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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, October 27, 1852, Image 1

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-, ; -. ·g' -_ .. ~ -\. '. . ' - - - 1. 1\0 3u. BUFFALO. WEDNESDAY EVENING, Qt'l'OBER 27. 18(>2. PRICE ONE CENT. !ttL Ell.llGI:lA.'£10~. EVENING .POST. Those who desire tonrocnre Certi· • ~ficates ror P..ssage, for their rneua.. ~ ~or !!rafts on tine ilaya.l or Nat'\'\' _ -Bank• of Ireland., Nat tonal ltank u ..... culu&u.tJ.. c..~,1cu '''1!.. Hank tif !'Jl_e!l.-r6 Gfvnn..,. HaliJa.s. lll·l(• ~ Co , l.ondnn. and Guion ~ Co., Li'llerpoM Fire, Maline and 1tfe ID.surance. S'.l'A'I'.E 'tf' l\JLW YORK. SECRETARV'El OFPWE. t Is publisb.:d .f!:VER'¥ EYI:!!'o,NG, (:3undu.ys ex- cepted,} o1t the olfice No •. 7, We<L S'eneea. t:!tret:t, by CA..LVl ... J. ll.llLLS will do well to romembel:'that the FRA!'f~LI\ MARil'E&.FIREINSURAN ECO. ALB.t.NYAngnstl4th,.lS52. ) Hon. Cady dollister,J're..t . .-\'Vm. L. ~Yery, Secy. . To THE SHERIFF Ol' ERIE Go.D,NTY-:-::!rr ~ \Notice CA.l•I'.I' A L $300,000. - !5 he~eby gi\·en that at the Gener&l e · ec~on to be'held RE• ERE~CE.::l-Hon. J:: G. ·paulding, Penj. m this l:ltate on thl!- Tuesday succeeding the first n. Folger, E•q, '\essrs. R. Hollister & Co., Hon. \lor day of November next, the fullowingofficen are ::;tepllen C1ark, Albany; Bon E. C. Delevan, llalls· , to be chosen to wit: The T'Wo l<\rlend•·; or The Fatal lllla- uu.d.::.: .. t.andln~. . T£R.l13.-Dt:ll•t:rt:d' to subscribers in the city, at . SIX CENT81>er week, or $3 per annum, wl;len paid in advaHce. MnU subscribers invariably in adr11nce. 1'erms uf .Advertisinu per Square i\ tlte Daily. OLD E.WGKA'riON AND FOREIG~ '!'n, \'. Y : J~mes P. Lee, Cashier .Farmers. flank,~ A G~,·ernor in the plare ofWashingt,;•n Hunt; . 4t a small supper party to which I was :-ar;otoga Co. N.Y.; J. Caoy, Esq. Prell • .!:lank of A l.Jeuteuant Governor, in theplnce c.·fSamuel E. ~nvtted at S_t. John'~ College, d~ring my vis- E'XOHANGE OFFICE, No. 5 Siduu•!A Block, Ctmtmert:tal Str<Ja, ( Fottrteen line~ or les~ mak_e a ~quare.) Square, 5U cents first insertion, and >If> cents for each subsequent. insertion, less than one week. Square, for 1 week, $1 50 ( Squ!l.l'efor3mo'ths $8 00 B U F FA L 0 HUD~ON RIVER INSURANf!E CO. ' Abijah Peck, Pre-•t,-AJfr· d Noxon, Vice J.>re~•t. Scheueetady,Seheneeta<Iy Co. N. Y. Lhurch; t.t. to Camb~dge, a little stu..v of College li\e A Canal Commissioner, in the place of Frederick fi . -.~ ~· , ollett, and 1n ormer times was relq.ted, which made a An 1-n$pector of StAte Prisons, in the _place of deep impresion upon me. \ '' 2 '' 2 50 U- H 6 U. 12 00 \ \3\ 300 \ \7\ HiOO Is the Oldest and Best, having been established for CAPITAL, $300,000. TBNyears during which time 5everal tlt.IJIA-•4rlt/4tif _ REFERENCI·S.-I'Iessrs. l'rn t &. Co, Hon. Or· dollar• have passed In passage orders and drafts, safe- ·•nndo Allen, Bon. F.. G. Spaulding. Elilr,s Ween. Esq. Darius Clark; Two tb t 'd All whose .terms of office will eipire on the last young men · 6 narra or l!llf, matri· \ \ 1 m'nth. 3 50 \ \ 1 ;rear 20 UO Thto terms of yearly ad ,·ertising, and of advertise- ments plnced before the marriages and. deaths, will be made known at the ofiice. ly through th\ hands of the nndlersi;;ned, and beeu C 1 h f W duJ• forwarded to tlledestinntiom required, and duJv entra •' or • illiam R. Milkr, Esq., Messu. day of l•t>ePmber ne::<t. · · · .culated ~n the same year at one of the !':•>lie- Thirty fin• Electors of President and Vice Preli· ~es I t~tnk it was_ at St. John's itself; but am dent of the United :-tates; · · not qlll~e sure. The one was a somewhat fie- J J CoLier & D~Forest. paid on presentation to the Irish Bank, and hnve not ' A b ep esentative in the Thirty-till d Congress of ry h f th 13 tJ .Sl1\f ~~s CARD~~ F. M. OOFFlN, to be sent to· ivt:rpool to be paid, as others are. To tnose wlro desire t~ have tlhelr fnerul• brough to this country from any part 01f • urope, the aub- scrrbcr would say 1 that he is the ;:.mhorized Agent of that popular anu ltnerring Lin1e of Packet Ships ca.' led Rochester Fire lnsnrnncc Company, ROCUES:rtm, N.Y. . l'Ion R. Chamberl.•in, Pr sident, J P. M tlliner, Esq, Vire l?ieslden~. REFERENCE<::.-Fre~mnn Clark, E g.,PresldPnt Roche ter llanlt ; I! on. H. >5tillwell. Mayor of b och- cster; JIL•· s. Wadsworth, ,t:sq •• Geue~eo; l:lon. J Delafield, Gene. a. the United :5tates, for the 'l'ltirt:;-second Congres· ' passionate yont , o e name of Elliot; sionni!Jistrict, composed of • rie County. the other gl'aV!J, and somewhat stern ; but County otlice· sa so to be <\lectedf'or s<rid County; fra?k. and no way snllen. His name was k'our Members of Assembly; · Batley. /1-s s~ frequently happens with men A County Clerki the p} .. ce of Wells Brooks! of very dJsstmi.-lar charac.ter, -a .. reat inti' rna.,. Artist a.n'.l a1esiguC.(.\ So-Ia u.ra.ui'e J:iiock.. auG WM. CAitL.AN D, u .• stou One l'nce ~IOlhC~ V11 Urt!uOUbe, Gothic Hall. THOMSON d:: MoF ARLAN E. Pr8.t-tiraJ PhJ•n ..... r ..... \ l 1 n~L\' ... ittt-r. .. ti-l ( .. ! ) \' s•r. f't Md.lt;:,do.L J • .l:S.d.IJV .. 'l; A torne;r •Il-l tJouu .... 1 Jf, r. u.ubcr l!lv;t, .llniu-st eet, tiUflU[O. JY L.1 W M. L. J A.M.b::ti, Dealer in all kinds of J<'mw~ Ury uoods, French Mil· liuery, ~~:., Nu. 21:SII.lltilii sLrl!et 1 Builil!o. JA.ME8 H. OLARK -- DEAt~ER I!'l CUUlCE W.l .... E.S, l.lQL'OR::!, ~~t!'ur-.: Whmt-l'ia.it:> ~<.t .{~tRil IL[ .. ~\\;; Hti.ur sr.rf'cPt liV1T L1L .PBKH.Y, Dealers in Lqrnber, Eagle street, tt~ar .Michigan, ll urllllo, N. \'. my ~ti·oru. H. A. HoYT, J. A. l't:ru<Y. --MI.LLINlJTON & BROTHER, U~~e!Ja nud P:.nt>~ol Manufacturers, and Uen.Iers in l:iliirts, Qr~vats 1 Collars, &c., 259 Main itreet, op- posite th!l Clmrche!>. T. -s--.-H\\\A-W-. -- Literary Depot for the sale of Periodicals, Newspa- pers~ Hooks, Maps, etc4:t Post Otfic . .,_,~ullding.s, cor .. ~ S:~ecm IUld Wushiuf,''toU sts. 1/ ~ __ _ ~ BRADLEY BROTHERS, Manufacturers of till kinds of Priuting 1 Writing and Letter Papers, W arehunse ll:ll:l Main 11treet, and No.5 West Seneca otreet. ----VIELE-&-CH_A_M_B_E_R_L_A_I_N_, •IAttor·ne;ys and Coun•cllors at Law, Bernheimer next to the Ameri.ou.u Hotel. i' l£, ClfJ.:IlBERU!N. THE 'tLD BLACK ST A.K LINE, of Liverpool, a.few-ot whose shi1P.s It will be aulli ient to name, , Tlie Washington, The Rober! Kelly, 'l'he Guy \lannering, The Niagara. The D. W. t.:lunon, file Marmion, 'l'he J A. Westervelt, The Universe, The Emerprise, Tile Priuceton, '!'he 1'JcOrHterojla, 'lite ::3hnunon. These magnilicem shlpa are trovn. l,flml to 2,000 tons hurt ben, and fined tip wnh e·vcry com ton, com· umur•t•d by t:J:('eru~uce•l Captains, whose umform iliudtu'~~ ,~ lor •• l:y gpoktm of. !!7 Let It he •li:illnetly undergtood. thnt the ships of tJ1e Btaek ·star. l...ine gaH frotn Liverpool 'II'JitfL,Kt fa• I, on 1 heir nppoi'JJte<l rJays-~st, tith, lltb, lth.b, ~1st nnd 2llth 01 encllmonl h. Tlwre t- no de1.11 caused to the e.ui~rnnt, 0.1 the Pns~age Certificate ill plahtly for tlk:tr Convenience alone IIR AFT::> are-' rstantly- for ~a.le on the f?llowing Banks: The Royal llnnlt td Naticnal Hank !)J Ireland. National Bank of . ttl and. llnuks of \IeBars. lynn,_ f!nllunx, Mtlla & Co. London, nnd Guion & Co, I.Jvet,~ool. JOliN \-V ALSH, Aflent. I :xebange BroekPr, 5 Sidwny Bloek. Commercal •t., _ Buffalo, N. V. N. H.-Specie ami Rnnk Notes ((If CVf'ry de•crlption bought, sold nne! exchanged nt clll!se rates. llullillit, Aprtl D, J>l.i:!. npiO AMERICAN EXPR~SS COMPANY ii.a 1852. 'F«1Et Capit~l-$200,000· · BETWEEN NEW YORK, BU.F .A.LO, DUN KIH.K, CINL'INN A'll'I. CI:HCAGO, ::iT~ LOUl::i & IN'fERMED[ATE PLACE::; New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. CAPITAL. $450,0U.O. Hon. Willard Pnillip·, Pres .. H ~· ~te~eus, EEq·. ~cc. LlWNARD WII,S•JN, Agent. Capt. Jour< N. G • RDNEit, -\1o.rir e Jn&pect< r. O!fi!'P No.~. ~P\'l F.J~;rrrA,:G}~ 7 njvl4 No•·thta•u Nt:'W ~orAl. L• Ill ~todt luim. 11auce c·om1mny PLA'l''l'SIH!RG, NJ.:;W YORK. C~PITAL ••••.• - .••••••.•••••••••• $50,000. lncorporafed by the l.egisla.ture o the t:itate of New York,Ju y 1851, Horses, Cattle, and al11dnds ofLlfe ~tAck Insured against death by the eombiued risks of Fire, Water; DisellSes, &c. Steel< transported by Water, nail Road, or driven on Toot to mu.rltet Insured .• t fair ra.tesa The Subcrib• r having heen appointed Agent ofthe bo\ e reJi'ublr pl'rfect!y soll'ent Co., is prepul'ed to Is· ue policit·s. ut ns low rate ofp emium as any re•· ponsihie 1 'ompany, in. t re United Stales. He respectfully imit\s the ntte tion of Carmen, Cabmen, F\n.rm \ ilkmeon,. r f nckm\·n and all othen interesterl. AD ~osSI'G promptly paid in tnisGtty. T. J. 8 \ 1~1':'1' 20tf. 2·!3 Main Street Corner of Swan. Over oleman's Drug Srore. ---- . B. T. H A R R I :s, Merchant Tailor, 199 Main·~t.(3 doors Soutlt of Slwrmau's,) BUFFALO. GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING MADE TO OltiiLR Jo:X LIJ<\~I \1 b:t.Y, A\ i> WARRANTED 1'VSUIT. Has COII•t 1t1t yo hanci • choice. ~ssorunent of F9nch, and E.a.g-!Ish Cloths; Cassi· A_.,uperintendPnt of the Po01::, in-the place ofJ.es· ,., -., erBrace; s~raog upbetween them. They were sworn Foul' Justi~es of Sessions, in the .pi~• of John fnends and companions ;and duri.ng the lon ... TJ-eanor and \1\ m. H. Grimes; vacation of the d n 1 .. 'l'wa co.o er• 1 in th!l place of Uriel Torret ~d . -·- seco!l year, .ua'ley spent a Joseph 13ennett; great porbon Qf hts time at the house of El- A ''whose te•msof office will expire on the las· liot•~ mother. In those ~ays before liberal no- day of Pel'Crnberne:~.t. t10ns began to prevail, this was considered as Yours aespectfu y an hun fi B 'I H ~ . . or;. or · ru. ey was a man of atTist~nrat- £ ·R \' 8. K.\NDALL, .-ecretary of:ii)ate, b h dEl ~ ~ Geue al J!:lemion is to. be he d in th11 Covuty of IC, Jrt • an . l~ot a plebian. There was a Eno, on the Tuesday su<:celldi g the fust \'o!day of ;£re~t nttr~ct!Ol) In tht: bouse, however; for November next,ut which wi111Je choseh theflficers besides. ~1s mother, a smkly and infirm worn~ ll!l\lltioued in the notice f10m the o:::ecretsr:r o !State, an, Elhot's family ·colnp' n.sed a SlS. te· r \the of which a eopy is an •. exed. j . • t at~d Ulll'f&. 0 , this 16lli day of August, in lle J'e&l' cynosure o~ neighboring eyes;'' 1852. . : , - After the1r return to College in one oftbeir aug2012-w LEROY FARlHlAM, ~e iff. drmkiug bouts,then but too common, a quar- A · E~ERAI EI~P.CTIUN is t\ he ~!d th~ rei took placeamotJg a number of.tbo College Tuesdaj auc e• dmg t e uxst .MondaJOf ~o youths; the officers of the U niv 6 rsity inter- ,_·eu•bcr ncx , a. which •v·l_l b~ chose•_• •4vffieers _ fered, and one_ of them ... received 11 d_ angerons cu_e tiu edJu.thenot.c··fQmtbe~.teta·.y f·~ .... tate. bl f B 1 etwlo,ic'iac.p_yis-aunexe.J, ... fwuichJOU·- l!l,ru;e ow. rorn at ':.Y• wlnj::h fi?t hi.s lit¢ in _Jeo- (a~e uot1ce. p~rdy. It was Judged necessary to fly imme- LE t!OV FARNUAM, periff, dllltely, and at the ~lltl'eaty of his friet 1 d, he STATE Olf .t.'tl!.W YOR~' sought au asyluru, 111 the house of Elhi<Ws t-.>:cRJ<:TA&Y's- u .. ,.~c., } nwther. After the lapse of se\eral days. the .Ar.u ... ,.v,, .,;_ .. 1 .n..,JJJ,b. r tz ~52, woundeq ofiicer was prot.ounc-ed uut of dan- 'fO T E ~\HERJio'f:o'Ul<''.l'iit: t.,r.JU.:-' t..ttH: ger. and Elhot set-out to iufurm his frieud of - ~:~tr: Ulfi url inJor,, l!o i u 11 ,\ nt~eeu re· ·the o d t 1' · p · h ca vcd by me tt11s day u the deallwf Ellll ALKI:lt, . 11 g 0 11 IU~& recnUIJOll, nwever, Walt • ou .,, Jutlgt uf he t!aid , cunL.t of .l!)r, h, WiJ• Ill! .nec>t!ssa~y, as I he college ufficers \·ere electediu I'lo.emher, 11:!5r. Notic~ Js tiler rebc[~~ -sttllm pursuit; and he: went aloue, and on b_y g veu, •h&t \'\ t e ~euerar Elect! n .u he .. d o. horse __ back by night wi.tb: pistols at bJs,smidle ill\ '!ue..W., _t;Ucce<!lllrg the first Moli yot i>io· b_ow, as_ wa!l. then customarv. Tue distaz;e_e vember uc.t.,& UuuutyJuu.e I:S lU beet~>! f .. r ~h· h h d .1 \J au.rUl.'uun y u Erte, to supl'tY he v.. CJ o(..ocu• e a to nue was Sl>rUe two and thirty mileil oiothd IJy th dt:ath o the ~uid J!!~&e w J, aud be arrivt'u about rniduigbt. · Yuur& '' SIJCCt u,.,,., . L'k 1 · IIENR \ \'· K.<t. • .IM.LL, s.cretm·,.!fS•ate. · _ 1 e a l young men of his temperament, .0\' l\U pu.pe s m the 'Loun•.Y }'Uui/1 Ollc• i\ Elhot w;ts fuud of dreallliug dreams. H.ehad L-acll week .irl t.lt:c i··n. · oel8 re!1'Jarked the adrmrnt_i~n of his fnend tor his POCKE'l COiUPANJOio \ister ~uwhom he wasdevotetliy ;lttaeted, 14 f.d O R iufuru.lltM• rc:tat•ul! u .. ilat gl&tei'~Vfl or&a• ~ he~ evideutloye f?r h~rn: and he Jtad buill up Ll t.~.:--t:-;'I!Ct..f::tlt:> UOW lt:::.tVt!l.htU.,.It..rd.fltl Uo.tUknk~ ,T li:Jlly .:>un.ta.y> t.x<·epll'd,.l•ur Nr w Yo• nnll uuermettia e ttl ce.,.on the A·b~ny nnd il11fl'•loaud N '{.and EriC Rn1oruod,.a1 d for Eri•• .ar.d.m er e• - ----- -A-V AN-SLYCK. -~--- -- -· <JI.tte pt•ces, by l:laff'i o •nd :-'JM\ f,ine Hnilrond; _ ;\\lli!O'r~sa·te ani retnU Ueal .. r in 1'oiJ.JCCO, Snuff a·•d . at;iJ hy •lle bevera I line~ ot Stt:a•ll ers on the La~\ · meres and V e-stin s.s OF 'l'HH l-A.1'E'S'l' S'J'YLES; -l• heulth or nise.t. e, ftwUl i.u ll.uc·yJ llle t:tJm!>. a. httle castle m tne air m re\'ard to their un- . o .N.t:.V LR B~F • .Rt; Nm Aid, n . .u d h 1 \' \leiull' a eon:tpl. '\ op:n:«r tlea .... ,_,.,- ·x .d.:•<.l'ip- 100 • ao er e evation to station ·and' fortune. tioo .. f tlk ca .sc , >yJnpLJm~, •. d m9&t 1'tt .. lU mod• · As he appr~Jached the house, no windows Of CUre Of .,lf tile di>•n,e.,' 10 Which tJt ure li&lue Showed i.J. liglJt but those of hiS sister'S room -tt,m 1lle~tcre1 n,fi 1111\•~0· )O\J.hlul m•ture and puttingthe· h \ · th t bl h' ·• ag -ar.srug' 1r m ~eu1t · 1 distases in 1th ,.,_,~:,.- - nr.,e In ll B a e unself. Wictti lllill'l'.lt.ve ca.~e.;, ~.,.. t•tiea.te 11 of I\ moot hu he took -the pi!ltols fr'nm the lwlsters, ap; p.;r&telle•a ure• e~t:.r: penormed, tt!!llJflliah• trow pro~ched the hot~se, ~nd quietly opened the S' b trum ttutldwar~d UtiD,Irl{ tot.:'lc<V.ltnd.r:an usf'y'. S :;; 1~:;; .... \\:l.> vm..ncrcwl's teet, .::'!eCOihi.tloJrn ove •Joleiio, Monroe, JJef.rou; from •b~nce to l'oluJnhus, 1\i~rcb <IUS' Hu~eJ_, uuttalu. J~:lU • '~\-~----- -- __ · _ --- IIICI D•ll, ,,vulsvllle, Ct•i:a~o,Gl~lenn, :\1ll~~<au• cc. Dr· N, Walsh n ud St Louis, by tile sever.J.I lines • f rarlro .. da HV81ClAN. AN!J APU'l'lii:.UARV,~OFFICE steamboats, &.e , No, a 'l'errace;oppositeCitY market. Resitleuce fJ l;;actJ ~ xtness. is sent in chlrge oftru..ty Mes· •m~'\''\l' E.xehaugl! aud Chicago dtreets. MediClllt:, st!DI!•rs prt.v t!Pd \bh iruu cbe·b f,., the zmf,ty of visits and ntteudnuce at all hoiUII'. Je.lu vutunb,e paella\~~~ e tru ·teJ 10 their care. --W.ARuE--_N--~Buo·T- H- ER, 1\tlbt: We•t rile lint> has l:mly been. extended n. Ul< n. over ~ev~r.-lUPW rvu e~. nu.- Is • IDW (Jrcpnre<l tore rs or~Varreu s I111provc.J ti•e and Wn-- ceipt anJ tur\a.rr.l rmcl<,,gea \l'h ~reat despntch nnd 1er p- Oil R'.Jufd, aut! dealero 111 ~o-Jfilll~ Mmerials. sa etv to most o(r.lte priucipal plateesin t.be We~tern Odi :e 22 ~~ •m-~t. ciJrner of Sw ~n, Up l:!t.urs. · nnd Sout.bwestern, l't .• tes jell PROPRIE'l'ORB : · · ull NNEY .r. CO WEJ,I.~; IIUTTI!:RFII!.D..D &: Co., -l .~; · I uv '' 10 Wall, a.nd 8 Erte b'laee, New Yorlr. P\blisliersand l:!ouk <lellers, wllulesale& retail deal.- .' el\'lin Blank Books and :Omtionery, (llreed's old LIVING::>ro~. l'AR!:0 & Co., stnnd,) No. li:lB Main street, Granite Block. Buffa. ju3·52 157 Maim--tr· et, Butf.-llo. lo. ' BUFFALO & ROOHEST)!.:R R. llOAD ·bAN B. CASTLE. r,:::· neral dealer in Uold and d lver Wateht>s, G.:>Jd ... ~~. 1 1 1 Q _ il l 1 Hii _a cham~, Rings, P.rH, l!:nr Riugs, Keys, Lockns. Pun· . SUM.Vll!.:R Al{ltANG:EMENT. cils, etc., 1&5 .l'lalul:!t. Bulf . .r.~o. ~.:n~h patd wr old a1lver. jy2! 7 trains. daily, excepting SundaYl· PHOWIX HOTEL-BY C. HICK8. OnandafterMouday, April :.!6th,I852; the Cars willleave tsul'lhlo for Albany, ll<ew York, Boston, MAIN•:n. ABOVE couR-r, BUFF• LO, N.Y. and turermediatco places, as Joliows; HtllJdE Is fi ted up and fur .. ishud in the best 'frain No 1-New Yol'k l;xpr.e~E, 5. A. M. atop· stylt>,aud exteusive stt~bles attached to the estab ping, nt Attfc 1 , ByrDn r. nd llergetn. !Wune1rt. jy~ · Trntn No 1!- 8tenmbont Expres1s, S A. M. stop· MRS. P. STAATS, _ pingatArttca, By.ouandBergen, FACTU di!:R of J!', 1 shiunable Ro~e Wood Train N:o. l-~'rdght, 9 A >f., No passengers and J'lnhog'lu) l!'urni.urc•, 'llul every vari ty of ab- taken on this train. !net W.tre, tiohols.e..- •• &c., &c., on ::St~nts street, 'Pralll No.4--Mail.l0 A. !\-}.,stopping at all the ~ d b 1 N' jvl2 stations. a,e,v ro :i ~ o.v tugura ··quure. · Train. No. a-F:migrant 12·M. Stopping atnli the -BALDWIN. station. \J'\'~'~\\ and Retail Furniture and Chai~ Ware Train No.6-Evening Express, 5 P M, atopping Roome, No.l!43Mainstreet,.Buffalo. An extensive at Attica, Batavia and Bergen. assorunent of the mos~ demrable and fashiOI•nble Train No. 7-Accommodation, 6 P. M. stopping Furuiture. constantly on hand. at all the stations. a unlyoue train on Sundays, the EvenlngE.x· W:Yl. J. LAVE-RY. presstrlinle:tvesat5 P.M. in GrocrriPs and 'l'ro•Jslons, Oils, P•ints, UThe Trains wi! 1~:1we tSu!ffalo by Syracusr G•aas, Putty, llrusltes, Powril'r. :5h ()t, a1•d Safety Time, whieh 1:1 auout 15 .\iinntes lfa.sterthaJ1 Bulfalo Fuse. Fr .it,>, Segar·s, Dye·o!Utfs,Pa Is, Tubs, &e. Time. No. 361l Main stree.. CounLry Produce bough; and sold. McMILLEN'S BOAT-YARD. 0• Ht>mbu.rgh. st. (:t>11al, \et>r l!:t>•tern /Jepot. SniJscrt.Ler J:S p epare.d to do a l kinds of Build· ing an,t R\patring C;mnl boat~ 1 .on Lbe shortest no• dee, anll on reasonnull! terms jyt:.!.y ~1c'IHLLEN. k TIMMER~IAN. and · Manufuct.or;r, Ware Rooms, 309 . Main street, (opposite the Am.,ncan Hotel,) Bnfia·' lo. Every arti.cie; of Furnitur_ e on hand, and m~de I to order. Furmtw:e Cl!l'efull1 packed for Ship· ping. T.PA , Main Street. Kremlin Bkek Manufacturer of Regalia.. Banners. eo.::.-tumes .. JewPls ~eals. &·e . ., fur M u10ns,. Odd Fellows, :Sons of Teml'ernnc~. •re1\tpte of El·:ll1or, Cndets, &e., &.e Al·o '~dson· ic Cnn1et,. nu,H!t•arts. . JY~ ALEX.rlNDERS:LOAN,. ~ro•\erll!lr nud Provi~lon•, Country P-ro ure. '\alt. J!\r..-!1 t-'lourand 'rVhiskey hv the -bbl-. \'Vine•. ·ann Llq 10rs l'ure '1.~ [m • rred, No. ~~ :1-fn.in street Corner o[ Cnn.al and Hanover Sts, BUI!'FAo.O my 4-y .DALLY. (llm<nAYS EXCRPTED.) Cara will,lenve Buffalo at II o•cnock: .A. M. u u u, u \ 12 .. M. •• .. .. .. li4M Gl P.M. Cnr\ will leave tbe 'Falls at t ~o 'iT o'clock A. M u .... ... ,., •• ~. p • 1\I. u n •· \ 6 P.M. li:J\One Train only,· on Sundays. Leaves BuffaloatSM o'cl~elc A. l'J. u NiAgu.raFnllilat5 o·e~ock r,M. · . WM. A. BlR.D, Su.pt. B.ulfalo, .Mn:r 15, 1852. my25 -G:old, Siiver and Uncu:rrent Bills BouoaT AND ~OLD O!t Th&.M.usT FAVURADL'S: ~1 ERMS.,- DY BOGAl E HJLLS, :Exchang\ B.r<>ker,, C'nder 0~ Lee & Co'». B-\n ~. ttl· ••\ \'. !7 Business p1uer, and Bon;ds and Mortgace~ negotlaled on reasonable terms. aug5- ,; . LIFEJNSURANCE. I:\J;1..e Mu:t.on.,l l.lf\e Insur:unce Co01.pany ot: N~w Yo~k, No 3~- '\'\all ::\t, ClASH CAI'l'l'AL ••••••••••••••• ' •• $f,60~,0QO JO'S. B .. COLLI\> S, Pre•'t. I· :\AC A BHATT, Flec'y. T. J, SWEET, gt. 2~:l \1a'n 5'- QVP CniPtn ·n'!i< I'Jru.tr,S•orr- ... p.AR.lt tJ\\ GR \N11- I·LAN:ll.-For SA!.e.,. a .a.:· FARM of 40 ac es on Gr nlf lsi nd-15 n ret. le ,,, d, balanc ~ wtl ;ay, ra~t 5!1 tG 6\l e r s of.,.. ood t n times-.._ STUOntF RD. .,, ·-h•• nc e. Goo•' lug houllt\ an-• ]o, b rn. Pri·e !l2U pPr nerl\. Apply at ~46 :If! n 'stre\t \.In 'l'r P •t· . -hi•• Uank.. to GUY H Si~Ll BURY, U11der 1 l!Fv .. r LeP & C .•a Rank. ',PING.SOClEr'Y.STOCK . .::..For -:4.,•e a fe·• · •re3 of tit.Jek iu the '' BuffMo tlul iog ~o few sb·•res in the\ We-tern Loan Co.\ at the Ene t.and Offtt'e. \· A. MANCIIF.~TFR, Bill. Mortg;lge a.. titoek Br~ker. o \i' ltean • s•ate Agent P S. STE VEINS. WholPS&le and Retnll Di!a!PT in Cb,oioe Wine, t·a.uors and Cigars, t A I.!, 1:\f POR'~1-:0 hR I NilS. lf.,•ina Block 'lit>. 7_, l?:t:cl. 11\/f\ $t, Blljfaln, If Y Qn baud anrt llnily R'· e iv•ng (\n~~re~f Water Direct~ ::aratogn S,liriug~. aug13-;r l\elrcted expres.ly for ·he. L-1-1,_..,_0 'I' ItA DE Gemlemeu l1hi- g &-rt sr ~;>Nero will.h:r\·e their Wishes COt.SWL!'d !IOU C01np lecf >\ilb 1 ao1 nll \\Ork II dpn(l .mder .he supervisinn of .Mr. H. \V, FOLTS GEN.I'LEMEN'S FURNISHING GCODS. pn) s Ct·lls,aud ellil• rial ackww~eoglll ts. Both door. A great oak statrcas..-, leading fmm tile • tunrrlt!d -<Dil M!D~Je, ~.bo-qld >:ead t4 .innlu•bl, h 11 t th ·b • · ' ••f a·l •tnd · coust ,ntly D.Q hand work. No one al>ould !;CL nlarried belre couault- ~ - .. 0 • e room$ a ove, was Immedia~ely YOITTfl:'! ••nd C · Il.DRc.r;';;; Ul,lli\HING 111 g it. Thu•e wuu have ueL-n audldeth llelt'-auu.e, Wlthl~ s1ght of. the top Iaudmg, on the ri~ht to order in the nen. est m uner and-la•oH •tyle•. jdS oruU•ert:xc.esa~:s, c.1n th·re !i .. dal:er~ cure ~i.h ofwl:irch 1ay hrs mother\s chamber, a 11 d on A. « J, K ~o; 0 G H • out me cury. I'ersons requ•rin 1 .. miical aid, be· the left tha_ t of hi.s sister. The young n_Jan's F R .._.. foreauoptir-g&n> tre&tmeut,on~ l~ltnow from. fi d 1 PIANO 0 TE JILA.NUFAllrURERS, ttapages, Lhesuperrori.y 0 t JJis ~ rat an H'a~ura lll!pulse-~·aRto look up; bnt T <.:or\uer of P<Jarl and &11eca Street•. 1' nws dNIJ I..UN - wbat w.as b1ssurpnse, Indignation aud horror _ G0 THE. subscribers keep eon- trelltment uf Priva.ed ~~Case•; byp 1 lug th~yc_an when ho beheld the door of1 1 ia sister's room' · IIJ I =&tt!n•ly, n hand a choice-a-s-_rullen• of avoiq <• e imvr;,sl.Jon of quackerJe~g in dtio:s. quietly open ·.and the_ 'figure· of Bailey glide If IJ t'iano Jo'ortt:s i\ elegant Ro ewoud· • ·L•rl11out, s '' regul r ellnca -\fl''Pean phy· out upon th ] d F · b aic: .. n-.ud .ur\_ o .. ,an.Jhns fut < rfaJ..-'-'• no-, · · e -an lUg. or a mowent there G-·~Cs,wtu..:ilLo,ey.warrnnttO cequ;rl,m•onea,rou-h \ ' u- \ . t 'bl I dlld fini,h. o any manufactued in the. county. 1' r· devoting nis ti.ne to th~ treatme the dia~a~e• Wa!j a. err1 • e Stl'\lgg e. within him; Qu~ he sons 1111 iron· ~r o· t .• inin a .u, erior lustrument,are the~e tueuuontd. • re~traiUed ,hiroselfandtn as calm a tone as he resp..:•t ully invltedtugive them a call. nuy peJSousending2Scents, I1~eive a copy could_ ass.ume, said, \Come down-! want to ~ Deale•a·sllpplied on 1-beratterms. fre~ of post.tge. •r tiv,. cLprea lo n~ dollar. Ail- k h , jy2S A, & J. KEOGH. ore.a ur. Latw<rnt, 4:.1 R~ ~t. r~e~ of Broad SPf!a Wlt yon. w&y, or, llox 7 I, Broa,tw •Y l'o.t ce, Ne.y York. Without the slightest hesitation or em bar- LAND N£AR ·rn.;e CII'Y. • old b> Garrett & Lo., 22 Ann et-~tringer & ~s~~nt, Bailey came down, and fqllowelf T HE sub-cr be .has fi.l s le 48 3-4 acres ·or good 'l ..,\n·elld, ... :l2 llruadwa.y, a~od • Hadott, 4:.!2~ · .him _mto az;t a_ver.ue of trees .wl.ich led ·'IP to !au\ si u:rted ll.IJt.Ut 4 udlr s fr·om the.ci-y on !he Bro dw\v se,,( y '' • Pin~ Hi •' ro.td, ne 1r uw fa•m or- Mr. G:i•tor. On A UAJ:tJ)., · - the house. Tho only question he asked was t•wo ( r·m H Oll~es nnrl t~o barns. C,mld be dhi- · \Is the man dead ?\ . ' del to very guot! ndva·· tnge. Prire 90 dollars per TH- E <::UIJ::-.P,~~~A g~- )~~!~-~ ~e~~very li.beral \Come .on, and I will tell you,\ answere· d acre, on very e:tdy tl!:rms of pa•-nn nt. \' \ • ~ ~ h h App .y f r further pa ucutars at tt.e El.ie and tffice patronaue he haw recerved du the pnst four · t e -ot er; au~ when they h:uJ got sqme hun- cor. 01 o:'enecn and Penrl-st B A. MA·Ncn~sTE1I, yeara,woullltuloru. hls 014 pn, -a~d th\ pu.bl•e dred ~;trds from the houf'ie, he suddenly turn• nu43IJ Land und tRX ll!!ent. gctternlly til .. the Is s~lll at his ol nd and eudeav e_d, and struck Bailey a violent blow on the· ------- ---· •-rs lly acnrelul-cppreeJatiou o ryea•e entru•t· ell to 111s c .. re nud t.y ilJu d!cloUIJIPiicativn ot tht fil<;e! exclaim_ in~; ''Vt.llian aud scoundrel! give most estcerucd metiiOds 10 OIJL~ lhe d.csircd er1d me ms~nt. satisfactton for. what you h_ave wit .. ecpuowy and renr benefit tqs pauen~.. All d_one trus mgh.t. There's .a p 1 stol, N 0 words,- · DI:SSOLU'I'ION r<HES'!\ER BRAIJLI'\' having sold his entire \. interest in the business of URA,DLJ:.'\Y Hno:ruEne:, tbe firm is hero y dis•olved by mutual consent. I he Paper IHmuliU:tu!•mg and Commission Busi· ness will be contiuned as heretofore, by 11. BRADLEY & Cn., who u.re autllorized to settle up theailairsof the firm. BENJ. BRADL~:Y. Tinffnlo, May 15, 1852. f:H ESTBR SRAUI.EY; I'IOUSE'S PKIN'riNG TELRGKA.PH. Tins tuo•• rehable .Ltne .s r.ow cou pkted, nullt• tnfu·l operation to 1he cltyof~ew York, ~esangea (•an be rorwn.•det~ at :tU .utue ...... aur delJ'\\ered. Pnxt- eti iu .RlcuJ£: R.umCJ\ Cupztat8,en:suriuJr ~rJt!reaccurn­ ey I atreus nrc nssure•l tbnt uo etfor•s wilt be \'anting on tbe p •rt of tho~e connected wttb he Ltne to tnsLre prumpt delivery of all despatcbet u•rusred to them. BuOalo. Mnv 14. UEillhVAI •• N IIRI !'TON ha.remove 1 his stock of Wares • arid Maur.factoey 10 the coruer of Llo} '' nnd .o.:a•.al·ots. 2ml B ocr;: •Ciow the Mtrcbnnts' Hc.tel, w h~re he· 1s prepared t<,> n anu·llCtnre every d ic ip· tivn CJf CQprer, 'J' n. and Sheet Iro. Wnre 1 :u us •. a! rat~~. 'I in,Jnpaan and Uraan\ia Wa.rc cotHfn tly on h·nd. _ _ 173m BUFI!'A.LO .ilj V'l'UAL INSU.KA\UE ~CUll- WA.,'rEJJ. T EVE ~ubser ber wi l J!&.f t e _rollou i~g p•_lces for 81,0 OordOOOot tlleaboveS~nJJ, VIz.; , Ecrtp of S~S 83 ct>. Scrfp of 185l 6Sctt. \ ··- lt149• 7 .. .. .. lBii'J 60 ·~ .. .. 18010 73 .. o 11 erauous warra1 ted ..aud JJat~tilln guaranteed JD fi b h every case;-winking it unueceujto give a it1t ·of· or y---ell er you or 1 do not quit this pr1ce-; ue ~onill say tQ .,11 w11o f.i!d dental 0 pern• g.round alive!,; tlvns that his terms are a, •ow a lowest, and he Bailey attempted to speak ; but tbe otner belleve1 his ~ork wil com)t!ll'e urably with t.lle· -would not hea_ r him. and struck hr'm a<>aJ·n best. A ealliSJe11peet(ully oOI1G. , - .., FRt,;DEfH Of,£VER, with the butt end of the pistol. The young Surge!h,entiat, · man's blood was aroused. He snatched the Ja7 ~ :5treet weapon from his hand, and rethed a few pa- Six doorsreuothicHalt c 8. t th f ll r ht Eir t I ------T--0- TE-1E- -P-UJJ~<. e Jn o e u moon Jg , IO gave t le . I u words, .. One, two, three.'' .and the pistols ~J\HE u·ndrrsigued b.ve re•eg\'•·l. ·LUM- were fired almol'lt at the same instant. UI:.F Y AliU, c. rner of ar!d .Mackinaw srreet~.e:z:ien . .iug wro .. gh · -o U:>go streer, ne r- The next morning at nn early hour, Mrs. tl•e •- entral Ra!J.oau IJ~put• aJbo.-.e tor -sale at \Elliot now 'f'er1, ill,_said to bet daughter, who \Ill !e~n ll··nd ldtlll :tt genera.W 1 ment of Sen• had been watching by her heds1do all night, BO!hd L\ltllb ., ' eonsi-th•!! of pj' hltewooo,A .h, \ I Wi!!h my· dear child, you .would· send-.somo W .. Jnut. CheJry, dDd H<m 1 ~ Al10, PJ&IIe.u l''toorugundt:eili g. H. vi g,fonge:XJl rience one to Mr. Bailey, tosay I l:ietir~to speak •n t)le t:r& e.m.,r srock \'weir ~ted in reference with him. After what passed between us to .iJ., wnnu o 1 •h~ mar et, 11 offered .nt l•ir. th_ ree the day before yesterday, I am •ure he pdces. '1 he 1at onagt> 'f llu s an J o111er.1·.r \ respcrtfully •oiicitcd. Buffa•oit· 16, '85lJ. . will willingly relieve a mother's anxiety and ~e ·IS w .I 'ss·,& !iKINNEII. let roo ~~eo you united to him before I di;, It Uu.n:aJo Pfauo .Fo•tJauufact 0 _. 7 must be y.ery speedy, Emma; for my ho!lrs KENA GA & POSET1', are. drawing to a cl9se, 11nd I fear pan not even (svccESSORI! -TO D. B•hr <1: co.,) be protracted till yon~ dear brother can be R ESI'E~Tl:''ULLV annound that they han 8ent for, tttklm the p emise• No. ;rn•hmgtO!IItreet. $mtnll Elliot gazed at her lnother Cor- a formerly occll,lli~d by Mes1r Benson & Cp.,· moment with tearf I d th d wl!ere' they will cor.twue the a facture of Plano - u eyes, au . en llllSWere Fortes £.-t'L.Yery desertp ion. Tarenowfimsbmg as ca1m1y as she could, \I can call hi(ll .my- B, A. MANCHESTER, :mlt w•II keep eouat ·ntly on !ian aaiiOltllt.t'llt pf self, mr-mma. ~e l!!Teeps_ in m_y old room Sept. ll. Bil!aud St.ek Broker. 6, 6Ji. 6i and 7 ortnvePJllllO l\~in Rusewood and now, ernce the -wmd blew down the chimney CLI!'.i'rO.l'l IKON RAILING WORKS. Mauog>,my, wlucllthey otrer atOW pri~ao ilmi-: of that he had formerly.\ CLINTON ST., OPPOSITE THE COURT Hous& Jar ill>ltrumenti can be obtafin.anJ' cil.;r in the R AU:t1UY &:.LO.,Jmvm\'lakenthenboveprem- Union. ~ ••No, eend one of the servants,\ said her ,. 'iheir ins rumenr. combine huut lmpl'QYe• mother __ ; a. nd in a few minutes afte;·, Mr. Bat'!- • ises for n tern! of yenu, are now prepared W :meniS, iucludmg the eo! bra reb boLLoru, iron l th reeei,corderarorlron Feuces,l:lnleouie•, Vernn- brace,«.c.;;,ndthemembersetir .• ,beingp:ae· ey •asm lt:room. He was' a man ofa rlahs.::>tuirs, Batling, Grate5, lron oora, Shmters, tieal wor&m\\• c VIr e .. ollt!tt jgb .d-<>ver ~Wf'll . · kint} heart,_and generons feehngs. and ·but the &.c. cy-li.-.;. ,-ca,.,..experlenc:e in. •hilcipal_dlies of the shgb~t 8bade of hesitation iu tire world was We nre also preplO't'd to ftlrnl.~ll-l .. ht t:astinira, un· n heY t el ,,n .. ·n~·-\·rntllll' .. ll•l I • I .. - 0 l.O •} I • ro ...... \\}~- . y .r ~-- l'l8i_ b em tba oonunt he· aa•e· to \n I'mrne- g~h weillhts, fem:tlandrailing~ltln P,.te. Al!o. etrumelltatopurrliUsers. d \ \\ \' • n ders fo anyth·Jlg m uur liue, .1./t nt the works on llmno , ones tuned and rd. Old lnatru· ·late :union with Emma Elliot; but both she- t.lmton SL' l'et, or at the Fu•nace on Jackson sr.eec. ments ~aken iu uch.nge 11w. AI• onh.'l'lf a11a her mother remarked that he was deadly ww;~,r!!_roP~.l{J-~~.~;;,~e~t!~ in r.:tde and. Mttern., p O!ll{Jtl,Y .ttimded to. t.eaJ 1 aJt With On ~era I pale- _ - \' term•- · ' au,..· Tb_ e laws of Enaland -ere not so -'n' ~ m\ ;:r:e~:;et;t:;'R:.'M.~~dd:\ 1- 00 ORO_ eom~~~~h Lh1h lle.ml\\\Plank thrise tfmet as they are DOW in t~;d to and are • oulidt•nt \e ean 1111 hly 111. both a• tu pr:ee \\\ tn Tt. ~ 1 ' h d 1e ,.._\ d fi · . • · Sui at.le table 1- loon, Brid- ap'l~ ut1 .c ergyrnau 1 · ouse was not an sty • ......... nn seo oryour&~•Yes. ge•.:Si;ew~oJ•·· e~rDvCltinlf'J1, ebe~p.b,.. .more than &-MOQ&'I!_ throw from their ow.n R. \1. ·llXGTIAM. .... l , I aU!!ll·lm 'R. M. EDDY. - . jPERRV. l-w:ellinsr..~nd the priest was iDStantJy smn- Bei•JBt( Ob near tbe Cant!, moned and· carne GE'iERAf, AGENCY. -----..,. •- 1 I' F .::. sr-- - ' It eat ..,.11-r.e, ..... • \- ... ...-..:lae I-. .. ·t>JH iR-sttange,\ he aid;,\ Mr. B'aile.-_,'~J· ust F OR. the purcb:tae ot citv prop<'rty aud filrllt!'• for - ntr~mce _ e. ' · · ..:t. ' I I _.._ .r n•gJciating husiues~ p.1p r, bot.dl and mort. gUnQn-Ollver u,e&fBank. . 1 re wecerenmny ... M · wa keu up tba g.,geuntl other prop~:rty , au-~:1_ 11-ty . ~- :r_ UllDJFOltD~ __ •r. ~ue. :I.•\ • jlt'8lt pool of blood. .\ , . W. v. 8'1'Ul!Jli\'•RD · __ N th ked u Bai'- \t tlU!'s Ex~i'ange nf!iee. 1mrler 0. l••e .t: Co.'s FOR S • _ o 1111Z' else 1\ as ..- .. r. w;y, With a.. B ~~~~. wi I at enif t • tne purcb:llllllg and ·•elli·ttl of 300,000 li at qun, :ty 8;l ~hlnr ft eorr:~ Df ·!!tringe and bewildered look:. R esl Esta·e, Renting Housea, negoel&tl, •JP: ll3t.d an-I Oh o a d Mackinaw •t. ee•• · M.oltj;age. auglD-Jy. Nr 18 JSWli 4lt: SXll{.NJ:Jl. (COlfOI.~SIOlf TO•XO.B&OW.)

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