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W ASHINGTON. Colorwl Jurors Ordered on Ihe List by Jtidue Fisher. D O U C L A S S A N D T H E P R I N T E R S . At.. Ac., Ac- W ashington , June 21.- After the close of tho present fiscal year, June 30th, and until further notice, instead of the weekly purchases of bonds and sales of gold, the j secretary of the Treasury will purchase one million dollars of bonds on alternate weeks, ; commencing Thursday, July 1st, and will j Ludlow street jail ou information lodged against them by the .Spanish minister tnat they intended to violate the neutrality laws. YACHT RACING. Tho following yachts won prices to-day at the regatte of the lone Yacht (.'lab: Un­ known owner, J . Comet; Jersey Dutchman; A. h . Uitch; Van V liet; M. K. Murphy. Distance—21 miles; time 5 hours 1 minute. C A B L E NEW S. The London Press on Mr. mond's Decease. Ray- VOL XXIV. TUESDAY. JUNE 22. 1869. NO. 80010. TELEGRAPHIC SUMMARY. (FROM YESTERDAY'S AETBRNOOS DITIO.N8 I WASHINGTON* W ashington , June 21.—I t will be rc- membered that in 1S07 certain Japanese \ ; ! ! , r . u ^ ‘ on T h S l d . ^ S i r S l f e I • ’ \ ’P M - a t l o * * C o l ll |» U ‘t c f o r ( b e I Assistant Treasurer a t New York has been instructed accordingly. RECIPROCITY. On the 12th inst. Secretary Fish ad­ dressed an official letter t<* the British Min­ ister, informing him cf the action of the House of Ilepresentatives at the last session, recommending the renewal of negotiations for the arrangement of trade with Canada, and inviting Mr. Thorn­ ton's cooperation, with a view to the nego­ tiation of a convention covering the inter­ change of products, free navigation of the .St. Lawrence, freedom of the gulf and in the shore fisheries, and such othei matter* as may be embraced in the general subject of trade relations between the United States and < 'anada. The British government has given the Canadian au­ thorities the practical control of these sub­ jects so far as they ar<- concerned, and it is expected th a t Canadian Commissioners will arrive here immediately to confer with and assiHt the British Minister in the considera­ tion of the proposed convention. RESOLUTIONS OK RESPECT. The following resolutions were recently passed by the Washington city Correspond- nuts' * Hub: Whereas, We the members of the Wash­ ington Correspondents’ Club have heard with sincere and heartfelt regret the an­ nouncement of the death of Hon. Henry J. ilaymond; and Whereas, We feel th a t in his decease American journalism has lost one of its most distinguished, able and useful leaders and representatives, and the country one of its liest, wisest and most patriotic citizens and statemen; /.VsnbW, That we, the mcmL-rs of tli e Washington Correspondent’s ( lub, while bowing to the infinite wisdom which has removed him from among us, mingle our regrets with those of our professional brethren elsewhere, at w h at seems to our vision his untimely death, and unite with them iu acknowledging and honoring the .ibilitv wl. ii placed him in the front rank among journalists; in applauding the wis­ dom and purity which won him the leader­ ship among state- men, aud in revering the tn my great public and private virtues which tendered him admired aud beloved, and which shall ever endear his m e m o r y to ii* and to his country. /tV*.i/r«‘»/, That we tender to his bereaved family tho expression if our sympathy an«l condolence iu their aUliction, and tliat a copy of these resolutions be transmitted t\ them by the officers of the club. PERSONAL. I’reside/tt C r^ut and family returned to W ashington this evening. CiH.OP.KI> ll ROHM. To-day Jud : ■ Fisher, presiding iu tin Criminal Court, •nlered the .Marshal t ' 1 pnimiicn a number of colored citizens to fill vacancies in the grand and petit juries, one term of which was commenced this morning. A list of nine was prepared accordingly, and those selected were summoned this af­ ternoon. Before the close of the week this nc w element will i>e represented among the white jurors. y o u n g r>oi g l a s s . It is generally admitted that Douglass, ihe colored compositor, will continue at the government printing office, irres)«ectiv of auv society action. To-day three com posiuirs resigned. D u e of them, a cripple declared that he would not work with negro. Another compositor was di* charged. L a y i n g of ihr French C a b l e . f t c . , Ac. Ac. The receipts from Internal Kevenu day were NEW YO R K . to- Kr-Arrosl of Mem hers ( u l i a i i .1 ii nt a. o f H it1 M R R A Y M O N D ’S F U N E R A L . A c., Ac., A c. N i w Y ork , June 21. The United States steamer Frolic will r e ­ ceive the crew of the sloop Saratoga now in quarantine, ami after a thorough disinfec­ tion they will be sent to Portsmouth, N. H. GERMAN FESTIVAL. The New York Schutsenfest commenced at Jones’ Wood to-day. The attendance is immense. Delegations from 4 liarleston, Baltimore, Washington, New Haven and other cities are present. Various shooting societies. with guests, formed in the pr< cession, which w as half a mile long, and proceeded to the Woods after passing through tho principal streets. < fii the grounds six targets are erected, and tiring has heen brisk all day. Iji iN. IIENKY .1. RAN MONP’S OI'.SKIJUIES. The funeral services of the late Henry J. Raymond took place this afternoon in the Presbyterian Church, corner of T enth st reet aud University Place. The entire edifice, excepting a portion reserved for the family ami intimate friends of the deceased, was crowded fully two hours before the impres­ sive but sad services commenced. The rain, which feii at intervals in to r­ rents duriug tho afternoon, did not prevent a large assemblage of ladies. At about halt past live o clock, after nrayer at tho house. No. 12 West Ninth street, t. r the family, by Kev. Prof. Shcdd, the remains were removed to the c hurra, the pall bearers being (Jen. Dix. (.. n Mc­ Dowell, Thurlow Weed. Judge Daly, cx- Seaator Morgan. Wm. U- Bryant. Horace Crcelev, B. F. Tracy, A. U Stewart, M. H. (Jrinnell, Goo. Win. Curtis and U. U. Norvell. The chief moutners were Mr. Raymond's only son, his two brothers aud brothers-in-law, Mr. Ceo. Jones and others. The members of the Associated Press and nearly all tho prominent journalists of this L ondon , June 21.—The announcement of the sudden death of Henry J . Raymond, whicli was received here by cable ou Sat­ urday, creates a deep feeling of sorrow. The f ’all Mall eulogizes Mr. Ray­ mond as a publicist and journalist, and says his death creates a gap which cannot be filled. The Daily T- !“*raph, in a similar article, say a the private li-c <>f Mr. Raymond was amiable, courteous, loyal and hospitable, and lie was beloved l.y all, even when op- posed to many in jx.litics. In the House of Common* this evening -ir John Gray, Member from Kilkenny, asked the government if there was any reason to apprehend further trouble in Ire­ land, and if tlie military force in that coun­ try was to l»c strengthened. Mr. Fortescue, Chief Secretary for Ire­ land, stated that the government was in­ formed th a t Mr. Johnson, a prominent < >range leader in Ireland, had called a meet­ ing to celebrate tne au'T&'versary of the 12th of July. This was not an act of hostility to the government, but tiie practice of increasing the military force in Ireland about the time of His anniversary, was never more appa­ rent than in the present year. In the House of Lord's, to-nigut, Karl Gray gave notice lhat he should move to omit in the Irish Church bill that portion of a preamble which provides that the property or pro­ ceeds of said churcn shall not be held or applied for tho maintenance of any church or clergy or ministry, or for the teaching of religion. It ia reported that the ( ambridge boat­ men will withdraw from the match with the Harvard club. I* R U S S IA . The /.ollveroin Parliament having reject- 1 the proposed duty on petroleum, Count Yon Bismark declared that the presidency I the Zoll vt-rein Would not consent to any eview of the actual d u ty unless the cham­ ber reconsider its a tion. The duty ou su- ;ar lias passed. The sessiou will close to­ morrow. THE X-’RKNCH ( ABLE. I’<: i kst , Juuu 21. A i>an.tuut was given m board the steamship Croat Fas tern last light. Toasts were given in honor of Em­ peror Napoleon, Queen Victoria and Presi­ dent f I rant and to the union of France, England and America. At an early hour this morning the shore line and tlie deep a cable were spliced aud at daylight the whole expedition put to sea, the Great Eastern paying out the cable with ease and rapidity. Dispatches received from ou board the steamer sirnw that the work is '»oiug on without interruption. LATER FROM MEXICO. C ity »» f M i . \ p •, .lune 11 Mr. Neison, the u.-w Minister of tlie United States, ar- rived here on the 12th. Tho a u t h o r i t i e s at Acapulco Lad some difficulty with the I nited States steadier Pensacola, and an O r d e r was served upon her commander to the efl'ect that she must n o t leave the harbor. W ithout paying any attention to the order the Pensacola sailed on next d a y . The troubles in Aueretata are increasing. The federal forces in Michoocan and iJuanajuato have been ordered to reinforce the troops in the State of Queratara. There is much excitement over the coming elec­ tions. The Two Itc/wiili'-s newspaper pre­ dicts that the Government will surely carry the day. Tejada allows the church many privileges aud will gain its aid in the election. A revolution is on foot in Guadalajara. General Placido Veja has arrived at Tepee. General Ro/.aza has issued an order for a division of lands and haciendas among the Indians. This is looked upon as the begin­ ning of a war of races. Owing to vigorous measures of the gov­ ernment, kidnapping is on the decrease in all part* of the country. The latest news from Queretara is to the effect that the federal party have displaced the State offi­ cers and are executing prisoners for treason. EXCURSION. i* r o l * N « o r * a n d S t u i l r n t o o f K l m l r n < n l l r |{ < ' t o I r M t c J l n l l a l o t o - d u y o n a IV i s U r n I r i p . T h e E l m i r a C o l l e g e a n n u a l e x c u r s i o n p a r t y w i l l le a v e t h a t c i t y f o r a t o u r o f th o u p p e r la k e s th i s m o r n i n g . T h e p a r t y n u m ­ b e r s a b o u t o n e h u n d r e d la d i e s a n d g e n t l e ­ m e n , u n d e r t h e d i r e c t i o n o f P r o f . F o r d o f th e C o l li A m o n g t h e p r o m i n e n t g e n t l e m a n a c c h m - p a n y i n g t h e e x c u r s i o n a r e R e v . D r . C o w le s , P r e s i d e n t o f t h e C o l l e g e . P r o f . C . S . F a r ­ r a r , o f V a s s a r C o l le g e , H o n . E . N . F r i s b e , e x - M a y o r o f t h i s c i t y , a m i o t h e r s . T h e r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s o f t h e E l m i r a p r e s s w i l l .also h e o f t h e c o m p a n y . T h e p a r t y h a v e c h a r t e r e d t h e s p l e n d i d s c r e w p r o p e l l e r P a c i f i c a t B u f f a lo fo r th e t r i p , a t a c o s t o f § ’2 0 0 0 , a m i w i l l le a v e t h a t c i t y to m o r r o w a f t e r n o o n . W e d n e s d a y w i ll b e s p e n t in C l e v e l a n d a n d T h u r s d a y in D e - j t r o i t . T h e w h o l e t i m e o c c u p i e d w i l l lie a b o u t t e n (la y s . T h e t r i p in c l u d e s a v i s i t to t h e c o p p e r m i n e s o f I* h W a > e » u j»erlor. large purchases of American products, Among other things they bought of our gov- erment the celebrated ram .Stonewall for $400,000, paying §300,000 cash and ntipu- Reecher’s brother,) preached in the Park Street Church, Hartford, Sunday. Vice President Colfax is expected in Hartford Wednesday. A reception in his honor will lie given at j;he residence of Ply my Jewell, father of Governor Jewell. Chief Justice Chase leaves Raleigh Jun< 21st for Richmond, Va.,‘ where he will spend a few days. A t Mahanoy Plane. !'a.. a terrible explo­ sion occurred about half-pjut seven o’clock Sunday evening. The Ixnler of a locomo­ tiveive eDginegme belongingeionging too tliee Readingveauing R.\. R.v. , ■ ’ 1 ° , a. . .*■ - t eD o t m i i r latmg to pay tho halaooe on the' am .-al of | ejqj!od£ , killing t h i engineer, Ik-orjc Wil- tho r u n in .Japan. The State Department ; inatartly. V o tirlmun i* t-aJly hnrt, has recently received the final payment and but there is a prosjiect of Ins recovery. pan During thii time the oxponooo o i t u e | joini ith valoaWe ho„ ^ j * , veaeel ami crew some S.j.WJO were borne , CUU3U' r f _ L, ami advanced by the State Department ■ . through the Legation at Yeddo. an-:-- ----- placed the same in the Treasury to the | A tire Sunday evening in Philadelphia credit of the Navy Department Ih e re- i ,lest , the extensive carpenter shop oi UUloo in Japan canaed a long delay in tho SUoton & jicGarvey. eorner of Twenty dehTery of the ram after h er arrival m | third and Market street*. The hotel ad | joining, with valuable h( .oss heavy, ilt is thought it rk of au incendiary. . James Russell, a bol l and sk,llful shop­ lifter, w as arrested in New York yesterday and taken to Albany to answer U charge of grand larceny. A rthur A. Smith, au Albany cartman, was arrested last evening fur making a mur­ derous assault on his wife- with a carving knife, indicting a serious wound in her neck. President (-rant and family left New York city for Washington this morning. This sum was promptly reimbursed by the Japanese Government with interest. They also a l ­ lowed interest on the balance of the pur­ chase money from the date of the transfer in Washington to the time of the payment in Japan. g r a n t . President Grant is expected to return here to-morrow, and nearly all the mem­ bers of the cabinet will l*e in the city be­ fore the middle of the week. It is stated on good authority that at the Cabinet meeting to be held on Tuesday the Cuban question, in connection with the recent a r ­ rests of the prominent revolutionary agents in New York last week, will be considered. Tlie general feeling in administration cir­ cles is that some definite policy in reference to aff airs iu that island should be adopted. H EN S * V L V A NIA PC) Ll T ICS. Senator Cameron and Senator Scott, of Pa., have been trying to ilpset the appoint­ ments in that State made a t the instance of Representatives at a time when the Sena­ tors were too busy in executive session to attend to their interests. So far they have failed, and prophesy au inglorious defeat for the Radicals in Pennsylvania in conse­ quence, especially if ' Jen. Hancock is nomi­ nated for < lovernor by the Democrats. CHINESE IMMIGRATION. The subject of Chinese immigration to th< Pacific slope w ill be brought before Con­ gress a t its next session. Several promi­ nent representatives are now on a visit to California for the express purpose of s tudy­ ing the whole question, an.l another gentle­ man leaves here m a few days for San Fran­ cisco with s.milar intentions. It is appre­ hended that the number of Chinese who will arrive here within ten years will be estimated by millions, and the theory of some newspapers and politicians that they come merely for tho purpose of working without any desire or intention to partici­ pate in our politics is regarded Ly many as an assumption not altogether warranted by fact, history or experience. MARRIED. H A V E - '- F L E T C H E R - J u n e 20. in Eden, by Eev. W. I. H u n t, Mr. A lpb-u- Ii. iiay c s , of C o ld-n, N. V ., and Ml-* Mary L. F letcher, ul E d e n , Ji. V. P R A T T - F I S H E R —Ju n e 17th, by R e v . Dr. Ingersol, a i t h e residence of '.be bride s f a th e r , W illiam L P r a t t , of Buffa'o, and C o ra A. F iiiie ;, of West Seneca. DIED. JA M ISON—Ju n e 21. a t Statebridgre, N. Y ., Mrs. E) z ib r t h Jam ison, m o th e r u f J a m e s J a m ison, Eo<|, of this city, aged 76 y ears. F u n e ral from S t Joseph’s C a thedral at 2* P. M.. • W cdn sday. F riends and a c q u a intances a r e invited to attend. GA IL— May 2S, a t W est Falls, o f pneum o n itis, Betsy A. w.fe of Lockwood Ga l, aged 67 years. ANDREW'S — J u n e 19, a t C< Id e n , of c a p i l l a r y brcn- c ljitH , c im p l i c a t e d w h o o p in g C -U g h , F i n e r E. A n d rew s, aged 7 years 2 m o n t h s and 29 days. TRACY—At R ipley, C h a u tauqua county, N. V ., of couuautnption, H a iu u h , wife of R o o ster Tracy, in her 6 9 > h \ear, m o th e r of A lbert H . T racy, of tliis city. CLARK -Ju n e 21, in th is city, J o h n C lark, a g td 3v years. Funeral W ednesday a fternoon a t 31 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 4*7 fcevtnth st. Frien.l- and acquaintance* a re respectfully in v .ted to atte n d . U tica papers please copy. M o u r n i n g G o o d * . A com p e te assortm e n t a t reasonable pricca. BU F F A L O M OURNING STOKE, 414 Main St., A m erican Block. l a t u a i x T S . T H E RINK . GREAT RACE TO-NIGHT. GEO. D. GREENWOOD (Champion), AND E. L. ANTHONY, FOR TH E G O L D BADGE, EMBLEM OF TH E CHAMPIONSHIP. .VkisMvn ...................... Twnlvfirf Cuts u f e .................................................... c o a l n » w w > v I-’o r e i u t « N e x y s . E s p i n a r , a c t i n g C a p t a i n G e n e r a l of C u b a , j r e v i e w e d t h e v o l u n t e e r s o n S a t u r l a y . i T b c S p a n i s h w a r s t e a m e r F e r n a n d o C a t o - 1 l i c a s a i l e d fro m H a v a n a 'to - d a y w i t h t h e | c a p t u r e d s c h o o n e r l.a H a v e it* to w fo r I K i n g s t o n f o r t h e p u r p o s e i?f b r i n g i n g h e r , c a s e b e f o r e t h e E n g l i s h C o u .r t t h e r e f o r c a r - j r y i n g a r t i c l e s e o n t r a b a t u l o f w a r . T h e i S p a n i s h a u t h o r i t i e s r e f u s e d to ta k e a n y a c ­ tio n , a s t h e L a H a v e w a s c a p t u r f d o n h i g h i s e a s . S c h n e i d e r h a 1-- b e e n r e a p p o i n t e d P r e s i d e n t ; o f t h e F r e n c h C o r p s Iz i g i s U t i f , a n d A lfre« l L i e r o u t , B a r o n J e r o m e D a v » .i a u d D u m u r a l j V i c e P r e s i d e n t . ! T h e s t e a m s h i p < > r e a t E a s ; e r n h : i s a r r i v e d I o f f B r e s t . T h e w e a t h e r is V e r y u e l i g h t l u l . e ' T h e s p l i c e to t h e s h o r e c j . d w i f i s o o n lie ; m a d e a n d t h e n e w c a b l e u n i t e r w a y . i Is m a e l P a c h a , th e V i c e r o y a : E g y p t , I [ l e a v e s P a r i s fo r L o n d o n to - ; n o r r o w . i S l i g h t t u m u l t s o c c u r r e d i»t M i i a n y e s t e r - ' d a y . T h e m i l i t a r y w e r e 'c a l l e d o u t b u t j m e t w i t h u o r e s i s t a n c e . >,11 is q u i e t u o w . ! C o u n t T o r r e , t h e P r o f '- c t d t th e * l ’r o v i u c e , ! ha.- issued a pr.Kilamation’ threatening to I take severe mei ires to repressf the out- i breaks if they are renewed. A L I T T L E N 0 N B L N S . E . l l a r t f o r t l F i r e l n , u r * n c c C o m p a n y . C h a rtered in IS10. Cash C a p ital, f 1,000,000. WM. C. SM ITH, A g e n t, 4 BrownN Buildings, Buffalo, N. Y. P h o e n i x F i r e 1 n u u r a m e C o m p a n y . of H a rtford. C a p ital, #600,000. WM. C. SM ITH, A g e n t, 4 B row n 's Buildings, Buffalo, N. Y. C o n n e c t i c u t F i r e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y , of H a rtford. Cai i tal, #200,000. WM. C. SM ITH, A g e n t, 4 Brow n ’s B u ihling, Buffalo, N. Y. T e e t l i E x t r a c t e d W i t h o u t P a i n , J. O BARBOUR, form e rly of New Y o rk, haa aii office in connection w ith Dr. M. B. S tr a ight, D e n tist, where he can be found daily ready to relieve suffering hum a n ity. Dr. B a rbour, having Lad ^reat exj>erie::ee in extracting te e t h under th e influence *f N itroua Oxide (or laughing gas), will devote hi* whole tim e to th is branch of practice H u n d reds .-f testirionuda c a n be been a t t h e office, a t So. ‘363 Main treet. 18GG. 8G9. J . T. H O O L E & CO., Office No. 4 N. Division rt. W e are now prepared to receive o rders for th e best quality cf Pillslon. Willibharrr aid ladiawaona C«al. W hich, un til f u r th e r notice, we will soil at th e fol­ low ing ur'ces, per ton of 2n00 lba., delivered w ithin th e city lim its, outside of which a small charge vail l>e m ade for c a rtage: Ton. J Ton. J T om G r a te ...................... #a 15 #4 20 #2 _ ' E g g .......................................... 8 25 4 25 2 20 S tove....................................... 8 50 4 35 2 25 C h e s tn u t.................................S 26 4 25 2 10 P e a ........................................... 5 00 2 75 1 74) Also, B l-'ssburgh fo r l lacksm ith’s use, Lehigh Lum p (old Com p any’s a n d Sugar Loaf) fo r fouudry purposeS, a n d be«t quality of selected Soft Co d for grates, constantly on hand. We are also prepared to s u p 'y m a n u f a c turers w ith go«d B itum inous Coal for s team purpo-t-s a t low rates. O u r facilities, tor receiving, housing and deliver n g coal are unsu r­ passed, a n d we r e s p e c tfully solicit a share o f p a tr o n age. J . T. HOOLE, E L. HEDSTROM. I . a k c I r e . NEW Y O K k i :K, -June 19. —l.y the F o r t l i e 'W i s e n t A soothing n a p - sack M i­ n d W o m e n . illo w . Human jirogross—From pap to .papa. The latest thing in dresues—Night-dres­ ses. « The winds most dear to merchants— trade-winds. Knowledge is power- Hejaee th-3 widow's might. Many of the richest planters oi Jamaica The eub-ii,eer failed to notice thi, j live “ u coffee-gronnd.. as a come juence an engine, tender 1 - Wives who blow New Y oi : k , -June 11*. —By t careless­ ness of an engineer of a freight train, named Ryan, an immense destruction of property was caused on the Erie Railroad, ou .Satur­ day night. The bridgejover the Passaic river was opened to admit the passage of a schooner. The engineer failed to notice this fact, and as a com e juenee an engine, tender | Domestic magazine aad fourteen cars were precipitated through : up their husbands. the opening into the river. Fortunately, no j To keep vour wife in cumstat t check— lives were lost. Make her dress in gingham,. mal - i ’RA' tick . ; Motto for the Sheriff—Render unto seizer A young man uaiu. d Ntraffe died a t Bell- ! tlu. t LlUgs that are seizer’s. vue Hospital yesterday morning under cir- 1 cumstancca tliat throw suspicion so strongly upon one Dr. Armand, ol Bleecker stre that a warrant for hi Tlie Buffalo Ice Companv are now prej-an-d t o sup- plv cu t ’-roen* w ith Lake Tee a t ih e b.w e rt ratc-3. A tuM sup;.ly cuarantot-il tlie aeaaon thro u g h . The lH.-li/erv Wag*>n.-> of tnid c inpany are co'ored red and p r .m in e n tlr lettered “ LAKE IC E .” Any inai- ten ih o i of m e n d tliv i rieg ic-, if re|»orted a t th e of­ fice, Hill 1* corrected. O rders left at MAKVIN’B DRUG ST o ltK , c >r. Wa. hiugton and Seneca s treets, wiil be p ro m p tl> t il le 1 ^ * 1 BiUUGS. B u f T u l o T y p e F o u n d r y And PR IN T E R S ' W AREHOUSE furnishes every article required m th e p r inting business to any ex­ te x t desired, on as reasonable terras as a n y Foundry in tli io c o u n try. Also, E ECT ROT Y P IN G in all its variety. Also, type adapted f o r Dick s M ailing Ma­ chine. n . u X MAN. N i a g a r a I M u n f n g M i l l C o m p a n y . Door Sash a n d Blind M a n tifactory, 208 E. Seneca St., Buffalo.' F looring, Siding, M o uldings, B rack­ ets, Kiln D ried Do ora, G lared and U nv lazed Sash, Inside am i O u tside Blinds; Door and Window Fram es. AKo, Planing, Sawing ai d T u rning of every description done to order ou short notice and w ith dispatch. T h e to w n c l e r k o f H a r t f p r t l r» p o r t s o n e \ d e a t h l a s t y e a r fr o m “ ig u o r .x r ic e .' What did our first parents dt/ in Eden? 1 Adam kept the garden und Eve raised trhed in mind took and in mevliately arrest has been is­ sued. it appears that Straife, ln-ing ill, ob­ tained some medicine from the Doctor, which produced a frightful pain in the stomach, and on consulting another physi­ cian, h t took an emclL. V portion of the matter emitted from his stomach was ana- j lyzed aud found to contain Steel’s green, an* active poison. dav; now let’ fiuht *. j >voud. A tenement house brawl took place at ,, . , . . ... .. , , 1 „ i “ W o n t t h a t b o a - c o n s t r i c t o r b i t e m e .' N o . In .; D o w n i n g s t r e e t , y e s t e r d a y a f t e r - ; . . . . . . . . . . . . , , . , ° , i. „ *i s a u l a l i t t l e u r c h i n to a s h o w m a n . O h . n o o n , m w h i c h o n e L y n c h , a g e n t to r t h i ' , . . . . , ,, . • landlord of the pren& c* attempted t.. j , hV ” V 'W b ,t\-' ^ 9Vllk r “ >*“ shoot an occupant named Stringer, and shot i ' Vl vsw ioe. a watch mag named Gaygan instead. He j Mrs. Jenkins complained in t^e evening was arrested. that the turkey she had foi rhioiksgiving Yesterday afternoon John Kinney, re-| >*.d *.ot ret well. “ Probably, said Jeu- siding at No. SS South Orange avenue, f kins, “ it was not a hen turjtey. Newark, X. J ., became engaged in a quar- ( “ T h a t’s very siugular, saul a young lady • T h e m a n w h o w a s d isl , a d o s e o f y e a s t p o w d e r i r o s e a b o v e h i s t r o u b l e s . “ B o b , ” s a i d a fa c e t i o u s f a r m e r to b i s s o n , “ w e h a d a p r e t t y h a r d d a y 's w o r k y e s t e r - h a \ e i» g a n . e c f c L o p f i i i g H i g h w l n e n , A l c o h o l , E t c . THOM AS CLA R K , succe.-.sor to Clark & Brown, R ifQ ilyiug D istiller, corner of W a shington and Perry I'.rM i-. Buifala m a n u f a c turer and u- a lcr in Higl.- wines. Alcohol, P u re S p irite, Cologne S p irits, Recti­ fied W h isky, Old Rye W h isky, Dom estic lirar.die^- and Gin G l a s s , U l a s * , G l a « a . 6100 17 ixee W indow Glass, assorted .sizes. PLATE G L a S S FOR STORKS AND DW E L L INGS at Le: • th a 'i Eastern Prices. 50,000 ths. W H ITE LEAD, 10o*bbla. LINSEED O IL F o r sale by A REYNOLDS & CO., 191 Main nt. and 4ii Lined s t. BuOalc, N. Y. I l u f f i t l o M a l l e a b l e I r o n W o r k i . J’ a llcabie Iron m a d e t o order PR A T T & i ETCM- W fSRTil, P roprietors. Office 62 a n d 64 T e rrace st., BufU lo, N. Y. _ _ J e ^ n e r ’i h a i r T o n i c u n i t H r s l o r a l i v r , Thi Incom p a rable rem edy. T ry it.—it never fails. This preparation stops th e hair falling o u t and prom o tes a vigorous grow th clean.es the scalp of dandruff, and render* th e l.r.ir soft anil glossy. I t contai> s no s u lp h u r ,s u g a r o f lead or o th ­ er -uloring m a tter, being designed fcxorewly for Htrv^igtheninsr th e hair. 50 c e n ts a n d #1 jn-r iiottle. l*r» <ared by R. J E N N K K , C h em ist, 410 Main St., op- th e Park. Q .E X C I N E LACKAWANNA COAL F o r M a n u facturing and D o m estic use,w h ich is mined and s h ipped only by Tilt DEIAWAKI AAD ULNA CANAL CO. The undersigned are now prepared t o receive or­ ders for th e a b ove superior quality of coal, which will be screened a n d delivered in good condition in quantities to s u it purchaser*. Prices for t h e present, p e r t- iu of 2000 l!»j, delivered w ithin th e old city lim it*, a re a* follows: Ton. i Ton. 4 Ton G r a te ............................... #8 16 #4 20 #2 2C E g * ................................... 8 25 4 26 2 20 S tove ............................... X 60 4 35 2 26 C h e s tn u t ........................ S ‘25 4 26 2 20 Also, B iosahurg, Lehigh L u m p and prepari-ii coal, Scotch and Am erican Pig I r o n , Fire B rick, e tc., wholesale a n d r e tail. G. R. W ILSON A CO., _____________ 96 Ohio s t ., corner Mississippi 0 H. DUDLEY S l CO., W holesale aud R e tail D e f e r s in SUGAR LOAF, LEHIGH, SPUING BROOK, FR A N K L IN , m a n LMUWAMA, BUftBTMH, EOF AND CLEVELAND COAL. Principal Office CO R N E R E R IE A ND TERRACE STS. YARD, FOOT O F E R IE ST. Buffalo, April 21.1869. r n m c i u . , a n d in t i i e c o u r s e u t th u j t o a g e n t l e m a n ;ed d h u s b a n d s e i z e d a n a x e | “ o) h : vlio h a d kissed her r e l w i t h I . . , d i s p u t e t h e e n r a g e h u s b a n d s e i z e d a n a x e j “ t h : w e l l , m y d e a r m i s s . ’ ' w a s t h e r e p l y a n d in f l i c t e d a w o u n d u p o n h e r h e a d , w h i c h | “ I w i l l so o n m a k e i t p l u r a l :’ a n -1 t h e V i 1 - i w i l l in a l l p r o b a b i l i t y te r m i n a t e f a t a l l y . Ia i n d i d . mb . R aymond ’ s kunf . bat .. j C o l e r i d g e , t h e p<-et a h d p h i l o s o p h e r , a r - I T h e f u n e r a l o f t h e l a t e e d i t o r o f t h e N e w j r i v i n g a t a n iu n . c a l l e d o u t : \ W a i t e r , d o i v. :*r k T 1’ ■' \ i l l ta k e p l a c e t h i s a f t e r n o o n j y o u (lin e h e r e c o l l e c t i v e l y o r . in d i v i d u a l l y ? ” j a t six o ’c l o c k ,n t h e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h , j “ S i r , \ r e p l i e d t h e k n i g h t (*f th . j n a p k i n . | •’e v . A . H . K e l l o g g , p a s t o r , c o r n e r T e n t h ; “ w e (lin e s a t s i x . \ s t r e e t a n . l I m v e r s i t y P l a c e , i h c c a s k e t j A w e l l - k n o w n p h y s i c i a n ifg e d t o s a y t h a t c o n t a i n i n g t h e re i n a i i i * o i t.io d e c e a s e d w i . l j r o a s t b e e f , s e r e n i t y o f m i n d , c o l d - w a t e r b e b o r n e J > y t h e f o l l o w i n g e m i n e n t g e n L c - j b a t h r ., a u - i a n a m i a b l e w i l e ! w o u l d m a k e 1 J m o a t a n y m a n h e a l t h y , w e a l t h y a n d v i s e . A g e n t l e m a n s e e i n g a tin e p a i n t i n g re p r t N I C K L E ! rrjee city, and quite a number from other parts of tlie country, were present, while the Time* office was represented by nearly all the attaches of the establishment. The ceremonies at the church opened with a voluntary on the organ, llev. Dr. Stephen H. Tyng read the Episcopal ser­ vice tor tho dead. Key. Henry Ward Beecher delivered a touching eulogy of Mr. Kayinoml. Kev. Mr. Kellogg, pastor of the church where the services were held, fol­ lowed with prayer, and Kev. Prof. Shedd pronounced tlie benediction. Tlie coffin was a very handsome rosewood casket, sil­ v e r mounted, and w j i inscribed simply with the name and age of the deceased, and covered with several )>eautiful wreaths of Immortelles. After the services the lid was opened and the whole audience passed in procession around the coffin, each member taking a last look upon the remains of one of New York's most respected ami deeply loved sons. The lid was again closed and the congregation dispersed. The remains, it is understood, were left in the church during to-night, and will lie privately interred to­ morrow at Greenwood by the family. Mrs. Raymond and daughters were present in church during the ceremonies. Gov. Hoff­ man, though desirous of attending, was un­ avoidably detained at Albany. From the City Hall an-1 other public buildings, ho­ tels and newspaper offices, tiags were dis- played at half-mast during the afternoon. The Board of Aldermen to-day adopted reso­ lutions in honor of the memory of Mr. Ray­ mond. THF. A KLLOW FEVER. Two additional deaths from yellow fever Lave occurred among the patients on board the steamship Illinois, and six new cases have been admitted to the hospital from the Saratoga. When the remainder of the crew have tmcn transferred to the steamship Frolic, the Saratoga will be placed in charge uf ship * keepers and detained in the lower bay until there is no further danger of in- ection. The following are the names of he patients who died yesterday on board the hospital ship Illinois: James Anderson of New York, apprentice, and Samuel F. Blodgett of Ggdensbarg, mate. AGAt’N IS LIMBO. Ignatius Alfaro, Col. W. A. Ryan, Capt. James Peters and Mesar*. Ackerman & Soiedorf, members of the Caban Junta, trere arrested this evning and lodged m M ISSISSIPPI. ( i i . r f o r ili«- M i i n l c r o f C o l . C r a n r . Ja« k sos, Miss, June -1.- In the case of Verger, before the Military Commission for the shooting of Col. Crane, the defence commenced the examination of witnesses to day. It shown that the piano seized was net tlie property of Verier, and < rane knew the ft t, but ordered tiiu officer to make t he sei/ ro notwithstanding. It is further shown by correspondence that Verger had offered to settle the claim of tho city against him if the city would settle a claim he held against it for dam­ ages to property caused bv neglect of the city government. An order o». restitution had been issued by Judge Peyton in the high cfuirt aud served ou Crane previous to the difficulty, but it had not been obeyed. The 1 'onservative Republican Convention will meet in this city on Wednesday, June ‘23. The Radical Republican Convention will meet on Thursday, J u ly I. MISCELLANEOUS. About twenty thousand persons witness­ ed the game of base ball between the Red Stockings and the Athletics of Philadelphia vesterday. The game resulted in favor of the Cincinnati club by a score of “ 7 to IS. Prof. H. Dussance. an eminent chemist, having charge oi 1 ihlen & * o. s laboratory, and editor of the Industrial L'hunist, pub­ lished in New York and Boston, died sud­ denly at his residence in New Lebanon, N. Y., last night. Gov. Clarion, of Massachusetts, has sign­ ed the prohibitory liquor law, to go into effect July l*t. A thief entered the sleeping apartment of E. Raymond, in Cambridge, Mass., early yesterday morning and stole silverw are, U. S. bonds, aud other valuables, amounting to 312,000 or $16,000. The June meeting of Narragauset Park Association commences to-day and contin­ ues four days. Premiums have been offer­ ed amounting to $13,000. Mauy famous horses have been entered, ami a large a t­ tendance of people is anticipated. Chief Justice Chase arrived at Richmond last night from Raleigh, N. C., on his way to Washington. Several buildings were consumed by fire at Monroe, La., last evening. Loss $30,000f The straw paper mill of Beach ft Co., at Sandy Hill, near Troy, was burned on Sat­ urday nijfht. Loss $20,000. Insurance from'$1U,d00 to $15,000. Dispatches from Key W est of this morn­ ing say the bark Lucy A. Nichols, from H a v a n a for New York, put in there with the captain and six of the crew dewn with yellow fever. Mrs. Ann Festlomel, of Baltimore, was burned to daath yesterday by the explosion and ignition of a can of ooal oiL men: I he Mayor of tlie city; Major-1 John A. Dix; Judge C. P. Daly ; M r.Thur- low >Veed; Mr. Horace Greeley; Mr. A. T. Stewart; Mr. Geo. H. Curtis; Admiral Farragut; Major-Gen. McDowell; Hon. E. D. .Morgan. Mr. W. C. Bryant; Mr. B. F. Tracy; Mr. M. H. Grinnell; Mr. C. C. Nor­ vell/ _______ T H E S O I T H . S t . Lours, Mo., June 21.—About fifty business lirmshave guaranteed M erchants Exchange, or Crain Association,against loss in the experiment of bringing Ocean steam­ ers from New York and loading Loro wttn grain fo r tLot. p o r t . EXTENSIVE SMUGGLING, &C. The sugar, coffee, cigars and pepper, w hich wore seized in May last, by the Sur­ veyor of this post tor Custom II *nse at New Orleans, were ou Friday aud Saturday m course of transfer from different prem­ ises iu this city to the United States bon led warehouse. The total value of property’ seized was between §70,900 and $80,000. Some forty marchants were innocently involved iu tho transaction. ITEMS. A company of the Tenth Infantry arrived here ou Saturday, from St. Paul, tn route to Brownsville, TcaOs A heavy storm of rain passed over the city yesterday. Since the storm the tem ­ perature is cooler. f THE RED SKINS. The Republican has a special from Hays i ( ity, K ansas, dated June 19th, which says j Col. Greenwood’s surveying party, who are i surveying the route of the Kansas Pacific j Railroad from Sheridan to Denver, was at- tacked this morning a few miles beyond deafness, the judge said : * Could you Sheridan by a band of Cheyennes. The hear my charge to the jury wr - 4J e», I surveyor's were well armed, and after ades- j heard yonr honor s charge, • said I addy, {>erate fight succeeded in killing four lu- , ‘‘but I couldn t make any s-*ase out or it. dians, wounding several and putting the j ble w-as let off. balance to (light. The servant of an army officer one day Two brothers in Greenwood’s party, met a crony, who inquired Gf him how he named Schuyler, were wounded—one eriti- ! got along with his fiery master. “ Oh! ex- caliy and the other slightly. I celleutly!” answered the seriant, “ we live The Indians report th a t Spotted Tail, | on very friendly terms; every morning we •ith two hundred lodges, ha* left the reser- ; l>eat each other's coats; the Dnly difference senting a man playing on a lute, paid this high compliment to the ac.ist: “ When I look on that picture L fancy, myself deaf.” Be careful of your health! girls Don't mind being called “ old fogj,” because you wrap yourselves up well and never venture out in thin shoes. Better ac. old fogy than a young corpse. “ My son,” Said an anxioui- father, “ why do you use that nasty tobacco? ’ The h<‘y tleclininu to ---- - I - ' H-, m the spirit in which i t was askeof, replied; “ Io get the juice.” The pastor of a popular cjnnrth, at the Sunday Scheol concert, sai<l “ Boys, when I heard your beautiful sougs lo-eight, I hail ! to work hard to keep my fe ;t still; w hat do you suppose is tlie trouble with them ?” “ Chilblains, s ir,” shouted a tittle six-vear- old. Two physicians a t the bed fide of a pa­ tient disputed as to nature of the disease. A t last one of them ended -the discussion by saying: “ Yery well, have it your own way now, but the post mort,:m will show that I am right.\ The (lafient was not much encouraged. A New Hampshire editor, .who has been keeping a record of big beets, .announces at last that “ the beet that beat tne beet that j beat the other beet is now bea^n i.y a buet | that beats all the beets, whether the origi­ nal beet, or the beet that befit the beet, or j the beet that beat the beefi tnat beat the ither .beet.” An Irish juror having applied to the to be excused from serving on account F I X E A R T S . U P S O N & S I M P S O N , F H O T O G K A F H E R S , 456 MAIN STREET PlLTU K E b ON E X H IB IT IO N AT BOSTON A R E NOW AT OUR ART RoOMS. litK l > W A R E A.XP S T O V E S . rp H E MORNING ANI) EVENING STAR Im proved. A SPL E S O IU KIKST-CI.AS3 COOK STOVE. ONE OF T H E BL.VI IN M.kKIiF.T. Sold only by SHAW S l FERRIS, 44(3 Main s t., Buffalo. vatiou and is coming down, with what in tention is not known. Army officers who came down on thp steamer Cora report a light between th< Sioux and Reis, below Fort Rufort, in hich the Siuux lost ten killed and fifteen wounded, and the latter lost one killed and three wounded. The Sioux have goue for reinforcements aud intend to renew the f i g h t . _________ ^ ^ I t e m s b y T e l e g r a p h . Howell ft Co.'s wagon factory at < arth- age, 0., was destroyed by fire Sunlay night. Loss about $10,000. The supplementary concert of the great Peace Festival came off in the Coliseum, Saturday night, before an audience of about 15,000, and proved a great success. There were 5000 choristers, some of them from towns fifteen miles off, and Madame Parepa Rosa, Miss Adelaide Phillips and d e Bull participated. The concert was conducted by Messrs. Gilmore, Zerrahn and Eichberg. The former had a very w arm reception. It is probable that there will be no more musical entertainments given in the 1 'olist-uro this week, at least until Saturday, when a series of popular musical entertainments will probably be inaugurated. In most of the churches .Sunday, favorable allusion was made by the preachers to the great moral accom­ plishments and effects of the Peace Fes­ tival. They were united in commendation of the affair. Vice President Colfax spent Sunday in Springfield, Mass., as the guest of Samuel Bowles, and leaves to visit Senator Morrill at Stratford, Vt. Rev. T. Beecher, of Elmira, (H. \Y, is, he takes his off to be bealen, and 1 keep mine on.” A merchant being unable ;;o live as com­ fortably as be desired, and at the same time pay his debts, failed several times in busi­ ness. and made assignments t, f his property. Finally he died. Among .hose who had rause to remember him was Mr. B , who, meeting one of his nij;hbors, was in­ formed that Uncle C— ’iras dead—had pfiiil the debt of nature. “ l,j that so?” re­ plied B — ; “ why didn't be make an as­ signment ?” An Arkansas judge of the old times, who i had an office in common v i;h a physician, was at his table, busy with oriefs and bills in chancery. The doctor was writing a let­ ter, and pausing for a moment, called out: “ Judge, isn't e-q-u-i the waj to spell equi- nomical?. “ Yes, .1 think i( is.\ said the Judge; “ b u t here's W ebster s Dictionary— I can soon tell you.” He ojiened the book and turned over the leaves, r jpeating aloud, “ E-qui-nomical—e-qui-nomic aL” Finding the p ^ p e r place, he ran his eye an i finger up and down thecolumn two or three times, until he was thoroughly satisfied the word was not there. Closing t h ; book with a siam, the Judge laid his spectacles on the table, and rising slowly, broke forth: “ Well, sir, I’ve always been a Daniel Web­ ster man, and 1 voted for hit,* for President; bat any person that will write aa big a dic­ tionary as that, and not p u t ' as common a word as e-qui-nomical in iR can't get my vote again not once.” m • :•». ------ Tbc Hare C s rc, J e a a c r 'i Ca u g h M i x t s n , Cure* Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bcsnenem, sod all affections of the Throat or L p r c Fifty caato B. JDnrCR, Chemist, , ofjpM tts t h * FMfc. 'J 'H E AMERICAN COOKING STOVE. UU1B [MOVEMENT IM THIS STOVE AND AN O T H E R PATENT. A fter a long series of experim e n t* vre have added the Base B u rning principle to th e ’ AMERICAN COOKING STOVE, By w h ich a m o re uniform com b u stion is obtained in all nut* of th e Fire Box, a n d a continuous fire can be S e p t with a great s a v ing o f fuel. Thi* is another ace jisltion to th is world renow n e d stove a n d is fully »e<3red by L e tters P a tent. 7 his stove has now been before t h e public for eight yes 's, a n d (K«r Fifty TU-acd «f ilr* in ii 1st, To th e entire satisfaction of t h e people, a n d t h e y are eagerly sought after n all th e State* betw e e n t h e At- !antic and Pacific coast*. We have im p roved it from tim e to tim e un til it is adm itted to lie a m o st perfect as a stove; and the strongest evidence of its superiority over all o tb.cn is ti* num e rous a ttem p t* t o im itate its nam e and de­ sign. W hile some of these im itation* are infringe­ m e n ts o f our right* and are being prosecuted, all will be found greatly inferior to th e genuine article in t h e ir operation-. SH E A R , PACKARD * CO., 17 a n d 19 Green s treet, Alhanv N. Y. F o r sale bv C. EL W ALBRID G E , 271 Maui rtreet Buffalo, X. Y. __________________________________ 'J 'H E P E E R L E S S IS CONCEDED TO BE THE BEST COOK STOVE E V E R MADE. It is a SPLEN D ID BA K E R and perform s equally well in o th e r respect* I t ia a perfect GAS BU R N E R and require* LESS FU E L th a n any o th e r stove. I* ^ equally well adapted fo r wood or coal. I t is th e HEA V IEST first class stove in m a rket, and therefore MORE D U R A B L E It is m ad* from t h e BEST QUALITY of iron, and w a rranted n o t t o crack. A n d f o r BEAUTY O F DESIG H , SM O O T H N E SS O F CASTING** A ND ELEGANCE O F FIN ISH JJNION C0/,L AUD WOOD COMPANY, Foot of C o u rt st. A large q u a n tity of H A R I ) A N D SOFT COAl. FOR 8 ALE, A n d 1000 CORDS OF CANADA WOOD (lJeacl aud Maple), e ith e r in .stick or *awt d or split. D elivered in any p a r t of t h e city. Liberal deductions m ade to d r i e r s . 111-tf DA R L ING & MONTAGUE. 1869. 18es ANTHRACITE COAL CO., FOOT O F ) G E N E S E E ST. w^il sell un til f u r t h e r notice these celebrated coals a t t h e follow ing p rices per t o n of 2000 lbs, deliverid in any p a r t of th e old city lim its, outside of w h ich a sm all c h a rge w ill be m a d e f o r c a rtage: G rate .................................................. 8 16 Egg........................................ Stove .................................................. C h e s t n u t . .. .................................... 8 25 Term s s tr ictly Cash w hen ordered. GEORGE DAK IN , A gent. EufT&io, M aj 19, 18CW Ton *Ton JTon #8 -V) #4 35 #2 25 8 15 4 20 2 20 8 25 4 25 2 20 8 60 4 35 2 25 8 25 4 25 *2 l i C OAL AND COKE.—W E B STER ft FR E D E R IC K , Office and Y a rd. 219 Krie St., tn Coit Slip, wiil sell genuine Lackaw ana, Scranton, P ittsto n , and o th e r hard coals. Also, krie and Cleve­ land best soft coal*, B lossburgh, s o ft n u t and slack for s team purposes at t h lowest m a rk e t price, which will bo screened and delivered in good condition, in •quantities to suit purchasers. Branch office No. V W. Swan st. ALBRO * BY R N E , Agent*. ELLIS WEBSTER, P. C. FREDERICK. Q O A L , COAL. F A R N H A M & A L L E N , C O R N E R E R I E A ND R IV E R STREETS H a v e on h a n d , a n d for *ale a t all tim es,PITTSTON and o th e r hard coals. Also E r ie best soft coals BLOSS B U R G H, L E H IG H , SLACK and NUT, at the lowest m a r k e t prices. FA R N H A M £ ALLEN. Buffalo, May 9, l&fiS. Q U E E N CITY COAL YARD, G E N E S E E BRIDGE AND E R I E CANAL, Office 299 G enesee s .. Buffalo, N. Y. F o r sale a good assortm e n t of all kinds of H ARD AND SO F i COAL, who esale and retail. C o n s tantly on nan-i a i - . a superior quail lity of HARD AND SOFT WOOD h r sale, sawed a n d split, or in th e stick, de­ livered ir. any p a r t of th e city. D ealers w a n ting small lots of coal o r wood will do wed to give us a call before purchasing elsew h e re. S. DARLING. 0 O A L , COAL. A. & .T. H A M IT .L, So. Hi Scull Street. Corner of MLwsi|ipi. H ave on hand and for sale a t th e low est m a ket price* G E N U IN E L A C K A W A N N A , B itum inous a n d Blowbtirgh Coals. All coal screened and perfectly dry. Term* cartt w hen ordered. B U I L D I N G * JSA A C HOLLOWAY, D e a ler in HUM Pit LOCkPilRT SAMISTIIJE, FLAGGING, CURBING, PLATFORM S. D o o r and W indow Cap* and Sill*, Step*, Etc. Office and Y a rd corner of M ichigan st. and the Mam and H a m b u rg Canal. w E INVITE Sold ottlyjby i unequalled. H A W * F E U U S , T h e A tten tio n of B U IL D E R S To o u r Large and w ell Selected Stock of HARDWARE, NAILS, TOOLS, ftc, Pricce Low. SHAW k FE R R IS, v 446 Mam st., Buffalo. 0 U M M I N C S k CLARK, P roprietors of th e AKRON CEMENT WORKS. and dealer* in Offiea72 R iver s t r e e t ; B ranch office 1 C a n t. W h a r Buffalo, H. T . TT C«n;mfng* _________________ Seth C lark. __________ PA P E R . ____________ C HRISTBY ft JKNKS. (S u c c e a o rs t o A r th u r C h ristey J Dealer* in TA T ID N E R Y , PA P E R , AND BLANK BOOKS, PR Q ITEK S ’ AND BINDERS* STOCK, Nos. 200 a n d 202 M ain a t ., Buffalo. A R T H U R CHRISTEY. EDMUND B. JE N KB. J ^ C. WOODRUFF f t U>., r m lis m m i u s aii iealeb, 24 and 36 PE A R L T R E E T , BUFFALO, E e e p on h n d a n d m a m riactaie t o order paper* of every grade, e t W h d a d * Pricca. C A tH PA ID for * 0 kinds of Paper stock. Waretoowe* e f t h * l i m n Faffs Paper H S U , Wy- l c \ o S S S w f ) 1W ' u n r i u u K K i m s . «ni a w MH e m u t woooscrr c a m ’ n m u r a w . BUFFALO SAVINGS BANK. COR. W A8IUROTON A ND BATAVIA S T U R T * , j The Board of T rustees h a v e ordered interact a t the rate of » x p e r c e n t, per a n n u m , fra* of governm e n t ta x , t o lie paid t<> d e p o sitors e n titled th e r e to , on and after J u l y 18th, 186B, for six m o n ths, ending Jun. 3. th . In terest n o t w ithdraw n , will draw interest fr..m Ju ly l* t, th e sam e as prm c i: a l. «ix per cent, in terest, free from governm e n t tax , allowed on ah sum s 'ro m f t t o #3000. Bank open daily from S A E t o l P . l L W A R R E N BRYANT, P resid tn t. H. HOW ARD, Secretary. Ju n e 21, 1869. H C O U T I O S . J. R. HOWELL PRACTICAL G ILD E R A N P FRAM E M AKER No. 13 South Division 8treet. L4ii{ (ilass, iVtraii » b >1 Pirluir Francs O F A L L K INDS MADE TO ORDER. An a*-ortiuent of Fram e s , Engravings, C h rom o s, etc., a lw ays on hand. I have also on e x h ibition th e new and beautiful Duplex M irro:* for Ladie*' Dres-ing Rooms, Mil.in- e r ., Drea* M akers a n d Tailors' Store* for which I am ready to receive order*. Call am! -ee. N. A —Pa* t i t u l a r a tten tio n paid to cleaning and varnU h itig Oil Paintings. •T. I t. H o w e ll. N EW I'A l ’E R H A N G IN G S ! NEW DECORATIONS NEW WINDOW SHADES, CORDS, TASSELS, OIL CLOTHS FO R Fl.oO R S , TABLES AND COUNTERS. Special a ttention i-called to m v ’ Decoration De- partm » n t, and Fine Parlor Papers, s u p e rintenued by MH. EDW ARD BLRLKY, F o rm e rly W h ite A Burley. C o u n try M erchants -applied a t Nev. Y rk city prices. M. H. E. E, 2IS Main treet. W B. O L V E l i , • Succes-or U> THOMAS BRIGGS, No. 6 Genesee s t., Genesee Hou-e Block. PORTRAIT, PICTU R E AND LOOKING GLASS FRAM E S MADE TO ORDER. J . J O S E P H S , HOUSE, SIGN AND FANCY P A I N T E R , 4 6 E x c h a n u r e S t . , Bullalo, N. Y. I V MY OLD CUSTOMERS, A n d as m a n y new ones a s choose to com e, I beg leave to s tate th a t I am prepared to do KALS0MIMNG, TINTING WALLS, O r a n y thing in m y line of business a* well a* anv- ________________ body in tlie city. p O S T f t Y I E R G I Y E R , D ealers in PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, W INDOW SASTI, ARTISTS’ M ATERIALS, Ac., No. 13 E. Swan st., Buffalo, N. Y. Glazing done t o order. JO H N C. POST, JACOB VIERGIVER. B O O K S A I D S T A T I O N E R Y . D O N T G E T C R O S S . B u t throw away y o u r |K»or, th ick Black Ink a n j get Mine COMMERCIAL PU R P L E W R ITING FLUID, It flow* very free, don’t g a t ihiek or change color. FELTO N £ BRO. M a n u facturer’* A g ents. D U N K B O O K S . J . J . C H IC H E ST E R , MANUFACTURER, Shipping, ifiiniDFrfial Wtrk, Ruling and Binding O F EVERY DESCRIPTION. 18? W a il.ington st.. Buffalo. MUSICAL. w E H A V E J l ' S T P U B L I S H E D T H E foil .wing New Music My W illie f o r Thee. Soiig and cB«>r Bv-ir Adamson. A ton. lilng and plaii th a t c a n n o t fail t o please. Pri. e 30 ets. 11 Pack). W altz. An easy arrangem e n t of thi* jsipi’lar w altz, being No 23 o f tlie “ K n apsack S e t.” Ly K Denton. Price 25 «.‘ts. G enevieve de B rabant, introdm r n g t h e beautiful “ S e renade.” Thi* also is one of th e “ Kiumcack S e t.” I'rice 20 ct*. R iverside Galop. A da-hing a n d sp 'rited, though easy piece. By Miss Ada A. Ken a? a. Price 30 « t-. N r e tu ru e , in D fiat. By Cano lies a Thi* j* one of th e nm st beautiful Nocturne* th a t we have ever heard. The a u th o r is c o m p a ratively unknow n here, b u t he fmssesses undoubted ability, and we recoin-a m e n d Nocturne. Price 40 ct*. 1 Music m a iled, p o st-paid, o n r e c e ipt o f t h e price. COTTIER k DENTON. 269 Main r t r e e t. C H R IS KUKTZMAN, PIANO MANU FACTUKEK. c o m e r Batavia a n d Elm s ta., two squares from old C o u rt House. T h e nubacriber keep* constantly on hand a choice aaeortm e n t of Piano Forte*, In e legant rosewood canca. which he w a rrants to be e q u a l in tone, touch and finish to any m a n u fac­ tured in th e country. Person* d e sirous of obtaining a superior in s tr u m e n t are respectfully invited to give him a call before p u r r t a s 'r g *l**wh*r* CH R ISTIA N KURTZMAX. E X P R E S S . A M E R I C A N MERCHANTS’ UNION EXPRESS COMPANY, NOS. 7, 9,1 1 AND 13 W. SENECA ST., BUFFALO. CA P ITA L ........................................................U M i M W Forw a rd w ith t h e greatest Booed aad Safety, COIN, BANK NOTES, JEWELRY A n d o th e r valuable M erchandise aad Package*, A nd c ollect NOTES, DRA F T S a n d ACCOUNTS. Bills sen t w ith g»ods, a n d execute all o t h e r Commission* connected w ith th e Ex pres- burinew , a t a ll th e prin­ cipal place* b etween th e city off N E W YORK a a d the W E S T E R N. NORTH and SOUTH W ESTERN STATES a n d CANADAS, c o n n e c ting w ith o th e r re- »pon-ible E x p ress Companies. GOODS, COIN, BANK NOTES, JE W E L R Y AND VALUABLES. WM. O. rA R O O , President, WM. B. PE C K . A g ent. ATTO R N E Y S. 17'ORBUSH ft HYATT, F Huccemtor* to E. B. k W. H . Forbewh, Solicitor* of Am e rican a a d Foreign Patent*, and ATTORNEYS IN PA T E N T CASES, Weed’* B lock, c o m e r o f Main and Swan utreeta, BUFFA L O . N. Y. J a v H y a t*. W. H. Forbush. tt'v A OmiM *n*r ♦ f w ______ e. h a a ical Fuyinee /COOPERAGE. F. K . P L U M B L Y , Tank and C istern B u ilder, aad dealer in new second hand barrels, tan k s , hoop*, staves aad I ing. Alt k inds o f Cooperage c o n s tantly o * •J w OOL! WOOL I WOOL I FISKE, CLARK ft FLAGG’S PATENT PANTALOON DRAWERS, A l i l K T FOR T H I S C ITY , T . K E N N E T T , t t 7 8 M a i n S t . COM PANY. m m S F EO. K E L L Y ...................... Mi *111 leave Buffalo, T l 'K S t . E i ’i S ukSStJSeSSL elas* •ommctUn at Portage Lake, with ‘the ATLAJTTlt, 'ui** 22, a t S o ’ c I im L * Portage 'i n g GEORGE B. TRIPP. MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS OF SHIRTS, WRAPPERS, DRAWERS Linen D ickies, Bosoms, Collars an d Cuffs. MADE TO ORDER AMD TOR RALE AT No. 11 N o rth Division Mt. ■ O T B L 8 . J J NITED STATES HOTEL, CA P E M AYCTTT. N. J . , W ill be opened for t h e *«-asoo S a turday, May 29. In all first cl a*- appointment!*, e q u a l to any, aud y a t a f ­ fording to fam ilies a I th e c o m forts of a home. P resident U rant e x p e c ts to visit th a U n ited State* this Season. A d d ress AAEON MILLKR, P roprietor. TH OM A S' HOTEL & DINING ROOMS, (0*i THK EURO P E A N PLA N ,) Cnrr » Hiring ud WulmglN Huflalo, N. Y. LADIES AND GENTS’ PRIVATE DINING ROOMS. ENTRA N C E ON W ASHINGTON ST. SHELL OYSTERS, CLAM AND SALT FISH RECEIVED DAILY. DINNERS FROM 12 TO 3. MEALS SERVED TO O R D E R AT ALL HOUR** H O I HE FU R N ISH IN C . WHOLESALE TRADE. F R U IT JARS F R U IT .TARS. AT M ANUFACTURER'S PRICES, D E L IV E R E D IN T n E CITY. MASON'S IM P R O V E D CLASS COVERS, DEXTER AND UNION, AT W. H. GliEXXY, SOX & CO. CROCKERY. CHINA AND GLASSWARE, Of E v e r y D e s c ription, AT THE VERY LOWEST PRICES. SILVER FLATED WARE, A LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK. GAS FIXTURES, GAS FIXTURES. ?At Ileduoed Prices,! AND OP THE NEWEST PATTERNS. BRONZES, P A R I A N MARBLE, VASES, COLOGNE SETS, ftc. AT W.H.GLENNY, SON &C0. S04 an.l 206 MAIN STREET, jCHJRNlTURE IFOR EVERYBODY AT REDUCED PRICES. A very large a*«*>rtment of FlUNITURE, CHAIRS. AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS ON HAND. Furniture m ade to order, and 'rep a ir in g , boxing, eta., done In th e best m a n n e r. * - W - F ___________ ISAAC D. W H IT E , *67 Main at. J^EKRH;fcRATui:> A N D IC E CHESTS. BOTH SLATE A7TD ZINC. The B e rt In M arket. SHAW A FER R IS, 446 Main r t. r O w e B a r e e r , EagM HarW r, Ontanagon, la oisto, Bhyfiald, Superior City and Du I nth. Freig h t received lor above porta a t foot of Main The - ARCTIC* ft M TYRMOL.........................“ ........................ Master. ■teal la rate, aagartty aad accciea*mi*tlno», wifi M ^ e a e above, o aTU B D A Y . J u a e M , lor mm* dart: ia*. and are furnished with f a c i a l refareao* to tho accommodation of pasaat^tri. a a d have ahn an.pl* room for freight, aad wiU ooartkuta dwrmg the *«*- MB of 1MB, a iww aad Indeoendaat Lake Bnpeno* Line, leavii g Buffalo regularly every TUeedsy at 8 P. M .andtlevelaB d every W edtM adavatSP M. For freight o r pamage apph at th* Coatpaay'a of­ fice, No. 1 Main atreet, Buffalo, _____________BETH CALDWELL. Agent. U NION STEAM B OAT COM PANY. For Chicago, M ilwaukee and interm e d iate part*. T h e jf favorite passenger sW amer ST. LOUIS, JA M E S PRA T T ................................................. ....... ....... will leave I k e C om p any’s dock, f o o t o f Mai l stre e t, for th e above poiti., on W E D N E SDAY EV E N IN G . Ju n e 23, a t 8 o'clock P. M. F o r freight o r jw-nage apply at th e Com p anv’-* office, N o . l M ain s t, ______________________ S g n i CALDW E L L , Agent \B 7 E S T E K N TRANSPORTATION t (). * v People's Line Steam - ers. F o r Cleveland. D e troit, * Milwaukee a n d Chicago. The i MpleiKlid loar pressure | ger s team e r BADGER STATE, WM. DICKSON ....................... 7 . . . . Ma*ter, win leave t h e Company’* D.K-k, f , « t ot W artiingt.-n stre e t , on TUESDAY EVENING, Ju n e 22d, at s P. M. The B a d g e r S tale, w ith flrrt class p a - ^ u g e r accom m o d ation* in every respect, i* an established favorite w ith th * trav e lin g public. F >r freirfat o r passage apply at th e office o f tho W e stern T ransportation C o m p any, E rie Baain. oi foot of W aahington atreet. JO H N A L L « N , J r .F r e a id e . i R. M. CHOATE T icket A g e n t, F o o t of W a s h ington r t . , Buffalo. B u f f a l o , m i l w a i k k e a n d c h i oago Lin* —F o r D e tr o it, ' M ilwaukee, Chicago aud In ter r t m e d iate Porte. Tlie fan! l.>w p ressure paswu ger steam e r ' FOUWTAIN CITY , OK'J- PK H K lM d ..........................................M a rter Will leave t h e Com pauy’s Dock f o o t o f M ichigan st , for above p o r ts , on TUESDAY EV E N IN G , 'J u n . ' fid . at 8 o’clock. T».e Fountain C ity 1s th e f a s test a n d mo*t m avmtU cu t paw e n g e r s team e r on th e lakes. For f r e ig h t o r passage a p p 'y t.> SHELDON PEA S E , M anaging A g t., Offioe fnot o f Michigan -t JER O M E k W E H O O T r.T c k ^ t Agent*. 1 8 6 9 . f e g g g g g 1 8 6 9 . PLEASURE TRAVEL d ! E ,. ; F 5 “ v“ 8T lawrencm . r i s i n g hk> THOUSAND ISLANDS and th* W ONDEKFUL RA P ID S O F T H E ST. U W R F N C K BY DAYLIGHT, BV T H E S P L E N D ID STEAMER 1 O f T H E GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY AND R O Y A L M A IL L I N t F rom Huftiilo TO MONTREAL, VUK11RC RIV E R SA O U E N A C thro u g h th e beautiful and rom a n tic t'.cencn ot th e W H IT E MOUNTAI -»8, LAKE. OEOKUF. LA K E CH A M P L A IN . LAKE MEM I’HR F MAGOG, f» HAKATOOA P RIN G S , N E W P O R T , PORTLAND, BOSTON pfeov.D K N C E AND Mf.W Y o W s . * Th# whole form ing th e cheapest, moxt varied and delightful t r i p ou th e C o n tinent. Passengers w ill c o n n e c t a t Lewiston w ith th e first- c’as* steam e r CITY OK TORONTO f o r T o ronto .whcru direct connection will he m a d a w ith th e following Upper Cabin Steam e rs of tho Royal Mail Line : BA N S H E E ...........................................................C a p t. Railct ^JJA M P IO N ............................................. C a p t. Carm ichael C O K lK T lllk N .............................................. '.c . p t . D u n lop S P A R T A N ................................................ C a p t. Fairgrieve P A -bP O R T ...............................................T c a , . t (Mn. lair KINGSTON........................................................Capt. Farrell Be sure and p u r c h s u e T ickeu via. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY and ROYAL M AIL L IN E ST tA M F K S , w h ich are good via rail or boat, a r e available un til N o vem ber, 18(19, a n d c a n be ontained a t a il tlie prin cipal W a tering Places aud Ticket Offices in tiiu U n ited State*. A. M ll.LOY Gen. A g e n t R. M L .Mon*real. H. SHACK ELL, Gen. A g e n tG . T. K.. Montreal ________________J. W HITM ORE, A g e n t, Buffalo 18G9 PE0PLErs LINE stka *:, ki FO R NEW YORK. The Steam ers ST. JOHN, W. H. C H R ISTO P H E R ^ < ^ ^ M o n d a y , W e d iiuslay a a t| Friday* r> R E \v S’ J * W ................................ .. . Capt a. Tuesday, Thursday and S a turday, A t 8 i o’clock P. M , On arrival of train* of New York C e n tral, Albai Jt Buxquehanna, R e n —elaer k Saratoga, and’ Hort A A lbany R ailroads, and I a k e C h a m p lain SU-amei Baggage W agona a lw ays in readiness a t Dei>..t onvey Baggage t o th e Boat* free. H u d son R iver R ailroail tickets tak e n for Paew on th e Boat*, including S tate Room BerCn W h en requested of Htatkxi Agent*. Baguage « be Cliecked to New York by Beat*. p L A T E D FOKKS AND SPOONS AT REDUCED PRICES. Q u a lity w a rranted Equal to any Made. SHAW k FE R R IS, 446 Main st. ''ABLE CUTLERY. A Fine A ssortm ent. SHAW k FE R R IS. 446 Main at. 1869. ,869- T H E UNION STEAMBOAT COMPANY Will ru n d u r iu g t h e ensuing season in connection w ith th e ERIK RAILW AY, a m i all railroad, u m il­ itating a t t h e Lake P o rts below nam e d , and w ith re­ liable lines on th e Krie Canal, th e following first-clans Dai|y Line* of Steam e rs: B U F F A L O .A N D L A K E IU P E H I U R L I N E . A r c tic....................................................Capt. J . E. T u r n e r PhcMc .............................................. Capt. Ed. Kelly B U F F A L O , M I L W A U K E E AND C H I ­ CAGO LIN K . J a y O o u l d ........................................... C a p t. F. n . Brown. St. L o u is......................................................C a p t. Ja*. P r a tt Paaaaic ...................................................... Capt. Thus. W att*. Eclipse ........................................................ Capt. K. L. Pope. W a b a sh ...................................................... Capt. J o h n Kirby. f Canlrt«o .................................................... Capt. J . p. B e e n . •''\■Inox ...................... a . .................. C a p t. W. H. A r th u r. B U F F A L O AND D E T R O I T L IN ’ ; . .................................Vsm. Tb i m , • -Ot.pt. 8. H h annon. C*Pt- ©. W. Stoddard. ................. C*pt- D. P. Purnell. ............... Cajit. D. M rFarlane. ........................ C»|ft. U. W a tts B r r P A L O , (L K V K L A N D AND T O ­ L E D O L IN K . Toledo............................... gH E P P A R D IKON WORKS, OHIC STR E E T , BUFFALO, H . Y , WM. J. K IN O . J r . , Preeideot. H . O. PKR SY, Vice Prea”. and Sup’t. STEAM KWO N E 8 , BOILERS, BTKAM PUM P S , M INING PU M P 8 , STEAM F I R E ENGINES. P r o pe!l*r W h eels Iro n and Braas C asting*, W rought Iron W o rks, tic ., kc. r u r x IF Y O U R FLOUR D O E S NOT SUIT. TRY F R E N C H f t DOYLE, W H O L IU L I OROCEM,FLOUK AMD OATMEAL DEALUM M H A 1 > (T M W f 2 0 0 r K 10811 O R O U N D O A T - 100 bbla May Mower Mills, white winter wheat. 10# bbls Genet Mills, ehoie* Minnesota. 19® hble International, Mo. 1 Bprrng. 60# boxes F o r t Cincinnati Starch. CHEAP FOB CASH, BY ANDREW M. JOHNSTON, DEALER IN CHOICE GROCERIES. FLOUR AMD OATMEAL, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Tt MAIN STREET B U F F A L O B R A S S F O U N D R Y . n r • - --------- M. Y. W M CA9HM D ALL ITS t t i K U MEATLY AMD EXPMDIYKNW L Y DOMM. A n i Wi ------- A tlantic ............... E v e rgreen C ity. Tioga ................... Missouri............ Guiding S t a r . .. D u n k ir k ............. Capt. R A. 8i-*on. . . .C apt. W. D. Dougla*,. Capt. John Kgelar. . , .C-.pt. W , II. M cNally. Caj-t. J . O. H lnde. ..C a p t. Wm. Cum m ing*. A r a x e s .......................... New Y o rk.................... Oronte* ......................... E lm ira.......................... . Theae Steamer?, a r* in th e beat possible- condition, m a n y af them nearly o r q u ite new , a n d will lie ru n regularly, a ffording to Hlnmiere unequalled facilitlee fo r t h e m o v e m e n t of th e ir F r e ight w ith Ji*petH>. Dock for Cfcfoego a n d Lake Superior Line*, foot o ( Main *t ; for Lake E rie Line*, f o o t o f Lloyd r t . F r e ig h t a n d Pasnenger office. No. 1 Main *t, AGENTS AND C O N S I G N E R . MOR* ........................8r“*aiw»y. New Y o rk. JO H N J . S. DUN L A P ............. 8BTH CALDW E L L .. W. D. CURHINU, GARRETRON ft CO., A. W. COLTON, A. W. COLT’ l N A C O ., A. CHEIMUMtOUGH. J. «. PATTEN. C. M. OOTTRILL LATH HOP A CO. 124 W ^ h i i r t t o n *t., Boston. • ............ 1 Main *t., Buffalo. j- ...........................Cleveland. ]• ............................ Toledo. £ ..................................... D e troit. .................................. M ilwaukee. .........................................Racine D. R. W ILLIAM S, ( ........... Chicago. 8. D. CALDWELL. Oeiwral Manager, No. 6 O hio atreet, Buffalo. B M T S A N D l l t M L BSYBEM’t CBLEBIATIB BOOTS AND SHOES F O * O K H T L C M K N . DCI BLE BOLB FBESCH CALF * 0 0 7 - . MXOLC SOLI FKKNCH CAL» BOOTS FIN * FBBK.-B CALT WALKING BBORS F IN E FRENCH CALF OONOEXBB BOOn. FIXE PBBXfH CALT OXTOltD*. F IX * I.-ALF KID BITTOX CMION8. FIX * PATENT LBATBBB BITTOX LBIONI TN* A n n * n all m a la oa IN* —l.l.-ai.nl BOV OK a LAST, and a n a m a a l a i )« t u r tuateiiai. bat N. a_ l- t i o - Ba. alaa tto a a n u n S O L E A G E N C Y A T J E W E T T ’S POPULAR SHOE STORE. 4 0 6 5 £ 5 L S S P T ’ r . ' J H K HICB8T, COOLEST AND BERT n iN* CH, la lauod a*

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