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The Buffalo express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1866-1878, June 12, 1869, Image 1

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NEW YORK. F ru it P. Woodall, au Insurance Agent, Found Floating in tlie Bay. FOUL PLA Y S U S P E C T E D . H r a v r I n c r e a s e o f S m a ll P o x In the City. •Vo., foe., Vo. N kw Y o r k , J u n e 11. The association t o be know n ne th e New York Board of Real E s tate Brokers was organized t h is afternoon. President, W m. fl. Kay n o r; Secretary, G. L. Lapinas se. .N o Board Room s have been selected y e t. T h is afternoon th e s team e r Q u a k e r C ity was form a lly released by M a rshal Barlow u n d e r orders of C o u rt, aud will probably sail im m e d ia te ly. T h e Board of U n d e rw riters h e ld a m e e t­ ing to day for the purpose of determ ining •whether t h e lire patrol shall be sustained for tw o years, beginning on th e firet of Ju ly , and fixing th e m axim u m am o u n t of ex [tenses which shall lie incurred therefor. H e n r y A. O a k ley presided. There was a largo attendance of insurance men. Ninety- one c o m panies voted for sustaining th e tire patrol and five against it. T h ree com p a­ nies declined voting. T h e sum of $ 170,000 was fixed as th e m axim u m of expenditure for the ensuing tw o years. ARRESTED. Officer W m. O’Brien was severely beaten and stabbed in tbe left leg last evening while attem p ting to stop a tight among tioatrnen in a liquor store. Two of the ringleaders were arrested. CONTRACTS S i c NED. T h e contracts for the telegraphic service lietween th e New York Associated Press and New York S tate and tbe N ew Eng­ land Associated Press organizations have been signed and exchanged. The body of Frank »V. W oodal, un in s u ­ rance c le rk, who Las been missing ten days, was found to-day lloatiug in th e bay w ith a large scalp w o u n d on the bead. He was probably robbed a n d m u rdered. He served •luring th e war as Colonel of au Illinois reg­ iment. SMALL POX. •Small [»ox are again reported to lie in­ creasing in th e city. T h ir ty cases were sent to th e hospital during th e past two weeks, as m any as th ree of which were ta- kcu from one house. 'The authorities have arranged to convey sick em igrants directly from quarantine to hospital. W ARRANT ISSUKI). Ju d g e Blatchford lias issued a w a rrant for tho removal to C o n n e c ticut of L e a v itt and Phillips, of H a rtford, charged w ith de­ frauding th e ir creditors of $10,000 w o rth of properly in anticipation of ban k ru p tcy . DECORATION. The graves of soldiers in the cem e tery at Po< k skill Were decorated to-day. CRIMEA. T h e re are a t present on file a t the office of t h e Superintendent of Police descriptions of tw e n ty-four persons w h o have m y s te­ riously disappeared in th is city during the past tw o weeks. Many of them are per­ sons of known r e s p e c tability aud a few of w e a lth and high social standing. Among th e latest cases reported is th a t of L. A. Steadm a n , a w e a lthy English man, w h o has been missing from t h e B revoort House since Sunday m orning. Several officers havi I men carefully searching for Steadm a n since Sunday and up to the present tim e w ithout success. ARRESTED. W m. E. P. Sm y the, of the Suffolk bar, Massitchus' t ts , v.aa arrested yesterday on a requisiliou of Gov. Bullock ou the charge of having defrauded a w idow of Lawrence out of a $1(100 c laim a / a i m t th e governm e n t, and sent back t o M a ssachusetts. TORONTO. ( • o l i l w l n * .• » • « * • • • \ p e e r h — H r T a U e * V p t h e ° * E n g l u n d . T o r o n to , Juno 11.—G o ldw in Sm ith, in th e course of his sp*ecli a t a dinner last night, said Mr. Sum n e r had quoted his (the Professor’s) rem a rks to su b s tan tiate his de- nunotations of England, but ho alone took up tin* cause of England. H o stated her cause, and for th is he hail received a p r e t t y full am o u n t of abuse, especially from the press. But an he was here under rate pro­ tection ol tlie B ritish flag nuvht say th a t th e Am erican press is n o t universally cele­ brated for its intelligence. H e sincerely hoped the storm would blow over; the more he saw of th e Am erican people tu e more he was convinced of their readiness to m eet every other people iu a fair and honorable spirit. All lie feansl was th e extrem e Vir­ tu e of some of the politicians. It was possi­ ble t h a t they m ight do s o m e thing too d isin­ terested and sublime. H e wan afraid of thi.-*. for hasty progress in th a t direction w o uld lead to injurious consequences. W e, th e English, were ready to repair a n y w rong we m ight have com m itted, and if we had done any injury to any o ther people let t h a t people come in a proper s p ir .t a u d we would a t once a c k n owledge it. We a re ready to allow anyone to have the h o n o r of tram p ling o u r flag under foot. Englishm en w e re by no m eans too tenacious of th e i r purse, o u t th e y were very tenacious of their character. T h e i r money m ight be w rested from them , b u t no one would tak e from them th e ir honor w ith im p u n ity. T h a t is th e lino A m ericans m u st tak e care to discrim inate, L e t them overstep th a t and th e conse­ quences will be w ith them . O u r g o v e rnm e n t h a s shown real desire to repair a u y wrong done and soothe the wouuded 1 eel ing of the* Am e rican people. Therefore he th o u g h t th is cloud was nearly or com p le te ly dis­ pelled, ami the storm had passed away. S -eial a n d commercial intercourse were tho g r e a t chords which m u st ever biud nation to nation, and those, intertw ined w ith in­ telligence aud religious sentim e n ts a n d feel­ ings of common brotherhood, m u st e v e r p r e ­ vent a n v serious breach lietw een th e people — • \■ • ’ ------ —*e of Ei of the U n ite d S ta te s an d t h e people a land. ALBANY. Eng- A rticle 4, relative t o th e duties o f officers, w m then taken n p b a t n o t disposed of, when th e com m ittee arose and reported progress. Keccss till 3 o’clock. On reassem b ling t h e convention resum e d the consideration o f t h e new constitution. An a rticle fixing t h e r a tes o f representation at, one for 100 m em bers, tw o for 509, three, for 1000 an d four for over lOOri. Subordinate Unions to pay expenses. A n y failing to report tw o successive years s h a ll have its ch a rter revoked, was adopted. T h e article m aking th e first M o n d a y in Ju n e th e tim e for anim a l m eet­ ings w a s adopted. T h e article m aking representatives from th ir teen U n ions con­ stitu t e a quorum was a d o p te d . T h e old by-law s were adopted w ithout am endm ent. The convention then adopted the consti­ tution by a vote of OS to 16. M iss A u g u s ta Lewis, President of the W o m ans' Typographical Union, thanked tbe convention in a m o st feeling m anner for its action. B e a tty offered a resolution th a t it is u n ­ ju s t for m em b e rs of unions to receive and do work tak e n from a place w h ere there is strike. Adopted. T h e convention then took a recess til! 7:30. T h e Convention re-assem b led at 7 :30. A resolution was adopted to petition Congress in behalf of a postal telegraph. Also deprecating m aking religion or poli tics V O L . X X I V . S A T U R D A Y . J U N K 1 2 . ! « i 9 . N O . 8 0 ( 1 2 . ranged for yesterday a t Chester, near Rich- j past year. T h e p rogress and sprciA of the 1 won by Brigantine, the t r i e n n ial st»k*s by m o o d , V a ., betw e en Capfe. W . E. Cameron, order throughout th e different States is! iviugeraft, St. Jam e s Palace stakes by editor of the J u d e x M r. Hugliea. The | noted ir, flattering term s, and th e organ‘/.a- D u n b a r, the e x t h biennial stakes by Ty* kiarch 14th, 1SC8, of th e N a tional; ‘ ** ’ police a rrested th e seconds a n d M r. H u g h e s j tion on Marc near the fighting ground. T h e tight i t is ' * ‘ thought will be renewed in another State. WASHIMTON. p h o n , th e seventh b iennial s ta k e s by F a n President Grant U Spend the Sommer at Lons Branch. Ac., Ac., Ac. W ahhinotok , J u n e 11. j& R ecent advices from Cuba s tate th a t the difficulty betw een th e Spanish officials and th e organized volunteers is oa th e increase. .- , . --. . , . ■ The l a t t e r have now alm o st entire control .u lify .n K to•« for e m p .o jr m .n tm th e of th e m m c n t of thu u , , n d Such „ tn e n r. n r in r l i v i n i i a l n n i iT .:m / o i r l c p I .. ° . Division of A u s tralia is announced. The | dor, and th e new stakes b y Temple, report gives a s tatem e n t of tb* finSaw* of A .(j,,* * ] , from Kombay «>x,rU the th e N a tw a a l I reoo d o n o g a ,e p t r t year, | WKCk tUe A i.re a t N o rthern near shnw ieg its financial a tf - rr . t o b e m a m i l - • ^ „ ..n e hunt!red and Sfty of her th y a la to. The .uV.orun.lte. I nrar.a are . m w SjHfken of in a very encouraging-m anner. | g m Colored m etabership is refem * l to: am i the i „ ____ , attention oi th e N a tional Division called! . * v * r 8 rmV • to th e subject. The report wfis referred to j - i f n®*\ly appointed Chief a com m ittee consisting of 1L $. M cCollum, ’ 1 Vao*V0I. 1 h»lad«lpbia, was p e rem ptorily of New York, P. D. Tow n send, cf South , y ^ ^ f z y for al Carolina a n d J o h n S. H a ll, of .^uebde. A NEW IDEA. M r. W . H. R o b e rtson, of W a shington, and Mr. John T y ler, of V irginia, propose lietween them t h a t th e C o n a e n o tiv t m en of the South select t h e ir Senator* and Repre­ sentatives from patriot'*e statesm e n living in leged malfeasance in office. T h e N a tional Association of C a r Build­ ers, held in Chicago, adjourned Thursday to m eet in N e w Y o rk n e x t year. Six­ wheeled trucks for large passenger cars w ere recom mended as safest, and th e best j steel a xles a n d rails were favored. The U. S. governm e n t or individual printing office. I t h e ir ^m iwer” that* th 'e v ^ o r c e d ^ th e acting ' N o rthern States, and th u s th rew over- j Th e U . S. steam frigate A s toria was A resolution denouncing the notion ot ,^ ^ countennund the reoui I >\>•\« tb « viVninoo. cnrpet-bM?!er. had the , P u n c h e d from the fhiU d e lphm X w y Vnrd the < ongreemoual 1 n u t e r in em p loying , , ;tu>n of fJan lhrf tlle fmlae, perlidions and treaehero.., ectllawng. j T b a m J n y . She u l i tone burthen, end Douglas.-*, au alleged “ r a t , ’’ coming up, Mr. R o b e rts moved a s u b s titute, objecting to tbe admission of a negro into any Union. A m otion to table was lost —35 to 54. T h e .substitute was r e jected—38 to 51. T h e resolution was then adopted—47 to 37. The Convention then held a secret ten­ sion on the state of th e trad e and a d ­ journed. f C A B L E NEW S. The Cavalry Parade the Streets of Paris all Niglit. The R ioters B r e a k through tlie P o lice Line. T H E IR ISH C H U R C H B ILL . ;>f C a p tain M arvin A. Parks, late Commissary of Subsistence, as imposes pay­ m e n t of a tine of $3000 is rem itted, aud the di •ability to reenter the service caused by his dism issal is removed. REDUCED. T h e clerical force in th e New York Cus­ tom House has been reduced e le v e n on the recom mendation of M r. Grinnell. PRESIDENT ii RANT. President G r a n t's Sum m e r vacation in Ju ly and A u g u s t will be spent a t Long Branch and among the W h ite M o u n tains, and in Septem b e r, if th e condition of th e public business will perm it, he expects to take a trip to th e Pacific Coast. SECRETARY RAWLINS. I Secretary R a w lins leaves this afternoon I for lus home in Connecticut to spend a few ' weeks, and expects to atten d the Peace J ubilce a t Boston. ( th e r quirem e n ts of th e constitution as to J qualification. j strik e . i sjKinse t o th e toast, “ U n iversity, College The Broadway stage drivers ter;aten to j a n d kindred in s titutions.” he paid high tri- th e annual dinner of t h e Toronto Untversi- | t y Association, T h u rsday night. In FINANCE AND TKAIlk. 0?/lCK O ' vbZ KJFFALO EXPRESS l Friday. Jvnt 11-6 P. M f T h e comm ercial editor of th e Toledo Iiia/ 1 ' evidently posseaies a v e ry s h o rt m em ­ ory. In th e comm ercial colum ns of t h a t journal, on W e d n e sday morning, he re­ m a rks : Toledo was the first, and is y e t th e only large receiving and shipping point to re­ duce th e cost of e levating and s toring grain. Tn th e same colum n s th e very day pre­ vious was th e follow ing: A s th e resa l t of th e dissolution of th e Association, th e rates for elevating and storing grain a t Buffalo: h a v e been reduced about e ighty-five per cent.—from one and three quarters of one c e n t to one q u a rter of one cent. W e presum e t h e Blade does not intend to debar Buffalo from t h e lists o f large receiv­ ing and shipping points, inasm u c h a s th e re s tum o f Gen. D uloe on th e home govern- i ^ * c ’ p ernm o o s an a xreacnerow s s c tuaw a g . , nient for a reinforcem e n t of five thousand I T h e>' 1‘^ t e n d th a t une day tp*tor rtaidencc j w ill c a rry ten guns. regular troops. j “ e *° be represented jsu l^sieet all j Professor Golw ia S n u th. w a s present a t | c e ipts a n d shipm e n t* of grain a t t h is point TH E CASE OF ( APT. PARKS. . By direction of tbe President, 60 much of t h e general court m a rtial orders in t h e | Th * P. m ad wav ataa* drive rs threate n tn i u r ii /r i f T ! the fact th a t i t is not t h e funnel through i are about three tim e s a s large as a t Toledo C hicaco is beginning to open i ts eyes to 4 ichinn St. Joseph ............................. ISA ........... 1S» ..............................U S , E z f M a Stocks.—T h , faUowiag a n the closing quotations: Wells, Fargo 4 Co .............................. . L o n d o n , F . ex-dividend quiet and steady at Erie 18$; ............... FY o ' ^ L . & bonds stocks steady ; « t f . COMMERCIAL ITJE& & The following articles wore received at this port b y Lake and steamer Interna­ tional (per Grand Trunk Railroad) during the p ast 24 hours: FI<«ur, tiris , Wiicat, bu . . . . Com, r»u......... OmU, b u ............. A>hc>, cxiks.... B u tter, lbt< ........ llr<K m corn, l»ls Coal, tus........... E*to». W> ... FLn, pkp* .... Il.dt-.Y. n o ........... lroa. scr»|>, lus. 1 4 ,3ft Iron bar* ........... 73,71(1 L u m b e r, f t ......... 1S5.1M MH'fecil, ltw 42,000 Nalls, k^s ......... 33 Oil, bi>la........... 9,0('0 Petrolcmn, bhl* 5 Pelts, Ixlls ....... 1,390 She* p , n o ........... 124 Xho k», tills... 1 • St 41 503 12 , 00 Wool. Ms ....... Whisky, brls.. Ac., Ac. L u m . iin , J u u e 11. The firm uf Linaey A Thorpe has .suapeufied. SPAIN. M a d r id , J u n o 11.— Duke De M ontpeii- sier writc-3 th e Cortes, th a t , as a Spanish citizen aud soldier, he acknowledges a n d re­ spects th e new constitution voted by t h a t body. M IS C E L L A N E O U S Col. Uunderwood, of G o v e rnor Clailin’a stiff, who is detailed to w a it upon P r e s i­ dent G r a n t aud ai range for hia visit to M a ssachusetts, telegraphed from W e st P o int t h a t tho President will leave New York on Tuesday night a n d arrive in Bos­ ton on W e d n esday morning. H e will at- I tend th e Peace Jubilee, review th e m ilitary, aud pass the night w ith Secretary Boutwell a t Groton. last night continued u n til a fter m idnight. T, . . T, . , , t .r . . b , . . •,_______________: P o s tm a s ter Buifc has arranged for the n . c tro o p , occupied M o o tm ^ rtr. « M ean. hourJ Jclj >ml c„ |k .c tlo3 m .il m a t. ty an.l eavalry parailo-i through t h e stre e t, ^ (JoliJeom during tb e Pea™ Julu- all night. Shortly after m idnight th e ! f„ , h e jal /o d a t l o n of repre- crowd in one of the streets of th e M ont- „} , he and th e publl0. m artre d istrict broke tnrough th e line of i . , . , , . in*lice and formed a barricade, but they Coupons of th e first m o rtgage bond* of w ere d ispersed and pursued in all d irections th e Union Pacific R a ilroad due Ju ly first by th e troops. M any windows were j w «‘l l*e paid in gold, free of th e governm ent broken and other damage done to the pro- I tax, in New Y o rk on T h u rsday Ju ly first, |*crty in th a t q u a rter of th e city. T b e a t th e l i n k i n g house of Browu Lrothers, in cavalry charged on th e crow d in th e streets j \ a d street. several tim e s and m a n y citizens w ere ‘ A t th e closing session of the Am erican wounded, b u t none was killed. T r e police ! I n s titu te of H o m e o p a thy at Boston yester- have been vevv active and it ia reported to- ! d a y , the constitution was am e n d e d to per- day th i t they m ade nearly s;.x h u u .li ed ar- j init women to become m em b ers by a vote of rests since m idnight. F u rtherdisturbanccs J 80 to 32. Dr. David T h a y e r, of Boston, are a p p rehended and cxiraordinary precau- was chosen President. Dr. It. Ludlan, of tions have bem taken b y t h e governm e n t • Chicago, Secretary. T h e session was then to prevent them . I a d journed. T h e next m eeting w ill be held T h e Putrle aud other Paris strk e for a n advance of $1 25 oa t h e ir pret- bute to th e Cornell U n iversity. give returns showing tlie election of licia! and 03 opposition c andi.lates. journals t 109 of- licia1 and 03 oppo The editors ui the Jiereil have been a r ­ rested on a charge c f cooapiriaoy. THE IRISH < III RCH HILL. L ondon , Ju n e 11. — In the House of Lords th is evening«Lord Bateman asked for th e intention of th e governm e n t in r e ­ spect to the Irish Church Bill. E a rl C a rnarvon and Lord Cairns opposed the question as unnecessary and inexpe­ dient a t the present time. Earl G ranville, Secretary of S tate for the Colonial D e p a rtm e n t, jaid, in reference to outside rum o rs, th a t th e governm ent had no intention to d e p a rt from th e respectful course t h a t was due to tho Jiousc c f Com­ mons. The Duke of Abcreorn presented a pe? 11ti«n of t h e c itizens of Belfast and vicinity, thousand signature hicago on t h e 7th of June. T h e Union Hotel, of Saratoga, ball room has been engaged by a com m ittee of Cubans for a fair to be held th e last week in June. Ann C a lvert, aged 21 years, a m em b e r o the society of Shakers, a t N ew Lebanon, N. Y ., was found drowned iu a pond near tho shaker settlem e n t last Saturday after­ noon, she was supposed to have comm itted suicide. The Shakers took possession of the body, and no inquest was held. The deceased was of English parentage and her m o ther reside* somewhere in M a ssachu­ setts. The Republican S tate Convention m e t a t H o u ston, Texas, on Tuesday, I. G. Tracy, President. K. J . Davis was nom inated by acclamation for G o v ernor; W . F. Canagan, I for L ieut. G o v e rnor; Frank C a rter, for . . . -I , Com p troller; and lvenqhlfir. Commissioner f th e citizen s of B e lfa st a n d vicinity j Q- | Qtlice; Honey, for S tate Treasurer. condemning the la th e platform containing eighty thousan d signatu re -, | ftatcheUie-r sooke against the disestablishm e n t of th e lrish | cour#e 0f ^ o v . Ham ilton. Church. 1 n his rem a rks on the occasion h e ^ main principles of the Republican party saul t h a t th is petition em a n a ted from th e ! were c n d o rsed; a resolution was adopted re- m o st im p o rtant d e m o n s tration ever held in j COIumen(j(n£, th e enfranchisem e n t of the I r e W . H e d i o v e d t h e g r < « tc U u g » t h a t h >Vash,Dgton. |,;i<l taken place ra the sentim e n ts ot tho 1 - • , , • • -.1 people »,«ee tl.o general dectio ,,.. H e toi.l i K « to«. « . h»» b « « . comm.to.ou. Im believed th e peopi. of th e N o rth of Ire- as M inister to BeUjmm, .ere W t a d ...soen- land wore n o t singular in th i . - a rticular, j and w .U sad on th e - h t h m s t f o r E u r o p .. ] He believed a change w as going ou r a p idly | Secretary Kawlins left G alveston, last | aud certainly throughout th e whole country I evening, for a brief visit to his fam ily iu j on accouut of th e injustice aud partiality of | Connecticut. the bilL j YV. C. K ittridge, U n ited States Assessor for th e F irst Collection D istrict of Vermont, expired .olmoss in s tan tly at the Central P r o c e e d i n g * o t I k * P r l n t e r a ’ I n l o n . A l b a n y , Ju n e 11.—T h e Typograph ical Convention m e t a t nine o’clock to-day, and th e r e p o rt ou tlm new constitution was read. A resolution w as adopted to send tw o delegates to th e National Labor Union. On motion of Mr. G a tchcll th e resolution declaring th a t the practice of taking ap ­ prentices to th e printing business who had no knowledge of gram m a r was un ju s t and o u g h t to be abolished was a d o p ted after de­ b a te by a vote of 36 to 25. The C o n v e n tion th e n by ballot selected C incinnati as th e place for th e next m eeting of the Union. Mr. iY c c k leston m oved th a t th e general law s in- •<> am e n d e d aa to g r a n t c h a rters to W omen’s T ypographical Unions. Referred. The Committee on R e tu rn s reported 2544 xneinW rs iu good standing. J here had been “256 m embers initiated w ithin th e past y e a r; 144 h a il beeu expelled; 1176 restored u n d e r th e amnesty proclamation. T h e Com m ittee on Sul>or.linate U n ions reported favorably upon the following s u b ­ jects. T h a t apprentice* to t a e printing business tdiould have a good gram m ar education re­ jected. T h a t a n organizer of subordinate U n ions in Cauada a u d t h e E a s tern States be I appointed, and t h a t his expenses be pai<i by tlm N a tional Union, which was tabled. The com m ittee also r e p o rted favorably upon the resolution su s tlin in g th e Yiction of the E r ie P a ., Union, in denouncing certain D irties as r a ts, and for w h ich th e m embers of theU h ion have bren indicted tor conspir­ acy and libel. On m otion of Mr. M inamon th e clause wa* am e n d e d by pledging the efforts of th e m em b e rs of th is union to *e cure the repeal of th e conspiracy aud liltel laws. and th e clause was adopted. The convention then w e n t into th e C o m m ittee on a new oonstitutition. A debate aroee on tho secoud section, w h ich contained a Provision looking to g r a n ting c h a rter* to W o m e n Unions’, Me**rs. M cKochnie and T roup »troDgly a d vocated such grant*, and th e proposition to amend so as to m ilitate against t h e women charter proposition was loot. T h s section was amended so aa to r e ­ quire a scale of prices to be adopt d by one Union to l>e agreed to by another Union i a tb e same tow n or c ity, and then “ rC T t h i r f section, providing for g ranting charters to W omen’s Unions, was read and citfiytel *o as to allow women to join other than Women’s Unions. Ths section wa* than adopted with hat ons or two diaaent- iag voises. ▲ assttoa requiring that delegates 1 Union shall be THE ALAR IMA. L ondon , J u n e 11.— lu the House of Com­ mons th is evening th e proceedings were m ainly unim p o rtant. A debate on th e A labam a question w as postponed till tho 9th of J u ly. The B e rm u d a floating dock, tbe largest structure of tho kind over built, w ith hirgo convoy, including th e Biack Prince, is pre­ paring t o sail for Bermuda. P a r i s , Ju n e 11.—T h e Em p e ror aud Kra- prc-v to-day drove through th e M o n trnartro d istrict, which was filled w ith crow d s of people, who e n thusiastically cheered. Three member* of the editorial staff of the Siccle newspaper a u d several of th e ML Rochefotfc’a electoral com m ittee have been arrested. Domiciliary visits have been paid a*r*reral h o u ^ . , * » » ...* « » ureas seizures. RAuiNG. L o n d o n , Juno J I .—The A scot races fo r the A lexandria plate, for four year olds, three m ile heats, was won by R e s titution. T h e first class of th e W o rkingham stakes was w o n by Typhoons. The second class of t h e W o rkingham stakes w as won by t ’ock-of-tbe-W alk. T h e sixteenth Ascot trffennial s ta k e s was won by Duke of Beau­ fort. cn t wages. * A GOOD WORK TO GO ON. Hon. D. A. W ells, Special Commissioner of the Revenue, arrived last (jveniag, and after a brief s tay on official business will re­ tu r n to N e w York and continus during the season cf the investigations w h e rew ith he stands charged by th e law s of in g r e s s . SOUTHERN TRAVEL. The New York hotel proprietors a n d r a il­ road men, and others in this c-ity, rem ark th a t th e travel from t h e South ];oihe N o rth has l>een for th e last few weeks larger than at any season since th e close of . th e rebel­ lion. N e a rly all of these peopUHkro of the tourist, health and pleasure seeking class, and W a shington is merely a resting place on th e road to th e various point* of interest in th e N o rth. This travel betw een the two sections is looked upon as an eviden:* th a t the South has iu some m easure ,recu;jerated from th e effects of the war, and tha*; pros­ perity is again r e turning to her. The num ­ ber o f b u siness people and land speculator** going South is also on the increase, a'ad sev­ eral real estate agencies here ^re doing a profitable business in th e sale and exchange of Southern property. W ashington , J u n e 11.—A lai'ge num b er of N a tional Banks a re preparing to w ith ­ draw th e ir securities as designated deposi­ tories of th e U n ited States. Eight banks have ceased to be financial a g ? n ts of the governm ent since th e 5th inst. THE SANTA FE llORBERo. T reasurer Spinner to-day received an­ o ther dispatch from Santa Fe seating th a t th e loss of th e U n ited States by the recent robbery will not exceed $30,000. GEN. SICKLE*. By th e direction of the Secretary «,f W a r leave of absence for one year, w ith jen n is- sion to go beyond the sea, i s j j r a i tod to M aj. Gen. Daniel E. Sickles. MEW YORK* N ew Y ork , J u n e 11.— T h e pum .ier of beef cattle received t h e past w«c-k at all th e yards is 6159. M ilch cows 59. -Swine 27,927- Prices of beef c a ttle have advan­ ced a fraction of one cent since Tuesday last, and an* firmer, w ith light receipts of prim e a nim als. M ifch cows continue u n ­ changed. T h e very poorest sold at :?30(o 50 per head; fair to good cows $6|j(ai.8 1; e x ­ tra fine m ilkers $100(<$200 each, w ith calvss at t h e ir sides. T h e re is sufficient activity among deal era in calves to enable them to dispose of large receipts at former rates. Sheep and good lam b s are scarce and in fair request, w ith a stro n j m arket. M ost o f th e sales are m ade at al*(.ut t»(<i'7c for good sheep. Good lambs 12/qj 14 F®r lb. live w eight. ’T rade in swiuo is tism at' lie ($11 *c per lb, w ith selected lots at 11 Jc per lb. Live hogs are nom inal a t ^ per lb gross w eight. • TH E CHITTENDEN WILL. T h e f u r th e f bearing of the O a ittenden w ill case was postponed yesterday by tlie Surrogate un til th e return of the special guardian of M iss C h ittenden, wh<; is now in Texas. e i x r o P E A X . L ondon , J u n e 11.— Dispatches fi.-om C ork state t h a t robberies of arm s and am m u n i­ tion are of daily occurrence throughout the southern p a r t of Ireland. Suspicion iu all caseB fasten them to the m em bers of the Fenian organization. E x traordinary p r e ­ cautions have been taken by the author.ties *-• o n a rd against such outrages. c o l l i e r y d : a .-. t r r . Later tclog.-a.Aj f;oin M y rthc* Ty<jvil, I W ales, reports th e disaster in th e obllicry jn t h a t neighbor! ood m u ch loss serious than | at first g iven. Fixty-six bodies h'ave i*een ) recovered th u s far, arid it was thought the to tal num b er of killed w o uld not exceed THE SPANISH CORTES. M a d r i d , Ju n e 11.—In the Guides yes­ terday eyeniug the budget for t hi coping yeai was under discusaicn. piguurata, the M inister of F u a n c e , stated in rej;!y to a question t h a t a reduction in th e (rstimxtes of expenditure w as impossible. GRAND BANQUET. B r e s t , Ju n e 11.— A grand banquet w as given on board th e s te a m ship G rG>t East, ern Iasi evening t o celebrate the Bjioct s3 f u l loading of th e new French cable. M any were a o t « t l M present. Speeches were m ade and toasts drank aud altogether m u ch enthusiasm wa* m anifested. A.moug th e toasts were “ England\’ and Am erica” and “ F ranco,” which were T h e tannetyr of T. D. Coe & Co., of Rochester, N. Y., w a s d e stroyed by fire this morning. Loss on th e building and m achinery $30,000; on s tock $70,000. In ­ surance in all $15,000. O rigin of th e fire unknown. •Senators Roscoe Conkling, B. F . W a d e, and G eneral Boynton arrived at Omaha th is morning, and w ill sta r t w ith th e ir families for Prom e n tory Point this evening. Large num b ers of tourists and pleasure seekers are arriving daily. The new In d i ­ an superintendent has been visiting various agencies, m aking c h anges to improve the condition of the Indian?, and to protect the governm ent against frauds. Indian d e p re­ dations are reported s o u th of tlie P latte be­ low F o rt Kearnoy. N o thing serious an­ nounced. The large flouring m ill And elevator know n as th e Osborne M ills a t R a n toul, 111., was com p letely destroyed by fire T h u rsday evening. Loss $20,000. Insured for $8000. House in R u tland at an early hour yester­ day m orning, of heart disease. H e was for­ m erly Lieutenant-G o v e rnor of th e State. The second H o d of the season occurs e a r ­ lier t h a n usual a t W e st Point., on account of th e presence of President G rant. 1 t w ill take place tlua evening, aud is expected to be very brilliant. The celebrated gold c o n tract case of Abel- Sc Co., of the Baltimore Sun, vs. th e Chesa­ peake Bank, involving a claim for a special gold deposit of $3000, m ade in 1801, was airain ou trial yesterday in th e Suprema C o u rt of B o l u ~ o r . Thu, o » » h « been to th e C o u rt of Appeals of M a ryland, and n now on trial for th e second t^iue. Reverdy Johnson m ade his appearance i» u r t for 1 a p p ropriately responded to by the repiesen AUSTRIA. V ienna , Ju n e 11.— A decree has been published forbidding civil authorities to en­ force e cclesiastical sentences, w ithout v o lun­ tary consent o f the p a rty concerned. RUSSIA. B er l in , J u n e 11.—T h e Federal Council have decided t h a t the com p laints referred by tb e N o rth G e rm a n Parliam e n t aud re­ specting t h e C o n s titution of M e cklinburg, are incom p u table w ith national progress. EXPELLED. P a r I o , Ju n e 11.—Gen. C iuseret has been expelled from France. G reat crow d s of people s till continue in th e street* iq M ont- niatre and o ther q u a rters in Pari.? and agita­ tion a n d e x c item e n t are u n a b a ted. The E m ­ peror and Em p ress, however, passed through t h e *treet again th is evening in an open carriage, w ith only th e usual num b er of a tten d a n ts THE REGENCY. M a d r id . J u n e I I . —T h e L o rtes is dis- m ssiug th e proposition for the regency. T b e Republicans have offered raauy am e n d ­ ments, lim iting th e power* of th e regent. A conference of th e Republican p a r ty was held a t Cordova to-day. T h e attendance was immense. The greatest enthusiasm was manifested. Gen. Caballero De Rod as haa sadad from Cadiz tor Cuba. t.he plaintiff?, and was cordially welcomed ! Lv O o u rt a » d m em b ers of the Bar, being Ins 2r?t appearance ra o o u r t since hi3 re­ turn. M r. Johnson is apparent!}’ In excel­ lent health and vigor. T h e gold case w ill be oontiuued M o nday. W illi* l ’heips 4 Co., cf Springfield, M ass., yesterday contracted to build and equip the Philadelphia and W a shington Railroad from Buffalo to th e Pennsylvania coal regions, 125 miles, for $3,090,000. The work will be commenced next month. In th e race a t H ighland Tar*;. N e w b u rg, Nr. Y ., yesterday afternoon, betw e en J^aoy Thorn and M o u n tain Boy, th e latter wen in three s tr a ight h e a ts, 2.23J, 2:33:J, 2:28. T h e remain* of Lieut. P . J. Tyrrell, an officer of the Fenian organization, was refused th e burial rites of th e Roman Catholic c h u rch in Louisville, K y ., yester­ day, because th e brotherhood appeared in church in regalia. T h e body was taken from the church and followed to th e ceme­ tery by a large concourse of Fenians. The action of th e priest has caused a profound sensation. Th* reports t h a t th e expedition of the fillibutsters h a d landed a t A g u adores, nesr Santiago, au d t h a t a n o ther expedition was on the couth ride of th e island w a iting to land, are not confirmed. A rum o r t h a t the w a r steam e r Louisa had suuk tw o vessels bringing fillibnsters to aid th e revolution­ ists, is also unconfirmed. Journals and p r i­ vate letters announce t h a t m any of the in ­ surgent* are surrendering to Yalmaaeda. TELEGRAPH f t SIXXABY. A GHEAT DIVORCE CASE. H i l l vs. H i l l o f Nt. I.onis— Mr**. H i l l goe»; to E u r o p e to C 'ollert E v l d e n i'e to P r o v e Ite r C h a s t i t y —S t a r t * a H e . p o r t o f h e r H e a t h b y D r o w n i n g , a n d Klop* * w i t h \ a D e f a a l t i n g B a n k e r . There has been no case since th e famous Burdell-Cunningham tragedy, t h a t has giv­ en birth to so m any first class sensations aa th e case of H ill vs. Hill. F irst, B ritton A. Hil], a prom inent law y e r a n d w e a lthy citi­ zen of St. Louis, files a petition for divorce from his wife, a very beautiful, taleuted and highly educated lady, of good fam ily aud previous good standing. A n inside view is g iven of the infelicities o f a dom es­ tic circle w h ich to the world a t large seemed one of the happiest and m o st c o n tented; and before th e t a lk which such an expose gave birth to had half subsided, in w alks tlie lady herself w ith a cross s u it, alleg­ ing on the p a r t of her distinguished husband, brutality, shocking profanity, un- chastity and half a score of o ther disquali­ fying characteristics, which have m ade her m arriage unbearable, and which she desires to cu t short by a severance of its ties. Then followed replications and rejoinders, w ithout num b er, each aud every one dis­ closing some new sensational and a lm o st in­ credible fact, such as th e attem p ted a s ­ phyxiation of M r. H ill a t th e Planters’ house; her desertion of th e ir dying c h ild in Europe; th e threatened assassination of her husband by her French attache and repu­ ted lover, and his dram a tic preservation by his wife, aud o th e r equally startlin g and theatrical accessories. The affair, however, gradually lost its interest, and hail become num b ered w ith other tw ice and tluice told tales, when, a few w e e k s ago, th e com m u n ity was startled by tho report th a t M rs. H ill had been drow n e d a t Nice, ia France, w h ither she had gone ostensibly for the purpose of col­ lecting evidence to disprove the' charges of her husband as to her m atrim o n ial infideli­ ty. The report bore every appearance of truthfulness, and was p r e tty generally be­ lieved, especially b y the family of M rs. H ill, who, it is said, w e n t into m ourning o\‘er her loss. M r. H ill, w ith a liberality and charitableness of spirit, which did him infinite c redit, telegraphed im m e d ia te ly to his a ttorney to spare no pain* or money to lind th e body aud give it C h ristian burial; and it seems th a t through his efforts the fact was made public th a t th e drowning was a carefully arranged ruse de guerre, in­ tended, if possible, to accomplish tw o very ; distinct objects. j Tho A m erican Consul a t Geneva has w ritten to Mr. Hill three letters of the re- I spective dates of the bth, 21st a n d 39th of ! April. In the first he w rites that. Mrs. H ill and her form er friend and protector, Rus­ sell, have quarrelled, b u t th a t a friend of his had ju s t learned of her being a t Nice, the protege of a rich, elderly gcutiernau named W ilson, from New Y o tk, who pass­ ed for her u ncle, and w h o p rovided h e r w i ^ sum p tuous quarters, adashin^carriage, and the finest apparel. T h e next l e tter informs Mr. H ill ti.afc he (the consul) has j u s t h e a rd of her death by drowning, and t h a t he s u p ­ poses t|u>r<* Will toe n o m ore Ueposi cions to be taken. The last, which puts a different construction on th e m atrim o n ial imbroglio, is as follows* * * * * “ I doubted th e drow n ing story a little, and w rote to Judge Addis, our Consul a t Nice, t o give me th e facts. He w rites me a long reply, from which it resuits, aud can be ectabluhed by testi­ mony, th a t M rs. H ill did not go in to bathe, b u t c h a n g ed her dress and w e n t oil w ith a m an who came to her svith a valise. * I th in k likely her object was a double which t h e entire grain west m u s t inevitably pass. S tartled from her security by th e m o v em e n t dow n th e M ississippi, she awoke £o a vivid sense of th e exceeding sinfulness of o ther people's sins. A conference m eeting w a s c alled, a nd the Chicago delegation freely confessed all th e sins, real a n d im a g inary, of Buffalo a n d th e S tate of N e w Yorlf, b a t none of their own. A com m ittee was appointed to labor w ith the Buffalo Elevating Association, New Y o rk Canal Board, and all other sin uers against grain except Chicago herself. T h a t com m ittee perform e d its duties and m ade a very rose-colored report, concluding w ith a resolution t h a t th e Bntfalo elevators could afford to do tho Fame W ork for one cent th a t those of Chiaago should charge tw o cents for. \V ith th is flattering u n ction to sooth them , t h e Chicago elevators have continued on th e old course, abating not one j o t or title of th i A- heavy charges, while m aterial reduction! have been made here and elsewhere. Bui the press of th a t city is beginning to sen th a t tb e grain trad e is r u n n ing around tftem, as well as es­ caping by th e back door down th e M issis­ sippi. A s a n evidence of th is fact, we find th e following in th e Chicago Tribune of W e d n esday : A singular fact, in connection w ith the elevator monopoly in th is city, is th a t our bankers a re now r eceivin^exchange on N ew York from dozens of little interior tow n s in th e State, from which tho receipt of E a s t­ ern exchange was a th in g unknow n until lately, and w ithin t h e pas* week some c o n­ siderable exchange on Toledo has begun to appear in this m a rket. On inquiry w e find it comes from railw a y s tations less than 199 miles w e st a n d s o u thw e st of Chicago, sta ­ tions from w h ich the grain has a lw a y s h e re­ tofore come to Chicago. T h e shippers of th is grain find i t m o st c o n v e n ie n t to m ake th e ir money transactions through this city, and t h e i r grain-w o u ld also come here for shipm e n t by vessel but for the extortionate charges of th e elevators. I t m ay, therefore, be a c cepted as a fact t h a t e v e ry one of these bills of e xchange on Toledo, a n d also a large proportion of th e bills on N e w York, which come into th is in a r k e t from th e small tow n s of th e interior, represent a shipm ent of g rain driven aw a y from Chicago by the elevator monopoly. v. o l d in New Y ork, as telegraphed tc -'loose ft Co., brokers, No. 10 E a s t Seneca itrcv-t, ram iea as follows: A. V .......................... 2 P. * ........................ ]39g ....... 13 -J .................... 43-.fi N E W YORK. G old during the m a rket, dull aud firm; variations betw een 3 8 ; ( q 3 9 |. M oney still stringent. G o v ernm ents w ithout notable feature. T h e excitem e n t of yesterday in the Railw a y speculation has been sncceed- e i by a quieter feeling, riid the range of sales of tho active stocks s to-day higher thau yesterday by 1 to 3 .per cent. 1 his turn in th e m a r k e t is owiny to th e demand which began on a large scale yesterday af­ ternoon to cover p revious speculative sales. A H A M . H. P.M. P.M. P. M. P. I 10 II 12 1 * * 4 A c \U n i o n E x 14.j 14J a •- * — - — . C anal E xports .—The following are th e N o rth-1 the principal e x p o rts by for th e past ■’ * ' 24 hours: W h e a t. Com. Ostx Bariev. 156,«24 *2,326 13,421 ......... 3,004 ...................... n ite d Slntc** \rc*;r. Y. U.., ->aeific k a i l ----- . L864 iaoj S.-1 . (171 . i») . <-71 _ 40 40 SI::::. 3Wj 82} 83) 84) 84| L Central. !»•>) l Is7j i&T} 1871 1*0) larlem __ Dir!-fU R ....................... It undine ............. 07) ;cl Ceut. 2»| 20, .... 157) 1571 ... 97J Woj -.•8} 98 tatives of the several nations. Th« festivi­ ties were continued t-11 a late houi'i The G reat E a s tern has gone to I'or‘..land, England, for her supply of coal, ;*nd w ill leave t h a t port to-m o rrow /or E i c s t, whence she will 30on proceed to lay the cable to I one, to get rid of W ilson and to deceive t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s . itW L 'a ibers ia good they represent, wa* s s f i r Arttel* 9, relative to tb* officers and their ■ a * - . » George Peabody on his arrival at Boston, - resterday morning, was m e t at th e depot 1 >y Robt. C. W inthrop and other Trustees ot th e Peabody Fund, and conveyed to the residence of R ichard H . Dana. jr. He will leave for Salem this afternoon. The M e thodist Church a t Mamaroncek, Ji. Y ., voted to-day, 93 against 4 , in favor of th e Lay Delegation. A t t h e Riverside P a rk, Boston, y esterday, in th e contest betw e en A m erican G irl, Bashaw, J r . , and Goldsm ith's M aid, the -rtgto was easily won in th ree s tr a ig h t heats by Am e rican G irl. Tim e , 2:27, 2£6$, 2 :2 k *. Goldsm ith’s Maad was second. The Cincinnati Base Ball Club and Tri- Mountain* ot Boston played a game at the R ivenid. Ptok ytotonUy. wluch wto won by t h . O inrinM ti.— by » of At to 1— A ta u n tin ' nuned W , Delano, while riding on t load of Dlaatcr. near Fiahkill S I M n c T o x W a shington, June I I . — The Com p troller of C u rrency has issued t h e following instrnc- t*ons io regard to th* National Banks: Banks are required to publish their report aa soon a* possible after they are made to the Comp­ troller, and such publication* m u s t be an exact copy of the original report, omitting only schedules, classifications of loans and discounts, the affidavit of the Cashier or President, attestation of the D irectors and such of the printed item* of resources and liabilities as remain blank in the repost fur­ nished to th e Comptroller. COTTON BROKERS TAX. A committee of the New Y ork Board of Cotton Brokers sailed upon Ci Ltodlng. ytotanUy ^ L n o o n , tocidtotally f.U off, when t h . lotatad M f u n ptotod over his head and breast, killing him m- A duel growing o ut of an article in the Petersburg Index denouncing Robert W. Hughes, a contributor to the Richmond State Journal , a Republican organ, waa ar- Delano yesterday and claimed exemption from the brokers’ tax as they merely nego- ' ales on com a u m o n and are not The matter was taken under vi­ tiate for broken, TIMKIAXOL The National Division of the Sons of Temperance ef North America continued its session here yesterday. The proceed­ ing* have bean oi an exceedingly interest­ ing character, judging from the number of people who dafly visit Ha mneHngs The M o s t1Worthy Patriarch, R. M. Froat, pre- ed hie annual report, giving a hopeful t of th* operations of the order for tiie T J ic P r i n t e r s ’ C o p v e n t l o p . Ai B-.NY, J a n e 11.—A t the sessi<m of the N a tional Typographical Union last evening, Mr. Dunn, of Philadelphia, offered t t e fol­ lowing: W h e reas, The A ssociated Tress ha* vir­ tu a lly decreed th a t no more newspapers shall be published in th e U n ited S tates, a u d th a t those in existence who do nflt obtain their news through th e A ssociated -Press shall be suppressed, thereby lessening the dem a n d for our labor; therefore be i t Uesolved, T h a t we. t h e dr legatqs of the seventeenth session of tUe Nation}! T y p o ­ graphical Union, held a t Albany; N . V.. Ju n e 7th, 1869, representing S t a te r and Unions, do earnestly ask the Coitgr ss of the United States, should th e posjial tele­ graph bill come up for a c tion at tbicir next session, th a t they give it th e ir favora­ ble consideration, thereby inrream n g th e dem a n d for o u r labor, equalizing Ihe Busi­ ness interests c f t h e country, and'destroy­ ing one of th e w o rst monopolies in Exist­ ence. Resolved, T h a t the delegates of Jihe N a ­ tional Typographical Union to tb.e Labor Congress, t o be held a t P ittsburgh, b» in ­ structed to use th e ir influence w ith the different o rganizations they m ay be b rqaght in contact w ith in favor of the poiital tele­ graph system. JitsolueAl, T h a t a copy of the pream ble and first resolution, properly attested be forw a rded to th e President of th e Se late aud th e Speaker of the House of Repreg^ata- tiw * of t h s Congress o f th e U n ited Sttte*. The resolution was riiscto*j*»a aGd-refeired to a special committee. T h e pro poped ww constitution was m ade a special order for to-day. M r. Halleck, of W a shington,’ of­ fered a series of resolutions t h a t eqraloye s should n o t make religious or politic|J views a t e s i of e mploym ent, and denouncing the action of th e Congressional P r inter for giv­ ing e m p loym ent t c L. H. Douglass;' a rat. A f ter debate, t h e convection, by a vote of 62 to 2$, a d journed w ithout disp* iiiig o f the question, _ _________ F o r e i g n R u t * * b r T e l e g r a p h . In th e House of Commons T h u r tl a y n ight in reply t o an inquiry of Mr. Cubit, M r. O tw a y , U n d e r Secretary for Furign Af­ fairs, mid tbe U n ited State* governm e n t w a s d e sirous o f having a full investigation into th e c ircum stances of th e m u rder ef 8 peer. The P m u Prcfet of P o iic hto W :>!»- n r f e d throughout the city a proclamation urging ull gooff citizens to aid the a n tbai- •ia. ia tha p reseratkm of order aad pe* *e. M ath agitation mill exiita, add Urge gar ia the ') 1 t * | ----- tlich. 8 IO*) 104) 105) l0o) I**jj 10t>) 1061 1 1. C e c ............................. 14 i) . . . . 143 .......................... Cleve. 4 I f i l e . . 0-.) 94) 0 6 4 . 9 7 ) 97* *• r _. Awe. A, Tel ............... -° V \ \ 11Si 11 - *‘\ i I o ’ 120* i s o j ' £ - 40) . . . 40} 40}................. ' a 150} 166} 1S6) 150) 160) 157 167* Lii»nv? E:_ ............ 53 ___ ;« 59 __ t9 3 0 » ----- So} 31* __ 31J W. F. Ex... rC,\ ci Wall ......... .bi. * A*ton... onto-* ...... w««;« -n.... . i5i) : V. p . . . . 155) . .. . | SS? 80 ) Jb . . K. « ti... I'U c l ve.-.. .. i s ’ . . . 15 X k M>. 7 .......... . . . . S \ I . . . . 321 A-l 4d. A S P .. . . . . 70) . . . . . . . 75j dil & 8 . P p . . . . . . MSI . . . . . . . h 4 ’’8 • Of ' f t ............ 121) . . . . 121 . . . 121 V-CO' b of ’Gi r*g l i d ) ................. . . . 110) -r.O'? of. '01 . . . . 1-2) . . . . 122) ___ 122 5-20‘n of ' ( I . . . . 117 . . . 117 « . . . 110} rt-O’a o f *&i ___ 110) . . . . 11S4 11-) >-20’ h ’SC, n o w .. li» * . . . . 110} . . . . 1>UA wto»s '07, n e w .. 119} . . . . ll'.q . . . . 110) S-W* '68, n e w . lliH . . . . li t } . . . . 119) •tt-Alfs .................. 108) . . . . 10 8 } ___ 108} you. I “ A gentlem an by th e nam e of Yaneit- tard told pie he saw Mrs. Hill and a young gentlem an a t th e hotel here th e o ther day, and t h a t she had visited a doctor here to consult him about her eyes. M rs. H ill’s d e a th has been contradicted, I hear, by L a Palrie, which 1 will aend you if I can obtain i t . ” W ith th is letter came a copy of the La P u ttie , a Paris journal, which contains th e following juicy paragraph in relation to th e reported drow n ing a n d probable fact: | F rom th e L a Pat. ie, Ap • ! 2 9 , 1S69. ] The tribunal of ij ioe has issued 4 w rit against M. G ., a l i n k e r of th a t city, who has disappeared, in comiwray w ith a very coquettish lady, leaving b ehind him a n e n o r­ mous indebtedness, of which the propor­ tions seemed to partake more of fraud than of m isfortune. M. G ., who haa given his nam e to one of the m o st splendid villas of Nice, is now a fugitive. I t is w ithout doubt on th e occasion of this event, t h a t th e Journal of Nice publishes this morning an article relative to a rich A m erican lady, w h o is said to have been drowned while bathing in th e sea. T h e re w ill be a long search, no doabt, w ithout success, for t h is new Sappho, who descended t o the bottom of th e bay of the angels; and i t w ill be said o f h e r w ith a tear in the eye, a* of M arcasse, iu th e Perle of the C aaibierre, t h a t she was eaten up by the cr$ba. The fact is, there wa* no drowning, b u t only a sham drowning, by th e aid of a dress left on the |h o r e , w h ilst her devoted lover su b s tituted a downy carriage w ith eight springs for th e famous rock of Leucale. A t this tim e , however, th e tw o tu r t le dove* m net be f a r a w a y , if tiiey ru n in a carriage w ith long reins, or fiy on the wings uf steam. So wags the world. I t is believed th a t from th e last developm ents th e r e will b e no serious a ttem p t to oppose M r. H ill’* s u it for a d vorce, and t h a t th e de pom tions, th e w a n t of which have so long clogged th e wheel* o l justice, w ill hardly be forthcom- i“*' m r H l f k w i a M , A lcelsel, THOM AS C L A H S , •uccesoorto Clark 4 B r o a e , Rectifying Distiller, corner ol Washinewu and P«TJ .. BcCalo, sBMirfaausar w-i eniar j a High- The Secretary o f th e T reasury advertises for th e sale o f $ l , 0 0 j , 0 f f 0 g o l d next week. T E S LATEST—6 P . M. M oney active a t 7 per cent, for call lean?. Sterling exchange quiet a t 199 j (a 1094 in gold ior tirst-clasa b ills. G o ld closes firmer a t 138£. G o v e rnm e n ts w ithout de­ cided change. T h e following were the closing quotations: j. S. r*. 5 j'-crwi £*s of 18al ............ . S. coupe at* To81 ............................ 5-20* 'Artiste i ** ffcl ............... J. S. 6-20 coupons of 1862 ................. J . S. 6-2-J cwu}*«aia o f 1804 ................. . ‘J. S, 5-20 coupoaa oi Io05 ----- r... J. 3. 5-23 - oapons cf Jzrl saJ Jsfij U. 8. 5-20 of ISO ............... .. d . S. £-20 c o u p o n s of 1&66 ............... (J. S . la-40 r«r*i.su»red .................... U. S. 10-40 coupons............................... . .-’uiiScb.......................................................... S tate securities steady. Tho following were the closing quotations 9 6 tier c e m . bonds, o 'd 68) •e » « n e w . . . . . 65) k .................................... . . . < ................... G e o rgia 7»..................................... .. ........................... Sorth Carolina bond*, new ................... 56 Co t h Carolina bonus, o ld ........................ f&k Virjfi. -a 0s. ex-eoup..................................... *7) K e n tucky .................... 4 * ........................................... Indiana fives ............................. ••• if-cblgon six e s .......................................................... Bid. Asked. 110} .10} 121 121) 11C) 110i 122 122) l-d ) 117 i : s ) lie ) 1193 110, 1 I 9 | 119* 110) 1194 107) 107 i 108 lo o i 100} 107 ai Louisiana levee 6s ........................ Stocks c losed a c tive a n d firm. T h a chief interest was in M ichigan Southern, N o rth w e stern. Pacific M ad and R o c k Island, The upw a rd m ovem ent d u ring th e fore-part of th e day has halted. Cluring quotations: Troy . . . Middle,*.. Rye. Tolal. .100,01* 02,325 13,421 ................... . S-.1 day*... York C e n tral.. 7 p. e. W ) A a ; ; : ± ” a lU f ics Teief’rapto .... 40] U A tfor*4£he ........... K r ie .................................... Krie, p r e f e rred ......... androa River ........... winn Alcohol, turc Cologne 8;>lrito, «M Whisky, <Md Rye Whieky, The third day of the Aacott race*, Thfirs* day, was well attended. The gold! cup was J r a a c r ' i H a i r T « t l « H e tow rm tlre, j S & U r a » a . a r a . , - f a . t o ? t m ____ Ferre Haute, preferred T h k following are tbe nente at Chicago oue day: tbe receipts and ship aad Milwaukee for “ our, b rls.... CHIC 400. R e c 'tj. 81.: p’ta io . o a ------ A h e a t, b u . . . . 135,000 111,000 durn, i>u I86.O09 80,<)00 'rt*, ba 01 c-oo 17,00*1 6 a ............................. 1.(800 uariev, b u .......................... ........... fl«>tr» ............... 7.000' 7,000 mLvitrsn. Rec'ts. 8)>ip'i» 121,000 40,000 O//ICE OF Tit-c Ul'FFALO EXPBF88. ) F rib AT. June 11— 4 P. M. f F l o u r —Q u iet. Sales 50 brls white W inter a t $7 75; 40 brls bakers a t $6 874 W hxat —Steady ami w ithout anim ation Sales 76(H) bu No. 2 Chicago Spring at $1 24; 1590 bu W e stern Spring per sainpli a t $1 24; 2500 b u No. 2 M ilwaukee Spring at $1 25; 3999 bu No. 3 Chicago Snrin>f a t $1 18. “ C orn —F a ir inquiry ancl a sha easier. Sales 10,090 bu round new per . pie in lots a t 69'd79c; 7600 bu No. 2 at . ' 16,- 999 bu a t 68c; 4909 n ew per samp!-* at 66c; 3590 bu No. 1 on p. t . ; 2 c a rs No. 2 a t 79c. O ats —Sales 14.009 l.u a t 69c. l’.viiLEV — S u p p ly lig h t a n d no inquiry. R ye —Dull a n d nominal. M l 1 .fe e d —Steady a t th e decline. W e s ­ tern and city rule quiet a t $19 50 for coarse and $22 for fine per ton. O atmeal — F irm a t $10 00 for choice S e e d s — Tim o thy is dull an d nom inal a t $4 09; medium clover a t $8 25($8 50; H u n g a rian a t $1 CO; flax a t $ 2 75(o>3 90. C o r n m b a l — Dull. Selling in sm all lot? from m ills a t $1 40 for coarse and $1 5o for tine, \p 199 lbs. from new corn. P e a s —Steady, quiet and unchanged. Common Canada sell in car lo ts a t $1 20 Cd, 1 25; choice in l.'t* a t $1 30® 1 35; m a r ­ row fats a t $2 50(fl»3 09. P r o v i s i o n s — l ’urn a t $32 09 for heavy m e88pork; $31 09 for lig h t do. F i s h —All kinds of ?alt an d dried fish a r e firm a n d scarce. W h ite are quoted at $8 25. T rout, per hf bft, $G 25(a|6 59. George's Bank cod are a shade easier a t $7 50A 7 75 per luO lbs; m ackerel, mess, hrlz $34; hf blrs, 117 50; k itts, $4 12); relectod, brls, $33; hf brls do, $17; k i tt s do. $3 874; ex tea, brls, $39; d o, hf hrla, $1559; do, kitts. «3 75; N o 1, brls, $2859; do, h f brls, $!5; d c kitts, $3 25; N o 2, b rls, $21; h f b rls, $11; k itts 2 80; Y a rm o u th bloaters, $2 50 p e r 199, counted out. H a libut, 14c. Labrador h e r ring, $11 00 per brL H ig iiw nes —Sales 180 b rls a t 95c. B utter —-Quiet at 2 5 ^ 32c for ordinary to prim e dairy. C hkksk — Q u iet a t 20c for prim e factory and 16,0* I Sc for faru, dairy. E g dm * im ier a t 19.^2!ic per dozen. C a n a l F r e i g r t s —Firm a t 14c for wheat, 12c for c orn and 8c for oats to New Y'ork. L* VJS STOCK. The to tal receipts of cattle since Monday are 296 cars, being lighter than a t the corresponding day for m any weeks. The diminished am o u n t o f stock in m a rket has stim u lated au a c tive dem a u d , and stock has changed hands prom p tly a t prices fully )c per lb. Instter th a n th e prices of last week. This afternoon the report of heavy arrivals at (Jominumpaw via th e Pennsylvania Rail road hail a depressing effect on the New Y o rk m z f lct. „ =a c W l l quiet. ^ ^ tt..low ing are among t h e leadingsales: Johnson t o Post, 74 hd fair 111. s te e rs av 1250 a t $7 55. Becker to same, Cl hd 111. steers av 1210 at $7 35. .Ship to same, 23 hd good s te e rs av 1320 at $7 75. C h e a tham t a same, Cl hd fine fat steers av 1160 a t $7 50. Tfaompwo to aamo, 187 h d good III. steers av 1265 a t $7 89. H u ff t o F a rthing, 52 h d fair 111. s te e rs av 1290 a t $7 65. Same to Rosenthal, 115 h d good HI. steers av 1275 a t $7 75. Same to same, 32 hd I1L s te e rs a v 1260 a t $7 624 . Same to same, 19 hd common I1L *teers av 1000 a t $7 37*. Same to same, 10 h d do av 1050 a t $7 65. H u ff to W oods A Gillespie, 75 hd very choice 111. s te e rs a v 13C5 a t $8 15. Ruble to same, 102 hd prim e 111. s te e rs av 1200 a t $9 00. Robb to same, 123 h d (owa steers av 1210 a t $7 65. Slseep. T h e r u n is a b o u t the average for th e sea­ son and the m a rket quiet a t last week’s quotations, viz: $450® 600 per 100 lbs. for sheared w estern. U a g s . T h e m a r k e t ia firm and m o re active a t $8 5 0 0 8 7 5 for shipping hog* a n d $9 00 for selected butchers’. Store hogs are leas a c ­ tiv e a t $8 50& 1 0 00. NKW YORJL Ashes—Pots Quiet and steady a t $7 62@ S 00. Pearls dull and nominal. Cotton —Firm e r. Sale* of 2900 bale* at 31 4c for middling uplands. \Receipts 13106 brls. Flour heavy 7t60brfs at $4 70 30c for Hop*—Quiet at 6@ I4c for American. P o s t— F irm * Malaa of 950 brfa at $32 1(<32 25 foi new mam, closing a t $32 25 for cask; $31 503*1 75 for old < 0 , $25 50(gi26 25 for prune; $28 25^28 5o for prune mas*; alao 250 brie asw m es bay er for Juno a t $32 50. Barf Steady. Sale* of 150 farfa a t $8 00 # 1 $ 00 Car new plain mom; $12 00(3 18 0$ for new extra n a n . Tioraa beef dun Saks 25 ,taa a t $20 00(325 00 for prime moos; $26 00®33 00 f o r U d ia m m Barf hams PalL Sale* of 175 brls at $29 0$Q32 00. Cut Mania—Staady. Sales of 200 pkgs a t m a i S o C s r akanldaca; 15® 16c fcrham a. Muldlaa—F im . Saks oi $60 Stretford, Staffordshire short a t 16316jc; Camberland cut on p. t. Itord—A ah ado firmer. Sako of $00 tea a t 17;® 1 9 |c tir steam; l$® l$go fur kettle rendered. Also 100 tea buyers June al 19J. Batter—Steady a 20®3!e for J0®(336* for State. Cheese—Steady a t U@21c. O h io , MARINE MATTERS. Flour—Receipts and lw e r . Sales (3 * 15 $5 80(3$ 25 for mmm*a to State; $5 59(36 25 for do «rtr* W $6 30(37 30 for good to choice white extra; $6 80®6 85 for aommoa to round hoop Ohm; $7 00® 8 00 for nssisw s to fair extra St. Ix>uia; $9 00^11 00 for good to choice do, closing quiet; also 2000 iwls extra State for the last half of June at 15 delivered; a n d 2M brie at $8 40ft y uo. Rye flour—Heavy and lawer. Saks of 290 b rls at $» 35®$ 25 Go re meal—Quiet. Whmky—DwlL Sales o f 3Ubrls of W ert: era at 9*5*97e U* Goo. W heat — lleceinte 49, 12G bu. W heat one cent lower. Private cable account* are •■uite unfavorable. Sales r f 58,600 bu a t $1 37 for So. $ Spnac atiorf; $» 48 Uc 1 13 for No. 2 afloat; $1 45®M 4$ for Nn. 1 do; $1 53@1 54 for choice aaM^r Michi­ gan; latter price*, retail lot*, a t $1 70 for white ttilifevnin. Bye—A shade firmer. Some export in­ anity S s lerdS W O b u V Y rrtefuttH 11$. ‘ Barley snd B v k y Malt—i>all and nom­ inal. Corn—Receipt* 10,954 bo. Cora scarce and le better. Sales r f 4$,996 ba s t 72A 93c for asw mixed Western via caarf; 93£9tic for de via rail; $K£88c ter him dried; 97 for Western yellow; 95®97c for inferior to common old mixed W c \ • t e a “ ‘ 4200 ba. pnee an PORT OF BUFFALO. ARRIVED ................ ................... June j , Steamer International, May, Fort Erie; 4 era lumber 6 bx* fish 1 car ten bark 19m f t lumber 10 brls scrap iron 32 bis tow 76 *heep 1 c r tan bark 12 bxs fish. Steamer lv*ul*oe, McNish, Fort Erie; 1 bx eels. Prop ('snisteo, E v e rs, Chicago; I6in bu corn 1699 brln flour 5 b r ls h r com 15 bis hides 5 brls a h ia k y S p k g s s u n d s 59 brls flour. Prop Roanoke, JUmbal’, Cbicago; 28,024 bu c o rn 339 green hides 47 bdls pelts 15 brls eggs 1525 brls flour. IVop Neptune, Dodge, Racine; 15,600 bu wheat 1200 fcrla Hour 301 bgs m feed; from P t Washington, 870 bdls shooks 58 bgs whest 33 pkgs b u tter 40 brls eggs 13 brls floor. Prop Toledo, Sisson, Toledo. 7700 bu wheat 3500 brls flour 24 brls eggs 20 bis woo) 42 pkg* butter 1 cr hoop pole* 8 cks sshea 2u0 brls wheat; from Cleveland 83 kgs nails 244 pkgs w work 1491 pcs iron 141 brs iron 13 bis sheep skies 98 brls flour 46 brls oil 2 brls whisky. Prop Osklsnd, 1 junta barge r, Erie; 500 tna coal. Prop Equinox, Moore, Chicago; 4109 brls flour 8000 bu corn. Prop Plym o u th, House, Chicago; 29,370 bu corn 20 brls oil 744 brls flour 15 pkgs b u tter; from M ilwaukee, 1550 brls flour 45 brls eggs 25 I xs axes. Tug Dragon, Brow a, Tonaw a n d a , schr in tow. Tug F L Danforth, Lyera, Tonaw a n d a ; b ark in tow. Bark Am erican Union, Comstock, Chicago. 42m bu oats. Bark Excelsior, Zimm erly, Chicago; 24,800 bu corn. Bark M a itland, H am ilton, Chicago; 17,109 bu w h e a t. Bark Oneonta, Sm ith, M ilwaukee; 25m bu wheat. Schr L S Shickluna, Burk, E rie; 370 tons coal. Schr M A Kankiu. Kinskey, Ezie; 220 tns coal. Schr H a rtm a n , Home, Toledo; 110m ft iumlier. Schr W m Kelley, M c K e y , Alpena; 151,795 ft lumber. Schr W H Sibley, Gunning, Toledo; 1G60 brls oiL Schr Jessie, P e ttis, Sandusky; 48m staves. Schr Annie V o ught, Elphick, Chicago; 38m bu com . Schr W a tt* Sherm a n , McCabe, Erie; 290 ta s coal. Schr J o h n Jew e tt, L u tts; Cleveland. 7299 bu w h e a t. Schr Dan M a rble, Talbot, Toledo; 130m ft lumber. Schr H D Root, Tyler, Frem o n t; 89,099 ft lum b e r. Scow L ily M ay, Downer, Saginaw ; 26,300 stave*. CLEARED*. ............................. . ............. June 11. Stm r International, M ay, F o rt Erie. Stm r Ivanhoe, M cNish, F o r t Erie. Prop M o h a w k ; Gibshu, Chicago. Prop Elm ira, Cummings, Toledo. Prop G u iding S tar, M cFarlane, Detroit. Prop Colorado, B rett, Chicago. Prop Boecobel, Hodges. M ilwaukee.' lu g Buffalo, Kiepser, Chippewa, l’ug W inslow, S t Clair, Tonaw a n d a . Tug Asa Ransom, Ransom, Touaw'^cda. Bark Champion, Dimmick, Chicago; 390 tn s coal. Bark H c m ispK rc| F a ll, Chicago; 559 tn* coal, 40 iixik Levi L a w ton, M cKenzie, Chicago: 10,770 bu m alt. Bark AJice, G o ldsm ith. Chicago; 400 tns coal. Dark D M Foster, Sylvester, Cleveland. Brig M M Standart, G e b h a rd, Chicago, 2725 brls lime. Schr Donaldson, Rodgers, Chicago; 860 tns coal. Schr Lewis W ells, Davidson, Cleveland. Schr Citizen, M itchell, Erie. Schr Frank Crawford, Parsons, Saginaw. Schr N C W e st, Skinner, Frem o n t. Schr Lym a n Casey, H a rlow , Chicago; 200 tn s coal. Schr W m Fisk, M c A rthur, Bay C ity; 190 tn s clay. ^hrU /./cow a , Downs, Erie. ;hr J M artel, Roach, Cleveland. Schr J G Beard, Jackm a n , Kiugville. Schr J u p iter, ManviUe, Toledo; 268 tons coal. Schr W a n coma, Joyce, Chicago; COO tn s coal. Schr J B M a rtin, Lord, Chicago; 650 tons coal Schr E llington, D rury, Sandusky. Schr G H u n t e r , Shanks, W allaceburg. Scow ^ r i a KahiL, Safe, P t Abino. Barge Danube, Cash, Saginaw. C a n a l B t I A m o R o o k , O w w l e y , F t K r ie. V A R IO U S ITEM S . (flrKCTAL TO THS St’FFALO DXPRS 8 S .] V essel * P assing D r n to iT ,— The follow­ ing vessels passed J u*»e 11 : JJoum— Prop C»ty iff Concord, Concord, Iron C ity w ith 2 barges, M ineral Rock a nd barge M issouri; bark L o ttie W olf; brigs Mohigan, F r o n tier C ity ; schrs Venice, Mouim-tr Valley, Corrttapondcnt, A rab, G o l­ den H a rvest, Geo F'-k>te, Radical, Fleet- wing, Asa Childs, Golden Rule, Emma Leighton, H a ttie H o G ard. U p —Prop C ity <\ Toledo, W enona, Rocket, S t Louis, H u iter; barks M assilon, O rphan Boy, K ing Lhhbina, Graves, News- b y , Pensaukee, I *ad *r; sehrs E C Roberts, Drake, K n ight, T e iip lar, Coquette, A r ­ rived, W B Allen, Hi ipogriff, S t A ndrew, Leader, Lucy J Lothf tn. W ind N. N. W. L ake F reigum .— juiet a t foroMr rates, with very few vessels in port nnchartered. The charters to-day a o schr Nabob, lum­ ber from Swamico to Chiaago at $3 per thirarand on rail; schr Pathfinder, ooal from Erie to Chicago, down town dock, at $1 20 per ton free on hoard. P o r t o f C h i c a g o , Jane 10. — Arrived from Buffalo, props B-adbury, Free State, Mendota, Nebraska. ’Cleared for Buffalo, prep EcBpra, 909 bri* Saar S i r bu corn; brig NterughC 19.509 bu corn; *chr E. M. l*ortch, 19,400bu coil; schr Cspe Horn, 13,009 bu corn; schr : .’uyahoga, 14,631 bu w h e a t; schr Eveiiae. 14,379 bo wlraat; schr i i . C. Crawford, 18,0 JO bu ' wheat; schr Comet. P o r t or M i l u au k i June 9 .— Arrived from Buffalo, props A izona, Chicago, Mer­ chant, S. D. Caldw e ll,-N e b raska, Mendota, Eclipe, Bradbury; b a r. : Mary M erritt ; schrs (hjo L Wren, Star rf tbe North. Cleared for Buffalo, prop Merc uant, 12*9 brla floor, 21 kegs beer, 3 Ms ha.>; pro;) Chicago, 75 brla m o t, 90 tens a ire*; schr. Star r f tha North, G. L. Urea, 13.500 bu «h*at. S u n k .— On Thursday night the schooner Zephyr, bound from tru* p o rt ter Detroit, with a cargo of 250 toi ti soal, sprung a leak when about fifteen n iles off Long Point, tilled rapidly, aad sun t in twsufty Iktboms of water. Th* crew tw k to tbe yawl, and palled to Grand River, m safety. The vessel insured. XbciDExn*.—Tha Chicago Times gives th* fallowing chapter «f nacidants: On Sattyday night. J m uoow HiroodeU* struck a M*g •* the Kalamaaoo river. A* as i% became evident th a t -------- Pr » jC T S K S f f luwl t h . A l h lt o M. diff aof’uttohlKl her. u f f Iruvght U r lo this city, w l . re , h . was still in custody lest evening.” C a p t Lewis, of th* propeller S. D. Cald­ well, reports that th e wrecking tug Levia­ than wa* a t the South Manitou island with the brig Monitor, which recently ran rahoro upon a reef off th* South Fo* island and sunk. The brig had been relieved r f her cargo r f iron ere, and n jacket pinred under her to check th* leaks. The Leviathan was expected te leave for Milwaukee with her ia a short tiase, and is now probably well on her way. The *wnsrs r f th* stearaer Dove sunk in St. Clnir river, have shendnnud her to tho Ihenlty is cx- Faur steam a t un lay , but in lowering the water in her hold only About one foot. Two sub-marine divers are engaged in patching np the break in the hull. Th* strainer Eighth Ohio and propeller Bolle are engaged about the wreck. The Dove’s condition is m uch worse than at first supposed, and the cost of necessary repairs will no doubt be heavy. The schooner Tailor, on her trip up met with s serious accident. While ;n Lake Huron she struck a rock with terrible force, literally breaking her keel, beside* other­ wise injuring her bott om forward. About 101) tons of ooal were thrown overboard to light n her, and tha remainder ef the trip wassrade with tbe pemne constantly at work. W h n she arrived here she was in an almost (linking condition. Her cargo, which was consigned to the rolling mill, has been discharged, and she has gone into dry-dock, at Miller Bro.’a ship-yard, for re­ pairs. The barge Three Bells and the schooner Lavinda collided a t Muskegon a few days since. While the schooner escaped with the loss of a portion of her head gear, tho * * -l ‘ staunch ions e had all the rai and (31) barge 1 on t h e port side carried awav, beside* ha ing a hole s tore into ber. The latter was lying a t th e lum b e r m a rket yesterday, and certainly presented s sorry picture. T H E CA NA L . ..J u n e 11 and cargo are fully ter and uasefetted. Balsa rf 80l@82c for Wi Kales r f $ $ tea n t $ 0 $ c for Sake rf 4000 Rio a n S u g a r-F irm Saks r f 760 hhds Cuba U & 13c; 164 beam* r f Havana a* 13*; w 750 bag* and 3$0 box** r f Bakin *n pk ft. Mnlssras Firm h a t Quito. , th* wpftaia van her asboru, and s be lira ham w e ll on the bank, andrf***“ feetdoratcr. Active measure* toward hoard a aargu* She ha* on t i • v t a t o h t o i m H „ o w « r » TW— under d a te r f Mon- Evergreen City, J B Willman, H N TUletron, R !’ Board w ell, Ellen M Bruce, 1’strick Bowen, W m F D e a n s , Geo H W arner, H W Pell, Detroit, Pluto, E d w a rd Stinson, Albion, Jane L Knapp, E C Stark, N o rth Star, Seym our B e n n e tt, E rin, Colfax, M H W ebber. W oodbine, H e n rietta, M E Davison, T u g H Bailey, M a tilda M iller, llum b o lt, Lyman Odoll; H e n ry Covell, Kattlesuake, W in Parker, A R G r a y . Jos Louden, T E Barnes, W illiam Cox, W euona, 11 F W ade, C h a rley H e n ry, Geo W W d m o tt, C. H Bedell, •Stephen Collin?, Zomia. C L E A R E D ......................................................... .. t t m O Brown, coal Cohoes. 1 tirie M Fisher, do Troy. D M Billinuton, 7790 w h e a t do. M a ry E Fill son, coal M ontezuma. Ben D French, 7600 w h e a t Troy. 1’ H Bender, 7000 do do. W H Groot, 7800 corn do. Lois, 7095 w h e a t do. Ju li a Benjam in, 7990 corn do. W II M ead, 7501 w h e a t do. W o odbine, 7899 corn do. C h a rley, s ta v e s d o . F Shoemader, Yd,i2l oats do. F M Finch, 7500 w h e a t do. Liblij*, 89U0 d > do. tY t t Potter, 7600 c o rn do. Lucy J Sw eeney, lum b e r Albany. J R Putm a n , 3994 w h e a t Middlepn t t m Gere, lum b e r Troy. Racer, stave.? do. Sherm Petrie, 77«H» c orn do. Maj Anderson, pet oil do. H M Barker, 7500 w h e a t do. M edway, 7390 d o do. R tV Lym a n , 7450 do do. Jam e s A Sw eet, 7800 do do. Schuyler, 8009 d o do. A u b ray, 7759 do do. M A R R IE D . \ /CLLfi -D IN W O o D IF Ju n e 10, in thin c ity, *1 tlm residence of tite l-ride's fa t b r r , l»y tlie K o \. Mi W itUerapoon, H a rry II. W U and MU? J e n n ie K dauxbtor of U m . Cl. Dtnwoodie. ARMSTRONG - W RB&TER Ju n e 10, in th is c ity , :.t th e C h u rch of th e AMOtnHinn, by R-v. J o h n M U .n d t r h o n , Charles J . A rm .itrons and Cntha-iii^ B , d a u g h ter of t h e late Ue«. B. W e b a tfr. all «f tliis c ity. PITN E Y —FLIN T Ju n e 10, in C r itten d e n , by F c » . C H. Jam e s , of A lde.i, E. H. P itney and Miss R illa W., d a u g h ter o f Davi<l F lint, Kaq., a ll of «'r 1 tendcn, M. V. H A IN E S JACKSON J u n e 9. a t th e resW enr, of th e bride a f a th e r in Ea«.t S h e lby, Orlcana count > N. V., bv th e B e . . W. O. H u b b a r d , A1 1 re-1 II ine^ of Huffaln, a n d H im H elen M ., only d a n z i.ter •> P. B. Jac k son, Kih|. JACKSON H A IN P S Ju n e 0, a t th e residence o f P. B. Jackauii E-I| , i'l K a il tb c lb y , O r b a i.t countv, N. V., bv tlie Rev. w . G H u >bard, Gi-.. B. J a c k s o n a n d Anm e H. Haines, W h of t h i s c i ' . D IED . G A IL J u ’ e l t , i n th is r l- y , B e rtie, ouly 'o n of J o h n H. and Mary Gail, aged a je a r ? 10 n ionthh and £. days. N o ii«»of fu*eral in evening pa|ierH. A S I 'S K B K N T S . RATIONAL PEACE JUBILEE, JU N E 15, 10, 17, 10 aud 111. F a r e t i > B o s t o n $ . , BY G R A N D THUAK RAILW AT A N V UOYAI. MAIL LINK OK B l rA M K R S down the M . Lawrem e. Tickets and all o th e r inform ation a t th e Grand Trunk Agency. Office 14* Krie a*., Buffalo. JO H N W UITM OKK, Agent. K H I I ’ P I'VZ. -troit, f lO M M E K C IA L LIN K 8TEA M E R .-’ / Vi t Cleveland, D e tro it, vU w a u k e e a m i C h lcajo. “ Htaum h uuner c a t in ute t i w N A I , J . K IM B A L L ...................................... , . . . . n a .e r . W ill h a v e th* C m p - n r i lb <*, M a rin- B tnrk, Ohio ht., f o r t h e above |s>rta, o n K .tiL ’l t D a l LYEN1NO, J u n e I t , a* 9 o 'e W * . For f r e ig h t o r p wi gc a;«|>ly to CHAKI.KH KNSIOV, M n raj-er, M arine B l - k. R. M. C i lJA T L , T c ol A g ent, office corner Ohio and M*»*fs*i|>pi -t* , M arine Bb c k . Buffalo. U N ltiN STEA M BO A T CO M P A N Y . For Lake Kuj> :rior itoAY.JuiK! l £ . s a * u'clo- k PACIFIC, KD. KB1XEV .................. _ _____ »U1 leave Buffalo, Tl'IM D A Y . J u m I ----- p E , f e r BsuU m . M arie, M a rquette, a n d Portage L a k e , c a lling a t Cleveland and IB tro it. F r e ig h t received f o r abovo porta a t foot of Main street. T t isita s m e r ARCTIC, J. U. TV/TWER .......................................... Moater, Equal in r» t t . aa n a Hy and aueetnmodatiaiia, will leave a s ah a w , osTTTBBDaT, J u n e 0 , f o r u m deetl P. II .. F o r f rH * M o r Ccc, No. 1 Moia * w r v T ttenH y a t laeeiav *4 b P M. - •fip’j 'a t th e Com<any*» of- ■trcet, Buffalo, SKTH CALD W W .L, A g e n t. 1869 . 1869 . PLEASHE TRAVEL DOWK T H C RIVER ttr. HWKJflfCt, naming the T H O l HAND ISLA N D * s n ) Um W O N D R k K L R A P ID * O P T H E ST. LAWRKMCK BY D A Y L IG H T , RV T H E ffP L M D I P b T S A M E R l O P T H E GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY AND R O Y A L M AIL LINE F r o m B n f l a l o RIVffR BAOTJKNAT. end rom a n tic reanery of A l 'S , LA h E G B O R G E , T y W CHAM PAJkW . L A I I MKM- PMffVMA OO, t o KARAT IQA arattotswfdmwtthths * n t - v CI1T TOROMTU tor To«rate.wbera •* i l l t e s d t * H I th e tedow tng of th e Royal M a U U a s : ................................... Carf. B a ilei „ r — - — * * —-

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