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J~ .MeeUng Lut. ~T.:nlns. Board of Supervisors. the shape of Field Fotes &Ld Maps of original surveys the most. if not all the materials necessJUy for a correct com- pilation of the number of acres in each of the Ye!<pective NE EAGLE..S'rRkET ~t afhttting tln.SL ~ ::0:::;::::; BUPFALO• FRIDAY EVEltriN.G, OCT011U 15. tTThebuaine!lll>o'llee of the ~fiCAi11!f P•IIJ Is. at No.7 Wr.:IIT' S£JCEO.&. STltttXT, on the· thlrd tl<ior. where aU orderd ma1 be lLoft. CT ldin\J~copiel ot the Ert••illg p.,t ea11 o'b· 1ained al th~ pffice. A liberal diaeoun t made to men. Democ:ratle N~mlnation•. .FOit I'UilDI&lfT OP 'I'Hii tJ1U-r.D lrT.LTJII; GENERAL FRANK~IN PIERCE~ OF I<rEW HAJll'SHmJil, PC. TI\\l'} P&EliiDtt:wl' 0 WILLlA.11 R. KING, OJ' .ALAB..UCA. -- State OJilcers· FOR GDVElUfO .. HORATIO SEYMOUR, of 0De14a. POlt LIJU1l'll:li'J.lCT GOV~MPJ. IA~IDFORD Jl, CHURCH, o( Orleam. POlL C.UC.U. COXKII!IOK&Jt, :FREDERICK FOLLETT, o! GenNte. I~tapite of the dreDching ram the live dem- oeraf:l!l of Buffalo answered to the booming of the eatu1on at aQ.: Cl'cl9Ck by~epairing, in large numbers, to the he.ad qul!-rtbrs, where they organiZed by chosing ihe fallowing offi- cers.:- , President-DYRE l'lLLINGHAST. ·Vice PresidentM-J. SI!ENORR, of tbe First Ward, C. T. R.&.lH', of the Seconu, PAIRIC.Il SlliT11, of the Third, M. FruoAr, of the Fgurth, C. S. CHAPnr, of the Fifth •. L. J. I!.uc, of Amherst, 0. Lorrwoou, gf Boston, . J. HJ.SOALL, J., of Brant. Secretaries--H. SEYMOUR, Jr., JM. 0. I.D.IU.l.'KAll and STJ:PIIElf A LliRo. The meeting was eloqueQtlJ addressed by G. W. Clinton, H, S. Cutting, H. Seymour, Jr., Eli Cook, A. P. Nichol!, and Orrin Lock- > wood, E11qrs., as well. as by Mr. Lowry of Erie who told how the \ fire in the rear\ from Pennsylvania was conducted. .lllEliTilfG J'O& 'l'lil: =.LR 1852. W£D:;E~Y, o~ 13-2 P. y_ towns in the county. a resolution, of which the following i• a. <»PY· was on the llth day of December, 1851, adopted by Bo!ll'd met. Minntn :read l\nd approved. the Bqard. By Mr. Base&)!, the memorial of Chlltles B Rich, Com· Un I!lotion of Mr. Wood. \ol1!loner for .rectitlg Bridge upon the Tomnranda creek EuQlved, Tba~in thropinlon ofthi1 Board, iHs actt~al· uear Akron. Referred. · lynecessary that tbe number of acre• of land oontained By Mr. Ad&ms,remonstrance or John Sherman and 90 witnin the boundarle; of each and e•ery town \in the coun• othen. ngolus~ the division of Collins. tyof Erie, should be correctly ascertained for future use B.7 Yr Willh, the cerlifica:te of I.\fsyette l.amh an~ and (aO<!>Lion,-a.nd that the l:lerk .,r thi• huardbe. aud he E:lilao Lamb, Jr . in. reference to the division of Wal~s and i• hereby directed to take the mo•t expedi•nt and •conom- Alden. Referred. ical method in ascertaining the ,same. and report. hls do· By Mr Lockwood, the report of tho County Clerk. Re- inguo the Board.QfSupervisorn of said count)' at its brst ferred. . d session in October, 1862. By the Chair, tha Annual Report of the Supermten ent Adopted. of Poor : f F. • In pursuance of\ said resolution I have expended con·· REPORT of t!:e Superintendent of the Ponr o .ne siden<ble time and IaLor in enruining the Field Notes. County. October 1st, 1852: · M~tps. d:c., of the varl?\us original snn-ep of the lands in Agreeable to the requirements of the Law of the State. the county, and I pereY.ith submit th• ':\bul.t of 'flY in.-es- we present you our Annual 1l eport. which embraces the tb:atious hi the shape of a. table, showmg m a s1mple ab- a.mon.nt of the aceonnts that have been audited. amount- stract·from the number oi s.cres in each of the resp~etive in!: to the sum of $54.364 43:.. Of this snm there h..a.8 b~eU towns of the county. (with· the e-XCe'Ption of To:b:awan.d~ tmid$4.938 2;~ Joav!Lg a balance rluo of.$4~.366 If; Tt al- Ela.ck Ruck, CI.•ekto,..aga au!l West.Soneca.) uccowpan- HO becomes onr dut.r to ask an appro)mat1Dn for such an ied by a book containin:: roy original figuring of the items ••·nonnt 11!1 the eaid Board of tluperlntend~ntl! shall deem on diferent surveys. comprising the se'l'eral amounts or necessary for the support of the poo< duripg the ensainr; acres mentioned in the abstract year. We then.foro ask thst yon raise &nd pl_ae~ at th:e The r.eason tlla1i the abDYC named tour towns am not in- disposal of said Board the sum of $10.000. bel!eV1ng thts eluded in my abstract 1\nd calculations is simply this, the to be' the smallest E.Um that the said department. can. with town sud lot lines do not correspond. 1he Ogden compa- ~conomy ·provide for tbe following year. We a.re not great- ny's su-n'ey o'f a ·part of this territory was made without re-- ly surprised, when looking al the several causes which fcrance to the civil divisions ·into tOWlJ.S. • have operated to increase the sufferings of the poor, ~ba There are some minor difficulties in other parts of the the oll:pences have been enhanced beyond any prevtons county in atriviog at an entirely accurate result. but the year. The firnt of \Vhich was an t>xtensive fire in the low~r date 01 surveys already m_a~e and which I _hn.-e rPn;;ulted, part of the city, in the month of November, which d!~ve furnish the means of an 1 vmg at a suffiqtently accurate from their habitations. from three to four hundred famtl!es. conclusion i'orthe practical pt>rposes of this Board composed of the poorest class o! citize~s. Soon followed ln. conclusion I have stmply t.o say. that. under all 'in;ti- a long cold· winter. ·which increased th$· cla.iols upon onr mntions that. were ·thrown out by t.hc Board at the time. the charity for·fuel and other necessaries Adding to this th~ above Resolution was adopted, I hav~ not felt anthortzed high prlce of wood with the unusual amount of &irknt>ss to direct any new survey or incur an.y. other expense than during thesnmmer,.are suffici,.nt causes for thP inrl'eased 1 havu done in. examining and comp1hng the surveys al· expense . ready made. . · For -the evidence of siclrness and mortality. there hna lt will be perceiv('d that there :are some considerable been interred from the Alma Bon•e, city of Buffalo and variations from the number3 heretofore used. CARR & W.ARREN ..... MAN GEQRUE fun . - ... 8T..tGE ·tjr En•rant!e to lb;Dr;;s r'itcle and rorl).er of Main lind. E J!lea•s. 'l o Fan-Hy l 2d 'I'ier, eornet of W.ashington and Ea!)e. :L\ CH · NGE OF Tll\lE-Doo·s o\en at past ~lx o'clock; Cunain rites a. haii 1•ast 'Fifth night of tbe enl\a!lement of the guished T.~gedienne, MRs. W ARliER. This ETenlng, Oel:ober 15, 1 S52, Performance will commence wit!! the Play ot INGO.'dAR. In:!omsr .............................. M'r. R:rer Par1honia. • • . ....•••••• Mrs. Warner. Dance .......... ·~.·by •••••••• Mills Pray · • To conclude with the new Drama. of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Edward Wllmot •••• , •••••••••• .Mr. Tincle Tom ................. Mr. W Burll'y Hammond •••••••••••••• Murma ••••••••••••.• Miss Alice M'lle MARIE DURET,isengagedfor . Due nu tJ~e wlll·be given of her- first a, :veo.rD,JlC!e. All;\liS:5ION~Dren Circle and Pn·rn~JP.lt ... cents l'pper Boxes 25 cents. Ptivate .i:HE NEW METROPOLI THEATRE. POll. ST.<'%£ l'ltiiOK IJiiPBCTO .. DARI.UB CLARK, ot St. La.w:renee. FOil. CQNGU~I. .A series of t!pirited resolutions introduced by A. P. Nichols, Esq., were adopted.. Tl1e meeting was in the ~est of feeling, confidence of success in· November could be read upon every face.; and the meeting broke up with roof~raisil!lg cheers for our tickets. Black Rock. 1,2:.4., and froru :.he· other parts of the county • In consideration of the premises, r would not only rc· 41, ut an expenee of $3 per head, making the aum of $3;· spectfnl1y suggest the propriety bnt\esteem it a personal fn- 885 00 vor. that this Report. together witli tbe wb!'le suhje~t :to Wo bave had au additional expenae at onr Alms J;Ionse, which it relates, be referred either to a speCial committee having to move from the old to the new house at dill\er~nt or to the committee ou Equaliz~~;tion to b<; c~~:refnUyre­ tinlea with an extra amount of clothl~g. bedstead~. l!nd viewed before being made tho bas1 s !If equalization. bedding, ln order to place ourinmates,.m the new bml_dmg All of which is respectfully submitted. MR. c. T. Si\llTI:l, •••.••• LESSEE AND PRICE OF ADMlSSlOl!.-Priva.te Box $5; in a more cleanly and wholsome condition To getnd of NELSON HOPKINS. ..- EA-GLE STREET THEATRE.-- In conse• the old stockofimpurities, we have made one hnndrad aud Buffalo, Oct. 9, 1852 . 11<ti' seventy U:on bedsteads, and now bavo in all two hundred d ISAAC A. VERPLANCK. l'l.eats, 7 5 cents ; Dress Circle and Parquette, cents ; Family Circle, 25 centB; Third 'l'ier, 25 F\r .!heriff.-CORNELIUS A. WALD.RON. FurCov.nty J•dg~.-DYR& TILLINGHAST. F11r Cuunty Clcrk.-PETERM. VO_$BUAGH. $or JuJtice of Se11io~~,t.-JE88E LOCK WOO D. FtJr Sup't of Poor.-OLIVI>~ll i'ATCH, r th ill f M · M th u.nd 'orty of this kind, sufficient to Jod~e four hnndr~d or Mr. Welch from the committr.e on. Judges an Justi.ces q:uence 0 e ileSS 0 rs uzzy e mana- \ \ accounts to wbom wa.s referred the report of Peter M. \OS· g ers -were obliged to substitute the \Stranger\ m;~ have the satisfaction to say that we have entered bur~<h. late Surrogate of the county of Erie. r_eported thJLt UPrincipal Entranc~ on Main Street. to Third Tier ()Ji W:t•llington Street. DQ<lt ~open at 6! o'clock. Performance will meucC' at 7~ o'clock. For C\r1111tr1.-ALEXANDER. SLOAN, WILLlAM K. BLAI:SDELL, GODEREY ZI ltMEitMAN, <~pon ournew premis~s with fair prospects and.great hope~ said report is made·out m.ttems an? duly venficd a~·cord­ for_ the \Winter's Tale\ and those who come of battering ourcondiuon The bnlldwg st.andmg on high ing to law. That'from aa1d rPportlt nppears t~at smd sur- ground, above the influence qf a bnd ;~tmosphere from rogata hasreceived forfces of office from Oct. 51 to J anu- to 1!136 Mrs. WARMER's Hermione had their fibroad, buil~ in.the most substant·ial manner, ecery wny ory I. IR'i!. th•· sum of$422.0~. 1\hat the annual •alary as adapted to the nsefor w.hich it was de~ign•d: sufficient for fixed l;>y this Board is $1,20U. That tl}erefore It appears -!IlODcy refunded. The audience though not tbe accommodation of !!00 or more,mcludwr; th~ msane be has In his hands over and above hts salary>the sum BE!\.F.F.IT OF MRS. ANNA CORA MOW .A And her last appril.ra.ncc but OM. J'Oll. li&Hll•llll 011 J.Ss&XliLY. Fird Dutdcl.-IdRA.EL T. HATCH. Sct:o11t1. Didrict.-LEVI J, HAM, d h . bl Th building Two -wells have been dug, boring into the rock $122 08 which be is required by law to pay into tbe Treas· a crowded one was large an fas LOn~ e. o ten feet, furnishing an abundance of excellent ·water w c urv· of Erie ronutv. Therefore, t W d S f have also laid eight large cisterns in water Jim~. rornpleted · Resolved, Th~tt upo:n the pro~uction to the P;lerk of this, Mrs. Ha11ero Mrs.· ARMER an tranger o with pumpea 8 also tho wells have Sewe~ auddrninsbave Board .bv p M Vosburgh. late Surrogate of Rne rounty. ol R · d · h h been built to a conslder~ble <'Xtent about •be buildings and the Treasurers r~ceipt for the sum of $422.0& tbat the nn- Mr. YEn were recel,Ve Wlt t e. lOOSt gener• on the farm We are still in want ol yard fence• 11.nd wood nn11.l report of said .Surrogate be rereived and adopted and This E.venlnK\ 1 October IS, 18&2, To commence with Talfourd's 5 act P Ja;y of ION. Tlr.irll. D-i•trir.t.-THEO DOT US BUll WELL. Fl111rtJI Du~rid.-ALEXANDER M. BRUUE •. tr See first page for reading f!latter. O U!I plaudits. sheds which the Superintondents are in hopes to be able to said 'Surrogate discharged. Adopted. erect before the setting in of winter Sundrv accounts 11resented and referred, The •J]tertainment this evening co rumen- :>eeing tbenecesoity nnd great want of .. bam sufficiently Mr u&scall from <·ommitt<>e on Constables accounts, .... .tr • 1 r I ' • lnrge to hold tbe product• ofthe h>rm, the stabling tbestock pon-;dWsuelncdhrvf. ronmccoc~onmts.;,itf:e\~':t.d. Judges and Justices ac- ces with the .. 61•ect1VB p ay 01 \ ngomar' m and a largo underground room f'!\ the purpose otrootsaud \'' .._.. S T 1 h th' d vegetables The Board of Superi,ntendentsfeel bonJ!d. to counts. reported sundry accounts. ·Passed. - ee e egrap on lt p11.ge. which Mrs. W ABNER takes tbe part of Parthe· · ask that your board would roaM the l!Ccessary prov1s1on Adjourned. , · ' b ~ 11 d b U 1 T ' 0 b' \ f<ir tho building of oue the coming season Re:aaember 1 D1a 1 to e 10 OWe Y \ nc e om 8 a lD, REPORT of the Keeper of Erie County Poor Home to -ht'ch s\ems li 1 ·el. y to be highly popular the Superintendent!! of Poor. m~tde Oct 1, 1862: Democraf:l!l will bear in mind the meeting .. \' \' · At Poor House, Oct lst,l852, - - - ~ - • 247 Pursuant to a resolution of th~ Comuwn and pole raising at the corner of' Fifth and with the Buffalo pubhc. Application should Committed dnringthe year. - · · - • · • - 2249 -2496 Council of t11e City of Buffa1Q, pas!!ed Ollt 12, Carolina stree~ thja_ ennina; , 'be made during the. day, to secure !!eats. Whole number relieved... . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 2496 1852 , Evening Schools W!ll be commenced in ,... Nnmberftol:!leach Town I .... GREAT LAND S..u.:z.-:- We ~.b to call ur :I;&TB.O:POLITA'M THEATRE.- Th sec- i~~~~st, 1~ Ameriet.ns, 1117 m the School Houses of the several distrijs · ond night of the new house was one fnll ·of Aurora. i I Germano, 441 on Monday, the 18th inst., at half-patst SIX the attention of our readem to ;the sale of Black Rock, 10 Swedes. 96 property and effects oftbe B:..ek Rock Lapd encoura~ement to manager SMITH. Though b~il~s~e, r §cncfr:ih~ in o'clock, P.M. and the foilowiug regl;llations • and Rail Road Company, embracin,. abQut . tbl) evening was very rainy and. uncomforta· Concord, 11 Irish, 1228· have been adopted for their goTernment: \' ble the attendance ·was large-lara-er tlmn ~hdeek.towaga, 4 11 ~ret:tocuh.. I9g 1st. Th.e sch.ools shall be for the exclusive :five h.unclred acres ~f choioeland 1 which is to \' · ~iv~~~. li J' an ' -2240 take place at the old Court House in this city, could hte !teen expected. 'l'he play of\ As East Ha.mhnrgh, 5 Committed the Past Year benefit of those who are not attelldants of the . you Like i., •• was petfo:tmed very· satisfacto• Hamburgh, 14 1 Paupers, . 2179 . day schools. to-morroW', (Saturday,) at nine O'clock in the \' L~>ncnst.,r, 9. lnsaue, 70-- foreno(}n. The&e lands are principally with:<> rily, and the beautiful part of Rosalind af- ~:~~;~~dn, 1 ~ 1 No of Children sent- 2249 2d. They !ball be open for the reception ~f in the village of Black Rock, and. offer gfeat forded an excellept opportnnity for Mrs. w:~; 8 ~eneca, It ~~~~~Asylum tbe 40 pupils from half-past six to nine o'clock, P: Mow.ATT to display ·her talents and win the Bulfalo. '!!J571 No of Mal~s. 1443 M. of each successive week-day evening, ex· inducements as in:vestment.l, from beiDJ;: :rap- BirthsatHonso, 21 \ Females, E06 idly rising in nlue. ~ • ·ad'miration of her auditory. Mr. SMITH made 2 - 2 - 49 1 -2'~- 49 2249 cept Saturdays until they shall be closed for , . • \ · ' \ . . hia firSt, appeai!Unce here, in the farce, and . Q 85 nA7 the season, • At Poor House, ct 1st. 1 1......... .. . .. . . = c;F Booxs 'W Ali'TED.-lt willbf! Been a~ onj:e establhl_heq lumself as a popular low Col:!ljnitttd during the yeor,........ · · · · 2 · 249 2 , 4115 3d, 'fhe evening schools in Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4. . an advertisement in thia ev~nings Poat th~t eomedian. neath• at Poor Bouse, .................... 172 5, 6, 12,13,1.\1 and 15, shall be open for pupils the Buffalo Catholic J;nstitute solicit don~- This evening the bill consists of Talfourd 's ~~lf.,~rgu~:.,~'t~~isi: 1&>2:::: • .. · ·:::: : 2 ·3~ of both sexes. In di:;trict No. 8, to girls only· t_ions of books. The 1.880ciation is designed admired: tragedy of \Ion in which Mrs. or the number at Poor House, Oct 1st, 1852 , 2 ' 496 In districts to Nos. 7, 10 and 11, to boys on- \ to ftl.mish the large Oatho~c portion o! our Mo...t.AT'1' has won the most unqualified praise Paupera,. •• · ..... • ... ·- · · ...... · · · .. 263 . ly. pop1,1lation at a trifling e::rpt!I~&e the me!lnl·of both in this country and England; and the Insane .................. ~...... .......... 36 299 4th. Boys shaH .attend .the school of the b k h' h h 'L- t th b\l d Xnmherofweeks Board aud Poor Hon•e...... 20.111 'd tb b access. to oo s w JC t ey ~ve no . ea. 1' • pretty farce of Perfection. A rare goo bill. The cholera made its appearll!1ce at Poor Hon&e, June dtstrict in which they res! e,except at oys lty to purchase indi.\Tidually and tci cultivate . . D E Th fi . lith, and hiLS contiuuod up to thilo date. Tnere hns been· 53 hving in districts N.os. 2 aud 8 may attend . .._... I Oli'Olli'RT 'IBIS VENING e nest cases 1>1 Poor Hoose, 26of which terminttted fatnll~ among that class a taste for reading and atu• ·~ . . • • .- • · • Submitted by . J B PJ:tiDE. Keepre any adj'oiuing distnct sehool, aud girls living · 1 '] and most nArfectly executed sacred mustc Tile totu.l number of persons relieved in whole .or in part dy. Books uiv~n to the Inatitute cannot ~at r- · • • · . · d · th a 10376 1 'n any d·ssti'tct m·av attend at No. 8. t d d ..... wh1.ch ,_a• ~ver been producLd 1n this ctty U<Ing eye r, ..••••. · · .......... · .. · · ........ '96 ·J ;u ,. v . At tho Poor Honse, ............. · .............. 2-. · d 'th b :o o goo_· . ~a:r be e:tpected at Townsend Hall this even- City of Buft'&Jo,.'........ ... ..... .. ........ ...6471 .5th. The Superinten ent may, Wl t e W' Fmz:-Abo 11 t ?ne o'cio;k lut. -qi_ght in~.by the members o:f the Mtusical Conveo- !\i~~h~~i!m;:::::: ·:: ::::::::;::::;;:::. :_r_\i 10375 approbation of the School Committee, trans- a fire was d_ ISCovered m the_ .. b::lek buildtnK :w;.· on under. the . direction of Profess .. ors Hast• ln addition to the ordinary labor on the Farm in its cnl· fer pupils to the school or schools. in which it N ,... s t d db J h r tivation.abd manugement,theitemsfolloWingareapartof b d terml'ned that branches shall be ?.395.w.aln treet,eas I! e!owne Y 0 n ingsandBradbury. Thiswillpet4elastop- thelabordouehypaupernmostlythepastyear. may e e Miller and oecupJ~ as a Cab~n~t Warehouse portunity of hearing the Oonve~tion durlllg H~~~~~e~~d~· of stonu for new in;ane House, $247 liO taught which cannot be profitably taught in by the German.'£! nton A!IOClatlon. .A imall the preiSent seseion and we antictp\1te the L~~~;~~i~kt~~~:,e~>(done mostly by Paupers) ~ Wj all of the Schools. room was partitioned off on.. ~o.rner of tbe room will be crowded. DiiT,.~fo ~~~hf:r~~d filling thorn with stone about 132 00 . 6th. lf any evening school !lball, after the froilt which was used by a shoomuer at. a uncovcringsroue quarry, wo w first week have less than thirty pupils in at· Wor ·kshop. The ........... nd: and th. ; • .J s'o•l.as .._.. ·Ta:r.: CANJ.L '6-iEETI~G, prO'i'ed as we P.emoViu g 120 Dead from old to new Poor IIous~. 121! 011 ten dance, for three successive evenings, that \\\\ .. u. ' ...._.., 11:21 Bur.ying 172 who b.avo died. this oe!lSon, 100 U•· werl:l occupied by the family of oDe of the expected,. & purely CLAI'P·trap movement: de- Movlug and •ctling up at n•w Poc-r Hoo••· JM. lVI fact ~;hall be re• •ortell by the teacher to the Hauling mant,lte from old 10 new, . 1b 00 • member~ of the 'Union.'. Tbe fire ~ommenced signed to commit the deqJOCl'ats of the 1st Cutting a~d hnnll11g wocd to s1,1ppl1 PoorUous~. 1 50 110 Superintendent and such school or schoo1s · Making 170 iron bed.teads, 231 75 in the· shoe-shop and must propabl;r .have or- ABI!Cmbly District, to support the representa. Digging i:S ei stwns, 64 on shall be closed for the season. The atten- · h h • fi bl Grading and removing rubb;.h !lbout house, 71i 00 iginated from. some defect m t E\l!tove as t . e. tivc .ofthe COI1tractmg party .or Asseru y Removing lumLer iuto ~;ew Poor House Jaut& of .such school or schools shall the!l ed be ..; b r . las ' d and putting up in kiln to dry, 'lo 011 floor near the atove !!eem to · nt$ ·. um· against • T. HAT011 who t year enounced have the privilege of attending the schools of ed. It spread rapidly to the Oabinet work the project of devoting. the $9.000,000 of the PRonucrs oF ERIE coo!in: ro·oR r.tRM ~ 177 ~ 00 the adjoining districts. Evening School•. Ion ••••••••••••••• Mas. MOWATT. Sorg ••••••••••••. , • , ••.• Mr. ·G. ·c2mic Song .••••••••••••••• \ H '· U . ............. . Pas de Deux •• , ••• Misses E. and J. n\'\\\u To conclude with PERFECTION. Sam ... • .................. Mr. The CeJebratei'J ROUl;iSET FAMILY, Will a ppen.r next week. Buffalo &New Ycrk fity :Bail iii ••'u•;r1fQMful: 1 wili! On UtHJ. b.lu~r .ll!un~uu.i, .nu~ _o,u, .1.. O)i 1 trains wlll r~u o11i1J (::lunJays excepttd) bet A<lica and uoruellsYitte as 1ollow11: · ,l,;aiOLWa~ d. FIRST TRAIN-I,edves Anica. at 7 A. ;reaches J:!ornel.sville w.3u A, 1\'J ., c~Jnnecting A. At., !:.xpress Tram 1rom liutfalu wilh •he t.xprtMs '1 nun ou r.htl.N, Y. & E. tt. R. which nvcs in New V. orknt :ll 30 1'. M. IS.I!:CO.N D '.l'RAl.N.-Lcaves Attica at !1.30 A. ahll rol&Cl!ea ll~>ruclisy.lle ut 4 1:. M .• , .. ~,n:=•><n one hour &ud a. haifa~ 1'orutgc for dllluer,) wg tlle lU A .• M. ma1lmuu from IJUtlalo ljl&lL •raJu ou the ~ . Y. & .1!; • .b., H , ~ hlch o•er night at ·Uornu.g, JJ:lwira, 0\\ ego ur .hampLon. '1 tllKU TR.'\lN-Leav~s Attic&at6.3U P.M., re<rch<S HorneU,Yille·at 9:30 l', M., cOn!JeC!lng 1he a P.M. JJ:xvres~'l'ram on the c..~-&.£. R. wh.ch arrives at Nllw York at ll.4U A. i\'1, '\\ estw .11•d, FIRST TRAIN-Loaved homell&ville at 7.40 'M ., and reaches A tuca at 10.41! A. M., cotlDt:f~ the night .~>:xpress·'I\rllin on theN. L &. \V!th tile ]i<w l{or.k El.pr.sa train on lite and Rochester ll.. J:t., wrucb nrriVea in liutlillo ll!M. SECOND 'fRAIN-Lea.ves Hornelln·il!e nt P. ~'>and re8.!:hes Attica a.t a.ao P. M., at l'ortage !lU InUt!lted 1/Jr dinner,) coJllltc:cLJlllg mail •ram on the .IS. Y. &. l!..ll..R.'Wlt.h press traJn·over the ~ .. tUuo aud:Ht.chesttr whtell.rtaclles Uutthlo at 5 P .• M.;_ also \'1-hb the nmg expreslluam tar .r.o llester. 'l•l:(HtD T.RAIN-Leavei Hurnt:llsville at 6 M., aud· rescUe:< A tt•e~t at 10 P. 1\'J., coJ>~Jtoc•JLu!) day express train over the .JS. Y. & J:., ].{.. R , u.e wa1l uaiu on th\ 1luliil1o aud Rucnester road, whicn reaches .Bi.ltl'all-1 aL :l,45 A. J.VJ. U Pu.s•Gug.:os haYing lhe ticker~ of toe N. E • . Railroad, I rom llunkirK to .New 't Oh, cd aL auy ulfic\ w ... ~t or l:luu\b, ur em auy titeuJner, '1\hen U!l•ble 10 laud at Hu11Jm cllal,!~;e 1hern at 1 h ,s office only, for t ici>.Cttl them a raitro!lll paoaage 1111 tile way, and by the 10Ut.e frutu !iotllelloVlUe, t'AiiE- $7 :,u between ;New York and aud twu eeu•s oer mile between intertne<balk furou,h tw~e:s may be ohluiued at Llll' I'. rallroau office tout of lJuane ~uect,~N. Y .,.and .l:l.o.h,g ho-d, Agent. 1'1 o. 11a .Exchange street, doors trom Ea&tt!rU railroad 1. eput, buifa1u. od S.i:lh.Y,uUU!t,Eng.and which was entirely destroyed. The roof of earnings of the people. of this State for the s •• .,nty to~os Hay. at $10 oo p•r t~n. $7V 0 on Except in these modi:fil'ahons, the School the back part of the building was nearly support> of political parasites. But the bait ~~n~~g~·ga~~e!~ f~t.~e~\,~;h~f,rbushel. f~ ::3 Ordinances shall apply to the Evening l'IIICUIGAN CENTRAL B. R· th \~- d th th h ·en t t d \d t-'-- Th H Forty do potatoes, atOOc perbvsnel. 100 00 l!'ot• llet.t.'mt, Chicago, .!llUwa.ukce, burned up, nnd great an ... s are ue to · e . aug W . oas ~ · d.l not ii.li:tl. e oo.. One hundred and twen•y bu com. at 63c P\ bu. ;5 uo Sch(Jols. \ Po•·ts on La.Ke JU1chigan. ntem.en for thestrenu.ouse~ertions which ,.,re., s. M. B'QlllODQHS had not the pleasure of in· One tbouaand pumklns, atlc I)RCb, 10 00 v. M. RICE, Supt. \'~. II.· The Unit~!!~ State• Mail 1:' · Tobacco, . lll 00 l!oCI ~MAY f!'LOW'HR, C11,pt. Vent ed. the flames from spreadin\' to t~~ ad. ducing any democrat to cut loose from the Three tol!,!!sowed com at$7 oo. 21 00 A L. BA~\EI!. Ch'n. School Com. \ .Apples, 6\l w .o.. ..,. . ''\\'\~ •u\ .uHcb.igan t;entral itnilruad J 'oining wooden building nextr.outh. pati;v; and the l'esult of the elt>ction will l'aatunng 21 cowadnrinr; the menon, Uo ll() ==--'--\\=\\' the above ports, through .to Detroit, 'I'Hll:! • Beaus. · 2 00 Jilt • lNG at 9?!. o'clock, or on the arrival oJthe The stock of Cabinet Ware wns il,ll!ured in not propably be flattering to his self-esteem Aft.er feed, bO ou ;zll-,arttag.e.s. Forfre1ght or passage. apply on board, or kl . F' .t. ,... • 0 1 • • h !49' bUshels carrots at 26c, trr 78 26 00 Office, on the M. (),B.. B.. Wbarl.. , the Fran- m ue l'Z .1uanne ompauy tOr as a peir!!UIBlve orator, swaymg t e popular 312 do beets at 25c. 8 00 In LeRoy, on the 13th in st., by the Rev. c. N. lt J MO:VIUS •800, -hich will not cover the loll& · The mind. 16 do onions at li()c, Mattoon, George E. Skinner, E,q,, ot the :t;rm ot ... \ . .. Bloesom &; Skinner' or !his city' to ~Iss .l'Ylary E. A \D BIDW' ELL sh 1 . d ' th 0 Th f • d f M .n. $l, 375 25 Gib f L R • »• , . ' ab.oe- op was,a so 1nsure In e flame · o. e nen s, o r. u.~.oAl'~ must try an. ~1.772 75 soo, 0 e 0 1· Merchant 'l'ailor, ::tl:J Main. Street .nu:mLw for $100. :Mr. Miner's store n(lxt north and other system of tactics. $3,148 00 ro ~ w. DT:ll!ON:r; Foreman. his stock of atovos and tin-ware are ·etn'lsider- h~ ~ E , B Tbe keeper of the Alma House htu1 fumish~d 08 with an · tCthj.S• THE Subscriber tukes this u1ethod of A,111oBJ:~T8 .uABT. TJ:lf.IlfG.- esides the InventQry of the peuonnl property e~brscing .tbe wbole l h . ~ f J d b. ably dam~d by fire and water. . He ha_d m- . i . . ,goods, wares, furnitu{e, !arming mater;als! stock and pro• On tile 3t in.!t., J--hn, ID ant son 0 ohu nn tJJe pl.lllllc generally, t at·lle hal Tf'rnOI/f'a · ·two theatres there were last evening the Coil· dttc 0 of the farm amounting L.Y b1s appr:llS&la to the sum .A.ugu.sla ~le.Arthur~ aged 2 reonths. estal!lisbment for the manUJac.turd llDd surance of $1,500 on ~ch of the 11toi:ea, in rt f. th -... ·--, C ti\ T d · f s 7 42923 o:.r F.uiteral from. tbercs1dem:e of his father, to- t•e ucn's Weartug .l!.pf.llrel, to No. !413•---·->.-- b ce. o · & =1l8lo.;;u onven on at ownsen ° • · EZRA P GOSLIX, 1 day at 10 o'clock, A. M nc,xt .o~oor be.ow '\· u. Ban.urn's Great the Buffalo MutuaL Loss pro ably ·~000; Hall, the Deinocratic glorification over State LESTEI'I'. BitAcE. ~opt'>- or cholera, at r acramento city, Cal fornia, Sept. 1:3torc.. He pledge• him.Billf t!Jat no effort · EZRA CHAFEEE,) 8th. Sylvester Canfield, tormerly of this city, at o. e 5PlliGd to render l.hlJ n.Jl that may be dc!dra:ble ..... GltAl'ES..-Somo of the riehe!t eluatera •lections, the Oana:l Meeting at tbe Court Referred and ordered printed. time a cle:rk with T. G. P~rkins. lien!-]emen's :Furnishing EsLo<bl!shment. h th' t tb bla k {; ed •. . . .MrWarren,fromcommitteoon town aceouuts,report- .iun toar a •• gementsJortller~gularreceipt of grapes we ave seen 18 year were a . e Hou,se~ a . c • ac lmttation of negro dane- ed sundry account! tor rond dam~~~?CS in the town of Bos· B;;.F·F--A-LO -()A.--TH·O· 'L- ,.c· \\'~TITU.-T-E. Paris a.nd London st~les for Geutlemeu'.s ~toreofW.J'. L4.VU;Y, No. 360.M!linStreet in\' and l!inrring.' P.retty well for a rainy tond,andaskedthatsamcbechargedtosaid,town. Adop- · \\' .... ·\-\'\' hewlllkeephi.l!StocKot . • 01' · 10 · n.· te · _. tB' h c · · of DONATIONSofBooksan.dPapersforth.euseof '''U'\'u•· c•'\'luE\\ES •ND TT •'L:·mornl·n .. a. They· weregrownin aren .. ft - b•V littl· \t f · h 1s ByMr.StUes,the rep'J .. o 1g way ommtss10ners k .~.u \'\'\' .au.., .JU. ~· ..a. r LLl1l't \\ nig .. IJTJ' e 1i8Ce!!f!l y 0 e\\emng SC 00 Aurora 'in .rderence t<> road J.;.u.<>gco to Uunu:o lllood - this new Instit'Ute will be thankfully 8!' now· Complete, by carefu! sde<tions fi:.,m the and their appearance rat 'her coes to abow aftll. r tha.t list. . ~ferred. !edged at their first m ·eting in their roOmlj, MIUeum cent lmportations. . on motion of Mr Woolson, . Buildings, Wuhin;(ton street. He ta~~ ple&Sure in announcing that he has that Wlth careful culture wine ~ight be pro- Reeolved That Charles E Yonng be and he 18 hereby The follolring gentlemen will receive the dona- cured r.he valuable scrv1cei of .Mr. W . · duced in on~ vicinity though :not perhaps ..,.f df\ TtmTL~.- Thomas at th3 Red Jacket !!t~~::~~~~!~~~ tl!'e ~~~J'.,~~;;~f ~e;on~r~:~; tioos: M. Vaughan, E. Thomas, S. Brttinger, F .u I<·oreman, a geutlewan, who in his departme lhowed & monster Green Turtln thiS' morn- present year. including buth ·the October and snbs~qu•m Colligan, Gregory ltitt. . business has no ><Uperlot. 80 good quality or 30 eheap all in l3ou~hern ,.. aessions and which shall be a complete copy ot the min- D- VAUGHAN, Sec. MJ.!.Laryand Na,al U111forms. Oh ;o and Indiana. The ladies who 'Wish ing. lie looked well--.w.onder how he will utes or the Clerk. including tne annual statements o~tbe. IP\ Morning papers please·copy. .ocl5-3t GeUL•emen dre ad•i&ed th•t I , . Clerk and abstract. of the town accounts 11nd the vanons execute order& for l!lilltary Uztif~irms;_Jill grapes forjellies or for t.able u~ ehould go to taste~ (~~~: 5 .r:~d~ftgf~v~~:8ar~~dh~~~~:~~!~~~:~ ~·J~: REGIMENTAL ORDERS, a.uce with Geuen1l.vrders, i~sued liver them for tbatsnm to the. Clark C?fthe .B_oard, upon. the Hl!.lDQU.lRTERS 65TH REGIMENT, N.Y. s. M. l and Dres3 of u. s. Army, qr any deJ,cr:Iptioll LA TOY. .... A. F.u;L.-.A. man: named Grote fell reception of which the snid Clerk IS requued to dehver Huffal>, Oct. liith, 1852. 5 rrulltary dress desired. --~---,., ..,. . ....,...-=:-::----=:-- ·eight copies to ench or tile members of the present Board A. B. BllJWELL,.No. 213 .Ma.!n·st., ..- Excl'JBSlOll'.- the> Hyd!:aulic Sunda.y yesrerda;t from the Roof of ,a :leW building in and to reserve the remaining nlllllbenl for the use of Jllb- O!tDEiti!.~Pur!uant 10 Btigade On!er8, the offt- oc7 n~xt d<;or .below :5. \\ B d Adopted cers, non-commisdoned pffictTs and nnitonned pri Scho{)l postponed its Railroad excursion to ~llicott Street to th$ ground hurting himself sel)';\:otig~rofMr Goda,-d; vaJes of the Six-ty-fifth 'Regiment New Yor.k St<>te · 11 f h . ti'lJ to troW morn iUlP \d bl b t f: }} Resolved, 'l'hliHhe Springville Herald be a_dded to the Militia, will a11sem!Jle o.t tb.: Armory of ~airl rt>gi- the Fa 8 rom t II, . ·mo . • a! COJIIl era y u not ata Y· Uatof p.p&ri-desiguated by this.Bo&rd\OJIUbheliproceed- went inthecityof ll~fl.&lo,onll1_on. ny,the twenty· -... 1 ·-'Le•- fio· ~ th1r exclll'Bioll can lMt ptoe. nred at · \ mpoC.,ame·during their 1Lilllual sesstoru thereof. at 1l.ll fifty da.T of Octob.r mst. at n111e o'elock, A M , . .J. ca. ...._ ,~. H. th U-- ex_peusenotrexceed.ingfit~en do~ Adop_ted- J - • d, th •- d\ th. N ;.,..,.m Fallll· R&UrOI!d o~·\ .oSJCJ:a, e ..-.:d of ..4-von, made a. Whig By the Clerk, tho following repurt m relanon to number· nnlf. rmed arm!!d ar>d •QniPP\ as c ... w uecr.> * ..... -- Q h R h 1 • H h' ofacres.in.the a<'veral toW'l' _ . for annua!'lnsnection and revi~w. . . . . \ . \ ............ at oe. ester ast evemn .. a. ope Ul H bl .~ 0~ d of Snpe-so- of Ere Coun- • ·~mm·~-·-;.._ of c·m!IIL'Ut'- wt'll cause the pro ·e· __... T~ ......... ~. ---.TUe\ ·are·ull·der obl'-tiollS to- r- To tbe onora e ~\' uvar • • • '\ . \\' ,............, - ~o ,._ ......... ~ .,., -- <i{l!!I!Cha..&ll8.m.orainterean 11 gthan his poetry! ty .. N.Y. .. noticws·w u.. ervea npon·tlle'm\Ulberllot their com· ll.r. E. L. S:ruou oitbe American Exprw ! Tbeundersigne~·begs lea.-e r~ctfni!Y to. represent mandsrespectireJy. By order of . r not we pity Rochester Whigs. thatauhu 11Unt1Rl meeting of this Board 111 1851~ be SUg· G. A. SCROGG:'I, Compan.y for San Francisco papelll to Sept. ~tesied 1.0 several members ofth1 Board that the. number Col. 6 th R.£ghpent. · ofacres assumed to be contained in Ule respecti.-e towns WILLUli F. 'lioaJI'ltS' 1 Adjutant. 11th. Two thouaaod doll&l'l is stated to be the in tbe COilUtY in tll6 Eqo&lil&tiO, ReportJ for IDilllJYeara put were quite inac~lll'JI.te, BJJ.d advised tb&t a c:ominlttce m:nntbe Board'be appointed to invead.~ the ~bject..~ r-c·wa&.ho•eve.r ~ by se\Yeral m.exnbc~ of ta&·.Bo3.r.!i r.bnauch a eonne might mvo;..-e eoJII!iderabJe. expenae, w!lleh ther were unwilling to incur. But aU 'WU aup· 1 onc~, IW alrddTP~forihe UM of~o countr m .,.- G6'fl'&K ,..:ill_ del1T~ a teai~ce I-.- toft u t~•ut Pn.~ OhlU'clltblf•~· • mm llr. Thaekery will reeei~from the,Mer- ::an~• Libl'lll'1' Aleociatio~ of N'ew Yo:rk for ·AiaJ.etm.W'omibal W1· '. ~~·~r··. ·~'<~~'~··--· J :_p .. --.r::~\':'~- . . .......

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