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WASHINGTON. Colored Physicians Cutler Ihr S o c ial R a n . m o r e c l e r k s t h r o w n o u t . k c ., &C., &C. W a s h r n o to n , .Jann 16 .— T h e M edical Society, of the D istrict of Columbia, by vote of inoro than live to one to-night, i fused to a d m it as members Doctors P n rves and Augusta, colore*I. Tlie m e e ting wai more tbau ordinarily full. T I IK I 1ST A M K \ DM E N T . The Fifteenth Amendment to the Consti tution of the U nited States has been ratified by ls»th houses of the Florida State Legis­ lature. The vote in the Assembly w as •_’< against 13; and iu the Senate 13 ’against 8. There arc four more S tates y e t re-,aired. HANKS. A list of N a tional bank depositories which have been ordered to be discontinued has been prepared a t the T reasury I >epartment, and em b races over one hundred aud thirty, of which tw e n ty th ree are New York banks. The list does not include any in New York city. HOKTK REDUCED. Thirty watchm en and laborers w ere yes tcrd a y dism issed from th e T reasury De partm e n t on account of the reduction in thi A v t appropriation hills. O thers will I dismissed in a few day*. Lists are now Iwing prepare.1 iu the ap|s>intm e iit olHc. the Iruasury D e p a rtm e n t of * Urge num b er of clerks mi tlie Second and Fourth A u d itors’, Secretary’s a n d R e g ister’s olfi es who will be dfHiuissed about the last of th- month. SO U T H A M E R IC A . President Sanniento haa announced a public exhibition to take pin. e in A pt il, 1870, in th e very i ciitr.-l c ity of ( '..rdo. a and invites the people of all countries t display th e r e th e pro lui i- of tin ir indus try. This hibition is to take place a t th.- sarue tim e witli tho inaugural ion of tie t'eu tr a l A rgentine lb*i!road. SE C R E T A R Y E I M I. The sickness of Secretary Fish v , n of short dui-'ition If. w as at tho I». j,;utiii. i t yesterday and to d a y , tru r s a c t i •,<; 1 u*i ness. * T E X A S IIONDS. .Iiidg-* I'.'tseh;.I, A ttorney for Texas, has deiiiauded of I .eorge i*eal»o.|y & (Jo. , Lon don, through their New York house, £160,- Immi. realized by them on Texas indem n ity bonds, covered by a decision iu th e case of Texas vs. W h ite A Chiles. Texas will probably recover the m oney w ithout litiga­ tion. for false imprisonment against the I nited States Insurance Company of that city, which company caused his arrest and im- j r sonment. _____ C A B L E NEW S. CDNSCI KM K ’The acting Secretary to ay rec Y * - Jsl fiv. Imii.lred dollars in a letter from Itnsiklvn w ith the request t h a t it be plao*d to t h .edit of the governm ent. BOSTON. IY u s i i l n i ! U r a n t ' s K u u c jit ioti 1<> flit* Sf:»lt* a n t i C i t y A u ­ t h o r i t i e s . D e c e a se o f a Cliirsigo l.atly in llie Coliseum . THE MUSICAL P P O C P A M M E . Ac., Ac. B o s t o n , dune 16 . President G rant left the hotel this m o rn­ ing under e scort of th. Legislative «'om- m ittee and a c o rps of cavalry, arriving at the State House about II o'clock. Au un- inoiisu masM of |»eople greeted him on the route. Secretary Boutwcll, Adm iral Karra- gut. Governor 4'ham b e rlain an.l several other civil and m ilitary dignataii. wc: i-> the Presidential suite. On r»-achirg flu State House the 1’resident was form a l., in­ troduced t-. and welcomed by ( Clallin mi be li alf of the people of the « m iiiouwealth. I'resi.h-nt G rant, in roHjwmse to Governor i Ultin s »pt I. of I • ie, said: “ I i fords me great ph a -ure to visit the capital of. the Statu whe-h has d.uie n unit Ii for my support a nd I'.-rthe oipportof the I’m >n in the tim e of tho gr- a t r. I.ellion a State whose p r n - ipl. s .I I •..■> much to give o: w h a te v er polite al js>sition I have attained, and the S tate when.- I have received mi- Ii I hearty welcome in o ther days.” The nu m b ers of th • Governor’s eoun. d, of the .Supreme Bench, !.’out.-Governor, and others, were then introduced i« the President. After this cerem ony the P resident was escorted to the Senate Cham b er, where he was welcomed by President Pittm a n . The m embers of the Senate were then personally introduced to th e President, be­ sides num erous ladies. The President and p a rty w ere then hh - oorted by th e Sergesut-at-A rm s to the House of R e p resentatives, w h e re Speaker Jew e ll welcomed them. President G rant was then introduced t-. th e in.-mbers of the house, after which tin- party left upder a cavalry escort and p r e ­ c e d e d to review th e S tate troops u n ­ der Geu. Butler, on T reiuout street. Tiie President was received at the right of the line by Gen. Butler a n d stall'. The Geu.-ral ro«lo up to the barouche, and shnok hands w ith t h e President, w h o w a s loudly cl et red by crowds of people around. T h e President accompanic 1 b y Governor Clatlin, aud General Butler a n d staff, rode dow n tho lino and reviewed the troops Many houses were decorated w ith llags, and an immense concourse of peopl. thronged Trem o n t s treet, the windows an.l ludconies of ail th e houses wcrt crowded Kscorted by thu left wing, he then pr- eee-.l- ed to the I olisenm. t ‘Leers of people g reet od him all along the route. Alderman W h ite, Chairm a n of th e city lleception Com m ittee, received the Presi­ dent iu the spacious draw ing room of tho Coliseum, w h ere a c o llation w as partaken: M ayor Shurtloll doing tho honors. M eanwhile the Coliseum was being packed w ith lifty thousand people. Kvery seat was taken and thousands wer. glad to find even s tanding room. The w e a ther being line the ladi- s were in full dress and the scene was novel a n d im p ressive lieyond description. The crowd outside th e Co­ liseum was also immense, probably as many as inside. The President’s reception on entering the m ain building was in st enthusiastic. The vast mass rose, and cheer upon cheer, w ith tho waving of hand k erchiefs, hats ami otln-r ■ b in o u s t rations greeted him . The Presi­ dent repeatedly bowed his thanks. The program m e to-day was m ainly o f a classical c h a racter. T h e Star Spangled Banner and Anvil Chorus a roused trem e n d o u s enthusiasm and Were rvjx-ated. A recitative and aria from La Clem e n /a aud Di T ito were sung b y Adelaide Phillips, and received a hearty acknow ledgm e n t a n d encore. “ Let the Bright Seraphim” wa? sung by Parepa, and received such unbounded ap ­ plause t h a t she was oblige-1 to re [.eat it, re­ ceiving probably tho heartiest ovation ever tendered a songstress in this country. A fter th e c I obo of tho musical perform­ ances the President ws? escorted to the Revere House, where a suptuous municipal banquet was provided. A b o u t tw o hundred gentlemen ate. No sot speeches wer*. allowed. The President left for Groton th is evening- M a rshal S e r r a a o H r r t r - i R r u r n i • f S p a in . * l e t t e r f r o m n a p o l e o n . Ac , Ac. I x » nt * on , Ju n e 16. —Murphy, the anti Irish agitator who was arrested in Birming­ ham yesterday,, has been discharged on the ground of informality iu arrest. IRELAND. C ork , June 16. — A party of four men a t ­ tacked the house a Mr. Gray, Magistrate at P»lack Bock last night, the inmates resist*-.! and fired u}mn the assailants. One of the lat­ ter was mortally wounded and the others tied, leaving the injured m an on the ground near the b- use. OKI:M ANY. B er l in , Ju n e 16.—'The Parliam e n t of Zollverein has rejected the proposed duty on petroleum . KINO WILI.IAM. B remen , J u n e 16. The King of Prussia has a rrived in this city. He was e n tertain ­ ed t<>-day -at a banquet g iven in hia honor by the - ity, and m ade a speech, in the course of which he said: “ If Providence ha*I willed the accom plishm ent of a great and unexpected work through him, i t wa:> not by himself alone, b u t by hia coinpan- iona and his allies also, th a t th a t Work wa? executed All t h a t was s o u g h t by t h e p r e ­ sent g e n e ration ha-1 n<*t been accom p lished, but tin or successors w o u ld gather fruit, and w itness th e completion of th e edifice, the foundation of w hich has been laid.” In com luaion, Ilia M a je sty expressed thanks for the reception he bad m e t, and drank to thu prosperity of tho city of Bre- meu. Ki;\\< K AND BELGIUM. Pi:i *i I.-, Ju n e 16. N e g o tiations b e ­ tween the l-’rouch and lieluian governm ents foi the :<• ttleinent of oornmercial diff.-renees have been r< * im -.1 and an. progressing favorably. It is probable t h a t th. y will be term inated before tho end of th e present month. ITALY. F iokkn . K, Ju n e 16.—Signor Lobhia, a m em b er of th e Cham b er of Deputies, was attacked to-day by an assasxin in tho street A fter a desperate struggle th e assassin lied, leaving th e deputy badly wounded. ROD Tli AMERICA. L ondon , J u n e pi. Details of tho news brought by the South A m erican steam er at Lisbon have been received. 'The Brazilian irou-clads ascended the Paraguay to a point near tho cam p of Lo pez, but were unable to proceed f u rther ou count of shallow w a ter a n d w a n t of coal. Tho Paraguayans m ade efforts to o b s truct the river and blow up the allied fleet, but w ithout success. An Kaglisli officer, w ith the perm ission f the Brazilian comm ander, passed through the lines of th e allies w ith dispatches f?.r President 1/q*/., and returned w ith dis­ patches from McMahon, 1 . S. M iuister. rtKKEV. t -iNsTANTINOI'LF., J u e 16.—'The fronti-i UtlicidtieH betw e en T u rkey and Persia have been s e ttled, and th e Persian Ambassador in this city has resum ed his functions. brioht ’ s letter . L o n d o n , Ju n e 16. -'The p r -■ s generally eensuro Bright’s letter to th e Birmingliam m eeting. The s, comm enting on the proceed­ ings iu th e House of Lords on th e Irish Church bill, says th e debate exhibits m oderation and patriot’sm. Th<- - b e ­ lieves t h a t th e vote of the Peers will i e given 011 a judicial consideration of tl e argum e n ts based on th e provisi .ns of the bill a n d th e judgm e n t of th e nation. C U B A . H avana , Ju n e 16. The Intendente di* d last night <>f vomito. The troops u the country are arresting al! .-.uspected parti« . The s team e r M orro Castle arrived to-day from New York. VOL. XXIV. ’THURSDAY. JUNE IT. 1869. NO. 80015. The question for discussion, should the prayer book be revise*!, was continued until ten o’clock. With the exception of Ilev. Mr. Oliver the speakers took the ground in favor of revision, although several did not regard it as a vita! q u e s t i o n , or one to Ire introduced in the d e l i b e r a t i o n s of this Con­ ference, which was called for other pur­ poses. W ithout reaching any conclusion the Conference adjourned until 8:30 to-mrrrow morning. neva T y o r k . R r trase anil Sailing of Onaki-r City. t l i r nperor has w rit- t-> M aekan, .me of tlie newly ra nf tho < o rps Legislatif, ; the receipt of a communiea P a r i s . June Hi ten a letter elected membi icknowledgin; timi addreHMcd to him by t h a t gentlem a n in the name of his constituents. The Km- p-.-ror in his reply nays the governm ent is - q u a lly able t*> suppress disturbances an.l grant libonie-*, but the concession of princi­ ples a n d pci -ua; .sacrifices a rc alw ays insuf­ ficient in the presence of popular move­ m ent. \ governm e n t which w ould preserve its self-respect ought not to yield to external pressure. The Em p eror a d d s: \1 am well assured th a t these v.--ws are those of your co n s tit­ uents, as I am convinced t h a t they aro the same wnicli are entertained by a m ajority of t h e Cham b e r.” SP A IN . M adrid , Ju n e 16. -T h e N a tional Cortes has passed a decree establishing regency under M arshal Serrano. The vote on its final passage stood PJ3 yeas to 45 nays. M agniiieeut speeches were m ade in the Cortes to day by C a stellar a nd < fiozaga, the former a ttacking aud the latter defending the French empire. D K ' EA S E D . L ondon , Ju n e II*. -Brown Stanley, of A d derlcy, died to-day, aged sixty-seven. NEW RAILROAD A large am' •itizens of th e eouu t|.*n o f tin- \VesU C o m p a n y . C ortlan l>, N. Y., J u n e 16. enthusiastic meeting ties of Chenango, C o rtland, Cayuga and Toiupkius was held here to-day. l'./ra Cornell, of Ithaca, presided. Resolutions were unanim o usly adopted to construct a railroad from Guilford, Chenango county, ui midland, through C o u rtland to A u b u rn md Ithacr. An independent railroad etiu- pauy was organized for t h i- p«r[»***c, under the name oi the W e stern Mid laud Railroad Company, w ith a capital of tw o millions. Articles of association were adopted aud subscriptions secured sufficient tost c u re the organization. The following D irectors for the ensuing year were elected: Jam e s S. Squires, lleu r y 11. M cGraw, Horace P. G o o d rich,-las. C Pomeroy, H o ratio Bal­ lard and Benj. F. Tilliiighast, of C o rtlan 1, Robert J. Barnard. H u g h S. Crozier, of 1 henango, Jn»>. M. Hand, J . Fred. Dennis and B. II Learned, ot Cayuga, K/.ra Cor­ nell a nd J no. MeGriiw, of Tom p kins. Pro- n’c-lings will lie taken at once to bund tlie towns of the route. RELIGIOUS I i n p o r t it n t F. p i s * o p i x l C o n v e n t i o n in ( Hi* ii|(». t ' h I. 'At jo , Ju n e 16. A conference «*! Presbyters, Laymen, Ac., of the P rotestant Kpiseopal Church of th e U n ited States as seuiblt'd here th is morning. ’The object of the conference is well known to the public. •\ b o u t tw o hundred delegates were present, the m a jority being ladies. Alex. G. Tyng, of Peoria, son of Dr. Tyng, of New York, called the conference to order. Gordon G. H u b b a rd, of Chicago, was m ade tem p o rary chairm a n , and Alex. G. T y n g Secretary. Felix It. Brunet, of Pittsburg, was made perm a n e n t President. T h e President said it ha l been s tated t h a t th is m eetiug w a s to divide th e church. It was not so. 'I his was n o m e e ting for separation. It was a meetings»f those who loved tho church and were shocked a t th e tendency a t present of the doctrines to destroy the church. 1 hoy m et to consult how the church could 1c called back from destruction. A fter a rambling discussion on th e quill as the guest of .Secretary Bout- fication for membe:>hip, th e word “ regen- wcll. H e will leave G roton to-iuorrow j •rate,” th e proposed trial of Cheney, etc., forenoon for New York, stripping tw o hours j Mr. Cooper offered a scries of resolution?. a t W o rcester iu response to a touuictpai vi tat ion from t h a t city. A sa.l event occurred during the per­ formance ih t h e Coliseum th is aiteruo.ci by the death of Mrs. Dunlap, of Chicago, of heart disease. She was th e wife ot the President of tho Chicago «t N o rthw e s tern Railroad and daughter of Moses Pond, of tlm eity. A delegation from the N ew Y o rk W ash- ington Greys a rrived this morning, and arc the guests of the .Boston Lancers. They participated in the m ilitary reviews and a t ­ tracted much atteoti. M U R D E R A N D S U I C I D E . Ac., Ac., Ac. rived here this morning by the Fall River steamljoat route, and breakfasted at the St. ilaines Hotel. T E L E G R A P H I C !Sl'H 'S A R Y . f r s c n m m . e a t s m n L T O o c rbitio b l New Y o r k , Ju n e 16. Th«' Quak.-r (. ity was again released t o ­ day on th e owners I k > ii .1 s of $38,1 HHI, a u d sailed this evening. It in j*ossible th a t j.rai o ther proceedings m ay l*e taken agaiust her by the H a y tieu M inister. F r a n k \V. Adam s, her th ir d officer, is under bail for exam ination on a c h arge of b e a ting a I k-puty M arshal. I K K S u N A L . Ex-Governor C u rtin, M inister to Russia, sailed in the Scotia to-day. RELIGIOUS. T h e Sw endenborgian Convention is hold ing sessions here. Kej*orts w ere read from Maine, New Ifam jisliire, M a ssachusetts, j Delaware, M issouri, Illinois a nd New York, j c e n tly called upon Secretary 1 All show progress. Tbe Treasurer’s report ^ ..f *•..!— vy shows >.4«*,900 in th e treasuiy. THE BOARDS. The M ttrojiolitau Board of H e a lth o r ­ ganized to-day by electiug Commissioner B<-worth 1’renident. The jfoard <»f Kxcise m e t, aiul a report was m ade in favor of granting four h u n ­ dred licenses. S. ’I ENT I F i t ’. The A m erican Society of Civil Kngincers convened to-day, Win. J McAlpine, pre­ siding. Jo h n R. Jervis was designated as speaker of tbe occasion. Aruoug those present are W in. Taloott, It. N. Brown, S. W h ipple, Guns. Green, \ lelc, ltubelim /, Adam s and Prosser. KKMAI.K EDUCATION. Tbe closing exercises of th e R u tger Fo- m.il*' College took place to-day A convention of delegates of th e Sweden- lnirgian Church**|Hjned theirstsssio u to-day in th*- < 'h u rch •>{ the N ew J e rusalem . ' H o r ji i.K mur I» er . Tho body of a female a b o u t th irty yearn old was found floating in Hast river. A small rope was a round her neck, w ith which she undoubtedly had been strangled. H e r face presented th e appearance of having been stru k w ith a hammer. SUICIDE. H e n ry Villot, a Frenchm an, w as arrested this ( veiling for s te a ling some silver scraps from the establishm ent of Ball, Black A Co., where he was employed. He comm itted suicide iu his c ell a t the Police headquar­ ters by strangling him self w ith th e ribbon attached to lii° watoh. MISCELLANEOUS N E W Y O K K i N e w Y o r k , J a n e 16.—Mr. W m. Brad­ ford. th e artist, who has fitted out au ex ­ pedition to the A rctic Ocean, lqst y e s terday by th e steam er t 'ity of Boston‘for If tlifax. where the steam er w h ich is to (tonvef hitn- stlf and crew is lying aw a iting th e ir a r r i ­ val. Accom panying Mr. Bradford are Dr. Hayes, Mr. Benedict, H . B. I-ickw o o J, H. Duumore and Mr. Chickerson. . M r .‘H a rry W . Dodge, who goes as Greenland pilot, also left by the same steam er. THE SUFFRAGE SIIRIF.K.ERS. A t the w e ekly m eeting of the Ns tional W o m an's Suffrage Association yesterday, it was resolved to hold a Worn,in’s Rights i ’onvcntion for th e S tate of Niiw Y o rk at Saratoga during t h e month o* J u ly. MERCY FOR A SCOUNDREL. John H o w a rd, th e alleged aj;complicc of Reddy, the blacksm ith, in the late rubbery from the person of Lawrence (graham, w a; found guilty yesterday a t th e C o u rt of tlen ’ ssions, w ith a recom mendation to | m ercy. His sentence was reserved til! the Ju ly term . LA T IN A N D G R E E K . The Board of T rustees of tho College of the city of New York held a sjiecial m eet ing y.-sterday afternoon aud discussed the propriety of abolishing th e professorship* of Greek aud L a tin in th e Ojfflege. No definite action was taken, however, and the m a tter was ;iostjHmed u n til Sept* m b cr n e x t. SI- I IN A N D I KK! . The .°pani‘di .Minister in W ashington re u regard to th e recognition of Cub a b Peru. He «aid i t was an rict of h o s tility tow a rd Spain, and considering t h a t the U n ited s’tatcs was acting as arb itrato r and m ediator in the w a r betw een Peru and Spain, it was one of th e grossest insults t o th e L’uiited Spates. It apjic-srs ».b*t th e Peruvian and Spanish M inisters a t W a shington }ieii.iuig the arbi­ tration have been carrying on their diplo­ m atic business w ith one another entirely through our S tate D e p a rtm e n t. The Spanish M inister has thercforp informed our Secretary of S tate th a t, in bis opinion, Spain is uo longer bound by the arrange­ m e n t e n tered into for arbitration’. In con­ versation the Spanish M inister «jtatud th a t the ( ulian revolution was about puppics.-.ed - t h a t th e troubles among the \••huiteers will not am o u n t to much and t h a t < aptain tieim ral De Bo*la will be installed m his office w ithout difficulty. TALES OUT OF SCHOOL. Senator Muimier since his A labam a spec'-h, wherchi lie a llcd id to sojne private inform ation obtained in his private talks w ith foreign diplom a ts, lias been very uu } m .pular w ith m em bers of the foreign.lega­ tions. SU E D FOR FA L S E IM P R IS O N M E N T . In the case of I ’a n t Mills a n d * >fli«er C^sey, of thu Fight Precinct, who were sued by one John Faliou for false im p risonm e n t, the damages being laid at £o!H), th e J u r y ren ­ dered a verdict of six cents against each of the defendants. Fallon was arrejfted ionic tim e ago, under an order from Cfipt. Mills for the general a rrest of a llvagran|;s. J^idge l urtis, delivered a long charge tc, the ■ ury to the eirect t h a t the defendants were guil­ ty and m u st Vie lined something. ani| he tiu s ted it would l*i i.: su 1 auaofim u t ns to •*;»ow t h a t citizens could not !*e oppre-isctl with im o u n itv. T h e aimvu verdipt w .is'tht rftmlt. A t the S tate S a b b a ih School Convention a t .U!.Any yest.ir.l-... by th e S e . r e t .r j - s j W A H H I N G T O T . ,..,t it. ,Mv.:m s l th a t only one halt the - m s ., p.N. J u n e le M counties re|K»rted (thirty-tw o conntu—i | . .. v showed 3S'J,4‘.)2 scholars. Addresses mop made by a num b er of delegates show in j how t h e S a b b a th Sell jol w o rk w as progres . . . . . . . . . .- . . ,, i i - .1 through the allied sing. I lie oueatiou as to now the >aboatb - , - -. -. ... . . ,r . ... 1 , , e : tor a I nited S tate School library can be purge! ot evil w ■ then discussed. 'I he rem a inder of the sess «n was occupied in the free i n ter­ change of views on subjects connected w ith S a b b a th Schools an.l for th e ir benefit. W h ile a boy was playing w ith a pistol ou Broadway, A lbany, yesterday afternoon, it exploded, and the ball struck \\ m. J. Slingerland, of New York, in th e hip. in­ flicting a slight weuiul. Charley G a llagher has challenged Toni Allen to light him for SlffffO. In his chal­ lenge G a llagher recognizes Allen as the w inner of th e light yesterday, n o tw ith­ standing the decision of the referee. All accounts published scout tho idea of Allen com m itting foul on McCooIe. The N o rth Missouri R a ilroad Company has commenced selling tickets to San Frau- cisoo a t £ 158J under an arrangem e n t ju s t m ade betw e en th e Union Pacific and Cen­ tral Pacific Railroads. The Fire D e p a rtm e n t of Boston, w ith torches a n d bauds <*f m usic, turned out in procession last night in honor of Kngineer Frank W h itney, of San Francisco, who was form erly an officer in tho Boston Pire De­ partm e n t. A t a late h o u r lie w as serenaded, when speeches w ere m ade l>y Engineers Dainrell and W h itney and officers of the New York and Philadelphia Departm ents. Among the passengers on th e steam ship Ohio from Balcimore for F.urope yesterday were ex G o v e rnor J e n k ins, of t i.-orsia, and w ife, and A. S. Xbbell, of th e Baltimore Su n. The Boston K n ights Tem p lar left Phila­ delphia a t noon yesterday. Tin y were es­ corted t*> thu W h a rf by a delegation <•* the K n ights of St. John of th is eity. lb fore leaving the hotel the visitors c o m p l i m e n t r i l th e C o n tin«»t-l Dr giving th ree cheers for th a t establishm e n t. Two hundred* disabled, sold ers arrived at, Augusta, M e., yesterday afternoon from A lbany en route for the M ilitary Asylum at Tbgns. The Vc-rmonf Republican S tate t'<>nv.*n- tiou m e t at R u tland yesterday. Three hundred an.l four delegates were present. Gen P itea P. W ashburn was nom inated for t Governor, and Geo. W h andle, of M *r- risvillc, Lieut. Governor. Jo h n A. Page, of M o n tpelier, was nom inated fur State Treasurer. During th e perform ance at a circus at Sparta, Georgia, yesterday, a personal difficulty arose betw een a few w h ites a nd blacks, in which one negro was killed and another m o rtally wounded. Thu affair threatened to be more general aud serious, b u t w as suppressed by the Sheriff'aud some leading citizens. A d k in Lewis, of Burke county, Georgia, w as assassinated in his tie!.I yesterday by a negro, who s tabbed him to death aud fled T h e M ilitary Commission in th e case of Yerger, a t J a ckson, Miss., is progressing slowly. A bout t h irty w itnesses are y e t t\ be exatniued. There has b e ta nothing new elicited. The Gill which had been introduced in the Florida House to equalize the accomodation aud fare for w h ites a n d negroes on a ll steam- boats and railroads, was killed yesterday by a tie vote where it originated. A gentlem a n who arrived in Nashville yesterday from Knoxville confirms the re­ port th a t th e Knoxville Whig, Sente among them the following /iVso/''' d, 1 h a t this Conference, recog­ nizing th - present as a tim e of imm inent • la a g e r to the purity of w orship of the p ro_ t-sta n t Episcopal Church, does hereby pledge itself to nse aii proper efforts for the preservation of th e same in th e ir integ- rity. The resolutions were passed The Business Com m ittee announced t h a t th e revision of the prayer book would l>e discussed th is evening. M r. Cheney asked were they to go on prayer boc\k which inculcated false iin g t o n , J u n e 15. M r. W o rthing­ ton, M inister to U ruguay, w rites from j Buenos Ayres t h a t be has dem a n d e d ofqJic- i A rgentine governm e n t either aii • zuort throug h th e allied lines or for permission >rt to pass through them t\ enable our governm e n t to cim - m u n ie a te w ith M inister McMahon. Bptli th e Buenos A y res and Brazilian- govern­ m ents have refused the r ight on the groun i th a t it could not then he grant* d w ithout affecting the proposed hostile movement* of the governm e n ts which were soon to ts.ke pi i- e, and w h ich would *u*en up th*- cqm- iqnuication desired. M r. W o rthington-re­ plied t h a t he had already w.-it* <i '4(1 dfiys fi.r tli*' m o vem ent to he m.i i* th a t [he rfbht of tlie governm e n t of tine I ni*,cd 8;.iics to ha\< the comm u n ication mode was I’uoisputcd, and as thu Alin a wopld n.*t 1 o u r g o v e rum e u t it w o u ld V;*e dntc-u *1 ! its r< sources to obtain th e coinmuni a- tion. * u m mander K irkland, of th\ W’aip* h t*l a rharp correspondence w ith 'lh j Bra- /. i.'.n a n d Bucnoa A v rean governificnts on i\y subject. It TDK FOR VESSELS. None of tho bids a t the N.ivy Dcpart- m« in to-day for the pur-hasc of .tin- iron dads have been accepted on account i»f oc- i* g under the appraised value. TH E » r MAN SIDE. .V. Ruiz, tho representative of th e t.'u- hfcn in s u r /cn ts here, had anothc*; long xn- tqfvb'W w ith Secretary Fisli th is evciung. a s trong appeal for the re­ cognition of Cuba from our g o v ernm ent. Mr. Fr-h g ive him uo satisfaction forth- r t ’lau assunug h i.- of his own personal sym p a thy for tho cause lie es{iousus. REVENUE. The aggregate receipts from Internal rev­ enue yesterday and to-day am o u u t t>* S'l,- 7+*».IHH). The total reec-ipts sine the 1st. of the m o n th .nivm n t to I I , or , '. ..nc! m illion for n.r. *?; •• q.t'O', a.,,..i>»y. The disbursem e n t from the rari- oixs .l.-partm e n ts of th e govermmijit Jiavc Jxcn w r y light as tho appria'.i.o s i..r the li cal year inst closing a r o a! oat > xhauoti !. I *i.- a \cunm lation of c u rrency in th ? tr- a-u- r> will, therefore, continue until t!ae 4-st of Ji ly. MR. SUMNF.U AND REVERDV — *Thc I' ■ W ashington 8[*ecia! - V. dispatch from Revcrdy-Johnson, dal'o-l Lon­ don, 17th of February in a most shameful mauner, displaying knives and pistols with the view of intimi­ dating Allen, and in other ways showing they intended having everything their own way. The rope is said to have been cut as early as the sixth round, hut as Allen was evidently master of the situation neither he nor his friends made a point of it. The second round was n ot in favor of McGooie, as previously reported, but Allen, who pun­ ished hi.? antagonist very severely, and tr< m that time it was evident th a t McCoole was no match for Allen. In the third round MeCoole lost control of himself, became angry, fought wildly, an.l to the end of the battle he was a t the mercy of Allen. When the rope was cut on the last rouud McCoole’s friends crowd­ ed in tlie ring, and with pistols and knives drawn, demanded of the Referee a decision in favor of the giant. It ia stated that the Referee will publish his decision in the morning papers. That McKinney was afraid to decide in the ring against a foul for fear of being killed ou the spot, there Mecins to l>e no doubt. The reservation of tbe decision until morning is believed to l*e favorable for Allen, and to give McKin- i.ey tiuie to leave the town ana escape the vengeance of McUoole and hia friends. LATER—THE DECISION. S t. L o u i s , June 16.— The following is published this morning: J. Valentine McKinney, give my decis­ ion in the late prize tii;ht between McUoole and Allen, in favor of McUoole, a foul hav­ ing beeo committed by Allen on MeCoole iu the lust round by gouging his eye. (Signed) V. M. K jn k b y , Referee. 'IV I*m r t i j i l i i c M i - o - e l l t t i i y . The JJo*rd of M anagers of th e G e ttysburg Soldi A * N a tional ' ‘crretery. through its i ’om m ittee of A rrangem e n ts, respectfully m v ite all soldiers w h o were in th e battle of i JettysBurg, a n d th e m ilitary, m u n ic ipal a ud civic organizations o f t h e country, and citi­ zens gtmcraffy, to participate in the cerc- ni'rnicc of dedication of the m o n u m ent on the 1st of-J uly. Senator M orton w ill de­ liver the oration; Bayard T a y lor ?. poem, aud H e n ry W a rd Beecher, a prayer. Ill the (..iiia*Han House of Commons last night Hon. Mr. Kosa rauouneed th a t the gov* rum c n t had decided to aoaiidnn the new banking scheme and to extend the bank c h a rters expiring in January next to June, 1870. The Bractic Squadron from th e Naval Academy are now a t Foatrcss Monroe. T h e y will leave on a cruise iu a few days. President G r a n t has approved th e pro­ ceedings of the court m artial convened at Brownsville, Texas, Ju ly 1st, 1868, which tried Rquben Sm ith, of Go. L, U. S. (..’av­ ail y , for t h e m u rder of private John G ray, i ’.*. D, t!6th Infantry, and found guilty, lie is ordered to he hanged on the ‘ J 4 th of Septem ber. Charles Sullivan, indicted by th e Grand Ju r y a t 'W h i t e Plains for th*' m u rder of 1 H e n ry O’Neil, a convict of Sing Sing, wm *! acquitted and discharged from custody in the C o u rt of (lyer a n d Term iner this riiorn- ing. Ham ilton M ills’ stores, owned by A b n e r Greenieaf a n d occupying premises No. I? to 21 inclusive, A tlantic dock, Brooklyn, were dam ag' d by lire th is m orning to the extent of $606,(MK). Insured for $42,(MM) iu various companies. The Supreme C o u rt of Georgia has ren ­ dered a decision t h a t negroes arc eligible to office iu t h a t State, Judges Brown and McCoy in favor, a n d J u d g e arner dissen • iug- The 100-mile w a lking mat* u betw e en Mc- Flrick of Boston, and Milos of California, which w*as begun in Boston on Monday evening, closed a t 9:30 Tuesday night, the form er winning in 23 hours 3lP, m inutes. A large num b e r of th e clerical and lay m embers of th e Diocese of C e n tral New York m e t in th e First t ’(invention of the Diocese at Grace Church in Ucica last e v e ­ ning. Rev. Dr. Babcock, of W a te rtow n , Rev. Mr. Parks, of W aterloo, Rev. Dr. Clarke, of Syracuse, and Rev. Dr. Coxo, of Utica, took p a r t in the evening services. A fter a sermon from th e Rev. Dr. Ay ran It, of Oxford, t h e Convention organ­ ized, R ight Reverend Bishop F. D. H u n t­ ington in th e chair. Kev. Dr. Goodrich, of Utica, was elected Secretary. Rev. N. M. ( larke of Rome, was appointed A s s istant Secretary. This m o rning th e opening ex­ ercises of the Diocesan Convention were hehl in T rinity Church. The serm o n was pr. a h*..! b y Rev. Dr. Beach, of Oswego. A T H R I F T Y M ATRON. A C a l i f o r n i a Y a r n . There is a fellow over at G roundhog’s Glory who has a rich claim for sale. Sam 1 lo dgers heard of it the other d a y , arid went over there to see w h a t the chances were for m aking a good bargain. Sam is a dissatis­ fied s o rt of a fellow, and is a lw a y s trying to buy into som e thing rich. So he bulged right over to G roundhog’s Glory the moment he heard of it \\ hen he got there ho found th a t the owner of the claim and his wife had gone on a visit to another fam ily in th e Big Bag canon. The only person about tho place was a small boy about 1- years old. I' roii. him Sain obtained some inform a tion w h ich tiie owner himself m ight not have comm u ­ nicated. Sam w e n t down w ith th e boy and took a look a t the claim. W h ile lie was casting his eye about the boy s a t ou a bank wliUt- lin« “ * », «(-»«*». ***y o w n .leinim a.\ Having finished his s u rvey, Sam w e n t up and sat down beside thu innocent juvenile. “ B u b ,” said he “ i ’ve heard t h a t this is a rich claim, and it does look pretty well; now, to tell the honest tru t h , w h y docs yer t'ather w a n t to sell o u t if it’s so rich as they say!” The small boy stopped w h istling, cocked his head ou one side, dosed one eye, and squinted a* Sam w ith th e other. “ Stranger, have you got half a dollar about you if you have, perhaps 1 w o uldn’t was rtv.-ived a t t h e State Departii:<x:t <ei th*- I m ind telling you III of M arch, th e very last day of th • Ad- \ Sara forked or. r the half dollar, and the ini? i'tratio n . It w as read by M r. s.-.v trd ! boy looked a t it a m o m ent and w h istled, tw o e v e ry night she coaid r u n him \through th e hydraulic th e n and w a sh him off' p r e tty clean. • - “ W ell s tranger, you m ightn’t th in k it, b u t dad was so p .sk y contrary th a t he w o u ldnt do it. M am said he’d got to do i t,_ ’cause she wasn’t goiu’ to see m oney throw n aw a y by no such c o n trariness. N e ither one of them wouldn’t give in, so they concluded th e y ’d split th e difference by lettin ’ d a d sell out and go below and buy a ranch. “ That’s jest how it is, siraucer; if you aint married and want to buy this claim, you can make a mighty good thing out of i t : but if you’ve got a wife, she won’t let yon rest for tryin’ to work you to good advan- tage.” Here the unsophisticate*! infant finisht d and walked away calmly whistling. “ I wish 1 was a daisy,’’ while Sam retired to reflection on the mattercJF>r he was and is married. ---------- m ---------- I m p o r t a n t I n n o v a t i o n . | F rom th e N. Y. W o rld.J Considerable debate is j u s t now going on in the first ciroles relative to the propriety of dropping th e form al R . 8 V. P . {/ie/nni- <lez s'tl rott* plait), P. P. C. (Pour prendre conij1’), and L'detume de rvfueur; and thus far the advocates of th e affirm ative seem to have the advautage, The question has been agitated before, b u t not w ith any actual re­ sult; and the cabalistic initials have kept th e ir places in s p ite of th e ir unintelligibili- ty. I t is-now proposed to substitute the English e q u ivalents in either case, as A. II. th a t is auswur requested—for li. S. V. P .; T. T. L . —th a t is, t o take leave for 1*. P. G.; and full dress, or F. D., for Contume •it riyueur. T h e purists, as would be sup­ posed. have th e better of th e arguem n t; b u t as th e Paris system has now become a lm ost universal, i t is doubtful w h e ther th e cia sadu will succeed a t present; though the liatcd (Abala of correspondence m u st yield before long- S i l k in N e v a d a . — T h e Nevada Tran- script , Ju n e I, says: “ Ed. M u ller, of this city, has several thousand silk worms feed- iuy, and hu has l*cen engaged ia experi­ m ents, -*roHsiug th e Chinese aud Japanese varieties. '1 he Chinese cocoons arc of a light cream color to a rich orange, aud the Japanese a re of a g reenish cast. M/e result w id be a scertained when th e worms now feeding f o r m th e ir cocoons. D ll M onday, Mr. M u ilcr p u t out l(Mt,UUff eggs for h a tch ­ ing, which process requires about five days, lie has am p le food for a ll these, and will be able tu dem o n s trate fully this season w h a t can lie done in the culture of silk iu this locality. So far. I»*th the experim e n ts of Mr. M uller a u d Air. Lsoard have been ex­ ceedingly successful, aud tlie cocoons pro­ duced by them are larger by a th ir d than anv others raised iu th e State. They h;id no loss from disease, aud can count alm o st to certainty upon every egg producing a co­ coon.” In th e Episcopalian controversies th a t are attracting publiy attention th e word ru- hric is of frequent occurrence. Dr. Cheney, for instance, is charged Fy th e R itualist Bishop w-ith violating th e fabrics, in t h a t he om its th e w o rd “ regenerate” in the ccr cErony of infant baptism . But uiany peo­ ple h a \o .in indistinct notion of the word “ rubric.” It is t h u s de**ned ; R u b ric (from th e L a tin ruhrica )—R e d e a r th for coloring; red chalk (from ruU r, red), t h a t p.rrt of any work which, in the early m anuscripts and typography, w a s colored red, to dis­ tinguish i t from other jnirtious; th e direc­ tions and rules for th e conduct of service form erly printed iu red, ami lienee an ec­ clesiastical o r Episcopal injunction; all the Episcopal clergy solem nly pledge them - 5*4 •:•* to - bsCro'c the nr-, .’»•< - . the rules an.l directions form erly p r inted in red ink Rubrics, then, is e q : ivai n t to saying “ rcd- ink rules.” l a c M n a a w i i ii w f n r i DIED . ELY .luFe 7. Charles C. Ely, a u d 10 years an.l 4 iii’.nilis, sen of Wm. 0 . and Frances JI. Ely, <4 Chrokiovutga. COW ING'\ J u n e 15, a t hi« r m 'd c n c q 371 W a shington | -ro ot, F* i ■'>.■<• ('••wii.g, aged G:> y^arx. Notice ■■f funeral herc&itor. 1ST I c : K L E ! H A R D W A R E A N D S T O V E S . ^ H E MORNING AND EVENING STAR Improved. A SPLEN D ID FIRST-CLASS COOK STOVE. OKI OF T I I E BEST IN M ARKET. Sold only by S 8 A W A FE R R IS, 446 Maip St., Buffalo. AMERICAN COOKING STOVE. mmm nrwvMWT w m m i m ANOTHER PATKNT. A fter a long w ries of experim e n t? we have added tho Base liuriiiui; p riuciplv to th e AMERICAN COOKING STOVE, By which a m o re uniform com b u stion is o b tained in all parts o f tlie Fire B o x , a n d a continuous tire can be k e p t w ith a irruat saving of fuel. Thi.? is a u o t h n acquisition t*» tlu s w o rld renow n e d stove a u d is fully secured by L e tters P a tent. This stove hat* uow been before th e public f o r eight years, a n d lltfr fifty IWaml *( tkrs in ii IV. To th e e n tire s a tisfaction of t h e people, and th e y are eagerly s o u g h t a f te r in all th e States betw e e n t lie At lantic and Pacific Coasts. W e have im p roved it from tim e t o tim e until i t is adm itteu to l*e a’m o st )<erfect as a stove; sn d the sUoiigust e v idence o f its s u |ien o r ity over a ll o thers L- tlie num e rous a tte m p ts t o im itate its nam e and d*- sign. W iiile some oi these iiniUitioiis are infriiusv- na-uts o f our riirhts and arc Is-ing protH-*.-ut*sl, all will l*e found irr.-ally i n ferior t o tiie genuine artieii iu tlu i r oiH.rati.uis. SH E A R , PACKARD A CO., 17 a n d 19 G reen street, An-ftoy N. V. For sale hv C. E. W A L B R ID G K ,'271 Main street Buffalo, ?f. Y. rj p 11 K P E E K L E S S IS CONCEDED TO BE THE BEST COOK STOVE KVEJR ATAllK. It i» a SPLEN D ID BAKKK and perforins equally well in «£hcr resiH.>cts. It is a perfect GAS BURN E R and requires LESS FU E L than any o th e r stove. I* is e q u a lly well ada)*te>l f o r wooJ or <-•• 1. It U th e HEAVIEST first class stove iu m a rket, an.l therefore M OREDURABLE. I t is m ade from t h e BEST QUALITJ* of iron, and w a rranted not to crack. A n d for BEAUTY O F DESIGN, SMOOTHNESS O F CASTINGS, AND ELEGANCE O F FIN ISH The PEKKLKSS stands unequalled. Sold only by 8IIA W A KERRIS, *4d Main «t.. Buffalo. I t I I 1.1* I V . . . JS A A C H O L L O W a t , D e a ler in KWH AAD HK'KPdRT MIID5TMH FLAGGING, CURBING, PLATFORM S , Door and W indow C a j« and S i lls, Stejw, Etc. Office and A'ard corner of M ichipui st. and tbe Main a n d H a m b u rg Canal. A com p c te assortm e n t a t rcasonab'e pr'ccs. BUFFALO MOURNING STOKE, 414 J iau i st., Am e rican Block. T e e t h E x t r a c t e d Y Y 'ith o a t l * a l n , G BARBOUR, form e rly of New Y o rk, has office in connection w ith Di M. 11. S ir a '^ h t, itist, w h e re he c a n be found daily r e a d j to relieve su ffer n g h u m a n ity. Dr. B a rbour, Laving h:.*l crest expci-'.euce in extracting te e th under tiie influence >)f N itrous Oxl.le (>*r laugliini; gas), wail devote In* tie tim e to this branch of p ractice U u n .l r e d s .f ininmabi c a n be seen a t th e office, a t No. '163 Main fliif T a f o J f a l l e i i l i l e I r o n W o r k * . M alleable Iron m ade to c^der PRA T T k 1 KTCIT W ORTH, P roprietors. Office 62 a u d 54 T e rrace at., Buffalo, N. Y. B u f T u l o T y p e F o u n d r y And PRIN T E R S ’ W AREH*-USE furnishes every cle rtq'.iircd in th e p rin tin g business U> any cx- tc x t desire*!, on as rcasonahle -crrns as any Foundry in this country. Al .o, E ECTROTYPING in nil it* vaiit-ty. Also, t y p e adapted f o r D icks H a iling M a­ chine. _________ N- LX'MAN. L a k e I c e . The Buffalo Ice Com p any arc* n<«w p repared t o s u p ­ ply ru tvm c rs w ith Lake tee a t t h e low e st r a te ;. A full supply guarantee*! th e sCison th r o u g h . The D e li/cry Wag**ns *.f t-iii-s c .m ju ii y are *» 'ore«l re*', and prom inently lettered ‘‘LAKE IC E .” An.> in**t tcn tio n of m e n did.verieg i c i f rejwirted »♦ th e d- flce, will be corrected. O rders left a t M ARVIN'S DRUG STORK, cor. W a shington and Sk 'lie incom p a rable rem e d y . 1 1 J i t — *t never fails. Iiis preparation b’.ojm th e h a ir falling i.Jl a**d J > - n n r r 'n I ? « i r T o n i c u n i l T t « s t o r a l i x e , Tlie Tb . . prom.'t*;.? a vigorous grow th clean of dandruff, and renders tiie hair w>ft and glossy. I t conlai. s no s u lp im r ,s u g a r of U-ad <-r o ili­ e r coloring m a tter, l**.ing designed ex p r c o ly for strengthening th e hair. 69 c e n t? and ?1 j*er bottle. Prepared by R. J E N N E S , C h e m ist, 416 Main s t., op­ posite th e Park. F l i o e u i x f i r e I m n n o u r C u m | i s n y . of H a rtford. C a p ital, $600,900. WM. C. SMYTH, A g e n t, 4 Brown’s Buildings, Bcllai.-, N V. W E IN V IT E Tlie A ttention o f ' H U I L U E l t S To our Large and w ell Selected Stock of H A R D W A R E , NAILS, TOOLS, Ac, Prices Tow. SIJAW A FE R R IS, 446 Main st., Buffalo. IUMMINGS ft CLARK, - P roprietors of th e AKRON CEMENT WORKS, and dealers in QUICK LIM E , L A « D AND CALCINED PLA8TKR F I R E BIUCX. AC. Office72 R iver s t r e e t; Branch office 1 C e n t. W h ai Buffalo, N. Y. U. C u m m ings a7 Seth Clark. c IY S 1 K A Y 1 L . J p D W A R D S A BUCK LA ND , REAL ESTATE, l'IR E AND L IFE INSURANCE AGENTS, NOTE AND LOAN BROKERS, N o . 1* E a st Seneca S tr e e t, Buffalo, New York. To r e n t, a fine office in th e E rie C o u n t/ Sawng* Bank Buildings. To r e n t , a large room over C u tter f t Bailey’s Flour Sb-re on W a shington st . s u itable for a m a n u factory. H o tel to le n t , a <1 f u r n itu r e for sale. A rare chance. H o rse, B u g g y and H a rness f o r sale cheap. A nice second band rafe for s d e or t o re n t, nf EDW ARDS ft BUCKLAND’S, 10 F a s t Seneca s t. S. II. FISH, C. B. ARMSTRONG, E. P. KISH FISH & ARMSTRONGS!, O E N I I H A I , IN S IU M J T C B S G E X 'V Office Main St , Buffalo, N. T. LIVERPOOL * LONDON A GLOBE INS. CO. IN T E R N A T IO N A L IN S CO., NKW YORK. FI P. S H A N ’S hU N D IN S . CO., SAN FRANCISCO. A L fcaN Y CITY ( F IR E A M A R IN F ) INS. CO., PEO P L E ’S M R S »N». GO , WOKCKKTKR, MAS?. NORW ICH FIK K INS. CO., N O R W ICH, CONN. WF.r,T( UESTER C<»UNTY 5lA H fN E INS. CO., N E W ROCHELLE. STATE FI RE INS. CO., CLEVELAND, 0. TRAVELERS' INS. CO .. HARTFORD. N E W YORK L I F E INS. CO, N E W YORK. ami A n d rew Johnson ana actually curmnu- • I to th e Senate m th e hurrjied mo in* lit? im m ediately before the <-;<-.*eof the suasion. In th e course of this ..liipatch I! •_ v e n ly Johnson describes w h a t iq, calls) tbu alleged unauthorized recognition of b< 1 li»erent rights as one of the two .jjijstions wlii h the United States have froui t h - fir«t ir.sisted s h o u h l be subm itted. M r. iKoverdy Johnson a tew (lava ago said t h a t Mir. Sun - ner's speech was a b surd and his proivdsitious ridiculous. JHe waa particularly stole re on the theories of M r. 6unm c r on tiie }j(.eati*m of tho belligerent r ights concession;, \>ut au e x tr a c t from tho dispatch above alju led t*> shows t h a t Mr. J o h n s o n then «*ccuj*i» <1 the identical position uow m aintained Ly Mr. E l HOPE AX. M a d r i d , Ju n e 16. - I n th e ( day, a subject <*f a future fora nier.t being under discussion, atat* I h e was in favor <z i a King. He pointed out the i a Monarchical form of govern 1;^ sai.l was more in conronanei nt.- vr, vs itjU t r.t.i i - gan, ia a b o u t to change sides. It will, he j tv»na of th*: [>e.>ple of Spain. II . him.- df, alleges, hoist bt*ikca’ Hag t«»-«lay. This j p referred the selection **f Dau change is the r e s u lt of th e fact t h a t a m a­ jority of the owners are for Stokes. The doctrine of universal suffrage does not seem to tak e in K ist Tennessee, and the friends of Stokes here are becoming m ore confi­ dent. T h e presence a t IlonJont of Vice Presi­ d e n t Colfax an.l wife creates m u ch en­ thusiasm among the people. T h e y arc guests of Thou. Cornell. Tuesday Colfax G e t o u t of th e w ilderness.” “ W ell, feller, bein’ as it’s you I don't objeo’ to saying t h a t thu reason dad w ants to s.-ll this ’ere claim ia ’cause i t's too rich. “ Too r ich ! Played o u t,” p u t in Sam. •Now s tranger, you jest hold yer horses till I get through, and I il explain it toyou. You see this ain’t like claims w h e re th e i gold is in s a n d y gravel aud m ostly in the j bed rock, b u t the bank here is nearly th a t all-tirudcft, stickiest stuff th a t ever wuz, and you can 't l>egin to work it. W hen dad gets to work down t h e ir hu naturally get? the darned stuff all o ver him, aud when In­ comes iu a t night he’s just coated w ith it a!>out six inches deep, m ore o r less, a n .l th is clay is plum full of gold.” j “ I don’t see t h a t tliats any reason for h is I w a n ting to-sellout,” interrupting Sam. j \ W ell, cdd hoss, yon keep cool, au’ d o n ’t . , ! g e t rainpagiou.- an’ I d tcdl you how it is. 1 “ r j W h en dad 6on.es in at night he’s m ighty ' __ . \ i j ; ! t ired; b u t mam, you see, is such an awfuh ‘ . ' ' ’l i economical ^rouian t h a t she d on’t like to see y . ; j ’ 11 ■>» s much gol 1 w a sted as .la«l has about him j m th e clay 4 v e ry night, so m a m she allers i turns iu am* cleans him up. A t first she used to !>e satisfied w ith scraping h im down 1 w ith a h o e 'a n d panning him out. They 1 m ade lots of m oney a t th a t. 1! l o n n r c i i e n ( F i r e I n s u r a n r e t ' o n i j i s n y , ef Hartford. Ca; ifal, $200,009. WM. C. SM ITH, A y m t, 4 Brown’s Building, Buffalo, If. Y. f H g ! » w l n r g , A l c o h o l , K t v . T I I 0 M A 8 CLA R K , suecehssir t<* (Jtark ft Brown, R e c tifying I(i- U !f-r, c o rner o f W a shington and IVrrv street- Buffab*, m a n u f a c turer and dealer in T!v.rl - wines. Alcohol, P u re S p irits, Colotfoe Bpint?, R*.—ti- fled W biaky, Old Rye W hioky, Dcme»tiv L randie. ai.«l Gin. N i a g a r a P l a n i n g M i l l C o m p a n y . D.,or Sash and Blind JU r u 'a c tiT V . 2% E. Seneca .1.. B . i 'V \ F l-.riu t f, Siding, M o uidL:rs, lira k- ets Kiln D r i.-llh .o r s . Glazed and Uinriased So.mi Inside and Outsi*»e Blind-*; !►*.. r and W indow Frame*. AW>, • iai*ine, Saw inc and Turning -»f v o n de.*criplion doi-e t- --r Jcr on sh o it n -tice and w ith dispatch U U m , G l a s * , G l a » s . 5\0>) B.-xcs Win-low Glass, -rti-d siae?. PLATE GLAh.1 FDR STORES AND bW E L L IN O S at Les- than Fas’cm Pri*:es. bljK*) Jfi*. W H I1K LEAL. 10J bbls. LIN S E E D OIL F o r sale by A REYNOLDS ft CO.. 131 Maui .?t. and an U o v d -C Buffai* , S. Y. Scnor I J e c e r r a , replied a t so m e l e n p t . >n- , . • 1 _____ ..J I, ,1 . , trt pan outnch, l tell you. I.ut |.n=Uj prospcou oi i »•»!*. \ . . y . to . . tending tl:a t tl*. w ere extinct a n d ouM •v e r !»*' w ith others m ade an excursion up llon.bm t j a t vari reek and up and dow n th e H u d son. A t - inn Go uoon th e p a rty dined w ith t '. li. H a lkins, j the ship Uana*la. The governm ent In sin n.am g*>t unsatisfied ’cause it took tot l .ngto pau lum out every night, and l*e si.b r, she didn’t get halt the gold. 1 he - lay’ waa so sticky it wouldn’t wash good. T h e n she gt i a string of sluices o u t in front , of the house aud put up a little hydraulic ia unim p o rtant. 4 a irea anq Udej to pipe him off. Dad was drea.1- W at.'<>n V. el-b, American M m isterto ful [lja,l it. Yon ought to hear him I had taken hi? passport owiug to j -1 l/etween himself a n d the I1 SOUTH AMKKK V. L is b o n , .June 16. — T h e regulaf mail steam*-r from il:o J a n e iro has arrived i-r:: ing dates to the 17th of M ay. IK 'w a r new s lrom Parana using J ■ ■ ^ ■ 1 The city has never been so filled .os a t ] doctrine and untrue meaning? He hoped present, but ow ing to tbe complete arrange- | the time would come when they could have ments of tho Durcau.of Accouuuodation all ! pure liturgy with no bishop laying his strangers have been satisfactorily provided j heavy hand upon them; a liturgy reflecting for. The crowd at th:; Coliseum is immense, j the teaching of Christ. The clergy did not Tickets sold this morning from two to live | propose to tear up the prayer !>ook. but dollars premium. The police arrangements i,ring it into harmouy with the word of are excellent, and there is no difficulty of God. Discussion had already dene more ingress or egress. ! good than all the Episcopal preaching in ----------- • ------- < hicago for a quarter of a century. It Cant. Jas. H. Pennell, recently tried in . would waken the laity to the truth, ar.d the United States District Court in Haiti- they would know that they were men who more on the charge of having wrecked the I dared to stand up for truth’ in the face of brig Montezuma, and acquitted by the ecclesiastical censure, jury, has brought suit for $160,000 damages I The Conference reassembled this evening. and in thu evening held a reception at Gorneil’s residence. Last night Colfax w as serendered at Corneli’s residence by th*; citiz.ens of Uondout. He m ade a brief speech, thanking the people.fcr th e ir hospi talities. He leaves there to-day for N**w York. A m eeting composed of prom inent gen­ tlem en of l ’hiladelphia and the S tate was held last evening in Philadelphia for the purpose of considering m a tters relating to th e coming canvass for Governor, and .os a result CoL W m . B. Thom as, of P h iladel­ phia, was placed in nom ination as indepen­ dent reform candidate for Governor. This understood m o v itnent w ill have the support of th** Strong m en, and be vig*»rou«Iv pressed. til- rmr.ent, relative to claims ,a, i \ ’«*t presse.1 a determ ination to trr.at wljti. authorities a t W a shington ti-rough :,t- * •• n representative. L A T E R FRO M CHINA. L ondon , J u n o 16.—Advices f r o n . i l - ng K o n g have been received to-day datfkl May *17th. The Chinese governm e n t ha*}i a]»**l Ogized for th e insr.lt to Count Kochecjno i a rt, |h e French secretary of legation. growl and cviss. He said it was too wcarin fo r a m a n to work in the drain ail day aud th e n l*e worked hisself at night. He ha-* to give its. though. M a m sai-l he shouldn’t l-oard with ii^rif he didn t. and that fetched h i m , you byt. “ Things yan on this way for some time.^ Tho old woman made two or three hundred dollars a w^-.-k reg'lar. But, as I told you before, she .was awful savin’ and she found she couldub pipe him off clean, and lost ever s.. much in the taiims. \ ou don t know how sticky the clay is around here. 1 he only way in which you can work it clean is to chuck it into a kettle of bilin' water and H a r t f o r d F i r e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n jr. C h a rtered .n 1S19. C:--h Capital. $1,000,000. WM. C. SSIITH, A g e n t, 4 BrownN Bu M ings, Buffalo, N. Y. T l i e S u r e C u r e , J e » i * « r ‘s C o u g I » M i x t u r e , C u res Coughs, C«'icL», A -tl.m a , IJ.^ntunes-, and all aff.n-il.. is of *1,0 ‘Tir- a* - r L u re*. F : 'ty rent# per b o ttle. Sold onlv by R. JE N N E R , Ct,*-tTii*'-, 410 Main St.. OpporOe t b e I’srk . BUFFALO CITY INSURANCE COMPANY. Wiff, IU\ Sail Slwt awl i C«itral fi barf C A P IT A L 'A N D SU R P L U S .................. OYER fnnO.oOO Srouie!)' invested in G o v e rnm e n t Bonds. SoU c R s.flK K A ND LAKK IK8LRANCK. DIRECTORS. W illiam O. Fsnro, A. Rejrriplds, Jam e s Rra.vley, BufuS I . fl.-v*:ird, Ju n e s M atthews, O. P. R > h *1 c 11, s. o. fiVnum, pa--.-.! 1 , P ratt, T li.im u Jo h n A cn, J r . , Jaine? 1 . Sm ith, H e n ry -artin. F e tor J F e r r is , A d rian fc Rz/ot, •WM. G e o rm W. Tlfft, S tephen G. Auiftin, R i-hard Bully more, S. S. G u thrie, W illiam H. Glenny L K. Plim p ton, C. J . H a m lin, 8. G. C o rnell, Jam e s H. M etcalfe, M. IL Karnes, E. B. Smith, Jo h n Joh n H. Vought, Thom p son Hcrsee. 3. FARGO. Pre*i*»«nt. A. KKY'NOLDB, V k e -FreudenL HENRY ♦ SM ITH, Secretarj- E. D. LA4 IT. A ssistan t Secretary. _________________ X T M C U . T h e B o s t o n J n b l l e e . B o s t o n , June 16. — President Grant ar T h e A l l e n - M e t o o l c F I ; h t . _________ ______________ F t . L o u i s , June 15.—The ste *ner-I*3txis- j bile it .for two or three hours. That’s the rille, with the prize fighting par yoq'bcard. j w.ay the fellow that first 6truck the claim trrived here thi3 evening. It thejieuero! ‘ used to work the rich crevice. Mam heard opinion of those present at the fisjhfc a r d , of thi?, ‘and she thought if the cc-uld .-.'Tupetent to judge, that there was :• r j work the old mau in some such * ay she j. f-.ul blow stru ck nor any gougin/ j‘ » i.y j - al l save the gokL Of courRi she .ii-ln t j Ailen. The general belief is thac J!v)b’ 1 ole’s | e • pect to mile him right down, y ou know; ! friends determined from the first thait Allen that woulj not have been exactly on the | should not win the right nor get anyjnGney. j square; b^it she thougt if she could let him - Tt is freely said that MeCoole’siriendpsctetii stand in rai.ldiin’ hot water for an. houf or I 1 T E HAVE JUST PUBLISHED THE W foil .w ins New M u sic: Mv W illie f--r Time. Son? »‘ d cfconi*. By w in. Bull Adammjii A touching »*id ptxintive ui-.I-- y th a t Ci-imot fadl t o plea-u. iTi; c ct«. 11 W altz. An «*>• arrangem e tit f t thi? popular w i l t s , b e ing Nr* - l o t t h e ‘ Knap*ack S e t . ’ • By R. Duntr-n. Price 25 ctn. I Genevieve dt- B n b a t t , in t r «l«ic-ng tl;* rt-ai.M.u “ S rcnade.” Thi? »1‘\ •? one of th*» “ Knapsack Set.” Price 50 ct*. Rive. »i<le G alop. A dashing and >*p r.te*l, t h . u t h • e a-v piece. B j ML*s Ada A. gcna*a. Pri.-a 30 • t*. N* c tu ’ n e . in D flat. E y C a n -i H < v Thi? b one j of t h e m>>*.* b e a u tiful N o c turne? th a t w e have ev- r /.card. The au th o r i* c o m io r a tiv d y xnikmpwa »*ere. h u t he pussc-.sea uudouh’.eJ a .iuty, an a a e reeom- I m ( n,; ;. octuia-.c Price 40 c<a. M'isic m a iled, p A ,t-ptid, o n r e c e ipt o f th e pnee. COTTIER A DENTON, 263 Ma n C HRIS KCKTZMAS, PIA N O MAM FA C T U R E 1? ror,.er U a/avia a n d Elm -ita, tw o tar*- ftoni o'rt C*-ut*. H itire. ll^ m i . i t n b f c r keeps an’ly • r.M -l a t b - ' e a .- - .r tm - n t of Piano j y. r* .. .e ele.-art r * srw v « I ca—«, whteli h u n a r . l s : ; ; ••-. c : : v,:.- , v-v-b and fi-.-h to anv nwMiufar- I *ure-j : r th e - ■■‘■.tr.-. Fenotm deuirous c-f obtaining a -r.penr r n v t i unier.; an* re ^ e c tfu liy invited to •drt him m cr.’l h**foT - -re* a? ’ u *!**-wh—c | V CHRISTIA N KI RTZMAN f IF E , f I R E A>*D M A R IN E C N S l l K A N C E . j ETNA INSURANCE CO., H A R T F O R D , CONN. Dicotfw raU d 1319. C t a r U r PerpeSoal. P a d n p C « 4 U i ............................................................ W.'F/d.OOO L. J . HKNI/KK, PR-iHetii. J . OOODNOW, S ecretary. A S S E T f Jan u a r y 1 , 18CB, U m a r k e t value. Ca*iti ou hand and in la n k ........................ $6*2,029 67 R* . e s ta t e .......................................................... 14 ■ o r tc a g e honrta ........................... fi94.7'/0 90 Bank ?t.«ck .................................... 1,3.7,300 00 U n ited aU te«, S tate a n d City btuck and o th e r P u h J e Securitise...............................*,192,953 0* Total ........... Claim ! n o t d o e a n d u Loww-i paid in 50 yean- ....35,159,931 71 . . . . 2949,653 W ...*4,900JK»0 Ml HOME INSU R A N C E CO., N E W H A Y E N , CONN F I R E , M A R IN E A ND CANAL. Capital ................. $1,000,000 H O P E INSU R A N C E CO.. PR O V ID E N C E , R. I. Cash C a p ital a n d S u r p lu s ................................ $104,276 60 ROGER W ILLIAM S IN S U R A N C * COMPANY PROVIDENCE, K. L Cash Capital a n d au r id ’-^- .............................. $291^53 81 B. P. DORK , Agent, Buffalo, S . T. Policies i?Hued a t f a i r rmtea a n d lo—f prom p tly ad- ju.?ted a n d paid a t t h is offlea. Office j £ t o a Buildings, u p stairs, c o m a r P rim e s a d LJ-ryd ftrceta. A T N A U r * INSURANCE OOMPAXY, HARTFO R D , CONN. A rr-im u lated C a p ital ....................................$10,000,090 Ar.ii .vi Inzottie r ........................... *5.008,00© burplu? a b o v e L ialai t i e s . . . . . . . . r . . . . . . . 2,000,'JUV A L L PO L ICIES STRICTLY X O N -FO B ffEfflX O The a tte n t io c o f t h e public is caOsd t o t b e l e t t e r , liu r a n d unparalleled success o f t M r C o a p a a f and PAPER HANGINGS' m : w peto katio ns . NEW WINDOW SHADES, CORD! n S 8 I L . , OIL .'L O T U S rO R r u - o w , TABLES AND COUNTERS Spei-I X atten tio n is i-alicd to my Dctx>rati»n De I-a rtm*- ,t, a n d Fine Parlor Paper*, s u p e riutentied by MR. F.DW a RD BURLEY. Form e rly W h ite ft Burley. C o u n try M e rchant? supplied at New York d t y prices. M. H . BIROE, 218 Main street. J. JOSEPHS, HOUSE, SIGN AND FANCY P A T T s T T E l J , 4 6 E x o l i a i u r e S t . , Buflalo. N. Y. TO H Y OLD CCBrOMKKE, And &? m a n y new ones Ss chooee to ctxne, I V g leave to s tate th a t I am pnqiarcd to do KALS0M1MNU, TINTING WALLS, O r a n y tl lug in m y line of humnem as well m any • body in th e city. JK Y( »U WANT GOOD WORK O O T O A PRACTICAL MAN. .1. R. HOWELL, Gla?* and P icture Fram e M a n u facturer NO. 13 S. DIVISION 8TBEKT. I* rfect tfltisfartion. G ilt a n d W a lnut and G ilt an-l M a m a M irrors, W indow C o n n o rs, Room M*>ul*l inc. and«<veryUiUic |H-rtalniuc to UiebuMiN*** will In furui-h\*! in th e Inod style a t 25 per c e n t I k -I*» w nlint they can {>*• h ad for a t any otht;r h o u se in the city. N. B. P a r ticu lar attention paid to cleaning and varnishing o il iwm tinga. An a M o rtm e n t of Picture* a n d P icture Fraiura c o n ­ stantly \i. h and. __________________ J . R. HOW E L L . p O S T k VI ERG I VER, Dealers in FAINTS, OILS, GliASS, WINDOW 8A 8 I I, ARTISTS’ M ATERIALS, ftc., N<». 13 K. Swan nt., Buffalo, N. Y. JO H N C. POST, Glazinir d o n .' to order. JACOB VIKKGIVKK. IlIT* B. O L VER , I T • Succexaor to THOMAS BRIGGS, No. 6 Genesee n t., Genesee H o u se Block. PORTRAIT, PICTURE AND LOOKING GLASS FRAM E S MADE TO ORDER. A variety of Fram e s and Chromoa constantly on hand. Houae a n d Sign Painting in th e baaem cut. Orders left a t the. Store H o r s e r r a x i a n i N C . ___ WHOLESALE TRADE. FliU IT JARS I-'RUIT J A R S . !P-H PRICES. DELIVERED THR CITY. MARON‘3 IM P R O V E D GLASS COVERS, DEXTER AND UNION, AT W. H . GLENNV, SOX A; ( 0. CRXKJKERY. CHINA A N D GLASSWARE, O i Every- Iloecription. AT T IIE VEKY LOWE n T PRICES. SILVER PLATED WARE, A LURON AND COMPLETE STOCK. GAS FIXTURES, GAS FIXTURES. A t R e d u c e d Prices', AND OF THE NEW E ST PATTERNS. BRONZES, PARIAN MARBLE, V A S E S , CO L O GNE SETS, Ac. AT W. II. GLENNY, SON &C0. 204 and 20© MAIN STREET, p U J K N I T i r R K F O R E V E R Y B O D Y AT REDUCED PRICES. A very large assortm e n t of FURNITURE, CHAIRS, AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS ON HAND. F u r n itu r e m ade to order, a n d 'repairing, boxing, cte. , done in ^hc l>est m a n n e r. r - r ISAAC I>. W H IT E , 267 Main st. IJK K B H KKATOHS A ND IC E CHESTS. BOTH SLATE AND ZINC. The Boat in M arket. SHAW ft FER R IS, 446 Main at. p L A T E D FORKS AND SPOOKS AT REDUCED PRICES. Q u ality w a rranted Booml to any M ade. SHAW A PER R IS, 446 Main «l. rp A B L E CUTLERY. A Fine Aftaortraent. SHAW ft FE R R IS. 44© Main *t. IILON WORKK OH K - ffTEEMT, BU F F A L O , N. T , WM. J . K IN O , J r . , Prw M e n t. H O. PKK RY, Vice Pr*Vt a n d Bup’t. •TEA M EN O a N E S , BO ILERS. 8TEXM PU M P e .M IN IN O PUM P S , srE A M FIN E ENGINES, P r o p e ller W h t* D Iro n a n ! B r a a Cmkinga, W r n ig h t Iro n W o r ts , K - , ftc. S S j j s T H AM P M W S BOTVINS CELEBRATED BOOTS AND SHOES FOR CKNTLEMCII. DOUBLE SOLE FREN C H CALF BOOTS. SINGLE BC.LC FB E K C II CA L F BOOTH. FIN K PR E < C H CA L F W ALKING SHOES. FINF. F R E 4 C H CA L F C O S O R E M B»lOTS. F I N E FR B F C H CALF OXFORDS. FIN K CAL>„ K ID BITTO M UNIONS. r i N E PATEN T L E A T H E R BUTTON UNIONS The a b a r e a n ail m a d e oy th e ea'eh aU d BOY- DE f LAST, a n d are w a rranted lietter m a terial, bet­ te r w o rk, jut- a b e t t e r S t , alo e timm e a t o f t e e , than th e beet -ioffalo c u tto m work. G e n tlrm e * wh*> orear fine Sbop* a re p u tfcu lariy requeued to e a a w to e th e m gocSa, ajjketh e r th e y wiah t o pnrchem *»: n ot. SOLE AGENCY AT J E W E T T ' S POPULAR SHOE STORE. 4 0 4 I A I N S T R E E T , T T 1*.1*.*1. r n U M BOAT COM PAN V. • L l l S h f i *I>AY, Ju ui i e “t . a t a p T S fbo . EO. n U T . . . . * . . . _ WUI h a r e Buffalo, TU E S D A Y , J . _ _ _ ___ P M ., f u r B u l l t t . M a rie, M arqu. tte, and Portiere la k e , calllatr Ml C teaefaad a a d La t r. it ~ ived f o r above port* a t luvt < • m n w w n a n m r i} yew. pdid vnfwii ow* ia r , a n d a r e funuahe*! w ith special reference to th a aoccam e edatioe of pam e n g e rs. a n d alao a r t p l a ruoat f o r f r e ight, a a d Will e o a e titu te d u rin g ti e aea- •on of 1809, a new and Independent la k e S u i-erica* ’ inc. leaving B u ta ) - re og gu ularly lai' “ * . M .,an d C leveland every I For freight o r paamge apply al flee. No. 1 Maiu s tr e e t , Buffalo, » r every T n » * lo j‘ a t 1 I e v e ry W e d n m d a y a t 8 F 61. SETH CALDWELL. Agent. w ESTERN TRANSPORTATION CO. People’? Line SU a m - F o r C leveland. D e tr o it, g M ilwaukee a n d Chicago. T h e J \P*endid l o r p r e s s u n paamn-1 ger s team e r E M P IR E STATE. H. D. P H E A i T ............................ ............. M aster. !! lea\c tlie C u a p u i ' t D o c k , f o o t of W m l-in* ton street, on TUESDAY EVENING, Ju n e 15th, at 9 P. M. The F m p ire S tate, w ith f l n t d a m passenger accom m o d ations in every respect, i? on edaS'.tihed favorite w ith th e traveling public. F o r freig h t o r passage apply at th e office of tin t W estern Trar«port»ifon Com p any, E rie Basin, or foot of W a shington street. JO H N A L L E N , J r . , Pre* dent. R. M. CHOATE, T icket A g e n t. Foot of W a -hington st., Buffalo. 1 8 6 ! ) . 1 8 6 9 . PLEASHE HAVEL DOWN T I I E RIV E R ST. LAWRENCE, paaalag th o THOUSAND ISLANDS and t h e W ONDEItPUL R A P ID S O F T H E S t . LAW KRNCK BY DAYLIGHT, BT T H E SPLEN D ID STEA M E R 4 O T TH E GRAND TRUNK R A I i.fi W AND R O Y A L M AIL LIN L From BuAUlo TO M O N T R E A L , ^ I 'E B E O , H IV E * RA OVENAT. thro u g h th e I.-eaiitlful and rom a u t'c S c e n e rv off th e W H ITE M OUNTAINS, L A K E G E o R o E , L I K E CHAM P L A IN, LAKE MEM I’H ltEM A t.O O, to SAHATOG A S P R IN G S , N E W P O R T , PORTLAND, II 'STU N . PR O V .D E N C E A M ' NEW YORK, The whole L-rm ing th e cheape-t, m o st varied an d delightful t r i p on t h e C o n tin e n t. PasM-ugora will c o n n e c t a t Lewiston with th e c’aoh steam e r C l I Y O F TORONTO f u r To ro u t •,wh*rw dire*'t connection will I k - uic.le w ith th e to llcw ii^ U p p er Cabin bti-am cm o f th e Royal Mail Lint : B A N S H E E .......................................................... Capt. Bailey CH A M P IO N ..............................................Capt. C a m iiehacl CO R IN T H IA N .................................................C a p t. D u n lop S P A R T A N .................................................. Capt. Falrgri* vo PA 'S r O K T ...................................................... C a p t. Sinclair KINGSTON.........................................................C a p t. Farrell IL , u r « wad p«udham T h k e to »ia (IRAN D TRU N K. RAILW AY and R d V A t M AIL LINK 8TFA M K R 8 . which an- go.nl rail or iHiat, a r e available until November, IS(1!», an.l c a n ho <<i>r*iine<l ;*t all the p r in ­ cipal W a te ring P.acoa aiul Ticket Offices in th a United State*. A. MILLOY, Gen. A g e n t R. M. L .M o n treal. H. SHACK El. L ,G . u. A g e n tO . T. I t , Montreal. J . W HITM ORE, A g e n t, BuffUo. 1 8 6 9 . P E G I'L K S LIN K STK AM KH S F o i l N E W Y O l l K . Tlie Steam e r? ST. JOHN. V H. CH R ISTO P H E R ..............................C a p tain, M o n d ay, Wodnc* lay and Friday? I> K E w . ). J. R O E ....................................................................< a p t m il, Tuesday, Thursday and S a turday, A t S | o’clock P. M . On arrival of train? <*f New York C e n tr a l, A lbany .V S u squehanna, Ifeusselaa-r f t Saratoga, and l>o»tou ft A litany Railroad?, nnd Lake Cham p la in Steiun. n*. Baggage Wagon? always in readineaa a t De|>ot ti. Oiivcy Baggage to th e Boats free, lludaon Hi v e r Railroad ticket? taken for Pas?*««T *»n tho Boat#, inclinling S tate Room Berth. W hen requested of s u t i o n Agent?, B.iggage w ilt be C h ecked t*. New Y o rk hv Boats. 1 8 6 9 . THE UNION STEAMBOAT COMPANY Will run daring tha eiwuing season, in eonnectiow with tbe ERIE RAILWAY, ami all railroad? termi­ nating at the Lake Porta Wow named, and with re­ liable line? on the Erie Canal, the followiug flrst-d.isa Daily Lino* of Steamer*: B U F F A L O -AND I.A K K H U P K R IO IL LIN K . Arctic ............................................ Capt. J. B. Tumor Pacific ................................................. Capt. Ed. Kelly B U F F A L O , RTI LTV AUK R K AND C H I ­ CAGO LIN K . Jay Gould......................................Capt. F. n. Brown. St. Louis ............................................ Capt. Jo*. Pratt Parnate ............................................ Capt. Tli\?. Wattw. Eclipse .............................................. Capt. F. L. Pope. Wabonh ............................................ Capt. John Kirby. CatiiMteo .......................................... Capt. J. P. Ever*. Equinox ..................................... Capt. W. II. Arthur. B U F F A L O AMD D K T K O IT LIN K . Atlantic...........................................Capt. Wm. Th ira. Evergreen City ................................ Capt. 8. Shannon. Tioga ....................................... Capt. G. W. Stoddard. Missouri.........................................Capt. D. P. Purnell. Guiding Star................................Capt. D. McFarlano. Dunkirk .............................................. Capt. II. WatU. B U F F A L O , CLKVKLA M D AND lT G - LEIM ) L IN K . Toledo ........................................... Capt. H. A. Sisson. Glean .......................................... Capt. W. D. Douglas*. Araxe* ............................................ Capt. John Kgelur. New York .................................. Capt. W, II. McNally. OrontiM............................................Capt. J. O Hltulo. Elmira .................... Capt. Wm. Cumniinga. Thc*e Steamers aro in the best pomtihlo condition, lany *f them nearly »r quite new, and will he run regularly, affording to Shipper* unequalled facilltlna for the movement of their Freight with .liitpoluh. Dock for Chicago and I.ake Suj»erior Line?, f«K>t o t Main st.; for Lake Erie Line?, foot of Lloyd nt. Freight and Passenger office, No. 1 Main st, AGENTS AND CONSIGNEES: JOHN II. MOKE ............ 241 Broadway, New York. J. DUNLAP ............... 124 Waahlngtonat., Bo*ti»n. HETH CALDWELL......................I Main at,, Buffalo. W. D. CUSHING ) ......................Cleveland. GAKKETSON A CO., ) v *' A. W. COLTON, > Toledo A. W. COLTl/N AOO , | ....................... * A. CHE8EBROUGH, > .............................. Detroit. J. 8. PATTEN. > C. M. OOTTRILL .......................... ........... Milwaukee. LATH HOP A CO .............................................. Racine W BALLARD, » Chicago D. R. WILUAMS, ( ................................... ^ * 8. D. CALDWELL, General Matiagrr. ___________________ No. 6 Ohio atreet, Buffalo. G E N T S ’ P I I K N I S H I N G . FISKE, CLARK & FLAGG’S PATENT PANTA1/M>N DRAWERS. AGENT FOR TH IS CITY, T* KENNETT, Q7S Main Si. GEORGE B. TRIPP. h a m u r A c r u h u o r a l l m im im n r SHIRTS, WRAPPERS, DRAWERS L i n e n I ) i c : k i e x , K o H o m ? , ( J o l l f t T H a.nd CJ h II h , M A D * TO U R D U AMU FOIL MALM AT Mo. 11 N o r th Division *t A T T i K N K V M . F OKBI’SH k HYATT, Hn*v«a*ora t o K. B A W. H. F o rhn-h, Solicitor* off A m e rican and Foreign P a tin t- , and ATTOP.NET8 IN PATEN T CARES. Wear)’* B lock, e n r n e r off Main a n d 8**« - t r e - u . BU F F A L O , N Y. J a y B y a t t , W. H F.wbo-b t f y ft C o u n sellor ♦ * w e-b an.cal Engine* BRASS. IEO.S, * r . B UFFALO BRASS FOUNDRY, 70 E x c h a n g e at., Buffalo, N. Y. Ui© CAffi.W 11 ALL ITA MASdlFS NEATLY A ND EXPED ITIO U S L Y DONE, And W a r r a n ted Satisfactory. JA M E S W . M A D D E N , Supt. w e e e n w a r e . ZSOOPEKAGE. F K. PLUMBLY,

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