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X P r e s i d e n t N o w D e e p i n O v e r s e a s P r o b l e m s By JAMES MARLOW AP News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s been a strange month for Presi­ dent Johnson and others, includ­ ing Red China, Russia, Israel, West Germany, East Germany, Egypt, Indonesia, North and South Viet Nam, and Cuban ref­ ugees. All got mixed up in violence, confusion or rebuffs these past 30 days. Johnscn, like a man walking a sandbar in a sea of troubles, had m anaged to stay pretty clear of foreign dilemmas for most of liis presidency, and then suddenly he got drenched in them. More and m o re of his time is being consumed by problems overseas. W h a t’s strange is the w a y h e ’s handling them , com­ pared with the way he had han­ dled others. Last April 22 he could hardly get to the television cameras soon enough to tell the Ameri­ can people the long drawn-out railroad dispute was settled. And he went on television Aug. 4, when North Vietnamese PT-boats fired on American de­ stroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin, to announce he had ordered a retaliatory bombing raid on North Viet Nam bases. Recently he has done th§ Op­ posite, stajdng aw ay from tele- ■‘.nisiort and. new s conferences since Feb. 1 when he ordered another bombing strike On North Viet Nam after Red guer­ rillas attacked an American air base in South Viet Nam. Over the weekend he ordered 3,500 U.S. Marines into South Viet Nam to protect the U.S. base at Da Nang. Johnson aides have said this country would like ito negotiate a settlement if North Viet Nam would indicate a willingness. But all this has left some big unknowns. Will the bombing cool North Viet Nam’s martial spirit? Will the Marines get into ground fighting with Red guer­ rillas? Just how far does John­ son intend to extend the war? What will Russia and Red China do? .In American-backed South Viet Nam some Buddhists have started calling for peace. Meanwhile the Communist world is having its troubles. In Moscow, 2,000 Asian stu­ dents rioted in front of the U.S. E m b a s s y to protest the bom b ing raids. They smashed windows, smeared the building with ink, fought with Soviet police and troops. In Red China, 200 Chinese stu­ dents demonstrated in front of the Soviet Embassy in Peiping to protest the Soviet police ac­ tion in Moscow against the anti- American rioters. The United States protested to Russia that the Soviet police hadn’t given the American 12m- bassy enough protection and Sunday refugees from Fidel Castro’s Cuba demonstrated against the Soviet Embassy in Washington, hitting the building w ith bottles o£ black liquid. Six w e re arrested . The refugees explained they were reacting against last week’s violent student demon­ stration against the U.S. Em­ bassy. But their action opened the door for a Soviet protest that American police hadn’t giv­ en the Soviet .Embassy enough protection.' And the Russians promptly protested to the State Department. The last thing West Germany wanted was to see Egypt’s President Nasser invite East Germany's Communist boss, Waiter Ulbricht, to Cairo. To butter up Nasser, the Bonn gov­ ernment stopped an American- supported arms program for Israel. But Nasser invited Ulbricht to Egypt and treated him hand­ somely. West Germany felt so rebuffed it decided to stop fur­ ther economic aid to Egypt and offered to establish full diplo­ matic relations with Israel. In a Moscow meeting of Com­ munist parties from around the world the Am erican raids on North Viet Nam were de­ nounced* But tills was suppled to be a Communist unity meet­ ing, long arranged, and it was anything but. Only 19 of 2!5 Communist par­ ties showed up — the stay- aways included Red China and its satellites — and reports indi­ cate there wasn’t any grand harmony among those who did attend. And the United States began to get fed up although it was a forced feeding — with Indone­ sia whose President Sukarno quit the United Nations, the first ever to do so. Indonesian mobs repeatedly had wrecked American libraries and Sukarno not only closed them but seized American rub­ ber plantations. After all this the U.S. Information! Agency it was ending aU activities in In­ donesia, the first time this coun­ try had done that anywhere. W o m e n C o n f o u n d i n g F e d e r a l C o m p u t e r s By SAM DAWSON AP Business News, Analyst NEW YORK (AP) — Even government computers can’t figure out women. And so the jobless rate bounced upward in February after just as unex­ pectedly dropping in January. Many Americans, confused by all the inconsistencies in the unemployment picture as offi­ cially reported each month, are about ready to ask: Will the real jobless rate please stand up? An unusual number of adult women said they wanted to work last month but couldn’t find jobs. Other classifications in the labor force followed pret­ ty much the normal trend for a February. But the women didn’t. And the Labor Department statisticians say they’re at a loss for “any clear economic reason” for 100,000 more women than usual being listed among the jobless. The result was that the rate for all the labor force went back to 5 per cent, the December figure, after dropping promis­ in g to 4.8 per cent in January, the lowest since October 1957, The r a te is the percentage o£ the labor force that wants to work but can’t. And the labor force is the sum of those with jobs and those who are looking in vain. Each month a fluctuat­ ing number of persons don’t want or need jobs, or are admit­ tedly unemployable. The government has been trying hard to find a way to get the rate of unemployment down to 4 pfer cent. And President Johnson’s Great Society calls for a goal of around 3 per cent as more acceptable. Among adult women the job­ less rate rose from 4.5 per cent in January to 5.1 per cent in February, a sizable jump since normal seasonal changes were taken into account. But for mar­ ried men, known to the statisti­ cians as breadwinners, Febru­ ary saw a drop .to 2.6 per cent from January’s 2.7 per cent. If the number of married men out of work increases sharply, the reason is presumed to be that the number of jobs has been crimped. But women enter or leave the labor force for less predictable reasons. It often depends m conditions Qt home, on the availability of the specific kind of w o rk they want, on whether their hus­ bands are suddenly making a lot of overtime or just as sud­ denly are put on short weeks. Charting the course of unem­ ployment todlay also is compli­ cated by the changing economy. Jobs in the services are boom­ ing, but factories are turning out more goods with fewer workers because of new ma­ chinery. Cascading paper work multiplied office jobs, but no\y various machines are taking over much of that. And each year new,techniques call for new skills, for which there often is a scarcity of available workers. At the same time skins learned years ago are becoming obsolete. Still, the biggest hurdle of all in the race against unemploy­ ment is what happened 15 to 20 years ago. Youngsters born then will be entering the labor force at around 1.5 million a year for the rest of this decade. Those who have learned need­ ed skills may have little trouble, but the untrained and the school dropouts may keep that jobless rate tough for the statisticians, even w ithout the unpredicf- aWeness df adult WflMfin. 4 >THE BATAVIA DAILY NEWS O Tuesday, March 9, 1965 COMFORTING TOUCH — A woman who had her leg shattered during air raid on herv village by South Viet Nam air force is comforted by her son after she was treated by Vietnamese army medici at Bong Son airfield, w*man was one of 20 persons killed or wounded in Binh Dinh province in South Viet Nam on March 1 by air raids and artillery barrages in area where Viet Cong forces have recently been on the offensive against government forces. {AP Wirepboto) S h i f t t o R a y b u r n O f f i c e s N o t E n t i r e l y H a r m o n i o u s WASHINGTON (AP) - A game of musical chairs is under w ay on Capitol Hill, and i t ’s not entirely harmonious. Three hundred congressmen and their staffs are involved in a gradu'al, m assive reshuffling of offices due to the opening of that marble extravaganza, the Rayburn House Office Building. But all is not joy as some of the most senior members begin moving from the two older buildings — the Cannon and Longworth — into the 169 new four-room suites in the Ray­ burn. There are mutterings about kitchens with neither sinks nor water, about the grand built-in safes for each member, about narrow closets, about the bewil­ dering corridors, about the lay­ out of the suites that makes it impossible for a congressman to walk directly from his private office into his staff’s workroom without passing through the re­ ception room. “And the Lord knows who can be waiting to button hole you out there,” re­ marked one veteran. Off each suite’s workroom, which, because of the clinical gray walls with rows of built in cabinets, has been described as “ looking like a morgue,” is the kitchen. But the kitchen has nei­ ther sink nor running water, \If I wanted to make a con M o v e t o t h e s i d e B lended whiskey -^86 proof ~68.4% grain neutral spirits - m s . B arclay & co, ltd ,, p ^ oria , ill . stituent or somebody else a drink,” remarked one congress­ man, “I’d have to carry the ice cubes through the waiting room.“ Yet, off each congressman’s private office is a nook that ap pears to have started out as serving bar with a shelf and cabinets. There’s no refrig­ erator, but there is a magnifi­ cent combination safe that’s about four feet wide and almost as high. “All I ’ve got in it is stamps,” said one member. “The comptroller, of Sears Roebuck doesn’t have a safe that big,” marveled another. While there are plenty of com­ plaints, which is usually the case with any new building, many members prefer to keep them private because the criti­ cisms reportedly are beginning to irritate some of the leader ship. 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Can Reg. 99c h e a r t to falter H e r husband, confined to bed with a severe cold, rushed to St. Goeran Hospital when told his wife was dying. The king’s daughter, Queen Ingrid of Den­ mark, was also at the hospital when the queen was pronounced dead. The Swedish court prescribed a six-week mourning period, but there will be no lying in state, D i r e c t C l a s h W i t h V i e t C o n g N o w P o s s i b l e WASHINGTON (AP) - De- ploymeijit of two Marine battali­ ons to South Viet Nam could lead to the first ground fighting between U.S. combat units and Communist guerrillas in that war. U.S. m ilitary m e n have been serving as individual advisers or on teams of advisers with South Vietnamese army and marine outfits in the field. But until now there had been no American ground combat formations in South Viet Nam. 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