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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, October 27, 1882, Image 2

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r ~ NE F iLl Gl\0 ns !i TJB .QA~~¥·: NEWS. . 4.tt.I\G1U.!l ~~:'endect.meeti~g ~asllll/TlEf': n· R 6TIIER [' 1 ' tf . · · A /L ·· .. tr .Jt • . ?-< BATA,~fA·f1· Y. _ . ~~tdat the!Fre~ Acachnny bot.fdt{)g · lUll \ill : . · :. · · ~;r· '~' . ' . \ .. ':_l.{!JZ:~HEJ'1.;,fPERf EVEN.JNG. iJi Rochester ~-~~t ev.epir:g. for t.lle 67 M!ain st. Bata.via if!!f·.r. A II ~IJ .A.~' E .• I . ·. t . ·· ....• 't 1 J A. E' + Eloomfiald, i~:ERCHANT TAILOR, 1 !:11. ju·•t received the Fine31 Une (){ lm• l' Jrted, auu Dome~ tic CLO'l'HS, £(JASEI:MERES and OVBRCOll.Tl:N'GS Ever shown 111 B:ttavia, which he will make up in the LATltST S'I·vus.and at lhe LoWEST PRICES, for !Fir&\t Class Goods. 1\. Mllin.e of 0Pntlemen's furolslling . Horo·1s. The Earl & Wilson UnenCollar -·-The best made. p- Call and in! pect the stock, ff o, 50 Main Strdel. To S ··u 11 .,, .. R·I•B .. E .. Rs·. purpose of Iorrnm,5 a C1v.Jl selVlce 1 1 \\ . - . . . . -DEALERS IN' - DEALER IN Tua DA!t.V Naws will .be delivered II> sub· Reft·rrn .As~cciation, P1esident: , 'I) k fiCriberswitlrlnthe corpor.o:tion.·or:Batavia, -every Anderson ef rhe Rochester u nivetd. •' ~ews~apers, :Magazmes~ ;1100 ·s, ~v;;~~~;:~~T;t:~cc!~~;/~fsJ~~iFo:p~ ty ··presided Dr. E. M. Moore,·· A:tiD STATIO:trE:&Y, ·0~0 A L· mail Wlll<l)c received at tlieJrate\of'f3~00 a year dij 0 ~-·gveuty•five~~~~farfuree·,.mon~.- A~ey .. Theodore Bacon, the Rev. Max;. A su;>;ply ofall klnds of Readi.,g Matter. Week- failure OJI_the part of the Carriers to perfonu iheir p ,,.. · ·& , d · rl 1 dutiesfailhliillishould~bcirep' .ortcd at the.oflice, I.andsber~r, \'harles Fitch, and .J· • !y aper5, ...... g,.;:zme5, c., ()U 1 '\an U:JliU<:: laEe y ,. t> .._. :after ·puol;ca.tlon. Breck Peril ins rmade addrcs.;es. Vrders Jo< Books, Music, P,erio.llcal<, ou.ny. Tel .N'DV·ERTisER:S: · ' £hl!lg ,pe:r aiaing to the b 1s1aess wdl b<' prom~,?oly ...... _ .D··LY' u..;.w\.... .... '-\- a :.1:::,..~ :\'rculation;. w i;laJ llr own, Cur:responding. filled, ~:tel.: N<Jmbers of Papers and Mag;.zl. .. es .a.n~ ~ ••• • \'\\ =•~ ~• ~ fumisbedon ~hortnolice. the village tlwlally.J>.tberpaper, and an extend~<! . Secretccry, oh.he New York assoda- . A -Y :ulicL-e:tbat you may requiro:, <ln<l which and Jil'row-in,g_ cqcu!;!tig~. ~opgJ!Q\1~· Gene~~:e. rmoney wH rocur·, w1ll be S•lpf.Jiied' county. 'l'erms of advertising liiiid~ known ~~ tion, exp' ah~led the 0 bj', c:s (.f the Sub.cripticns rocnved . o aH New.spop~r.l and the dlict. Jravorable·r~tes,g-loven- for ahort WiLe· . Pcnoilical,, ::. 11 cl forw.r<'ed to a<1y adt.lro..s. -AND- LUMBEB, Ocr, Ellicott & Jackson Sts., .BATAVIA, contra.c;u, · asscciatioa. A permanent asso;:ia- CU{C u~ '\TI.NG LIURARY\ loaned ··by tt>~ day, \\'ek or year. -......... '1'0 CORRESPON·D·F:NTS: tbn was for med, wl' h Dr. E. M. Having penectea my arranl[tments for Tll&: DA.Jt.v Naws liiiilies ajpeclalty:' oLU:ews: Moore as President; Chailes E fARIIMS rny supply of Co,ll for the conm.g see son, oflocal inter~t, ~d wiU be pl¢al!ed to re.c,eiore . F' ! G I H p k . J . m: ~ of some of the brgest and ')est Olh:c.er;. nttd brlet·comll1untcauonsupon top_!Co'l'ertauijngtlle~e- 'ltC 1, I man . er InS, .ames. FA.R&lS, sh1ppe:::s in Pennhdvania, I am now pre to, kll.;cpmmunicati\lDS m~ ~e acco~p!!llie.d b:y S A an ole, the R\\v l\~ax Lan ..Jsberg. FA1D> 'I'JI.S I, nared to take orde1:~ for the com1n\' Wll'.•,•r the oam~·o(the writ~rf n~t (or p~bli!;ation put ~or o \ • I \J , rlo.lfl r ~ • the privat .. <information or tlw-edit'or. --Ali 'CCIII.•. I ' }' p k B d A for the following kinds of coal, namely: ~=tlfr• of· what,ver nature, _should b-e ad. .~wls .rnoest' atric arry, an· • · For s:tle, oi all sizes and prices, at •!CibiJ.4!'5 j ~eh1gh, Black I?1amon~.' I~enry Clay, <IRISWOLD &-McWAIN. S. Mann a~ Vice-Presidents; Dr. Fa.rm Advertlsmg A.gency.. I Sprmg Thiountam, ~p·mg !ll'!oll. Zinrl. Lack· \'-'' p -r• d F W awanu:l, :nt the lowc~t market ra!es., . ~.#Prsa><riProPY.z\tt~Y• 0rter ta.Ier, Secretary, an '. • Frl~ay, Oct. ;; 7 , 1882 • I Elwvod, 1ir· a mer, with an ex- L(J•\VER PRICES I Prices of Coal. · ecuti ve coomnit ee of seven of wbich fQD J'lORSECIJO Elllc ~ Time in Hunting FIFT~ sEVEN years ago yesterday I Tbe ,d, re llacon is chai 1 man. ll. : , . J 1 · -1: 1;: • 1 ! v,;~~ ;;~~~~'vI ~:~~»~~~~ ;r,':~: the Erie c.·.a. nal was opened, Nha1\ Promment m..embersLfbothpolitica.I ~GRGA,TE,$5;~0 $~·?0 $2;~5 l\>2.,9,0 for wl1at you wallt in the IJne of .., was regarded .as the greatest eng1- pdr i<s pa.rdcipl.ted. Tbt: associl.- W A WAUGH 1 STOVE, s.&5 5 95 2 .7s a.oa To Save • k ' tl u 't d s . I . , I NUT \ \ \ \ nee~mg wor. · m IC m e tates tion starts :aft- wit·l a memiJ:rship of Successor to B. &:bad, m Ill(! OLD M, E 1 ' • havtog been completed after eight 0 2 • CHURCH Bunor:r-G o.'l J.'!.CKSON sl-REEr, No. 4 ' • 5 • 95 6 · 3 \ 2 ·0.5 3.2S ver ~ 0 • calls attent::.{)n to his followmg !3ataVJ:l, Sept. 1 • I~H 2 • years <>f lal:lor at a cost of #7,6oz, .... ,.....___ Redu~ctl 'Prices for IIorsc Shoeing : ooo. De Witt Cliot<>n, who died I ON. JTS !ocal page this week. the ::5CHOOL OR llLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY, PATENT MEDICINFS, BO'r ANICAL GOODS, 1'RUSSES 1 , S_t PORTER ~ J lOUU>ER BRACES &c., &dJ Call Directly al 92 Main St. Where you can always fin the most com· pletc ·IUS()rtmr::1•t in tn·,e and oilier lines pertainin~ to the trnde ;to oo found anywhere m - Western New York. N. W. STILES W. E. KERSLAKE, DEALER IN BOorS, SJIOES, A.:u.d RUBBERS· A FULL LINE OF Fall and Winter Goods·! Jnst Received, tG be !O~d. at G~ealiy Reduced Prices for Cash I 76· Matn S#ree~. · I , T-HE HANDSOMEST PIECE FJrst Class three years af~r its completion, Batav1an ta.lks temperance with all should not have Jain more than bali the ardor of a reformed drunkard who had j•1s1 taken a nip to set his to11gue wa~g1ng. It thrr;ws the orlium fer tile disJrace'nl rows of the past few{ays on those who voted for what it ca~ls the \whisky tkket,\ and yet this g;ood cold water paper argues on itB editorial page that 1he prohibition ticket sbou~d not be voted by telllperllnce men. Pretty soon we !hall expect to hear of Edi- tor Lewis taking a drink himself. Even the best. sometimes seccumb· to temptati<m. IT's EVERY ONE's DUTY-· To im- prove the opoportunitir:s presented for health, cheerfulness and comlorl. SEE TO IT, ttaat ZoPE~A is used in your family~r Dyspepsia and Bil- iousness. lt is guaranteed to r~­ move them. A. lllrpt:\l•e All Round.. Fr .Jm the Easton Post, a century in his grave, says the New York: Mail and Express, before the erection of a cos.tly monument in his honof as the father of the greRt · work. .]y his persistence in urging tbe opening ot the channel 363 miles long from Buffalo to Troy he · contributed more than any other man ha.s ever contributed to the miglit of the Empire State and to the gro'Wth of our city. For his services he deserves a statue in Cen- tral Pa1k, and every annivetsarp of the opening of the canal should be observed with demonstrations in his honor. When the booming ()f can· non announced the union of Lake Erie and the Hudson, New York had ~ p<>pulation of but 166,oS6, and a commerce inferior to that of Philadelphia. To-day its popllla· tion is nearly 1, 500, ooo, avd :as com.me1ce is greater than that of Philadelphi!l, B-Jsto~, Baltimore and New Orleans combined. HCJw much the :Erie Canal has c<>ntriblll· · It was all atnis~~ke. A gentleman called 16 learm something from the files, and a.s he wasn't having very good luck, he called a reporter and told him to help the man out. We were as much sur.prised as anybody when the re)Forter tac&hd him and threw him d<liWn stairs. ·to this growth it is difficult to real ize, bQ~lt~_b!!nefit to the whole State . .J ._.' I has been equally great. THE BATAVI~N is informed that i~~ ,political oppone_nts \are incu- 4 •• ~nnaral . r bating: a csecret circular' egg, which ~ . 1 t·· is to be hatched\SO near election time ·_ ; Jlf.n: ··I·. Jlf, A_. that tbe friends of the Republican U.. U tJ . candidates will have no opportunity A permane~t rest0ration of ex· bausted and ~Worn-out functions fol low the use CJf Drown's Iran Bitters EVER SEEN IS THE Glass Casket I DAILEY Ha.> the .Exclusiv-e Sale. EliGENE HARMON'S. Oyster ;-Lanch Roo·ms 115 MA.:IN Sr, Cor. of CE:N'TER, BATA-VIA, N. v. Hot and Cold Batbs- -A't 'l'HJ£- New . ' · .. - .. ' Barber Shop In the lfevJtposto~oe Block, Jaokaon · Streo't, :Batavia, li, y. ·· S H'AVINO, Ha<r ·Cu!l!tf;t ·and. cverythiag In . . !he Barberin;g lj.,~ is don~ .•l•ck .and ~uic:k.­ Parti~nlar ~ttenuon paid to Lad1es' atld Children's Hafr.CJJttlng, Rarn\'~ put in G'Ood order. ... • T. s.O:&LIOK, Propl'ietM-. Hoth:e oi- Jury Drtiwing. S TATE-OF. NEWYORK-GBNI!Sllll CDL.\NTY Ct.l!!K:'S 0l'FlC£ :-· to catch the chicken and wring its f~lse ii,fid maliCious neck before the v2~e~ are c,ast.\ ·The 1-aragr~pJl Clo~s .Qot e11d where our q.\lotation marks have stepJled. it; but contjnues, gi~­ ingadescription of the bird r.::•Ja.n- guage as · elegant and choice as ,,1• ' . '·Brick Po~e,roy\ was won't to .use in the palmy days of his La'Cr(.)sse Democrat. May be the Batavia.n, ~-· .. 'which seldom descends to use M. vulgarities in expressing itself, fir1ds it necessary to come down a peg cr two, se :as to re(lch the level o! some ot its party assoCiates On Decemb-er 6th, the transit of Venus over the: son's disc will take place, the re mat ka.ble ocourrence being visible tbrougilout tile United Statei. The ,lirst contact will occur in thi~ longitude, at 8:55 a. rn , the St <vmd at 9; 16 a. m., the third at :z :28 p m., aod the fourth at ne;:,.r- ly 3 p. m 'Tile last previous transit of Verus took place in 1874, and ti: e next in (»rder will n<>t occur Until the ye~r :2 II 7, the phenomen· on occurihg ~at inter'v~Is of 8 and 235 years alt~r nately. The grattd jury made a. present· ment ,in New'( ork yesterday recom- mending thli.t no trctin be allowed to enter the ILulem tunnel behind ano:her train, until tbe one ahead emerged fro01 tht -tunnel. A LARGELY attended meeting of the Democratic State committee was held in New Ycrk yesterqay. A characteristic letter was read fi:~m ex-Governor Tilden in which the dd gentleman seems to take an almost ch ildisb pride m the refer- . ences to his own a<;JministratiJn. To the independent voteis,says Mr. · THdell; \as wt 11 as to all others .who are in ge()eral accord with .me Notice to Builders. -sEALED PROl'O~ALS will be reeeived :. at the office of: the 'Clerk to the Roatd of EducatiQn ,of Batavia Union SChool District No 2, .oovcr 96 Mam street, untll noon ol the 31st ..:lay oi October in::.t., for the erection.of ai;rick ~choolllcuse on the site recently purclJta.~ed on. Prmgle avenue -the contractor:to lp,rmsh all materials ~X· · ctpt jitrtzacts, apd complete the work ac· cording to _plans:~and specifications on file 1n the Clerk's ofiice,of sa1d school d1~tnct, on <Jr b:efore lpefi .. st day of August, _ll:!8J. . . Th~ .c<n_nact,tr wil~ .be 1eqUired to fur. n~h Satlsfa-:tory l!eCU.l'tty, fpr tile faith! Ul perlonna,n~e ol tl1e conmrct The ·Board tl/ Ed:dcatton re~erves the Home Made ~hoes, 35 ceEts . M·chme, - Jo £' Toeuag and :ietttng, 15 \' Mr. \:'VAUGH employ& 0011e bnt the llE:ST AND MOSf EX.l'ERIENC~ D W• RKM~N, u:nd t:he w~r]t he·does call always be rd·ed~p· I nterestina - .., to c;n as bei)1~ satislactcrv in an respect::;;. Re. 'IZlemller the place-JACKSON o'Tit.el!:'T, Our motto i~, not to be O'Ut done. Perhaps, the noblest ambition in N. W. STILJC.~ I man is 10 strive to exc~l in all For ~4 'iJo ~d Jo oo that sell Ill: larg-e ·cizies !'or I= o ·•· · · '! \' ~..:. r<>ue~tiHly, and \>liib thoei< oo.any yt.,.!IC:Xperiouce ln ~dJUSlio:g can g .. a..mnt.ec · a perfect jjt . .,'rJinnry t•· •• ~.e; fxo:m $• tCJiz eac:h. I>Ont go :awly frO>ro home to buy until :YO\' bn:ve le<lD our l:;irga 1tock. • N. W. RTli.ES, ----------- KlEBE'S REAL Estate Agencv, No. 94 Maire Si, -------------------- HOW.ARD '·; uo~n .~ .\ J.it ~ ... ~eal Estat(~ !gencr House$ (l:.nd Lots i11 tdl )l;;t1'ts of f11e Village. I,~ta for Sale which. Req11ir~ No Filling I Nc::ar the loc~tion ol the Uar\l\ester \\~-mks, APPLY A.1' Nlo, fl Jf,Mk~r-< H!m:k. 'r, :F. :FITZGE:&:ELD, UO fl.NSE LOB. ..d. '1' Lif W, Rc.om~ S •~<l ~ ~[\-\\\ Blocl<, Batavia. J!. \' ' things that are good and _praise- w.~rthy Since C·Ur advent in Bata1ia (t~n p:•us ago) we have endeavorerl to act · n thi<> prhci· leo in nut· bqoj. n•'SS and the ge;H:l\.>US ;uppoit tl1at my rlfTis b:1v~ rectiv•:d at the ha11ds of an intelligent public, illdicate that my tffo: IS were n~.t in vain. I am now dfe ing splendid !m .. rg' ins in every thing in the linr. ol Clui~·e Family Groceries, csptci;dJ>.r in chuice Teas and Coflces. Call and ju.1ge for yourself. Crock er_y and Glass Ware WR SELL AT COS'!' to dose out ·he s oclt ar.d make roo1n for a still more es tensive stock of groceries h . I w. Lei; we are now in da.iiF receipt o( The pubiic's friend and servant, JOSEPH C. SHULTS. DANIELL. MeN' AMARA, M:.D., Physician f}· SuT'geon, 0f'P'K~-R O.i'BN DAY AND NIGHT, Room No. !• Walker Block. B. C. A,BOLT, l' .II Y ISLCI AN AND S U IHL'EO N. O!lice-Over the N cw Post-oBice; 0JtF!C!£ !fouRS-From 9 to 12 a.m., !ro:rn t to 3 •n•l 6 to 8 p. m, SAFFORD E. NOR'I:E, ;\tt:Jr?HlY llnd ComHlt\lor at DE' •• H. S. HUTCHI£-Jri, HOMEOPATH IS!\_ Office-Comer Gf Mo.i!l and Jacksoll Sts. Resldenct'-M;.mSn-o·c:t, B~tnvta, N .. Y. DR. JOHN F, BAKEE 1 Hom('O)lllh c l'hysich•:u snit 8<t,..~COJ.4 Office, Wilson ll!ock, cor Sw.te and 1\-l&.ut litie<-15. Re..<i<le:.ceat the George Law 1\.fne~le>t~ Macltine to be Given· AvvaJ I ---- . EV<'I'}' 1111r<:h~~er nf Goods f o 1ile <Hl10tmt of Five D.,Jlars at one time, d11.nng th:e fU{)~tb of 0 tober, wU rueh·ci a ticket entitling the hOlder to one c:llance to secure a IICI'>T Smger Fa.wily Sewm~ :\i'ach rc. Drawing will ta'ke 1lace Munday,Nov. 2d. Remer1a ber~ tt cm-t!> you notha1;~ and you may s.cme a madtine wotth $41). L1Dl.~~~ rDOLl\,~ ANS, JA<~!C ET'S. CLOAKS and a variety of CHIL- REN S ...,L()AI\S The iilleSI •tu-e of these goods <ver ~hown ill Batav a. Elegant DTess Goods, Shawls. Fl-ushes, Silks, Velvets, :Etc., In ~11 cdors, Prices t,llaran !e:il as lo;v as :any store in Western New York. e. ,I. STONE, 94 Main St., :Batavia, N.Y. GOODS! THE GR.EA..TES'f BAR GAl N·; I X SILK') EVER OFFERED Dre~s Flanne's :n Every Vanety ot ~hade. Latest Stylts and. Shade, Itt: DRESS GOODS. A .Eeautl~ul Lw:: of Columl a•: d HL,ck Ca>hmeres. Lad1es an'l Genfs U~dcrwear, Every ~ha..Ja &Style m l'ustcr Kui Gloves and in Undressed Kids. New De&tgns m Cretons and Fnnges. C<>l!lmb1a \Y 1t~s, Imported Saxon Yarns, . , . '1 he best Knuttmg Varns to be found, Knitting Sdk.,In fact Noticc~·her~l:i;Ygiven tfuU'on Mcmday the 3oth Ins~., ot 9 o'ct~olt;· a, m·,, :a ·pa\iel of:' Grand and Tnal J urore wlll_be _ drawn at this office to ,,er~e at. a Cit:cu[.~ Co1>rt and Couri of Oycr_;nd Tt~· ~merj te be ,held in and lor saia county, at tile Court Ho~e Ul the Ylllage of IJatavla, on Holi.· 4ay,No\lesnlur ,,,h. 188z. · · · ·' D.·.,. ..... -.~ ._ ,.._ C;: A, HVLL,: (>lcrlt, ..,_,._,_, ,..., Silo~~~ .. as to the principles on which the State ought to l>e governed, I cordi~llycommend for tbdr sUpport Grover CltJveland and his associate <:4\ndidates.\ . . ...~ Cl~tllilll. CJ&oap at J:doynibu',. right to rt>jt!Cl.allyc_ and-all· btds. By order ot dte: Board 'Of- Education. D. . ·• . '. ).L L .. .Q~JIFOCK~ Cletk. -tavia, O•l~ljta' If., III.IIJt, .. lfftJerythitafl ()f ilte b~t Q.llrdl:t 11 a,. d at flte Lowest P1•ir:es, at _ Southworth & Simp,son'$, 101 Main ~treet, Bat·~w Ia - is give IRON Wintet warms Spring and col Surnm nerves in the system of sud Inn so su1: keepin: feet c IRON ] feet 1: changi the d ·water and it tion, K ease, S H.~ well-k1 Eerlin Droit ton, D !831: Ul c; Cl Bew Ask fo I'ERS, Cl it. De with men dec The gc by the Baltim =S = - l: ~ t ~ --< ~ - l=f ·~ ~ = =S <:::> = =.. a:> ~ co 8'\' 1=;:1 ~ ~· =- 0 ~ ~ i ~ .,-.z~ R(J To the pe( say, v1e have IMARCH!SI s are authL·rize onebuymga FlU OINTM satisfaction. Hmedy dare ful. Price, ' Yours trul: Dissoluti \l.TOTIGE IS .11 partnenh!p IUmc ofR. T. d!!i!!Oived by 1 tirin·. The b j:>y t~<: remain I ~Heward, u mpany, who of the old firm Owing to the ll!ing lhe old fi claims, Batavia, N, · DAISIES ''TEAliiERR the Teeth: be Recherc fOUr drua

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