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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo [N.Y.]) 1859-1866, December 28, 1859, Image 3

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SPEGIM N9l‘l<2LF§~J alum) BY TELEGRAPH. \W2 5 “““\H1s:lI8llould In.-long only to thin‘: Gor- ‘?\\“°‘\' W \°i“W«. not only by vlrtuo of our neighborhood to Htxug, buy,‘ by # .[,o_ of our 9-t-hliwd mliuy. \M5: Iuobnaisxenz mu 1 thqlntervontion of any Eurdp-4 ‘,0... 5. me I dntuutlo ~conu«-rm 59!‘ that Raging; um rm- xha reusonucuzed z a Prelldem expreu page of I law nuthorhlng kin to , ploy I military force :0 cute: Home for (hepar- Solozof obmnlng indemnity for tho mm... lmuld volunteers he wleétcd, such I form could bu easily raised in thia country among those who I{mpnlhy:o with the nu of our fellow a than: in Iexlca, and with tho unhappy obndi- uau of that country. an nuoessiuu 10.!-he forces of tlm (‘vonsmudoual lioverumem, would enable {noon to rv.‘a.L-I1 the Cuphol. ' no recommends the oaxablishumut of mlliury ports n:rosi“1lre Ifoxiwu lines, In Sonora and Uhlhunhuu, {hr the protcg:t_i_9u of the Hun and property of Americans «gains: lndhm deprcdm ckon. Ho recouamendl Ihe nmblishxncm of n temporal gonrmncnl in Arizom. awn destIu’iIlm'wId_:li thréo‘d‘n4ykol mu mm. 'Di_Ipi0ch la the_ high!!! eiemmll» u the nnluigl; at this fgnrtmenuand hfnoa :h'a\ logialladon wing); gr V ibrtm I at. ‘otncce “(tin 0 I “.31. may bo unrulligrono need as rem é‘;:‘}r.x- orxlikilfy In In 0§ll’nDIori~'&u:i°a‘,,.I'os! O Do- pzsrtllllizl, rding to ma _,ry 95119.9 3-. ptloo. shown salt-muluiulut‘ ma ~I»a_&cun._. uhnl-now‘ of In fun.:uoug,.houna no‘ .u chm-gu on the common Tmuury. “'9 1’°6-Amer Genml I.-ivocanu the 811011- \°\9f“1° “““\ilI|_§‘ Mkzgo and tho HIIDHINIP “M 07 P|‘°*P‘.Y\“3 \Kl! ugmupa, when in ahxlses would fall where they \:q9,,g_ on me gm‘,-m,. mum. o by whom Kb?’-a. ,~p;,.§:?u,a_ ' . ‘ ‘V . 21. Ina; lcninulnlp Nor|l1e\ri|‘_ be «H: 5“ “ malls of December Mb, A Hrs. Lyons was burned to don a I Is in Coo‘s Court. Newark, yvswrduy. . #1 «-5 3 ~ |,.‘eiI,\l-lurch‘! ll} Iluollnggou. 132:: Count Oovnr MID Count or Bmxo:«s.— non‘ Jum-I aheldnn pmldlux. Q‘ Ira. Wlmslow, In experienced nuns and in ph;dclnn,hu I Snulhlng Syrup M cm:-mi: bdhv 1,ug.whlch gresllffacmma the procnu of tenth!“ by Io gum. reducing IN ln -till IIII1 nu pun and in mm to ngulm um bouh. Dapond upon It, molnm. it will give run In yourselves. And talk! ml hetllh to you: lntunu. Perfncuy uh In all anal. SDI Idverlhemenl In another column. Iaywwiholy 33' F. B. Cx.uvsn'a Pmzl Hunt. lion! Bou.—!'hn only genuine, ponrulnz time and cream: Iathnr, a lasting uni dollcm pctlumo, And In vursnud not to huuru um nklu. BIWARI‘. or AOUN1 KRIIITS. — .———.——t... . ,.-, ,.,._, Ekepbréil for (A: Rufclc Harm’:-5 Ira.-pmi.] :3, d . ‘ oxm , or!!! ' rxsyzszxIx§_¢1tsK:‘n;}<‘>‘g:E(I,r‘;3‘g£:.§a4it”A;za!tlfs;‘. wuwuonuo (h gs-' _ ‘***’*« TUFFAL1), mtxanu, cf 23, mm December 91. 1659. mt-cnnem in Drug. |louoM.o‘uIln!y judgment gnu!» HOLIDAY PRESENTS“ 3? ‘P113 HORSE LINE ...r ,-—4'*'‘’'' V’ . T;.gun1.u.—lf ms :1: ; yulga from such apt: uulcll u we had opportunity at-. lloe gcnurnl eb- Zmwmt. chrmmu, or 4» day luvul lho HLTI. )'\““n and‘ cunlnlm of Ohrgslmu. vu- I ram, 91- :“... mm I; no ever Imn balm-0.‘ The weather Nb: “L m,u‘]. Ilmul Wlnltr qullhy. nu such an wan! nulrbe 1 m “ II. :5 II lntortmd with nothing In 0,, H, «I out-luur plenum. Tnernky was non» 0! 1,119.- ! hunglnw and t_nmer bwrlMly.lg_5lIomvrn1n;, w nlmlllnnst. In In mam, murky appnuace. 1-,\ .gay:,l.oo, in can end] pan of thy flu]. showed Juno '_ym,o,.;uu cf llquldiuun. I! ma: dounrlghl |n|nInn::y.~— nomm um ny Above nor mow bclow oarrlod thtir unllndneu beyond the lhruu at cm moruln;.,Aod buu. ¢m,,;¢.J aupouuon Alma» cnuznly u the any unused. “nun but been oxpnled vlun tuck Ilelgmng n wuuiuud the remit at In: week’: nanny, um (ennui mm-ny and good fading of an Onrlumu occuloa found It: most chmn oxnmnlun Ind ambmop In fut g,_,n¢1,dllhIn[aulIOr.l. Iylonah! tum big mlghs, Irull rubu. Ion; whip: and wuuluckml dnnncll. Every muel. um; brllne, an-I awry couulfy mm brgnuhlnu nu, frumlhl my Innua, fur mllu nruuudpvu um um: uuch pcuuuu, and ceulleuly nnulcu wllh um )lngl| and pnglu ul b9_l1:. fhs uury Ihblu worn puma tn use mu enltl of Raul: xuourou, Ind uvqry nnhorued, [uur Inoud Inxhouled uvlng Quinn! In pruned Into the cmnmu Icrvlce, and mud: to develop the Mn element at speed In nuuuucnlor communion. We nullced '1-‘I pmmxlnrly gnnd Inrnouu In nu mum. connhnng oi we unmenno pm! claim or which our my nu . 1...‘ anun '1! 1°“! “\1 IL! [Ill] decanted burns, ma wllh J-Ill! WWPIMN 0! Irgmm um! km-an Qumpnny rum. \ 00;-‘]\q(n‘fnpgpdgp[ “L Clark. A return (I! juullce ardcrul anxeudeg. wuuduuq .34 urmuan an :1 Final judgment granted. llnmlln In E891!- llguuau \1. H2141. Urdu: lo shot cuuo xunlud. _ hm .q, u, respondent, ngl lll 2| 3!. A judgment harmed by Iltfwll Iluoumhlltr. rlrlpuudcul-. nut Molluru. A Judaucm ullruml 1.; aenum. Va Daulmlc, vupahdenhlgt Goa A Mac order. Humh, rupundnnl, ngs In-éney. A like onlcr. dllmbnch, relpnnxlcnl, ugl Pcrelr A l|h>,onkr Demnm, nppeunns, an Blmpnun u -1, mnpomlanl. bum order.’ ' Run: II 3!. respondent, ax! Andaman, Ippelllnl. Judgment. ' ltevcne-I. :31 Church. Argued snd aub- named. Kelly, mpandenl, up hegl.n.IppollnnI. Submnud without nrxuucnc. . Elwoud I Ounce. llollon to unit. Order Irgund. nmuu ex I1. -5: Wunum, Rclarred. Bum: Igl Huuc. Llku mduon And order. Ryan. mpandcut. up Oran, lppelsnt Avvl 0*“ submitted. Yllf IITIIIOOPI IIPOIT. .0)”: auuu?za.a.~‘ - - »+=~*'- ‘M II (M Iylucllonlgoull 7945*‘ ‘_, Iluia and {Kat —, J _,.. an » *5‘, o mm. ma yma-sam‘~Dn- !@’l:x‘::ul om. utyib o'c1:ck'¢Iv.=h lI!‘.NI'¢I\lil-'_ 5 0 0‘. ll 5. us a..n'-I-us-us.-a-.-. I .3 7,“;-aw. - .oum,maw.u1nu..5novu,H . . - §°§“'c’$'h\n\'-R¢?'{.'.'-:‘i§§i\c'3-” V 0 «: K4 , I , \ I an «Into . _ .. -A j :;?:m$=e;a:. ~ c~M-vm'- ._., T , ,_ FLE.RSHEIM’S N13! You. Dec. 27. Cungreu yostea-dA_v quiz» uulmppx-tun-. ' No vow ior Speaker. 3lu.:.o;‘s Sn-nos, Ilo.,.l)eo. 10. The ova-rl-sud muff with Sm Francisco dates of the nth inst. arrived new 1!. llulllpasl. ll o'clock on Suudaiy morning, and will probably reach St. Louis to~ulgl\c. - - The néus by this arrival is unimportant. Thu following In I brief aulnuuury The Wmhoe sllvur mines continued to _vl‘eld rlchly,Lho ow Averaging?-l,(I10 to um um. Tr|uIporl.|- lion or tlxovmuuc to San Francisco com uhouz Qluba ton.md pn-punllonu for melting, hm. about $412. It is thought llnl another season will develope llxo lmmensu rluhen of um country. The l'nlun nnd Democrat Ilyi (hut the ruins were‘ 3 gm: béncm to the quuu Ind placer mluos at Tuoliue county. 1!. will set to work on-r lbu Mumps which hue been idle for some Igunllu. Thu heavy rains on tho 23;! and 24th of Non, unused great dunugu on the Calnveru river and no lrlbulatlcs. fol. Mk 1' ‘#5 IYIIDI mold I-ould most respectfully invito the Ladies um! Oenucnuuof Bull-lo und vlulnuyno can And 0:- umno my nuorlmcnl or I. 6. Cleaver‘: Oelnbnml Inn. Brown Whuhor, Gly- cerin: nus! auuuourer Ibo upunnccous room Point: for the ‘rug: And Gums. to he had of‘ all Rh: rc- Ipoctllllo dug and I|ncy.gM7uI in IL: Unison! ltliol. lnanlnuwry In Landau ’ Wholuuo Depot, N05. 81 and 88 Dq nreet. Kn York. oaxun .1. o. Iohuotl. Anus. Mult- I my Ioxl FINE HOLIDAY GOODS! v W” LI.-«A‘ . _ ' qaza N00--J. .smag., Koo. 0 A I And.» . man ox oonxauunun. ~«.. 1 “LI hA \ ‘jg ut ň Į A1 10 o \\g_____( 4 ‘V 4-—-r-d*A‘ND R3. xmgtgiminz. mm, M. _ _ _ 3-IN’\_pnc. '15, I3 I15 J UI1‘ II0llVEDu ~a . 011‘? 0hll(K‘S ornua } Bwnw. Dcu.2s. I . N PUIISCANCE OI‘ A ILESOLUTION UP‘ the Oomnsm Contact) of un On; or iunlo. panned member 1901, 1850, uullca Ls hereby given lhnt ballad srnpouln will In roovlwd um! lira nl um union of lino nly Clerk lor lea duys. (win the nu: ol Ihh Ixnlloa. Iur wurtfuvilll uI\ upcnlluyun hunt rulway In Hum «met from tho foul umaot an angle crack no Ecnjnqunm. Onvh‘ ‘( pwpuul: Ill!\ ho rcporud to uni upcnml by thy nld Oommon Oountll cl nu} lm Inul1n;I\\cceqd~ lnhme qnlnllun of mo nit! un In. ~ o fnlidulgg la 3 co 1‘ of the condmom, p|‘o\'lIlunI and ngulnum\QopuJ y the nu Ooxnxuuu Onuntll. tor the conurnellnn nhagpernung uh! uul. vlx: In. The fsm|1oIodJ'rQp‘tco or grnmeu, helm-o rec:-v~ In: mch gum, mull V0 :1 min necurlty by bond vnlh nureues In Muuvprovd by thgavqgmon councll, and Him! In tho Damp ler‘I mm In cum in nu mpach nu. EM Miran, condllloul Imx supnhlllou enslul pn- Inrlbod ur -man - herol In {now In! by vlnuv 9! any ruin laerdu Ind hunky rent-rv«I.:f'~vk_: ml-I Gonna). ‘ \-N Q‘ Hun Du! Bun Du! Bu 1-- ‘II. A. In-autumn‘: um Dn|—1‘n omauu. no, in: us nu Wonu: !--All othnn us new lnluuuu. ml -nuuu be Ivohlod 11’ you nah to «cup: rldleuh. nun. uh oh mum mun um inrully so . bouulltnl and N'Iluml Ilruvn oz Rick. um. I sh: Inn hi; to 3.1: or akin. IKDAI-B and DIPLOIAI Pun bun sund- od lo Win. A. Bltolxdol ulna! X880 uni ornr 80,000 amm- callous ban bun nude to an H5‘: at his pawns at his 0‘ : D’Wl. A. lA‘l'0KKL0l'l HAII DY] sroducu neuter name be dulluxnhhad from In:un,u: In IAIIAITIII not to Ixu-us In the htluat ll. may be cnnunn. od. Ind um 11! t ol Dye: remotuod, the UI|t In- vicmod tor uh by mu Splendid Dyn. uh. sold or Igpuod 9 rlvne rooms) n mum notary, .xo Rant! treat. at ‘art. . loll ln all cm: Ind town: 0!. 0:: United Iuhgby and lune: Good: Dulm. . The Gran]:-n'hu (tho Ema ‘sud hundrcntlpol 0 mmmll 0D Oil!’ 0 IIC OX 0 mnufa. nu-rcuh-An, 16 Bum! Bu-eel. How Yuri. Among the enulhu vu-My nu h ! - =.¢ He think: tho provision: of the recent treaty with Kicangun cannot M1 to be uklsfwlox-‘y. lie recommends n In: nulho:-hing tho .e!uploy~ mm of 1 naval fame for the purpose of protect- ing Alnericnnipuszdng by the Plnunn, Nicaragua uni Tehunulcpcc routes and ‘gala noomenda lhu Authority be given to employ mvnl force to pro- tect. Kmorlcw uommomo ngnluu. seizure and con by Hpuxlucuntl the Spanish Ameri- an Scum. « - '-t . rm 5. won: noxrs, J1-:\v£L MSYS. WRITING DESK8. DR!-IxiSlNG UAHEH, Ladle: &Gun¢s, PORT FDLIOS, ODOR GASES, ?\;vATcu STANDS, PORT IONAIEB, QAGS, &c., kc. I; L}... - _ I ’§Vnmxs:u\' Ilornln, n sum Roam. ears‘-\nu -.2 - Uutnmnn um Bureau Wm, Eiesnm lokavunll and Ill ykuresun. Egan, Lour:gn:_ , _._.... mum ...‘. _,.-. I‘-xunuon ‘rubles, other ‘hula, gnngxgI|u._ \\']._uugau. Cloth, IE1 Brush £III,|‘?|)0l'A|IIIll. Ag: B1ul:r.|ppellnnt Argu uni Iubmlued. 8!-nun. rupandnnl. us Hhcrmnn, .IPP'u||“- 5‘1'’'''‘‘ led without nrgumenl. _ Olln, Juponnlem {gt Fnku, nppa Arguud Ind Iulnnlklod. * Youch.ruponlent.|[1. Wolfktppellnnk _ltgued an-1 nubmlucd. . ‘ Court ldjournzd un Dec. ‘:3, M 9 A. I. (loan or S|:ss1oz¢s.—-Hon. J. Sheldon Judgo; Hutch um muuu unocnlcn. \ ~. The Inn: of canlo in Ssh Joaquin county by the his uurrn ls ver gn-at. The now quartz m{l!.-1 of (.‘uL- 1-‘reluoxm in In rlposo county. known u the Benton Hills, have coxumenced operauon with 48 stamps, making It RS1: estubllshmem of the kind in Uqlifor n A Then: Vngno now: of hnponnnoe mm tho‘ minus. Snovr\~h:.g_;l\fullcI\ I0 u to lntertupl. ex- ploruuonn. ~35“ -10. saving to Us .d:n_§:€cx|.;t,-1:; the diver mluu Mcuuuy luu.nd.ue:r Lina out 1: of the (‘urban river, mlecu miles southeast of , no qulw rich and very extensive. \ ‘*\\ Au-my: hum been undo, sud this ore is W to yn-Id H.000 {mt mu. A xuwung he :1 In (‘arson (‘-i!_v on the 215! ulL_ lu take lulo mnsidcn the conduct of Al {red Juno». Clerk of tho l'n£u-d Slates Duulct Court, nu refusing to count or certify the vows whereby J J luser mu elected on the 12th or the num munun, In tho plum oi‘ I. I. Cnno, uh- wucd. “null Bundu. Mnnrnnu. (‘out Ind Parlor Bun-en, omu Uhuru nu-I locum. .:\lw— 14.9 Wanner: nnd Dnmsrl, Wool lllunkcu, Q4. Tenn: run. hukable tum! /? J. I. IIIOEORA! Glass & Bronze He refers to the fdluru of the Paul Omen Ap- gfopnnldon, and recommends the passage of n. In an uh» earliest possible daylo pay tho nruoum. duo the coulrnctoi-s, Ihh Interest. and ulna la main: tho ncumusau-y np roprhtluuu for the Poul. Ul Depulmuut for IE0 current. year. [In recommend: 1 llnlhny to tho Pml the ransom: which kc bu herutafore given. Ha sun that it uppeuu from the report ol :1.» Recroury of tho Treuury um. II. In onrcmvly doubtful rhulhur we nhnll be wk to pan through the present um! next ya! vu.houudd1tiou- rorcnuv. Should nfde ‘occur has to con -ml: that the ncccnnry nwcnuu be ruined by .‘:$m~, no of the present outlet on lmpona. In coxnc he recunnntmb to the )\m. libe- rnllty oImrn lm'& Ink-real; of (he um- mu of Columbia. \ xxnmn comma--ilng_u-no-. 8:.-un.—Tho Pruldcnfn nnrgunl Elngg nu lcl Lu. ‘\ r. lrenon moved thus it In rend. ‘ ros-r omen, no I ‘I0. chum. :9 Own- IDUII his or Purl, Ivory. sum. tc. E sun or 1-'UuNrrmur., wins, on. FITS, MIRRORS. WRAFPIII A 0 I Duwzmuc. An mxucr of cauru.-wnlaruzunuly \of c(7l - mmmun at Caruunu In turn)‘; nllnnlnud by lphl null] method; of proum l°°d ‘Mink. Tho nlnom oouunuy turns! out lbtll crowd: at \happy {t.U¢Pu\.. m.d'|||Ppy \.y the prncm which qnuh lheln fuohu nn—-uad rum-J lhalr lnrvan from me lumenubln telly oi mu Thu: II! pr -blhly no man drunkenness Itmni LI uul on such occulnnr. but we us: a [rut dul man on: than Ieoemed coululenl with the lone And re gumu of mi: m at um: ei'vmuu.m mu, ¢n..,g.... ... man were brawl: 0! no-=aIIIIy.—-uundu ol quarrel “,3 .g,..dm| prdlplllun. Insklng mo Ohrulxnu ul-um Ame-aualn the an «:1 III Ibodalumna. hluud mg: on: humus am occurrld |n the avenlng nu: lhe cg:-nu manor: Ind Walnut urezu. lu rhlch one young mama In um ma 1.; fumum rtrehlng . We an-ml lam‘-2! an anal mm; mm, 01!!) cuts. 94. Na [uni uu be [Ivan except \o Iha penson or y£l*r~, um: wlm {III Agreq lu clrrx An-I uunvuy puumgqn “FAII nets nu mud It the lumen gate at rue. lid. |kl\lI’l|!|3c.In‘ my not orupoatdlo he used upon an rbnd. Ind unmnlly the!-nxlur. ll uhnll be the duty ul I\l.'Gh grunu: or \!u|r ullgnl. to [my I» Inc Trenturer at lb: oil}. pod fur lb: us-ol um all]. live -mun: In! such “IE1! ear, and ohhuu from the Hunt 0! an an n lh.-emu lhnrotuv. which It shill hi hi: dulgln gun} -xtlmut III: M revue, an production or um ~muuvcr‘I N.-eel 1 In: men punnnk They om! nlvu _l_u_5v‘c ( numbef J‘... I. 2: pnllululi on com: Mulplcuuun plus an the wind: ctoo 413:. Such run! my I» hum (II I douhlu or ulnglc Inc‘. n ulnlnn ur their nnlxm may ‘lulu. but I! ul 0 Ju. sh; Luci. Inch true: will he hnl-I In um coming at Il»r cu-«I, Illh Illlllhlu |uru «uh nu «um um». In In an In) Illa! urn mum; In up.-mu-: dmcu.-m, um?‘ and um uuncmly |u put Illhuut unhuicnug »cn-um riding at 0' up-n emu! rs: IIILI It ul I \ oubln tract. mu lmluu fl“ 1:! “ch Inn) JIIII be llld «mm Ito (tat add fun: lncheo mm crntrc at Ill nml. ‘nu ma nub -lull I. Iud luwlm n|§§|kl\1\t1 apart, no u \u I.<‘uImnnahl- Ibo loll Manon Ihlt-In nl cnrrlnp wheels. 'n.¢ -55-! ‘grains shun com’-new nun lrucl ol Inn and mum to an the:-on uf public Ina wuhln onofl (‘mm ‘wants at nu: (run! and ma :1 any I um um. I111:-. I In yurl. \-uh n ueunj Inn. :0 Ills: nu, «lu _uuI I 1 mp! lht ol uwlr nu; on um nm cam lm-I lrn - ' NE. ha and ilqgl no we pun-rs nml luruurr .... p--«I us In cunkrru _ ll In hmnax Iu uxu penn-I ul uzmy ynn Iran: And I In: due ul mu u«.—¢,.n.m. .4 lhv uma by xruxlcn. -_ Cu: Th! that an! uh! rnlln-MI ll hi llld ul Inch nllr an dull Mu! uh-mm |hv tun p or umuu mu rqr our IJM: mm. - ‘the nth be lnld mm. -rmun. outlaw am: utvcu. -ad -null vo u me ‘man. tlnrwf. In nut -uubluhed. or 5: line: sh mm um. 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SILVER PLATED GOODS Hr Brlghl am they lml better ndopt lhr vouno Ila mun.-d tlul lhv mnaagu mud Lg ho ptmte-I, but ukcd am. the mounn ‘gr uuul g the hultdnyl. The In-r V1-L _ Ian ham use yu-I at Mt Inn. | |>mm,..m u.,.,..»_ (5.. :1’ no women Irrnlcd la: ueu nu ‘W4. 1\. -urum Pndvhuu A 0:. cu an-a Inns; 2 In dnllln, lad --«manna! uuul.yu.t . Roman lnd been |mprbuncd by Hinmun, chm-god with lnnubonllunlmu. Tho lubenln Ind uurpmcd and capturm$Taoul- Ian um! Oalu-I. nhonl-I lie 1 South: hm! no The Santa Ado adjourned ull Pvt-Ly r? no... -—Tho l'n~ud4«n|‘7 can-d John (‘ochrnuo mom on the ublu unul llw Home in org‘: (nun. ol N’ l',;u:owd to ux go that (ha unraugv be n-cohvd l\7\ Gnvrnzun —Tho propdclom of Lhu inhuma- uonu 01.: Back company. 91! N gddn us an Lao! uunllun to nun femurs In moan at duh. -ulnru -hm. vlll hut -nly plan gun. hul ulhonau nun ru nder Ind! mnr ! lo nil pntua Imuatici. REDi'(‘EI‘)' mums. 3 Slop 1) mm :3 5% . - KLEQINI” PLATED TEA BETTE ! In-nu Inulv to ounlpdu «cum. 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Inlixqnled up dny his inlcnuan lo mack Ihu put oflhe Pm- idu-n|’s mu-nag; which suggests the judlcig an the proper rd and to s adtquub rm 1 in cuts of lnterferwnco Illh this right of umber to bu Alnvc in the urrlhorh--. luau-Id of recom- mending Cougtuulorul Ictlon for protection. The Secretary of the Tnuury, In his report. don not doubt that the rccelfls or the Treasury for the parent‘ and nut yur um be folly equal to the csuruuus I! I1)! appropriation» mode :1. the pr-cu.-uueaaion do not uccgd the mount contained In the u \ It is be- lieved am they on be met with the ordinary Ind extnordinary receipts nlready nmvided by Ilsa luv.» The estimated bnhuce that will be In the Treuury. on ch: 3011: of Jun out is only $3,530,000. and leaves no margin for ufditiomi uppropriulonn. 1! therefore. the ap‘pmoprKI- dons a!mulu_ exced gig animus,» bongmi should dole Ii) pnnj1_!e ivithin lhh perils! for the pavmenr. of any poniou of the publlo debt, it willbecognancccnury to unite I provi- aim: for such contlnge-nciea. If additional do- mnda no erected on the Tmmrwy begin!» (ion in the present Oougmn, prov n magi be; undo to mac: them by such In inert-no or ‘full duties, u may be required for tint purpose. II than even: ho rapoutfulb refer: Congress in MI lul. reponfu conulning the tint; of the do- pmmenton that Iubjoct. - As no provision has been mpdo for the per- manent redemption of any portion of lie 890.- 000,000 Treasury notu. ma :1 the authority of issuing llmn expires on :be‘B0¢§i 1')!’ June next, It will be necessary for Conger: to extend the In for that purpose for Anal -pit!-lorl. . The Postmaster Gc-marl! givelln in not“: mount of tho ankiru of the depz-'tuJn% no mvoam nrlnua «farm anvil!!! 5'“ Con u will either giro Its ax1§r‘'¢'M.l9ll 0' Ipnc cbhtlicb for carrying “so M!\-9 ‘_>'¢\-WWI‘ 1-orumd an an Orlugr ;_r vvtlvc I605‘!- nary Ippto rh omlnola «:11 Indiana {or 0 iiepariménr anch‘,.|-count! 9‘ Idi I9 Ihull warren. 3; In‘ warps ‘mi '93\ W9 ‘T “*9 pmpolusll wl-tea Mn been remind and wile}; m noyrluld qmdor udvhmznt. Jan:-gm no- gnga .. waeeure oniuhlp pout clean for 3'6»; and Phihdnlphiu. He regonnondn the repeal or nus clean of tho wt of 1853 which dazhra lhn fern:-giing the mm to rnkign mun-sea glue prererenge Ihould be givpnto p_n.A. our I foreign amm- uhfp, when dapmlng from tho nun port for tho Rollin! IILJTIOKS. nnkallnvdhorn E Q‘ Thrprh-a sud nylh rm um, If 7:: III] anus Our dh \ with Pnngun are ulfsfxctorily udjuu-d. Oar rch with Fzrnnce, Rani: Ind Ill (ha (‘ouzineuul gown-umrlu of F.unTpn_ Spain, pexhnpn. elcepud, continua to be most friendly. Tho President rteommundt lhtl. ln I prop:-im lion be Inuit: In men: Ihtrdemandn of L Arm- and .claLma.uu-. H1: ozziuion in favor of the ncqniamon of Pub: by far mum remdm un changed; therv.-ram ho xgnlu lnrizu the ncrion: nu-uuon or German to am llnporuul Iubjecl. LOOK STITCH, IE‘LEIR.SEIE3I1d’S- ,,_,,,, Ilka! HI. ulksul Phil: TI0uIzpulQnrIm 10 Luann llegnnl Huh Kcu . H ,- ll Banal Purl Hulk Pocket Knives o M 09:31:! 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