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. ' ., .i THE DAILY NEWS. ·BATAVIA, W·. Y. .Pll.BLISI!!ED .EV.ER Y\ E VENlNfJ,. Sati:Lrday. July S, 1682. BaU:wla.1tS leaJJbt(J tow11 f()l' any \t'enytl~ of ili»'lo 1 elttti. 1laive XHE DA.TLY NE·WS 'j/ta.iled to .tl;en~ Peoularl1ff01' Six cents a 'il/eel~. T110o a.diJrt'~ss willlJo cl!wnyea as r>J· ·~Ill· as ~ired. lYlBRE ltl.llNTIONS. -\There will be no:services at the :Presbyte:~ian ,<;burch to-morrow. -'There11a Syndecu~e died at her heme in Darien on 1!bursday, aged sixty ye!ars. -.A concert will be given in Ba- tavia ne:s:t wee'k Thursday evening bv tile ..:hoir of the ]rick ch11rch, Rochest~r. -An excellent crayon portrait, the work: of Miss Addie M. Lane, is <>n exhibition in the store window ot F. P. Ttel'ry. -- Th~ concert ef the Brick CP.urch Quartette will be given at the Presbyterian churd1 next Thurs- day eve:ning. - Capt Panl Boynton, the cham· pion water man, swims and floats for the edification of Rochesterians to-day a:nd to-morrow. -Hemry Forward. one of the old- est residents of Pembroke, and a well-ltnCJwn citizen, died lilst night, in th:e ei.ghtieth year tJf his age. -Chris Wa.rner, who was thrown from a Nagma on the Fourth and in· jure<l, is somewhat contented in the possession of an accident insurance policy. -Th-e Rochester papers do not seem to be very well informed in regard to the movements and in ten· tions of the Johnstm Harvester Compall!ty. -1'he Liver Pad concert and lec- ture at tile park last evening ca.lled out a. large audience. The musi- cians, J>evere &nd Ease, were the great att .. actions. --Nothing was created in vain, e.b· serves th.e :Boston Post. The cu- cumber :is bre!!d and butter to the young p'JJysician painfully, hungrily struggliBg into a paying practice. -:Preaching at the M. E. church tomorro·w at I r a. m., and 7:30 p. m, Serooon in the eveniog by Rev. M. C. {)lean of Le Roy, followed by the sacra:.ment of the Lord's supper. -The young ladies and gentle- men of the Presbyterian church will meet at Mrs. A. H. Chase's rvlon- day even.ing next, for the purpose of reo~g-anizingtbe ''Great Expectation Society.'\' - 1 he: j ttry will be drawn at the town clerk's office Monday to de- cide npom the necessity of opening Pringle ~venue. Public opinion is that the street should be opened, if at all, by interested parties. 4. Tbe 'Ielephone, The B.ell Telephone Company of Buffa..lo bave comrne11ced the con-· struction of a line to connect Lock- port and Medina, and have de- termined to e:dend the wires from .Akron tOt this villag~, giving Batavia com1nuniication with Euffalo. They have positively decided upon this movement, and it is expected that the line will be in operation inside of two ITIOnths. Proml nen& '.l'oples ell Iatere11t. The Joohnston Harvelter Company . to locate in :Ba.tavia, and Hallock's great clOtsing ont sale to be con- tinued fo• a few days. An'other re- duction i:n prices has been made by Mr. HalLock to close his Dry Goods business within a short time, and the entire stock is no1v offered re- gardless of cost. Ladies are invited to caLl and make their own prices at the goods must be sold at once. 4 ... !mpor&anl Nottee. R. (), Holden & Son. are making the greatest slaughter ever known in . their reiLdy made clotlling depart-. ment. &ll summer suits for men and boys, .are marked down from twenty to thirty per cent. Our Sllm- mer cloth.ing must be sold to make room for fall goods. N' ow is your opportunity to get a great bargain. If you wish have teetb like pearls, and a pua'e breath, use YEs TooTH: J>oWJHJ:II, J. C. Barnes left f:or Whitby, On .. tario, tl:lis mot:.\ning David Mix,. of '?enn Van, is vis~ ing his parents in Batavia. Rev. A. D. Wilb()r,and the Misses Wilbor went: to Mt. Morris this morning. Mrs. laU~es Ro~ers. of Sedalia, Mo., is visitiog ber mother, Mrs. Foote, on Ro.:lls street. Rev. F. Scluoecli.:, who was visit- ing in Batavi111. duri11g the early ,part of the week, bas gone to Bingham- ton to visit his dattghter. Frank M. ~shleystarted this after- noon for Loc::kporl, where he is to beco1ne a.sso~:iated with his brother, the NiagaJa county District At- torney. Sherman f), Rid1ardson has com- posedand dedicated to the Unita- rian church a beautiful offertory, en- titled, ''Come Home.\ It will be sung at the church by Miss Meyer- ing to rnorro'iiiV.-Rocllester Herald. • The Well£ :!!_lbore 1111 tbls County. The effmts. of tl1e people of the village of Pine HiHt<l have the route c.f the West :Shore railroad in the town of Elba, chang-ed so as to bring the road nearer ·tbe village, have not been suco<:essful, if reports from trustV/orthy sources are to be believ- ed. The rotate as now laid out lies about hair a :mile .south of the vil- lage, and it bas beell the desire of the people of Pille II ill to have it changed so !llS to tllake the station more easily accessible. To bring about the desired res11lt, strenuous efforts have been made, and tt1e El- baites have ·offered liberal mduce- ments. The compamy had the de- sired mute sauveyed, but a recent report of the engineers was against the change an..d tbe company there- fore have dc~ided to adhere to the old route. It is learned further, that there is little :proba.i.Jility of any work being done on the rroute·through Genesee county this sit mmer. The company have a great force of men at work along the ri..ver and on the divis- ion east from Syracuse, but as yet no groond has been broken west of that city, aod the indications are that work on this <livision will be postponed for some time. The com- pany are exert ing every effort to have the road in IUllrming order from Syr- acuse to New 'York by January Ist, and it is not impwb:able that they will succeed, but tba.t they will run from l3n:ffalo ItO New)' ork before the last of neKt year at the earliest, is past belief. --- .. ~•t ...... -- Veteran•' lliee~lllg &dj3urne.d. Themeeting; of the Veterans of the county called t;;o be :ileld at the Gen- esee House to-night is adjourned to Tuesday evenjng at the same place~ on account of tne citizens' meeting at the Opera Elouse. &.ecldemt tuStaJlord. A yonn~ man wl1ose name is not learned was uofortu11ate in Stafford yesterday. Ele was riding horse back, and w!.en in the vicinity of the Erie depot at ~l<lrganville the animal took fri:ight at a passing train and ran up a. steep embankment. Losing its footing the horse fell, carrying the rider with it. The young man W!lls underneath and the horse rolled -mpon him, fracturing his left ann aod otherwise injuring him. He was attended by Dr. Tozier. •• DCJ\1i!'D 'I'Ile;J Go I $I6.oo Suit:s for $Iz.oo; $12.oo Suits for $8. oo; jti8. oo Suits fur $6.co. One oweek only; business. McKe:11zie, Pen dill & Co. Clothing cheap 11.t Moynihan's. Dentists rec.;0mmend YEs ToOTH PowDER. DA.T.&VIA ltla.iUUllT8. 'BAT~'I\\IA, N. ll., July 8, r882 Wheat, -white jl:r.2o- Flour,new process rr.oo Wheat, red.,. X•2S- Fl:ou~,Haxall,bbl t 8 so Oats, white ...... s8-6o 'i'lour, white, bbl 7 25 o .. ts, mixed ..... , s3·s3 ·FLour, red, bbl... 7 2!: Corn..... .... •• so Pork ....... 7 so 8 0o llarloy, <>rowed .. ?\S·Bo Chickens, dressed. 16 . . •• 6 rowed . E:s,go. ]Iutter, tub ...... 16-~B Beans, m~rrow 3•S0-3,bO nu~ter, roll ...... lU·IB \ mediua 3,oo-3.•5 ja:r Butter ..... , r6·Ig 1111 •_ pea ...... 300-3.25 Egg8. •• •• •••••••• 18: •• rod.-·· 2.B0-2,5o Cheese._ ....... 12-14 Clover seed med,4-4·So Apples, dried... 4\5 .. mam~. 4·So-s.oo Apples, •••• •••3 oo-3 50 Pota.toes,.R.ose t.oo-t.ro Lal:d ............. 12}~ l'otatoaa,. i'eor!e11. I.oo Sa.l:t; -·- 1 25 WoQI •• \ ........ 3iQo25 ~i>brSatt, per[ bag 55 Lust. BARGAINS -IN--- <fu5 REWARD.~I.O&;.'J.l-On Tuesday • ~ '· eveningorWed.nes<layhefore2p.m.,; a small •l[nen purse contai~ing {1. $20 bill, a w~· t h $IO bill and three $5 ·b31ls, The finder. • ' !: r ,· ·e· s will confer a great favor a:nil. receive a re- . · · • . · !! · \1 ' • ' Clocks, Jewelry, ward ot~s.oo on deliveri.ng the same to the loserJ ... awrence IC:inn~::y, or leaving it at . this office. F OR SALE-CILEAP l'OR CASli,- Hor:;e, harness and c:linnocrat wagon, a twQ sea. ted democra:t wa;gon, a new single · harnessu1d a good bors~. For terms en- quire 0 1 JAMES THO!US, Staflord. F . OR:SALE-A 'house and barn and neatly an acre of lan!L uil west Main · street. For particula::rs enquire of John H. Ward, or of Mrs, Annie Gnffis on the. premises; F OR SALE-Three ac•es·of land, house mtdlboarn. Price $I00oQ; No.6 Walker block. F OR SALE-At a loll' t>l'lce two build- ing lots only a short distance from Main street. Apply at No. 6 Walker Block. To Ben..t. T O R&NT -For a ::reasonable rent part of a ~tore centrally> loc:ated· Apply at No. 6 'Walker Block. TO REJ\l'T -A house suitable for a board- ing hon.se. Apply at No. ~ Walker Block. LOYAL SOC~ COAL. Pl~lCES LO'\'AL ~OCK, IN \YAJ\I:J PEa To,-.. JJEI.IVEREH. PKR ToN, GRATE, } $.;., 35 :EGG, STOVE, $4.:,60 ~:£-:Jsr:rNUT,} $l>~OO $4.75 $5.00 $5.40 CRAFT, CClMIJS & Co. 1'he B:est SnnmtEll' Coal in Use. Batavia,fuly '• 1882. N •. W. STILES '·' ~·or $4- O<Jo •nd tti oo th~at sell:!. ill. large cities for f•o oo antl , .• o oo res11ec:tivcEy, and with their many years. experience m ~djustl~g can guarantee a perfect nt .. IJrdinary trl:llSei :ll'ro:m 1Jx to ~· each. Dont go aN\a.y from home to ht:~y UDitl you have 1cen our largo •tock. N. VI, STILES. A. H. CHASE, DEALEJ\ I~ COAL -AND- LUM:SER, Cor, :Ellicott & J allkson Sts., BATA \'Vlllll -- Havin~ penected nny 111.rr~ngements for my supplr of Coal for tliec<nnmg season, of some of the largest and best mmers and shippers in Pennsylva:nia, 1 llln now pre pared to lake orders fo'l' tlH~ coming winter for the fol11owing kind:.s oi coal, namely: Leh1gll, J3lack Dla!DomL, llenry Clay, Spring :Mountam, Sprimg 3r~ok aml Lack· awanna.. a.t tl1e lowest mar J1ei rates. iPrices of CClal. Pm< 'l'OoN. II'El~ HALF TON. VARI>. 1>&1!V 1 JP:, YARD. DELIV'D. GRAT:E\ $5.10 $&.50 .$2.68 $2.91 EGG, \ .. , ,, \ STOVE, 5,35 1>-.75 2.80 3.05 NUT, \ ~· \ \ No. 4., 5.75 a_io 2.95 3.20 Batavu,. July I, Ill!kz. N OTCE js hereby giveD, tll~t Jllll'Suant to an order. of Ron. Lucius N. •Bangs, County Judge of Oene1ee Gounty, dated ·the 3d day of July, r882, L will , ell at pablic auctlon,on the uth day ofjuly, r882, at xo o'clock R. Ill., at the front door of th\' Court House, m Batavia, N. Y .• all such accotmlts, notes and judgm-<Jnts as have come to my ha11as as Assignee of l.\lr;. :R. Pettit, and still remainouncollected. Dated july_3d, x882. 'HIRAM CHAUJ)JOCJ{;, Assignee. H. 0 Bostwick, Jacks()n street, keeps af11ll assortment .of Extras tor the Ch11.mpion Mower.\ a.n<l Reaper; ·The Tiger and Eagle ll<>rse Power. Those wishing Horse :Rakes will find it br their intereBEI to call and takea look atthem. :~w Silver and Plated Ware Musical Goo<ls, Spectacles, Poeket Knives, Scissors and lta:~:ors, at ::S: N · K· E L S E Y .. 7 S , CORNER MUN' & JACKSON STS .. , {E. S~ Dodge'sOfd Stand.) jMf'\ REl'A.IRING DONE NEATLY, AND WARRANTED. General JU·NE. 1882. Red.netion in Prices Close Jresent of Summer Goods to Sto~k. :Black atmi· Colorecl. Silks-some special good bargains. The best ga6ds for the price s-hown in Batavia. Bargains m .AmericaD S1lk at$ 1.25 a ya1d. Call and seen. :Black wd Colorecl Satin }lervelleiux-e:x\l'a value,-at the Prices ofle1·ed, .Black R:.hadamcs-tlle best goods in the market lor DohuaJis, Circulars, Jackets, Capes, Skirts, &c., .nnd will out wear any of the other makes of silks. Elac: kC~sh.meres-th.e best line shown Jtllthis county. They are the heaviest goods, best ~-olor, and will out wear any other makt: \' ca,_,Jmeres in markl't. I hav~: ::t.ll q_ uahtics of tl1em and they ate ca EAP at the pnce' they are offered at .:. W. STONE, 94 liain St., Batavia., tl ,Y. --·------- \' Startling Announcement I \ T!iE \OLD W()3lAN WHO LI\'ES IN A \'VIIo p1esentedherphotograph to so ml!.ny of Tr F. WOODWARD'S Custome:rs wishes to state for the benefit oi all her Fnenc<!s, Cousins and Aunts, that after trying all the NEw Stores, she is convinced The (}ld .Stand at 7 4 Main stt•eet 1s the best place to buy Boot~, Shoes, Slilll)1Jri'l a.ntl :Rub~er for. use dura.bdit:y and profit, E.Uitable for her fatnily ol chlidren. .Also, that there JS uotlnng so comfortable for bred feet as his 0Lil LADlE~' EAsl' SHoEs. Does this Interest Your WE COMMJ:INCE SELLING --AT- G:reat1y JA.ecl:u.ced Prices. I N D:RESS GUO DS we are offem~ Greatest Bargains ever heard of. Black and Colored Bunlmf!S at a.bout one·balf tb.eu value. Black and Colored Cashmeres; also Summer Silks at le::;s than cost in New York. We only :ask you to look at our Black a.nd Colored Silks. Our low prices will surprise you. Fine Dress Trimmings of every de!5cription at exetrmely low pnces. Our elegant stock of New Millinery Goods we are n-ow offering at greatly reduced prices. Ladies, It w1ll more than pay you to examine uoods aml prices in this departlnent if you anticipate buymg. Owing to the lateness cf the sensoJt 've will offer Carpels, Malting, 011 Cloths, Body alld Tapestry Brussels, Ex.tra Supers and Supers, Cott<m, Clmin. and Hemps, AT PRJCEf; ni!LOW AN\' '£'HlNO R\VER BEFoRE OFFER Ell BY us: J. E. & :s:. Hevvitt, 1 0 9 MAIN STREE'I', BATAVIA, N. Y. Wov-en Wlre Spring BEDS, Fine Qua-lity, lles>imer Sted Wire, manufactured for us, and warranted Io year-, $3.50 Ea~h-Any Siz~. We~arelliOIV offering our New Goods at 13pecial Bargai.ns.-All the latest ~tyles.in Cha1nber Sets, Easy Chair~, l'a.tent Rocking: Camp Chairs, Parlor Sets, Couches, Book Cases, &c., &c. We hawe Just Received a Ver~ILarge Stock oi Upholstoring Gnods. If )\O\l ha.ve :a Couch, Easy Chair, Patent Rocker, Pa.Tlor Set .Sofa or odd Chair you wish:. recovered, eome and select yout· goods, \Ve wnt gel tl:e p1e~e, do the work and return to you It \'lllpay you. HAIR :\1ATTRESSES MADE OVER ar 11 ! 1. TPI{< )LST.ElUNG- l J.F .ALL KINDS at 1·ery lo1v prices. , C. H. TURNER & SON'S, 111 Main Street. YATES' THE OI'iLY PLACE SoUr• ~~oes ! j y vrAo ~l cE F; ' ·' Ten~er Feet, Noiseless, Well-Fitting, j Ease &: Elegance !' Co1mbined. H!ND-MADE EASY SHOES. A lit.rge line of Grover's HAND-MAI>:E SHOES, that I propose to SELJ, AT CosT .for he NEX'r:' THIRTY :DAss, to make mom for New Styles of If and-Made Shoes that con\· bine COli1fort with elegance. THOMAS YATES. ·

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