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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, August 03, 1882, Image 2

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tOYAL SOCK~ COAL. PRlCES LOYAL SOCK, IN YARD, PRR'l'ON. DELIVERED, PER ToN. ~~~TE, 1 $4.35 $4.75 $6.00 $6.40 STOVE. $4.60 No. 4, '} <~>5 00 CHESTNUT, '~' • CRAFT, COMBS & Co. The Best Summer Coal ill Use. B~ta.via,July ~,1882. A. H. CHA~E, DEALER IN COAL -AND- LUMBER, Oor. Ellicott & Jackson. Sts., .BATAVIA. --- Having periectect my arrangements for my supply of Coal for the commg season, of some of the largest and \lest miners and shippers in Pennsylvania, I am now pre· pared to take orders for the comi11g winter for the following kinds of coal, namely: Lehigh, Black Diamond, Henry Clay, Spring Moun tam, Spring Brook and Lack· a wanna, at the lowest market rates. Prices of Coal. PER ToN. j PER lf.ALFToN. Y/LRD, UB:LIV 7 D YARD, DELJV,D. GRATE, $5.10 $5.50 $2.55 $2.80 EGG, \ \ \ \ STOVE, 5,35 5. 75 2.68 2,93 NUT, \ \ \ \ No. 4, 5.75 6.1& 2.88 3,13 Batavm, July I, xSS2. COAL, COAL! fi?.RIC.ES. PER TON. ~--------- DELIVERED, STOV.E, ............ $5.75 YARD, $5.35 5,7.5 5,35 5.10 5.10 No. 4, ............. 6.15 OHESTNUT, • . .. . 5. 75 EGG ................ 5.50 GRATE ........... 5,50 A. FERRIS. lttly, t8B2. N. W. STILES .SeU• lb.e Same '.l'rUii!ie8 li'or h oa and Jo oo that sellln Iarae cities for $to 00 and tao oo re!l\'ectively, and -with their many years \\Jlerience m adjusting can guarantee a peifect fit. (,'t'dinary trusses from ~~ to j2 each. Dont go away from home to buy until you have ·•e•n our large stock. N. W, STILES. Dissolution of Co.p&rtnership. 'li.TOTICE IS 11EREBY GIVEN, that the co• .1.' partnership heretofore existing under the firm marne of R. T. Howard & Co., has be-.n this day -dissolved by mutual conseut, R. T. Howard re- <tiring. The bushwss will be hereafter conductec' Thy theremainlng-parlners, H. I. Glowacki and C. IH. Howard, unde-r the firm name of Howard & <Company, who -will assume and pay all obligations -of the old firm and -will collect all debts due and \>wing to 1he ]ale firm of R. T. Howard & Co., ll\ing the old firm name in the liquidation of auch claims. Batavia, N, Y., April sth, tB82. RO\'AL '1'. HOWARD. HENRY I. GLOWACKI, C. H., HOWARD. lilly's Cream Ba.lm I Effectually cloanl· r ~'(n~~,i~~~.r.ul~>:.:;;aw es the nasal pas- sages of the Ca- tarrhal virus, caus· ing healthy secre- tiOns, allays inflam- mation, protects the membrane from additional c o 1 d s, completely heals the sores and 1 e• stores the sense of taste an<i smcii.- Beneficial results are realited by · a =-=-~=~=!'::~ f e y; qppl.~cations; A thorough treat- ment wiHcure Ca- Hay Fever &c. Unequaled for cods in the head, Agreeable to use, Apply by the little finger into the nostrils. On receipt of ~o cts. will mail a package. · Sold by Bat~ via Druggists. ,ELYS' CRE4.M :BALM CO,, Ow1go, N. k' THE DAILY :NEWS. THE Albany Times says: Last BATAVIA.. N .. ¥- Friday Mr. Fenner's oleoma.rgrine PUBLISHED EVERY lJ VE.Nl.N(i. ··law, making it a mis~emeanor, TO SUBSCRIJlERS: punishable by a fine of from $;50 to THII: DAILY NEWS will b<! delivered to sub- $ZOO, 0[ impriSOnment frOID 1en tO scribeu within the Corporation c.f D111tavia, every thirtv days, or both fine amd i m- evenit1g, Sundays excepted. b:r ·PJ:!YR ~Ewrs A 1 WBRK, payable to the Carrioer. Suboscription.s :by . priSOnment, tO Sell the articlC:J eX• mail \Vlll be received at:the r:ale d ,f;:;3 ·oo a year · or seventy-five ceuts for tbree nioentlu. .A:ny cept under its true name} went into . failure on the part of the Ca!:::%lers to·Jllerform their . duties faithfully should be reported at the. ofiicc, effect. Mr. Chamberlain's law to TO ADVERTlSE:RS: Tnu: DAILY N-Ews has a lar~~:er ocitculation in the village than any other pa:per, and! an extended and ~rowing circulation throughout Genesee county-; Tenns ·of advertisillg :rna~\ k~o.,..n at the office. Favorable rates i:lve:m f~:;z ·sb..ort timo contracli. TO CORRESPOlNDENiiTS: THE DAILY Nnws makes a• speciiJllty of o.ews of local intere; t, ard will be pleasccrl t~ receive brief communications upQn t0op1cs. pcrllamrngtnere- to. All communications m11st be acC<ODl()'~nied by the name of the writer, not for. publlc::atlo:n bu.t for the l?rivate infonnation of tile editor. .All com- munications, of whatever na.ture, 1bould be ad- dressed to GRISWOLD & McWA:ll:N, Eait~Jr..s.aM!d i'Zroflrirtors. Thursday, Augu:st 3, 1882. A. C. BuELL, one .()f the unscrup- ulous Washington jounuiUsts who were given such asca1hi11g by judge Wylie during the Star-· route trial the other day, \'as called to thoe witness stand yesterday to tes1ify- om tlt e J)art of the defense. The witmess; was very non-committal and' ha.d no recollection of several traWlsa~tions which the Judge took occasion to say no man of average intelligence could forget, and when B:uell .re- marked that he would hav-e to con- fess to not be'ing of average· Intelli- gence the Court informed l:nirn. with soDJe show of righteooa jndiigoation that i1e wollld not be all<lwed to re· turn evasive answers. Bu~ll testi· ned that he was now e11gage•d ()ll tlle Daily Critic and Sunday C:apital. a controlling interedt in tbe J a.tter be· ing owned by .Brady. Be IJ>Urchas· ed the Critic with moJ!e,Y ILdvanced by Brady. Merrick, cotn1se:l for the prosecution, read articles wnitten by the witness containin:g sewere re· flections upon the prosecurtion and and tbe Court The readi~:~g creat- ed much amusement, ewell the Judge smiling when a Jlar-ticolarly stinging passage referring- to himself was read. The defendan.t's COl.tnsel endeavored to prevent the •eading, but Jndge Wylie said it wa~s shown that he was employed by ome of the defendants and he had writtlen tbe most vjtuperattve and Jibelom~ arti· cles about everybody C<lnnec-ted wi1h the ad ministration of justicc:e. The Court wanted to see tbis tbirng as far as legitimate brought belo1eahe jury. Enough evidence has been :present· ed in these trials, it W()Uld see01, to send Brady and some of his; fellEJw plunderers to the penitenti:ary,. and .if they escape punishment aJl hon- est people will be snrprisea if not astonished. ---···--- THE PRESENT Speaker of the House, J. Warren Keife:r, bas been nominated for Congress, by theRe- publicans of tbe Eighth D:istrict ot Obio. Gen. Kenne'<ly w·ho was Keifer~s principal competito-r iD tbe canvass, withdrew and sec:omde<l tbe nomination. Mr. Keifer l:nas not been any greo~.t ornament i~ his present position, but he is iHkely to be returned, 2s his <listric::t .ha~ a Republican majority of ah out six thousand. __ ...,.. __ _ tHE NATIONAL civil service re· form associa.tion met in New York yesterday, and re elected George William Curtis president The treasurer's report showed thee recipts to be $66,ooo, the <lisburseooents $z2,ooo. :Evidently civil service reform has some substantial \backers. ~· THE R1lPUBLICAN StateCornmit· tee met in New York yestertdar aod selected Saratoga as the pJace for holding the State Con~en tiom on the z.oth of September. Tlie re!Jiresenta· tion will be the same as b:st ye~r, 496 delegates, prevent' the coloring of artificial butter or cheese goes into effect September 1st. Both laws contain provisions to the effect that they shall not be construed so as to in- terfere with any patent grant-ed by the United States. Oleomargarine when not colored is perfectly white, and consequently unsalable iii that condition. The coloring process is done under two patents, which, it is claimed, conflict, and a brisk legal controversy is likely to resalt. When that is decided, it woulrl look as it all that the butter-law makers had accomplished was to create one more monopoly. ___ ,__ __ _ THE SENATE and House passed River and Harbor bill yesterday over the President's veto, by a vote of 41 to 16 in the Senate and I zz to 59 in tne House. The President's action :s recorded to his credit just the same. , .. '.l'be .l'realden&'• PrlTn&e Room. From the St. Louis Globe-Dentocmt. President Arthur brought with him from New York the miniture portrait of Mrs. Arthur, set in a finely wrought bronze frame. This picture, standing on a table in his bedroom, constitutes the household shrine, and is lighted in tbe evening hours by the shaded light of an anti· que bronze lamp. The private staircase from the first lloor leads up to the President's private retreat. and it is shut off from the rest of the corridor by a heavy portiere of raw silk tapestry shot with gold and sil· ver thread, A portiere of TIUkish cloth on one side conceals the door of the pink and blue Pornpe:dour apartments occupied by President Garfield, and a similar drapery hangs at the entrance to Presjdent Arthur's pale azure chamber. The arched window at the end is nlled with blooming plants; the fl()or is covered with a part of the rich Tur- key carpet sent some years agao as a present to this Government from the Sultan, the prevailing tint of which is a soft, rich orange, and the /;urn i- ture is covered with dark:, gray- green plush. A wnting desk at one side of this sitting room has its racks filled with dainty, cream-tinted note p!lper, and tile center table is stxewn with the latest books and maga~ines. Several copies of the North Ameri- ca• Review occupy a conspic'Uous place, and a rich Venetian lamp, with a fluted, tulip shaped globe of opal glass, stands on this t~ble . •• A Varlecl :Performance, Many wonder how Parker's Gin- ger Tonic can perform such v~ried cures, thinking it essence of ginger, when in fact it is made from many valuable medicines which act bene- ficially on every diseased orga~. ---4·--- DULL AND SALLOw-Eves and skin denote a torpid Liver, and weak Di- gestion, headache, and restless sleep arise from same cause. Retnove them with ZoPESA now before you get worse. A few doses will do :t. Earnings of the State prisons ;or July were $~5,8~3; expenses, $32, 495; surplus, $3,328. Surplus earn· ings the paE.t four months, $1 o~ Sz 3· A sure cure for impoverished blood, pimples, and sallow complex· ion in BroiVn's Iron Bitters. It will produce a healthy color, s~aooth skin, and is absolutely not injurious THE NARROW PREJUDICE-W'hich a few people hold against a patent medicine, ONLY because its formnla isn't written in latin, which they can't read, is narrow-minded, and not 1n keeping with the progress o! the age, ZoP.ESA wzll cure everp case of Dyspepsia and Biliousness if the directions are followed. SlE: lCCIDENT. .ltiR, C)So(Jil. B <JRAIGG Blown up by a .a>remature Dl1ut In the Rolen dill~ cement Qna•rr)'-DES• TBUIJTION ~~an EJ!\E-Jttuu.b• 11eqo.en 1 BeDloval b:r sural cal Operation. Mr. Gscar Cratgg was f~reman in a cement qarry at Ro&endale, Ulster Co,, N. Y. lly an. explo&ion one day i11 the quarry he lost an eye.-iostit totally. U11der the impression that the matter was less sedous the local ·P'nysician told Mr. Cratgg tbat his eye was not lost wholly, but cou[d be saved bytrea\ment, The exp~r!rnent was trted and failed, Worst! rema.;ne...: l:ehind, for be Wa$ ill: danger of losin~ :he •other al. so, through sympathetic iutlammation.- In this strait'il.e consulted DR. DAVID KEN· NEDY, of Rondout, N.Y., who toldhun the inJured. eye must he taken otit to save the oth.er. To this Mr. Crmgg demurred, and went back home in doubt, His local physician said. : \Go to New Y ark.'' 'To New Y\ork the patient went, a.rtd one ofthe most eminent occultsts in the country, hav· mg looked at the case, said: \You have lost one eye entirely; go back and do what you can to snV\e the other.\ Brielly, DR. KENNEDY :reiD.oved Ute ruined eye and treated :Mr. Craigg with •'KEN!'IEDY's FA. VORI1'E REME:.DY'' to build up the system, and the result was succeostul. DR. lZ&NNEDY's great !:.uccess as a Sm. geon 1s due to the use of ''FAVORITE RElll· EDY\ in the after treatment. Are you trouiJ'Ied with Dyspepsia, livev Complaint., Constipation or derangement of the Kidne-ys and BladdeJ? the use DR. KENNEDY'S \FAVORITE RE!\IEDY .. , It will not <ltsappoint you, Dr. Kennedy's \Favorite Hemedy\ forsale by all drug. gists. A Gool Investment ! F OR SA.LE-1\. hmited amount of the He funned Bonds ol the Town of Le- Eoy, due r~S~ to r895, bearing- 4,)-f per cent Semi.a:.nnual Intere,t, and exempt by law from all taxes in this !:ita te. Apply at the GE!o>ESt!:E COUNTY NA. TIONAL BA:NK .. Jlatavia, N. Y. T. F. FITZGERELD, 0 0 U' 1f .BE LOB A:J.' LA. W, Roo1ns 5 a.:nd·6 Masse Block, Hal:olvia,N. Y. D&,B:.S. HUTOl!DrS, HOI'v1EOPATHI S T_ Office-Coner of Main and Jackson Sts. Resldence-l..:lainStreet, Batavia, N.Y. R.. C. A,HOLT, PHYSlCI.A.N AND SUitGEO:N, Office-Over the Ne1v Post.ofiice, Interesting .to Alll Our motto is, not to be 0ut done. 'Perhaps, the noblest. ambition in man is to strive to· excel in all things that are good and praise- worthy. Since our advent in Batavia (ten years ago) we have endeavored to act on this :principle\ln our busi- ness, and the generous support that my efforts hn.ve receivea 1;\t the hands of au intelligent pU:l).Jic, indicate that my efforts were not in vain, I am now offering splendid bargains in every thing in the line of Choice Family Groceries, especially in choice Teas and Coffees:. Call and judge for yourself. C:rockery and Glass Ware w.u: SELL A'l1oCOST to close out lhe stock and make:- room for a stillmore extensive stool of groceries, which we are now in ~aily receipt of. we·wantimmediatel~~ sooo dozen of J\gg~. for which we: will pay 20 cent!i a dozen <:ash, and; more if the mar liet will permit it. The public's friend all d servant, JOSEPH C .. t;HULTS. Butter~Eggs Wanted 5 00 Tubs of Prime h1tter and any CJUUntity of Eggs Wanted, Jor 1vh.ich !.he highest cash price: will be paid. EA\J'A VIA, J ulr 15, 1882, qUIRK. & HAt-:l\TZ: MODRL MARKET, Papsr H AVING moved into llle large and C()mmodious store, ros MAIN S1'., 0P.ERAHousx BLocK, I h~ve ill connection .\V\J.th my Piano, Drgan and Sewbg Machine Business, Put ill a Large and. well selected Stock of PAFEE HANGINGS, OIL SIIADES, CURTAIN l:i'JX::TURES, ETCo ... - .. MY ..... 0FFIGP- H<>URs--From g to 12 a. rn., from 110 3 ·WALL and 6 to 8 p, !DI, PAPER STOCK ! SA.:Fli .. O&D E. NOR':rH, Attorney am.d Counselor 11t Lnw. Office over the F1rstNaitonal l:!a:tJit, Batavia. XmEE'S REAL Estate Ag-~n.cy, 94 M1ti11 St. D.R. JORN F. BAK:ER, Hmneopatfl c l'ltysician an~.Surgtltm, · Office, Wil!on. Dlock, cor. State and Mai11Strcets, Residenc:e at the George Law 1.\olanslon. ANCHOR LINE UNfl\B::ll S.T.ITES MAIL ST!tAJIIHRS, Sail 1v-eekly to and Jrom Nnw YoRK ANJ) GLASGOW, VIA LoNDONDERRY Cabin l'assage,!5o to $So. Returns, ~no to sr 4 o Seco~d Cabin.,. $4o. Retttm Tickets, !75· Steorage J!assenl:\ers booked at low rates. Passenger a.ccommodation; unexcelled. ALL S\TAT\EROONS ON MAIN llBC:K, Passeuge1~ booli:ed at lowest ratlili to or front Germany, llaiy, Norway, Sweeden, Denmark,&c For Book of•\To=ain Scotland,\ Ratcs,PI!lDS,&<: Apply lo HENDERSON BROTHERS, NEW YORK: or ). \V. SMITH, BA'I'AVIA, I:I:.Y. Con~1sts of all the latest ancl most elegant styles in Sol1d Golds, Colored and Plain Bronzes. Micas, Flats, Sat:ins, Wlnte and Brown Blanks, Ceiling Decorations, Etc., .....,itl1 FRIEZES & BORDERS T<O MA.TCU. ROOKS and STA'TIONERY· If you ;~~re in want of anything in :the above lino, it :will be decidedly to your adva!Ltage to call and look over my stock b<lfore purchns::ing, 1F. F. TER:BY, N\o.us MAINST., OperaHoaseBlock, CHAMPAGNE CIDER I (No MARBLE Dun,) --llUT-- PURE SPAilKLIWG CIDER - - -A. T-4f; ~ [The Ce>\t'tage 1 No. 3 State Street., BATAVIA., N. Y. Woven Wire. Spring BEDS, Fine Quality, Be-s>Itner Steel Wne, ma.11U.factured for us, and warranted 10 years, $3.50 Each-Any Size. We are no1v- offering our New Goods at t3peeial Bargaim;. -All the ;latest styles. in Chamber Sets, Easy Chairs, Patent Rocking Camp Chairs,, . Parlor Sels, Couches, EGol' Cases, &c., &c. We have lllst Received a Vcr1 Large Stock of Upholsterlmg Goods. lf. you hz.vc a Couch, E~?.Sy Ubair, Patent Rock:er, Parlor Set, Sofa ·Dr odd Chair you w1sh recov-ered, come and select your goods. We will get.Lhe p 1 e~c do the \Vork and return to, y-ou. It wJll pay you. HAIR MA '!TRESSES MADE ,.. OVER d UPHOLST.ERlNG OF ALL ]\INDS at very low ,prices. • an C. H. TURNl3lR & SON~S, tU Main Street.

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