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all bat I ins ht r a es, ip! :20 &c .. ed ·' !\ I ' I STR·ONG FA'CTS! A great ttuy1.y .pe£Jple ar~ ~king wltat .par1;i~~1~ ~roulil~s BROWN's lR0N BI'l'TERS is .good for. [t will cur_!! Heart »isease, Paral· ysois, Dropsy, !!Cidney Disease, Con- stt:mption, Dyspepsia, :Rheumatistn, N\ euralgia, and; :(I]Lsiinilar diseases. Its wondel!f'ul' cll:rative power is ~i:nply becaus~ it purifies and en- rio:ches the blood, tbus beginning at &e foundation,. .a.nd by building up tb..e system, dri\es out all disease. A Lady Cured .pf Rheumatism. llaltime>-te, M<l., May 7• !88.,. My. hea!t:ltw.as .llluch shattered by Rhelimatisn 'Wl1ea I commenced taking Bro~o's Iron,Bittersl and I scaxcely ha.<i stre:IJgth enougn to at· tend to .my-.dai!Jr llottsehold duties, I am.nowusiog·tb.ethiro bottle·and I am regaini:ng strength daily, and I cheerfully rccotullend it to alL 1 cannQt .s.,y· ~o() much in praise of it. :Mrs. M.AR\\Y E. BRASHEAR •. :x73 P.restman st. Kidney Diseasec tured. Chr:istiansb~rg, Va,, YS8r. Suffering: frora. kidney disease, from which:£ coul\l get ~o relief. I tried Brovrn's Iron Bitters, which cure<t m~ <e()mpletely, A child of mine, recovc:rin~ fr9m scarlet fever, had no appoet:ite and did not seem to be able to e:at ata.ll,. 1 gave him Iron Bitters wit1l<thc happiest results, J. !C. 'I!.E MoNTAGUE. lleart Disease, Vloe:.St,, l!arrisburg, Pa. Dec, \• t88t. After tr}11Dg <Eil'erent physicians and many remedies for palpitation of the he~t wltl:tout r.eceiving any benefit, I was advised totryBrow.,.'s Iron Bitte~s. I ltn:ve 115ed two bot· ties and nev~rifound anything that gave rue so much:.relief. :Mr$; jENNIIt HnsSo For the pec~JG!rtroub1es to which ladies are suJ>.ieCl:, ]ROWN's JRON BITTERS is invnlunble. Try i~ Be sure and get the GenuineQ N. W. STILES. H11os the Exc::l11slve Agency for ll ... rd, Whiit:inlore & Co.'s World~s lnai~pensable Eire and Wa.ter-Pro()f RNlMEL. Ca.ll and ,..,El will tell, and Blho'\\' You wh.at it will do BOOTS tcSHOES -FOR.- CASH! -- Latest Styles··L()west :Prices ,.--R EPAIR:.LNG NEATLY ANJ) PROME'r'LV DONE. W. E. KERSLAKE, 7 6 li:Cain St.reet. It does not c:ure .everything ! b11t l:idmey troubLes and many other ·cormpla:itrts to' which flesh is heir, yiel«< gracefully te> the life-giving J>fOJlerti~~ constituting Hops and Nalt Bitters, Pe()]lle who have l>e· ·come qiscour;~ged. .should .resort to this:. new remedr. THB IJH118XLY .lllORQ UE. A. ·ver:r Large Proportlolll. ot the Bodle. n.eco;-n~zcd. h.e became unconscious. He was· .perhapsjust entering the,spitit land. when J one$ called him' back. ~··' From. the New York Sun, A recent · experiment at the Morgue with a new process for ren- deri~g drowned bodies recognizable Wa3 mterrupted by the idelltification of the boay by friends. So tar as it went, however, it showed the prac- ticability bf removing some of the obstacles in the way of re~.ogaiziilg the bodies recovered daily from the rivers and the Bay. Deputy Keeper Fogarty, who assists Keej>e~ White in the ca.re of the Morgue, ,and bas l;leen there since 1874, was asked w·hat he tbought of the 11ew pro- cess. 'THE NARROW PREJUDICK:~Which a few people hold against a patent medici11e, oNLY because its formula isn't written in latin, which they can't read, is narrow-minded, and • not m keeping with the Jlr(}gress o~ the age: ZOPESA wzll C1tre every case of Dyspep~ia and Biliousness if the directions are followed. Wllleh Arm to Olhlr, --. \To tell the troth,\ he said·, \l can't see the use of it. As ageneral thing bodies are recognized by the clothes. We have a record book of clothing and articles found on the person. It is a common thing, also, for a body to be recognized from the record we keep ofmissing persons. There were 5,500 bodies brought to the Morgue last year, and only 15 o of them were sent to Potter's F•ield unrecognized. · As the law requires us to keep a body only seventy-two hours, it often han- pens that after a body is interred in Potter's F·ield the friends recognize it not only by the clothing but by the photograph which is taken of every unrecognized body before burial, under the plan adQpted by Commissioner Brennan i.n 1868. The fact is, therefore, that in all p10bability none are ever k.ept in Potter's Field who have any friends in the neighborhood to desire that they should be buried elsewhere, To an inquiry, \Wllich is the most GIHrect way to ask a young lady to take your arm, a11d which arm are yo11 to offer?\ the Cincin~ natt Commercial replies as follows: \Well ask her to take you1· arm; do n0t grab her by the elbow. You might gently and softly- inquire, 'Will you take my apm?' It is rather solemn tO' say, 'Please take my arm'-nnless you are afraid she is about to get hurt, and you are sub- stantially asking her to save herself. In that wa.y you may without im~ pertinence, show a tendersolicitude, As to which arm to offer, other things being equal, tb e one next yo01 heart. If you are taking her out to dinner something will depend on the location of the dining room and yonr place at the table. If you are on the street the safest rule is to take the otttside plact', so as to serve as a body·guard against runaway horses. 'The presence of a few boys with velocipedes or tricycles on the sidewalk might' change the situation. Above all things preserv~ :your com- posure-remember that you are a good man and bear llp bravely. \There have been many experi· ments in embalming bodies in the Morgue. Inventors are turning up all the time with new patents. The body of Mr. Berger, who died in the Insane Asylum, was erni>almed and kept 'here two years. 'There are several embalmed bodies that are up in the museum and have been kept about fourteen years. \There are stories of JDC!l being robbed and dressed up in old clothes and thrown in tl1e river. But I do not think that any c:ases of that kind get through th~ Morgue without discovery. If p~ople nave any friends, and are at all respecta- ble, they are pretty sure to be miss- ed, and the description gets here be- fore the body comes. But, of course, it will not do any harm tl) nave all the bodies embalmed and 111a<le rec- ognizable, if there is anybody to pay for it, The present need ()f the Commissioners, however, is to get money enough to put 11p good necessary buildings ami pay- their employees fair wages.\ Stabbln&r Hls tJoat Collar. From the St. Louis Globe-]eDJOCrat. Some years ago a storycarru from Paris tnat a criminal condenned to death had been executed in a novel way and without blood letting. The culprit was blindfolded and laid up. on a marble slab after being inform- ed that he was to be bled to death. A needle was used with w:hich to prick his arm, and as the point touched him drops of warm water were sprinkled so they ran down his side, and to the condemned it ap- peared that he was bleedingte> death. In a little while the experiment proved successful, and th.e roan ex- pired, such was the force of imagin- ation. A case somewhat resembling this was brought to the n()tice of po- lice officer Jones the other da.y. As he passed the Vandalia building he saw a man lying on his hack:. in the entrance. The stranger's hands were crossed upon his breast, .a.nd his legs were close together. As Jones after- W::!.rds said, \He looked every inch a corpse. 1 ' The face was bloodless. The eyes were closed asthoogh in death. The handle of a ja-ckknife protruded from a point betl.,een the collar and the jugular vein. The blade was hidden. Jones jumped to the coi!.clttsion of suiCide, He took hold of the knife iLIJd drew it out of its resting place. 'The blade was unsullied. Being aroused, the. man said that he had atteDipted sui- cide. Instead of wounding himself, he merely stabbed the collar of his coat. Then he felt that be -was dy· · ing .. .Visions of father, tnotber, and home passed througlr his·-mind, be said, only for a moment, and then w• Not an experiment or cheap pat· ent medicine is Brown'siron:Bitters. It is prepared by one of the oldest and most reliable chernic:al firms, and will do all that is claimed for it. fought witb pistols; Ilarri:s was kill· ed and Cander fled. ~--··--- Ask your physician and he will tell yon tl1at Buchu is ODe of the best, snrest and safest remedies for aiding, strengthening and cleansing the kidneys. It is oJ\e of the ingre- dients of Hops aud Malt Bitters. DR· TRAVER'S Neuralgia Svecific IS A POSITivE CURE FOR NEt1RA~GIA.t Sciatica, Lumbago, Dysmenorrhoea, Nerv- ous a!td A.cute Headache, Colic, Hys. tena, and Sleeplessness, It is a Nerve Tonic Adapted to all Classes of Nervous D1seases md Pains, wherev-~r located in the Humm Body • The SPECIFIC is a sovereigt'1 cure; aver- itable Pain K.illl., and :as such, an indis· pensible household remedy. There ~is 1111 1Jtdici1tl! like it. A trial ent~ils but a tri- fling outlay, when compaxed with relief from the excruhating pains of Neuralgia in J($ variotJs !onn$, w)lich is s1.1re to follow its use. Sold by .Drugists and DeaTers in EvtrJ Town. THE PERRY MEUICAL <COMPANY, PERRY, N, V,, U, S, A, Sold by F. P, Hinkston & Co,, opposite he St. James, Batavia. 1 . . ,..,..£HOPS~ MA'L T. of Ducbe&• Oou·nty, N.l:., SO Y~ars. or aKe, 'Su.tlered, cou.tlnuau,. :for ninny Years •rom Sl()Do tn · lhle Bladd:er. Gre;1l age a!ld painful <\4>ease are a·sa~ com~inat:t<Jn, Yet Mr. William Westfull tormerly of Rock City' i:>uchessCo.' N I y .', now of Wa&hmgton Hollow, in the same county, came to the ·ofhce of Dr, David Kennedy, :~he emment Physician and l:Jur~ ~eo11 of R~ndout, N. Y,, some time since, m acondttton to excite the sympathy·of the most cold'hlooded an<\ hard-hearted per· son tn the wol'ld. We say lie cam~he· was, rather, carried to .the Doctot~s office for _11e was totally helpless, and. boJe th~ we1ght of ~o years besides. He ltad suffer- ed long from Retention of Urine and 'bad all the symptoms of an aggravat~d case of· calculus format10ns in the bladder. The usual inSlrmnental examination revealed the presence in the bladder ol a urinary calctllus o~ uncommon SJz~t. Dr. Kennedy frankly told i\lr. Westfall that, owi11tg to his age and. debility an operatJOll was out of the .question, bu~ that he could, by the prescr1pt10n of \h.ennedy's Favorite Rem. e~y,\ together w1th localtrealmmt, make lumcomtortable and leave him to live out all his days. The outcome of this was thal the patient en joys good health of this day, TH& REASONS \VHY DR. KENNEDY's \FA \'ORITE RIC!\1EDY\ is being extensiVely used by our people are as· follows: lL is a conihinntwn ot vegetable alteratives, It is pleasant to the t:;.ste, ad. apted to both sexes and all ages, is eflectlve in afiording immediate reliet in all cases of Kidney troubles, Liver Complaints, Con· Sllpation of the Bowels and derangements peculiar to women, At the same time pu- nfies the blood, thus giving tone and strength to the system deb1htaled by die·. ease or age. «Dr.Kennedy's F·avorite Hem· euy\ for SlllC by all druggists. N .Y .1. E. & Westel'nRail'y. &OilG WEST, Bu'ns .Daily Ereept Sundays. 8 •r:::3&..Jt:I.,-Leaves Rochester F•oA.J M. oi.J Arnves at Bufblo 10:35 A.M. 10 •511 A. lU.-Leaves Rochester 9:oo A, M. • '1: A.rrtves at Buffalo u :35 P. lY.I. 6 •'>8P• .M..-Leaves Rochester 4:40 P. M, .~ o\.rrivesatBuffalo8aoP.M. GO.CNG EAST, Buns Dail!y Except S'ltndft,1JS. 8 •51&.' 1'11, -Leaves Buffalo 7:01> 11.. M. Ar· • rtvcs at Rochester xo:25 A. M:, 10 •511 A. lli.-Leavos Buffalo S:25 A. M. • ':1: Axrivcs at Rochester r:xoP. M. 1:. •11 I'. 1!1--Leaves Buffalo 3:25 P. M.,- U •· Arrtves m Rochester 6:so P • .M, JNO. N. ABBOTT, Gen'l Passenger Agt. N. Y, C. & H. R. Raii.Ioad. GOING- EAS'J.~ Trains Arriving. 6 •10 A. 1.ll,-Special New York Express.- ' Leaves Buffalo s:oo A. M.. arrives in Rocb.ester7:osA. M. 8 •56 A.m. -St. Louis and ChicazoEJcpress. • -Leaves Buffalo !i:oo A. Ill., arrives in Rochester9:.ss A.M. 3 •3 0 J.>, m,-Atlantic Exprcss.-Leavea Bal. 1 falo 2:20 P. M., arrives in Rochettcr4:~s P.M:. 6 •00 J.>.m,-Accommodation.-Leaves Buf· • falo 4:3oP.M., arrives in Rochcster7:os P. ~I. 10 •03 p, ltl • ...St. Louis Exprcss.-Leaves • Buffalo 9:00 P. M., arrives in Roches• terxo:s& P. M, 1 0 •33 P • J.n.-Cmcinnattt Express.--Leavcs • Buffalo 9:3o P. M., Arrives in Roch- ester u:2BP. M. 8.02 .&, !11,-Lacal Freight. GOlNG WESX. 6 50 Ao m.-Night Express.-Leavcs Roch· 1 ester 5:45 A. M., arrives in Buffalo S:oo A,M. 9 •23 A. 1U.-Accommodatlon. Leaves Roch- ; · ester at S ;os a. m., arrives In Btiffalo at 1045• 11 2 5 A. DI.-Pacific ExpxellS.- Leave · • Rochester xo:os A. M., arrives in Buf. falo.r2:4oP. M. 51{) l'o .IJI.-Emi~ant.;-Leaves Rochester ! 3:30I\.M. Buffalo 6:35P.M. 615 1'. !U.-CauAda Souther]\ Emigrant- ' Leaves Rochester at 4:so P M, arrives inBuffalo7:4oP. M. 11 05 P. 111.-Chicago Expre5'.-Leaves • R ocheatcr 9:55 P. M., arrives in Buffa- lo x2:t5 A. M, 2,40 l'o ln.-Local ~'rcight. .BATAVIA & CANANDAIGUA. Trains Arrive: I 'l'r<1ins Depa.rt : 8:30 A. l'l!., 2:xo P.M. 6:to A.M. 9:3oP.M. 6:oo P.M. 3:35P. l\1. BA.TAVIA AND TONAWANDA. Arrive ...... s:ss P.M. J Departs ..... 6:45A.M. BATAVIA AND ATTICA. \Trains::Arrive. I Trains Depart. 8:3o and. II:rs A.M. 9.25 and n:3o A. M. 3:oo nnd s:rs P. M. 3.30 and 6:so P. M OLt.KFmLD STAGE. LEA VI! OAKFII!LD I ARRVE IN BATAVIA At 7 a. m and 2:30p.m. At 8:30 a.n. and4 p.m LIIA.VE BATAVIA AI!RIVEIN0AKFIBLD at 9:30a.m. & 6:t5 p.m. at 11 a.m, and7:3o p.m · . ·Express packages carried aud Errands promptly attanded to. v.r. J.l'. Stm:ITD, Proprle&or. ELBA STAGE. LEA VI!: ELBA I ARRIVH IN BATAVIA . At Sa, m. and 4 p. m, 9 a. m. and s p. m. LI!AVII BATAVIA ARRlVK IN ELBA, u:45 a. m. and 6:go p.m. r p. m ... nd 7:3o'P• m. Express packages carried aud Errands promptly ':att~Cled to. Ro ()ROlSBY, Pro11rletor. ·:r!lis elegant dressing ·rrorerre<J by:. t1iose ·\\'\uavc usedit,toany artic)e, 0.11. ac- of ;,~ superior lileo.nlirlc'.'\ and purity. ·cont:Jlns materials onlr tit at are be>teficial to tho scalp and hair amrahvays · Restores the . Color toG rei or Faded Hair · Pnrker's Hair Balsam is .Hndy perfumed and is warranted to ~revc1.1t f:~lli11g of thehai1: .and to re- move,damlrufl audttchtng. HtscolC & Co,, N.Y. 60c,,nud GJ:N TONIC A Superlative Heal!h ami Strengtl1 Restorer. If :yQll are a mechnmc or f:1rmcr, worn out wlth ovcrwori:=. or a mothcl' run daown by r.~111ily~ house- hold dtttlestry PAmm:n's GINGEt< ToNic, If ll/QU arc a lawyer, Jllinistcr or businesS man ex• haustjed i;>Y me.ntal strain or muiouscat·es, do not take into:o:catmgstuuulants,butttsePaiker's Ginger Tonic 1( Y.,O.\ have Const)mption, DY,spepsia, Rheuma- isnt, Kidney Complamts, otnr1y dtsorderofthe lungs stomach~ bqw~ls, blood ?r 1\ery~s,F,.\.mom's GIN Gil~ Tonrcwdl cure you, .It1s tl1e GreMest Blooc\ Puri(ier And the Best and Sure~t Cough Cure Ever Used. If ~ou are wnstin~aw;ty from !'ge, dissipation or an~djsc~se or weakn~ss.l!n~ ~c~mr? >~stimulant truce GtNG.llR £m<JC 'It once; tt w:alltnvtgornte and build you up froll! th~ first dose ~ut \vi\1 never intoxicate. It has saved hundreds of lives; tt may save yours, ~A U!f!Q,N,J-,J:lcfu•e niL ••b•tttutos. P~rker's G lnge• Tonic ta compo:::;Q~ of t~e.bestremedlalagtJnt:sln thc~orld, nndls Qntlrely dlffore,t!rompropru;allons of.gu>gudone. Scn1l for,clrcuhlr~ Hl10o:\'k Cp.,lf. Y~ 50!,.& •1 ob.-. 1 11h<lfj\l9f;in.~ru~:~, QR'EAMAvntG· DUYIN:G D'di.LA.r! S!ZE. I.ts rich ruid lnstmg fragxnnce has made this. deltghtful perfume exceedingly .popular. 'l'Jtcre> ;iH nCJthing-lill.e it, Insist upon havmg PLORilSoo 'tON: Cox.OGNE and I ook foi· signature of J#~~ar , on evuy 1 l:loltlo. .Any druggtsl or dealer In pcrfume;y cnn S11PP. y ''Oll. 25 :l.J.td '75 cet1l s!tes, , Lf\RGE SAVING DUBNG ,5c. STZ!l. MARY STUART f~CE POWDER. 1lhis.Powdcr contains no Axsenic, Lime or White Lead. Not being potsonous i:t mny be used by the most delicate lady without fe:ar. It will not rough- en the skin, and will remove Frc1.kles and Tan ancl at1ay irritation. Artists whc are obliged I~ usc a co>mettc, recommend Mnxy Stuart Face Powd<!r as tlu' most harmless. A distinguished speclalst on skin dtsc2ses says.: \If ladies must use cosmeitc.<, I recommend Marv Stuart Face Powder as the simplest and most h;armless.\ Flesh or White, For sale by all Druggists, Trade supplied by obbers, Price 25 ceuts per ibox. Age11t for Batavia, N. W. STILES It.lR.S. V &N BUREN'S LADIES' TONI'C. A. Positive Cure for all Female Cornplai~ts • l.ad(cc;• Tonic is prepared by t11[! ''lfomcri's Meclica.lJn. stituteofBuffa.lo, N.Y •• a.nd bas t~ecn U')etl su<.(.<.•ss(ully by laOles for .years. It ts a ss.~re cm·e fur all Fcmn.t~ Comp-latnts,Su;;kand Ne(vous acadu.4;hc, D:;spcpsia and all wel\kncsses en used by thoseirrcgularihcs which ate socomihon to womanktnd. This is no-Patent ltledt\dHt but is sreparc~, after ycnrs a,f ~xpeTiencc. and recom: mcnd-e , knowmg thi'ltl t wlllgrwe ne\Wl He to nnybroken· down. worn•o>..t 9r over*workcd· member,ofthe seX. H )·ou l:aYe tned other reme<lies. \Without success, do n?t boo d•scouragcd,but give ••L~IES' TONIC •• a. s•\ll''\' !rial, It\'\'\ .falls bo &lvoguick IUldj•rma• fttllt \''tliif. l£ you are troubled wfth \\?'lve~:kne5s or complaint comn'l.on to our sex, .tr,y aside ~he doctor's prescription. !or once_. ?-UU try 11 Ladies' 'I\on.S.c ~• which we g.!J«i'ante~: will poSit•vely mre you. One llottle is Satll.clent Wntucn 's Medkal InstltuteJs;.tln Association of /Piv~s­ nn,l Jf..1Mhers of years' experience who give advice a.n.J .J.mwedetters from ladics,f.Yt~. • $soo\~ill be given for any_c=:.se ofFemnleWakness orrn.a.Ltlity \Vhich .. Ladies' TC>.ll!C ,. will not c::urel Thi<; is a. b<JIIa.Jide offt'r, madC by_rts;Don#O/e ladies who know· /l'mt txjl~~feHa whnt \LADlES' TONIC\ can -da. Send sla.mp for circulars. Sold by Druggist&, Prioe, $1.00. For sale by A. D. Tryon. S. A, Dustin nud . F P. Hinkston & Co .• Drug'(tsts, ·Batavia.

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