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C A B L E NEW S. A n o t h e r K i c k i n g I t a y i n t h e E n g l i s h H o u s e o f l a i r d s . L O R D R U S S E L ’S S P E E C H . T lie -New F r e n r l i C a b le to b e S h ip p e d . s., R e a d y Ac. L ondon , J u n o 18. -The excitem e n t over tbe debu&c in th e House of Lords on th e Irish (Jhurch bill increases. T h e benches, lobbies ami galleries of th e H o u se were crowded again to-night. Lari R usee 11 was th e first speaker. l!e said m any illustrious statesm e n , anim a te d by feelings of justice and generosity for Ireland, h a d endeavored to settle th is * L a rch question, b u t th e ir efforts were m ule in vain. T h e fact th a t a sm all pro­ portion of th e people o f Ireland belonged to th e church establinbes th e justice as w e ll a s th e necessity of dealing w ith th e qnestion. The creation of th e Irish Church iu t h e l>egiuning was a wise thing, b u t the result of three centuries m ade an alteration necessary. The act of union was too solemn a com­ pact to l>e interfered w ith save iu a great crisis, but now a great crisis was a t hand, lie reviewed th e form e r promises of conces­ sion which Mr. i'itt, if he bad had the op- portuiuty. would have accomplished. J le­ al ho traced th e history of th e altolitiou of prelacy in Scotland, b u t said Ireland had never been in a p o sition to im itate Scotland. She had been oppressed by penal laws aud disabilities notw ithstanding promises of re Usf. He I relieved t h a t concurrent endow m ent was preferable to th e present measure, but th e < ‘atholics refused to a c cept it. He h eld th a t the toriea were resjtoDsible for th e pre­ sent s tate of Ireland. T h e y had rejected th e policy of P itt, C a n n ing an 1 Pt.el, and now as an alternative they proposed to ac­ cept P i tt ’s policy. Hut he regretted to any t h a t i t w as now too lato. They had no choice now b u t to disestablish and disen­ dow. D isendow m cnt need n o t l>e total, lie was inclined to tb e generous course which Mr. B right originally advocated, ©■»- pccially as the Catholics and P resbyterians were to be com p ensated from th e church revenues. He wished to do th e best he could for Ireland, but not to endanger the (Jhurch of England and .Scotland. A d m itting this course to be necessary for Ireland, we m in t not give a stim u lus to those desiring to d is­ establish all the churches. H e desired the t<>ries £o,accept the verdict of tb e constitu­ encies to which they had appealed, and said the result of th a t appeal m u st be re­ garded as the deliberate verdict of th e na­ tion ou the q u estion. 1'UKA.H OPINIONS. The press th is m o rning infer from the tone of the debate in the House of Lords th a t the passage of th e Irish Church Hill is certain. T h e Times says disestablish­ m e n t is foredoomed; th e ex ten t and mode of proceeding rem a in to be settled.- Mod­ ifications are now admiasabie. TIIK FHKN' H I AIJLK. B urst , J u n o 18.—T h e shore end of the French A tlantic cable haa been submerged. T h e C roat E a s tern has not y e t come in sight. W h e n she arrives th e splice will be m a d e w ith th e deep sea cable and th e work of laying the line d irect to th e Island of St. Pierre M iquelon will commence. SPAIN. M \DKin Ju n e 18.- A proposition is u n ­ der consideration in the C o rtes for a reduc­ tion bv th e governm e n t of t h ir ty - th r e e per cent, from the coupons of thi- public rentes w h e n presented for paym e n t. DKNMAl! K. C openhagen \ Ju n e 18.— A m eeting of N a tional Riilcmcii’a Association was held hero yesterday. The L.:ng visited the m eeting a u d addressed ih e riljem eu. In th e course of his speech the K ing expressed his heartfelt and confident hope for a re union w ith those who were longing to be restored to th e ir m o ther c o u n try. CD BA. H avana , Ju n e IS.—The U . S. steam er Nipsic rem a ins a t Cienfuegos. All on board are well. T h e news of th e arrest of th e Cuban Ju n t a in New York causes m teuso excitem e n t here. T h e action of tbe Am erican governm e n t is praised by the H a v a n a press. floor. None of the inmates of the house heard the fall, however, having retired for the nigut, and no* oeaag aware of his re­ tu rn . About th ree o’clock this morning one of M r. Raym o n d 's children became restless, and njidn becoming f u lly aroused rem a rked th a t she heard sem e person breathing heavily. Tbe persons in the house were immedi- diately awakened, and on descending to the hallway Mr. Raymond was found extended ou the floor entirely unconscious b u t breath­ ing heavily and apparently with great dif­ ficulty. He w a s carried to his room and placed upon a bed and physicians sent for w ith all haste. Four physicians arrived soon afterwards, who exam ined him ana pro­ nounced him beyond all medical aid. T hey also declared the canse o f his death to he apoplexy. Mr. Raym o n d lingered in an unconscious state until five o’clock, w h e n he died su r ­ rounded hy his fam ily. H e passed aivay apparently w ith b u t l ittle pain. The news ot his d e a th caused m u ch excitem e n t aud very general regret throughout th e city. A ll t h e dow n tow n hotels and new spaper offices d isplayed t h e ir flags a t half m a s t as a m a rk of respect. NEW YO R K . A d d itio n a l P a r t i c u l a r * id' M r. R a y m o n d 's D e c e a se. A H e a v y i ' l l l i b u s t r r F o r c e P r e - im r ln i: lo Mail. 4.' Ac., BOSTON. (■ h i. P e a b o d y I n t r o d u c e d to t b e J u b i l e e r s . A n o t h e r S u c c e s s f u l P e r f o r m a n c e Th«* SehooA t'b i l d e n to t lo s c Ih e F e h tiv a l To>Day« RACIKC AT THE M YSTIC. kP., B oston , J u n o 18. The m am o u th < olis um was to-day again tilled to its utm o s t capacity including standing room. The j rogram me was stric t ­ ly classical, and amot $ th e audience were m any professional in micians and critics, who unite in pronoun -ing th e whole perfor­ m ance a success in ev< ry respect. A d e la ide I’iiilbps sang au aria, which was encored, she rcc« iving a complete ova­ tion from the amllenci and a m o st enthusi­ astic recognition from the grand chorus. T h e singing by tb e chorus was e x ceed­ ingly tine, eliciting repeated applause. I luring tbe interm ission M ayor S h u rtleff introduced Mr. George I’cabody to th e au­ dience saying : Ladies- and G e n tlem e n : I have tho pleasure of a n n o u n c ing to you the presence of Mr. < iCbrge Peabody, who honors th e Peace J i d ilee thia afternoon. You w ill not ouly re* ognice him as your friend, b u t also as t fe fiicnd of th e whole world. M r. Peabody reap rnded, saving: My friends, your M ayor 1 as indeed said well, th a t f am your friend and has kindly an ­ nounced me as th e f-'iend\ of the whole world. H o w e v e r true this assertion m ay be, and I th in k he haa praised me too highly, y e t 1 assure you w h a tever m ay be said in regard t o my friendship for m ankind my love for the Ol.l W o rld can never ex­ ceed t h a t which 1 h ave for the new. lie sat d o w n amid continuous cheering. Gov. Jew e ll, of Connecticut, and several o th e r prominent, persons occupied seats ap­ propriated t o guests. The outside crowd has been imm ense all day. No accident occurred and the fourth day of the Jubilee closed w ith renewed expressions of s a tisfac­ tion by all p a rticipants. T h e G rand Chorus was dism issed to-day w ith au appropriate recognition of their services by F. Tourgee, the S u p e rintend­ ent. To-morrow w ill be th e g rand concert by the children of the Public Schools. RACING. The closing day ’s racing of the New Eng­ land T r o tting Association a t M y stic Park wan a ttended by nearly seven thousand p e r ­ sons, and t h e contests wore very line. Six horses s tarted for the 2:35 race, and the lirst m oney, $1000, was wot} by M ace’s \N h ite Faw n , w h o took the second, fifth a n d sixth heats. Dorsey’s Rosa Gold Dust took th e th ir d and fourth heats and the second m o ney, §700, !and Russell's Wilson the first h a a t aud th ir d money, §300. Time, 2:31 J, 2:32}, 2:34}, 2 331, 2:35 and 2:37. The next race was free to all horses, and Am e rican Girl won th e first m oney hy taking the 2d, 3d ami 4th heats. Doble’s G o ldsm ith M aid won th e second prize by taking th e fir.it heat, and Geo. Palm e r was third, L«cy being fourth. The prizes were §1201) and §500. Time, 2:22, •J:22L 2SM a.\'1 2:2*. u f f l t a l o V O L . X X I V . ( S A T U R D A Y . J U N E 1 9 , 1 8 6 9 . upon the H u d s o n River In s titu te a t Cave- rock, g iving the trustees full college powers. ALBANY MATTERS. A l b a n y , Ju n e 18.—In tbe C o u rt of A p ­ peals to-day the cause of the people, ex re! th e Broadway N a tional Bank, vs. th e M a y ­ or, Com p troller, Ac., of New Y o rk city, was taken up, and on motion of 8amuel H a n d th e judgm e n t of th e .Supreme Court of th e U n ited States was m ade th e judg­ m e n t of th is court. The following is tbe C o u rt of Appeals day calendar for Juno 19: 42, 47, 52,53, 54. 161, 102, 104, 105, 100, 107, 108, 109, 170, 171. •Joel Andrew, a noted m eteorologist and m anufacturer of meteorological instrum e n ts, died to-day. The tru s tees and directors of a ll our pub­ lic institutions to-day passed resolutions of respect to th e m em o ry of th e late Dr. M arch. FAST TIME. Po Lull k e e p s IK, Ju n e 18.—The steam boat M ary Pow ell reached th is city th is evening a t ten minute* past seven, her tim e thu* l»eing 3 hours aiul 40 m inutes from New 'i o rk. including six landings. Thia is the fastest seventy-live miles r u n on record. W A S H I N G T O N . S i n g u l a r Texas &c.. Political Muddle M ore Clerks in Terror. in k c .. k c . N knv Y o r k , J u n e 17. President < i r a n t passed tbe day quietly, taking a ride in t h e ( m itral Park in the a f ­ ternoon. Few callers saw him . MOKE Kll.l.lbl STEKINU. Rum or s a \ s th a t a C u b a n expedition of 1500 meu, recruited in Philadelphia, leave here to-night, t u t th e C u b a n s here deny th e t r u t h of the story. RELIGIOUS. T h e Sw edenborg an Convention to-day tabled the subject of the introduction of th e words “ p a rish” and “ diocese” into th e ir organization. SAVINGS HANK COBBED. T h e W illiam s b u rg Dime Savings Hank was robbed this m o rning by sueak thieves of nearly §0000. DOUBTFUL. A rum o r of the death of H e n ry Keep, President of tho N o rthw e s tern Railroad, prevailed to-day, b u t waa n o t generally credited. THE LITTLE DEARS. Miss M innie W a rren w a s m arried yes­ terday a t W e s t Haven, Conn., to Commo­ dore N u tt. h e n r y j . R a y m o n d ’ s d e a t h . Tho A ssociated Press to-day adopted resolutions expressive of profound sorrow a t th e death o f Mr. Raym o n d aud resolved to atten d t h e funeral iu a body. I’EKHONVL. Vice President Colfax left th is m o rning for Pittsfield, M ass., aud w ill visit Spring- Held a n d H a rtford. • NEW SWINDLING DODGE. Tw o men nam ed Louis M a y er a n d Arnold Lewis are charged w ith defrauding the Brooklyn G a s Com p any by boring holes in the bellows of th e motor. BASE BALL. T h e C incinnati R e d Stockings boat the (rvingtons a t Irvington, N. J . , b y 20 to 4, in a game of seven innings. T h e I rvingtons played th e ir best game th is season. The H a y m a k ers of Lansingburg beat tbe M u tuals this afternoon, tw e n ty-three to tw e n ty-tw o . B e tting before t h e commence­ m e n t was very brisk, §100 to §70 on the M u tuals, and $100 to §40 a t the close of the sixth inning, w ith few takers. T h e H a y ­ m akers b a tted finely for eleven in the e ighth inning against good fielding. The score w a s close at each inning and stood as fol­ lows : H a y m a k ers, 2 0 2 0 1 0 11 0 7—23 M u tuals, 4 3 0 3 4 1 0 4 3—22 A b o u t th ree thousand persons were pres e a t, good order being m aintained. Tho w e a ther was very warm. .PARTICULARS OF MIL RAYMOND’S DECEASE. F u r th e r particulars regarding the death of M r. R a y m o n d has been received. He, accom panied by his daughter, w e n t to Greenwood cem e tery yesterday for the purpose of scleoting a fam ily plot. H e in­ tended to have t h e body of one of his c h ild­ ren who died a few w e e k s ago removed j om the vault and reinterred. He r e t u r n ­ ed t o th e Times office a b o a t 5 o'clock and rem a rked to th e associate editors t h a t he never f e lt b e tter in his life, except a slight lecling of fatigue consequent npon his long w a lk through the cemetery. H e left th e office about six o'clock and proceeded to his residence in W e st N inth street, where he remained until about nine o'clock to recover from th e fatigue of the afternoon. Mr. Raym ond left the house about nine o’clock, rem a rking to tfie m em ­ bers of his fam ily t h a t he had an appoint­ ment to attend a political meeting, and left home for th a t purpose. H e was seen short­ ly afterwards walking np Broadway, and one e t two friends who stood ia front of W allaek’s T h e a tre noticed his al ratio step YY ashington , Ju n e 18. Senator Ram sey and fam ily leave for Europe in th e s teadier Cam b ria on Tuesday next. He is authorized to negotiate w ith the French postal departm e n t tor tlie basis of a new postal con tention. THE IRREPRESSIBLE BRADLEY. In th e C ircuit C o u rt to-day th e case of Joseph H. B radley rersus Judge Fisher, was called and s e t down for M onday next. A!ORB REMOVALS. Preparations were com p leted a t th e T rea­ sury D e p a rtm e n t t£-day for th e rem o v al of an additional num b e r of clerks to-m orrow. Tho reorganization of the several offices will probably l*e completed by th e end of the pr- s e n t fiscal year. TEXAS. A prom inent Texan in t h is city says all the accounts from th e Texas convention a_,ree t h a t only seventeen counties were represented. T h e convention was not called by th e regular organization b u t by th*: b o lters. T h e Flake's Bulletin, of G a l­ veston, in a long leader reviews th e facts, aud assorts t h a t Gen. Davis does n o t ex­ pect to be elected, b u t only runs to defeat th e constitution. The Bulletin for th e first tim e declares for H a m ilton, and says the good o f t h e country requires his election. T H E DOMINION. - So* a Scot in R e p e a l i P r o a i o l i o n , rfke. aad general appearance of After attending tbn ■ mood returned to b is maid Mr. Ray- f m r after kite be fell baevtiy apoo th a R e s o l u t i o n * o t ' th i L e a g u e —\ » v a H alifax , Ju n e 18.—T h e following reso­ lutions were passed at th e late Repeal League Convention at Halifax. W h e reas, In th e opinion of th e m e m tars of the convention th e f u rther c ontinuance of N o v a Scotia in the Canadian Confederation will be b u t daily progress to r u in ; and, \Whereas O u r only' hope of commercial prosperty', national developm e n t and per­ m a n e n t ]>eace lies iji close relation w ith the U n 'ted S tates: therefore, Resolved, th a t every legitim a te means should l>e u sed by th e m em b ers of the Con­ vention to sever th e connection w ith C a n ­ ada, and bring about a union on fair and equitable term s w ith th e Am e rican Re­ public. Resolved, th a t this Convention recom­ m end t h e form a tion of Leagues throughout th e province for t b e purpose of carrying th e foregoiug resolutions into effect. Vice A d m iral M u n k y , comm anding the British Heet on this station, has been pro­ moted to be full A d m iral, and w ill r e t u r n t<» England. He w ill be succeeded by Vice Adm iral W e llsly. v st a t e n e w s . F e m a l e C o l l e g e C o m m e n c e m e n t —A l­ b a n y I t r m s . K J . o . i S t e a m b o a t T i m e o n t b e liu r t a o u . A r . , *Lr. The comm encement week of th e Elm ira Fem ale College has ju s t closed. It com­ menced on Sunday evening w ith th e deliv­ ery of th e baccaluceate discourse by P r e s ­ ident Cowles, and' a commemorative poem by Charles Hazard. M onday and Tuesday evenings were occupied b y exercises of the literary societies. On W e d nesday the nual address was given by Rev. John C. Lcrd D. D.. of Buffalo, a n d t h e reunion a nd festival of t h e alumna-. T h u rsday was th e commencement day, and th e yonng ladies took th e regular degree of B. A. in due form. The day wm one of great interest a nd satisfaction to the crow d s that thronged the beautiful and capacious chapel of this the oldest female college of our State. STORE ROBBED. The d ry goods store of Wickoff k Smelzer a t W atkins, w m robbod of $1000 worth of silk and Irish poplin Thursday night. A reward of $Jft> is offered for the arrest of tha tfaiavas £bd l aoovary ot tha goods. R o m a n ’ s e d u c a t i o n . Tha first m o rtar conferred by tbe Regents ol the U n i r i r d t j of thio State to grant d e­ grees to w-tm m w a s yortorday oonf e rred MISCELLANEOUS. Freight c a rs w ere transjiorted across the river a t St. Lonis yesterday for th e first tim e laden for points in th e W est. Sherm a n T h u rston, Billy Carroll, B. Riely, J a m e s S tew a rt and others have pre­ pare* 1 affidavits c o n tradictory of th e sworn statem e n t of Val M c K inney t h a t he was of­ fered m oney to decide th e fight on Tuesday in favor of Allen. A Topeka dispatch says eighty thousand acres of the Potowataraie reservation lands have l>een sold to actual settlers. The im m igration continues large. The crops are iu a fine condition throughout the State. The cars commenced running on the \tchison, Topeka and S a n ta Fe Railroad yesterday. Shawnee, Osage and Allen counties have voted half a million dollars, which insures th e completion of the road to Em p o ria by Fall. It is officially announced tlia t tb e in ter­ est on th e S tate of South Carolina bonds and stock for the tw o years ending J u ly first n e x t will lie paid on and after t h a t •lay. The iuterest ou th e bonds w ill be paid in New York and Columbia, and on th e registered stock in Columbia only. U n ited States M a rshal Parker, of R ich­ mond, Y a ,, yesterday m o rning m ade a des­ cent on an alleged Cuban recruiting ren ­ dezvous and arrested W H H a rrison, the leading man. H a rrison l^ad plenty of funds in bank and prom p tly gave bail in the Hum of §1000 to appear, i t i.s stated th a t about t h ir ty m en were recruited T h u r s ­ day. Tlie m en arc prom ised §500 bounty’ in N ew York. W e d n esday evening next has been as­ signed by th e New H a m p shire Legislature for th e discussion of th e lo th am e n d m e n t to th e constitution. Jo h n P. A u stin, of Concord, N. H ., was shot dead on Tuesday evening, in Dover, by A n n Gage. Some young people were exam ining a revolver w h e n th e deceased asked M iss Gage to lire at Liin, not s u p ­ posing the pistol was loaded. The m em b ers of th e Convention of S u ­ p e rintendents of Insane A sylum s visited W e y er’s Cave, V irginia, T h u rsday. !u th e m o rning session ycsteiday. Dr. Ray read a paper on th e abnorm al condition of the niiinl o c c u rring iu eases of fever, acute inflamm ation ami paralysis, w h e re patients apparently sane afterw a rds on recovery’ d e ­ clare they have no recollection of w h a t they' did. The paper was debated for tw o ln»urs by’ nearly all tb e m em b ers and was ordered to be printed. T E L E U K U ’ H l i S I M M A K Y . [raoM t i 3 t « uda /* b ArrasifOGff s i n n e r a W A S H I N G T O N * W ashington , Ju n e IS.—T h e Collector- ship of the F irst New York D istrict has finally heen s e ttled. W illett N. Haw k ins received his commission yesterday morning. that colored pr in t e r . The probabilities are th a t th e col­ ored printer, Douglass, w ill be ad­ m itted to meb.l*ershin of th e Typo- rraph.’?*! Union iu th is city. A t a meet* ng of th e compositors pressm en of the i lovernm eut P r inting office last evening resolutions were adopted denouncing the action of th e recent N a tional Typographical I nion in its censure of th e Congressional P rinter, Hon. A. M. Clapp, as un w a r r a n t­ ed, and heartily approving aud endorsing Ins course. Also denying t h a t the charge of “ r a ttin g ” brought a g a inst Douglass has any foundation in fact or tru t h , aud de­ nouncing the action of th e N a tional Union in prejudicing the ease of Douglass while under consideration in a Subordinate Union, and in contravention of all trustw o r thy evidence. A resolution was also a d o p te d , pledging th e united action of •’ - - *■ printers in s u p p o rt of the N O . 8 0 0 8 . th e Governm enl m easures of the Congressional P rinter the em p loym ent of P rinters irrespective of their color, prom ising by every lawful m eans u-ithiu t h e ir power to aid in th e elec­ tion of Lewis S. Douglass to a m em b ership J Columbia Typographical Union. The printers outside the G o v e rnm e n t Office have agreed t e tak e no notice of th e proceedings or th e Governm e n t employes, b u t to w a it and debate th e m a tter at tlie regular m e e t­ ing of th e Union next S a turday night. The overnm e n t employ, a will hold an adjourn- cd mrctiOK — «* T — a y rig h t E l K O P E A K . L o n d o n , Ju n e 17.—In the House of Commons to-night, M r. Otw ay, U n d e r For­ eign Secretary, in reply to an inquiry of Mr. Beaum o nt, said when the Republic of Mexico was reestablished i t declined in te r ­ course w ith th e powers w h ich recognized th e empire. The British M iuister a t the city of M exico was consequently w ith ­ draw n . H e r M a jesty's governm e n t hail no objection to reopen relations, but overtures m u st come from Mexico. M r. G ladstone, in reply to a question from-Dr. N o rth, explained t h a t M r. B right w rote hi3 recent letter to the Birmingham m eeting w ithout c o n sulting his colleagues, and ou his own responsibility. The govern­ m e n t had no intention of threatening the House of Lords. Each estate of th e king­ dom waa entitled to the fullest freedom of speech, and he would regard w ith great jealousy any attem p t to interfere w ith it, especially if m ade by a M inister of the Crown. He, himself, and his colleague, Mr. B right, both discouraged any popular action tending to interfere w ith th e inde­ pendence of th e House of Lords. W h e n ­ ever overtures h i d been m ade to them to attend public m eetings they had both s tead­ ily declined. Iu th e H o u se of Lords to-night there w as a c row d ed attendance, an*I g r e a t in ter­ est was m anifested in the proceedings. «L * >rd Cairns, am ind cheers frem th e Op- postion, p u t th e question w h e ther B r ight’s letter had been expected b y t h e other m em ­ bers of th e governm e n t, and w h e ther in the preseut crisis it w as a proper support a n d assistance to the governm ent. H e Baid the governm e n t m u st e ither indorse o r repudiate th e letter. E a rl G ranville in reply adm itted the authenticity of th e letter, and said the C a b inet had declined to discuss th e policy to l»e p u rsued if th e bill should be rejected. He knew t h a t neither of his colleagues ex­ cept B right had any knowledge of the con­ ten ts of th e l e t t e r un til it was published. He th o u g h t th e C a b inet w a s n o t respon­ sible for t h a individual opinions of one of its m em b ers, and for him self regretted B right’s language, b u t he had B right’s authority for s tating t h a t he had no inten tion to express disrespect to th e ir Lord­ ships, and t h a t if a n y pain had been caused to them by his words, he expressed un­ feigned regret. E a rl G ranville then proceeded to m ake some rem a rks on th e Irish C h u rch bill, w h en E a rl Derby rose to a point of order. A great scene followed, l^ n l n Hanrowby and Salisbury also rose am id intei excitem e n t. Lord G ranville reiterated his statem e n t th a t th e governm ent repudiated any intention of menacing the H o u se of Lords. T h e debate on Hie bill wm th e n resumod. Church and State, n o t only in I r e jocdliut i r England. H e objected not in e r jiy to the special details b u t to the entire principle of th e bili. In his speech un m oving th e sec ond reading Lord G ranville had only re ferred to details and not to th e genera principles of th e bill. M en like ihe A rch bishop of C a n terbury who supported thi rea iing objected to th e details of the. bill, fa respect to th e M a y n o o th grant the pro visions for t h e capitalization of tjhe yearly g r a n t tt-as inconsistent w ith the pi cam o le o! the bill. T a k ing in view th e tren tm s a t oi the am e n d m e n t on a form e r occasion hi distrusted-K a rl G ranville's assertion t h a t a! am e n d m e n ts would receive careffjl consid­ eration. T h e c o u rse he (Derby) bhil taken was not as th e leader of th e eona?rva'?ives. but on his own convictions th a ( th e bib was im p olitic and immoral. The E a rl of Kim b erly defended }he p rinci­ ples and details of th e bilL H e believed concurrent e n d o w m e n t inexpedient an-l im ­ possible. T o tal disestablishm e n t and; din- e-ndowment was only a measui'e which could remove th e grievances complained of. The O p p o sition contended th a t th e land and not th e church was th e real jriev.inee. It was unfair to refuse to remove one grievance because another existed which m ight hereafter be legislated upon. T h e Bishop of Ripon opposed t|;e whole bUL i h e Duke of Cleveland supported the bill if am e n d m e n ts could be made. j.o r d Rodeadale opposed th e bill, especial ly ’the clause depriving the Irish iis h i p s of th e ir s e a ts in the House of Lords.. Rathei th a n reject them th e Episcopal bench would consent to adm it Rom ish prelates fo sit w ith them . A f ter f u rther debate the House of Lords a t 1:10 A. M . adjourned w ithout iction o l th e bill. L o n d o n , Ju n e 18.—The debate iii the House of Lords on the I rish Cl u r e a bill was c o n tinued until long after m idnight. A f ter Lord Redsdale s speech iji opposi­ tion, aud th e Duke of Devonshire in favoi of th e m easure, the M a rquis of §aliubury took th e floor and spoke a t coiisideraolt length. H e said t h a t while he intended to vote for th e second reading of th*j bill, he did n'»t wish to com m it himself to a..l the details of th e measure. lie strongly objected to tiie pqjitiou and attitu d e of the House of Lords w ith respect to the nation, and deemed the assertion th a t th e Lords in assenting to |.be Mill ol the nation express subordination to th* Commons as false. If t h a t were a f ret it would be best for th e H o u se oi Lot,Is to disappear as a coordinate branch of th - goveruuient. The object of th e second House was to supply omissions asd rectify lefects o f the first. In m any casei the House of Commons ouly represented the nation iu theory. In a m a jority of cases th e Houac of lx>rde m u st decide for them selves, but un a given point the functions oi the House 'o f Lords have passed away, and th a responsibility devolves upon th e nation and on jrfie H-puse. W e m ight fairly accept th is deciiiion ;with­ o u t a b n e g ation oi duty. Opposition t i the decided opinion of th e nation w o uld only delay an inevitable issue and c reate a period of disturbance and discontent. H e thought the bill under diabussicn il- lilieral and in jurious. H e did ilot believe th a t tbe am e n d m e n ts would be contem p t­ uously disregarded by the llouso of * om­ inous, as hod been intim a ted. fi!e thought th e governm e n ts of a large m aj a it y gave a prospect of uninteiTupted success, bu'; the notion w o u ld soon tu r n against .a M inister displaying a dom ineering spirit. A d m itting any am o u n t of aribganoe in Mr. i iladstone, th e House of Counjrona m ight c o n sider its own present position as compared w ith its possible position if the bill was rejected. N o thing coul.l be luore fatal than such a policy. Tlfe contest w o u ld then be c a rried ou under a disadvan­ tage and the House o f Lor.ls w o u ld finally have to give way. Lord Colchester a n d the Bishop of Tu&m- kellally and A c h o w ry opposed th’e bill,\ and E a rls Stanpole a u d Nelson proposed s light am e n d m e n ts a n d supported them* briefly. i j V , A J S i ) i ' l M B E . 1.! . i'l-TFA F hidat , June 13 PH E i -e p . m . ■•I o l d .a Sew York, &3 telegraphed k l*»u- * Co., brokers, No. I«) East .Sen;ex i.rcct, rn ngeu as follow j: 137J 137J lu.j 3 r. u...................... ia; i r. u ...................... 136; 5 e. tt ...................... 1 The Custom R e c e ipts a t tho N ational Treasury from Ju n e 7 to 12 inclusive, are as follows: Boston..................................... . . . >V«r Y o r k .................................................. New Qr ©am*, (r»-m May 1 to 2 2 __ 8»a Fjraucisc j , from m y I to J u n ; T o t a l . .. . .5 2-0,53-1 . . 2.CM,61. . . 243,4 72,19. .. 191,31; 112,30. . .62,966,410 N E V f YO R K . Gold opened at 1371, RD'l advanced to 138 on the rumor that the Treasury sale.* were to be discontinued, but has since de­ clined to 137&(gil37^. Money continues stringent. Governments dull. L I . A.M. X. r.M. r.H. I . E t.Y. 10 11 Je r . U n ion Ex Jiutsdl blaut.1. im t r .' V . U .. . . -*aci.*itc Mail 87 874 i. V. C e n tral. 1S9J l3»J U r l i m ..................................... ■ U. Hezdii i; .......... s*s i*s id .................... . ai-1*. S ............ 104 104 L C e n t ........................ 143 Clave. Oi Pitts.. 954 96 A. T o l.. SI:::: 15 15 1562 67 . . . . 40j . . . . . . . . 87} 87} 86J 86 . . . . lBSj 19 } 189} 189. 30 30} ....................... iivj issi !!! !!*. 97} 97J 97} 97} 97; 132 .......................... 104 1US] lttt; 103} 103: ....1 4 3 143 .............. 952 '*5j 95} 9 5 } ____ 95} • 4 B I.. •V V T e l... *‘t Ar^yne .. I dam-* i.x... A- V. fcx ........ ^ Wab... ihi. .x A lto n .. u. t o n ......... s'. W©stern... V. W e «t. p . . -’h i., c. A q . , •uicksilvcr ................... '. a ili«h..................... Hil. u. 8t. P ............ IU A S t P j* ............. V Of ’81 ............ 121 >-20'a ol •« ;, rv% 110} - 20 's of NL . . . . 122 >-20’s of '64.... 117 e ‘2ffs ot '66 . . . . l i S | -20’s ’65, n e w .. 119} *<>’» ’67, new., lib} 5-29’s ’68, n e w . 119 11-40’* .............. 108} 117} 117} 117} 117} 117} 117} . 62} 59< . 3 • 40} 40} . 63} ‘*\4 f> } 53 70} 12} 95} SI 81} ob} 95} 95 , 113 , 121J . , 117 .. 122} 117 118 } 119} U . 119 , 108} , NEW Y O R K i N ew Y ork , J u n e 18.—The H a n som »:abs will be r u n n ing probably b y the 1st of J u ly. Stock to th e am o u n t of §70,000 has a lready been taken. NEW POST OFFICE. Tho Board of A lderm e n yesterday ap­ pointed a com m ittee to confer w ith the U. governm e n t commissioners Relative to lia$igiag th e site for the new P o s t office from the south to the north end of City Hall Park. The W o rkingw o m e n 's Association m et last evening at Plim p ton Ilall and held sundry discussions relative to women’s la­ bor, e d u c ation and political rights. Susan B. A n thony, -Eleanor K irk, S lnpard and O ( onnell were speakers on the occasion. SW EDEN LOU KG I AN I: '*. The General Convention of Swedenbupgi- ans was occupied yesterday f o r \ the m* *st p a r t w ith th e consideration of a point re­ garded by some of them as one oji great im ­ portance. One of the associations has used the term s “ Diocese\’ and “ P a rish \ as ap ­ plied to th e territo rial divisions i>t t h e held of its labors, and th is has been regarded as a dan gerous innovation The eubjeet Was discussed at great length yesterdsy, aud the debate will be continued to-day. CATTLE. The s u p p ly of live stock for thi* p a s t week consisted of 7141 head beef c a ttle, 9ti head milch cows, 2194 head calves, 25,969 sheep and laml>s, and 27,601 swine. The trad'd in beef c a ttle is fairly •n 't prices re ­ m ain unchanged since Tuesday s q u o tations. Most of th e sales were m ade at 14 <t. 15c per lb, n e t weight, of 60 lbs net [*er Ji >0 gross. B ut fow cattle are sold for over J54c per lb. Tn* receipts of sheep are heavy, w ith de- preised p rices. M o st of th e sales are q u<;ted a t prices ranging from 5@ 7c pc* lb, g) oss weight. Selected sheep frequently sold for Sc per lb and upw a rds. Lambii are very easy a t 10@13c ]>er lb, gross weight, w ith a few at 1 Ic. Swine a re heavy v;ith prices firm a t l0@ 10}c for live hogs, and 12(^li:\c, w ith selected a t 12|c, for prim e • m essed luts. THE WEST POINT BOY-J T h e W e s t Point graduates of t^he Clas^ of 1SG9 had a banquet a t Delmboico’s last evening. E v e ry one of th e iihirfcy-Line m embers of th e class, w ith the deception of four who w ere compelled by cirenmstat.ces to leave for home e a rly yesterday morning, were present. OBITUARY. The-entire city was s tartled th is m o rning by a rum 6 r of th e sudden dea£h of H on. H e n ry J. Raym o n d , proprietor ;and ed-tor of the New Y o rk Times. Th< following are th e only facts know n : M r. Raym ond left t h e office last evening at six o’clock iu company w ith his daughter. W h e n he reached home he ielt slightly knw el 1-ailI w e n t out to tak e a walk. A t tlij^e o’clock this m orning he was found in t]ic hail of his own house insensible, and tw o hours later expired. A p o p lexy is supposed to have been th e cause of his deatji. 118} . 119} .. 419} . 119 . 108} . T I I E LATEST—6 P. M. M o n e y a s h a d e e a s i e r a t 7 p e r c e n t , fo r g o l d lo o n s o u c o l l . S t e r l i n g e x c h a n g e q u i e t a t 1 6 9 } ( 0 1 0 9 a i n g o l d f o r f i r s t - c l a s s b i l l s . T o l d lo w e r a t 1 3 7 $ , a d v a n c i n g to 137$, c l o s i n g a t 136 $ , G o v e r n m e n t s e a s i e r , c l o s i u g a s fo i l o t t ’s : Bui. Asked. J . S. registered 6’s of 1S81 ..................... 116} 17 .. 8. c>-u|M‘r.s of 1881................................. 121} -20a registered '62 ........................................ 116 J . h. 6-2U coupons of 1862 ...................... 122 J. S. 6-2o coupoi;3 of 1864 ........................ 1:7} J. S. 6-20 coupons of 1865 .................... H i} . S. 6-20 coupons of Jan . and J u l y ’66 119} U. S. 5-20 coupons of 1867 ........................ 119} J. H. 5-20 coupons of 1868 ........................ l l ‘_»} I. S. 10-40 registered................................. 107} C7. S. 10-40 coupons ..................................... 103} ? tiR c s ................................. ................... loo} S t o c k s c o n t i n u e d u l l a n d h e a v y , fo l l a w i n g w e r e t h e c l o s i n g q u o t a t i o n s Lid. vloney .......................................... ........ ............ rlx.eha;i;,'o, 60 d a y s .................. Vtw Y o rk C e n tr a l . lum herl& n d _________ . . . . . ^uk-ksilvei ............................... Ja u t o n ......................................... Pacific M all .............................. <Vc*to-it Union T e legraph. H a rtford A E r i e ...................... Krie................................................ £ric, p r e ferred ...................... Buclsou R iver........................................................ Reading ................................................. y; »hic* & M ississippi ......................................... gl vtichnran S o u thern ...................................... 103 Chicago A A lton ......... 164 Chicago & A lton, p r e f e rred ...................... 154 Bankers and B rokers ................................. 109 ’’erre H a u te .................................................... -to Terre H a u te, p r e ferred .............................. 69 ■Vabash............................................................... 7<>: W abash, preferred ............. SO M ilwaukee A St. P a u l ............... “ ** preferred F o rt W a y n e ..................................... llinois C e in r a ,. 1211 1164 122 * 1171 118.- 119; U9; 108* 106.* T h e asked 7 p. c. . 1064 109$ 62} 89} 39} 721 83$ 15} ;w} 155} 32} 10 ,} ... 113 . . 95} .. 97 'eland & P i ttsb u r g h ......... Toledo .......................... .. .............. Rock Islan d ................................. N o rth W e s tern.............................................. 8 * >8 80} N o rth W e s tern, p r e f e r r e d .......................... ‘.*1} 95 Boston W a ter P o w e r .............................. . 1*'^ IS ‘■fari|XMia .......................................................... a 9 Vlnrip<>sa, p r e ferred .............. 16} 17} Lake S h o r e ............................................ 106 1*.H>} H a rlem ................................................... 151} __ H a rlem , p r e f e r r e d ....................................... * ___ Michitran C e n tral .................................. 132 135 St. Joseph ......................................... 130 .... p r e ferred ................................. 133 ___ E x p r e s s S t o c k s . — T h e fo l l o w i n g a r e th e c l o s i n g q u o t a t i o n s : 97} W ells, Fargo A C o .......................... \ ....................................... Tnited States*.................................................. Merchant** U n i o n .................................. 15 __ L o n d o n , P. M .—Consols m o ney, 92$; ex-dividend account, 92jJ; U. S. bonds quiet a t 80$. Stocks steady. Erie 2UJ; Illinois C e n tral, 95i; A. k G. W ., 25}. C O M M E R C IA L IT E M S . T h e following articles w ere received at this port by L a k e and steam e r In tern a ­ tional (per G rand T r u n k R a ilroad) during the past 24 hours: F lour, b r l s * . . . . 8,080 Nails, kirs 45 W h eat, bu .... 427,896 O il, br.ls 1 1 C o rn, hu . 223.432 P e troleiuu, bbls 1,177 Oats, b u ......... 25,000 Pelts, I h II s 32 Rye. b u ........... 4,261 P a in t, 1.1.Is 41 4.000 Sundries, pkgs. 16 1.000 Staves, n*> ............ 23,0 0 B u tter, l b s . ___ CGal, t u s . Fish, pkoa - unu«Lstoiifi>t n* Handles, b y * .. Iron, turap ihs. Iron. b d ls.* .. Leather, r> II-.. L u m b e r, f t ' . .. MilIfeed, I s . . 227 Stone, t n s . 40 Tobacco, Ir 50,' 00 Varnish I* ;/A ttlils k l . b r 240 W o ol, his.. 276,7 >2 Zinc, b x s .. 18 000 C a n a l E x p o r t s . —The following art tbe principal exports by canal for the past 24 hours: W h eat. Com . O a ts Barley. Rye. Troy ...............139,619 30,863 14,700 ! .............. MoiitezuniA. • .. 3 430 .......................................................... Kis-hester .. . 14,700 .......................................................... Medina 6,100 .......................................................... Total . ..163,849 30,863 14,700 , Earl Derby objected to the principle of tha measure. I t w m great spoliation and w m contrary to the act of onion and the coronation oath. He believed Use on the subject w m owing to the action of the liberation society, in combination with other parties, aadwM calculated to s e rsr tha Item * b y T e l e g r a p h . The Boston custom house authorities state that the clearance an t departure of the steamer Delphine last night x;as strict­ ly legal* an,l no ground for her detention existed. There seems little doqbt of \her warlike character, but her real ijestinat.ion is known only to those who contrbl her- Wm. P. Sig8bee, a well-known citizen of Cocinans, Albany county, laait evening was brought to Albany ami h eld!to bait on a charge of obtaining from Noble'H. Jchn- son, of this city, $37lW with intent to de­ fraud. E x p o rting G a m e t o E n g lan d :—In En­ gland much attention has been bento wed for some years past on the importation and ac­ climatization of quadrupeds and [birds u d i- S nous to this country. Mr. Frqnk Bi.ck- nd, well known for his researches in iiat- ural history and as the editor oJ a ps.per called L a n d and Water, is now devoi.ing much of his time to this matter. A gentle­ man connected with the paper in- question was in New York a short time . since,- ac­ credited to this country for the purpoen of procuring animals not only for various »«o*»- logicalgMdens in England, but fop the ptrka and preserves of several noblemejji aud gen­ tlemen of fortune. Such a magnificent grease as the “cock of the plains,'* of Te-cas, would be a splendid addition 1o English moors if it could once be acclimatized to the change of atmosphere aad food. The com­ mon deer of this country th r i v e well in BngHah parks, and so does the wapiti or elk: aad the American fox, which is lacger and bolder than its English cowtin, wonld doubtless be aa aoqoisrtion in t|»e hnnang districts. T h e fo’lowing are the receipts and s h ip­ ments a t Chicago and M ilw aukee for one day: CDICASO. MILTArxSI. Rc'.-'t-*. Ship'ta. Bec’ts. Ship’U .■lour, b r l s , . 9 000 8,500 ............................ A h e a t, bu . . . 94.000 49,000 ............................ To rn, b u . . ; . . . 13a.w 0 1U'>,500 ............................. bate, b u . . , :>-*•, Lu..7. Bariev, bu.. U o t:« ,........... r.uoo 11.000 9,000 i i * 5*. jf OFFW7B C F TH E B I F F A L O EX P R E S S , 1 Frioat, June 18—4 P. M. » F l o u r -F ir m e r and m ore active w ith a tendency'upw a rd, b u t no quotable change in quotatU>n*. Sales 525 brls No. 2 city ground Spring at $6 U0 for No. 2 and $6 25 for . No. 1. W h e a t —Opened strong and active at §1 27$ No. 2 Chicago Spring and §1 21* for M dwfeikee do. During th e day the up­ ward m o vem ent continued w ith a good de­ m and. The m a r k e t closed firm w ith an active inquiry a t outside q u jtations, which are 2c higher th a n yesterday’s closing fig­ ures. Th* sales a g g regate 116,000 bu, a ll being No. 2 W e stern Spring. ---------- *>*• M * . *30: d o, U b r h . $1550; do. kittt. ♦3 75, No *, brU, *28 5 i>; do, hf brio, *15; d. Iurt.8 $3 2 5 ;N o 2 , b ri«, *21; hf brta. * 11; kitta 2 SO ; Y armonth hloaten* $250 psr 100. counted out. Halibut, 14c. Labrador her ring, $11 00 per brL B utter - Q u iet a n d w e a k a t 30c for best dairy anu 22@25c for ordinary. C h e e s e —W e a k and lower. Some small sales of prim e factory w e re m ade a t 18£c, but a t th e close ISc w a s th e highest bid. E a s tern advices arc of a depressing tenor. E ggs —Steady a t 19c per dozen. P otatoes —Very dull aad m ore sellers than buyers. Good peachblows are selling in a small w ay a t 25@30c. D r ied F ruit — A p p les 15J@ 16c. Peaches, peeled, are quoted a t 34a; reap be r ries 45c; plum s 35c. L eather —D u ll and unchanged. Best Buffalo slaughter a t 34c; second quality at 32c; dam aged a t 2 1 0 2 5 c . Bueno- Ayres w e t s a lted a t 32c. C anal F reigh t s —F inn. To New York, w h e a t 14c; com 12c; oats 7J@ 8 c ; stave* §2 50 per ton and tolls. Lum b e r to Al- oany, §5 37J for pine and §6 371 for hard wood per m. Sales were early 7509 bu No. 2 Chicago Spring, 22,500 bu }o a t $1 25; 7500 bu No. 2 M il­ waukee at*$l 29; 7500 bu do to arrive at §1 29. L iter — 10,000 bu do to arrive at §1 30; 75<S) bu No. 2 Raciue a t $1 :10; 30,- iHK) b u No. 2 Chicago in tw o lots on spot a t §1 29; 16,000 bu No. 2 Chicago to arrive a t §1 29; 7500 bu No. 2 M ilw aukee a t $1 30. A | the cloae t h e inquiry w m larger th a n t h e offerings. C orn —Steady and quiet. Sales 5000 bu No. 2 a t 72c; 6000 bu per aample a t 71c; 11,000 bn unsound per sample a t 60c. G ats —Dull a n d inactive w ith light offer­ ings less inquiry. Sales 9000 bu a t 67c. B arley —None in market and no in­ inquiry. R y e —Dull a n d nominal. S eeds —N o thing doing except a few small aalM in retail lots a t $4 00 for tim o thy an d $6 75 for m edium clover. M illfxsd —Quiet and inactive at $18 00 for W estern coarse; $20 00 for do fine. Held higher a t Black Rock Mills. C o e n meal —Coarse $1 35; fine $1 45. P r o v isio n s — Very firm. H eavy moos pork $33 30; light do $32 50; sugar cured canvassed hams 20c. F wh — Very firm a t $8 2 6 0 8 88 for w h ite a nd J 6 2 8 0 4 50 for treut p s r t e bri. Geerge’s B a n k sod n t $ 7 5 0 0 7 75 p e r 180 lbs, m askers!, mam* M o $ M ; t t Mm. $17 88; k i tt e , $4 124; \ t e sted, brio, f » ; t t M s d a . $17) M t e d a , $3 874: a x . L I V E STOCK. The total receipts of cattle th u s f a r this week are 391 cars, being about 100 c are ic excesx of th e receipts for th e first five day* ol last week. T h e m a r k e t is quiet an*i slow, a n d prices have receded about }c per lb. all around. The sales a re as follow s: H u ff for Rodgers to W o o d s t Gillespie, 4 h d rough s teers av 1400 a t §7 50. H u ff to H o sbury, 36 h d good I1L stecra av 1222 aft $7 60. Same to M y ers, 50 h d good IU. steers av 1289 a t §7 65. Same for Eppler to H u n ter, 82 h d fair IU. steers av 1212 a t §7 56. Same to Falkner, 18 h d th in steers 1031 a t $7 25. Same to W oods k Gillespie, 34 h d good 111. s te e rs av 1260 a t $7 50. Same to same, 18 h d f a t do av 1275 at $7 60. Yeoman for W a rren to English, 98 hd good 111. s te e rs a v 1250 a t $7 62£. Ashbrook to D o ty, 4S hd. fat TexM steers Ky. fed av 1243 a t §7 30. Leonard to same, 18 h d th in Ohio steers av 1000 a t §6 50. Huff to same, 20 hd young IU. steers av 1033 a t $7 25. H e a th to B. C. Coon, 131 h d very choice extra steers av 1230 a t §8 37A. Same to same, 139 hd good IU. steers av 1200 a t §7 62*. Stayner k Fow ler to W e b b er, 79 h d prim e fat Mo. s te e rs a v 1341 a t §7 80. W a ixall to Robbins, 64 hd prim e 111. steers av 1200 a t §7 75. M ann to same, 16 hd common butchers steers av 1200 a t §7 25. Cox to same, 44 h d th in Ohio steers av 1000 a t $6 50. MaxweU to English, 78 h d fair IU. steers av 1155 a t §7 35. H e a th to same, 139 hd good IU. s te e rs av 1237 a t $7 62*. M o rris to same, 171 hd fair s te e rs av 1150 at $7 60. S h e e p . The receipts are m u ch' lighter th a n last week, and the m a r k e t quite active a t about last w e e k 's prices, viz : $4 2 5 0 5 75. H o g * . Receipts m o d erate and m a r k e t a shade 1*etter. Common to good s h ipping hogs a rc quoted a t §8 7 5 0 9 25, and ex tr a a t §9 50. CH IC A G O L I V E STOCK. C a ttle- -Dull and weak. Sales at » 3 7 4 0 6 00 for common to good cows; §6 '0 6 87 fcr light; 7 0 0 0 7 45 for good to choice shipping. Live Hogs—Dull, lower and weak. Sales at §8 1 2 0 8 40 for common grades; §S 50@8 87 for fair to m edium ; §9 0 0 0 9 25 for g:od to extra. N E W YO R K . A shes—I'ots quiet a n d steady a t §7 62 0 8 00. Pearls dull and nominal. C o tton— Less active and unchanged. Sales of 1900 bales a t 3.1je for m iddling u p ­ lands. Flour—R e c e ipts 14,358 brls. Flour 10c better lor shipping grades, active on de­ m and for e x p o rt a n d speculation. Sales of 31,600 brls a t $4 8 0 0 5 35 for superfine State and W e stern; §6 0 0 0 6 50 for xsmmon to choice ex tr a S tate; $5 7 0 0 50 for do ex tr a W e s tern; §6 5 5 0 7 25 for good to choice w h ite w h e a t e x tr a ; §6 (2*6 75 for coaimou to choice round hoop )hio; §6 50(27 50 for common to fair e x tr a St. Louis; §8 0 0 0 1 1 00 for good to choice do, closing lirm, w ith no seUers of shipping grades a t inside quotations. Included ia the sales are 24,800 brls for export at §5 90(26 40 for W e stern; §6 0 0 ^ 6 60 for State, p a r t J u n e and Ju ly deUvery. California flour — R a th e r more steady. -Sales of 400 brls a t $6 3 0 0 9 00. Rye flour—Quiet. Sales of 250 brls at §4 252 6 25. x Cornm eal—DulL Sales 200 brls State at §4 25. W h is k y —(julet. Sales of 100 brls of W e stern free a t $1 03. W h e a t—Receipts 82,366 bu. W h e a t 2 0 3 c b e tter, closing less active. Sales of 22,000 bu a t §1 4 4 * 0 1 57-j for No. 2 to arrive and afloat; §1 52 for No. 1 do; §1 58 for am b e r state; §1 5 9 0 1 CO for ami»er M ichigan; $1 5 7 0 1 67j for white M ichigan; §1 65 for w h ite California. R y e —Quiet. Barley anil barley m a lt—Continue dull aud nominal. Corn— R e c e ipts 42,390 bu. Com itull and heavy. Sales of 43,000 bu a t 0 1 0 S3o for new m ixed W e stern via canal; 84 ( 080 , c for do via rail O a ts —Firm e r. Sales of 47,000 bus at 77c for W e stern in store; 77078.1c for do afloat. R ice—Dull. Sales 40 tcs at 8 0 9 c for Carolina. Coffee—Quiet. Sugar—Firm . Sales of KMX) h h d a Cuba at l(>$012c. M olasses—Q u iet a n d firm. Hops— D ull a t 6 0 1 4 c for Am erican. Petroleum —Dull. Sales a t 1640161c for crude and 31c for refined. P o r k —H e a v y . Sales 825 brls a t $33 00 fot new mess; $32 75 for old do; §26 00 0*26 50 for prim e ; §28 2 5 0 2 8 50 for prime mess; also 500 brls new mess, buyer for June, a t §33 00. Beef—Steady. Sales of 190 b rls at $8 00 16 00 for new plain m ess; §12 0 0 0 IS 00 for new extra mess. Tierce beef nominal. Sales 29 tcs a t §20 0 0 0 2 5 00 for prim e mese; §26 00@30 00 for India mess. ~ Beef h a m s— Quiet. Sales of 2*25 b rls a t §20 0 0 0 3 1 50. C u t M eats - F irm . Sales of 235 pkgs at 13013$o for ahoaldera; 1610171 c for hams. M iddles—Firm . Sales of 400 boxes Staffordshire and Stretford a t 17o. L a r d - D u lL Sales of 380 tea a t 18020c for steam ; 2 0 0 2 0 } c for k e ttle rendered. Also, 750 tcs steam , buyer and seller for Ju ly and A u g u st, a t 2 0 0 2 0 Jc. B u tter—A shade b e tter a t 2 0 0 3 3 c for Ohio a n d 30i? 36c for State. Cheese— In fair request a t 11019c. C H I C A G O . Flour— F irm e r for Spring e x tras, a t §4 5 0 0 6 25. W h e a t—A c tive and unsettled. Sales of No. 1 a t §1 1 9 0 1 20; No. 2 a t $1 17}01 lr* . Com— F irm . Sales a t 62.}c sellers’ J u ly ; No. 2 at|63c. Gats— A c tive. Sales at 5 9 ] 0 6 0 c . R y e —Firm and higher. Sales a t 9 9 i c 0 §1 00 . Barley— Dull. Sales a t §1 1501 20 for No 2. bu com 4261 bu nre S30 b r ls flour 925 l>dls ahooka 300 s c k s m feed 1 hf brl var­ nish 50 brls scrap iron. P n p O a U a B d , H u M q v , Aim ; goo coal. Prop Tonaw a n d a , Jonsa, Chicago; 22,320 bu com 410 brls flour 10 steel chains 11 brls oil 22 b rls alcohol 1540 brls flour 8(1 bxs zinc 10 brls a lcohol. Toledo; 2200 b r l , flour bu grain 250 b r b pork 50 U i wool •lO O p k m W T O k 7 crutoo p i p o n , 100 C w U u n .1 4 2 7 b r b o d 15 b b pobodfc bob m i n t 2k p k g , w w o * 10 brio m a i n * ( b r b . t u . ky 45 k g , n u b 5 t b d b m m 141 b r b flour 25 neck yokes. Prop Satina, M iner, Bay C ity ; 210m ft lum b e r. Tug M a ry A n n , M cCollum, P o r t M ait land; light. Tug Dragon, Brown, P t Colbarao; tight. Bark J e s - e H o y t, Coyne, M ilw aukee; 4300 bu w h e a t 15,000 bu wheat. Bark C o n s titution, Lucas, M ilw aukee; 25, 000 bu w h e a t. Brig Geo M Abell, Lam phere, C leveland 1150 b r ls oil. Brig Globe, Gibney, Black R iver; 390 tm stone. Schr Cuyahoga, Cleland, Chicago; 14,031 bu w h e a t. Schr Tailor, N o rton, Chicago; 18,199 bu eom. Schr C C Trow b ridge, Ballen, Chicago; 16,- 479 bu w heat. Schr S J Holley, Vance, Racine; 13.500 bu wheat. Schr Perry, H a n n a h , K e rlin, Chicago; 14,- 428 bu com . Schr G D Dousman, Christenson, Chicago; 17,619 bu wheat. Schr Eveline, O’Brien. Chicago; 14,379 bu wheat. Schr Columbia, Hancock, E rie; 250 tons coal. Schr M a ry M Scott, W h ite, Chicago; 15,- 456 bu corn. Schr Flying Cloud, ( allow, Chicago; 15,888 bu wheat. Schr Elida. Christenson, Chicago; 12,62.3 bu corn. Schr R C Crawford, Sm ith, Chicago; 18,066 bu wheat. Schr E d H arm o n , Spear, Chicago; 17,925 bu w h eat. Schr S tar of th e N o rth, Bruce, M ilwaukee; light. From Port W a shington, 12,855 bu w h e a t. Schr Rainbow, Spencer, M ilwaukee; 15,634 bu wheat. Schr Goshau-k, Buffington, M ilw a u k e e ; 32- 500 bu wheat. Schr Comet, Coleman, R a c ine; 2\ bu oats. Schr Idaho, Wood, Chicago; J j 7 bu com . Schr A e tna, Samnie, Chicago; 20,955 bu wheat. ich r A H Mosss, Sweeney, M ilwaukee; 19,400 bu w h e a t. Schr G ray Eagle, Johnson, Chicago; 17.181 bu com . Scbr J e n n ie k Annie, Carson, Chicago; 21,- 106 b u corn. Schr W h ite Cloud, Sherwood, Racine; 14,- 900 bu wheat. Schr Charles H inckley, M anning, Chicago, 20,603 bu w h e a t Schr Col’.ingwood, K e ith, Chicago; 16,743 bu com . Schr Saginaw, Cassidy, Chicago; 16,700 bu w h e a t. Schr Saucy J a c k , G ilbert, P t R y e rse; 02, 732 f t lum ber. .anal boat C Squire, Freem an, D u n v ille; 175 tn s ashes. Canal boat T W ilson, Daly, Dunville; 180 tn s ashes. C L E A R E D .............................................. Ju n e la. S tnir International, May, F o rt Erie. Stm r lvauhoo, M cNish, F o r t Erie. Prop Tioga, Stoddard, Detroit. Prop M e n d o ta , W a tts, Chicago. Prop N e b raska, G e b h a rd, Chicago., Prop A d riatic, Prindeville, Chicago. Prop Elm ira, Cummings, Toled*^ P rop T U Bradbury, Caughlin, Chicago. T u g M a ry Ann, M cCollum, Dunville. Tug M innie W a rren, W h itm a n . Charlevin, Mich. Bark Sunrise, Cham b erlain, Chicago. Brig Sea Gull, Reed, Kidgsville. Schr H-A Richmond, M c D e rm o tt, H o u g h ­ ton. Schr D Sharp, M cFell, P t Ryerse. Schr H a ttie W ells, Fitzgerald, Chicago; 525 tn s coal. Schr W A Chisholm, H u m p h rey, A s h ­ tabula. Schr D L Couch, M addock, D e troit; 150 tn s coaL Schr Snow Drop, Cox, Towas. Schr E M Portch, Boland, Chicago. Schr Lillie P r a tt, Collins, Erie. Schr W h ite Cloud, Sherwood. Chicago. Schr C C Trow b ridge, Bullen, Chicago. Schr W R H anna, Hilary, P t Huron. Schr S tar of the N o rth, Bruce, Saginaw. Scow F L Jones, Root, Black River. Barge E M Bohcn, J a ckson, Saginaw. Sales H ighirinea—NominaBv 97c. Provisions— M ess pork qiuiet po rk q a n d firmer. Sales a t §33 50 for prim e ; mess s teady at $28 00. L a rd—Sales a t 19}019$c. C u t M e ats—Rough sides held a t 16£c; short rib m iddles 17c. M A RINK MATTERS. PO R T OF BU F F A L O . .................................................... Ju n e Is. Steam e r International, M ay, F o r t Erie; 10 p k g s fish. S team s r Ivaahoa, M cNish, F o r t Erie; 14 bdls patetoe bags. P rep G u iding S tar, M c F a rlaao, Detroit; 28 brls coppor 160 brls b r ls f lour225 h f b r ls bah 220 rolls leather 1 J T r f f c n i 45 11$ P \ F V A R IO U S ITEM S . [SPECIAL TO TIIK BUFFALO h\PHK“ S ] V e s s e l s P a s s i n g D e t r o i t . —The follow­ ing vessels passed Ju n e 18 u p to 9 P. M .: D o w n —Props Rroopljm, 8un, Oneida, Philadelphia, Burlington and b a rges; Barks Forest King, Lotus; Brig Commerce; Sohrs Amoskeag, Osborne, Canaba, Exchange, Poland, O tter, M ilan, J u ra. Up —Props Em p ire, M ayflower, Comet, Potomac, C ity of D e troit, Bay C ity, Esfta- brook a u d barges, Iron C ity arid lutiy ; Harks Go.'deu *Ves$, F S M a rsh; S c h n A n ­ nie Y o u g h t, W ilber, Purrington, Rortcs, Baker, W m Case, J O Moss, Kingfisher, Lewis W ells, Lydia Case, A taunto, John Jew e tt, Culver, Pathfinder, W ag-taH. W ind—W est. L a k e F r e i g h t s . — Firm w ith an upward tendency in lum b e r freights. The charters are: By Collins & K e n n y —Schr A H Moss, coal to Chicago a t 75c per ton free in and out; s c h r Chaa H inckley, m arble to Cleveland a t $1 00 per ton, coal thence to Chicago down tow n dock a t $1 06 per ton free in and ou t; s c h r A tlanta, lum b e r from Oconto to Chicago on contract; schr E M Carrington, r r iron Buffalo to Toledo 75c per ton free on board and stow ed. Jones k W right report s c h r Plym o u th Rock and bark Jesse H o y t, coal Clevcfcad to Mil- tt-oukee 80c per ton free in and o a t; schr F M Knapp, coal Buffalo to Racine a t 75c per ton free of handling. T h e schr C C T row ­ bridge was chartered for lum b e r from «! c o l to to Chicago a t §4 00 per m. along­ side. A t Chicago Thursday th e Journal says: The dem a n d for vessels w as fair and rates advanced 1 0 $ c per bu. T h e engagem ents were, To K ingston—Schr S Robinson, w h e a t at 13c. To Oswego— S c h rs Cam- anche and E S J Bemis, w h e a t a t 13c; schr W B Ogden, w h e a t at 104c. To Buffalo— Schrs G C Cooper, M o n ta n a , brig Em p ire S tate and bark U nadilla, w h e a t a t 8c; schr Dolphin, w h e a t from M ilwaukee a t 8*c; prop Plym o u th, corn a t 8c; s c h r W J W il­ cox, corn a t 7jc. P o r t o f C h i c a g o , Ju n e 19. —A rrived from Buffalo— Bark S V R W a tson. Cleared for Buffalo—B a rk M R Goff, 27,300 bu w h e a t; bark Sum m e r Cloud, 20,902 bo w h e a t; bark L C W oodruff, no cargo; schr Owasco, 20,3000 bn corn; schr Jo h a Kel- derhouse, 31,000 bn w h e a t; bark Kate Dar- ley; s c h r Dolpv.*u; schr Ssn Jacinto; schr W m E Brown; prop Colorado, 29,465 bu corn 648 green hides 3312 l i l t flour. P o r t o f M ilw x u k k k , J u n e 17.—A r r iv­ ed from Buffalo — Prop Boseobel; Bark Newsboy. Cleared for Buffalo: Prop Wenona, 500 brls flour; prop Badger Stole, 1205 brls flour 2 brls pork 65 brls butter, mdse; brig C G Breed, 23,000 bu w h e a t. To the Editor o f the Buffalo Express; 1 notice a n article in your journal of this m o rning stating that tha propeller City of Toledo reports passing a small ** flat-iron ” bout or scow containing four boys, adrift on Luka Michigan about five mike from shore, giving un a reason for not trying to pick them up, stormy weather aad rollinc aad pitching of tho boat. Tbe “ City of Tndodo” is an A 1 propeller, now loot summer, belongs to the Northern Trans­ portation Company’s tins of steamers, is furnished with him b a a * tee p n o a r m aad a ll aaaaasary oppliaaaas far a flrte f lan pa ii ssn a w boat. I t ■ ah a n a n a O y a n - oadod that thare ore on b tetar saa boats an th e la k a t h a n tb m lia a a f t o w n . I n ^ y experience i t is a very r a n occurwaee in­ deed, aad aeons oapsoally a t this M M B Of ths year, to hare woalfcre so fla m y aa to o t the justify a captain in passing a craft of any description whan life is in peril effort to save t h a t life. T h e cm that th e wind waa wust, w ttdk ia E rectly off shore. It does seem impnaaihln th a t a t the distence of five miles frees shore th< •ca {-ould ba heavy enough to injure or •van jKonvanieaoa a stearear auch as th© Uitv j i Toledo, The traveling put <* b « « d t b o e W i * « * * * * & » < W * m th . n . , i M d ability < t» l m d j . h i i U m t in any m . Soch OMM a . thia ihow wh»l weak ground •hay I s i , for a*ch egn*idmn> Had om m th . pMw n g n . fo l k , o n r b o u d , « a p n .□me tha m m excuse would be g f te . for me tha liras of thqos on bond, unqntetion- s U y t h a f i n t giaat onrs of snch a O h p tin would be to taka care of No. 1, awl let tbe passengers and crew go to “ Davy Jones’ locker,” o r any o ther pleas they eouM find. If the facts are as s tated in your journal, I think the Captain ia strangely out of place, being in com mand of a pastenaer boat. As a remedy, I would suggest that the traveling community, insurance compa­ nion, Shippers, snd all interested, should damafld the dismissal of such poltroons from t»e service when they have shown thair true colors, as this one has dcaO, and let th«m return to their proper sphere, and the one to which nature evidently intended ® »or—the eommand of th a t one-wheeled c r r i t MU.11, W fBod . w b w lburow . In strange ceatrast with the above arti­ cle, and as if 0a maka tha cowasdfo act more conrpicut tui, is honorable njfation made of the nol J< conduct ot Capt. dames Corrigm, of the small schooner T r iJ ^ who nobly end with out a moment’s jumped to the r>-»:ue of hia shipmate a t the imminent peril of his own life. I t was with 4 reat pieasure I read of his own and ship m ate’s rescue. Such men are an honor to the profession. R e spectfully Yours* A n O ld S ailor . S t r u c k b y L d j h t n i n g . — Capt. Hull, of e schooner J . L A. Stronach, was pi crated ky a stroke of lightning on Saturday evening last, off ?ort Washington, and ren lered insensible. Restoratives were promptly and successfully applied, though fuHy one hour elapsed bei we the captain oama to. A dark tine, e*tt a liug from th e shoulder to the elbow, indies ied t h e passage of t h e elec­ tric current. Caot. H u ll was standing near the m ainm ast of : h e Stronach w h e n stricken lown. IdE.—C a p t. OI- 1011 , of the schooner Ida, informs us t h a t several large banks of ice, of last w inter's form a tion, are still to be seen ah^ig th e sh ir e s of Cham b er’s Island, in Greei* Bay. icebergs on th e 16th of June, iii th is latitude, are indeed a novelty. Milwaukee Senti.nl , S c h r , M a r c o F'or.o.—On Tuesday a steam pum p waa p u t on l » a r d t h e s u n k e n schooner Marco Polo, and was soon got afloat. She was then tow e d ti* (he Old R iver Bed, where her deck load of <x>al was tak e n off’. .She will go juto d r y d j c k for repairs .— Cleveland Leader. O f f f o r LivER,.‘O O T ~ T h e bark Etowah, of Cunningham, .thaw k Co.’s line, has got on board her oa go a n d sailed W ednesday afternoon. She Fas o n board 1800 barrels petroleum a i d 18,000 staves. Capt. P a ttereoa will t: ke her through t h e canal, when C^pt. W . F . Cam p bell w ill assume command mid t ik e her across her ocean. The next vessel o ' this line will be the W irralite, which, is expected to arrive by the middle of J u lv, and w ill im m ediately load w ith oil forX iverpooL M r. E. Shaw is h e re personally attending to t h e interest of^ th e line, and will rem ain until ^fter the W irralite has been dispatched . — IK i B i i n n m . T H E J U N K . RICH SCURRY RACE. AR e a • ; w M m fo r foal* «T o w ^ i- tte fir«t a n a w m p G t u w a m il* t o g a t tee P rim . MATCH WITHOUT TILLERS, MESSRS. HOFFMAN A FORNES. MUSICAL PROGRAMME BY W A H L E ’S F U L L B A N D : O v e r tu r e .......... Selection ......... G a lop ................. S d t c t i o n ......... Walta .............. G rand Mai c h . . Balectioo. ......... G a lop ............... S e le.tlo n ........... .......................... 11 Genevieve de BraFnnL ............... Mlcat Mlgte. ......................... KrnanL ................................W sM e . ... La Grand Ducheeae,>f^ Concert comin^nccs at 7 o'clock. Life ........... .TvaMa C m .* rut m g U K A H C l . A R R IV E D ........... I'hil 1 liter, T Kelsey, h're*l Powers, R W King, J Bizolair, Thos b W ei tin; T H E CA NA L . ........ •...............................Ju n e 18. J T Spaulding, K&skaski, R 11 Jahnson, A W Egbert, J S Howe, La Daniels, J S YO UR L I F E IN S U R E D • IV ! o r i i ) Life buinare C w f u ; r f t m f * l ; Ootea hustnew on the flU T U A L PL A N , offer* ox ,n A w r * Who Jrairo v u . ■ °* ,h*- ren«l’t». n o« ^ o* U»e o*mp»nT, J am . i , Pollelea '-tUC^. J.*a ' L (}ro*\ A mm S b , 570, N e t t A « u , a f t e r r f e n .u r t a r ail Kuln. 03Ss 0 oc * ” * fl?00^ • tn t e \ * . t »,0- 5 . U i ; L o a n paid In 1868, itte .O te . C trcnlars, p m m p k tou an d full p a r ti ulars ilvea. on n p p iicati.* to th e u d - i d . n r d . Oene>at T r e k .* » f » A E » $ A W O K- LAND, H e a l E s tate a n d ln»uranoe B i o t e n , It* K. ■ KBICAL. I^evi l^awreuce, Jr, Geo B Earley, Diodoc, Alattie Collino, C M H o y t, G en Lyon, D A H aw kins, N Althouse, Em m a J B a raa d, C a p t H a rt, L ittle rfiant, Zomia, Isaac hilkins, R a ttlesnake, F ranklfh Lakey. C h a rley Shaffer, Camdtui, A W Horton, Lewis A llenbra ul, Ceo Davison, Ju p iter. A d d ie Bell, D Mo(.- 3 , J r , H P Campbell, Oceola Geo B McClellan, CLEA R ,f ........... 4 ....................................... Ju n e 18. A n n a \ a r i a , 7 1 ^ w h e a t Troy. H II CrCnilicy, 7125 do do. W m H fte m ^ k J r , lum b e r Albany. FranklQj Lakey, 7600 w lieat Rochester. Dan Loomis, 7100 do do. L J N drtark, 7250 do Troy. M innie Finu, 7500 do do. Jam e s M D y g e rt, 7600do do. W enono, 6054 do do. Fred R Morse, p e t oil do. H a r r iet B a rhydt, 7600 c orn do. ^$Frank, staves do. W m W a lker, 7500 w h e a t do. R C Palmer, 7790 c o rn do. D r P e ter Fsilin}', 7000 w h e a t do. B Taylor, coal \lb a n y . Nelson S M arkls, 6100 w h e a t M edina. Al E M cKeever. lum b e r Troy. Dean RichmoDil, 7000 w h e a t do. J Shoem aker, 7 *00 do do. Gen Soigel, stages do. t !has Shaffer, 7' 88 w h e a t do. Ja s S O a kley, 7900 d o do. T K elsey, 7200 do <io. W m S r e n n , 7600 corn do. H e n ry Southw ick, 7700 w h e a t do. T F H a n d , s ta v e s *lo. Lym a n Odell, 7178 wheat do. H a ttie Pearl, lum b e r do. G (.’ Barnes. 7963 corn do. Zomia, light Medina. J C a rr, 3430 w h e a t Montezuma. Sham rock, 14,200 oats Troy. S tate of N e w Y ork, “OOO w h e a t do. Geo Abbe, eoal M ontezuma. E S C h illingw o ith, lum b e r Albany. H P Campbell, light Shelly’s Basin. Lewis J Wheel*-ck, staves Troy. Doc J F H u n tley, do do. Cayuga, *600 w a e a t do. Andrew E lliott, 771)0 do do. C h a rley Bquireff, leached ashes do. W C Rice, lum 'ier Albany. S W Jerom e , 7500 w h e a t Troy. M /CRRIED . COOK MOFYATT— -une IA, in th is city, a t th e re-idenctf o f th e b r lie 's fath e r , hy Re\-. Dr. Inger ho I, R*J wmrt L. Cook a n d Alary F. Moffett. DAI IS—TAYLOR— l»»n» 17, in this c ity , by Rev. 11. F. Barrt**, Mr. A.fr*d U. Ha*ia,of C h ictgo, and Mihs C h a rlotte E. T i j l o r , of thU city. D A G 9 E T T -LO N G — I imj 14. in H o lyoke, V a n , at th e re-idenuB of th* bride'- fa th e r , by R-.v. J . II. K iih, a**« *tod by I lev. E W. F e e t, D. I)., Byron H. D a g g e tt M. it., t t Buffa o, a n i Sarah Y. J.ong, d a u g h ter of Lawsoi Long, M. D. TREMENDOUS SENSATION. Wonders will Never Cease. TH E P E O P L E M A R V E L M U C H . Sinoe tb e adv e n t at llo n a e t'n H o tel, In h»* d t y , of DR. D A R R IN , th e g n a t n»- .toror of h e a lth , t n e excitem e n t n o t only in th a t ncin lty , b u t w h o r e r e r a: y of th e niim b e rous pt- lifiitt he hae r e k iv e d can be found, han been m o s t '.ntentc. T h e old s t o r y - t h e lam e w a lk, t h e d' a f linat, th e hi ud see—has c « u e to bo a r e a lity In o u r m idst and w h a t would be Muoctod a t aa toi/m a rvcl- •us t o lie t i u o is n o w dem o n * r a ted in to o palrnble a insnner to leave any rvont for t h e allg h to s td o 'd it *,r in c e rtau .ty . T h a t th e DocU»r is aohioving a vest d - a l o f good It. th is c o m ir u n ity no\ one w l l f a tteiu ii: to d e n y , w h o has g iien th e n n b jrut t h e slightest e*- kiuuuuion. IV stiiuonials are being continually re c ved ht th e D o c tor from a ll portiona o f this nnd tljoining h- ntex. a ll testifying to aud corroborative ».' w h a t we havff h e r e said. 3 i s room s an: crowded frem m o rning till n ight with tb e afflicted of ai> g rades and s tations, all • a x ­ iom* to se-* tho LocU r a n d looeive a s n a re o f th«- benefits w h ich ho • « m i t e be literally UvlsLiug ij«<n all w h o debiro tla-in. Tho D o c tor d< e s n o t prtt* nd to cure all (ti^eftaeH no m o t d can d«> th a t - a n d ho should be distin- shed from th u s i pretender* and ch a r latan s w h o i*oldiy a u d bla»pfaem*>ualy p roclaim t h a t th e y hold i n th r i r haiids t h e m y steries of life and d e e th . Ills m e thod of t r e a t m e n t c o n siste in hringing into acti«)ii th e aH -potent e lem e n ts of n a tu r e , a n d t n e r e c u p e r a ­ tive force-* o f t h e hum a n s y siem ; he a d o p ts a n a tu r a l course, which com ir e n d s iU e lf t o t h e bumldeBt nt: lerstandinir; he ofte.. i f e c t e en im m e d iate cure of c a s e . doomed b^.vond all reach, I m cause, in c o n n e c ­ tio n w ith n a tu r a l agencies, h e b rings into n q u i s itio n h igher pow e rs a n d elem e n ts w r a p t in m y s tery t.» t h e ig n o r a n t a m i t g u o r r d by t h e m a terial schools of Ma­ terial Mcdica, though recognized b> bucred HistoiitM a t a 1 tim e s , an d th e m u s t em inent phyi iciaus of every air*. We would urge iq«on a ll siiffere’s to Iom no tim e del*)h are dangerous * u t go a t once ai d b<_o tbn D o c tor, a n d d o n 't t a k e o u r word fo r It th a t he will cure you. T ry hiiu ai.d a*corta u for yoiireelvcs, *1**1 y o u Will Im> g lad to a d d your voice t o th e tratl “cony in favor ot th e m » n who has c c n 'o rrcd *i,i>n ou a lienetit in compariH^n w ith which all o th e r gifts aiuk into significance - the g r e a t and ieettim i- olc 1k>.>h o f h r a l 'h . - Exchange. msu ■ O I M g P K K M B l W C e S IL V E R PL A T E D W A R E — T H E largiist stock In thu city a t J . C. JEW E T T A ■SON'S, a ll) Main st. _____________ EFR 1 G E R A T O R W A T E R CO OLERS Freezers, Ac., &e., a t J C. J E W E T T A fc IN S 319 Main Nt. C l R O C K E R Y , G L A S S A N D Y E L L O W I W are a full assortm e n t a t J . C. JE W E T T A SON-8, 319 Main st. p L O T H E r i H A M P E R S , BA S K E T S , V J and Dur**, also a large stock of Woodcu Ware st J. C J EW E I T A BON'8, 319 Main st. r r U E L E G IS L A T O R COOK STO V E , JL tiie best iu th e m a rket, f o r sale only a t J . C. JEW KTT A HON'B, 319 M ain s t. T m n W A R E , B IR D (.'AGES A M ) (lathing A p p a ratus - o u r <>wu m a k e- for saic a t J. r . JE W ferrr a s o n 's , a m Main st. C LO T H E S W R I N G E R S —T H E BEST W ringers will be found a t J . C. JEW E T T A N’S Sltt Main - t LEGAL NOTICES. Q T T Y ORDINANCE. IN COMMON COUNCIL, > Buffalo, May 31, lHOU. \ Resolved, T h a t th e Common Council of th e H ty of Buffalo, b y virtue of th e p o a e r and au th o r ity t m im J in i t by tb e ch a r ter o f ro d eity , doe* hereby am e n d cn a p ter lO o f th e o r d inance <.f t h e City of B u f f ... , by adding t h e follow ing th e r e to as section 36: Bee. 36. W h e n e v e r a main sew er shall lie c r , structed in th e city of Ituffalo th e iwrsons c o n s truct ing the .cune shall p ace in such m ain sewers s t such I'oints as m ay lie designaUsI by th e Uiiy Surv«v\r. n o t m o re than it, feet a iiart, tile drain p.pe, or brick projecting a t least tw o feet f rom such imtin sew e rs, or th e purpose of form ing ouniw -ttoas t e t w c ii inch ina:n sewers anil lateral sew. r- lending ir.t.. th e sam e, and hereafter t t f |M:r«on shall construct any lateral sew er wifi* any m ain scat r uotistriicU d as t.crcm provided, exeej11 hy m e a n s <»f su< h t ile d r a in pipe or brick, w ithout c o n s e n t o f th e Common Con such tiie dndn pipe, o r brick, s h a ll lie of such size as the C'it> Surveyor shall dire :t. Resolved, T h a t t h e Common Council of t h e c ity of * D IED . COW ING—The f a c e r d o ’ th e late Fordyce Cowing will take place trof i h * late re d ence. 871 Waaii log on s t r e e t,th is (f e turda) )af ternooo a* 3 o'clock. Fr.end4 and acquaii tances are r e spectfully invited to attsnd. GALVIN—Tn« funerU of t h e late M ary J . Galvin will ta k e place fro n h*r residence, 213 Svw i s r e e t, th is (v a tu r l a y ) afternm m a t 2 o'clock. Friends a n d aeq >ali tanc*s are in«ited to a tt/m v M e e r a i a g U e o d s . A com p e tc aosortm m t a t reasonable price*. B U F F iL O MOURNING til-1R E , 4 4 Main et., Am e rican Block. T e e t h * E i t r a c t e r f W l t h o a t P a l a , J . G BARBOUR, form e rly of New Y o rk, h a . an olBca la om o e c tK n w ith D r. M. B. S traight, D e n tist, w h e re he can he found dally ready to relieve suffering hum a n ity. i>r. B a rnour, having had great experience -n extracting teeth under th e influence of N itrous Oxide ( o r laughing gas), will devote his whole tim e to thia b ranch of practice Hundred# r f te-tfam tual* c a n he mem a t t h e o f tec, a t N o . * * Main e t l e s y t F l r t I s n r a s o t o m p a a y , of H a rtford. Capital, t t . 0 , 000 . WM. C. SM ITH, A g e n t, 4 Bro’ni's Building, Duffolo, N. Y. N I U K L E ! WML w o o l : WOOL! WOOL! ■ ■ a a s a u v w — m . a A .h r G. C. OOIT A SON, , b y virtue «»f t h e pow e r a n d au th o r ty Vested in It hy th e ch a r ter of said d t y , do hereby am e n d section 9 of ch a p ter 2 o f th e O rdinances of th e City of Buffalo, so t h a t th e samd s h s ll read as foil <ws: Hr*:. A T h a t w h e n e v e r any person shall die w i'hin th e ci y of Buffalo, it slutl! be th e d u ty of tho attending physician, if any, o r t h e Coroner who* th e case conies under his notice, to furnish, a f te r a p plication shall lie m ade to him therefor, a certif* setting f o r th a« far a© th e s a n ii can t e ascrrUiiie*! th e full nam e, sex, a g e , c o lor s n d c o n d ition (w l*eth* t married or sinsle) of th e |ierson deceased and the cause and d.ite of d*-ath; and in ca*u of refusal or . -------------..J tilt- see shall fo r f e it tho |*enalty of ten ( - 10 ; dollars f o r each aud ovcry off cm-c. Ilcrolved, T n a t th e Com m o n Council of tliecfly of Buffalo, by virtu e of th e |*ower a n d authority in it veslod by th e c h a r t e r of i-aid d t y do h. reby snw'i 1 section 10 o f cha|*ter 1 of tho Ordinanc* ■ ot said c ity , h y a d d ing th e r e to th e following paragraph viz : Every m x to n , g rave-digger, o r o th e r |*erson hav­ ing c h a rge of burial ground-, -.hah m a k e a w ritten report tn e last day of each m o n th of th e n c t u t e r and date of in t e r m m t , and th.- nam e of tb e | iers -a in terred hy him , au*l hand th e same t-. th-- City •.lerk; and his perm its fo r burial 'h a ll bo vouchers for ihe corrcctutsa of mm! r e p o r t; and in c»ae «f »:< gleet or refusal to com p ly with these rnpiirem e n ta he sh a 1 forfeit tb e penalty of ton (G o ; dollars for each and every offence. I hereby c e rtify t h a t the foregoing o rdinances we: *» duly e o a c tad by the Common Council o f the c ity of Buffalo, on tlie 31st day of May, 1069. and ap proved ny th e M ayor o f said d t y on tlie 7th day of Ju n e , lb<». GEORGE 8. W ARDW E L L , City Clerk D a te d Buffalo, J u n e 9, 1 ^ 9 . flU7% c t i j In th e m a tter of tlie e x tension of t a n Kenss4*lear s ir e i t. The Common Council of the city of Buffalo have d e term ined to take the land a n d property nec­ essary to lay o u t and e x tend Van itensw lear -tre-e* from th e s o u th e rly c u 'b line of F 'k street to tb». northerly e p r b line of A b b o tt road, on a line w ith -aid Van Rena clear s tr e e t and of th e aam r w idth, and having determ ined to tak e a n d appropriate tlto rty nc- essary for tlia t purpow , and having a|*piiaatioo to t h e S u p e rior C o u rt of Buffalo for th e ap p .intm eut o f t h r e e com m issioners to arfoer tain a u d report the j u s t oom pensatm n t o be i« id tu ?he per on o r |w reons o w n ing o r having aa in terest in s .i d p r pertw, a r. dcrsigned, havisg been ere, d o hereby give upon such application tb e i __ b a p p o inted such commission hereb y gTve notice th a t they will m e e t a t tb*- house of R ichard T. C a rey, No 79 A hlm tt road, on th e 19th day of J u n e , IM P , a t lb o'clock in th e fore noon of t h a t day, and thence proreril to view th. said p r o p e rty, a s d rected and rt»{uired by t h e s tatute, in snch case m ade a u d provided. D. V LOCKWOOD, W ILLIAM W E S T O N , kJC H A K O C. E I N KEY, Comm'ssionerx. D a ted Buffalo, J o n e 14, IBM. f ] a 6 t Q IT Y ORDINANCE. IN OOMVdN OOCWCfL, » M a i n , May 44. UtO. f Beaolvod. That the foMewing swAion be added to chapter I of the ttd t a e o e m as sec tion 17 o f laid 417. T h a t t h e Health Inspector of t b e cattle yards I f l t f o t e e e M r . a a d K teeU be h « d itty , to U k . charge o f ewd relate in his poseemioo all down, in ♦ m o d o r OMaasad e e ttle, e h eey o r sw ine, whieh shaD ■ ------- * — —*’! • yards a ad to procure th e mbu- *ad dressed, and M h e teell fin*. be sbali teen m a d teem U th e bone yard to be tried cut. and he t e e f l'm li th e la l and hides end aud* r parts o f said e a tem le aa ean be sold, aud after eh n g te e iffp i a u i e f the sam e, pay over the ognetede t o th e owner or o w a e r e o f *aid i i h i l , h e t tt h e t e a B Hnd th a t U m flesh e f aatt aaheeta, w h o a tem g h U r e d , is wholes*.me and good. i, t o t e retefhed t e th e owner aatia ___________ _ _ ____ j Q M m G a f t e e city t f l t e h , e a te e M t e d m e f M ay. M \ . r a d ap. ■w e e d t e t e e M ayor a f a t e d e f l p . e n te a tea day e f ----------- m a i s n w r i i D o te d l i t e i l i . J a r a 9 . 1 0. W ARDW E L L . Oteydsvk

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