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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo [N.Y.]) 1859-1866, January 28, 1865, Image 2

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K. ,2’! . «‘~--?’ —.~'» : Mu. :. u €71 ..’,\.v~‘:'- ~~ . .‘. -H .« , _,, \ ‘~\“ 13:7. .‘ 3'51‘ 3\”‘§\ ~7-33%‘ 3 ’ «\_a ~ m.::a.:-c:..‘.«,;...,...m—_~,.‘ ,... .2-.x_ » —\‘ .*f ~ ~37’ '.‘3»‘3 .' :- A ,,.,.‘ W: r .-,..+ « »= . ,.v.: gen \~; n =9‘: .x- .“ -1-: 4:1 .»\’Ti !.,.',.; }~.,if‘ ,_ Mn‘ ‘,2‘«»..~,_;,»).-.~.~.- .;,,-, .-~. ..g4;;~., . u.~.. ~¢,'A\ ,-,< )3!‘ _\\~.v ‘.‘,«_.,;;'r«_'z,.‘;..:_‘;,‘.~'Q_. .u uis 5, _ __‘_J}¢‘.. . .._;;.: \\ .11-_-::.«,,..§ -\I-' #135: .=~ -§.~:ii:«‘«s~.x»>l“:?.':; .' -,;_.~ c: ~.r.»-«:3 ,.’_;»_ ’}‘P.--5 \.v M A‘,w._gg‘g:ug:ou n urionipandaut of n cm‘-T nlnntt paper writes as in Iowa: \ Six yea;-a., ugo,one of the leadmg mama the \ nixed; Stxytéq .S£x;_gu.~, ‘£23 J atria; 6:33; ‘at’ 89. ya \ .0; o _m-vet 0 p eve , ._igg’§.§6')!<),llt;I’:;{l';!;'istnr?’ or aha muggy. ml!- mni. n1b§gI_hi§;-gignzn tglumph 11; -u bin?! duginu 1,119 dobntapn the Lscnmpton. <1\I.!sli0n- t1:e_inxxly».x19u-Ix who. 11!. aemmtxrébuyzm gm ‘ills inner mud on Dottggnmlh thxieménxorablodlgguuslnn. Ind but Ar him by asould bars made as poor uhdwijgst then, Thgre wetn- edto ban bright; ure openlqg for him. but like 100 mmfygthem similarly (situated he lhnught no man“§§;‘!\ rise in the woxlci ‘of pomaua vnv1u;9,_I3tp1, has-1+ «time in the but-gzooma of Wnshj giqn. To» (lay. an I warn vgallging down Peunaylvanin avenue, I pamtq. wretched looking‘: man. stupidlydmnkghlufgcebvxrlhlxxgiux gated. as if he Ind Jung omargei (mm as umgt both his oygpbimxkaned and swollen, {aha ciouxlng co\r'e: with msulhnxid dgit.-— no noaureo, ,, 9 ea an, I ‘e mi ng 0t00ky¢:$sl2=éo~\ rkma who 15m». and 1 as-to1di§',Iva§ ‘.1131 Green. of M13- Iourl ' Alas.hmv’thoxnighty hug tauen.\ g§¢;’n:;e chine vinna! kI<\€'on of . ~u£Fl(‘EB.8-OE mg ._., 5;. :~,'»\\. .;43:,“Zlétrnrtt-¢7M;;S§§t!$s;» . ‘~-_. K - “ A‘? ““=1*’“ * ?.l¥ié.f!‘._«’|:|il“iA,;I“.$I:»Ml>‘Jzn-1v:.““£‘»\'??“‘ M. \1‘»P3}\’§» isles .1,» -rm. cin to. “'3:-_ mm: us»-t i0;uicih1§'g:£§;au1d*’I3o bu as to what rxtlnanam snnniggv “Q 5s\ ‘:1: ‘$1; 5: 3: ; «V 3: ~‘a‘~:.-‘*: 11$: as 3» .~:‘-~ ‘§\§ #5 § ;« ‘;~ 2 3 ‘tjik, §~j «? **Z‘:§ ;a\‘ 7i ‘§‘~‘*1‘‘«‘:= \ gi‘ j ?;<«\;\ itxv g‘ 9» .3}; K ‘muzsxsumx, J:.n.27.-—'I'ho Biuhmnutl ;:;,)Is’[ajp¢h or Janna;-y mu guys: Tim sang) ura ormmon ye2sle1‘.¢I..lY m¢x1¥;t ¢;,;.;‘ 391:9 al_l'_uct um an armlstlqn at punt ,; Jana bgeu agreed upon xatwegn egg» 4ade_rg,:o um] the tram Qutgq. gpgt_noq,ngcé “vnmtao far as 8.0 mm» mm '£ygI:_1(gf;;g1¢g;g~4 betweenahe ;;nsl1[Q31ugI;he;9v;{ .. tnon . v ' These: stories were til at idle‘ (uncles. an fax: from them Being an armis- uuo betweanj ‘Elm belligexainsrghern. was more of aotiva war on the lines balm! here, \’3'&§‘;§$3§““.§’°°“‘i““3o3;“‘”‘?\£'§i’&fi .v.._J“1 '7 !l\f_..l :ll$xt-£1104‘ {liver ,at an Eon:-, iwlreh axle .» ..9,’§,0 ,..l.,. .9. __t_l,\a I} _ ‘Q *71‘au§n’é'f’1Butoon'1’5-‘¥,3dgais i:nr'mD§ep5“I3ot- .to;x1,;i.;e ulxipping, and it rurtnnofunxed. 3193: ‘start: house: at Bermuda Hundred and 91$? Point» «Kn gmolnl xntelllxguoa has In fur as VII lmvo been ablo talénm been received (tom lha expedltian. but unonlolal repqrtl remzkinl us, and whtehwabqllua are!!! the Innluaorrme, nramoauunrable. Itansma tuna}! wencayxoothly w3tl1.the,e:3:ad§11ou until the obstrucmmn wsranremh . Fhich the spam?’ sunk in Tron ’a reach last sum- mu. M erupting to pan them. tho Dug ry.nvary lull“ bout. carrying two gn , gut aground and wax opened upon by the enemy's bmltm-tea. A hundred gonad shot penesttzled. her mngngxlna and law her up. Of I}: rest of the nlonopassed tho obstmotlonganal she soon put. back. in bus- it; though; nmriao (0: ‘bet to proceed no-. we hue not been sue to team whether the expodmoxnma than glvcsn up. or whom- er thelr guempc to carry it out wit unble- qunnny renewed. Gonsnnt caunonadlug mu bear In the dlroction or Dutch -(hp during (ha morning. 1: Ln uld van suffered no cuualtlu bytha‘ blowing nit of the Drvwry. Ibo, we pre- sume Inn ng been abnndonui beloro me win chuck in-. F. P. Binlr «until! In the city In: \§‘:“g' . n Ssuurdngcxanlnga a an on auger! with the larenidem on sundny up has has sewn! interview with mm alum When hu trangalred durlug these inter- vtewa h pmuv 3' not known. The Pruldum. no; hnvinglssa nude my eommnnlcxuan tohb \ on an nub- Iot an must until the rettm Kr. B1,:,§:%o£!3_e!sInr1h.,and than asanlho co!- umun qr up Rawjurk 'I‘ribnne for tho r-om. Mr. Blulr Ir pa-obsbiy laws by an llsgcnraee hon, «hid: gees down an nu-r uuu umrnlns:-. W’Asnuurmx!. Jun. $.—A L-.-uqr dnted ileuiqnurnsx-I Army u: the Jami; 3:31.. This morning, About three o'clock, heavy glrluzg wxs heard in the dlmcuon of Fun Buxiy. which proved to be our 3-uubuatu opanlng on an fihll utb.¢{;Itump:sd to pan [ho Fun on their wny ck, mar umr unxuucunful attempt in run pass! our works. What dung: In-pldonou was un- pmubla to ucarlI.h\.av:ing to the dub man. but It in known (In! sumo 0! our inn!‘ 3- shot damagwd one of tho rum. u may ‘mm observed to run out ugmn ad to be emmlnlng their «men, but no pu~ lkmhan mum be nbulned Gusl N. 3.. Jul '.'.'.—’l'ho weather ch'G.?. Wlnd m-an Taumomelu I7 0 be- low zen us Iuunss \V‘uu::eo1~on. Jun. .‘?.—-'l‘bo Pmnldem nu at proved the nuns n-antenna unnoti- mu: 8» Becnury of the Transury toxin uoliauo dtu-ownan at lbalmlldlng In New York any, known as mv churn, and occuplud by ‘thy Gnnnm llouu. 0! thuintunuau or [ha (‘nixed lol ! um sum to: the um 01 on» an n of dnI1uru,%’ ucconlznn with the umn uupnl-bod tn’ usxlutnc Inn of the propo lo the \\ \ Tunnxm. f‘. '._ Jim. ‘T —--1'69 Barley; an wudnctdcd um mum cg. (‘hind Jun-“ uco Ilnpor. and than Anodun .|'ud;u.= ‘wt-an nnunlunmxn la the amnion lhulhe prlnunenhonld bo give: up. :6 xv Yunn, Jun. .-..'.— Commuclnl Wuhlngwn dispatch 153*: I! ll bdlend 84:. Hair’: answer In 0 Inuerol Hr. Hutud tn him. which in cstrivd to Rumb- tnoud as .,-mucndnnunh, will show um usu.-1 bop:-snnnuzl of P610! nu-wllntsonn. lienr one at (be arm of Maud! ton, Photugruphun, ounxxnlund uncxdn hero Int mgm t?-taking lsmiamun. [lo 15!! leueralo mg n o and am»: reh- uvu, giving dsirocu--nn u to his burtal, cud uklog Gut and than to tuxxh-vo mm fur the am. Who: pmmpwd we deal I! unknown. Tho gold mute: km taken 5 won; 3‘pen- uhtxn luru and the price ma ul-nu:-<1 fI§m;\.‘ um oponlug - lo ‘:13 u 3 Ian ‘at! Legtnluure. 2 Ill'}8‘5 ASSXJSIATIOH. It * KUAI. 1«:I.I~:o'r10N UF ‘rm: T Jlunug llufa «lunch 11- n I 1' me’ e‘ autngyugen 'l ugo um I-xcwnva Oonmumw. uns1Il=}tgRcg,x_1. ut-r-.v|;1\l hnypexd a; mu bl: Ih1,xw.:Ivhv um Aw tlntlu on WI¢DNlL§DA ‘ftlfahnuryuh In A. a§é;g‘:‘£:»!;\1aIlegggg2eu'«-Ix:-.5. A II . and cln a at I'I!‘\s. M2! l'M'lIv1‘;- Fl Amns. In. W» ‘ §\\nJrr. an-Iuxonain. I unmuu Brut vr u.‘ llm 13;:-xuI.\-mt‘! mm-u.uov LYIIAN K. 14 ha. lteoiglgg tsu re-any -ms Am«:‘s1sLLma our ALI; our: - I: .. '°€: ‘ '31.’ I'r‘rCD(DCII§, M-!*i=-k~ thud‘-‘1!‘0_l'I|Q.!.!aing n.1\oul<;5v<[z>o, there does not he an; oonmilllng mind in view hi 7'1’!- to the path that will lead um. of the wil Ofdonm and unc:rLu1n|y- At Previous to making unporuml changes 31‘ 131:; buslness this coming Spring. .W0 hlwo ‘ . ny . ' E930 Kain: ngmyng \\ “‘ \- -W .9'«‘«. W15’; R%YN;W_ ~ ».M.+,,.Ph°#!°I5-nady » \ »9!-M-~ L * 5 Mnfkhxyjgmgg » gr Notice. . ‘ ~ 3 . -., “f~T.°”§°W}.,%.?*.«*,%,2ww: } Turn FOL.-IoQV5l'I1vu m3omsn';:xr T0 vlt. Ono ham! cmmlula 40 allow ‘$11515’ hnvlnz new nausea by npl r mfg ufepm unp-med Into: tho limit 4 Swan nu! hwing gem umy appraised pmwam. mum gtovl or an Actor Pnnzmis. pm:-4 Au 1- 12. um um the wt-xoumtonnound lolzelena than uuahuxxdxod dgliavu. Ballot}; tummy-a heubv glvm ‘.§“¥.i‘r”.’i \3\§‘.‘2:§§ '£.'.‘§:'.\é\.&..'§‘.'$a‘x‘i{I»'.\‘§‘.. \'“{.i\\\\:'x‘§E S 0 Lb‘: unsspub lcnxon or mt‘: uoumc’ n W \3: ' _ mm ’n9‘P3§“ “- in‘ lmpouible to anticipate in the rmulh Qt: H0 one, however, looks §0 3§'!'1.u.\!KII3 dQgi:Oa of con at 31.0”. and the dun IEBDJI to be the moat proba- ‘fitted Down tho Whale Our Immune Stock of Dry Goodn. ? £1 VA L UED A '1' O VER 3100.000. ii*L-vvlész-“:3-5.29131.-Kizz 39.!-9 him-Ix tho omgaggghg shame: or “*0 Prllilltxaa or lhqg in terror of tho 12°19 h; 5- m°r.0:.:=19-1.21]: an-.:-tsaxrtlbh exhlbiciclz 119- not remember to have -vorboéanlaiiéiovta hi uamlgoam of an at low pomlm. the hall or Iaaapyeoh lntho ftunaaon sheath inlt-a‘ B1:Q9k.I.t¢nt§;§ti-—I,11!9l_I the unto w:=p°81- donor impunity whloh inducu! the V310!‘-: nuaaa to kiss tho dead uon--!o 1113! 51 Gen. 1:11:19: am epithet of \sold m_h1>er.” andto hmadiy assert the 01191?‘ E13339‘ mmumno pInm_l_u‘ad a banks: .13 Raw Orleanl of the sum 01‘ mm) 1n;f;3ld,wmch new: kid boon amounted 1'9: f_0.¥_1|Pl‘1~‘!€!'-D‘ meal, but pauad Into hhovnp Tbs accusation thna bmught inn Oolgnal named to Gan. Butler to rennin I-can vindluaxory auaation. and no L-nuns diam: unwind in demaul o! 1210 had: 1910:: which in 111:1 baa tlml criminally atrnlgaad an uwutixu of lhacharp. Pmpa hll in. the manta: vavutovertfg-tho ropartof Brooks‘ langxngv, ans: £318. in IOVKM \9 cm ta addraaaing amlata. that iadlxidual. adodas Iharprlatol Na nnarkaami in- qulrkngaa In lheorncuxaaa. ‘rho ncqiiiui or thhnolffllrlw tho ruinuhiibli x\i-151%- avatativaot Kat York Bud Rabhaalnto trauma of appxahamxon. In sings! to lug am-lghtnd qua the upset of a chaio lung», and in nut to datum} {ho pmtco-' ténaeitkag,-zlv ! 11}! 511818853318‘ the wrath arms la:-tibia Bumt. Thu real Imam: or Butlm-‘I nota nu uudouaaliuv. by tho appaaruaoanl lbs communication um holmmodmaiy a!'~ la- adduced to tho Epaaklr 0! the Emma. In um)» mam Lha langxnga of mocha, and man: “(ha can-accnna ct! tho mpod I have mun mutants: to ucarwn.\ Tim aunpla u I'll which aga- umd the q ' anon arm dmamx (Ian. and that him troubling upon tho protanuaa of my Hausa. Bugaananaradd his unqna \ (ha aaaavaizyot pmoza La hand. mum madam: began a npauuon. of his cynic-ti and nnmgnxonad aocngallaul. Inn in I'll met by Mr. Bonlwalhof Manachx» am. who had pnpxad tummy um: om and duamnaata and lauumho arts: In tying camuaxaadown ma mrou. 53 than documama 1! Iran cuaclulraly than than Gm. Banal: hand Lbs gold nrcrx-ad to. from its an: ofanmn 3: On. shown-a nous;-in-on naébala. 1136!! the advlaa a! mo Dutxzal. Atlanta: and lanhnl. and Ix»- aanaauwa vraa raaacc to banarauaatu buoagad nan: to ma nbal“gavernm!nl. Thuawu taunts In haunt ciao man: had originny baaonxul to un Unit:-d amaa. am! Iran hkvn by-‘a um agum Kmnthonhkaud onuuaaled Katha:-ash than 0-3. But» took Lt. Baht: be onuiitaaxtturaz to ma gang»: gonna- uwuunlburluea. a paynmarcamazo Raw Ori 11!: 130911;. Ilohadam may mun, uzaaolmm hm! lnngbaen «into! Halt ya)‘. and mm» “tack thon- 'ap\v}Ia!bmu=\ of landing the paymmtar um many In qtiillcu. which arts paid man the «mph. Gen. Bauer made axuarplaauxlymgamuurmmnuxma. amount, lookcua umamm: a oocactdsn chould be hm: placed on rucord In an Wu Departnont. and but lastly In-on to. Mr. mgnqamt, Bnxmva oouzaaol In 1: anti for thin mm, that in van re-apannbla for u. and It tha gnyygxnut would nuns mm from rupbhnunxym the maxunhs wuuld 3 ram: drum for tho amount M583 mm. I: la to ba hoped thagg__hu_Hunu arm ac- cord Goa. Bum: than fun and onllplun taraa whlnhh0h|n’t’kad.aId (hat. ixamad up-nu byuaxemllaof um aim-an gauouo done. 1: win new onuuazxw to_ ma pitiful nhndayu. Ha bu kw; «noun been um target: of copgggbaaal _venom and mm, am! It In time that um howling pack at ma haul: wagon campelled «um to prove their trends at cut them. It nmaaaahung ‘aim? thy cam. tho Km York Eucxuug lbxi mate the m)Io1-ring: TM; in not $9.9‘!!! ‘(blob Bqtler haaaxpoaadmmai to niam nunrasion hy ooadna for which ovary §’u..-m..,4.d ma will think only at more Mghly or W. ranunba1:auh1anaomentanouz- or eaaa, what-0 alaoha wautor months sun-Q datadouu‘Igaounly,aadwhanap . wax-aaua axon agmagiy, w§gu§ihat_n::§:ta , M his ‘lgtfd ,— as-. = Orlaaaawaan ratnnal l\0 oi min ._I.-man 9.0-ad-d ' on‘ ma’ own. account, mm. mp: 17 hahadadaadbs madly; and-oauaé augarto DQIDIKI for an lanmanaognm In xiv Yatk, thigh «unto poogmgad. Iraajanwnalatatc rruption. and hari ও୩ {nuance of the ma- z_;1a::,B!\ ‘Inch, he was on- rl _ 15%! it gonrnmsqt. axpanso. F«_;rnaaj_d,r«_ gtgryognonld not manubn B,:£lId¢»’I\§§ or\ a ‘Val _ without hearing mu: awry. , Wall. :1 Bid! an N rm, was omgmia ! ° llllo Idug mrauonin lalana: was asked ;tn explain this granaactlon, which van 1113* wont. with ‘which M was oha by gay: .0»-. .R9.¢..is1oxp1.N.- Igh In by’ hi‘ 1lay_r—Or},gILna ampty. ))f1nI_dlo‘bo a‘a‘n't Norman ovary «lg: .1... ‘on Q ' tr»-ii.-..-.~a ss“>..‘.h-vs \um. ‘-33 *oonld‘io¢\g'at1:~iaagar~ than ihlp Inland, whuo wgac it than would luau cauacd a ‘19‘*!':’!¥='!\!I'K!>* ' \ ' .' . - *“?.“11,I.i¢3!.9.1. 1°-=*1%.¢r:¥°*““ -:.*.‘~*\°° . ‘am-: ‘éjk’. 1 ~ 1 -- I - ‘ . t ‘W 3' i\ ‘to gnicka_¢’~!;\ '_ 1h1§,~“Ihd*‘DCnl\t1I‘elI‘*\0f to my T9215‘ . nlgalamrtothosaczataty °\5'T?9i.'_l!.!7' 9 . Ni ঔfiftlihl-. .., action ,, ‘,,“_'1‘,Akethiau3ar,‘, 1:. {on go.z9tz...|91 lnd’,ret.mrn_ _;;€*\¢!3§9mg;¢xaI=‘aayvmg bl» ooueigusuco o! no preunt condition ‘and action of the legislature, without. my: éelitiullon. um um wumh at law. hutloix. The increase of Ilia quota €21’ wk State nu-um ever: one with surprise. at cl‘ admoululiu must clear}: thit than is no met,y1.n,d-aim Thggegpogglhluf-3‘ or this ammo mrnbkuqn moms wnugnlry with lime. and humor the mom: the drum come: (ht: bolhr. It II not. duh-able _to l..II__!.p;gn,gt§_og _u,.9ao ggcled to our quom un - 30!‘ ttirthor Let (ho account he ‘closed If; nlllufihe quot: at as early a city as pa-nuns. ,'.§b¢ Aletmpolimn Ponce bu! for Bumulo was under ennzidorsuoxi in the Ooxnmmm oath: Amara of emu on Wednesday utm- noqpgpud Maury A. Tguner, F. A. Alber- ger, F. P. Sienna, A. 8. Bank‘ ad others nddnsud the Oummmnoln favor of mu hill. Tho further oonudontion was pone.- pgncdnntil the mum 01 lu'.(‘utting, who ‘denim to be hard tn its opposition, he be- gus aud§Iu1y9A1kdhnm§,.b1 she «sunk- xrauon of the American Eu-kl. where ha ’¥|lI1.|'<)0I3D. and in which ggggagcxn nlunbfa uhraxy. Nr. Snnnnrd xu an an hen-in; lnd declined we Inks Pu‘ 1\ the dlmnuion. be gutting «min U8- In-mguatintol .. ’ 302.111; master: to It‘ :11, Isonlr bin- hocn un by I “alumna. would no doupt into been uvcxttd. any were‘ by Inmate dumglng to the oppoumcm Hun my llllnnt on the part of Mr. uxd! oouid hum 59.9. 0! the result of this zasszuastzxareasnadnabe 1259.1 I_=_- £2» vombly nponod to t.hI_ Bonus at «:31 early tkiy. when It will pass an to a nut «rots as rapidly at ;u ‘ ‘muons legulszlon will psrum. Therm. u no uxnunn o! ‘mom vtuu Impornnco In? Inn on: 0! llu um. tn likely to cngtgw ma nunnuon c! the pnnaxl lxgtuhluru. than um. Tb: welhn ca! the Guy dounmb 12., and 0:» lnghhtum will yield 1! lrl run um. doing\. 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Kw ‘incl 6’:- On Tannin)’ Bvlnbg, Jun. .‘lI. lens. at s.xr.,_1 — Ln tug bu-gunning and «mm mo nnvnx ml nu nah ‘ yr ‘nan F \oath in me In Ibo R noun: «H but nut! 14! h:{ an aAlll) II‘ H “DU\ A. *4 ‘Km! Venn ux,1.n V-:2 rmdny nu-nun; hm I vs‘; ‘snhaei \ tunvnlapnndklnucn ‘ v Iugnc I11-lush Inuaé. nun» Dorwunpa: nu}; oczodt -laennno wulcouunvnrv ll '~clI prhtlvly. WI’ I. am LP. Inc: (I umrgau Ia::xnu_0:»mn1m-s ENGLISH OPERA TBOUPE. um rum: mnnxu. Tlogrul Itxpe of mm qmvodld lnmnmoln lsubcauntrndv chem-ugbvylcmad Ixy rznnyclnu: damn; who nun tnvmum In mm. 37 can And «army rvuneh-rs. an EDODGIITE Brain. anmn. no ‘ltun «yam. ftins Donn: l um amnue vow: El. conlnlm II. VI. CHILI, Prime Tsnoro . I1 I. 0. GAIPIILL. Irina lultono Tagegney mu: nun CHORUS Ind 1:011:93! 01033 Mn. 83:31.3: say: he dnw up terms 0 pure as um um» of the Niagara onnferon-co and In: tau nines knmod will} Inrpx-hath: the President expected (hm he wunld nab ulmazn Informing lo the rebel agtntl. mils noured-Tu amend (ha Charter ol Du Amlsotuing um Sow York and Weutuhestu Rniimn Company to 11: and umu its capital and conform to certain set: or we New York Common Council: to in- corporate tho Ci? 0! Sewbnrgb. Bills pn!ud- he bounty bill uuilxoriz Jug incnli to Jnu iimiied to 300, 400 and mo o :5 far one, two and tin-oo¥n_.1_\a__men. The van stood 105 to 7. An orizlngg Notaries Public to rpnform the duties 0 Commmionum o Duds. Foe:-11:: xnomperteni assessment nrnna. Motions and Remluuonn. - Mr. Reed uttered the fniiowing: Wheteus. Informndon in shroud that the oi tglxuu of this Stain under the prawn: all or 9 Pronmant for 300.000 mm, as pubiishod on ( 1- about tim nu day at ‘knu- uq inst, has been incrnaned from 433,000 to 62.000 men. which increase) in apparently wnhouurxpisnntion. and Whareu Thggeopie of this Btato no as loyal and 3930 in the National cause as at. any former period, buinrenurprised and aomlniy nlreoted by this chaugn. which to them in inexpucable and unsatisfactory :' iheraruro L - Resolved, That if not incompatible with ‘the public lnnerqgg, _,,I_1i_a,‘.l:3,‘x%a1lenoy, um‘ Govatnor, be re: cctruliy cqueawd __v.o communicate mlb House :11 infmmauan ‘ tBo iuorennd quota onh Siam, is‘ ‘action in connection with, or in reference thereto. Laid over under the ‘min. Adjourned to ltonduy evening at 7:30. \F.S;@1&|\I -Qmotand am :2 u for cum. ta ta: KI‘3vl§£dL|n!;:q.¢ And u rm ur>-ha-ngoq 0 u . Xaxxr ~xu-Ice: may ax-tau and army :1 «:7 fun . 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Antod,91u- 1 Ion): rpndonnllol. ::=a::=:»~3~*?'~4-.\\ \- '- nouns '41 '1‘ne'rrus'o,aI._:gve derlyu-2d a Pain Dlvla-Jud at M- ien: (16) per cent fr-is BY Govnrnxncnl mmuutur the rmnm far um n-a.:—-wlp aellru-amt on ma unorreb. 1! . n ' o Thegrrnslem lixvo also dwsfod arm}: tllI'ld4-ndI.V m~m('npn-m:L. nmof Gdrrnmvau tau. on the out- pmndufscalrcew ! 01 Iheue.mpuny.mn at no Ixxu u 3: qraann nun If er the may 9: 3' V , h§_xl. :6 we 0 (ya 9; us: 1 mnwny. 'i‘ll!?s!‘1X§. J. C._hnmIun. ems Clarke. (horges ‘Round. 3 (I; Spamming. t 0- \ 33' aft .. '1'. mm mm‘. 1.0. IVIM. 8. V. 3. Wuhan. P: L 8°:-nbanz. U. '1'. wlxluuns. John Aim). J:.. 8. E‘. Putin AT s-r. nuns HALL, Tan new three cent fractional currency unjust beaniuttemnnd the New You}: pipers ngtloaitn circulation in that city. Onjthe fa‘ in :ht%hcen‘t€_a,is ahgunugul sen _ nrraf 31. ng gm er- tho words‘ \tnfu come.\ In the upper <qsqr:x{zrlu‘thqangurq*‘:I,” under “R: Pluri bu: , nn'm..\ 1;; the lower comer. buuuhof giipyrcru. {They-:bear the word: on the face -* p ,. u xmxh 'r1n.J .1 ;ru:3:§§\3x§’1’1' ‘luv Qgvwca E1 3%“ ugsen c ! ‘€’g;’11‘r'du]f. Wbmtdnlt. Corn qmex. m;:t1aty,auI|. - 3§’“'qtfblexXnx‘xnominal: cmdcls re in bond 68 '1'. n V PING N .r'.\5vAnmau. I E\c{.3v‘.;Aa§1 3. v.n:.u1s3. COIKITTIS DP ARVANCII P.N‘|'S! Tlcklts of Adlnf-ISNI9 To an mu: 0! the Commune. C‘ CIn\n.gcI wn be In sttcndlncvs. Mink‘ by vmo1moni¢Irr‘:BA~‘lD~ J-231-I B. 8. Seven. 3&3 linwlef B. 2. Worth npon. J. U. Dushlér S. W Howell. Miles Janos. man Richmond, 1!. 1‘. Bush. 8. Sh-yard. E. M. Kmno. 0 L. Nlms. J. L. Wantberly. . SAVES ('. EVANH. Pruldun. 8. ii. JEVVKTX‘. V106 Fresldent. 3-IA 3VFHA'I‘,EE&1»V- §:¢_t£L*!_! «D .« r. 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MAKE IT A POINT fro KEEP THE tony best \’:ol[nBlslou that at: nmxsm Rn n’xI_ mnupplv um-one and m lxulhl E-Juan. maiden: -In ulsy. very many whom buy gm: sums Ito.» r . -b:mm*I:'a\ «.f.‘x‘}%§ m§'3z?l?fd$?V‘::xx§-Lcagnz .3 z§'u\2o‘.“.&‘§. Arc jultm zonznd um-taco an. I “_ bu! nu-go murtmon: u1.1n'urmcaa smuga rué\oi-.?fi'u-y \\\\\‘ runs a rm:m:~:a-mu iv A A no man nu‘:-t. BMIEQIIAN OM38 BLOWIIS. min nzqov wo_n1;1_m. -rm‘. unam-r ‘EH03?! IVE}! OIIGAIIIZ ED. W 3:13 arm: 51 up: - _ OPERA HOUE, Manny Evillvg, Jafnlixry 30, ran lgfll 9115. All work mndebs-this 'mpg;:y Inn-on any to the Imnenoo. .I.dng1n1ou. A > ‘Q'i?)I|’l3DAY and IATDRDAY AF’-FIRKOOIB. om. an tdmimtlhft ! flilx! lrmemlmueng hill clue with a Grand soc II ‘E°vg &“w4é-\N - 1 . 4 ' \1\ CAR RF8; M EL ODEQN Jtiwu 1c+'<>>v1?~.T or rim tho. ,¢ # thi,.V..Rgh]_n__a,,_,_;jhl‘pg 1;.» ‘gg # ugh; ___ -“haw. Al Y I! «>x>a‘;5!>:.~; ., M 3-17 or’ dinuim. Gait «-13 n :§?I§1?nt%§I$::#ga§ 33&t¢5°?i“'l\‘;1:t!6n*wi as his Medlmrra\nen Á In N . ,;,\-~;G.¢q..Gnun um: -rgmztcuun. trbmtuvhook ?;§M\x ma-..ae:.',g§ ;‘:§»\.t§’¢P‘§3i %'§.f”°¢§.on \W “!’l.hI.nk yo‘ Gun. Grunt to buquokin NuwY6rk,>hb¢1u;oxunutvoly yr .:£?.::‘.'::‘:.'*°a‘.‘.*'*..*:..*:'- ' \.7 ' *a;¢gii‘c¢witu ;1I,i§oomt*qfI¢§!i.§l.1:?: ..xgQ“;.6“iho»hxh¢otiaIn ant«m§4,;oq1y,.§aJ.&?5; tho, hoxhp .proc1ummou:~;m<cu samnic.,se..7_Iuumeanuex. » ‘ ; it \'9“\' ' ’° ‘M. ss§°?”5f':t3 Y rs -'*'~‘”'\*““\*@“ nmgc my . x--I-am méhtdw e : ‘ svImoi'tIM mu. 4 Vi\ ‘” 0”” °'°'='?'*\~**z.%.::v*..:\.-:”+:**.:.;.- A in me-~ .5“); V o %- “ ~.s~\= ~ 3«‘:‘ga‘f‘;}{'§'I\‘°”\ “’\m'e:m'g°\\ \‘l§¥n'3u¢‘5.‘ i. \9\\ ilutalm ruin oxrm. “$035 am-mas -n rnvéz-2?»?! un'uI_-Inn 33 lo bafrwd In 321.9 undo.-mgned V _,_ _; ._ N ‘ = mmnan. 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I » §°.;5;,§..‘.9'&:’:a T-.:;.-.*.';.°.:t-zm-..;~.x?.:*:.%*:r.e ..*.‘w°;¢-.;:—,=;:=-:\.'.2.!.*:: '*\°.'¢.‘;°.~.;\.:'..”' °‘”.“\'“' B\-I5-° » . \““\“ — — v— ssunani «u pxur::=,=..;_7 7-- PRODUCERS 0!‘ PETRODIUH an boner: In Ollmd on tamin- Olmcnz Tar tam, \'ensm,~o uo., !'a,,dI wt-1.8. Y.. over Mexropoman Bur. ‘ Tau». mmum. nu‘ b\m:rL_H. ‘ Buxjncgl Out. ' , ¥O1;II«‘Y HEY 1-awwus THAT I .. ha gunant11‘.d;B%wn'u , ore. Wlqcaln at‘; ‘é‘2*.¥§’£‘aT$§»‘a‘.‘o3.‘.}“n‘1‘,;°‘*‘\‘~‘.§’1’:: c.%1'mE.“5i.‘”“.:\.‘3 ’u\.‘.2“..?. §‘§i\1'y;‘ixg1g§i \ in (ens 1-‘mi. 3 - A is k-zzzux-swsznwmx. r\ ~ For saga. ; —. «MJUR Iikck . . on feet §o1;g3ung.gm3.v zgrmgg . ‘ _ OI lilkl Curnnfl‘

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