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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo [N.Y.]) 1859-1866, February 07, 1865, Image 1

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N ,_‘_M., L . . ., . ,__ _ 1, NW“ N .. ..._...... —--~-——-—- »—~.. ._....._........___-...... ..-...—...-. -———. —._..__... ......._._.,._. ..~.... «— —-~. . - ._,. . '* , u.~n~~e;. “ —..,__ ‘*.‘*.~r.7l;'~g3-:r,>\:. V33; ‘. ' ‘ \ «Va :. -.334. gr _—”:§4 5‘-*0 -’ \- H ' ‘ \1 Eu;-a . r ’ V ' .\.“—.a-at M \ \ H » ‘ ‘ . . . , . ;, _~ -; . . _ . ‘:é_ ; _ + , V { in’ f > . V_ A m __“:‘ ' Va \‘ .. W \’ _. -’ ' - ‘ \v.\\ \ . . \ J“ _ ‘._ ’;_.,_ “\'~'~~«/ ~2- \ ’~ v 5 ' ‘V ' - _.‘ . , 5-+..~= Q’ I} ‘- upl.) ' ‘ _ ‘ .2 (N. :3‘ .1’ \ ~ , I . ‘fa _ ;_- .‘ - \ ’ “‘ ' ‘ -' -. ' r_ - .- - ~':. . wt ., , ; I , - I _ ' V H \. _ \ ‘ V ‘ ! V J W \ .., R-xx . .,‘ h . ' A I.\ 5 ' . 9 ‘ M V _ _ _ . \ ' . ‘ ; ’ : as ‘a 3‘ -, ;a rm . 3'1 .x » _ ‘ ‘ _ {E , , V 9 av’ a -* PM 2*‘? IO . J i \ '. -v V; ' ' ‘:£S~-.«— , ‘ ‘ , ' _ . _> . 3.; : . ’ ~ re < , -- 73:!)-3 , _ A7 .\ ‘N ‘ I .. V . V ‘ ... ; ,3 ». mgr. ,, . . , ‘ ~ . ; \ ‘ » .2 -.» «:2 13).. . , > M‘ __ . _ . * ‘. I’ ‘ _~wf!f1’£3}f.'} ? ‘” ~ « . ' ., _ ‘ ; _. 1 \‘fa\3*\‘° ' . ,z._h “~*K . 4..-' ‘ ;-.‘y’—' ,;«;t.. *<.v1{‘7:‘§r;:e,’,;‘-,‘ v.'1.\g.§}: -,_—’_‘.~:h.-V.‘ ,2. ; ‘N’,-e . , ,n_ 1 ,~,—‘-:\\ ‘ ‘ - ' ..~,-,.v ~:-».~:,«_ « 4 ...’r 4- » my '.-rig, . —- /' ‘..4'.W,\\“*‘_1:«-n; ‘«‘.;l-Jw §V:*‘?:*§5\;fr .\'.'~'3; ~‘ '3 2; ,.,~‘;:' «>1 ‘: !*l:,~ ' .~«-~ “ rt BUFEALO;° TUESBAY MORNING, FEBRUARX 7, 1865. _ V ~ ~ - tu-.-3:: «-.:-¢- 5.: «,.2:~v1s-’<x. .. jun .. a'.‘:‘“‘! “4\\',i '1? «\1 *3? > PUBLISHED DAISY IT In: In fox-co In this Provlnoo I-«pecking the nu-Ito! habw-s unwas- Olsuu 16th and 17:9: dean. wlut slum be considered Ann; Ind munluomot war. (mun 1813: provide: that the Act. Ibnll gqnungo in force {orone your from the pun- ng merobt. and until an end or that-hen‘ uexl. union of Pnxlmnenl. bell! aln t:31nUh_i1~dsm. sun in ::t‘1‘£:d.t5> --d_'4vom 0!'P7¢l!0l' Providlgg 110 3105!»! to 1l'|l'!9’- '%‘i.‘§‘£.'.?'n¢mR'..?':1‘i‘€.‘3.‘1’.33’:o‘“‘£.’§.?.¥.'; utuullud. V K r °“§¢°.' \ \x‘°3.§\'»§.‘z'.'5l'i‘x?.°?s‘¢‘sE am us on v lgnlol of cotton, principal {or BL Luau. Inn: roporud that (ion. Vutoh lad u-sn'35\€5'3.. com§I‘I‘:{3‘u'!:£?tfou.l:c‘|‘=d Ark. Tho ooulo ‘ 1 Gen. ‘vouch 5.5. llomphln in he to 33:3“. Robortl. . Platoon duomn principally from the 1831! ‘rowan: and inhnu-y. Including 3 numon, cum In w-any Ind tooktho oath. Tho fluloughl, which oxpitod Ind boon $331134. 3; Gun. Chouthau. dxvl-ton oun- D574‘: P I’: FEIA, January Goods. BY THE SPEAKER CITY OF DUB- LIN. we luvorouolnlulno an opening: NEW $111.18 Nah ltcmr rm» IUTENI LID. am}! In: the ram: Sewn- -~2;-:-.,¢i*.:*.1.':.:*..*.'*.;'a...-:'-‘ -*=*-- N M'- nun 11:113. uouunsruh Imp. ILCK COIII. boulull IOU Ilyli. I411 !'1H.ncw tnnclrmuu. IAIII. wllhll ddgns ud In goods. BWOID! AI.D::fk|li3:‘:o VII’! flttal nylu hr usmwux FEB. 111' ‘III Glllln. Ind vet! I» CIGAR 301411. £0.00. lL:5aHlIP8lAIlIUKl. 39311130 I! RI-inn! use an-con! pusom. ,3 look 1| :8 IARIIJIIYI, you will no an Boot dull). _ AiA A ‘ 2 V e.<\$' 1~ pa’! 0 I L A. LI.§OLAPP\f£\C’O. III lain IL. Iulun lplulg. ' :'::..-.*.:.~»-\————’--;.-.-:_’-;-.2-_»:':r.: ‘ \ lnouua......................._.............,. 1 no I7’..!.$'ia‘:’p’«‘ei’fT'£?,-3~r’Lf‘..:‘.f:r.;.::;::: {'3 no tilt an Inn.-n naun. All)\ nuhsns nsmmn no! 3 ;z2:::mkw‘- 7 BAPITAIQ £32. =:.xo.ooosuu¢, .» ‘. luf’Vili‘1‘°,'?¥I!i3‘ nmonnxnn or_ was uvn AND DIGESTIVE (136.1 33: Oomrxnct xx GnxIo:.—-A lotlnrn-om Aihon, oi the 22d nu... bu the following: \ The great non of the week in the discov- §3'g.9f n 5210:, ¢‘)l!‘;‘h;ch llauln:hl:.tho,i‘:‘o:r4}. 7, rzmno _ r 1 cg, In - ouumlr an oo1*t‘gv.io~un Inunrutod that I will omvo 3 summary of tho v:lr:-lonzpnb x byihaddiloroni. Joni‘- \ .87 .QOF I lhoarmywnhogqno \ ox M the uuspigionn 0! {ho nmlgoriuu, having htoly died It Haupitn, the policy took pollution oi’ hi: pnxon. Anon’; than were found:--1. gnmllrrmo fravoluuogfy Igginotn an p o oo oy or overthrow of to bo xvii!-food by I npubiio; 3. lab rev nu-y com w unulmv I we l uh‘; Greek! Italy and France: 3. f- minim $0 (in omplogmnt of co denhlo sum: in- tended all er to found ropubucnn journal: 1: min towns, or to support. and prop» ta nvuluiin prln I I , d 30!: triumph by mntergnli 3.3: :3: of $00 was oeisedpw hm!) Vzlsuo be divided unon non: on I 0 no :1 camp §zep3ua..._ Alfhough I xzgngf 1:80;: mpariuwddolnlh an exaggerated, it in £’...ua”é1e\i‘1‘.é”&m'°?gn°' ‘3° 6 ll‘ an 0 Kapumvgilégl deuh bud not put him be- {ond mo ofhumuvununo. The po- Ioo inn, however, lo<‘gd A com hint. ziithsmo milllgy autléorl ngunu X-1-~ ' t urgton or 1:-akin, no in Epeacb 91 (hi! ruzjanl 0! Knpunzralil, in: ulged in romluliunuy language.\ . . 4 av L! _.t Th %:r.:::‘.:*3a;¥;§::::Ma.om..w no 1«‘BR'I‘EIB‘.. AI;SE \F7- V I ' 3 '\ ' .. .1 3' ._~. . . ...°:*:%;;\.\:::.:'.:3:: um...“ \ -2-9 --r- -« GERMAN BI'I'TERS TIE ACIB (IF PEIP'.IvC1‘l0Xa.» lthyonotrntn the ‘secret unbunh o g'uId.h8lC.Ildtxtln!nIwll. menu hunch. M0,: A [ It remove: gll the watched symptom: of an lonbanu handy. and um: cunluuplhn. an aunt C TOIIQ» It cleans the hand. doodorhes ummuu. and A1!‘-Iliiiin lent 8n1a.’n\ nllol. «Q. f IQ\ C|I¢*ll. '5.‘J:’u:It. gv. I’. §‘A:u1‘:\'otk\ - ;~ N. P. 73-run: o¢'c:ou.~l'yIca¢x.. ,f slum o¢».IlI:-“an ~ . -.. )u\vun‘Bunma. aft ®3 , u. a w. 5: uxuosria and tom-Ilim .r£:.ll‘lhG.V.1:;1nI‘l“:llc:ll\€:J“(0D] and wont sut- The following in s autumn’:-y 0! tbs act which both Houlol oi the On- nudlnn I’n.i'Ih1‘mn't, glvlng authority to tho Gorutnor General 30 attic! and rtmon 33.! 5.1!!!! om oi the Erovlnou when promo: I: believed to bo dangerous to than’ pane and trunqulugy. J: In canned, \An act for an prvioixtlun and nptuvlon 0! ouuqu in vtoznnon of tho POIOO on the rrozitlu of this Ptovlnoo.\ mo nu-goo was direct mun Tu 0 ma. whoa. no third, Hood‘: umypglui glue into wink: gun-inn. Eu oanindiuin mt?» 3‘:-1n._ Ohuiigtxn hsd minds‘: pooch to \ lxoo v than go hunt and ! lg’:-e, mo rohoi own van bonded. on tho contrary Ohuuhnm ind manly xlvon furlough: to the rehab, um any mi NH: home to sea ihelr rmnd-and rec:-uxg. o nlso mud that unny 0! ma riiui‘ soldier: who had declared tholr intention to (hurt on account of the dun-notion or flood‘: nag. on learning mu they mum in furnish vi!) ooznforublo wtntct qhuxxtora and ho bottu ulothed um! {ed than anmxon. Innagxin returning to the nbei u-my. A buts: oi llomplnn nunod Bpcnou. outcido or our llnu, tour mi!» from thin 3‘.f’a.‘:‘:z.‘:°.;2 :f'&,\‘.°.§‘ ‘.:‘.i:?.‘°‘f.“.’:.‘:ou.§ I lnnliol quluino. Ebb Bnrrgfwn found in 111: calls: which it in said be included iodhpu-con in the rehdn. Ballad obtained 5 permit to iako the barn! throng: our litiii.r-irrxiiismtngii. tube nnurmr gal! 0! hi: funny. $1‘. Loan, Fob. 6.-31:10‘: Geneni John Pops hu in-mod an ozdur, (laud tho uh inst... nunmiu \\ or the military. division of )1 nd, embracing tho (lo- gutmnnu of Missouri, Knnul and tho errth-273%. “ lhoclmul - IA?! loll 0031 law at 90 Iomr lssuluthl It is noted TB!‘ outing tho mos: lulplun unnghaevcrrkncwlmumhled tn. GEO. A. PRINCE & C038 Iv. cures Ron an.d1'1:lod1u0Itsnh, at the most ahulnuo and vlulnn typu. \\ \*\\ §\\\§\\\ \\%% \ \\\:\§ \ \ ::;§\ \\ \\i\\N\\\‘ \. Nolonn or none: In the had an tannin yantin pun-ex-. I57! KOII ‘l' AIITOIIATIB OBBANSI Dr. Goodnlo ha: now upon: I llfoumo In gggu run an mu (bun. Rh uinnpxa haun- Kn: lure Iumt‘:_=l.q_-rooplu to vouch ‘lhnntgnydwnbnlnlutnthomnlok I'a¢aannyouuvl‘u&IIlc Iuunounynozus will $1 5 ui puhlhhlbtulluhgyqpgggg Dr. Goodslfn Oztnrrh ll-umvdy 1: a tunn- nn uqua. txhnlrd txum umpnin or unhud. The “W‘hUOllIl ll expodllml to prdvl for the duo security ormupuooud tnnqulllty or thln Prov- mco By tomporu-3 cnnmmont, mam.-taro lie: Ilujuty. &«n., anon.\ Dr. R. Goodnle In known throghghout. the (\JuIIlI'y on an Aulhoz 9' me only ‘Pm: alou- lurh ov«\5:n5Isuu when an Dunno Wu: In its user! of '1‘nutnm:I-and than can uuu :33... 9%“: x . N%$% °'~‘-‘-=.'3-\‘-?‘....“4?«.\.'~\»\»’...-~-. Nu\ ta. §N ‘ % E‘. W ...“‘- %“*'g§; ~\\\\?\ my ‘Eh 53.5». ~ «K. N hn °'-‘:3 N02. (io¢3:lt‘I P[x1!‘l§hl::O:‘?.(l.l'l’h should .l\l‘gy'.‘°:.|xII:]p ¢‘::)‘\‘o\u~ S‘ It!» On lulu: pot Iuttlo. The nqt mo clsgap mud II fallout: .‘€zh.\«£:“.'{.°.i’n°£.'.' \ \\\ °°a'.?'“z.‘.L’ o to Q _ ’ vo ran! uni». ma iafststztau stun comm or to ma S43’-g(L1;yg:I_h\I Pmvlnoe. Lu writing, in la puson lllbl his other nuns and zinc (boron), (in: (trace greatn- L‘Ion Q gnanutnqullny oalkb xovmoo xpul I to raznovo Ire- fmxn any alien or alien: who any bI In this Province, or who mtg has-Inna: an-In Lggggg L1 n_.h_Il1_ no’ luck!» !o_r Lhnuovvrnor. by oz-dc: uudcr his band In DI p-ubiidavd in tho 0ImdI Game, to tune: that any Inch man or Luau who my bo ulthns thh Pmrlnoe-,hor grist: I33 PEI:-o:.nIx-‘nnwrzivo them! all put! 1'0 nos 2: I umo lf‘mIIed In Inch under; Ind Inna Inch -\=8 *;-:*.:m:~ -.:~.¢.':*\\‘*’.... \\1: ur cg, un 0 _ _ - luv urdu¢:.‘0r lh.|K‘l/I’! found in II Province mnunry to uni! 0811!! A110! Inch publica- uun lhuoot II Izbruud Ind am: the ox- unuog o! the Ila» Iunliod In such cum, I: -an bi lumxl cm the con.-ma:-, or 1»: any Justina of up PQIOE. to auto en.-ry -uaza Illmlgbo lrt and ‘ t.::m!;oooz‘n- In! to mtnruon I 0 un , duu-Icl or pine wbmsao or an shall go In Inuled that In muuin without bull nr mun pt-in until BI at Ihonhnll bu Inkcn In aha:-P Eu: um purpou 0! bG‘!:f Ian! out of tho I nortnco and“ the Iuzho ly hazeln- Inc: gin‘. znd. may mun sum. knowingly and -muu Islam: or Angina: y no --bcdugao to ID: Innh cards»: In I-.g.nn!d. mgn by ‘$13 at mudnmcusour. and on man; out Iktuofuhnll as It: dimen- uua of tho Oran. ho Idjuaxvd so Intra- umpmannuns an Aug’ \ amII.xnIIdmg --no munth. for Ibo r-II cmwoa. Ind no: exceeding Iwelvo as;-rams tn: Iho Itonnd Ind um: anon. c1.‘é\.\a‘§\;‘l:ona. for any Illin. who does no; dnpnn wumu the um: cream:-d. bum; cnnve Id out. at an Pm: me by «I11-Inl of LEI Uanrnor. II mridu Ilsa mu who:-ngny Inch Inn. Ixclpluving b-on maymgd u nrormld, man ulego Ill] wanna wk IhI unit! would not bounfurw ed. 1: budévz ' Ubvsrxrxor lg Donn to jn in man Int- mama cm! ms or ordlx-new Islam. :10‘: Iboolmaly ;£.ln1I.nch t ! be In think c IDDI JOY on ums whoa (Hanan II In onmmdy, gum the 1-tow of boring mmoud from un 3’mv'InoIJ Ind Alli;-on man why the ordur Iboul not -1» «man. nu Ixcunuua or 11» wu.r'rInI fur MI removal «shut in cm ndod unm Ibo mull-r ll llnnll daurnslred by Ibo Gotunor in 0onnnI{ and ms: the uonmnr to tmialsvu-ad Iomoh am: In u no; I In? class mane:-I an ad uumn -391 In tunn- |bIeo‘umo to n- as’ (bx lulu defence. and It atru &r Inch Illen to summon and Ixunlno II-Inna-III upon nun: boron um uonnor In cannon, nndto bobesnl btforo them pt:-shill“: or by enamel. (‘luau am provide: Ilfouonz In ovary 11.50 In In-blch vnwcr In Ivan b llnl.-I art In mmnxunny min to 351 wagon: ban 0: mIIn~prIu, It and! b9 lnwttd for any Juaumo! an’ 0! hr Majesty’: Bupo road: In Ibis Pmvlnoqu upon npixlicnuon mgdohg dull nu aumdunx cute. 0 adxnu Inch perzbn to an In or am giving Inm- cunl Iecnx-Ily (‘or ll‘! or has Ip.§;mnoa lo :11’!!! lb! unucrn nlleged as I him or er. Y CW-g fl lulu unit. In ---_~:. :-9*»‘:'‘ B. sfnuun A no RAGSI If $52 to $525 Each. -VI In Yo lab. 6.-—-Tin ‘nun’ Wuh- lngnn apon‘i Chit Kr Mm Hog:-on in uivaloo at sta- phuu iii 6ixT:bil1. Up-as {kt um-n‘: of axon :1!!!)-tuna xv won at anon lnvilod to n uhniaw, inbnnad \ cg duin torproooc-d to ugtou 1- o «mounts; the question or puonywl tho Yuaidont. Mr. Bu-nund lulnruud them that it can lho Pl'lIldIliv'l Will: that the diaauukm should lakoggoo at Furtroan llonroe, and Ihazluind naanttomul thunat. lhnl point upon that Inbjoot. ‘nu oonaxialloauu prauad with countd- zrnhh mum? hr lea.n‘htn‘viait Waugh- u. y all:-pd 1. their 7- cmnuihadooaaaulod Inland than only in cola-aqndoo of It: Blair‘: aaauranco that may should hnvu panama into:-vlow will I’t~aI-Idunt Lincoln. Ir Botatd aa—- and them lhh! lxiaiaindgs abould be ful- am! at once esraphod to tin Prai- drat that hla pt-naaanca I'll ua-aualur. Ana: Hr. Linton’: arrival tbtcon stance last-d four hours, and via: porfootly [rind- iy usd good-tampered throughout. (tn out lids the cauvu-utlcm wn mulni con- duotad bzttho Pnaldont. on their-a lfy Mn Hunter. r. Stephen: occasionally tax in: part. '1'!» tubal ooumylianiunu-n and no- thing whalanr 01 that: personal Vista or In-lahu but npoko aolaiy and oauiusivoly lb: their govvsrnmant. and :1 the outaasuand mrou twat the oonforuuno, dndarod taut: tutin lack of mtnorlty to make. receive or oonaldar or consider any pm'pcniuon rhntctu looking toward a alone 0 the war oxoupl on the baaia or as recognition of the ludupondaaoo oi the coniodcrato Slum as a prullualnary rendition. Th: Praaident presented tha nuluecllo than in way oun- oatubla form, acgglliing the moat -liberal and onnalderata modlnauon 0! whatever tn the «alarm; lagialalinn and Action 0! tho Uniudstano gunrnmunt mtgbtbo Rpm!- od aa Igcolaily hostile to the tight: Ind lntaru or woundlnq to the prl o of the so-utharn rapt: but I so alnglo particu- lu could a inauoo them to Iwvrrv for a moment from their demand for recogni- tion. ‘They did not gs-cunt thin oonap cu- onalf M rating on I. an own oonrlcuunu or w nun, but an the condition which their gonrnmcnt had made alauuiutnly indiu- penubla to any nogotiaxlona or dlacuaatona whatonr oancunlng punt. Preatxlant Lincoln, on the olhaw hand, informed than: at every (roinl that. met: ncngniuun Ina nunrly an totally out of tho question ; that um United Eta ea could utnp the war, nnd urust oven temporarily the movement of In armies. on! on tho coudlunn pnoodont that the lulgorlty at um Nutonal non:-nmant would homeos- mud and obu all over tho wholo ta-1-run‘? ol the United glans. This puim ooncad , be natured them nut upon ovary other antler of dl may would be uutul with ma utmost lnbenlity. but without that recognition .119 mu mutt and would go 00. Re-gs. Rope. Papa;-si SCHOOI. OIBIIS AID IELODEDIS. osomnmn. 3! III moot. Ilhlo. hovuvuaai, Fab. 6.-—IAtchnuld mu vhmd a lbw dun dneo by Wmhun’ of guurrlllu. and the non morning H or no of Q,nnntmll‘- mounted men. 0 gnu: wegsuundur the com.Ig.tnd o! onu. y a pro 1 quun a boon. thou ans Wm‘, but tall. wlllont dulgg {urthcr (hunt. an Iv AYo1ua. 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Tonic, INTIIWOILBK ‘I'll’ AU‘l'0llA'l‘lO OIOAI. lIy¢uunnghoAI1xnnnsk()mIIs Inlay un- uounuuhou-uuiurluu but aqua hut lhunuonho nvu& hm. (-hlczb an any Indian In uarluenn unu kayo-an DI than In pins an n , ualnnduuanoulnna he run an hnnnungn ; nidxslan In an muted at Hutu; U-In ‘Wm °\\ °°\*:*..-:..\:':.\.:\* '-.3: xnoyusruguxtvn-nbcnuuvapd um am In» an d i u-us- huh bun -nah; Ilhuuli-ff. Shh i1lu3w (-unwound!) um um unseat-I (run :3 cans Lbaluu-tuna unuunnhutvu. &““\’\\'§:'.‘-..\'t.'».\”\\“.'..°’¢'x'€.‘.% In us: at an Dual allow; my z~.::.-ziaw.-;.~:.a.~*~.:*a.:.....~ -..._.. :1?‘ Wu pnumhv Inn Inn-nu o m. 31\IKk)-Ilntfillhllllltll. x«‘,<_s1-An1.ssnx:.n is use. ‘it: \ \ ‘ lN\ii.1‘§. by Q ‘n ‘ V‘ ’g4. \ ~‘?.““’5‘.?;;\‘*'i:.§‘r':E‘. 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PIANO B\ORTES Eu. lnlnnd, at nu mouth of I I Plat: river. wmuh cnmznnnrh tho town at Mon- tovxdo. land has named by the fame: of ms K mg ur hay under clnkn of the haze of It for ten ynn. A mnguno at 859110! Ayn: exploded on the 8 of Dan. by which 130 nomlon were nun-d and wounded. 3 fill} .31‘!!!- 313- mmxgaq “-m:::*“..'*:?.*.. um“: .... w 9\ “P nun . nan: smug!-:6‘ man. an?‘ Inlet to tho xv Q1 {granite and Otayhl nu nluu L £9-dowrtrnu Q, '3 phl u\33n: '°°‘.-.:.~.':.~:'.. ~' run. 0': ma-st A smut mun ucunu, 311105 the Bnng an at Momuvldo umpwtod ll being :- uudod for n rcbul prlvnucr. Capt. Bogart, -rm: (ho Iroquuln. in vrucmnglhnr. Bin drawn noun» Inn: And In no Hhav. mo 1: well nchpmd In Looping out 0! lbs way u! our oration, and with a couple of guns gm. could do more dunngt uun the in- gun. 'l'IlI KILODIOH AID ICIIOOI OBOAI. °-W-.:\' °':::.z.':.-.:\' '\ '-\$2.? £§§1u mun! Id. ..1\.&'a°'.' cu- '\\\’\‘ A. nmc: A 0. canal to rurcnuvrl. w You, Fob. 0.11:5. Honld’nuV:nnh- Ln to poatnl a use in pot: to knlowutblo nu] :3‘: 0! mo recent gnu conference look ‘Tn Lb: result -1 In; very far from I Into. 1! ll unpoulblo for either Mr. Lincoln at Air. ucnxd to or nuocw us I re 1 $5050 win! uJ(:3n mg‘ nugolllnurnna hut: or Mr. Buphuna Ind bl: uoocatu umb- mnnd I: wound. crux. Iigck. in aim at. L an-not Ann gag»: ‘.9 Vanna HA$&u& mp. Bar York 3 Full and Winr Goods min-’7a'a‘ ' rr‘;x‘n::\a°&-°w7:n'§-'3 I2... 3 tntuhcxyuihn status In Wm: our \hunsnt.vnuuco|t£mnu:'I)\u In unn- nankouvv clluukn pmtu. !‘v§r~A ; Giant in (hunts. Cluxyunu sat on L. ram? (11).. Y Or M on A. \ \ (thin. lrl .z..*.3‘.-:§'_.‘*g-.:=:e.*:='-‘.:°a.':'.:.“.t\:.-..sv-:- urrrlnona U - be m Another hot or loin! oook meta, Jun IIOUIVID. A150 :0 080m OP :BUI'I‘...;A!¢3, s::°.:55:.\.Z -\-\\3'°~‘*““‘ _»-nu-.- _ __ .._ -- 1-'~°i.«‘-‘a‘-”»‘=-; \Vnmnn'ron, Fob. a -1: In nportcd Ind banned lhnulnoo tho Pnsidcnvu nmrn from um South hi ‘hi! rolntcd to tho 01!)!- not the pu-lluufnn or the wnrcmnuo with the robul Commlnlnuuuhpnd unagt.-y an endorse his course In 1 9 ‘E3111! No olllcinl ncuon baa. however. u when on tho aubjorl. ¥.':\...'5'1:?'¥.‘:‘5:% “$‘.“.‘..\‘J - ... '.*‘n~ws: ruuuuxnwxnu JOHN BTEl.l.\VAGEN. SIG. D» IIITII H 00., BULK AGKST AND |KP0lI'I\ 0| 3 Ln C-olol-run.-I “Yunnan, CAIITIE D'0R ml; neon. KILLER!‘ lI0l'KlBI’l'. marten footshnl ngmslu. an-nacuau mm-I-r A\;. wuu :..‘?’.'.'4';'£\\»?..:‘.“.'s':..:.‘§‘£?-‘;';'a3} \’ °\\\ \\ °\ 633-!) 30. 3 nut. 01 . scams 1? T. To-day‘: Clu-onlrlo up that Mann. Slodvhenn, Hunter and l I Judge Camp. be hnrol hud she‘-:r can bo{ort‘ Luo [goals- en: o.nn tuopeo 0 av» an or mptggtpnoan hour. that uxrlr Index-I woulxi content to nnmlng but tho recognition of the rehalllon. mu 9 u Jon canard. sum tgu Jon Egmnud. xx: tho luv Jun-M ennui. ‘mm the R\ In H {Haunt ‘mm Mu Jul nuns, um ollh in input! (hutch! PLUMBERS. aurw ytrnnunvu mums: 0' '“”\‘ \Wm an am»: has 161 um! “I .. ...z.'................;n:.*.~.'.*::: 5%;-.;.m.~.-r:as@::.am'L9:::2: Dr Jackson-D: al:at.x41nc—.Iu3.:xx§\Ixln;n..v's:h-¢:- \'W~u’ 3 Hana! kind: at medicines. nu ;. \E \N-011°! Inr 091113-rtnxe whom. have \J11 mm lvdmodc Insult): at menu «new lnoincu. gx-I \ ham n.-51! ouuu-am-uqxm 00 dioumn ass. a nknnoo nu’ uuulmuno to u rm u nsrma ‘W ,5’, f\\“’ “°“5“{.°’ SW mi-LL -M «rs-may for In. t ::I|g|.Ig.'I‘I - mugs gun‘: mum‘: dg In htwlwheut.-l?|:Yw that who {Her \ ! urn». kvnn. very | lgth M10; (bulb Ilre l'§h1l§£}ph1n. mm men mania. . Don M’ ‘ mm E? ‘Wvhran mm ' - urn M ~.?a“.:u'::;*.L:“s:§‘?§'v:£.,.. ..... be u. n. ac:-o...n.., .' ‘ mu\. m‘ .-9\‘ nu” ' 8lrw.hnouu mung pond by manwu \'s'é'I.'.\1..\§’g %,g-j;3'5&¢.:e-r-I «cum: ‘WT 8o¢n.£nLly wul 5-r9‘gn-oi I¢ml|::t.$¢bI°1§:|u;t1:'u:.n ‘mu “\’ Wt-mu. W may nAnnox.2|.n PLUM HERE GOODS. Anna in canon’: fuel: not Llr llmnou. We no, or emu-nu, unnbio and unauthor- ized to any haw much Mr. Lincoln was willing in oonuode. Tho only olmndltion In hnnornblo urn an-uni to have bum -is rlinnd by LE: rebel wmminionan. Tin! tondiiion being tho rumntion of (110 Fed- eral l'nion an ubodianco to All the turn of Congress. Up to Ian owning R bodies had been re- oovu-ed from the wnci: or use train on its Mm-ietu uni Ulnclnnnii Railroad. The bodies wan to badly burnt. that for 01 than could be recogtxizod. Them _wero aungoud ho ho but 1!» pusengen on the int at the limo Ilxancoidoni. occurred. (mun. Ccndueurl. Olunney ‘rcpu. GEKEEALTIN Arm COPPER SMITHS, ‘rho rollowlns [Me Publication All 80‘ IO! ILLS If HTRAII AID GAD FITTED‘- u lo-Iuti In-Inund In an nyxu Chute GP: pm that. than any alien mmznlltq to nmlln In ohu-go tor the pur- po-obr being nun: out or 1 a Province In not rant. on: within an month nner Inch nonlnltuun . ouvlunln on: month am: the oponklfhol the BL Lnwrenoo nu! nun, my of ‘o Jud or the Superior 6:0:-tn, my I Re-oonler, my two Jqglfoaq nfgxxfo use or any Judge of the Scciionu D: we: dun:-In, may on appu- osuon by tho person no ooxntnlwed consider the cut», nnd ordur mm to bodlscharged or to be mnunncd In custody, according to his discretion. All use oourunuon which took gluon bum-on tho respective parties came wk (0, and turned upon Lhlu mains! and Irm- conunnblc dmorouco. Ncubcr side could be swerved I bur’: breadth from In poul- uon. and therefore the attempt» unsoun- tion in an mu: fnllnro. MARTIN TAYLOR. B0. In HA1! E!'..lI11.u.O. I. I‘. onnuy Ion ructnnny planted in. gcuy ‘W50 On-fry for sun. 1 31: 08l'‘1;I3r'.:;I;1ty for a lumen In. nan ormns 'r '3:-nun Diurnal {:25 ..*;.**:..3,-,,»..I.':3‘:-*.:‘-;.ug*.<'.-;-.'...°\...':.::.*2 54\”. .‘°::' ..'.*.::.\.2: * ‘g' '-‘how l=\:o'snlolwsuI 0:: W £15111’! 1:: & has mom) 3 -vs-'-“=-=;==-.x's.°-wt-‘« -«aw-, -- \W I 1! wchntdoll -vr..::a::.¢:.:,°.:r::=25't.:;.;=,:2.r:,=.-..-.'5IF'.::.- 4% n«‘v|u-:;1.ubn:.‘¢:1h1. on ,,,.\_ . III no mmwmmmrw Iltmku. \ ' '°\ °' '3' _,__ __'_ 4 ‘R 7. moan umxs. nsl emu Punt. I21 um-1 ‘run: you. upon oopuntin it wan distinctly under- stood And expiiuiriy stutczi that me Attitude ofoaoh Government was to ho precheg what it would have been if this intervi- imd never taken plboe. Tho Csbinot ro- oeived Lhcno oxsiwutiom as complain and aaiixiiloiory, an the feeling was unanimous und earnest tint tin country nnunt now nrouu itself to renewed e 1ndrpro- pare to make frelii ucriiioen intiro-do once or the integrity or the Union end the pro- urvation of the Government. Al you know the sauna I.)t{‘l‘.hiIl dizpettga, Iungad not Ialmregogl _ ll I on to I 0. it is understood tint Fuundanh retirement from the Treuury Departmvnt. will take piece within 1 row dsyu, and it in ooniidenuy predicted (i believe truly) um his successor will bottom the state And City oi‘ Now York. - In thot condition of the iinnnooi and with o oer- lninty that the war is now to he cu-rind on with uneven} vigor And dotnrminnuon on ’aotn'1i§-in. ‘Phierhgooma A question or veg; great importance. nw Yonu, Feb. 6.—-The Herald‘: din- pninh from ‘momma’: army uyn daertern report the mnmnt of Hood‘: erg? at Tun- cumbip:-'Aie.; ntuo. that Gone Ripley nod :01 ad Hood in command. ‘ -ma: Kw! nu: uvu cum A to \‘*““‘§:5n353z‘L§‘.‘§a n'3\c’x’$'i‘:§£5’-’-'x‘u.\' °'3 3 m“na W\\ rnuur iaun: llllnnnxhcrol 3 .:'* T“. 5 2 ,1 RENOVD AND EMPDBIUM AlAllAH.u&EIa TL 138 I I'§’lL°.Ia :5 IA MM fol‘! Cl 6 h 141 I ll : I! an ,.,.:‘.:‘:.,.'.. 33;. 3..-':».‘.:.::.'.,.§,.,. 0; man 0: the means or, or 51111! rovllcb enstlv. lid» 01’ mm In the bog! nlng or outing on root, or In tho pronsdmxor vN?IHl|9£~N10 ~~ ' fur ug mi may oxpodlt on, aid or emer- rlno. to be nu- on n-om Llganco ngnlnn 3.. tarritnry or dmnlnlons 0 any foreign State, or (pins! the lives, llberliul or pro- »-W-,°‘ ~:.:, t 0 231.3% 8.3130 ‘ ‘gem har Majesty In my: ewe, ave panon so olfnnding Ihnll he seemed gummy of I mludemonnor, and on conviction thureof nhull be in n. xiii: not exceeding three thousand dollars, and unpxinoned hr 1 term not exceeding than \°.’.*'-Z“-°'.’.“* -W‘ '°‘\;>*::7...':*::: , - 3'3” g:.:vn:?:h:3he clto'uxnsunooI ren- ‘.‘.'i“.“~'s’.’°‘.’£i-\“.‘}:\ ;\:f¥'s¥5?§£ or u. A , 2%: '3'\ \*\°'.:.'=°.:.,5%:1.:;tz',:.:.-a:::.°.:; a unity ( of Ountomu ‘County Altomsy, bonus nu ma. lieeorder. Jud or seulonu lngglfer Cundn, um; nolc ! or en tutu of Sci‘ lirsyeaty s an-vice,-or of the $oIunuor Minus, or at the B Militia. ‘being st. the Hun! Iln am, no oruyr uonu _ol - lxiy ..apo:¢.r3?i for the pun-pee by ti1?gov- omen . - ?xo§8¢!%ut} mm 11. ‘ ,~ , ruwcox ztuasn mugs. rmudnu a nlncnul lit: in Ind yonrivomn In sum; an-ncnu o I 5' |u\n’n3 an y%iP?.il.iuiil3rw1Daf“otmw.h|ch 1 h;‘:o‘:v?'k-:::: lain. van:-.r1-poczm ly. :. n.-1 vrualu. an an N. Nineteenth nun. fag: mom: I Lyons. < u. .»......i='.3.?13:: : 5%-3:: r In av J at mmgrg‘ f::.t’§c°3}m:ct‘§»‘n$:::-L{§’.\5.) Ind unu- ' ~ noun ‘N. 7. O can JAcknI-Durslr: 1:35! It A mu. 6' $z3:m{%mr ummony to we not lenco ‘ . I . llomo your: line! UK‘? 0.1?! muKtMID)':':‘§'n OM: to Iona onhobicd by an; u-mouuu um-e. allhnn mm mm man an anon: numuu luurnonlul n to i{‘:‘é$%'E‘3‘oW§u\‘ °\a“;'£’.'.‘.€.';\\“\’\“’- ‘ \‘\\\ . _ .1‘ I’. . mm as xovnomn wmudn n§\°\ ~=. 5:2: a::::¥2°=-- W-v ° \- anal Winter, g 1;, gain the E: Thomas Winter, 11, r.S‘.'2 $2 an ‘£333 333%‘? ii’ m J k 1-mo; Jmxmmngn napundcuuucn. no but 1 run 1 a mug; °~=“-\*\:?'.&..:.\ -' \E “\ ..gr::.~.*.‘.‘:': \.'.’°'°.3-\°\:\m -.:.~* “*4; “.':.:.:°..,“:: ‘:‘.:.°.\:&*:.;;-:.' *::'.*:'.£..\‘.? '° hd|Dl.Iu.:nI ma nun-nu‘ n-Vanu. 1 cog?- II-Hrnonuuu urucxu: on: nusvmhcuua &n'I'A)nordtouy9\\l.a.nd have been lama bx. nan: cl I-no-nmlr. nun. from luv} 8 In-runn. mm luv! I Km-mu, in Rev! B nermnn. ~-::::: 252% or an «egg: numcgma omen. iumown. lath D1’ 83’ ~ : Wish gimme 1' \K3\' '}'-ss5a'T'au'-?a\n'l'v'o'°:‘a'\°° menu: 1. uummm as much an 11\?’ mm-x%'men1 nu mm In: 93: I\ '5\ me: xumngununvbuuxa. '” ’\\\' \ own. mm \mm. 1.3.’ 1n:nnAz<. I-Imn1u(ho|€in‘-‘any double nu; .y ...... .....,g.;;,-.35.-aa:::-323%? 834 IIWANI mu-xurxrn. ace am us; «an oc-“o.x..mctno1l\ u on tho \s‘:'.'..\u;\*§%.. ....¢...,.... not loom. orr'b at: or an 'T:my§ch.‘J' \\ \\°'.‘:,“\ um may in on¥:n-1111111; \ ~55 \”\\‘ 33 um loiwlul, ucnrdy - IIDIII. Town Lots for Sale. 1'3” Km“ [c:E!It;1;§IA f§\«’u.‘.mm an or h.%? t:‘omu !o=’I:fo- 5 tn no ms nu- l.g_l'K‘l1'l1Al.l. Ahlquluanuu-rn-In WIU .l‘ nn'”_.2:tggg:'l2}DI at. ‘rutlhn nuns» Jun rudvod hy HAITI! TAYIIOR. 2 Hull clnllurxn 7&1‘ PIQIDI hull} sewilk lucllnux ll ...°\‘:. '.*:*°‘.'.\' “\ 1:.\ '°'.:.*° ...,.:: onho mmnlrhll o'r°-Eh: use Ponlsqlunln unread mpan{u‘! now Iouccn. II, hum In In-norsunhu . sad at man an of male. The com: la bonnunxuy I31 mud on the margin of the urea: brunch emu: ausqgchnnnn viva: In the mung or $22; -&%.:.:*;.\““\ ax.’ '\\.*:.%’°..-.23 -\2. 3\ mouse \ Round navxgfmpma n.iaq-0:: :=.2.:=\'*-°~*::r..?°**.:*:a ‘~:.:s:‘.’§.:\'~ omcq A ark-ndsrnotel. with whlchlsoonnocusd nu nmgunmta or leading puunna on 01$ most fun- alvenumhubeux commenced. Ml m are or the moat permanent and mbnunth! , onu-It-It uxdh-on. szduo In Iennrdnnce with mum- mouno bualmu Inuclpltcd an the cums?-tlon Q! mu [reg nIlmM,’nhg_n:xnmx3oml|y hooked I‘, and now an ;.1_l,r:‘.~ej.,;:1...,t..=:: :.:.-,:.=.:'..;-222%“.-:.‘.'=:.!*....: 2 |l I u {‘v°“::._:’L:.-..\.h”\’”av#.':2v°*%\~.::\°°“'*\£‘I am.-:3\ an o r an com , Chuvc mu 3» or-mid x§’nmeauue?y. ‘Ho un‘:'a-uqn of JIENOVO In entl haumy. And an the dimension! orthe horn mum! in mime. uuvdno of the lot: mm: a (many Ivx calm: at I ruvtyun. 1‘ nm wllloe lybongo mmzluapocilnt commarclll tbetuuen Imk Ewan And Wgrnu; Q cumneoon Imnearumaomro or use uh- tosd mnum ofnenovot ID miles from Hunhury i>':‘I$‘v‘v. Bunch of nuns’: '%3§?n.m °«\m°{v‘33 n . w Gtaeh ’ sud Hem: Greek Lg: Yuma: ol- g alum mouse‘?-albloponconcgg dhttkf-oycol 33\\ \°\\\ «anneal: thodtyoflochvnwt. .1 than be com» ,nw1ntexsomwnnunumm sud; tarpon nu: gtgllncugnpnblmlp. An ux&I..Ient. a round‘ ~?.;~?.-.*.<.=-;'- \“°°\\\'...' v3~'w-v°'.*» lI'ol:7ouI8yocM~orth:uon0o\ml1:R'l:uI ' Don:-Cl! muolandoom 7havo:nItoom- =-* *€- ...-2-~ 55%-.'***°'*...:.:‘* \- I-my on :o:u£:nbu_c_. 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Liv- ‘on-poo I m -on 0 V T 7%» nx':u~ ~31: ‘ ‘T - ‘ was-,-.‘r Li: “ an ‘ CHEAP PASSAGE to um um: Grout Britain and Irolnnd. grusscozr BR<;T*:moa%,2°.;,-;s.:s.*- In , W.--v'V3.x‘3“B\ °:);'%lu! £3 erszgilte “no at Liverpool Ilckou Ball! Park MEI“, §.‘,s2:::.'§?§2: M... ,2. ...;:;‘;:a.*::.£::.2::~.,., :3‘? 4.1;?“ 0) unuy. can do so am lowest rut-an by ” ‘ wwns oo 1: Ju53m_ ‘ car Ituhrnnd .ul'1.I'1lTaIo. 7 EBGTOLD dz B30\ 231 MAIN 81'. no emu: onmwlt Wlnu ! or am. 41‘ s..»?.‘}‘ea'§’oc'£. ‘”-s~:?.?‘2s‘22.‘.’£’éf.'x'$:}:°. 3&1\ '‘’‘’‘.’‘‘.C‘‘.‘’‘''' III - -«g.§~s:a£-$52“ W A... ‘I’: II ‘ 0 A5~ra4vn;ro xiii LA 11:’ Egan. ‘ ' IJII V -~.-,« “ Lg“ ..°,a: swig“ .., WHOLESALE UNL. é{7‘.1’§‘~-’-. 1 ‘F: !:2/ V\ ;! K . rnI.lt:lu_l. ormcm um ium1‘)rAclonY. no. ‘on MIDI! 813351. Phuuetphia. JONES 6; EVANS, VALENTINE8, ow Jvmnz inn)‘ 41- mm \mwn-r runs. mm ‘ ' uorinrou »'=.“-.rs¥s»’:*a:*zz.r:.:.~*.;.m-.:; m Ifilllll A ‘9% M lilhi-ilmnuhnu. ,.' amvimw w : gnaw’ _ . ‘1 in ‘r- To Donor: Only, Inn Repaired at the -than-ten» ‘KRIW . I “warn mu I-12:01:! 1‘-Ana. Inr\IlI’?klI‘?: at am mun I1-Iualr. mo pncaonnuuorrua. At JOIIU I\EL'l'0N’8a 4 sax.-1,5’ ,..q;,v .1522.‘ 3;: ‘ ., -‘ . ,5 ..‘”f\3I::“ Z,‘ “X. a Q:-;Tf;—;-u-*;\::\~v.. -,.: - ...‘,. ,9,’ 4.‘; ,.»v* _'~H:.. ‘a~_- ,'v.,--» - ‘-4 -»:r;’F 2; ,,-,3 v:‘k3\\“I '. \ ., we 1' 9”“ ' “ ‘ \’Vg~ Á \'-'~v gvawemnmewwwme - .4:-3:»-» m~,w,vg_-. ”.-x-‘:~=«'*-_*:::‘~v -7 mu-m....~.,... {:3 am. ’\°~'r¢:e~:r\.~.s-.w;'-'!.‘.‘ ,, _ ‘3?*i4‘-*+*m*eWi¥<*2‘%*3*34°5*3i§a§;§»,«§ . , ..‘.x -23\ «me. we» - -q«...,.~,:..»wnv'-rv<».._g-Kn\ r,qy.»-vs-‘-4:-\»‘~:,:a-'-V-‘ii'3_?'§v'$-A-_-.I‘«¥-‘i. at \ -.... ._..m “D :r-Rn ———-.--»mz»yn:+1!;<t93'A'm£!qnan3!§? . ._ v ,\«‘ K \ .\ 43i§c “*3 ‘»\\\ \ '» \‘*.\y,\:\~‘§(\‘ ‘\“>*‘~, g» g=.;«‘-M ;»W : ~2:;»;‘:\~,\ \‘~\..\“:~ *;.~:\*‘.~?,;, ‘. es +; W‘, W “ \ ~;\{.~¢\§,.\ ‘ W5»: \ N‘*\§‘‘;‘\»~ » ‘;*‘~\~§‘{;~ \«.1;.\~\{ M‘ \\ , ~= .~“«m* :~“~r:s*::~« Rt. “ * , ; s~»~~*~=~> :;x«\~\» Q4 gm‘ so ‘ i: “ 5 '53“?! ‘\ D H x.‘uUDA1; f _C.ATA R R H V ‘ ‘Y —' 44 $70 A Month. I wmwr AaEN'rs EVERYWHERE ....r;.£z.'..\\:'.:=.‘“.-..::*%.:.'..,°.' 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