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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, October 12, 1852, Image 2

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. ltkt t!thtning ·-- -k - --'~~ ::.,.;--~----: ~~F$LO~ .. TUE50AY EVElUNG'; (,(trciBJm J:l. i ,_ . '- ' _, [7'\ The busines(l Ql!ic~ of the ::Etltfli\!;_fod :st No 7 WEsT ~ENEc;.a. STa&&T, on the t ....... ,.. tloor, where all orders mar be lett. . . . . . . 17'\ :Single copies of the Et>-:_•~g Po•t can b~ ob- tained at the office. Ahleiatdiscoan'tmade to NeTW:B men. Reeept:lon. o~ General Sco1;1; • :second· A.ssell:lbly Dlsu-tct; (:onveu1;lon. A STIU.:I:G:Z: Sro:a.y OF Cr.u&TOYAKC:&.-A · · ·· fl. th\ The Democratic Del~tes from the Paris correspondent of the Washing~on Re- CAER & WARREN ••••• MANAGERS. ~hearlival ofthe May ower, IS morn- publr'c tells a stran\\\atonr. At p~nt. AI- G ·R \\' ·ST'G M .\ d W d ' t'· S c nd .AME!mbhr ,.,- ·,; • EOlttlE J.,.., • • • • • ;, E \NAGER. a salute. was fired by a detachmant of an ar composmg ue e 0 ·; d D · bl' h' · Lap .;.....i- District of :Et·ie county, assembled at the ·etan er umas JS P\l 18 tng In resse a 17 Entranee to. the.lness£'itcle and Pnrqn .. tte. l ;o~rpa.ny \B.\ from the shore. The May- • history of' him5lelf. In the last num-ber l>e rortie< ofllola in.'!nd E. J!l .. ons._ '1 0 Fan.>ly U.:cleaud ' Wtlliams-ri.lle Hotel, in. th~ town of Amherst; . · · · · ' · 2d \l.ier corner ot WasbiD_ • gtoo and Ea•·le. ·having arrived,-809Der tl!.ati was ex.- --+ furnishes an episode· which was attracting c . . • .t b d 1 on Saturday, the 9th of vctober. John Bel- . · · · · · the Geoer:al watteu on oar unti much attention. It is known that he .pol• Jt:T CH t NGE OF TIME-Doo••, open at half 9. at Whl .ch u'roe the 6\•th regl'nlunt, lm\er of Tonawanda, was called to the chair. t• • fl . n pnst,sh o'~lock; Curtain rites athalfpast seven. ua.,.ru..... v u \' · ' sesses a strong_ 111agne tc m uence over a. · · d d h' b aod P. J. Zent, of Amherst, appointed ~~ecre- ifs ap· pearance, an escorte .· liD tot e persons on whom he exerts it: Serond night of the enga,.ement of the distin- tary guisbed '.rr::t.gedien~~ .M~. W .A..R...~ a roundabout way, through · On nne occasion, in the year 1848, says the· meet to Commercial, up Commercial Mr .. Love, of Blac~ Rook, ~oved t?at the Feuilloten, · h11 magnetized ~ young girl ?f to Eagle, on Eagle to washington Delegates present the1r credentmla. whtch was· eleven years of age, and obtained from her, m Thi• Evening, October 12, 1852, Performance will commence with the P]ay ot 1he ' , uemocrane:·:NoDllnaftdtlll •. troll. PREIIDEMT or ~HE UlflTJ)).S'l'J.Ttl, GENE:?,_A.L .;F,;RMKLoiN. J.>JE~OE. d M · carried and the following delegates took their the presence of tourtean witnesses 1 the fol· up . ~hington to Genesee, own a1n street . ' h . . lowing information : That the republic would STRANGER. ' . ·· ?F 1flnV ~s~~·· jl'- ·---~):~ .. ~. '·· \YOB VICE PBE8IDE!IT 1 , , WP:,LIA¥ R. KING,. State P~ce:n· FOil. GOVEillfOJI\; HORATIO SF.lYM(>UR, of Oneida; •olt LUUTU:k.A..MT\tlOVKJt:XOlt SANDFORD E. CHURCH, of' oH~&nl!. FOR IJA,!I ... ~ COJI;X+BBIO!fER 1. FREDERICK FOLL~<;'l\l'• of Genesee. JI'OR B~A'lil PltllO!IlNI~ECTO;tl, DARIU8 CLARK, ot Sl. La:wren~e. l'Olt doNGilEI!S~ IiB.AC A. V.ERPLAN\CK. ' , F4r S[terif.~OOR:N~Llli~ A. W~LDRON. ,For drni1tiv Judge.-DYRID 'rli,.I,.lNGHAST~ For r:rmnty Cte·rk.-PE'l'E:.E.t M. VO:ilH/RGH. .For-J6.stice of Se.•ions.~JESSE LOCKWOOD. Far SKIJ'\t ofPoor.~OLIVER l'.ATCH, · fi'qr c<ir<mer.r.-ALEXANDER f;!J...OAN, ' WiLLIAM K. :S!>AISDEI.L, OODFREY ZHlMER~AN . ,, . . POll, :N:EMB.R<J OF :.lSS&lJ[]!LY. F4rBt DistTict.-.I;H:I .. A~L T~ H·A'J::QJ:I •. SeconcZ Dutrict.-LEVI J. HAM. . Tltira· lmtrirt.-THEODOTUS BUB WELL. 'Fourth .butric~.-AJ;.EXAND ER. 1\I. llR U UE. ~ S~e fi.l'st page for read~l,lK m,.attcr. ~ See Telegraph o.ri thi,tq page, Tb,~ Tleke.t·Qqmplete. to the American. He was welcomed to the seats 111 t e convention · neither be consolidated by ~amurtine nor city bt l'!illyor Barton, in a short speech, A~herst~Andrew Gross, P. J. Zent, Geo· Ledru Rollin, but that it wquld last seve~! f 812 d H. Rtckard. • years ; that after the Pre!ident wouJa come calling O· hismindl, the scenes 0 1 • an Buffalo-Fourth ~ard-Jo~ua M. Wilbur, Henry v; that he would enter France from the mote recent on~s in Mexico, but omitting Samuel Ely, Sebastian Diebold. . . Italy by Grenoble ; that from there he would to say tbat in them be had no sympathy from • Black Rock-Samuel B. Love. Dam~l Bel· proceed to Lyons, where he woqld be rece_iv- hnger, John Ambrose. • . ed upon the bridge by a deputation, ofworkiJ;tg the whig pa1i;y at; home. . Clarence-;--Austin Kimbal, Warren J. Flint, men. From there he would advance to Pans, The General replied stating that it was Alpheus PriDce. that some fighting would take place, but no just 40 years andl 1 week, since he first 'fonawanda-J ohn Bellinger, Smith, Root, great harm would be done; he :would enter , elltered the then town of Buffalo; that it was Geo. D. B~bcock. • Paris by th!l faubourg St. Martm ; that ~IS J 'ust 40 years ap.d 4 days, since he first heard On m~Uon of Mr. Pnnce, ?f Clarence, the present wife by whom he ca~ have no chil· convention proceeded to nommate a cand1~te dreo, would die of consnmpt10n ; that Henry a bo,llet, whistle in war. f'!r the ~embly, ?y- each ~elegate annonncmg y. would determine to marry ono of the pee- Throughout the speech be dtsclaimed hav- h1s candidate as h1s name 1s ealled. ple and would choose a girl named Leontme, ing any eye to political capital in what he . The roll was ~lled and eleven delegates the' daughter of a cabinet maker, living in the h . ad '\\I'cl o\ done on his tour. He could not named Dr. Levt J. Ham, of the town of faubourg St. Martin, Mo. 42, that he would .,., \ Amherst, and four delegate& the name , of have two sons; he would call them Henry let this opportunity pass without mentioning Theoron W. Woolson, of Tonawanda. and Charles as those names bad brought too the great love he felt for aU his \fellow conn· Mr. W:Hbur, ofBuff!llo, m.oved that Dr. Ha~ much of unhappiness to those of his family trymen'' whether by birth or adoption. He be u~ammously nommated ~the democrat!c who had borne them; that he would name . candtdate f?r Assembly, which was unam- the eldest one Leon. Henry V., after a,reign was only interrupted by cheers twice durmg mously cawed. . of eleven years, would die from pleuris;Y, tak- his remarks. A:fter he had concluded, a song ~r. PrlJ?Ce, of Clai_:ence, moved th_at the en from drinking cold water in the field of was called for and .t!J.e Scott Glee Club ofthis cha1r appowt ~ comrn.tttel? of three to mforrp Germain ; that Alexander Dum,as's own son . h' h Dr. Ham, of hts nommatwn and request h1s would warn. him. to bewaro, but that the des- city responded in two campatgn songs w tc f h d b h acceptance. o t e same. . • tinies offate must be accomplished, an t at to say the least were sung in a manner wort Y Tue chmr. annonn.ced as such.commtttee :- Leon 1. would succeed to the throne of his of a. better cause. Alpheus Prmce, Joshua M. Wilbur, Andrew father. Beyontl the clairvoyant declared she While the crowd were waiting on the wharf Gross. . could not see, and was awakened from her d ~ ·p d The proceedings of the conTentiOn wer,:e prophetic sleep. • three cheers were propose .or rERCE an ordered published m the soveral democratic When it was found that the PresM was not twice three were ginn with a will. papers of ~he co1,mty. . · . warned or seized for thus rending the ~eil The enthusiasm as evinced by the numbers . On mo~wn Qf ~Ir. Love, the convention ad- ~upposed to overhang the Tista of f!Jtunty, who turned out could not have beea very JOUrned :nne dre. . . the Feuilleton was copied far and wrde. It JOHN BELLINGER, President. will be read by many millions of people, as pleasing to .the political frieu.ds of the P. J. ZENT, Secretary. se>eral hundred thousand people have alrea- This afteriloop_ we pre&ent to our readers the compr~£fi ticket wbich the D!l~ocrats of Ei:i~; county will support at the approaching ,, ~lection. The nominee fot Assembly in' tbe Second Distlict Dr. !.EVI J. llAM of Am· . herst is Well knQWU throughout his district and hasthe cordial support of. the entire parr ty in it. For our county ticket we, do. not of . cour.se. expect success, but we claim t;hat they · wm unite and brrilg forth all the str~ngth of the party for the . St;lte and Pre$idential tick- General. The 65th R£>giment which formed p · Offi . dy been printed. · ffi h T:aE PATENT OtrFIOE.-The atent eexs ---------· escort turned out includmg 0 cers, t e now undergoing improvement, workmen be· MERCANTILE MARINE IN THE Woa):.o,.....;The Cavalry corps and infantry, rank and file, six- ing en~aged_in .trimming the ex~erio_rwal~s of Belfast (Ireland) .Afercantile Journal gives a ty-five persons all told. The Citizens in car- the matn bmldmg. The east wmg 1s rapidly table of tho number of vessels and tonnage riages including the General himstJlfnurnber· approaching completion. The rooms ·have owned by twenty natiom; in. the wo:ld. 'l:he d h · h been plastered, and are nearly ready for paint- table of tonnage foots, without mcludwg eel forty two persons and the crow w IC ac· ing; the be'lutiful and massive marble col- Russia, 10,118,81 I. The number of vessels, companied the procession was comparatively. umns of tbe front portico !}ave been set, and exclusive of the United States, Austria and small. the movements generally in and babohut:fithe Naples, 67,184. Great Britain registers 4,144,- premises seem to promise a :finish y t e rst 115 tons of ~;hippmg, and the United States, .IIJr CANAL MEETING.~ I a compliance with of December. Incipient measures are in pro- 3,535,451. France has only 595,344 tons. an invitatJ.on from a large nml!ber of business gress for an early commencement of the west B wing. When this ~all have been completed . et$, a,dding our votes to the decisive majority by which the Empire State will. de!!lare ll~Jr-, 'Eelf worthy of a· place in the Democl<\tici mnks. In tlfe :first A&sembly DistriCt .our men of this city Ron. Srus M. UR.RoJ:GHS tbe Patent Office wtll iodeed be the pnde of will addire11s them on the subject of the canal the country and ;1 monument ofits inventive enlargement, at the Court House on Thursd&y genius.-Exchange. . friends are confident of tbeir abilft,r , to . el~t Mr. HATCH• Of the others we' can only ho~. evening. .:Suffalo has a paramoqot interest in There ·are other impro,vements needed the eolargement oif the ~anai ·in the most about the Patent Office beSldes those which speedy ·manner consistent with the prov1sious are noticed above, and in the first place there of the constituti,on, and a due re~ard to all ·needs a total separation of its chief officers the interests· of the State. But if is .not the from political partizanship. Not that we wish Mn. c. T. SMlTH,. ····.LEss!!& .L'm M ... N ... G&R. interest or· the wish of Buffalo or ber citizens. to charge the present Commissioner with any OPENING NIGHT ON ~ THE-ATRE.-The a:ppeaxance of Mrs' that in order to enlar:ge the Erie Oanal the improper bias arising out c fhis politicalpref· WedneiMI.ay Eventnw, October 1,3(h. WARNER, at the Eflgle Street Theatre; last jobs should be awarded to politicians who al·e erences, but the office should never be made ~v~uing 1 '\Vas. the occasion for an attendance entirely ign.orant of the business to be done, tbe reward of political services. If there i& s<ilfirge.astoqrowdthehousein everypart, ratherthantopractical.men,and that too at one man of sounder judgment and clearer .':t.. · t t. •dl · t .,_, t uld · b . h 11 h · th tr .,....Principal Entrance on Main S:reet. Entrance &a wa na. y a vacan ...,a, co. . . e seen vastly above the bids of the latter class· perceptwns t an a· ot ers m e coun y, to Third 'Her on Wa•bington Street . .witqth its ample walls; Her personation of If one o£our dock merchants wished to send that roan, be he Whig or Democrat, should Doors open at 6~ o'clock. l'erform~ee will com- PRICE or ADMISSION.-l'rivate Box 85; Orchestra ~eats. 7& ceuts; Dre1s t:ilcle and .. P..rqnette, 50 cents ; Family IJircle, 25 cents; Thlnl 'l\ler !Uicts. the character (Jf Hermione, was strikingly a dozel~ boat loadls- of corn to New York be at the head of the Patent Office. Most of mencc at 7i o'clock. be,mtiful,. an.d received- as it dese:rved the would he contrac• with BROWNE tlie low all should he be of irreproachable integrity; THE PRIZE ADDRESS. d • Written by A. G. Chester, .&1 , will be delivere .warmest applause. In \the tli41lace.ne .when Comedian at the 'l'heatre at 18 cents per and his subordinates should be mea hke hill!. b;y ·Mill. ANNA c•JRA MOWAT'J', t ·t th.\d. cl r t' fth D 1 h' & h ld 1 b ·•vhohasbeenengagedforFobrNightsonJy. con rary o \ e a a wns o . e e P tan bushel rathet than with KIMBERLY, PEASE • In that case we. s ou see a CBS num er • oi·acle and her own protesti\tion-s of innocence~ Co., or LEE, ksELL &; Co •• Fomarders by oc- patents issued, but they would be for inven- TRE NA.riONA):.. ANTHEM, th~ Kin.g g<>verned by biB unjulit !nspicions cupation, at 14 ceo:ts? The schedule of the tions of practical value. Now tbe office is will be sung by the entire Compan). condemns Her-; and in the sbtue scene, the at,.. canal lettings shows action of the Canal lumbered with patented articles destitute of overture by the .................. Orcheatra. tention of all was so clos.ely :fu:ed by the Board of a precisely parallel character-it any >alue, and there are even complaints that To be followed with the Comed;y in a acts of.the truthfuhess of her.acting, that the unusual awarded large con:tracts to the class of men worthless machines are allowed pa~nts, while HONEY MOON, stillness. :made her weakest whisper audible who congregate at Albany each wmter, like. otherr of the same class with h:ghly useful or, How to Rule a \Vife. throughout· the hojlse, and the clo'l6- of ta v d whelps around a slau,.hter house and features are rejected. Inventors believe, and Duke Aranza • • • • • • • · • • • • • • ·Mr. Hanri:\'\ , • db th th . , . 8 r e ., Rolando. • • • • • • • • • • •. • • • •• Mr, J. Gr-•ce. s~nfenceswas pomte Y. _e m0$ten ~tastt_e are supposed to demend for subsistence upon to some extent the public also, that to insure Count MountaJLin. • • •. • ••.••• Mr. Kemhle. d h tv p,nla At th C \1 S f Jr a1 t d Jarques ••••••••• • • • • • • · • · ·Mr. F. K ~nt. aln ~ar.J a J:' use.. . . e. on.., u ton o \the unclean: drippilogs of corrupt l~LSJ.ation.\ the granting of a patent, a person a ten • Baltbazar ••••••••••••••••• Mr.Altemus. th~. pttN_e, Mrs. .WA_:a_ !fER, . b_crng earnestly This acti-on of the Canal Board, this squan- ance at Washington, and judicious attentions Camvedo •••••••.•••••• • • .Mr. RKMter. 1 d d h t d -'- LopeZ ••••••••••••••••••••• Mr. neal. cal e ,d·:red·appeare l~pon t. c s age, an ~'-fb.· dering tile mopey oif the people upon politi- to some of the employees in the office may be Jutx.uu.' , • • • • ' •• • • .M~. MOWATT. nowle ge thecompLmeuLmamostpleaslll&, 1 £ . b .tth ti\ f th ofgreatservice. Ifthisistruethereisneedof Volante ••••••••••••• MisiK.Ludl w. d d aff . d · , · \ ca avontes as no e sane on o · e vo· z.mora •••••••••••• Miss M. Bart,on. ~o e~t, a,n. ~ ecte manner. •. . temof Buffalo though they strenuously desire reformation in the office; and iftt is not, such Hoatee8 ••••••••• •· ••••.• Mrs. Reid. .M~·. R~Ert played the part of the King:~~ a the completion of the canal-nor will they opinions should not be allowed to gain ere- SoD g ••••••••••• ~ ••• ~lr. G. Bnrton. most satisfactory . manner, amply sustaunng b b . . t . Y way sanction it. They dence, among those whose interests the Pa· his growing rerJutatiou, aud evincing' the Y t eui vo es 1 tnkan . tb · ti. ·u-. bl' h d r te d f • ~ 1 · · · . d . · . have a tuge sa e upon e ques on .ui. tent Office was esta lS e to tOS ran pro- ~:~nts o~ o ose st11 y. Mr. HILL, Mr. W O!tliELr. 1.. • t d' . d h' ld t n teet. · · · · .. . , . , . . . Burrougus comes o tscuss au a ou ur and_ Mrs. MezzY,. were creditable tn thetr . t h h ._ 1 0 he proposes Proceedings of' the Board o! Supervisors. l ... .,.,. . .. outen mculle o· earw aupa 2 severa pans, n.tW'IYN and P;Arup>B, gaveoc- .c dth •• t ts but they m'll not ATTBEtaAHsuALMEErrno.FoarxEYE~ai85. • . f, . • • • • . to JOrWat eJr lll 1eres , MOND ... Y, October U-2 I'. M. CfiSion. or mernmeD;t lll the cotn<c portrons of b th . owers of hilS eloquence or the prompt- Board met. ~linutes read and approved. the ptece. The taste of tha,t part of the y 1;1 p . · d d • th I'!ITITION8, REMONSTRANCES, Ere. . d . b . • t d . . ~t. . • • £ iDgS of interests be Se UCe !UtO e SUpport By ~r. Adams, tbe remonstrance of D. C. ~tevcns and au len_ ce, w 0 msts e upon WJ6 renetitlOn 0. l... h I sh \th th t\t t' othel'!l, ag-'··•t.a dlvioion of tho town of Collws. Refer· • · · • · · .r of.measareB·Wulc e a WI e cons 1 u wn '\\\ ~e ruE!h~. dance was-questiOnable. In ~farce oftheSta.tei or of men. who lightly regard that re!fiy Mr. sm. the petition of Ethan Allen and others, It would bq;ve been expected, bot. m the · against any division of the to'll'll of Wales. Same. instrument l:Sy Mr. Warren. th~ .report.of P.M. Vosburgh, late Sur. \Winter's '1.'altt'a mi~ht have beet:i omitted, · __ • ----------- rogate. Referred. thOuboh it was 'veil fiXe. Cilt~>d, . ' ·. ' A ·Qu'liSTIQN AND A!( .ANSWJila,..- Why, says Hy \he clerk, B COI)ll)lllUic;aUon from sr-ato Superintend· n \ ~ ent of waiglns and merumtes. Referred. i' This evening, the n Strang~r;, will be pre., the Rochester .l-;''nion, have the Whig party m;;;, ~ri !f:&~!':ti~o~~{.,'i\\'lf!n~:;:~~~o have &sea .. l ..; ed by the eml·nent \-o o. communication ot \\·m.. Dav~ late clerk of re· sen ted with Mrs. w All.Nln<, in the charnctE!r of three seye;ra .... mes pass co-;:;;;;r. court. Referred. . , Pas de Deux •••••• Misses E. and J. Kendall. To conclude with the amusing Farce of POOR PILLICODDY. Poor1'illlcoddy ••••••.••••• , .Mr~ F. Kent. Capt. O'.::'cunte ••••••••••••••• :\'Jr. RrlUld. Mrs fillicoddy ••••••••• Milia M. Barton. Mrs. 0'1:3cuttle ••••••••• •t.• .Mrs. Retd •. Sarah Blunt. , •••••• ~ •• Mts. Altemus, Thursda:r .Evenmg seeond appearance. of Mu. MOWATT. The Celebrnted ROUSSET FAMILY, Will appear next week. ~e12_._ ·-MUSICAL CONVENTION. Sir\-nger •.• • .•••••.••••••••••• Mr. Rj\er. Baron S1einiort ........................ Mr. li1ll. )'!rs •. Haller .•••••••••••• -¥rs,.War.ner. Dance ••••••••••••• by •••••••• .M~ Fray. To conclude witb Ute new.faree of FORTUN:E•s FROMO. In rehearsal:. the ~New D_omeatieDram~tt fto6m tbe famous .Novel by Harriet Beecher 81clVe, ent.tled UNCLE TUM'S CABIN. ADM ISS 10~-Drm Circle and Pnrquette, fifty eents. Upper Boxes 2J cents. P.lv .. te hoAes $5. Buffalo &New York 1 ity ll~lltoad. ~ ij I • IZ:IDIILJI~IEit.:::: O.n lll.lU lii\4;11' 1-llU!'ijUll.)'. 1\ug ~Odt 1 •rll:!, the trains will CltlloD.i!y (Sun ... ys exc!!pttd) -be~ ween Attica a.Ii.d I::I.Ot'nellsYiue· as ·ioJlowa .:: EcaSI.Ward.. FIRST TRAIN-Le\ves AttiCII.at 7 A, M., D.nd ruches l:lornel.sville 10.30 A.M., c~.nnecting ·the a A. M., .l;Xpress 'l'rarn trom Buttalu wilh •he day hXpre~s Tram on th~ :N. ¥. & E. .tt. R. wh1ch ar- rives in New York ut 11 30 .P.M. ~EUOND TRAIN-Leaves A\tiea at 11.30· A.~., aw:( r\aches l:torncllsvJlle ~t 4c J:' .• M.., (.remainmg one hour and a half at Ponag<:> for dinner,) connec~­ ing the 10 A. M. msll trt:nn from B.l.lfil.lo w 1th the mail Li:ain on theN. Y. &~. H • .H 1 \\ hlCb remllins O\er night at Uornit.g, ~!mira, Owego or :Bing. hamp~on. TiiiH.D TRAJN-Leaves Att~caat6.:W P.M.~ and reaches Hornell. ville at 9.30 P. M., connecung w .Lh the 5 P.M. E.xvres~ 'l'r,un on the I'<. Y. & .t:; . .R. R., whmh.arrivesat New 'iorkat1l.40A,.M, Uestw ... I·d.. FIRST TRAIN-L.aveo~ t.toruellsville at 7.40 A. M, and reaches Attica a• ltJ.40 A~ M., conntctin~; the ~bL F.xpres» ~'rain on the N. ) . &, 1:.. R. R. w1th the Nnr Yorli.J;.':..pr,ss train on •the Bnffalo aud Rochestt~r R. k., w.mcb arrhei ili .lluflato aJ J.: M. SECOND TRAIN-Leaves Hornel!n·ille at 12.2!1 l'. ¥.,and reaches dt.ica ut :!.30 i>. NJ., (re.maiuuig at Portage ~u mmu~ell tOr dmue,,) COI•uectiull the mail •ram ou theN. Y. &. :C.. !t. R. Whh the w .. y u- press \tram over the l.>,.tfaio a.td K..,chestt-r rtull·oad, whicl! reaches l:lUlthlo at 5 P. NJ.; also y,i,h 1he eve• n111g express uain !or .no he>tt:r. '.l'W.!U.I 'l'RAI.N-Lfnve~ U;,rntllsvnle at 6 30 P; M., aud r!)aclleli AttiC~. at 10 P. ,(1'1., conntcti.ug tbe day express train over the .N. Y. &. h. R. R , WHh tue marl train 00; the Hu lfato au d Rucue&ter rail- road, whlcn reachea:Btifldlo at :.1.45 A. J\'1. 10\ I>M•euget s having 1he ticket\ of tue N. Y. &. E. Railroad, lrom lJunkirl!. to New Yor,, purchas- ed at any ofike W <'8t or iSu uth, ~..r on auy Lake hrie -iStedmer, when unable to lnnd··at Dunlur k, can ex- change \hem at lh.s otlic., uiii,Y, for tickeLS .g1vmg them a raiLroad )!R>Iage lllJ ·the Way, and by lhll Sallie route fr.,m Hurnelle ville, .I!'ARE-$7 50 between z.Tew York and .Buffalo, audtwo ·cents per mile bet\' eeu intermediate: p.acts • 'l'bron~h tlcke,s may l>~ obt.Uueq at the.;,. Y. & E. railroau ollice foot oflluane Street;:N. Y.,and ol J. Ho·Jiug·heud, Ag_ent. l\o. va .t:;xcbange street, two door11 t:rom E:astero railroad 1 eput, buffalo. ocl S. lSl!:Y.r1UUlt, ~g. and Supt. MICHIGAN CEN'.I'KA.L B. :R. LL\iE. Fo.r Det;\o•t Chicago, lUliwa.ukce,. n.•id Po~·te on L&u~e 1U1chJga~•. .., •C\\' Tho United State• .Mail SteJIDler r-•MA\'.FLOWER, Capt. Willuugt)by, illll\ca 41\ iumlrigan Uent~:al .K.ailroad Wh&u, i'or t.lle :.bQve ports, through to ,I.Jetroit, 'l~Hl~ .i!.V.t:N· L.Nti: at 9~ o'clock, or on the arrivaL 01 tlie &pMu .For frmght or passage. apply on board, or ·at tlw Ofiice, on the .M. U • .R. R. Wharf. · lt ~ MOVIUS,Agent. Quicke&t, /Skotte&t, 0/Mapel!t and Be&t Route .1·welve l:l.ours l!!aveu, and U.ueqna.tJed \l:or ·Co-:r. rt. Jii•sti. Jb\\i allw 1 i . ilia' MICHIGAN SOUl'liERN R. li·.LlNE. ~ 'A nit l J.l'it:r rlie Great Wetttern Unit~ <I:; •• 11 atl V between BQtta{oarld Ollicago,_ Waukegan, Ke· noann, Racln.e,.Mllv. au.kee an!llSllei>Oygan, vui Mon• roe aud 'l'ot..ao. · T~ROUGH TO CHICAGO IN 24 HOURS. Avoidi11g llighUraveJ in the O;ors. The trave!mg public ;1re respectfullv !nlormed thaL tbe Southern .>dctugan Railroad c.rupany have oompleted t1teir roaa How Monr Le 10 Ihe Clly of t;bi eago, with a llt!IIVY '1' rat!, and have plactd vn th La.kes, to run in connection Witb Lhh route, the fo luwi.ug ruaguiE~ent and unequalled steamer.; E.tll'l.R.t. l:HAI·.E, H. VAN ALLEN, commander leavwg BuT .. lo .Mo1odays and 'I hw-.da_ys. ·No~TH~>RN l\\D!ANA, R. WabsLatf·comman. dtr, l•a~iug vuilaJo 'l'ueodays au a 1' mla;s. · SOVl.lft.RN ,~JlCIHt..'\.N 1 A.JJ. l'e.kins, com· mander,ll'aving Hutfalo Wedueodays aud Saturdays l>jo expense 11a. been sp .. red Jn Ihu COnSLrucLiun. and fittiug up of lhe above l:lleamera. 'l'lleir en e gines are of large power and low preasuxe havi.ug· been constructed. expressJ,- .fur these ·bvu.us • 'l\he boats will 1eave tile M.S. R. R. Line Dock (foot of Uummerci'lls.Jee,) as s~on ufter tJJe arrival of the .t.veniug E~pte.s Train 111 Wtll aJ.ow the mall!! 10 tJe cha~>gea aud bagga&e selected and taken lO tbe ltpa,ts ; proce~dwg w nh 110 aetenuoa to Mon- roe, (24U miles in 15·llour~) Wl•ete the eXI•le&S uaui Wlll be iu waiting to convey pa88e••ger. directly into the city oft:rucago, (24a miles;.iu9hours) Pa1,;eugers can have Jhoir b<tggage·talmu· to the bpats FREE, b.)' delivering tllelr checK& to tbe Baggage· ~gent 11f the line, \l>bv y;itJ alwayd be on the tram,~ T!iey can also llave their bagg.ge checkedfromo.Uu!llo falo LO Ubicagu, \'\ bile the m~ls are being changed and baggage' aeleeted and t,11keu to •he boatl!, pasaengers will.llave. pteuty O! t. rue ·to go to hotels aud _get 1upper The di.Stancesaved by this liJie over any other iS' betweeu 60and 8U miles; Sate R~orns on bJard of the boats nre reserved for· passl'ngt-rs arriving .on the -Eveu1ug Exvress 'l'rnln,. For fc.eJght or fJa~•age .. a pJy on boa.tll or to jelO H. M. KEN;.\E• Agent, NJ dock fooc Comru.,rcial·st . .Bulfa~(). M:1~ IraJler, and Mr. R-YEit_', ·t~s theStra.n_ger.. ~nd well ·qualified stat1=smen in their ranks Al~o. tbc 5tatement of w. D. Be.ned1ct, s;tpenntendent of State Lunatic Asylum. tn Telauon to F.hzabeth Lain- This wm be. followed by <1Fortune.'l3 t'.colic.\· aqd selected disqua.ified soldiers? If they hout inmate at Utica. Referred. · i h · l.d h h d uv' Mr Harrl~, tbo petition of J. ~. Torrance, clerk ot . Gener~l Sro.T1' hl-18 accepted au invitation fo had selected C vilinns, t ey WOU ave a rectrder's eonrt. • THE Musical Convent on, under the direct•·ons of Meaart. l:la,tings and .Bradbury, wlll com ment-e ltuession on TU~~DAY ·••0.-.NlNG, tbe 12th, at A. B. BIDWELL, , Townsend Hall. T•c:kets to the Con•eurion. 8 2 • Mercha11t J'ailor, :.!13 Main Street JJu~~'alo. , · th f Wh\ By .Mr. Welcb. the certificates of fenco newers. of Ev- be present.· · to rely npon something in e way o . Ig llD5 in favor of M. D. Wino how, Waite~ Morgan. and Wm. · ---.,..-_.,...-::-----~=- - d f L C 1:/ n \Old ti. I\t:a.8t:. fur damgaea by dop_ killing s.ht>t'p. Re.ferred. · · -:- · · · 'T'h ·principles insle;r. . () \ og a IDS, By ~r. Lockwood, six c.:ruficates of commlss10nen1 of .......,-. ML\src.U. CoMV.E.'{UWf,-:-.oc. 15· bod:y ] \' f d d t u dry \'=' Wb. itey,\ \Bu.ena Y~sta,\ \ Palo A ta,\ highways ror to \On of Boston. o roa amagee ·O ~ n met thiQ mOI,'Ul)lg With a ]arge attenda C f • individuals by the laying out of highway B. Referred. . '; . . . . . n c 0 \Ohlppewa -and Lundy's Lane Barracks,\ By Mr. Harris, the peution of Jame•, s I~awiey to be· the musical people of our cit.y and vicioit,t.- appointed physician to Erie county Perutentlary. Refer· The smging und~r the d:iteetion of Professor .. Soup Bowls,\ and all these miserable ap- regy Mr Ely. the petition of E. D .. Efner to ba>'e ta.3: refund· Admission -to S~ngle Lectures to Performers, 25 ':t1' cents, spectators 1:.!.!>11 cents. Ladies who Wish to W. Dt:lMOl>i'T, Foreman. take part tn the exercises o£ tbe Con~tion, wul be THE Sub~ribt r tnkea dlis .met bod· of fnfora:ling Ul>Ubbed • itb Licltet8 •ree by &ppl,Yl_!1)l tO tile .fol• the pub!lC generally, that ht> ha8 removed· h!jl lowing gentlemen : M. H. Tryon, ...., •. Ro~ers, S. eltabliallruent for the ma&Ul<~ClUr~ and •all' of &en• Sweet; H. C. Walker, P. J · Ferris. By t.rd~r of the t'e Hl!h's. Wearing .APJ•ai'el, tv No. !.!13.Matn Street, commi•tee. [ocll] C. E. YOUNG, Chatrman. ne.tt woor be.ow \· u. llan:Ulll'll Gro<tt VariPty STR ·'YEO OR. STC'LEN from No. 16 CarrGII-at, Store He pledgea himaeif 1J1at no etlort will be \ apaied to render lhl·.1 all Lhdt may be d~irable in .a on tne n 1 ght of 16th. ins.· • a Pup Pog-, Jon~ cu:s::.. ueau_e.t;nel1'5 t•~nrilishlpg &stabhshrnen.t.. 'l'Lr addi .. B db fin d h h ed '-'---'-'\ . pliances o£ availability. ·They have known edB. v Retb'eerrc~r. th~ <'ommuok..tion_ of Silas E:ingoley, ra ury was e;. an e 5 nw -·· =~ to ~at \·ey· had· DO p;.;nct'p'es popular euou2:h ' II: R ' d ...., .. \ ~ commissionee for ere~ting poor house, c. e.erre · ... b<~ a most successflll instructor in the art.'- h f l . Sundr.r accounts presented Rnd referred. The Convention will continti~ its <'n..oi~u.· and Xftliable enoug for a success u lSSue- Mr Allen Qlfered tbe following: - ly blc\ck hair, age. about six_ week·s, curJ•.Lu tal! .iun_ to ar a. .gemeuts lOr trJe regular r.:eceiPc. of all the .ike a r ·ng on ,.,. back ; Part 'Newfoundl.&nd breed. Paua and Louuon ot}·les for Geutlemeu's6&rments 1 had but Lne or two white spot; about him, W~Jo· he Wlll keep hili Stock ol ever will return him 1 0 s . .dd plaee or McDone 11 ~.;L<J'J'Hl:!, t-.dl;~'IMJ£RES, .A.ND VESTINGS IJagnerran .kt.omr, w.ill be •uita•.lv rewnr. ed.- CoUJpfete, by careful s.-Je,tions fr.m lhcmost re- .ilbt..ullfhe be r•tained by any one after the date of cent lmportalio.ns. PVOQ thence .thelr resort t·o .. Hero\ candidates. Wbereas. Tbe Comptroller or th~ Stott' bas .recen~ly re· three days longer and bids. £11. ir .. o be one •f , _:___ ____ turned to tbe Troasurer or the County _of Ent;. re;~cted ~ \ ta.:&es to tha amount of $3,25;1 90, denommated ID arud re· the 'nlost ·pleasant affairs of the kind ever . cu.:. •. J3 • -c\'OF\' has the fifth volume of his tnms ··I.; on-resident rejected ·t=es, for the year 1 ~ 1 • J.D.J. A.l.' ...., ..,. mad ... • by tne Comptroller.\• kc. And Where~ .tb!' reJe~· held here... Tickets of admiSSion ma..,...be ha:d H~to,:...,._ o.r the U ofted .Stat{'S in the hands of tic.n -a,.d remm ot said t=e• a.re in the op,.;non of tb 15 \ •.;, Hoard, withom good and mffic1ent cause. and wberea1, of the Committee. See advertisementt the !!leteonrpers. Of the fourth Tolume, is· at this late period, there is not time to procure th~ corree· VJ tlon of said returns by a correspondence by mall. there· 'falo: MtNT.-Tbe coinage of the.. mint in ·!iued last spring, the very large number of tore P.::aoh~ed. That the Treasurer of the County of Erie be-. Ph 'ladelp'-' ~ s·· ~+ b . t d t~ent.v tbousan!l co.•\ies is understood to have e.nd ne is hereby auUlori>ed and reque•ud .., proceed to 1 . . ~a,. ~Qr erem er, amonn £ . . to ,. r Lh Uy of Albao.r. at bia· earliest conven!ence. to ronfer <~-4,815,15_3,50 in goitl coin, and .$4~897 -760 .• -. beeo .already sold._· ___ .. __ ----'-- and ca...-.wge with .the ComptroUer ro!' the .. acceptance O?> ~ J- .. ~- - the art of the COmptroller. ~f certalll re,Jec~d non-TeSl- 50 in silv.er. The deposits of gold 1>ince Jan- , · l dent taxe• for 1851, and report to tbis Board the· re•nlt· ol l + 1·s a s;\gularfac.t that the Duke of We • 1 1 dj 1 Jv 0 .. bi'• ... h 1 rn Adopt•d u arv amount to ~_36 1 359,571.. ·• ... his rula~ on mrne ,a e, \ • \\ · ~ • \ 'W lin ' •t d S . t} d TT ' 'd On motl!lli of Mr. Adama, . ... The monntai:q~ near Que~c arc .erovered with snGw, aDd ice. has: for~ :on -iltanding wa~ to the tbicli:n.e.ss ofhalf'~n; io\ch. · \ l · ... : - !. ' i ·' l ; . ' ' gton never VISl e CO an • .ne IS Eal &solved Tbat the Committee on tbe. tmb;ect of mmbts• t . 0 have ~ntei:tai •. n --'. · a superstition that a r:y !!oils, be' requested to J\Pport to tbla Boird from w • 1 '\\'\\ 1\:U 50 u 1 c-e.. &ud in wb.&t manner. th• ~:rs of f:be S7Tera \is1t t~. that. eoma.....,. would be fatal to ·to\\\' and warda...,. to dn&w pay for their aemcea m m• \' ~ J. J<iDgout ...Ud rolls. Ado_p:ed. · A.ojoUDled. r.• thU advertisment the;r w:Ul he deal! Wlth aceordmg to Hfl taKe& pl.,...,ure in announcing thnt hi' ha11 se· law m such eases. · rured the valu:.ble ~ervtces uf .lJ r W l.JUMON 1•. Builhlo, Oct 7W. 1~5'l. D. McDO_l'<~~ ... Foreman, a geutlt:uan, who iu lJii,departmt:Dt of • HOTEL DE L'EUROl'E.-Un.Jer this narn• uusine:~s ha~ no .. upertor • the .auuseriber hasjnt r pened a public !louse Mthtary and Na\ al U uifQrllll!. ~ililaryand Navy in this cit;:r,·atNo. 27 Pear 1 atreer, between ':em.emen dread.ised lh·t I am fliJW prepared to ~-neca --t and the· Te ·ra.ee. In liLting It up th!.' execute order• for !liJJfary Uniform\• in rd~ \\ - ... u;-.:; .k. &uce witb Generalt:..rrder.s, ueued 1;-hJ·.,.£.,-r proprietor has .sP,ared , 0 pains or e.xpen ... e to· f.~!-ct e and Dr~~ of .u .. 8. :Army, ui ~y de.oct.•p;iiun •tj u.. t what ball ri'vreto£ore. been n. eded here, ~· a mtlttary dre.·s deaired, ~ood Rote! on the ·Euro}Jellllp~ It 15 proVIded A. B. l.Hf.)WEhL. N<>. 213 •••'n·-n.. Wiwan oftbemotlernc:onve\ntenc~anbtlattraednunsd oc7 next d. or below d. 1),1\a.·.,.,m·.•- i welt lighted nnd atr\ 1 ful'Iljebed w't hou.n co• IJ& bll, ani.t emireiJ n&w ln~oh;~re throu~hout. Con. <lected wit> it 1• a RES-I Al R.\!'/T. where, &t aJl ceasonable hour•, lhe beU of wmea and other r .... f,~hmeni• are .. er\\ed • l& can'~: . 1't:ie .12j. rr :B.t.r~B C&D be Jud .;)n appJieat;~n..T •co;s Ce:ril.lt. ~!m J 1!'- n • ,...._ •

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