fact, of our prugre;;::; c~llls; F a1ull} luc1e, 25 ccuts; Tlltr\ \t rer ''.let• WMETROPOLITAX TE:EATRE.-Thili! houl!ll tbe :.uouncemeut of Gvld ~fines uemg dis· w~ a~sucmteJ iu the Sc:~~t..: l'h:t•n 1 \'\, and aud cinl,.<:ativu. ...\.lthvugh tht:y ought tu be r ?l'rin<'ip«l £a ·aa';' on .\11ia S r,ct. Lr:,f\ucc 1 · b · · Jd 1. d J ]' h' t 1t thr !1 tl1\ J L · ·1 t.o Tbird Tier on Wo.-hington gtreet. preseuts the name~ of Messrs. CoT:JLDOC.K and coYeld witbw t e1r own tt:rrttory wou wuo prece c · 11m In IS ran;; · ou;; \ cuu~picnou~. au uug t to reap pecun1an y Doors open at li~ o'clock. Pcrformaneo wi.l com. CHARLES BorutE With Miss JULIA TuRN~ULL, maktithem remove their ntght caps and ex· dark valley. Whitt>, Grundy, ForRyt_h, Sont_h- tl1e benefits of th~r genius, yet they are Jlence o.t 7~ .. ·cluck. chanb, their slippers for travelling boot::~. ard. Wall, Diun, Sevier, S1las Wnght H•ll, buried by the presPrit state of thwgs a\ deep- in addition. to the regular company of the es~ Thbugh a •Yankee' we have obtained the Woodbury, Coulhoun, Clay~men ;;ho. left ly as the ruiut:i uf tho ancient cities ill the tablishment. Mr. CoULDOCJt. is an actor of first f?sittve and circumstantial account of their impress upon the age-names md1sso- desert. more than ordinary ability both in Comedy tl~e gql mines of St. Joseph, situated on the luhly connected with tbe fame aurl ht~tory of Deeper than these we fin<.l tbe genus !Jo· and Trao-edv. Mr. BtJR.KB 18 well known as ba;nkslf the C.l.taodiere !'lver ahout furty-Ri_x thttr cuuntry-allli\ke him whn\e clrath. we bvJy. TLc 1u~u whv politih the irvu, who fit ': ._.; . . mlles t~m Quebec. Thrs gentleman or this are now called upon to deplore were h~ks the machinery, who manage the looms, who a C'omedmn and performer on the VIolm, and •Yank<1,'-bei.ng on a tour ofvb,urYativu auu ill tLu ..:I...aiu wLi.::J, l;oun'l the p:rst g~'ne,·ntwn are fuunJ. iu uvcry Jepartrueut of actiH, life, Miss T~RN:Bt:LL has often won the applause busioe~ of course, through Canada, fell in to the present; and all like hi~, arc ~nw ~n <ore inbiguificaut nuw. They are tos::>ed aLvut of Buffalonians by the grace of her motions ~with i~owner. of ~he cbwf mmes on !h.e the othl'r ~itle nf that narrow I me winch dt- like so many blorks, as if they did nvt bcloug , . . Chaudr and m hrs company made a ns1t vitles time from eternity. Fpon whnm ha':e to humanity. Wit!! them 1t is a struggle be- liS a Danseuse. The plays tblS evenmg nre to the g d region when:! a large number of thc·ir mantles fallen? Who nrc to take their tween life anJ J.eath; there is no incentive to \The .A.dvoente,\\ Ole Bull,\ and \Fright· meu are?JreaJ.,l; ~ruplv.ruJ. iu guttiug uut thu p!act:\ iu the pc1 ils through whieh our conn- rkc to a Letter po,.itiun, Lut .,,·ery thiug ;,. ened to Death.\ precious~e. vu.r informant, for the sake of try may br calll'd to pass·~ ~J'hf), with pa- pruct1sed to sink them .in U.egrcdation. They th.e nov v of the work, wa8bed one panful trivtic con:-:1\0 anrl t;l:ttc~mnn l1 kf' fn~P!':t\t. are we well cuuuu-h 1f thcv re=i , . .., a few ohilliug, J ,.., l ''I t . . ,., J WPRATT, the. cheap book man mado his ofthe gr, d, auJ obtain.cd !\ora few momeuts tv\g;;.id<J iu the \~.;r:us t ll~ -r.-1. ' n nm\\· InP- wiLh w1kh tv ubtaiu tht;i nrcrc~L De~c .. ,aric::. ~rano-ements to leave for the West on Mon· labor mo~ than a pennyweight of pure gold. vitahly threaten us in our 1ll~nmpled devel- of exi~tenre. Let us look for a reformation of b · This spec\nen be exhibited to us. npernent of resourees aR ~ ~atwn, om. almost this evil. The yoke is galling, and the necks day, but be received several QO;tes of new He furtler unforms us that at .mines a little fearful prugress, Olll' po•lt!On of ~m:mng re- lu Lear it will uot be fuuuJ so readily, uules~ bovks in tho morning and was persuaded. to di.stanco l{l tbe rirur, se>erallarge luurpd vf ::.J.>ul.::.il...iiity a.:; t!•c t,;:<.::.~t, co:1f•·d'\~~te•l !',.]f thcru i 13 a cl.ungc. EuLerJ.>ri:>e i:> glurwus ouly give Buffalonians a chance to buy them, so gold quarti, V•ery rich in quahty, had been g,\·crning, power of the globe? These are t.vhcn it docs 11ot sacrifice men and mind .io· he wiH sta;~ now a few days longer, long found afer days previously. One of these C[Uc,tions which will pre~s them'lt>_lvc!': np_nn J::;.:riminatcly; aiH1 greatness is wmthy of ~ lumpshe £\W· It weighed fvrty pvuuJs, antl. <.~llmit.Js; but who, alas! can R:Jtlsfact.only aJmiraLiou uu:J when it rests on real merit. - eooqgh to be able to carry the news to Cleve· had large '\ii\JS of gold as thick as a man'li answer them. -lVilliamsoul'g!t Times. land that FRANKLIN PIERCE is ilie cho· finger, ruorlng through the quartz. lie vi.:;it- Tv \peak of Mr.',Webstcr's genius. Lis vuri- seu President. of tho Amorican people. ed sqme Qfih,e upper nunc~, but owing to ou~ anJ solid nttninm!'nls, hi~ \<!'rnre\, wnnlrl h · .lt•· s bmcr d at t'~ t1we be t-- Jis~ourse of ~attcrs a~ fn.miliar, e~Pn t.n Some of the new books PilATT has recetv- eavy ra1n-, ... ey were n gt. u ... · v and gold·yaillhing temporally suspended. the childreu of his native State, as household ed this week are. of the most 11terling] value From what he him,;;elf saw, anll from what wurJs. Besides this must be left to vigol'Ous and are offered at the lowest ·posstbLe fi~ure. he heard u\ reliable a.uLhority, he has llo pen:>, at•d eloquent tongues after the first gn\h His large stock of cheap Bibles is peculiarly doubt b'ut Ua:~ the gold mines of the Cha u- uf gtief, and the oppresme sense of loss .• shall attractive. Those wlw have not a handsome diere are of heat richness, and. will under to some Plrtcnt have pn.<>Red away. It IS, and skilful man~<ement, yield large profits. lung has been my firm conviction. that Mr. copy of the Scriptures should call on him The valle.tuf'the Cb~til.lieru is representeJ W cLlltcr Lad a Lo!J upon the mtnrl~ an.-1· Fur every mo1rth a wumau SIJend:> :in the ruarri;,ge t>l.alc, 1ct ween hCVenteell and tweu- ty•oue years of age, a year will be taken from the duration of her beauty and personal at- uactwu. A man in Portland, Maine, owns a dog, which, after be has got tired of play, and de· Hires to go iutu tho house, walks to the fro.llt duur, wipet~ his feet\ou the mat, aud Jai~:~ing him::~elf vu Lis bind feet, lifts the knocker Buffalo & I~ew York City B.ail Road. 1 CHAN UE 01'' TIME. 5:va~...:~~~~~\~ ~ .. - .;.:,;;;; '\s+*\ ... ·; On lllld after .Vlt.uday. Uctou~r i<iid.J., 1\1>2 the traiu:::. willr~u Lc~\'\t:t>ll .. A.tiea aud uorl.ell~\·JJ'le at; follows: Eastlva}·d. . .Fl.RBT 'T RAlN-Le.-~ves Attica at 9,.15 A. M., or · vn the. arrival of tbe e A. :11, Tram lrom llutfalo arrives n1 llurnellsville .ut 12,4:> P.M. 1 HEC0:-11) 'l'.RAl:<!-LPov,•s Atticn <>I G 30 P. :\L, or on the arrival of the :i P 1\1. train from Buffalo untl arrives ntllorncllsv.Ile at 9,40 P. M., coru.ect: .ug \.1.Ll.1 Lllt> 1-LigLL i:...Aprn•~ tru1n u\-er Lhe N. ~. & E. H. R., \·!Jkh arrh·e-s m N<>w York at !!.:JU A. ;u WestwJrd. .FIRST TRAIN~ Leaves Bornellsville at 8 A.M. and aruves at Attica at !IJ.5U A. M., coonect;ing tht ni!;hL ft.plP.tiS Train u,u 1he N. L &; J::.R. H w~th th~ Nrw· Ynrk F.'\\prrc;s trnin nt A \tica ·nhJ.L! arrives in Buffalo at 12 M. ' o:iEt:O.N IJ T.l:tt\l.N~Leaves Horuel1s1ille at 2.:3l P. ::\1., nud arrhes /lt:ica at lO . .JO P . .M., iu time fut til~ 5 P. !11. 1 rn.in • nstward from lluffalu, and ilie eA- press train arriYes in Buffalo at 8,10 P. l'r1. 10\ Passeng<Jrs hAving the tickets of' theN. Y. & E. Rm.lroacL from lJunk.irk to New YorK, purchas- (\U at an.) dfi. e \V<'>t or Su·Jt!J, ~ron auy La1.e .Erie :'ite.1mer, when nn>hle to Jnml !It Tlunkitk, cnn ex. change them at lhJs office .only, for tickets giving them a railroad pa:;aage All the way, and by tho stuue rontc from Hornellovilie, F.'I.RE-$7 50 IJetV\ee.;;t New YorJ.. ami llaffd..!u, aur1 two cen•s per mile betwPeo infPrmedhte places. Tickets should be Obtained at tbe office of the :N. Y. & E. R. R • .fovL of I.Ju.we ;:ltr.,tL, N. y •• and nt the office of the H. & .N. Y. «.:. :R. R. No. !1.> .Exchange street, two dot-rs from Ens tern railroad .E(lput, l.l~;f. falo. S. SEYMOUJr, Eng. and Supt. JOHJ( HOLLINGSHEAD, Agent. Oc.25 and supply -themselves. There will not ·soon as bei. ng on'i. f the must b. eauti£ul fanmug 1carltl of hi.:; cuuutry mcu which will f:ul to l'e be,a better chance. Go and trade with him rountries in e world, and it! under a high justly estiruateJ only because t~ere bras bePn either at private sale or auction andyou.shall state of cu nvati?n. The River annually no full oppnrtnnit.y tn mf>:'l...,nre tt. \'i ou, Mr. d h . d overflows it& bankl!l, enriching the e;s;tensivc C'huirrnan, have truly said that l'>.fr. W c~ster's with one paw, aod the rap is answered by the TO <JAPlTALISTb.-1 am instrncted to orler servant, aud he gains admittance. the followmg lots of land tl£eapfor caslt. lind him always on the 'sqqare,'an 18 ~ 00 8 meadows s~ widely spreaJ out on either greatness was of that mre charactPr wh1rh no jl].st what he represent!! them. side. The ~ound, however, begins at some earthly position could exalt. He came t? of- distance frou the river to rise gradually un· licialstations 1 as he approached all ~ub.Jects d\\ EtciiOL ot:\£-00~-E.~We noticed. a til it .oLtain 1 ! an elevatlou uf b\Vtoral Luu- ple<>uutcJ tu Li..; w:J:,!, thcor ~·:ret In:· and cluster of grapes in the window of JoHN H. dred feet ab\&e the river's bed, thus adding their mru;ter. lie has n.:are<.l h1msolf a vast CoLEMAN this morniu , from the garden of beauty and p:anJeur to the ~ceue. . What pillar of renown, which will stand in undi· · ' g . . . may be the r~ij!ult of the gold dt~con·ncs on mini:sheJ. strength and grandure, ':hen the BrSiELL & HooKER, ll.oehesler, wmghmg over the streams 1\',luch water LLis valley, we l!lay worl.::; of r:uau',; baudo cn:ctcd to hts hon·•r five pu.unJs, auJ being about the size of yow· nut venture lo prophesy. hut if-American will Le hke Sllleveh; allli, I fear, wheu this bat. It reminds everybody of the pictures energy and. e,~erprise were o.nly_ directed tv l:nion may have shar<'d the fate which waR the develope:Jint of the vas 1esources now tlu~ dreuJ uf Lib later ycars .. illustratin,.,. an incident in the emigration of '· . \ ·'. •~ 1 ,. '·\dl\\' \!5'' \V .. Mll •.'·c Ji:;tiugui::>!Jcd . '\' . urough~ to ·p\\1 he uutwt:, the moot nuportaut .o '\. :v u u v, uv .u . . the Israelltt:s from Egypt mto Canaan, and consequences. {o the ioterests of Cnn:~du and brother of the deceaqed was called IO an JU· aflt;~r seeiug it we think it prohab)e that it this country would un.loubt<.:Jly full~JW.--\~ ~t:u.: f:·r·:n :·in<' tn dc:·~ity 1n thP f\\ll\t rnnm may have been convenient to ~arry sorue of Y. Su·n. in LL..i, placu, with tho b\t w.urds of a perf<'<'! -------------- sentence lingermg upou h1s !Ips, another ciU- thc clusters of Eschol on a stick between two Ab'FEC.:TIOl'f.-We sometimes meet with zen most emwent and beloved, (the late Ia· men who seem to think, that any mdulgence me~te<.l Geo!'ge Sullimu,) exclaimcd-\Whnt in an affectionate feeling is u wcckness. They shadows we arc what ohad.vw::; we pur~ue :\ ~ THtlMAS D' A.Rc Y MAGEE, the celebra- IY'ill return from a journey aud grt;~eL their Hvw these emphauc worJ:; com~> back tu us ted Editor of the American Celt, at Buffalo, families w_ith ~ distan! dignity, and move here, as if by echo! How ~ere ea~thly h'?n- is lecturing in Dundee.-Rncliester American. ·among tbetr ehtldrcn With the cnld and l! f~y I on, auJ Ji::otiu.,ttvud f.1Je au.uJ a g.nom hk<' We 1:1houlu very t!!Uch like to know fvr !!plendor of an iceberg, Jou.::.ruundcJ by ltti thlt>-how pvhti.;al a~>p~ritics arc cba~tcne<l ~ men. what t;Q ''celebrated\ is he 'l-!llt.Jfalo Com· broken fragments. There is hardly a more what u lcs~uu b i.hc living ;-what an admo- mercial. _ unnatural stg:ht on earth thah one of those uitiun tu per:wnal malevclence now awed \We believe that it was theAd.verttser and families withrmt a heart. .! fatl1etbad better and ::;uLducd as the great heart of the nntinn extinguish a boy's eyes than take away his throbs heaHly at the portals of his gr-a>e ~ not the American, who spoke of Mr. Magee· b~. ~ho that has experienced the juysof I have no heart to speak or tv co~ template as cclebl'ated-we do not $brink the question. frtendshtp,:md Talues sympathy andaffectiuu, theexteuL of the loss we .ha:l\u su,:.awcd. As Mr. Magee is celebrated fvr hit> patriotic caretr -rould ,nnt rather ]Cise all that is bel:.:tiful. in a pensoual fri~ud-:-a:; a .\~n uf ::I c w ll::t.T_i'\ before he landed in .Americ;J.. He is celelYra- natures sceogry, than be robbed of the htd· shire-as an Arnerrcan ctttzen, I shall be wtth den. treasures of f4is· h_eatt? Cheri;;h, then, thousands, a sincere mourner at his obse- ted as an l;risb historian of the first order. He h 117 b t ffi 1 d 1 · h your ea s e~ · a ecti<;ms ... n u ge _m t e quieE'. __ _ is celebrater./ fvr ha>iug deli>ered lectures up- warm and gushing au<.lwspmng eruutwm; of . --- . 1 • \'. on Irishmen in America, which prove him a filial, parental and fraternal love. Think it Au Amen~an gentleman~ no.w tta;eim'=' Ill not a weakness. God is love, love God, eve- Sweden, wntes that the works 0 rvmg. man of great research, and one desirous of rybody, and everything that is lovely. Teach Cooper, Emerson, Carey, B::ncroft, :~r~~~~ elevating the position of his countrymen. He yeur childreu to love· to love the rose the Longfellow, and other Arn~nra~ am m~. is celeburted for several of his works. He is robin; to love thmr 'parents; to love Gvd. well known aulmuch admtred lll that coun· celebrated for editing the most successful, and :Let it be the studied object of their domestic try. I . h . h cultu:e to givr: them warm he~trts, and ardent THEIR. DEFEAT AccouNTED Eon.- A Whig the most truly national l1S paper m. t ese a:ffectwns. Bmd your whole family togetber of this Borough accounts for their' defe'lt by States. Ho is celebrated as a fine writer, a by those strong cortls. You cannot make saymg that \DA¥~ED DITTCH. voted good scholar, and a splendid specimen of au ·them too strong. against tbem.\ ThLS 1 ;; not the first ttme the I · h H spoken unadvi10edlv ?\ S . . Wht\gs have assigned the same reason fvr n& man. av{) we · · · \ TH.Iil l!'!DIA;tiA ENaTORSHff.-Gov. Wright . d r 1 • 1 •onder is that tbev did The Rochester .Aduerti.ser makes theahov& states ina letter to the Indiana State Sentinel, then e 1 eat.. t 1 ~ Wt .• till after tbe\ next allnsi.ons to a few of the elementS of greatn.esi 1hat beshaU not appoint a. Senator to f.ll the n 1 ot keep j~e ~a~~ fo~~utteu their cuuoJncr 'h\ch \ d iB the person of anr contem:.' place o~ Gov. Whttcor;nb. deceased, hut await . e ethctton. l:?not ha\\e begun to curse th~ w 1 are LOUn · the. action of the Leg~slatnre or ey wou b h vall orar , Mr. McG.EE, and we believe there are · - -:- • • • • Ge:mans so soon.-Chambers urg ey p y d f h' · hbora in this city :who :, Some patient .euno~nty • hu~ter nas found Spirit. thousan s o IS ne1g . • . · that the nomber of grams 1n a bushel of will certify that. the .Advertiser has not men- _wheat weighing sixty-two pounds is· upward In Switzerland only one-fourth of the soil . tipned half hiS good. quali~ies of680,000. · is under cultivation. \'!'~~~~\'!'!o:r::~~!\\\~~\!!!~!!!!!!!!!!~~\l 2 0 feet on the southwest corner of Clinton und t!\M\\\ 4 ______ ----- Prattstretts .. MORTGAGE SALE. .lll .. a certa!n in•iPnt urf\ ('f ~fort gag<' h('arir.g date the lOth day of August, A. D. lt-!4.\3~ to sPcUre the- payment uf certain monies; Otis .Newto11 and A. S. ,\1. Newtou his wife, of tbe Town of Ham burgh, Erie L'oJHlJ, :-lew York, }1ortgagPd tv Henry P. lhrrow, then ofthr 'J'pwn of Aurora; in said Coun· ty, ce>rtai!1 lands descrihcd in said Mortgag<' ru;, All that certain piece or par<·el of l.1nd lying and being iu Ltle Town ot Aurora, Coumy of Erie aod Slate of New York, beiug part of lvt uumLer fift.y-(#ne (51) in t!tc Sixth Township and ::\i\ •.h RangE' of the Uol· land Laun Company's t urv>y, and on the east 1md west ro.u, ruuniug through the village of Grifuns M.u6, auL Uou.uLt.J a::> fullu\\~. l'Ullllllt:l.d.llg a:. t.l..c hitcrsection cf the ea •t Jtne of Jan<l owned by Jo· siah Mitchell wiLh the soulb lim• ef said high way, runn no; Ulence cast<H.Iy on tb•. sc.uth line of sad htghWl1Y one hundred and ~en (~10) feet; t~ence southerly, at right angles mth said last meuuoned lil,e, on~ hundted anti fifty feet, 1 o land owned by c;eweut King ; theuce westerly on the north line of sai·l King's land one hundred ruul ten (110) feet, to land owned uy J QSepb Jones, tl!Cnce northerly OU \Le t&bi. .. nc uf oaiJ Jun.::o tJ.L I vf -,J.iJ :'\1itcht:i..·::. ~ .. u.~.J tu the highwny, ~t th ... p!arP nf l1Ptrr:n ng, hP thP s:JmP more or le~ s : \\ hich said l.\1 ortgage contains a p 3 werto >ell tne Mortgaged promises,m ease of de- fault of the plyment of the rn•,ney secured thereby 1\i:.tJ inLcres: aceordi,ng to !he cnn!ili•n ll' sr,iJ Mo·t.goge, n<l was with said power of s.o.le duly Re- corded 1n Erie County Clerks offi·e .. in Liber :..o, of 1\'lorraages nt Page 1134, a.ud which said MoJtgage bas beeu•JUIY 1~s gnedto Cy~<:niusC. Bdstol,ol ilutla-o, , 11 the CuulOty af•>rc•11•l; .·m·l <\Jofall 1 1 !Javiq: 1 ·een m'lde i , the paymPnt of th•• l!lOney secured by said :\·lorLnanc, whereby lbe sald power of sa!P !:las be- ~ome l':\'o.Pr!.rn.tive. Tbere is clai •·ed to be dJe OrJ the fir,t putJitcation of this notic~ one hundred and ,,ine•y·L \·v doll.trs and thJrLy·SlX cents, aJHl to grow due the furth•r sum of· hree hun Ired ami shty-sev- en dollars fif•y-Jh·e cent><, and no ~u•t or proceed~ngs a• law have been had to recover the said money or any part tnereof. . . .'tow the:eforc nottc<' !., !Jrrrby gn·eo that purbU· ant t J said power of sale. ~nil the stntute in •u~h case made an 1 provided, thr sa•d Mortgage will be fore closed by n. sale ot the •aid M.ortgage premises, at public auction on the twenty·FIXIh day of Janu ,_ ry, A. D. 1'-5:], at mp'v\ o'clock n.t noon, at the c~u·t HousE' in the City of ButTo.Io. Dated Buff~to, O<toler 20th, 1852. · \ C. C BRlSTOl,,A.osignee. HunnELL & RoGERS, Atto:ney.s. A DE Sl RA BLE I'ARM.-For :'ale a }o' A Rl\1 of 16•1 acres, beau' fully I JC.au d on the -:anks of the Ni gara nver~ OPdr Lewistnn, .l:i:Oacres 1U1provetl, \illrtw -: dv..e:Ji;Jg houSI:\s~ g.J(Jd harn a. d iar .. e on•bard. It B considered one of the finestSit- wJ:io, s for a Gentleman's Resilience in t.h.b P•rt of 1he country. Apply at 2~U Main Street, under thP Patchin Bank, to GUY H. SALISBL'RY, oc30 Real Estate Agent • ~7 .1eet on the north side of Clint~n street, 25 fept west of Pratt street. l:.!..J f<..d. oil tllc we~L blllc uf F1ft..U bL.re(.!L., ;.!.j 1Leou:.L. of Carofiua street. .. 50 feet on t.he west sid~ of Sixth street, 125ft. east of Carolina stroH. Apply ao 246 Jlain·st., under the fatchin Bat,),, tu GL'Y H. SALI~ll[jn'f, oc':.i Real Esmte Agent. Ladies and Gentlemen Read 'll'his: A YOL\NC J\1 AS·\ bo bas had grcut eXJier:,·::·. c in waiting on SQri•l Parties and Ballt:u pe~·. ~lii.•rs his scr\ices Lo the LnJies anJ Gentlcme.u vi l:ufT.llu Sli•l \i·iJ ir.), aJ>J ~Lc Lti,;LLuting !'<lri.:l .ul C'a•.a,Ja. I:P is <•onfitlf'ut bP c1n give entire satisfac. t.ion. H<- will suhply ail w.Ut .. rs needed. J;'leas\ ]P:avt·. c rdPrs nt my res tlf'lteP, th~' corner of -Main awf Nmgura stre<'ts, up stai>s, or in the Lock Factory •Jn the !(round floor. oc30lm IJERC1'LES J. A:-IDREWil, :B. T. 1I A 'R R I s, Merchant Tailor, 199 Jfain-st. (3 door& South CJj Shcrma,~'s.) BL\FFALO. GEXTLEJ1EX'S CLOTIHXG ~UD.I: TO ORIH.R E:&< \Li.JSIV ELY, Ar->D W..d.RRAXTEJJ TU S&~IT. Has con>tpnt·y n · hnnrl n rltoic~ n.-r,rtm~:-Jt ,r French, and English Clothl!, Cassi- meres and Vestings OF THE LA.T:lt.'81' 8:1'YL.ES, Selected expressly for the CUS'I 0'\'1 TRADE. tiPntlemen !eavi1·gtm ir Prf}PJ•s will have tneir consulted and complted ~Nith, as all work lS under 1he supervision of lllr. 6, \V, FOLTS GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GCO t.Jf .a1l.lunds constantly on band 'l/'0!7TH::l n~d t; .1II..!JRL~'o CLUJ HJN(c;,ma, to order in ·the neatest manner nnd lau~e:t ~:<tyles:. Supreme Court. J OHN C SI EF.l- £R'l'. Plaintj.tf, ag•inst SIEFFERT, Defendaut. To Hosw You are bere\Qy s·nnmoned to ·an<wer the COinp,Lalilt in this w:tion and serve a copy of your a me at Ill~ o~ce in the eity of Buffa o, Erie N. Y .•. mthln twenty d:ns aftert.hl' ser•iee P•.c'ustve of the day of such servlc• ; o.nd if y<>u fllll to.answer the ·rowpl int a• nforesa'd, ttoe plai.11· ~iff wlll applv t'l the • onrt for ·the relief dernall(led. ln 1he sacCI compl\int: wh ch ccmplo.iut wn.sfile 1 iu the office of the Clerk of the Coun•y of Erie afore- said on the 9tb day of Oe~ober, in tbt> ye<~r .1!352- DateJ Oct. 9th, 1.852. J A \1 ES M. S~ IT H. of ,.BWfulo, Piainl.iff'$.Attomey.

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